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Balseros 2002

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The summer of 1994|was a very tough one in Cuba.
People got tired|and decided to do things...
they never dared do before.
Put up your cash, gentlemen.
I'll never forget|when they hijacked...
the ferry to Regla...
which is used to cross the bay.
When the Soviet Union fell...
the Cuban economy collapsed.
And Cubans got fed up with...
all the shortages.
All I've got is...
sadness in my heart.
Only sadness in my heart.
I think it was August 5.
They tried to hiijack the ferry.
They had knives, even a grenade.
They ran out of fuel.
Water! Fuel!
They didn't know there|was a reserve tank at the bottom.
The Cuban Coast Guard|intercepted them at sea.
When the people on the shore...
heard the ferry|had been stopped...
they took to the streets.
I'd never in all my life...
seen people react that way in Cuba.
From then on,|many things happened.
Long live Fidel!
We will instruct|our border patrols...
not to stop boats...
that want to go to the United States.
This street belongs to Fidel!
Throw the traitors out!
Get out of here!
Get out! Get out!
Remember, in God we trust.
Let it be God's will.
Let it be God's will.
I'm convinced...
they robbed me 5 years|of my daughter's childhood.
Virgin of Charity, protect me.
There's a lovely building in Havana.
It's the U.S. Interests|Section headquerters.
They spend hours in the hot sun...
waiting for a U.S. visa.
to go to the United States.
I don't understand why|there are so many obstacles...
from both sides.
The only way out is...
to risk one's life at sea.
I have no other choice.
Every time I come it's rejected.
Look here,|the last time was in '92.
And I can't stay here.
Half of my family is here,|half there.
What do I do?
What do the Americans say?
We are just pawns.
They kill us here and over there.
I'll be frank.
This is my 4th time here.|I want to see my daughter.
She lives in downtown Miami.
If today I don't get what I want...
I have a raft at home.
I'll risk my life|in the straits of death.
This is my fourth time here.
Let them make the laws,|but I want to see my daughter.
The only option I've got|is setting out to sea.
I'm building a raft.|Now you know.
In '88 Guillermo|and I got legally divorced.
We did this so my mother,|who was in the U. S...
could call for me and my daughter|claiming I was a single mother.
We knew...
it was our only way out of Cuba.
My daughter and I had to go first.|Then my husband could come.
But we didn't know how.
I invited him 3 times,|and he'd present his papers...
but he never got the visa.
My world collapsed.
What would become of us?
This is a picture|of their wedding.
Daddy looks different now.
Let's see the last one we took.
I kept her father's image|very fresh.
I told her...
...he was hard working|and loved her very much.
We never gave up.
Mom and I came but my Daddy|and brother stayed.
- When will they come?|- Soon.
Like when?
Like tomorrow!
In honour of my daughter|this raft is called...
Nizeli María.
I christened it Nizeli María.
The Virgin of Charity...
Cuba's patron saint.
My future in America...|is to be...
not a millionaire,
but, in the future, a man...
- What would you like to have?|- What everyone wants.
A house, a car, a good woman.
A car, a house, a good woman.
I didn't know my brother Rafael|wanted to leave...
on a raft.|Until I found out... was one of the biggest|and full of delinquents.
We are already 12 men.|I've counted.
Four women... that's 16.
He never told me...
until I found out|he was trying to leave.
The delinquents kicked...
my brother off the raft... board it themselves.
They took advantage|of his nature...
...since he's noble,|he didn't resist.
A car, a house, a good woman.
I knew nothing|until he returned home...
barefoot and dirty...
Then he told us they had...
thrown him off the raft,|and had to swim to shore.
I knew that would|upset my mother.
- My heart hurts.|- Calm down.
We all got depressed...
...and begged him not|to do it again, but...
I don't want to eat,|drink, or anything.
Just dance, 8 hours straight,
'til my feet say: "enough".
And start to work.
No vacations.
In 1994 everyone wanted to leave.
We were able to build a raft.
I had some money and friends.
That zinc is from the roof.
But many others|didn't have a chance.
Like Rafael,|who came to see me.
Rafael came|when I was building my boat.
There was no room in mine,
but my brother was building his|and needed more people...
because he didn't have|the money to move it.
The truck cost 30$.
"Mommy, don't worry.
I've left. Don't cry.
I've left on a safe boat."
The note was there.
It said don't cry,
that he was leaving with friends...
Iooking for his future.
I remember it was...
September the first.
He had a fixed idea.
I know my mother|will be worried...
Here, people have no bad thoughts.
No one gets thrown overboard,
like they did to you.
No one here had 30$?
No. My sister, for example|Is dying to go with us,
but has no money,
so, she's building her own raft
but still needs many things.
- I need 100, 150 dollars.|- For what?
To buy inner tubes, canvases.
And everything I need.|Food, everything.
Either you go to bed with|a foreigner that you don't like...
or hustle,|risking going to jail,
to get 30.
Or do terrible things.
And I had to be a hooker|to support my family.
Do you mind our filming you|turning tricks?
"Piango, piango!"|Go straight!
We built a raft.
We were ready to live or die.
So we decided not to risk|the life of our wives and children.
Our chances were uncertain.
We worked hard.
It looked like a shipyard.
Give me the oars.
We had to destroy my cousin's house|to build the raft inside.
When will it be finished?
There's only today and tomorrow left.
It should be finished by tomorrow.
No time to breathe!
Long live the working class...
Long live free Cuba!
Long live Raúl!
Long live Fidel!
- Fatherland or death!|- We'll win!
I'm Cuban! I stick with Cuba!
Many factors were against us:|The climate, blackouts...
We could only work by daylight.|Torrential rains.
Water! Fuel!
To sell your life.
Right now, to go on one|of those rafts is to sell your life.
You have to wait,|keep calm.
The weather gets bad,|and good again.
You have to wait.|1, 2, 3, 10 days.
Certain things make you cry, but...
I remember my sister...
Lirio del Valle!|She helped me a lot.
She was a dancer at a hotel.
It's a risk,
but we can't give up now.
I want to be somewhere|where I can be well-off...
or not... , because it's a matter|of luck.
Seeing my family's situation,|I have to help.
I'll stay alone here... struggle. But I encourage him|to leave and make it.
I don't want to make him sad,|but he has to understand me.
It's not easy.
Separating isn't easy.
What will I tell my little girl?
I'll say: "Daddy went shopping...".|Little lies like that...
but nothing will be the same.
"I sense my soul...
already growing old..."
When my Oscar left...
I felt the sky tumbling down.
He took my heart.
Before he left...
my grandmother...
gave him an amulet
to keep him safe.
His grandmother gave him|a little boat
to get there safe, alive.
We had never before parted.
Since he was the male|we all spoiled him,
...that's why he always did|what he wanted.
It was incredibly crowded.
As if a celebrity was leaving.
A world wide celebrity,|for example.
I will never forget that scene.
That was a very sad moment.
Very tough.
We even sang|to the Virgin of the Sea,
our Cuban Yemayá...
that went: "Row, row, row..."
Row, row, row...
The Virgin will accompany you.
Honestly, I can't say...
how many people left Cuba|in those days:
55,000 people
or 44,000...
When did you leave?|4 days ago?
Only God knows how many left Cuba
and how many made it or failed.
When you see empty rafts,
you know someone was there
and now they're dead.
It broke our hearts
and made us row and row.
In a raft, at sea,|everything dark,
You'd hear people yell,|here and there:
"My inner tube has busted.|Help me!"
Children crying.
It's the ugliest thing in life!
We thought the Coast Guard...
was taking us to Miami,
but it was Guantanamo.
The Guantanamo naval base|is a piece of Cuba...
controlled by the United States.
Rafters rescued at sea
were sent down there.
All my people are here.
Those who left together.
Tell my mother I'm fine.
I'm working on sculptures.
I use this material.
A food bag.
Food from humanitarian aid.
You melt the plastic bag...
You get this block...
A food bag.
Food from humanitarian aid.
You melt the plastic bag...
You get this block...
take a collective shot of us
saying hello to our mothers.
We have the same spirit|as the first day. We won't give up.
Regards to all mothers in Cuba.
Damn, I'm dying to make love to you.
To make love to you.
Nine months is a long time.
Don't worry,|there are no women here.
I'm faithful to the cause.
As soon as I can,
I'll send for you.
8 months ago!
The last time I saw you was|in Havana, Sept. 3rd, at 5:30 p.m.
Nizeli, behave at school.
We'll be together in 4 months.
Behave and obey Mommy.
Daddy will be with you in 4 months.|That's it, Carlos.
- 4 months?|- 4, 5...
or 10, but Daddy's going to the U.S.
What's up?
- Are you crying?|- No.
- Who is this?|- Another boy.
There, where we loved each other...
...with passion.
I'll wait... for you.
When they left on the boat...
I was starting mine.
2,500 pesos just for this wood!
Two inner tubes busted today.
I have to buy more.
I was afraid that...
Cuba and the U.S.|would reach an agreement...
and the government would prohibit|people from leaving...
before my raft got built.
Let's get out of here!
The American government|warns Cubans of the dangers...
...of trying to reach|the US by sea.
...The US delegation|went back to Washington...
...for consultation.
Secretary of State,|Warren Christopher,
said the negotiations
have been useful|and productive.
You have to finish today,|and leave tomorrow.
These people are negotiating,|and you never know what's next.
Every time these people go to piss,
they come out thinking differently.
One day they talk about the embargo,
the next, they turn away rafters.
The day they reach an agreement,
you'd better be already over there.
God's will be done!
The Virgin will accompany you!
This is what's left|of the boat.
We ran into|bad weather...
and had to turn round.
We turned round|with the idea of leaving again.
Remove what had broken|and leave again but...
then the law was passed|that no one could leave.
And this is what is left.
I'll have to find a job...
try to leave legally. I don't know.
It wasn't easy for me.
I got a ijob and...
started a new life,|but I always had the hope...
of leaving someday.
About the rafters in Guantanamo...
there wasn't any certainty.
For months, no news|of Eduardo or Misclaida.
Misclaida's in the next one.
Look at her!
She cut her hair!
Wow! Look at his muscles!|I'd eat him.
Mommy: . .
when you get drunk, don't cry.
I want a picture of you|smiling ear to ear.
Don't cry,|we'll get out of here.
I'm taking care of both.|We're fine.
I pray to God to help them.
Kiss my sister|and tell her to write.
Say hi to Rafael.
Rafael Cano! Report to the military|area urgently.
You're fat!
My bed.
His bed!
I've got my clothes here.
After my brother left|on the raft...
we tried to contact relatives...
in Miami.
We contacted|my uncle Sergio...
to help him when|he got out of Guantanamo.
He fixed up his house...
and had everything ready.
He's in for memories of Havana.
There's a picture of Cuba.
This will be his room,
with a bed
and a brand new mattress.
Rafael, my wife's nephew,
I'll teach him a good trade.
I've done it with others.|4 and 6 colour machines...
paying 20, 25 dollars an hour.
A middle class salary.
Or, I'll teach him photography.
Stay right there, normal.
Now both of you look at me.
A little salsa...
That's it. Perfect.
One afternoon, they called us...
for immigration interviews.
They picked out who would stay,
and who would go back.
Who would enter the US,
and who wouldn't.
When they called, "Oscar del Valle"...|my feet, my knees, my head,
something trembled.
Your lottery departure number... 801.
I have 307.
Number 824.
By my calculations, I'll leave|around the 18th of this month.
I always knew we'd leave one day.
9 months after|arriving at Guantanamo
the first to leave were the sick.
I got out due to my epilepsy.
That's how I left after 9 months.
Now is when I really leave Cuba.
When I flew...|from Guantanamo
to Miami, where I had relatives waiting.
They gave me a welcoming party.
- Miriam, how's it going?|- Fine.
To me, your face reminds me|a lot of your mother.
I'm a little sad, Mommy.|Don't get angry but...
I left because life|there wasn't easy.
Now I will work...
I want to give my baby|everything she deserves.
Whatever she asks me for.
take good care of her,|Mommy, and...
When I left, my daughter...
was 13 months old.
I thought that working here...
I could bring her|without much paperwork.
But I couldn't pay a lawyer...
I earn ijust enough to survive.
Here it comes!
Virgin of Charity, protect me!
I hadn't seen him in 15 years.
He was just a kid. But I remember.
A car, a house, a good woman.
Ah, how nice.
It's humble... but decent.
He's a sculptor.
An artist.
I only ask my brother Oscar
to start working...
...and make his dreams come true...
to make a better life|as he used to say.
I wish him luck.
The first money that arrives...
is not just for shoes and clothes...
but also for basic food...
to see enough food in my icebox.
The things I need. So my daughter|can have an egg today... tomorrow.|Plenty of proteins.
Indian, I'm calling you.
Mercy in the name of God.|"Gestioma!".
Bring him flowers,|bring him flowers...
The spirits come down.
I ask them for mercy.
You may not|understand it now,
but after you're here a while...
you'll realise|what the capitalist system is like.
You have to resolve|your own problems...
before you can resolve|others' problems.
And since you've got|problems every day...
there's no time left for others.
- Understand?|- Yes.
That side is Manhattan.|We're here in the Bronx.
If you cross that bridge,|then you're in Manhattan.
Manhattan is made up|of Harlem...
upper Manhattan, Downtown.
Different districts...
Get in step!
Get in step!
Look how he gets in step!
These are some skulls...
To succeed here,|a person has to forget...
I don't mean to forget you|completely, but...
I have to keep a stiff upper lip...
and just think about myself.|Understand?
- Yes.|- So as to help you later on.
And how do you feel, darling?
All I can feel is sadness.
I haven't seen you in a year.
- We spent 11 years together.|- You can't forget that.
It wasn't 15 days nor 2 months.
It would be difficult to forget|from one day to another.
- Step by step.|- Yes.
- Know what that means?|- Tell me.
- Working day and night.|- Working day and night?
Yes. Every day.
Our first night|in Miami meant a lot
but nothing happened.
Actually, we were frightened,
by so many pretty things.
We're going to...
That's after New York.
They told you|that's a good place?
She said there'd be work there.
And that they pay well too.
Okay, how are you?
Pleased to meet you.|My name is Sofia,
from the Catholic Conference.
I'm here to inform you
about the program.
There are no ijobs here in Miami
and we can't offer you|that program
we have in various dioceses|in the United States.
As soon as you get there,|They give you an apartment,
get you a ijob.
They will be the family...|you don't have here.
You can play basketball.
I've played enough.
They earn good money.
Let me tell you:
You're all going to|San Antonio, Texas.
It's a beautiful city,|with lots of jobs.
You're going to Paterson,|New Jersey,
where there are a lot of jobs.
You'll be near the Big Apple,|as they call New York.
Good afternoon, I'm Sofia.
We're going to send you
to Louisville, Kentucky,|where there is...
the famous Kentucky|Derby horse racing.
Antonio, you're going|to Louisville, Kentucky.
Juan Carlos Subiza|and Misclaida Gonzalez.
Follow me, please.
Are you legally married?
- Legally, legally, legally no.|- Then I'll record...
common law marriage.
Do you speak English?
My husband, just a bit.
- It's important to study English.|- We are.
- How far in school did you go?|- 12th grade.
What was your job in Cuba?
I was a fumigator...
which here in the States|is called exterminator.
Both are OK. Don't worry.
Right here, Hartford, Connecticut.|That's where you'll be.
- That yellow spot.|- That's it.
You're going to Hartford,|Connecticut.
Hartford is the place,|and the state is Connecticut.
The dawn has come...
for the bravest people.
Without English|you're deaf and dumb.
In this country,
English is a must.
My first ijob in Miami,|was through my aunt.
I worked 7 days a week...
but I didn't make enough.
Then I realised,|this country's tough.
Too tough, I'd say.
Americans can't believe|I came on a tube like this.
They say, "That's a lie".|I wish I had a picture.
So, do we look for a job...|or do you help us?
Here we also help you|to find a job.
Jobs come to the computer,
which matches them|with your experience.
I'm a sculptor.
This category doesn't exist here...
but I could always be a handyman.
You made this?
November 10th, right?
I'm going.
At home.
I don't forget my family|back in Cuba.
But you must lead|your own life...
because I don't know|how long I'll take to...
better myself.
That takes too long,
So I have to form a family.
If not, you get nostalgic|and then have regrets
that lead to mistakes,|bad things,
so I took the first woman|that appeared.
I figured this was|my escape route.
That's my way of living.
In less than 2 months...
I know most of New York.
This is great!
Misclaida, what's|the temperature here, 22º?
I don't know.
Four... below...
Writing a letter.
Must be the one they wrote to us.
The culture is difficult...
and different.|We Cubans are used to...
mixing with people
every day, but here it's different.
Here, if you plan|to visit a neighbour
you have to call|a month in advance and say:
"I'm coming next week. "
I buy a beer some weekends,
but I can't every weekend...
cause we're saving money|to buy a car...
visit Cuba...
send money to Cuba.
This was our first intention,|help our family.
- You like the black one?|- No, I don't like black.
- Look at the paint. Look inside.|- Which one do you want?
Look at this.
- Which one do you want?|- That one, come on.
I'll have a cigarette|to get prepared
while you decide.
It's better to pay it off|in 2 years...
than to spend money|on car repairs.
Brand new.
9,995 dollars.
- That's a lot of money.|- You pay instalments!
- On credit.|- 5,000 down.
We can't buy this|if so-and-so buys that...
No, that is not what I am saying.
- I want to go out weekends.|- Where to?
To an amusement park.
When we get a car...
When we get a car|then you'll say...
we can't spend money.|Because...
this month we have|to pay the car insurance...
Nor the next weekend...
We have to pay this and that,|and we can't go out.
What did you have in Cuba?
In Cuba?
You had no car, house|or freedom.
- We've been here only 7 months.|- But there, I went to discos.
I went to the beach.|By bike, but I went.
Freedom has a price.
We can't behave like we have|a lot of money...
I'm only asking you|to take me out, Juan Carlos.
- When we have somewhere to go.|- There's no place to go.
There's nothing here.
Not in Granby.
- Will the car be yours?|- God willing.
Then give her a kiss.
- No, man, kiss her.|- Oh, her.
She doesn't understand.
We have to make|sacrifices first.
- Give me a kiss.|- No.
- How do you like your house?|- It's not mine yet, but okay.
Even if it's not ours...
It's a start.
I treat it like it's mine.
This was a gift, and so was this.
Grandma bought me this.
When I got here...
I went to a shop and|seeing all those things...
I was stunned.|My grandmother told the others:
"Hold Miriam, she's going to fall".
But seeing so many things...
makes me feel a bit...
bad because I see|so many things that...
I can have,|but not my daughter.
I see kids here eating candy,|but not my daughter.
A pair of shoes for them...
This one.
This one drinks milk...
sucks her thumb|like my daughter.
You can burp her.|She has a pacifier.
She is going to love it.
A car, a house, a good woman.
How are you?
I'm happy.
I got here to Nebraska
and thank God...
the Lord led me here.
I have a car. That one.
- My car.|- Damn!
Here everything is under|control, peaceful.
Not like in Miami.
In Miami there are lots of...
nouveaux riches...
drugs... Not here.
These dogs guard the back door.
This is like my little warehouse.
I take care of two buildings.
I paint and repair them...
Here are my tools, everything.
At least I'm working...|and drinking a beer.
Summer's almost here.
Life in New York isn't easy.
But I just love New York.
You'd have to drag me out|of New York.
- Why?|- Cause I like New York.
New York is the capital|of the world.
Whoever doesn't learn here,|doesn't learn anywhere.
I can shout out loud...
that I survived|New York's streets.
Surviving there is not easy.
I remember many things...
but I don't feel good|talking about them.
No news from my brother|in a long time.
We know he's had|various women. But, well...
he was in the Bronx,|but now he's in Philadelphia.
He doesn't write|to his daughter.
But we know he loves her|because she's his blood.
That's the way he is...
so we accept it.
All I know about Oscar is that|he's in Philadelphia.
'Cause you told me.
We've had no news for 5 years
and didn't know where he was.
I remarried.
I'm happy.
I'm sorry because...
she misses him.
I know he misses her too.
One day I sat in a park|in the Bronx...
thinking:|I have to change states,
and try to change my life.
I was single again
and didn't know where to go...
And I moved here.
I was in Philadelphia|about 2, 3 days.
In Pennsylvania I found York.
A true "American-way-of-life" town.
And here I am.
I was getting a little closer
to the American dream.
you can get a job anywhere.
In a factory, a plant.
I'm not working now, because...
I hurt my shoulder on the job.
Here's Carmen, my girlfriend,|She helped me a lot.
There's no one better than her.
She's great. I love her.
She gave me a hand|when I most needed it.
I can't complain.|She makes the food I like.
I try.
He must like it because|he's not skinny.
I even saw myself|in the Mafia.
I even saw myself|in the New York Mafia.
Prohibited games,
illegal gambling.
No, not drugs.
The Cuban Mafia at war|with the Italian Mafia.
And I had a gun aimed|at my head as well.
- Where?|- 116 and Lexington, Harlem.
I was working as a "lookout",|watching a business.
The "lookout" is the doorman...
the guy who watches|the door of a business.
An enormous|white guy came in.
And he said...
He aimed it at my head.
The only English expression|that came to mind was:
He lowered the gun...
and I ran...|inside the store...
and out the basement.
I know my family, my sister,|mother are okay
but it pains me|that I haven't behaved
the way they deserve.
I have to do something for them.
Not with words, but with deeds.
Now I'll show you how...
I lost the American dream|in 5 minutes...
all because of a woman.
I bought this house...
the 20th of January of...
Iook at the state it's in,|due to a woman.
She got a protective|court order...
She accused me|of domestic abuse.
I was in ijail 13 days.
I still had to pay|all the court expenses.
But, with a little more sacrifice...
I'll get the house fixed up.|I just received
a notification from...
the agency|that finances my house...
saying that despite everything...
they're willing to give me|back my house.
My biggest sorrow...
is a letter I got|from my daughter.
She starts the letter with:
"Dear Oscarito".
And not, "Dear father",|as I would have liked.
But if she blames me,
she's right.|It's partly my fault.
Because sacrifice|doesn't mean negligence.
And I've been negligent.
These are my babies.
I called her at 7 a.m.
on her last birthday.
I told her:|"Happy birthday mom...
Am I the first to call?"|And she said: "No.
Your daughter was first. "
I said: "She's part of me|so, I'm the first. "
Then I burst into tears.
I know the day will come|when she'll ask me...
"Mommy, why'd you|leave me?"
Come on, Shirley.
It's a pleasure.|Have a seat.
What can I do for you?
Sit here.
Look, sir...
I have a daughter in Cuba,|for 6 years now.
I applied for her|when I got here...
In May '95.|I filed this application.
On that application...
- They replied...|- Who is Misladys?
My daughter, in Cuba.
- Who is Alexander?|- Her father, he's here.
First, there's a mistake|in this application...
it says Misladys|is the applicant...
and she's not.
It's a complete disaster.
- Yes, back then...|- Who made this out?
It's incredible.
Now you'll have to wait|3 years for her visa...
Which can easily become 4.
Ah, it's not that bad.
You are a US resident|since 1995.
- Have you applied for citizenship?|- No.
Why not?|You could have last year.
An alternative is to apply|for citizenship.
In a year you're American...
and can bring the child over...
in about 6 months.
I hope I'll see you soon.|Fantastic.
- Thank you, sir.|- At your service.
Oh, the present.|Didn't they give it to you?
- You didn't ask for it?|- No.
A miniature Bible...
the most important thing|I can give you.
- Thank you, sir.|- Get your citizenship soon.
Time flies.
- Is this mine?|- Yes.
Many things have happened|in these 5 years.
I divorced Alexander in '96.
I met my baby's father,|from Nicaragua.
We met at work.
Give me a kiss.
An l-love-you.
Then I had the baby.
Now she's almost 3.
I wouldn't leave her|for anything.
I left one behind. That's why...
No one can separate us.|It was very tough.
Are you happy Misladys|can come here soon?
Are you happy she's|about to come?
Yes, I'm happy.
Sure. I can tell by your voice!
You're happy and not happy.
I don't want her|suffering there...
because she suffered|enough in 8 years.
Believe or not, she has traumas.
If I can get ahead with one,|I can also with two.
You managed with five...
How can I not with two?
I got all A's.
- Is that true? A's?|- Yes.
I'm studying.
You're studying?
What do you want to be?
Well, what I really|want to be...
is a dancer.
Put Shirley on.
- Shirley, it's your sister.|- Shirley, why do you...
wet your Pamper?
- Don't do that.|- We're cut off.
We're cut off.
God, we were cut off...
Shirley hung up.
When Guillermo came|from Cuba...
he shaved the second day.
His skin was white after|years of wearing a beard...
which I liked.
After all we went through...
life has been good to us.|No complaints.
Virgin of Charity...
...protect me!
Which model is yours?
Satisfied with my house,|family and job.
The company prospers...|so do the workers.
We're all happy.
Here time is money.
I always knew|who Guillermo was:
A hard worker.|At times, too much.
I'm proud of him.
I was 5 years without them:
My family, my daughter.
She's a wonderful child.
I think she understands|our sacrifices for her.
She is a very nice little girl.
Now my daughter's|15 years old.
And she's in high school.
The sacrifice was worth it.
Thank God we got|back together...
Not everyone did.
Some forgot who they left behind
and others forgot those who left.
Thank God my wife and daughter|waited for me,
and we got back together.
These are my|15th birthday portraits.
This is when I am supposedly|"introducing"...
- Introduced.|...introduced to society...
- Do you speak English better?|- Yes.
- Say it in English.|- Okay.
That's it. Pretty.
Get over there,|but don't fall.
Put your hand up.
Turn your pretty face.
Virgin of Charity, aid me!
Passionate heart!
This is every day...
from 7:30 to 5...
during 5 years.
In winter's rain,|in sunny summer.
It's smooth!
I'm happy here|and have a good time.
You'll meet my friends|I go out with.
This is where I used to live.|The refugee home.
I don't live there now,
but some refugees|from Kosovo do.
Well, this is my house...
because I live here.
Now we'll meet Bob,|who lives here too.
Today we're having|a surprise party.
This is my friend Bob.
And this is the river.
When I want to relax...
and miss Cuba a lot...
I sit here and have a beer.|It's fantastic.
It's a mess cause yesterday|we had a cowboy party.
I always check for messages.
- Hey, shithead...|- A Cuban.
...get up.
He's my only Cuban friend here.
We'll meet him.
When I broke up with Misclaida
I was here alone...
In the middle of nowhere.|I thought:
"what will become of me?"
We left together, we spent...
16 months in Guantanamo.
Alone, without the woman I loved.
Very tough.
Thanks to these people here...
who helped me and...
About Misclaida, I only regret...
leaving her alone so much.
I worked dawn to dusk everyday.
From Monday to Sunday.
After a year...
Reinaldo came to live with us.
A friend from Cuba,|the raft and Guantanamo.
Misclaida felt so lonely,|he was there,
and they had an affair.
I wanted them both|far away from Connecticut.
He gave me $800.
With this, I went|from Connecticut...
to Phoenix, Arizona,|with Reinaldo...
and I'm still with him today.
There we started to work|at the slaughterhouse,
where they cut up cows.
We were there 6 months|'til we came
to New Mexico.
When I got here|I had nowhere to stay.
We slept under the stars...
Both of us.
the difficulties|I went through in Cuba...
luckily I had everything.
The best shoes,|the best perfumes,
and anyone who knew me|in Cuba knows that.
Wherever I went|you could smell my aroma.
Coffee, my favourite perfume.
We've lived here since...
we moved to Albuquerque.|This is my house.
When I got here
I saw everyone selling drugs...
and hustling however they could.
Then I started.|With the drug money, I ate...
and lived up until now.
Come see my children.
It was tough because...
you never have peace of mind.
This is Daisy and this is Bonbon.
It's an environment|of guns, bullets,
shots, stabbings...
The bathroom.
...police, the Feds...
That's how I've been living.
This is the other room.
Money comes and goes.
One day you've got|another you don't.
This is my husband, Reinaldo.
This is my bed.
And my dog's toys.
I'll quit this business
in 2 or 3 months.
There's lots of cops|and Feds, and all that.
If I die...
It's because my time has come.
If I'm hungry...|no one gives me anything.
I have to find it.
I've never been caught.
Knock on wood.
I'd love to go to Italy.|Above all to Rome.
The capital.
I'd love to go to anywhere|in the world.
But I'd much rather|go back home.
My country is my country.
And the beaches in my country|are the most beautiful.
I miss them so.
If I were to see the sea again...
I think I'd cry out of happiness.
I had a moustache then.
I'm enjoying Cuba.|It's the best.
I enjoy it every weekend.
Every weekend with my friend.
We've seen it over 50 times.
That's my girlfriend,|my mulatta!
Isn't she pretty?|I met her on one of those trips.
And there's my beautiful mother.
The prettiest woman|in the world.
The best I have, a good mother.
The new stove and washing|machine I bought her.
A TV set and I repaired|the entire house.
Thank God I've been|able to get ahead.
I have no news|from my brother Rafael.
I'm worried.|Nothing in over a year.
He doesn't call or write.
The last time he wrote...
he said he had left...
the frozen meat plant|where he had been working.
that he was going to|become a minister.
That he'd send us money,
but it never arrived.|Our relatives in Miami...
said they'd contact|a TV show...
that tries to locate|missing people.
Let's hope.
A Cuban balsero who thought|he had reached the land of freedom
has disappeared mysteriously|without a trace.
In Miami, Ricardo Arámbarri|spoke to the relatives...
who wonder...
if he's dead or where he is.
This is the latest photograph|of Rafael Cano.
He could be in any state...
but we have received a clue
from his uncle:|Rafael was very interested
in religious matters.
We also know Rafael|was a plumber.
So, if you have any information...
that could help us locate him...|call this number.
My name is Susana Chapas
and I am calling about Rafael.
I know where he is.
Good afternoon,|San Antonio, Texas here.
Presently Rafael Cano...|belongs to a church on...
Well, that man is here|in San Antonio, Texas.
He goes to the same|church I go to
and I know where he lives.
I adore you.
Your name is holy.
We praise and bless thy name.
We thank you for thy glory.
Thank you for my life.
Jesus' blood is power.
Glory to thee, Lord.
Apocalypse 20.
What is Satan's objective?
Anyone who follows him|lives like a devil.
God tested me.
A car hit me,
thanks to God I'm OK.
My mother shouldn't worry.|I'm all right.
My leg doesn't matter.
God sees my heart, not my leg.
This is where I sleep.
There, alone.
Here is where I pray...
and write my messages...
I want to introduce:
the one and only Rafael Cano
from the island of the Cubans.
Glory to God.
Please sit down.|Welcome, Rafael Cano.
Glory to God!|Hallelujah!
Glory to God!|And to Him only!
Glory to Him...
- Because one day...|- One day!
I left Cuba,|we were 5 in our raft.
Not a boat...|but an inner tube.
Suddenly...|there was a storm...
I lost it all.
And now I thank|Jesus Christ
for the miracle:
He got me out|of the water...
I was working in a pharmacy...
a long time...
and it went well.
It helped me forget|my obsession with leaving.
There are priorities in life.
I had a daughter.
I had to get ahead and...
I was used to life in Cuba...
but I always hoped
to leave someday.
I was lucky enough|to win "El Bombo".
"El Bombo"|is a raffle of visas...
carried out by|the U.S. government...
there's an average of...
half a million Cubans|that apply every two years.
Only 20,000 applicants|get their visa.
I was lucky enough|to get the visa...
and I can also take my child.
Before, I didn't take her|in the raft
to avoid risking her life.
I've just got a few days...
of formalities.
The last time!
I foresee... a good future.
I have hopes of...
becoming someone.
Not the manager of a|big company...
but something great.
You want the Church to help you|and stay in Miami?
- Not in Miami.|- Then where?
Look, actually I want...
the Church or the State|to help me have...
an independent life,|with my child.
- A little help getting started.|- The Church will help you.
She's not here.|Who is this?
Who's speaking?
- Who's speaking, Misclaida?|- Hello?
This is Misclaida's sister.|Is she there?
- Is Misclaida there?|- She's not...
Well, bye.
We got confirmation|from our office...
in Albuquerque.|Everything is OK.
You'll go tomorrow,|God willing.
Our personnel|will meet you there.
It's a pretty|and peaceful city.
With lots ofijobs.
We usually send|single mothers there.
I think you'll be happy there.
Listen, she's not here.
No... Just a question:
Any idea where Misclaida|moved to?
- What?|- Where to?
They live in the other flat.
They have two?|Please, give me an address.
404. Which street?
She's got a dog inside.
That's theirs.|There are things inside.
When did Misclaida leave?
A month ago, but...
She lives here and there.
Look! Here's a dog.
Misclaida's dog.|They call it "La Negra".
I told Misclaida,|"My door is open for you...
but don't bring what you sell."
Because I have my family.|Five children.
I like your sister,
but family is first.
You'll have to decide, too.
I'm being frank although|it may hurt you. But...
sometimes decisions|have to be made.
You've gotten fat!
Let's go where your sister is.
- Where is she?|- At friends'.
Oh, my God!
How beautiful my niece is!
I have a protective court order.
Someone threatened me 3 times|with a gun. And a knife.
They say you'd bang|your head against the walls.
It's a lie.
We know, and...
I signed a document...
saying that if anything|happens to me...
all my things go to you|and my niece.
Now my life will change|completely...
because my beloved family|is here.
It'll all change for|the very best.
I have to think things|over carefully.
I don't want to take a step...
and lose it all.
Go from bad to worse,|you understand?
I don't know.
Had I imagined all this...
I imagined some,|but not this much...
I wouldn't be in Albuquerque.
For emergencies...
The law is clear:|You'll lose your status
if you commit a crime.
Violent crimes, drugs...
My sweet and empty home!
I have thought it over a lot...
my sister expected us|to live together.
She thought she'd|move to my house...
but I know it could cause me...
serious trouble.
I have to think, above all...
about my daughter.
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Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
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Bullet in the Head
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