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00:00:40:- Youssef, go get help.|- Yes, professor. 00:01:11:Second of June. 00:01:12:Egyptologist Pierre Desfontaines|makes an unusual discovery, 00:01:15:a tomb over three|thousand years old. 00:01:17:Containing an untouched sarcophagus. 00:01:21:June ninth, we board the Sirius,|with the sarcophagus and the mummy. 00:01:27:The expedition is over.|We sail for Marseilles. 00:01:30:Final destination:|the Louvre Museum. 00:01:35:June thirteenth. 00:01:37:Desfontaines told me about|the discovery of the mummy|inside the sarcophagus. 00:01:47:June fourteenth. 00:01:49:The Egyptologist walks in|his sleep most every night. 00:01:53:The crew is terrified. 00:01:56:lt's as if they're in the grips|of a strange virus. 00:02:00:Hallucinations, fits of madness, 00:02:03:suicides. 00:02:07:June fifteenth. 00:02:09:l decide to come out of my cabin. 00:02:13:l'm the last survivor aboard. 00:02:15:Professor Desfontaines? 00:02:27:My God. Desfontaines. 00:04:22:Louvre Museum 00:04:23:lt was found in a forgotten|store room of the old Louvre|during the renovation. 00:04:27:New Kingdom, surely.|Rameses period. 00:04:31:lt's truly remarkable. 00:04:32:According to the files, the sarcophagus|was sent here in nineteen thirty-five,|by a certain Pierre Desfontaines, 00:04:39:an in-house Egyptologist. 00:04:40:This kind of vault is that of a...|a lowly functionary, 00:04:45:but take a look at these inscriptions.|The kind only royalty would get. 00:04:49:And, even stranger, his name|and his face have been erased. 00:04:53:Open it. 00:05:14:The bandages are intact but there's|not one jewel, not one amulet. 00:05:18:lt's not possible. 00:05:19:- Perhaps they just forgot.|- lmpossible. 00:05:22:l'm telling you. For the Egyptians,|these objects were necessary for|the journey to the afterlife. 00:05:30:That grayish spot there,|what is that? 00:05:33:Looks like metal to me. 00:05:47:Well l'm glad we have|new equipment. 00:05:54:l don't know that painting. 00:05:56:Oh, the Mona Lisa,|you never heard of it. 00:05:58:What the hell is that?|Felix. Felix. Call central. 00:06:01:Oh Christ! 00:06:03:What is this shit? 00:06:06:Something in|the electrical system. 00:06:08:Watch out, the gate! 00:06:13:Call Miss Spencer|about the hieroglyphics. 00:06:15:- Souvenir picture of the Louvre?|- No. l'm the director. 00:06:18:Now... You just call Miss Spencer. 00:06:20:At the British, right sure. 00:06:22:Uh, Amanda? That it? 00:06:24:Glenda Spencer. 00:06:27:Hey! What the hell?|What is this shit? 00:06:30:What the hell are you doing? 00:06:51:Come on Grammy, back to bed. 00:06:53:Get off of my back. 00:06:59:Oh, no you'll wind up|in the hospital again. 00:07:01:Never, you promised me. 00:07:02:All right, l'm going. 00:07:05:So, the wanton soup tonight.|No something low in fat. 00:07:08:Want some spring rolls? 00:07:09:How about if l hired a nurse? 00:07:11:- You're a nurse for me.|- Oh no, you're the nurse. 00:07:16:Saved my life staying|here with you. 00:07:18:Hey come on this has to end. 00:07:20:You should be l don't know going|out and around but you must|forget that dirt bag please. 00:07:24:You're right! 00:07:26:But give me some time. Okay. 00:07:31:My darling. 00:07:33:- You know l'm convalescing, too.|- Sure. 00:07:38:l could never stomach him. 00:07:40:But l loved him, so... 00:07:42:Yeah right, well l loved him. 00:07:45:Hi, Missus Mozovska. 00:07:46:- So how is your grandmother?|- All right. 00:07:49:She's recovering slowly.|Not again. Construction? 00:07:52:First the museum across|the street now the parking lot. 00:07:56:Keep this up, the building|will fall down. 00:07:58:Have a good day. 00:08:23:Lisa, are you home sweetheart? 00:08:25:She is such a bitch. 00:08:27:You've been renting this shop|for forty years and now she throws|us out on the street! 00:08:31:She doesn't want me out,|she wants more money! 00:08:33:Same thing! The perfume business|isn't what it used to be.|So we need more da da da da... 00:08:39:We'll figure something out. 00:08:43:What're we gonna do? 00:08:44:- Ah perfect.|- Shit! 00:08:46:Candles are in the bottom drawer. 00:09:05:Electrician twenty-four seven. 00:09:09:Nothing just the usual power surge.|Another two seconds, l'm done. 00:09:13:You know, l kind of liked it|with the candles. 00:09:15:A bit like a funeral home, yeah. 00:09:17:Oh come on. Please. 00:09:24:You know, that boy's|pretty cute, isn't he? 00:09:27:Well look at him. 00:09:33:What? 00:09:35:- There you are.|- Hooray. 00:09:39:l pressed the same buttons|but l guess l did something wrong. 00:09:41:Oh, come on l'm sure there's|stuff you know how to do. 00:09:43:She can do everything sure. 00:09:44:Right, darling, there's nothing|you can't do. 00:09:47:Well you've earned it.|How about a glass of Beychevelle|nineteen ninety-two? 00:09:49:- No, that's nice but l don't|want to impose.|- Please impose. He doesn't|want to impose. 00:09:54:Here come on have a seat. 00:09:55:You know, l've always had lots|to eat, lots to drink and|lots to smoke a bit too much 00:09:58:if you ask Lisa. Right, darling? 00:10:03:Sure. But as for men believe it|or not, there's only ever been one. 00:10:06:Telling him the story of your life? 00:10:07:The people l know, my darling,|they've already heard it. 00:10:10:They get bored silly.|But maybe he wants to listen. 00:10:13:Sure, sure l want to hear it, sure. 00:10:14:There! He would like to listen. 00:10:16:- Now please take your glass,|all right? Let's toast.|- l'd be glad to, cheers. 00:10:21:He'd be glad to, darling,|have a drink with us. 00:10:29:This one's had a long voyage. 00:10:31:Ask me, he's aged pretty well 00:10:34:Thirty-five hundred years old as|the particle accelerator makes it out. 00:10:39:l don't suppose you have all these|new technologies at the British? 00:10:42:Alas no. 00:10:44:No, we English still have|our old fashioned methods. 00:10:48:lntuition. Scientific deduction. 00:10:50:and conclusion. All right, Glenda,|we're counting on you here. 00:10:54:You haven't invited me to dinner. 00:10:57:Of course one day soon!|l'd be glad to! 00:11:03:That's the Louvre? 00:11:05:Yes. Do you ever go? 00:11:06:Oh l guess l must have|twenty years ago maybe more. 00:11:10:Every weekend l think about it. 00:11:12:No l'm not kidding. 00:11:14:his is an excellent place|to watch the Tour de France.|lf that interests you. Kind sir. 00:11:20:- Your grandmother's a live wire.|- Yeah, sure is l'm never|bored with her! 00:11:28:Never seen a private home|with so many books. 00:11:30:- Are you a big reader?|- No. 00:11:33:l mean apart from manuals,|instruction booklets. 00:11:39:Grammy? 00:11:43:Grammy! 00:11:45:Grammy, are you all right?|Grammy, wake up! 00:11:49:- Wake up, Grammy.|- lt's all right. 00:11:50:- This can't be happening.|This can't be happening.|- lt's all right, it's all right. 00:11:52:An ambulance, l'm going to call. 00:12:00:Should we wait for|the family or go ahead? 00:12:04:l am the family. 00:12:38:Ah you're here? Nice of you. 00:12:40:You got time for coffee? 00:12:41:Thanks, l have to go see|my landlord who's throwing|me out of the store. 00:12:44:Yeah right there are days.|Well, you do what you have to do. 00:12:49:But look you just call me|if you feel burned out or something. 00:12:52:Thanks. 00:12:59:First time l open a mummy. 00:13:01:Not like the ones we get...|at the morgue. 00:13:04:l'm used to a little heat|when l open one. 00:13:07:l hope you're not|too squeamish about it. 00:13:09:No, that's all right. l did some|work for the Red Cross once. 00:13:12:So, subject is male. 00:13:14:According to the scan about|thirty years old, height,|five foot nine. 00:13:27:request chemical analysis of entrails. 00:13:30:Entrails mummified separately|in canopied wrappings. 00:13:40:Looks like bronze.|ls that customary? The mask? 00:13:43:No, it's not. lt's not customary,|l've never seen this before.|We'll have to have it dated. 00:13:57:Gross examination|of the cranium; extensive bruising|in the left parietal region, 00:14:01:a knife wound. Subject alive|when this occurred. 00:14:04:lt also caused a deformation|of the left ocular orbit. 00:14:09:All right... 00:15:04:- Will you look at that catastrophe?|- Where's the construction site? 00:15:07:Behind there, about thirty feet.|Better limit access down there. 00:15:11:Michel, cut the main circuits. 00:15:13:- And the hole?|You have to plug the hole!|- Nope. You'll have to|wait for the adjuster. 00:15:17:But we put some struts|in for safety. 00:15:19:Jesus, Mary and Joseph,|we'll have rats! 00:15:22:Missus Spencer, l just wanted to say|l loved what you wrote on Akhenaton. 00:15:27:See, l'm into Egyptology we have|the same specialty, too, New Empire. 00:15:31:You don't say. 00:15:32:Well, l'm an amateur, l've done,|done research in mummification,|the cult of the dead and all... 00:15:37:l have a lot to learn, l... 00:15:39:A security guard with a passion! 00:15:41:- Rameses dynasty?|- Exactly. The twentieth. 00:15:45:Analysis has revealed the fact|that his death was a poisoning. 00:15:49:And so we have to put it together. 00:15:51:The death with the evidence. 00:15:54:l'm the detective. 00:15:55:Has he been identified? 00:15:58:The painted inscriptions would|suggest he was probably|of royal status, 00:16:02:a religious dignitary|but somehow without a name, 00:16:05:a total stranger to us. 00:16:07:Names are essential|to the Egyptians. 00:16:08:Oh, you are a very good student.|Would you like some? 00:16:12:Thanks! 00:16:14:lt's tea with a bite to it.|You'll see. 00:16:25:- And was that draped over his|face when you opened it?|- No. lt's just a cloth. 00:16:30:Oh, l should warn you,|this may give you nightmares. 00:16:35:The poor dear. 00:16:36:He took a nasty little|blow to the head. 00:16:38:Maybe l could work with you. 00:16:40:On my day off, you know?|l could help you out. 00:16:42:Oh, that's very sweet|but l don't need any help. 00:16:44:Know your place, that it? 00:16:46:Know your place, no not at all. 00:16:48:l only meant that well, well, l...|That's nothing. Just the spectrometer. 00:16:54:Did you say spectrometer?|What is that? For ghosts? 00:16:58:No, no, it measures|the magnetic field. 00:17:06:Oh, the ceremonial costume|of our mummy? 00:17:11:Thank you, thank you! 00:17:14:lt's a reconstitution made from|a tiny fragment of cloth. 00:17:42:Electrician twenty-four seven. 00:17:44:Oh, hi. 00:17:45:l'm sorry. 00:17:49:lt's out again?! Be right there,|don't touch anything. 00:17:54:lt blew for no reason.|l couldn't turn it back on|l thought you had repaired it. 00:17:59:Well it must be the breakers|for the building. 00:18:01:Oh yeah, they cut some circuits. 00:18:04:You doing all right?|You bearing up? 00:18:07:Yeah, fine. 00:18:10:All right, l see. 00:18:11:They shut down the fuse blocks for|the hallway and lobby, of course. 00:18:14:What are they, working nights? 00:18:15:They're behind schedule. 00:18:18:Pussy cat... Here pussy cat. 00:18:23:All right, it's back on. 00:18:27:What's she doing there? 00:18:28:Hey, wait up! 00:18:33:Where you going? 00:18:34:You tell me. 00:18:35:l'm done. The electricity is back on. 00:18:38:Oh my God, this is so gross. 00:18:47:No, hey serious, let's go back. 00:18:51:Hey, hey. You have no business|on this job site. 00:18:54:- Well yeah... but see because...|- The exit's up that way. 00:18:56:Okay. Okay. 00:18:57:Move it up now. Okay. Clear. 00:19:00:Now we're completely lost. 00:19:05:l guess it's up this way. 00:19:20:- You there, where are you going?|- Shit. Go! 00:19:28:This way. Come on,|Over here, over here! 00:19:44:- That's all we needed.|- Take the tour? 00:19:46:Sure, tomorrow. We'll stand|in line and buy a ticket! 00:19:48:Hey, the Louvre all to ourselves!|lt's magical. 00:19:51:We're going to get caught! 00:19:52:They have guards and alarms|all over the place. 00:19:54:They'll think we're|stealing something. 00:19:55:Hey, come on we're not.|Let's go. 00:19:59:Okay, all right. 00:20:16:Five fifteen to central. 00:20:18:That's the main gallery. 00:20:20:Alert main gallery. 00:20:21:Wait come on, this way. 00:20:31:Very pretty. 00:20:36:You come here a lot? 00:20:37:Yeah, with my grandmother. 00:20:49:That's it? 00:20:52:Never saw it in person. 00:20:57:She does have a nice smile. 00:21:00:Electrician twenty-four seven. 00:21:02:Hey, no time for that! 00:21:03:Yeah, no l'm sorry you'll have to|call back later. 00:21:07:- Shit.|- Oh my God. 00:21:24:There! 00:21:47:Louvre level minus one. 00:21:53:Please... 00:23:27:What're you doing here?|Who are you? 00:23:29:l was looking for the exit.|l'm not doing anything. l'm lost. 00:23:32:Did you set off the alarms? 00:23:33:No. Yes. Maybe, l don't know.|l live across the street,|l can explain. 00:23:36:- The electricity went out,|l went to the basement and...|- All right, let's go. 00:23:41:Five fifteen to central.|l'm moving toward the lab now. 00:23:47:Right corridor. Near the fire door,|up the stairs. 00:23:56:Five fifteen to central. l got|another shadow in the Sully area. 00:24:04:What are you doing here? 00:24:13:Where were you? l looked all over.|What happened? 00:24:16:l don't know,|l don't know what happened. 00:24:20:l don't know what happened. 00:24:23:Boy, really got to you, huh? 00:24:25:lt was the mummy. 00:24:27:The mummy?. 00:24:27:lt was in the lab, l saw it. 00:24:29:Horrible, the face had a hole in it|and when l got up close to it,|it was like somebody turned out|the lights, l don't know... 00:24:36:When l do repairs in the middle of|the night sometimes l see weird stuff. 00:24:40:That was a little like parachute|jumping without a chute. 00:24:55:You're right to leave this apartment,|you know. Too many memories. 00:25:14:Here you should read this,|it changed my life. 00:25:17:This book? 00:25:20:Give me a chance.|l'll change your life, too. 00:25:22:That's no job for an electrician,|that's mission impossible. 00:25:26:- Look Lisa, l realize|it's not the moment but...|- No it's not the moment. 00:25:31:No. Right, sure. 00:25:35:Well, well, l'll wait for your lights|to blow again. 00:25:37:You mind staying over?|Just to sleep l don't m...|No one waiting for you? 00:25:45:Here. 00:25:47:Hey, what's wrong come on! 00:25:49:- What's the matter Simonnet?|- l'm allergic to those|animals you know! 00:25:55:What happened last night anyway? 00:25:59:- He saw the boogie man?|- Quit it. 00:26:02:- What did he see a ghost?|The phantom of the Louvre?|- Just quit it. 00:26:06:Somethings a man|doesn't joke with. 00:26:11:Mangin, the security report showed|there were intruders on|the rounds last night? 00:26:16:- Did you find out what happened?|- Not yet but l will.|The inquiry is underway. 00:26:22:Going through all these documents? 00:26:24:l'm looking for anything that|Desfontaines could've left|in the archives. 00:26:29:lf l keep going l just know|l'm going to find something,|the name of this mummy, for example. 00:26:35:Luxor. 00:26:38:We were young. 00:26:40:l miss it. 00:26:42:Do you really? 00:26:45:Yeah, well, l miss the digs.|You have any regrets? 00:26:49:What? Like when you took my car|and left me at the Pyramids? 00:26:55:Ah, Suzanne dear,|have the Dutch arrived? 00:26:58:Yes. But there's also a reporter here, 00:27:02:about the electrical problems,|asking a lot of questions.|The ramifications for security. 00:27:04:Bingo! Look, Professor Desfontaines|kept a journal! 00:27:27:My name's Marco. Yours is Lisa? 00:27:29:Yes. 00:27:31:Martin told me a lot about you.|Want something, you thirsty? 00:27:35:Yes. 00:27:39:Two cokes here, please. 00:27:46:Hey, what's the matter? 00:28:05:Lisa! 00:28:06:Lisa, what's going on, hey? 00:28:07:Look l'm sorry l gotta go this was|a mistake. l'm not ready yet. 00:28:10:Well, you can't just go, come o... 00:28:12:What's with her? 00:28:13:l don't know,|she lost her grandmother. 00:28:16:- You sure that's all it is?|- l have no idea.|She won't tell me anything. 00:29:01:Three thirteen to control. 00:29:02:l'm hearing weird noises.|Jerry what's on your screen? 00:29:05:NYPD Blue. 00:29:06:- No dummy, not the TV screen,|the surveillance screen.|- Nothing moving. 00:29:09:Now the detectors|and the cameras are affected|by these freaking outages. 00:29:21:Three ten to control.|Everything secure in the crypt. 00:29:30:Three thirty-one to control.|Nothing up on the roof. 00:29:33:Still scared of your ghost? 00:29:36:- You don't believe it either?|- Sure l do. l've lived with|ghosts my whole life. 00:29:40:My grandfather was a gravedigger.|Used to bring me to the cemetery,|l'd help him dig graves, 00:29:46:he told me about zombies.|Ankou, they called him in Brittany. 00:29:58:My family... the great soul reaper|was Baron Saturday. 00:30:02:Baron Saturday? 00:30:03:Tell me about it. 00:30:06:No, in this context l better not. 00:30:26:That's him. The phantom. 00:30:28:Stay there watch your fanny. 00:30:46:Don't move man!|He's right behind you. 00:30:59:Hello? 00:31:00:Yeah, it's me. Weren't you at home|last night, what happened? 00:31:03:l was off. l mean l took|something to help me sleep,|it's just been terrible. 00:31:06:Sure but why'd you leave?|l was worried. 00:31:08:- l felt bad. l got spooked.|- Spooked? Electric guitars|are always shorting out. 00:31:13:Hello, Lisa l can't hear you. 00:31:14:- Hello?|- Hello? Martin? 00:31:18:No, come on, this is too much.|lmpossible. There's a problem|with everything l touch. 00:31:21:Hello Martin? You there? 00:31:24:Hello? Hello Martin, where are you? 00:31:27:Right here. Faster than|a speeding bullet. 00:31:29:You scared me to death. 00:31:40:What is all this? 00:31:43:Nothing's the same any more. 00:31:45:lt's Disneyland. 00:32:00:No way! l told him l wouldn't|work nights. l have no desire|to meet a phantom. 00:32:03:Come on, that's just a rumor. 00:32:06:You ask me... The less you listen|to rumors the better. 00:32:11:They walk in off the street|like at the British? Checked|every point of access? 00:32:15:With all these outages,|the cameras and the alarms|weren't working. 00:32:18:Yeah, but that's why we have|guards here for god's sakes! 00:32:20:Yeah, well now, those guards...|are scared. 00:32:23:What are we running here a nursery? 00:32:25:lf it's burglars|that frighten the guards then|why don't they guard a park? 00:32:29:Or a quarterback or guard a forest! 00:32:30:- But it isn't the burglars|that scare the guards.|- Yeah? Well what is it? 00:32:34:Well, there's talk of a phantom. 00:32:37:Let me see they want shorter hours,|higher wages and phantom insurance. 00:32:40:Phantoms! 00:32:42:Go over everything again. 00:32:43:The elevators, broom closets, toilets,|l don't want one cockroach left in here. 00:32:47:Ladies and gentlemen, the Egyptology|Gallery is temporarily closed|to the public. Thank you. 00:32:51:So something not right|with your security? 00:32:54:- You a reporter?|- No, but l read the reports,|file them away. 00:33:00:- Mysterious goings-on at the Louvre.|- Don't believe everything you read. 00:33:04:Museum security's tip-top.|American technology. 00:33:07:- l'm Mangin, l manage the security.|- Verlac, veteran, well retired. 00:33:10:Because this might not be America. 00:33:13:But it might soon become|a little like Vietnam. 00:33:17:- You're exploring your records?|- Yes. 00:33:20:Desfontaines discovered there was|a tomb when he found a ring,|you see. lt's all recorded in his journal. 00:33:27:Here, see that's it.|lt has a royal seal but Desfontaines|never managed to read it. 00:33:33:lt was in the valley of the kings,|another site, in the desert.|That's where the ring was. 00:33:38:Well, l suppose it was stolen at|the time the mummy was buried but... 00:33:44:- Then the ring must|be in our reserves.|- No. No one's found it. 00:33:47:But we have to get that ring. 00:33:49:Without it we'll never|know the real identity|of our mysterious mummy. 00:33:56:There's got to be an explanation. 00:34:03:Well, l mean you know...|Certain people stop watches|and set off metal detectors. 00:34:08:l mean... Could be that, right?|A magnetic field, you know? 00:34:13:Sure l guess. 00:34:16:Love at first sight.|That's what causes it. 00:35:23:l'm sorry. 00:35:24:l should've warned you|l'm not into this kind|of S and M trip, you know? 00:35:27:l'm not sure what happened|it was like he ordered me|to do all that stuff and... 00:35:32:- Stuff. What stuff?|- Kill you. 00:35:38:l got it But l report it the next time|you try to kill me, understand? 00:35:41:Come on, stop joking|for one minute. 00:35:43:Hey, look l almost got murdered here,|l'm just looking for a way to|take the edge off okay? 00:35:47:l want your medical history right now.|lf you've ever been treated,|l won't go mental but... 00:35:52:Okay. l'm insane.|That must be it. Must be it. 00:36:35:Level minus two. 00:37:30:Have you seen Miss Spencer? 00:37:32:We had a dinner appointment|but there's nobody up in the lab now. 00:37:35:No, but l was about to call you. 00:37:40:You think you're in the trenches or... 00:37:42:The phantom. 00:37:44:We've just spotted him. 00:37:45:The phantom. Just perfect. 00:37:48:hat's about enough for me.|Get everyone on it now. 00:37:51:Cut off all exits to the museum|and comb every floor. 00:37:53:Oh, don't worry, the phantom'll|be caught. Guaranteed 00:38:04:Hello! 00:38:17:- Mangin to control. Nothing so far.|- Continuing recon. 00:38:31:No, no. 00:38:33:Not the hornets. 00:38:34:Not the hornets!|Ah, ah, please no! 00:38:49:Twinkle twinkle little star how|l wonder what you are. 00:38:54:Lisa. 00:38:57:Lisa? 00:39:03:She can't have left|in the middle of the night! 00:39:12:l can't believe this. 00:39:17:The death of our esteemed Mangin|was an accident. That's obvious. 00:39:21:Obvious. 00:39:24:The poor guy was afraid of a ghost.|We have to put an end to this|absurd and puerile rumor. 00:39:29:- what about the busted windows?|- Another Egyptian amulet was stolen. 00:39:33:Third in a week. 00:39:34:That just proves he's a thief,|one who specializes|in stealing works of art, 00:39:37:and as you might imagine if one|of you turns out to be his accomplice,|there'll be hell to pay. 00:39:44:Hello. 00:39:45:Mister Faussier? l finally managed|to reach the police chief.|l'll put him through. 00:39:49:Bertrand, you know what time it is?|What's going on? 00:39:52:Excuse me Francois|but this is rather urgent. 00:39:56:The reputation of the Louvre|is in danger. 00:39:58:lt's a very delicate matter. 00:40:00:Now l'm going to need a detective,|someone discreet, and efficient. 00:40:04:You're looking at the guy for the job. 00:40:07:But officer come now,|how long ago did you retire? 00:40:10:l'm fixing up a decrepit old place|in the country and l putter|in the garden, raising vegetables, 00:40:15:the asparagus is|looking good this year. 00:40:17:But when the police chief gives me|an assignment, l obey. 00:40:20:You're here to replace|our chief of security. 00:40:25:He passed away. 00:40:26:Right. Got his skull bashed|in diving off the highboard, sure. 00:40:31:That's just the beginning huh?|lt'll get worse. 00:40:33:lt better not, you were assigned|precisely for that reason. 00:40:37:All of these incidents happened|in the ancient section. 00:40:40:Oh, the ancients, huh?|Well l'm one. But l'm|making a comeback. 00:40:45:He had his turn... . 00:40:47:but this time l'm gonna|collar Belphegor. 00:40:50:Belphegor, whatever is that? 00:40:55:Random House page|sixteen hundred and ten|between 'Bellamy'and 'Ben Hur'. 00:40:59:l'm surprised a man like you... 00:41:00:Sure that's very flattering but just|what is this uh... Belphegor? 00:41:04:Look Belphegor is not a kind of soap.|He's the devil inside a human. 00:41:07:He's Lucifer,|Lucifer when he takes on a body. 00:41:13:- Morning.|- You all right? Sleep well? 00:41:15:- Sort of.|- Where? 00:41:17:- Why do you ask that?|- Because you weren't there anyway. 00:41:19:Hey, come on.|What are you talking about? 00:41:20:You asked me to stay here.|You're better off hiring a bodyguard. 00:41:27:They won't let me give them|birdseed anymore. Could you do it? 00:41:33:l'm looking for someone to care.|l'm not looking to be spied on. 00:41:36:Yeah, well, l'm not looking|for this at all. 00:41:40:Look we'd do better|to call it quits, okay? 00:41:44:All right, fine, l'm going. 00:41:48:So that's the end? 00:41:50:Wait... the end of what? Excuse me,|l must've missed the beginning. 00:41:57:Three hundred thousand works of art.|Two thousand four hundred windows. 00:42:01:Ten thousand steps of stairway.|This one knew the splendors|of the Second Empire. 00:42:06:Don't buy this at lKEA. 00:42:08:No. A national treasure. lt's genuine.|They say Du Barry slept in it. 00:42:14:Oh, her. Just another girl|in love with the boss. 00:42:17:Right yes, l'm a caricature.|And so you you'll really be staying|in this dusty corner? 00:42:22:l like to be in a corner. They forget|about you but you're still around. 00:42:25:You observe from behind the scenes|you're part of the woodwork.|You discover truths. 00:42:31:There's nothing better|in my job than a corner. 00:42:34:Truth is, the case of|the Louvre ruined my life. 00:42:37:l was so obsessed with it|that burglaries, crimes,...were|no longer important to me. 00:42:47:Then one morning they put me away|in a corner, but of another species. 00:42:52:No more promotion|but l knew the time would come, 00:42:56:l never doubted that the beast would|strike again one day and who do you|think they go looking for then? 00:43:02:Their old friend, Verlac! 00:43:07:Hey, the art guys another accident? 00:43:10:Starting to look like Police Story. 00:43:12:Coffee all around, l'm buying.|And l'll have strawberry milk. 00:43:15:l'm Lieutenant Verlac. 00:43:18:l'm back here today to pick up|my old case at the Louvre. 00:43:20:There were guys stalking|about twenty years ago|when l was new here. 00:43:23:A specter dressed|in black uh... at night. 00:43:25:Accidents, no explanation...|l guess that was uh... back|in the sixties, right? 00:43:29:Right, l was there... 00:43:31:Somebody named Blanchard,|a guard, was the guy|who opened the wrong door. 00:43:34:Someone there? 00:43:36:A series of electrical outages... 00:43:39:And then one day well one night... 00:43:43:Hey, who left that there? 00:43:44:A midnight patron. 00:44:03:l was a young detective,|dumb and green, 00:44:05:they gave me|the Belphegor case. 00:44:07:A god. Well a devil,|and not exactly a kosher one. 00:44:10:The guards were all cracking up,|then one day... 00:44:13:Don't look back!|Don't look back! 00:44:17:l was standing right next to|the poor guy, 00:44:19:then suddenly...|something terrible happened. 00:44:21:Tutankamen live in person,|about to croak in my arms. 00:44:34:They all said it was a guard|dressed as a ghost, 00:44:37:well... here's a first. 00:44:38:The phantom was dressed as a guard. 00:44:42:Belphegor. 00:44:47:Looks like what|the mummy was wearing. 00:44:48:The man in the iron mask.|Someone know his name? 00:44:51:We don't know yet. That's part of|what l've been researching. 00:44:55:Where was it found? 00:44:57:Oh, in a disused room in the Sully area|l think so anyway. 00:45:01:just where they saw the phantom|when he blew in the first time. 00:45:04:Are you saying he's been here before? 00:45:06:Oh, there's a first time|for everything. 00:45:08:but that goes way back.|Back when the Beatles had|just released Sergeant Pepper. 00:45:14:l was dancing every night in nightclubs|wearing a skirt that was this big. 00:45:18:- Well, youth is wonderful.|- Wonderful yeah. 00:45:23:An incurable disease. 00:45:25:Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix.|Jim Morrison. 00:45:30:Lost destiny, every one.|Brings tears to my eyes. 00:45:33:But everyone was once young.|And you are still here. 00:45:37:That's the problem. 00:45:39:Now, uh... now|we're in Egyptology. 00:45:42:Now this is a portico from the tomb|of an Egyptian king. 00:45:45:That was very important|since it was the false door which|separated the living from the dead. 00:45:49:This is the Stela of Amenwassoo which|is about three thousand years old. 00:45:53:Miss, what's the comic? 00:45:55:That's a papyrus.|lt's called the book of the dead|but you're still a bit young for that. 00:46:00:lt's the story of morning. 00:46:06:Look, the sun rises, 00:46:08:symbolizing the triumph|of life over death. 00:46:11:Re, the sun god, moves|across the sky to the west. 00:46:15:His solar boat is gliding down|the celestial river and reaches|the netherworld at evening. 00:46:21:lt moves through the portal...|to the kingdom of shadow. 00:46:25:- C'mon, shall we go?|- No. 00:46:27:But the god named Apopis,|or the snake god,|is after the sun god. 00:46:29:The door keeper of the twelve hours|of night and he has to confront him|every morning so the sun will rise. 00:46:37:You follow me? 00:46:39:- Sure. You must teach history.|- No. 00:46:42:So how come you know all that? 00:46:44:l have no idea,|but apparently l know it. 00:46:50:Okay, follow me, children|let's go see the mummified animals. 00:47:17:Hey, lady! Hey, lady!|l drew a picture of what you said. 00:47:21:Let's see. 00:47:22:That's the god Osiris|and that's the sun god. 00:47:27:You should be ashamed!|Shame on you. Shame on you! 00:47:31:- My notebook!|- Hey, is there something|wrong with you?! 00:47:34:He confused Osiris with Apopis,|his mortal enemy. 00:47:37:- Hey, you are out of control.|- You should be ashamed. 00:48:11:So, you have visual and|auditory hallucinations.|any sudden changes of mood? 00:48:16:l can't sleep and l'm always on edge. 00:48:19:Doesn't bother anyone. l live alone. 00:48:21:And you've lived alone for too long. 00:48:24:- Well my grandmother just died.|- This isn't about Genevieve. 00:48:28:You were six years old|when your parents were killed. 00:48:30:- Yeah, so?|- You remember it? 00:48:32:lt was a car accident, right? 00:48:34:l was thrown from the car|and when l woke up|l was already in the hospital. 00:48:38:- And Genevieve was with you?|-Yes. 00:48:42:We'll start by taking some|magnesium, and a mild traquilizer|to help you sleep. 00:48:47:lt's just a depression.|ls that what you're saying? 00:48:53:- You probably should have|someone to talk to.|- A shrink? 00:49:43:Attention. lntruder in Egyptology.|Scribe room. 00:50:00:No, no-no-no-no! 00:50:02:Simonnet, no! 00:50:11:lt's true. l'm afraid of dogs but...|this one! l never saw one like that. 00:50:15:You believe me, don't you? 00:50:16:...Course l do sure, once he|figured out your phobia. Belphegor|just projected it in cinemascope 00:50:23:it's a defense mechanism. 00:50:24:- Bob, you're coming with me, huh?|- Right here. 00:50:30:- You get hit? You all right?|- No, it's not that.|l'm just squeamish about shots. 00:50:40:Have you seen the papers?|Mysterious deaths at the Louvre. 00:50:42:- Here, here, look at this.|- No, don't worry about it Miss Valette, 00:50:45:the medieval painting and|religious art section is not involved. 00:50:48:Our supposed phantom has|a burning passion for Egyptology. 00:50:52:He likes the twentieth dynasty of|the New Empire. That's his specialty. 00:50:56:But the Louvre is a sanctuary.|Our heritage depends upon... 00:50:59:Right and that's precisely why l've|decided as of today to place|the museum under maximum security 00:51:04:Yeah, right! And put up|barbed wire fences! 00:51:07:And where are you going? 00:51:08:Oh, well... huh, l'm going to take|a nap now you know l'm a little|worn around the edges. 00:51:13:Good luck with the maximum security,|but l warn you, it won't|help catch our perp. 00:51:17:Yeah, but catching|him is up to you! 00:51:19:- Any progress yet?|- No, l'm waiting for the next victim. 00:51:23:l want the sarcophagus put here|next to the false door. 00:51:26:What are you doing here? 00:51:28:l'm reconstructing the tomb. 00:51:31:Look Glenda the job description|l gave you when you arrived|was pretty clear. 00:51:35:But that's just how l work,|you see? 00:51:39:First l assemble, then compare|and l put it all together|so l see what is missing. 00:51:43:Because my role is to understand|things. You're just after success. 00:51:47:How are you doing|on the identification of the mummy? 00:51:50:Your mummy was apparently|related to a pharoah. 00:51:53:He was a distinguished member|of the clergy of Amon Re. 00:51:56:but the absence of a name|and jewelry would make|the inhumation ceremony impossible. 00:52:01:So, conclusion: the funeral had|to have been sabotaged. 00:52:05:Sabotaged? By who and why? 00:52:07:Well one would have to suppose|so the poor soul would wander|helplessly until the end of time. 00:52:12:Well, l've heard about the wandering|Jew but Egyptians wandering|l never heard that. 00:52:30:Lisa, you there? 00:52:35:Oh forget this! 00:52:38:l'm worried, too.|Such a nice girl she is. 00:52:41:But l mean when you live|in a dead woman's apartment. 00:52:43:Yes, but...and every night|she's down in the cellar. 00:52:45:Oh? Are you sure? 00:52:47:And she stays there for hours ! 00:52:55:June twelfth. The crew is|in the grips of a strange virus. 00:52:58:Hallucinations, fits of|madness, suicides. 00:53:20:Excuse me. 00:53:25:- lntruder Sully area.|- Well this time, l got a good gun. 00:53:33:- How do you get in here at night?|- l hid at closing time. 00:53:37:l wanted to see the museum alone,|l don't like crowds. 00:53:39:Don't bullshit us, all right? 00:53:40:Ah, fuck... that's boiling hot! 00:53:42:Rather have ice? 00:53:45:Okay, give me his lD. 00:53:47:- You're a cop, right?|- No, but don't tell Rodney King. 00:53:55:So you little piece of shit you|like killing our guys, huh?|Like Felix's buddy Simonnet? 00:53:59:lf you're the phantom then|l'm going to haunt you! 00:54:02:Stop this bullshit.|l don't know any Belphegor. 00:54:05:That's enough.|Let me handle him. 00:54:10:Try to understand, they're just...|they're just a bit cranky|at the moment now here... 00:54:15:You know that beast now|don't you, huh? 00:54:17:- Stop. l don't know what|you're talking about.|- Belphegor. 00:54:27:Three thirteen. Phantom spotted|near the storage area. 00:54:30:- You see him now?|- Affirmative. 00:54:32:Don't move a muscle, nothing.|We're on our way. 00:54:34:l've been waiting|a long time for this! 00:54:49:l have the target in range. 00:54:52:- Should l plug him?|- That's the worst thing you could do! 00:55:00:- He made me!|- Don't look at him! 00:55:03:- Get some cover!|- He disappeared. 00:55:05:Whatever you do,|don't look him in the eyes! 00:55:16:Not the tongue.|Come on,|not in the tongue! Not the tongue! 00:55:51:Victim lD Robert Guerini. 00:55:57:Notify his family. 00:56:01:Miss Bastet. 00:56:04:Miss Bastet. 00:56:07:Dinner is served. 00:56:11:You're lucky, you have nine lives. 00:56:13:You know the secret of eternity.|The Egyptians revered you like gods. 00:56:18:Us mortal men, we pass through|and then we're trampled in the dust. 00:56:23:lf you look in the eyes of|Belphegor one second, 00:56:26:you'll go nuts so take my advice,|don't you ever under any circumstances|meet eyes with that creature. 00:56:31:Okay. Hear me? Never! 00:56:35:Yeah, all right, sure, okay. 00:56:37:Now, middle of the night, what|were you doing at the Louvre?|- Hey, look detective... 00:56:40:No, l'm only a lieutenant.|l never made detective|because of Belphegor. 00:56:45:l promised not to say. 00:56:46:Well l was hoping l wouldn't be|forced to bring you in but well... 00:56:53:So give me a call! 00:56:59:Ah, it's you. 00:57:00:Last time l looked. 00:57:02:- That's you, are you sure?|- Yeah. Come in. 00:57:09:- l followed you last night.|- Followed me? 00:57:11:l was only trying to protect you,|now... please don't go back there.|lt's too dangerous. 00:57:15:- Back where?|- To the Louvre. 00:57:17:There's a killer loose, some kind|of phantom. Look it's really crazy,|all these stories, 00:57:21:but people are dying, real people,|made of flesh and blood. 00:57:25:The book... 00:57:28:lt's beautiful,|the kingdom of the dead. 00:57:30:l had a dream last night.|My grandmother held me in her arms. 00:57:34:She was pretty, and young...|like when she came to get me. 00:57:39:- Ever heard about Belphegor?|- What? Sounds nice. 00:57:42:Look Lisa, promise me you|won't go back to the Louvre. 00:57:44:You must think l'm crazy.|You say this, and l'm|the one who's crazy. 00:57:47:Let me go to work. 00:57:49:Sure go ahead. 00:57:50:Have a great day. 00:58:05:Of the two obelisks, one is in Paris|at the Place de la Concorde. 00:58:10:the other stayed at the site in Luxor, 00:58:12:not far from the Valley of the Kings|where the inhumation of|our mummy took place. 00:58:15:Someone tried to wipe out his name. 00:58:18:Pierre Desfontaines was led|to the discovery of the tomb 00:58:20:by a ring stamped with a dynastic|seal, found nearby. 00:58:24:ln Deir el Medina he unearthed|plans indicating the royal|tomb's exact location. 00:58:29:- The tomb was then discovered,|a few months...|- Uh excuse me please. 00:58:33:l think l discovered a hieroglyph. 00:58:36:Lovely. Class we have|a new Champollion. 00:58:39:You may not know it,|but l published a dictionary which|contains all known hieroglyphs. 00:58:45:- Right l know but you must|have missed mine.|- Very well. 00:58:47:l invite you to the blackboard.|Show us your discovery. 00:58:52:Use the projector if you like. 00:59:01:That's a boat? 00:59:03:Well, l don't know what it is but...|you gotta have balls to do that. 00:59:05:You're absolutely right, you know. 00:59:07:That hieroglyph is unknown|to my knowledge. 00:59:09:But Egyptian writing never|stopped changing 00:59:12:The scribes as they wrote|would invent lots of new signs. 00:59:15:Now this one combines 00:59:17:a few different symbols bark,|river, return, netherworld. 00:59:21:Any one have any ideas?|Go ahead. 00:59:23:Well, maybe it's a spirit that's|crossing the river toward|the kingdom of the dead. 00:59:27:Okay and let's say that this|wandering spirit cannot cross|the river. How about that? 00:59:34:Like the mummy you were|talking about there? 00:59:37:How long have you studied|here at the Louvre? 00:59:41:The surveillance camera's up.|You can install it. 00:59:45:Tell me. 00:59:46:Why are they raising their hands? 00:59:48:lt's a ritual observed by all Egyptians. 00:59:52:a proud salute to the rising sun. 00:59:55:Each figure represents another|character in the story told. 00:59:57:Shit. Sorry. 01:00:03:Come on. Let's go. 01:00:12:Lieutenant! 01:00:14:Aren't you on sick leave? 01:00:16:- ...against all kinds of risks,|including...|- Sure yeah 01:00:19:but l'm obsessed with|that beast of yours. 01:00:21:l'm not surprised.|Hey, once it grabs you... 01:00:23:l get it now. That vision was a message|sent to me from another world. 01:00:26:The dog was the god Anubis|you see, l guard the tomb. 01:00:29:The keeper of the tomb is me. 01:00:31:- Because his real name you|see is not Belphegor!|- No l'm sure it's not, 01:00:36:but don't worry l'm going to run his|prints through lnterpol, okay... 01:00:38:- Beware!|- yeah. 01:00:40:Provoking the forces of|evil can be dangerous! 01:00:44:So... 01:00:47:Where did you find|your new hieroglyph? 01:00:49:well... 01:00:51:- A friend of mine just...|she discovered it somehow.|- Discovered it? 01:00:55:She should be given the Nobel Prize.|Or else she's Ramses three's scribe|come back from the dead. 01:01:00:Like reincarnation? 01:01:02:You believe in that? 01:01:03:Oh, come on, l was kidding. 01:01:07:Let me ask you this.|Did the Egyptians think people got|messages from beyond the grave? 01:01:11:Sort of a symbolic message? 01:01:13:Yeah a message of distress you know? 01:01:15:Well, there is something in|traditional lore. lf you'd like to see it,|come on. lt's in the book of the dead. 01:01:21:Miss. 01:01:22:You frightened me 01:01:23:Recognize me? 01:01:26:Yeah, you work at the Louvre. 01:01:28:Rumor has it there's a phantom.|Have you heard that? 01:01:31:No. 01:01:34:Don't worry, you can trust me.|We understand each other. 01:01:36:Hey, l got plenty of stuff about|ancient Egypt, okay? 01:01:39:Documents. We'll figure it out.|Come back to my house. 01:01:41:Leave me alone! Enough! 01:01:42:We'll figure out the secret|of eternal life! 01:02:00:What's she doing? 01:02:34:Lisa! 01:02:37:Listen to me now! Lisa! 01:02:38:Look! l don't know what's happening|but look around! Egypt all over|the place! Wow this is weird! 01:02:42:Why do you follow me|around like this?! 01:03:14:All right, go home we're|closing the graveyard. 01:03:16:Leave me alone!|l have to open it! 01:03:19:- Are you a relative?|- l have to go in! l have to! No, please! 01:03:23:Let the dead rest in peace. 01:03:25:What about us will the dead let|the living rest in peace?! 01:03:34:l can't picture Desfontaines|as a serial killer.|Oh, that's a little much, isn't it? 01:03:38:According to the ship's doctor,|the sole survivor, 01:03:41:he rubbed out the whole crew|and then died himself. 01:03:43:Caught some weird virus|while peeking in Cleopatra's grave. 01:03:46:No. At the period of our mummy,|Cleopatra wasn't born yet. 01:03:50:Well me, apart from Walk Like|an Egyptian, the Bangles song... 01:03:54:Where is that? 01:03:55:Well that's uh... 01:03:57:That's his cabin. Desfontaines' cabin. 01:04:00:Bingo. That's the same hieroglyph. 01:04:03:But where could that boy|have seen this hieroglyph? 01:04:06:What boy? 01:04:07:Uh, he was uh... pretty unusual.|He told me of a friend who'd|apparently discovered this hieroglyph. 01:04:14:Would you mind removing|your glasses? 01:04:19:- Doesn't what l'm saying|interest you at all?|- Yeah. Sure 01:04:22:but when you talk mummies all the time,|after a while, it's contagious.|You dry out. 01:04:26:Pretty woman like yourself,|that's a real crime. 01:04:29:Why lieutenant.|l'd almost swear you're flirting. 01:04:33:Bingo. As you put it. 01:05:05:Hey! Who turned out|the lights?! Man! 01:05:08:- Where'd she go?|- l don't know, l didn't see her. 01:05:09:- You didn't see her split?|- No, l didn't see her! 01:05:12:Lisa. 01:05:15:Lisa, do whatever you want,|go back to the Louvre, 01:05:16:but just listen to me this once. 01:05:18:An Egyptologist showed me|the book of the dead. 01:05:20:Know what it is? 01:05:23:lt says that...that a spirit can enter|a living person's body and use him|to get down to the netherworld. 01:05:28:D'you really buy that stuff? 01:05:29:l believe what's in front of me|in what's happening right here and now. 01:05:32:l mean you're not alone, okay? 01:05:34:Yeah. We're always alone. 01:05:37:Hey, look maybe it's the mummy,|maybe that apartment or the ozone... 01:05:40:but there's something creepy|and you better get far away, huh. 01:05:43:But l can't get away|from my own body... 01:05:45:lt's impossible, l... 01:05:46:Well l'm not going to just drop you|we're going to beat this, okay? 01:05:49:But why do all this for me? 01:05:51:Because you're inside of me,|too all right? 01:06:06:- Got a cigarette, by any chance?|- Yes. 01:06:12:And a light? 01:06:30:Samurai! Samurai, down boy. 01:06:49:l saw the dog uh... jump on the driver|and the girl in the raincoat took off. 01:06:54:Which way did she go? 01:07:23:Come on Lisa, l... 01:07:30:Lisa! 01:07:48:Eight thirteen for Verlac, 01:07:51:code red. 01:07:52:We've got an emergency call|from central intruder|in Egyptology again, 01:07:55:something stirring in the crypt. 01:07:58:Just when it was getting interesting. 01:08:21:Belphegor... 01:08:32:Him again. Stay with him, huh! 01:09:37:No! Lisa! No! 01:09:39:This way sir! 01:09:43:You won't get away that easy! 01:09:45:She's dead. Now you satisfied? 01:09:47:l'm starting to get the phantom's profile.|Female...what's her name, boy?|What's her address? 01:09:54:Across the street from the museum.|They're working in the basement. 01:09:58:All of a sudden he's forthcoming 01:10:00:- About time!|- lt's all over. 01:10:03:l got nothing left to protect. 01:10:04:Oh, poor boy on an|emotional roller coaster. 01:10:07:You have a couple of hours rest here... 01:10:10:and we'll talk tomorrow morning. 01:10:19:Lieutenant what happened? 01:10:21:A girl fell. She should've|cracked her skull open, 01:10:26:right about here blood,|nothing. No broken bones. 01:10:45:This way sir. 01:10:48:She gave me the keys. 01:10:50:Something about going|on a long trip, she said. is of what you investigate? 01:10:57:The mysteries of Paris my dear woman. 01:11:36:Hum, don't worry. 01:11:38:About an hour ago,|your Lisa was fast asleep|in her grandmother's apartment. 01:11:42:What? l saw her fall.|l was there. 01:11:46:With Belphegor,|you'll see a lot more. 01:11:49:Hey, she was sleeping like a baby. 01:11:51:l want to see her. 01:11:54:Look, if you care for her,|cooperate, don't be stupid. 01:11:56:She's pretty but the beast|is inside of her. 01:11:58:To help her there's only one way,|and that's help it with its mission. 01:12:02:lts mission? 01:12:05:To locate the seven amulets of the|mummy and a certain door prize.. 01:12:09:a ring with the mummy's name on it.|Your Lisa will return... 01:12:17:she'll return to the museum tonight. 01:12:19:We're all waiting... 01:12:22:for the lady to put on her mask. 01:12:25:And then my boy it's up to you. 01:12:28:Yeah, why me? 01:12:29:Because you are... unless l'm mistaken|the only one... who's able to look|at her without being fried! 01:12:34:Let's just keep her out of the Louvre. 01:12:36:With what, a bazooka? 01:12:37:No...Belphegor is programmed|to aid the Egyptian in getting|to the next world. 01:12:44:Should he fail again...|then it's fatal! 01:12:47:- Fatal? Who would die?|- Your Lisa. 01:12:51:The beast inside her body would|get ejected, and she'd|get shrunk, dried out. 01:12:56:Your pretty girl...mummified. 01:12:58:Lieutenant! l've been looking for you. 01:13:00:All l needed. l'll see you tonight.|Don't try anything stupid.|l'm trusting you. 01:13:05:Take a look at what we found this|morning on the Molien balcony. 01:13:08:Huh? The mask the mummy had. 01:13:11:Look, l just don't get it. That mask|has been carefully locked away|in the vault every night. 01:13:16:Come on our beast can't|be stopped by a wall. 01:13:19:All right enough of this.|Enough of your beast! 01:13:33:We've wasted enough time|already. l wanted a cop.|Not a broken down old clown... 01:13:37:You're right, you know?|l guess l missed my calling. 01:13:41:Well, go practice elsewhere. 01:13:42:Come on, really what have you|done since you got here? 01:13:45:Huh... He's done nothing. 01:13:46:Really. Okay, we're going|to get serious now... 01:13:48:We have work to do,|l want to see you in my office. 01:13:51:Your phantom is going to get|a S.W.A.T. team right in the teeth. 01:13:56:You and your...Belphegor! 01:15:19:What do you want? 01:15:20:Say it! What? Say it! 01:15:23:Say it! Say it! Say it! 01:15:44:Do whatever you want. Quickly. 01:16:11:Like clockwork. 01:16:13:What's she doing? 01:16:14:She's zapping toward the ring. 01:16:17:The ring with the name on it. 01:16:32:Looks like she drew a blank.|We'll have to soothe the beast. 01:16:37:Now it's up to you kid. 01:17:02:No! 01:17:05:Do it, do it. Don't move! 01:17:08:Don't be stupid. 01:17:09:Remove to army hospital. 01:17:11:Operation Louvre, all over! 01:17:16:Leave me alone! Leave me alone! 01:17:30:Nobody could get a word out of her.|She wouldn't even give me her name. 01:17:36:You mind if l talk to her? 01:17:38:Be careful. She's violent. 01:17:49:l mean you no harm. 01:17:52:l'm a friend of Martin's. 01:17:58:- You know Martin, right?|- Don't say anything. 01:18:01:- He's here. He can hear you.|- Who can? 01:18:06:The other. 01:18:07:Here. lnside my head. 01:18:11:He hears you and speaks|to you as well, doesn't he?|Tell me what he says. 01:18:17:Say it tell me what does he say? 01:18:18:Help me. He's calling out|for the rescue of his soul. 01:18:21:He wants me to say his name|but l don't know it. 01:18:25:Will you help me? 01:18:26:l will. That's why l came here today.|His name, you know it. 01:18:31:You know it. You know it. 01:18:34:lt reminds me... 01:18:36:Try Lisa, 01:18:36:lt reminds... 01:18:37:Try. 01:18:40:Yes, you can do it.|lt reminds you of what? 01:18:45:This story l remember my|grandmother used to tell. 01:18:48:There was an evil spirit and|nobody knew his name. 01:18:50:lt was forbidden to pronounce it.|Even he wasn't allowed to say it. 01:18:53:Yeah, and so? 01:18:54:And so a prince is not afraid to look 01:18:58:and one day he looks right at him|and says his name, soothing him,|and he returns to the beyond. 01:19:06:Here, between them, right.|That's fine. That's fine there. 01:19:12:My God! 01:19:20:The ring! That's it. 01:19:24:The ring was buried|with the Egyptologist? 01:19:26:lt's moving, l didn't know|he was buried here. 01:19:28:So is Jim Morrison.|We'll go say hello to him later. 01:19:33:We have the exhumation order! 01:19:34:So, what's on the menu for today? 01:19:41:The ring isn't here. 01:19:43:Well he lost a few pounds.|lt might just be lying around. 01:19:48:- Doctor, you mind?|- Sure. 01:19:50:Sorry, Mister Desfontaines. 01:20:04:The royal seal of the Pharaohs. 01:20:07:Can you read the name? 01:20:08:Could you hold this? 01:20:13:Now look out 01:20:21:Nay, Eb, May, Esso. 01:20:27:Nay. Eb Mayesse. 01:20:30:Neb May, ur Mau, 01:20:34:seer to the Pharaohs. 01:20:37:Oh my God! 01:20:38:We shot her full of sedatives.|And look at the result. 01:20:41:Can't help herself.|She just has to get to the Louvre. 01:20:47:Well, open up. 01:20:48:- Careful, she's...|- Sure, l know, l know... 01:21:12:Lisa. 01:21:14:Lisa, calm down. 01:21:19:l want you to do something. 01:21:21:Repeat after me. 01:21:24:Neb, Mess, Ur, Mau. 01:21:32:Neb Mes, Ur, Mau 01:21:41:Ne Nebmess Ur Mau. 01:21:45:Right. lt's Coptic. 01:21:49:Ancient Egyptian. 01:21:51:A dead language. Nobody's used it 01:21:55:for about two thousand years,|so whose voice is it? 01:21:57:A voice from beyond the grave. 01:22:01:The phantom of the Louvre. 01:22:04:Translation? 01:22:05:She imploring us to proceed|with the ceremony of passage. 01:22:07:And what does that mean|the ceremony of passage? 01:22:10:lt's the mummy's burial ceremony.|Whereby his Ba, 01:22:14:well, his soul, l mean, will arrive|on the other side of the river, 01:22:18:according to legend. 01:22:20:When's the ceremony|going to take place? 01:22:23:when the moon's in it's last quarter. 01:22:26:This very night. 01:22:27:A tight schedule,|we'll never get it in the obits. 01:22:31:And no one's found|the stolen amulets yet. 01:22:33:You can't be serious? 01:22:35:- You mean you're|planning to actually...|- Yes, we are, yes. 01:22:37:Well, sure what else do|you do with a wet back?|Get him back across the river. 01:22:42:That's the end of him. 01:22:44:Do what you want 01:22:45:but as for me, unscientific imaginings|don't really suit my education. 01:22:50:Well there isn't very much|we can lose. 01:22:53:lt's just a ceremony. 01:23:00:That's incredible! 01:23:02:lt's pretty realistic? 01:23:05:Yeah. Yes, it's pretty realistic, 01:23:12:The seven amulets stolen by Belphegor. 01:23:16:For two thousand years he's been dead, 01:23:17:and you're here today to borrow|the Egyptian crypt we reopened|a while ago, 01:23:21:because he's going to the netherworld. 01:23:23:Tell me that's not it. 01:23:25:Well it appears that that's|what the phantom requested. 01:23:28:Well that's a very charitable mission,|l'm sure but, but the phantom himself, 01:23:32:well, herself... she is in prison. No? 01:23:33:We let her out.|The beast will fly into a rage. 01:23:36:You, l seem to remember telling|you to stay away from here. 01:23:38:Come on, enough, just withdraw|your complaint, we'll get Lisa|out ofjail and bring her here. 01:23:40:Out of the question!|No! Nein! Nyet! 01:23:42:You're a criminal.|We'll hold you responsible. 01:23:44:lf you're convicted of Belphegor,|you'll get no parole, maximum security! 01:23:49:Mister Faussier.|Mister Faussier, look!|They were downstairs! 01:23:53:Oh... man, this is great! 01:23:54:Great? Well, put those objects back|on display right away. 01:23:59:Great. 01:24:06:Time for her shot.|Give me five minutes. 01:24:16:Boy, you get all the luck. 01:24:18:Possessed by a spirit.|lf it was me, l would have made|the first contact with the beyond, 01:24:22:l'd discovered the secret of eternity. 01:24:24:But hope springs eternal. 01:24:38:Now, you die. 01:24:39:The spirit will return to the mummy.|And l'll be nested in your place. 01:25:02:Time for her shot.|Just give me five minutes. 01:25:26:So you ever have kids? 01:25:28:Well, l imagine there's|one or two around. 01:25:30:None that l've met anyway.|Having a family, l wasn't made for it. 01:25:34:But now and then you, you know|you see some guy and think, 01:25:37:l wouldn't have minded|if he turned out to be my son. 01:25:41:So what do we do here? 01:25:44:Lisa gets mummified,|trampled in the dust and|we just sit here doing nothing. 01:25:47:Lieutenant. lt's for you. 01:25:50:The army hospital. 01:25:53:Yes? What? 01:25:57:Be right there, all right. 01:26:02:Prepare yourself for the great passage. 01:26:41:No, l imagined it.|Can't be happening again. 01:26:45:Trying to scare me, Verlac? 01:26:47:l know that's you! 01:26:49:Come on! At your age?|Dressing up like a kid. 01:26:53:lt's pathetic. All just to get me to... 01:26:59:No! Not that! 01:27:01:No! Not Belphegor, not Belphegor! 01:27:10:You were right. 01:27:14:He exists. Now l know. 01:27:17:Right. Always shakes|you up a little bit. 01:27:22:Yeah but now... 01:27:24:We have to help the kind Nebmess|to the other side of the river. 01:28:20:With the rising sun, Re triumphs|over monsters of the night. 01:28:29:What's with the blade? 01:28:32:The addz. What you call a blade. 01:28:34:lt's part of the ritual,|it's used to open the mouth. 01:28:39:You begin anew the never-ending cycle. 01:28:41:You are Nebmess laying down,|you shall be Nebmess when you rise. 01:28:46:Forever and eternity|you shall remain alive. 01:29:58:Five fifteen reporting.|l'm off duty, it's all over. 01:30:06:And so science fiction rushes in|where true science fears to go? 01:30:11:What have we just lived|through here? What? 01:30:14:l opened a door to the beyond. 01:30:17:Crossed through a portal of|some kind here, but l'm not|sure we'll ever get back. 01:30:22:Who cares if we don't? 01:30:48:Have a good weekend Felix.|Watch out for your ghost. 01:31:00:Don't think about flying again.|You realise you can't fly? 01:31:04:l know, yeah. 01:31:09:You're gonna miss it? 01:31:12:That depends. 01:31:15:Can you suggest something better? 01:31:21:l think, l might, yeah. 00:00:00:
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