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If everything stays the way it is, you're lost.
Your friend is change, your comrade is conflict.
From nothing you have to make something, but the great powers...
should be reduced to nothing. What you have, give up,
and take what you are denied.
I'd never turn myself in.
The cops will be groping in the dark until they're forced...
to change the political situation into a military one.
No RAF prisoner has talked yet.
The only good news worth reporting about us: Arrested or dead.
The battle has just begun.
The only good news worth reporting about us: Arrested or dead.
There was a shootout tonight
between the wanted RAF terrorist Andreas Baader and the police.
Baader opened fire on a police officer who was checking his car,
and then he fled. Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof, Gudrun Ensslin,
and Holger Meins are considered to be the leaders of the Red Army Fraction.
Baader is being sought for arson...
Baader is being sought for arson, several bank robberies,
car theft...
5 years earlier: Andreas Baader, 24 years old. Residence: Munich.
Charged with car theft, repeatedly driving without a license,
speeding in a public park.
Sentenced to 3 months in prison.
Undress and spread your ass!
Berlin's crazy. All of Commune 1 was arrested last night.
They were gonna bomb Humphrey with pudding. - Who?
Humphrey! America's Vice President, okay?
Pudding! What idiots! They should gun him down.
Can she say "Daddy" yet? - That's Daddy. Say "Daddy".
What's wrong with her? - Nothing. She's just a kid.
Hey, Jule, are you a kid? Say: "Hit the cops, make 'em drop!"
Hit the cops, make 'em drop!
Comrade Wehner had a puncture and will be a little late...
Kurt, you go! - Kurt, do you want to speak?
Say something about Socialism.
Comrades, let me introduce Nuremberg's chief of police.
Comrades, I'd like to talk about the APO,
the students' extraparliamentary opposition.
The APO isn't only determined to change the universities.
They're out to change society. The APO is constantly provoking society.
How should we react? What should we do? - Shoot 'em!
First of all, we have to realize that their criticism is justified.
There are authoritarian powers in this country. People are, in fact,
being manipulated by newspapers like "BILD". That's why, dear comrades,
we have to tell young people: "Yes, we need your criticism...
so society doesn't stagnate."
But we also have to say: "Violence... no!"
West Berlin, 2nd of June. The Shah and his wife Farah Diba
visit the walled city. While the Imperial couple...
listens to the opera "The Magic Flute" violent demonstrators yell outside.
As stones begin to fly, a serious incident occurs.
The student Benno Ohnesorg...
Despite a ban demonstrations, skirmishes, and protests...
still take place the next day.
These 8 students are demanding the resignation of Berlin's mayor,
Reverend Heinrich Albertz.
Symbols! We must hit 'em where it hurts. - You can't just blow up a building.
How about Memorial Church? - Nonsense.
Innocent people could be injured. - Then write slogans on your bedsheets.
We could discuss this without polemics. - No discussions.
We gotta hit 'em where it hurts.
Here, an heirloom from my mother.
That guy was my husband. We have a 3-month-old baby...
My daughter, Jule, is gonna be two. - Does she live with you?
With her mother. - Are you still hot on the mother?
What's going on? - Don't be so uptight.
I'm not uptight. - A little bit.
Do you think our kids will live in a more righteous world?
Sure, 'cause we're gonna clobber the world until it understands
that the will to be free is stronger than the will to oppress.
Great. - Yeah, it is great.
You're great.
When's Brandenburg Gate going to burn? And Berlin's department stores?
When are Hamburg's storehouses going to burn? And Bamberg's "Knight"?
When will Ulm's sparrows fall to the ground?
When will the Oktoberwiesen at Munich turn red?
The store will be closing in a few minutes...
Arsonists set fire last night to two department stores in Frankfurt.
Damage has been estimated at 1.2 million marks.
Investigators found traces of explosive devices...
which were used to ignite the fires. - The operation was a let-down.
The public didn't respond. The Socialist Student Union,
which has essentially gone lame, dissociated itself from the operation,
which goes to prove that the BRD's revolutionary movement is dead.
On April 11th, 24-year-old house painter Josef Bachmann shoots Rudi Dutschke.
In his pocket is an article from the rightist "Nationalzeitung"
entitled:"Stop Dutschke now,
before we have a civil war."
Everyone is expected to stand when the court stands.
I also expect the defendants to invest their mental powers
in finding a solution to this trial.
Mr Baader? - Yes.
Born on May 6th, 1943? - No, 1789...
If you are in contempt of court I can have you removed,
and I can carry on in your absence. - Heil order!
With this kind of class justice, the roles are pre-determined.
There's no need to defend oneself. - Are you Baader?
I'm Baader. - It makes no difference.
I'm Baader. - I'm Baader.
Where's the DA who would indict the State?
I admit putting a bag in an antique wardrobe
at Schneider's Department Store which included a gadget
designed just to blow up the wardrobe.
I'm making this statement in agreement with Andreas Baader.
He and I did it at Schneider's. None of the others were involved.
We didn't want to harm human beings. We wanted to cause damage to protest
against the indifference that people have towards the genocide in Vietnam.
Words without actions are unjust. - If the revolution doesn't come
from above, it will come from below.
I have to go. I have an appointment. See you tonight. I'm the lawyer Wagner.
You should avoid using violence.
Prison is not the right place for these defendants.
If they are sent to prison anyway, one could draw the conclusion
that in our society prison is...
the only place for decent people to live.
I can't accept that nobody is doing anything. I told the judges:
"I know why they say they can't do anything. They don't want to."
But I want to have done something. - The court sentences...
the four defendants in accordance with Paragraph 306 to 3 years in prison
for arson with no regard to the possible loss of lives.
The court concludes... - Fascist! Fascist! Fascist!
- Fascist! Fascist! Fascist...
Quiet! - Fascist, Fascist...
If you aren't quiet, I'll have you expelled from court!
Clear the courtroom! - One reason against arson...
in general is that people get hurt who shouldn't get hurt.
One reason against department store arson is that this assault on capitalism
didn't turn the capitalist world upside down.
All damages are paid for by the insurance company.
The progressive aspect of this isn't to be found in material destruction,
but in the criminal act, in breaking the law.
The war in Vietnam has been extended. American bombers...
destroyed two large fuel depots...
The movement will soon begin to drift apart. It doesn't possess the necessary
inner strength. The remaining radicals, however, will turn to terrorism.
The appeal: On June 13th, the 4 arsonists from Frankfurt
were temporarily released from prison after serving 14 months pending the...
Supreme Court's decision on the appeal. - 14 months after their arrest
and 8 months after being sentenced, the 4 arsonists
Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, Dietrich Stolte and Lorenz Seidlein
were temporarily released from prison.
The time spent in prison directed our attention
towards those people who aren't raised in bourgeois homes like students,
people who are never allowed to share in society's riches,
people who take only what they deserved but end up in reformatories and prisons.
Fight capitalist education! Our entire hope...
stems from education. - Just picture hepatitis...
as a kind of liver infection. - Listen here, you shit,
give me something to make it go away! - You couldn't handle medication.
A severe diet is the only solution.
I got it, too. Must be from that stuff. - Or from fucking, right? conscientiously assume my responsibilities
and to treat every man justly, so help me God.
Chancellor, may the good wishes of the German parliament accompany you
in your difficult job.
Who else? - The Tupamaros in Berlin.
Comrades all over Berlin are talking about going underground.
The days of protesting are over. - We've had enough of that.
We must organize real resistance, not only talk about what bothers us,
but also make sure that what bothers us no longer happens.
Monsieur, le tÚlÚphone, si'I vous plait?
What's wrong, Kurt? Can't you speak French?
From what I understood, things don't look good.
I'm not going back to prison.
Chief, the Minister has just arrived.
We've rehearsed this often enough. Tell the men to get ready.
Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of the Chancellory,
Undersecretary, your visit is an honor. We are just printing...
charts for the patrol cars. - We need a computer...
for the Federal Police Office, too. - What capacity does your computer have?
900 kilobytes, nearly a megabyte.
Well, how are you dealing with the student protests?
We aren't having any problems. We found a technical solution.
You see those men down there? Imagine there are 600.
Then imagine the same number of violent demonstrators approaching the courtyard.
Attention... right turn.
Attention, forward march.
They're going to run against the wall. - Stop!
Attention, left turn... Turn.
This stealth spared a lot of bloodshed. - We should do it nationwide.
The fuss is over. - I wouldn't say so.
You wouldn't? - Those people who feel this oppression
threatens their very existence won't hesitate to plant bombs
in our consciousness, which apparently can't be broken open in any other way.
You seem to like those young people. - I see them as a opportunity.
I'm going to the Fatah. - Okay, I'm with you.
Me, too. - We're joining the guerillas.
I want to join the guerillas, too.
You don't have to freak out. - I haven't freaked out, you're whining.
I'm just trying... - Things are different now.
We're illegal. You won't get far with your poems.
Baby... - What?
He didn't mean it that way. - What's this? A cunt revolt?
You can't... - Stop the car, or I'll get out.
Stop the car! - Okay, I'm sorry.
What? - What d'you mean?
Why are you sorry? - I'm sorry...
that I had doubts.
Marx says we should doubt everything.
Sure, the system, but not our actions. - We could still discuss things...
in a normal way. - Anyway, he doesn't doubt, he whines.
Marx never whined.
We could... - Stop the car.
Move it! Or you wanna get out, too? - He can hitch a ride. Move it.
What a fucking nobody. We don't want any whiners. Marx can fuck off, too.
Father, what's wrong? - I have to talk to you... alone.
Okay, I'll be right there, but Andi can hear everything we say.
I implore you to turn yourself in, Gudrun.
Your action moved us all so greatly. You showed us...
that this State is weak and corruptible.
Now admit your own weakness. - For oppressed minorities...
resistance is a law of nature, an inalienable right
to employ means beyond the law. - Good heavens! Accept your weakness!
Care for your wounds. In that way you will prove your strength
to Christ the Lord. My child, I beg you.
Go and serve your few months. - Father...
You, my child... and your Andi... You have your whole lives ahead of you.
A couple of months are nothing.
Then you'll be free again. - They can persecute us,
they can imprison us, but they can never break us.
My poor daughter...
Then you'll have to go away.
This is Hans and this is Grete.
Hansel and Gretel.
Dessert. - What's that?
Johanna and Kathrin, off to bed. - No!
Say good night to Hans and Grete. - I'll put them to bed.
Good night, Hans. Good night, Grete.
Sorry, I didn't want to do it in front... - Of course,
those are bourgeois morals, but it's very difficult.
Andi, you bad boy. How could you? - I couldn't leave my child
like Gudrun did. - As a revolutionary, I had to...
blow up all the bridges to my past.
Don't misunderstand me. I admire what you did.
Nibble, nibble, little mouse. Who's nibbling at my little house?
One for Hansel. One for Gretel.
The old witch doesn't want any. - It's a present.
I had a problem with my brain. A haematoma.
Now I have a silver brace in my brain so it doesn't...
In your brain? - Yes... in my head.
That's gruesome.
Go ahead and take it. I'll be next to you.
Me, too.
Can you believe it? My father sent us away.
Then he prayed to God. - He sent us away.
He sent us away because we ate from the tree of knowledge.
And because we want to decide for ourselves what's good and what's evil.
Do you understand me?
Something's wrong. - I'm OK.
We can no longer cling to this dreamy innocence.
We have to proclaim revolutionary action.
Evil is the price of freedom.
Evil is the price of freedom. - I have to ask myself:
Is the devil a fallen angel? Does evil come from God?
Was Jesus a revolutionary? - My God,
why have you forsaken me? - Proclaim your faith.
All 10 Commandments must be broken in the name of freedom. All ten!
You must commit adultery. - Thou shalt kill.
Thou shalt kill! Thou shalt kill!
As to the disposition of authority: Sure, we're an anti-authoritarian group.
It doesn't mean we don't have leadership. - We don't need it.
Only the real cadres have power. - Let's discuss...
specific operations
before we elect a secretary general. - I have a gun. It's all rusty.
Kurt, demonstrate your commitment.
Holy shit. - Keep cool. I got papers.
You live in Berlin? - Kant Street.
Born in 1934? - Right.
And where? Place of birth? - Damn, where was it?
In the next few days the publishing company will arrange
a meeting between you and Mrs. Meinhof.
Alright, I'll have the contract sent to you in the next week.
Dr. Weitemeier! - Dr. Weitemeier...
Yes? - Your notebook.
Hello, Mrs. Meinhof. What an honor for us. Come in...
This could be important for our project. - Okay.
I... - Calm down.
But... - I have to ask you not to whisper.
You might be planning something we shouldn't know about.
Right, Officer. No more whispering... for sure.
Could we have some coffee, Officer?
No, only decaf. - Healthier, huh?
This is what I call coffee.
What's going on? - I'll take a look!
This is a raid! Drop your guns, or we'll shoot! Drop it!
Andreas Baader, who had been sentenced to 3 years in prison,
was able to escape in Berlin. He was aided by 4 armed men...
and women who forced their way into the Institute for Social Sciences
where Baader was studying literature on juvenile delinquency.
He had claimed to be writing a book with the journalist Ulrike Meinhof.
One employee was seriously injured.
We begin by freeing a prisoner
to prove that we are serious. When dealing with cops, it is argued
that their natural function is to be brutal.
Their function requires them to beat people up and shoot them.
Their function requires them to hit and to shoot.
But it's just the uniform, and it's just the function.
And the man who wears it may be a regular guy at home.
Of course that's a problem, and of course we call the cops "pigs".
"The man in uniform is a pig. He isn't a human being."
That's how we have to treat him. We shouldn't talk to him.
It's wrong to talk to those people.
And of course we use guns.
Unbelievable. No way! Who's the commander?
Achmed, our instructor... - Bring him here.
I'll talk to him... - Bring him here!
We're guests here. - Then I'll get him myself.
Are you Achmed? - Yes, who are you?
Tell him we won't sleep in separate tents.
Here are the blankets for the new ones. The guns are supposed to be put...
next to each bed, in case the Israelis attack by night.
Very well, comrade Achmed. Hand out the guns.
Comrade Achmed, I am Gudrun and this is Andreas Baader, our leader.
We would suggest that all of us stay together under the same roof.
I welcome you and your leader. As a matter of fact...
we are in times of war. - What does he say?
That we're at war. - And there are rules in this camp.
But part of our rules is the fight against the suppression of woman.
I don't give a shit about his rules. - Pardon?
All should have the same rights. - Very well, we'll have a try.
What did he say? - It's okay.
In carrying out terrorism, bombs and other explosive devices
should be detonated in places where they cause irreparable damage.
Though seemingly easy to carry out, it is no different...
than other operations which require exact planning.
During the operation, the urban guerilla must remain cool,
calm and determined. - Throw it!
Okay, that's enough. Enough!
From tomorrow on you get 10 bullets a day! Like everybody else.
Deprived urban guerillas... - Andreas, they're at war.
Shut your fucking mouth! - No, I won't.
Shut the fuck up! Everybody, shut up! - Oh yeah?
You wanna be the boss? - Idiot!
Who else? Who else wants to be the leader?
Okay, who else wants to go?
In times of war you have to execute a man like this.
Stop shooting!
Baby, tell them that's got nothing to do with our job.
It may be okay for rural guerillas, but we don't have live ammunition.
What's going on, boss? - I don't know.
These are the orders from our leader Abu Hassan:
The Germans who we welcomed as comrades and who didn't honor...
our hospitality are under arrest of the Palestinian people.
The group is not allowed to leave this building for 48 hours.
We are pleased to shoot anybody who doesn't follow these orders.
The revolutionary can never reject terrorism as a weapon.
We don't need an army of 2,000. We need small cells.
We are the vanguard. Every comrade in the FRG looks up to us.
We're the avantgarde. You got it? - Our logistics will be based...
on the formula M-M-W-A-E. M for motorization...
We'll rip off as many cars as we can. - M for money.
We'll rob 3 or 4 banks. - W for weapons.
And A for ammunition. From now on, everybody will carry a weapon,
so each one always remembers what he is. Put it here in front,
right in the center... so we don't forget what we are.
So, what are you?
You're the vanguard, the goddamn avantgarde. Here's your membership card.
Right here in the center. - E for explosives.
Heidi and Wolf will set up labs in various apartments.
You all have to learn the code names as soon as possible.
I'm Jacques. - I'm Ernesto.
Heidi. - Anna.
Wolf. - Libelle.
Dorothee. - Billy.
Mario. - Hans.
Everything's fine, dear. - It's the white Mercedes.
Thank you.
Anybody want a pick-me-up?
Wanna try a bank? Wanna hold up a bank? We'll go in,
take the dough, and that's it. There's a pile of money waiting for us.
You bet I wanna try a bank.
This is a holdup! Hands up and don't move!
Don't move. Nothing will happen to you. It isn't your money.
Where's the safe? - In the back.
Let's go!
Don't move. What's a little money compared to your life?
Shit! Cops!
We need cars...
for roadblocks in Wilmersdorf, Friedenau, Steglitz and Sch÷neberg...
Some of the gunmen escaped on foot... - That really surprised you,
huh, Kurt? You stood in the middle:
Don't move! Nothing will happen! It isn't your money!
There is no trace of the 5 robbers who held up the Berliner Handelsbank.
Thank you. 5 gunmen at Breitenbach Square. How are things in Rhine Street?
At the bank robbery in Rhine Street, a woman left 97,000 marks behind.
So they only got away with a little more than 8,000.
We found the rest of the money in a bag at the bank.
I'll learn how to do it. - You still could've taken...
the 100,000. - Now it's only 8,020 marks.
Bourgeois bullshit! - Ulrike won't let it happen again.
And you have to be more conscious.
Who's that?
Must be Kalle Ro▀mann.
Jacques, give him one grand. - What?
Come on, do it.
Everything okay, man? - Sure thing.
What're you typing? - Pamphlets, man.
Is that all? - Hey, the money's not for us,
it's for the group, the fight.
Shit... for the fight... shit!
3 Berlin banks were robbed today within 10 minutes.
The robbers left a leaflet that says: "Dispossess the people's enemies!"
Why Berlin of all places? ...masks that were made from ski-hats.
The police began an extensive manhunt. - Take care of yourself!
Thank you, daddy.
Hans can tell you about urban guerillas, like in South America.
The guerillero has to show initiative. He should have ideas, courage, brains,
and quick reactions, but especially initiative.
Right, Erwin? - Erwin?
Erwin! - What should I do with that?
Shoot around. You might like it. - Okay.
What does she want? To talk, or what? - We believe that you can only learn
illegality by living beyond the law.
You're Baader, right? - I'm Baader.
Oh shit! - What're you looking for?
The pills.
Watch out with that stuff, baby.
Everything okay?
It's me, Hans.
Lying in bed during the daytime. What a luxury.
I love you.
"Against" simply isn't precise enough. Take the Social Democrats.
Their strategic function is to maintain capitalist initiative...
during a crisis. Got it? - Got it.
Okay... BMW is always good. Either that little 4-door job there...
Fast and maneuverable.
Women love it. I like the big sedans,
the BMW 2500... What're they doing?
It's round in the back? - Exactly. Or the old square 1800,
or the coupÚ here. A terrific car.
Wood, leather, fast...
That one's ours. A few days later, you ring...
and say you are from a research institute,
and you ask about his name, his birthday, his occupation...
Yes? - Mr Melzer? Do you drive a Ford 17 M?
Did you run into it? - No, you won a prize.
Yes. Could I come in? - Yes, but take off your shoes.
Did you give him a blowjob? - Sure. He's waiting for a washing-machine.
You have to identify with the people's cause.
Ok. Next week I'll read Lenin to him. - You were lucky. The next time...
they'll nab you or me or gun us down, 'cause you're a beginner.
You spoke of taking the initiative... - No more solo runs, okay?
Now we'll steal a car that looks the same, with the same color.
Then we'll forge the papers and the license with Melzer's personal data.
So the car will exist twice. - There's a 17 M.
Got the chassis number? - Sure.
It's no problem whenever you get stopped by the police. Then you're the daughter,
or I'm Mr Melzer or his brother. - Wow!
Sexy, huh? I put this in...
step on the gas and it starts. - Great!
Oh, it's the Minister. What are you doing here?
You rat... Boom!
Kurt was arrested. Billy and Libelle, too.
Where's your little friend? - How did they get Kurt?
At the Knesebeck place. They got a tip. - Shit, now they got us.
They arrested an important cadre. - A double cross. I wonder who it was.
Wolf! - Right. Wolf is unreliable.
Where is he anyway?
It's Wolf.
You gave 'em Kurt's name. - You're outta your mind!
Still you gave them our names!
It was him. - He did it.
We gotta kill him. We gotta teach that traitor a lesson.
How do you know he double-crossed us? - We're gonna get Kurt outta there,
along with the two cunts. - West Berlin police
arrested the former lawyer Kurt Wagner today. Wagner is accused of robbing
several banks and stealing several cars. He was arrested with two women in
this apartment in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The women, also wanted,
were identified as Birgit Schrader... - But the airport and the hotel
are only 20 kilometers apart. So we have to find out
about the other 20 km.
To find out where those dangerous people stay, we need a copy
of every plane ticket, every hotel bill, every car rental bill.
Only then can we put together a complete record of their movements.
And only then will we know where those dangerous persons can be found.
Ro▀mann, Mario, and Ulrike have really been fucking up.
Mario got drunk and totalled the car, then they raided City Hall,
stole the passports, and the cunt wrote the wrong address, and the lot ended up
with the cops.
To all passengers: Express Train 102 to Frankfurt...
will be delayed for a police check.
Please follow to the instructions you are given by the police and the conductors.
Hello, may I see your IDs?
Here they are.
What are you looking for? - Who else but Meinhof?
We spend every day looking for Baader, Meinhof, or one of the others.
I arrested Baader six times alone yesterday. Have a nice day.
Yes, have a nice day.
It could be electric wiring. - Shit, only classical music.
Doesn't anybody have a tape? - We taped the case files.
Can we dance to it?
What's going on? This is no vacation camp.
We're at war. - Sorry.
Ok, Lolita and Karin need code names. - Can't I keep "Lolita?"
My real name is Johanna. - What about you?
Maybe I wanna stay Karin. - What's going on?
I'm not sure if I should go underground. - Now or never.
I thought it'd be different. - Cooking soup for the poor?
It's Henry. It's his apartment. Henry, these are our comrades.
So many? - Just for a short time.
It's for the leftist cause. - I don't know.
Words must be followed by action. That's what you wrote, Henry.
That's fiction! - We couldn't survive 30 minutes
if what we are doing didn't express the thoughts of thousands out there.
Axel Springer. - Franz-Josef Strau▀.
Who wants him back?
"The Chancellor knelt down in the Warsaw ghetto. 50% of the Germans
felt he overdid it." - He never has any bodyguards.
My father thinks he overdid it. How can a German chancellor kneel down?
Especially in Warsaw. My father was the ObersturmbannfŘhrer for the SS in Kassel.
He thinks he overdid it. - Our supporters wouldn't understand...
it if we kidnapped Brandt. - But it'd draw international attention
to our cause. - It's absurd. We're on the run.
We have no TV, no record player. We have no electricity either.
And you want to kidnap the Chancellor?
But we have 15 Scorpions and a few AK-47s.
With brotherly regards from the Fatah.
Yes? - This is Karin. Can I talk to Hans?
What's up? - Give me Hans, please.
Yes? - I'm at the end of my rope.
Kalle was arrested, and I only have 4 marks...
What does that hooker want? - Ro▀man's arrested, and she's broke.
She can go whoring... - Bonn, Bad Godesberg.
Karl Ro▀mann who allegedly took part in several bank robberies
carried out by the Baader-Meinhof Gang, was arrested by 2 plain-clothes officers
in a restaurant. His female companion escaped.
Ro▀mann is actually a car mechanic...
I miss Kalle already. - We'll get Ro▀mann outta there.
When we were checking out banks in Stuttgart, we stopped by my parents'.
Where's that? - In Heidelberg.
That wasn't on the way. - No.
Listen, this isn't going to work. You can't eat cake
on your parents' sofa with a gun between your legs.
Mario only drinks because of the pressure in the group.
We're an elite group, not Berlin hash rebels.
You forced people to go underground. - What people?
Me, for example.
What's wrong with you?
I can't take it any longer.
I like you so much. - What kind of schmalz is that?
You want a Christmas present from me?
What's going on here?
Well? Merry Christmas.
What about the other lamps? - We're out of kerosine.
So what? Buy some. - We're out of money.
Then we'll steal some. - We have no plans.
Oh yeah? - Yeah.
The failure of individuals. - We only react. We're never...
even a half step ahead. Something has to change.
Everything will continue as before. - We have to protect ourselves.
Stay in motion. Hit and run.
Hit and run. That's what Mao said. - We've never discussed...
why things went wrong. - No army can afford an open discussion.
We have to learn from our mistakes. - We have to be tough. Or we'll fall...
apart every time we have a problem. - We have to allow for doubts.
Andreas is right. He who fights...
will discover somehow, sometime that his cause is his strength.
Cunt logic. - Bullshit.
Can't you be objective? - Cunts! You're never...
gonna be emancipated. - You can't say that.
I can't?
Here: cunt, cunt, cunt... That's emancipation.
No... I mean hey...
It's over and done with! I can't take this fascist crap anymore.
I can't do it.
If you wanna make the grade in this group, you gotta make it every second.
If you aren't strong enough you're in the wrong group.
The pressure of living underground builds up an inner pressure.
You can't let off steam outside because you're an outlaw.
You gotta let off steam in the group... here.
And people explode... here. Now you give it to me!
You explode. And that's right.
It has to be that way. It can't be any other way. And that's good.
You have to withstand it. You have to be that tough.
You just have to be that tough.
The Minister can't come. But he accepts all of your demands.
No investigative duties? - He promises...
that the Federal Police will become a research and data center
under your leadership. - Thank you. Let's go.
Don't you want some sparkling wine? Not even a donut?
Stuttgart: In a shootout with the police this morning...
the journalist and alleged terrorist...
Ulrike Meinhof was shot and killed. - As Mr Hauser said,
we are against war in general, but we actively support those people
who try to free themselves from terror and violence,
and when there's no other means but war,
we support their war. - Meinhof opened fire on two officers
who stopped her car for a routine check.
Stuttgart: The woman who was killed in a shootout this morning
was not, as mistakenly reported, Ulrike Meinhof.
It was the 20-year-old sociology student Karin Rubner.
Until now, Rubner had only been regarded as a sympathizer...
When the time is ripe for revolution, it's too late to prepare it.
Hans and I have a plan. First we'll set off bombs
all over West Germany. So the enemy will concentrate its defenses...
around useless targets.
Then we'll kidnap the commanders of Berlin's West Sector.
The British, the French and the American commanders.
All at the same time.
Gentlemen, madame...
More than every other organ of state, the police are confronted with reality.
Here, social inadequacies and structural defects are revealed
for the first time. Thanks to the police,
a system could be developed which would anticipate problems...
before they appear...
and become dangerous. As the Federal Police Chief,
I regard this to be our job. To know what we know.
Stuttgart: After a 20-minute chase today, Stuttgart's police were able
to arrest the terrorist Inga Schellmann.
You take the guns, I take the money. - A gas-station attendant recognized...
the 26-year-old dental assistant... - Brigadier Jean Louis Gorin,
fought in Algeria, adviser to de Gaulle. Has relatives in Alsace.
Speaks little German. His wife is presently in France.
He takes the same route to headquarters every day.
The driver is unarmed. The General carries an automatic.
At the corner, the car will be stopped by an obstacle.
The American John Robson is accompanied by an armed soldier.
Brigadier Robson was wounded in the leg while serving in Korea.
Major General Russel Metty, Commander of the British Sector.
2 daughters. He brings one to school. We'll nab him then. We let the girl go.
Your data processing will cost us 50 million. What can you do for us?
The money will indirectly aid the RAF investigation.
RAF? - The Red Army Faction.
They feel they are part of the global revolution, a faction of the Red Army.
I want you to steer the investigation. - That's not the Federal Police's job.
When Baader and Meinhof are locked up, you can do all the research you like.
They've organized everything so it goes on even without them.
The mobile cadres are moving all over Germany with stolen cars
and forged papers. - And they shoot without warning.
And now?
Now they probably need more "M"... as in money.
That little bit of money,
the cars and the papers we allegedly stole...
not even the murder attempt... - Hi there. This is a holdup!
We don't use our weapons recklessly.
We shoot when shot at.
We'd have freed the prisoner, even if we'd known...
someone would be shot. - You have no idea
what it's like to be old and ill. The question as to...
"what would have happened if", is multi-faceted, pacifist, platonic...
Your car registration and license.
Let's get outta here. ...which is why the internal discussion
must be carried out. US imperialism is no less aggressive,
but less easily attacked. Imperialism's political possibilities...
have not yet been exhausted, neither...
That little bit of money, the cars, and the papers we allegedly stole
don't justify the campaign against us, not even the murder attempt
they are trying to charge us with can justify this dance.
We don't use our weapons recklessly.
We shoot when shot at. The cop who lets us go...
we let go.
The Allensheimer Institute, worshipped by fucking liberals, did a survey:
"Baader-Meinhof: criminals or heroes?"
The results showed that 25 percent sympathize with us.
That means 15 million alone in the FRG. - The cop had a gun.
The cop isn't our enemy. 15 million sympathize with us.
In the FRG alone, 15 million sympathize with us.
Great. - Yeah. It's really great.
The survey shows that lots of people are familiar with the RAF's ideas.
If you kill a cop, do you think anybody's gonna understand it?
I'm no intellectual. - Oh hell!
You gotta use your stupid brain. Or you'll end up behind bars again...
and the rest of us will, too.
Heinrich B÷ll describes the RAF's fight as a declaration of war...
made by desperate intellectuals, 6 versus 60 million.
He wouldn't have a reason to say so if we'd gone public immediately.
You really should make a statement. - That's not my job.
I'm just a policeman. - I have to go.
We should increase the pressure. - But how?
Yes, how? - We can say, Baader wants to turn himself in.
Yes, make sure they report it today. - It's Christmas Eve.
Then tomorrow. Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas.
I'd never turn myself in.
The only good news worth reporting about us: Arrested or dead.
The battle has just begun. His signature...
Fingerprint. There's no doubt about his identity.
The federal police have confirmed the suspect's fingerprint.
No, Baader isn't turning himself in. That's been denied.
As soon as the Minister gets up... I see.
Baader's BMW was seen on the A3 heading towards Frankfurt.
He's getting uneasy now. He feels the pinch.
It's urgent. - And all because we reported it.
...opened fire on a police officer... ...for arson, several bank robberies...
If he leaves the Autobahn, he'll have to take the B9.
I want every radio station and the police radio to report
that the police are checking cars heading to Frankfurt on the Autobahn.
Should I go with you?
Think up a good explanation in case everything goes wrong.
Traffic heading towards Frankfurt is backed up...
while police are checking cars. A police spokesman said...
that they will continue until early tomorrow.
Kalle Ro▀mann and Mario are going to testify as witnesses.
Somebody always squeals. It was the same with Jesus and his 12 Apostles.
Who's there? - Krone. Kurt Krone.
Throw your gun in the Opel.
Oh, Krone! I don't believe it.
I bet you're all alone here, right?
And nobody knows about it.
You never sleep, do you? - You don't either.
You take too many stimulants. Captagon and Effortil.
The computer knows that. - What d'you need a computer for?
You got it all in your head. - Computers don't drink coffee...
and smoke significantly less. - Did the computer also report
that I'd turn myself in? - And that you read Mickey Mouse.
So what? It's true. This is great.
Can I have it?
You don't stand a chance. - Says the computer.
One day we'll be faster than you. - What does the computer say about a guy
who spends months heading for his death? Consciously...
like a projectile. - It couldn't handle it.
The computer is only romantic in part. - A guy like a projectile,
the ultimate weapon of his own politics. That's a guerilla.
I confront you with a fully automatic system.
Prognosis: In the end, terrorism will defeat itself.
You need us to step up your armament. - We just accepted the challenge...
to wage war. - And you need me
to intensify the existing contradictions. To deepen the gap...
between the State and the masses. - I, Kurt Krone, am the man
who has to conduct war. Give me an organization, power, and money.
If you hadn't killed anyone, you might have achieved your goal.
Rudi Dutschke could have succeeded. The time just wasn't ripe yet.
He could have toppled the State. But nobody should have been killed.
Everyone does his best.
Yes, everyone does what he does best.
You will have your war, Krone. And there's gonna be a real big bang.
First we'll set off bombs all over West Germany.
So the enemy will concentrate its defenses around useless targets.
Then we'll kidnap the commanders of Berlin's West Sector.
Let's go.
3 bombs exploded in the entrance and in the officers' mess.
13 people were injured, and a lieutenant colonel was killed.
Responsibility was claimed by the "Commando Karin Rubner".
The strategists who are eradicating Vietnam
will no longer be safe in West Germany and West Berlin.
A policeman was killed in a shootout this evening.
Shots were exchanged in front of this apartment
where the alleged terrorist Victor Schauer was badly injured.
The wife of Federal Judge Kiessler was seriously injured today
when a bomb exploded. The judge is investigating...
I can only achieve anything if I am given jurisdiction
over every policeman.
I also demand telephone surveillance of every contact,
informers to infiltrate the gang, a publicity campaign to counteract
the media's constant attempt to play down the danger,
and the unleashing of public animosity towards the gang.
At the Springer Publishing Co. 3 further bombs were defused.
In a letter signed by the RAF, the terrorists apologized for the fact
that employees were injured in this morning's assault...
Heidelberg. A bomb explosion at the US Army's European Headquarters
took the lives of 3 soldiers. 5 others were injured, some seriously.
A car reported as stolen with forged US license plates...
You were right back then, Kurt. "They won't hesitate...
to plant bombs in our consciousness..." The Chancellor is uneasy.
The rightists call for Mr Law and Order. - Operation "Water Beat"...
is set to begin. - I hope it isn't a washout.
I don't expect anything to turn up during the manhunt.
Is the State demonstrating its power? - By beating on the water, I'm trying
to drive the fish into the net. - What do these photos show?
Most of the buildings are being observed by borrowed surveillance organizations.
By what? - That's the problem.
Borrowed teams from the BND. Originally not planned by the lawmakers.
What's he doing? - He's exchanging explosives...
for harmless bone meal. - I know nothing about it!
As part of the police operation...
Those pigs are everywhere! - We have to stop somewhere.
It's too risky if we keep on driving. - Just look at yourself.
4 people were killed and 64 injured...
What? - The way you look.
How do I look? How?
Like a terrorist slut. Got any lipstick?
Damn it! Goddamn it! - I don't believe it.
Stop and pull over.
I'm Baader. One false move, and I'll pull the trigger.
It's really not worth it.
Everything okay?
Everything's fine. You can drive on.
As part of the operation "Water Beat", the police has set up...
The operation will take place in 2 days, on July 2nd.
Exactly 5 years after Benno Ohnesorg.
After we kidnap the city's commanders, the whole world will know.
Our comrades will leave their prisons. On TV, people will see them in Jordan,
Yemen or in Cuba with their raised fists.
And the State's monopoly on the use of power will be broken.
We are going to take over surveillance. We'll take a 3-hour break...
and meet back here at seven.
This is a clever trap!
Krone speaking...
I'll be right there. Make sure they don't get killed.
Throw your guns out, and come out with your hands up
and bare-chested. - Topless?
Give up! It's useless...
At least 50 guns are pointing at us.
Krone here.
I am taking command of this operation. Stop firing!
Don't anybody shoot. I want all firing to stop.
I wanna talk to Jule, my daughter!
You aren't gonna bite the dust. - I'm gonna write a book for Jule.
Gun Talk. Let's get outta here, okay?
We'll never make it. - Bullshit. Of course we will.
See you in Hanoi. - Havanna.
Okay, man, Havanna. Now let those guns talk!
No shooting. Don't anybody shoot!
That's Andreas Baader.
Don't anybody shoot!
Aim at his legs. We want him alive.
It is a terrible thing to kill. We'd kill not only others but we'd kill
ourselves as well, if the need arose. For violence is the only means
whereby this deadly world may be changed, as every living being knows.
Subtitles: VICOMEDIA 04/2003
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