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Subtitles for Babylon 5 - 3x06 - Dust to Dust.

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Babylon 5 - 3x06 - Dust to Dust

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{y:i}I'm not taking this down.
You want me to report this? Is that what|you want? Because I can.
I didn't do anything wrong.|Ah, captain, good.
- I'm sorry to have bothered you.|- It's all right.
I heard there was a problem.
This thug, this momser, came into|my shop and started telling me what to do.
He broke the rules.|What am I supposed to do?
- What rules?|- Well, you saw the news.
Clark helped assassinate Santiago.|People want to express their feelings.
That's all?
- It's sedition, disloyalty--|- It's an opinion.
The Senate hearings back home|will decide if it's true.
It's an attack on the presidency.|The Ministry of Peace--
lsn't here. And this isn't disloyalty|or an attack on the office of the president.
There is a difference between the position|and the person occupying it at the moment.
Sir, go on back to your shop.|If this happens again, you call me.
Thank you, captain. Aren't you late|for a Bund meeting or something?
This is the fourth incident|like this I've had in two days.
If it happens again, whoever's responsible|will be disciplined. Is that clear?
- I was just following orders--|- I said, is that clear?
Yes, sir.
I got your page.|What's up?
I got your favorite person in the whole|universe on Gold Channel 3.
Figured you'd want to see|this yourself.
Open channel.
Sorry for the delay, Mr. Bester.|I figured I should have a superior officer here.
- Won't you go ahead?|- "Commander..."
{y:i}...I was just telling|{y:i}Mr. Garibaldi here...
{y:i}...that I'll be arriving on Babylon 5|{y:i}in approximately seven hours.
{y:i}I'm in pursuit of an individual who's a danger|{y:i}to your station, Earth and the Psi Corps.
Well, that's two legitimate things|to worry about.
{y:i}Please have everyone ready|{y:i}for a briefing upon my arrival.
{y:i}I'll see you then.
Every time he comes here,|it's the same old gag...
...somebody here is a danger|to the station, planetary security, whatever.
It's just a cover story so they can|run a number on us.
They never learn.
Does he really think we'll fall|for that line again?
The mountain's falling on me!
The mountain's falling!
Make it stop!|I can't take it, I can't take it!
Make it stop, damn it!
Make it stop!|Make it stop!
Make it stop! Make it stop!|Stop!
{y:i}The Babylon Project was our last,|{y:i}best hope for peace.
{y:i}It failed.
{y:i}But in the year of the Shadow War,|{y:i}it became something greater...
{y:i}...our last, best hope for victory.
{y:i}The year is 2260.|{y:i}The place, Babylon 5.
We've got a major problem|on our hands, people.
In a little more than five hours,|Bester will be arriving in Bay 9.
Bester? I do not believe|I have had the pleasure.
He's a Psi Cop.
They're an elite corps of telepaths|rated P- 12, the strongest we've got.
That we know about.
In theory, they chase|down rogue telepaths.
But in Bester's case, that mandate|is just a little broader.
They're not supposed to engage|in unauthorized scans.
But with everything that's been happening...
...the Ministry of Peace enforcing codes|of conduct, that situation we had with Talia--
You feel that he can no longer|be trusted to honor that rule.
And none of us here are strong enough|to block him if he tries to scan us.
If that happens, our involvement|with the Rangers, with you...
...Lyta, the way we're providing evidence|in the assassination of President Santiago...
...that'll all come out.
And after that,|there are only two options.
He turns us in, we're court- martialed|then shot for treason.
Or we kill him before he has|a chance to tell anybody.
I will not support murder.|We cannot kill him.
Can we wound him?|Just a little?
...nobody is killing anybody,|not on my watch.
Now, if those are the only two options|we have, neither are acceptable.
We need others.
Is there any way to prevent him|from coming aboard this station?
We could blow up his ship.
There may be an alternative,|but it does carry some risk.
Ah, Vir!
- It is so good to see you.|- Oh, look what I got you.
- Oh, salted!|- Yes.
But what is this?
Oh, it's a Minbari ceremonial coat|of welcoming.
They gave it to me when I arrived to take|over the diplomatic mission.
I had to have the sleeves shortened.
- Do you like it?|- Yes, it's very nice.
Wear it when you're there, not here.
You're a Centauri, remember?
Come on. I want to hear about|everything that happened on your trip.
I've never been to Minbar.|What's it like?
It's very clean.
The people are very friendly|and warm, except for the warrior caste.
I don't think they like foreigners. But|the religious caste is very, very friendly.
Now, do they speak|of me very often?
Only behind closed doors.
The mountain's falling on me.|It's falling.
I need blood and tissue|samples analyzed fast.
He's messed up on something,|I want to know what.
Dr. Franklin, you'd better see this.|It may be a related case.
- All right. Symptoms?|- Traumatic shock... lack of consciousness...
...respiration and heartbeat|way below normal.
- EEG ratings completely off--|- What does this have to do with him?
We found her just down the hall|from where he went nuts.
She's a geological consultant.
Six months ago she broke her leg in|three places on a mountain on Mars.
She was in a landslide|and nearly died.
- The mountain fell on her.|- Exactly.
Oh, hell.
Test her neural pathways,|look for any sign of disruption.
And I want his blood checked|for traces of Dust. Thank you.
- You okay, doctor?|- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just a little on edge lately, that's all.
I'm sorry I barked at you.|You made the right call. Good work.
{y:i}Just got word.|{y:i}Our friend Bester is on his way in.
{y:i}Transport 1 to Babylon Control, coming in.
{y:i}Confirmed, Transport.|{y:i}Stand by.
Everyone clear|the command deck. Now.
I have to do a maintenance routine.|It'll take about 10 minutes.
Get some tea or something.
{y:i}Standing by, Babylon Control.|{y:i}Request permission to dock.
They don't know you,|your kind, the way I do.
They don't understand.|They think it's some kind of a joke.
But nothing works with you people.
Nothing but force.
Computer, activate forward defense grid.
{y:i}Babylon Control, are you there?|{y:i}Transport to Babylon Control.
We can't risk throwing it all away.|Not because of you.
I've been saying for weeks now...
...the defense grid's been acting funny.
Defense grid, prepare to fire.
- Fire!|- Belay that order.
{y:i}Standing by.
Ivanova, don't do it.|Don't throw your career away on this!
He's not worth it.
If he boards, all of our careers|are finished anyway...
...yours, mine,|everything we've worked for.
Susan, we have got it covered.
It'll be okay.|Delenn's plan will work.
No, it won't.
He's too strong.|They're always too strong.
Damn it, John, there's always too many|of them and not enough of us.
What am I supposed to do?
Fight them without becoming them.
Computer, deactivate defense grid,|initiate docking maneuvers.
What the hell just happened out there?
I was stranded, out of communication and|suddenly hit by a sense of personal danger.
Sorry, sir, I don't know.
My orders are to have|you taken to the captain.
All right.|Let's get this over with.
Captain, I would like an explanation...
...for this.
Mr. Bester, so good to see you again.
I'd like to introduce you to my associates.
These are Minbari telepaths.
Nothing like a level playing field|to ruin a Psi Cop's day.
Am I right, Mr. Bester?
Would you like to explain|what these individuals are doing here?
Oh, I'd be happy to.
How do you want it?|Polite or straight up?
- Straight up.|- All right.
I don't like you.
I don't like you, the Psi Corps,|that badge or that uniform.
Your attitude stinks.
I don't trust you as far|as I can throw this station.
And I hold you personally responsible|for what happened to Talia Winters.
That operation was initiated|by my predecessors in the Corps.
When we found out about the program,|we discontinued it. I had no idea--
- You lying sack of--|- On the other hand...
...we learned some interesting|things about Ms. Winters... the course|of her debriefing and dissec--
That is, examination.
Don't. He's trying to provoke you.
Strong emotion is harder to block, and|he can ride that into the rest of your mind.
That's why they're here.
We don't trust you to abide|by the rules prohibiting unauthorized scans.
A normal human telepath|can't stop you...
...but a group of Minbari telepaths together|are strong enough to block even a Psi Cop.
We can't conduct business|with outsiders hanging around.
We're not conducting any business|until we set some new ground rules.
I did a little research, came up with|the drug used to suppress the abilities...
...of telepaths|who won't join the Psi Corps.
Now you've got two choices:
Either we use this to suppress|your abilities to scan while you're here...
...or wherever we go, they go.
On matters of planetary security,|you are obligated to provide assistance.
Fine, file a complaint back home.|We'll do the same.
Hell, we'll have a press conference.
Let's get all this out in the open.
You won't do that.|You have just as much to lose as we do.
Are you sure of that, Mr. Bester?
Think about it, really hard.
Because it comes down to this:
Do you know more about us...
...or do we know more|about what you've been up to lately?
Far be it from me to try and talk you|out of your paranoia, captain.
You choose not to trust me.|Well, that's sad and unfortunate.
But unlike you, I have no intention|of letting it get in the way of my work.
Trust, captain.
You should try it some time.
The drug requires three hours to take effect.
I'll see you in four.
Perhaps then you'll all be|just a little less hysterical...
...and a little bit more constructive.
I'm here to save your butts.
Next time, show a little gratitude.
On the other hand...
...maybe wounding him|isn't such a bad idea after all.
I appreciate your willingness to mediate|in this dispute, Delenn.
It is unfortunate that the Drazi government|chose not to have these talks privately.
- Just between the two of us, but--|- Centauri never speak except to lie.
You lie now, there is witness.
Gentlemen, please.|Nothing is solved by recrimination.
May I now hear both sides?
Drazi space invaded by Centauri.
Many of our soldiers have died|bravely, defending our world.
We look for peace.
We say to the Centauri,|what price is peace?
We want a buffer zone.
We told you that when this all started.
If you had listened then, we could|have avoided considerable bloodshed.
Ambassador Mollari, what would you|consider a reasonable buffer zone?
The seven colony worlds|in that particular corridor.
You asked for only two|when this began.
If you'd been willing to give us two|at that time, we'd have agreed.
But since then we have spent a great deal|of time and money to secure that area.
We now require more.
If that is your decision,|then we have nothing else to discuss.
Remember what happened|to the Narn Homeworld.
You would not want the same|to happen to your own.
Ask G'Kar.
I'm sorry.
Well, that could've gone better.
Yes. One is foolish,|the other frightened.
Telling which one is which,|that's the hard part.
I want to thank you again for helping with|my assignment on Minbar.
At first I didn't think I'd like it there, but the|longer I stay, the harder it is for me to leave.
Sometimes I think maybe Londo|could use a visit there.
I think it would do him good.
A darkness in the heart cannot be cured by|moving the body from one place to another.
I don't think there is anything that|can be done for him now.
That's because you don't know him.|Someday he'll surprise you.
{y:i}The problem we're facing involves not|{y:i}just the Psi Corps...
...but planetary security.
For a year, we've been after the biggest|manufacturers of Dust in Earth territory.
Dust is a major problem for telepaths...
...because it allows the user to commit|a kind of telepathic rape.
The drug enhances the latent telepathic|gene in most humans...
...and gives it a destructive power|for several hours.
Yeah, we've heard about it.
It lets you invade someone's mind,|experience everything they've experienced...
...every touch, every sensation.
You live their entire life|in a matter of minutes.
The experience is intense|and highly addictive.
Usually the victim recovers|in a few days, but...
...when a telepath is violated,|he almost never recovers.
So we have a vested interest|in finding the people responsible for this.
We believe... of the main distributors|for Dust has come to Babylon 5.
He may be right.
Last night we had our first Dust victim|in six months.
Two more cases were reported|just a few hours ago...
...more than we've ever seen|in the same time period.
What's this got to do|with planetary security?
I think he's taken|the next logical step...
...and is preparing to sell|mass quantities of Dust... foreign governments|to be used as weapons.
Think about it, Mr. Garibaldi.
Do you know anyone here|who might have an interest... buying weapons that|can't be seen or traced until it's too late?
{y:i}We had an understanding,|{y:i}Mr. Lindstrom... commercial sales|to anyone else while we were negotiating.
- Man's gotta earn a living.|- I'm paying you extremely well.
If we conclude our deal.
That depends on whether or not you|and your product are as advertised.
You won't find better anywhere else.
That's just a sample.
I don't carry much on me.|It's too risky.
The rest is coming in later.
How does it work?
It accelerates neural processing,|speeds it up to 10 times normal.
Then it stimulates the gene|that controls telepathic development.
After that, you just go|for a joy ride in somebody's mind.
The more you use it, the more it takes|to get the same result.
It's a guaranteed franchise.
I'm not trying to create a market.
I'm looking for a weapon that can|be smuggled in, concealed easily...
...and used to strike at our enemies,|learn their secrets, perhaps even...
- ...destroy them from the inside.|- Whatever.
One warning:
This stuff is made primarily|for humans.
It has a chemical master key|that can address the DNA sequence...
...of most nonhuman species.
But, as far as I know,|there are no Narn telepaths.
You may not even carry the gene.
There are no Narn telepaths now.
But once, long ago, there were.
Yeah?|What happened to them?
They and their families were exterminated.
The telepath gene has never been|strong enough in the survivors... breed a natural telepath.
Then maybe that little packet contains|more than you hoped for.
You can go now, Mr. Lindstrom.
We'll conclude our deal once|the product has been tested.
The product has never been tested on Narns.
It may not be safe.
It may have unpredictable results.
So who are you gonna sucker|into volunteering?
That is not your concern.
Good day, Mr. Lindstrom.
It's hard getting used to the silence.
What silence?
Even when a telepath isn't scanning,|you pick up a constant background hum... voices just|beyond what you can hear.
It's always there.|The sleepers turn it right off.
It's a strange feeling.
Like walking with one|of your eyes closed.
So quiet.
Oh, great.|Maybe it'll help your insomnia.
Unnecessary.|I sleep peacefully and contentedly.
The sleep of the just.
Maybe the just might have a few|things to say about that, huh?
Okay, that's enough.
You don't like me any more than the captain|or Ivanova, that's fine.
But get this straight:
My blood is the same color as yours.
And what I do, I do to protect Earth,|same as you.
You don't like how I do it,|that's your prerogative.
But there are things going on out|there that you know nothing about...
...threats to the human race that no one|ever hears about because we stop them.
There's dangers all around us.|And whether you like us or not...
...we may be all that stands|between you and the abyss.
{y:i}I'm supposed to be up|{y:i}for that promotion.
{y:i}My work is just as good as his.
Come on, Ashi.
You're in on every black- market deal|that goes on around here.
Anybody wants to move contraband,|they gotta pay you and your boys to lay off.
What's the going price|for Dust these days?
How should I know? I don't touch|that stuff. It's too hot.
I didn't ask if you used it.|I'm not saying you're selling it.
And I don't even|want to know what you'll touch.
See, all I know is,|you got a piece of everything around here.
Either you know what's coming in|or you know somebody who knows.
I told you.
I don't know anything.
He's lying.
You stay out of my head.|Now, I got rights.
I'm sorry.|Did I say something?
That happens sometimes.
When I feel strong emotion|from two feet in front of me... just jumps out of my mouth|before I can stop it.
Lies are particularly bad that way.
Oh, please strike that|from the record, Mr. Garibaldi.
As he says, officially, he has rights.
Unofficially, he's lying.
Try not to think about your complicity|in this any further, Ashi.
Your thoughts are leaking|all over the place.
Look, this guy came to me,|said he wanted to bring Dust through here.
Crates and crates of it.
I handle small stuff, expensive stuff|that won't cause too much trouble.
Dust is nothing but trouble.
So I said no.
But the guy's still here, isn't he?
I asked you a question.
Yeah.|Yeah, he's still here.
He's got a place somewhere in the Red|Sector under an assumed name.
He must've had at least|a dozen fake ldenticards.
All right.|So which one is he using now?
Morgan something.
Morgenstern.|That's it.
He said he's got a shipment coming|in this afternoon...
...around 5.
Get him out of here.
Stick him in holding|while we check out his story.
I thought the sleepers|kept you from scanning anyone.
That's right.
So how'd you know he was lying?
Well, the odds were good|that he was lying about something.
Liars are always afraid that somebody's|gonna see through them.
So I just provided him|with a vehicle for his paranoia.
Your captain's opinions notwithstanding,|the badge and the uniform do have certain...
Like intimidation?
Just like your badge|and your uniform.
- This whole section--|- I said, I am not finished yet.
Now I am finished.
What did you think?
I really want your opinion|before I send my report back home.
Do you really think|the Minbari can be trusted?
Oh, yes.|Why?
Vir, I have only seen political naiveté|this complete once before... a speech before the Centaurum|by Lord Jarno.
When he finished, we recommended he be|sterilized in the best interests of evolution...
...and then we remembered he was married|to Lady Ahnu, so there was no need.
The Minbari are very lovely people,|interested in culture and art and--
Decadent and soft.
Probably out to impose|their views on everyone else.
But their cities are|thousands of years old.
The lack of new construction|is the surest sign of a faltering economy.
This could make them very aggressive.
They are deeply spiritual people.
Yes, that you can leave in.|It always scares people.
Londo, are you deliberately|trying to drive me insane?
The universe is already mad.|Anything else would be redundant.
Get that, would you?
What did you drop now, Vir?
We know where he is.|We could've just gone and picked him up.
It's no go.
A guy like this is too smart|to keep the Dust in his place.
If Ashi's right, we can get him|and the evidence we need to bust him.
You see, there's this little thing|called "due process."
We're kind of funny about it.
- Anything yet?|- "Negative."
If I had my talent working, I|could've warned you when he was coming.
And if I had a baseball bat, we could hang|you from the ceiling and play piņata.
I still think I should've gone right to G'Kar.
We have no evidence|that he made the sale yet.
Why annoy the Narn|without cause or if we're wrong?
Shut off the problem at the source,|and the rest attends to itself.
A piņata, huh?
So you think of me as something|bright and cheerful...
...full of toys and candy|for young children?
Thank you.
That makes me feel much better|about our relationship.
Right on time.
The boys in the lab say hello...
...and you're behind in payments.
They'll have it once the deal is concluded.
Haven't let you down yet, have I?
You're still alive, aren't you?
On the floor!|Do it!
All right, kill it!
I said, on the floor!
Right here.
- All right, get him out of here.|- Let's go.
It is a beautiful thing.
And with any luck, we got to it|before anyone else got hurt.
I can see that you're obviously quite upset.
Not quite yourself.
Perhaps we should....
Yes, we will.
{y:i}Your shuttle leaves|{y:i}for Babylon 5 in two days.
{y:i}I hope that gives you enough time|{y:i}to put your affairs in order.
Before you go, you'll be officially|given the title of ambassador.
Obviously we expect you to represent|our people as best you can.
Any questions?
Just one.
I would like to know why I was chosen|for this honor.
No one else wants it.
The first four stations were destroyed|or vanished... it's not a very safe place to live.|And safety is much valued.
Frankly, it's a mess.
In other words, the position is really|little more than, what, a joke?
Yes.|And a bad one, at that.
I'm sorry, Londo.
{y:i}If I could have assigned anyone else,|{y:i}I would have.
{y:i}But your name floated to the top.
And once Emperor Turhan saw it...
...well, that was the end of it.
Who would believe it?
The great and powerful|Londo Mollari got his job...
...because no one else was|stupid enough to take it!
Get out of here.
I have nothing to say to you.
Oh, but there's|so much more to see, Mollari.
How does it feel to be helpless,|to be the victim?
Does it help you to understand how we feel?
Does it help you understand our pain?
Show me your secrets, Londo.
Show me your secrets!
What have you done?
Only what you asked me to do.
You had a problem with Quadrant 37.|We took care of it.
Yes, but you killed 10, 000 Narns!
I didn't know you cared.
Ten thousand, 100, 000,|a million, what's the difference?
{y:i}They're Narns, ambassador.|{y:i}Your sworn enemy.
Why don't you eliminate the entire|Narn Homeworld while you're at it?
One thing at a time, ambassador.|One thing at a time.
It was you.
You were at the center of it all.
The others, the ones you're working with.
No, not anymore.|It was a mistake.
I have nothing more to do with them.
Who are they?|Tell me.
Tell me or I'll rip it from your mind.
- No.|- Then I'll take it from you.
Neuron by neuron.
All of it, Mollari!
All of it!
{y:i}No more!
{y:i}It is enough.
Who's there?
Just us.
Who are you?
I am, who I have always been.
It is too late for me, G'Kar.
It is not too late for you.
Honor my name.
Honor... name.
We are a dying people, G'Kar.
So are the Centauri.
Obsessed with each other's death until death|is all we can see and all we deserve.
The Centauri started it.
And will you continue until there|are no more Narns and no more Centauri?
If both sides are dead, no one will|care which side deserves the blame.
It no longer matters who started it, G'Kar.
It only matters who is suffering.
No, I have an obligation|to honor my father's name.
And how have you chosen|to honor that name?
What is there left for Narn|if all of creation falls around us?
There is nothing.
No hope, no dream, no future, no life...
...unless we turn from the cycle|of death toward something greater.
If we are a dying people...
...let us die with honor|by helping the others as no one else can.
I don't understand.
Because you have let|them distract you...
...blind you with hate.
You cannot see the battle for what it is.
We are fighting to save one another.|We must realize we are not alone.
We rise and fall together.
And some of us must be sacrificed|if all are to be saved.
Because if we fail in this...
...then none of us will be saved...
...and the Narn will be only a memory.
{y:i}You have the opportunity,|{y:i}here and now, to choose.
{y:i}To become something greater and nobler|{y:i}and more difficult than you have been before.
{y:i}The universe does not offer|{y:i}such chances often, G'Kar.
Why now?
Why not earlier?
All this time, where have you been?
{y:i}I have always been here.
Will he be all right?
I think so.|We'll know in a few hours.
You know, you shouldn't|be out of bed yourself.
You got knocked around pretty bad.
I should be here.|He'll need me.
I'll be back.
Citizen G'Kar, you are aware|of the charges against you?
- I am.|- And you still decline presence of counsel?
Very well.
To the charges of assault|on Ambassador Mollari...
...assault on Vir Cotto...
...use and purchase of prohibited material,|how do you plead?
Guilty, Your Honor.
Captain, you wished to speak|on behalf of the defendant?
Yes, Your Honor.
I would only point out...
...that during the period that he was|under the influence of Dust...
...he was not acting rationally|or deliberately...
...and that may constitute|extenuating circumstances.
I'm sorry, captain, I can't agree.
Had G'Kar seized the first person he came|upon, then your argument might carry weight.
He deliberately went to Ambassador Mollari's|quarters, assaulted and seized his person.
In my book,|that constitutes premeditation.
Since there are no outstanding points to be|contested and the plea has been entered...
...I am ready to pass judgment.
Citizen G'Kar,|it is the decision of this court... be confined|to the station prison facilities...
...for a period of|no less than 60 days.
I'm sorry it had to go this way.
I thought you might like to|have this while you're away.
No, you can keep it for now.
...I am now somewhat|closer to the source.
Londo, your hot Jala.|Just the way you like it.
Oh, thanks, Vir.
Looks like both of us|have been through a war.
I just wish I could've stopped him.
Oh, no. He would have torn|you to little pieces...
...and then stomped|up and down on them.
And then he would've gotten nasty.
It's good to have you here again, Vir.
How long can you stay?|Another day or two, I hope?
No, I just got word.|I have to leave tonight.
Centauri Prime wants me back|on Minbar for some special ceremony.
Well, good. Good.
They are seeing the value in your position.
It should never be a joke to them, Vir.
Never let them think that.
I won't.
I hope you don't mind the rush to get|you off station...
...but the doc says that injection's gonna|wear off soon. You know how it is.
I do, indeed.
For what it's worth, Mr. Garibaldi,|I enjoyed working with you.
We made a good team.|Perhaps we'll do it again sometime.
Not a chance.
You couldn't have gotten here|two minutes earlier?
I tried to send to you,|but I couldn't get through.
Doesn't matter.|We'll finish our business here later.
You know, I said all along|this whole Dust idea wasn't going to work.
We spent five years developing this stuff,|tying it into latent genes...
...and it hasn't produced|one telepath of acceptable strength...
...among the normal population.
At least we got it out of the hands of aliens|and back among humans where it belongs.
{y:i}We are fighting to save one another.
{y:i}And some of us must be sacrificed,|{y:i}if all are to be saved.
BBC - The Blue Planet (1 of 8) - Ocean World
BBC - The Blue Planet (2 of 8) - The Deep
BBC - The Blue Planet (3 of 8) - Open Ocean
BBC - The Blue Planet (4 of 8) - Frozen Seas
BBC - The Blue Planet (5 of 8) - Seasonal Seas
BBC - The Blue Planet (6 of 8) - Coral Seas
BBC - The Blue Planet (7 of 8) - Tidal Seas
BBC - The Blue Planet (8 of 8) - Coasts
Babi Leto - Autumn Spring (2002)
Baby Doll
Baby Geniuses 2 2004
Babylon 5 - 2x01 - Points of Departure
Babylon 5 - 2x02 - Revelations
Babylon 5 - 2x03 - The Geometry of Shadows
Babylon 5 - 2x04 - A Distant Star
Babylon 5 - 2x04 - The Long Dark
Babylon 5 - 2x06 - Spider in the Web
Babylon 5 - 2x07 - Soul Mates
Babylon 5 - 2x08 - A Race Through Dark Places
Babylon 5 - 2x09 - The Coming of Shadows
Babylon 5 - 2x10 - Gropos
Babylon 5 - 2x11 - All Alone in the Night
Babylon 5 - 2x12 Acts of Sacrifice
Babylon 5 - 2x13 - Hunter Prey
Babylon 5 - 2x14 - There All the Honor Lies
Babylon 5 - 2x15 - And Now For A Word
Babylon 5 - 2x17 - Knives
Babylon 5 - 2x18 - Confessions and Lamentations
Babylon 5 - 2x19 - Divided Loyalties
Babylon 5 - 2x20 - The Long Twilight Struggle
Babylon 5 - 2x21 - Comes the Inquisitor
Babylon 5 - 2x22 - The Fall Of Night
Babylon 5 - 3x03 - A Day in the Strife
Babylon 5 - 3x05 - Voices of Authority
Babylon 5 - 3x06 - Dust to Dust
Babylon 5 - 3x07 - Exogenesis
Babylon 5 - 3x08 - Messages from Earth
Babylon 5 - 3x09 - Point of No Return
Babylon 5 - 3x10 - Severed Dreams
Babylon 5 - 3x11 - Ceremonies of Light and Dark
Babylon 5 - 3x12 - Sic Transit Vir
Babylon 5 - 3x13 - A Late Delivery From Avalon
Babylon 5 - 3x14 - Ship of Tears
Babylon 5 - 3x16 - War Without End (Part I)
Babylon 5 - 3x17 - War Without End (Part II)
Babylon 5 - 3x18 - Walkabout
Babylon 5 - 3x19 - Grey 17 is Missing
Babylon 5 - 3x20 - And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place
Babylon 5 - 3x21 - Shadow Dancing
Babylon 5 1x01 Midnight on the Firing Line
Babylon 5 1x02 Soul Hunter
Babylon 5 1x03 Born to the Purple
Babylon 5 1x04 Infection
Babylon 5 1x05 The Parliament of Dreams
Babylon 5 1x06 Mind War
Babylon 5 1x07 The War Prayer
Babylon 5 1x08 And The Sky Full Of Stars
Babylon 5 1x09 Deathwalker
Babylon 5 1x10 Believers
Babylon 5 1x11 Survivors
Babylon 5 1x12 By Any Means Necessary
Babylon 5 1x13 Signs and Portents
Babylon 5 1x14 TKO
Babylon 5 1x15 Grail
Babylon 5 1x16 Eyes
Babylon 5 1x17 Legacies
Babylon 5 1x18 A voice in the wilderness - Part 1
Babylon 5 1x19 A voice in the wilderness - Part 2
Babylon 5 1x20 Babylon squared
Babylon 5 1x21 The Quality Of Mercy
Babylon 5 1x22 Crysalis
Babylon 5 3x01 Matters of Honor
Babylon 5 4x01 - The Hour of the Wolf
Babylon 5 4x02 - What Ever Happened to Mr Garibaldi
Babylon 5 4x03 - The Summoning
Babylon 5 4x04 - Falling Towards Apotheosis
Babylon 5 4x05 - The Long Night
Babylon 5 4x06 - Into the Fire
Babylon 5 4x07 - Epiphanies
Babylon 5 4x08 - The Illusion of Truth
Babylon 5 4x09 - Atonement
Babylon 5 4x10 - Racing Mars
Babylon 5 4x11 - Lines of Communication
Babylon 5 4x12 - Conflicts of Interest
Babylon 5 4x13 - Rumors Bargains and Lies
Babylon 5 4x14 - Moments of Transition
Babylon 5 4x15 - No Surrender No Retreat
Babylon 5 4x16 - The Exercise of Vital Powers
Babylon 5 4x17 - The Face of the Enemy
Babylon 5 4x18 - Intersections in Real Time
Babylon 5 4x19 - Between the Darkness and the Light
Babylon 5 4x20 - Endgame
Babylon 5 4x21 - Rising Star
Babylon 5 4x22 - The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Babys Day Out
Bachelor Party
Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer The
Back To Bataan
Back To The Future 1
Back To The Future 1 (dc)
Back To The Future 1 (hi)
Back To The Future 2
Back To The Future 2 (hi)
Back To The Future 3
Back To The Future 3 (hi)
Back to School (Alan Metter 1986)
Back to the Future II
Back to the Future III
Backfield in Motion
BadBoys TrueStory 2003 CD1
BadBoys TrueStory 2003 CD2
Bad Company
Bad Guy 2001
Bad Santa
Bad Santa (unrated)
Bad Seed The 1956
Bad Timing (Nicolas Roeg 1980)
Bad and the Beautiful The
Badboys II
Baise Moi
Balanta 1992 (The Oak)
Ballad Of A Soldier 1959
Balseros 2002
Bamba La (1987)
Band of Brothers 01 - Currahee
Band of Brothers 02 - Day of Days
Band of Brothers 03 - Carentan
Band of Brothers 04 - Replacements
Band of Brothers 05 - Crossroads
Band of Brothers 06 - Bastogne
Band of Brothers 07 - The Breaking Point
Band of Brothers 08 - The Last Patrol
Band of Brothers 09 - Why We Fight
Band of Brothers 10 - Points
Band of Outsiders
Bande des quatre La 1988 CD1
Bande des quatre La 1988 CD2
Bao biao (1969) - Have sword Chang Cheh
Bao lian deng (1999)
Bar El Chino 2003
Baramui Fighter CD1
Baramui Fighter CD2
Barberella - A Queen Of The Galaxy
Bare Bea 2004
Barefoot Gen 1983
Barrio 1947 25fps
Basara The Princess 1992 CD1
Basara The Princess 1992 CD2
Basic Instinct
Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman
Batman - The Movie
Batman 1989 CD1
Batman 1989 CD2
Batman and Robin
Batoru Rowaioru II - Requiem (2003) CD1
Batoru Rowaioru II - Requiem (2003) CD2
Batteries Included
Battle Cry CD1
Battle Cry CD2
Battle Hymn 1957
Battle Royale (2000) Directors Cut CD1
Battle Royale (2000) Directors Cut CD2
Battle Royale 2 (2003)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Battle of Algiers The (Gillo Pontecorvo 1965) CD1
Battle of Algiers The (Gillo Pontecorvo 1965) CD2
Battle of Britain CD1
Battle of Britain CD2
Battle of the Bulge CD1
Battle of the Bulge CD2
Battlefield Baseball
Battlefield Earth
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - 33
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - Litmus
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - Water
Battlestar Galactica 01x03 - Bastille Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x04 - Act of Contrition
Battlestar Galactica 01x05 - You Cant Go Home Again
Battlestar Galactica 01x07 - Six Degrees of Seperation
Battlestar Galactica 01x08 - Flesh and Bone
Battlestar Galactica 01x09 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
Battlestar Galactica 01x10 - The Hand of God
Battlestar Galactica 01x11 - Colonial Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x12 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 1
Battlestar Galactica 01x13 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 2
Baxter 1989
Beach The
Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie
Beast Cops
Beast From 20,000 Fathoms The 1953
Beast Within The
Beast of War The
Beating Of The Butterflys Wings The 2000
Beatles Anthology The Episode1
Beatles Anthology The Episode2
Beatles Anthology The Episode3
Beatles Anthology The Episode4
Beatles Anthology The Episode5
Beatles Anthology The Episode6
Beatles Anthology The Episode7
Beatles Anthology The Episode8
Beatles Anthology The Special Features
Beatles The - A Hard Dayss Night
Beatles The First US Visit The
Beau Pere - Stepfather - Bertrand Blier 1981
Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Girls
Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD1
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD2
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD3
Beautifull Mind A CD1
Beautifull Mind A CD2
Beauty And The Beast
Beauty and the Beast (Disney Special Platinum Edition)
Beavis and Butt-head Do America (1996)
Bedford Incident The
Bedroom Key The CD1
Bedroom Key The CD2
Before Night Falls 2000 CD1
Before Night Falls 2000 CD2
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset 2004
Beguiled The
Behind Enemy Lines 2001
Behind The Sun (Walter Salles 2001)
Being John Malkovich
Being There (1979) CD1
Being There (1979) CD2
Belle Epoque CD1
Belle Epoque CD2
Belle and La Bete La (1946)
Bellinin And The Spynx CD1
Bellinin And The Spynx CD2
Bells Of St Marys The (1945)
Belly Of The Beast
Belly of an Architect The
Ben-Hur CD1
Ben-Hur CD2
Bend It Like Beckham
Bend of the River 1952
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Benny and Joon
Best years of our lives 1946
Bet on My Disco
Better Off Dead 1985
Better Than Chocolate
Better Tomorrow 2 A CD1
Better Tomorrow 2 A CD2
Better Tomorrow 3 A
Better Way To Die A
Between Heaven and Hell
Beverly Hillbillies The 1993
Beverly Hills Ninja
Beyond Borders CD1
Beyond Borders CD2
Beyond The
Beyond The Clouds
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD1
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD2
Biches Les (Claude Chabrol 1968)
Bicho de sete cabezas
Bichunmoo CD1
Bichunmoo CD2
Big Blue The CD1
Big Blue The CD2
Big Bounce The
Big Chill The
Big Daddy
Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958)
Big Fat Liar
Big Fish 2003
Big Hit The
Big Lebowski The
Big Mommas House
Big Nihgt
Big Shot - A Confessions of a Campus Bookie 2002
Big Sleep The
Big clock The 1948
Big girls dont cry
Biker boyz
Billy Elliot
Billy Madison 1995
Biloxi blues
Bingwoo 2004 CD1
Bingwoo 2004 CD2
Bio Dome
Bio Hunter
Bio Zombie
Bionicle 2 A Legends of Metru-Nui
Bionicle Mask Of Light 2003
Birch Tree Meadow The
Bird People in China The 1998 CD1
Bird People in China The 1998 CD2
Bird on a wire
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD1
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD2
Bite the bullet
Bitter Sugar (Azucar amarga)
Black Angel
Black Sabbath
BlackAdder 1x1 - The Foretelling
BlackAdder 1x2 - Born to be King
BlackAdder 1x3 - The Archbishop
BlackAdder 1x4 - The Queen of Spains Beard
BlackAdder 1x5 - Witchsmeller Pursuivant
BlackAdder 1x6 - The Black Seal
BlackAdder 2x1 - Bells
BlackAdder 2x2 - Head
BlackAdder 2x3 - Potato
BlackAdder 2x4 - Money
BlackAdder 2x5 - Beer
BlackAdder 2x6 - Chains
BlackAdder 4x1 - Captain Cook
BlackAdder 4x2 - Corporal Punishment
BlackAdder 4x3 - Major Star
BlackAdder 4x4 - Private Plane
BlackAdder 4x5 - General Hospital
BlackAdder 4x6 - Goodbyeee
BlackAdder Christmas Carol 1988
BlackAdder The Cavalier Years
BlackAdder the Third 3x1
BlackAdder the Third 3x2
BlackAdder the Third 3x3
BlackAdder the Third 3x4
BlackAdder the Third 3x5
BlackAdder the Third 3x6
Black Adder V - Back and Forth
Black Christmas
Black Hawk Down
Black Mask
Black Mask 2
Black Orpheus
Black Rain CD1
Black Rain CD2
Black Sheep
Black Widow 1987
Black and White (1998)
Blackout The 1997 CD1
Blackout The 1997 CD2
Blade 3 - Trinity
Blade Of Fury
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD1
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD2
Blade Runner Directors Cut
Blair Witch Project The
Blame It On Rio
Blast From The Past 1999
Blast from the Past
Blazing Saddles
Blazing Sun (1960) CD1
Blazing Sun (1960) CD2
Bless The Child
Blind Beast
Blind Chance (1987) CD1
Blind Chance (1987) CD2
Blind Spot Hitlers Secretary (2002)
Blind date
Blob The 1988
Blood Crime
Blood Wedding (1981)
Blood Work
Blood and Black Lace
Blow 2001 CD1
Blow 2001 CD2
Blow Dry 2001
Blown Away 1994 CD1
Blown Away 1994 CD2
Blue (Derek Jarman)
Blue Car
Blue Collar Comedy Tour The Movie
Blue Max The CD1
Blue Max The CD2
Blue Moon
Blue Planet The 1
Blue Planet The 2 - The Deep
Blue Planet The 3 - Open Ocean
Blue Planet The 4 - Frozen Seas
Blue Spring 2001
Blue Velvet
Blue juice 1995
Blue thunder
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD2
Blues Harp
Boat Trip - Feedback Overflow
Bob Le Flambeur 1955
Bob Marley Story - Rebel Music
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Body Double
Body Heat
Body The
Boiler Room
Bola El
Bone Collector The
Bonnie and Clyde
Book of Fate The
Book of Pooh The
Boondock Saints The
Boot Das 1981 CD1
Boot Das 1981 CD2
Born Romantic
Boucher Le
Bourne supremacy The-1CD
Boxcar Bertha
Boy Who Saw The Wind The
Boys and Girls
Boyz N the Hood
Branca de Neve
Bread and Roses
Breakfast Club The
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakin all the rules
Breaking Away
Bride with White Hair The
Bridge Man The CD1
Bridge Man The CD2
Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
Bugs Life A
Bullet Ballet
Bullet in the Head
Bulletproof Monk 2003
Bullets Over Broadway
Bully (Unrated Theatrical Edition)
Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
Burnt Money
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition
Butchers Wife The