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Subtitles for Bez konca (No End 1985) CD1.

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Bez konca (No End 1985) CD1

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No End
This call is monitored
The time is 7.12 a.m.
I died...
...four days ago
I got the car out, as usuaI
I waited in it for UIa and Jacek
The engine ticked over. The radio forecast a Iow
I feIt a stab of fear. My heart, I thought
But the pain never came. AII I feIt was fear
I took a deep breath
And that was that
I wondered if the meIons on the baIcony wouId ever sprout
By now UIa had emerged with Jacek
She waIked towards the car but I moved away
I saw her having troubIe with the car door
But it was Iike Iooking down
That seemed strange
After aII, I was sitting at the wheeI
I feIt good. Everything was so peacefuI...
...and quiet
Though UIa seemed to be shouting
I didn't feeI dizzy after my first cigarette
I couIdn't feeI the keys in my pocket
It struck me I couId come back to myseIf if I wanted to...
...and drive Jacek to schooI
But I feIt better as I was, much better
I watched the coffin being cIosed
It was then that Jacek understood, because he began to cry
His hands were frozen
But he was ashamed to put them in his pockets
I went back home. It was stiII empty
Darek's dossier was Iying on the desk
I wished I couId be with him in court
I onIy saw UIa and Jacek after they got back
They feII asIeep together on his bed
He cIung to her for a Iong time
She woke up in the night and moved to her own bed
Ula? Tomek here
-l'm in Warsaw, just landed - Where?
At Okecie. l hope l'm in time to catch the Counsellor
- He's not here -At 7.30? You two split up?
ls that the alarm? How's that for timing?
Antek is dead
The funeraI was yesterday. CaII me Iater
- Don't taIk about it at schooI - I won't
I'II come straight home
You'II be here, won't you? We'II see each other
ls that Mrs Zyro?
l have to see you, about my husband
Hello? l said l need to see you
- Who are you? -l'm Darek's wife
Your husband was his lawyer. You must know that
lt's a political case. l must see you
CaII the office
I'm not a Iawyer. I'm sending them aII the fiIes
That's the point
It's about Thursday's bioIogy. You asked me to...
The Iine is crossed. HeIIo?
You must have Darek's file. Hello?
Waiting for me?
I caIIed this morning. Wake up, SyIwia
- I took some miIk - AII right, come in
How can I heIp you?
- As I said, I need that fiIe - What fiIe?
My husband's case
I can't give it to you
Why won't you heIp me?
It beIongs to the new Iawyer
Those are the ruIes. Don't you know?
FiIes get Iost. No one knows how
But you don't care
Come on, SyIwia
Madam, you said it was a poIiticaI case
That's right
I shouIdn't, but if the fiIe is here...
...I'II Iet you see it
Is she thirsty? Bored?
No, she Iikes Iistening to grown-ups' taIk
- Nothing here - ShouId there be?
I wouIdn't know. No, nothing
- What did he do? - A strike. He organised a strike
Who'II take the case now?
Maybe someone Iike your husband?
I can't think of anyone. Wait, though...
There's this oId Iawyer Antek trained under
- OId? - Yes
He was at the funeraI. His name is Labrador
Maybe he's stiII in the Iawyers' directory
Go to Dept.4. They'II teII you
I'd Iike to know who the judge is. 'Bye, thank you
Sorry to keep you. How can I heIp you?
Mrs Zyro toId me you've rescued Iots of peopIe. That you couId heIp me
Those were different cases
My Iast poIiticaI case was in 1952
He got death
After that, I quit
Now I do petty crime
That woman won't be testifying. She's stiII abroad
TeII our cIient to remain siIent
Take a taxi. I'II pay you back
SmuggIing offences. I'm strong on those
I steer cIear of poIitics
Have you heard of this case?
A hot potato, Iike aII of them
You're making an oId man face a hard choice
Not me, the times
I'm quite aware of the present time
But what to do about it?
Got the time?
A quarter past one
Damn it, my watch!
It's stopped. Know how I got it?
A present from Antek when he was caIIed to the bar
Let me sIeep on this
CaII me tomorrow
- Heard the news? - What news?
They've done it. The scrap-heap at 70
It's gone through?
It wiII. You can bet on it
We're finished
What can we do?
Guess what? We've been given our marching orders
Come January and we're out!
So I've heard
But this charade... how about that for an ending?
A kind of swan song
PeopIe sometimes go crazy, madam
You needn't caII me
I'II take the case. Are you free tomorrow at 4?
Who are you caIIing, mum?
No one. I was going to, but I forgot who
- Looking for something? - No
Just sorting things out
A man caIIed earIier
Funny name. GibraItar...
That's right. He asked about some fiIe
I know. I'II turn out your Iight when I go to bed
- Jacek? Good night - Good night, mum
He was in the car, waiting. I'd been on the phone
Maybe if I hadn't been Iate
- A heart is a heart - But it can't be a coincidence
- You couIdn't have heIped - I'd have been there
Don't think about it
What can I think about?
You're stiII young. You've a nice kid. You're a good transIator
UIka, you and Antek weren't very cIose IateIy
That's true. But now it seems we were
Does that make sense?
He's gone
Tomek... ten years ago you were cIose friends
Later, too
I know, but when we first met...
Did you know about certain photographs of me?
In the nude? He toId me
- Showed you? - Of course not
- How did he find out? - A ''weII-wisher'' sent them
I found them yesterday. He'd cut out my face
He knew I'd been a guide, and hard up for money
I couId have expIained
Why didn't he say anything?
Why did he cut out my face?
- Did he have many such cases? - RecentIy, yes
- What's this? - A note
That's what his wife must have been Iooking for
''I'm gIad you're defending me
''You're young and you understand. The first in a month
''You're right about having to return to society...
''...but with honour
''I'II do as you say
''No poIitics. But I'II admit to being a strike Ieader
''They trusted me though I hadn't been in SoIidarity
''I wanted to settIe grievances, not to wreck the machinery
''I'm worried about my famiIy
''TeII Joanna not to take SyIwia to dad
''Best wishes from me and my ceIImates. Darek
''I'm gIad you don't want me to act insane''
Who'II take this?
I've been away too Iong. Otherwise I might myseIf
- I put her on to Labrador - He won't take it
He aIready has
What's this?
The question mark. Is it yours?
By Labrador's name
You poked around in daddy's things
- No. When? - Yesterday
You scrawIed something...
...with a feIt-tip. Don't Iie!
You're Iying
You know I'm not Iying
I'm going to Praga. Want to come?
No. Give me the keys. I'II stay at home
Wait a second
It's Antek's wife
- What did they take? - Guess!
Contraband books. You had some Iying around
Yes, I was reading Brandys
- Notebooks? - Yes
Any cassettes?
They took them aII. PIus a typewriter, Ietters...
- From Maciek - Did you have any notes?
Some EngIish notes
I bet you didn't get a receipt
- I was too scared to ask - Show me
''I hereby request the return...
''...of the property confiscated in the search...''
Requisition. They hate the word 'search'
And 'request'? What are you requesting? Right?
- Won't it be impoIite? - Why shouIdn't it be?
Give me some paper. I'II do it
- What's happened? - I... my car broke down
Remember this? I showed it to you
The Iist of Iawyers
- It wasn't torn then - What eIse?
- That wasn't there - Of course it wasn't
Maybe the boy...
- It couIdn't have been him - Then who?
It's Antek warning me off Labrador
So what now? No, that's stupid
I must go. I may not get a taxi
- I'II go with you - I can drop you, sir
- I have a car - No one says ''sir'' here
The Institute. Is that OK? I'II get ready
What Institute?
For cancer research. Radiotherapy
You Iooked through that fiIe
I didn't know you. I was afraid
There was a message. Something about...
...not taking the chiId to see dad. I don't get it
I do
What shaII I teII Darek? I'm due back soon
AII you know. But remember, everything here is fine
No probIems
For you
- Drop by sometime - I wiII
''I'm worried about my famiIy
''TeII Joanna not to take SyIwia...''
You'II ruin your eyesight
Zyro did a good job on our cIient, didn't he?
Go away
Like some tea? At this time of day, it's...
Today? What time?
I'II be there
Run aIong
Make sure the door is shut
Maybe you know what you want? To make things better?
Fairer, right?
But where?
- In PoIand - Which PoIand?
You don't want to taIk to me?
Am I being too bIunt with you?
WeII then, which PoIand?
- Ours. There is no other - ExactIy
SociaIist PoIand?
Can you imagine a different PoIand?
- Not reaIIy - There you are, then
The onIy PoIand you want to make better is a SociaIist PoIand
And that's what you have to say
Never mind what you think
You're pending triaI
Ever been in a courtroom? Judges are a fixture
They respect their job
They may be tired, but they're weII aware history is Iike a wheeI
Let's give them a chance
- Know what that means? - Yes. A seII-out
There's aIways some Ieeway between seIIing out and compromising, son
There is. But you have to find it
The evidence against you is thin
They're onIy interested in Ieaders. Don't make it seem...
...the strike was your idea
- It was everyone's idea - Sure, but it won't Iook that way
But I was eIected. I had the Iist
Suit yourseIf
There's no evidence, no committee, no Ieader
- Is that right? - Right
Not quite, but near enough
I toId you, there's aIways some Ieeway
Now, have you ever been to a demonstration?
Why onIy once? I'II teII you why
The opposition were wearing the same uniform you wore in the army
You wanted to take part, but couIdn't
Psychiatrists caII that...
Zyro was against pIeading insanity
He was a wonderfuI man, Antek
But I'm 40 years oIder, and I can't do it his way
Maybe I'm past it, or Iess gifted
He was my pupiI. ProbabIy better than me
He was, you might say, an artist
His way shouIdn't have worked, but it did
My way is to take a scaIpeI and hack
You two must have hit it off
Pretty weII
Evidence was beneath him
So were poIitics
He'd appeaI to peopIe's consciences, even their emotions
But I can't take chances. I've onIy one objective
To get you out of here
Is there anything you need?
We're thinking of a hunger strike
What for?
Whose hands do you think you'II be pIaying into?
Got any better suggestions?
No, I've never been any good at these things
Forgive me, but it's warmer in here
I had a cake but I ate it
No coffee either. Tea?
No, thank you. What's this?
Antek's notes on that kid's case
Can you decipher them?
The odd word
''The Iaw demands...
''The Iaw demands too much of peopIe today
''It kiIIs what is...
''It kiIIs what is most precious in human reIationships''
This is underIined
''If the Iaw is against IoyaIty and trust, then it is immoraI
''No government shouId be...
''...shouId be interested in ruIing over a divided nation''
Is it a question or an excIamation mark?
I never couId read his writing
He wouIdn't want me... take this case
He wanted that boy to go free
Do you miss him?
Very much. I miss him very much
What's that?
''It's coming. It's going to erupt...''
- Want some? - No, thanks. We're Iistening
I took the parceI yesterday
- It's awfuI there - Poor oId granny
First she wouIdn't Iet me in. Then she cried
Did that girI get her things back?
- Have you got your things back? - Not yet
She took in one of the bIokes. Hence the search
But they missed him
Antek put someone up once who was out after curfew
He hid him from me. Later he was afraid
- What of? - I don't know
Someone's asking for you. He won't come in
Meet each other
- Marta Duraj - UrszuIa Zyro
Are you reIated to the Iawyer Antoni Zyro?
Antek? I'm his wife
I knew him years ago
How is he?
He died...
...a month ago
- Cigarette? - Thanks
You knew him?
When he was a student.
He came round one night
A girI and I were sharing a cabin by the beach
We'd gone to bed
He'd been swimming and his tent had been stoIen
He was stiII dripping
He sat on the bed, soaking wet
Afterwards... he stood there...
- Scrawny, bandy-Iegged - He wasn't bandy-Iegged
- He was then - Then what?
He wanted to be a judge. He was into Camus
The penitent judge...
I read it Iater. Was he a judge?
No, a Iawyer. That's what he aIways wanted to be
Remember anything eIse?
- I don't think so - Anything at aII?
He Ieft soon after, to do a course
That was that. Were you married Iong?
11 years
A Iong time. Was it a heart attack?
Yes. How did you know?
He mentioned his heart at the time
Everything OK?
Everything's fine
They're on hunger strike
Labrador said Antek was his own man
We'd aII Iike to be
But Antek reaIIy was
No one toId him what to do
He wrote things were getting harder
But his Ietters were marked 'Censored'. What's this?
A photograph. I've just found it. Ring a beII?
Summer of '67
How skinny he was!
Who are the girIs?
I've forgotten
He fancied this one
- Brunette? Named Marta? - No, bIonde and thin
Rather Iike you
We aIways feII for the same girIs
IncIuding you
I'm stiII carrying the torch
UIa, I want you to know that...
What are you Iooking at?
His hands are Iike Antek's
- You didn't hear. I said... - Don't say it
Forget I said it, then
Oh, my God!
That's my car!
Rush round to the pound. Got money?
Yes. WiII you wait?
No, I'II get the bus. Off you go!
My husband died 36 days ago
There one moment... gone the next
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