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Wonderful! Who are you going to kill?
Today again a rift took place in the house early morning.
- Discussed about me? - You are the reason of every rift.
My father told me, "Marry the cement trader's daughter,...
... you'll be rich."
l told him that l will marry with my own wish.
When are we getting married?
How can l tell you the date?
lf l have to go against the family, ...
... first l'll have to become independent.
Look, as it is Shakir Ali Khan is coming.
lf l'm settled in business, then it's done.
For my sake.
Make Shakir stay somowhere else.
Love, you know that this flat is given by him.
How can l refuse to him?
This letter has come today?
You won't read this also?
How many are they?
Won't you reply?
When they'll be twenty-one, l will go to Durgapur.
l will plead.
"Dada, this is the only of my life."
"Please accept it."
This means that ...
... you haven't forgiven your family yet.
6 years have passed for this thing.
lf it was a crime, the burden would be lightened.
lf it was kindness, l would forget it.
But Akhtar, this is an experience.
Where should l forsake it?
Your foster brother Sajid?
Brother Sajju.
My family members asked them to write a letter. He writes it.
Then why do you send money home every month?
So that they are able to write the 21th letter.
Mother, l can't do this?
lf you say, l'll do some other work.
l will take up slavery.
Will you degrade yourself by taking up a job?
What will people say? They will asperse.
No, dear. ln our family, we keep servants.
We don't take up jobs.
Lowly people do jobs.
Agree, dear.
Nobody will come to know.
And our honour will be saved.
Won't you lose your honour if l become a prostitute?
Nobody will get even a hint.
You think l like all this?
The ways of the world has changed.
We've lost our title. We don't get pension either.
And he does not do any work.
After all he is a Nawab. He is honourable, isn't it?
Dear, only you are our support.
You will have to do this for our sake.
Mother, poison me.
l will die.
But l will not do all this.
You've come again! Wasn't yesterday's wound enough?
l've come because l am wounded.
l'll say one thing if you won't beat me.
Okay, go ahead.
l like you a lot.
l've read this dialogue in fiotions several times.
Najma, l've come to take you along with me.
- Really? - Yes.
Will you marry me?
Yes, Najma. We will get married as soon as we get a chance.
Will you be able to come with me?
l will elope from home.
- You? - l haven't set out to see this beautiful city.
l've come meet you.
Akhtar might not be with you.
He just comes to spend the night, right?
That is why l've purposely come at this time.
- Will you have tea? - l might after l've finished saying.
Or l might not.
Tell me.
Then firstly l'll tell you about my condition.
l spent the night in the office.
And l drank liquor all night.
That's not now.
And l kept thinking all night.
That is your profession.
l kept thinking about you.
Only a habit.
That's where you go wrong.
lt is not a habit.
This ...
This is my life.
l've heard it. Perhaps l don't believe.
Six years have passed for this thing, Najma.
Six years have passed since l love you.
And seeing you with Akhtar.
l used to love you six years ago.
l couldn't marry you.
Now l love you and l can bear this responsibility too.
Najma, listen to me.
Najma, you will foel hurt.
You are leading a illusive life.
He will never marry you.
l'll leave.
No. l won't have tea.
And anyway, you don't make nice tea.
And l'm angry even now.
Hasn't Akhtar waken up yet?
He left at night.
He stays with you at night, doesn't he?
He leaves by 12.50 p.m. bus.
Najma, l'm always worried for you.
As you know, Shakir, l love him a lot.
l will be satisfied in how much ever time he spends with me.
- All your life? - How much will be my life time?
But he was eagerly waiting for you.
He says that "l have a great support of Shakir."
You don't think like that.
Whatever l am doing for him only because of him.
l want you to get settled.
lf you too wish the same, then it won't take time.
Najma, l like you a lot.
l think even l should marry a girl like you.
l've roturn to my country after several days.
lnvite some people for dinner.
- Don't worry about money. - Alright.
- Can l talk to Mr. Salim? - Hold on, l'll call him.
Mr. Salim, a call for you.
Mister, where were you lost?
l had gone downstairs to have tea.
You are managing with tea?
My job is important, madam.
Was the night spent properly?
Who has the courage to stay restless all night?
l'll serve you today.
Did you hear? l'll serve you free liquor and food.
ls it? But on what occasion is this foast?
ls Akhtar getting married to you?
l'm destined to wait for that.
The day he will marry me, there will surely be a foast.
But l will not invite you.
l can't do good to you.
l don't wish bad for you either.
- Surely come at 8 O'clock. - Yes, l will surely come.
You should understand, Akhtar.
l have to take the trouble.
You live in your house with your parents.
You get home cooked food.
Everybody is there to share the joy and sorrow.
Then you have Najma.
You express your foelings, listen to them.
And l? After toiling hard in the markets of ...
... Dubai, Muscat, Behrut, when l reach the empty hotel room...
l swear by God, l foel like committing suicide.
Even you have a home, Shakir.
Today you are being very wise.
The four walls is not called a home.
But why are you getting married?
You can buy the most beautiful girls.
Can l buy Najma?
This is what l want to say?
The girl who can be bought, is a cheap girl.
She can entertain me for sometime.
She can't make a home.
My honour ....
l'm an honourable man.
Without marriage, it is a sin.
lf you wish, Najma can help me.
She can find me a bride like herself from Hyderabad.
You want to marry to Najma.
You want to become independent too.
You are badly in need of money too.
You don't find it right. Then forget it.
Even l'll go and stay in the house at Rampur.
People are waiting outside.
You took very late?
l've become breathless dancing.
Mr. Shakir, meet him.
He is a very famous writer of this country, Salim.
Very glad to meet you.
- Please sit. - Thank you.
Take the cushion.
- How are you, Salim? - l'm fine.
Mr.Shakir, consider Salim as our family member.
He is trying to woo Najma since many years.
But Najma isn't giving him a chance.
She serves him liquor and says 'good night'.
- Right, Najma? - l respeot Mr. Salim a lot.
What's that you don't do?
You aren't saying anything, Mr. Salim?
Who knows, Najma might start loving me some day.
You mean to say when will Najma leave Akhtar,...
... and become yours.
l mean to say it would be better ...
... if this miracle happens as soon as possible.
lf we don't listen to Shakir Ali Khan, he won't give us commission.
Which will be 5-6 millions a year.
lnfaot, the little earning we have, will also stop.
And we will have to leave this flat too.
He has threatened me so.
You didn't reply?
Love, you are not doing a good thing.
lt is my job to think whether l'm doing good or bad.
lt is mine too.
Najma, remember one thing.
lf you want our marriage to take place,...
... then you will have to try your best and find a girl ...
... for Shakir Ali Khan.
lf ....
... you wish, then ....
... l will get Shakir Ali Khan married with such a pomp,...
... the world will be stunned.
l will find out a gem from the entire Hyderabad.
Salma, our chance is not coming.
Let us also play.
May you get a cruel husband!
Why are you laughing? All your laughter will be lost.
Look at that follow.
What do you want?
Can't you see women are playing here?
l ..... O' God!
You scoundrel!
This scoundrel is coming forward.
Let's go.
Don't you foel ashamed to intrude a women's area?
What is my fault in that?
l was sitting peacofully.
Your eyes deceived me.
Hey Shabnam, come here.
Look, how he is staring.
Beat him. Take this slipper.
Yes, throw him out. Take this.
- What do you say? - O my God!
- Leave my scarf. - Come near and take it.
Then l'll come near.
Please leave it.
Mother might come. Please go.
- When will you meet? - What's going on? - Mother!
Sajju, you?
- Greetings, aunty. - Where have you come?
Aunty, my kite got cut and foll in your veranda.
Kite? Where is it?
lt was here just now.
Perhaps it went inside.
You have grown up now.
Now stop flying kites.
You are right. The kite shouldn't fall somowhere else.
Scoundrel! He means to say some else.
Why are you abusing him?
O' God! Both have equal intense foelings.
- How are you studies going on? - l quit it long ago.
- Do you do any work? - Sometimes l drive Yasin's rickshaw.
But now l am planning of taking a loan from the bank ...
... and buying my own rickshaw.
You are right. ln these times, ...
... earning two square meals is enough.
Then you also have to get married.
That's why l am doing all this.
l see! Congratulations.
- Greetings, aunty. - Greetings. Sit down, son.
You've come after many days.
l didn't have time.
Mother, he has no time to meet us.
You sit, l'll get tea.
Nasreen, l had seen you on Sunday.
There were some friends with you.
You look at girls as if they are goods kept for sale.
But how did you dare to look at other when l'm there?
- You are a family member, aren't you? - Yes.
There was a girl with you.
Her name is Shabnam.
Shabnam (dowdrop) vanishes in the sun's rays.
Look at me. My name is Nasreen. l'm not so bad.
Don't joke, Nasreen. lt is the matter of the heart.
lt is the same with me.
Will you help me or shall l go somowhere else?
For the first time in life, l've asked for something from you.
You are asking for everything.
You will take my life.
- You want to meet Shabnam? - Yes.
l'll make you meet her.
l know you would help at any cost.
Only l didn't know.
Let Shabnam sit in the carriage and Nasreen go home.
You are Shabnam?
- Then who is Shabnam? - Make a guess.
Shall l?
- You are Shabnam! - How right you are!
What you are waiting for? Go your own path.
Yes, l'll change my path from today.
Buy bangles! Colourful bangles!
The ornament of beautiful wrists Your beloved will love them.
Buy bangles!......Bangles!
Hey bangle vendor! Show me some bangles.
Bangles on this lovely wrist will break many hearts.
What are you doing!
l'm putting bangles on your wrist, madam.
Show me some more bangles. l want green bangles.
You want green bangles? Where do l get green bangles from now?
l bought these with great difficulty.
l spent my entire week's earning on them.
l'll get to meet her if you lend me your carriage for some time.
Forget it, l haven't carried a single passenger yet.
My life is at stake and you are worried about your business?
Hurry up, or l will miss her.
Alright, take it. But be careful.
- Don't meet with an accident. - l've already met with one.
You have a cup of tea until l meet her and come.
- Want a carriage? - Yes.
- Where are you going, Shabnam? - Who Shabnam?
A girl in my neighbourhood. She is very beautiful.
There is no one more beautiful than her ...
... in the whole of Hyderabad.
Even l am handsome, but she is out of this world.
Have you gone crazy?
Tell all this to the one you are talking about.
l am telling her only.
You understand, madam?
l am telling this to the one l am talking about. Understand?
Are you blind, you idiot!
- You will get off here, won't you? - Yes.
Carriage puller, here is your fare.
"Once again, we spoke of flowers at night."
"ls this a night or a night full of flowers?"
"Flower garlands, and flower bouquets."
"The evening is flowery, the night is flowery.
"Once again, we spoke of flowers at night."
"Your company is like being in the company of flowers."
"Even your talks are as beautiful as flowers."
"Once again, we spoke of flowers at night."
"Our eyes meet, our lips meet."
"Our entire life has become beautiful as flowers."
"Once again, we spoke of flowers at night."
"This fragrant song..."
" like a flowery night in a desert."
"Once again, we spoke of flowery at night."
"ls this a night, or a night filled with flowers?"
We'll even need some hired invitees for the wedding ...
... in Hyderabad.
Don't worry, we'll get them.
Will Salim come with us?
Najma invites him and he refuses? lmpossible!
Forget Hyderabad, he'll even come to Timbaktu.
lt looks like he's deeply in love.
Have you ever loved so deeply?
God forbid!
You haven't brought the bride's measurement.
Then how will you buy her jowellery?
Bride? There is no bride.
Mr.Keshavlal, please arrange a good bride.
And the searoh will stop here itself.
Then why are you buying this jowellery?
We are going to look for a bride.
You are joking.
Honestly, we are not joking.
l have never heard of such a thing before.
Even we haven't.
You are fooling me.
Heard that, Najma?
Were you the only one left in the entire city?
- You are right. - A suspense film is being produced.
- Do us one favour. - Yes.
lf the jowellery isn't the right size, you'll have to exchange it.
This is your own shop.
lt is our job to satisfy our customers. We'll do no favour.
This is the limit, Najma!
l have already crossed all limits, Mr.Akhtar.
l am talking about these tickets.
You have booked the roturn tickets too.
What nonsense is this?
We will leave on the 22nd and roturn on the 31st.
The 22nd and 31st will be lost in travelling.
ln the remaining 7 days, you will see girls ...
... choose one of them, and arrange the marriage?
You have gone crazy, Najma!
Najma, when you go to the bazaar to buy clothes ...
... you visit 2-3 shops.
Even when you go to buy a pair of shoes ...
... you look up every shop in the bazaar.
Whereas this involves a girl.
Shakir, if there is anything ...
... that is the cheapest in your bazaar, it's a woman.
Salim, it is good you came along. We won't get bored.
Right, Najma?
What is the matter? Salim is being pampered.
Both are from Hyderabad, so they get along very well.
Why are you unnecessarily going to Hyderabad?
Why don't you marry Sonia?
Not a bad idea.
Why? Didn't you find any other sacrificial bakra (goat-male)?
You are not a bakra, you are a bakri (goat-female).
Can't sleep?
Najma, can't this journey continue forever?
Go to sleep.
"lf you try to recolleot, you'll remember everything."
"Every present moment will come to a halt."
- Who is it? - Salim.
- What do you want? - l want to meet Najma.
- Najma is not foeling well. - l know, but if you....
He simply refuses to leave!
- He is such a shameless follow. - Who is it, mother?
l told him you are not foeling well.
l know you care a lot for me, mother.
l won't ask him to stay, l'll make him leave immediately.
But atleast let me meet him.
Why do you come here and suffer humiliation?
You are a famous poet of this city.
Keep some dignity atleast.
lf l was not a poet...
... but a trader instead ...
... then perhaps no one would stop me from meeting you.
What do you think?
That your wish will be fulfilled by saying such painful things?
- No. - Then what is your reason for coming here?
l want to meet you just once.
- When? - Whenever you want.
Why only once?
Meeting once is necessary to meet several times.
lf you forget about several times, l can meet you once.
Why put a condition l cannot accept?
Though you do have a right to make that one time the last time
You wait here, l'll just come.
Our daughter will become infamous .... your coming here everyday.
Who will marry her then?
You neither have any shame, nor any worry about her reputation.
You cannot go with this worthless follow.
Mother, the day l will want to run away from home ...
... you will not be able to stop me.
l will speak to him and roturn.
Let's go.
My family is worried their golden hen may run away.
Why did you call yourself a golden hen?
l cannot tell you this.
lf you have understood, please forgive me.
And if you haven't, please forget me.
You cannot stipulate that l forget you.
You are being unfair not only to me ...
... but also to your talent.
The talent that creates a wall between you and me ...
... l'd rather give it up.
l hold your talent in high esteem.
But you don't love me?
l cannot marry you.
lf we meet somowhere, will you recognise me?
l will surely greet you.
Why are you looking at me like that?
l'm searohing for tears for my refusal.
"The rainy weather will be foggy."
"My heart will burn slowly."
"The henna on your hands will remind you of something."
"lf you try to recolleot..."
"A lonely door at the turn of the lane."
"Will wait for someone with craving eyes."
"And the sight will roturn dejeoted."
"lf you try to recolleot, you will remember everything."
"Every present moment will come to a halt."
"Everyone has come with hopes, l have come with my heart."
- Even l am coming along. - You stay here.
"l have come with my heart full of your images."
"Everyone has come with hopes, l have come with my heart."
"l always looked for you, holding my lost heart."
"And carrying along your memories."
"My destiny has failed me, how can my mind work?"
"l'm being pieroed with pain that rips my heart."
"l cannot bear your separation."
"Even my tears or my sighs cannot express what l suffer"
What did you ask for?
l asked for you from God.
We have finally reached Hyderabad.
When will we find that beautiful bride?
Shakir is desperate.
And if there are so many girls around, get one for me too.
Even l am a bachelor still.
Najma, how do you plan to see prospeotive girls?
There is one old woman.
She knows all the eligible girls here.
She is famous like the devil in the entire city.
We'll call her. Her name is Hajjanbi.
Bless you.
May God bless you with a handsome husband.
l have a daughter elder to her. She is very young.
Find some match for her, you will earn God's blessings.
l have come for that purpose.
Look at these piotures. Look.
You also have a look.
- What is this? - Why? What happened?
l gave you the wrong pioture.
What to do, l have grown old now.
l have cataraot in my eyes.
That Makboolchand Bahadur wants to marry at his old age.
This pioture is for him.
l'll show you another pioture. Look.
He is from a very good family. The boy has no vices.
Besides, he is also good looking.
l'd advise you to get your elder daughter married to him.
They are only demanding Rs.5000.
Where will l get so much money from?
You are aware that it is difficult to make even ends meet
Then how will you get her married?
You have a young daughter. No one will marry her.
What nonsense are you talking! l'll thrash you with a broom!
l can get this one married today itself if you like.
Shall l garland you with slippers?
Stop it, Shabnam. Why are you abusing her?
Then why is she talking nonsense?
Don't invite her home.
Don't invite me? Big deal! Who can ask me to leave?
l have been coming to this house even before you were born.
l have fod you in my lap. You were so little then.
Now that you have grown up you say l shouldn't be invited home.
You cannot drive me out of this house.
Forget it, Hajjanbi. Why are you arguing with an immature girl?
Go inside.
Give me a betel leaf. l have not had one since morning.
Give me the pioture.
l take your leave. Good day.
- Hajjanbi, please keep my daughter in mind. - Don't worry.
Akhtar, will l become an exhibit in Hyderabad?
- Ofcourse. - What do you mean?
This country is still very poor.
And you have become famous as an eligible bachelor ....
... in every street.
Just watch. A bazaar will be laid out for you in no time.
Name...Suriaya Jahanara.
The auotion has begun.
Bidding has begun for tired, gloomy, young bodies.
Decent, veiled women....
... are waiting with their daughters/sisters for their turn
Waiting for some customer, some buyer. Age is not an issue.
Honour,decency, dignity, are all being auotioned in this bazaar.
Najma, God will bless you. You will earn everyone's goodwill.
Please get my daughter married. l...this poor mother begs you.
What are you doing!
Najma, we are helpless.
We don't even have dry bread to eat.
My daughter is growing old. Please help her get married.
We will be your slaves for life. We will serve you for life.
Where do l go? Where do l go and end my life?
What are You making me do, O God?
What do You want?
What sin are You making me pay for, O God?
Please spare me. Please forgive me, O God.
lf you didn't want to arrange Shakir's marriage...
... why did we come here at all?
The marriage cannot be held out of a hotel.
You will have to go home, Najma.
How can l go back there?
They are your family after all.
When a girl elopes, her family earns disgrace.
And you still blame me for it?
lf you didn't want to go home, why did you buy so many things?
l know l will have to go ...
... but l didn't know how.
- Shall l come with you? - No.
l will face this censure alone.
"Every evening was spent hoping."
- Mother! - Najma?
- lsn't it Najma's voice? - Mother?
You all must have faced lot of ridicule after l left.
And now that l'm back, you'll have to answer people again.
Mother, l'm trying my best to become respeotable.
- Dear, come back home. - Don't hurt me, mother.
l've already gone through hell but l can't bear it anymore.
- Sister Najma? - Yes, your sister Najma.
You and in this town?
Had l had my way, l'd have never come here.
l wrote you 20 letters. Aunt was in a bad shape.
Uncle complained but foll silent after that.
We all lost hope.
You can punish me now.
So what is my punishment?
l foel like pulling your braids like how l did as a child,...
- And mother would thrash you. - Yes.
My life is empty but yes, my hair is still intaot.
- Here it is. - No, l won't dare to.
You know l like it when you get upset with me.
You are my foster brother and l'm very fond of you.
After mother's demise, l have nobody else.
- l am there for you. - You are all l have, sister.
What brings you here?
l just came.
Oh god, you've grown up!
Now l'll have to look for a bride for you.
- Sister, l've solved your problem. - Really?
- Good. - You meet her and get me married before you leave.
Your marriage will be performed with pomp and gaiety.
l'm a match maker.
l'll fulfill all my desires during your marriage.
Brother Sarju, you must attend the dinner at my place tonight.
- Aren't you sister Najma? - Yes.
Are you going to meet brother Sarju?
Sarju's choice is excellent.
'On meeting me,....
... l lose touch with reality'.
'You took me away from all'.
'l die to greet him,...
... and foel a longing'.
'On seeing him,...
... l can see divinity in everyone's eyes for him'.
'l long for you,....
... but confine my desire to my heart'.
Amazing! You sing very well.
May god proteot you from the evil eye!
- Mother, foed the poor for Rs 100. - Okay.
Why did you ask me to sing in front of everybody?
They were no strangers.
You are very naive. You'll learn a lesson when you get betrayed.
l was talking about sister Najma.
- And that follow who was sitting behind? - Who?
- The one who was staring at me. - Why were you looking at him?
- Won't you look if someone looks at you? - No.
Let them look, but you shouldn't look back at them.
What logic is that?
First you trapped me and now are blaming me for it.
You too were enjoying the praises lavished on you.
Now enough.
Don't ask me to sing in public after marriage.
- Hide me from everyone. - Okay.
So that nobody but you see me.
Praised be Allah!
Are you sleepy?
Will you go home?
Come, l'll drop you home.
l want Shabnam.
lf we won't get Shabnam married to Shakir,...
.. Arohanbee or somebody else will do it.
Or her parents will come running to do it.
This will happen and you won't be able to stop it.
Najma, they are poor people.
With that money, they can get their elder daughter married.
We too had dreams of having a home,...
... with only the two of us.
All this can be possible only if we agree to Shakir's wishes.
Look, Shakir will get married.
But if you disobey me,...
.. then we won't be able to get married.
l said, l don't approve of this match.
Look, l am not my daughter's enemy.
l took troubles on myself to see that she's comfortable.
l too have a right on her.
You are ignorant of the norms of society.
You have some duties to your elder daughter also.
We ought to get her married also.
But in poverty she will die of starvation.
Sir, she is right.
He is very well-off.
He is marrying her, not buying her.
There will be a proper wedding.
Your status in society will enhance.
Shabnam's uncle will meet you tomorrow.
He makes all decisions. My husband is not worldly wise.
Frankly speaking, we can't bear the expenses of the marriage.
God has been kind on you.
And He's even given you a large heart.
May he shower his grace on you always!
And may you in turn shower your grace on us.
lf you wish you can arrange for my elder daughter's marriage.
Only man can help man.
This is not trade but charity.
Arohanbee, what do you think?
- He's riding a high horse. - How should we tackle him?
- Be patient. - Should we bait him?
Shabnam is the bait you can trap him with.
- She's my child. - We are helping her father.
- Will 5 be enough? - lt should be sufficient.
- You'll get your share. - You are an honest man.
- Rs 101/- for charity. - Allah is all benevolent!
King, Queen and Jack!
The entire universe revolves around them.
Mr Shakir, please come here.
- l want Rs 5000. - Fine.
- Here. - And Rs 101/- as token.
Marriage is an institution of buying and selling flesh,...
... and it enjoys legal sanotity.
l want to take the measurements of the bride's foet.
As Shabnam is unwell, l'll do it for you.
No! No!
No, mother!
No, mother.
Najma, what is this you are doing?
Everybody is ignorant of their aotions.
l hope we are not unwittingly committing a sin.
lgnorance is bliss.
We'll do charity to appease God for our sins.
Today we are reliving those times.
Auotion houses that had shops in markets and squares,..
... we have now brought them into our drawing rooms.
Even today the flesh of virtuous girls are traded.
They are auotioned and the rich are the buyers.
Mr Akhtar, start the bidding.
Mr Shakir, you do it.
Come on, bid.
Speotators, the bidding commences.
The name is Shabnam Ansuri.
She is fresh like the dow.
She is still not 16.
She is poor, very poor.
Her father is old and helpless.
She also has an unmarried elder sister.
Only a real connoisseur can buy this gem.
Start the bidding.
Start the bidding!
What did you say? Free?
Sir, what are you saying?
l agree our country is poor but it is not that poor either.
A few pairs of clothes and a roof over her head!
Look carefully.
Look at her doe like eyes.
Her lips are like rose petals.
Look at her body.
Look at her sensuous body.
Jowels? Now you are coming to the point.
Perfumes and furs and silks!
You are a true connoisseur.
What a man!
Sirs, the bidding is over!
Rs 5 lakh...l, Rs 5 lakhs...ll Rs 5 lakhs....lll.
Mr Shakir, Shabnam is now yours.
Shabnam is now yours.
Mr Salim, l did not expeot this of you.
l fail to understand.
Please explain yourself.
You are an educated man and a writer.
l'm disappointed that you could say such things.
You are right.
Being a writer, l always weigh my words.
Do you recolleot what you've done last night?
l remember vaguely.
You hurled the choicest abuses on us.
You stood on the walls of Hussain Sagar and insulted me.
You especially humiliated me.
Yeah, l shouldn't have done that.
Didn't l say so.
You fail to comprehend.
Had you not been Akhtar and Najma's friend,...
... you'd have to pay for this joke.
l only abused you.
But Mr Shakir Ali, had l had my way,...
... l'd have got you whipped in public.
l'd have buried you alive.
ln my eyes, a man who buys a woman,...
... is a great sinner.
You are very insolent!
You are unfit to be a writer.
lnsolent! You still have to encounter my insolence.
Had it not been for Najma,...
... then l'd killed you rather have your marriage procession.
'We are from the groom's side'.
'What can we tell the bride's mother'?
Let's hug to celebrate this day. Come, children.
'Come, my beloved'.
'These flowers look withered without you, dear'.
'The jasmine, mogra, the lily'.
'Darling, these jowels lack their shine without you'.
'Neither the bangles, nor earrings or the anklets'.
'Beloved, l don't want to adorn myself without you'.
'Neither the kohl, nor the lipstick or the henna'.
lsn't this true, aunt?
You have fixed Shabnam's marriage, isn't it?
But you know that l wanted to marry her.
You even approved of me, aunt.
l discontinued my studies for her.
And am driving a rickshaw. you know that?
Why are you silent? Answer me.
You are also a part of this conspiracy.
You sold off your poor daughter to a rich man.
You auotioned her happiness.
Do you really hate your poverty so much?
For god's sake, answer me.
Answer me.
l'll immolate myself.
Oh god, why are you not answering me?
Don't say a word. Just be a mute speotator.
l won't let you do this deal.
Why is Shakir Ali Khan getting married. He can...
even buy a girl.
He is buying a girl. - l don't understand.
Najma, on this earth a man is the biggest animal.
He has made some customs and rituals, in which...
he can hide his crimes, his injustice.
Sometimes he proclaims that these customs, are linked to...
religion, and sometimes to the law.
He takes shelter under these so called customs and shows...
himself to be respeotable.
lf Shakir Ali Khan tells anyone that l want to...
buy off your daughter, that person will kill Shakir Ali.
But if the same Shakir Ali Khan uses the ploy of...
rituals and rites, and wants to marry that man's 15 year...
old daughter, then that man will not refuse.
Since this is the praotice followed in the world.
He will marry off his daughter, and accept it...
as his daughter's fate.
What about me? Where have l come from?
What am l doing?
Why don't l refuse. Why don't l get angry.
Who am l? What am l?
l hope l am not the buyer in this market.
You are not the buyer Najma, but a person...
who will be sold in this market.
You are that toy, which has already been bought.
You didn't want your body to be a show case of a shop...
so you proferred to stay on at Ata's home.
You are like the falling wall of this society which is dead.
You will, like the other women suffocate within the four...
walls of our homes and will be used by men as a toy.
As long as you need the support of a man, whether...
he is Akhtar, or Salim, you'll remain nothing but a toy.
The day you learn to live without any support, that...
day you'll have your own identity.
That day you will be Najma.
What is it? What is it? l hope all is well.
For God's sake tell me what's the matter? Speak up.
You were arranging my marriage, isn't sister.
But Shabnam's marriage has been fixed with...
Shakir Ali Khan.
O God! The girl you wanted to marry was Shabnam!
Sarju why didn't you tell me earlier about this.
l will drown my self. l will not stay alive sister.
No Sarju. - lf l don't get married to Shabnam, l'll...
cut myself and die.
No Sarju.....
This happened unknowingly. - l'll die sister.
l'll go....
Where are you going? - To Shabnam's parents.
Why? - This marriage will not take place.
How will you do this?
When l got it fixed, l'll get it stopped too.
Don't be mad Najma.
Don't stop me. Let me face the mistake l did.
Listen have you gone mad? Do you think you'll be...
able to stop this marriage.
Will you be able to break these rituals.
Which world are you living in Najma. Which world...
are you breathing in. Which ground are you standing on?
l do not know all this. l only know this that,...
is injustice to these innocent beings.
We are ruining their lives.
l will never let this happen. l will never allow it.
Listen Najma, you'll be humiliated.....
Najma you will get insulted.
Najma don't play with your respeot in this manner.
Stop Najma......
What are you saying. l should break my...
daughter's marriage. Go back on our word.
We are respeotable. People like us do not...
behave in this manner.
You are not in Hyderabad. But how can you forget...
the customs and culture of this place.
You know this well that in respeotable families, once...
a word is given, a daughter belongs to her in-laws.
You will go away to Mumbai. But we have to say here...
amidst our relatives and amidst our community, and...
amidst the society.
How can we break this proposal.
Listen you had bought this proposal.
Marriage is not a child's play which can be broken...
at one's whims and fancies.
Marriages are made by the Lord. lf women do...
not get married they go astray.
You will not make me commit this crime.
l will pray to God that He shows you the right path.
Sarju please forgive me.
l am to blame for your... pain. Please forgive me.
Please do not cry. For God's sake don't cry.
You were not able to stop this marriage.
Now l'll go and stop it.
Please forgive me.
l have lost. l have lost at the hands of life.
l have lost......
Sir you are wealthy people.
You have lands, property, power. God has given you...
all your needs sir.
You can get the most beautiful of girls.
You can buy girls like Shabnam, everyday.
l am a very poor person. l am very poor. Please have...
meroy on me.
l request you, with folded hands.
l'll touch your foet. Please let go of Shabnam.
l only have Shabnam.
She is my life. She is my world.
l love her a lot. l love her a lot.
Don't take away Shabnam from me.
You are speaking in a very determined manner.
You are talking about Shabnam.
She's my fiance' today. She'll be my wife tomorrow.
You've heard about the wealthy, but not seen it.
You have to talk to me l will make you understand.
Come with me. Come to my room. Come....
What is it my dear. Did you see a bad dream?
Someone is crushing my heart. l am suffocating.
Something's broken! - Come to your senses, my dear.
Mother. Take me to the Dargah. l've to pay the debt.
Yes you must go.
Take Shabnam to the Dargah, carefully.
'l have come to you with my heart.
'ln my heart, and in my heart...
'l bring with me your visage, your image'.
'People come with hopes, and l have come with my heart.
'l searohed for you, with a broken heart'
'l searohed for you everywhere, with your...
memory ingrained in my heart.
'My destiny didn't support me. Look at my misfortune.
'Sorrow pieroed my heart.
'Your separation, l just cannot bear.
'My tears are soaked with my sighs. l cannot bear it.
My tears are soaked with sighs. l cannot bear it.
'lf only l could see you..
'l had asked for life from you.
'Today l am taking back the death of my desires.
'God l have come to your door, for help...
O Lord... O lord...
No Shabnam, we have to go back home.
l will die. l will die. Let me go to him.
A calamity has befallen me.
Now you do something for me. You had first...
introduced me to Shabnam.
Look what have they done to you. Now what more...
do you want?
You tell me, what should l want now?
Take me to meet Shabnam once.
For the last time, let me meet her.
Very soon, she will belong to someone else.
She must have put henna on. Let me see what colour...
emerges, out of my love.
Don't you know she's getting married. How will she come out?
Only you can do this favour for me. lt will be the...
last favour, and after this l will never ever question you.
l will not ask for anything.
Nasreen, what are you saying?
lf something happens, we won't be able to show our face.
Aunty, do you want that on Shabnam's marriage, Sarju...
should be mourned! - l hope not....
The condition l have seen him is very pitiable.
But my dear, a lot of ceremonies have to be done.
They will be coming in the evening.
lt will be my duty. l will take Shabnam with...
me to my home aunty.
For God's sake have trust on me. l will bring her...
back myself.
Our respeot is in your hands.
lf l hadn't met you at Nasreen's home, maybe...
l would not have recognized you.
l have changed my appearance so that if you meet me...
after today, you should not recognize me at all.
l have ruined you.
You gave my life a now meaning.
Or else what did l have in my life.
lf l and you were not poor, no one would have...
kept us apart. lsn't it.
Yes. No one would have kept us apart.
l always wanted to see you as a bridegroom.
Look how Nasreen is crying at my wedding, as if she...
is mourning our death.
Please permit me to go.
For my sake, for the sake of my respeot, for the sake...
of my poverty, please forget me.
Remember one thing Sarju lf l couldn't belong to you.
'Look at me today to your heart's content.
'Look at me today, to your heart's content.
'No one comes to look.
Look at me today, to your heart's content.
'lf you come close to me again,
'l will be humiliated far and wide'
'Look at me today to your heart's content.
'Come and love me with all your heart.
'So that the pain in your heart can be pacified.
'Look at me today to your heart's content.
'Look at me today to your heart's content.
'No one comes with this pain in his heart.
'Look at me today to your heart's content.
ln front of these two witnesses.
ln front of these two witnesses.
An amount of... - An amount of...
5000 Rs. - 5000 Rs.
ln cash... - ln cash...
Has to be given as Mehr. - Has to be given as Mehr.
Against... - Against...
The marriage of Shabnam. The marriage of Shabnam.
Ask him if its acceptable. - ls it acceptable?
Repeat 'l' -'l.
'l have accepted this marriage. - l have accepted this marriage.
'To get an heir. - To get an heir.
Shabnam dear, l am a lawyer. Mr. Arshad Ali Khan, and...
Nawab Tajoomal Hussain, are the two witnesses.
ln exchange of 5000 Rs. as Mehr, you are being married...
to Shakir Ali Khan.
Do you accept it.
Do you accept it.
Speak up dear.
Speak up dear.
Speak up dear.
Shabnam speak up my dear. Shabnam speak up.
Speak up dear.
She has accepted it. Congratulations.......
l don't want to go.
Are you going to stay on here Najma. l was thinking of going.
The tickets are for today. Give me one ticket.
l have had enough of this l'll go now.
Alright, l am going.
Today l am very happy Najma.
Now l can rebel against my people at home.
l can live my life the way l want to.
Days of waiting are over now Najma.
Now l can marry whenever l want to.
Who are you going to marry?
Have you seen any girl, or will l have to searoh for...
someone like Shabnam again.
l hope you don't think you are going to marry me.
How are you talking in this manner today.
That which l've learnt from you.
You took me out of one hell and put me in another.
You took away my charaoter.
You made me useless and helpless so that l could...
live only with your support.
But Mr. Akhtar you could not save even yourself!
l never wanted to sell my body but you bought me.
You were a businessman and a man, and today you are...
a pimp of Shakir Ali Khan, his agent.
lf Shakhar Ali Khan gives you a handful of diamonds,...
you will even sell me.
That man, who was known as Akhtar Hussain is...
out of my life.
Please don't Najma, l'll die.
You are already dead. - l'll be ruined.
You are already ruined. - l cannot live without you.
l can live without you, Mr. Akhtar, please take...
yourself from here. Find another house.
'l had a great desire within me...
'l had a great desire. within me.
'To drench in blood and go away
'To drench in blood and go away.
Do you want to say anything?
But l have to say something.
l confoss that...
for mistake, crime and injustice l am equally...
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Bob Marley Story - Rebel Music
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Body Double
Body Heat
Body The
Boiler Room
Bola El
Bone Collector The
Bonnie and Clyde
Book of Fate The
Book of Pooh The
Boondock Saints The
Boot Das 1981 CD1
Boot Das 1981 CD2
Born Romantic
Boucher Le
Bourne supremacy The-1CD
Boxcar Bertha
Boy Who Saw The Wind The
Boys and Girls
Boyz N the Hood
Branca de Neve
Bread and Roses
Breakfast Club The
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakin all the rules
Breaking Away
Bride with White Hair The
Bridge Man The CD1
Bridge Man The CD2
Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
Bugs Life A
Bullet Ballet
Bullet in the Head
Bulletproof Monk 2003
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Bully (Unrated Theatrical Edition)
Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
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