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Subtitles for Bande des quatre La 1988 CD1.

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Bande des quatre La 1988 CD1

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Gang of Four
Paris, present day:
the end of November or the beginning of December,
the beginning of the afternoon
So, listen to me!
Oh, just leave me alone!
Come on, be reasonable.
No, I don't have to, if I don't want to.
And so...?.
And so I don't even want to have a reason for it.
And after you ask 50 times, like I know you will,
I still won't know!. What are you doing here?.
You've been eating so little that you're going to be sick
if you don't eat a little something for breakfast.
I don't care about my health, it's fine with me if I'm sick!
And you can take this all away
because today, I'm not going to have breakfast,
or lunch, or dinner!
And the same for tomorrow.
I want to be angry, and refute all you say
until I see Arlequin
because they took him away from me.
There they are, my proclamations.
So, unless you want to drive me completely crazy,
stop telling me to be more reasonable!
You're getting pretty close to driving me nuts!
Raphaelle, I already told you, no more scripts.
I don't intend to try.
I can see you'll keep your word.
And so, if l
Another "and so"!
Oh, I beg your pardon,
this one was a slip, but it's the last one.
But, please, consider
I thought you stood corrected!
I don't want your considerations!
But he's your prince, he loves you.
I can't keep him from loving me,
but do I have to love him?.
No, because I can't.
A child could see it, but apparently you don't.
You are the bride he has chosen among his subjects.
Who told him to choose me?.
Did he ask my opinion?.
If he had asked me, I would have answered,
"No, my lord, a woman must love her husband,
and I don't love you."
Is that a good enough reason for you?.
But no, he thinks he loved me,
he carries me off, and never asks my opinion.
He carried you off to give you his hand in marriage.
But I don't want to give him my hand!
Do you force people to take presents
in spite of their feelings?.
But consider how he has treated you the last two days,
aren't you waited on as if you were his wife?.
Look at the tokens of respect offered to you,
the many women at your service...
Anything you want. Oh right, anything you want.
Okay, cut.
Raphaelle, you'll do it when you learn the text.
I'm sorry, I just forgot.
That's right, you're not here.
I don't know where you are, but you're not here.
You're not in this theatre.
Maybe you're out on a motorcycle.
You, Anna,
there are some obvious problems with your performance.
First, why do you always speak with such force like that?.
Once you start like that, you never lighten up.
We don't hear anything, despite your volume.
We don't understand anything, we're not listening.
Everyone knows it, everyone sees it,
everyone can say it, we don't understand, it's true.
There's another thing.
Can anybody tell me what it is?.
It seems like a whim.
Well, Cécile?.
I agree with Louise.
She doesn't seem very angry,
we're not convinced she's thinking about Arlequin.
What do you think, Anna?.
I don't know.
I know it doesn't work, but
When you're in love, people can see it.
People should see it, anyway.
If you don't feel the situation others see nothing.
Have you ever been angry, Anna?.
Yes, of course.
Anger is not a fixed emotion.
Anger rises, the heart starts beating,
but with you, the anger was superficial.
Your anger was static.
I thought I was doing it.
Here you don't think.
You feel, you experience emotion.
The theater is made for emotions.
Can I ask you a question?.
We've been working on it for 3 weeks,
and I don't understand.
When I played the part of Silvia I did exactly what you said,
the anger, the fury
I objected to it because it wasn't Silvia's anger.
You played on your own anger.
The words you're saying are not your words,
they're Marivaux's words.
No matter what we do, it's never enough.
No, it's never enough.
Well, sometimes.
Lucia, you take Raphaelle's place, play Trivelin.
Are you sure you like the room?.
Sure you won't regret it?.
Yeah, I'm sure.
I don't want to carry my things up and down anymore.
Sure you've got everything?.
No, I'm leaving a box with some of my things.
I'll pick it up some other time.
You'll see, my room's nice except for the ghost.
Oh, stop it!
Everybody knows you're full of it.
I'm not joking, ask Joyce.
She was the first one who heard the ghost.
But I bet you're taking it with you in your bag.
No, I'm only taking the good memories.
Look out!
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm clumsy.
I told you I can do it myself.
Well, she was just trying to help you.
What happened?.
Nothing, no big deal.
I knocked over the flask.
What is that?. Nothing!
Just a bad memory.
You have a nice carpet.
Is it from Portugal?.
Yes, when I left two years ago,
it was the only thing I took with me.
I'm leaving!
Why are you in such a hurry?.
Somebody's waiting for me.
Still the same "somebody".
Why don't you introduce him to us?.
Are you afraid we'll hit on him?.
Yeah, that's it, I'm scared.
What about your telephone calls?.
You can tell me in class.
It would be easier if you gave us the number or address.
Oh, I will, but right now it's too complicated.
I'll give it to you as soon as possible.
Oh, the keys, I forgot, I won't need them anymore.
Oh, no, keep them, Lucia has hers.
That's nice of you.
Besides, you never know.
She seems to be in love.
Happiness is a pain in the ass.
Do you think we'll have much fun with Lucia?.
You'll get tired if you don't stop.
You know what happened last night?.
It moved.
Oh, that's great!
Here's something, it's from South Yemen, it's for you.
It's from my father, there's a check inside.
No reason to complain.
How do you say good morning in Portuguese?.
You say "Bondia".
I'd be glad to get a check from Limerick every once in a while.
That would save me from killing myself.
Yes, but that way you would've never met Cécile.
And you wouldn't have got her job at the bar.
And she wouldn't have found her love.
Well, small streams--
make big rivers!
Where's this Limerick?.
In lreland.
My parents returned there three years ago.
I'll never return to where I came from.
I disgraced my family.
Did you?.
You don't look it.
I didn't want to marry my fiancé and where I come from,
that's worse than a crime.
You mean you didn't choose him?.
It had been arranged.
We grew up together.
Then there was Paris, The scene, the life.
The Seine, the river?.
The stage, the theater.
I wanted to be in a tragedy.
I'm rather interested in comedy.
I love Feydeau.
Never heard of it.
I'm asking her if she wants some jelly.
Sure, why not?.
Anyway, your parents send you money
in spite of your crime?.
They think I study science.
So, you lie to them all the time?.
Well, yes. That's disgusting.
Nothing is worse than lying.
And you want to be an actress?.
Well, acting is not lying, it's searching for the truth.
Well, that's debatable.
You can always ask Constance.
Sure, ask her and be careful with the jam, Pauline.
Oh, I don't care about your jam.
Anyway, no lying here.
I've already suffered enough with lies.
Well, there's no reason for lying here.
Or for telling the truth.
Well, I think we've finished with this scene for tonight.
There's nothing more to say.
You see, Louise, you're satisfied with what you did.
Often the actors judge themselves the wrong way.
Sometimes they think they acted well
but the show was bad.
I'll tell you a story because we're finished for tonight.
Two years ago I coacted with one of the biggest stars.
She always judged the acting by the applause.
So, she watched and said,
"A six minute applause, my dear, we're wonderful!
"Eleven curtain calls, we're great!
Six curtain calls, the acting wasn't so great."
Once we went to Holland
and we gave the best performance we'd ever given.
It was just great.
The author and the director cried from joy.
And me, I was really happy then.
Yes, I'm even satisfied from time to time.
But the Dutch hardly understood French
and the applauding was just polite, but not more.
So, she said to me,
"Constance, tonight we didn't do well,
but fortunately it was for the Dutch."
So, that's the story.
Well, see you tomorrow.
Has anybody seen my notebook?.
Thank you.
Don't go to bed too late.
Raphaelle, you heard me?.
No cigarettes if possible, no alcohol if possible.
Be on time, learn your parts.
There's a girl waiting outside.
Tell her to come in in just a second.
-What time is it?. Twenty to six.
Joyce, are you going straight home?.
So, you're going out?.
Have a good time.
You bet!
Goodnight. Bye.
Can you take this for me, please?.
What are you doing now?. Nothing.
How about a drink?.
Sure, but not too much, I have an appointment later.
-Hello. -Hi.
What have you prepared?.
Yes, "Esther's Prayer".
Good, so...
Shall I begin?. -Yes.
Oh, my sovereign King!
Here I stand trembling and alone before you.
When I was a child, my father told me a thousand times
that you had sworn a sacred bond with us.
When in search of a people pleasant to you eyes
your love chose our ancestors.
You promised them with your sacred lips
eternal posterity.
Alas! This people despised your law.
The beloved nation rejected her faith.
She repudiated her spouse and her father
and paid tribute to other gods.
Now she is serving a foreign king.
But being a slave is not all she is.
They want to cut her throat.
Our great conquerors attribute their victory
to the power of their gods.
And wish that the same mortal blow would destroy your name,
your nation and your altar.
In this way, disloyalty after so many miracles
It's good.
It's very good.
Have you already acted?.
No, not in public.
-I studied with Mr.-- -Oh, I know.
You can join my class this year.
Do you know the terms?.
That's what I wanted to ask you about.
I have a parttime job, but it's just to make a living.
And your course is very expensive.
I mean, perhaps I could pay you later,
at the end of the year.
Do you really want to be in my class?.
I've dreamed about it for two years now.
Well, now you can stop dreaming.
I can't make exceptions, do you understand?.
What I want from everyone here is a real commitment.
I told Cécile, the girl you just passed,
the same thing two years ago.
She was also very good and she had no money.
When you find a solution come back and see me.
Goodbye. I hope to see you soon.
What time do you have?.
I can only stay for 1 0 more minutes.
So, do you like the room?.
Yes, it's nice and quiet up there.
At least that way she leaves us alone.
You shouldn't talk like that about your new friend.
So, how's the new girl?.
You think she'll take her?.
She's having her audition now.
I never understood how Constance chose us.
Do you remember your second time?.
-The third time. -Yeah, the third time.
You said it was your worst audition,
and it's then that she accepted you.
She took pity on you.
Well, I think it's a good reason.
What is yours?.
I judge by feeling.
No, but it's true,
the more you do in this course, the less you know.
Why don't you say something?.
That way it won't cost you so much.
It's costs a lot already.
It's always the same with you.
Nobody forces you to take this course.
If you take it, it's because it has something to offer.
You're always here to justify it.
She's right.
I know the first time she kicked me out,
it was for my own good.
There's one thing I don't understand.
Why are there only girls in our class?.
At the beginning there were also boys.
When was that?.
Well, 6 or 7 years ago.
It's good to work on men's parts.
Sure, your problem is female characters.
You want to talk about your problems?.
I have none.
Neither with boys nor with girls.
And that guy you threw out?.
What guy?.
I don't know.
The jerk I took the room from.
I never kicked him out, he left himself.
Why had Constance stopped with the boys?.
Maybe they were too bad.
No, it was just one of her ideas.
She gives herself rules and at the start they're arbitrary.
I don't think she's arbitrary.
She knows what she wants.
And if not, she's crazy,
It's not crazy to give yourself rules,
but she is strange.
Doesn't she scare you sometimes?.
Do you know she lives there?.
In the theater, what do you mean?.
Yes, on the second floor, she bought the building.
Is that so strange?.
And have you ever been there?.
No, I have no reason to go there.
Nobody's ever been there, and she never goes out.
All right, Jeanne, stop talking nonsense.
She has to go out when she has a performance.
She does more than give courses.
Yeah, sometimes she acts, you know.
Is it you that told me she quit acting 6 or 7 years ago?.
Yes, before starting the courses.
1 0 or 12 years ago she worked all the time.
And after that, I think she left France.
I don't know.
Anyway, who cares.
You look for secrets because she is mysterious.
Either you're mysterious or you're not.
But you can't explain it.
Now, I really have to go.
Cécile, you said you'd lend me
Oh, sure.
But it's too much.
I've no change, you can pay me back later.
Next week will be okay?. No problem.
I'll see you, girls.
She seems well, doesn't she?.
You can't refuse it, 3 weeks in Africa, don't refuse!
Yeah, it's great, travel, adventure.
Listen, I told you, I want to attend my acting class.
Photography is how I make money, it is not my real profession.
What matters to me is theatre.
You'll work nonstop, Anna, and you'll regret it.
You can't imagine how lucky you are!
There will be a book about you,
"Anna Van Damme and the Desert".
That's all?.
Listen, I'm nothing.
Just an eye.
An eye, my foot.
Think about it.
Not everybody can see The Tenere Desert.
I don't like the desert.
I prefer crowds.
What a coincidence, me too.
Do I know you?.
Everybody knows me.
Nobody knows me.
Could you free one of my hands?.
Thank you.
There's a telephone call for Anna Van Damme, please.
Still nothing, I'm afraid.
Don't say that, it is worthwhile.
I'm sure I'll find her.
And how's daddy doing?.
I'll come by the end of the year.
I'll see you, goodbye.
You're leaving already?.
We just arrived.
I'm tired, you can stay.
Easy, honey.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, it's my sister.
What's going on here?.
Leave him, let's get out of here!
Are you all right?.
I'm fine.
I'll drive you home.
Okay, my car's just over here.
I live far from here, in Monfermeil, in the suburbs.
That's one more reason.
After Raincy, I'll tell you the way.
Are you better now?.
I'm fine, thank you.
Does this kind of thing happen to you often?.
No, it's the first time.
Why, do I look like I make up stories?.
You do photography or theatre?.
I do photography to pay for my school.
Constance Dumas' course, the best!
Constance Dumas?.
So you must know Cécile Morin.
Cécile, yes, she's a friend of mine.
If she's your friend,
tell her to be more careful picking friends.
If she continues like that she may get into trouble.
Why are you telling me that?.
What did she do?.
How do you know her?.
We have common friends.
What did she do?.
What, you're friends don't tell you what they're up to?.
Actually, she's careful, maybe it's better that way.
What did she do?.
No, nothing.
The ashtray's right there.
Who are you?.
I told you, my name's Henri Demorsais.
You're a cop?.
No, I'm a printer.
I mean, I was a printer.
A printer?.
You don't look it.
Listen, Anna, you shouldn't judge by appearances.
Can I call you Anna?.
There are different kinds of printers.
My line of business was identity cards.
I was partners with Cécile's boyfriend.
Real identity cards?.
Really fake.
We were making some good money.
But it was too risky.
The partners got greedy.
And now, what are you doing?.
Now I'm a painter.
I paint stolen cars, and I drive them.
Stop here, please.
No, I'm joking.
You want to see my papers?.
I print art catalogs.
Don't make such a face, Anna.
I'm not going to leave you here in the middle of the suburbs,
not after what just happened to you.
Why did you turn left?.
It's not the right way?.
No, it's absolutely right,
but I didn't tell you.
Well, I have an instinct.
So, this is the right way, right?.
You've been playing with me.
Do I look like a joker?.
I don't know.
It's here.
Oh, it's a lovely place.
Can we meet again?.
Can I leave you my phone number?.
You know where to find me, in Constance Dumas' class.
No, she doesn't know anything.
I'm sure it's in the house.
No, no warrant, officially I'm on leave.
I'll go into this hole whenever I feel like it.
You scared me!
Me too!
Do you want anything?. -No.
I had a nightmare.
I dreamed Constance kicked me out.
I had to recite "Esther's Prayer"
and I messed up, I kept reciting "Athalie's Dream".
It was horrible.
Did you have a good time?.
I met a guy who knew Cécile.
I have to go to bed.
Just listen!
He said she's in a fix.
She doesn't seem to be in trouble.
That's right.
Her money comes from a trade.
False identity cards.
It looks like a risky business.
What does this guy look like?.
He's not bad, blue eyes, big nose,
some face, you know.
1 0 days ago I met a guy who spoke to me about Cécile.
What did he say?.
I didn't quite get it.
Some story about hiding guns,
I thought he was trying to pick me up.
He gave me his number.
3 o'clock, my god!
Did you keep the number?.
Yeah, I guess.
We'll talk tomorrow.
The world's full of loonies.
What's going on?.
Anna just got home.
I can't sleep.
Neither can l.
Maybe it's the full moon.
I keep thinking too much.
I don't even know what about.
Well, let's get to bed.
Bye, sleep tight.
Give me a drag.
I'd rather be at home today.
I had a dreadful night.
You're not the only one. -I can believe it.
I mean, you look pale.
Anything wrong?.
No, everything's fine.
We've got to go.
If anything's wrong...
I mean, if I can help you, let me know.
I know.
Tell me,
you and all the women who keep talking to me,
why must you bother me?.
Are you being paid to irritate me with your nonsense?.
Do you enjoy going off about what I should do?.
I do what I can for you that's the sum of my wisdom.
Your wisdom has accomplished precious little.
At least tell me where I am wrong.
Yes, I'll tell you, yes.
I didn't mean to provoke you, ma'am.
So, you're a burglar.
I am your servant.
My servant!
Well, then instead of singing the praises of this place,
tell me why these five men are spying on me.
My love is taken away from me,
I'm given these women to replace him,
and now I'm expected to be happy.
If the Prince is so in love, it's not my fault.
I didn't ask him to be.
There are plenty of others who'd be delighted to be with him.
I just want him to leave me alone
and let me have my dear Arlequin,
who is no richer, no vainer and no better lodged than I am
who loves me, and I love him,
and for whom I'll die of grief if I don't see him again.
Alas, the poor boy, what has become of him?.
He must be sunk in despair, because he's so kind.
Maybe he's being mistreated.
Oh, I'm beside myself!
Do you want to please me?.
Let me get straight to the point.
Leave me alone!
Calm yourself, please.
Leave without a word!
This is not a tragedy.
I know.
Everybody has problems, some more serious than others,
but you mustn't carry them on the stage.
There are directors who would be pleased
to see you act like this,
showing there's cruelty in this play.
It's true.
When Flamina says,
"Let's break Silvia's love for Arlequin,"
it's a terrible plot.
But Silvia doesn't know it.
Besides, she's not crushed, she's angry.
I know what this scene is about.
It's "Don't cry, Jeannette."
% I don't want a Prince, tra la la la la la la la la la %
% I don't want a Prince and I want a Baron even less %
% and a Baron even less %
%l want my friend Pierre tra la la la la la la la la la %
%l want my friend Pierre he, who is now in prison %
%he, who is now in prison %
% You will not be with Pierre-- %%
Pauline, go get her.
Leave her, I'll go.
I'm sorry.
Tell me,
you and all the women who keep talking to me,
why must you bother me?.
Are you being paid to irritate me with your nonsense?.
Claude, will you stop it?.
I'm upset.
And I need some peace.
Where's the lemon?.
Everybody's upset.
What do you have to be upset about?.
It's not about me.
It's about Cécile.
I'd like to reverse the charges on a call to Los Angeles.
Thomas Santelli, Beverly Wilshire,
21 3-475-7676.
She's completely topsyturvy.
You say topsyturvy...
Well, she's upset.
Who are you talking about?.
I'm afraid it's because of her lover.
Who knows?.
I was like that a while back.
The next day I landed in a hospital.
Is that what that flask was?.
Yes, I swallowed a little, but I spit up.
Nice story.
Well, Anna, it happens.
It can happen to you, too.
And to me.
I can understand these things very well.
Dying for a man's love?.
Well, I'm sorry, but I don't get it.
For a man, or a woman, it's the same.
So, what is love for you?.
Listen, Claude,
Iove isn't always a burden, a desperate tragedy.
I've been with Thomas for three years now
and it's been three years of happiness.
Oh, cut it out, Thomas calls you at 3 a.m.
from Los Angeles, 12,000 kilometers away.
You see him, what, once every 6 months?.
Is that what you call love?.
Fine, if you're happy like that,
but for me that's always been a horror,
and it's the same with her.
Maybe you want it to be like that?.
Oh, excuse me!
Excuse me, you've got nothing to do with it.
Tomorrow I'm seeing somebody I haven't seen for a long time,
and for one minute of joy I pay three months of hell.
Don't go then.
That's easy to say.
Of course you should go.
One minute of joy, even one minute is worth it.
Now cut the crap,
I have to read and I need some peace.
Besides, I know your nonsense by heart.
Try to understand that love is a lot more strong
when it's realistic.
Maybe if you didn't complicate it so much, it would work.
Well, Claude, it's true.
You're always upset about it.
Her name's Sarah, isn't it?.
The girl that lives with your father?.
Not anymore.
I know where to find her, but I know it's a bad idea.
What I want is not love everyday,
I need just a little bit from time to time.
From time to time.
Do you want some herbal tea?.
Oh, excuse me.
Miss, listen to me--
Don't bother me!
Excuse me, it's--
Act l, Scene l.
Is that it?.
So, you are Cécile Maurin.
You know me, Thomas Derville.
There's something our friend must understand--
Wait, I don't understand, I'm not Cécile.
You're not Cécile Mourin?.
No, I'm Claude Fayard.
You've got the script, you live in Montfermeil.
Yes, but Cécile moved out.
My train's coming, but what's going on?.
What is it that her friend must understand?.
Well, I have no time, I'll explain it some other time.
There are no "some other times," never!
There's always some other time, Claude.
Well, we'll see!
Do you understand?.
I think so.
It's already much better now.
Start again, please, Joyce, control your look.
It's important in this scene.
Why don't we try?.
Give me an example,
for instance, a candid look.
How is this?.
It needs a little more work.
You're just a woman, you don't inspire me like a man.
Forget the test, I can't do it for you.
All this is for Arlequin?.
That's right.
That poor boy, I'll deceive him if I don't love him.
I'm a woman of honor, but I'll fool him.
If he loves you, you'll marry him and get rich.
Does that make you feel better about being deceitful?.
We're but the daughters of the lower-class,
now you'll become a lady.
So much for my conscience.
As a lady, I won't have to love my husband.
I messed up.
That's for me to say, not you, Joyce.
You always do that when she tells you to look at her,
the audience has to see it.
Your look had to be seen, even at the back of the theatre.
It's a big theater.
Did you girls in the back see anything?.
I did.
There was a bug in the air.
Look out, it's landing!
Claude, articulate!
Your look must come from your heart.
Start again, please.
Give me a candid look.
How is this?.
Very bad.
Start again.
Give me a candid look.
How is this?.
How is this?.
How about this?.
You don't know what you're doing.
Listen, Lisette is a specialist.
She knows how to impress a man.
Maybe you're not interested in men?.
I know how to impress some men, too.
Not all of them, but some I do.
Another thing, Pauline.
These are two sisters plotting a coup.
They are in it together.
Yeah, we didn't think about that.
You should have.
I can't find the secret for you.
Well, let's have a break.
You think she knows the secret?.
And you?.
Why are you asking me?.
I don't know.
Before, you used to be happy,
you smiled a lot, you talked to me.
Now you look sad all the time.
I'm not sad, you're embarrassing me.
I'm sure it's your boyfriend.
I'll tell you, it's him.
He's got nothing to do with it.
Stop imagining things.
You're unkind, Cécile, I'm your friend.
Well, okay, but I'm also your friend.
You just worry too much.
Are you coming?.
A Manhattan with lemon?.
You must be joking.
No, I'd like a Kiss in the Dark, please.
Do you know the Kiss in the Dark, Joyce?.
It depends.
One measure of Gin, one of Sherry,
and two fingers of Vermouth.
I thought you lost my number.
I keep them all.
Glad, very glad.
So, you didn't believe my story?.
Cécile with the Basques.
What, are you kidding?.
No, you're wrong, and I'm serious.
It's true, she's a little strange lately.
You see?.
So, she works for some underground group?.
And you're one of them, too.
I, myself, am a group.
I'm a parasite on the others.
Are you with, or against Cécile?.
I'm neither with nor against her.
I stand on the side.
I've no doubts that the sabotage at the top
is a front for the one on the bottom,
and the sabotage in France fronts an international one.
She's supposed to have hidden guns?.
They're hidden.
I thought it was in your house.
Our house?.
You can't hide a mouse in it.
It's a suburban house?.
How many floors?.
Then you can put an arsenal in it.
In our four little bedrooms?.
Where was Cécile's room?.
Next to mine, I would know if she hid a slingshot in there.
Yeah, possibly.
Do you live on the ground floor?.
No, on the second.
She had to pass through my room to go into hers.
Who lives there now?.
Now it's Anna's.
There she is, over there.
This guy is nuts!
Yes, we thought we would get him,
but he escaped.
Can you help me here?.
I used to know a guy like that.
He thought we were made for each other,
which gave him the right to ask everybody what I did,
where I was, who I saw.
How did it end?.
They locked him up,
and I had the best vacation of my life.
You know what I think?.
He's a sick guy.
He's in love with Cécile, and is following her everywhere.
He's not a madman.
He's the Social Service, offering anything,
friendship, trafficking, loyalty,
he's, how do you say it... ballistic,
slick, cultured.
I can see he impressed you!
Why do you say that?.
I like guys who are honest, ones with only one name.
Henri for me, Lucien for you, Desirée for whom?.
If he was a perfume?.
A potpourri.
If he was a famous personality?.
Casanova, Pasqua, Jekyll.
What happened, Sarah stood you up?.
I wish she had!
Did you get into a fight?.
There were 1 5 people and she didn't talk to me once.
She loves the other woman.
I'm sick of admiring her, it's the only thing I'm good at.
Forget it, Claude.
Things you expect too much from never happen.
You'll find love the day you stop thinking about it.
Maybe it'll be a man this time.
So he'll get me pregnant and then run away.
Okay, once more.
Oh, how his words have darkened my mood.
For my hymen Achilles changed his mind.
I'm dishonored, I have to go return.
Are you looking for someone other than Calchas?.
Madame, I do not understand your words.
Corinne, what is this movement back and forth at the end?.
You told me to use agitation to contrast lphigenia's immobility.
There's no agitation in your movement.
That was an arbitrary movement and it doesn't make sense.
Do it again.
Madame, I do not understand your words.
No, say it in a way that makes sense.
Madame, I do not understand your words.
Go on.
You will, if you just listen.
Cruel fate has rid me of a husband;
Madame, will you leave me in my misery?.
Without me, you could not stay in Mycene.
Shall the Queen and l depart without you?.
I wanted to see Calchas before I leave.
Why do you hesitate to send him word?.
In a moment from Argos you shall leave.
A moment sometimes clarifies all doubts.
Yet, Madame, I see, I'm pressing you too hard.
I see what I always refused to think.
You cannot wait to see me gone.
You suspect me of such vileness?.
To love so furious a victor,
who, bloodstained, comes before me,
torch in hand and lusting for more killing,
having reduced Lesbos to cinders...
Yes, you love him
Corinne, what did I tell you last time?.
To physically feel it.
Is that why you act so furiously?.
No, for me, Eriphilia is defending herself.
That's what you do all the time,
defend yourself.
Yelling, but one can't hear a thing.
Like at the flea market.
If I'm that bad, there's no point in wasting your time.
You're wasting your time, not me.
Stay here, listen.
Corrine, listen to me.
You only think about yourself,
you don't trust the poetry,
you don't work on your diction.
Make up your mind, is it the emotion or the diction?.
What do you want?.
I want everything.
Look at Lucia here, it's her first year.
She's audible, the feelings are clear,
she's not being melodramatic.
You try to score with your tyranny, and you think it works.
No, I know it's bad.
It's getting worse every day.
Last year, I felt your indications were clear.
For the past six months, I have not understood.
I'm not making any progress and I don't know where I am.
You're only worried about protecting your selfesteem.
Leave all your petty fears in the dressing room.
That's all I want.
Thank you...
for the dressing room...
Do you think I was too hard on her?.
If she didn't get it now, she'll never get it.
Jeanne is with her at the cafe next door.
She had emotion, that's all that counts.
You have to deal with destruction, all the time.
You must have destruction and doubts in order to rebuild,
create, invent.
Destruction and doubt, that's what I have to teach you.
How is she?.
She wants to be alone.
I don't think she's coming back.
Why did you ask me to come?.
I want to show you Paris.
But I know aris.
You think you know, just like all the others.
But I'm not like all the others.
What do you see?.
Nothing much.
Roofs, not even the Eiffel Tower.
And what?.
What's under the roofs?.
I don't know.
Yes, people.
Lives crossing till the end of time.
And beneath that?.
The subway, sewers, catacombs.
Why are you asking?.
Are you part of a network?.
You might call it that.
What, a gang, a group?.
Not at all, just the opposite.
What then?.
Brothers in Arms, the Fifteen?.
Fifteen or twenty, not much more.
What do you do?.
Is Cécile part of it?.
Not her, but a person she knows.
People you ought to stay away from.
You mean her boyfriend?.
I don't know his name, I've never even seen him.
Maybe it's better that way.
Why, is he dangerous?.
Mostly to himself and his friends.
And for Cécile?.
Do you know Frenhofer?.
One of your gang?.
Not at all, he's a painter.
A great painter, from around 300 years ago.
The unknown master of "Poussin".
His most famous work is "La Belle Noiseuse".
La Belle what?.
It means a woman who likes to quarrel.
It was painted more than a century ago, around 1 830.
We mainly know it through old descriptions and a print,
maybe not very accurate.
The painting reappeared in Johannesburg, Tokyo,
and London a few years ago.
It was last seen in Sidney.
Funny, how a painting can travel these days, isn't it?.
It makes me dream.
What does it have to do with me?.
With you, nothing,
but with Cécile, or rather her boyfriend.
Wait, I don't understand.
Do you rob paintings, like Arsène Lupin?.
We are trying to find works of art that have been stolen.
I've been tracking "La Belle Noiseuse" for months,
I work with Antoine, Cécile's boyfriend.
I didn't know these kind of things really exist!
It's crazy!
Crazy and dangerous.
Did you know that art trafficking
is almost as lucrative as drugtrafficking?.
I won't tell you the estimated price of a Frenhofer.
Well, Cécile's friend seems to know where it is.
That's great!
Yes, but there's a problem.
He's trying to negotiate with collectors and the robbers,
which is a very dangerous game.
I want to make sure he understands that.
I could talk to him, or actually Cécile.
No, don't, it's my problem.
This is a secret, Claude, can you keep a secret?.
I think so.
What's wrong?.
I don't know.
I have to go, I feel strange.
Will I see you again?.
Maybe, but I don't know how I can help.
You never know.
No, don't.
I have to go now.
Hey, you scared me!
You can't play with ghosts, you know!
There are no ghosts, only hungry rats.
it's an ancient dance, it's a Polish folk dance
When was this house built?.
I don't know.
Maybe during the reign of Louis Phillipe.
I'm not good at French history.
Is that 1 9th century?.
I don't know, I only know I want to sleep.
You can sleep in my room.
I'll stay here, don't worry.
I'm not worried.
Why do you think I'm scared?.
I'm not scared at all, I'm just upset, really upset.
One, two, three, four...
The night, the moon, take your shoes off.
The night and the moon, stop dancing.
The night, the moon, take your shoes off.
The night and the moon, stop dancing.
The night, the moon, take your shoes off.
The night and the moon, stop dancing.
The night, the moon, take your shoes off.
The night and the moon, stop dancing.
The night, the moon, take your shoes off.
The night and the moon, stop dancing.
The night, the moon, take your shoes off.
The night and the moon, stop dancing.
The night, the moon, take your shoes off.
The night and the moon, stop dancing.
The night, the moon, take your shoes off.
The night and the moon, stop
I made you swear not to see me again.
My Lord, your duty surprises my presence
and what once filled my heart with joy...
"My Lord, your presence surprises my duty."
And it's your absence that surprises me.
Once your dream or nightmare has ended,
you will act this scene again in the next few days.
Sophie, Marina, your turn.
We changed something, you will see.
What, that lovely maiden name is a title, dear sister,
the sweet charm of which you wish to abandon.
And to getting married, dare you look forward?.
This vulgar plan can make proud?.
Yes, my sister.
Ah, this "yes" have I to suffer?.
And no aching heart shall I feel?.
Well, what is it in marriage, my sister, that...
Oh, for heaven's sake, forbear!
Oh, forbear, I pray you!
Can't you see that the mere sound of this word
is an offense to the spirit?.
That evil image it conjures up,
and on wicked roads it leads the mind?.
Does it not make you shudder?.
And can you, my sister,
convince your heart to suffer all the word entails?.
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