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Black and White (1998)

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"Words from your lips made her hips wanna roll
"lt's the Rap Crusader on stage, they call me James
"Playing games like Spades, I'm on his cut like a Band-Aid
"Throw your hands in the air from left to right
"Knock the mikes out real quick, like a Tyson fight
"My raps are real, bringing magic that should kill
"Feeling never squeal, cause I'm hard like steel
"l grab a mike like this, say a rhyme like that...."
Check it out.
"Daddy's little girl Daddy's little girl
"Daddy.... Daddy's little girl.
"Are you Daddy's little girl?"
Any other needs, sir?
Let's see. Ladies, gentlemen, John, would you like something?
I think we're fine, thank you.
Tell Cheryl that this is spectacular. She's outdone herself.
-Just fabulous. -Thank you.
All right, everybody.
Napkins, please, on the laps. This is quail, and it tastes great.
You're gonna love it. The grapes look like flowers.
Everything's perfect.
And a terrific sauce.
Slice little pieces off and then dip it in the sauce.
Hi, Katie.
Well, well, well. What an honour.
Only a half hour late.
-May I ask where you've been, Charlie? -Hi, Daddy. I've been at the liberry.
The "liberry"?
Is that any relation to the institution known as a "library"?
Can't we have one dinner where we don't argue?
I hope so. But I've told you.
If you must wear that ridiculous gold tooth, do it outside, not in my house.
And take your jacket off, too.
What were you guys doing before you decided... become rap artists and cut your first album?
What that got to do with what we talking about?
I came here as a businessman, coming to do business with you...
...and your establishment and you're giving me the rundown...
...on this shit like you're the police.
Isn't this place a recording studio?
It is a recording studio. I'm trying my best to accommodate you.
I'm a kid coming up out of the street, man.
Trying to do my thing, trying to get on. Make music, live a better life.
-Graduating this year? -I sure am.
God willing. With a little luck and a few bribes.
Dad, why you always gotta say shit like that?
Why can't you just be normal?
-Why do you have to be such a nut? -A nut? Excuse me?
You don't see me coming in here and talking about your problems.
You know? Why do you always gotta fuck with me?
Rich is the guy behind the Cream Team, is that correct?
Rich is the mind behind Cream Team.
-And his name is Rich-- -Rich Bower, yeah.
The guy meeting us here is Rich Bower?
Tell me what you heard.
Just stories and gossip about some trouble you guys might've been in.
That's in the past. This is the present. What are we gonna do?
Actually, Cigar, to be totally honest with you...
...l can't give you a firm answer now. We're really jammed up.
-What's going on? -You still negotiating, nigga?
-Thought we had a deal. -This is the cat who owns the studio.
Arnie Tishman. Nice to meet you. Feel free to look around.
By the way, which library were you studying at?
-Surely you remember the name. -I don't remember.
She was studying at a library an hour ago. But ask her where and she can't remember.
What do you mean you can't take cash? What's wrong?
-Money ain't green? -Don't want cash?
-You don't like me? -No--
Cash is king! What's wrong with you? You sound like you're mad.
You're acting like you're on drugs. Drugs are bugging you out.
-Who's your lawyer? -What do lawyers got to do with it?
You're the police or something? We just want some studio time.
What you talking about my lawyer?
You don't treat me like you do everyone else.
Don't start with comparisons.
-Katie's so perfect. -Katie's nine years old.
But you think she's so perfect. And I'm just a disgusting leech...
...that you have. With my friends, I don't feel that way.
I'm having a good day, hanging out with my friends, going to the library...
...and you ruin it.
You have to cut your first album somewhere else.
You'll use this studio in the future.
This is why people get hurt.
You make a person feel a certain way, then you shut him down.
-Is that a threat? -We don't make threats.
We said we'd be back. That's a promise.
There's a time and a place for this. But I don't think that now is the right time.
Let's just all sit here, enjoy this quail and have a meal together.
-Hello. -Hey, Charlie.
-Hold on, Wren. -You lighting up?
-I missed you after school. -Right.
I listened to Rae pour out all her boyfriend problems.
That's good for Rae. I'm glad she's doing that.
-Do you love me? -Of course I love you.
You do? I love you, too.
-Hello. -What up, girl?
What's up, Rich? What you doing?
-I'm gonna call you back, okay? -Wait a second, Charlie.
-Shut up. I'll call you back. -Who are you talking to--
-What's up? What you doing? -Just chilling.
-Did you have fun today? -What can I say?
-It was nice, right? -It was all right.
-I would go for it again. -When?
-Whenever you're ready. -Okay.
Let me get up.
I'm gonna go down there and see what's going on.
The motherfucking D.A.'s son.
What the fuck aspect they get from having this motherfucker working for me?
I gotta talk to you about some shit we ain't talked about yet.
That some major shit that's going down.
You gotta deal with it right away.
There's some disrespect going down and you can't allow this to happen.
Just between you and me.
No, me and you and everybody else in here.
I need to talk to you about some shit.
-I know Rich will slap the shit out of him. -What about?
And his father's the fucking D.A.
You can't be coming to my joint blowing a spot like that.
-What's wrong with you? -I'm doing this for you. Not for myself.
I work for you. You know what I do with my life.
These guys open a club on your turf without calling or asking you.
And no compensation. It's bullshit.
So you're gonna tell me what's going on in my hood?
I know these cats. Scotty, Eric and all these other motherfuckers.
White cats that I know that are opening up this club... your hood with no calls, no nothing.
I don't think it makes sense. What you gonna do?
What am I gonna do? What's your point? You gather information, right?
Just keep the information coming in and you'll see what I'm gonna do.
I understand. I overstand what I gotta do.
What's up?
-He wanna be a rapper. -Yeah.
I was tellin' him not everybody can be a rapper.
-You know what I'm saying? -Yeah, no doubt.
-What's up? -You all right?
What's going on, man?
What's up, Greta? What's going down?
-This is a nice spot. -You like it?
-Why don't we go look outside? -Let me show you....
I ran into your man, Will, on my way up, man.
He had a wild look in his eyes.
Looked like he had something on his mind.
-Just a white boy trying to be a nigga. -Didn't even say, "What's up?" to me.
Fuck all that. How's your game going?
-Come see me play sometime. -Guaranteed.
"Young people are always more given to admiring what is wild...
"...than what is reasonable." That is a quote from Delacroix.
I want to examine today, with you, the question of identity.
Is culture involved and is race a factor? Charlie?
I wanna be black. I wanna get into the hip-hop thing.
Times are definitely different now and things are different.
Obviously now you see a lot of white kids...
...that admire and look up to the black community...
...and hip-hop and rappers.
I think that people are struggling with who they are.
That's a big thing. And being a teenager is a transition...
...from being a kid to being an adult.
When you're an adult, you have to know who you are.
What's not healthy about choosing a style?
You're saying I should treasure my Russian heritage...
...and then get all caught up in what's going on in Russia now?
I don't give a fuck! It'll never affect me!
You don't wanna be what people expect of your race.
People say you're white, you have to be this way.
You can't walk around and talk...
...Ebonics, you know...
...and they're saying....
Sometimes you just don't wanna be what your race is supposed to be.
I'm like a little kid. Little kids go through phases.
I like it now. I'll stand up for it and say, "l'm into hip-hop."
But when it comes down to it, I'll be over it soon.
But right now while I'm in school and I've got comfort...
...and I'm okay and my friends are into it...
...l can go hang out with them and I can be a part of that.
I can do whatever I want. I'm a kid, in America.
First of all, not everybody in here is white.
I'm from the hood, and I don't live there anymore. I don't wanna go back.
I go there to visit some friends and they're trying to get out.
They wanna go on to a college education.
They stay in school and get their grades so they can get out.
And I have friends that do wanna rap.
And they rap about stuff so they can get out of the hood.
We're trying to move up and y'all trying to go down.
I wanna leave you with a quote on the subject of identity.
It's from Shakespeare's Othello. Iago, who has no identity, says:
"l am not what I am."
Excuse me, my name is Sam Doneger and this is my husband Terry Doneger.
I am a freelance documentary filmmaker.
I'm doing a project on a phenomenon that I've followed in America...
...of white high school kids who imitate black hip-hop life.
I would love to include you in my documentary.
This is very important to me. I have a vision.
I want it to be very real, raw and honest.
-You think we fit this description? -I think you do.
So you wanna know why we call ourselves niggas?
You actually use the term "niggers"? lsn't that a derogatory term?
"Nigger" is a derogatory term. "Niggas" isn't.
"Niggas" is like, "These are my niggas."
This is exactly what I'm talking about.
We should introduce her to Will.
You gotta meet Will, his brother. He's the true nigga.
This is my girl Kim, I'm Marty, that's Wren.
Raven and Wren's girl Charlie.
I'm Sam, this is Terry...
...and include me in your day, all right?
-So you're gonna make us famous? -Whatever I can do.
-Where'd you learn how to make movies? -I went to NYU film school.
The 14th is no good. We can do it on the....
Let's make it the 13th at 2:00.
Hold on one second.
-Arnie! -I'll call you back.
-How you doing? -Good to see you.
-I think you know Rich. -Absolutely. We met yesterday.
And I believe you know Cigar.
And this is Dean. He's a point guard on the Rider's basketball team.
I love watching those smooth moves you got!
I suggest that you guys take a look downstairs and get a run of the joint.
Steve and I will talk business up here.
-Friendly business. -This is gonna be big for everybody.
It's a ball to see you, baby. Have a seat right over here.
I'm so glad that you called and we got this thing straightened out.
These white motherfuckers kill me!
Yesterday me and Gar come in here by ourselves, no fucking deal.
Today we bring in another cracker and it's all good.
-Could you explain this shit to me? -That's just your reputation preceding you.
That's all gonna change now.
What I cannot afford is a corpse in my lobby.
A Biggy Smalls, a Tupac, a body in my elevator.
You know, that's not good for business.
What did you think about me and Greta getting back?
Back and forth. It's your game, baby.
Do what you want. Whatever turns you on.
She's writing her anthropology graduate thesis on race.
Good for her.
-I think we're gonna make it this time. -Let me ask you a question:
What do you think these white people really want from us?
You know. White motherfuckers trying to imitate us...
...trying to rap, dress black and all this shit.
Bitches throwing pussy all over. What's going on with this shit?
A lot of people think it's like size. The myth....
Niggas got bigger dicks and shit. But I don't think that's it.
I think they think they're gonna get some kind of life force...
...some shit from fucking with us.
Had some white chicks in the park with me the other day.
Some preppy little chicks, freaking them off.
Pops is an investment banker. Central Park West living and all that.
I don't know what she thinks she's gonna get from being around me.
I'm probably trying to get a little of her information and see what I can do with it.
White people are as different from each other as black people.
You can't lump them together like that. The thing I got with Greta, it's different.
"The mind is a terrible thing to waste
"Especially smoked out, puffin' that morphine base
"Prostitutes display the avenues
"Homicides searching for seed that's about to
"Cattle vans filled up with lifies, young guns equal cribs and kids
"Equal long skids
"Time to fix our position, and light the fixture
"Read through the lines like a scripture, frame the picture
"Sons is goners, three time fels fell upon us
"Ones livin' in cells, ownin' their cells
"Corners that made us men, you got your first nine, you're in
"Money on the line, coach signed to get
"Ooh, coach saw him again"
-What up, kid? What's up, baby? -Hi.
-What's going on? -How are you?
Sneaking up on us.
I'm not sneaking up on you. I can't believe this is happening.
-We're gonna make hits, I'm telling you. -Congratulations.
-Where's Rich? -Rich is right up there talking to Dean.
They're not in jail. They're professionals and they just want to work.
And I'd really appreciate if we can work here with you.
-What's up? -How are you?
This is like real shit!
Just trying to do my biz and make a record.
-Are you proud of me, baby? -Yes, I'm proud of you.
I just want you to know, that I care about you a lot.
If you do feel like you're going into a bad route....
If I do, I'm gonna come see you and get my blessings.
Good, then you know.
Just keep them blessings in your heart for me, that's all.
Four words: You've got a deal.
Thanks. All right, man.
"The harder they come, the harder they get
"Playin' with jumps, makin' it from slums to sponsors
"How we wake up, catch crime faces like they made up
"Start a rally to get paid up
"When they'll be branchin'
"Take time with families, start relaxin'
"Stayin' small, payin' taxes
"One life to live, one road to follow
"Screamin' our life tomorrow
"Filled with happiness, cast out the sorrow"
Damn, life is just fucking crazy, man.
You could be living in heaven and still living in hell.
I'd be thinking, can you change who you are?
Do you love the Other, more than you love yourself?.
Do you wish you were another way?
If you're black, can you bleach?
If you're white, can you dye?
Can you be ghetto without living in the ghetto?
Do you look in the mirror and see your face or do you close your eyes and dream?
What do you want?
Can you look within and embrace your soul or not?
Can you change who you are? You can look at me as long as you want...
...but I'll always be me and you'll always be you.
I've got one for Kim. She said something earlier about:
"l don't wanna eat dick tonight, just eat my pussy right."
-Dirty mouth. -Is that--
-You know that's Little Kim. It's a quote. -She's a rapper.
But that's also Big Kim right here.
If you're making that assumption, is it that you want to have...
...a girl eating your pussy or you don't want dick that night?
I'm just saying that guys for so long have been taking what they want...
...getting their come on. It's time girls fucking get their come on.
What about you guys?
Your husband's obviously gay. What's that about?
Love. That's what it's about.
My husband is a very sensitive and complex person...
...and we're crazy about each other. Right, darling?
Absolutely, my angel. I have a question for everyone.
Origin of the word "fuck." Who knows it?
What's the origin of the word "fuck?" Tell them the origin of the word.
17th century, Charles l: "Fornication under consent of the king."
Tell me what they can offer you. What do they offer you?
Why do you wanna be involved in it?
-It's like safety. -Safety from what?
Safety from anyone who wants to fuck with us.
Hi. I'm Mark Clear.
How are you doing, Mark?
-You're Dean. -That's me.
-You're the point guard on the Rider team. -Yeah, man. Good luck.
Good luck with what? What does that mean?
That's my way of saying see you later.
Really? That's too bad 'cause...
...l had something I wanted to talk to you about.
What's that?
I was just wondering if you wanted to make $50,000. $10,000 up front.
-Are you a quiz show host or something? -No. I'm your future.
I think you got the wrong guy.
So some rinky-dink basketball game that nobody gives a shit...
...what the score is tomorrow is more important to you...
...than making $50,000 in cash?
-I'm starting to think you're serious. -I'm totally serious.
I don't know about this. This is criminal stuff.
In what way, though? It's a crime against...
...the federal government. It's not a crime against some old woman.
You're not hurting anybody. Only the Federal Government.
Do you care about them? I don't.
What have they done for you? They haven't done much for me.
-You haven't been drafted yet, have you? -No.
What happens after you graduate?
I got more interesting things going on than throwing a game.
If you don't want it, don't take it.
-What if I turned you in right now? -Turned me in?
I don't think you'd turn me in.
Would this be the worst thing you ever did in your life?
What? A few bad passes, a few missed lay-ups.
Who the hell would ever know?
-What's in it for you? -Don't worry about me.
I'll bet what I want on the game.
I'm gonna make more money than you will. Think about it.
Tomorrow if you're around at noon, Time Cafe downtown?
900 words? No way.
I need at least 1,800. This is a major article I'm writing.
Look who's sitting there. District Attorney King.
You boys were playing football. What's the verdict?
He's got good hands.
Runs in the family.
Billy, an odd-looking guy keeps staring at you.
-Looks like he knows you. -Maybe he does.
I should make my way over and introduce myself to our illustrious D.A.
George Wayne, Vanity Fair, writer.
I read your column every month. You're wonderful.
You're the much loved, much praised...
-...District Attorney of Manhattan. -I don't know if I'm praised and loved.
And you are Sheila King, formerly Sheila Blair.
Assistant D.A. in charge of sex crimes.
Very good.
I've interrupted your lunch because I'm having a meeting with my editor...
...and we're thinking about doing a story: "Ten Who Run New York."
And you're on the short-list with the likes of Donald Trump and the Mayor.
What do you think of that notion?
Maybe you should interview some of his past wives, too.
-Wives? -He's got two others besides this woman.
You should meet my brother Will. He's got a nice resume, too.
Is Will studying to be a lawyer?
He's on his way to law, but in a different sense.
-My son has a vivid imagination. -I've got a good imagination, George.
-Call my office tomorrow. -Sounds like a great idea.
-We can lock it up. -I like that notion. "Lock it up."
-Nice to meet you. -Thanks for the intrusion.
What's wrong with you?
-The guy's a journalist. -This is a great opportunity for your father.
What do you care? What's it have to do with you?
-It's his fucking career. -Watch your mouth.
Are you serious? Watch my mouth?
Since when do you say watch my mouth? Since she's around?
Don't you ever disrespect my wife or me in front of a stranger again.
I'll cut you off. Be with your brother. Buy your fancy Avirex and Kangol hats.
-Go uptown and hang out with him. -You're really scaring me, Pop.
Go. Why don't you leave right now?
Go home, pack your bags, move out of our house.
What's that supposed to be, a punishment?
You bet it is. Either play by my rules or get out.
Do you hear me? Support yourself.
"Another untold story of rock love
"Unconditional love for the faculty
"Sip and mingle, forever single
"He moved like a king to a group he suited
"Mind polluted from being boozed
"Victorious Big props like Notorious
"Connect He used to do hits, you know correlate"
Check it, yo.
"The situation that I'm facin'
"lt's gettin' hard to find my way out, my mind is made out
"And I'm a step from gettin' laid out The shit hit the fan, I'm goin' straight out
"No doubt, and don't give a damn about gettin' played out
"l'm desperate, on a death wish
"Man, man perfected
"Using procedures without reasons because it's hectic
"Being confined to a nine to five wasn't my exit
"Stayin' in the game and flipping canes what I'm left with
"Props embottled was a tough act to follow
"Many kids that did never lived to see tomorrow
"Clientele fine and swell in the meantime uncut blow flow
"Heads formin' cheese..."
That's what I'm talking about.
"lf cultural anthropology is to serve a useful function...
" the debate on race, it must eliminate bogus categories...
" Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid.
"Race must be viewed not as a set of people defined strictly...
"...and separated each from the other but rather as a series of colour gradations.
"The blackest black not nearly so close to the lightest tan...
" the lightest tan to the average normal white.
"This would not only correct socially destructive forms of bigotry...
"...which result from race-based analysis.
"lt would also, quoting Henry Kissinger, 'Have the additional virtue of being true."'
-Well? -Well what?
Forget it.
-My head is-- -Go on. What?
It's just somewhere else right now.
Wanna talk about it?
Something happened real strange today. I can't tell anybody.
-Nobody. -You don't trust me?
I'm listening to a guy and the way he was coming at me--
I don't understand what you're talking about.
The guy who approached me was a gambler.
So what's your point?
He offered me $50,000 to throw the game.
That's the kind of thing Luke used to do when I was living with him.
He would bribe players.
Why'd you live with someone like that?
-Someone like you? -What's that supposed to mean?
He paid bribes, you're gonna take a bribe. What's the difference?
Should I do it or not?
Just be true to yourself.
So, we have no alcohol sponsor, no liquor sponsor, nothing.
And we're gonna open up a club in three days?
We do have a sponsor.
Celebrity plus models equals a bash.
It's gonna be sick.
Hook me up.
Get on the phone and check on that.
If you don't stop stressing, you're gonna die before you're 25.
I want it to be right.
White boys.
Get a fucking representative up.
-Who's the man in charge? -Back up.
-Who's in charge? -I am.
-You in charge? -Yeah. Scotty.
You here with me?
Everybody shut the fuck up and let me handle my business!
You white boys came to the hood.
You all some blind motherfuckers for trying that.
-Ain't this a bitch. -Just quit this shit.
-You know where you're at? -Yeah, I know.
I don't think you know. I didn't get any phone calls from you or your people.
-You know who I am? -I think so.
I need 75 percent of this joint right here.
75 percent me, 25 percent for you and your guys.
What are we getting for 75 percent?
Who the fuck are you? I thought he was the fucking spokesman.
Do you understand? Turn around and look at him.
You understand what I'm talking about?
I don't want this fucking shit happening here.
All right.
I don't know. I don't have any money.
It's not my money, it's somebody else's.
Then why did you step up like you're the man in charge then?
'Cause I didn't know who you were, I didn't know.
Shut up, all right? Please.
Don't watch my gun. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
-Tell him who your uncle is. -Fuck his uncle!
-Take down his phone number. -Are you down with the mob?
-You want my number? -Yeah, your number.
-I'm sorry, man. What was your number? -555-2975!
White boys, you all got heart.
Tell him Rich Bower.
-Come to the gym tomorrow. -What gym you talking about?
Where Tyson trains.
You motherfuckers make sure you get your shit right 'cause I'll be back.
Tell the boys to reach out for me.
Scotty, we had nothing to do with that.
What the fuck is going on?
Do you know those guys?
Who are those fucking guys?
Nigger motherfuckers come in here. Who the fuck are they?
-So we're on? -What makes you so sure?
You showed up.
Yeah, I'm here.
-Did you tell anybody about this? -No.
-Nobody. -Nobody.
-Not even your girlfriend? -How do you know I got a girlfriend?
I don't know you have a girlfriend. I just assume you do.
I mean, you're a young man. You know.
-So did you tell her? -Why would I tell my girl?
If you do, we're fucked. You don't wanna fuck me.
I thought about it, but I think I'll pass on it.
Seriously, you don't wanna fuck me, right?
-You're asking me some strange questions. -This will be a fuck fest.
Both of us are gonna be fucked if you say anything to anybody.
I don't think you wanna do this.
You act like you don't. So do you want me to say no?
I don't want you to say no, just what you wanna say.
If you wanna do it, I want you to do it. If you wanna...
...basically take a lot of money to fix a game.
I want you to be clear with this.
You're committing a felony. You're losing a basketball game for money.
I want you to understand that you're breaking the law.
If you're fine with that, then so am l.
I know what I'm doing. You got the money or what?
I got the 10. Then you get the 15, then the 25.
Where is it?
It's in the bathroom.
It's not in the bathroom, it's in my underwear.
I think we should go into the bathroom to get it.
I could get it out of my underwear now but I think we should go in the bathroom.
All right. Let's go in the bathroom and get your money.
Let's go to the bathroom and get out my underwear.
This is crazy.
The things we do to throw a basketball game.
-Don't try no funny stuff, man. -Funny stuff?.
You look like a pervert or something.
I'm not a pervert.
You are mighty strange.
Will you stop fumbling around and give me the money?
What is that supposed to mean?
-Bad? Strange? What? -Take it how you want it.
-How are you? -Chilling.
Went down there and checked out that club you told me about.
Glad to be of service.
-What's happening? -Same old same old. Taking care of shit.
Taking care of what?
Nothing, just come from down the street. Smoke a little weed, see some girls.
-Who's down there? -Just some girls I saw.
Nothing belonging to me down there?
Four guys, three cows, two sheep, anything you need.
You got a sick mind.
White boy gets into some crazy shit sometimes.
Fucking D.A.'s psycho son.
This right here is the infamous Will.
Sam Doneger. Nice to meet you.
I'm you're fan, aren't l?
I'm doing a film on your brother. This is my husband Terry.
She found us and she's doing this documentary.
Who are these guys? Will you introduce us?
-No. -No?
What up?
I'll be over there at the wall.
What's the wall?
The wall is where they're from. It's where they congregate.
Can we go to the wall? Can we do that?
No, you can't go to the wall. Don't go to the wall.
We'll go to the wall. It's a free country.
Don't go to the wall. Don't follow them there. Don't do it.
Why don't you get back downtown?
Let's go to the wall.
Why don't you go downtown? I'm as much from here as you are.
-Why can't we go to the wall? -We can go if you wanna go.
-Why has he gotta be so possessive? -Let's go. Let's go to the wall.
My brother's a pretty cool guy, isn't he?
Are you guys imitating a black culture or a black lifestyle?
We're not imitating it, we're influenced by it.
Did you always have that way of speaking? ls that the way you were brought up?
Whatever. It just happened.
If you moved to London right now, in two years you'd be talking... some English person.
You talk like this to your parents? How do they feel about it?
They hate it, but their parents hated what they did.
So, it is about rebelling against your parents.
It's about doing what the fuck you wanna do.
Sam? Oh, my God!
Hi. How are you?
You've changed so much.
I have. I'm a filmmaker. I'm doing a documentary.
What's your name?
-Howdy, Scott. -How you doing, pal?
What do you want?
-Nothing. Just watching. -Watching what?
The approach to Staten lsland.
Are you married?
Yeah, I'm married. I live on the Upper East Side....
-I don't mean to be strange or pushy or... -Well, you are.
...come off like a cushion pusher to you.
I don't understand.
Why do you guys always gotta come up and talk to me?
I'm not gay. Do I have a sign on me that says "fuck me" or something?
-'Cause I don't like dick. -Right.
I'm going to my girlfriend's house. Girlfriend, girlfriend.
-What's his name? -His name. Real funny.
I'm married, too. Actually, that's my husband.
Back up. Every day I got one of you freaks coming up...
...and trying to hit on me. I don't understand. What's the deal?
Do I look gay? Am I wearing a G-string and Daisy Dukes?
-It's more of just an energy. -Let me know if you see it.
-'Cause I don't know what it is. -I just saw you walk in.
-Is my walk feminine or something? -Let me see. Give me a walk.
-Did you see it when I walked in? -I wasn't paying attention.
What makes you think I wanna go with you?
It's your energy.
-There's nothing to do about it? -I don't know if it's internalised.
Do you go up to people randomly and bother them?
-Yes. -You're bothering me.
-I don't mean to. -Can you leave me alone?
All right. Nice meeting you. Let's leave it at that.
-Goodbye. Take care. -Very well.
-I don't know about this shit. -Just trust me on this shit.
-This is Brett Ratner right here. -Rich, good to see you.
-Cigar, what up? -Good to meet you.
I heard your record. I'm a big fan.
-It's incredible. -I don't make records.
He sent me the demo.
I sent him the tape, the demo of the Cream Team.
Why do you think I came out here?
I hope you came out here to do work. That's what we want.
I'm here to sell records for you.
Every time I call this nigga, he be having a joint, playing.
I'm doing Hollywood films, you got a hit record.
I wanna do a video. Because if I do it, it's gonna cross over.
I've never been to Staten lsland before.
But I know what you and your music are about.
And I know what you're saying.
I respect what he do, but we ain't the same type of people.
We're black, he's white.
The truth is, I'm white, I'm from Miami. But I love your music.
I'm just here to make it look great. That's my job.
He gonna Hollywoodise it for us.
I'm gonna give you the production values.
He gonna make it look like it's Hollywood even though it ain't.
-We're gonna take it from the purest form. -I know what your audience wants...
...and I know how to cross it over at the same time.
All I want to say is, if my man believes in you, I believe in you.
-What's going down? -Sorry. Sam Doneger.
I'm doing a documentary.
Rolling up on a nigga with a camera and all this shit.
This is a camera. I'm just working with myself.
I'm doing a documentary on this phenomenon I've witnessed...
...all over America. Hi. Sam. What's your name?
Brett Ratner.
Brett. Rush Hour. Great.
You said you were going to the wall. Is this the wall?
Okay, I want to interview you.
Holly shit! Brett fucking Ratner!
Why didn't you tell me he was coming in?
I know you know this cat, man.
We're doing a video here.
Now I know I gotta watch my back. I'm fucking with analogue niggas.
You know these motherfuckers?
-I don't know them. -They bought your record.
Don't leave me out.
What goes on? Oh, my God.
This the pesky lady with the camera right here.
-Yeah, I'm doing a documentary. -Miss Doneger.
-Sam's my name. -What you be needs to know?
-I wanna know about the wall. -All right, I'll tell you about the wall.
This wall is a monument to two former soldiers that lived out here.
America is definitely eating its young. It's time we did something about it...
...and took responsibility for our ways and actions.
That's why you got, "Can it be all so simple?"
It ain't that simple.
It's never that simple. That's why after the laughter there's always tears.
You'd be surprised how many white kids do know what time it is.
The same way we was taught when we came here...
...on the slave ships, we teaching now.
So who are the slaves today?
We still the slaves.
-The average working man is a slave. -We all sharecropping.
But the thing is, this music is so influential and so real...
...there is not a wall built that can hold it down.
Me and Charlie wanna come hang out with you.
You all got too much extra baggage around.
-If we lose our boyfriends, can we come? -What did I just tell you?
-I'll say I'm not feeling well. -I wanna go.
When we get off the ferry, let's jump in a cab and ditch them.
Let's get something to eat when we get back.
Let's get it when we get to Chinatown.
There's only one cab. There's not enough for everybody.
We have to stick with these kids.
-You wanna meet up later? -We gotta take two cabs.
-I'm just gonna chill out. -Let's go over to my house.
Let's go.
-Charlie, wait! -We'll talk tomorrow.
-I can't find my nose ring. -Something's fucked up. Let's follow them.
This is fucking bullshit.
-What's wrong? -Get in. Go.
Come on, I ain't got all day.
You're under arrest.
For what?
I want you to understand that you're breaking the law.
If you're fine with that, then so am l.
Just tell me you understand what you're doing.
I know what I'm doing. You got the money or what?
I got the 10. Then you get the 15, then the 25.
Where is it?
What you want from me?
-Rich. -Rich?
Rich is not even in--
He's just the biggest gangster in Harlem.
Rich is into entertainment, rap. He's not a street hustler.
Okay, then you go to jail.
What's this all about?
It's about you going to jail unless you give me Rich. You're fucked.
I'm a fucking New York City detective.
You're under arrest. You're fucked.
For $50,000.
You and Cigar arrange that meeting at the gym for me?
You know I handled that. 2:00, he wants to talk.
Everybody gonna be there.
-Who is it? -Wren and Marty to see Charlie and Kim.
Oh, shit!
Yeah, let them in.
-What the fuck are they doing here? -I don't know, but chill.
Charlie, come on, I want to talk to you.
No, not now. What do you want?
-I want to talk to you. Please. -Tell me now. What?
-Can we talk? -What do you want to talk about? Stop it!
-Calm down, man. -Get off it.
Don't be starting with him. It's my problem.
What do you mean, don't be starting with him?
It's my fucking problem. I don't even want to talk to you about it.
Chill out with that bullshit.
-I thought I could trust you. -You can. What did I do?
I thought you were going to Kim's house.
I thought I was going over to Kim's house, too. But Rae--
I didn't know that you knew these people like this.
They were talking about this place, and I'd never been here.
So I said, "Take me there."
You've never gotten into a cab and changed your mind? Ever?
She didn't even know. We would've told you.
You come here and you're disrespectful to everybody.
Disrespectful? What?
It was a chill, mellow environment until your ass showed up.
It was cool in here. We were all relaxing, smoking joints...
...watching television.
-You said you were going to Kim's. -And then we changed our minds.
-In the middle of the cab drive. -Why are you here?
Alright, let her chill out. Help me finish this. Come on.
It's cool. Everybody's a little crazy right now.
Why do you gotta be getting involved with my problems?
What do you mean, why I got to get involved with your problems?
When he's around you always disrespect me.
So fucking what?
You're always telling me I'm your pussy, I'm this, I'm that.
You gotta chill on that shit.
-Is that Mike Tyson? -Yeah, that's Mike Tyson.
-Are you filming everything? -It's part of the documentary.
-Check the joint out. -Give me this shit.
Come on, it's part of the documentary. I'm not doing anything bad with it.
Okay, this is me.
-This is what I look like. -Yeah, I can see you right there.
-Is that really Mike Tyson? -Yeah, that's Mike Tyson.
-Women in the Palaeolithic Era. -The Golden Age.
Yeah. Goddesses.
-They ruled. -No one understood procreation.
How would anybody know without being told?
-People just go on being naive and angry. -It makes perfect sense.
-We didn't go to the bookstore. -We'll do it tomorrow.
-Keep well. -You too. Bye.
Did you know that women in the Palaeolithic Era were like....
-What's the matter? -I'm fucked.
-The game didn't work out? -Nothing worked out. The guy was a cop.
-The guy who approached you? -The guy who paid me!
You took the money.
You act surprised. You thought I should take the money, too.
I said, "Do what you want, just be true to yourself."
What was that supposed to mean?
That means free will, your choice. And you chose to take the bribe.
-So what's the problem now, you regret it? -Yeah, I regret it. I got caught!
Suppose you hadn't been caught. Then what?
Then you would've felt good about yourself, right?
So, who you are is based on external judgements and not any conviction.
Are you listening to yourself?. I'm in the worst trouble of my life...
...and you're examining it like it's a term paper.
What happened? Did he arrest you?
-I guess. -What do you mean you guess?
-He didn't want me. -Who did he want?
He wanted me to rat out Rich because of the shit he's doing.
-Then he'll let you go? -That's what he said.
-What are you gonna do? -I don't know.
I thought Rich was your friend.
We grew up together. He went his way, I went my way.
All this is about fucking with the law.
-And you've been straight? -That's right.
-Now you broke away and got nailed? -Are you saying I'm supposed to go to jail?
-I'm saying be true to yourself. -What would you do?
It doesn't matter.
-Sorry. Are you having a private moment? -Yeah.
-Excuse me, brother? -I'm sorry, my heart is pounding right now.
I'm just so excited to meet you and stuff.
If I could just have a minute of your time to tell you some things I have to get rid of.
-What can I do for you, my friend? -I'm Terrence Doneger.
What can I do for you?
I'm sorry I'm so nervous.
I met you in the Versace store... Los Angeles a while back, and I was a little drunk, and--
I don't know you.
No, I didn't say that we knew each other, just that I had met you before.
I wanted to apologise if I said anything--
-I don't remember. -Good. 'Cause I barely remember myself.
Don't worry about it. You're okay, man.
I had a dream about you. This was what I wanted to say.
It's why my heart is racing and I'm so fluttery.
If I seem strange, I'd like to apologise. I had a dream about you two weeks ago.
That's funny, because you were wearing a shirt like the one you're wearing now.
-And in the dream-- -Listen.
I'm on parole brother. Please. Let's....
-Am I annoying you? -I just wanna....
-I'm having a peaceful moment. Please. -Okay.
In the dream, you were holding me, that's all.
Sam, are you getting this?
Don't talk to me like that again!
God! What are you doing?
Don't fuck with me, come drinker!
I'm sure Mr. Tyson would rather speak to so many other people right now.
I'm Sam.
She got that on tape. That isn't right. You ain't right.
I don't know anything about this white fag shit. White guys do this shit.
Listen, I'm from a different culture.
Steady on the assault and battery now.
I was in the penitentiary. They said I raped somebody, so just....
-Do you wanna talk to me about it? -That's okay.
I'll take your word for it.
They put you underneath the penitentiary for the white women.
Is there a difference?
What's the difference between a white woman versus a black woman?
Don't touch no white bitch. They got me with that other.
Do you want me to turn it off?.
-Please, now. -Do you want me to turn it off?.
Please! You're not dealing with an animal. This is not a study of animals.
It's off. Okay?
Please allow me.... Just leave me here, please.
-Okay. -Please.
Can I just introduce myself to you? ln all honesty, I'm a fan.
Go ahead with that strange individual.
I don't think he meant any harm. I really don't.
What's his name?
-Whose name? -The cop.
Mark Clear.
What does he look like?
-What does he look like? -Yes.
What difference does it make what he looks like?
Just curious.
He looks like what he is.
So what are you gonna do now?
You're definitely beautiful to look at.
-You really believe that? -Why would I say that?
Do you think I want you mad at me for lying? I'm not gonna lie to you.
Of course I wouldn't be angry 'cause no one ever told me that I was gorgeous.
But you are, you really are. Come on!
You've got beautiful eyes.
And I'm in the phone book. Sam Doneger.
Hold on. A chick named Greta wanna holler at you.
Greta? What the fuck she wanna holler at me for? What's going on here?
Are you okay, honey? That was great.
Rich right here. Speak to me.
Listen, I've gotta see you right away.
-What's on your mind? -Not on the phone.
You're in a lot of trouble.
I wanna help you, but you have to come out and meet me.
What do you mean I may be in a lot of trouble?
What the fuck are you gonna help me with?
Be at The Roger Williams Hotel. Room 406, in one hour.
-Meet you at a hotel? -That's right.
-Why you can't tell me over the phone? -Just be there. Trust me.
Let's get this shit straight.
Ain't no funny business going on here.
Me and my man Dean been down for too long since we was kids.
Like five years old. You know I what I'm saying?
All right.
-Come on, baby, I gotta take a piss. -Go right ahead.
-So, you think Dean is your friend? -Yeah, Dean's my friend.
What would you do if you knew that Dean was approached by a gambler...
...and offered $50,000 to shave points on a game?
$50,000? I'd probably tell him to take it. I'd take it, depending on the circumstance.
And if you knew he took the money, threw the game...
...then found out that the gambler was really a cop?
Then I'd say Dean got trouble on his hands.
And suppose the cop wasn't really after Dean but after his friend Rich.
And Dean decided to sell him out, let him go to jail so he could stay free.
What would you do?
I'd have to be a 100 percent sure before I even thought about doing anything.
-You can be. -Is that right?
That's right.
-So what would you do? -Might have to do something to his girl.
-Like what? -Depends. Whatever turns her on.
Whatever excites her.
And what about Dean? What would you do to Dean?
Don't worry about Dean.
Take a break, Raoul.
We'll go get some pasta. I'll take you to a sports bar.
I wanna go there. I've never been there. 'Cause I need to go there.
Get a nice bite.
The only thing I got to do is go home and see my wife...
...and get a morning run. Take my kids to school...
-...and come back and go to the gym. -Then we'll go next week.
The guy be here, Chucky.
What's up, my man?
This is Cigar. My friend Chuck.
That was some crazy shit last night. That weird-ass white motherfucker.
-Just came to get some wisdom from you. -Really. Tell me about wisdom.
I've made too many mistakes to be a man known for his wisdom.
Except you can't make the same mistakes twice.
I've made quite a few.
Not the same, but I always get the same consequences: pain.
All this shit boils down to pain.
You know that cat Dean?
He got arrested for some bullshit and he's trying to stagnate my process.
Where I came from, as to where the fuck I'm going.
Age-old story, brother. Deceit, treachery.
The dude is in a squeeze.
He's gonna fuck me, he's gonna get me rocked... he can save himself, basically.
He's gonna try to.... It's police business and all that shit.
So, this is what you're telling me.
This is what I'm deciphering from your vernacular.
You fucked with a nigger...
...he got in trouble and he told on you.
There are two possibilities.
I could kill the motherfucker or not kill him.
If I don't kill him, I'm going to jail. What's your suggestion?
You got a problem with somebody, you got to solve it, take care of it.
You're angry. You're angry about people that you feel have betrayed you.
If you're not willing to be nice to somebody constantly, you should kill them.
If you're not nice to them, and you have them around and empower them...
...they'll kill you or hurt you.
So, you're telling me I should murder him.
No, my friend, I said nothing of the sort.
I'm too fastidious with my words. I choose them very carefully.
What I said is you have a problem. Deal with the repercussions of it.
Would you deal with the responsibility of going to prison?
I've been there. You don't want to go. Random strip searches, kicks in the ass...
...having dogs look up your ass.
Having a pervert guard playing with your asshole and your balls.
Is that what you want?
-You're fucking with words. -I'm not playing.
You're very articulate and all this bullshit.
Oh, my God.
We're from the same motherfucking part of town.
I don't even understand whatever the fuck it was you just said.
In other words...
...a bug needs to be stomped on.
But listen, I love you as a brother, always will love you.
I like Dean, too, but your guy chose this life.
Deal with that problem. You should call me with the scores.
I got a fucking headache, you're talking some fucking scores.
I'm out of here.
Gotta go, gotta go.
See you tomorrow night, Mike.
Chucky-Chuck. What up, Chuck?
Mr. Roberto, talk to me.
There was some trouble the other night in the club.
-Motherfucking right, there was trouble. -First of all, this is Scotty, and that's Frank.
-Tell me what happened. -I'll tell you what happened.
I wanna hear this. He tried to take half.
Clubs opening in the neighbourhood where I've lived all these years of my life.
A 20-block radius that me and my crew rule.
We're gonna work something out. I got something else we'll deal with later.
As for this, it's solved. We'll take care of it.
Shake hands with my nephew. Come on, shake hands.
Shake hands!
All right, no more problems, no more.
There will be no more problems. We'll work out what we gotta do.
All right, guys, I'll see you at the opening.
Next time you go to him first and work with him.
You make me sound like an asshole. This guy comes in here and calls me soft.
I do business with him. He's a good guy.
You shut the fuck up! Just shut up, let him talk.
Excuse me, are you lnspector Deck? Nice to meet you. I'm Sam Doneger.
I'm a really big fan. This is my husband, Terry Doneger.
Would you do me a favour and introduce me to your friends?
-I'm going over there anyway. -Would you mind? I'd really appreciate it.
Hi. I'm Sam.
Nice to meet you.
We were talking about how your music influences kids today.
-What's your name? -Sticks.
-Why Sticks? -It's what I do every night.
"Sticks." What's it mean?
It means don't let me catch you on a late night walking around.
What's going on? You all right?
-How do you like the club? Looks good? -It's nice.
-Rich, how are you? -I could use that favour right about now.
-You got it. What is it? No problem. -There's a dude and I need to get him hit.
I want one of your boys to take care of it.
-Tonight? -Tonight. Right now.
It's opening night. You want me to kill a guy?
Let the place warm up a few weeks. Give me a break.
Listen, the guy will be here in two days. It can't wait two days?
I ain't got two days.
You want me to go kill the guy myself tonight?
I'll deal with it.
-Do you feel exploited by it? -It's just bullshit.
Tell me why. What's bullshit about it? What's a crock about it?
It's like the big-ass-tourist bus that be riding through Harlem...
...looking at us like we're on display here.
So you're saying you cannot know it unless you live it.
Shit is kinda proper. Gentlemen, what's the word?
I just can't comprehend it. It's just too much.
-It's like a tumour in my brain. -That's true.
I'm sorry. I'm so scared.
I'm just trying to have fun, too. I thought we share!
We do. We share.
Let me hit that.
-What is that you're wearing? -This?
The cologne.
It's Aramis. You remember Aramis, don't you?
-That's the same that I wear. -Come on.
-I swear to God. -You're shitting me.
Oh, my God. Is that just nuts?
She's gone. Who cares?
She was pretty smart. What's your name?
-Terry Doneger. What's your name? -Casey. It's nice to meet you.
It's my pleasure.
Where you been? I've been looking for your little ass.
-What's going on? -Watch the do.
Come on, your do's fucked up anyway. Stop this bullshit.
What do you think of the gig?
This shit is right. What's up with you though?
-Chilling, feeling the vibe. -You feeling it?
Hi everybody, how are you? How you doing, baby?
Mom, nice coat.
You borrowed my coat?
It's my coat, not yours, baby.
I'm Sam Doneger.
I'm doing a documentary on your daughter and all of her friends.
It's about how we're into hip-hop and shit.
I got some serious shit I need to really get at you.
I'm the one. What do you need?
You the one? You don't even know what the fuck I'm talking about.
You got all the boys, but I take care of the serious shit.
-You live like that? -I'm live like that.
-Your balls look kind of small to me. -'Cause these pants is big.
-I need you to do something for me. -I'm the one. What you need to do?
You sure you up to it?
Depends. But most of the time I can deal with what you need me to do.
Depends on what? What do you mean "most of the time"?
-Either you're with it or you ain't. -I'm with it. You need me to do what?
You up to do a murder?
This is a club. What're you talking about?
Don't give me this "club" shit. I don't give a fuck about that.
You up for it?
Who do you need to get murdered?
I don't know about that. What the fuck, Dean--
What you mean you don't know? You said you were with it.
I am with it. But what the fuck? Dean is like your boy, he's like my boy.
-What the fuck's up with Dean? -What he did to me? ls that important?
-So you wanna do this right away? -What do you think?
I need you to do it right away. I need you to do it now!
It's done. I'll do it. I'll do it for you, no problem.
-You gonna do it? -Yeah, I'm gonna do it.
I said I would.
-Remember me? -What's up, baby? How you doing?
-What is going on? -What you mean?
-What is going on? -What you talking about?
Don't act like you don't know. You've walked around the club four times...
...having little conversations with people. What is this? Look me in the eye.
What the fuck is going on? You're full of shit. I can tell.
Fucking silencer. What the fuck am I doing?
That's what the fuck I really ought to do.
-Yeah. -You ready?
-Ready? -Ready to roll. Your time's up, pal.
There's a lot ofstuff about Rich I don't even know.
You got enough on him just like I got enough on you.
-Where you gonna be at 8:00? -The gym.
-I'll be waiting outside. -I'm gonna make a lot of enemies.
My heart's breaking for you, Dean.
Go on, I'm not playing.
-You ain't playing? You finished? -I'm finished for the day.
Just stay right there. Don't move.
Just fucking stay right there! You know what you did.
You don't understand.
Don't try to fuck with my head. You stay there.
-Let me and him talk about it. -Rich don't wanna talk.
You're going to shoot me? Relax man.
Don't let him get in your head.
Don't you try to fuck with my head. Stay there.
-Don't you take another step. -Me and you will talk about it.
I swear to God, don't take another fucking step.
Don't let him do this.
Fuck you. Just stay back.
-Just relax. -Fuck you.
Attention, units. We got a report of a homicide at a basketball court: 1-8-7.
All units in the vicinity, please respond.
Again, we've got a report of a homicide, City Rider basketball court.
1-8-7: possible homicide. Please respond.
Hi. What's so urgent?
-What's so urgent? -Remember? That's the word you used.
Yeah. Hi.
You wanna start out like that?
Wait a minute. What is this?
This is our....
Doesn't this place bring back any....
Doesn't it conjure up any....
No. What is this about, Luke?
-That guy. -What guy?
That guy, what's his name...
...the basketball player.
-His name's Dean. -Right, it was. Dean.
What do you mean "was"?
He's dead.
You didn't know that? You didn't hear it on the news?
You know what fascinates me? It's very interesting to me.
There's this guy. This weak, greedy, fucking corrupt asshole...
...that you fall for, that you leave me for.
You get all crazy about him. Then I tell you he's dead...
...and you have less of a reaction than if I told you a squirrel was hit by a van.
-You know about this? -No, I don't.
Don't lie, 'cause I can tell when you're lying.
How was he killed?
-I didn't say he was killed. -Yeah, you did.
I said he was dead. I never said he was killed.
It's the way you were saying it.
You're lying to me. You know about this, don't you?
I never said he was killed. I said he was dead.
-Did you have something to do with it? -No. Did you?
No. I can't believe we're having this conversation.
I wish we could get together and talk about us.
How was he killed?
He was shot in front of his locker. 'cause he was a weak, greedy...
...bribe-taking motherfucker. That's why.
-How would you know that? -How would I know that?
There's stuff I know that you don't know.
-What's your name? -What?
After you became a detective, did you change your name?
-Yeah. -To what name?
-To what name? -Mark Clear.
-You fucking Rich Bower? -Fuck you!
-You're fucking Bower, right? -Fuck you!
Let me get this straight. Dean told you...
...then you told Rich 'cause it turned you off that Dean would be so weak... actually open up to you. Like when I left, you considered it weak...
...that I'd do something to change my life.
To actually turn my life around. That's weak!
You're so fucking twisted.
Don't you get it? God! You haven't changed.
You're the same guy, except now you're hiding behind a badge.
So when are you gonna come back to me?
Why is that so crazy?
In local news, the killer of City Rider Dean Carter is still at large.
Police continue to investigate this tragic shooting.
Carter was found dead outside his locker room...
...a gunshot wound to the chest.
If you have any information, please call our crime watch hotline.
And now, for the weather.
Once again, it will be mild tonight with temperatures in the 50s.
Did you know I got locked up in Memphis?
-What the fuck were you doing? -Being black.
You're right.
In the South, you've gotta figure what time it is and where you're at.
I was in the middle of the street signing autographs.
Nigger pulled up, pulls me over to the side.
Came back and just maced me over the top.
Maced me right in my eyes.
Shit was burning, face on fire.
And they locked me up after that. It was bad though.
You got up out of that shit.
Then I served my night, went to see the judge.
A night for what?
A night for obstruction of traffic and motherfucking resisting arrest.
It was bad, but they did it because I was black.
That's where Martin Luther King got killed.
Loving you, biting the ear and shit.
My nigga.
Look what you did.
My niggas burning each other up, dropping shit on my rug.
Damn, man! Come on, man!
I'm lucky you all know I got cash pool.
You got these cats disrespecting your crib.
It ain't no disrespect, it was an accident. You know how I play the game.
I don't know about that thing we discussed at the gym.
When you moved on this kid, what's up?
Did you take care of it on your own or what?
-I hired somebody to do the shit. -Hired who?
A brother member, a family member?
Not your brother or my brother.
That's a bad move. You're playing dirty pool.
What are you talking about?
You can't send no child to do a man's job. You have to handle it on your own.
As soon as he needs a fix or something, you're burned.
You don't know nothing about him, what his weakness is.
I'm just trying to save your ass. You got somebody to do it--
Save my ass? Come on, man. I was taking your advice.
But you wasn't man enough to do it yourself.
You gotta be a man. When you make moves--
You're assassinating my character.
Assassinating your character? Your manhood?
-You got some kid you don't know, l-- -I know him!
-Hi. Is this District Attorney King? -Yes, it is.
I'm Mark Clear. I'm a detective with the NYPD, sir.
I have a bit of information about your son Will...
...that I'd like to meet you about.
What information are we talking about?
It's very important. I think I should meet you in person.
I'm free from 2:00 to 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.
No, tomorrow isn't good. I'd say in an hour would be best.
Right away would be really good.
You should drop everything you're doing right now and meet me.
If you know what I mean.
So where's your friend Charlie?
She don't want none of this dick today?
She's angry at you.
What the fuck she angry about?
-Because of the other night. -What happened the other night?
You disrespected her.
She got what her hand called for.
Anyway, you think I can't satisfy you by myself?.
-I don't know. -Why don't you let me show you?
You can show me. But I still think of you and Charlie as a team.
Oh, shit.
Mr. King?
-Hi, I'm Mark Clear. How you doing? -Can I see some...
I'm a detective with the 15th Precinct.
I have some photographs to show you.
You heard about the murder of that basketball player, Dean, from City?
Yes, I've heard of it. I'll be prosecuting the case as soon as we catch the killer.
-Can I see the photographs? -Yeah.
Those were taken about two minutes after your son shot and killed the victim.
I don't want to arrest your son.
Does anyone else know about these photographs?
-What do you want? -Redemption.
-I'm a D.A., I'm not a priest. -That's why you can help me.
A priest can't help me here. Let me tell you something about myself.
My dad is a lawyer. He's a very liberal lawyer.
My mom was involved in voter registration in the South in the '60s.
She put her life on the line for causes she believed in.
I went a different way and became a gambler and a cheat...
...l stole, basically, did everything wrong.
I was rebelling against what they were. I don't know whatever the hell it was.
I also was very creative as a kid. I actually made guitars.
I made my own clothes. I'm good with my hands.
I can talk my way in and out of a lot of situations.
It's gotten me into trouble a lot in my life. It's also done incredibly well for me.
Have you ever heard of...
...Saul of Tarsus? Do you know who that was in the Bible?
He became St. Paul the Apostle.
He was an epileptic who had this conversion.
He decided not to persecute Christians but to become one.
The most zealous Christian ever. Six years ago, I had a big change in my life.
I decided to become a cop.
I had this girlfriend who was just not even a fucking girlfriend.
She was more like the only woman I ever loved.
She was just really fucking with my head.
I think she got off on the fact that I was a criminal.
And when I had a change in my life, when I decided to do something... persecute these fuckers.... When I became who I am now...
...she couldn't deal with it, she left. She left and she--
-What do you want from me? -I'm trying to explain what I want.
I'm leaving in one minute. What do you want?
I want to explain to you. Before I became a cop, I was a gambler...
...l got involved in some very bad situations.
There's one situation that I got involved with...
...that's coming back now, it'll come across your desk.
This guy named Jimmy Fordo. There's a basketball fix.
I know the case.
I think I understand where you're leading this.
Do you? 'Cause there's a really simple solution to this problem here.
I can help your son out, you can help me out, we can help each other.
I don't know.
What you don't...
...know about my son and me is that...
...we're not close.
Will and l...
...we haven't seen each other for two years.
I don't know if I wanna help Will...
...and I know I don't want to help you.
But I will have to speak with my son and I'll need some time.
All right. Okay.
I don't wanna tell you how you wanna live your life...
...but I think you should help your son.
I think I can help you help your son.
What do you want?
What's going on?
What's up with you? Why you out here like this?
I don't want those hands on me right now.
I don't know where they've been. What's up with you and white girls?
-Me and white girls? -You said you'd never go there.
You're acting like it's my girl or something. What're you talking about?
I just had to walk in and see a white girl, with hair down to her ass, blue eyes...
...with granny underwear on with fucking flowers on them.
We ain't married or nothing. I don't see no ring on your finger or mine.
I'm just trying to give you a reality check...
...on how you're living right now. It's foul and disgusting.
Won't you come over here and make my house a home?
I shouldn't have to make your house a home.
-I told you how I felt a long time ago. -You're used goods. I don't want you.
You know what you need? You need to go inside and do some searching.
Figure out who the fuck you are before it's too late.
Can you pop the trunk, please?
Thank you.
See you in a week. We're off to the South.
-Honey. -What?
Come on. What's the matter?
-Please. -I'm not sure.
I'm not sure that I'm going now.
-Don't do this again. Every time we fly.... -Just go solo.
Solo? What's the matter with you? Get in the car!
-I'm not going. -You are going. Stop it!
I am tired of living this lie. Every time we got down there we pretend--
Stop it. Get in the car. Just get in the car, okay?
I'm a come guzzler. Mike nailed it!
-Stop it! Okay? -I don't wanna pretend anymore.
Richard, I'm gay!
-Richard does not care. -Richard's known.
What do I do? She's out of town with boys in here.
Am I a fag or what?
Stop it, please! So what? You're a fag. Who the fuck cares?
Everyone knows but you. You won't even admit it.
I do admit it. I admit everything.
I'm fine with it. I am so fine with it. Stop it!
You're staying here. Get a life, get a man!
You were so into Mike the other night.
You want a big black man, not a little, stingy queen.
I was doing it for you, trying to save him from hurting you.
You're the one that was so excited about it.
You're in denial. I'm taking your bags out.
Can you pop the trunk again real quick?
It's like The Day of the Dolphin, right? Where you say you don't love me.
Pa says he doesn't love the dolphins because it's safe.
Pa loves cock. Sorry.
I don't get it. I just don't fucking get it.
Just go! Go! Keep fucking going!
He'll come back.
I really feel spooked about that kid, Will.
I think he's gonna be a threat to us down the line.
Sit down.
Number one, the motherfucking nigga pops is the D.A.
Forget about it. We gotta get away from that kind of thinking.
All that shit is in the past. The only hits we're doing is on wax.
We ain't killing nobody no more, you all understand?
A police officer...
...took these photographs.
He doesn't want you.
What he wants is, he has a case coming before me...
...where he's indictable.
He wants me to throw the case out.
You know that white kid wasn't right for that shit.
You know that.
There's no way I'm letting you go to jail. We're going to have a new beginning.
We can't do this shit. We're not doing it.
Let me take the stance for all of that.
'Cause he acting like we don't know what time it is.
I don't see you working it, nigga, for what you need to work 'em for.
A Detective Mark Clear.
This is Detective Mark Clear. Now listen to me very carefully.
I know what you did. I know everything that you did.
-I don't know what you're talking about-- -Shut up and listen, asshole.
You may think you got away with what you did...
...and think, "My life is free now. " Right? It isn't.
Sometimes people get second chances. I got a second chance.
I'm Saul of Tarsus. I'm not gonna blow it.
You're gonna blow it. Maybe not right away, but you will.
And when you do, I'm gonna be right there to nail your ass.
I'm gonna annihilate you, asshole. You're going the fuck down.
I am so fucked up.
In the Palaeolithic Era, people believed that the female body was sacred...
...because it was creating a life on its own.
They didn't make a connection between the sexual act...
...and a child being born nine months later.
So, for thousands of years people considered that men were unnecessary.
Yes, okay, I know that's right.
They were decoration.
And women were everything.
They still are, baby, they still are.
I told everybody that your hair and make-up look great.
Now there ain't no boundary. We're all in it together.
Black people, white people, Asians.
You know what I'm saying? lndians, whoever.
You look on TV and see Japanese cats...
...hopping around, doing hip-hop, singing your record.
There's a Japanese Cigar out there. You ever thought of that?
I don't think a lot of people really wanted this shit to exist like that.
And they have no control over it.
Nobody can manage hip-hop. Hip-hop is just fucking hip-hop.
You got your morals and your common sense.
You gotta bring out the true talent in yourself.
It's all about getting up. Don't be afraid.
Subtitles by SOFTITLER
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