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Subtitles for Battlestar Galactica 01x03 - Bastille Day.

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Battlestar Galactica 01x03 - Bastille Day

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NARRATOR: Previously on Battlestar Galactica.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
BILLY: The captain of the Astral Queen wants you to know...
he's got 1,500 prisoners under heavy guard.
Tell him I want daily reports on the well-being of his prisoners.
The President has given me a direct order.
ADAMA: We're in the middle of a war...
and you're taking orders from a schoolteacher?
HELO: Don't suppose there's a Plan B? BOOMER: Plans B, C, D, E are the same as A.
Get off the planet and get back to the ship.
ROSLIN: How much water did we lose?
Almost 60% of total potable water reserves.
If we don't find new supplies they'll run out of water in two days.
[Microphone screeching]
GAETA: [Over PA] Reveille, morning stations aboard Battlestar Galactica.
All hands report to your stations.
[Tigh grunting and groaning]
TIGH: So, what do we have? TYROL: Good news, Colonel.
We scouted the ice moon. Found an entire subsurface ocean.
We've got reports and video for you.
TIGH: Not exactly Caprica Beach down there, Chief?
No, sir. We've registered temperatures 180 and below...
venting of methane and C02. It's gonna be a bitch to work down there, sir.
Cheer up. You know how lucky we are we found this ugly rock?
Water riots breaking out all over the fleet. Civilians.
TIGH: Whiney civie cry-babies can't stand less than a hot shower every day.
TYROL: Yes, sir.
Even Galactica's down to 10,000 JPs of water.
TIGH: Ever see a man die of dehydration? TYROL: No, sir.
Let's hope you never do. It isn't pretty.
So, where were we?
We drilled 23 core samples.
13% sodium chloride. What the hell? We can't drink salt water!
No, sir. That's why I had Cally test the ice.
Well, there you go. Pure water.
Couple of lemons, we could make lemonade.
TYROL: Yes, sir.
We'll have to melt the ice before we transport it up to the ship.
What's that gonna take?
High-capacity heater expansion tanks, D-25 plasma torches...
- Myrex hoses, centrifugal pumps. - Sounds like a lot of manpower.
Ideally 1,000 men, sir.
One thousand men? And where're they gonna come from?
Slave labour.
They are criminals. They've been sentenced to hard labour. And this is very hard labour.
Not to mention physically dangerous. This is not for civilians, but...
APOLLO: Their ship wasn't designed for long-term incarceration.
APOLLO: These men have been stuck in cramped cells for weeks now.
They might even prefer to get out. Do something, even if it is dangerous.
If they volunteer. But these aren't slaves and I will not have them treated as such.
No. We could offer incentives.
APOLLO: Points towards earning freedom. ADAMA: Excuse me.
You wanna start releasing hardened criminals into the fleet?
Sir, these men were on their way to Caprica for parole hearings...
which at least implies they may be ready for release.
- Make it happen, Captain. - Yes, sir.
To address Commander Adama's concerns, I'd like you to go along...
and set up a screening procedure to weed out the hardened criminals.
I would like to have a representative from Galactica...
who will report directly to me about security issues.
How about D?
BILLY: Second Class Petty Officer Dualla. ADAMA: I know who she is.
I'm not sure she's conversant with the technical details.
She'll be fine, but we should send someone from ground crew...
who'll make sure the chosen men know to use the equipment.
- Agreed. - I have to get to the CIC. Excuse me.
BILLY: Madam President? The doctor.
ROSLIN: Excuse me? BILLY: The doctor?
Commander, do you have a ship's doctor aboard Galactica?
- Maj. Cottle. Is there something wrong? - No, nothing urgent. Allergies.
He's out on the fleet checking medical conditions.
ADAMA: I'll tell him that you want to see him. ROSLIN: Thanks.
Petty Officer Dualla. Conversant in technical details.
Thinking entirely of the mission.
Something on your mind, Captain?
I just thought maybe you had something you wanted to say.
I have nothing to say to the personal representative of the President.
I'm still Galactica's lead pilot.
I have nothing to say to him, either.
Every man has to decide for themselves which side they're on.
I didn't know we were picking sides.
[Sombre instrumental music]
That's why you haven't picked one yet.
[lntense instrumental music]
WILKENS: I'm a bus driver, not a warden.
APOLLO: How many total? WILKENS: 1,500.
WILKENS: They don't give me their files or their names.
WILKENS: Hell, they're just numbers. APOLLO: Thanks, Wilkens.
All right. They're all yours.
[PA system beeping]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Apollo clears throat]
I'm Capt. Lee Adama, personal representative of the President.
We're in a crisis.
Thousands of us are on the verge of dying from dehydration.
The good news is we have found water.
The bad news is, it's located on a moon with harsh environmental conditions.
We need 1,000 able-bodied men to help us get that water.
President Roslin feels that you represent our best chance.
She also recognises that you are not slaves.
Any man who volunteers to help us during this emergency will earn "freedom points"...
which can be applied toward earning his release.
We're offering you a chance for a new beginning.
Whoever is interested, please just step out of your cell.
[Electronic buzzing]
[Tense instrumental music continues]
[Slow footsteps]
ZAREK: Thank you for your offer.
We respectfully decline.
Oh, my God, that's Tom Zarek.
The terrorist?
PRISONERS: [Chanting] Zarek!
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
[Theme music]
WILKENS: So who the hell is Tom Zarek? BILLY: He's a freedom fighter.
- He's a prisoner of conscience. - He's a butcher.
His colony was exploited by the other 11 for centuries.
His people were marginalised, brutalised...
I'm from Saggitaron, and that man doesn't speak for all of us.
He blew up a government building, there's no excuse for that.
Captain, I've been watching the clock and if we won't get any help, we should move on.
Zarek's got the prisoners united. Let's go through Zarek.
[lntense instrumental music]
HELO: Hello? Anybody out there?
Anybody wanna help two stranded pilots?
HELO: That's what I hate about big cities. No one will help you.
BOOMER: No more shouting. You're making me nervous.
Feel like I'm in a movie.
- At least it stopped raining. - For now.
[Tense instrumental music]
Where is everyone?
Some are dead. In their beds, at their desks.
Ones who weren't killed outright probably ran into the hills.
Won't do any good.
- Guess I'm getting a little... - Depressing? Morbid?
Sorry. Been here longer than you. Wish I could say it gets easier.
[Loud banging]
BOOMER: There's more. HELO: Boomer, you might not wanna...
Frakking rats. Let's go.
Come on.
Let's find a hospital, score some anti-radiation meds, okay?
We've only got two days' worth left.
Sharon, we've made it this far. We're gonna make it all the way.
- Right. - Damn straight, all the way.
We're doing good, real good.
I guess someone must be watching out for us.
DORAL: She's good.
- So far. - Jealous?
[lntense instrumental music]
NO. 6: This all makes me makes so sad.
DORAL: They would've destroyed themselves anyway. They deserve what they got.
We're the children of humanity. That makes them our parents, in a sense.
True. But parents have to die.
It's the only way children come into their own.
[Cell door opening]
[Zarek sighs]
No, that's not necessary.
I'd like to talk to you.
Guard. Prisoner 893893...
requests permission to speak with his visitor.
SEABORNE: Granted.
We're not allowed to speak unless asked a direct question.
And you didn't ask me a direct question.
ZAREK: You've never been in a prison before, have you, Captain?
APOLLO: No. ZAREK: You're fortunate.
- May I sit down? - Yes, of course.
[Cell door shuts]
[Tense instrumental music]
APOLLO: We need these men of yours to help us.
They're not my men. They belong to you.
I belong to you. You own us. You're the master, we're the slaves.
[Tense instrumental music continues]
APOLLO: You're clearly a man of principle.
APOLLO: I respect that. ZAREK: Really?
The things you've stood for over the years, the book you wrote.
The book that had to be smuggled out of labour camp...
because stumps aren't allowed freedom of expression?
I read it. In college.
Thought it was radical, challenging.
Made me question some things I'd accepted before without thinking.
Nice to hear I'm a big hit on campus.
You weren't, the book was banned. I read it anyway.
Point is, I understand where you're coming from.
But I don't think you understand how critical the situation is out there.
People are gonna start dying.
Hey, Starke. It's time for your break.
BILLY: How can you say that? DUALLA: It's the truth.
Zarek and the SFM, they don't care about justice.
BILLY: His people, your people have been exploited.
- You can't tell me about my people. - I'm not telling you about your people.
All I want, the President wants...
is to offer you a chance to earn your freedom.
Now you've said the truth: freedom is earned.
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
Stay where you are, Captain. It'll all be over soon.
[Electronic beeping]
SEABORNE: Nobody try anything! Back up!
[Prisoners yelling]
[Prisoner grunting]
SEABORNE: We've got the guards and the crew in separate cells in Block 7.
Mason is looking after the hostages.
ZAREK: Nice job.
SEABORNE: Everything's under control.
The men are organising exactly as planned.
I knew I could count on you.
[Cell lock clacking]
Stay frosty there, Billy. Everything's gonna be all right.
I don't know about that.
They don't wanna hurt us. That won't get them what they want.
Which is what?
- Lt. Thrace. Good to see you. - Good to see you, too.
[Starbuck giggles]
[Sympathetically] Oh.
- I wonder if she's a real blonde. - I doubt it.
Now, one of you has been coming in a little hot lately.
A little too hot. A little... I don't know.
He's burning up the deck with his skids because...
he can't pull back on the throttle. Who is the speed demon, my prince?
Flat-Top, sir.
[Pilots chuckling]
STARBUCK: Flat-Top. You got a need for speed, do you?
Can't wait to get back to the Big G and the loving embrace of your fellow pilots?
Or maybe you have a hot date with your right hand.
It never gets a headache.
Tell you what, Flat-Top, you come in too hot today...
you may have to start using your left.
[Pilots exclaiming]
All right. You've been fun, you've been a great audience. Dismissed.
[Pilots chattering]
TIGH: There's no smoking in the ready room. STARBUCK: My room, my rules, sir.
- Where's your mummy? - Dead. Where's yours?
- I'm looking for Boomer. - 1400. Boomer's in the tool room.
A pilot blows his landings and you make a joke out of it?
Screaming at people doesn't always get the best results, sir.
I learned that at officer candidate school.
You are right on the edge, Thrace. Careful you don't fall off.
Speaking of falling off...
[Starbuck sniffs]
glad to see you've found a way to quench your thirst.
[Tense instrumental music]
They won't negotiate while you're holding hostages.
- I don't wanna negotiate. - Then what do you want?
To be treated like men, not animals.
- Finally have something to bargain with. - So what happens now?
- We're gonna talk. - What about?
Your father.
- Is this a Monclair original? - Yes.
BALTAR: Fantastic. ADAMA: Would you like some water?
Yes, thank you.
I'm not a collector myself, but I...
I am familiar with his work, and may I say...
you really do have an excellent eye for art. Thank you.
[Tense instrumental music]
- Where's my Cylon detector, Doctor? - Oh, that.
Yes, it's taking longer than expected, unfortunately.
What's the hang-up?
It's not working this time, Gaius. He can see right through you.
There are a number of obstacles...
none of them insurmountable, but they do tend to slow us down.
For a start, the lack of proper facilities. The water shortage, of course.
The water shortage, not to mention...
ADAMA: Cut the BS.
You said you had a way of detecting human from Cylon.
Do you or don't you?
[Tense instrumental music continues]
- I don't. - What?
I don't think that I'm the man for this job.
BALTAR: I'm not cut out for this kind of work.
- You have to do this. - Why do I keep putting it off?
It's my subconscious telling me...
that I'm not the man for this job, please.
Listen to me. If you don't tell him what he wants to hear...
he's going to find you out.
And when he does, they're going to tear your head off...
and throw your body out of an air lock!
Pardon me. I haven't had much sleep recently, so...
[Adama sighs]
Unfortunately, Doctor, for both of us...
you're the last man we have.
So what's the game plan, Doc?
[Tense instrumental music]
This is what you say:
"Commander, the truth is, there is one way."
- Say it! - Commander, the truth is...
there is one way.
[Repeating after No. 6] I didn't wanna have to ask you for this...
but what I really need to complete the project...
is a nuclear...
That how you got to be the "personal representative of the President?"
ZAREK: Because of your father? APOLLO: Hardly.
[Zarek scoffs]
So, they don't get along, Adama and Roslin?
They have their differences.
But not when it comes to dealing with terrorists.
I thought you said you respected me. Read my book.
That was before you resorted to violence and hostage-taking.
Always better when the oppressed don't fight back, isn't it?
A warhead?
NO. 6: Technically, I need the plutonium inside.
Technically, I need the plutonium inside.
Figure out the rest for yourself.
[Baltar sniffling]
As you may know, the Cylons are...
susceptible to certain kinds of radiation...
and by taking the plutonium...
and embedding it in a carbon nanotube matrix...
and it really is that simple...
I can construct a filter that will preferentially ionise synthetic molecules...
and thus deliver to you your Cylons.
We have five warheads left aboard this ship.
ADAMA: We may need them. BALTAR: Yes, of course.
If you really think that this project has a low priority...
then you're totally within your bounds to...
[Tense instrumental music continues]
You'll get your warhead.
Good boy.
Thank you, Commander.
TYROL: Look, the master-at-arms has been over every inch of that locker.
She's come up with nothing.
BOOMER: So they've got no idea who took those six G-4 charges...
- or who put that detonator in... - Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it, okay?
[Tigh grunts]
I need to speak with the Lieutenant, alone.
[Door shuts]
You don't honestly think you've been fooling everyone, do you?
I know. The old man knows.
TIGH: Hell, the whole ship knows about you and the Chief.
It stops. Now.
Sir, the Chief and I are just friends.
When the ship was being decommissioned, we let it go.
Hell, we let people get away with murder. That was then and this is now.
We're at war, this is a combat unit and you're his superior officer.
Put a stop to it. That's an order.
Yes, sir.
GAETA: [Over PA] Attention. Pass the word for Col. Tigh.
Col. Tigh, please report to the CIC.
[Door shuts]
ZAREK: [On radio] The crew are my prisoners. They will not be harmed.
ADAMA: Are you recording this? GAETA: Yes, sir.
TIGH: What's this? ADAMA: Trouble.
ZAREK: [On radio] But I have two conditions before I release my captives.
First, the government which controls our fate...
is illegal and illegitimate...
and it must submit to the will of the people.
I demand the immediate resignation...
of Laura Roslin and her ministers.
Second, I demand free and open elections to choose a new leadership.
And a new government that represents all of the people.
These demands are made not for me or the former slaves held on this ship...
but for you, the people, the survivors of the holocaust...
and the children of humanity's future.
I am Tom Zarek...
and this is the first day of the new era.
- We've jammed his transmissions. - A little bit late for that.
- Every ship in the fleet heard that broadcast. - It doesn't matter.
It does matter. He's trying to bring down the government.
ADAMA: No one'll take it seriously.
You have something to learn when it comes to public opinion, Commander.
Tom Zarek is a name with weight. He's a very sympathetic figure. A legend, almost.
Twenty years in prison over a matter of principle.
He's a criminal and a terrorist. People won't give him credence.
ROSLIN: Don't be so sure, Commander.
Rebellions are contagious. People are already rioting over the water crisis.
We can't afford to destabilise this government right now.
ADAMA: I agree. ROSLIN: When are you going in?
I assumed you were gonna talk to him first.
- We don't negotiate with terrorists. - I said talk.
There's nothing to talk about. What he wants, I can't give him.
We're not ready yet. Talking to Zarek gives us a little bit more time.
That's what he wants, legitimacy. He wants to be recognised.
He wants his crimes validated.
I watched President Adar offer him a full pardon if he'd apologise...
and give up violence as a means of political change. He refused.
[Sombre instrumental music]
- No commitments. No deals. - I'll let you know what happens.
Three assault teams: Alpha, Bravo, Constellation.
We jam their dradis, the Raptors cut through the hull here, here and here...
without being seen. Once we're inside, Alpha takes...
What's this "we" crap?
- I'm going, sir. - Like hell.
We have a few marines left on Galactica.
- Let them handle it, Starbuck. - They don't have a sniper.
With all due respect, I'm the best shot in or out of the cockpit.
She's right. For once.
Wonders never cease.
All right, you're going in.
You get a clear shot at Zarek, you take it. I wanna control that ship immediately.
- And I want all the hostages alive. - Yes, sir.
I don't even know how I drew this detail.
- President thought you'd be valuable. - President doesn't know who I am.
I told her. Sorry.
On the other hand, it's nice to get out of the CIC.
Break up the day, meet new people.
[Tense instrumental music]
MASON: You're not asleep. CALLY: Not anymore.
MASON: Is that your way of telling us you're not scared?
No, it's my way of telling you I'm tired.
- You don't know what tired is. - Right.
Don't! Don't mock me, little girl.
I'm not mocking you.
MASON: Tom and I, we go way back. Long time.
If you know what's good for you, you'll be nice to me.
[Pilots chattering]
Frequent wireless contact.
TIGH: Keep us informed all the way. STARBUCK: Yes, sir.
Good hunting.
[Engines whining]
Who voted for Laura Roslin? You? Did you vote for her?
- She was sworn in under the law. - The answer is, no one voted for her.
And yet she's making decisions for all of us, deciding who lives...
and who dies. Is that democracy? Is that a free society?
What is it you want from me?
You want me to say she shouldn't be president? We need a government.
- We need rules, we need a leader. - We need to be free men and women.
If we're not free, then we're no different than Cylons.
[Solemn instrumental music]
ZAREK: They call you Apollo. APOLLO: It's my call sign.
Apollo's one of the gods. A lord of Kobol.
You must be a very special man to be called a god.
It's just a stupid nickname.
Son of Zeus, good with the bow, god of the hunt...
and also a god of healing.
Now, a god...
can reconcile those two opposing forces, but a mortal...
has to pick one side or the other.
Have you picked a side, Apollo?
Astral Queen, this is the Battlestar Galactica.
Commander Adama wishes to speak to Mr. Zarek.
- Please respond. - [Scoffs] Zeus is calling.
ZAREK: [On phone] Commander Adama? Tom Zarek. How can I help you?
First, I want to make sure that my people are unharmed.
This is Apollo. I'm fine, so are the others.
APOLLO: They're located on the lower... ZAREK: That's enough, thank you.
I'm glad to hear that no one's been hurt.
That would have tragic consequences.
- How long until you storm the ship? - I'm hoping that won't be necessary.
I think that you and I can come up with some kind of understanding.
This is not the only crisis that I'm dealing with.
[Tense instrumental music]
The water shortage affects the entire fleet.
Your men are on their way even as we speak.
There's still time to work this out.
Have the President step down and call for elections.
That's not gonna happen.
Then I look forward to meeting your men.
[Phone clicks]
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
- I knew you were faking. - I'm a light sleeper.
- I don't think I have your respect. - I respect you.
Get up.
BILLY: Hey, what's going on?
[Gun clicks]
- What are you doing? - Move.
DUALLA: Where are you taking her?
It's okay, Cally. You're gonna be okay.
- They know where we are, Cally. - Capt. Adama!
Hey! Capt. Adama!
- They're willing to talk. - Sounded that way.
[Tense instrumental music]
You want them to storm the ship.
Soft seal. Pressurised.
That's it, isn't it?
You don't want elections, you don't want your freedom. You want a bloodbath.
You don't understand.
Tom Zarek's been out of the headlines, out of the news...
forgotten for 20 years as he rots in a cell.
Now he's got a chance to go out in a blaze of glory...
and he's gonna take it.
Alpha One, we're in.
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
Once Roslin uses Adama's soldiers...
to massacre the people on this ship...
prisoners and hostages alike...
people in the fleet will never forgive them.
The entire government will collapse.
- She can take care of herself. - You sure?
She's been trained. We've all been trained in capture, it's...
[Cally screams]
You've been saying everything you're doing is for freedom.
APOLLO: But the truth is...
it's all about Tom Zarek and his personal death wish.
[Door opens]
SEABORNE: Tom. Something's up.
MASON: Frakking bitch! ZAREK: That's Mason. What the hell.
They're killing the hostages. Let's go.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
[Prisoner grunting]
[Tense instrumental music]
Constellation Team, set.
[Mason screaming]
ZAREK: Mason!
[Mason groaning]
ZAREK: Mason, what're you doing?
- Bit my ear off. - Frak you!
APOLLO: Open the door, she's been shot!
You said they weren't animals. What do you call this?
MASON: Twenty years I've been waiting!
APOLLO: He's gonna kill her. Do something.
You did this! You put him in a cage! You made him a monster!
[Prisoner grunts]
[Tense instrumental music continues]
Bravo, set.
You filthy bitch!
You all deserve to die!
[Cally sobbing]
You first.
STARBUCK: All teams, sniper in position.
- He's gonna do it. - You reap what you sow.
You look at me. You see me! Look at me!
[Seaborne grunting]
[Gun firing]
[Cally gasping]
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
Come on, Lee. Take out the son of a bitch.
[Apollo panting]
How about it, Tom? You still have a death wish?
You ready to leave this world, right here, right now?
- Yes. - Too bad.
'Cause this is what you're gonna do.
APOLLO: You're gonna tell your men to help us get that water off the moon.
APOLLO: They're gonna work for their points.
APOLLO: And they're gonna earn their freedom. And then...
you're gonna get your elections.
- What? - 'Cause you're right, Tom.
You are right about democracy and consent of the people.
[Tense instrumental music]
I believe in those things, and we're gonna have them.
And you can have them, too.
Or you can have this bullet. Your call.
What are you doing, Lee? Come on.
How do I know your father...
and the President will honour your word?
You don't.
You let the rest of the hostages go, we'll leave this ship in your hands.
They try and come after you, you can still have your last stand.
It's your choice. You reap what you sow.
All right.
ZAREK: Lower your weapons.
ZAREK: Lower your weapons. PRISONER: Do what he says.
Put them down.
APOLLO: Back off.
[Cally gasping]
APOLLO: Cally, you're gonna be okay. You just hang in there, you hear?
STARBUCK: Got you.
[Tense instrumental music]
[Apollo grunts]
[Guns clicking]
APOLLO: Cease fire!
[Prisoners shouting]
PRISONER: Don't shoot! STARBUCK: All teams, hold positions.
[Starbuck panting]
- Thanks. - I need a medic here.
I don't believe this.
- It's unacceptable. - It's done.
Prisoners have full control of the Astral Queen.
We evac'ed all the guards and support personnel. It's their ship.
- They're a threat to the entire fleet. - They've been disarmed.
- The ship itself has no weapons. - The ship itself is a weapon!
They're totally dependent on us for food, fuel...
and they've agreed to organise the workforce for the water detail on the moon.
You've committed me to holding elections within a year.
Madam President, with respect...
you're serving out the remainder of President Adar's term.
When that term is up in seven months, the law says there's an election.
I only committed you to obeying the law.
- You were not authorised to make any deal. - You sound like a lawyer.
I swore an oath to defend the articles.
The articles say there's an election in seven months. If you're saying...
the law's out, then I'm not a captain, you're not a commander...
and you are not the president.
And I don't owe either of you a damned explanation for anything.
He's your son.
He's your advisor.
An election.
I guess you finally picked your side.
ADAMA: Madam President.
[Entrance opens and shuts]
[Door shuts]
[Starbuck clears throat]
What the hell is this? Water?
Bet your ass. There's plenty more where that came from.
I have my flaws, too.
The difference is, my flaws are personal, yours are professional.
[Starbuck chokes]
Thank you, Lieutenant. That'll be all.
[Sombre instrumental music]
[Door shuts]
Specialist Lazy, how are you feeling? Must be nice...
lying around, doing nothing, as usual.
Sorry, Chief. I didn't think you'd find me here.
TYROL: I am so on to you. SOCINUS: Cally, is it true?
SOCINUS: You really bite that guy's ear off? CALLY: He's lucky that's all I bit off.
[Tyrol laughs]
That's my girl.
[Knocking on door]
- I'm sorry, I can come back. - No, it's all right. Come on in.
I just wanted to say goodbye before I head back to Galactica.
And to tell you...
I hope you understand, I wasn't being disloyal, Madam President.
I understand. You're upholding the law. I admire it.
I believe in you. In what you're doing.
And for what it's worth, seven months from now, you'll have my vote.
Could you sit?
There's something I need to tell you.
The truth is, I might not be here in seven months.
- Are you planning a vacation? - I wish.
I told your father that I...
[Clears throat]
had allergies, but I have cancer.
ROSLIN: I found out the morning of the attack.
[Apollo sighs]
I'm so sorry, Madam President. I don't know what to say.
ROSLIN: I understand.
I'm going to fight this, but there is a great need for secrecy.
Of course.
[Sombre instrumental music]
Whether or not I survive this illness...
it is of great importance to me...
that there's a future for the people.
And I fear that knowledge of my illness will erode hope.
So this has to stay between you and me.
- You can count on me. - I know I can.
You're Capt. Apollo.
[Theme music]
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