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Subtitles for Bitter Sugar (Azucar amarga).

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Bitter Sugar (Azucar amarga)

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I wiII return to where the cIear ocean
Whispered its serpentine Iegend
And I wiII find the Iong Iost mandoIin
that bIindIy waves its arms in the wind!
I wiII run into my smiIe once more
I wiII speak to my broken words
My eyes wiII recover their seaguIIs
And a star shaII rise from my ashes.
It's very difficuIt to Ieave your country... Ieave behind the things you know and Iove.
For me...
...Ieaving my famiIy wiII be very hard.
But if I'm Iucky enough to win this schoIarship...
...and go to one of our friendIy countries...
...aII this crybaby stuff... going to have to end right here.
FatherIand or Death!
Because the revoIution needs more companeros Iike Companero VaIdez.
Look at this!
I'm aIready a man.
''The New Man.''
Quite a future ahead of me.
Captain VaIdez!
The next Lindbergh.
What do I see here?
An actor?
A priest? A thief?
A rich man. Yes, I'm a rich man.
That's me.
Gustavo VaIdez. Ready for anything.
''Another bIackout...''
Yeah, but things are never easy for us Cubans.
Don't worry, my man. No probIem.
''This concert is canceIed...pIease Ieave peacefuIIy...the show is over.''
Brother, what a run!
Shit, we got away!
Yeah, I taIked to the guy.
-What did he say? -I'II teII you outside.
Thanks, companero!
So what did he say?
He said tomorrow you can pick up the equipment.
You didn't have a permit to pIay there.
A permit? From whom? That pIace was buiIt by Christopher CoIumbus.
Maybe CoIumbus hates MetaIIica. I don't know.
Shit, you are reaIIy funny!
This is no joke, Gustavo.
Look, Bobby, don't start with me. You know I tried to heIp you out.
Oh sorry! I forgot! Thank you for your heIp, companero!
Oh, now it's aII my fauIt?
TeII Dad I'm sIeeping out.
Listen, Bobby, come on!
Bobby, is that you?
No, Dad. Bobby is staying out.
Looking at your mother...
...and your brother...
How time fIies...
Dad, why don't you go to bed?
I miss her so much...
It's okay, Dad.
Let's go to bed.
''Mr. ImperiaIists: We don't fear you!''
Hey! Hey, young Iady! Remember me?
How are you! Stop pushing!
Come on in through here...
...this way, don't be scared!
This is mad!
Hey! That's my seat!
Thank you.
You're weIcome.
-What's your name? -YoIanda. And yours?
Me? Gustavo.
Oh! Sorry.
This bus is packed.
Where are you going?
To rehearsaI. I'm a dancer. How about you?
Me? I Iove dancing.
This mentaI disturbance that aiIs you...
...that is making you haIf-crazy...
...what are we to caII it?
A beautifuI woman.
Nice. Has this cute IittIe face. And this cute IittIe body.
She's something eIse.
And where did you meet her?
At Bobby's concert.
But nothing Iike that. She's normaI.
Doctor, I think this treatment wiII require some money.
I knew that's what you were after.
I don't know. I want to take her to the movies, somewhere.
And that speciaI something, how much wiII that cost?
WeII, I think a twenty ought to do the trick.
A twenty ought to do it, but...
...I'm going to give you forty-- and a coupIe of Russian condoms.
What kind of psychiatrist are you, anyway?
This Iooks more Iike Beirut than Havana.
Do these guys have a permit to do this?
A permit? I think they just snuck in.
And the artist is your friend?
Oh. A friend of yours?
Eddy Vega. Don't you know him?
No, never heard of him.
It's because he was in jaiI.
Why was he in jaiI?
Oh, Gustavo, I don't know.
In Cuba you don't have to do much to go to jaiI.
It's a pretty day, isn't it?
Why so serious?
I'm a serious guy.
I'm not.
I'm aIways happy.
I'm Iike a free bird fIying aII over the worId.
So you're part of this?
I am.
WeII, you must be the Iast Communist on Earth.
I don't think so.
You know what?
Better we don't discuss poIitics.
I think that's a great idea.
What shaII we taIk about?
Gustavo VaIdez.
Learn from your brother.
Those of us who have foIIowed your deveIopment...
...recognize that you are the kind of student who is the New Man.
And we at the Lenin SchooI are honored... grant you a schoIarship to study aeronauticaI engineering... the very distinguished University of Prague.
This party is in honor of my son, who has just graduated.
And we have managed to cook up this cake which is more than a cake... is a monument to SociaIism.
Yes, because it has been obtained through barter and exchange.
Pepe traded a used Iight buIb for a IittIe fIour.
Jaime donated a IittIe can of American Quik...
...which his brother brought him from Miami when he visited.
I found hidden on a kitchen sheIf...
...a IittIe bottIe of vaniIIa extract dated 1960.
So, if you get a stomach ache, it's not my fauIt.
You're poisoning us!
Ah, but the reaI hero of this cake is Aunt Antonia.
Aunt Antonia surrendered her virginity... a hoteI chef in exchange for six eggs.
Oh, my God!
My God nothing, you enjoyed it!
No, that's a joke I'm pIaying on Aunt Antonia.
And so, since this is a SociaIist cake...
...obtained through barter and exchange...
...and through being sociaI with this one and sociaI with that one...
...this is a true SociaIist cake.
So I say, ''Cake or Death, we shaII eat!''
And now, Iet's eat it!
Am I Iate?
You dance so weII, you must teach me.
What for? You're going to do very weII in Prague.
HeII of a poIka you just danced on my Ieft foot.
CarefuI, ''IittIe worm,'' or I'II throw you in the water.
I'm Zoraya with a pussy Iike Papaya. Wait a minute, baby!
Come, hoId on to me. Did you bring me a graduation present?
Of course.
It's a surprise... Look at that.
The poIice. Now she's in troubIe.
HoId it.
You sexy thing. How's business?
Here, cop a IittIe feeI... 'cause I haven't found any fucking foreigners.
I'm your graduation present.
What's going on? Who's there?
It's nothing, companera.
YoIanda, five minutes.
It's my mother.
I have to go inside, or she'II get mad at me.
Why? Because she saw us together?
Don't worry.
Nothing wiII ever come between us.
Never. Never.
Hey, IittIe companero!
They won't return the equipment.
Why not?
Now they're saying we bought it iIIegaIIy.
Is that how you bought it?
Wait a minute. How did you get those shoes?
Those pants? That pretty IittIe shirt?
You're not getting the equipment back this way.
AII you're going to do is get into more troubIe.
Look, anywhere eIse in the worId you can protest except here.
This is how we express ourseIves, okay?
I am...
...a true RevoIutionary.
This shouId be a Iesson... those who show no mercy...
...that we're ready to give our Iives for the homeIand.
Long Iive the RevoIution!
Gustavo, Iook at this!
Freedom of expression... Look at this...
You shouId not get invoIved in your brother's probIems.
He's a drug addict.
That's not true, Garcia. It's just that Bobby is into his music.
Fine, that doesn't matter.
Sooner or Iater he'II get into big troubIe.
Bobby's not a bad kid.
He's just Iiving in the wrong country.
Forget what happened.
What's more, forget you're even in Cuba.
-Let's go for a swim! -For a swim?
Wait up!
Oh, what a pretty boy!
Sure. Here. Give me a kiss, right here.
Come on, Iet me steaI a kiss! Just one!
What a beautifuI pIace!
You Iike it?
-This is reaIIy beautifuI. -Let's have a beer.
What's the matter?
This area is off-Iimits to the pubIic.
It's for hoteI guests and foreign tourists onIy.
We're just going to have a drink. It's very hot.
Yes, it's hot, but you can't have it here.
Why not? I have money. I don't understand.
DoIIars. That's aII.
We don't accept Cuban money.
I said tourists onIy.
Look, I'm just going to have a drink with my girIfriend.
-No probIem. -I know, but it's the Iaw.
-The Iaw? -The Iaw.
What Iaw?
Since when is it a crime?
Look, I'm going to have a drink. I'm with you.
I understand.
Look, just take your IittIe friend and go out the way you came.
It's nothing personaI. Stay out of troubIe.
Come on, Gustavo. If we drink this shit, we'II probabIy get fucking poisoned.
Thank you very much.
-He doesn't get it. -Too bad.
Forget about it, Gustavo.
I saw what happened back there.
PIease accept this... PIease...
I was angry at what occurred.
I'm very sorry.
My name is CIaudio.
I'm Gustavo VaIdez, and this is YoIanda.
It's a pIeasure. Thank you.
That was my fauIt. I knew very weII that pIace was off-Iimits.
Don't bIame yourseIf any more.
Yiyo! Yiyo!
Are those for me?
You know I never forget my first Iove.
Your first Iove? Look where your first Iove ended up.
In the cemetery. Eight years studying chemistry at the Lenin and what for?
To measure the perfect humidity for graves.
So the dead don't get arthritis.
Did you go to the embassy?
Did they give you your ticket?
And the passport?
No, the teacher said there wouIdn't be a probIem.
Gustavo, pIease. Do you reaIIy think you're going to go to Prague... study a profession that's useIess in this country?
Listen. If you don't get into a schooI for waiters or taxi drivers...'II end up here as my heIper.
No way.
-Just Iike I'm teIIing you. -Yeah, sure.
HeIIo, dear Mama.
I know that wherever you are, you can see everything.
So you must have heard the news.
Bobby's in jaiI again.
And me...
...I'm faIIing in Iove.
What do you think?
What do I think? Dad, are you dressed as a buIIfighter or what?
Sit down and Iisten to me.
What's that stuff on your hair?
Cigarettes and everything, just Iike in the movies.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead, Humphrey Bogart.
I have a new job.
As a fIamenco dancer?
Not a fIamenco dancer.
-What is it then? -Something Iike that.
Do you remember my assistant, GIadys, the internist?
I remember GIadys.
A month and a haIf ago she Ieft the hospitaI.
Now she works at a hoteI on the beach... of those for foreign tourists onIy.
You know how much she's making?
300 doIIars in tips. A week.
Do you know how much I make?
This professionaI, this psychiatrist?
300 pesos...
300 IittIe pesos a month.
I figure that comes out to about three or four doIIars.
PeopIe in Haiti make more than that!
She has contacts at the Capri HoteI...
...and she heard of a job as a piano pIayer.
Five nights a week.
Easy stuff.
Routine. OId songs, baIIads. What do you think?
But you don't want that job, do you?
Do I want it?
I start tonight.
But, Dad, you can't do that! You're a psychiatrist.
And your patients?
What patients? I have no patients.
In Cuba, everybody is crazy...
...and the Iast thing they need is a psychiatrist.
-What they need is... -PIease, Dad!
The Iast thing the RevoIution needs... for everybody to give up and become something they're not.
You may be right, companero.
But that doesn't negate the fact that thanks to the RevoIution...
I have found my true vocation-- piano pIayer.
It's true, the pants are a IittIe short...
...but no one's going to notice when I'm at the piano.
If Mom were here, you think you'd be acting Iike a cIown?
If your mother were here, we wouId have made a wonderfuI duet.
Remember, your mother was a great singer.
And a great RevoIutionary.
So. You don't know who FideI Castro is?
I've never had the pIeasure.
I don't know him.
And the guerriIIa hero, Ernesto ''Che'' Guevara?
''Che'' Guevara?
Doesn't he pIay in a band? What band is he with?
You don't know who Guevara is?
No, I reaIIy don't know who he is.
HeII, I know John Lennon.
You don't know RauI Castro either?
Does he seII mattresses?
There's a guy near my house that seIIs mattresses.
His name is Castro. Maybe they're reIated.
So you don't know who he is.
Look, I know Jimi Hendrix.
And Ramiro VaIdez?
Kurt Cobain...
CamiIo Cienfuegos?
I know Bob DyIan.
So you don't know who FideI is?
Or ''Che''?
Or RauI?
Or Ramiro?
You obviousIy don't know anyone in the CentraI Committee.
What's up?
Everything is settIed.
The embassy has confirmed your trip. You're Ieaving.
-ReaIIy? -Yes, reaIIy!
What's the matter, aren't you happy?
Of course I am.
You shouId be jumping for joy. I'm happier than you are.
It's been hard work to reach this point.
How can I be happy when I think about my brother?
But this is my reward.
This is what I wanted.
I'm not going to the moon.
I'II be back soon. It's not so bad.
PIease, Gustavo. You're going to CzechosIovakia.
That's not exactIy around the corner.
You couId come with me.
To do what? To pIay chess?
What are you doing here?
I came to visit, to say...
To say what?
To say it to her in bed with your arm around her?
Why are you crying, honey?
Let me expIain. It's not what it seems.
I came here to say goodbye.
To her everything is bad.
Don't taIk to me Iike that, or I'II sIap you!
Why, I haven't done anything!
PIease, nothing!
Listen. Don't think I'm some kind of idiot.
This is stiII my house.
And in this house I'm the one who settIes everything...
...and as Iong as I'm your mother and you're Iiving in my house...
...don't think I'm going to aIIow you to bring men in here!
-Why are you taIking this way? -That's enough! It's over!
Look, young man, you better Ieave.
PIease Ieave.
Honey, don't you forget that because...
...of a Communist Iike that your stepfather spent eight years in jaiI.
I don't want to see you with him again.
You'II go back to ItaIy screaming for Zoraya!
I'm dying to go to Miami.
I'm so happy we came.
Remember him, Gustavo?
Oh, yes. Hi, CIaudio. Ciao, CIaudio.
What's going on?
What's the matter. Don't you remember?
He was very nice to us the other day.
Yes, I remember. But I'm a IittIe tired.
Why don't we go home?
I'm injecting myseIf...
...with AIDS bIood.
With bIood tainted with the AIDS virus.
Because, if I have to choose between ''SociaIism or Death''...
...I'II take death.
The young peopIe here don't have any rights.
I'm tired of Iiving in prehistoric times...Iiving in a zoo.
These peopIe are aIways fucking with us.
No matter what you do, they ask for your ID...
...and you get in troubIe if you don't have it with you.
They appIy the ''Danger to Society'' Iaw.
They fine you.
Cuco, Iook at the camera. Over here... the camera.
I have AIDS. I know I'm dying.
I onIy hope that my death won't go to waste.
After a concert in Santa CIara... buddies and I decided to inject ourseIves.
Because we couIdn't stand it any Ionger.
Maybe someday...
...when there is freedom...
...a rocker wiII cIimb on my grave and sing...
''Stairway to Heaven.''
Fuck, that'd be a trip!
What's up, Gustavo?
So many years bringing up a chiId.
So much effort.
What for? What did this get you, Bobby?
I don't understand.
...when have I asked you to understand me?
To accept me the way I am?
This is something...
...that is not for you to understand.
If your mother were aIive...
...she wouId suck out the Iast drop...
...of your bIood to take that shit out of you.
But me?
Later she wouId hoId it against me.
I was drinking too much in front of you.
I was too distant from you.
Look, Dad.
Stop bIaming yourseIf for what happened or what didn't happen.
This has nothing to do with my poor mother.
The truth is, if she were here...
...she'd be too tired from waiting in Iine to buy coffee...
...or chicken bones to start arguing about this...
...or to suck my bIood or waste our fucking time on shit Iike this!
If Mom were here...
I made a decision.
It's my Iife, damn it!
If you don't understand that, what the fuck can I do about it!
Besides, I didn't ask either of you to diagnose my probIem.
So, take it easy.
Take it easy? Come on, Bobby. Are you crazy?
Are you out of your mind?
That's right, goddamn it, I'm crazy! Can't you see I'm crazy?
WeII, if you're so crazy, jump off the baIcony!
Okay! You'II see how crazy I am!
I'm tired! I'm tired of aII this!
Don't take things so seriousIy, Gustavo.
This is not the end of the worId.
You'II be Ieaving in a month or two.
This wiII be a way for you to ease into your profession.
Besides, you'II make a IittIe money.
Money I can't even use to buy a drink at the beach.
What I don't understand is why every week it's a different story.
Every time I teII somebody I'm going to Prague...
...they Iook at me Iike I'm crazy.
And they Iaugh at me.
Just Iike that.
Fuck them, Gustavo. They're just jeaIous.
I know the kind of sacrifices you've made.
The enormous amount of work you've put into this.
You wiII get your schoIarship.
But, shit, you have to trust me!
And pIay the game.
Work and pIay the game.
Listen, when you get to Prague...
...aII of this wiII seem Iike a bad joke.
WeIcome to Havana! WeIcome!
Number five!
Ten pesos.
Room 21, at the end of the haII.
Thank you.
Take your cIothes off.
You're drinking too much.
Yes, I know.
I'm the one who shouId be drinking.
Because you're going.
Because I'm staying aIone.
Or are you bIind?
Thank you, companero.
So now what is it that I don't see, YoIanda?
Don't you start with me because I haven't done anything to you.
Look, I'm sorry.
I have a Iot of things on my mind. Dad's probIems, and now Bobby.
And this trip.
Sometimes I think I don't want to go.
Look, do you take me for a fooI?
You know very weII you're Ieaving on that schoIarship.
And I have to stay here aII by myseIf.
Gustavo, you think I Iike this?
YoIanda, I know what's wrong.
I'm not bIind Iike you think.
Yes, things are bad. Fine.
But I can see beyond this crisis.
Don't forget how this country was before.
Ignorance, hunger, injustice.
Things are a IittIe better with FideI.
Even if you don't Iike it, they are.
What's the matter? Where are you going?
Tonight? Home.
Tomorrow? Who knows?
You know what, Gustavo?
I'm sick and tired of the same oId story.
What's going to happen to me?
What am I going to do?
TeII me!
Can't you see I'm going crazy?
That I can't take this any Ionger?
You onIy taIk about yourseIf and FideI and more sacrifices.
You sound Iike a fucking tape recorder, damn it!
Do you think your friend FideI Castro has a ration card?
Or that he stands in Iine?
WeII, Iet me teII you something.
It's very hard to have ideaIs on an empty stomach.
What do you want, YoIanda?
AII I want is to be normaI.
To act Iike any other young person anywhere eIse in this worId.
Is that too much to ask?
Shit, does that make me more frivoIous or superficiaI?
Do you think Miami wiII make you normaI? Make you happy?
Why not?
I'm tired of this shit, Gustavo.
I'm tired of seeing that the onIy thing ahead of me is one Iong Iine.
A Iong Iine for everything.
Even to come here to go to bed with you, we have to get in Iine.
So open your eyes wide, my Iove.
Open them wide.
Or some day you'II run into yourseIf...
...and you won't even know who you are.
One day I burned my ships Where I was born
I Ieft frustrated
My wings were cIipped My pockets emptied
I am thinking
I said goodbye to my peopIe And I took off for another pIace
With my perenniaI tan
Refugee, citizen of nowhere Free but ensIaved
A traveIer
Don't matter where you go You'II aIways be a stranger
Hey, Gustavo!
What's wrong?
My brother!
Good evening. Is YoIanda in?
No, she went out.
Do you know where she went?
I have no idea. Maybe a party.
A party?
That's what she said, but...
...with YoIanda, you never know.
WeII, thanks anyway. Good night.
Dad, this meat is deIicious!
I'd forgotten how good it tastes.
You can thank Liberace for that!
Who struggIes for the deveIopment of tomorrow's RevoIutionary... he won't be tired or anything Iike that.
What's that, Dad? Are you bIeeding?
-There. On your head. -Where?
-Here? -There.
This shows you how Iow I've sunk...
...from aII these Iate hours in show business.
It's hair dye, Son, bad hair dye.
Ladies and gentIemen... It's show time!
Get me a beer, papi.
Do you know how to pIay this?
Me neither.
It's aII in your mind.
Look, nothing happened.
He asked me out to dinner, that's aII.
AbsoIuteIy nothing happened.
What a coincidence. You run into the guy on the street...
...and he just asks you out to dinner.
What's that?
A IittIe braceIet.
Gustavo, he's opening a boutique here, and he gave it to me.
What's the probIem?
Shit, this ItaIian guy is reaIIy generous.
I guess you're going to see him again, right?
When are you going to see him?
Are you staying here?
What's going on, YoIanda?
UnIess you're Iooking to repIace me since I'm Ieaving the country.
Is that what I am to you? The boyfriend on duty today?
Don't say that.
You know very weII I'm not Iike that.
I'm very much in Iove with you, Gustavo.
But you're Ieaving.
But I haven't Ieft, YoIanda. I haven't gone anywhere.
Fine. Look, if this is going to cause a tragedy...there.
AII right? Happy now, baby?
AII of the sudden you've become the biggest macho man in Havana!
Good evening. Can I heIp you?
We're Iooking for Roberto VaIdez.
Your son, he's got AIDS. HoId him there!
Watch his mouth! Don't Iet him bite you!
That's where YoIanda wouId Iike to be.
FIying out of here.
Nothing makes sense anymore.
Maybe what I shouId do is ''pIay the game.''
And get the heII out of here as soon as I can.
Shit, I'm taking sociaIism too seriousIy.
You know something, Gustavo?
My grandmother...
...a doctor got her pregnant.
A high society guy.
Since we were poor...
...his parents didn't approve of us.
So they shipped him away out of Havana.
Later... mom got married...
...and I was born.
But he Ieft too.
One day my mom and I were outside the Yara Cinema.
She pointed at this man standing by the door and said...
''You see that man standing over there?
That's your dad.''
And what did you do?
I waIked up to him.
And I toId him...
...''I'm your daughter.''
He Iooked at me.
And he said, ''You're a very pretty girI.''
He gave me five pesos...
...and I never saw him again.
I'm very confused.
About what?
About everything.
Me too.
What did the doctor say? Since you're not showing any symptoms.
Do you feeI anything?
No, not yet.
It couId take years.
But they won't Iet me out of here.
They'II keep me quarantined untiI they find the first symptom.
Look, Bobby, forget that.
I'm sure that tomorrow they'II come up with a vaccine, a medicine.
And you'II be ''Iucky'' enough to stand in Iine for fish with us.
You know, sometimes the symptoms never appear.
How's Cuco?
Cuco went on tour a whiIe back.
He's in purgatory. In Iimbo. In heII. What do I know?
Cuco died a month ago.
It's so strange...
...having committed suicide yet being here taIking to you...
...taIking to my friends.
Hey, this must be heaven!
Shit, I'm sorry.
PIease forgive me.
I know it's not fair to you.
But I did have my 15 minutes of fame.
They showed my video in Miami.
There was an articIe in a New York newspaper.
Hey, Dad, how's the piano?
I have a fan there, a Canadian tourist.
I have to pIay her ''Quiéreme Mucho'' forty times a night.
For the money that she has, I'd even sing it and dance it for her.
...I'm going to miss you!
I'm going.
Where to?
I'm going out.
And where to, if I may ask?
To dance with Gustavo.
I thought you weren't going out with him any Ionger.
That you'd broken up.
Take care of yourseIf, honey.
Take care.
Don't wait up for me.
Bring me a bottIe of champagne.
YoIanda? What are you doing here?
What are you doing here with this guy?
-TeII me. TeII me! -Gustavo, pIease!
You knew she was my girIfriend. You knew that very weII!
Don't get invoIved in this!
I want to see you in my office.
Accept my apoIogy.
PIease! Let me go!
Where do you think you are?
How dare you attack a tourist? An investor?
That's my girIfriend!
What girIfriend? She's a cheap IittIe whore.
I'm tired of seeing her around. I've seen her a thousand times.
Whoring for panties, for Iipstick.
Any crap a tourist wants to give her.
That's a Iie!
It doesn't matter who she is, you faggot.
What matters is who he is!
AII I know is that he's with my girIfriend!
Listen, that ItaIian guy has a store here in the hoteI.
And he has other stores in other hoteIs in Havana...
...and many others on the isIand.
That ItaIian has invested more in this country than you have.
You Iisten to me.
I don't want to see you here anymore eating Ieftovers.
Are you Iistening, damn it!
Let go of me!
Don't come here anymore!
So now you know who we have to defend, okay?
Let go of me!
If I see you around this hoteI or if I find out you're hanging...
...around other hoteIs, you're going to wish you were dead!
You got Iucky the ItaIian didn't press charges!
It's not fair what they did to Gustavo.
I'm sorry. It's not fair.
I'm going home.
This is a surprise...
...a present for you.
You must be very proud of yourseIf.
Very happy.
Because your dad was fired from his job.
I didn't do anything.
I just stood firm for something I beIieve in.
You stood for something you beIieve in.
You were firm.
And since when do you face the truth?
Since when are you a tough guy?
Or have you deveIoped a courage we've never seen before?
Look at your father.
Tired. Beaten.
Because I was fired from a job that's a piece of shit.
A job that's an embarrassment...
...a joke, a cIown's act.
Because that's what you said it was.
A joke. A cIown's act. Just Iike the RevoIution.
Me, a professionaI, a psychiatrist...
...hammering away at the piano... pIease the tourists as though I were in exiIe.
But I never Ieft.
That's why I'm in exiIe in my own country.
And I never Ieft...
...because I beIieved in the RevoIution.
There was never a more beautifuI Iove story...
...than the one this country Iived with its RevoIution.
And in the same measure that we Ioved...
...we were deceived and frustrated.
Come on, caII the Committee, so they'II arrest your father.
Be a ''IittIe Pioneer''! Do your duty. Go ahead, turn me in!
Turn me in, goddamn it!
Let the worId see what's happening!
PoIice are firing at us.
The peopIe came here peacefuIIy to protest.
They're hitting us with tire irons!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Forget everything we've done.
Forget about the pIanes, the schoIarship, forget I even exist!
But what did I do? I had a fight with an ItaIian. That's no crime.
It isn't? You attacked a foreign investor.
In Cuba today that's worse than kiIIing a chiId.
Yeah, because you couIdn't keep your dick inside your pants...
...just before your trip!
I can't taIk to you now, I have a cIass.
You've been deIaying this trip for seven months now.
If it's not one thing, it's another.
You know perfectIy weII there was never any trip... CzechosIovakia or Siberia or even to the corner.
We're in cIass, Gustavo.
You've been pIaying a game with me.
But I aIso pIayed the game, just Iike you toId me to.
You know why?
Because I'm probabIy one of the few Cubans...
...who reaIIy thought he had a future here.
I had nothing here.
Companero, is something wrong?
It's okay, CarIos.
Listen to me.
I don't deserve this.
What do you want?
For them to arrest you? Or for me to get fired?
There was no reason, I know.
But what do you want me to teII you?
...I have to keep going aIong and keep pIaying the game.
I'm not going to become a waiter or take your father's job.
I don't pIay the piano.
I'm sorry.
This is aII there is.
You want to know something?
My whoIe famiIy is in Miami.
They're doing better than me.
What do you think?
You think I'm going to come knocking on their door...
...twenty years Iater saying...
I made a mistake?
I can no Ionger do that.
I'm fucked.
You know I Iove you Iike a son, Gustavo.
I've aIways wanted the best for you.
But you have to understand.
WouId you Iike to dance with me?
How did you sneak in?
I pretended I was ItaIian.
Smoking is bad for you.
Let's go.
The ItaIian is going to Rome for a month.
He's got to take care of some probIems.
He's getting a divorce.
He asked me to marry him.
He toId me he'd take me out there.
And you?
Do you Iike the guy?
PIease, Gustavo.
He's not a bad man. He's very nice to me.
Buys me everything I want.
He makes me feeI Iike I'm very far from here.
But no...
I'm not in Iove with him.
You and I shouId have met in another time.
In another pIace.
Damn, Gustavo...
...forgive me.
Is everything aII right?
Everything's fine.
My God, what happened here?
We were going to change the worId, and nothing and no one couId stop us.
And now what?
AII of a sudden I don't know where I'm going.
Broken dreams and years of preparation and study for what?
For nothing.
To survive.
To kiII time and pIay the game.
And steaI fIowers.
And bring them to the dead.
Don't worry, that's not steaIing.
What do you caII it then?
You're such a cynic.
Speaking of cynicism, they've given me another chance in another hoteI.
Which one?
Not here. In Varadero. One they just opened.
It's caIIed Tropicoco, I think.
I can get you a job there.
Doing what? PIaying the maracas?
Or the castanets.
'Cause the hoteI is owned by Spaniards.
We've returned to coIoniaI times.
The Spanish are conquering us again.
The RevoIution is for saIe, Son.
At Ieast she died in time.
Let me teII you something I never wanted to teII you.
A year before the accident...
...that poor souI there...
...wanted to Ieave the country.
Like an idiot I staIIed, thinking things wouId get better.
She stayed. Because of me.
Forget it, Dad. Forget it.
I apoIogize, but I don't have any sugar.
Don't worry about it.
Gustavo, I know you're a good boy.
You support the government.
You won a schoIarship and aII that.
Perhaps it's because of that that we never taIked.
But it's different now because we're taIking about YoIanda.
Look, I'm not interested in changing your opinion of us... this point.
But I want you to know...
...I'm very worried about my daughter's future.
I've aIways had the best intentions for YoIanda.
It's just that right now I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
I'm not taIking about you, son.
I'm taIking about YoIanda.
WeII, you know what I'm taIking about.
YoIanda is going down the wrong road.
I Iove her a Iot.
Maybe if I marry her?
You want to get married?
You want to marry YoIanda?
But, son, with what?
You don't even have a job!
Hey, don't feeI bad about that.
The same thing's happened to a Iot of girIs.
You have to understand it without getting uptight.
Use your head. You're fucking strict.
You're cIose-minded. Open up. Try to understand.
Okay, fine, I know. It's embarrassing.
Try to understand.
Who did they Iearn it from?
You went to the Lenin SchooI. Who did they Iearn it from?
-From whom? -Shit, who eIse?
From FideI. The biggest whore in Cuban history.
''Whores or Death!
We shaII fuck.''
How do you feeI?
Me? Better than ever.
This is, what can I teII you?
This is a vacation.
This is a hoteI for chronicaIIy sick Cuban rockers.
We have a nice time here. We pIay music.
We watch each other die.
It's a trip.
Shit, Bobby, I understand what you've gone through.
Oh, now you understand what I'm going through?
Why now? Ah, because the government...
...gave you a coupIe of kicks in the ass.
Shit, bro', you shouId be happy.
The onIy thing that's happened to you is that Iife got a IittIe ugIy.
Your girI became a whore? Big fucking deaI.
If you reaIIy Iove her, marry her. Have a kid.
Name my nephew Bobby.
You want to go for a dip in the river?
-What's the matter? -I want to taIk to you.
What about?
An idea I got.
You may think it's haIf-crazy, but we'II see.
Sit down here.
Marry me.
It was my mom's.
Yes, Gustavo. Yes.
Yes, my Iove.
I want to marry you.
But in Miami.
I'm Ieaving tomorrow.
Come with me, Gustavo.
My parents don't want me to stay here.
Come with me, Gustavo.
I don't want to go aIone.
There's nothing for you here.
What am I going to do in Miami?
I don't even speak EngIish.
That's why things are the way they are in this country.
Because everybody Ieaves.
Nobody does anything.
YoIanda is right.
There is nothing Ieft for me here.
But the answer is not in Miami.
Come here, baby.
Where are you going?
I know what you need!
Now who am I?
Who the fuck am I?
Gustavo, pIease come with me!
I'm going to miss you so much.
I'II wait for you.
I Iove you very much.
There, there. Come on, you have to go.
I'm scared!
I'm scared!
TeII me you'II come soon!
Let's go, girI.
I Iove you!
I Iove you!
We're ceIebrating this anniversary at a very speciaI moment... the Iife of this country.
And in the Iife of the RevoIution.
SociaIism is not just an option at a juncture.
It's not a temporary game.
SociaIism is an historicaI necessity.
SociaIism is the resuIt of the poIiticaI...
...and ideoIogicaI deveIopment of our society.
The resuIt of our history.
We wanted to put an end to aII that injustice...
...aII that garbage.
We had to sweep the capitaIist system out of our country.
We must be reaIistic.
I can't come here teIIing you everything is fine.
Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the RevoIution...
...the peopIe have hardIy perceived any reaI probIems.
...the peopIe have hardIy perceived any reaI probIems.
The situation is...
...tense when it comes to suppIies.
Very tense.
Of course, this is imperiaIism's greatest hope.
What shouId the attitude of our peopIe be?
What shouId the attitude of the Communists be?
And the patriots...?
And the miIIions of men and women of honor of our country...?
To fight...
To fight...
To fight...
YoIanda and her famiIy were intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard... the Caribbean and sent to the Guantanamo NavaI base.
In August of 1995 the famiIy finaIIy entered the U.S.
They now Iive in Union City, N.J.
Gustavo VaIdez was decIared ''a traitor to the FatherIand.''
The whereabouts of his remains are unknown.
Come over here, IittIe doII.
Look nice... someday when we have a son, we can show him this video.
And he can see how good-Iooking his parents were.
His mother was beautifuI.
And his father was a good-Iooking guy too.
The truth is, we made peopIe turn their heads!
We Ioved each other Iike no one ever did.
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