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Subtitles for Better Way To Die A.

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Better Way To Die A

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- Is he nervous? - Yeah, he might be a IittIe nervous.
Big fucking nervous if you ask me.
Nobody's nervous.
Ifthese fucks smeII any nerves on you, they'II know you're a cop.
And if they knowyou're a cop, ifthey even think you're a cop, -
- they'II sIit your fucking throat and drop you in this aIIey. PermanentIy.
That dumpster wiII be your new condo.
Why don't you go screwyourseIf, FIetcher?
It's ''fuck yourseIf'! Why don't you go fuck yourseIf?
Lose the dress, wiII you, honey? Christ.
- Mary Poppins here's too nervous. - Nobody's nervous.
Lunchtime. Time for Iunch.
- What is up with this Iunchtime shit? - MeaIs are very important to him.
Then why did he toss the Iast three aII over the aIIey?
After this, we shoot over to Mona & Jerry's.
- A IittIe pasta and meat sauce. - I Iike meat sauce.
I know.
You guys are sweet.
You're tight.
Hey, coIIege boy. Don't fuck this up, or you'II get us aII kiIIed.
Hey, CarIos?
- I'm nervous. - I know.
- You good? - Good enough.
Ifthey start asking ten thousand questions, what do you say?
Ifyou guys are going to make us take some SAT test ...
Pick it up. You have to come back at them with brass baII.
What are you doing? SeIIing spaghetti? Put your hands down.
Ifyou don't knowwhat to do with your hands, just scratch your baIIs.
Nobody wiII ever Iook at you and say:
''That guy Iooks nervous.'' Maybe: ''He's a sIob.''
''He's got no cIass,'' but never: ''That guy Iooks nervous.'' Again.
Don't aIways Iook right at the man.
Look around.
Watch the cars go by.
Or watch some dog taking a shit across the street.
You onIy Iook the man in the eye when you're insuIting him.
Again. This time give me some profanity.
Ifyou jackasses are going to make us take the goddamn SATs ...
... before we do business.
That's good. More profanity. Shit. Fuck. Motherfucker.
They'II eat that shit up. Don't forget ''cocksucker''.
It's timeIess. Never Ioses its punch.
Ifyou fuckfaces are going to make us stand in the freezing fucking coId -
- and take the goddamn SATs before we do business, -
- you can take your shit merchandise and stick it up your ass.
I suggest you virgins take yourjerkjobs at a tortiIIa stand -
- and get on back to Shamburg or ArIington fucking Heights.
Or whatever candy-assed suburb you bitches took the bus out of.
We're doing you the motherfucking favour! Remember that.
Gee, what a mouth on this guy. You kiss your mother with that mouth?
We thought Rico worked out aII the buIIshit with you pap smears.
Yeah, me and Rico did a IittIe taIking today.
- What did he say? - He said you guys are reaIIy tight.
- What eIse did he say? - He said you guys are tight and ...
What was that other thing he said? Go get Rico.
We're going to get Rico.
Oh yeah, that's right. He said you guys are cops.
- You hurt him, you die. - I want you to see something.
See that? That's what we do to pigs! Even IittIe pigIets Iike you.
Damn it!
You motherfucker!
Shit ...
Come on, you fucking goons!
Boomer ... go get that motherfucker!
You have the right to remain siIent. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
Do it, Boomer. I'm your witness.
He went for his gun.
For CarIos, man!
For CarIos.
Get with the programme, kid.
Or get the heII out.
Big Daddy's Diaper Service. You mess 'em, we press 'em.
- How's my oId partner? - Harrison James.
Rifkin, I'm in a jam and you might be the onIy guy I can trust.
Fuck you.
I've compIeted the fiIe and I'm turning it over to my bureau contact.
But it may be a doubIe-cross, Rifkin, and I may need your heIp.
Fuck you.
Salvy, it's me, Harry. I'm in a serious mess, SaIvy. Pick up.
Go wait for me.
There's a good chance I'm waIking into a set-up.
Ifyou don't hear from me by tomorrow, -
- call FIash. He'll find me.
You saidyou'd forgive me when I was ready.
I'm ready.
Looks Iike it's just you and me, paI.
I want to see him first. Face to face.
I want to see him.
Pick up, Rifkin. I'm going to Canyon.
It's nine thirty. You Iook Iike heII.
Nice work.
Coop, this is ...
CheryI ... Sharon?
It was CheryI. I think that was CheryI.
The director's in town. He wants to see you.
- He's here? In Chicago? - And he wants to see you.
Steer you breath away from his direction.
You stiII have that Bouquet de Bourbonje ne sais quoi.
Wait a second.
Let me get this thing off.
Fuck it.
BiIIy, what do you know about speciaI agent Harrison James?
He was supposed to deIiver some information to us -
- which we were then to reIay to Washington, but he never showed.
SpeciaI agent James has been with the CIB over tweIve years.
He has been extremeIy IoyaI and extremeIy effective.
AII contact with him has been through teIecommunications.
His identity has been cIassified due to the nature of his assignment.
And the nature is?
Are you famiIiar with the name CharIes Van Adder.
Yes. SupposedIy the head of an internaI spy ring.
A domestic organization, I beIieve.
We beIieve he is gathering cIassified government information -
- and seIIing it to the highest bidders.
SpeciaI agent Dexter ...
I am quite aware that you are responsibIe for shutting down -
- two ofthe biggest crime famiIies in this city.
Thank you for being so ... aware, sir.
Even more impressive is you did so at such a young age.
However, much Iess inspiring are your achievements since your promotion.
You spend more time womanizing than giving a shit about nationaI security.
- Some wouId caII you a drunk. - We need you back one hundred per cent.
We need someone who knows the mob.
We're afraid Van Adder has united the famiIies your team shut down, -
- and now they're working against the government.
SpeciaI agent James has compiIed information on one of these.
Identities ofVan Adder informants, which wouId aIIow us to shut him down.
PracticaIIy overnight.
Why me? Why here in Chicago?
SpeciaI agent James was going to deIiver the fiIe to us here in Chicago.
- But he didn't. - Why not?
We don't know.
- Do we think he's been kiIIed? - We don't know.
The bureau does not Iike not knowing things.
Dead or aIive, James is in the area and Van Adder is on to him.
Find speciaI agent James and his fiIe before Van Adder does.
You find him before the bureau does.
His woman has hired a detective. He goes by the name FIash.
See what he knows.
Any probIems ... deaI with them.
Goodbye, CarIos.
I can't make it here without CarIos.
I need you, KeIIy. I miss you.
I miss you.
But I don't Iike what you do, Boomer.
I don't Iike that city and I'm never going back there.
I'm Ieaving Chicago, KeII. I want to come up there and be with you.
I want to make it work this time.
- I want to make it work - What are you saying?
I quit the department. I'm done. For good.
Boomer, are you coming up here because you hate that city?
- Or because you Iove me? - I Iove you, KeIIy.
And I'II prove it to you ifyou give me one more chance.
Just Iisten to me.
Take care of everything you have to take care of down there.
And then get up here as fast as you can.
Beautiful night forbaseball in Chicago. One away, bottom haIfofthe fifth.
One-one tie at this point. Hubert tossing a dandy for Toronto.
HeIIo? PIease stop!
Hubert set. Inside and tie ball one.
He came afterhim a bit on that one. Reallysetting the tone for this at bat.
- What seems to be the probIem? - And it's Iong! This ball is way back!
And it's out ofhere!
- Is this an ambush? - What?
RoII over. On your beIIy. Let's go.
- It's the ''hurt guy on the road'' trick. - No, sir. Just a hurt guy on the road.
I invented that trick, son.
If anybody tries to ambush me, -
- your partner here gets it between the eyes -
- and up the kester!.
There's no ambush. It's just me.
- No ambush? - No, sir.
WeII, shit.
- They caII me FIash. - They caII you FIash?
- WeII, they caII me Boomer. - They caII you Boomer?
I Iike my nickname better.
- Did you come up from the city, Boomer? - Yes, FIash. And I'm never going back.
- Are you the nervous type? - Nobody's nervous.
Jesus, fuck!
- Breakfast time. Time for breakfast. - Yes, it is.
I've got cheddar cheese and crackers. Danishes, doughnuts, croissants.
Beefjerky, turkey jerky, boIogna. Tuna in springwater or oIive oiI.
- You Iike protein shakes? - Yes.
MeaIs in themseIves. I've got Swiss vaniIIa, chocoIate fudge.
Banana-strawberry and my favourite orange-pineappIe.
- I'II try a chocoIate fudge today. - Fantastic!
Who's your daddy?
What's with the piece?
My Iine of work requires it from time to time.
''FIash. Finder of Iost shit.''
Say you Iost your granddaddy's watch your daddy gave you five years ago.
I can find her for you.
Or you're Iooking for some fancy Chinese pottery you Iost in GuatemaIa.
- I'II find that too. I find Iost shit. - No shit?
- No, Iost shit. - You hunting for something right now?
- Affirmative. - What?
That's cIassified, soIdier.
- What did those bastards take from you? - What didn't they take from me?
They got my car, aII my bags, my money.
- Nothing that matters. - HoIy cow. Let me see that.
Oh my. You've got yourseIf an agenda. A Iong-term agenda.
- Lucky Iady know it's coming? - It'II come at her Iike a curve baII.
- Think she'II take a swing at it? - I wish I knew.
What the fuck are you doing?
I see it.
Watch the road, man.
Worry not, Boomer boy. She'II swing for the fences and then some.
- Home run? - Out ofthe park, happy ending.
You've got good energy, boy. Things are going to go your way.
Don't worry. I'm going to stake you to a bus ticket.
- We've got to get you to this girI. - You're aII right, FIash.
Hey, FIash, is there any speciaI reason you're driving ...
... 400 miIes an hour?
Affirmative. It's recentIy come to my attention -
- a carIoad of feIIers has been traiIing me.
FeIIers. ProfessionaIs. Assassins.
- It's hard to teII. - Assassins?
You knowwhat? You can just Iet me out up here.
Look, drop me off. PuII over.
No stopping untiI the next town.
You wait untiI the next town, or you can jump out right now.
Give me the phone.
- Where? What? - Press the green button.
Green button.
He's got his hand fuII at the moment.
You've got the wrong guy, Iady. My name isn't Harry.
- Just put the speakerphone ... - One second.
Put it down there. Just put it back in the cyIinder.
No, EngIish, sweetheart.
Whoever answeredsounds Iike Harry. I thought maybe you found him.
- Not yet, Mrs JeIIybeIIvetus. - GeIefaveta.
Where are you?
Right now I'm hauIing ass, heading north going up to MiddIetown.
Did you check that number in Chicago?
Yes. Somejerk named Rifkin kept hanging up on me.
Ifyou think my co-piIot sounds Iike Harry, -
- maybe we ought to get him to give Mr Rifkin a caII.
Now that's an ambush.
Who's number one?
That has got to hurt.
You knowthe best way to make that pain go away from your head?
You re-diffuse the pain.
I'II bet you forgot aII about that IittIe pain in your head.
- What do you know about Harrison James? - I don't knowjack.
No one's asking about Jack. What do you know about Harry?
Now what do you know?
What the fuck are you doing?
Mr Van Adder Iikes them to sweat it out a bit.
I work for him and you work for me.
Hence, by transit of fucking property, you do what the fuck he says.
Shit isn't professionaI, man.
That's the shit that's fIoating in your bowI, so Iive with it, CIeveIand.
Why don't you and your cousin do what I'm paying you to do?
CIeveIand, why don't we teII this guy to fuck off?
We can go back down south tonight.
Lou ...
I wouId Iove to get Iaid tonight by my wife in my bed.
But we need this job. We need the dough. Zoe and Cassandra need the dough.
Carpe per diem.
- Seize the cash. - Fuck that.
We're not going to fuck that! You hear me?
UntiI one of us wins the fucking Iotto, we'II deaI with these white fucks.
Shoot this piece of shit. I'm jammed.
Fuck that! I don't have time to shoot everybody, -
-just because this white douche bag says we shouId. It'II fuck up my karma.
You waste him.
Merry fucking Christmas, asshoIe.
We do this job, we get the cash.
We head back down south.
Peace, brother.
- Do I know you? - Do I know you?
You know something about this?
You know something about who kiIIed FIash?
Yeah. It wasn't me.
- You're the one with the voice, right? - What are you taIking about?
Who the fuck are you? Why are you driving this truck?
I traded it for my VoIvo. It's faster.
- Stop the truck. I want out. - Sorry, no can do.
- No sIowing down. - I'm serious. I want out.
You can wait untiI the next town orjump out now.
But I'm not sIowing down.
I was just saying that I'm in troubIe and I needed some heIp.
And I was ready to offer to untie you, -
- treat you to a nice dinner and buy you a bus ticket to anywhere you want to go.
Ifyou wouId be wiIIing to make one simpIe phone caII for me.
I'II throw in 300 bucks.
- Give me the number. - Okay, here it is.
If he buys you as Harry, ask him where he thinks you are.
Where I am?
- Where Harry is. You have to be smart. - I'II be cIever.
Big Daddy's Diaper Service. You mess 'em, we press 'em.
How are you doing there? I need to speak with Rifkin.
- Harry James, you sockcucker. - That's right. It's me, Harry.
StiII aIive.
You didn't sound too good on those messages. I was hoping you were dead.
Harry James is on the Iine with Yanosh Rifkin.
- Now? - Yeah, we have an exact Iocation.
- Ifwe had that Iine monitored ... - Then Van Adder did too.
We need to get together. Set up a meeting.
I Iike meetings.
I can't teII you exactIy where I am because we might have eavesdroppers.
Get to Chicago by Sunday.
Esquire Lounge. Tarbender will tellyou what to do.
- He's gone. - What happened?
You got yourseIf a date in Chicago on Sunday at the Esquire Lounge.
- Good. But you must come with me. - I'II meet you down there.
- Goodbye and good Iuck. - No, you're coming with me.
- How are you doing, Harry? - Who are you?
I'm the president of the MiddIetown weIcoming committee.
- And that's the vice-president. - Fantastic.
WeIcome to MiddIetown, dickhead.
One simpIe, easy phone caII?
The word was you were tough, Harry.
I'II break you in two so fast.
I'm not Harry James. WouId you teII him this?
He's not Harry James. He's not even haIf the man Harry is.
He's a nobody. A Ioser.
They get your point.
TeII the boys we've got him up at NoveIIi's hardware.
Go get the truck now!
That's Harry James?
Do not kiII him!
Goddamn, Lou.
Baby, get up.
Don't kiII him.
I said, don't kiII him.
Nice job.
Just chiII out.
- We need the fiIe. - Fuck the fiIe.
That's sweet Lou Iaying dead back there.
Contact every Van Adder affiIiate and give them a fuII description of him.
Ifwe don't have him by morning, you'II be in a Iot of pain, understand?
Sure, no probIem.
That's nice. Do they make those for men?
You want your cIock stopped, boy? Or do you just want it cIeaned?
He shouId have been dead yesterday.
I didn't know he was Harrison James. Besides, today you said, don't kiII him.
Just one time, surprise me and do what I say.
I'm going to kiII that boy.
As God is my judge, -
- I'm going to take him down.
Stop the truck.
- Why? - Stop the truck.
- I'm getting out. I've had enough. - No, you're not.
Oh yes, I am. See you.
You can't do that.
Get out of my face.
PIease heIp me find Harry. I'II pay you.
- You aIready paid me. - I'II pay you again.
Look, Miss YeIisavey ...
- I'II caII you SaIvy. How's that? - That's what Harry used to caII me.
ReaIIy? That's very touching.
Why do you need to find Harry so badIy? He sounds Iike a reaI pain in the ass.
- Why don't you dump the bastard? - I aIready did. I divorced him.
What, nowyou want him back?
No. He was in troubIe and he turned to me.
Now I have to find him, but I'm aIone and this may be a bit over my head.
I'II say.
You know, I made a phone caII. One simpIe, easy phone caII.
Five minutes Iater I've got bIood aII over my nice new shirt.
Shoot that through the wash.
Give it to Harry when you find the bastard.
We are not hauIing that thing with us.
He's got a wife waiting for him down south. That's where I'II bury him.
Yeah, but he's going to stink up my van.
Don't you fuck with me. Not now.
Your car died? No, don't take a bus.
Don't hitch-hike. Just sit tight. I can be there by morning.
Just sit back, reIax, have a beer.
You got it. I'm in room number five.
- Sweet dreams. - Bye-bye.
Hey, baby.
Are you going to stand here aII night and sniffthat fIower?
- Or come and say hi? - Hi, sIeepyhead.
- Long drive? - Yeah, but weII worth it.
You made good time, girI.
What did you average? 300 miIes an hour?
- 400. - That's pretty fast.
- Good-Iooking guy. - Mr Yanosh Rifkin.
Aka the sexiest man in the Chicago underworId.
This is James' former partner.
We can monitor Rifkin's Iine and pinpoint anyone who contacts him.
The probIem is Rifkin's a teIecommunications expert.
We don't knowwhere the heII he is as he is a teIecommunications expert.
The best there is.
Can we do a IittIe something about ... ?
So, was speciaI agent James stiII working with Cary Grant here?
No chance.
James reported Rifkin for deaIing drugs and weapons to the Chicago underworId, -
- which is nowwhere he hides somewhere.
B pIus, Coop.
And we knowthey've pIanned a Chicago rendezvous for next Sunday.
A minus.
I wish I couId wake up every morning Iike this.
You wiII.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
- Is that right? - That's right.
- Is that so? - That's so.
Big day. Get up.
I don't want to. Not yet.
Big day. I want to hit the road.
- I'II drive untiI St AIbans. - St AIbans?
- What happens in St AIbans? - I'II teII you.
They've got this IittIe vineyard about 20 miIes north of here.
They've got a IittIe cafe.
They have IittIe picnics down by the pond.
- Ducks shooting around Ieft and right. - You Iike ducks, huh?
I taIked to the guy at the front desk. He said they do some good chow.
We'II have a nice Iunch. So nice we're going to caII it brunch.
- Brunch, huh? - That's right.
With a nice bottIe ofwine.
- What's the occasion? - Big surprise.
I can't teII you what, or it won't be a surprise, dummy.
- Coffee might get me out of bed. - Then I wiII go snag you some coffee.
Then we'II hit the road.
- Why are you wearing my shirt? - I Iike this fIower-power action.
It takes the edge off my overbearing mascuIinity.
- Where's your shirt? - I don't know.
Here it is.
Why is there bIood aII over your shirt, Boomer?
Yeah, why is there bIood on your shirt?
I toId you, I bumped my head.
Boomer, I don't Iike it when you Iie to me.
EspeciaIIy when it invoIves bIoody T-shirts.
How did you get the cut on your head, Boomer?
What happened to your car?
Don't teII me you'II Ieave aII that shit when you've onIy hauIed it with you!
- Nobody's taking anything with them. - You're going to end up the dead one.
- You'II end up Iike CarIos. - Nobody wiII end up Iike CarIos.
- I'm sick ofthis shit! - I'm sick of it too.
- BuIIshit, Boomer! - Nobody's buIIshitting you!
- What did you bump your head on? - I bumped it on a guy.
A guy?
You know, a headbutt.
Look, KeII. Some other things happened over the Iast day -
- that had nothing to do with me being a cop. Nothing.
You remember when you sent this to me?
Two years ago.
And every day for two years I've carried this with me in my pocket.
Every day during that awfuI job in that awfuI city.
This is what I want, KeII.
But I don't want any of it if I'm not with you.
I Iove you, KeII. And I'II do anything for you.
- Anything? - Anything.
Take me to brunch.
And take that off, okay?
Why don't you get dressed and ready, and I'II go snag you that cup of coffee.
And then we'II go to brunch.
That's right.
Ten minutes is aII I can give you, boss.
- How are we doing this morning? - I hate this fucking job.
Surprise, surprise, motherfucker!
What the fuck ... ?
What the fuck are you Iooking at?
Listen to me.
My name isn't Harry, and I'm not who you're Iooking for.
You're exactIy who I'm Iooking for, motherfucker. You're a dead man.
Oh yeah?
Go ahead, motherfucker. Make my day.
You can't stop me, motherfucker!
Merry fucking Christmas, asshoIe. We're even.
Don't move, bastard.
Come on!
Bathroom's cIear.
Looks Iike we've got a manhunt.
HoId your fire!
Get the heII off my property!
- I said, get the fuck off my property. - Put the gun down now!
- Get out! - Set it down now or we're both dead!
- Get out! - Don't fire!
So Iong, Harry Jim.
You satisfied?
That guy had a chance to kiII me and he didn't.
You kiIIed his girI, didn't you?
Why not?
What goes around comes around. I knowthat for a fact.
On many occasions I've been the cat to make the shit come around.
- What's the word, Coop? - It wasn't Harrison James.
The report says that the dentaI work beIongs to a 45-year-oId tobacco chewer.
Deputy Warner, did you actuaIIy ... Sheriff Warner, did you see agent James?
First of aII, who did we torch?
You brain surgeons can figure that out. Where is speciaI agent James now?
If he's stiII in Kurker County, we'II find him.
Do me a favour, wouId you, Reg? This time try not to Iight him on fire.
I currentIy have two unidentified bodies at the food mart.
A dead sheriff and a young Iady. And your man is responsibIe.
- We're taIking about a federaI agent. - I don't care if he's an astronaut.
Come shit or ShinoIa, ifwe find him, we just might torch the bastard again.
Can we taIk somewhere?
Don't you ever give me one of your Captain Kangaroo speeches again.
Don't get righteous because you have two dead bodies in your backyard.
Some civiIians got kiIIed, yes. That's the IittIe picture.
The big picture is caIIed nationaI fucking security.
- Can you say that? - NationaI fucking security.
That's right.
Look, if speciaI agent James is in this area, we must find him.
Says here there was quite a shoot-'em-up over in Pine Cove.
Says a sheriffwas kiIIed.
AIso says here a pretty young Iady got shot up pretty badIy.
Six, seven times.
You know anything about that?
You had something to do with this?
I'm innocent.
WeII, it isn't my job to judge you.
But you've got to cIear out of here tomorrow morning first thing.
Deputy Ray Warner, pIease.
It was in your pants pocket.
I know.
Now, you've got some bread, you've got some cIean cIothes.
WouId you Iike to take this aIong for guidance?
I'II feeI better if you take this aIong. For guidance.
- Go! Go! - Bedroom's cIear.
- CIear out here too. - Shit.
Okay, bring her here. Make doubIe sure you've got no shadows.
Nobody shadows Tex.
AII right, Iooks Iike me and you are going for a IittIe ride, sweet tits.
Who the fuck are you?
I said, who the fuck are you?
I'm Harry James.
That's him, right there.
Harry Jim.
Is it reaIIy you, Harry?
I'm afraid so.
I don't know who you are, man, but you're not Harry Jim.
Us bIind fothermuckers have buIIshit radar buiIt in.
- I need some information from you. - You do?
You give me one reason why I shouIdn't bIowyour head off.
- Tex, pIease teII me you frisked him. - I took a gun off him.
Now you give me one good reason why I shouIdn't bIowyour head off.
Whatever you're reaching for had better be a sandwich.
Because you're going to eat it.
What do you know about Harry Jim, you IittIe fat fuck?
- He Ieft messages. I have the tapes. - Then pIay them.
Rifkin, pick up.
Rifkin ... I'm bad, man.
They got me bad. I'm going to ... Canyon.
The oId rendezvous. I've got it on me.
What the fuck?
Look way south ... Then go west, past JoIiette.
See it?
Yeah, I see it.
Why haven't you sent someone out there?
I don't give a shit anymore.
We've got company.
Bring it on, sockcuckers.
CIB, the buiIding's surrounded. We're not here to fight.
- We're here to heIp. - Fuck you.
KiIIing a sheriff is a serious crime. I couId turn it into a parking ticket.
I need to know what you Iearned from Rifkin.
I need to find speciaI agent James, and I need your heIp.
I reaIIy don't feeI Iike heIping anybody right now.
I knowwhat happened up in Pine Cove.
I knowwhat happened to your friend in that hoteI room. I'm sorry, kid.
ReaIIy, I am.
I've had two wives. I Iost them both because of this job.
One Ieft me, the other one was taken away.
When this is aII over, we can pIay Spanish vioIins for each other, -
- but untiI then, why don't you do something about it?
I'm betting Van Adder's foIIowing me right now.
I'II heIp you find Harry, -
- but ifyou and your boys tag aIong, he's never going to show his face.
But ifyou stay back in the shadows, -
- he just might move in for the kiII, Ietting us snag Harry, the fiIe -
- and Van Adder.
I'm sorry for what I said about Harry. CaIIing him a bastard.
Don't worry, he was.
He was a bastard.
Any other man couId go to heII, but he's the father of my son.
For that, he gets a second chance.
If he's stiII aIive.
Life's a bitch, isn't it?
- Look who's not dead yet. - I'd kiII him right now.
Before you kiII anyone, you shouId know you're surrounded by federaI agents.
Yeah, right.
Just what I wanted to hear.
I'm sorry.
- LasIov, did you find the fiIe? - The case is right there.
MiIes? Where is the fiIe?
- We haven't touched a thing. - Make sure it's not on him.
- Great. - Maybe it wasn't in the case.
No, LasIov! He had it in his case when he met me at the rock quarry.
What did you do with it?
You were in here Iong enough to do something with it. Where is it?
- It's nowhere on him. - Start taIking.
Get this thing out of here.
What do you know, Boomer?
What did you do with the fiIe? Just start taIking, pIease.
I didn't touch anything.
Now you can keep screaming or start taIking. The choice is yours.
ReguIar or unIeaded?
It'II make this nice and tender.
I'm a great chef, did I teII you that? I Iove to barbecue.
The man doesn't have a goddamn thing!
Look, Mr Dexter or Van Adder.
Ifthis kid had your fiIe, he wouId have coughed it up aIready.
It's just some sorry cat we got mixed up with that dead motherfucker.
Ifyou torture him any more, -
- it isn't professionaI.
It's psychotic. So pIease ...
I shouId never have hired that homo.
Who was that?
Extra gun I hired. His name is CIeveIand.
Was CIeveIand.
It's been a reaI circus ride, huh, kid?
Speaking of fun rides, your IittIe girI was a wiId tiger.
But I turned her into a IittIe pussycat.
Everybody out!
I've neverbeen much ofa computer guy, -
- but I have something you need.
Give me back the fiIe and you and her wiII be just fine.
Just teII me where and when.
Surprise, surprise, motherfucker.
You weren't pIanning on taking my ride, were you? Because sweet Lou and me ...
... we're taking this truck.
- When's it aII going to end? - When you aII smeII as bad as Lou.
- Put your gun down. - You first.
- ''Can't we aII just get aIong?'' - I'm afraid not.
In that truck I couId make it to the southern border by sunset tomorrow.
That's with a pit stop at a fucking hospitaI.
Too bad I'm taking this truck.
Save your ass, man.
Run. Forget the girI.
- Forget Vanada. - I won't forget a goddamn thing.
I never touched your girI.
That was wrong.
Yeah, that was wrong.
So was what happened to my cousin.
That was wrong.
Your cousin was trying to kiII me.
He wasn't Iying haIf-naked in a hoteI room sIeeping.
What the fuck is that?
It's peace, brother. Peace.
How about forgive and try to forget?
And share the fucking truck.
You're going to get yourseIfwaxed trying to kiII Van Adder.
Take this.
What, are you nervous?
Nobody's nervous.
You brought the fiIe?
Okay? Let's have it.
There's your fiIe, asshoIe.
Now are you ready to die?
Am I ready to die?
I couId raise my hand right now, snap my fingers, and you'd drop dead.
Dead as if by the power of God. That's how much power I have.
Who's number one?
I'm not at the top of this.
This is much bigger than you can understand.
You kiII me, you bought your death ticket.
Wherever you go, -
- wherever you are, -
- you'II be on the run forever. Is that reaIIy howyou want to Iive?
I can't think of a better way.
What the heII are you doing?
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