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Subtitles for Babylon 5 1x05 The Parliament of Dreams.

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Babylon 5 1x05 The Parliament of Dreams

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You don't understand. This is my ceremonial blade.
I am a pilgrim here for the sacred day of Chu'dag.
I don't care. You can't bring this on the station.
The maker of all things won't allow this.
Nothing will stand between me and the blade.
Yeah? Tell you what...
...I'll stick this on the hull and point you to an air lock.
If you go after it, you can have it.
You test my faith.
And you're testing my patience. Move on before I decide to flunk out.
We've got five more days of this to live through.
Don't blame me. Blame Earth Central.
"We've got an idea. How about a week where every species on Babylon 5...
...demonstrates their religious beliefs?
It'll advance the cause of peace and understanding. "
As ideas go, this one's up there with having my gums extracted.
Earth transport Spinoza will depart in one hour from Dock 9.
- Never fails. - Chief?
Nothing. Take over, I've got a few things to do.
Are you Ambassador G'Kar?
This is Ambassador G'Kar's quarters. This is Ambassador G'Kar's table.
This is Ambassador G'Kar's dinner.
Does the progression escape you?
My apologies. I am Diplomatic Courier Tu'Pari.
I just arrived on a ship from Homeworld.
I was told to give this only to Ambassador G'Kar.
Well, leave it. I'll look at it later.
- I was told it was important. - Yes, I'm sure you were.
You stay put.
Greetings, Ambassador G'Kar.
It's been a while, but I doubt you've forgotten your old associate, Du'Rog.
I bring what you will doubtless consider good news: I am dying.
About time.
In fact, by the time you get this recording, I will already be dead.
Ah, but then, very shortly, so will you.
It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind...
...10 years after the Earth-Minbari War.
The Babylon Project was a dream given form.
Its goal: To prevent another war by creating a place...
...where humans and aliens could work out their differences.
It's a port of call, home away from home...
...for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs and wanderers.
Humans and aliens, wrapped in 2,500,000 tons...
...of spinning metal, all alone in the night.
It can be a dangerous place.
But it's our last, best hope for peace.
This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.
The year is 2258.
The name of the place is Babylon 5.
It should come as no surprise, G'Kar.
You ruined my family's name and humiliated me before the council.
Retribution was inevitable. But retribution is also expensive.
Properly executed, it would leave me penniless.
But I am a patient man. I've lived well, and I will die well.
I have ordered my considerable assets liquidated upon my death.
The funds will be given to someone eminently qualified to kill you.
You will be dead within 48 hours of receiving this message.
Already my agent is close to you.
You will not know who or how or where...
...until it is too late.
It pleases me to know that you will live in fear, G'Kar.
But not for long.
Someone close to me?
Diplomatic attaché Na'Toth, reporting for duty.
Your new aide, ambassador.
Garibaldi, I thought you'd be in full dress by now.
Londo's hosting Centauri religious ceremonies.
- I hear it helps to be on time. - Commander...
These things can last up to a week. Eating, purging.
Catherine's onboard.
I saw her in customs. Thought I'd let you know.
- Thanks. - Unless you want to see her.
No, that's all right. Thanks.
- Was she with anyone? - No. Not that I could see.
Delenn! Is it not magnificent?
It is quite...
It's a celebration of life.
It comes from a time in our world's history...
...when two dominant species were fighting for supremacy:
Our people and a species we called Xon.
Each year, we'd count how many of our people survived...
...and celebrate our good fortune.
- What happened to the Xon? - Dead. All of them. And good riddance.
Do you know what the last Xon said just before he died?
- Can I kill him now? - I'll get back to you.
- You sure you don't want to see her? - Absolutely.
Oh, come on! Commander, loosen up!
You're supposed to enjoy yourself.
I am. Words can't express how much I'm enjoying this.
Londo, Londo. Tell me, what are these statues?
Our household gods.
In a world where every day is a struggle for survival... need all the gods you can get.
- Where is she? - Business area, Blue 3.
Here, this is...
This is Benzen, god of food.
And Li, goddess of passion.
And Morgoth, god of the underworld...
...and protector of front doors.
Gods by the bushel, gods by the pound.
Gods for all occasions.
Have I ever told you that you're very cute for a Minbari?
Oh, and you are cute too, in an annoying sort of way.
Everybody's cute.
Everybody's cute.
Even me.
But in purple, I'm stunning!
He has become one with his inner self.
- He's passed out. - That too.
Commander, would you like some more...?
Commander? Where's the commander?
This is yours.
- It's been a pleasure. - Yes.
Hello, Jeff.
I didn't know you were in charge until I got here.
If I'd known, I wouldn't have come. I keep my promises.
- I'll leave now if you want me to. - No, I don't.
You're here on business. That's what Babylon 5 is here for.
- It's not a problem. - Good. Good.
- How have you been? - Fine. Busy.
Yes, I can imagine.
You've done well. I'm glad. How's Carolyn?
Good, last I heard.
We went our separate ways.
She wanted me to go into business with her, but that's not me.
No, it's not.
Commander Sinclair? Commander Sinclair.
Your pants are talking to you.
- I know, it's just... - Yes, you're a busy man.
I'll let you get back to your business and I'll get back to mine.
Take care, Jeff.
As long as you're on stopover... about dinner?
- Jeff, please... - Just dinner.
This is my station, and I'm very proud of her.
I'd like to show you around.
This is how we get in trouble every three years.
All right. Just dinner.
I'd give you my berth number...
...but I suspect you know how to find me, commander.
Something, ambassador?
Just thinking about last week.
The unfortunate accident...
...that caused the sudden demise of my first aide.
Very sudden.
Who sponsored you to be my attaché?
Counselor Li'Dak, Fifth Circle.
- Then you must know Du'Rog. - No, I've never met him.
You're certain about someone you've never met.
Isn't it possible you met someone named Counselor Du'Rog?
- Anything is possible. - Yes. Anything.
What would you say if I told you Du'Rog hired someone to kill me?
Someone close to me?
Ambassador, with all due respect, if it were me... wouldn't be here.
Du'Rog wants to prolong my discomfort for the next 48 Earth hours.
The last thing he wants is a quick death.
How can you be sure? What if he told you this to scare you?
- Unlikely. - As you said, anything is possible.
If he wanted the best, he'd have gone to the assassin's guild.
The Thenta Makur leave a black flower near victims as a warning... they can ready themselves. Have you received a death blossom?
Then I wouldn't worry.
Get some sleep. The question will resolve itself soon enough.
And you have no idea how that got into my bed?
It is not my place to speculate on how anything gets into your bed.
Your reputed fascination with Earth women, for instance.
If you're worried, go to the commander. He could protect you.
I fight my own battles.
I survived our war of independence and two assassination attempts.
I can survive this!
Asking for help requires explaining why Du'Rog wanted me dead.
This would lead to revelations about my years on the council.
Revelations that could affect my position.
I don't care if the information comes out.
I worry that it might compromise our standing in the negotiations.
We must handle this quietly for the sake of planetary security.
Of course.
...if you think I'm involved, why tell me all this?
Earthers say, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. "
They stole it from us.
I look forward to strengthening our relationship.
Find the courier who brought me this message.
His name was Tu'Pari. I must find out who gave it to him.
He's probably left by now.
No ships for Narn have left since yesterday.
He's still here. Finding him will be your first test.
Now I'll arrange for a little protection.
- I thought you weren't telling anyone. - I'm not.
Alliance transport Southern Passage is in its final stages...
...for departure to Arturas 4 at boarding area 1-Alpha.
Satai Delenn?
Lennier of the Third Fane of Chudomo.
- I was sent. - Yes. I've been expecting you.
You can look up, Lennier of the Third Fane of Chudomo.
It is forbidden.
I can't have an aide who won't look up. You'll forever walk into things.
Now, come.
Forgive me if I am slow, Satai Delenn...
...but this is all quite new to me.
To go from a novitiate to working with one of the Grey Council.
Your teachers spoke well of you. You will adjust.
Begin by promising not to mention the Grey Council again during your stay.
No one here knows of my connection. No one must find out.
- But to deny the council... - I am denying nothing.
But it would lead to certain questions that I don't want to answer.
You will not use my title Satai.
You will address me only as Delenn. Do you understand?
No, but understanding is not required. Only obedience.
Good. Your arrival is well-timed.
We are displaying our rituals, our religions and our sacred days.
You'll help demonstrate the Minbari religion.
The Third Fane of Chudomo has served with honor for 500 years.
I will not disappoint you, Sat... Delenn.
Then I am content.
Now, tell me of home, Lennier. I have been away far too long.
- You wish protection? - Yes.
Mighty Narn Empire. Soldiers, guns.
And you come to N'Grath?
I need a bodyguard. Someone who isn't from my own world.
It avoids certain complications.
- Expensive. - Oh, just name your price.
I have to attend the Minbari ceremony. Will you have someone by then?
Is this satisfactory?
Oh, yes.
It's been so long since I've seen you out of uniform.
- Isn't this a breach of protocol? - I'm off duty.
- You're never off duty. - Maybe you didn't know me.
You're right, I didn't. But whose fault was that?
- Catherine... - Commander, how are you?
- It's good to see you. - And you.
- David will be your waiter tonight. - Thank you.
I was surprised to see you here.
I don't see why. Seems we run into each other...
...about every two or three years.
Half the time, one of us is with someone else...
The other half, the dance goes like this:
We meet, catch up, talk about old times at the academy.
We ask about each other's family.
We lie about not missing each other and we end up in bed.
- You leave. - Last time it was you.
- No, it wasn't. - Yes, it was.
Was it?
You're right. Last time it was me.
God, who can keep it all straight anymore?
I was thinking of you the other day. Wondering what you were doing.
- I think of you in summer. - I think of you in the fall.
We never could agree on anything.
I still have your letters. The long battles, the brief truces.
The longer silences punctuated by moments of passion...
...that we both end up regretting.
I read them to remind myself why we shouldn't get together again.
And why I shouldn't miss you.
We're supposed to reminisce and ask about old friends first, remember?
No, not this time. That's a bad idea. We're not good for each other.
It was always three parts passion, two parts teeth.
- Can't go through that again. - Agreed.
- How's your aunt? - How's your brother?
I can't believe I'm going through all this with you again.
Neither can I.
I see such trouble.
Will you follow me into fire? Into storm?
Into darkness?
Into death?
And the nine said, "Yes. "
Then do this in testimony to the one who will follow...
...who will bring death couched in the promise of new life...
...and renewal disguised as defeat.
From birth, through death and renewal.
You must put aside old things...
...old fears...
...old lives.
This is your death.
The death of flesh, the death of pain.
The death of yesterday.
Taste of it...
...and be not afraid.
For I am with you to the end of time.
Taste of it.
And so... begins.
I was told a bodyguard would be at the ceremony!
I was all alone! "Taste of your own death," indeed.
Ambassador! The other room.
You were supposed to meet me at the Minbari ceremony!
You just came in and found this guy dead in your bedroom.
That's right.
Never seen him before. You have no idea why he was here.
Yes, we've already gone over all this.
- Just getting your story. - It's not my story, it's the truth!
When this individual was killed, I was at the Minbari ceremony with you.
Yeah, I remember.
I also remember you looking pretty distracted the whole time.
Get out.
Don't push, ambassador. I'm still head of security.
Under the terms of our treaty, diplomatic quarters are foreign soil.
Since I have diplomatic immunity, I don't have to answer any questions.
I called as a courtesy.
Spend a little more time finding out who killed him...
...and a little less time engaging in your usual harassment.
You're right, ambassador. My apologies.
- When you finish, I want a report. - Yes, sir.
Just let me say, from the bottom of my heart... pink is definitely your color.
Departure for Mars colony...
Are you Courier Tu'Pari?
- Yes. - Come with me.
I'm needed elsewhere. I have orders.
So do I.
I'm already an hour late in bringing you to Ambassador G'Kar.
If you do not come with me, you will be the late Courier Tu'Pari.
I came across another candidate over in Grid Epsilon.
Coordinates 471-18-25.
A Class 2 planetoid, not enough atmosphere to sustain sentient life.
Mineral content?
High levels of platinum, derinium. You name it, it's there.
- We have some good news. - Yes, you hit the big time.
I don't understand.
The last planet that you surveyed for us turned up quantium 40.
Under the terms of our contract, you're entitled to some of the profit.
How's that look to you?
Oh, my.
We've got to go back to Earth. I imagine you'll want to celebrate.
Good day. We'll see you at the hub.
Great. Thanks.
Courier Tu'Pari, ambassador, as you requested.
Good. I do wish to speak to him alone if you don't mind, Na'Toth.
Who gave you the data crystal that you delivered to me?
It was from Counselor Du'Rog.
Du'Rog is dead. Someone had to give it to you on his orders.
Counselor Shu'Toth.
The father of my attaché, Na'Toth?
The danger is much closer to you than you think, ambassador.
I am become a name For always roaming with a hungry heart
Much have I seen and known Cities of men and manners
Climates, councils, governments Honored of them all
And drunk delight of battle With my peers...
Do you know how expensive things are here?
500 credits for a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and some Antarean flarn.
I have good news and I'm tired of not having anyone to share it with.
You've been caught on that since the academy.
Can we drag you into the 23rd century?
We find meaning where we can.
And which are you?
"An idle king doling unequal laws unto a savage race...
...that hoard and sleep and feed and know not you?"
Or "This gray spirit yearning in desire to follow knowledge like...
...a sinking star. "
- I didn't know you'd memorized it. - I lived with you for a year.
- Do you have something to open this? - I'm not sure this is a good idea.
- Don't do this. - We're over each other.
Who says?
Who says I got over you and you got over me?
You don't just turn it off like a switch.
I don't sleep on one side of the bed, but only because you aren't there.
I'd think about you and get angry at myself for being a fool.
- Then, when I saw you yesterday... - What do you want from me?
I don't know what I'm doing here.
I don't know anything anymore. I just didn't want to celebrate alone.
Maybe I needed you. Maybe I just needed someone.
And right now, for this one moment, I don't care.
Don't send me away. Don't make me feel like a fool.
I couldn't do that.
You have to know me better than that.
It's all right. Go.
We've got a brownout in Green 2.
We need authorization to reroute power from sensors.
Fine, fine. Authorization granted.
I should go. Sorry, I shouldn't have come.
- Catherine... - You can have the flarn, I never...
Don't touch me unless you mean it!
I request that my attaché, Na'Toth, be reassigned to another sector.
I want her picked up within the hour.
- I'm sorry for the delay in dispatch. - What delay?
Our courier, Ru'Dak, met with an accident before he left for Babylon 5.
- We haven 't found a replacement. - What? The courier is right here.
You should sleep.
You'll have to get up soon.
I'm fine.
It's been a long road, hasn't it?
The academy. The war.
And here we are, making the same mistakes all over again.
I don't know. Maybe.
Maybe not.
Well, at least we have tonight.
Soon you'll be the busy commander again.
So let's enjoy it while we can.
If there were a problem, they'd tell you.
Ah, you're awake.
Good. That will make this far more entertaining.
Those are pain-givers on your neck and wrists, ambassador.
If you come within 10 feet of me while wearing them... will experience pain such as you cannot conceive.
Come within five feet and they will kill you.
What do you want?
My orders are quite specific.
You are to know pain.
You are to know fear.
And then you are to die at the required hour.
I confess I'll be happy when this assignment is finished.
Allaying the target's suspicions can be so time-consuming.
Do you know how long I waited in the customs area for Na'Toth to find me?
Whatever you were paid, whatever the price...
...I can double it! - Yes.
I imagine you could make me extremely wealthy.
But to betray a commission violates the spirit of the Thenta Makur...
...and then they would have to kill me.
It's unfortunate but we must all make our little sacrifices, ambassador.
I have made mine...
...and you are about to make yours.
Ambassador G'Kar?
Re-establish contact with last transmission.
Confirmed. Stand by.
The pain must be overwhelming.
Why hold it in? Cry out, ambassador.
With luck, someone will hear you.
I would die before giving you...
...that satisfaction.
As you wish.
I'm glad to see my instincts were correct.
I knew you'd need complete privacy.
Once I determined which transport tubes had suddenly broken down...
...I figured out where you were.
This is none of your affair, Na'Toth. Leave while you can.
Not until I've done what I came here to do.
I'm your backup, Tu'Pari. Hired to finish the job if you fail.
- I wasn't told about a backup. - No, the primary never is.
Standard practice in the assassin's guild.
Why should I believe you?
I see you're using pain-givers. Crude. Unimaginative.
And much too quick.
Our orders were to prolong his discomfort.
And what would you recommend?
- Na'Toth! - At your service, ambassador.
And this is the part where I'm supposed to decide I trust you...
...drop my guard and let you shoot me in the back.
Sorry, but I can't take the chance that you're lying.
You're making a mistake.
That hurt.
It was the only way to disable the pain-givers.
I had to hit them as hard as possible, and often...
...and make it appear as if I were beating you.
- And you didn't enjoy it in the least? - I didn't say that.
What are you going to do with Tu'Pari?
Well, well, you're finally awake.
I thought the injection wouldn't wear off for another day.
Another day?
It's been 72 hours since you were knocked out.
You missed your deadline.
To make up for it, I deposited a great deal of money to your account.
No! The Thenta Makur...
They'll think I betrayed my commission, sold out our principles.
They will kill me.
Yes, they will, won't they? I imagine they're on their way.
They should be here in one hour.
It would be unfortunate if they found you when they arrived.
Happily, I'm safe because the commission was yours alone.
They're so scandalized that they'd rather forget the whole thing.
Except for the part about killing him.
Except for that, yes.
Transport now departing from Bay 3.
Passengers, please begin boarding procedure.
I suggest you board quickly. With luck, they won't find you.
But if they do, you will know pain.
- And you will know fear. - And then you'll die. Pleasant flight.
When you took his spectacles and smashed them, I thought...
Enjoying the last day of the festival?
More than you could possibly imagine. Good day.
He's in a good mood.
Maybe Earth Central was right about this festival idea.
It's been quiet the last day or so.
Guess I'm your good-luck charm.
- Sure you have to go? - Just for a few days.
I have to survey the Deneb sector or I lose the commission.
See you when I get back?
- I'm not leaving this time. - Neither am I.
This should be interesting.
Have you figured how to demonstrate Earth's dominant belief system?
No, and I don't know how to top the Minbari.
Bells, drums, robes and little pieces of fruit.
- Red fruit? - Yeah.
And was there a serious exchange of looks?
Yes, it's supposed to be part of the rebirth ceremony.
It's a rebirth ceremony, all right. It doubles as a marriage ceremony.
Depending on how seriously anyone took it...
...somebody got married.
Maybe that's why G'Kar's smiling.
Funny. I didn't think Londo was his type.
- See you next Wednesday? - Try and stop me.
- Think we'll get it right this time? - I don't know.
Fair enough.
- Mr. Garibaldi! - He'll be just a few more minutes.
What sort of demonstration does he have planned?
He just said it'd showcase Earth's dominant belief system.
- I don't hear any drums. - Or bells.
Or chants. You're sure this is the right place?
That's it, I'm leaving.
This is where he said to wait, so we wait.
All right, we're all set. If you'll come this way.
This is Mr. Harris. He's an atheist.
Father Cresanti, a Roman Catholic.
Mr. Hayakawa, a Zen Buddhist. Mr. Rashid, a Moslem.
Mr. Rosenthal, an Orthodox Jew.
Running Elk, of the Oglala Sioux faith.
Father Papapoulous, a Greek Orthodox.
Ogigi-ko, of the Ebo tribe.
Machukiak, a Yupik Eskimo.
Sawa, of the Jivaro tribe.
Isnakuma, a Bantu.
Ms. Chang, a Taoist.
Mr. Blacksmith, an aborigine.
Ms. Yamamoto, a Shinto. Ms. Naijo, a Maori.
Mr. Gold, a Hindu...
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
By: #StarTrek-Central-Italia su Azzurra
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Bad and the Beautiful The
Badboys II
Baise Moi
Balanta 1992 (The Oak)
Ballad Of A Soldier 1959
Balseros 2002
Bamba La (1987)
Band of Brothers 01 - Currahee
Band of Brothers 02 - Day of Days
Band of Brothers 03 - Carentan
Band of Brothers 04 - Replacements
Band of Brothers 05 - Crossroads
Band of Brothers 06 - Bastogne
Band of Brothers 07 - The Breaking Point
Band of Brothers 08 - The Last Patrol
Band of Brothers 09 - Why We Fight
Band of Brothers 10 - Points
Band of Outsiders
Bande des quatre La 1988 CD1
Bande des quatre La 1988 CD2
Bao biao (1969) - Have sword Chang Cheh
Bao lian deng (1999)
Bar El Chino 2003
Baramui Fighter CD1
Baramui Fighter CD2
Barberella - A Queen Of The Galaxy
Bare Bea 2004
Barefoot Gen 1983
Barrio 1947 25fps
Basara The Princess 1992 CD1
Basara The Princess 1992 CD2
Basic Instinct
Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman
Batman - The Movie
Batman 1989 CD1
Batman 1989 CD2
Batman and Robin
Batoru Rowaioru II - Requiem (2003) CD1
Batoru Rowaioru II - Requiem (2003) CD2
Batteries Included
Battle Cry CD1
Battle Cry CD2
Battle Hymn 1957
Battle Royale (2000) Directors Cut CD1
Battle Royale (2000) Directors Cut CD2
Battle Royale 2 (2003)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Battle of Algiers The (Gillo Pontecorvo 1965) CD1
Battle of Algiers The (Gillo Pontecorvo 1965) CD2
Battle of Britain CD1
Battle of Britain CD2
Battle of the Bulge CD1
Battle of the Bulge CD2
Battlefield Baseball
Battlefield Earth
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - 33
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - Litmus
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - Water
Battlestar Galactica 01x03 - Bastille Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x04 - Act of Contrition
Battlestar Galactica 01x05 - You Cant Go Home Again
Battlestar Galactica 01x07 - Six Degrees of Seperation
Battlestar Galactica 01x08 - Flesh and Bone
Battlestar Galactica 01x09 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
Battlestar Galactica 01x10 - The Hand of God
Battlestar Galactica 01x11 - Colonial Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x12 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 1
Battlestar Galactica 01x13 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 2
Baxter 1989
Beach The
Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie
Beast Cops
Beast From 20,000 Fathoms The 1953
Beast Within The
Beast of War The
Beating Of The Butterflys Wings The 2000
Beatles Anthology The Episode1
Beatles Anthology The Episode2
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Beatles Anthology The Episode6
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Beatles Anthology The Episode8
Beatles Anthology The Special Features
Beatles The - A Hard Dayss Night
Beatles The First US Visit The
Beau Pere - Stepfather - Bertrand Blier 1981
Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Girls
Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD1
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD2
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD3
Beautifull Mind A CD1
Beautifull Mind A CD2
Beauty And The Beast
Beauty and the Beast (Disney Special Platinum Edition)
Beavis and Butt-head Do America (1996)
Bedford Incident The
Bedroom Key The CD1
Bedroom Key The CD2
Before Night Falls 2000 CD1
Before Night Falls 2000 CD2
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset 2004
Beguiled The
Behind Enemy Lines 2001
Behind The Sun (Walter Salles 2001)
Being John Malkovich
Being There (1979) CD1
Being There (1979) CD2
Belle Epoque CD1
Belle Epoque CD2
Belle and La Bete La (1946)
Bellinin And The Spynx CD1
Bellinin And The Spynx CD2
Bells Of St Marys The (1945)
Belly Of The Beast
Belly of an Architect The
Ben-Hur CD1
Ben-Hur CD2
Bend It Like Beckham
Bend of the River 1952
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Benny and Joon
Best years of our lives 1946
Bet on My Disco
Better Off Dead 1985
Better Than Chocolate
Better Tomorrow 2 A CD1
Better Tomorrow 2 A CD2
Better Tomorrow 3 A
Better Way To Die A
Between Heaven and Hell
Beverly Hillbillies The 1993
Beverly Hills Ninja
Beyond Borders CD1
Beyond Borders CD2
Beyond The
Beyond The Clouds
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD1
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD2
Biches Les (Claude Chabrol 1968)
Bicho de sete cabezas
Bichunmoo CD1
Bichunmoo CD2
Big Blue The CD1
Big Blue The CD2
Big Bounce The
Big Chill The
Big Daddy
Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958)
Big Fat Liar
Big Fish 2003
Big Hit The
Big Lebowski The
Big Mommas House
Big Nihgt
Big Shot - A Confessions of a Campus Bookie 2002
Big Sleep The
Big clock The 1948
Big girls dont cry
Biker boyz
Billy Elliot
Billy Madison 1995
Biloxi blues
Bingwoo 2004 CD1
Bingwoo 2004 CD2
Bio Dome
Bio Hunter
Bio Zombie
Bionicle 2 A Legends of Metru-Nui
Bionicle Mask Of Light 2003
Birch Tree Meadow The
Bird People in China The 1998 CD1
Bird People in China The 1998 CD2
Bird on a wire
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD1
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD2
Bite the bullet
Bitter Sugar (Azucar amarga)
Black Angel
Black Sabbath
BlackAdder 1x1 - The Foretelling
BlackAdder 1x2 - Born to be King
BlackAdder 1x3 - The Archbishop
BlackAdder 1x4 - The Queen of Spains Beard
BlackAdder 1x5 - Witchsmeller Pursuivant
BlackAdder 1x6 - The Black Seal
BlackAdder 2x1 - Bells
BlackAdder 2x2 - Head
BlackAdder 2x3 - Potato
BlackAdder 2x4 - Money
BlackAdder 2x5 - Beer
BlackAdder 2x6 - Chains
BlackAdder 4x1 - Captain Cook
BlackAdder 4x2 - Corporal Punishment
BlackAdder 4x3 - Major Star
BlackAdder 4x4 - Private Plane
BlackAdder 4x5 - General Hospital
BlackAdder 4x6 - Goodbyeee
BlackAdder Christmas Carol 1988
BlackAdder The Cavalier Years
BlackAdder the Third 3x1
BlackAdder the Third 3x2
BlackAdder the Third 3x3
BlackAdder the Third 3x4
BlackAdder the Third 3x5
BlackAdder the Third 3x6
Black Adder V - Back and Forth
Black Christmas
Black Hawk Down
Black Mask
Black Mask 2
Black Orpheus
Black Rain CD1
Black Rain CD2
Black Sheep
Black Widow 1987
Black and White (1998)
Blackout The 1997 CD1
Blackout The 1997 CD2
Blade 3 - Trinity
Blade Of Fury
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD1
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD2
Blade Runner Directors Cut
Blair Witch Project The
Blame It On Rio
Blast From The Past 1999
Blast from the Past
Blazing Saddles
Blazing Sun (1960) CD1
Blazing Sun (1960) CD2
Bless The Child
Blind Beast
Blind Chance (1987) CD1
Blind Chance (1987) CD2
Blind Spot Hitlers Secretary (2002)
Blind date
Blob The 1988
Blood Crime
Blood Wedding (1981)
Blood Work
Blood and Black Lace
Blow 2001 CD1
Blow 2001 CD2
Blow Dry 2001
Blown Away 1994 CD1
Blown Away 1994 CD2
Blue (Derek Jarman)
Blue Car
Blue Collar Comedy Tour The Movie
Blue Max The CD1
Blue Max The CD2
Blue Moon
Blue Planet The 1
Blue Planet The 2 - The Deep
Blue Planet The 3 - Open Ocean
Blue Planet The 4 - Frozen Seas
Blue Spring 2001
Blue Velvet
Blue juice 1995
Blue thunder
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD2
Blues Harp
Boat Trip - Feedback Overflow
Bob Le Flambeur 1955
Bob Marley Story - Rebel Music
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Body Double
Body Heat
Body The
Boiler Room
Bola El
Bone Collector The
Bonnie and Clyde
Book of Fate The
Book of Pooh The
Boondock Saints The
Boot Das 1981 CD1
Boot Das 1981 CD2
Born Romantic
Boucher Le
Bourne supremacy The-1CD
Boxcar Bertha
Boy Who Saw The Wind The
Boys and Girls
Boyz N the Hood
Branca de Neve
Bread and Roses
Breakfast Club The
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakin all the rules
Breaking Away
Bride with White Hair The
Bridge Man The CD1
Bridge Man The CD2
Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
Bugs Life A
Bullet Ballet
Bullet in the Head
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Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition
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