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Subtitles for Barrio 1947 25fps.

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Barrio 1947 25fps

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Varadero, hotel, 7 days, B&B.
-70,000. -What's B&B?
Bed and breakfast, served in bed if you want.
With a blow-job!
-It's true. -And a blow-job, if you want.
What if it's a waiter?
They're all waitresses, it's the law.
Morocco, Tangiers, Tunis, 48,000.
There aren't any girls there, just Arabs.
The girls in the Caribbean are like her or better.
No, they're models who live in New York.
-They go there for the photo. -They live there.
My brother was there and screwed a black girl like that.
-On a beach with palm trees. -And you believed him.
Didn't he go with his girlfriend?
He went out to buy her a present,...
...met the girl on the beach and screwed her.
He was buying a present on the beach?
Yeah, and he screwed the girl. On the beach, in front of everyone.
-The bastard. -Are you stupid?
How could he screw her on a beach full of people?
Down there, everyone screws everyone, for free.
Your brother just saw that in a film.
You're jealous, you've never screwed anyone, on a beach,...
-...or anywhere. -Yeah, and you have?
I've never been to the beach.
I was, when I was little, I threw up on one.
I was with my parents, I got car sick and we had to stop.
They're uncomfortable, they're full of sand.
We could go to one in September.
And the dough?
Blacks screw well 'cos they've got an extra bone in their spine.
Come off it.
Really, down here.
They can move their asses faster. Have you seen how they dance?
That's because they practice.
No, it's because of the bone. It even has a name.
You ever see a white girl dance like that?
-Or your mother? -Come on.
Is she black? No. There you are.
Are there really only waitresses?
And now the national news.
The start of the summer vacation... the main news item of the week.
At least 2 million people have left Madrid...
-Coming! -Lunch!
She'll go deaf with that music!
Your granddaughter's going to go deaf.
-Like you. -It's her age.
-Susana, for Crissake! -I'm coming!
These images were common today...
Look at them, showing all they've got.
Your father likes it.
Don't you, Antonio?
-It shouldn't be allowed. -Why not?
-Susana goes topless too. -Susana does what?
Everybody does it.
-Her pals, everybody. -Susana!
-Isn't it just her age? -You approve?
I don't care, I just want to eat in peace.
Are you going around topless?
No. Just at the pool.
At the pool or anywhere.
-You told on me. -The neighbors will see you.
-Fuck them. -Can you imagine...
...your mother going topless?
-It isn't the same! -Isn't it?
If your father saw me like that, he'd thump me.
-Any excuse would do. -Good God.
If you're not going away, choose a good book...
...and enjoy the peace...
...of summer in the big city.
As for employment...
-Finish your vegetables. -I don't want any more.
Did you touch these trousers?
-No. -I'm missing 1 ,000 pesetas.(6 E)
Did you look properly?
Of course.
-I had them yesterday. -You must have lost them.
Are you going to buy more?
-They're giving away vacations. -How many do you need?
You have to send 20 tops.
Forget it, you could pay for the vacation with that.
I can't find it.
Fuck, I didn't take it!
-What's the score? -You scared me. 3-1 .
You were in a trance.
-Since when do you like soccer? -Don't know.
What shall we do?
Let's go visit my brother and see his gun.
No, I have to get home early.
He let me hold it the other day. It's really neat.
Imagine carrying it with you. No one would bother you.
Or taking it to school. With Guti.
"Go to the blackboard!" "Like fuck I will".
You draw the gun.
"Full marks for everyone or you're dead."
-And vacation. -Three years of vacation.
-What if the other guy's armed? -Guti? No way.
Why do we always meet here?
"Marta, blonde, loving."
"Home or hotel, 12,000 (72 E)". (nicht zu teuer oder? ;-))
"Tania, huge breasts."
"I'll do whatever you want."
"Greek, French, 8,000 (48 E)".
"Lesbian duo, full massage, you won't regret it."
-"2 x 1 , 1 5,000." -2 x 1 , like in the supermarket.
No, this is different.
It isn't, you screw twice and pay for one.
It means you do it with two at the same time.
-Shit, two at the same time. -Must be great.
A full massage by Helena and a Cuban by Raquel...
...costs the same as three French jobs by Tania.
Why do you want three French jobs?
I don't know, to try it, I guess.
You could try it with Marco. Well hung, 26.
Imagine going whoring and meeting...
-...your father. -My father doesn't go whoring.
-How d'you know? -I know.
Anyway, he never goes out.
Your mother's dead, maybe he has to go.
Why? He's screwing yours.
-Tania accepts Visa. -It's no fucking use to you.
-You're really taken with Tania. -I think I'm in love.
I bet your brother goes whoring a lot.
-He's loaded. -The big shot.
Maybe he'll take you some day.
Will we call a hot line? Have we got any money?
-I've got 300. ( 1.8 E) -I've got about a hundred. (.6)
-Is that enough? -Sure.
Shit, your phone number!
-Fuck that. -Really, look, 577 47 42.
"Randy housewife, I do it for free."
Get off!
That's why they always throw you out at 4.00!
He's got a hard-on!
He's got a hard-on!
-It's a recording. -Fuck that.
-What's she saying? -Nothing yet, wait.
-It's been an hour. -Shut the fuck up!
-Our time's running out. -Let me hear.
-She hasn't undressed yet. -She's really slow.
I'm first, I put in more money.
-It was my idea. -Shut up, I can't hear.
-What's she saying? -Something about an hotel.
We're going to be cut off.
-Give it to me! -Lay off!
Wait! She hasn't done anything yet!
-Give it to me! -Let go!
Shit, get off me!
What time is it?
Late, midnight.
Aren't you going to bed?
Your brother phoned.
Is he coming?
No, he's going to Portugal,... a trade fair. He sent you his love.
How are things?
Just the same.
-The notions store is closed. -For good?
No, just for the vacation.
They've started building a new supermarket on the corner.
-It'll be great. -And more expensive.
That's all.
Everything else is the same.
I'm going to bed.
Will I tell you a story?
Shit, Dad, I'm 1 5!
Come in.
-Javier? -Yes, Javier.
Oh, Marilina.
You aren't in love with Javier.
You're like brother and sister.
Isn't he deaf?
Yeah, but he doesn't care. He makes up the dialogue.
Maybe he picks up the TV waves inside, directly.
The excitement...
...starts churning up your stomach.
Hey! Half-wit!
Come on, it's closing.
-What is? -The store.
My sister's a real pain.
We work afternoons, nights, weekdays and weekends.
Choose the shift you want.
I'll swap you around as I fucking please.
A minimum of four deliveries per shift.
230 pesetas a delivery.
We give you the helmet and the bag.
What bike do you have?
That one.
Fine, you start the day after tomorrow.
I'll catch you up.
The bleach?
Over there.
The other till's free.
It doesn't matter.
What? It'll be faster there.
Didn't you hear me?
Look, we're all right here.
Are you stupid?
I'll get in the line I want. I'm the one who's paying.
So back off.
There are less people there, it'll be quicker...
Are you in a hurry?
No one paid me to come with you...
Is that it?
You could've said.
-Where did those kids go? -They've just left.
-No one ever wins those things. -Yeah.
There won't even be a draw.
-It says "witnessed by a notary". -That means nothing.
What notary? Does it give his name?
You see, there isn't one.
Have you ever seen a notary?
Neither have l. No one has. I think they don't exist.
I think they don't exist.
-Who was that? -A pal of my brother.
What's the prize?
A trip, towels, things like that.
For two people?
A week, all expenses paid.
If you win, will you take me?
You said no one ever wins.
Yeah, but just in case.
-What a nerve. -Will you take me or not?
-No, I'll take someone else. -Who?
-I'm not telling. -A girl?
I start tomorrow.
-But you haven't got a bike. -I'll use my travel pass.
Even taking the subway, I make 1 00 on each delivery.
We could do something too.
Like what?
I don't know, there must be something we can do.
-Well, say something. -I don't know.
What about you?.
The next red one to come out is mine.
Do motorbikes count?
It has to be a car.
-That's lucky, a BMW. -You see?
The next blue one's mine.
-It's shit. I beat you. -The next white one's mine.
You don't get a car, the time's up.
-What time? -The competition time.
-Who says so? -I do, it's my game.
-You can shove your game. -Don't start.
-Anyway, it'll come out now. -There's nothing coming out.
-Let's go for drink. -And my car?
Rai, it's a fucking game.
Yeah, but I'm the one ends up with no car.
I'll lend you mine.
Yours is a heap of shit.
-Fuck you. -I want Manu's BMW.
No, you'll scratch it.
-Go on, lend it to him. -It's his fault he's got no car.
Promise you'll lend it to me.
Do you promise?
I walk in concentric circles. I'm not the owner of my dreams.
Every step is a repeated longing, I repeat, every step.
Year after year, the horizon closes in.
I know that someone breached it and got away.
He jumped, crossed the neighborhood, beyond the freeway.
I know there are exits, hundreds of clear feet,
without a windowpane to block my way across them.
I'm not the owner of my dreams.
They're always on the screen, I can never hold on to them.
Always in the window, they belong to others.
What're you looking at?
The ghost station, but you can't see it.
It doesn't exist.
It does, dickhead. And it scares the shit out of you.
It keeps moving around and changing tunnels.
No, it's always in the same one.
-How do you know? -My father told me.
You could ask him where it is.
Do you really drop dead if you see it?
That's shit, my father saw it and he isn't dead.
No, but he lost his job.
That's true.
And it isn't the same.
-He worked on the subway. -Selling tickets?
A driver.
And he was pensioned off, not fired.
Isn't it the same?
Kind of.
Why was he pensioned off?
I don't know, he drinks.
-Why? -Because he was pensioned off?
I don't fucking know!
People throw out everything.
Yeah, my mother sees a container and she goes crazy.
Once she dumped all my clothes and the gypsies took them.
They were all dressed like me.
-Bad scene. -It's unbelievable.
You don't understand, you don't have a mother.
But if you had, she'd do the same.
Lay off, it isn't his fault.
All right, but I just said he doesn't have one.
-And you don't, do you? -Just drop it.
Don't get pissed off 'cos you don't have a mother?
It's fucking great here.
I bet it's full of piss.
The stars are moving.
They're shooting stars, aren't they?
-No, it's just you're blasted. -No, asshole, there's the Bear.
Look, bear. Your mom's up there. She must be dead.
Will we go?
I'm staying here with my bear.
Throw it away and stop bugging us.
It's for my mother, but you wouldn't understand.
-You give presents to a mother. -But it's filthy.
My mother washes everything.
She washes new clothes before we put them on.
The bear'll go straight into the machine.
-It won't fit. -Doubled over, it will.
It's too big.
Our machine's huge. Or there's the bathtub.
You pissed I'm giving my mother a bear?
Why would I be?
-'Cos you don't have a mother. -Not again!
What're you doing?
I'm an equlibrist.
They put one foot in front of the other,...
...and carry a huge pole to keep their balance.
Yeah, but on a wire that's up high.
You can only go forward.
If you go to one side, you fall.
They aren't equilibrists, they're funambulists.
-They walk in their sleep. -No, they're sonambulists.
It's about time. I've phoned twice already.
My bike broke down.
It's cold.
Don't you have an oven?
Haven't you told him yet?
I don't want him to know.
He'd take my money as well as keeping all my brother sends.
Does he send a lot?
I don't know, 50,000 or more. He earns a lot.
My brother gives us fuck all.
My father doesn't want me to work.
He wants me to finish school, like Rafa.
-Rafa could give you a job. -He's got one already.
We could copy tapes and sell them.
-You got a tape deck? -Your sister has one.
She'd never lend it to us.
-What if we sold our hair? -That's disgusting.
They use it for wigs.
-Or for dolls. -Inflatable ones!
Rai's got the longest hair.
No one putting my hair on an inflatable doll.
Why? I like it.
-Get off, faggot! -You like that.
Cut it out!
This is the best part.
Give us a few coins, love! Thanks.
Hello, we're Javi, Manu and Rai.
And we can also...
I don't know...
Well, if you're interested,... us at this number.
Benidorm, one of the towns which has..
...the largest number of hotels on the Levantine coast,... visited weekly...
-Some more? -Yes.
...a record figure for recent years.
Taking out the truck today?
No, not today.
Not today either.
Not today either.
Meanwhile, the Spanish economy is continuing to improve...
When was the last time? Last week?
Carmen, it's the summer.
People don't move house now. Everyone's on vacation.
-Except us. -We don't have any money.
And the summer's nicer in Madrid.
I can't compare.
We haven't been away for ten years.
Don't row in front of the kids.
Go ahead, we row in front of you and no one minds.
You get your driver's license.
-You could give me a hand. -Let him finish his studies.
Who wants more?
-Your father always does. -Because he likes my cooking.
-When we eat out, it's the same. -Out where? On the balcony?
You'd think we ate in luxury restaurants!
How's the purée, Grandad?
He could visit your brother.
My poor brother.
He can hardly even look after himself.
He can come here too. He's got a good appetite.
-Like your father. -Leave him alone.
I just thought it would do him good... have a change.
The kid needs some privacy.
-I don't mind. -Shut up!
You might study more.
I haven't seen you open a book this summer.
I'd have to study in the bar for that.
Do you want a thump?
At your age, I'd calluses on my hands,...
...from working, not from jerking off.
-Ricardo, please! -No!
It's your fault, you spend all day crying.
Do I need your permission to go to the bar, asshole?
What about you?
Want a bit more?
Come on, eat up. Don't go hungry.
You have to grow.
Take some for later.
The unions have expressed their concern...
...and described as ambiguous...
...the positions adopted by management... the negotiating table.
Their positions are moving further apart, ruling out...
-Where are you going? -He's coming here.
-What's eating him? -He's a cop.
And real nasty.
-He wants to know everything. -Bad scene.
He's paranoid, he thinks they want to kill him.
He looks under his car before he gets in.
-Ciao. -Ciao.
He drew his gun once at a neighbors' meeting.
-You're kidding. -No, my father told me.
They wanted to change the drainpipes and he didn't agree.
So they didn't change them.
Grandad watches him.
He knows his whole schedule and the guy hates it.
Right, Grandad?
-Maybe he's asleep. -It doesn't matter, he's deaf.
Your Grandad's neat.
Doesn't he speak?
I don't know.
He doesn't hear.
They go together.
-You just looking around? -Yeah.
Stealing from the dead gives me the creeps.
Yeah, as your mother's dead...
-It isn't that, asshole. -So why is it?
-It's bad luck. -They won't know.
And don't worry, we won't take any from your mother.
-Know where she's buried? -No idea.
Maybe she was cremated.
Didn't your father tell you?
I prefer that she isn't anywhere. I don't have to go and see her.
What a dickhead.
-Does it suit me? -You look real pretty.
Take that off.
Isn't it cool?
She was the one did French jobs for 8,000.
You're sick.
She'd be 22 now.
Will we take a look at her?
-She's probably starkers. -Fuck.
-The dead are buried starkers. -I'm not being buried starkers.
Why not? Or in a dressing gown.
Imagine coming back to life in a dressing gown.
If you came back to life, you wouldn't give a fuck.
I would, I'm being buried in a tracksuit.
I'm going to come back to life. I did it when I was little.
-Really? -Yeah, I was still-born.
They were going to throw me out but I started crying.
-It was real close. -Fuck.
That's why I want to be buried in a dressing-gown.
-Will you see to it? -Sure, and me in a tracksuit.
All right.
What make?
-"Nike". -Right.
Are we going or do you want to sack a few graves?
Shit! It moved!
-Like hell. -Honest, it did.
Come on, it's getting dark.
Like in the zombie movie. They all came out at night.
-They'll be getting ready now. -I'm off.
Wait for us!
-He fell for it. -It was a joke!
It's that same map again that keeps me fenced in
on a blind journey, wrapped up in its own wrappings.
It drags me to the same places year after year,
station after station, disillusion after disillusion.
-Here, it's for you. -No, thanks, I'm broke.
-I'll give it to you. -No, really.
-The whole bunch. -No, honestly.
Go on, I'm giving it to you.
I don't want it.
We took them fresh from the cemetery.
-What's up? -Nothing.
-I'm giving her some flowers. -I said I didn't want them.
-You heard her. Scram -Rai.
I'm coming. Take the flowers.
Lay off.
I'm giving her the flowers, you shut up.
No, you shut up, or I'll flatten you.
Take it! Don't touch me!
-Is that it? -Bastard, he really had me.
-But he hurt his wrist. -Yeah, from twisting my arm.
Where are we going?
If that prick hadn't, I'd have scored.
You weren't there at the start, it was a pushover.
Fuck these.
I want the one with handles.
Rai can have the girl with the racket.
Is there one for top dickhead?
No, but we could give the one with the bat to your mother.
It's no good to yours.
Look, it's Toni.
-That's Aguilera. -It's Toni, look at his hair.
-No, Toni's a left footer. -He kicks with his right too.
-Yeah, but badly. -He's great with both.
What a fright.
I didn't see him.
-Maybe he wants a trophy. -For the golden fix.
Don't be so lousy.
Or the silver spoon for junkie of the year.
There's one in my street who'd beat this guy.
I want that riding trophy.
-Which is it? -The one with the horse.
That's for chess. Don't you see the pawn?
-That's a jump. -It's a pawn.
How would you know? You've never played chess.
Have you ever gone riding? Then shut up.
Get up, it's midday.
How can you sleep with this smell?
Come on!
-Raimundo Martin? -That's me.
Congratulations, kid. This is yours.
Monocoque, 700 c.c., twin cylinders.
It's got electronic ignition.
Like it?
It's great.
Sign here.
Where do you want it?
It's beautiful.
The colors are terrific.
You could really score at the beach with it.
If it had wheels, it'd be a knockout.
That's true.
I'd borrow it to deliver my pizzas.
-I could've won the trip. -I was joking.
It's great as it is.
We could take it to the pool.
-It might be allowed. -They don't even allow airbeds.
And my mother wants to dump it.
-For real? -Yeah.
Just as well it weighs a ton.
We could have a party.
A tropical one, with drinks and music.
-And invite gorgeous girls. -Where do we find them?
You could ask that girl from the park.
What girl?
The one who looks after kids, the pretty one.
-The maid! -She isn't a maid!
Whatever, as long as she comes.
-With her pals. -Who'll tell her?
Manu, he knows her best.
-You can invite your sister. -And my fucking mother!
She's got friends, right?
We want good lookers, not sisters.
Your sister's a knockout.
My sister?
She's got a great ass.
A great ass?
She's my sister!
See enough, asshole?
He had it all sewn up.
-If he'd blocked, it was a goal. -What about Molina?
If he'd kicked hard, he wouldn't even've seen it.
But the ball came on his left and he's right-footed.
-It came on his right. -You see it in the slow-motion.
It comes up on his left.
-He tries to change... -Watch out!
-Is being left-handed genetic? -No idea.
I bet they can control that.
They could make footballers who kick with both feet.
That'd be neat.
-I wouldn't mind that. -The king's ambidextrous.
-See? It must be connected. -With what?
Everything. The king wouldn't have missed the goal.
He wouldn't have had to change feet.
That's true.
And Molina would've let him.
You'd let the king score, wouldn't you?
I don't know.
Well, I would. And so would you.
Anyone would.
What time is it?
-Did you really invite them? -Yes.
-What did she say? -"If Rai's going, I'm not,"
She didn't say that, did she?
She might come, but it's all the same to you.
If you're ambidextrous, you can jerk off with both hands.
-Will we go? -Where to?
I don't know. This is crap.
-Let me have her. -No, she's with me.
-It's my birthday. -Like hell!
-It's on the 20th. -Is your brother coming?
I guess so.
-Come on. -No, I got her, she's mine.
-He didn't come last year. -Your brother's a shit.
So's yours.
My brother's fucking ace.
He's got a gun, and he's got a knockout girlfriend too.
Mine earns more money.
But he never comes to see you.
-When was the last time? -I don't know.
-At least 4 years ago. -Give me that!
-Are you a dickhead? -I didn't mean to.
-I'll do you! -Lay off!
-He broke her! -She was cardboard.
Yeah, but she was still a girl.
The only one we have, and he rips her head off!
Even like that, she looks good.
Let's go see your brother and his gun.
-You can always shoot Manu. -And today's Saturday.
His girlfriend might show up.
-What if your sister comes? -She won't.
You see? Bastard.
-You didn't invite her. -I did, but she won't come.
If you did tell her, she might come.
Did you say I'd be here?
Station after station, always the same song.
The living-dead like ghosts, but a heart is still beating
which imagines, oozes frustration and puts up with murder,
even though I still read the words of a forbidden song
which says that what goes up must come down,
that the rope breaks and the cards fall apart,
and the shit always falls on this side of scale.
...and that's it.
Let's see.
And the faster the better, just in case.
How long do you take?
It depends. 8 or 9 seconds.
With practice, less. I've done it in 6.
You ever shot at anyone?
-Once. -Did you hit him?
Here, so he couldn't run.
I could've killed him.
-The cash! -Where was it? Here?
-I can't tell you. -The cash!
Give me that.
It doesn't weigh anything.
About two pounds. You need a steady hand.
Of course.
Of course.
I'll let you in.
I won't be long.
It's great.
Will we play Russian roulette?
He'll be there now.
She's fucking gorgeous.
-What's her name? -Leticia, I think.
Your brother's a lucky bastard.
They play it with Arabs.
A Moroccan talked about it on TV, with his face covered.
They get them in the street, without papers.
They pay them loads.
They take them to an hotel to play, and make huge bets...
...on who'll get killed first.
It's starting.
I don't care, I saw it the other day.
Anyway, I don't like that.
The worst is when they shoot and nothing happens.
You've got more chance of being killed.
Even if it's going to fire, you've to pull the trigger.
-What're you doing? -Just guess.
Your heart beats so fast you can sweat blood.
He's seen guys sweat blood.
I could make a living at that.
You need luck and I've got loads of that.
I bet I'd win every time, and I'd be on TV.
But I wouldn't cover my face.
-Christ! -It isn't loaded!
-You want to kill yourself? -It was a joke.
-Don't get like that. -It wasn't funny.
And you ruined our wank.
Asshole, I don't know why we put up with you.
If I'd known, I'd have really shot myself!
You lucky bastard.
Screw your mother.
I'm a prisoner in this world. Depressed...
...on this side. Need a miracle to get out.
Watch out. You haven't looked at it,... hasn't happened to you.
My dream is to have a load of women,...
...a mansion,...
...a lot of bread and a new Mercedes.
I want to get out of this lousy neighborhood.
I want to blow my mind without any medicine.
I want to go far away like the sea.
I'm still as ambitious as Pablo Escobar.
Have faith, ask God to let you make it big.
My boss always told me that but it ain't easy.
I need to concentrate so I can carry on,...
...leave these docks before they kill me.
Life isn't a game and you know that.
You've been beaten hard like Julio César Cháves.
Get off!
If you try that again, you're for it!
The fucking kids'll scratch it, and then who'll buy it?
Have you put up any ads?
Just in the store, but no one's called.
It's the summer.
-What if we held it up? -How?
With my brother's gun.
A bullet wouldn't go through that.
-You'd need a bazooka. -No way.
A tank.
No, we stick the gun in the guy outside...
...and say we'll blast him if his partner doesn't get out.
Then we take the truck.
And if he doesn't?
-He will, they're pals. -Maybe not.
Maybe he won't care if we shoot the other guy.
No, your problem is you're wimp.
You'd rather deliver pizzas than hold up trucks.
This guy's a dickhead.
Come back when you want!
Once you steal it, how do you get it open?
The way you open a car.
-How do you do that? -Like this.
-Shit! -Are you stupid?
-You'll get us in trouble! -It was open!
Like hell! lf you want to mess around, do it on your own!
What's bugging him?
...and in the coordination of policies...
...leading to the single currency.
The main result of the summit... that Spain and ltaly have coordinated their policies... regards NATO and the European Union.
This alliance will strengthen their positions... Mediterranean countries...
...against the greater weight of the northern countries.
Where's lunch?
There is none.
-What's wrong? -Nothing.
Shall I fix you something?
Where's Mom?
She's in bed.
The police came with a court order.
Dad can't come into the house anymore.
He's gone to a boarding house.
They've separated.
Mom went to the courts and asked for a separation.
Now she's in bed.
A doctor came to see her and gave her some pills.
Dad's gone to a boarding house with some of his things.
And I don't know what to do.
Dad was hanging on to the door, saying it was his house,...
...and he'd paid for it.
He looked at me and said he hadn't hit Mom...
...even though she said he had, and showed me the bruise.
Susi, don't cry.
I'm not crying.
Don't worry. It's the same with my father.
It's as if he was separated. You just have to work a bit more.
I don't care. They could've separated before.
They never got on.
They can't row with each other, so they'll shout at you more.
My sister's there.
Wait a minute.
Will each of you have to go with one of them?
-What? -Your sister and you.
Maybe your parents will each take one of you.
I doubt it.
If it were me, I'd choose your sister.
You know him?
Who is he?
He spoke to him the other day.
Right, shall we go?
Let's pay.
It's been paid.
We could go to the square and see your girl.
Hold it!
Don't move!
Spread your legs!
Don't move! Don't fucking move!
Stay where you are! I said, stay there!
Are you carrying anything?
Don't move!
Hold it!
What's your name?
Rai what?
Martín Llanes.
Rai as in Raimundo?
Rai as in Rai.
3, Monteagudo Street.
I've got the reports you wanted.
-Already? -Yes.
-Good. -I've finished.
Tell Gregorio I've got them.
-All right. -Great.
You live with your parents?
What will they say about this?
Is it yours?
Know what it is?
Who gave it to you?
-Nobody. -Nobody? You stole it?
I found it.
You found it. Where?
-In a car. -What car?
I don't know.
What car?
-Can I make a call? -Later. What car?
I don't know.
One I broke into.
Remember what the car was like? The color? The make?
-Anything. -It was red.
What were you going to do with it?
Give it to the police.
Got it all?
Can I make a call?
I'm going to sleep over at Javi's, all right?
So don't worry.
Tomorrow, at around 1 1 .00.
Hang on.
May l?
Go ahead.
Wholemeal or normal?
I told my folks I was sleeping at your place.
At your place, Javi!
You want to go with him?
How is she?
What about you?
-I'm all right. -Shall I go in?
No, she doesn't want you to see her like this.
It's the division of goods. We've to sign it.
Who gets Grandad?
Don't joke, you were nearly on it.
Why me?
You aren't 1 8 yet.
Dad's sleeping in the truck.
He can't pay for a boarding house.
Where is it?
Down in the square.
I can't walk past, I'm too embarrassed.
I don't have any chocolate.
Want a coffee?
I don't like it.
What do you think of it?
I've got everything, cooker, TV, natural light.
If I get sick of the view, I change streets.
A mirror there will make it look bigger.
A pool table won't fit in, but as I can't play anyway...
Look, I paid for the house. Why should I have to leave?
If she isn't happy, she can go.
But she and your grandad will keep it.
And I'll have to sell the truck to pay maintenance.
-I'll be screwed. -I don't want any.
Well, I'm not going to pay it.
I bet that old bastard's eating my share too.
It's huge!
I ordered a big one in case your brother came.
Make a wish and blow.
Happy birthday! Your voice has even broken!
-Shall we go meet Rai? -My brother might call.
-They're fucking great! -What?
They're fucking great!
-Look, it's the one by Berlin. -Let's see.
I'm not paying that much. I'll tape it at your place.
-Are you buying anything? -What?
-Come with me, please. -I can't hear you!
Come with me!
Let go!
-Watch it or I'll do you! -I'm a customer!
-Quit hassling me! -Let's go.
I want to buy some CDs. Can't I do that?
-Don't push me, kid. -I've got money!
-Put them back. -I've got money!
Put them back!
-Where d'you get the money? -What's it to you?
We're going to celebrate your birthday.
That was the last one.
You sure?
-Are there ghosts? -They don't exist, stupid.
-No? What about your brother? -I'll thump you.
If it's a ghost station, there'll be ghosts, right?
It's a normal one that was closed.
Maybe a guy killed himself there and they closed it.
And he's waiting for us.
You're stupid, ghosts don't exist.
They do, but you're scared of them.
-They don't exist. -What do you bet we see one?
-You're on. 1 ,000 pesetas? -1 ,000 pesetas.
Look, there they are.
You owe me 1 ,000 pesetas.
Done it?
A black, a gypsy and an arab are in a car.
-Who's driving? -I don't know, open up.
-A gypsy, an arab... -And a black. Who's driving?
No idea.
-Do you know? -No, who?
The black?
The police.
I heard it yesterday in the cells.
Watch out.
It's full.
Here's one of a bald guy drowning.
He's swimming, it's for swimming.
I think he's drowning, look at his eyes.
No, and he isn't bald, that's his cap.
Shut up, you can't even swim.
-And you can? -No.
But I know how to drown, and he's drowning.
All right, he's drowning.
-Ever see a drowned person? -Give it a break.
I have.
Once, on the TV, in "Baywatch".
Then he hadn't drowned.
-He was an actor. -Did you see it?
Shut up.
Here, for the biggest pain in the ass.
-Want to say anything? -I can't accept it.
You really deserve it.
No, you deserve it more. You have it.
-You should share it. -Shut up, dickhead.
You can't swim or drown or anything.
-Stop, you'll dent it! -So what? There's more of them.
-Anyway, I like that one. -It's mine.
Don't fight, there are loads.
What color are drowned people?
Leave me out.
You know nothing, your TV's black and white.
You're too hard up to buy a new one.
Leave me alone.
You know why?
They turn the color of the sea.
That happens if you're in the water a long time.
What if you drown in the bath?
You can't drown in a bath, it's too small.
-What's the matter? -Nothing.
-I was joking before. -It isn't because of that.
-Here, don't cry. -All right.
Have these too.
-Lay off. -Why? He likes them.
Where's my bike?
The bastards swiped it!
Fucking thieves!
Fucking neighborhood!
The shits.
They didn't even leave you the wheels!
This is from your brother.
He really liked the cake.
-What is it? -Vegetables.
Can I sit here? I can see the TV better.
Sit wherever you want.
You've made loads.
There's an extra one.
Small and medium-sized companies...
...will pay less taxes next year.
The goverment is setting up...
He wasn't a pal of your brother, was he?
Was the stuff his?
It belonged to his friends.
And the money?
For saying it was mine. I'm under age.
And I don't have a record.
You do now.
I do now.
I'm not a virgin anymore.
What will you get?
Just a couple of months.
Then I can change it for week-ends.
-How much for all that? -30,000.
Six French jobs with Tania.
Fucking great, right?
Fucking great.
So don't be surprised if I don't give a shit.
That's our life. Take a walk around the place,
and then come tell me if it's like those wiseguys say on T.V.
Not at my party, not in the square where I hang out,
not in the dark alley where the needles weave
my brother's shroud
with his skin and some dreams torn from his chest
and nailed to a board in his hands.
What's up?
Nothing, I'm tired.
-And the pizzas? -They're cold.
-Aren't you delivering them? -No.
-They can pick them up. -Well said.
Imagine if we suddenly advanced 1 0 years.
Or 30, and suddenly you were 40.
-That'd be neat. -Married, with a job.
-Watching TV in your own house. -Or in a shelter.
Messed up, your liver destroyed.
Lying by a pool with lots of naked girls.
In jail with AIDS.
Like hell! On an island I bought when I won the lottery.
-With a bullet in the head. -On a yacht.
-Screwing Claudia Schiffer. -She'll be old by then.
That's true.
It isn't so bad, cold.
What are you doing?
Eating. It's good. Do you want some?
He'll lose his job, dummy!
-Screw the job. -Right!
Any takers?
Maybe my mother isn't dead.
It's possible, isn't it.
Want any more?
Why do they complain? It's better cold.
Shit, get that.
You can't see a thing.
They're really going at it.
-She's got great tits. -Can you see them?
She's sucking him off.
Impossible, her head's up here.
That isn't her head, it's a leg.
-Yeah, a leg with ears. -She's sucking him off.
-But she's like this. -That isn't her head.
-She couldn't suck off like that. -Anyone ever sucked you off?
-Yeah, your mother! -I'll do you!
-Suck him off, and he'll learn. -Go fuck yourself.
They've finished.
-Let's see if she's a cracker. -I bet she is.
You guys are creeps.
-Who was that? -What's it to you?
-What did he taste of? -Go fuck yourself.
Shit, your sister sucking a guy off!
-She wasn't sucking him off. -You said she was.
And you said she wasn't, her head was too high up.
Depends how well-hung he is.
What are you laughing at?
It's normal. Sisters suck guys off too.
-And mothers, and everyone. -And you too.
-Yeah, your sister taught him. -I'll smash you!
Let me go!
Don't you wear it?
It scratches.
Well, it came true.
What did?
The wish I made the other day.
I saw Rafa.
I don't know...
Dad, don't.
Anyway, he said to give you a big hug.
He couldn't come round, he had to go to Barcelona.
To a congress?
Yeah, about something or other.
He gave me something for you.
You're to keep it.
Who is it?
-Is Javi there? -He's gone out.
Fancy coming out?
-I'm tidying up. -How long'll you be?
Ten minutes.
Don't move!
Don't move or I'll shoot!
Don't move or I'll shoot!
Our final item today is a most regrettable incident.
A youth died in the capital...
...after being fired on by a police officer.
The youth, a minor, whose initials were R.M.L.,...
...was awaiting trial for robbery and drug trafficking.
And now, news of the traffic as the vacation period ends.
Everything is as normal at present...
This is the best bit.
Ever dream that it's raining money?
Yeah, lots of times.
I did when I was little.
And that Coca-cola came out of the taps.
What did you dream about?
I don't remember.
I specified...
...the date of my death...
...with Satan.
I tricked him.
And now no one...
...can stop me.
...has always been difficult...
...for me.
What does it matter?
In the end, it all works out...
...very well...
...the wrong way round.
I was born one fine day.
My mother wasn't a virgin.
The King didn't come.
But I didn't care.
I work miracles.
I turn water into wine.
I come back to life...
...if I smoke a joint.
I am Evaristo,...
...the king of the card deck.
I live behind bars.
I used to be a metal worker.
The merchants...
...occupied my temple.
They used...
...the anti-terrorist law on me.
How much more... I need to be God?
How much more... I need to convince?
How much more... I need to be God?
How much more... I need to convince?
Ripped by ....
who is too shy
to print his name here
in order to avoid a visite from the polite police.
T s
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Breakin all the rules
Breaking Away
Bride with White Hair The
Bridge Man The CD1
Bridge Man The CD2
Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
Bugs Life A
Bullet Ballet
Bullet in the Head
Bulletproof Monk 2003
Bullets Over Broadway
Bully (Unrated Theatrical Edition)
Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
Burnt Money
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition
Butchers Wife The