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Black Hawk Down

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Ripped and Verified by CdinT ( Somalian dialogues and some corrections by
Technicals, nine o'clock.
Oh, shit! Did you see that?
Chief, we got unarmed civilians getting shot down here at nine o'clock.
I got it, Matt. I don't think we can touch this.
This food is the property of Mohamed Farrah Aidid!
Go back to your homes!
Command, Super 64...
...we got militia shooting civilians at the food distribution center.
Request permission to engage.
Super 64, are you taking fire? Over.
Negative, command.
U.N.'s jurisdiction, 64. We cannot intervene.
- Return to base. Over. - Roger.
64 returning.
Ready, Mr. Atto.
Keep Driving!
I'm going to be late.
Call you back.
General Garrison?
No, thanks. I got one.
But these are Cuban.
Bolivar Belicoso.
So is this.
Miami, my friend, is not Cuba.
I see not catching Aidid is becoming a routine.
We weren't trying to catch Aidid. We were trying to catch you.
But am I that important?
I hardly think so.
- You're just a businessman. - Trying to make a living.
Yeah. Selling guns to Aidid's militia.
You've been here, what?
Six weeks?
Six weeks you are trying to catch the general.
You put up reward posters.
$25,000. What is this? Gunfight at the K.O. Corral?
It's the O.K. Corral.
Do you think bringing me in will make him suddenly come to you?
Make him more agreeable?
You know where he sleeps.
You pay for his beds, much less his militia.
We're not leaving Somalia till we find him.
And we will find him.
Don't think because I grew up without running water...
...I am simple, General.
I do know something about history.
See all this? It's simply shaping tomorrow.
A tomorrow without a lot of Arkansas white boys' ideas in it.
Well, I wouldn't know about that. I'm from Texas.
Mr. Garrison, I think you shouldn't have come here.
This is civil war.
This is our war.
Not yours.
300,000 dead and counting.
That's not a war, Mr. Atto. That's genocide.
Now, you enjoy that tea, you hear?
How'd he strike you?
Urbane, sophisticated, cruel.
Yeah, he's a good catch.
It'll take time, but Aidid will feel the loss.
I'm not sure time is something we got in great supply.
This isn't Iraq, you know. Much more complicated than that.
Boss, most of Washington might disagree.
They've been calling for situation reports every morning this week.
Well, tell them the situation is fragile.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott.
I'll be your pilot today.
Federal regulations designate this a non-smoking Black Hawk helicopter.
Those in Mogadishu frequent flyer program will earn 100 free credits.
And as always, the air sickness bags are in the seatback in front of you.
Number one indications are good, Cliff. Put her on two.
You're still clear.
61, this is 64. Go to UHF secure.
I've got some bad news.
"Limo" is a word, Durant. I don't want to hear about it.
It is not a word. It's an abbreviation of a word.
"Limo" is a word in common usage.
That is the key phrase in Scrabble, my good friend. Common usage.
If it's not in the dictionary it doesn't count!
It doesn't have to be in the dictionary!
It does have to be in the dictionary!
When we get back to the base, it's coming off.
You touch my "limo" and I'll spank you, Nightstalker.
Yeah, promises.
That's a nice beach down there.
How's the water?
Yeah, it's nice and warm. And it's loaded with sharks.
- Name. - Todd.
- Last name. - Blackburn.
First name, Todd.
- So, what's it like? - What's what like?
Mogadishu. The fighting.
- Serial number. - 72163427.
Firstly, it's "the Mog" or simply "Mog". No one calls it Mogadishu here.
Secondly, I wouldn't know about the fighting, so don't ask.
Why not?
Didn't I just say, "Don't ask"?
You look like you're about 12, so let me explain something to you.
I have a rare and mysterious skill that precludes me from doing missions.
- Can you type? - No.
- Date of birth. - 2-27-75.
Well, I'm here to kick some ass.
Let's bring it in.
Nice, man! Very smooth!
Single shot through the engine block.
Shit, that's a shame. That was a nice jeep.
Cease fire! Cease fire!
Check your weapons!
Sergeant Eversmann.
Private First Class Blackburn.
Reporting for duty.
Not to me. You're reporting to Lt. Beales. He should be here somewhere.
Can I leave him with you?
Yeah, go ahead.
- You brought your weapon. - Yes, sir.
Want me to shoot? I'm rested.
- When did you get in? - Just now, Sergeant.
Hey, who's hungry?
What is this, Sarg'nt? Another taxpayer-funded Delta safari?
- Not if General Garrison is asking. - I'm asking.
Have a nice meal, Captain.
- Hey, man, there's a line. - I know.
- Well, this isn't the back of it. - Yeah, I know.
Sergeant. Sergeant.
What's going on here?
Some aerial target practice, sir. Didn't want to leave it behind.
I'm talking about your weapon.
Delta or no Delta, that's a hot weapon.
You know better than that. Safety should be on at all times on base.
Well, this is my safety, sir.
Let it go, sir. The guy hasn't eaten in a couple of days.
You Delta boys are a bunch of undisciplined cowboys.
Let me tell you something, Sarg'nt.
When we get on a five-yard line, you're going to need my Rangers.
Y'all better learn to be team players.
We're done here.
Speak up. You say this is your safety?
Well, this is my boot, son.
And it will fit up your ass with the proper amount of force.
- Is that a Jersey accent? - I'm trying to do this, give me a break.
Take those sunglasses off.
Delta wants to wear Oakleys, that's their business.
I don't want to see them on you again.
Is that a hot weapon?
Is that your move?
Is my hand on the piece?
I can mate you in three whatever you do.
I'd keep my eye on that queen before counseling others.
Well, she's just lying in wait.
It's good. You're really improving.
If I may make a suggestion-- Observation.
Go ahead.
- It's a children's book, right? - Right.
They are not supposed to scare the living shit out of the children.
This is the part of the story where our knight is slaying the dragon.
That's scary. Besides, my daughter loves this stuff.
Thought you finished that last week.
You done?
Hey, we are at the 10-yard line here, men.
You understand?
Can you count? One, two, ten.
Okay? Where are my running backs?
Where are my running backs?
Hey, I didn't see you at church on Sunday.
You had something more important to do?
Not on Sunday, you don't. Not anymore.
I will make you believe, you understand?
Pretty funny, hoo-ah?
It was a good impression. I recognize myself.
All right, carry on.
- I'd like a word, specialist. - Sir.
You understand why we have a chain of command, don't you?
Roger that, sir.
If you ever undermine me again, you'll clean latrines with your tongue...
...till you taste no difference between shit and French fries.
- Are we clear? - Hoo-ah, sir.
All right.
Listen to this:
If one skinny kills another his clan owes the dead guy's clan a hundred camels.
A hundred camels.
Camels. I wouldn't pay one camel.
Must be a lot of fucking camel debt.
Is that really true, Lieutenant?
Ask Sgt. Eversmann. He likes skinnies.
Sgt. Eversmann, you really like the skinnies?
It's not that I like them or I don't like them. I respect them.
See, what you guys fail to realize is the sergeant is a bit of an idealist.
He believes in this mission down to his bones. Don't you, Sergeant?
Look, these people, they have no jobs... food, no education, no future.
I just figure that, I mean, we have two things that we can do.
We can help...
...or we can sit back and watch the country destroy itself on CNN.
I don't know about you guys, but I was trained to fight.
Are you trained to fight, Sergeant?
Well, I think I was trained to make a difference, Kurth.
Like the man said, he's an idealist.
Oh, wait. This is my favorite part.
Stay away from the cans!
Die, gas-pumper!
Stay away from those cans!
No, no, stay back.
He's having a seizure. Put something in his mouth.
John, it's okay. John, it's okay. It's okay.
Well, he'll be fine. But not in this army.
He's out of the game. He's epileptic, going home.
I'm putting you in charge of his chalk.
- You got a problem with that? - No, sir.
It's a big responsibility.
Your men will look to you to make the right decisions.
Their lives depend on it.
All right.
- Rangers lead the way, sir. - All the way.
Good luck.
A meeting of Aidid's senior cabinet may take place today at 1500 hours.
I say "may" because we all know by now...
...with the intel we get on the street, nothing is certain.
This is actual intel confirmed by three sources.
Two tier-one personalities may be present:
Omar Salad, Aidid's top political advisor...
...and Abdi Hassan Awale, interior minister.
These are the guys we're after.
Today we go.
Same mission template as before.
1545, Assault Force Delta will infiltrate the target building...
...and seize all suspects within.
Security Force Rangers: 4 Ranger chalks, under command of Capt. Steele...
...will rope in at 1546...
...and hold a four-corner perimeter around the target building.
No one gets in or out.
Extraction Force:
Lt. Colonel McKnight's humvee column will drive in at 1547...
...on Hawlwadig Road and hold just short of the Olympic Hotel.
Wait for the green light.
Now once Delta gives the word...
...McKnight's column will go to the target and load the prisoners onto trucks.
Immediately after the prisoners are loaded...
...the four Ranger chalks will collapse back to the target building...
...load up on humvees...
...and the entire ground force will exfil the 3 miles back to base.
Mission time, no longer than 30 minutes.
Now, I had requested light armor and AC-130 Spectre gunships...
...but Washington, in all its wisdom, decided against this.
Too high-profile.
So Black Hawks and Little Birds will provide the air cover...
...with miniguns and 2.75 rockets.
Colonel Harrell.
In the C-2 bird, Colonel Matthews will coordinate the air mission...
...and I will coordinate ground forces.
Colonel Matthews.
Mission launch code word is Irene.
Which building is it, sir?
We're confirming that now. Somewhere near the Bakara market.
I don't choose the time or place of their meetings.
I didn't say a word, sir.
Make no mistake, once you're in the Bakara market...'re in an entirely hostile district.
Don't underestimate their capabilities.
We'll be in friendly neighborhoods before we hit the market... remember the rules of engagement: No one fires unless fired upon.
Now, let's go get this thing done.
Good luck, gentlemen.
What's the matter, Danny? Something you don't like?
No Spectre gunships, daylight instead of night...
...afternoon when they're all fucked up on khat...
...only part of the city Aidid can mount a counter-attack on short notice...
- What's not to like? - Life's imperfect.
For you two, circling above it at 500 feet, it's imperfect.
Down in the street, it's unforgiving.
What the fuck, Smith?
- Well? - Well, what?
We going?
- Why should I tell you that? - Because I'm me.
Yeah. 3:00. Downtown.
- Bakara market. - All right.
Listen, Smith, I need you to back me up out there today, all right?
Keep sharp.
Yes, sir, Sergeant Eversmann.
Ev, it's going to be nothing, man.
It's all in the grind, Sizemore. Can't be too fine, can't be too coarse.
This, my friend, is a science.
You're looking at the guy that believed the commercials.
About "be all you can be".
I made coffee through Desert Storm.
I made coffee through Panama, while everyone else got to fight... to be a Ranger.
Now it's "Grimesy, black, one sugar" or "Grimesy, got a powdered anywhere?"
- What happened to you? - Ping-Pong accident.
So guess what.
Your wish has been granted. You're going out today.
You're fucking me.
You're taking my place assisting the 60 gunner.
Sergeant Eversmann said to get your stuff and get ready.
It's what you wanted, isn't it?
Oh, yeah.
Hell, yeah.
Grimesy, stick with Waddell and give him ammo when he needs it.
- Hoo-ah? - Hoo-ah.
I wouldn't worry about that. Generally speaking, Somalis can't shoot for shit.
Just watch out for the sammys throwing the rocks, and you'll be fine.
Might even be fun.
D-boys do their thing now. All we got to do is cover them.
Chopper's going to cover us, and we'll be all right.
Look, you guys, this is my first time as chalk leader...
...but, this isn't our first time out together. This is serious.
We're Rangers, not some sorry-ass JROTC.
We're elite.
Let's act like it out there. Hoo-ah?
Any questions?
We're going to be okay.
Grab your gear. Let's move out.
You're not going to need that, dude. We're not out there long enough.
You won't need that, either.
We'll be back before dark.
You might as well take dope and beer instead.
Ammo, dude. Take ammo.
Let me tell you something, Grimes. You got 50 pounds of gear.
You don't need another 12.
I don't know about you, I don't plan on getting shot running away.
Well, I better keep mine in.
Most important thing:
Remember, when everyone is shooting, shoot in the same direction.
Look at this. He's taping his blood type to his boots.
- That's bad luck. - No, it's smart.
All Delta do that.
That's bad luck too, man.
Come on, let's go.
It's a good thing you're right-handed, Adonis.
- If not, I don't know what you'd do. - You're a funny guy, man.
- I'm not taking no death letter. - We have a deal.
I'll give it to you back in an hour.
- Blackburn, you okay? - Excited.
In a good way. I've been training my whole life for this.
You ever shot at anybody before?
No, sir.
Me neither.
Think he's reliable?
Well, we'll see. It's his first time out.
- Tell him to turn his damn radio off. - Yes, sir.
Tell him to turn his radio off.
Abdi, you need to turn your radio off.
Hi. You've reached Stephanie and Randy, leave us a message. Thank you.
Hey, baby, it's me. Are you there?
Pick up if you're there.
I'm just calling to make sure everything's all right.
I'll call you in a couple hours.
You'd better not be sleeping.
Your move, Randy.
I'm missing you.
I love you, baby.
Hello? Hello?
Thanks, bud.
You know, it's kind of funny.
Beautiful beach, beautiful sun.
Could almost be a good place to visit.
You don't think we should be here.
You know what I think? It don't really matter what I think.
Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit...
...just goes right out the window.
I just want to do it right today.
Just watch your corner. Get all your men back here alive.
Now, is this supposed to be the place, or did his car just take a dump?
Abdi, come in.
Abdi, can you hear me? Is this the place?
Abdi, come in.
Can you hear me? Abdi.
Abdi, come in. Is this the place?
To my right side, above the cafe.
He says this is the building.
He's certain?
Abdi, you need to be sure.
Are you sure?
Well, it's down the road, two blocks over on my left.
But there's too many militia.
If I go closer, they might shoot me.
Now he's saying the building's a couple blocks down...
...but if he's seen outside it, he'll be shot.
I'll fucking shoot him myself.
Tell him I want his skinny ass parked in front of the building.
He's not getting paid till he does exactly that.
Three miles to the target. We're never off the main roads.
At K-four traffic circle, we turn north, then east on National...
...and we wait until extraction of prisoners is complete here.
Then we roll up in force on Hawlwadig...
...load the prisoners, the assault-blocking forces and bring them back.
Home in an hour. Okay?
There will be some shooting. Bakara market is the Wild West.
But be careful what you shoot at. People do live there.
Last one of these guys shot himself in the head playing Russian roulette.
Sir, the vehicle is stopped.
So this is the real deal now. He's sure this time.
- He sounds scared shitless. - Good. That's always a good sign.
That's it. That's our signal.
All right.
All QRF out of the airspace.
All QRF out of the airspace.
All units, Irene. I say again, Irene.
Check in when ready. Barber 51 up and ready. Star 41 up and ready.
Copy, Irene.
Fucking Irene!
Come on.
Good luck, boys.
Be careful.
No one gets left behind.
What's wrong?
Nothing. He's just never done that before.
Aw, fuck!
Let's go.
Sergeant Struecker. Let's roll.
Two minutes.
Two minutes.
Why are they burning tires?
Signals to the militia that we're coming!
Okay, 56, looks like there's some friendlies on the ground.
Looks like I've got a tally on the voice.
One minute.
One minute.
What's that for?
Last rope, I almost bit my tongue off.
Touching base.
Two feet, one foot...
Little Birds touching down at target.
Go! Go! Go!
Chalk One troops are on the deck. Chalk Two deployed.
This is McKnight. Uniform 64 approaching staging area.
Down! Get down!
Down! Stay down!
Get down! Everybody down!
You, down!
Get down!
On the floor.
Let's go, let's go!
Grimesy! No fear!
Oh, yeah, right!
Rangers securing perimeter. Four corners.
Colonel, they're shooting at us!
Colonel, they're shooting at us!
Well, shoot back!
This is 64. Chalks on the ground, going into holding pattern.
This is 62, delivered chalks. Going to cover pattern.
Super 62, take up an overhead pattern to provide sniper cover. Over.
This is Super 65. Chalks on the ground, going into holding pattern.
Go, Blackburn, go! Go!
Go, Blackburn!
Hold on!
C-2, we got a man fallen.
Super-61, you're a sitting duck.
Take up overhead pattern to provide sniper cover. Over.
Roger that. 61 coming out.
13, go ahead. I need you to move to the north of the street.
Right to the north. Right there. Over.
Doc! Doc Schmid!
Come on!
Schmid, we got a man hit.
- Where's he hit? - He's not. He fell.
- What? - He fell.
Why aren't you shooting?
We're not being shot at yet!
How can you tell?
A hiss means it's close.
A snap means--
Now they're shooting at us!
Get me Captain Steele! Get me Captain Steele!
Juliet 64, this is Juliet 25. Come in. Over.
Blackburn, can you hear me?
Juliet 64, this is 25. Come in. Over.
I can't get him!
Juliet 64, this is Chalk Four! We've got a man down!
We need to get him out of here! Over.
This is 64. Say again, 25. Over.
We've got a man down! Over.
Take a breath, 25, and calm down. Over.
- Man down! - Missed that, 25.
- Fuck it. - Say again.
Matt, it's a long way to the humvees!
We'll get a stretcher in here. Get him to the target building.
What did he say?
Super 61, we got a man wounded on the ground.
- Stretcher! - Get me a stretcher!
Come on. Stretcher.
Come on, come on!
Grab this end!
Let's go!
- All right. - Go.
Get him to the humvees. We'll hold down the corner.
Up to the humvees! Now!
Go! Go!
Keep moving, Grimes! Run!
- Secure! - Let's move out!
Everybody up! Let's go!
Come on!
Let's go! Let's move!
- Grimes, run! - All right.
C-2, this is Super 61, beginning my orbit of the target area.
Chalk Four, clear for a clear. Coming in.
Kilo 11, this is 61, providing cover for prisoner extract. Over.
Kilo 64, green light.
- Ready for extraction. Over. - Roger that. Will relay.
That's it. We got them.
Uniform 64, ready for extraction. Over.
Roger that. There's the call. Let's move out!
- Let's move out! - Hold on.
- How much longer? - Five minutes, sir.
- What? - Five minutes.
Nothing takes five minutes!
What happened to him?
- He fell! Missed the rope! - How'd he do that?
Put him in that humvee! Grimes, give him a hand!
Let's go! Let's move it!
Move, move! Come on! Move!
Get him in there!
Get ready to move!
Go! Everybody move! Move!
Get the fuck up!
Grimes! Come on!
Grimes! Grimes!
Fuck this!
Let's go.
Come on!
Go! Move it!
Romeo 64, I need to send out three humvees with a casualty.
He looks real bad. I need to evac now.
Roger that, Uniform 64.
We'll chop a team of gun ships to you. Over.
Roger that.
I need extra security on these humvees!
I'll go. I'll take my team, make sure they get back okay.
Do it.
Struecker, you're lead humvee.
First three vehicles mount up, we're moving back to base.
Move out!
How are things going? Things okay there, Struecker?
I don't want to talk about it now, Colonel!
I'm busy.
Sergeant Pilla's hit!
Christ, he's fucked up!
Is anyone hit?
Struecker, talk to me!
It's Sergeant Pilla!
What's his status?
What's his status?
He's dead.
He's dead.
Pilla's dead, sir.
C-2, this is McKnight. We have a KIA Dominick Pilla. Over.
Roger that.
Get on that 50!
Someone get on that 50!
It's mine.
Three guys with RPGs, coming up on your side now!
Stay with it!
This is 61. I'm hit. I'm hit.
Super 61 is hit. He is hit. Wolcott's bird is hit.
You want to pull those PCLs off-line or what?
Right, babe.
Come on.
61, going down.
61 going down.
61 is going down.
Super 61 is going down.
Super 61 is going down.
61 is going down. I repeat, it's going down.
61's going down.
Hold on!
We got a Black Hawk down. We got a Black Hawk down.
Super 61 is down. We got a bird down in the city.
Super 61 is on the deck now.
Get an MH-six on site. Check for survivors.
Send in the SAR bird.
I want ground forces to move and secure a new perimeter around that crash site.
Can you guide the convoy in there?
Roger that.
Well, move quick.
The whole city will be coming down on top of them.
Star 41, come inbound and see if you can land at the crash site.
Roger that. Star 41 inbound.
We just lost the initiative.
25, this is 64. Over.
25. Over.
25, Chalk Four is closest to the crash site. Over.
64, I can't see the crash site. Over.
25, it's due east of you. You will find it.
Leave a security element in place. Take the rest of your chalk to the crash.
Check for survivors. Secure the area. All other chalks will follow.
- 25, do you read me? Over. - Roger that.
Galentine! Schmid!
Get Yurek.
Get Twombly.
Hey, there's a Black Hawk down.
Twombly, Nelson, stay here.
Hold this corner and then exfil with the humvees.
Galentine, Schmid, you're coming with me. Let's go.
How come I got to stay back here?
Because you're dependable.
All right...
...let's go!
I hate being dependable, man.
Juliet 25, hostiles advancing, parallel west to your position.
Women and children among them. Over.
Hit the wall.
We still got guys inside!
I'll go to the crash.
You take the rest of the team. I'll finish loading the prisoners.
No! We'll go to the crash site together.
Secure the perimeter, wait for the humvees.
- Roger that. - Follow my lead.
Sarg'nt, are you receiving me?
Yeah, I heard you. We should be leaving soon.
All right, we need to move out now!
I'll finish loading the prisoners and pick you up at the crash site!
Let's move out!
Moving out! Go!
Get in! Get in!
Eight o'clock!
Grimes, stay away from the walls.
Grimes. You okay?
Let's go, Maddox.
- C-2, convoy's moving out. - Roger that.
Maddox, look at these jerks! These idiots!
Go, go! Right, Maddox, right!
Twombly, the convoy is leaving!
Hey, Twombly!
- I think they've forgotten us. - What?
It doesn't matter.
63 confirm. Skinnies are moving in on all sides. They need help now.
Indigenous personnel advancing to Wolcott crash site.
Say again. Over.
A lot of people closing in.
How far is Chalk Four from the crash site?
- Six blocks, sir. - They need to haul ass.
Get down! Get down!
Scotty, are you okay?
No, don't go back!
Get down! Get down!
Got them!
Six o'clock! Move, move!
Go, go, go!
Go, go!
Come on!
Yurek, leaving!
Come on!
Uniform 64, left turn. Left turn.
Romeo 64, I need to know before I get to the goddamn street!
You have to slow down. There's a delay.
From the time directions are relayed from surveillance to JOC, then to me.
We can't slow down! We're taking heavy enemy fire!
We can't slow down!
Danny, I'm getting information from Orion surveillance above.
So get me my fucking directions to the crash site!
Danny, hold on. I no longer have the best view of your route.
Get your ass in the right place, goddamn it!
What in the hell is the status of Struecker's humvees?
Colonel Harrell, ETA to base, Struecker's column.
ETA to base momentarily.
Open the gate!
- Get him out! Let's go! Let's go! - Come on.
Watch his head.
- Blackburn, can you hear me? - Get him to a medic.
Star 41 is at the crash site to evacuate the injured. Over.
Roger that.
I got you.
Galentine, you all right?
Galentine, Kurth, with me! Cover fire, now.
Full cover!
How many are in there?
Two pilots are dead, two crew chiefs are wounded!
- He's hurt bad. We must get out of here. - All right. Go ahead.
26, this is 25. Is that you shooting up the technicals?
This is 26. Roger that.
DiTomasso, take the southeast corner. We're setting up a perimeter. Over.
This is 26. Roger that. Moving there now.
Move out!
Captain Steele, come in.
Go ahead, 25. This is 64.
We got two wounded and we got both the pilots dead in the chopper!
We need a medivac now!
It's too hot to land a bird. You must secure the perimeter first. Over.
Where are the humvees?
Be advised, 25, the convoy will be there.
They're encountering a lot of resistance. 64 out.
- Get the 50 up! - You should see the crash directly ahead.
All I see is a roadblock!
I'll have to figure out another way.
Give me a defensive perimeter so we can load the wounded.
Fire your weapon, Othic!
Tell my girls I'll be okay.
Medic! Medic!
Joyce! Joyce! Come on, help me pick him up!
Get us off this fucking street! Where's the crash site? Say again.
Keep going straight 200 meters.
Roger that.
Let's go!
Let's go, goddamn it, let's go!
Hey, Twombles. Come here.
The humvees ain't coming back, dude.
Were we supposed to go to them?
I thought they were coming to us.
- I think we're supposed to go to them. - Shit.
Let's go to the crash site.
Don't fire that thing so close to my head. I can barely hear as it is.
Move out.
Shit! Get down!
What did I just tell you? If you do that again...
You okay? Nelson.
You all right?
Search and rescue bird on station inserting medics.
Go, go!
Son of a bitch. C-2, this is 68. We've been hit.
Super 68, there is smoke coming from the top of your rotor.
- Advise you to come out now. - Roger.
Dropping last man.
Art, I've got skinnies with RPGs at 12:00. Can you see them?
Got them. Give me 90 degrees left.
68 coming out.
Super 68 is out. Over.
Hey, Wilkie, what's the situation in there?
Both pilots are dead.
25, we can't move these guys, Matty.
We'll kill them just carrying them.
- Stabilize in here? - Roger.
Stabilize in the bird. Repeat: Stabilize in here. Over.
Understood, Wilkie. We got you covered. Over.
Super 64, come inbound and take Wolcott's position.
Roger. 64 is inbound.
Super 64, you all right?
This is Super 64. We're good.
You sure? You look like you got clipped pretty good.
Instrument panels are okay.
No, we're good. Got a slight vibration in the pedals, but we're good.
All right, put her down on the airfield, 64. Have it checked out just to be safe.
I'm getting movement in these pedals. Check the systems again.
We lost the tail rotor! It's gone!
64 is going down!
64 is going in hard.
64 going down.
We're going down.
Get Struecker's column back out there.
They need to get to Durant's crash site fast.
- Another bird down. - I want them out of there.
All of them.
Captain Steele, we got to move or we'll get pinned down!
We're moving as fast as we can.
You let me do my job and you do yours. Over.
- Fuck! Fuck! - Ruiz stay down.
- I fucking knew-- - Medic.
Fuck this! Captain Steele, I'll take out the threat in the window.
We'll rally at the gray building. Coming through.
All right, let's move!
Cover me!
- Let's go, let's move! - Moving out.
Friendlies coming through!
Let's go, let's go! Move up!
Come on, come on!
Come on!
Move up! Go! Move up!
What the fuck are you doing out there?
Doing my job! We got to get to that crash site!
We got to get on that street, and we got to move!
And you have got to keep up, sir!
Don't you ever give me orders, Sergeant.
We are combat ineffective, understand?
We got too many wounded to move!
Then give me some shooters and I'll circle us to the bird.
Grimes! You're with Chalk Four?
Yes, sir!
All right, hook up with Delta! Rejoin with Sergeant Eversmann.
The rest of you, secure this position!
Treat the wounded, we'll wait for the convoy!
Then we'll rally at the crash site. Roger!
My guys, let's go!
C-2, I have two Delta snipers, Shughart and Gordon...
...volunteering to secure crash site two. Over.
No, Super 62, negative that request. Can't risk another bird.
We don't see anything moving down there, we don't even know if anyone's alive.
A ground team is being organized to go in now.
ETA on ground team? Over.
Unknown, not long.
Do what you can from the air.
All right, gather around!
Durant's 64 is down. We're going back in to get him!
That's crazy. Is there anyone alive?
Doesn't matter, no one gets left behind.
We're wasting time here.
All right!
Refit and max out ammo and grenades, you got five!
Sizemore, where are you going?
- With you guys. - Not with that cast on you're not.
All right, all right, all right. Go get your k-pot.
Talk to me.
I can't go back out there.
Thomas, everyone feels the same way you do. All right?
It's what you do right now that makes a difference.
It's your call.
It'll probably help to wash the blood out of the humvees.
Sergeant Struecker!
Sergeant Struecker! Can I go, Sarge?
- You got some ammo? - Roger, Sarge!
Hop in!
Let's go, Thomas. Get in!
Which way?
- That way, I think! - Not so fucking loud.
Nice donkey.
It's Yurek! You fucking assholes!
Dude, we almost fucking killed you!
- Come to us! - Fuck you, come to me.
Sorry, Sarge!
Dude, where the fuck have you been?
Never mind, you brought NOD, right?
No, I didn't and you want to know why?
Because you said: "You won't need that, we'll be back in a half-hour."
Well, I wasn't saying it to you.
Nelson, cover this way.
We'll need night vision.
What's the matter with you?
Oh, he's deaf. It's my fault.
- We need to get out of here! - That way.
We can't be far from the crash. Which way?
I thought you might know.
Let's move out.
Nelson, Twombly? Come in. Over.
Nelson, Twombly, this is Galentine. We need a position of the convoy. Over.
I can't raise them, Sergeant.
Sir, let's get the fuck out of here and evac!
- Let's move out. - Back to the stronghold!
Come on!
Ground forces have occupied several buildings along Marehan Road...
...but they're all spread out.
Eversmann's Chalk Four has set up a perimeter around Wolcott's crash site.
DiTomasso is in the adjacent structure.
Captain Steele and about 40 men, Rangers, are here, a couple blocks away.
They're banged up pretty bad.
He set up a casualty collection point, I don't think they'll be able to move.
Sergeant Sanderson and a small Delta team...
...are moving from Steele's position to the crash site as we speak.
Draw off fire!
When this asshole stops to reload, cover me!
- Go! - Sir.
Keep going!
I'm jammed!
I got it!
No, shit!
You all right? You okay?
Yeah. I can hear bells ringing.
Come on! Come on!
A crowd is advancing six, seven blocks from the crash.
Shughart and Gordon again request permission... secure until convoy arrives. Over.
General, crowds are in the hundreds now.
From where they are, they can see things clearer than any of us.
They know what they're asking.
Let me talk to them.
This is Garrison.
I want to make sure that you understand what you're asking, so say it out loud.
We're asking to go in and set up a perimeter until ground support arrives.
You realize that I cannot tell you when that might be, it could take a while.
- Roger that. - You still want to go in there?
Yes, sir.
- Colonel Harrell? - Yes, General?
It's your call.
Roger that.
Goffena, put them in.
Motherfucker. Motherfucker.
Set up your perimeter!
There's a fucking rocket in him, sir!
Othic, calm down, goddamn it! There's live ordnance, now get out!
Son of a bitch.
All right, lift him up! Lift him up! Easy, easy!
All right, get him in there! Good, good! Easy, easy!
Get in that truck and drive.
- But I'm shot, Colonel. - Everybody's shot.
We need the prisoners! Let's go!
Surveillance says to take Hawlwadig, then go straight.
McKnight, we need you to turn around and head back to Hawlwadig.
You're shitting me! We just came through there!
There must be a better route!
That's the info I'm getting from JOC, you need to turn around and head back.
Roger that. Roger that.
I cannot believe this shit! Turn us around, Maddox.
They're trying to get us fucking killed!
Just get it over with! Drive!
Get us out of here, goddamn it, drive!
Keep your foot on the gas!
Keep your foot on the gas!
C-2, Shughart and Gordon are on the deck. Over.
God, it's good to see you!
It's good to see you. How bad?
My leg's broken and my back feels kind of weird.
We've got to get you out of here.
I'm pulling him out! Cover!
Wait, I--
I'm putting you down.
C-2, we're at the 64 crash site, securing perimeter.
- You all right? - Yeah, I'm good.
You're locked and loaded.
Any skinnies come around these corners, you watch our backs.
- Where's the rescue squad? - We're it.
All right, stop, stop, Maddox. Stop.
Son of a bitch.
Romeo 64, we're back where we started.
I'm low on ammo, I got many wounded including me...
...vehicles that are barely running.
Okay, Danny, I need a no-b.s. assessment here.
Can you get to the crash site?
Colonel, I can't see shit.
With the amount of wounded we have, we'd do more harm than good.
We need to come back to base, rearm and regroup and then we can go back out.
C-2, bring them back. Get them out of there.
Roger. Return to base.
We're going home!
Let's go. Left.
Roger that. Understand. Convoy returning to base.
- What's up? - They're sending them back.
The convoy's headed back to base camp.
Oh, now that makes sense, don't it?
We need to exfil the wounded now and get out of here before it's too late!
If Colonel McKnight went back to base, then he had a good reason.
It changes nothing.
All right, listen up.
We're going to hold the perimeter and we're going to hold the strongpoint.
Conserve your ammo. Only shoot at what you can hit.
The convoy is going to come.
We're going to get home.
Randy, I need a pistol mag!
Randy, last mag!
Gordy is gone, man. I'll be outside.
Good luck.
We need the 10th Mountain in there. Everything they got.
Pakistanis, Malays, I want their tanks and APCs.
They don't know we've gone in.
We have stirred up a hornet's nest here. We're fighting the entire city.
I want every vehicle possible that's got 4 wheels and armor. Get everything.
Once they've assembled, we'll move our men out of the hostile area...
...and back to the Pakistani Stadium, the safe zone.
- Now, let's go. - Roger that.
Mohamed Farrah Aidid...
claims this prisoner...
On your knees! Get down! Get down!
Stay with me. You just got a bullet in the leg.
See where those tires are burning? All that black smoke?
Roger. I can see it, but I can't get there. Over.
Go 100 meters past it. That's the crash.
Negative. You don't understand.
It's roadblock after roadblock. You have to find us another route. Over.
There ain't one. The only other route is all the way around the city.
Roger that.
Kilo 64, this is Kilo 11.
Request permission to move to crash site number two on foot. Over.
Green light, Kilo 11.
Stop the vehicle. Let me out.
After I'm finished with this, I'll whip you boys up some margaritas.
The usual. Blended, no salt.
This is Kilo 12. We've got to change our position. Over.
Eversmann, come in.
- Roger who is this? - Sanderson.
Do not-- I say again, do not fire to the east. We are coming to you.
DiTomasso and his men are on the southeast corner.
We need you on the northeast building.
Roger. We'll take it.
Watch out for skinnies. They're on the rooftops.
They're in prayer but not for much longer.
Hold your fire to the east.
Eversmann? It's Yurek.
I got Nelson and Twombly with me.
We got the chopper in sight. Where are you?
We're on the southwest corner. Where have you been? Are you okay?
Hold your fire. We're coming in.
We got to go.
Shawn, listen! Sergeant Yurek's going to run first.
When he gets across the street, he'll turn around and cover you as you run.
Listen closely. When you get there, you'll turn around and cover me, okay?
You won't just run to Eversmann's position.
You're going to stop and you are going to cover me.
It's important you understand that.
Okay, you ready?
Yeah, I guess.
- Don't forget. - What?
Don't forget.
I got them in my sight, Sarg'nt. They're coming up on the west gate.
I see them.
Let's move out.
Can you cover us, Sergeant?
We got you.
Smith! No!
You all right?
Get it off of me!
Get it off!
Come on, man. Come on.
Doc! Need some help with Smith here!
My leg! My leg!
Come on, Jamie, I got you!
Up, one, two, three.
- You're all right. - I need some pressure on this wound.
My right thigh!
Pressure, yeah.
- Are my balls okay? - You still have your balls.
I need more men in here.
Twombly! Nelson!
- Put him down. - Oh, man, that really...
- It really hurts! - Direct pressure on that.
It's okay, it's okay.
- Let me see it! - All right.
All right, let me get a look at that.
Oh, shit!
Oh, fuck!
- What the fuck was that? - It's all right.
Hold that down. I need a medivac now.
Fuck. Galentine!
It's all right.
Galentine! Get me Captain Steele!
- Sarg'nt Ruiz, how you doing? - Juliet 64, come in. Over.
They're not going to come and get us. They're not going to come for us.
I need you to suck it up, Sarg'nt. I need you to focus.
- Can you do that? - Juliet 64, come in. Over.
Now, can you hold your weapon?
Yes, sir.
Anybody comes through that door gets two in the chest and one in the head.
- You understand? - I'm still in the fight, sir.
Captain Steele, I need a medivac in here now!
- Corporal Smith has been hit! - Hold on, 25.
Still in the fight.
He's hurt pretty bad.
25, we got wounded too. You'll have to maintain your situation, over.
If he doesn't get help in a half-hour, he's in trouble!
C-2, this is 64.
Requesting a medivac for a critically wounded at Chalk Four's location. Over.
Command, Chalk Four is requesting medivac.
Can't risk it. It's still too hot.
Captain, we cannot send in medivac at this time. Sit tight. Over.
25, this is 64. Negative on the medivac. It's not possible.
JOC cannot risk another bird. You'll just have to hold on.
All right. I got him.
I want direct pressure on the wound.
It's going to be all right.
I think this is mine!
This is Kilo 11. I'm at the Durant crash site.
Roger that.
Crash site two secured.
Lieutenant Colonel Cribbs for you, sir.
- They're still debating the route. - How long?
At least a couple of hours.
We haven't got that long, Joe.
Pakistani General says, since we didn't deign to inform him of the raid...'ll take some time to mobilize the 10th Mountain and 100 vehicles.
You tell the general this:
I understand, but it is my duty to remind him...
...that my men are surrounded by thousands of armed Somali militia.
It's imperative that we move them out of the hostile area and into the safe zone.
I need his help now.
Yes, sir.
Michael Durant.
You are the Ranger who kills my people?
I'm not a Ranger. I'm a pilot.
That's right.
None of you Americans smoke anymore.
You all live long, dull, uninteresting lives.
What do you want with me?
You have taken hostages.
We have you.
My government will never negotiate for me.
Then perhaps you and I can negotiate, huh?
Soldier to soldier.
I'm not in charge.
Course not. You have the power to kill, but not negotiate.
In Somalia, killing is negotiation.
Do you really think if you get General Aidid...
...we will simply put down our weapons...
...and adopt American democracy?
That the killing will stop?
We know this: Without victory, there can be no peace.
There will always be killing, you see?
This is how things are in our world.
Mike Durant, we won't leave you behind.
Mike Durant, we won't leave you behind.
You got to take over from me. Both hands.
It's the femoral artery, but I can't see it.
Which means that it's retracted up into the pelvis.
I have to find it and clamp it. It's the only way to stop the bleeding.
I got no more IVs.
So, I'm going to need you to assist. Okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Now listen, Jamie. I got to do something, it's going to hurt.
I got to cause you more pain, but I have to do it to help you.
All right, you understand?
- Morphine. - I can't.
It'll lower your heart rate too far. I'm sorry.
Twombly, why don't you take his hands?
Hold the wound open, keep pressure on the top of the leg.
Yurek, take the feet and a flashlight.
On my count.
All right, Jamie. All right.
One. Two.
Wait, wait. Okay. I feel it.
I feel the pulse.
I got it. I got it.
I got it, yeah. I got it.
- I got it. - You got it?
I got it clamped.
- Hold it. - Got it.
Here, grab it.
- It's tearing. - I got it.
- Doc, it's going back in! - Hold it!
It's tearing!
- Okay. Get out. Hold the wound. - Okay, I'm holding.
Move your hand.
Fix it?
Yeah, yeah. We got it.
What the hell are you doing?
It's all in the grind, Sarg'nt. Can't be too fine, can't be too coarse.
Grimesy, you are squared away.
Sarg'nt, how would you like a nice hot cup of Joe?
Gold Coast blend.
Sit down. I want to take a look at that foot.
- No, it's not a problem. - Come on.
- Where the hell did they find you? - Behind a desk.
No, really. What, you think I'm kidding?
- Is anybody hit? - We're good!
You all right?
Is everybody all right?
Keep firing... faster!
DiTomasso's hit! Pull him out!
Ranger here. This is Kilo 11.
Chalk Four. We're at the southeast corner of the crash. Who's this?
This is Hoot. I'm coming with three friendlies.
I need cover fire. Over.
Roger, Kilo 11. Hold your fire! Deltas coming in.
Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
Ground personnel will have to mark target positions with infrared strobes.
Get Little Birds on strafing runs and keep them going all night long.
If we don't hold back this city...
...we'll have a 100 caskets to fill by morning.
Yes, sir.
Colonel Harrell, ground personnel at crash site one...
...will have to mark the target with infrared strobes to prep for air strike.
Between the 10th Mountain and U.N., we got enough personnel, okay?
Danny, you guys do not have to go back out again.
I can't die here, man.
You're not going to die, all right? You're not going to die.
I'm sorry.
You don't have anything to be sorry for.
You saved Twombly. You did perfect.
You okay, Twombs?
Yeah, I'm okay, Jamie.
You did what you were trained to do.
You should be proud of that.
Be proud of that.
- Ev? - Yeah.
Do me a favor.
You tell my parents that I fought well today.
And that I fought hard.
You're going to tell them yourself, okay?
Do you hear me?
All right?
- Are the humvees here? - They're coming, Jamie.
They're coming.
You just got to hang in there a little bit.
- You hold on for just a little bit. - I can.
I can.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
- It's nothing. - It's nothing.
Oh, shit.
Hold the wound.
It's okay.
What are you doing?
We need the ammo.
You did all you could here.
They should've sent a medivac.
Right now we'd be out there defending another crashed chopper.
More men would get torn up.
See, you're thinking. Don't.
Because, Sergeant, you can't control who gets hit or who doesn't.
Who falls out of a chopper or why.
It ain't up to you. It's just war.
Yeah, well, Smith's still dead.
- This all happened because Blackburn fell. - Should have, could have, don't matter.
You'll get plenty of time to think about all that later. Believe me.
Sergeant, you got your men this far.
You did it right today.
You need to start thinking about getting these men out of here.
Well, shall we?
I need four guys in this corner now!
This is Barber 52 in position for gun run.
Jesus Christ. Look at that.
This is 25! I can see you. You're right above me.
Eversmann, I can't tell who's who down there. Too much activity.
I'll mark the target with a strobe! Over.
Roger that.
You see it?
Nah, I can't see shit.
- I'm putting it on the roof. - You're going to need help!
Cover me.
Okay, guys, we're going to lay down some cover fire for him on three!
Three. Go!
I got your position. I got the target. We're inbound and hot.
C-2, miniguns dry. Request permission to return to base. Rearm. Over.
Roger that. Second team inbound. Your station.
On your location, four minutes.
All right, they're here. Get the wounded ready to move.
Lay down some cover fire!
I thought I heard a noise out here!
- Load up. We're getting out of here. - Yes, sir.
25, this is 64. The rescue column's here and will be with you in about 5 minutes.
Prepare your men for exfil.
Yeah, roger that, sir! Roger that!
Five minutes! The convoy is going to be here in five minutes!
I need a mag! Eversmann, I'm out!
My last one!
The convoy is here!
Sergeant Eversmann. I heard you guys needed a lift!
Yes, sir!
Bring your wounded and start loading them up!
Hey, I got you. I got you.
It's okay. I want to walk.
Yeah, I would too. Let's go!
We get the pilots' bodies out, and then we go to the stadium.
We're running out of room around here.
Cram into every possible space.
Okay, 10th Mountain provides security for armor, walks us out of the hot zone.
10th Mountain? No.
Sir, with respect, my Rangers can provide rear security.
We'll walk you out of the hot zone, then we'll jump on the last few vehicles.
Okay, let's get out of here.
Let's go.
- All right, you got him? - Yeah, come on.
Come on!
These things are fucking bullet magnets. Come on, let's go!
We go when I'm ordered to, soldier.
Easy. Go easy.
Colonel, what is going on down there?
They're dismantling the entire cockpit around the body.
How long is it going to take? I need an honest, no-shit assessment.
They can't say!
Danny... one gets left behind.
You understand me, son?
Yes, General.
Do what you have to do.
- Come on. Bring him through. - I got him.
- Get all his gear. Get the wounded out. - Got you, sir!
- Move! - Got you!
Move out! Move out! Let's go!
Fire in the hole!
- Let's go! Move! - Let's go!
- Open the hatch! We got men back here! - No room here! Go on the roof!
What's going on?
- The roof? - I'm not getting on no fucking roof!
No, no, it's full.
We're running out. Keep moving. Use the vehicles as cover.
Move it! Let's go!
All right, hold it up. Hold it up.
- Move! - Go! Move!
Get down! Get down!
Get down, lady!
I'm out of ammo!
Sanderson, I'm out of ammo!
Don't you do it.
- What are you doing? - Don't you damn do it.
Kurth, let's go!
Ah, shit.
Bullet missed your jugular by about three millimeters. Don't move.
Hurry up, hurry up.
Little short on coffee, but I got you some tea.
How you doing, soldier?
Can't feel a thing.
Take his pulse.
Hey, Sarg'nt.
Lorenzo. How you doing?
It went in and out, so the medic said I should be okay in a couple of days.
That's great news.
Are we going after them?
You bet your ass we will. We got to regroup.
Don't go out there without me.
Don't go back out there without me.
I can still do my job.
You get some rest now, okay?
You're going back in?
There are still men out there.
When I go home...
...and people ask me:
"Hey, Hoot, why do you do it, man?"
"Why? You some kind of war junkie?"
I won't say a goddamn word.
They won't understand.
They won't understand why we do it.
They won't understand it's about the men next to you.
And that's it.
That's all it is.
Don't even think about it, all right? I'm better on my own.
We started a whole new week. It's Monday.
I was talking to Blackburn the other day...
...and he asked me, "What changed? Why are we going home?"
And I said, "Nothing."
But that's not true, you know. I think everything's changed.
I know I've changed.
A friend of mine asked me before I got here...
It was when we were all shipping out.
He asked me:
"Why are you going to fight somebody else's war?"
"What, do y'all think you're heroes?"
I didn't know what to say at the time...
...but if he asked me again, I'd say no.
I'd say there's no way in hell.
Nobody asks to be a hero.
It just sometimes turns out that way.
I'll talk to your ma and pa when I get home, okay?
My love, you are strong and you will do well in life.
I love you and my children deeply.
Today and tomorrow, let each day grow and grow.
Keep smiling and never give up, even when things get you down.
So, in closing, my love...
...tonight, tuck my children in bed warmly.
Tell them I love them. Then hug them for me...
...and give them both a kiss good night for Daddy.
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Babylon 5 - 3x20 - And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place
Babylon 5 - 3x21 - Shadow Dancing
Babylon 5 1x01 Midnight on the Firing Line
Babylon 5 1x02 Soul Hunter
Babylon 5 1x03 Born to the Purple
Babylon 5 1x04 Infection
Babylon 5 1x05 The Parliament of Dreams
Babylon 5 1x06 Mind War
Babylon 5 1x07 The War Prayer
Babylon 5 1x08 And The Sky Full Of Stars
Babylon 5 1x09 Deathwalker
Babylon 5 1x10 Believers
Babylon 5 1x11 Survivors
Babylon 5 1x12 By Any Means Necessary
Babylon 5 1x13 Signs and Portents
Babylon 5 1x14 TKO
Babylon 5 1x15 Grail
Babylon 5 1x16 Eyes
Babylon 5 1x17 Legacies
Babylon 5 1x18 A voice in the wilderness - Part 1
Babylon 5 1x19 A voice in the wilderness - Part 2
Babylon 5 1x20 Babylon squared
Babylon 5 1x21 The Quality Of Mercy
Babylon 5 1x22 Crysalis
Babylon 5 3x01 Matters of Honor
Babylon 5 4x01 - The Hour of the Wolf
Babylon 5 4x02 - What Ever Happened to Mr Garibaldi
Babylon 5 4x03 - The Summoning
Babylon 5 4x04 - Falling Towards Apotheosis
Babylon 5 4x05 - The Long Night
Babylon 5 4x06 - Into the Fire
Babylon 5 4x07 - Epiphanies
Babylon 5 4x08 - The Illusion of Truth
Babylon 5 4x09 - Atonement
Babylon 5 4x10 - Racing Mars
Babylon 5 4x11 - Lines of Communication
Babylon 5 4x12 - Conflicts of Interest
Babylon 5 4x13 - Rumors Bargains and Lies
Babylon 5 4x14 - Moments of Transition
Babylon 5 4x15 - No Surrender No Retreat
Babylon 5 4x16 - The Exercise of Vital Powers
Babylon 5 4x17 - The Face of the Enemy
Babylon 5 4x18 - Intersections in Real Time
Babylon 5 4x19 - Between the Darkness and the Light
Babylon 5 4x20 - Endgame
Babylon 5 4x21 - Rising Star
Babylon 5 4x22 - The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Babys Day Out
Bachelor Party
Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer The
Back To Bataan
Back To The Future 1
Back To The Future 1 (dc)
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Back To The Future 2
Back To The Future 2 (hi)
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Back To The Future 3 (hi)
Back to School (Alan Metter 1986)
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Bad Santa (unrated)
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Bao biao (1969) - Have sword Chang Cheh
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Basic Instinct
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Batman and Robin
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Batteries Included
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Battlestar Galactica 01x05 - You Cant Go Home Again
Battlestar Galactica 01x07 - Six Degrees of Seperation
Battlestar Galactica 01x08 - Flesh and Bone
Battlestar Galactica 01x09 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
Battlestar Galactica 01x10 - The Hand of God
Battlestar Galactica 01x11 - Colonial Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x12 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 1
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Baxter 1989
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Beyond The
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