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Subtitles for Babylon 5 4x08 - The Illusion of Truth.

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Babylon 5 4x08 - The Illusion of Truth

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Figured I'd find you here.
Feels strange to have the place this empty.
- It's the war room. The war's over. - Says you.
Yeah, the Shadows are gone.
But with all that's going on back home, maybe there's some life in the old girl yet.
- Any more ships come in? - Just a couple of scavengers.
No loyalties to anyone back home. Alien traffic is the same as ever.
But as far as Earth goes, this quarantine's got us pretty much shut down.
- This is trouble. - Definitely trouble.
With the commercial transport fees, we were getting our heads above water.
Now, without that revenue, it's gonna be tough.
We'll get by. We always have.
This place has been declared dead more times than Lazarus, but we come back.
Yes, we do.
So, what's got you so worried?
- I'm not worried. - Tell that to your face.
Come on, John. I've known you too long to start playing stupid now.
Right before we broke away from Earth last year I talked to my dad.
I couldn't say much.
But he could see what was coming.
Since then we've passed a few messages back and forth...
...on ships en route here or back home.
His last letter mentioned something about some strangers...
...hanging around town asking questions about me, the family, the farm.
Do you think Clark would use your family to get to you?
It's possible. I told them to get out while they could.
I gave them some names.
And then we get hit with this embargo, and I don't know what's going on there.
You told me about your dad. He's a smart guy. He can take care of himself.
And being a former diplomat, he's too visible to just disappear.
Yeah, maybe.
I just hope they get out in time.
- Everything else okay topside? - So far.
Some businessmen are upset because they can't go home...
...without being questioned and searched, but we can handle it.
Some problems in Customs, but Zack's on it.
The more that I think about it, the more I'm glad we picked him... take over security when Garibaldi left.
We haven't had a major incident yet.
Everybody back! Everybody back, back!
What the hell's going on here, Ramirez?
Scanners turned up something suspicious in those crates.
We went to take a look, and they got in our way.
- Explosives? - The scanners say no.
It could be weapons, contrabands, dust.
- Well, then, let's open them up. - Hey, that's private property.
- We've got rights. - You're gonna have my foot...
...16 inches up your butt if you don't get the hell out of my way.
You're crazy. I'm gonna file a report with your superior officer.
Well, you do that, sunshine. Ramirez, check the box.
Yes, sir. Good shot, chief.
Well, don't say that until you know what I was aiming at.
What the...?
It's a camera.
That's right, a camera.
It goes with the territory. I'm a reporter, and this is my crew.
And you just made the evening news.
It was the year of fire.
The year of destruction.
The year we took back what was ours.
It was the year of rebirth.
The year of great sadness.
The year of pain.
- And a year of joy. - It was a new age.
It was the end of history.
It was the year everything changed.
The year is 2261. The place, Babylon 5.
Captain, I was just on my way to see you.
I'm pulling some doctors off standby in Medlabs 3 and 4...
...and I wanted you to know. - Why?
We've got some problems with the telepaths locked up in cryogenic freeze.
- Anything serious? - No, just some mechanical problems...
...with the freezer, so we're moving half of them to another bank.
We're not set up to handle this many. We've had to improvise.
They require constant supervision during the changeover.
Then take what you need. I hope you can help them, Stephen.
- I hate to keep them frozen like this. - We don't have much choice.
With that Shadow technology in their heads...
...they're a menace to themselves and to other people.
We'll figure it out eventually.
You know, you fight a war...
...and everyone forgets the people that get caught in the middle.
Something tells me we'll be dealing with this Shadow legacy for a long time.
- Yes. - Captain, he's here.
On my way.
I thought we saw the worst of it with the Shadows, the Vorlons, the war.
There's something far worse than the Shadows.
Captain Sheridan, Dan Randall, ISN News. Thank goodness, someone reasonable.
Thank you. He's such a sweet talker.
She threatened to grab me by the collar and throw me out an airlock...
...if I didn't turn over a manifest of our equipment.
Unauthorized shipments are a threat to security.
Did you threaten to grab ahold of this man by the collar...
...and throw him out an airlock?
Yes, I did.
I'm shocked. Shocked and dismayed.
I'd remind you that we are short on supplies here.
We can't afford to take good clothing and throw it out into space.
Always take the jacket off first. I've told you that before.
Sorry, she meant to say, "Stripped naked and thrown out an airlock."
I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
Maybe I should start again.
- That would be wise. - Yes, very.
We changed the manifest. If you found out we were a news crew... wouldn't let us on the station.
Well, that assumption was your first mistake.
- We have an open-door policy. - And an open-airlock policy.
- Commander. - Sorry.
President Clark put the embargo around Babylon 5, we didn't.
- Then you would have let us on. - You, yes. Your equipment, no.
Mr. Randall.
Everyone knows that ISN is a propaganda arm for President Clark.
You didn't come here to do an objective story.
There's no such thing.
The objective journalist is a myth you read about... a griffin or a phoenix or an honest politician.
Everybody's got an agenda whether they admit it or not.
But you try not to let it get in the way of the truth.
Look, I won't lie to you. You're absolutely right about ISN...
...which is why most of us quit as soon as Clark took over.
But a few of us stayed on...
...figuring we could try to slip the truth in quietly and in small bites...
...while the big boys weren't looking.
That's exactly why I fought to get this assignment.
- So you could tell the whole truth? - No, not the whole truth.
Just as much as I can without getting into trouble.
But even a little truth is better than none.
Captain, we're here now.
And one way or another, we have to go back with a story.
If you work with us...
...we can try to get your side of things across to the viewers.
We'll have to be careful, but it can be done.
If you don't, we'll do the story anyway...
...and there'll be nobody to represent your point of view.
Now, is that really what you want?
This particular statue means a great deal to me and my family.
We lost it when we were evacuated from the Eridian Colony.
- It must have great sentimental value. - Oh, substantial, yeah.
While we were gone, the scavenger fleet got past our sensors...
...and ransacked the entire colony. It's a terrible thing, yeah.
It belonged to my dear, departed wife Leticia.
A good woman, but a shouter. Yeah.
The universe is a quieter place without her. You'll forgive me for saying so.
It's been in my family for generations. Mr. Garibaldi, please, can you help me?
- This statue, no intrinsic value? - No, no.
- None whatsoever. - I see.
Ask me if I believe in God. Go on, go on, ask me.
- I don't understand. - No, no, no, come on.
All right. Do you believe in God, Mr. Garibaldi?
No. And you wanna know why?
Because if there were a God, then maybe somebody would sit in that chair...
...and not assume I'm an idiot.
This is a Drazi statue. It's Shokalla, one of the minor deities. You said the Maker.
So my grandfather converted. We stuck with it.
So, what are families for, right? So we believe in the Maker. So what?
- We still have our culture, our language. - I don't care what you believe in.
Aside from the Centauri, all the Maker religions are monotheistic.
They don't allow alien gods. Something about eternal damnation...
...plague, pox, the usual. Not what you want to pass on to your kids.
Look, Mr. Garibaldi...
...I have no reason to tell you... - I'm not finished!
The statue itself is worthless, but it's big enough to hide lots of stuff inside.
Now, my guess is, when the evacuation began... grabbed as many valuables as possible and hid the rest.
You're a xenoarchaeologist, so you would have had access to artifacts...
...from other worlds, like this.
And what better hiding place than a statue to a god...
...your own people would avoid and the scavengers would ignore...
...because we all know that most Drazi statues have no actual value.
It must have been a real shock when you made it to the safe haven...
...and found the scavenger fleet was piloted by Drazi...
...and Shokalla is the patron saint of pilots.
Fine. How much do you want?
500 credit deposit, 20 percent of what's inside this thing.
- Ten. - Fifteen, and I won't tell the Drazi...'ve been poking holes in their deities.
- Let me know if you find it. - Not if.
- Hello, Mr. Garibaldi. - Hey, Mr. Lennier.
Welcome to my office.
Something I can do for you?
I had heard that you resigned.
At first I chose not to believe it, but now...
- Why? - Well, I served my time in hell... I get to make my own life.
Why is that so strange?
With Minbari, there is no time limit on serving the needs of our people.
It is an honor.
Let's just say I've had all the honor I need for a while and leave it at that.
- How's Delenn? - She's well. She sends her regards.
- The captain was... - I...
I heard Londo's back.
- You sure everything's all right? - Oh, yeah. Fine.
I just don't wanna talk about...
Yep, works every time.
Speak the devil's name and he shall appear.
- Michael. - Captain.
Mr. Lennier, I'd like you to meet Dan Randall. He's a journalist from Earth.
I'd like you to show him around, act as his liaison while he's here.
- Mr. Allan would be... - We need Mr. Randall to believe...
...everything he sees and hears is the truth, and not trumped up for his benefit.
You could help ease his mind.
Then I am happy to serve.
If you'll come with me, Mr. Randall, we'll begin your introduction to the station.
This is the open market.
You work for no one but us.
You work for no one but us.
You work for no one but us.
You work for no one but us.
- So these units... - As we docked...
You were saying.
As we docked, I saw an alien ship being fixed outside.
Many ships from the League of Non-Aligned Worlds...
...were damaged during the recent war.
Some of them would not have made it back...
...had we not allowed them to berth here and make repairs.
And do they pay for these repairs?
Only for the actual material used.
The time needed to make the repairs is donated freely.
That's very generous.
It's the least we could do.
Here we are. After you, please.
Are we recording?
Where are we now, Lennier?
This part of the station is known as Downbelow.
Babylon 5 has always had an underclass.
People who come here in search of a better life...
...and end up stranded when they run out of money.
They become a cheap workforce for some of the less reputable businessmen.
- So they're exploited. - Sometimes, yes.
The captain stops it when he can. He's instituted programs... they can earn money helping to repair the station.
More people have come here since your president declared martial law on Earth.
- Doctor? - Yeah.
This is Dr. Stephen Franklin. He operates a free clinic for these people.
Doctor, this is Dan Randall. He's a journalist from Earth.
Oh, yeah. The captain said you were on your way.
Sorry, we're in a hurry. We had a cardiac arrest.
- Then perhaps we can talk later. - Yeah, I'll try. A bit busy here.
- Yeah. - Dr. Franklin...
...the cryo-units are ready for restart. - I'll be right there.
Perhaps you do not understand the nature of my concern, captain.
- I understand completely, Londo. - No, I don't think so.
When I said my quarters were cold...
...I did not mean, "I think it's a little chilly in here...
...perhaps I'll throw a blanket on the bed." No, I said, it was cold!
As in, "Look, my left arm has snapped off like an icicle and shattered on the floor."
- This is highly inappropriate, captain. - You're right.
There are other parts of your body I'd much rather see snap off.
Well, your sense of humor is very funny.
So it was never your intention to break away from Earth?
No. No, we declared independence as a last resort... protest the illegal bombings of civilian targets on Mars and Proxima 3.
We'll rejoin Earth Alliance when President Clark...
...rescinds the martial law decree and steps down.
And you still contend that Clark is responsible for the death...
...of former President Luis Santiago?
Santiago was an impediment to Clark's plans.
I mean...
...with Clark, anything that gets in the way disappears.
Ambassador Delenn, this must strike you as very confusing.
Not at all. This sort of thing happens everywhere...
...which I suppose is good, in that it gives all races something in common...
...and bad for much the same reason.
I see the two of you have become very close over the last few years.
Yes, very.
Any truth to the rumors you might eventually marry?
No comment, for now.
Well, as relationships go, you certainly have the odds against you.
You were both on different sides during the Minbari War...
...and I'm sure there are other forces constantly pulling at you.
Of course.
But the heart does not recognize boundaries on a map...
...or wars or political policies.
The heart does as the heart does.
- And if others don't understand? - If they don't understand...
...we will make them understand.
Then you're not concerned about the possible repercussions?
It will be a struggle.
- Still... - There is no force in this galaxy...
...that can stop what we have done here together.
Nothing will be able to stop us.
- Can I talk to you for a moment? - Where's your entourage?
Picking up some background shots of the station for editing later.
- Can I sit? - That's between you and your chiropractor.
I don't get involved.
We're just about done. Our ship leaves in two hours.
- You're the only one I haven't talked to yet. - Not much point to it.
- I'm not responsible for anyone here but me. - Yeah.
I understand you recently resigned as head of security for Babylon 5.
That's right.
- Would you like to talk about it? - Not especially.
Mr. Garibaldi...
You're the only one of the inner circle...
...who's been here ever since Babylon 5 went online.
You have a unique perspective.
I'd be remiss if I left here without getting a few minutes with you.
Look, you can talk about anything you want.
Your time here, what you did during the war...
...your coworkers, President Clark, whatever.
You've got a free shot.
- Looks like you had the same idea I did. - Who's got time for dinner these days?
I just figured I'd grab something to eat while we watch the Stellarcast.
- Is Delenn coming? - She was right behind me...
...but Marcus had some questions.
Do you have the same ugly feeling I have about all this?
I mean, we both know there's gonna be some bias here.
Well, that's another reason I went along with this.
We knew they were gonna take a shot at us sooner or later.
Might as well get it out in the open, see what they've got.
We did the best we could.
We kept what we said down to short, declarative sentences... make it harder for them to quote us out of context.
We didn't have a big crisis while they were here.
What can they do to us?
- Sorry. Has it started yet? - Just about.
Let's see what's on. With our luck, it'll probably be a commercial.
This is an Interstellar Network News special report.
Reporting live from the ISN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland...
...your host, Alison Higgins.
Good evening. Almost two weeks ago, we sent reporter Dan Randall... get a behind-the-scenes look at the current situation on Babylon 5...
...which broke away from Earth last year and was recently added... the forbidden list for travel and commerce.
We'll have that story for you later in our broadcast.
First, these headlines:
President Clark announced today that Earthforce troops...
...have now reclaimed 75 percent of the colony...
...which broke away in an act of sedition 259 days ago.
Today, to the cheering of its citizens, they liberated New Vegas and Flinntown.
To celebrate this latest victory against the tyranny of a fanatical few...
...who have endangered the lives of our citizens...
...Clark proclaimed today a planetary holiday.
Curfew has been extended two full hours until 9 p.m. Earth Standard Time... go out and enjoy.
Meanwhile, hearings began today in the newly-reconstituted Senate... the Committee on Anti-Earth Activities heard testimony...
...from witnesses in the fields of entertainment, business and local politics.
The first day of testimony confirms what President Clark announced late last year:
That these and other fields have been infiltrated by alien sympathizers...
...determined to bring down Earthgov. Each witness named at least 10 people...
...who will now be taken into custody and questioned.
The first of these, tri-vid writer/producer Lee Parks...
...freely admitted his involvement in the conspiracy.
I voluntarily...
...that I helped alien governments undermine Earthgov... using my tri-vids to convey messages...
...of rebellion...
...disregard for authority...
...immorality and violence.
I realize now that I was being used... outside forces to harm my own people.
I apologize... my family... wife, Deborah...
...and my fellow citizens...
...for my crimes.
Assisting me in these acts of sedition...
...were tri-vid writer...
...Carleton Jarrico...
...and actors...
...Beth Trumbo...
...Adrian Mostel.
Parks was later conveyed to a hospital...
...where he will receive proper care and treatment... that he can one day return to society an active and productive citizen.
This Year in History.
300 years ago today, in 1961...
...Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit the Earth.
In 1999, North American President Bill Clinton...
...created the President's Commission on the Future.
In 2018, the foundation for Luna Colony was laid in the Sea of Tranquility.
And 100 years ago today, the Psi Corps was created.
Good evening, I'm Dan Randall.
When we first approached the Ministry of Information with the idea...
...of traveling to Babylon 5 for this story, they advised against it.
They believed it would put the safety of myself and our news crew in jeopardy.
But the first rule of journalism is, you go where the story is.
Still, nothing could have prepared us for what we found.
From the outside, Babylon 5 is all business as usual.
Note that ship berthed outside the station. We'll come back to it.
The conditions inside Babylon 5 are another matter altogether.
Most of the human residents have been forced to live in squalid, filthy...
...possibly disease-ridden areas of the station...
...denied proper sanitation and health care.
The better quarters are reserved for high-ranking alien guests...
...and those who run the station built with the tax dollars of many of these citizens.
It's ironic that Minbari, who fought Earth in a war of aggression...
...have been appointed keepers of these poor, struggling pockets of humanity...
...trapped in the coldness of space.
Here a high-ranking Minbari reviews the terrible conditions.
Any attempt at protest is cruelly put down...
...and those responsible are sedated and taken away.
The question is, taken where?
During our tour, it became clear that the alien governments...
...are calling the shots on Babylon 5.
Even the station's renegade leader, John Sheridan, appeared subservient... the tempers of alien representatives.
What's not as clear is why a decorated war hero who fought aliens during the war...
...and allegedly broke away from Earth to achieve greater freedom...
...would tolerate such behavior.
This is highly inappropriate, captain.
To find some answers to these questions, we turned to the experts.
Dr. William Indiri is dean of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School...
...and a leading expert on xenopsychology and Minbari War Syndrome.
Dr. Indiri, you've seen the same footage I have. What's your analysis?
Well, Dan, we have to remember that many veterans of the Earth-Minbari War...
...suffer from a kind of inferiority complex when it comes to alien life forms.
Some of my colleagues have compared it to the Helsinki Syndrome.
That's where a hostage begins to identify with his kidnappers.
And what does this have to do with Babylon 5?
Well, as I said, many who fought the Minbari during the war...
...felt they were up against a vastly superior technological force...
...and, in fact, at that time and under that administration, that was correct.
It's not such a great leap from recognizing technological superiority... ascribing greater ethical and moral values...
...and even genetic superiority to alien races.
Right here on Earth, for instance...
...we have the cargo cult, which saw airplanes during the 20th century...
...and assumed they and their pilots were gods.
It's much the same thing.
Dr. Indiri, in your professional opinion, could this Minbari War Syndrome...
...or an unhealthy fascination with aliens...
...cause a person to turn against his own people, his own race?
It is theoretically possible, yes.
We all remember the fascination with alien religions that gripped Earth culture...
...after we made our first contact with the Centauri.
The assumption was that an advanced species may be nearer God than we are...
...which was obviously not the case with the Centauri, goodness knows.
But it caused many humans... turn against the belief systems they had been raised with...
...even turn violent. - Thank you, Dr. Indiri.
The second rule of journalism is, no one does anything without a reason.
They may not admit it, even to themselves, but the reason is there.
To understand what's been happening on Babylon 5 since their break from Earth... first have to understand why.
This puzzle started to come together when our cameras happened to overhear...
...what would turn out to be a very important conversation.
Listen carefully.
- Then perhaps we can talk later? - Yeah, I'll try. A bit busy here.
- Yeah? - Dr. Franklin...
...the cryo-units are ready for restart. - I'll be right there.
A small piece of conversation overheard by chance.
We'll find out what those few words really mean when we come back.
ISN's special report on Babylon 5 continues with Dan Randall.
Welcome back.
In our last segment, I asked you to pay special attention... this ship berthed outside Babylon 5.
This warship is part of a fleet created by Sheridan and Minbari Ambassador Delenn...
...and was used in their recent military campaign.
You'll note that station resources are being used to outfit and equip the warship.
Once again, alien worlds benefit while Earth Alliance taxpayers pay the bills.
But that's not the full extent of it.
Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not...
...Babylon 5 was fully armed with state-of-the-art weapons systems...
...just prior to breaking away from Earth.
Weapons used to destroy our own ships during its act of secession.
Another piece of an interestingly curious puzzle.
But what does it mean?
Where is the key, the Rosetta stone that will unlock the mystery?
The mystery that is Babylon 5.
Is it hidden, or right out in the open?
I see the two of you have become very close over the last few years.
Yes, very.
Any truth to the rumors you might eventually marry?
No comment, for now.
Well, as relationships go, you certainly have the odds against you.
You were both on different sides during the Minbari War...
...and I'm sure there are other forces constantly pulling at you.
Of course.
But the heart does not recognize boundaries on a map...
...or wars or political policies.
The heart does as the heart does.
Then you're not concerned about the possible repercussions?
It will be a struggle.
- A struggle against Earth? - Of course.
If they don't understand, we will make them understand.
Anything that gets in the way disappears.
There are people back home who might be concerned about what you're saying.
It sounds as if you're putting the mingling of human and Minbari...
...above the safety of your own world.
There's no force in the galaxy that can stop what we have done here together.
Nothing will be able to stop us.
"Nothing will stop what we have done here together."
If this sounds troubling, there may be good reason.
While on Babylon 5, I managed to speak with Michael Garibaldi...
...former head of security who resigned recently under mysterious conditions.
Look, don't get me wrong. I like Sheridan. He's...
I don't know. He's just different since he got back from Alien Space.
You know, sometimes he thinks he's the Second Coming.
He has, like, a God complex. You can't talk to him anymore. He doesn't listen.
Well, that's not true. He listens to Delenn...
...this other alien Lorien, who was here for a while, maybe a few others.
I just wasn't comfortable with the situation anymore.
He thinks he knows what's best for everybody else.
Now, maybe that goes with being a C.O., but this...
I just think he's gone over the top.
Do you think you'll get into trouble for saying this?
Yeah, probably.
But somebody's gotta say something.
With information we received from sources aboard Babylon 5...
...we were able to slip into a restricted area on the station.
What you are about to see may shock you.
We're standing in an area immediately adjacent to the Medlab facilities.
We've seen several stretchers with unconscious humans...
...moving down this hall to a room at the far end.
We're trying to get a better look.
These are cryogenic freezer units.
Babylon 5 is not supposed to maintain more than four or five...
...of these cryo-units at any given time...
...and only then when required by a medical emergency...
...until they can be sent back to Earth for treatment.
There are at least 20 or 30 of these units here.
And these names...
We checked the station manifest, and these names do not appear...
...on any of the passenger, crew or travel logs.
So where did these people come from, and what are they doing here?
We've got to go, now! Move, come on!
We were looking for a Rosetta stone.
We may have found it in the cryogenic lockers with their cargo of frozen humans.
Now we can begin to see a picture forming.
An imprisoned population of humans, powerless, homeless, unable to escape...
...who won't be missed if they disappear.
When they do vanish, they're taken away by medical personnel...
...stored in cryogenic suspension and taken out as needed...
...their records erased from the central computer system.
Meanwhile, alien ships are being built, repaired...
...and equipped outside the station.
You don't assemble a fleet unless you intend to use it.
So, what's the next target for this so-called "last, best hope for peace"?
We're finally prepared to answer that question.
We believe that answer will shock some of you, horrify others and anger all of you.
We'll have that and some concluding thoughts after this.
Welcome back.
We have one last interview to show you. It's brief, but telling.
Not so much for what's said, but for what's denied.
All clear.
Our jobs here are to serve the needs of both the human and alien populations.
Now, that can be very difficult some days.
The different biologies mean what cures one race kills another.
And how long do patients stay here on average?
Well, just a few days. We're not really set up to handle long-term care.
Then you don't use cryogenic suspension to freeze patients for work later?
Very rarely, and only in extreme cases.
And at the moment?
No, no. We don't have anyone in cryo right now.
- No one? - That's right.
Rule number three: People only lie when they have something to hide.
We know there are humans in cryo at Babylon 5.
We saw them, as did you. So, what are they hiding?
I'd like to turn back to Dr. Indiri for a moment.
Dr. Indiri, does any of what you've seen here worry you?
- Yes, it does, Dan. - Why?
Well, over the years since the Minbari War...
...from time to time we have seen cases of Minbari War Syndrome...
...develop into cases of severe pathology.
The worship of alien races turns into a kind of self-hatred.
We have had cases of self-mutilation, attempts to look more alien...
...and some cases that...
Well, these are too extreme for your audience to hear.
The point being, radical cases of Minbari War Syndrome...
...can lead to the desire to become alien oneself...
...and to make others around you the same way.
So you're saying that Captain Sheridan could be sick, mentally disturbed?
I don't like to make long-distance diagnoses...
...but, yes, that would be my assessment based on what I've seen here.
And if he is unstable...
...that might make it easier for others to use him for their own purposes.
Well, he would certainly be more receptive to alien influence...
...and more prone to obey orders from aliens.
Thank you, Dr. Indiri.
You've seen the same evidence we have...
...heard directly from the players involved in this story.
The truth, as always, is self-evident once you find the key...
...and this is the key.
The key to medical experiments conducted on humans kept in cryogenic freeze.
The key to Sheridan's heart, by his own admission.
The key to their fleet and their plan for humanity.
Perhaps the Minbari surrendered because they had come up...
...with a better way to conquer Earth...
...not with the sword, but with the genetic code.
Has the war really ended or has it simply changed shape?
Has Sheridan's self-hatred grown into a desire to save humanity... making us into them?
A program to mix human and Minbari DNA sounds absurd, fantastic...
...but it's already been done once. Delenn has shown him the way.
Half human, half Minbari. She did it. Why can't we?
If it's good enough for the woman he loves, why not everyone else?
And if we choose not to cooperate, if we do not see the wisdom... his alien-influenced logic...
...then there's an alien fleet waiting and ready to be used against us...
...his own people, as he did once before.
Is this the face of humanity's future? Sheridan's future?
The fault, however, is not his own. The fault is ours...
...for not seeing his condition in time to deal with it.
It is my belief that he is not an evil person.
He only needs our help to come back to us.
Minbari War Syndrome is a very real problem.
Add the pressures of command, the loss of his family's home...
...when their farm was burned to the ground last week, his father still missing.
Our job is to report the news, not to make it or guide it.
But from this reporter's perspective...
...the situation on Babylon 5 is deteriorating quickly and must be dealt with.
The quarantine order will help prevent more humans from falling prey... this genetics program, but it's only a short-term solution.
As for Sheridan, he does not deserve our scorn, our anger or our contempt.
He is a war veteran, and that should at least earn him our sympathy.
We here at ISN hope he receives the best care possible... he can someday come back to us.
This is Dan Randall for ISN. Good night.
[ENGLISH] synchro 25fps : jrzac
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