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Subtitles for Bar El Chino 2003.

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Bar El Chino 2003

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Life gives us thousands of
important,|sublime and beautiful things,
filling our souls|with pride and happiness
and encouraging our hearts.
But there's a subtle,|supreme one
which quietly and silently
stirs in us a feeling of loyalty|sensitivity and kindness:
it is sublime, it is called friendship.
It's different and I'll tell you why
To begin with...
it's a very cozy place,|everything is handy
you won't find a table here,|another one over there...
everyone is all together
At this table someone|may be sharing his wine,
or offering you a cigarette.
People relate diferently
thanks to El Chino's atmosphere.
I haven't seen that communion|between people in any other place.
Sometimes you can spot local people,
when they leave they say:
"What is this place?" or|"How could we have ended up here?"...
Although they maybe|liked what they heard.
However foreigners have their|pictures taken with us,
they congratulate us,
they thank us with|their own words...
Who made this place?|Agreat architect? No.
Time made it!
This is like the headof|a human being,
time shapes it, with its hardships,|good and bad times,
Years ago no woman could|come to this place, it was forbidden.
If a woman went there,|nobody looked at her
All the men liked drinking,|everybody was drunk,
but I've never never seen|people fighting there.
You know, some guys fell|asleep on the tables,
but that bar...|I don't know if you knew it.
He knows it, don't you?
OK, it's like that.
But we never had a fight there,|we were all friends. long we have friends
we'll always feel like singing.
- At last! Are you getting married?|- You stink of perfume!
You don't celebrate|your 18th birthday everyday
- Where are you taking me?|- It's a surprise.
Fuck! I'll have to shoot|all of this again.
It's late and we still|have several places to visit,
we'll fix it when we edit it.
- Where's Roque?|- I have no idea.
- It's so late! What's next?|- "Sueńo de tango",
"Tango show", "Troilo"|and "Bar El Chino".
The last one,|"Bar El Chino".
It's in Pompeya.|Too far. How long will|it take us to get there?
Where is Roque with the van?
Brother! No, you can't do this.
If you're going to stand us up,|at least call us.
- He'll be here in half an hour|- Let's take a cab.
Taxi drivers know all the places|that tourists like.
Roque, pick us up at|"Bar El Chino",
Beazley and Cachi St., Pompeya.
I don't know where it is.|Look it up on a map, asshole!
We're going to Bar El Chino,|in Pompeya, you know it?
- What?|- Bar El Chino, Beazley and Cachi St.
- Do you know the place?|- No, I don't, can you show me?
- Look it up on the map.|- I haven't got one.
Take us to Pompeya Church,|we'll ask somebody there.
Guess what we've got|for you tonight.
Don't tell me you finally|decided to rape me.
No. Know what?
Old meat makes me sick.
Don't play the kid with me,|I'm just 6 months older than you.
As from today you're one year older than me,|and it shows.
Holy shit!
No, no, don't!|Have you got any money?
- A US$100 bill maybe?
When are you going to change|this piece of shit?
Next time we can use yours...
if your ex-wife lends it to you.
She can stick it in her ass.
Speaking about ex-wives,|I have to give you your keys back.
- Thanks.
By the way you could come|and pick up all the underwear
- you left at home.
Yes, his snores.|The asshole snores like a dog.
And he's so neat, so tidy...
I can't believe|his wife put up with him.
Hold on! It was me|who put up with her!
Look what I found|going through my things.
Is there no light in here?
Of course there is.
This is great!
How old were we?|17, maybe?
This is Raymunda,|Abel's maid, remember her?
Of course, she was my first love.|No, not my first love,
she was my first lay.
All the neighborhood|fucked her.
Hey, it's a nice surprise!
- Did Claudette answer?|- Not yet.
I'm sure some of the stuff you ofered,|will interest her
In her last e-mail...
she told me they always|need new material in France.
We have the money|issue to deal with.
The thing is to set foot in Europe.
What about a clip about|poverty and kids eating out of the garbage?
That always sells in Europe.
Let's ask that guy over there.
- Beazley and "Tachi" St.|- Cachi!
- Beazley and Cachi!|- Cachi, Cachi.
Go straight two blocks,|then you turn right,
then you go straight two blocks,|turn left...
- Hey, man,|you know Beazley and Cachi St.?
- Bar El Chino.|- It's around this corner
South, lonely wall and beyond:
South, lonely light...
you'll never see me|as you used to see me,
leaning against the shop window|waiting for you.
We'll never walk again|quietly under the stars,
along Pompeya streets...
We can't go in there|with all this stuf,
- The show's already started.|- What shall we do?
...and my love on your window
everything is dead,
...I know it.
This tango is my birthday|present for a friend,
a friend who all of us love
and who also was|a friend of Chino's.
- Happy birthday, Jorge.
Stay here, I'll shoot a couple of things,|I'll be right back.
- I'd like to make a toast...|- Yes, right.
ToJorge, yes.
Make 3 wishes.
That your son|comes back from Spain...
- No, no.|...was last year's wish.
Let's wish that his son takes him there,|it is completely rotten here.
No, I'll drink to the wishes|of the 3 of us,
and to be able to meet here|again next year
- Cheers!|- Come on, cheer up, man!
Happy birthday,|man! Happy birthday!
No, guys, don't touch me,|don't hit me...
My friends,|now in Chino's house
you'll listen to a duet.
A round of applause for|Claudia and HoracioAcosta!
Excuse me,|for just a minute.
We'll sing a nice|waltz you asked for:
"Soul, heart and life",|do you like it?
I remember the day|I met you,
I remember that evening|but not the way we met.
That's why I'll tell you
I fell in love
with your beautiful eyes|and those red lips I'll never forget.
Listen to this song which carriessoul,|heart and life,
these three little things|are all I can give you.
As I have no money|I can just offer you these three things:
Soul, heart and life,|nothing else.
Asoul to conquer you,|a heart to love you
and a life to spend with you.|Oh, my love...
Asoul to conquer you,|a heart to love you...
Where are you from?
From "Flap".
TheTV show "Flap".
I don't know it,|I don't watch muchTV.
- Hello, good afternoon.|- Good afternoon.
I was here a few days ago|and taped part of the show
I'm from "Flap", the TV show
I really love this place|and I'd like to make a documentary
Okay, listen...
many people have tried to do that.
There was a guy who worked|a lot here. He taped my pal...
Have you got his phone number?
- Yes, I think Delfina has got it.|- I'll go get it.
When my pal died he came here|and he was here a few nights ago,
but he stopped shooting,|I don't know why
- Hello, I'm Martina Rosales.
He's Beto, my... partner,|he works with me.
Remember? We talked yesterday|about Bar El Chino.
You taped some material there.|I' m working on that.
- I'd like to know the story better|- Wait, who are you looking for?
Jorge Costa?
Come in.
- Excuse me.|- Come in.
Come, follow me.
I wish I were Jorge if such|a pretty girl is looking for him.
- Well, is Jorge here or not?|- Yes, he's here.
- This way please. Come in.
- I'll call Jorge. Wait here.|- Okay, thanks.
This Spaniard thinks he is Antonio Banderas.
Beto, don't touch.
Stay right there.
Look at this!
You can see all the colors, look!
This way please.
Come in.
...will be closer than ever through|Argentine Highways.
Have you met before?
Well, not exactly,
- I know you, but...|- I'm Martina.
He's Beto. We were shooting in|Bar El Chino a few days ago.
- I'm Jorge Costa, how are you?|- Fine.
- Alberto Kzernew call me Beto.|- Hi.
He's Jesús, client or friend,|it depends on the situation.
We've already met.
I'm sorry I must leave,|but I have business in Montevideo.
My plane is leaving in a few hours.
Man! I'm really amazed|by the beauty ofArgentine women.
Spanish people are always|trying to conquerAmerica.
Hurry up with that work,|you're behind schedule
and the client will get nervous.|The presentation is on the 21st.
- Relax, Jesús.,|- Okay, See you.
- Have a nice trip.|- Thanks.
Okay, guys, come here.
Sit down.
Okay, tell me.
We're thinking of doing a documentary|on Bar El Chino.
They gave me your phone there.|I'd like to have a look at some of your stuff
What are you planning to do?
I know you taped some things|when Chino was alive.
Omar told me you worked a lot there,
but you gave up when Chino died.
What did you like about|such an uncomfortable,
- shabby old place?|- That's what I told her
It's so depressing compared to other bars.
I think this is a unique|and different place.
- Picturesque.|- Not only picturesque.
I have the feeling...
there's something else there.
It was different while|Chino was there.
Okay, but can we see|what you've got or not?
My work was done using|a given criterion...
Which one?
A personal...
and communitarian one.|When I started shooting|- Hello.
No, I can't now I'm sorry,|You were saying...
I forgot what I was saying.
Can we see it or not?
I'm very busy I have to finish|doing this work, so until next week...
Why don't you call me then?
Okay, I'll call you next week.
- Don't you have an e-mail?|- What's on for today?
Okay, don't worry thanks. Bye.
We have to interview a fake doctor
then some guy at Renault
and later Shakira and her boy friend.
He's a really smart guy!
What's wrong with the taxi?|It should be here by now
Listen, did you get Chino on tape?
I talked to a guy who had taped|him but erased the tape,
another one who wanted to charge me,|and I talked to
the mum of a guy who moved|to New Zealand. There he is!
Listen, you're late,|we can't work like this.
I'm sorry, I was stuck in a demo.
Are you still thinking|of doing the documentary?
More than everAre you in?
What for? It doesn't make sense.
It does for me, but forget it.|I'll manage without you anyway
Okay, I can get the equipment|from the station,
but I have to bribe the doorman|not to see me.
We'll see that later|So, you're in?
Every time I look at you...
I wish I were in... inside you.
If you do it, do it because you're interested.
I am.
Not for me, I don't want charity
- I do.|- Don't be such an asshole!
I really don't understand you.
Why is it so difficult for you?|Or do you pretend it is?
I'm trying to carry out a project.
That's all.
I'm trying to respect something|that is very important to me,
- something I love.|- Why do you think I wouldn't
respect something like this?|Why are you so fussy about it?
You have images I can't get|because Chino is dead.
I don't want to steal anything from you.
Martina, I think you're mistaken,
this guy doesn't have|to show us anything.
Are you free now?
Tango is the truth,|that's why it hurts some people.
Maybe the lyrics say your wife|is cheating on you
and you feel hurt, you obviously do.
- Come in.
This is my place. Up, on the bed.|Come on.
Those are my grandparents,|they were Spanish.
This is the grandfather of all tango singers:|Carlos Gardel.
When Pepe Sacristan saw|this he was delighted.
And then a month later he came|with some other guys
and he brought me a present,|it was an eiderdown,
may be he thought I was cold here,|I don't know
Stop it!
The famous Victor Heredia,|Leonor Benedetto,
The actress Soledad Silveyra.
I've been renting this place for 57 years.
The owner came from Spain,|his wife was anArgentinean.
While they were alive|I had no problems.
"As long as Jorge is here|we won't sell the place."
Now their sons took over|one of them needs the money
and wants to sell the place.|I want to spend my last days here.
I told my wife and kid:|I'd like to hold my wake here.
...without carpets,|luxuries or brightness.
by the warmth of that girl's love
who was mine, beautiful and true.
On an awful winter night...
This way, kid, come this way
we are all family here, come in.
There, it's right over there.
...everything made me sad.
That's why I used to be
angry, wandering and blue.
He doesn't know how to say "no".
- He doesn't know.|- lf I were a woman, I'd be lost.
I'd have a baby every five months.
Fly, white dove, fly.
Go and tell her
I'll be back.
What can I say?|I love this place. I love it.
I can't leave this block,|I was born right across the street.
I came here when I was 14.
- Male.|- To love you dearly
- Male.|- To wish you good things.
- Male.|- To forget your injuries,
because I've already done so.
Here you sing without a mike,|nor a stage.
You either sing or sing,|there's no way out
I'm like you, who either|denies herself or gives herself away.
I name you, Buenos Aires,|my city, Because
I'm like you, who either|denies herself away
I name you, Buenos Aires...
I've always dreamt of this,|and I've got it.
my city.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
It's okay
Where did you get it?|It's beautiful.
My dad made it, he was a puppeteer
This is him.
The taxi is here.
They'll leave you here.
Let me carry it for you.
It's okay I'm used to it,|thanks anyway
Going back to the documentary
it would be a pity not to finish it.
I'll think it over
Call me.
See you.
Dear old man, happy birthday!
This time I'm only a few days late.|I'm improving.
I've just been hired to go on|a tour aroundAndalusia
with the play we're|putting on here in Madrid.
Unluckily, I won't be able|to go and spend New Year with you.
A star's life is|full of hardships!
Take care, I love you.|Your best son, Nacho.
- How are you?|- Just fine.
I've brought some croissants.
Where's Beto?
He's interviewing an asshole, who says
she's invented a mind controlled|depilation method.
She's one of our sponsors.
What would you like to drink?
- Mate?|- I'm not good at it, but it's okay.
- Sweet or bitter?|- As you like it.
- All of them are your clients?|- They are or they were.
I have no plans after the highways video.|What about you?
I'll be working for the channel,|doing stupid things.
Don't complain.|At least you have a job.
When will you have finished your work?
In 24 days maximum,|it must be ready for the 20th.
- 17.|- What?
You have 17 days,|if we leave out holidays.
You have 17 days left.
- See?|- You're right, 17 days.
Jesús will kill me if|I don't finish on time.
How long have you|been working for him?
20 years ago we studied together|film making in Madrid.
Then, you lived in Spain.
- Why did you come back?
I missed it here.|My wife stayed over there.
She was... is an actress,|I came back with my son.
You have a son...
Yes. Ignacio, he's 26...
I forgot the croissants, excuse me.
I've been thinking...
the documentary deserves to befinished.
The thing is I don't get|your role in all this.
I'm a good scriptwriter|I have good ideas,
I can shoot while you finish your work,|I know how to edit,
and I have a strong will.|Beto'd be our partner
he can get the equipment from the station.
But, aren't you engaged?
With Beto?
No, I mean your job.
Two months ago they cut|down my working days because
I'll get 80 % of the sales,|you'll get 20 %,
- after taking expenses away|- 70and 30,
after taking away Beto's share.
I'll pay for everything, 75 and 25.
- It's a deal. I'll make the "mate".|- You'll make it.
Bring this with the lights.
Have you got enough batteries?
Have we got the batteries
Eight backwards, another step,
Sorry to interrupt, may we come in?
Come in.
Okay, let's go to the third step...
- Hi.|- Hello, how are you?
- Okay, let's go on.|- What's this?
On Thursdays, we teach tango.
- Can we shoot?|- Of course.
...six, seven, eight, okay?
Shall we dance?|Come on, Mingo, come on, Juan.
I love it.
Are you nuts?|I love to watch.
I have no idea how to dance that.
I thought people your age|could all dance tango.
Tango is not "my age" music,
I'm not "people",|and "my age" is this...
If you want,|we can dance rock'n roll.
The camera.
- May I shoot?|- Yes, sure.
Martina, are we going to the station?
Martina, I'd like to see what we have here
and set the work for tomorrow
OK. You go first,
I'll go to Jorge's to see the tapes.|I'll see you there.
- Okay.|- Bye.
We're going to the station, come on.
What an incredible place!
I would've never thought we'd|end up dancing tango like...
When I was doing the documentary|some days I'd come without my camera,
then something incredible|would happen and I'd lose it.
You should start to believe,
And for tomorrow I've prepared|a chat between Chino
and Gardel in heaven and then,|another one with Perón.
And if that's not enough|for you, ask for more.
Everything will be okay
Thanks for calling, relax,|everything will be ready on time.
I wanted to talk to you|about something else.
Something great is happening to me|and I wanted you to know
I'm working on the Chino|documentary again,
so you can start offering it.
I need an advance.|I haveTo rent some equipment,
I have to buy videotapes...
I have to hire people.
You know all that is very expensive here.
That's the price we have to pay|to live in a developed country.
You'll get a lot more money|when you sell it.
You send me the money first|and then we'll talk.
As usual.
That's okay
Listen to me:
Tell your compatriot and|client I'll finish the highway video
for the 21st., but send me|the money for Chino...
You see,
day refuses to come
Polaco Goyeneche, sing one more|tango for me.
You see, the night is too long,
your life has a karma,
Your voice moves the tango
singing the melodies
no one could sing.
...yes, two years ago, and I'm staying.
to visit my friends at Chino's,
to feel again the smells,|the tastes of my home.
I can be myself when I sing at Chino's.
When I sing somewhere else,
I feel some limitations because|the boss asks
not to say certain things|nor sing certain songs.
The other day I told the boss|to hire a stand-up comedian.
What else could I say?
In Chino's bar,|nobody tells me what to do,
so I can express myself as|I really am,
with my ups and downs,|as everybody else.
I missed my country|I missed everything, I felt lonely.
I had many friends but|you're alone at night,
you have no roots.
I opened a bar in|Pompeya called "The hearth".
I invested all my savings there
and I had the bad idea|of mortgaging this house
and I almost lost it.
Some relatives from the USAcame to visit|and they asked what was wrong.
I told them I was about to|lose the house.
"Why don't you come with us?"|They asked.
I meant to stay one year there,|to save my house.
Then work began to be skimpy there...
We think economic crisis|only affects Argentina,
but it is everywhere.
We're used to think all bad and good|things only happen to us.
That's nonsense.|What Santiago says is sheer nonsense.
Santiago didn't say that,|it was one of his patients,
who works in a high position|at theTreasury Department.
It's impossible.
Besides, banks have already done that. Remember?
Now they can't do it because of the|Intangibleness Deposits Act.
That means they can't retain people's money|you get it?
My socks. Where did you put them?
I think I put them in the|third drawer of my bureau.
- What will you do about it?|- My money's abroad...
Smart guy!
Okay, I've got everything...
Thanks again.
And the money...
you'd better withdraw it.
- Bye.|- But...
He's handsome, he's a nice person,|he's a widower
and he's got money Singing is his hobby,
- Thank you, thanks a lot.|- Agood round of applause.
Thank you very much, madam.
- Two kisses.|- Two kisses, "Due baci".
Good evening to everybody
"Buona sera", in case there're|any Italians here.
Don't look at the house,|this is a lonely man's house,
and a man who lives alone is not even worth half a human being:
a woman and a man. Don't forget it.|Have pity on me.
I liked "El Chino".|There I learned to appreciate tango,
and I learned
uprooting is the true basis|of most tangos.
Because uprooting is a huge pain.|An unnatural pain.
That's why it can't be cured,
there's no consolation for it.
Many of the immigrants came here|leaving their family back home,
and they couldn't come back.|They didn't make enough money
So they remarried,|trying to make up for something impossible.
You can't make up for love.
These stories are so terrible, so complex,
that they are revealed through tango lyrics.
It's so diferent to folk music,
where sadness and happiness go together
When tango is sad, It is very sad.
I thought of this and I started to like it,
then they chose me to sing.
So I anchored in Chino's.
Thank you! Thank you very much!
Hi, Dad, how are you? We're doing|great in the tour
Andalusians love the play|I'll send you the reviews
So you can see how successful your son is.|How are you?
The news about Argentina is terrifying.
We're in a mess but we're used to it.|However I'm very well,
I'm making a movie that is very|important to me.
If everything goes as planned,|maybe I'll go visit you
to see your play|then I could invite you to a restaurant
to eat that "Madrilenian stew"|you like so much.
Martina, don't be childish.|What did you want me to do?
What are you doing in the bank?
You told me you'd be editing.
I'm standing at your door
I've... I've just been fried.
- Who is Gastón?|- Gastón is...
he's my ex friend... my ex boss.
They ordered him to fire 30 people.
He had a list and I was on that list.
Didn't you get on well with him?
Yes, of course we got on well.
When he was fired from AMERICATV I took him on here.
I don't get it, he's a fucker didn't he stand up for you?
He can't, the list came by|mail from the USA.
He doesn't even know who made it.
Besides, whom can he talk to?
If he complains, he can be fired too.
He's 40, where can he get a job now?|He's got 3 kids,
he has to pay for his house in the countryhis van,
- and for his old woman's new tits.|- His old woman?
How old is his wife?
Wife? No, his old woman, his mother
Her husband died and now she wants new tits
and he's paying for them in installments.
It's funny,
Now you'll have free time to|devote to our first project,
then we'll do a second one,
- a third one...|- Thanks.
What about the bank?|Could you withdraw Jesús advance?
When you called me I still had to|queue up for an hour
I'll go back tomorrow
Tomorrow we'll be shooting atToto's.
After we shoot, I'll go to the bank.
Come in.
I'm looking back and I see
time has changed everything.
I had put on my best suit,
I was very elegant and so when he|hugged me he left the mark
of his greasy hand on my coat.
When I got home, I realized|I had his hand printed on my coat.
But I really loved that place.|On Fridays,
at 11 p.m. and we'd go to Chino's.
Where are the guys from the bar|where I sang my first song?
Where are the patios in which people clapped at me
for the first time?
- Long time no see...|- Yes, right.
- How's your wife?|- Fine, she's got the flue but...
- How's your throat?|- Fine, it's just fine.
Great! Today I'll ask you|to sing my favorite tango.
The dandies fromAbasto rhymed my song.
I'm that singer from the suburbs,|a Creole goldfinch
that sang to a humble muse|in a percale dress.
We would stay there until|7, 8 or 10 in the morning.
We sang serenades all night.
...on his side he had,|as though it were an open wound,
the red spot of a carnation.
...everything is gone.
You must say:|"Yes, Father, I love her"
I bet you won't kiss me.
What a tuberculous kiss!
Where are the patios where
people clapped|at me for the first time?
You're not recording me, right?
...that's how I began flying like a thrush,
the dandies fromAbasto
rhymed my song.
My God, he sings beautifully!
Great, guys.
What a nice surprise!
- You are here.|- Jesú|s, I'm surprised too.
- May I come in?|- Jorge isn't here, he had things to do.
I'm sure he won't get mad|if you let me in, baby
Yes, sure.
- How are you?|- How are you?
- Jorge wasn't expecting for you.|- I know but...
the head office asked me to change some things.
Besides, in 3 days we must show|the tape in the company so...
I see you're working on Chino's.
That means you've|finished the highway video.
Jorge is working on that.
Let's have a look.
You'd better wait for him.|He's at the bank, he won't be long.
Why don't you go on while|we wait for Jorge?
People helped me,|as I helped them...
You work very quickly
And you're efficient.
And beautiful.
Isn't that too much for one|single woman?
Would you like something to drink?
No, thank you.|Let's wait for Jorge.
There he is!
Lucky man!
To have somebody like you.
Hi, Jes's, how are you?
- How did it go?
The bank says|I can't withdraw the money you sent me.
- Criminals!|- You'll withdraw it,
if not today tomorrow
No, no. Not todaynor tomorrow, never.
Nobody can withdraw money
I can't believe it,|how is it possible?
That's the joy of living inArgentina.
I'll get something to drink.
By the way the client wants to|change some things.
Change "some" things?
Yes, nothing serious.|Something about the locution,
the logo, they also want to change|some of the music,
and the script. Here's a copy
I can't do it in three days.
Jorge, I can't say "no" to a client.
Stop wasting your time with that|and it won't be so hard.
After 3 hours at the bank,|I don't feel like arguing.
If the work isn't ready in 3 days,|forget about everything,
Chino's documentary included.|It's a client, don't you see?
It's very hot today
You never forget a detail.
- Thanks.|- You're welcome.
I'm leaving, I'm late already,
My clients trust me,|and I trust you. Don't forget that.
This is going to be tough.
No problem.
- I mean it.|- I mean it too, no problem.
Come on, pal, put the video on.
Going on with our expansion strategy and
our vocation for leadership,|our holding has invested
over 700 million dollars|in Argentine Highways...
I like this part.
...this means a 22 % increase
- No, I can't eat.|- leadership...
I don't know what's wrong with me,|I can't stop eating.
No doubt, for our shareholders|investment will mean...
...this means a 22 % increase in
- Is it okay?
Is it okay or do you want it longer?
It's a great opportunity for our holding
to reassert its leadership...
- Thanks.
I don't know how|I'd have done without you.
You'd be working, not sleeping.
...the basis of our modern society
Argentine Highways,|the future of roads
Here it says "roads",|the future of roads.
Yes, but later on it says|"on its road to the future."
Okay, let's do it again.
Wait a second, please,|I have to make a phone call.
- Can he hear me?|- Not now
- Jorge.|- Yes.
- Hi.|- What's up?
Listen, who did you hire?|He keeps making mistakes.
- Is he fat and hairless?|- Yes.
Eduardo is ill and he sent this guy
Shall we look for another one?
I don't know if we have the time.
- All right, okay.|- Bye.
- Go on, please.|- Okay,
Argentine Highways,|the future of roads...
I don't remember...
"Courier" what? "Oblique"?
No, not that one,|can't you choose another one?
We chose the same one.
Yes. Have it.
- Do you need anything?|- No, no.
Well, yes.
I'm really hot.
This thing broke down.
Come on, let's go on.
Let's go breathe some fresh air
- No, no.|- Come on.
- Come on!|- No, I mean it.
Come on, come on.
I love this.
Yes! I love this!
I'll stay here forever
How long have we been here?
Martina, here's the shirt you asked for
Thanks! Would you give me a towel?
I'll go to the baker's to buy something for breakfast,
- What would you like?|- Just a yoghurt.
One more croissant and I'll burst.
Meanwhile I'll heat some water
Go on, go on...
Where are we going?
To work.
- We're late.|- Very late.
What did you forget? Hi, Beto.
You're working full time.|May I come in?
I'm helping him with his work.
- Do you think I'm so stupid?|- No, you're wrong. I mean it.
Listen to me, we're working|full time on this...
Okay, leave it, forget about me,|about he equipment...
- Wait, listen...|- Say hi to your boyfriend.
- Good morning.|- Good morning.
For you.
Shall we go on with the toll-gate|shots or the graphics?
I think we should rearrange|the manager's speech first.
I heard at the bakery there are|riots in the suburbs.
The video's getting on well.
I want to finish it quickly|and devote myself to Chino.
We're hungry, bro.
I've been jobless for two years,|I have 4 kids...
In keeping with our expansion strategy and
our vocation for leadership,|our holding...
He makes a mistake here too, have you got another shot?|- As President of the nation...
- I think I have.
I have declared martial law...|- Come on, we won't finish.
In all the country to ensure law and order
and to put an end to the recent incidents.
As I dealt with economic problems|and ordered to provide help to
the neediest,|I decided to stop those who take advantage
of others' misery
- What are we doing here? We seem like aliens.
We're trying to finish your work on time.
Will we have the interview with all this going on?
They won't cancel the meeting in Spain
becauseArgentina's falling to bits.
We must finish this whatever it costs.
We know how important it is for the development|of a city to have modern highways
Fluent traffic means good business.
Let's watch it at least.
It's just the same. It's well done, I guess.
Of course it is!|I thought you had settled everything.
- I thought so too, but...|- Our head office decides, not me.
In Spain, they're cautious.
Now the company's waiting.|But I'm sure this is temporary...
- But the work is finished, we...|- Wait, Jorge, please.
If this is temporary and|since we finished the work,
we'll wait for their authorization.
I did my work,|and it is endorsed by a contract.
Speaking about contracts,|your government and our company signed one.
If they breach it,|we could lose many millions,|in any currency you choose.
However I'm sure a solution
will be found soon.
I'm about to finish here.
Take him into my office.
- Jesús, you must pay me!|- Calm down, you saw I have nothing
to do with this, it's beyond me.
I don't care! I made a deal with you!
They don't pay me, I can't pay you.|I have no money left.
You can keep the money|I gave you for the project.
That money is in the bank,|I can't withdraw it, you get it?
I need money to finish "El Chino".
The money for Chino was coming from|the highway's profits,
since we got no proffs from the highways,
there's no money for other projects.
I'm sorry, this is business,|not a cultural fund.
Go to other countries and|see how they take care of their stuff
We here don't take care of anything,|and the kids are not to blame.
They are the ones who pay the bill...
Grown ups are to blame,|business is conducted by grown ups,
the smart ones. So I'm not smart but|I'd rather be like this
and not go around spreading evil.
Intelligence should be used to do good,|and here, it's used to do evil.
Hello, pal.
Jesús, you've resurrected.
It seems that's my fate.
I'm going back to Spain tomorrow...
I wanted to say goodbye.
Last time we met we were both very upset.
And we're great now I hope you've got good news.
I'll try to sell it.
The ice cream is melting.
Okay, I'll call you as soon as I get there.
- This is my phone number|- Great. Okay,
I didn't know you were here so|I didn't get you any
Don't be mad at me.
I won't when you pay me for the video.
I'll try, pal, I'll try.
Okay, I hope I'll see you soon.
- Bye, baby|- Bye.
Farewell, Jesús.
Happy New Year for both of you,|in spite of everything.
The same to you.
Fer! Stop it! lt'll make you sick.
I have cold champagne here.
I couldn't even say Happy New Year.
At 11:45 a patient called me,|she felt very depressed.
I was going to come alone.
Some day I'll write a book about shrinks' wives.
- After... 25, 24?|- 25, darling.
After 25 years, you have lots of material.
Don't complain, yours is a beautiful story
What is it, do you miss her?
No, of course not.|I'm feeling sorry for Fer
Call Laura, you'll make her happy.
Why don't you call her?
Tell her I died, she'll be more than happy
Such bad vibes!
Dad, can I have the keys? I have to go.
- What keys?|- The car keys.
The car keys? How will we make it home?
Take a taxi.
Don't you know it's impossible|to get a taxi on December 31st?
No, it isn't. Come of it, dad!|The girls are waiting for me.
Mum told me I could have the car
Hello, Nacho!
How are you?
Happy New Year for you too.
Yes, I have...
several good pieces of news.
- The baby has grown!|- I'll break this on your head.
Shut up, you pervert.
So quickly? I don't know if I can.
Something great is happening to me,|I'll finish the documentary
Yes... Jesús left for a while...
I understand.
I'll see what I can do.
For the time being I can't go.
No, don't worry
Okay, thanks, Jesús.
I send you lots of kisses, a hug.|I miss you a lot.
Bye, see you. Bye.
Nacho says hello.
- How is Nacho?|- He's got a girlfriend.
- Great!|- Little Nacho?
How old is "Little Nacho"?
He's 26already
- Jorge will have a grandchild.|- Will you? Congratulations!
No, he's drunk.
You're such an asshole!
Are you okay?
I think I drank too much.
What are you doing with that?|Leave it, you can get hurt!
New year...
new life!
- Happy New Year!|- Happy New Year!
- Let this fucking year be gone.
You ever thought of going back to Italy?
I went 7 times.
But after a week I went to the river bank and cried...
I missed my neighborhood, Pompeya,|the smell of this river
because I love this.
But I love it without roots.
I cried there,|then I came back here, and again...
Your heart goes tic here, tac there, tic, tac.
That's the sickness.
- Did you listen to this?|- Yes...
- Is anything wrong?|- Why?
You seem strange, and absent.|What's wrong?
What about him?
He offered me a job in Spain.
He's a motherfucker!|What did you answer him?
I didn't believe him.
But he called me and|said they were waiting for me.
They need somebody|as soon as possible.
- Who needs somebody?|- Jesús' company
Jesús' company?
Jesús' company is|"Fuck So Many Chicks As You Can".
Is that all you care about?
the salary is good,|he's sending me the ticket,
I'll have an apartment and even a car
What about us?|You just fucked me?
No, we won't hurt each other
- We can't live here, come on.|- No.
I know what it is like.|I left twice.
I don't want to leave again.
- When are you leaving?|- When they send me the ticket.
- Maybe 10to 15 days.|- Won't you finish the documentary?
If I don't leave now|they'll hire somebody else.
I can sell it there.
This doesn't mean I'll never come back.
We have a project.
To live, to sufer,|to see things happen,
not everything happens to you,|but you see
something happened to your mate, or to a friend.
That's what tango talks about.
Tango hasn't invented anything.
What the lyrics say is taken from life, everything.
I remember the day I met you
I remember that evening but not the way we met.
That's why I'll tell you
I fell in love
with your beautiful eyes and those red lips|I'll never forget.
Listen to this song which carries soul,|heart and life,
these three little things are all I can give you.
As I have no money|I just can offer you these three things:
Soul, heart and life, nothing else.
A soul to conquer you, a heart to love you
and a life to spend with you.|Oh, my love...
Asoul to conquer you,|a heart to love you,
a life to spend with you...
Thank you.
There Is one left.
- I took the glasses to my mum's.|- We'll be fine.
These are for Nacho.
This is a part of the documentary
Promise me you'll finish it.
Are you coming to the airport tomorrow?
I hate airports.
You've reached Jorge Costa,|leave a message after the beep.
Hello, Jorge, what the fuck is wrong with you?
If you don't pick up the phone,|I'll call the cops.
Jorge! Jorge!
Go on, officer, knock the door down,|it looks serious.
Come on, man, we've been calling|you for 5 days.
You scared us.
Didn't you bring the cops?
Bring the cops? Are you nuts?
Come in if you want.
Are you okayJorge?
We're scared.
Hey, the door
- Yes?|- Is Jorge at home?
Jorge, look what I found at your door
Nothing has changed!
Something's changed,|there are more pictures of you.
News fromArgentina is terrible.
I wanted to see how you were doing.
Martina came to see me.
You met her...
Yes. She's quite young.
- Yes, she is.|- She spoke so well about you...
- How's the movie?|- We were talking about it.
We were trying to convince your old dad tofinish it.
Yes, I haven't cancelled it... I was telling them.
- Right.|- You're a grown up man.
Are you hungry?|Can I get you something to eat?
You talk like a mother
Let's go to a restaurant|so he gets dressed.
Your dad's been a bit lazy lately
Are you doing well in the theatre?
It works.
At least I can act.|We're on tour now
Stop eating the olives!
- Give me that bottle.|- Wait, wait.
This is a good wine, but I know you
and I know you always keep a special bottle|for special occasions...
Here it is!
- You never change, you moron!|- Delicious.
You meant to keep that wine!
You'll find a torn up country
Did you hear about the "corralito"?
- Ajoke, right?|- Ajoke, my ass!
Okay, but you can't cry all the time.
Tango's an everlasting moan.|"If you don't cry you don't eat,
if you don't steal you're stupid."
He's right.
Wait a minute.
I'd like to see a Spaniard endure|for just a single month
what we did.
What happened to your dad is an example.
He's been trying to make that movie for so long.
- Do you know El Chino's?|- No.
We should take him some day
He'll finish it. I'd like to make a toast|to the success of my friend's project.
- Chino.|- Don't give up on Chino.
He's falling asleep on the table|and we're talking about...
Good to see you.
- How long are you staying for?|- Aweek.
How's your mum?
As usual.
Always with her plastic surgeries.
She says it's the only way|to preserve her "argentinity"
Now she's had one done on her face.
A cheeks job.
Growing old terrifies her
And your girlfriend?|What does she look like?
Have you got a picture?
I have...
...with the nougats.
We'll go on tomorrow Sleep well. See you.
Can't believe it.
Where did you learn to do this?
A bit here, a bit there.
I was thinking of changing
that "Madrilenian stew" I promised you,
for a goodArgentine steak with French fries.
It was time you realized what I'd come for!
- Well done?|- For me.
Martina told me what you|were going through.
Yes, these times are very hard.
I have to tape this.|Otherwise, nobody will believe me. Thanks.
Argentine steak.
French fries.|Want me to shoot?
Tell me about your girlfriend.
Last night I didn't say anything because I...
I wanted you to be the first one to know
I'm getting married.
- What?|- We're getting married because...
because we found out Ana is pregnant.
I wanted to tell you myself.
- What is it?|- I'm going to be a granddad.
The guys will tease me.
Does Martina know?
Yes, I told her
It won't make you any older|It's just another title and a new love.
No, I'm very pleased. Besides...
you're going to be a dad.
I've been thinking of you.
I know what you're going through.
I think the worst is still to come.
Why don't you come to Spain?
I could get you to know certain people,|even Jes's could get you a job.
- You can be sure.|- The job isn't the point.
Besides, I think it'd be very boring
to live without crises.
My brother Jorge wanted
his wife to go on with the bar
and he wanted Omar to help her with the show
And I want my brother's room|to be left just as it is now
For me, that room is sacred.|My father died in there,
we've had it since 1944,
so I want to keep it as long as the bar is open,
when the bar is gone, we'll see.
- I hope we can go on...|- I hope we're lucky
and you can all go on working here.
Money is not so important.|The clue here is friendship.
It would be nice to keep the bar because
it represents our unity
the unity of those who were Chino's friends.
- To Chino!|- To Chino!
Good night to everybody
May God help us.
I'd like to thank you all because you showed me
another world is possible.
I knew it existed somewhere,
and that's why I've been looking for it.
But I know that without|Chino and without you,
I'd never have found it.
I'm such a pussy|If I'd remembered the ending,
- I wouldn't have showed you.|- I see no pussy
I brought you something,|it's with my stuf.
Why didn't you tell me you had presents?
I hope you'll like it.
I've been looking for this for so long, I love it.
This is fromAna.
My favorite ones! How did shefind out?
- What about this?|- This is Ana.
You're a beautiful couple.
And this is from Martina.
What's this?
I don't know|She said you'd be surprised.
Hello, how are you?
What a surprise, uh?
However I guess the biggest surprise is Nacho's one.
I want you to know you'll be the sexiest granddad|I've ever known.
Up to now all the promises have been kept.
Yesterday I got my first salary, in Euros.
I'm learning to use the equipment... so updated!
I work from 9 to 5 and I go for walks in the evening,
if it's not too cold.
I meet up with someArgentine friends.
There are lots ofArgentineans here.
But... I miss you a lot.
I really miss you.
I want you to know you're with me all the time.
I think of you every single day.
And I really need you.
And I really miss your bitter "mates",|and the hammock.
It would fit in my balcony,
Abit dangerous, perhaps,|but if we don't run any risk...
I have one more surprise for you.
Afew days ago, I met one of Chino's friends.
It looks like he wants you tofinish the documentary
Here it comes.
What happens in that place,|at least when I go there,
has only happened to me|in very few places around the world.
In fact, it doesn't even happen|to me with the same depth
in my own country and with my own people.
To speak about Chino,|his place and his people,
is to speak about|"my Chino, my bar and my people".
What can I say about defending,|about the interest,
the convenience, or the attention
deserved by that kind of place|and that kind of people?
They should be respected and,|in the same way the buffalo
in Altamira has been preserved,|preserve what happens there,
so that new generations can see it|and understand that
beyond folklore,|tradition and musical meaning
there was once,|in this fucking planet,
a group of human beings|who understood friendship,
manhood, loyalty and love,
as people who live|and pass by Bar El Chino do.
May I shoot?
Yes, of course.
Could you take a picture?
Of course, I'd be glad.
Press this button.
- This one?|- Yes.
Nacho, you're forgetting thisT-shirt.
I put it in your bag.
Hurry up, the taxi is coming to pick you up.
Okay, let's see... passport?
- Yes.|- Did you take your money?
- This is for you.|- What is it?
I was afraid I couldn't finish it on time.
Is it a last minute surprise?
- Who made this?|- I did.
I brought it half done.
I wanted to finish it in|Spain but I couldn't.
I didn't know you were a puppeteer too.
It's one of my first puppets.
I didn't know what it'd look like.
You inherited your grandfather's magic.
And my father's.
Two geniuses together
They don't even need to speak.
Here, I want you to have it.
It's for my grandson.
I hope you can come visit him|and hug him yourself.
I'll do my best.
I'm so glad I came.
Thank you for the visit...|and for the news!
And for the puppet too.
Promise me you'll think it over
Your family will be waiting for you.
I promise you I'll think it over
Tic... tac. Tic... tac.|Tic here, tac there.
- Have you been happy?|- Yes. In my own way I have...
I've always lived the way I wanted to.
I had my sad moments and many happy ones,
as it should be, life is not a bed|of flowers all the time.
I give myself to you,|if you betray me... I keep going.
It hurts me more than it hurts you.
But I've had happy times,|satisfactions no one can pay for
I can open a door and go in any place,|I never look who's there.
Some guys have to look first.|I'd be ashamed to do that.
I can go anywhere because|I don't owe anyone anything.
People have helped me and|I have helped them,
but I never hide from anybody
I've always followed this, my heart.
Anything else is useless.
Do you remember the first day you met him?
I met Chino in a small district club
and I had been told he had a very strong voice,
my voice is strong too,|I shout when I sing.
And we met there.
"Look, there's a singer with a|strong voice who sings nicely"
I said "Alright, let's go."|So, we met there.
The day I was going to sing|I had lost my voice.
Friends, like poetry have deep,|secret tenderness,
Let's come closer|to noble friendship
which fills us with love
and peace.
Friends, whom I love,
listen to this tango
that brings a handshake among its tunes.
It was written with the soul
thinking of friendship,
I sing it in tears for those who left us.
Let's make a toast here in the old bar
as long we have friends|we'll always feel like singing.
Let's make a toast here|in the old bar as long...
we have friends...
we'll always feel like singing.
That's all folks.|See you tomorrow
Martina! Martina!
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Battlestar Galactica 01x03 - Bastille Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x04 - Act of Contrition
Battlestar Galactica 01x05 - You Cant Go Home Again
Battlestar Galactica 01x07 - Six Degrees of Seperation
Battlestar Galactica 01x08 - Flesh and Bone
Battlestar Galactica 01x09 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
Battlestar Galactica 01x10 - The Hand of God
Battlestar Galactica 01x11 - Colonial Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x12 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 1
Battlestar Galactica 01x13 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 2
Baxter 1989
Beach The
Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie
Beast Cops
Beast From 20,000 Fathoms The 1953
Beast Within The
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Beauty and the Beast (Disney Special Platinum Edition)
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Bet on My Disco
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Better Than Chocolate
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Beyond The
Beyond The Clouds
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD1
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Biches Les (Claude Chabrol 1968)
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Big girls dont cry
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Bio Dome
Bio Hunter
Bio Zombie
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Bionicle Mask Of Light 2003
Birch Tree Meadow The
Bird People in China The 1998 CD1
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Bird on a wire
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD1
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Bite the bullet
Bitter Sugar (Azucar amarga)
Black Angel
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BlackAdder 1x5 - Witchsmeller Pursuivant
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BlackAdder 2x3 - Potato
BlackAdder 2x4 - Money
BlackAdder 2x5 - Beer
BlackAdder 2x6 - Chains
BlackAdder 4x1 - Captain Cook
BlackAdder 4x2 - Corporal Punishment
BlackAdder 4x3 - Major Star
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BlackAdder 4x5 - General Hospital
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Black Hawk Down
Black Mask
Black Mask 2
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Black and White (1998)
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Blade Of Fury
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Blade Runner Directors Cut
Blair Witch Project The
Blame It On Rio
Blast From The Past 1999
Blast from the Past
Blazing Saddles
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Blind Beast
Blind Chance (1987) CD1
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Blind Spot Hitlers Secretary (2002)
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Blob The 1988
Blood Crime
Blood Wedding (1981)
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Body The
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Born Romantic
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Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakin all the rules
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Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
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