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Subtitles for Bad Timing (Nicolas Roeg 1980).

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Bad Timing (Nicolas Roeg 1980)

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Well, she's up against the register
With an apron and a spatula
Yesterday's deliveries
Tickets for the bachelors
She's a moving violation
From her conk down to her shoes
Well, it's just an invitation to the blues
And you feel just like Cagney
She looks like Rita Hayworth
At the counter of the Schwab's drugstore
You wonder if she might be single
She's a loner, likes to mingle
Got to be patient, try and pick up a clue
She said how you gonna like 'em
Over medium or scrambled?
You say any way's the only way
Be careful not to gamble...
Oh, Stefan, I'm sorry.

Pán obchodní reditel.
Stefan i Vognicová.
You will call, hm?
It's not really like going away.
For you.
- Wie heißt die? - Vognic. Verheiratet?
- Zu viele Tabletten geschluckt. - Vorsicht.
Wir werden alles machen, was möglich ist.
Wir haben schon alles angelegt. Ich hab' durchgerufen.
Bitte, Sie dürfen nicht weiter.
Oh Alex, I've done something stupid.
- Oh God, I'm tired. - Tired or drunk?
- I wanted to say goodbye. - You said it exceptionally well here tonight.
That's right. Pissed.
- Milena, what...? - How else could I get myself ready?
God, goodbye, you.
Oh, Alex, please don't go. I wanted us to have a real goodbye.
- Are you the husband? - No.
- A relation? - No.
Any idea what she took?
- Was it full before? - I wouldn't know.
It'll kill you in the end.
Jetzt kann die erzählen was sie will, aber sie hat hundertmal dasselbe erzählt.
Und ich kenne die ja.
Du kannst mir schon glauben. Ich sag' immer nur was ich denke.
Na ja, meistens.
We're gonna meet.
Might as well be now.
You could be right. Then again, why spoil the mystery?
If we don't meet, there's always the possibility it could have been perfect.
Hey, Alex
- Alex. - To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what I meant.
It's OK.
Excuse me.
Nicht rauchen, bitte.

You were longer than I thought.
I'm afraid it's going to take a little longer than that. I'm leaving now.
Road's wet
It wasn't raining when I got here.
Too bad.
If you let me by, I'll drive carefully.
If that's the way you like it.
Are you going to let me by?
Wrote my number on it.
Call me.
- Relation? - No.
Er, boyfriend?
Bitte gebrauchen Sie das Physiologiezimmer.
Danke schön, Schwester.
What connection do you have with her?
- You could say I'm a friend. - So...
were you there when she swallowed the pills?
- No. - Please, this way.
Now, good.
Please sit down.
And how did you happen to be there afterwards?
- Did somebody call you? - She did.
- What, the girl? - Yes, she phoned.
After she took the pills,
or before?
How would I know?
She called and said, "I'll be dead in a minute. I wanted to say goodbye."
- That's all? - That's all.
And what did you say?
- Did you try to? - Nothing. I hung up.
Thanks. I only smoke these.
Oh Alex. It's true this time.
- I've done something stupid. Really stupid. - Milena, what are you...?

What time did she phone you?
I don't remember.
Try to think.
Had you gone to bed?
Were you asleep? No, I was working.
Was it very late?
I told you, I don't remember.
Twelve, one?
I didn't look at the clock. Use whatever time you want.
It is now two o'clock.
You called for the ambulance at... half past one.
How did her voice sound on the phone?
Did she have any difficulty speaking?
I don't.
- But... - It's just that...
I wanted to see you.
This is the only chance I got and I didn't want to wait.
You tell the truth about a lie beautifully.
Take me to your favourite place in Vienna.

- Who is this Linden? - The fellow who brought her here.
Bit of a pain, bad-tempered.
You combine that with traces of various drugs,
none of them that harmful, but with her overdose tonight,
you have a very advanced toxic condition.
..It's fabelhaft.
I want it!
- How does it work? - I'll show you.
- Come on. Where are they? Here they are. - The cards are in the back.
You need a neutral field. This is not really good. That's why I wanted to go home.
Do it here. I don't want to go. We have to do it now.
Pick your favourite colour, the one you're most sympathetic to.
- And then the second. - OK. All right.
- Got it. - Slow down.
No, no. I already know which ones I want.
Don't associate it with anything. Slow down.
- Turn'em over now. - OK.
- What does it mean? - Hang on.
- Tell me. I want to know. Right now, Alex. - Just a second.
- Tell me. What does it say? - Hang on. Hang on.
What? Tell me.
Is it bad?
I don't think you should spend too much time alone.
Oh, Alex
I'll Be Seeing You
"What is it men in women do require?
The lineaments of gratified desire.
What is it women do in men require?
The lineaments of gratified desire."
- That's good. I like that. - I like that.
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day through
Come here. I wanna try something.
Like them. They're happy.
That's because they don't know each other well enough yet.
Oh, come on.
You don't really believe that, do you?
What does it matter?
Definitely happy. At least I hope so.
It's good.
Once when I was 18.
Again last year.
Both times I... thought I wanted a child,
but... the last minute, I changed my mind.
And how do you feel about it now?
It's done.
I did what I chose.
And the fathers?
The first was happy.
The second...
...he was mad at me.

Oh, God, I spilt it all over. It hurts.
Oh, God!
- Maybe we could get something at the café. - Let's.
It's burning my pussy, Alex.
You're going to have to do something about this. Quickly!
All right. Let me just turn off the road.
You hug like an ape, Konrad. You belong in a zoo.
Du bist's.
It's always you who only makes me do this.
You know how dainty I am, nicht wahr?
Move on, Konrad. Move on.

- Asshole. - I suppose he has one.
Who are they?
- Oh, friends. Crazy people. - In what way?
They do crazy things.
Anyway, you're sexy. That's better.
Could you comment on sex with crazy people?
Eurgh! Cold.

How come you're so cold?
Würden Sie sagen, daß der Neugier der Antritt zum Wissen ist.
Yes, but I'm referring to the whole manifestation of curiosity.
And through the gratification of curiosity, one acquires knowledge.
- Could you tell me if Dr Linden's here? - Yes, in the library.
- Will you tell him Miss Flaherty's here? - Of course, my dear.
I'll be in the other room.
One would ask the question, "What is a kiss?"
And the answer is merely an enquiry on the second floor as to whether the first is free.
Excuse me, Dr Linden. It's a young lady to see you.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
- No, no. You can't... - Tell me, Doctor...
is there any chance for us?
No, come here, you.

Sie verblutet sich. Nehmen Sie den Kopf.
I've just been drinking.
- Practising. - Yeah.
Yeah, why, what.
She's been drinking a lot, hasn't she?
- The past few months. Why? - Please wait there.
God, prices today.
A ticket to Fidelio. Who can afford it?
Poor, silly girl.
How old is this girl?
Just a question.
24... 5.
Nice age.
She had difficulty speaking?
She seemed normal.
It sounded like a joke.
But it wasn't, though.
How do you know?
Someone rings you...
They ring you, they telephone me.
Sorry, I'm a little tired.
Someone rings you, says she's going to kill herself.
Now, that isn't normal.
At least for normal people.
Would you agree?
I've spent a good part of my life trying to understand what normal means.
I still don't.
Would you say she sounded...
Say whatever you like.
No, Dr Linden, what you would like.
What area do you work in, Dr Linden? Surgery?
No, I'm a research psychoanalyst.
- Research? - I teach.
Is your girlfriend a bit mad?
Mad is an expression I never use.
I see.
It's quite simple.
If you say so.
Heraus, ruhig. Sollt' Ihr Gesellen doch nicht reden!
Yes, but I must first know who I am before I know what I'm capable of.
How we come into this world and how we go out
is different for every one of us.
We are constantly in isolation, watching,
spying on everyone and everything around us.
In birth, chance seems to be merely the visible part of an as yet unknown
and uncomprehended natural law,
which links us up with the central area of today's enquiry,
secrecy and spying, or - call it what you will - watching.
So I give you the first spy.
And the first to be spied on.
Some famous spies
two of whom might be called political voyeurs.
Could you not as well put your picture up there?
- Or mine? - I could.
Then you are saying we are all spies?
Well, I prefer to label myself... an observer.
Now the guilt-ridden voyeur is usually a political conservative.
Anyway I had time to think about it and I feel I was wrong.
I want to apologise for being too nosy.
Yeah, I want to apologise, too.
I guess I did get a little... tipsy.
Yeah, you did.
I don't want to embarrass you, Alex.
I do things when I drink too much.
I guess I think you're not happy with me any more and... makes me nervous.
Still seeing that actor?
Let's get some air.
I'm not seeing him or anyone.
I just went out with him a couple of times, once or twice,
maybe even three times.
You don't own me, I don't own you.
You are seeing him.
Is that why you called to apologise?
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
It's just that I can't stand these dumb arguments any more, Alex.
Move in with me.
You'll see, it'll be great.
But we've been practically living together.
Maybe later.
Why can't we get it back to how it was?
I don't know.
For now, why don't we just keep it?
You know.
I'm going to take a walk.
I'll catch a bus.
Talk to you later, OK?
Los jetzt. Sei wieder friedlich.


- Hi, there. - Oh, the whole family.
Da ist er. Unser Boß, der grösste Ganove von der ganzen Umgebung.

I've got to go to work now, darling. See you. Love you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
and now the lovely Ulla.

Which party shall I go to tonight?
Tell me whose party shall I smile at tonight?
I'm gonna look for it
I'm gonna lie for it
I'm gonna swing for it
I'm gonna...
Hm, better than words, eh?
So you like Ulla, do you?
- Just get here? - Yeah.
Yeah? I was just gonna call you.
We're all on our way to another place.
- All? - Yeah, my friends.
I thought we'd be alone.
Oh, come on, be with us.
I'd rather be with you.
- OK, come on. - Really?
First read, then sign, please.
It's all right. It's a formality.
Of course.

Read first, please.
I know someone who could get two tickets to Fidelio.
So that's what they mean by a university education.
All right if I go out and pick up some cigarettes?
Yes, you can do anything you like. There's an all-night bar near the bridge.
- Ask for the ale. Superior to the beer. - Thanks.
Dr Linden.
Will you be coming back here or going home? After the cigarettes.
I thought I was free to do whatever I like.
It's just to know where, later on,
to give you any news if necessary.
I'll be back.
Tracheotomie. Anheben.
Höher, höher, höher.
Watte. Watte. Mehr Watte.
Die Tube einführen.
Fassen Sie daran an.
I thought you said he was in the army, your father.
That's a rather strange envelope, no?
It's normal for him.
He works for a wire service in San Francisco.
He left the army three years ago.
Mother loved it there. I miss her terribly.
She was only 46 when she died.
Can I have a cigarette?
He married again last year.
She's nice. Teaches.
I drifted back.
Back here to where Daddy was stationed when I was little.
Actually Paris first.
That's where we were all together last.
I worked at this and that.
I worked for one guy who had 20,000 bees and he didn't even like honey.
He wasn't very funny, either.
That's when my brother died in an auto accident.
Daddy could hardly get himself together.
I guess with he and Mother gone, we weren't much of a family any more.
Just people on our own.
Ever been married?
I hate these sheets.

I hope that I won't be that wrong any more
And maybe I've learned this time
I hope that I find what I'm reaching for
The way that it is in my mind
Some day I'll get over you
I'll live to see it all through
But I'll always miss
Dreaming my dreams with you
No, I won't let it change me, not if I can
I'd rather believe in love
And give it away as much as I can
To those that I'm fondest of
Some day I'll get over you
I'll live to see it all through
But I'll always miss
Dreaming my dreams with you...
Ihren Paß, bitte.
- Danke schön. - Bitte schön.
How are you doing?
What happened?
You don't like it, do you?
- Don't like what? - My outfit, the way I look.
- You look fine. - Oh, come on, I look better than that, don't I?
Right, you look real fine.
- I bought it for you. Aren't you happy? - I couldn't be happier.
You're a day late.
Hey, I wired you, didn't I?
Yeah, it was waiting for me when I got back.
Alex, I'm moving in with you. Can't we just...
Do one thing for me. Never force yourself to be different
from who you are.
Well, how am I then, huh?
You tell me, how am I?
You're just fine if you forget someone was waiting.
Look, can't we just forget all that?
Forget that cos you've got on something pretty it changes who you are?
I was going to tell you something.
I'm sorry.
Milena, I'm sorry.
Where are you going? -Nowhere.
- Die Pupillen? - Geschwommen.
- Wie ist das EKG? - Nimmt keine Luft zu sich.
Hiya, doc, Colonel Taylor here.
I hear you're thinking of going to New York. Confirm one way or another.
We've got some important profile work coming up.
By the way, the NATO people were delighted with what you did on those two files yester...
Hi, sweet, it's Amy here.
I just got back from LA so give me a call when you've got time...

- You got a whole department here. - You gotta see what we got in Italy.
You say this is a rush job?
Yeah. I'd have used one of our regulars, but as you can see, we're working full blast.
Got some people coming in soon.
Files, Inge. Need some up-to-date psychological reports.
You know, the usual.
- She's Viennese? I... - Born in America, of Austrian parents.
Regular army through and through. One of us.
You'll find everything you need to know about these two guys in here, or maybe you won't.
Any idea what it's for?
Come on
For all I know, it could be because their names begin with the same initials.
You just work out
whether either one of them is likely to siff coke or play with little girls or boys.
I don't know what any of it's for.
Maybe they forward it to American Express for credit ratings.
I'm just cleared for taking them out of the cabinet and putting them back.
All yours, Doctor.
No, no, it wasn't anything so shadowy or complicated.
Why would she marry him?
Listen, I've had men in my life.
And only one would I have liked to marry.
But there are problems, you know.
But marry him?
Sure. Why not?
Did he want to marry her?
Why not?
As for him and intelligence work,
it's ridiculous.
I think he would be flattered someone he didn't know was analysing him.
Though I'm sure he'd be as amazed as he would amused.
Of course, everything I say has to be taken in the context of who I am.
I'm only joking.
Suddenly so sad, so silent?
So sad, so silent. That's me.
Here, have some.
You know I hate this stuff.
Why didn't you tell me you were married?
Oh, I didn't...
You sort of lied, though. A relative is what you said
was over the border.
If I told you I was married,
you'd think it meant your way, and it wasn't like that, so better I...
I don't think it was a lie. It's words.
It's not important.
- Not important? - Nope.
To whom?
Not important to whom?
Stay back.
To whom?
To whom?
To whom? To whom?
Not important to whom?
To whom?
It's over.
It took time to get out.
And for how long out? A week? A month?
A day?
For good.
Do you still love him?
I married him. Of course I loved him.
I don't any more.
He's who I needed then.
He's almost 30 years older than you.
You think you're not?
Are you cold? Hm?
Yeah, I am cold.
Why is everybody so nosy over nothing?
I know something much better.
I'm not everybody.
No, you're not.
Anybody home?
Yoo-hoo, Alex?
- Hi. - Hi darling
- How are you doing? - I'm great.
- And you're great. - Where are we going tonight?
- I'll tell you. - It better be exciting. I'm in an exciting mood.
- You're in the mood, huh? All right, come on. - Where?
Tonight I thought I would take you to the library.
The library? You got lipstick all over you.
Well, it's just that...
...Stefan lived through the...
going here and there,
doing crazy things on a whim.
Well, he'd do them for me.
I tried to please him,
stop doing whatever it was I felt at the moment.
Oh, I don't know.
It seems the more rules I make for myself, the unhappier I get.
- You like me, huh? - I like you.
How much?
This much.
Is that all?
- All right, I like you this much.
Find me charming, too?
I am immune to your charms.
Who said that?
Oh, a certain shrink I know.
- Wrong. - Who?
You don't know?
How do you keep a moron in suspense?
- How? - I'll tell you later.
I love you, honey, but I don't know why.
I am going to fix us a terrific cheese omelette. That is, if I can.
Even a not-so-terrific one would be great.
You got it.

Well, tell me, what did you think of the play tonight?
Well, coach?
The Drama?
Dr Linden?
- Dr Linden? - No, we don't need Dr Linden now.
Smoke. Soon you'll have a chance to speak.
With me.
Who was the doctor who took over when the woman was brought in?
- Dr Schneider. - See if I can have a word with her on the phone.

Well, Doctor... there hope for us?
Wie alt ist sie eigentlich?
Alle Besucher links rein.
Kann ich Ihnen helfen?
Yes, I need some information on, er...
Yes? On what?
in your country.
I have...
Je tady American,
který poreos eo reozvveoed
Druhé patro. První dvere napravo.
Stairway to the second floor,
first door on the right.
Danke schön.
Soudruhu, je tu American.
Essentially, what I'm asking is, how does one go about getting... a divorce
in your country?
In my country, as anywhere else,
the first step is to ask for one.
But how does such a question come to be asked by you?
Someone I know, a friend, an American, is married to a Czech.
It would seem, then, that the problem, if there is one,
is not properly one of your concern.
I asked you not to go. You could cause trouble for Stefan.
Milena, either you're married or divorced. You can't be in-between.
To be in-between is to be no place at all.
I don't get it.
I can't find anything any more.
I put something down, I go to look for it, it's gone.
You could spend more time at your place.
My place is getting to look exactly like your place.
This must be his car.
It's open.
About 14 minutes.
Let's say a comfortable quarter of an hour.
Yes, but if there was traffic...
At one o'clock in the morning? Nonsense.

Well, well. The radio was on.
That's the late station.
So you listen to music at night instead of listening to your communications band?
- What time does it start? - Never.
The late station. The late station.
Around midnight...
I think.
Ah, only think.
- It was open. - Right again.

I was thinking, if I'm not nice to you, if I'm mean,
then it would be easy for you to leave me, huh? Look.
Look at the kitchen.
Oh, look.
Your favourite sheets.
- That's great. - Yeah.
Oh, Alex, not now.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
- What is it? - Nothing. It's just that I don't want to.
What do you want to do, then?
What's so urgent?
Can't we just sit and talk,
be with each other?
Relax. You're so tense these days.
Hey, we're OK.
I'll talk, it's just that you don't want to face the things I want to talk about.
- I daren't talk. - Oh, honey.
Come here. Come and sit down.
OK, what do you want to talk about?
Haven't we anything else left?
I just wanted us to be nice together, that's all.
You say you want to be nice. I'd like you to be.
- But this... - Is that the only way I can be nice to you?
You know that's not true.
Do I?
Anyway, I have to go soon.
Why do you have to go?
I have things. There's some stuff I was going to do.
What if we'd made love?
But we didn't.
Anyway, I really can't stay. I'm sorry if I spoiled things.
Alex, don't go.
Why are you lying to yourself all the time?
I'm not. I have to go.
Wait a minute, Alex, look.
You gotta understand me the way I am.
I mean...
there's nobody else, they're all in your head.
But I must be who I am.
You know, to... be with people you don't like.
Get up when I want to get up.
And eat when I want to eat.
Drink when I want to drink and fuck when I want to fuck.
I'm sure you will. You do everything only when you want to.
See you tomorrow. Same time, same place.
Fuck you.
Wait a minute. Wait, Alex.
Wait, Alex.
You want me? Huh?
Come on.
Come on, do it now, Alex. Do it now.
Here it is, Alex. Here it is.
Look at it, Alex. That's what you wanted, huh? There it is.
Come here. Come here.
Come here and take it. That's what you want.
Here it is. Come on.
It's what you wanted. Do it now. Fuck me.
Fuck me right here now, goddamn it.
I'll fuck you.
There you go.
Come on. Stick it in there, then, huh?
That's it.
Oh, God
- Oh, God - That's all it is, huh?
That's all it is, huh?

Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me! Damn it!

Right again.
What a mess. Just like my sister's.
Come back

Bonjour, monsieur.
Notre voiture est en panne. Nous allons á Ouarzazate.
Pouvez-vous nous aider, s'il vous plaít?
- Oui. - Ouarzazate, c'est lá-bas.
- Oui - Nous, nous allons ici.
Je vous en prie, monsieur.
Qui est-il?
II est mon frère seulement.

- Merci. - Vous, vous montez derrière.
Il y a une seule place ici pour votre sœur.
Ah, les jolis cheveux. Ça c'est beau, ça.
C'est très très beau.
What's happening?
Et ça suffit, non?
II y a longtemps que vous êtes au Maroc?
- Trois semaines. - Ae-ae-ae, ae-ae
American. Beautiful.
On va aller á la maison. Je vais vous inviter. Vous allez prendre le thé.
- Voilá. - Merci.
- D'accord? - Oui.
Comme ça vous prenez le couscous avec moi á la maison...
Shake the guy.
Monsieur, monsieur, enough, enough.
- Vous voyez ce que je veux dire? - Oui, oui.
Nous allons boire un thé comme dessert et puis nous allons bien rigoler.
Si vous voulez.

I remember in New York
across from us on the other side of the park was this beautiful old mansion.
It was very elegant, aristocratic.
It made me feel good knowing something so beautiful was so close.
Around it were lots of other lovely buildings,
mostly built I think, round the turn of the century.
One by one they went down. And one by one, up went mostly monstrosities.
But that one building remained.
It was there.
Someone said an eccentric millionaire owned it.
At night, as a kid,
when I'd walk across the park, I'd use it to guide me.
Then later,
when I'd graduated, started to teach,
it was still there.
One day I had to go to Boston. That was Friday.
When I got back on Tuesday, it was gone.
Like that.

I found this on the floor.
- I missed you. - I've been shopping.
New York?
I have an option to renew my contract with the university, which I won't.
But I say we go back, we get married, we build something solid together.
What about now?
- What do you mean, now? - Here, right now, this minute, this second.
Look where we are.
Did you miss that I just asked you to marry me?
Well, what? I'm asking you to marry me.
I've loved these days.
I've loved them.
I don't get it.
Well, weren't you happy?
- You have to be happy. - I am happy. I was happy.
- It can be that way from now on. - I am happy.
When I'm with you, I'm with you.
I love being with you.
What does that mean? With me, not with me.
- You have a husband you don't want, but... - I just want...
my own life, my own time.
You can be a part of it, the biggest part of it. You are the biggest part of it.
I love you.
Come on.
Look at where we are.
Look at this.


- Dr Alex Linden? - Yes.
- Your call to Bratislava. Do you still want it? - Yes, I want it.
Fine. We'll put you through in that case.
Hold the line. - Yes.
My name is... - Yes.
Yes, Alex Linden. You've heard of me?
To be sure.
Look, this is as embarrassing for me.
as it must be for you.
Listen, Mr Linden, please come to the point and tell me what I owe this communication to.
Milena. She has't been seen for almost a week.
I haven't seen her and I'm worried and I thought...
I thought maybe you knew where she was.
Are you there?
Did you hear me?
Yes, I heard you, Mr Linden, and no, I don't know.
Please help me.
Some place, someone she might...
That you know.
Believe me, Dr Linden...
...I would most certainly tell you if I knew.
What I want more than anything is for Milena to get bored with you
as soon as possible.
And it may come as a surprise to you, more for her sake than for mine.
So why don't you just bugger off?
This Stefan Vogic,
he's her husband, is he not?
I think so.
Then there's a question in your mind?
He's her husband.
Do you know him?
We spoke... on the phone.
Does Mr Vognic...
He is aware of the relationship that exists between you and his wife, is he not?
What relationship is that?
You tell me.
I've told him. I've told you already.
I'm a friend.
Ah, yes.
Forgive me. Of course.
A friend.
And this is why she telephoned you and...
But as I understand, you didn't believe her,
because this wasn't the first time she telephoned you threatening to kill herself.
Is that a correct assessment of the truth?
It is, but I went all the same.
Without, however, taking the business very seriously. Right?
Say goodbye.
You went to make sure.
But you were convinced you would find Mrs Vognic alive and well as usual?
Am I right?
- You like Superman? - Superman.
It's Superman. Why you say Sooperman?
It's not a bad book. Would you excuse me?
Are you going to Hummel's party?
Ich warte.
Lost your tan.
You lost your tan.
More than a month. It fades.
Doesn't matter. You look good, tan or no tan.
I heard you've been trying to find me.
Why didn't you call me?
I did, five, ten times.
I didn't know.
Did I?
I guess it was...
I guess it's as difficult for you as it is for me. I...
Maybe if you would have...
left a message or something.
Alex, some interesting papers arrived from America.
- Let's have a coffee and talk. - Sure.
Who's the guy?
Does it matter?
Why did you come here?
I don't know Alex, I...
I guess I want... Maybe I wanted to stumble into you.
Sounds reasonable, but how can I believe you?
What are you afraid of, Alex?
Let's not argue.
You're calling me a liar.
He's not the guy in the photo, is he?
What photo?
You and someone at a lake.
You took them?
Stefan I know, but that someone at the lake.
It wasn't him.
Or him.
Would it really matter if I told you?
The lake was in California.
And the boy was my fucking brother.
You don't believe me, do you?
You think I'm lying.
Think? You'll never change, Milena.
If you weren't who you are, I wouldn't have to.
Oh, God, I'm...
I'm glad you decided to get rid of me, Alex. You know that?
Because I did love you and...
I couldn't...
Fuck off
You're drunk.
Milena, I want to explain.
Tell it to your students.
It's just that I can't stand to think of you with anyone else.
I'm tired. I had too much.
I need sleep. Please, just go.
Milena, I love you.
I waited all night out there in the car.
It's fucking daylight.
You want me to tell you I slept with someone?
Is that what you want? We fucked?
Would you believe that? Is that what you want to believe?
What do you want to know?
The truth?
No, you'd only call it a lie.
What do you want to do? Go up and make love?
Go up and fuck?
You want us to do that?
You want me to do that?
What is it you want?
I love you.
I don't love you.
What do you want me to say?
What do you want me to do because of that?
Kill myself?
Would you be sure then?
Huh? Would you? Would you?
What do I want? What do you want?
I want you to be mine.
No, you don't. You want to own me and dump me.
Well, I don't want to be yours or anyone's.
Greedy bastard.
Got everything.
Had everything.
Know everything.
I don't want any fucking thing of mine.
Let alone yours.
I'm not ambitious.
I'm not a fucking artist.
Or a poet.
Or a philosopher.
Or a goddamn revolutionary.
I don't want to have to pretend I am for anybody.
I just want to be allowed
to give where I can.
How I can.
To who I can.
For Christ's sake, don't ever use that word love again.
And I promise I won't.
Want me to give you a great big present?
I did do it.
I did it.
You made me do it.
You drive me crazy. Why did I ever meet you? Anyway, who are you?
Did you know that Mrs Vognic took drugs?
Tests made before the operation reveal traces of amphetamine in her blood.
Amphetamine. She may have taken stimulants. She suffered from severe depressions.
Drugs aren't so unusual, are they?
You wouldn't recommend them, would you, Doctor?
I'm not her doctor.
- I'm a friend. That's it. - Of course.
Did you get her the prescription?
I'm a friend. That's it.
Of course. You did tell us that. Yes.
You may smoke if you like.
This, Dr Linden... an extract from our archives.
The Germans have always been very good at archives.
This is Austria.
On 5th May,
a disturbance was reported by various neighbours
living in the Schöbrunnerschloß Straße.
Complaints were filed
against Milena Vognic
for drunken and disorderly conduct.
After additional enquiries, it was learned that the party receiving the attack
of verbal abuse was...
Dr Alex Linden,
currently on the faculty.
So what does that mean?
Of course.
But what caused that?
I told you, she's a very erratic person.
We decided not to see each other after that.
For a while, at least.
Why did you decide not to see each other?
How, Dr Linden,
would you account for a young girl getting into a state?
Drugs, depressions.


Alex, I think I've done something stupid.
What are you up to? Nothing.
Is someone there?
No, nobody's here.
There isn't, is there?
No, and, Milena, I really want to talk to you. I've been thinking about things.
Oh, yeah?
Really. We ought to talk.

No-one there?
- Listen, it's a little late for drunken phone calls. - Oh, Christ the usual lecture. Jesus, Alex!
Why don't you just fuck me to death?
I've done it, Alex.
This is strange and fucked up and confusing.
No-one there?
You are a creep.
- It's none of your business. - You liar.
Why don't you just fuck off?
Milena, your scenes are boring, dull and stupid.
Not according to that orange file of yours.
Not according to that, huh?
You know, you really are a prick
Do't worry, I won't embarrass you any more. You'll be able to chose that file, Alex Linden.
- Milena, I wanted to talk to you about all this.
I hate to be hung up on.
She wouldn't do anything stupid.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Welcome to the wake.
Chains... so you can lock me up and I'll forever be yours.
Did you bring your orange file for protection?
Don't worry about it. Doesn't matter.
You've won.
I've won?
We are celebrating the death of the Milena you don't want,
and the birth of the Milena you do.
Do I look pretty?
Don't you like...
Here, for you.
The only one, sir.
The only one chains for which you have the only key.
For you.
For Milena's freedom.
Leave and you'll kill me. Leave and I'm dead.
Don't go. Help me. I need you now, Alex.
I need you, please.
Me? You need me now?
Milena, you have so many friends.
Call 'em.
Call 'em now.
- I'll throw myself out the window. - Be my guest.
Alex, no, don't go.
Alex, please, don't.
Where are you? Come here!
Alex! Alex!
Come on there, you! Do you hear me?
There you are.
You'd like me to do it, wouldn't you?
Admit it, admit it. You'd like to see me dead. Oh, shit!

- Why ruin your neat little existence, Alex, why? - Stop that, you crazy bitch!
That's what you want, isn't it? To neaten up your little fucking life.
You fucker
I hate you!
- Lass mich doch zu ruhig schlafen Stop that!
Blow it out your ass!
Fuck you!
Fuck you! I hate your fucking guts!
Ruhig da oben!
I'm going to do it, Alex. I'm going to do it for you.
Don't go. Watch me.
That's what you wated, isn't it?
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Oh God! Oh God!

Who are you?
Who-who? Who-who?
Who are you?
Who-who? Who-who?
Who are you?
Who-who? Who-who?
Who are you?
Who-who? Who-who?
I woke up in a Soho doorway
A policeman knew my name
He said you can go sleep at home tonight
If you can get up and walk away
I staggered back to the underground
And the breeze blew back my hair
I remember throwing punches around
And preachin' from my chair
Well, who are you?
Who are you?
Who-who? Who-who?
The said et cetera et cetera telephoned me at about 1:30.
- Now I want... - I can't remember the time with any precision.
But I'm not asking you for the precise time.
So could it have been half past twelve, perhaps?
- Ten, eleven, midnight. - No.
You see. It wasn't eleven and it wasn't midnight.
- Could it have been one? - Wrong again.
If you know I'm wrong, you must know what the correct answer is.
It wasn't one.
Later or earlier?
Which? Later? Earlier?
Later, naturally.
Not two?


I wated to say goodbye.
You said it exceptionally well the other night, Milena.
Alex, I...
I did't mean to, I...
Oh Alex, please don't go.
I wated...
I wanted us to have a real goodbye.

I wanted...
I wanted us to have a real goodbye.
Oh, God, I'm tired.
Very tired.
Tired or drunk?
That's right. Pissed
How else could I get myself ready?
God, goodbye, you.

Oh Alex.
I've done something stupid.
Really stupid.
What did you do after you got the call?
Did you have to dress?
No, I was working.
I put on my jacket and tie.
Your tie?
Then you went to your car.

Like this or faster? Or slower?
More or less like now.
- Was the radio playing? - What does that mean?
While you were on your way to see
whether Mrs Vognic had...
Stop calling her Mrs Vognic.
...while on your way
to see whether there had or had ot been a suicide?
You switched the car radio on.
It was still on an hour ago when I went for the first time to look at her apartment.
You wouldn't remember what was playing?
I don't know. Music.
A news bulletin maybe.
Do you have a light?
Maybe it was the late station.
No, it wasn't the late station.
The radio was tuned to the second station.
I switched it off myself.
Und mit dieser Note meldet sich das zweite Programm ab
Gute Nacht
- Herr Hauptmann. Hauptmann Netusil
Go up. I'll join you in a minute.
- Stay here. - Hauptmann Netusil.
Hauptmann Netusil.
- Hauptmann Netusil. - Yes, speaking. What?
You came.
Well, we've decided it took me about 20 minutes to drive here.
Where was she when you entered?
Mrs Vognic rang you between 1:00 and 1:30,
which means she was in a condition to dial and talk.
She arrived at the hospital about one hour later in a state of advanced coma.
So... abnormally rapid toxic process, wouldn't you say?
Not my branch. Ask a specialist.
I have. When Mrs Vognic reached the hospital,
she had swallowed the pills at least three or four hours before.
If she swallowed the poison between 10:30 and 11:30,
then at 1:30 she was in no condition to ring anybody.
Or even move a finger.
Do you follow me?
Maybe she phoned earlier. I don't know. Maybe I didn't leave that quickly.
I wasn't conviced.
I probably was...
It must have been... half an hour before I got here.
I mean she'd threatened before.
And there's that business about your radio being tuned to the second station.
You know, don't you that the second station ends at midight?
Now, please, Dr Linden,
be kind enough to tell me...
Exactly what did occur when you received her call?
You're not going to scare me, Milena.
Not with a weak gesture like this.
Why don't you scare Konrad, that slob you kissed at that café?
He'd haugh at you now and throw a bomb at somebody.
Or Giovanni.
He's probably at the theatre tonight.
If only you could have gotten yourself together.
We could have...
It could have been good.
But you couldn't get it together.
My sweet, you've been drunk before. You've handled it then. You will now.
On your own.
Without help.
Who would you call anyway?
That young guy in the photo?
Your brother?
Your brother.
I'm here.
We don't need anybody else.
Just you and me.
Help me.
It's better this way.
Believe me.
There was no other way.
If you arrived here... let's say two or three hours
before you said you did
Which I didn't.
Of course. Only detection.
What is it if not
a process of elimination?
Why I chose this profession...
A puzzle.
Certaily the law does't interest me.
...when I see...
When I see...
When I...
When I see...

Where was I?
You were making incorrect assumptions.
Yes, yes.
Anyway, if... lf...
Then you'd have to explain why you allowed all that time to elapse
before calling for an ambulance.
But what about all those Marlboro butts?
You smoked quite a few last night waiting for the ambulance.
They could have been there for weeks.
One could never accuse Mrs Vognic of an obsession with cleanliness.
Ask the portress.
I have. What I need is a confession.
Would you like to confess, Dr Linden?
To what?
The truth of the matter, Dr Linden, is... that no-one cares about Article 139B.
It has little, if any, indictable application to this case.
But Article 205: Ravishment.
There we have quite another apple, do we not?
Do you know, I ordered a vaginal swab taken?
As detection demands.

Wake up, Milena.
Don't sleep.
Wake up.

Tell me.
We're alone here. No witnesses.
Tell you?
A sort of confirmation.
Tell you what?
About ravishment.
I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.
Difficult, the law.
In this area,
it's not as clear as it could be.
It... has to do with...
Well, in a sense...
In a sense you take advantage of someone's love.
You disguise your feelings of
of hatred.
I have the feeling we're talking about you and not me.
We are not unalike.
I could understand...
...people who live in this sort of disorder.
A sort of moral and physical sewer.
They spread it around them like an infectious disease.
Dangerous creatures.
To themselves and others.
They envy our strength,
our... capacity to fight,
our will to master reality.
What do they do? They try to drag us into their confusion,
their chaos.
Anything to get you.
Anything to get you back.
Back the way it was.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you, Milena.
I love you, Milena.
I love you.
I love you.
Hello. We need an ambulance. It's urgent.
Schönbrunnerschloß Straße.
Schnell, bitte.

Please, Dr Linden.
As a personal favour.
Personal favour?
You see, a swab would prove nothing.
I fear I'm not so good a detective.
But... But what is detection if not confession?
Confess between us. It might help.
Help who?
I can help you.
Dr Linden...
Between us.
Tell me what you...
dare not.
I had a phone call before.
In the car.
S sne edeaed?
No. She will live.
Then you don't need me any more.
Everything you need you can get from her.
Excellent. Thankful news.
For me, perhaps, it arrived a moment too early.
I trust that both you gentlemen will...
ma ke yeo rse vves avva abo e teo me feor t ne next tveo edays
What did you get from her, Dr Linden?
Not enough, I think.
You must understand, you see,
it's not enough to love a woman when she's so... difficult.
You must love her tremendously.
More even than one's own dignity.
Don't you agree?
I've got to take two with me this afternoon.
Ann, those are the strangest shots.
They're not mine. Someone left them in my apartment.
Did you really?
Call me.

The same old story
It's as old as the stars above
The same old story
Of a boy and a girl in love
The scene: Same old moonlight
The time: Same old June night
Romance the theme
Two hearts awake
Deep in a dream
The same old story
It's been told much too much before
The same old story
But it's worth telling just once more
It's all fun and laughter
They lived ever after
In ecstasy
The same old story
But it's new to me
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Blast From The Past 1999
Blast from the Past
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Blind Spot Hitlers Secretary (2002)
Blind date
Blob The 1988
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Blue (Derek Jarman)
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Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1
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Bob Le Flambeur 1955
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Body The
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Bola El
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Bonnie and Clyde
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Born Romantic
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