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Subtitles for Beast From 20,000 Fathoms The 1953.

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Beast From 20,000 Fathoms The 1953

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:01:18.19,00:01:20.66 This is Operation Experiment. 00:01:20.83,00:01:24.35 A secret base far north of the Arctic Circ/e. 00:01:24.53,00:01:29.13 Experiment was the code name for this[br]top-priority scientific expedition. 00:01:29.30,00:01:32.50 These men arrived here on X-day minus 60. 00:01:32.67,00:01:35.66 It has taken them the fu//[br]two months to get ready. 00:01:35.84,00:01:38.07 Today is X-day. 00:01:38.24,00:01:41.47 It is now H-hour minus 59 minutes. 00:01:41.65,00:01:44.01 There is /ess than an hour /eft. 00:01:48.29,00:01:52.95 The p/ane must arrive at its rendezvous[br]200 mi/es away in exact/y 58 minutes. 00:01:53.12,00:01:58.22 There can be no margin for error.[br]There can be no second chance. 00:01:58.40,00:02:01.99 This is the rendezvous. The forward[br]observation post where scientists... 00:02:02.17,00:02:06.76 ...and their aides doub/e-check equipment[br]and wait for the p/ane's approach. 00:02:06.94,00:02:10.47 It is now H-hour minus 81 seconds. 00:02:10.64,00:02:14.84 At H-hour minus 75 seconds,[br]the radar antenna f/ashes the word. 00:02:15.01,00:02:18.24 There it is! Azimuth: 63 degrees. 00:02:18.42,00:02:22.18 Airplane sighted: 13 hours, 11 minutes. 00:02:22.79,00:02:28.92 Azimuth: 63 degrees.[br]Speed: approximate/y 350 mi/es per hour. 00:02:29.09,00:02:33.76 Professor Tom Nesbitt and Co/. John Evans,[br]mi/itary /iaison, tense/y wait. 00:02:33.93,00:02:37.13 The timing is perfect, thus far. 00:02:37.90,00:02:40.50 It is now H-hour minus 56 seconds. 00:02:40.94,00:02:46.07 Every man here knows his job.[br]He does it quick/y, efficient/y, si/ent/y. 00:02:46.24,00:02:48.77 The men are ready.[br]The equipment is ready. 00:02:48.95,00:02:52.25 It is now H-hour minus 52 seconds. 00:02:52.42,00:02:56.18 Operation Experiment to Y-3-4-7. 00:02:56.35,00:03:00.79 Operation Experiment to Y-3-4-7.[br]Over. 00:03:00.96,00:03:05.69 Y-3-4-7 to Operation Experiment.[br]Now /eve/ing off. 00:03:05.86,00:03:09.77 Ground speed: 360.[br]Approaching IP. 00:03:09.93,00:03:11.63 IP means initia/ point. 00:03:12.04,00:03:16.63 The next 26 seconds wi// determine whether[br]these men have succeeded or fai/ed. 00:03:16.81,00:03:18.71 Now we count the seconds. 00:03:22.91,00:03:28.25 Ten, nine, eight, seven, six... 00:03:28.79,00:03:34.85 ...five, four, three, two, one. 00:04:25.88,00:04:28.14 Charlie, look! 00:04:32.25,00:04:35.34 Col. Evans, there's something[br]strange on the radar screen. 00:04:40.39,00:04:44.12 - What's the matter, Charlie?[br]- Right here, sir. A foreign object. 00:04:48.17,00:04:51.07 - It's gone.[br]- What's gone? 00:04:51.24,00:04:54.43 - I don't know, sir.[br]- It silhouetted like 5oo tons, at least. 00:04:54.61,00:04:57.80 - Where is it, then?[br]- I don't know, sir. 00:05:05.02,00:05:08.18 - Are you sure we saw it?[br]- We saw something. 00:05:08.35,00:05:13.55 Maybe the shock tossed something in front[br]of the antenna. That must have been it. 00:05:27.07,00:05:30.17 Eight weeks of preparation,[br]and it's all over in a second. 00:05:30.34,00:05:34.44 Jack, when energy of that magnitude[br]is released, it's never over. 00:05:34.61,00:05:38.51 What the cumulative effects of these[br]atomic explosions and tests will be... 00:05:38.68,00:05:42.98 ...only time can tell.[br]- You mean scientists can't tell? 00:05:43.79,00:05:46.22 The world's been here for millions of years. 00:05:46.39,00:05:49.38 Man's been walking upright for[br]a comparatively short time. 00:05:49.56,00:05:51.43 Mentally, we're still crawling. 00:05:51.60,00:05:55.00 This test will add to our knowledge.[br]Wouldn't you say so, Ritchie? 00:05:55.17,00:05:56.57 That's right. 00:05:56.73,00:05:58.33 Every time one of these goes off... 00:05:58.50,00:06:02.17 ...I feel we're helping to write[br]the first chapter of a new Genesis. 00:06:02.34,00:06:06.21 Let's hope we don't find ourselves writing[br]the last chapter of the old one. 00:06:06.38,00:06:10.44 - You sound like a man who's scared, Tom.[br]- What makes you think I'm not? 00:06:11.48,00:06:13.42 Here are the figures, Tom. 00:06:15.39,00:06:18.18 We'll leave for the observation[br]post in about an hour. 00:06:18.36,00:06:20.09 - Good. Loomis?[br]- Yes, sir? 00:06:20.26,00:06:22.06 - Get the equipment ready.[br]- Yes, sir. 00:06:22.23,00:06:26.49 You gentlemen. The moment your Geiger[br]counters indicate heavy radiation, turn back. 00:06:26.66,00:06:30.93 Turn back? Colonel, we'll run back.[br]There isn't a hero in the crowd. 00:06:44.45,00:06:46.71 Post 16. 00:07:16.45,00:07:18.92 Shall we try to go around, sir? 00:07:19.08,00:07:22.45 No, wait here for us.[br]We'll go up on foot. 00:08:20.04,00:08:24.64 - What's your reading?[br]- 19.7. We'd better get out. 00:08:25.62,00:08:29.55 I'll check post 17. You take 18,[br]and I'll meet you back here. 00:08:29.72,00:08:31.45 Make it fast. 00:08:39.93,00:08:41.96 Sgt. Willistead. 00:08:42.33,00:08:43.73 What? 00:08:43.97,00:08:46.16 But they've gone on foot. 00:08:46.44,00:08:48.06 Okay. 00:08:48.87,00:08:52.60 What's the matter?[br]There's a blizzard coming up! 00:09:27.18,00:09:28.94 Tom! 00:09:29.11,00:09:31.81 Tom! Tom! 00:09:32.78,00:09:33.94 Tom! 00:12:10.47,00:12:12.60 Tom! 00:12:18.18,00:12:22.81 Tom, I can't move.[br]Something's wrong with my leg. 00:12:23.62,00:12:25.65 I'm coming down. 00:12:38.74,00:12:43.50 - Have they reported back yet?[br]- No, not yet. We're waiting. 00:13:04.96,00:13:09.40 Tom, Tom! Get out, Tom![br]A monster! 00:13:09.57,00:13:13.66 - A prehistoric monster![br]- Quiet, quiet. Don't struggle. 00:13:23.98,00:13:27.58 I'll get you out, George.[br]Don't worry. 00:14:57.07,00:15:00.74 Doc! Hey, doc! 00:15:07.89,00:15:09.75 Put him right over here. 00:15:17.43,00:15:19.90 - Give me my bag.[br]- Yes, sir. 00:15:29.61,00:15:32.27 And get some blankets[br]off those other beds. 00:15:34.71,00:15:36.18 How is he? 00:15:39.95,00:15:42.48 - Where's Professor Ritchie?[br]- Still missing, sir. 00:15:42.65,00:15:43.88 - What happened?[br]- We don't know. 00:15:44.05,00:15:47.55 We saw the flares and rushed to post 18.[br]The whole shore was breaking loose. 00:15:47.73,00:15:50.25 - We grabbed Nesbitt just in time.[br]- We never found Ritchie. 00:15:50.43,00:15:53.12 Colonel, we have to get Nesbitt[br]to a hospital in the States. 00:15:53.30,00:15:55.60 - He's in a bad way.[br]- Right. 00:15:56.83,00:15:59.30 Get word to the main base.[br]We want a plane right away. 00:15:59.47,00:16:04.91 Ritchie, I'll get you out.[br]I'll get you out. 00:16:06.34,00:16:10.51 The monster...[br]Hurry, it's coming! 00:16:10.68,00:16:15.18 Watch out, the monster![br]The monster! 00:17:09.41,00:17:12.03 Hello, Professor Nesbitt.[br]How do you feel today? 00:17:12.21,00:17:16.15 Fine. Where is Col. Evans?[br]Did you reach Col. Evans? 00:17:16.31,00:17:19.71 He'll be here any minute now.[br]I'd like you to meet Dr. Ingersol. 00:17:19.88,00:17:23.79 He wants to ask you a few questions, if you[br]don't think it would be too hard on you. 00:17:23.95,00:17:26.89 - Questions?[br]- I'm a psychiatrist, Professor Nesbitt. 00:17:27.06,00:17:29.69 I thought together we might[br]get to the bottom of this. 00:17:29.86,00:17:34.26 You think I'm crazy too.[br]My story may sound fantastic, but... 00:17:34.43,00:17:37.89 Throughout history, people have claimed[br]that they've seen monsters. 00:17:38.07,00:17:41.63 There was the famous Loch Lomond[br]monster, you'll probably recall. 00:17:41.81,00:17:45.30 Then the green serpents[br]off the shores of Ireland. 00:17:45.48,00:17:48.64 But not one of them was ever caught[br]or even photographed. 00:17:48.81,00:17:52.81 I'm not inclined to let my imagination[br]run away with me. I'm a scientist. 00:17:52.98,00:17:53.97 All right. 00:17:54.15,00:17:56.95 Then it shouldn't be inconceivable to you... 00:17:57.12,00:18:00.42 ...that the mind can withstand[br]just so much pressure. 00:18:00.59,00:18:03.86 The shock of seeing your friend dead,[br]your own predicament... 00:18:04.03,00:18:08.93 ...was too much to bear. So that you[br]momentarily lost contact with reality. 00:18:09.10,00:18:12.40 It's a phenomenon which was[br]not uncommon during the war. 00:18:12.57,00:18:15.90 But Ritchie wasn't dead when[br]I got to him. He tried to warn me. 00:18:16.07,00:18:19.20 Two people don't share[br]the same hallucination. 00:18:22.15,00:18:23.61 Hello, Tom. How are you? 00:18:24.21,00:18:26.41 - Thawed out?[br]- Jack, I'm glad you're here. 00:18:26.58,00:18:29.48 I'm having a hard time convincing[br]them that I'm not an idiot. 00:18:29.65,00:18:31.81 I was in Washington making my report.[br]I was... 00:18:31.99,00:18:36.09 What did they say about the animal? I want[br]to be in on any expedition going after him. 00:18:36.26,00:18:38.73 Tom, I didn't tell them about the animal. 00:18:39.56,00:18:41.66 Why not?[br]It should've been in the report. 00:18:41.83,00:18:46.67 I went back to Post 18. I tried[br]to reconstruct what happened out there. 00:18:47.00,00:18:50.84 I couldn't find a thing.[br]No tracks. Nothing. 00:18:52.14,00:18:53.70 Nothing? 00:18:53.88,00:18:57.14 I'm sorry. I wish[br]I could say I saw something. 00:18:57.41,00:18:58.97 The blizzard. 00:18:59.38,00:19:01.25 There was a blizzard, remember? 00:19:01.42,00:19:04.65 The snow must have blown over[br]and covered everything. 00:19:04.82,00:19:07.26 - Check me out of here.[br]- You are in no condition to leave. 00:19:07.42,00:19:09.59 It's imperative that you have rest. 00:19:09.76,00:19:12.89 - How can I rest?[br]- I've encountered this sort of thing before. 00:19:13.06,00:19:16.90 You've undergone a tremendous shock.[br]You've got to stay in bed. 00:19:17.07,00:19:20.40 I see. And that makes it official? 00:19:20.57,00:19:22.10 I'm afraid it does. 00:19:22.27,00:19:26.17 So long. You do what the doctor says. We'll[br]get together when you're on your feet. 00:19:26.34,00:19:28.81 That won't be too long. 00:19:31.92,00:19:35.15 What about that sound I heard? 00:19:35.39,00:19:40.38 In your condition, it could have been[br]anything. The wind. Anything. 00:19:50.90,00:19:54.74 No wind ever made a sound like that. 00:20:33.71,00:20:35.77 Captain. Captain! 00:20:35.95,00:20:38.21 Are you daft, man? 00:21:24.66,00:21:27.76 - Good morning.[br]- Good morning. 00:21:31.03,00:21:33.70 What's going on[br]in our turbulent world today? 00:21:33.87,00:21:39.04 Oh, death and politics. The comic page[br]is the only thing that makes sense anymore. 00:21:39.21,00:21:42.91 I take it, then, that you advise[br]a dose of it after each meal? 00:21:43.08,00:21:47.95 - You quote me exactly.[br]- Then I'm gonna take your advice exactly. 00:21:48.12,00:21:50.14 Here it is. 00:21:56.19,00:21:57.59 Say. 00:21:58.43,00:22:00.56 Look at this! 00:22:14.78,00:22:19.27 That item is right where it belongs.[br]On the comic page. 00:22:47.38,00:22:49.68 And that's why I came here, Dr. Elson. 00:22:49.85,00:22:52.41 I felt if you heard my story,[br]you'd do something. 00:22:52.58,00:22:54.88 And what is it you think I can do? 00:22:55.05,00:22:58.15 Fit out an expedition,[br]institute a search. 00:22:58.32,00:23:02.49 The fitting out of an expedition requires[br]a great deal of attention to detail. 00:23:02.66,00:23:05.36 Such as time, personnel, money. 00:23:05.53,00:23:08.83 How can you talk about details[br]in the face of such a discovery? 00:23:09.00,00:23:13.53 I'm not a paleontologist, and I have[br]a desire to know more about this animal. 00:23:13.70,00:23:16.23 I thought you'd have[br]such a compelling curiosity... 00:23:16.41,00:23:19.24 ...that nothing would stand in your way. 00:23:19.41,00:23:22.61 Professor Nesbitt,[br]after waiting for 3o years... 00:23:22.78,00:23:26.24 ...l'm about to undertake[br]my first extended holiday. 00:23:26.42,00:23:29.41 I would throw aside my plans[br]if I thought there was... 00:23:29.59,00:23:33.39 ...the slightest chance of what your[br]saying being possible. It isn't. 00:23:33.56,00:23:36.12 What about that newspaper item? 00:23:36.29,00:23:40.42 If all the items of seamen reporting[br]monsters were placed end on end... 00:23:40.60,00:23:42.59'd reach to the moon, my boy. 00:23:42.77,00:23:44.46 You mean, I'm wasting your time? 00:23:44.63,00:23:46.80 Do you realize[br]you're asking me to believe... 00:23:46.97,00:23:52.24 saw a creature that would be[br]over 1 oo million years old? 00:23:52.51,00:23:57.45 But you said that 1 oo million years ago, the[br]water of the Mesozoic age turned to ice. 00:23:57.61,00:24:00.91 Isn't it possible that an animal[br]was trapped in that ice? 00:24:01.08,00:24:03.99 Caught in the freezing temperatures[br]and locked in. 00:24:04.32,00:24:08.05 Then when we released the bomb,[br]the heat generated melted the ice... 00:24:08.23,00:24:11.59 which this beast was imprisoned[br]and freed it? 00:24:11.76,00:24:15.16 Bringing it back to life[br]after 1 oo million years? 00:24:15.53,00:24:18.06 Couldn't it have been[br]in a state of hibernation? 00:24:18.24,00:24:21.17 Bears live through winters[br]under similar conditions. 00:24:21.34,00:24:22.70 That's quite true. 00:24:22.87,00:24:28.37 A bear does live off itself for one winter[br]from food accumulated within itself... 00:24:28.55,00:24:32.91 ...but it's hard to believe an animal could[br]live for 1 oo million years off its own tissue. 00:24:33.48,00:24:38.94 To put it mildly, it would require[br]quite an appetite, don't you think? 00:24:39.32,00:24:43.05 I don't know if this will be of any help,[br]but you remember, doctor... 00:24:43.23,00:24:47.79 ...a few years ago, an expedition unearthed[br]a herd of mastodons in the Siberian tundra. 00:24:47.96,00:24:53.49 Dead thousands of years, yet their fur[br]was still intact, the meat still edible. 00:24:53.67,00:24:58.20 That's quite right, my dear Lee.[br]But they weren't alive. 00:24:58.38,00:25:01.74 That's the important difference.[br]They weren't alive. 00:25:01.91,00:25:08.37 I'm sorry, professor, but in all honesty,[br]I can't support your story. 00:25:11.02,00:25:14.22 I guess I'll go back to the hospital. 00:25:15.79,00:25:19.23 Maybe I should ask for a transfer[br]to the psychopathic ward. 00:25:19.40,00:25:22.19 Nonsense.[br]It's not as bad as all that, my boy. 00:25:22.37,00:25:25.20 Thanks for listening, doctor. 00:25:28.81,00:25:31.57 When he first came to this country,[br]I attended his lectures... 00:25:31.74,00:25:36.30 ...on the curative properties of the[br]radioactive isotope. He is a brilliant man. 00:25:36.48,00:25:39.64 Isn't his story in any way feasible? 00:25:39.82,00:25:44.19 No. And I'm sorry.[br]I'd rather like to help him. 00:25:47.36,00:25:51.26 I thought that little jaunt of yours last week[br]would knock you for a loop. 00:25:51.43,00:25:53.62 I can't find anything wrong with you. 00:25:53.80,00:25:56.36 I feel fine.[br]When do you think I can leave? 00:25:56.53,00:25:58.43 Any time's all right with us. 00:25:58.60,00:26:02.56 Don't go rushing to the North Pole again.[br]Keep fit and warm. 00:26:02.74,00:26:04.30 Take those vitamins I gave you. 00:26:04.47,00:26:06.24 This is your hour of mirth and me/ody. 00:26:06.41,00:26:09.47 They say music has charms[br]to soothe the savage beast. 00:26:09.65,00:26:12.24 They ought to try it[br]on these sea monsters. 00:26:12.42,00:26:14.71 From Canada comes word[br]of a second ship... 00:26:14.88,00:26:17.75 ...destroyed by an enormous beast[br]according to Captain LeMay. 00:26:17.92,00:26:22.12 He rea//y ought to stop smoking that stuff[br]and try virginia Go/ds, because... 00:26:29.70,00:26:31.96 It shouldn't take me too long[br]to catch up. 00:26:32.14,00:26:36.04 - It's good to have you back.[br]- Thank you. 00:26:38.88,00:26:40.71 Anything else, Miss Ryan? 00:26:40.88,00:26:44.14 Oh, yes. There's Miss Lee Hunter[br]waiting to see you. 00:26:44.31,00:26:47.51 - Miss Lee Hunter?[br]- She's very pretty. 00:26:47.68,00:26:49.71 Send her in. 00:26:55.43,00:26:58.39 - How are you?[br]- Fine. 00:26:58.56,00:27:01.33 We met at the university.[br]I'm Dr. Elson's assistant. 00:27:01.50,00:27:04.06 Oh, yes, of course. 00:27:04.23,00:27:08.14 The verdict: A prehistoric animal[br]would be presumptuous to be alive today... 00:27:08.31,00:27:10.64 ...and upset your neatly[br]cataloged theories. 00:27:10.81,00:27:13.67 I see you don't remember[br]I was a sympathetic bystander. 00:27:13.84,00:27:15.81 Oh, really? How come? 00:27:15.98,00:27:21.92 I have a deep, abiding faith in the work[br]of scientists. Otherwise I wouldn't be one. 00:27:22.09,00:27:24.21 - Won't you sit down?[br]- Thank you. 00:27:24.39,00:27:28.38 Sorry I can't offer you anything,[br]but everything around here is radioactive. 00:27:28.56,00:27:30.65 No, thank you, anyway. 00:27:30.83,00:27:32.32 When I was in the lab yesterday... 00:27:32.50,00:27:36.86 ...I heard a report about a man who claimed[br]that his ship was sunk by a sea monster. 00:27:37.03,00:27:41.33 "If all the stories about sea monsters were[br]laid end to end, they'd reach the moon." 00:27:42.24,00:27:44.97 But two reports coming so close together... 00:27:45.18,00:27:49.27 What makes you think two are going to[br]convince anybody any more than one did? 00:27:49.45,00:27:50.88 Well, it convinced me. 00:27:51.05,00:27:54.48 It got me to thinking[br]it would be worthwhile investigating. 00:27:54.65,00:28:00.78 I've gathered all the sketches of the known[br]prehistoric animals. If you could identify... 00:28:00.96,00:28:03.95 Being considered crazy[br]has been quite an experience. 00:28:04.13,00:28:07.03 However, I wouldn't care[br]to go through it again. 00:28:07.46,00:28:11.80 Is this the man with the compelling[br]curiosity? Afraid of ridicule? 00:28:11.97,00:28:14.37 - I'm not afraid of ridicule.[br]- No? 00:28:14.54,00:28:17.30 But I'm afraid that's what it sounds like. 00:28:18.04,00:28:23.91 You said sketches of all the known animals?[br]What if it's an unknown one? 00:28:24.08,00:28:25.51 That's possible. 00:28:25.68,00:28:28.67 But we'll never really know[br]unless you look at them. 00:28:28.89,00:28:32.51 Oh, professor, think what it would mean[br]if you were right. 00:28:45.37,00:28:48.34 Five-minute break. It's coffee time. 00:28:48.51,00:28:51.24 Good. I need it. 00:28:54.08,00:28:56.20 Cream and sugar? 00:28:56.85,00:29:01.18 Better take both. I make coffee[br]strong enough to enter the Olympics. 00:29:01.35,00:29:03.34 - One or two?[br]- Two, please. 00:29:03.52,00:29:06.49 I never knew there were[br]so many prehistoric animals. 00:29:06.66,00:29:09.49 We haven't even reached[br]the Cretaceous Period yet. 00:29:09.66,00:29:14.10 I don't know if I could identify the beast[br]now if it looked through the window. 00:29:14.26,00:29:16.89 Maybe it's part imagination, after all. 00:29:17.07,00:29:21.73 Something I used to dream about[br]when I was a kid. Or read in fairy tales. 00:29:21.91,00:29:27.34 You're tired. Why don't you just relax[br]for a moment. Have a sandwich. 00:29:27.94,00:29:29.81 Thanks. 00:29:35.65,00:29:38.02 - Funny.[br]- What's funny? 00:29:38.19,00:29:41.32 Well, a girl like you, a paleontologist. 00:29:41.52,00:29:43.92 What's wrong with paleontology? 00:29:44.09,00:29:48.09 - Classifying old bones.[br]- Old bones?! 00:29:48.26,00:29:51.70 If we didn't study the past,[br]you wouldn't know about the atom. 00:29:51.87,00:29:55.10 Dr. Elson says, "Future[br]is the reflection of the past." 00:29:55.34,00:29:59.07 You're fond of Dr. Elson, aren't you?[br]How did you become his assistant? 00:30:00.08,00:30:04.41 I suppose by continually antagonizing him.[br]I was one of his students. 00:30:04.58,00:30:08.35 To hear him tell it, all I ever did[br]was challenge him or argue with him. 00:30:08.52,00:30:10.51 I was afraid he was going to expel me. 00:30:10.69,00:30:13.82 Instead, he asked me to be[br]his assistant after I graduated. 00:30:13.99,00:30:16.86 So I graduated, and here I am. 00:30:17.03,00:30:18.43 And here I am. 00:30:18.60,00:30:22.53 Between us, we span the ages.[br]You deal with the past, I with the future. 00:30:23.10,00:30:25.57 How uncomplicated the past was. 00:30:26.84,00:30:29.53 And how bright the future can be. 00:30:38.85,00:30:41.65 Let's get back to the present. 00:31:03.91,00:31:06.31 This might be it. 00:31:07.14,00:31:08.91 I'm not sure. 00:31:09.08,00:31:10.44 Not sure? 00:31:10.61,00:31:14.85 The head looks similar,[br]but the front legs are too short. 00:31:15.02,00:31:17.11 Wait a minute. 00:31:18.76,00:31:21.12 Is this any better? 00:31:21.79,00:31:24.45 Now, that's much more like it. 00:31:27.53,00:31:30.09 And what about this one? 00:31:30.73,00:31:33.22 That's the closest! 00:31:33.97,00:31:36.10 I think that is it. 00:31:36.37,00:31:39.17 Lee, I think that's the one I saw! 00:31:39.34,00:31:42.07 If two independent observers[br]saw the same thing... 00:31:42.25,00:31:46.11 If that captain in Canada[br]could identify the same sketch... 00:31:46.28,00:31:49.05 And tell his story to Dr. Elson. 00:31:54.49,00:31:57.95 "Capt. George LeMay,[br]Marquette, Canada" 00:32:00.93,00:32:04.09 - Operator.[br]- I want to make a long-distance call, please. 00:32:04.27,00:32:05.70 Person-to-person. 00:32:05.87,00:32:10.24 To Capt. George LeMay,[br]Marquette, Canada. 00:32:10.41,00:32:12.20 One moment, p/ease. 00:32:12.38,00:32:15.64 - Charge this call to Circle 44771.[br]- Thank you. 00:32:15.81,00:32:17.78 It's my monster. 00:32:35.57,00:32:37.50 They're speaking French. 00:32:37.67,00:32:40.90 - Capt. LeMay is ready.[br]- Thank you. 00:32:42.04,00:32:45.60 Hello. Capt. LeMay? 00:32:45.78,00:32:50.08 My name is Tom Nesbitt.[br]I'm a scientist in New York. 00:32:50.25,00:32:52.81 I have some important questions[br]to ask you. 00:32:52.98,00:32:56.25 I don't speak English. 00:33:17.84,00:33:19.27 Captain? 00:33:19.78,00:33:23.84 - Hello. Capt. LeMay?[br]- I am sorry, but the captain has hung up. 00:33:24.01,00:33:27.85 He is unhappy when anybody mentions[br]his accident, because everyone /aughs. 00:33:28.02,00:33:31.65 Please get the captain back.[br]I can't tell you how important this is. 00:33:31.82,00:33:34.79 I am sorry. He wi// not[br]speak to you again, I'm sure. 00:33:34.96,00:33:40.40 He is a stubborn o/d man. Perhaps a /itt/e[br]crazy. Especia//y on the subject of serpents. 00:33:44.33,00:33:46.67 They think he is crazy too. 00:33:46.84,00:33:51.21 - Well, it was a good try anyway.[br]- But good tries don't pay off. 00:33:51.37,00:33:53.54 Do you suppose if you went up there... 00:33:53.71,00:33:56.70 could make him understand[br]how important this is? 00:33:56.88,00:33:59.18 I could get a plane. 00:33:59.35,00:34:02.04 Phone me if anything exciting happens. 00:34:02.22,00:34:05.42 I'll phone you even if nothing happens. 00:34:22.14,00:34:24.70 You missed him[br]by not more than two hours. 00:34:24.87,00:34:29.28 I thought you might be able to tell me[br]where he went. His housekeeper wouldn't. 00:34:29.45,00:34:33.31 Capt. LeMay has been very touchy[br]since the sea serpent incident. 00:34:33.48,00:34:38.89 People felt he was a bit balmy.[br]They laughed at him. Too bad too. 00:34:39.06,00:34:41.79 The man had served well[br]and faithfully for years. 00:34:41.96,00:34:46.29 I believe a man has a right to a few nips[br]now and then, I always say. 00:34:46.46,00:34:50.30 - You don't believe his story?[br]- I said he was balmy, not me. 00:34:50.47,00:34:53.66 He let it get out that he was headed[br]for the interior of Canada... 00:34:53.84,00:34:59.00 ...and was not going to stop until he hit[br]a spot that was uninhabited by white men. 00:34:59.18,00:35:03.20 A blooming hermit he wants to be.[br]He'll be back in less than a month. 00:35:03.85,00:35:06.18 I can't wait that long. 00:35:06.35,00:35:09.81 - Were there any other survivors?[br]- No. 00:35:10.12,00:35:13.35 - How far is it to St. Pierre?[br]- About 1 oo miles. 00:35:13.52,00:35:16.72 Are you going to see this other chap[br]who claims he saw it? 00:35:16.89,00:35:19.92 I say, you don't believe[br]in the sea serpent fable, do you? 00:35:20.10,00:35:23.16 What do you think I am, balmy? 00:35:34.44,00:35:36.88 Good evening, Jacob. 00:35:37.08,00:35:40.11 You look much better today. 00:35:40.82,00:35:46.12 A man is here.[br]A very great scientist from New York. 00:35:46.29,00:35:50.35 No, Sister. Take him away.[br]I want no one near me. 00:35:50.53,00:35:54.55 He went to so much trouble to find you. 00:35:54.73,00:35:55.82 Why? 00:35:56.00,00:35:58.80 He says it is very important. 00:35:58.97,00:36:04.07 It's about the beast you saw. 00:36:04.24,00:36:07.23 Tell him to leave me alone![br]Tell him I saw nothing! 00:36:07.41,00:36:09.38 Tell him I know nothing! 00:36:09.55,00:36:11.81 Tell him it's all in my head! 00:36:11.98,00:36:14.11 That's what everybody says. 00:36:14.28,00:36:16.48 Except me, Jacob. 00:36:16.65,00:36:19.49 - Who are you?[br]- I saw the beast too. 00:36:20.82,00:36:22.26 You saw him? 00:36:22.43,00:36:26.26 - You're not playing jokes on me?[br]- No, I'm not playing any jokes. 00:36:26.43,00:36:28.90 People called me crazy too. 00:36:29.07,00:36:31.86 It stays in my mind always.[br]I'll never forget it. 00:36:32.03,00:36:38.06 In New York, there are scientists,[br]friends of mine, who will listen and believe. 00:36:38.47,00:36:42.50 Jacob, will you come to New York[br]with me? 00:36:46.48,00:36:51.44 - Is he well enough to travel?[br]- I will ask the doctor. 00:36:54.89,00:37:01.49 There's something very compensating[br]in having to wait 3o years for a holiday. 00:37:01.66,00:37:03.36 Because when it finally comes... 00:37:03.53,00:37:07.97 ...the joy of anticipation is multiplied[br]by just that many years. 00:37:08.74,00:37:14.44 I feel like a schoolboy on the verge[br]of departing for my first summer camp. 00:37:15.21,00:37:20.11 Oh, by the way, that reminds me, our young[br]nuclear physicist appears to be delayed. 00:37:20.65,00:37:24.35 He'll be here any minute.[br]Shouldn't take him long from the airport. 00:37:24.82,00:37:28.76 Mesozoic animal alive today. 00:37:29.93,00:37:34.39 I can lose my job and my reputation[br]listening to such nonsense. 00:37:34.56,00:37:39.97 However, I won't allow my personal opinion[br]to interfere with a possible romance. 00:37:40.14,00:37:42.76 Don't change the subject.[br]You're just being stubborn. 00:37:42.94,00:37:44.63 Am I? 00:37:44.81,00:37:49.24 Now, just you listen to this.[br]It's something that I read this morning. 00:37:49.41,00:37:55.18 "On the 21 st of October, in the year 1797,[br]one Professor Gordon Laughton... 00:37:55.35,00:37:57.88 ...was forcibly removed,[br]by order of the Crown... 00:37:58.05,00:38:01.55 ...from his chair of science[br]at the University of Edinburgh. 00:38:01.72,00:38:04.85 He was firmly convinced[br]that leprechauns were responsible... 00:38:05.03,00:38:07.29 ...for the uprooting[br]of the ancient campus oak. 00:38:07.46,00:38:12.30 Even swearing upon oath[br]that he had seen them remove it." 00:38:12.47,00:38:16.53 So, you see, today,[br]it's monsters instead of leprechauns. 00:38:16.71,00:38:19.68 How certain are you[br]there were no leprechauns? 00:38:19.84,00:38:20.83 Hello, Lee. 00:38:21.01,00:38:24.04 I don't recall this Dr. Laughton,[br]but what about Galileo? 00:38:24.21,00:38:26.41 He said the earth was round.[br]They made him recant. 00:38:26.58,00:38:31.92 However, the earth is round. And there is[br]a monster. And I think I can convince you. 00:38:32.09,00:38:34.78 - Is this your sailor witness?[br]- Yes, sir. 00:38:34.96,00:38:40.36 Jacob Bowman, the helmsman of the[br]fishing boat Fortune. Dr. Elson, Miss Hunter. 00:38:41.16,00:38:45.60 - So you saw the monster too?[br]- Yes, sir. 00:38:46.34,00:38:48.74 Go ahead, my dear.[br]This is your experiment. 00:38:48.90,00:38:53.53 Jacob, I want you to look through those[br]sketches and pick out the one you saw. 00:38:55.61,00:38:58.08 You don't think this is[br]a waste of time? 00:38:58.25,00:39:00.98 Several days ago[br]at Miss Hunter's apartment... 00:39:01.15,00:39:05.92 ...I picked out the sketch of the beast[br]I saw. It's right in that batch. 00:39:06.09,00:39:11.19 But, unfortunately, in paleontology,[br]the empirical system of logic isn't enough. 00:39:11.36,00:39:13.95 It isn't a question of empirics. 00:39:14.16,00:39:17.86 If a particle of the sun broke off[br]and flew into space... 00:39:18.03,00:39:21.09 ...I wouldn't consider the man[br]who brought that news to be insane. 00:39:21.27,00:39:24.00 As a scientist, I would[br]examine every facet of it. 00:39:24.17,00:39:28.74 Yes, but if a particle of the sun were to[br]break off, 1 oo million people would see it. 00:39:28.91,00:39:32.68 If it broke off, it would make no difference[br]if one saw it or no one at all. 00:39:32.85,00:39:34.21 It would still be. 00:39:34.38,00:39:37.55 The same with the monster. It still is. 00:39:40.06,00:39:42.96 Perhaps I'm getting old. 00:39:43.59,00:39:47.96 Now, Jacob, you must be quite sure[br]about this creature you claim to have seen. 00:39:48.13,00:39:50.43 There must be no doubt in your mind. 00:39:50.60,00:39:53.97 If it's here, I'll know it. 00:40:10.49,00:40:12.78 - That.[br]- That's the one I picked. 00:40:14.92,00:40:19.52 It's the rhedosaurus,[br]extinct for 1 oo million years. 00:40:20.10,00:40:23.16 - A hundred million years?[br]- Yes. 00:40:23.33,00:40:26.96 And the direct ancestor[br]of that little lady there. 00:40:27.14,00:40:29.87 Only twice the size, according to theory. 00:40:30.91,00:40:33.53 The only fossils of its species[br]ever discovered... 00:40:33.71,00:40:36.68 ...were found in a drag of the Hudson[br]submarine canyons. 00:40:36.85,00:40:39.01 A hundred and fifty miles[br]from New York. 00:40:39.18,00:40:42.67 Didn't Professor Edmonds[br]write a paper on that just last year? 00:40:42.85,00:40:44.68 Yes. 00:40:45.55,00:40:47.39 Yes. 00:40:47.79,00:40:51.52 If we could only be sure,[br]without a shadow of a doubt... 00:40:51.69,00:40:53.79 What further proof do you need? 00:40:53.96,00:40:57.02 Things have happened again and again,[br]and they'll continue. 00:40:57.20,00:41:00.64 I tried to get the authorities to keep[br]the coastline under close watch... 00:41:00.80,00:41:04.07 ...they wouldn't listen to me.[br]- They'll listen this time. 00:41:04.24,00:41:06.90 Get them on the phone.[br]I'll talk to them. 00:41:08.08,00:41:09.17 Thanks. 00:41:13.35,00:41:15.68 Col. Evans, please. 00:41:17.42,00:41:18.98 Jack. 00:41:19.29,00:41:21.12 Tom Nesbitt. 00:41:21.29,00:41:22.92 I feel great. 00:41:23.09,00:41:24.72 That hallucination of mine... 00:41:24.89,00:41:28.80 ...the one that everybody[br]was having such a good laugh about? 00:41:28.96,00:41:31.59 Well, I've got proof the monster exists. 00:41:31.77,00:41:35.13 Now, Tom, let's not start that again. 00:41:35.77,00:41:37.10 What? 00:41:37.27,00:41:42.18 I can just see myself requesting permission[br]to seek out a prehistoric monster. 00:41:42.34,00:41:44.87 Eagles on a straitjacket[br]are not regulation uniform. 00:41:45.05,00:41:51.25 I'm here at the university with Dr. Elson,[br]the foremost paleontologist in the world. 00:41:51.42,00:41:54.55 Just a moment.[br]He wants to talk to you. 00:41:55.56,00:41:58.08 Col. Evans. This is Dr. Elson. 00:41:58.26,00:42:02.53 I'm convinced that Professor Nesbitt[br]is onto something. 00:42:02.70,00:42:06.53 There have been all kinds of stories.[br]Stories of sea serpents... 00:42:06.70,00:42:10.26 ...stories of the world coming to an end,[br]stories of flying saucers. 00:42:10.44,00:42:13.47 What makes you so sure[br]there are no flying saucers? 00:42:13.64,00:42:20.05 Nevertheless, I'm convinced that by some[br]strange trick of chance, this creature exists. 00:42:20.22,00:42:22.65 And I'm prepared to stake[br]my reputation on it. 00:42:22.82,00:42:25.29 I'm sure you know[br]what you're talking about, doctor... 00:42:25.45,00:42:28.05 ...but it would look foolish[br]if we stick our neck out. 00:42:28.22,00:42:31.56 Will you promise if any reports come in,[br]you'll let us know? 00:42:31.73,00:42:35.60 I've got a friend in the Coast Guard.[br]I'll drop in to see him. 00:42:35.76,00:42:38.82 If he's heard of anything,[br]I'll get in touch with you. Okay? 00:42:39.10,00:42:42.43 Thank you, colonel.[br]We'll appreciate it. 00:42:42.61,00:42:45.23 He's going to check and let us know. 00:42:45.41,00:42:50.67 - We can't just sit around.[br]- I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do. 00:42:50.85,00:42:52.61 But wait. 00:43:03.49,00:43:07.09 I heard a new song at the tavern[br]the other day. 00:43:07.26,00:43:10.66 Something about gin and wild women. 00:43:10.83,00:43:14.43 - How'd it go?[br]- Oh, I don't remember. 00:43:14.60,00:43:17.87 I stuck five nickels in the box[br]to hear it again... 00:43:18.04,00:43:20.13 ...and the thing busted down. 00:43:20.31,00:43:26.44 You know me, I couldn't carry a tune[br]in a bushel basket. 00:43:26.62,00:43:31.75 I like the ballads. The old ones that warm[br]you even when the fog is a foot thick. 00:43:51.81,00:43:53.78 Did you hear that? 00:44:39.18,00:44:40.52 Come in. 00:44:41.05,00:44:42.71 That's all. 00:44:43.06,00:44:46.58 - Jack, how are you?[br]- Phil, at this moment, I don't know. 00:44:46.76,00:44:48.35 Well, sit down. Sit down. 00:44:48.53,00:44:51.79 I haven't seen you[br]since the last Army-Navy game. 00:44:51.96,00:44:54.23 What a game that was. 00:44:54.40,00:44:56.70 What's the problem?[br]AEC getting you down? 00:44:56.87,00:44:58.34 - No, not at all.[br]- Good. 00:44:58.50,00:45:01.84 Stick around. I'll be through[br]in a minute. We'll go to the club. 00:45:02.01,00:45:04.13 Phil, here it is straight. 00:45:04.31,00:45:07.77 One of the scientists in the last polar test[br]claims he saw a monster. 00:45:07.95,00:45:11.35 The dean of the College of Natural History[br]believes him. 00:45:11.52,00:45:15.68 Then who am I to doubt it? Are you[br]trying to get a Section 8 discharge? 00:45:15.85,00:45:17.15 A neurotic colonel. 00:45:17.32,00:45:22.06 These scientists claim that this monster[br]or beast, this prehistoric thing... 00:45:22.23,00:45:27.03 ...and if you laugh, I'll brain you,[br]is romping around the North Atlantic. 00:45:27.20,00:45:29.76 I guess you'll have to brain me.[br]You're nuts! 00:45:29.94,00:45:34.27 Anyway, that's what they say.[br]Look, Phil. Would you do me a favor? 00:45:34.44,00:45:39.57 Check around to see if there have been any[br]reports of any freak or unusual happenings. 00:45:39.75,00:45:43.44 - Are you on the level?[br]- Lf standing on my head's on the level, I am. 00:45:43.62,00:45:46.02 You certainly sound serious. 00:45:46.28,00:45:50.31 All right, I'll check.[br]But so help me, if this is a practical joke... 00:45:50.49,00:45:53.22 I'll die laughing. 00:46:38.40,00:46:43.31 Well, that's it.[br]No storm, no earthquake, nothing... 00:46:43.48,00:46:46.44 ...but that lighthouse[br]was destroyed completely. 00:46:46.71,00:46:48.98 Were there any other[br]unexplained happenings? 00:46:49.15,00:46:52.84 Yes. Coast Guard station 37[br]reported minor shore wreckage... 00:46:53.02,00:46:57.08 ...along the Massachusetts coast.[br]Several isolated buildings were destroyed. 00:46:57.26,00:47:00.28 And a farmer was found[br]crushed to death. 00:47:00.46,00:47:04.40 There's a certain inexorable chronology[br]in these disasters. 00:47:04.56,00:47:06.93 I don't follow you, doctor. 00:47:07.10,00:47:10.59 Tom first saw the rhedosaurus[br]near Baffin Bay. 00:47:10.77,00:47:14.71 While his latest presumed presence[br]was off the coast of Massachusetts. 00:47:14.97,00:47:18.77 - May I look at your chart, captain?[br]- Of course. 00:47:25.78,00:47:28.65 Now, first... 00:47:28.89,00:47:31.88 ...north of Baffin Bay. 00:47:32.42,00:47:37.42 Second, the fishing ketch Fortune[br]was wrecked here... 00:47:37.60,00:47:39.83 the Grand Banks. 00:47:40.00,00:47:43.23 And another one attacked[br]shortly thereafter. 00:47:43.40,00:47:46.80 Here. Nova Scotia. 00:47:46.97,00:47:52.00 Third, the lighthouse[br]off the coast of Maine. 00:47:52.58,00:47:57.67 Fourth, unexplained wreckage[br]off the coast of Massachusetts. 00:47:57.85,00:48:03.31 You'll notice we've been following[br]the Arctic Current all the way down. 00:48:03.96,00:48:09.42 So it's just possible that he might[br]be making for here. 00:48:09.59,00:48:14.36 It was in these submerged canyons that[br]the only fossils of his species were found. 00:48:14.73,00:48:17.17 We could mine those canyons. 00:48:17.34,00:48:19.96 And kill the rhedosaurus? Oh, no. 00:48:20.14,00:48:23.51 Think what a loss to science[br]that would be. Oh, no. 00:48:23.68,00:48:26.58 But to capture it alive[br]would be an achievement. 00:48:26.75,00:48:31.15 How do you propose to capture it,[br]if it exists? 00:48:31.32,00:48:36.75 I don't know. But if we ascertain[br]it's down there in the canyons... 00:48:36.92,00:48:40.48 ...l'll have to go see it before I decide[br]upon a method of capture. 00:48:40.66,00:48:42.46 That's much too dangerous. 00:48:42.63,00:48:48.12 Yes, but then the risk would be worth it[br]when one thinks of the benefit to science. 00:48:48.30,00:48:52.63 Captain, is it possible to obtain[br]the use of a diving bell? 00:48:52.80,00:48:55.57 - You really want to go down there?[br]- Yes. 00:48:55.74,00:48:57.90 I can get a diving bell. 00:48:58.08,00:49:00.17 What do you think, Jack? 00:49:01.45,00:49:04.61 Everything else checks out.[br]If he can get it, let's move. 00:49:04.78,00:49:06.72 Thank you. 00:49:17.03,00:49:20.90 I still don't see how he's gonna find it.[br]This canyon is 1 oo miles long. 00:49:21.07,00:49:25.66 As I understand it, he plans to drop down[br]at a different spot every hour till he finds it. 00:49:25.84,00:49:30.87 Hear this. Hear this. We are now ready[br]to make the dive at position number one. 00:49:31.04,00:49:33.98 I don't like the idea of you going[br]with just one man. 00:49:34.15,00:49:38.01 That's capacity. If there's any danger,[br]my crewman will know what to do. 00:49:38.18,00:49:40.58 - I brought your Dramamine.[br]- No, thank you. 00:49:40.75,00:49:44.09 I'm much too excited to get seasick. 00:49:44.26,00:49:46.22 Are you ready, Dr. Elson? 00:49:46.39,00:49:49.26 Remember, at the first sign[br]of danger, signal us. 00:49:49.43,00:49:51.99 Why will you persist[br]in talking about danger? 00:49:52.16,00:49:54.50 The rhedosaurus and I are old friends. 00:49:54.67,00:49:57.40 - Good luck, doctor.[br]- Thank you. 00:50:02.11,00:50:05.04 - Here you are, sir.[br]- Thank you. 00:50:07.35,00:50:10.37 Don't look so worried, Lee.[br]We're scientists. 00:50:10.55,00:50:14.85 This is our job.[br]This is a great moment for me. 00:50:40.18,00:50:42.17 Everything shipshape in there? 00:50:42.35,00:50:47.11 Sp/endid, thank you.[br]A// the comforts of home. Lower away. 00:50:48.02,00:50:50.35 Hoist away. 00:51:20.52,00:51:22.61 Is there anything I have to do? 00:51:22.79,00:51:27.12 Oh, no, sir.[br]You just relax and enjoy the scenery. 00:51:47.85,00:51:50.28 This is such a strange feeling. 00:51:50.45,00:51:53.25 I feel I am leaving[br]a world of untold tomorrows... 00:51:53.42,00:51:56.91 ...for a world of countless yesterdays. 00:52:05.16,00:52:10.57 Lee was right. I should have brought[br]the Dramamine pills. 00:52:20.31,00:52:25.75 This is all very frustrating. I do hope all[br]our endeavors are not going to be in vain. 00:52:45.80,00:52:48.77 - Thank you.[br]- You're welcome, doctor. 00:52:53.85,00:52:59.08 We are having coffee now.[br]And some visitors. 00:53:14.37,00:53:19.36 There appears to be a difference of opinion[br]between two of the local inhabitants. 00:54:20.80,00:54:22.79 There he is! 00:54:27.77,00:54:30.71 It's unbelievable. 00:54:31.31,00:54:33.17 He's tremendous. 00:54:33.78,00:54:35.84 I can only see part of him... 00:54:36.01,00:54:40.28 ...the leg and the shoulder,[br]but he is enormous. 00:54:40.45,00:54:42.48 He found it.[br]Shall we pull you up? 00:54:42.65,00:54:45.56 No! No! No, put Lee on. 00:54:46.26,00:54:47.72 He wants to talk to you. 00:54:49.23,00:54:50.22 Yes, doctor. 00:54:50.40,00:54:55.26 Lee, there's no mistake about it.[br]It's a Paleolithic survival. 00:54:55.43,00:55:00.20 It's exactly as we pictured it except[br]the dorsal is singular, not bilateral. 00:55:03.58,00:55:07.88 The clavicle suspension[br]appears to be cantileveric. 00:55:12.02,00:55:15.01 But the most[br]astonishing thing about it is... 00:55:21.36,00:55:23.38 He doesn't answer. 00:55:26.26,00:55:28.82 - Get him up.[br]- Raise the bell. 00:55:31.00,00:55:34.40 We're pulling you up![br]Dr. Elson! 00:55:37.28,00:55:40.04 Can you hear me? Answer me! 00:55:43.75,00:55:45.77 The line is dead. 00:56:06.70,00:56:08.37 Well, the report has been turned in. 00:56:08.54,00:56:13.27 The National Guard and Coast Guard[br]have been alerted. Evans is in charge. 00:56:13.44,00:56:16.71 This was being packed[br]for a very different reason. 00:56:17.85,00:56:19.58 What can I say? 00:56:19.75,00:56:22.31 I should have gone down instead of him.[br]I am to blame. 00:56:22.49,00:56:25.75 Nobody is to blame.[br]And everybody is to blame. 00:56:25.92,00:56:29.19 We all did what we thought was right. 00:56:29.36,00:56:31.66 But that doesn't bring him[br]through the door again. 00:56:31.83,00:56:36.73 With his funny little walk,[br]and that wonderful smile. 00:56:36.90,00:56:39.73 This place seems so empty. 00:56:41.07,00:56:46.10 He used to putter around with the[br]specimens and call them pet names. 00:56:49.38,00:56:51.81 His death was so futile. 00:56:53.58,00:56:57.18 He went down in that bell[br]because it was part of his job. 00:56:57.92,00:57:00.72 He used those same words just before... 00:57:00.89,00:57:02.36 Oh, Tom. 00:59:57.84,01:00:00.93 It's coming up Nassau Street toward Pine.[br]Get some help fast! 01:02:30.05,01:02:31.78 New York is like a city besieged. 01:02:31.96,01:02:33.72 A state of emergency[br]has been declared... 01:02:33.89,01:02:36.66 ...and the entire police force[br]put on 24-hour duty. 01:02:36.83,01:02:38.76 Civi/ian defense is fu//y mobi/ized... 01:02:38.93,01:02:42.42 ...and she/ters have been opened[br]in an effort to stop the mounting hysteria. 01:02:42.83,01:02:44.36 A// traffic has been ha/ted. 01:02:44.54,01:02:48.87 And Times Square, the heart[br]of New York, has stopped beating. 01:02:55.11,01:02:58.64 The Nationa/ Guard has been ca//ed out,[br]fu//y armed, to repe/ the invader. 01:02:58.82,01:03:01.48 This is fu//-sca/e war[br]against a terrib/e enemy... 01:03:01.65,01:03:04.55 ...such as modern man[br]has never before faced. 01:03:04.82,01:03:07.09 Ordinary bullets have no effect... 01:03:07.26,01:03:11.99 ...and a method of destroying the awesome[br]creature has not yet been formulated. 01:03:12.23,01:03:14.36 But the batt/efie/d has been c/eared. 01:03:14.53,01:03:16.52 Hera/d Square. 01:03:16.70,01:03:17.89 34th Street. 01:03:18.07,01:03:19.13 Broadway. 01:03:19.30,01:03:21.50 Every section of the city is guarded. 01:03:21.67,01:03:24.57 No one knows where the monster[br]wi// strike next. 01:03:24.74,01:03:27.97 It was /ast seen on Wa// Street,[br]c/ose to where it came ashore. 01:03:28.15,01:03:30.77 But /ower Manhattan has become[br]no man's /and... 01:03:30.95,01:03:33.04 ...where the beast, at present,[br]/ies hidden. 01:03:33.22,01:03:35.28 The Nationa/ Guard[br]is barricading the area... 01:03:35.45,01:03:37.98 an effort to confine[br]the death and destruction... 01:03:38.16,01:03:41.06 ...of what is a/ready the worst disaster[br]in New York's history. 01:03:48.33,01:03:50.20 A screen here. 01:03:52.84,01:03:55.64 1 o5 temperature. 01:04:01.18,01:04:02.61 Here's the blood specimen. 01:04:02.78,01:04:05.65 Get it to the laboratory quickly.[br]I'm afraid, Sam. 01:04:05.82,01:04:09.95 I am afraid of what that creature[br]has brought to us. Deadly afraid. 01:04:50.69,01:04:53.56 - Think you can place it between his eyes?[br]- We can try, sir. 01:04:53.73,01:04:55.67 - Fire when ready, corporal.[br]- Yes, sir. 01:04:55.83,01:04:57.60 His skull... 01:04:57.77,01:04:59.67's at least 8 inches thick. 01:05:11.92,01:05:13.54 - Another one, colonel?[br]- No. 01:05:13.72,01:05:16.28 It would take a 3-inch shell[br]to penetrate that skull. 01:05:20.26,01:05:22.25 Bazooka squad, prepare to fire. 01:05:36.47,01:05:39.10 The high-voltage wires,[br]it's gonna touch them! 01:05:43.71,01:05:45.15 Bazooka men, fire! 01:05:50.45,01:05:52.48 Under the neck,[br]when he raises his head again. 01:06:26.26,01:06:28.66 Get those emergency search lights on! 01:06:28.83,01:06:30.19 We're working on it. 01:06:34.50,01:06:37.06 Sergeant. Sergeant! 01:06:38.94,01:06:41.17 - What is it?[br]- Blood. 01:07:19.98,01:07:21.91 Give me the walkie-talkie. 01:07:25.78,01:07:27.98 Col. Evans.[br]Col. Evans? 01:07:28.15,01:07:29.14 Sgt. Wyntoni. 01:07:29.32,01:07:31.58 Now, look,[br]proceed with extreme caution. 01:07:31.76,01:07:35.32 Wounded, the animal might be twice[br]as dangerous as before. 01:07:42.33,01:07:45.46 There's a possibility the animal[br]might've headed for the river. 01:07:45.64,01:07:48.61 We'll have all shore batteries alerted[br]and naval patrol vessels. 01:07:48.77,01:07:50.24 Get me a command car! 01:08:05.12,01:08:07.82 - Col. Evans speaking, go ahead.[br]- Look, colonel... 01:08:07.99,01:08:09.89 ...something's funny. 01:08:10.23,01:08:12.20 Most of the detail, they're... 01:08:12.36,01:08:14.19 Well, they're out. 01:08:14.60,01:08:16.29 Out on their feet, sir. 01:08:16.47,01:08:19.46 Have your sergeant contact the medics.[br]And report to Capt. Mitchell. 01:08:19.74,01:08:21.03 Your car is ready, sir. 01:08:21.21,01:08:22.93 Have the medical officer report[br]to me... 01:08:23.11,01:08:24.94 area command.[br]- Yes, sir. 01:08:28.11,01:08:31.21 He is reported somewhere[br]in the lower bay area. 01:08:31.38,01:08:35.75 - Battery A in position zero.[br]- Battery A into position zero. 01:08:37.92,01:08:41.69 - Report radar findings.[br]- Report radar finding. 01:08:41.86,01:08:44.99 Sounding harbor bottom.[br]Sounding harbor bottom. 01:08:45.16,01:08:50.69 - Activate mines, numbers 8 to 24.[br]- Activate mines, numbers 8 to 24. 01:08:51.84,01:08:53.13 What's the situation, major? 01:08:53.30,01:08:56.60 We're sounding the harbor bottom.[br]No indications yet, sir. 01:08:57.91,01:09:00.40 Charting room. Col. Evans? 01:09:00.58,01:09:03.10 Majors, there's a call here[br]for Col. Evans. 01:09:03.61,01:09:06.17 This is Evans speaking.[br]Who? 01:09:06.35,01:09:07.58 Oh, yes. Hello, doctor. 01:09:07.75,01:09:12.05 Colonel, they've already brought in over 5o[br]of your men and the people this afternoon. 01:09:12.22,01:09:15.56 The monster's a giant germ-carrier[br]of a horrible, virulent disease. 01:09:15.73,01:09:18.66 Contact with the animal's blood[br]can be fatal. 01:09:19.46,01:09:23.19 If you use shell-fire, who knows how[br]far the air will spread the particles of it. 01:09:23.37,01:09:26.63 - The entire city can be endangered.[br]- Right, doctor. 01:09:28.27,01:09:30.80 - Have the anti-submarine nets been raised?[br]- No, sir. 01:09:30.97,01:09:32.34 Order them raised. 01:09:32.51,01:09:36.10 - Raise the anti-submarine nets.[br]- Raise the anti-submarine nets. 01:09:36.28,01:09:39.74 Flamethrowers would've cremated[br]the beast and the plague with it. 01:09:39.92,01:09:43.55 Flamethrowers? The smoke would have[br]carried the blood particles just as far. 01:09:43.72,01:09:47.95 No, it will have to be reduced[br]so that not even a cinder would remain. 01:09:48.39,01:09:50.05 Any reports yet, major? 01:09:50.23,01:09:51.69 No signs yet, colonel. 01:09:51.86,01:09:55.63 He may be dying at the bottom.[br]We'll set the drags in the morning. 01:09:55.80,01:10:00.33 Attention! Monster ashore at Manhattan[br]Beach, heading towards amusement area. 01:10:00.50,01:10:03.70 - On land?[br]- I thought we had him in a corner pocket. 01:10:03.87,01:10:06.43 Jack, there's only one way[br]to beat him. 01:10:06.61,01:10:07.63 How? 01:10:07.81,01:10:09.61 Radioactive isotope. 01:10:09.78,01:10:13.08 Shoot it into him and destroy[br]all that diseased tissue. 01:11:02.37,01:11:05.39 Keep your men alerted.[br]But nobody's to fire unless ordered to. 01:11:05.57,01:11:06.66 Yes, sir. 01:11:07.24,01:11:09.03 How soon, Tom? 01:11:09.21,01:11:11.47 Should be any minute now. 01:11:32.36,01:11:34.33 Wait for us here. 01:11:52.85,01:11:55.44 - I'm Professor Nesbitt.[br]- We've got your baby, professor. 01:11:55.62,01:11:56.68 Good. 01:11:56.85,01:11:59.62 - We need your best marksman, Jack.[br]- Right. 01:11:59.79,01:12:01.82 Have him get into these. 01:12:16.31,01:12:18.30 Here's your man, Tom. 01:12:19.34,01:12:22.04 - Colonel says you need a dead shot, mister.[br]- Yes. 01:12:22.21,01:12:24.41 - Ever use a grenade rifle?[br]- Pick my teeth with it. 01:12:24.58,01:12:25.81 Good. 01:12:25.98,01:12:27.97 You know what[br]a radioactive isotope is? 01:12:28.15,01:12:31.25 - No, but if it can be loaded, I can fire it.[br]- I'll load it. 01:12:31.42,01:12:34.98 Just remember one thing:[br]It has to be shot into the wound. 01:12:35.16,01:12:36.92 And you have to make it[br]the first time. 01:12:37.09,01:12:41.66 This is the only isotope of its kind this[br]side of Oak Ridge, so you can't miss. 01:12:41.83,01:12:43.80 Let's get to the target. 01:13:39.32,01:13:41.65 I can't hit him from here, mister. 01:13:46.33,01:13:49.89 - Ever ride one of those things?[br]- Yes, sir. 01:13:51.10,01:13:54.76 Jack! Get somebody over here[br]who can operate that roller coaster! 01:13:54.94,01:13:57.74 We want to get to the top[br]in one of those cars. 01:13:57.91,01:13:59.40 Right! 01:13:59.78,01:14:02.94 - Put your hood on.[br]- Yes, sir. 01:19:41.85,01:19:42.84 [ENGLISH]
BBC - The Blue Planet (1 of 8) - Ocean World
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Billy Madison 1995
Biloxi blues
Bingwoo 2004 CD1
Bingwoo 2004 CD2
Bio Dome
Bio Hunter
Bio Zombie
Bionicle 2 A Legends of Metru-Nui
Bionicle Mask Of Light 2003
Birch Tree Meadow The
Bird People in China The 1998 CD1
Bird People in China The 1998 CD2
Bird on a wire
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD1
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD2
Bite the bullet
Bitter Sugar (Azucar amarga)
Black Angel
Black Sabbath
BlackAdder 1x1 - The Foretelling
BlackAdder 1x2 - Born to be King
BlackAdder 1x3 - The Archbishop
BlackAdder 1x4 - The Queen of Spains Beard
BlackAdder 1x5 - Witchsmeller Pursuivant
BlackAdder 1x6 - The Black Seal
BlackAdder 2x1 - Bells
BlackAdder 2x2 - Head
BlackAdder 2x3 - Potato
BlackAdder 2x4 - Money
BlackAdder 2x5 - Beer
BlackAdder 2x6 - Chains
BlackAdder 4x1 - Captain Cook
BlackAdder 4x2 - Corporal Punishment
BlackAdder 4x3 - Major Star
BlackAdder 4x4 - Private Plane
BlackAdder 4x5 - General Hospital
BlackAdder 4x6 - Goodbyeee
BlackAdder Christmas Carol 1988
BlackAdder The Cavalier Years
BlackAdder the Third 3x1
BlackAdder the Third 3x2
BlackAdder the Third 3x3
BlackAdder the Third 3x4
BlackAdder the Third 3x5
BlackAdder the Third 3x6
Black Adder V - Back and Forth
Black Christmas
Black Hawk Down
Black Mask
Black Mask 2
Black Orpheus
Black Rain CD1
Black Rain CD2
Black Sheep
Black Widow 1987
Black and White (1998)
Blackout The 1997 CD1
Blackout The 1997 CD2
Blade 3 - Trinity
Blade Of Fury
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD1
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD2
Blade Runner Directors Cut
Blair Witch Project The
Blame It On Rio
Blast From The Past 1999
Blast from the Past
Blazing Saddles
Blazing Sun (1960) CD1
Blazing Sun (1960) CD2
Bless The Child
Blind Beast
Blind Chance (1987) CD1
Blind Chance (1987) CD2
Blind Spot Hitlers Secretary (2002)
Blind date
Blob The 1988
Blood Crime
Blood Wedding (1981)
Blood Work
Blood and Black Lace
Blow 2001 CD1
Blow 2001 CD2
Blow Dry 2001
Blown Away 1994 CD1
Blown Away 1994 CD2
Blue (Derek Jarman)
Blue Car
Blue Collar Comedy Tour The Movie
Blue Max The CD1
Blue Max The CD2
Blue Moon
Blue Planet The 1
Blue Planet The 2 - The Deep
Blue Planet The 3 - Open Ocean
Blue Planet The 4 - Frozen Seas
Blue Spring 2001
Blue Velvet
Blue juice 1995
Blue thunder
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD2
Blues Harp
Boat Trip - Feedback Overflow
Bob Le Flambeur 1955
Bob Marley Story - Rebel Music
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Body Double
Body Heat
Body The
Boiler Room
Bola El
Bone Collector The
Bonnie and Clyde
Book of Fate The
Book of Pooh The
Boondock Saints The
Boot Das 1981 CD1
Boot Das 1981 CD2
Born Romantic
Boucher Le
Bourne supremacy The-1CD
Boxcar Bertha
Boy Who Saw The Wind The
Boys and Girls
Boyz N the Hood
Branca de Neve
Bread and Roses
Breakfast Club The
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakin all the rules
Breaking Away
Bride with White Hair The
Bridge Man The CD1
Bridge Man The CD2
Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
Bugs Life A
Bullet Ballet
Bullet in the Head
Bulletproof Monk 2003
Bullets Over Broadway
Bully (Unrated Theatrical Edition)
Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
Burnt Money
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition
Butchers Wife The