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Band of Outsiders

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- We almost there? - Yeah. Straight ahead.
Any news from Thompson & Sons?
They stopped hiring yesterday.
They say business is bad.
What's with you?
You scared?
You think people have X-ray eyes?
This is no time to get the jitters.
Paris and its goddamn manhole covers!
There she is!
My story begins here.
Two weeks after meeting Odile,
Franz drove Arthur out to show him the house.
The kid's a looker.
Yeah, I told you so.
She didn't seem to recognize you.
No need to tell her we were out here.
Why not? It's a free country.
So where is this joint?
Coming up.
It's cold and forsaken here.
That where she lives?
Odile? No.
She lives out back at the gardener's, I think.
The woman lives in the house.
Maybe Odile, too.
We'll ask her later.
We'll ask her later.
Turning to look at the house through the screen of trees,
they saw a cold, shimmering light,
like some distant star.
Arthur wanted to speak but was at a loss for words.
She said he locks his bedroom door?
You never let up. She's not even allowed in.
See that?
Someone with the old lady.
Who is that guy?
The guy Odile mentioned,
the one from Monte Carlo or Moscow.
You cozy with Odile?
No, not yet. Why?
I'll have her when I want her.
We'll come back here after English class.
Right there, under those trees!
- Don't mind me. - I'm not kidding.
On July 13, 1891 ,
Billy the Kid was shot in the back
by the sheriff ofTombstone, Pat Garrett.
Let me drive.
Step on it or she'll be there before us.
This better work out.
The Austerlitz sun rose over the Bastille.
Had Franz really stroked Odile's knee?
Yes, Franz said, and that she had soft skin.
For latecomers arriving now,
we offer a few words chosen at random:
Three weeks earlier. A pile of money. An English class.
A house by the river. A romantic girl.
Your card.
I left mine at home.
I recognize you.
My notebook!
What did I just say, Mr. Remoleux?
''Let's go to work.''
You know that the director, Mr. Loui,
is an advocate of modern methods.
But we mustn't forget...
as the great poet Eliot said...
Odile, what did Eliot say?
''Everything that is new
is thereby automatically traditional.''
You needn't know how to say
''Where is the station?'' or ''A room with a bath.''
You need to know how to spell ''Thomas Hardy.''
Or ''Shakespeare.''
I'm going to read a passage from Romeo and Juliet.
You'll translate back into English.
It'll be a good yardstick.
Won't it, Franz?
What do you call what we're about to do?
Why don't you take off your coat?
I don't have my jacket. Everything's at the cleaner's
and I don't have any money.
''Go, get thee hence,
for I will not away.
What's here?
A cup closed in my true love's hand?
Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.
O, churl, drunk all, and left no friendly drop to help me after?
I will kiss thy lips.
Haply some poison yet hangs on them to make me die.
Let me die!''
''The ground is bloody.
Search about the churchyard.
Go, some of you, whoe'er you find attach.
Pitiful sight!
Here lies the county slain,
And Juliet bleeding, warm and newly dead,
Who here hath lain these two days buried.
Go, tell the prince.
We see the ground whereon these woes do lie,
but the true ground which we cannot without circumstance descry.''
''A thousand times the worse...
A thousand times the worse, to want thy light.
Love goes toward love,
as schoolboys from their books.
But love from love,
Toward school with heavy looks.''
''In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
a pair of star-cross'd lovers
take their life.
The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love
is now the two hours' traffic
of our stage.''
True, I talk of dreams,
Which are the children of an idle brain,
Begot of nothing but vain fantasy,
Which is as thin of substance as the air,
More inconstant than the wind,
Who woos the frozen bosom of the north.
And, being angered,
Puffs away from thence, turning his face to the dew-dropping south.''
My mind misgives some consequence
Yet hanging in the stars
Shall bitterly begin its fearful date
With this night's revels
And expire the term of a despised life closed in my breast
By some vile forfeit of untimely death.''
''O, fortune!
All men
call thee fickle.''
I'll collect your papers now.
A 1 0-minute break while I correct them.
How do you say ''A big, one-million dollar film?''
- I looked for you downstairs. - That's typing class.
This is Odile.
How are you?
You really want to learn English?
If I were you, I'd drop the course.
What do you mean, drop the course?
I'm just talking.
I'm fed up.
It's impossible to get anywhere.
Don't let it get you down.
- Arthur. - What?
My name's Arthur.
Is something wrong?
Something unusual, Arthur?
Why unusual?
Aren't ordinary troubles enough?
You have troubles?
Don't you?
Madame Victoria wants me to learn a practical trade.
She wants me to be a nurse.
But I don't want to.
I was in a hospital once.
It was horrible.
I could never do that.
I haven't the patience or kindness.
So now you're learning English.
Oh, it's very exciting.
Know what I'd have done?
I would have been a nurse.
Then I'd have found some rich old fogey to nurse,
help him get a little sicker each day,
while treating him with kindness,
to inherit his fortune once he's dead.
That's an awful thing to say.
Did I spook you?
Yes, but never mind.
You coming?
Go without me.
I'll meet you afterwards. - No, I have to get home.
Madame Victoria will be annoyed if I don't.
What if there was an extra class?
For specialized English.
Would you stay? She wouldn't mind.
But there isn't any.
She'd never know.
Fine. Very good.
You bet.
Sure, sure.
Obey your old bag and make me feel rotten.
You coming or not?
You talk like I betrayed you.
Everybody's gone back in.
You'll be late, Odile.
But what could we do?
There's no time for dinner or dancing or things like that.
I'll drive you home?
I'd rather take my bike.
We'll take it.
Why do you insist on taking me home?
I dunno.
We can sit in the car awhile.
Listen to the radio.
I'm not allowed to do things like that.
- Ever kiss a guy? - Sure I have.
You know how?
Sure, with the tongue.
Okay, then.
Let's do it.
Go in and say you have a headache.
Tell Franz to do the same.
Is he coming with us?
See you downstairs in 1 0 minutes in the car.
How do you know I'll come?
Now it's nine minutes and 56 seconds.
Oh, after all...
We might digress now
and describe how Odile, Franz and Arthur each felt.
But that's pretty clear.
So we'll let the images speak for themselves...
After all, screw it all.
Know what ''screw'' means?
- No, what? - Then don't say it.
Is this your Simca?
Someday I'll buy a 2 4-cylinder Ferrari
and race it at Indianapolis.
Then you'll see.
You sure the money's at the villa?
I don't know.
What's with you?
Changed your mind all of a sudden?
So, changed your mind? - About what?
About us stealing the money.
You have to be nuts to say that.
Completely crazy.
So I dreamt it all.
You're the one who told us. We never asked you anything.
No, I didn't.
I mentioned it to Franz just to talk.
- Then it's not true? - No, it's true, but...
You can't do it. That would be insane.
What are you thinking?
You're like a girl in a book I read.
I'll give it to you.
You'll like it and you won't betray me again.
Don't hold your breath.
No, I'm trembling.
With excitement.
They saw a barren-looking island,
flanked, like life's ramparts,
by the contours of a horribly steep and dismal bluff.
Vegetation invaded the desolate prospect,
its blackness recalling the Sea of the Dead.
Are we outside the city limits?
I've never really known.
They once called it the Isle of Ravens.
Not staying in the car?
We'll find some quiet place to talk.
I'll take a bus back. I have practice.
I'll see if Madame Victoria's in. I'll go back with you.
Then I'll stay since she's going.
But I'll be back, I said.
It won't be your first lie.
Not at all.
I'll say I'm going shopping.
Who lives in the house?
- At the villa, you mean? - Where else?
There's Mr. Stolz.
He's there sometimes but I've never seen him.
Then there's Madame Victoria and me, plus the gardener.
He around a lot?
I don't know.
He ever try to paw you?
You're nuts! He's very well-behaved.
So you have seen him.
- Is the money his or hers? - It's not hers.
- Why does he hide it? - I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe he's cheating on his taxes.
You got me all wrong.
He robs the government and deserves to be robbed himself.
So will you wait? I'll be back.
Okay. We'll wait behind the factory.
The girl's an idiot!
Aunt Victoria!
I'm here.
You'll never win at Indianapolis! Never!
Got that?
You'll never win, I tell you!
- I'll win! - It's me, Odile and South America!
- Here I am. - Is Mr. Stolz's driver here?
- No one's around. - What a nuisance. He's always late.
No answer. One of these days the boss will have a fit.
What boss?
Mr. Stolz?
Still seeing that boy?
What boy?
No, he dropped the course.
He says England's done for and it's the Chinese who'll win.
So he's studying Chinese.
Someday I'll check that you're not going to the movies.
I hate movies.
- The theater, then. - I hate theater.
- Or dancing at Mimi Pinson's. - I hate that, too.
Or strolling on the boulevards.
I hate the boulevards.
What do you love, then?
I don't know.
I love nature.
Where are you going?
To a reception at the Albanian Embassy.
I'm taking 1 ,000 francs to do some shopping.
1 ,000 francs...
Been in Mr. Stolz's room today or yesterday?
Me? I never go in there.
How strange.
Something's out of place. I missed it this morning.
Maybe he moved the furniture around.
Not at all.
Did he say he wanted his coat cleaned?
That must be it. He forget to tell us.
I'll ask him about it.
Have a nice evening. I'm off.
''Tragedy of Disappointed Love!
Myriam, 21 , stabs her artist lover
in his studio in southern Paris.
He'd wanted to be alone.''
''Orleans -A third man holds the key to the killings.
He'd received a package from Jacqueline,
who was later found dead with her baby.
He was seen driving a black Chevrolet.''
'''She treated me like a servant,' said the lumberjack,
husband of the missing chatelaine.
Murder, say the police.
But Roger claims she ran away.
In slippers... A fruitless search...''
'''I hate you,' the fiendish Huguette told her lover
in the car that led to the killers' arrest.
She couldn't forgive his flirting...''
''He prepared breakfast for his wife and daughters
before killing them, then taking his own life.''
Hello, boy!
No appetite?
Don't want it?
''From our correspondent:
Unimaginable massacres in East Africa.
Hutus have sawed off the legs of giant Tutsis, their former masters,
to bring them down to size.
Rwanda's rivers are choked with the bodies of 20,000 victims.
The king, 7'2'' tall, has fled the country.
Peking supports the kingdom of giants.''
- Over here! - How much money did she say?
A big pile, she said. Maybe 40 or 50 wads of bills.
Could be 200 million.
Still, I wonder why she told me.
She's not all there.
Why call Franz and not me?
It's dumb, but I forgot your name.
Is it Alfred or Arthur?
Drive me to Vincennes. It's cold. I'll take the Metro.
Good idea. We'll work out a plan in a café.
Why a plan?
A thought crossed Odile's mind like a dark cloud:
Arthur would always look at her
like a shadow masking his view,
as if an ocean of indifference lay between them.
- You having what? - A Coca-Cola.
''You-hav-ing-what? Co-ca-Co-la.'' It doesn't rhyme.
I'll have a peppermint soda.
A schnapps and a Coca-Cola.
And a peppermint soda!
You seem to be having dark thoughts.
You said it.
Well, I saw it.
- Saw what? - The money.
When I first told you about it, I hadn't seen it.
But now I have. There's too much. I'm scared.
So this time, it's for real.
Why did you tell him? That was a lousy thing to do.
Got 20 francs?
He guessed it. I didn't say a thing.
This isn't your first lie either.
He tell you he killed his grandma with a hammer?
- Really? - No. Second lie.
- Why'd you say that? - To scare you.
There's a run in your stocking.
No, there isn't.
What were you two saying?
Just talking about the weather.
- Tell me where his room is. - Whose room?
Mr. Stolz.
So where is it? On the second floor?
Does he lock the door?
But I'm not allowed to go in.
- How much is there? - I don't know.
I told you already.
Don't be afraid.
You should've counted it.
Think big. - I don't want to.
Then you shouldn't have told us.
You're a drag.
You're our accomplice now.
Don't cry.
Now that we love each other,
everything will be fine.
Franz will help us.
Better to be rich and happy than poor and unhappy.
- We could do it tonight? - Not tonight.
Mr. Stolz should be back.
He has a reception. Tomorrow or the day after.
It's the day after, I think, yes.
Is it yes or no?
Day after tomorrow, then.
Be right back.
Strange that his room's unlocked.
Not at all.
Sometimes things are best hidden in full view of everyone.
I read an American book where that happened.
The police were looking for a letter.
The thief left it lying on the table.
''It's not only your looks, but your happiness, too.
Good eye care depends on you.''
- Hurry up. - Get lost.
Join us, miss?
- Got connections at Renault? - No, why?
Too bad. You could've traded in your dumb looks for a car.
So what do we do now?
What do we do?
I don't know.
Or rather, I say I don't know, but I do know.
Hand me that thing in my coat.
In the pocket.
Put your hand around the ball.
Nothing's happening.
The liquid should flow to the other side.
If there's nothing to say, let's have a minute of silence.
You can really be dumb sometimes.
A minute of silence can be a long time.
A real minute of silence takes forever.
Okay. One, two, three...
That's enough. I'll put a record on.
Why is Franz staying? Does he go everywhere with you?
In case anyone takes a shot at you.
It's like in the movies. He'd make a good shield.
What a horrible thing to say.
Shall we dance?
Sure. What?
No, I prefer this.
Okay, let's go.
Empires crumble, republics founder.
But fools go on. - Bravo, Mr. Segalot. That's real furniture!
Now is the time for a digression
in which to describe our heroes'feelings.
Arthur keeps watching his feet,
but his mind's on Odile's mouth and her romantic kisses.
Odile is wondering if the boys notice
her breasts moving under her sweater.
Franz thinks of everything and nothing.
He wonders if the world is becoming a dream
or if the dream is becoming the world.
Arthur tossed a coin to see who'd get Odile.
He called heads.
Odile yelled heads, the coin showed tails.
Franz took the car and drove around, sad and lonely, his gaze feverish.
Meanwhile, on the city outskirts, Arthur told Odile
how he once met a fellow who walked this way...
What's your family name, Arthur?
Like my father.
That little old man who was spying on us?
That's my uncle. My father's dead.
How much is the Mauser? - Two francs.
How would you feel if a live man
was in your sights, like in battle?
I feel that if there was one,
right now he'd be dead.
Let's go home.
Don't take advantage of me. I love you.
Can I have my target?
Already? - Lightning struck.
Arthur said such love talk was crap.
Odile said she'd blurted it out but meant it.
Then they walked down to Place Clichy,
one of the loveliest squares at night.
It brought them back to the present, the past,
and their intrepid future.
Whereupon they went down into the center of the earth.
You change girlfriends often?
What makes you say that?
Franz said you had a different girl every day.
What do you see in me?
And you in me?
I don't know.
A husband.
Is that what interests you?
What exactly does it mean to you?
It means offering your breasts and your thighs.
People in the Metro always look so sad and lonely.
Look at that one. Why that expression?
It's whatever you imagine.
His look will change depending on your story.
Say he's taking a teddy bear home to his sick daughter
and he'll seem okay.
But he'll look mean
if you think he's carrying TNT to blow up the country.
It reminds me of a song.
How does it go again?
I saw so many depart like that
All they'd ask for was a light
They settled for so little
They had so little anger in them
I hear their steps, I hear their voices
Speaking of things quite banal
Like things you read in the papers
Like things you say evenings at home
What are they doing to you, men and women
You tender stones worn down too soon
Your appearances broken
My heart goes out at the sight of you
Things are what they are
From time to time the earth trembles
Misfortune only misfortune resembles
So deep, so deep, so deep
You long to believe in blue skies
It's a feeling I know quite well
I still believe at certain times
I still believe, I must admit
But I can't believe my ears
Oh,yes, I'm very much your peer
I am just the same as you
Like you, like a grain of sand
Like the blood forever spilt
Like the fingers always wounded
Yes, I am your fellow creature
- And what's your family name? - Odile Monod.
Like it? - It's the wrong tone.
- What tone? - Monod-tone.
See you.
- When do I see you again? - Tomorrow night.
- It's too risky. - You love me. So tomorrow.
Had Franz been there, he'd have understood the look behind the glass.
Her mind was on events, not men.
The mystery ofher face would only strike him afterward.
For now, the present was ordinary.
''Racing. Monaco: 5-2.''
- Who's that girl? - Screw you.
Don't talk like that to me.
- Where'd you meet her? - Dunno. In an English class.
- Where does she live? - Out nearJoinville.
Tell her we need that money.
Get plastered at Chaillot, you madwoman!
- Don't mess with me. I did Indochina. - Okay, I'll explain.
As a cease-fire, Arthur told his uncle
he'd do thejob with them the next night.
He swore not to tell Franz or Odile.
The situation's clear enough.
But what isn't clear
is the part I personally
have to play in it.
We have to do it tonight.
Wasn't it tomorrow?
We'll pick up Odile on the way.
Why tonight? Isn't that risky?
You shouldn't have blabbed to my uncle.
Me? Blab what?
Dunno.Just hurry up.
The hell with it. But it's gotta be tonight.
Hurry up. Death's too good for you.
Why are you afraid of me?
Because you look tense and cruel.
Are you alone?
Arthur's in the car. He asked how much money there is.
- I don't know. - Didn't you count it?
I'm scared. There's so much.
Too much to count fast.
- What denomination? - All 1 0,000-franc notes.
- We're doing it tonight. - Not tonight. You can't.
Especially after the coat business. - What coat?
Madame Victoria's suspicious. I forgot to put the coat back.
It's nothing.
That's what you think.
How will you do it?
You stand watch at the door. It'll be over in two minutes.
It'll be child's play.
It won't happen like that. I know it won't.
- But it will. - That's what you say.
What happens when Mr. Stolz finds the money gone?
Use your imagination. You don't have to stay there.
You told the old lady we met in class?
Too bad. She'll suspect me.
I'll make something up, anything.
That I saw prowlers outside.
So you do have imagination.
That's true.
I'll leave with you and Arthur.
We have to split up.
You can go with Arthur, if you want. Or with me.
Where will you go?
To South America?
No, I'm going north.
ToJack London country.
He wrote some terrific books.
There's one about an Indian who's a big liar, but really big!
He's such a liar that the villagers, fed up, say:
''Go. Come back when you stop lying.''
They send him off in a canoe and he travels for two years.
He comes home and everybody asks how his trip was.
He says: ''Great, I saw these huge machines rolling along going...
There were others that flew like this...
And there were these great big houses.''
They all look at him and say: ''As big a liar as ever!''
So they send him off in a canoe again, this time for good.
Odile looked away.
The wind ruffled her dark curls.
Franz was speechless.
He stood there, sensing something warm and scented.
Then, feeling nothing was clear, he looked up
and saw her eyes speaking the words they had exchanged.
Where will you go?
If you come with me, I'd go to South America.
We could get an Italian boat in Nice.
I don't know. I'll see.
- I'd go if I were you. - Why?
You won't stand up to Mr. Stolz's questions.
Sure I will.
- You'll get the seesaw. - What's that?
They tie your arms and knees to a bar.
You're upside down with your skirt over your head.
After two or three days, you'll give us away.
I'll never give you away.
Neither of you. Never.
I'll wait for you with Arthur.
I'll just fetch my bag.
At an embankment book stand,
Franz bought the novel which reminded him ofher.
The Seine resembled a Corot.
Odile asked what the big white building was. The Louvre.
She said it was smart to paint it white,
that the guy who did it should be decorated.
Listen to this.
''Anglarés began to tell a moving, stupid and somber tale.
A man enters a hotel and asks for a room.
He is given room 3 5.
Coming down a few minutes later, he tells the clerk:
'I have a bad memory, so every time I come in,
I'll tell you my name - Delouit - and you say my room number.
The clerk agrees.
Shortly after, he returns and says: 'Mr. Delouit.'
'Room 3 5.' 'Thank you.'
A moment later, a man, extremely agitated,
covered in mud, his face bloodied beyond recognition, stumbles in.
'Mr. Delouit.' 'What? Mr. Delouit just went up.'
'Yes, but I fell out the window.
My room number, please?'''
Arthur said they'd wait till nightfall,
in keeping with the tradition ofbad B movies.
''How do we kill time?''Odile asked.
Franz had read of an American who took 9 min. 45 sec.
to visit the Louvre. They decided to do better.
In 9 min. 43 sec., Arthur, Odile and Franz
broke the record set byJimmyJohnson of San Francisco.
The car, doing a steady 28 knots, drove toward Joinville.
While Franz whistled lyrically,
Odile gazed at Arthur tenderly.
Henceforth, the three of them felt
that nothing could stop them now.
Under a crystal sky, Arthur, Odile and Franz
crossed bridges over impassive rivers.
Nothing moved on the palace front.
The water was stagnant. A taste of ashes floated in the air.
What do I say about the bike?
That you fell and had to hitch home.
Your mind made up?
I'll go the usual way. You go around across the river.
Which door do we use?
The garage door, I said.
You have to be told everything twice.
And afterwards?
Stay a bit to see what they do.
Old man Stolz may call the cops.
They're not that old, you know.
Then you can clear out, miss.
You tired of me now?
Of course not.
Where will I go?
We'll find you a spot.
In an hour it'll all be over. We'll be miles away.
Take off your stockings. - What for?
Stop arguing.
And don't frown like that. It'll give you wrinkles.
- If Madame Victoria... - Lure her into the kitchen.
Tell her you smell gas, something like that.
- She'll get scared. - We have no choice.
- You won't hurt her? - No, we're not thugs.
- Promise. - Sure.
I felt sorry for her when she said ''And afterwards?''
We're doing her a favor.
Saving her from a lifetime of drudgery.
Did you see?
Her thighs are so white. - I saw.
How come there are no cop cars around?
They must've spotted you.
They're testing a new idiot detector.
- She said you weren't lovers. - I told you she's a liar.
- Where'd she go? - I wonder. Stupid bitch!
So there you are.
- Don't make noise. - She here?
In the bathroom.
- The window open? - Why?
Because I asked you.
They say night air is good for the skin.
What about the dog?
I told him not to bark. He won't be a problem.
Why are you holding your stomach?
Because I kicked him. He was scared.
Upstairs, end of the hall.
I have to tell you something.
You can tell us later.
What's with the door? It won't open.
- Is it locked? - It can't be.
It's never locked.
I'll try it.
Maybe they lock it at night without telling you.
It can't be.
He must be suspicious. That's what I wanted to tell you.
No doubt about it, it's locked.
And the window?
We should've had a ladder ready.
Go get one.
There's one in the garage.
I'll get the keys from the kitchen. They're hanging on a nail.
- Why not break the window? - You can do it.
Idiot! - Stop it!
I'll teach you!
Hands off Odile from now on!
- You okay? - I'm okay!
You mad at me?
You didn't have to hit me.
I'm as surprised as you that the door was locked.
Why do you suppose it's locked...
if it never was before?
Get off my back!
It's because of the coat. I told you already.
Yeah...Just our luck.
Find the key by tomorrow.
Please, it's too dangerous.
You'll find it.
We'll be back tomorrow, same time.
It better be open.
See you tomorrow.
Franz would have given a lot...
His gold watch, his American books, his two hands, he didn't know exactly...
But he would have given a lot to console Odile.
One only had to look at her
to realize the world was crumbling around her.
This is crazy. We'll be spotted.
We'll say we're TV people.
TV is the open sesame.
So, got the key?
- It's not 5:00 yet. - We're in a hurry.
Anyway, it's no good now.
You left traces with the ladder.
When I came home, all the locks were changed.
Mr. Stolz's room, the windows, the doors.
Did she say anything?
She doesn't suspect me yet.
Get out of here, please.
Get out! Odile, tell them to leave.
I don't know what to do.
Please don't hurt her.
The key to Mr. Stolz's room.
You're wasting your time. He has nothing of value.
We want to see for ourselves.
Okay. The key.
You can't scare me. It's not loaded.
Tie her up.
- With what? - Where's your hair ribbon?
No, Franz, no!
I'm warning you, I mean business.
Lie facedown.
Tie her arms in back.
You know these men?
I've never seen them before.
Any cotton in the bathroom?
I don't know.
Go look.
Not in my mouth. I won't scream.
Please. I promise I won't make trouble.
Shut the hell up, ma'am.
Please forgive me, Madame Victoria. Forgive me.
I trusted you and you do this to me.
Open the closet.
Open your mouth.
We'll hide her here. Old man Stolz won't find her so fast.
Say she went out to see someone.
Clear out first chance you get.
Stay here. I'm going up.
You're completely nuts!
Why don't you love me?
This is hardly the time.
I want to hold you in my arms.
What is it now?
The money's gone.
This all? Where's the money?
How should I know? I don't know.
Let's search the place.
This was in the garage.
And this in the tub, and this in Odile's room.
Where'd she go?
Check the fridge. It's a housewife's safe.
Where's the rest of it?
I don't know.
You were right. I found this.
Was the pile this big?
- No, bigger. - This big?
Yes, like that.
That's enough. Let's go.
We'll make that goose talk.
Don't hurt her. She'll have to tell us the truth.
Just threaten her. - Okay.
Tell us where the money is or we'll torch the house.
She fainted.
She's not breathing.
She's dead. - You killed her!
We better beat it.
Odile, darling! Let's go.
Arthur suddenly wanted to go back.
To make sure, he said in an odd voice,
that the lady was really dead, just to avoid any problems.
They'd meet at the Tout Va Bien,
a café just off the highway.
Suddenly, Franz saw the uncle's car.
Like the hero of a legendary romance,
he suddenly had a dark foreboding.
Despite Odile's pleadings,
he did a U-turn and the car obediently retraced its route.
Hey, asshole!
Arthur's dying thought was of Odile's face.
As a dark fog descended on him,
he saw that fabled bird of Indian legend,
which is born without feet, and thus can never alight.
It sleeps in the high winds,
and is only visible when it dies.
When its transparent wings,
longer than an eagle's, fold in,
it fits in the palm of your hand.
- You want to get us killed? - Absolutely.
What's got into you?
I'm disgusted with life.
We didn't make out so bad.
Nothing to get dramatic about.
But I feel terrible.
So do I.
Why don't you close the hood?
It doesn't close.
Think Mr. Stolz will call the police?
Not likely. It's money he stole from the government.
Isn't it? - Yes, it is.
Isn't it strange how people never form a whole?
In what way?
They never come together.
They remain separate.
Each goes his own way,
distrustful and tragic.
Even when they're together, in big buildings,
or in the street.
Don't feel like talking?
When I said I wanted to hold you back there,
were you listening?
Yes, I was.
But you're still sad?
I'm not as sad as all that.
Then what are you?
I'm worn out from sorrow and fatigue.
What will you do then?
And you?
I can't decide between the north
and the south.
You decide.
Three days later, Odile and Franz saw the sea.
It looked like a theater,
with the horizon as its stage,
and beyond it nothing but sky.
Before the gently spreading waves of this harmony,
Franz and Odile saw neither limits nor contradictions.
Are there lions in Brazil?
As well as croc...Odiles.
Thinking of me?
In what way?
The way you think about me.
When guys think of girls,
they think about their eyes, legs and breasts.
Girls think of guys in exactly the same way.
So we're in love?
We'll see soon enough.
Put your hand around the ball.
The liquid should flow across...
if you love me.
My story ends here, like in a pulp novel,
at that superb moment when nothing weakens,
nothing wears away, nothing wanes.
An upcoming film will reveal,
in CinemaScope and Technicolor,
the tropical adventures of Odile and Franz.
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