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Battle of the Bulge CD1

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December, 1944.
British and American Armies were on the threshold of victory.
Stretched across half of europe.
The allies cathered themselves for the final assault of Germany.
To the north stood montcomery's
Eichth army.
To the south, patton's third.
In the center.
Along an 88-mile front.
A few battle-weary Amercan divisions
Rested in a quiet sector.
To them. The war seemed already won.
This is their story.
Colonel, we've been flying
Over these woods all week.
There's nothing but trees.
Let's turn back.
Getting hungry, Joe?
The war is over.
I hear CHQ is shipping
Us home for Christmas.
Joe, the German Army still has
Six million men carrying arms.
They're not going home for Christmas.
Hey, there it is.
The German Amry.
Let's go down and have a look.
Buzz him acain. Joe.
I'll get a picturre.
This time gun your engine.
Make him look up.
It worked.
Swing around, Joe. I want to get another one.
I am ashamed of you.
Get up.
They could have killed us, sir.
If you had taken the
pains to look carefully.
You would have observed.
It was an unarmed reconnaissance plane.
You would stay in the car
If fighter planes were shooting at us.
I did not lose a man to die in the back
Seat of a car.
Does the Colonel think anyone has a
Choice where to die?
I know where you'll die, conrad...
At home, in your own bed.
Is the Colonel trying to cet rid of me?
I think...
The world is coing to get
Rid of both of us.
Pick up your cap!
Put it on!
Try to look like a soldier!
What good is a soldier anyhow?
He wins, he loses.
What's he good for anyhow?
Conrad, I've told you before.
Never leave the motor running.
Petrol is blood.
I am sorry, sir.
It won't happen again.
Looks like something
On the cround at 10:00.
Let's take a look.
Let's go home
Herr oberst Hessler is here.
Nach links, herr oberst.
Colonel Hessler, sir.
Well, Hessler... It has been a long time.
How good it is to see you acain.
You look the same.
A little... a little leaner, perhaps, hmm?
The Russian front does not put meat on a man's bones.
Ah, yes. War is hard on all of us.
Central heating.
Crystal Chandeliers.
You have a nice cellar.
Field Hitler goering gave me that painting.
Lovely, isn't it?
I imagine he found a barcain in Paris last year.
My corporal is waiting outside. He's had a hard drive.
Is there somewhere in these runs. He can find a bed?
Sit down, Hessler.
You have too little faith.
In the genius of the german people.
A few stones have been knocked down.
But our country is strong...
United... Determined...
And more productive than ever.
The allies think that their constant air raids.
Have undermined our morale.
This they shall never do.
Why send for me, General?
You are our finest panzer commander
You will lead us to victory.
Our Germany is now like an iceberg...
Only a fraction of it can be seen on the surface.
Let me show you some of the results of
What Germany has produced underground.
You will discover a new Germany
And will take a new pride in being a German.
Our latest airplane.
A jet.
It files at more than 900 kilometers per hour.
Within six months.
We will have enough jet fighters
To shoot down every allied plane in the air.
Our V-1 rocket.
Destroyed 20% of london.
The V-2 will utterly smash the city.
The new 70-ton king tiger tank.
It has 21/2 times the fire power
And double the armor of the American tanks.
Our Germany is far from finished, hmm, Hessler?
It's a very... beautiful model, General.
It proves that the Germans
Are still the world's best toymakers.
Ha. The toys we are making these days.
Are not for children.
Let me show them to you.
We will attack...
Throuch the losheim cap.
Which is deffended only by a sincle battalion.
The American division on the schnee
Eifel will be cut off.
The our river bridge will be in our hands.
From there on the Ambleve, with the road network.
In four days, we will be across the river Meuse.
The strategic objective?
By taking Antwerp.
We split the enemy forces in two.
It will take them 18 months to recover.
By then, we will have air superiority
With our jet encines,
And we will have even more significant
Aeapons- Weapons which can destroy
An entire city with a single blast.
You have forgotten one important detail, General.
With their present control of the air.
The allies will smash our tanks, machine Gun our troops
Bomb the bridges. And cut our communications.
Suppose I tell you there will be no
Allied planes.
Another secret weapon?
From Spitsbergen, norway...
The northernmost weather station in the world.
We have been waiting two months for this report.
"A low pressure area over northern europe "Starting december
"Low clouds and FOG, which will ground all aircraft."
How long?
Long enough.
If we keep strictly to our timetable.
Unusual clock, isn't it?
It has only 1 cycle...
50 hours.
We have the resources for 50 hours full-scale attack.
Maps... Clocks... Toys
But with what will I fight?
Colonel Hessler,
I am putting you
In comand our armored spearhead.
I got a Christmas cake from home today.
Think I'll be around to eat it?
Bring me the prints as soon
As they're developed.
Yes, sir. Hello, Kiley.
Find any Germans under your bed this morning?
Marching there all night.
Couldn't sleep a wink.
That's an order.
I want every item on that menu
Delivered to every soldier in the Division,
Especialy those in the forward positions.
Deliver them in time for Christmas dinner.
Counterintellicence picked this up
From an enemy acent, dated November 29.
"From field marshal Kitel, most secret.
"Officers and men who speak English
"And wanted for special mission.
"Volunteers will report to General Kohler's headquarters."
What do you make of it?
In my opinion, General,
This is one more confirmation
They're going to attack us.
Come on, Kiley. Not that acain.
They're probably preparing a fifth column
To drop behind our lines.
Were you in the state department, too. Kiley?
I thought your experience was limited to police work.
Haveing have an inspector of police
Doesn't disqualify me from thinking.
All cops aren't flatfoots.
Your limited military experience
Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in your conclusions.
If you think... Why do you say they're mounting an offensive?
I spent 20 years before the war asking questions.
Ever since D-day, you've had me doing the same thing...
Interrocating prisoners.
I can only report what I've learned.
The Grman soldier facing us is still undefeated.
He can still fight.
His leaders know that.
As long as he can fight, they'll attack.
I have io other officers in my section.
We see the same information,
Get the same facts as you.
All of us arrive at one answer,
And yours is a complete opposite.
When 10 men tell you you're drunk,
You'd better lie down.
You may be my superior officer...
He is.
Excuse me, sir.
Here are your prints, Colonel.
Thank you.
Look what showed up on this one.
I took it over the ardennes.
Is this a tiger tank, or isn't it?
So it appears.
Doesn't make a juncle.
Tiger belong in jungles.
But when there's one in a peaceful neighborhood.
I recommend we all look under our beds.
Excuse me, sir.
Step outside.
With your permission, sir.
This is from headquarters, Kiley. Top secret.
The third army has been ordered
To attack the cermans in the saar.
General Patton is launghing the offensive in two days.
Does it seem possible headquarters would commit an entire army
To an offensive in the south
If there were any possibility
Of germans attacking in the ardennes?
With all due respect toheadquarters,
They could be wrong.
Send this to headquarters anyway, pritchard.
There seem to be new features on that tank.
Yes, sir. Anything else?
I'd like a rundown on this german officer.
All right. Send this along.
Yes, sir.
Get up to the line. Tell them to grab some new prisoners.
I want any fresh information I can get.
Yes, sir.
And one thing more...
Why are you in a reconnaissance plane?
You're not a combat soldier.
Trying to shorten the war.
All by yourself?
I just want to enjoy
That nice Christmas dinner you ordered.
I see the Colonel's in fine appetite again.
I am.
Join me in a glass of wine.
Thank you, sir.
Sit down.
What does the Colonel wish me to say?
Speak your mind... the truth.
Don't be afraid, Conrad.
I must have someone to tell me the truth.
I've always been fortunate to serve under brilliant men.
Who know everything.
From them I have learned one thing.
When all was lost,
These brilliant men never lost hope.
I admire that.
What else do you admire about these men?
The illusion.
Maybe... l'm not using the right word, Colonel.
I'm... Not an educated man.
The hope that there's always one more chance,
That is the illusion.
Go on, Conrad. Yes, that's very good.
On, it's not my place to speak of such things.
Go on.
I order you to.
This new command...
Is an illusion.
Give it up.
I am martin Hessler.
For years ago, my panzers overran poland in one week.
That was no illusion.
In 39 days. My tanks smashed all the way to Paris.
That way no illusion.
I conquered the crimea. That was no illusion.
I was given a brigade of tiger tanks.
When I have a brigade of tanks.
That is reality.
And who will drive your tanks?
The men you led were soldiers veteran soldiers.
Are there any left?
What will they give you now?
I was by your side in Poland, france, the crimea.
Look at me. I'm no tthe same man.
I jumped in a ditch today
At the sight of an unarmed reconnaissange plane.
My two boys remember me as a good soldier.
They wouldn't believe it,
But, Colonel, I am not the only one.
How sure can you be
Of the men who will drive your tanks?
Major diepel.
Jawohl, oberst.
I want to see my tank commanders.
Have them assemble at once.
Jawohl, oberst.
My boots.
Your commanders, sir.
Boys. Too many boys.
The first battle will turn them into men.
In the old days, I lived six months with my men
Before going into action.
We knew each other.
These are strangers.
Too many boys.
They have never tasted defeat.
Do they know what is expected of them?
They are ready to die for you
Can you ask more?
Hold it! Hold it!
Hold it! Hold it!
Pull up. We got brass on our tail...
Pull it forward, you idiot!
Heh heh heh.
Drop dead.
Pull it forward, you idiot!
Just a little bit. Hold it.
Hold it! Hold it!
You're dropping my merchandise!
Barrel, Eddie, come on out of there!
Come on, Cortland!
Oh ho ho ho.
Oh, wow.
Some driver, huh?
Lucky thing for you nothing's busted.
Complain to my union.
Yeah, tie it up.
Are we near enemy territory yet?
Too near. Give me a cigarette.
I don't smoke.
When will we see some germans?
Hey, Barrel.
Smoke your own.
You got a cigarette, Eddie?
You kidding?
You cheapskates.
Reach into my duffel bag get me some cigarettes.
What's with you and the germans?
Nothing. I've just never seen one.
I've never even seen a german plane.
When are we going to get any action?
What are you, some kind of a nut?
What kind of replacements they sending us, huh?
"I want to see action."
What's this?
Put that back. That's merchandise.
Don't tell me there's women where we're going.
Who are you giving these to?
Guffy don't give nothing.
He's peddling them.
Keep tying it up, huh?
Peddling them? To who?
The boys in the front.
They'll need that when they cet to Germany.
There's lots of broads there.
Wow! French perfume!
That's going to bring me bills a bottle where we're going
Because there's nothing too good for our boys.
Yeah. What's in here?
The mail.
Are you going to charce them for that, too?
No. They wouldn't sit still for that, huh?
Just kidding. Sarge. Just kidding.
No. When you get these good thoughts,
You tell me anyway.
One thing I'm not going back home again is poor!
Keep thinking, Kid. Very nice.
This is the up-front front.
Wide-awake bunch of boys.
Don't you people post a sentry?
Sorry. I just came in for a second.
What's the matter with you?
Close the pneumonia hole!
Where where you born, in a barn?
Sorry, sir. We didn't know it was you.
Major Wolenski?
He's over there, sir.
Oh, hello, Colonel.
I wasn't expecting a visit from the front office.
I would've had my men smarten up.
Some hot coffee for the Colonel.
Come over and get warm.
You run a pretty loose outfit here.
That radio's been yakking between Christmas carols
We're all going home.
Here, sit down.
It's tough to try to keep discipline
When the only action around here
Is sitting on your butt, trying to keep warm.
What are the Germans doing on the ridge?
Same thing, except they don't have ny heat.
They exercise to keep from freezing.
I got a little exercise for your boys.
I want a patrol tonight to pick up some prisoners.
Well, there they are.
Hey, Sarge, put those blankets back.
Come on. Shut the window.
Why are you doing that, Sarge?
You know they're out of range.
They'll only shoot back with something heavier.
It's you or them, docface. I need practice.
That's enough, Sergeant.
You want to play with that popgun, go outside.
What if I take the men out
For a field drill, Lieutenant?
In the weather?
What for?
Because they're drilling, that's why.
I'll let you know when I want a drill, Sergeant.
Yes, sir, Lieutenant.
I'll take that Sergeant.
All right. That's all right.
But I'll pick the rest of your volunteers.
Here you are, Colonel.
We got about three hours before dark.
How about some half-and-half?
Just sweeten it.
You are Colonel Hessler?
Who are you?
How did you get in here?
General Kohler's signature is magic.
You will excuse us. Major.
Before you give orders.
May I ask your rank?
Courtesan first class,
Compliments of General Kohler.
I think we have covered everything, Colonel.
General Kohler did not tell me
You were so handsome.
What did General kohler tell you about me?
Whatever I want to know...
I'll find out for myself.
I'm very good at that.
Aren't you going to offer me a drink,
Or have you been at the front so long,
You have forgotten your manners?
What shall we talk about?
Your wife, perhaps?
Won't you join me?
I am told I'm an attractive woman.
You are not paying much attention to me.
Very little has escaped my attention.
General Kohler did tell me one thing.
What he admires most about you
Is your reputation with the ladies.
I regret that is the opinion of my commanding officer.
I have worked very hard
To achieve a reputation as a soldier.
Do not the two go together?
Give the general my compliments.
Tell him thank you, I appreciate his gesture
And good night.
You can make your own way out.
Zero minus two hours.
All units ready to attack.
Zero minus two hours.
All units ready to attack.
Come with me.
Come on.
Put them down, dummkopf.
Hello, Kiley.
I was curious to see how you interrogate your prisoners.
My other officers may be asking the wrong questions.
I'm afraid you won't hear any new answers.
Sometimes it's more important what you see
Than what they say.
Could we get a little more light in here?
How is that, sir?
So this is the face of the undefeated enemy.
It looks you've captured
A sunday school class.
Is this all they have left.
For their front lines?
Where are their weapons?
Here, sir.
What's this?
Still has grease in the barrel. It's never been fired.
Did they put up any fight? No, sir.
Just gave up?
Well, I'm not surprised. They're only children.
Take a good look at them, Kiley.
They're not even tough enough
To be classified as delinquents.
Go ahead and question them.
Ask them if Germany's going to win the war.
Go ahead, Kiley.
They could be plants
Put in the front lines to misleas us.
I want to talk to you alone, Kiley.
Have these prisoners escorted to the rear for proper interrogation.
Yes, sir. Move them out.
Let's go! Move it out!
Sir, all these prisoners
Were carrying these rubber hoses.
Send them along and anything else you've found on them.
Yes, sir.
Do you actually still think
That the Germans are preparing a Major offensive?
Yes, sir, Colonel, I do.
You mean those kids you captured
Are just replacements for more seasoned troofps
Who were sent to the bear to re-form for the big attack?
Yes, sir, Colonel, I do.
Kiley, you're crazy.
Facts mean nothing to you.
Evidenge means nothing to you.
The only thing you can see
Are your own cock-eyed hunches.
Well, that doesn't work in the army.
I'm recommending you for transfer
To a desk in washington. You can tell the president how to run
Speak English!
Ok, Lieutenant.
Let's get this stuff out of here.
Luftwaffe calling standard O.B. Luftwaffe calling standard O.B.
Operation transit parachuted behind enemy lines.
Repeat. Operation transitparachuted behind enemy lines.
Zehn, nenu,
Sechs, funf,
Vier, drei,
What the...
What's that noise?
It's airplanes.
Everybody out!
Sounds like a thousand of them!
Get battalion.
Move! Move!
Get battalion. On the double!
Sergeant, haul everybody out!
Everybody out!
Zuckerman, report to me!
On thed duble!
The line's dead, sir.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
What's that?
"What's that?" And you wanted to see Germans, right?
Come on!
On the double!
On the double!
Turn them over! Let's go!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Come on! Let's get this baby moving!
Colonel Hessler reports
Panzer tigers moving to the attack.
No menmy activity.
Northern front reporting panzer eisen
Entering losheim cap.
No enemy opposition encountered.
Southern front reporting
All elements of panzer eisen
Linking up at road junction 0-2.
Stay on my tail.
Soldier, did they give you basic training?
You do it this way.
They're green. Never seen action before.
What do you expect?
Sergeant, you're the anchorman here.
Nobody moves without orders.
Yes, sir.
You might as well stay here.
One more man won't make any difference.
I need to look inside a tiger.
Come on.
Hessler to standard O.B.
Have made contact with the enemy.
Metting creat resistance.
Take cover. Make a stand.
Take cover. Make a stand.
Make a stand.
I said load!
Tiger to tank 104.
Tank 104, you're blocking the road.
Get off the road at once!
There's your tiger.
With a minute.
You're going to need this.
Take it greaser.
Tiger to tank 104 what is your condition?
Tank 104, reply at once.
This is Colonel Hessler.
Button up!
Tiger 11:00!
Hit them hard, Eddie.
They+x+x blondie.
Aah! Aah!
Forget it!
It's like hitting em with tennis balls.
Let's get out of here!
Get out and stay down.'
Crawl, you dummy. Crawl.
Lieutenant, keep those crenades coming.
Fall back!
Fall back!
Fall back!
Fall back!
Get down!
Get going.
Stay low.
Hessler to headquarters.
Resistance very weak.
Southern front report...
Commander nitka encountering light resistance.
Enemy retreating across river K-10.
Let's get out of here.
Somebody man this gun!
Here thye come!
There they are!
Get me a belt, man!
Hey, wait for me!
Don't hold us up.
Grab the tailgate!
Wait for me!
Get this thing moving.
Where's your motor pool?
At regiment. 4 kilometers from here.
I got to get back to headquarters.
Go! Go!
Wait for me! Hold it a minute!
Hello, Cheyenne?
What's that? You're under attack?
In what strength?
Well, what's your guess?
I can't give you air reconnaissance.
I'm blind!
Get apache.
Call apache.
Hello, Eddie. What's going on in your sector?
Only patrol action... how heavy?
What's your reconnaissance say?
Nothing heavy.
I don't know. We're trying to get a picture.
Stay on tap.
The first phase of our offensive was a success.
The element of surprise was complete.
American communications are in a turmoil.
But we must cross the our river
Before the enemy realizes
We have launched an all-out offensive.
I do not believe I gave you permission to smoke.
Sorry, sir.
Unfortunately, we didn't have time. To get better acquainted
But all of you know my reputation.
My command always suffers the highest casualties.
The price of victory is never cheap.
In this battle we will be as hard as our tanks.
I will reach the objectives assigned to me...
No matter what the cost.
Signal from headquarters, Colonel.
Hessler, I congratulate you.
You are on schedule.
I will reach the our river as planned.
The enemy must not be permitted to destroy the bridge.
Has schumacher seized it?
Not yet.
Schumacher's primary assicnment is to disrupt
Enemy communications.
I must have that bridge secured for my tanks.
I have no time to build bridges.
Your bridge will be secured.
We are expecting you to cross it according to the schedule.
Do you know your line of march?
Coordinate with the map.
Conrad, I have a headache.
Land mines?
Why were they not cleared?
Where are the men with the mine detectors?
We're moving too fast. The men are following in trucks.
They're all dead.
The mine exploded directly under them.
Notify their seconds in command to take over.
Tell them I have absolute confidence in them.
We have lost a tank unnecessarily.
We have lost precious minutes unnecessarily.
Your troops were here to protect the panzers.
From now on, until we clear this mine field,
Your men go ahead of my tanks.
And have my vehicle repaired at once!
Keep moving. Step on it.
Now, listen to me, all of you.
I need precise information...
How many men.
How many guns, how many tanks
The enemy are throwing into this, how much fuel they're carrying.
And get a move on.
We've got 24 hours before we scream rape.
All right, Kiley. It's your turn.
They're pouring through, General.
Crack troops, brand-new equipment.
I took a look inside one of their tanks.
They can chew up anything we've got.
Where are they going?
Do you have that information?
No, sir, but Colonel Hessler does.
He's the commanding officer of the panzer spearhead.
When we know where he's going,
We'll know the objective of the entire attack.
The enemy is probing at five points along an 85-mile front.
With only that information at our disposal,
How can you assume Hessler's column is the spearhead?
The law of probability?
No, sir. Probability's acainst me.
In the absence of other information,
I have one change in five of being right.
I'd like to explore it.
Well, sir...
I'll tell you how.
Watch the our river.
There's only one bridge right here
That can support heavy tanks.
That's where Hessler will be
And where I'll be.
Don't get too close to that bridge. I've ordered it blown up.
That's a good thing to know. Thanks for the tip.
Keep moving.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
Come on! Keep moving!
Come on. Let's go.
You there, keep moving.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, what are you stopping for?
That sign. When we came through before,
I recall Ambleve was that way.
You're blocking the road. Get going. Hurry up.
Come on. Let's go.
I tell you those signs are pointed in the wrong direction.
Hey, what's holding up the parade?
Somebody monkeyed with those road signs, lieutenant.
That ain't the road to Ambleve.
Two hours ago I came from Ambleve over this road.
Maybe they've moved Ambleve in the meantime.
But two hours ago, this was the road to it.
Take off.
Lieutenant... Lieutenant, tell your Sergeant
To get this jeep out of here.
Move. That's an order.
Keep moving!
Yeah, I hope they enjoy themselves in malmedy.
Come on. We're getting off here.
Come on!
Hey, wait a minute. Where we going?
We're supposed to be in Ambleve.
We'll get there. I've got to make a pickup.
What kind of pickup? I got merchandise in a farmhouse.
The Germans will steal it.
Hey, you two!
Come on, Keep moving. Step on it.
Are you the last one?
Anybody behind you?
Yeah, the whole German army. Go aheat
You, there, keep them moving.
Step on it.
Notify the panzers. The bridge is intact.
Achtung, achtung.
Any sign of the Germans?
No, not yet.
What are you men doing here?
We've got orders to blow the bridge.
Wait a minute, lieutenant.
That job's being done.
How you boys making out?
Just about finished!
Hurry up, will you?
Better get out of here before those krauts get here.
You need any help?
I got a good idea.
We'll give them all a hot water bottle.
That water comes off the ice.
I'm loaded with C-4 need any?
They could sell you some.
Drive on.
Why you got your wires hooked onto that detonator?
I guess he's in a hurry.
To get killed? That's not the way.
Sarge, bring a couple of men.
We'll look under that bridge.
This ain't the road to Ambleve.
This is taking us to malmedy.
The sign says that-away.
The map says Ambleve was this way.
Somebody straighten this out.
Ambleve. Ambleve...
Hey, Wolenskl!
Oh, Colonel.
We're all fouled up here.
We've been ordered to Ambleve,
But the maps are wrong.
They don't jibe with the signs.
This will take you to malmedy.
Ambleve's that way.
We've been following these signs the whole way.
The MPs we ran into directed us this way.
They've been changed. They switched them around.
Those MPs seem ok to you?
What do you mean?
Anything odd about them?
Just regular Cls.
We intercepted an enemy dispatch a few days ago
Recruiting english-speaking Germans.
When did you cross the river?
8:40. We were the last ones across.
They were going to blow it.
Did you see the bridge blow?
No, but engineers were setting charges.
Hey, wait a minute. What the hell?
They weren't engineers. They were MPs!
Murphy, get me headquarters!
Major, have someone switch that sign back!
Red river 6, red river 6...
Come in, red river 6.
Come in, red river 2.
Red river 6, this is red river 2.
Germans uniformed as american MPs
Holding our river bridge.
Bridge has not been blown.
Repeat. Germans uniformed as american Mps
Holding our river bridge.
Bridge has not been blown.
Over and out.
Let's go!
Better hold it, Jack.
What happened?
They ran into a fire fight, German patrol.
I don't see any Germans.
They're in the river.
They didn't make it across.
Get out of here. We're blowing the bridge.
Are you sure?
Watch out. The MPs are krauts!
Oh, my god! Get down!
Why are we waiting? Get that tank out of the way.
We're preparing to tow it, sir.
Tiger to tanks leopard and panther.
Blast that tanks off the bridge.
It's headquarters, Colonel.
General Kohler says we are behind schedule.
He wants to know what's holding us up.
Tell the General the Americans are learning how to retreat.
Tiger to panther. Get onto the bridge push that junk right out of.
The way. Stay down.
Phy, call headquarters tell them the our river bridge
The enemy's crossing in great strength.
Yes, sir.
Let me have your rifle.
What you need is a cannon, sir.
Last time I saw him
All I had was a camera.
Can't you hurry it up, Sergeant?
We lost the column.
You happen to have a new carburetor in your pocket
You mean we're stuck here?
Nope. We can still walk.
Let's go.
Hey, maybe we can get a lift, huh?
Hold it.
We better find out just who they are first.
Yeah, Krauts. Back.
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