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Subtitles for Babi Leto - Autumn Spring (2002).

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Babi Leto - Autumn Spring (2002)

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Very shabby.
This way, Maestro.
- Where do we start? - Upstairs, sir.
- But it's leaking there. - I'll explain. This way, please.
Good morning.
Mr. Mayer, the property manager.
Maestro Hana, emeritus member of the Metropolitan Opera.
His secretary, Mr. Eduard.
We hope you're going to like it here, Maestro!
- What is this? - The dining room.
Only the table remains of the set. Chippendale.
Well. We shall see.
The property includes
and a hunting lodge.
There's time to see it, sir,
then we'll have brunch at the French Restaurant.
you say sixty million? - Sixty-five, sir.
Let's take a look at the hunting lodge.
We're making good time.
Excuse me,
when can we expect your answer, Maestro?
I'm off to the States tomorrow to consult with my lawyer.
Should the Countess drop the price
call me immediately.
You'll have your answer within two weeks anyway.
Edited by
Music by
Director of Photography
Story and Screenplay by
Executive Producer
Directed by
Shall we go and have a drink?
Iforgot. lhave to go home.
You were great today, Fanda. Magnificent!
Next time we'll reverse roles.
No way! It's in your blood.
The way you tasted and sent back the wine!
That was a masterpiece of acting, Fanda!
Igot carried away. Inearly believed it myself!
- Old men should be rich. - And respected.
I'm off.
We haven't gatecrashed our way into a wedding for ages!
mine! Gimme that! - Quietly, girls!
- Sit down. - I'll have to go, Mom.
- No, wait a bit longer. - I's been two hours.
Imust get back to work.
He promised to come. Something held him up.
at the drunk tank.
He celebrated with friends from the theater...
He treated the whole pub, spent his whole pension
and you couldn't pay the rent.
- Be quiet! - Don't shout at them.
It's not the money, Mom. I'll gladly help out.
Iworry about Dad.
his actions just aren't normal, at his age!
His age has him down.
He's afraid to die, and tries to cheat it.
Is Grandpa going to die?
We're all going to die. Some sooner, some later.
Grandpa sooner, right, Dad?
Wipe your mouth and be quiet!
Mother... have you talked it over?
lhaven't found the right opportunity.
I'm really worried. Yesterday's scene...
- Mom hit Auntie with a ladle. - On the head!
And our Mom broke all the plates.
Girls, Grandpa will love the pictures
you drew for him, but we must go.
Grandpa looked forward so much to seeing you.
His memory isn't what it used to be.
Let's go. Hurry up... your jackets.
Stick it out a bit longer, Jara. I'll talk to him.
Good evening.
Hello, I took your elevator, didn't I?
No. I suffer from claustrophobia
Are you trying to kill me? You silly ass!
Don't say a word, get out of my sight!
Or I'll pack up your things and send you off to Ed's!
Five people waiting for you for three hours
to wish you a happy birthday and you go off on a binge!
Can a couple of measly flowers set that straight?
No, I know they can't.
So why spend money on them if you know that?
- Because you love gerberas. - No, I don't.
- You do. - I don't.
- Yes, you do. - I don't! So there!
All right, so you don't.
Here are your presents from the girls and me.
That's a pretty picture. Karolina
is she by Jara's first or second wife?
Pull yourself together, you're nearly eighty,
afamily man with two daughters-in-law
and four lovely grandchildren,
stop playing the fool and start taking life seriously.
Sorry... but this is quite witty!
This could be your lastbirthday, and we didn't celebrate it.
I'd be really sorry. Believe me.
Ido believe you. What's this?
- Black shoes. - For my burial?
Hardly for dancing lessons!
Though one never knows with you. Here's your cake.
It cost 150 crowns and the shoes 1200
Did you say anything?
I thought the shoes were from Jara.
No, he had a present for both of us.
It happens to be my birthday too, you know.
I bet it's something original.
It's a gift worth 28 000 crowns.
Not an Arctic seaside holiday, Oh come on!
Look, what a beautiful death announcement!
One loving heart from this world has been taken.
Not even our love can this heart reawaken.
I must write that down. Give me a pencil.
I'll wait here for you and memorize it.
No, come with me.
Well? How d'you like this grave?
What do the Va ouses have to do with us?
Nothing. The family died out,
and Jara bought the grave for us.
So that's the gift for 28 000 crowns?
It's a bargain at that price.
Jara has a friend who's an undertaker.
Are you going to lie in there with the Va ouses?
- We'll both be there, Fanda. - Not me.
If Jara's used to buying second-hand graves
that's his business.
I refuse to lie there with some Va ous woman.
You won't know where we've put you.
But I know now!
And I don't like it here. Such a measly little cemetery,
all swarming with graves, and no view at all.
I can't even enjoy my smoke here.
Fanda! Come back!
Death will still catch up with you!
I don't believe it! What are you doing here?
Sorry, I really can't quite place you...
- Come on, try! - Josef Novak?
No! Forgotten your best friend?
My best friend... Venda Bayer?
Yes, Venda Bayer! What a memory!
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you...
But I thought you were taller than me.
Yes, but I had an accident.
Coming down Mont Everest I fell 60 yards
both my legs were fractured in three places,
Professor Cech had to shorten my bones by 55 inches.
I never heard.
But I went on, Mont Blanc and all, and you?
- How's the love of your life? - You mean Milena?
Yes, what a beauty! How we all envied you.
I'll tell you. I married her.
Fifty years ago. A month ago I buried her.
I'm so sorry.
She was a cutie. And how are you doing?
Badly, on the way back from the crematorium
I crashed my car. It wasn't insured
so it cost me 355 000! The funeral cost 255 000.
Now I can't even buy her a decent wreath.
Here's 200. Get her some flowers, give her my best
and say Venda Bayer thinks of her often.
I'll tell her, Venda, thank you.
Hey, what's this? No tears!
Look to the summit! As we mountaineers say,
where there's a will there's a way.
So keep that chin up!
Karel! Come here!
- I wanted it 7 inches and it's 8! - I'll redo it. - And pronto!
- Boss, a call for you! - I'm busy. - It's Erna.
What is it now, dammit?
- Call Janousek. - What should I tell him?
To come at nine. Okay, I'm going.
Out of my bathroom!
Get the fuck out or I'll throw all your things out!
For God's sake...
Erna, don't do it!
- Shit! Stop it, Erna! - There, you pig!
Don't! Stop it! For fuck's sake! Erna!
Stop it, girls! Damn you Erna, stop it.
- Jara, it was so awful! - Stop it, Erna!
- Jara! - All right, all right.
Quiet, kids. It'll be all right.
Ticket control.
- Oh, could you overlook it? - We forgot.
We're from out of town, mister ticket.
It'll be a 200 crown fine each, young ladies.
Can't you just forget it?
- Sorry, rules are rules. - Let them go, boss.
They'll give us a nice kiss each.
Quickly, then. So nobody sees us.
Where's the drugstore?
That goes in here...
I lent you 500. You promised it back today.
Come on! That was funeral money.
Stop playing the fool with your French.
You won't learn it now that you're eighty.
I'm 76, if you're interested.
No. I'm interested in where that 500 is.
- 200 for People in Need. - And the 300?
Lunch at a French restaurant
where I chose everything
from the French menu.
Eating up our funeral money
when the 30 000 we have isn't enough for two funerals?!
You'll just kick the bucket without a worry
and I'll have to save up before I can die.
- All right, so I'll wait. - That'd be a fiasco.
You'd spend the money and toss me in some field.
So do you want me to die first or you?
Tell me! I don't care.
But you should care. What if you had a stroke?
- What would I do with you? - Put me in hospital.
After a while they'd stick you into a rest home,
where they'd stuff you into a cage.
But don't worry. I have a solution. Listen.
We'll go to a senior citizen's home.
But we must go now. They only take fit people.
But if you get a stroke there, they look after you.
You're going to like it there, Fanda.
I told the manager you sang in operetta.
She'll give you a room with a view into the woods,
a lovely room. We'll take our furniture.
Jara will pay for the move.
- Oh. Jara. - He arranged it all.
He wants us in a home so he can have this place.
You know how they're living.
Erna wants Kveta out. Where will she take the girls?
Here, like last time.
After Jara's first divorce
we left him and Kveta our lovely big apartment in town
and moved out to this rabbit-warren here.
Now he's with his 3rd wife. The 2nd wife's in the way
so he found us a lovely room with a view into despair.
- Tell Jara... - Wait, let me explain.
Tell Jara...
Even if he gets married and divorced ten more times
I'm staying here.
Nobody gets me out of here alive!
- Do you want to go in? - Yes. Thank you.
Good morning, Maestro.
Good morning.
Are you about to purchase another mansion?
Hello, boys.
I am staying with my brother at the moment.
Come in.
- Do come in. - Thank you.
Didn't you like it at the Hilton?
Yes, but my brother insisted I stay here.
We haven't seen each other for three years.
- Oh really? - Do take a seat.
I've added it all up, Mr. Hana.
Here it is...
The hired limo, the brunch,
add in wasted time, plus 50 percent
for the intent to mislead me into turning other clients down.
The total comes to a 29 100 crowns. Right?
Would you like it in cash or onto your account?
In cash. Within a week.
How about some coffee, tea or maybe a cognac...
Where does my brother keep the cognac?
No thanks.
You surprise me.
I thought I'd have to take you to court.
An emeritus member of the Metropolitan Opera
knows the value of success and failure.
You were good, Mr. Hana. Convincing.
If you hadn't mixed up your visiting cards,
I'd have believed you'd buy the mansion.
Maybe next time.
I've called everybody I know.
No one will lend me anything. Things used to be different.
The times have changed, but we haven't.
Here's 10 000. I'll give you 3 more on the 155th.
Too late, I must pay up by Saturday.
Let's try the casino.
- Let's break the bank! - I don't know...
- I'm not going in, Fanda. - What are you scared of?
Haven't we played aristocrats and rich men?
- In Die Fledermans. - Only in the chorus.
So now you're a soloist, button up and come on in!
We'll show the nouveau riche lumpenbourgeoisie.
Don't go in! I'll get you the 20 000 somehow.
Stop it.
Good afternoon.
Where do we start? Here or here?
You used the service entrance
instead of going through the reception desk!
- Good afternoon, gentlemen. - We're from television.
We want to shoot 3 scenes for a co-production film.
He's clean.
We need to settle the conditions.
Speak to our marketing manager.
Maybe we'll come for a game some day too.
It was a pleasure, gentlemen!
What a show-down!
The shame of it! You were no help at all.
I'm sorry. I'll get you the money.
Good afternoon.
- Let me help you with that. - I can manage.
- It would be my pleasure. - All right then.
Thank you, it's kind of you.
- Been traveling again? - I've been to Ostrava
with my husband. They played against Banik.
So your husband is a soccer player?
Yes, for the Sparta club.
And you go with him?
I have to. He's terribly jealous.
That's understandable.
- I'll take them up for you. - That'd be nice of you.
It's the fifth floor, the door on the left.
- How about coming along? - No. Thank you.
- Thank you very much, Mr... - Hana.
I can't use you like this, Mr. Hana.
You may. Anything. Madame.
Thank you, I'll be seeing you.
- Is that her? - Yeah.
Will she lend us some money?
Buy a big bouquet to set the mood. Then leave it to me.
Good morning.
- Hello, uncle Ed! - I've brought a customer.
He needs a special bunch of flowers.
For you, Uncle, they'll be very special.
What kind? What sort of price?
Up to about 1000 crowns.
For what occasion? Who are they for?
For the French ambassador's wife.
In that case lilies would be splendid.
- How's Venda doing? - As usual.
Her husband is an alcoholic.
Or orchids?
Or roses? I've got lots.
I'll leave it up to you, Marcela.
How long is it since your Mom...
Just yesterday I wanted to buy flowers for her grave.
That's nice of you.
And someone stole my wallet!
With my month's pension in it!
I went all hot and cold.
- I burst into tears. - Tell her why!
All my money for the month...
Tell her, don't be shy.
Yes... all of it...
He'll lose the chance for a wonderful role.
What role?
He's been chosen for a film about a concentration camp.
To play an old mime who saves 80 Jewish children.
If he learns tap-dancing within two months.
That's easy.
You'll be in a movie, uncle Ed?
- Wonderful! - But he wants to refuse since
the American dance teacher wants 50 dollars a lesson.
Fifty dollars? That much?
And how many lessons. ....
That's 20 000 Czech crowns,
but he gets 10 000 dollars for the part!
Ten thousand?
That's nearly half a million!
Half a million?
I'm sorry, uncle Ed. I can't lend you the money.
Venda's drinking, the tax man, school fees.
950 crowns!
- Pay up! - You have the money.
Here you go.
- Keep the change. - Bye, and thank you!
What do I do with the flowers?
Put them on your sister's grave.
I heard that Mary Grulich had her 855th birthday.
- How about... - So let's catch a taxi!
- 'Bye for now, and take care. - Good morning.
I just brought Mary her shopping.
She's in a bad way, her legs, poor thing,
that tiny pension and she forgets everything.
She owes me 2000 but I'm not saying anything.
She'll be pleased to see you, gentlemen.
- No way! - Oh yes!
We come with our congratulations on behalf of the theatre.
They all send their regards.
They remembered!
You were the pride of the theatre for 40 years!
The oldest chorus-girl in history.
And a soloist, boys, but you wouldn't remember.
In '41 I sang Helena in Polish Blood as stand-in.
The lead tenor gave me these flowers afterwards
and this bottle of old Spanish wine.
How we loved Polish Blood!
We all wanted to sing Count Baransky.
I know since you're a cavalier...
I am not right for you, dear...
I'm just a maid, after all...
It's over and done with now.
You've made me so happy, boys.
I slept right through my horrible birthday.
But now we'll celebrate!
I saved it for 60 years for the right occasion.
Open it!
Vintage 1930!
- Here's a cork-screw. - What an honor for us.
You were always the princess of our dreams.
This wine's so good it doesn't want to come out!
How much is there left?
The flowers, taxi... 6000 of your money.
I left 2000 under Mary's vase.
You are so kind, Fanda.
Good deeds pave the way to heaven.
But is there an afterlife?
Who knows. Just in case... so be good.
Give that boy a hundred.
- A whole hundred bill? - For both of us.
- Isn't that too much? - You don't want to get to heaven?
- Here you go. - Right on.
Thank you very much. Stop!
Stop thief!
- I feel like crying, Fanda. - That won't help.
- Good, he didn't take my ID card. - What will you do?
I'll have to tap into the funeral savings.
How about selling something?
The anatomists buy skeletons. But they don't take baldies.
Seriously, what will you do?
We're down to our last thousand. So let's let off some steam.
Come on, do something! Can't you see that I can't see?
Bring me the funeral savings book. I'm going to the bank.
- Where is it? - In the big dish.
It's not in the dish.
But I put it there.
Here it is. My, you scared me.
I think you'd better... not open it.
- Fanda! - I took out thirty thousand.
Thirty thousand?!
D'you want to borrow my glasses?
I'm not going to scream. I'm going to kill you.
Well, I understand how you feel...
- So you understand? - Absolutely.
So why did you take the only money we have?
I've been betting on your birth date in the lottery for 30 years.
I expect to hit the jackpot now.
What have you done with the money?
I was sorry that you'd only ever been to Hungary.
I wanted to buy you a holiday in Hurghada.
- Where? - The Red Sea, Luxor, Karnak,
Queen Hatshepsovet's Temple.
I'm not going to any Hukarda!
You won't, because a bogus blind man stole the money.
The Red Sea. A bogus blind man!
D'you expect me to believe you?
- No. - So why make up these lies?
- Why deceive me? - You're shouting.
Yes, let everyone hear that my husband's a liar and thief
who ruins my health and shortens my life.
I can't even die decently because of him!
But I've had enough of your silly pranks.
Kill it! The moth!
- Put that paper back. - I will, after I've read it.
He complained someone's stealing his paper!
How does he know? It's in place when he comes home.
Yes, with the crossword puzzle done.
He can't do it himself anyway.
Don't smoke. You'll cough.
I cough better when I smoke.
By the way, I want that 30 000 back.
And tie your shoelace.
I'll think it over.
Till then you'll give me all of your pension.
That might make you take life seriously at last.
- What did you say? - It's going to be a lovely day!
When we've done the shopping
we're going to Jara's to look after the children.
- Josef! What a coincidence! - Josef who?
A scene-shifter from the theater...
See you at the yogurt counter.
It was parked here! My new car!
I saved up for it for five years.
I didn't notice it. What color was it?
Yellow. Stolen with Agapornis fisheri
- What am I going to do? - You must report it.
Come, I'll take you to the police station.
Those jerks are supposed to watch this parking lot.
Let's go!
Two luxury villas.
And a magnificent mansion for 60 million.
- But that's 200 miles away. - It looks splendid.
But 155 rooms, that's not really enough.
There are servants' quarters with 10 rooms.
It would make an exclusive bed and breakfast place!
Good idea.
Antique furniture, oriental rugs, old paintings
and the prettiest waitresses in period costumes.
- Or without... - Hey, control yourself.
Beauty queens, anyway.
Make the arrangements so they take us there.
I'm due for a medical check-up.
If the worst comes to the worst
would you look after my dog. He's an old softie.
He's bitten me twice!
That's a token of love, he bites me too when I go out.
He stands on a chair by the window and I wave to him
so he knows I'll be back. Old age is sad.
One should die young.
We missed our chance. We gotta stick it out now.
Easy for you to say.
I cry when I hear an oompah band.
I see those sad, abandoned doggie eyes.
I'd shoot myself if it wasn't for you.
In that case aim for the heart to be sure.
A tip from the court pathologist.
It's a trophy from the theatre.
What's the problem, anyway?
Kidneys, high blood pressure, cataracts.
You are lucky!
I've got arrhythmia, gall-bladder, prostate -
but it's all better than having AIDS.
You're such a lucky fellow, Fanda.
- Help me, please! - Come on. - No!
Don't be scared, it's safe!
- Oh God. Do something, sing! - Don't be frightened.
Oho, cried Robin Hood...
I'll give you Robin Hood!
We'll ride up and down until he cools off.
Calm down. It's perfectly safe.
- What's all this? - Hello Dad.
Well you see Kveta... I mean Erna...
You see if we do move to that home.
Jara has to furnish this room for Kveta.
I've been there. It's a very nice place.
You could move in within two months.
I am not moving out of here.
- We have to help them, Fanda. - No, we don't.
like my meal now. - Sorry.
We just need to make About what? I'm staying here, in my apartment.
Jara bought us this place.
And he brought me the 30 thousand you were robbed of.
Good, because if you hound me out of here,
you'll be needing that money, dear.
What... Who's driving you out?
Where are you going?
- I don't feel well. - What's wrong?
How could you sell me like this?
Mrs. Hanova...
Fanda... dead.
He's dead.
He came here awfully upset, sat down
and suddenly collapsed.
He didn't regain consciousness.
I don't believe it.
Why didn't the doctor save him?
Why didn't he help him, Mr. Stara?
She's arrived by taxi carrying a black suit.
By taxi. Now we're screwed.
Look, a funeral van.
Go on ahead, Mom. Watch your step.
I'm sorry. He fainted.
He went dead white and stopped breathing.
Don't cry, everything will be all right!
You said the doctor couldn't help him.
I thought I called the ambulance...
So was the doctor here or wasn't he?
Ed wanted to help me.
So that you'd realize what you'd lose in him.
And he sort of overdid it a bit.
The taxi cost 500, the coffin 3000!
The fright nearly cost me my life!
You put him up to it!
You criminal! You liar!
You heartless brute!
This way...
I can't go on. I refuse to live with him.
- So what's with the coffin? - Take it away.
- That'll cost you. - We'll settle it right now.
Hello Dad, hello Ed.
Move in with me, nobody'll bother you
and you can do as you like.
Emilie Hanova and Frantisek Hana.
Applicant, please clarify your petition for a divorce.
I made my statement in writing and have nothing to add.
How long have you been together?
For 44 years.
A long time. You went through a lot together.
Good things and bad.
Is your marriage now so seriously impaired
- That it cannot be saved? - Yes.
Does the applicant's lawyer have any questions?
Did your husband often spend his whole pension
without contributing to the household?
Do you know what he spent the money on?
- Different things. - Give us some examples.
I asked him to visit his father's grave
and he returned a week later from some spa.
He lost his month's pension and 4000 crowns at the Casino.
But he didn't go there to gamble,
he heard about the sightseeing flights and
he always had longed to see the world from a bird's-eye view.
But there was fog, he had to wait for good weather
and he gambled the money away out of boredom.
And he spent your savings in expensive restaurants.
He had a poor childhood. During the depression
his father split matches in half to save money
and as a boy he served beers in a gadren pub.
He wanted to see what it's like to be rich.
Did you tolerate his behavior?
No, but when I was mad
he brought me flowers and I always forgave him.
- Any more questions? - That will be all.
As the respondent, do you have anything to say?
It's true, the applicant always forgave me
but I didn't appreciate it.
You may sit down.
For the records...
- Well? How's it going? - Badly.
Witness Jaroslav Hana.
Just as an example. Once mother persuaded him
to look after his grandchildren for a while.
He took my two little girls to a cafe by taxi.
To a smoky cafe...
He ordered champagne, they all got tipsy
and he forgot them on the subway.
But Dad's a very kind man. He's fun and he's generous, but...
Being so irresponsible, he's just not fit for marriage.
Life with him really is sheer martyrdom.
It's very hard for me to have to say this.
Mother thought he'd grow wise with age
but this last thing was a very cruel trick
and mother realized she couldn't stand more.
Can you describe this cruel trick?
He put his friend up to it... Ed...
Mr. Stara told mother that Dad had died at his place.
- Do you wish to speak? - Yes.
Out with it, Mom.
It was a terrible thing to do, devastating.
Although I admit I went against him
when our son wanted our flat for his ex-wife and kids.
and arranged to move us to an old folks' home.
He refused, and for my effort to help our son
he punished me so cruelly.
Me, who always forgave him for all his crazy ideas.
Because I admired him for being so different.
I'm a stick-in-the-mud sort of person,
studying maps. He means to fly round the world in a balloon,
and he refuses to admit
that our paths don't really lead anywhere anymore.
It's intolerable.
The older he gets, the crazier he is.
He doesn't go to funerals, he makes fun of death,
he makes paper darts out of death announcements.
I don't know if he wants to be buried or cremated!
He doesn't know the price of bread,
but follows the dollar exchange rate.
When the dollar dropped he bought me 8000 crowns worth for Xmas.
He throws money around and saves money -
by stealing our neighbor's newspaper.
He always returns it in time but I'm on tenterhooks
he'll be caught at it.
When we took the train to his dad's grave
he didn't buy any tickets. The inspector caught us
but Fanda proudly paid the fine and left him a tip!
The inspector burst into tears.
And when I scold him he says I'm right
and just goes on doing it.
I've been listening carefully.
I feel that in your own way you still love your husband
despite his shortcomings.
Let me ask you again.
Are you fully convinced of your incompatibility?
Please tell me, with your whole heart and conscience.
Do you insist on a divorce?
No. Even though I know I'm going to regret it.
You heard the applicant's decision.
Do you wish to say anything?
I want to state that I love my wife
and that I'll mend my ways.
Thank you.
- Nice, isn't it? - Yes. Nice.
Jara'll hew off THE VANOUS FAMILY
and put up THE HANA FAMILY in gold
We'll have our photos taken. I want them on the gravestone.
- Isn't it beautiful? - It's very nice here.
Don't smoke here, Fanda. It's not fitting...
I don't want to harp at you, but...
No, that's all right. Done.
No, I'd be so glad if you stopped smoking.
All right. If you mind that much.
It's not because of me. Smoking causes cancer.
... say the health warnings.
Exactly. Please bring up some water.
The tap's back there by the morgue.
Right behind you.
Here we'll keep what you save by not smoking.
Have you finished all the crosswords again?
The storekeeper said they're difficult.
Some are, some aren't.
Mr. Stara, please leave Fanda alone.
No. He does not want to talk to you.
Why? What a question!
He was nearly divorced because of you!
You're going to the hospital?
Yes. I'll tell him. Goodbye.
That was Ed. He says he's going to the hospital.
Which one?
He didn't say. Who knows if it's true.
He has high blood pressure and his kidney's failing.
You should try for a crossword puzzle prize.
The storekeeper won a book and 1500 crowns once.
- Shall I wash the dishes? - After dinner.
Now grind the poppy seeds and take your vitamins.
Isn't it wonderful being together like this,
- With you helping me. - Yes. Wonderful.
Marie from Brod has died!
Which Marie?
My dad's step-brother's son's wife.
I didn't know her.
Look how cheap-Iooking the announcement is.
- I don't care. - About anything, I know.
Luckily it won't be up to you.
Here's everything ready for when I die.
My death announcement,
the undertaker's phone number, my coffin clothes,
the addresses where to send the announcements.
The funeral music, flowers, even your announcement.
So check it to see if you like it.
Hello, I'm Mr. Stara's neighbor.
- Yes? - Can I speak to Mr. Hana?
- Come in. - Thanks.
Come on, Bobby!
I couldn't find you, pal.
- Got a cigarette? - Don't play the fool.
I thought you were paralyzed.
Only my right arm and right leg.
Not bad here, is it?
Fine. That one kicked it.
That one's been moved to a loony-bin.
He kept walking naked into the nurses' room
demanding erotic massages.
So how are you doing?
I'm training for the wheelchair races.
But the damn thing
keeps swerving to the left.
You'll have to go see the mansion on your own.
No, I'll wait for you.
Such a beautiful mansion, a really nice place to live.
So let's buy it. They might give us a discount.
My savings book is in that drawer.
Take it.
Good idea, we'll borrow the rest.
I hope it's enough for my funeral.
To hell with that.
I'm giving up, Fanda.
Should we never meet again,
it's been wonderful, it's been just enough.
Stop it, stupid.
Listen to this,
there's a young nurse here who...
but you must light up for this story.
I don't smoke any more.
It's gone too fast.
I meant to visit Dad's birthplace.
- I'll take you there. - Take me back to bed.
Life isn't worth a light and it won't get better.
You mustn't give up. Your dog's waiting.
I can't even take a piss on my own!
Hello, Mr. Hana.
Will you wait outside for me, Dad?
I wanted to say goodbye but you were out.
I'm moving to my mother's in Kolin.
Not that far.
Thanks for everything.
It's pure hell at home. I don't sleep at all.
Don't mention it today.
- Hello Dad. - Grandpa!
We've got visitors!
Which one are you? Karolina?
- No, Marketa! - We're going to move here.
Be quiet, girls! Sorry, Dad.
The two women keep gassing about it in front of them.
I'm not angry.
I'll have to check out the home for senior citizens.
- You don't want to go, do you? - Yes I do.
You look like you're going to your execution.
the train's here.
Listen, I don't want you forced into this.
I'd like to see it. If we're moving there.
You said you would never move.
The situation was different then.
Come, let's go home.
We missed the train anyway.
I've lost a shoe!
Here... hold me up...
Your coffee.
You fell asleep again.
- No. - Yes! It's getting worse!
You snore away all day or sit hunched up
by the window like that poor man downstairs.
You don't talk, don't smoke, don't drink,
don't sing, don't quarrel.
I can't stand it any more!
- I wanted to please you. - Please me?
What happened to you?
I married a cheerful man with crazy ideas,
with whom I laughed and argued all day
and nowadays you sit here like a living corpse,
like some dope who doesn't care that I'm unhappy.
That I can't live like this!
And I won't!
Mr. Stara...
Forgive me for bothering you, I need your advice.
It's about Fanda. He's unhappy.
He's terribly unhappy, and I don't know what to do.
- Where are you going? - We're are going on a trip.
- Where to? - To buy a mansion.
Go and get ready.
Wait. It's not that simple.
It's all arranged. Ed gave me instructions.
Who did you say you are?
The wife of an emeritus member of the New York Met
who is returning to his native country.
Is the agent going too?
The owner's representative will be at the mansion.
What did Ed say? How is he?
Poor man, he's going into a geriatric unit.
I said we'd come and tell him how it went.
I'll get it.
I understand.
How can you say I'm not supportive?
But the situation has changed.
You have everything, Jara. Money, a job, your youth -
and you have time. We don't have any time.
Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
No, it's you who complicated things, dear.
You shouldn't have gone after all those women.
That's all. 'Bye.
Hurry up!
He's not there!
He sat there dead for
Come on, then.
Look, the trees are blooming!
I feel good.
Aren't you well?
I'm scared to death.
Don't worry, you only feel that way the first time.
Let's hope I make it through this.
- Turn around and drive back. - Yes, sir.
Very shabby. I'm not taking it.
What's happening?
Nothing. The place is too small and neglected.
I don't think you'd like it here.
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