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I've never before had the opportunity of entertaining
personages from the dark continent.
I hope the reception was not boring for you and your lovely wife.
Quite the contrary, Count Dracula.
The evening has been a splendid one,
and we've found your guests to be most impressive.
I liked in particular your Dr. Duvalier.
It was you who impressed him.
Mamuwalde is the crystallization of our people's pride.
My Luva... she does me too much credit.
But notwithstanding, my people are eager
to bring our ancient culture into the community of nations.
That may take a good deal of time.
It will at least be time well spent,
as opposed to an exchange of banalities
with pseudo-intellectuals and dilettantes.
What with dignitaries of your stature
lending the weight of your statesmanship
to the fulfillment of our objectives,
I believe we will succeed.
To totally cease the slave trade? I find that unrealistic.
Slavery has merit, I believe.
You find merit in barbarity?
Barbarous from the standpoint of the slave, perhaps.
Intriguing and delightful from mine.
I would pay for so beautiful an addition to my household as your delicious wife.
Sir, are you ill?
I meant no insult, prince.
It is a compliment for a man of my station
to look with desire on one of your color.
Sir, I suddenly find your cognac as...
...distasteful as your manner.
You're behaving like some animal.
- Really? - Really.
Let us not forget, sir,
it is you who comes from the jungle.
Our evening is finished.
I bid you regard your coachman. We are leaving.
I do not think so.
How dare you!
Let me go!
Look out! No!
You shall pay, black prince.
I shall place a curse of suffering on you
that will doom you to a living hell.
A hunger,
a wild, gnawing animal hunger
will grow in you,
a hunger for human blood.
Here you will starve for an eternity,
torn by an unquenchable lust.
I curse you with my name.
You shall be...
A vampire like myself, a living fiend,
you will be doomed
never to know that sweet blood
which will become your only... desire.
You will watch,
helpless and dying,
until the black flesh rots from your bones.
Listen... for his cries.
They will comfort you until your death.
Let me out!
But he is dead, gentlemen. Quite dead.
He and his entire household were destroyed
by the great Dr. Van Helsing almost 150 years ago.
What a pity. I've never met a vampire.
You should have told us whose house this was in the village.
Yeah, honey, now, wait.
This is gonna change our deal drastically.
Oh, I see.
Well, I can assure you, gentlemen, it is quite safe now.
The reports of the count were grossly exaggerated.
Perhaps if I subtract another 10°/°?
Very well.
Consider your deal closed. We'll take everything.
You gentlemen had me worried there for a moment.
- If you please. - I'd love to.
- Right here. - Great.
You are obviously not attuned to the antique market.
You see, where we come from, honey, the legend of Dracula...
that's the absolute créme de la créme of camp!
We're gonna get a fortune for these things.
Count Dracula was no legend.
- He was terribly real. - I know.
I've seen all of his movies. I'm a real fan.
Don't shock the poor man, Billy.
Is there anything else... secret passages and things like that?
Yes. When the castle was restored a few years ago,
they found several hidden rooms.
It smells terrible in here.
Billy, child, look at this!
This is gorgeous. Look at this, Bobby.
Honey, this is the coup d'état of the century.
Is this included in our deal, or are you gonna fleece us now?
You ain't gonna fleece us, are you, baby?
Well, if you want it...
I can't wait to start tagging all these goodies.
We're gonna be rich, my love.
Bobby, man, I can't see in here.
I'm gonna light one of the greasy lamps.
If the fire department could see you now, you silly lamp queen.
- Oh, this. I'm dying to open this! - I'm not.
Look, I have a fantastic idea for this. You'll probably die if I tell you.
In that case, spare me. Let's get on with the tagging.
Listen! You know that chintzy guest bed in the living room?
- Yeah. - How about this instead?
A coffin?
Lt'll freak everyone out. Open it.
- Look what I've done! - What the hell did you do?
What did you do? Let me see.
Don't panic. Wait to see it.
Please stop. Hold this there.
Let me... oh...
- Bobby, hurry. - Just a second!
- It's bleeding. - Just a second.
You're so dizzy. That's the trouble.
- Put it up here. - Just a second. Stop it!
If you weren't so dizzy...
Stop that whining.
Look at me.
- Move your hand. - That's tight.
I'm not a nurse, you know. All right?
Would you stop it, please?
- Take care. It's twisted. - I'll take care of it.
I'm gonna bleed to death.
You're gonna if you don't keep your mouth shut.
Keep quiet. You make me nervous.
Bobby, I'll die. I'm bleeding to death!
Would you stop it, please?
Child, be still! Stop! What's wrong with you?
That isn't tight enough. The blood's seeping through.
I curse you with my name.
You shall be...
A vampire like myself,
a living fiend.
These are the Williams girls, friends of the family.
We've come to pay our respects to Bobby McCoy.
Certainly, sir.
These things are always so very tragic,
but I can perhaps be of some comfort to you in this hour of need.
This is one of our smaller rooms, but it can be expanded
to accommodate any number of mourners.
Why is his hand like that?
This sometimes happens. It's only a reflex.
At his mother's request, the body has not yet been embalmed.
I'll just tidy him up a bit,
then leave you alone with your thoughts.
Poor Bobby. We've known him since we were kids.
I just don't understand it.
I hope you can find some answers for us, Gordon.
Why don't you two go on over to Bobby's mother's house?
She's in pretty bad shape. I'll stay here.
Let's go.
- Talk to you later. - All right.
Did I startle you, sir?
I'm so sorry, but I can't let you disarrange...
I'm Dr. Thomas with the Scientific Investigation Division.
Of course. I'm so sorry, doctor.
I didn't realize you were a professional man.
I worked very hard on that neck wound,
trying to make it look as natural as I could
so it wouldn't be offensive to his loved ones.
The flesh was torn right out in a big chunk.
I've never seen a rat bite that size before.
- Rat bite? - Yes, sir.
How deep was the wound before it was repaired?
I don't know. Two or three inches at least.
- Two or three inches? - Yes, sir.
Any other bruises or wounds?
A slight abrasion on the left elbow, probably the result of a fall.
And you say you didn't embalm?
Yes, sir.
It's strange.
That is strange.
Look at this. His veins are empty.
They collapse with pressure and don't return to shape,
and he wouldn't be this color unless he lost a lot of blood.
Who brought him in?
I did... picked him up at the coroner's office.
Did they mention... much bleeding?
I can't say as they did, doctor.
What about the other victim, his associate?
I didn't prepare that one.
He was white. I don't get many whites in here.
- Thank you for your help. - Glad to be of service.
Any time you need my help, don't hesitate to ask.
I'm at your service, doctor. That's my job...
That is the rudest nigger I've ever seen in my life.
Everything's just so strange, Michelle.
I know.
Listen, would you mind if I begged off?
You can handle Mrs. McCoy on your own.
I'm just really beat.
Go on home. I'll just stop by and see if she needs anything.
- Thanks. - See you later.
- Let go! - Luva, it's me.
Goddamnit, man! You scared the hell out of me.
Where did you come from? Are you all right?
What the hell you run in front of my cab for?
Can't you see, man?
I lost her.
You ain't hurt, man, but you lucky.
Chasin' tail could get you killed, you know.
I lost her because of you. Imbecile!
Who the hell you callin' an imbecile?
You the nut that ran in front of my cab.
You the only imbecile on this street... boy!
You'll find her. She's got to be round here somewhere.
I bet you she's worried right now and lookin' for you,
so why don't you just back off of me and go get her?
I bet she's worried to death about you.
I bet she's called every hospital around.
Listen... take your hands off me! I don't know you!
Tina, get the chain. It's me!
Michelle, thank God.
What you doin' with that knife?
Sorry. Get in.
What's wrong with you?
Tina, what happened?
A man tried to attack me.
He got my purse. I'm sure of it.
He got my keys and all my i.d.
When I heard you at the door just now, I thought it was him.
Damn maniacs runnin' the streets.
It's all right. It's okay.
It's all right.
- They'll take care of it for you. - Thank you.
- Bye-bye. - Hi, Shirley. Sam here?
Sure. Sam, Dr. Thomas is here.
- How ya doin'? - Fine. You?
- Fine. You're lookin' good. - Thanks.
I got a call from the coroner's office to check on Juanita Jones.
- You want to see her? - That's why I'm here.
Thought you worked nights.
Everybody takes a vacation but me.
There she is, doc.
Fine job for a woman... runnin' a cab.
You ask me, she's lookin' for something.
You know what I mean... "lookin' for something"?
Sam, get me a cup of coffee, will you?
All right, I can take a hint.
That's ridiculous.
Jack, I'm beginning to take this personally.
I'm tellin' ya, your men lost the report on Bobby McCoy and Billy Schaffer.
Lost, my ass.
- Yes, lieutenant. - Get the division reports on... who?
Bobby McCoy, Billy Schaffer. From two nights ago.
- Southwest Division. - Right, lieutenant.
Tell me something, man. Off the record, of course.
Who checked the two bodies?
In that area, it should be Watson.
- Yeah, Watson. - Is that the guy that...
...called cyanide poisoning "heart failure"?
I'm getting tired of that kind of talk.
Division says those reports were lost before distribution.
They said Dr. Thomas' office called this morning about them.
The sergeant told Dr. Thomas' secretary he couldn't find them.
Thanks, Maureen. Thank you.
So it wasn't my lack of pull at headquarters.
Strange how so many sloppy police jobs involve black victims.
You're getting paranoid. Schaffer wasn't black.
We'll find them. I'll send Barnes over.
- Yes, lieutenant? - Get Barnes in here.
Look, what's going on?
I see where you've ordered an autopsy on Bobby McCoy today,
and Juanita Jones is scheduled for one on Friday.
What's going on? What's the connection?
Did you want me, lieutenant? Hello, doc.
Get to the Southwest Division and find the reports
on Bobby McCoy and Billy Schaffer, will you?
Sure, lieutenant. What's goin' on?
Do it.
You've got something. What is it?
- When I know, I'll tell you. - Does it look organized?
There's been a lot of Panther activity lately.
Panthers? Come on, Jack, don't cop out.
Two faggot interior decorators and a lady cabdriver?
Panthers? Come on.
Anything is possible.
If it's possible, tell Barnes to bring those reports to the club tonight.
It's Michelle's birthday.
Have a good time.
- Hello? - This is Dr. Thomas.
Yes, Dr. Thomas.
Mr. Swenson, we're gonna need to do an autopsy on Bobby McCoy.
I'll send for the body sometime this afternoon.
That's impossible.
The family's here now. I can't just throw them out.
Of course, Mr. Swenson.
- What time do you close tonight? - 8:00.
All right, I'll have my men there a little bit after 8:00.
- They must be careful. - They will be, Mr. Swenson.
- All right, then. - Thanks.
By the way, we had some excitement ourselves last night.
Tina got hassled on the way home.
- Is she all right? - She didn't go to work today.
We're having the locks changed. She thinks he got her purse.
Next year, we move to the suburbs.
Like we did last year.
Come join my friends.
I'd like you to meet my sister Michelle and Dr. Gordon Thomas.
- This is... - I'm called Mamuwalde.
Nice to meet you.
It's my sister's birthday party. Would you care to join us?
I'd be delighted. Thank you.
Champagne, please? French.
That won't be necessary.
What do you mean? I like champagne.
Good. So do I.
Tina, where did you find your purse?
Mamuwalde returned it to me. Thank you again.
You bear an amazing resemblance to my wife,
whom I lost a short while ago.
I'm very sorry.
I loved her very much.
When you left the mortuary, I had to follow you.
I didn't consider that I might frighten you.
You were at Swenson's. Were you a friend of Bobby's?
No, I was there making some arrangements of my own.
But enough about death.
Here's to... life.
- On your birthday. - Thank you.
Happy birthday, baby.
- To happiness. - To happiness forever.
Dr. Thomas here.
What do you mean, gone?
Listen, calm down, Swenson. Calm down.
I'll get a man over there right away.
Don't touch anything, you hear me?
Swenson, damn it! Don't touch anything!
Look at that face. What happened?
That was Swenson. Bobby's body just disappeared.
That's impossible.
Perhaps he wasn't dead.
What the hell does that mean?
He was as dead as you can get. I examined him myself.
Just a passing thought.
What's happening? How's everybody?
How you doin'? My name is Skillet. How's everything?
Let's pull up a seat here and get some of this here...
- Join the party. ...champagne.
- Help yourself. - French champagne!
We gonna be gone.
Happy birthday, Michelle.
What kind of down birthday party is this?
And hold it. Get you.
All right, come on.
Beautiful! Why don't you all scoot in here together?
Please forgive me. I must depart now.
I have indeed had a rare pleasure.
Brother, why don't you stick around?
- Please, don't go. - Where's he going?
Please wait.
Say, man, that is one strange dude.
- Who is he? - One strange dude.
I gotta check this cat out again.
Did you see the rags he had on?
That's a bad cape. I'd like to beat him out of that cape.
Will you meet me here tomorrow evening?
I need very much to see you.
I'll be here.
Beautiful! I think romance is in the air.
- Hey, baby. - Tina, you all right?
Mama, how come you never look at me that way?
There's a reason, Skillet.
I guess we're through, so I'll take these prints,
run over to my studio, develop these, and be right back.
Mama, don't you want a little company?
No, thanks.
I know what would develop with you in a darkroom.
- It wouldn't be my pictures. - Right on, baby. I hear ya.
Wait a minute.
Where's that big dude with the cape?
He was standing right next to her.
- Help me. - What happened, lady?
Help me, please.
Do you live here?
- You got your damn report? - Not me.
Don't give me that crap. I sent Barnes to the club last night.
No crap. I didn't get it.
- Chrissake. Maureen? - Yes, sir?
Get Barnes. Tell him he better get his ass in here fast.
Anything on that missing body report?
Nothing. No fingerprints, no signs of breaking and entering.
Not a thing. Who the hell would want a dead faggot?
I can't take any more problems.
Then you'll be thrilled to know I would like permission
to dig up Billy Schaffer to do an autopsy.
You're nuts!
You know what I've got to do to get permission to dig up a grave?
Besides, you've got something you don't want me to have.
- I don't like it. - I just don't have it all together.
If I told you my crazy idea, you'd just laugh at me.
Forget the permits. I don't work in the dark.
Jack, I need your help.
There's a connection here. That's all I know.
Just give me a little more time.
Get me that permit, man.
What's the sudden interest in ghouls?
The librarian thinks we're nuts... and she's not the only one.
- Dr. Thomas' office. - Gordon there?
One moment, please. Gordon, it's Peters.
Yeah, Jack.
Couldn't get permission to exhume McCoy's grave.
You're a big help. Thanks a lot for nothing.
I'm sorry. My hands are tied.
- Yeah. - I tried, damn it!
- It's tough to get. - I'll talk to you later.
- You understand, right? - Yeah!
Baby, you better sit down, 'cause I got something heavy to lay on you.
Lay it on me.
We're gonna dig up Billy's body.
Ghouls, vampires, now bodies.
I take it back. We're not nuts, you are.
What's more, we're gonna have to do it tonight.
No, we're not.
You ain't gettin' this nigger in no graveyard tonight.
Come on, baby. Come on.
You going with grown people. You're supposed to stick with me.
- Gordon, I'm always with you, right? - Right, right.
- But not this time. - Come on, babe. Come on.
Just for me?
You're so bad.
You're so good.
Run home and change into some old clothes.
- I'll pick you up later. - Okay.
- Good evening, Tina. - Hello, Mamuwalde.
- I thought we were to meet at... - Yes, at the club.
But I couldn't wait to see you.
I need to speak to you alone. May I come in?
Of course you can.
I found it a little hard to leave you last night,
but I had no choice.
I wanted to run after you
and I've never felt that way before.
- You frightened me. - No, you mustn't be frightened.
Let me try and help you understand.
Is it about your wife?
You are my wife.
That's impossible, Mamuwalde.
And yet you believe it.
I don't know what I believe anymore,
but help me, and I'll try to understand.
We... are of the lbani tribe, you and I,
northeast of the Niger Delta.
Our people are renowned as hunters.
Almost two centuries ago,
the ruling elders of my people
sent me, yes, and my bride to Europe
on a mission to protest the slave trade.
The slave trade?
On that mission, I myself was enslaved, my wife murdered,
and I was placed under the curse of the undead.
Our assassin was the vampire Count Dracula.
Count Dracula is a myth.
- He wasn't real. - Oh, yes, he was real...
as real as I am now,
as real as you are and my need for you.
You are my Luva recreated.
What are you asking of me?
I want you to rejoin me.
I can't.
Well, you must come to me freely, with love...
...or not at all.
I will not take you by force and I will not return.
I have lived again to lose you twice.
Stay with me.
Will you talk to me before I go out of my mind?
Don't sweat it, baby. We're almost there.
What do you expect to find, anyway?
Nothing, I hope. Hold the light over here, will you?
Hurry up and let's get the hell out of here.
Gordon, don't!
Don't kill him! Oh, God!
No, don't! Stop!
- It's all right. - He was alive!
- You killed him! - Michelle, he wasn't alive.
He was killed by a vampire. He wasn't alive or dead.
We just put him out of his misery.
Easy, yes.
All those books.
You must have known something.
Why didn't you tell me?
You never would have believed me.
Does that mean that Bobby...
He's a vampire, too.
He could be anywhere.
What are we gonna do?
You better tell Peters.
Telling him won't work.
No, we gotta show him somehow.
I wish he could see what I saw.
- Juanita Jones. - What?
The cabbie. Come on, let's go.
- Morgue. - This is Dr. Thomas.
- Yeah? - You remember that lady cabbie?
What do you mean, I remember? Nothing wrong with my memory!
Take her out of deep freeze.
I'm coming over with Lt. Peters. I want her body warm.
When you take her out, you leave, make sure to lock the door.
Yeah, okay.
Sam, don't "yeah" me. Lock it!
Do I remember?
All right, all right!
I'm coming!
This better be good. First night off in weeks.
Sorry, Jill. It's important.
Don't you think I'm used to it by now?
- Hi. - Hi, honey.
You sure it's all right if I stay here?
Course. Come on in.
My Tina...
you're so beautiful.
- I won't let you leave me. - I must.
There is no other way. To stay is to die.
I wanna go with you, but I'm afraid.
I promise you it will not be... unpleasant
or painful.
But there's still time.
All time belongs to us.
I must go now. It's almost daylight.
I love you.
Not in there.
Oh, my God!
Follow me and stay close.
That's what I couldn't tell you about.
That's why you had to see it for yourself.
I wouldn't have believed it.
Sun killed her.
Vampires multiply geometrically.
First night there was one, second night two, third night four.
It's a goddamn epidemic.
It explains McCoy's disappearance from Swenson's.
- And now with Sam... - Do you have any suggestions?
How about an APB on McCoy and Sam?
APBs on dead men. Lovely.
Great headlines. That should get us mass hysteria.
Forget hysteria. Mass unemployment, starting with me.
We'd better swamp the city with police, cars on every corner.
It won't make any sense... to start until after dark.
Keep in touch with me.
I'll let your office know where I am.
Get some sleep. You look like hell.
I got something to check out.
- Good evening. - How you doin'?
Sit down, have a drink.
Thank you very much. Very thoughtful of you.
Hi. What'll you have?
Make it a Bloody Mary.
Mamuwalde, maybe you can help me.
Are you into the occult?
It has some fascination.
How about the heavy stuff?
Witchcraft, voodoo...
...devil worship.
Well, we can't ignore
what the world characterizes as the "black arts," can we?
I think that there's some truth in all of it.
I've come to that conclusion myself.
- What do you think of vampires? - Vampires?
They're possibly the most fascinating of all.
Do you... believe they exist?
Does the devil exist?
People have believed so for thousands of years.
You seem well informed.
Oh, perhaps.
The police have a theory about these killings.
Are we to assume that they believe a vampire
or some other such creature is responsible?
A vampire.
However, many in the department don't believe it.
I would think that to be the vampire's greatest defense.
You're right.
Still, they're organizing a search.
Yeah, find his resting place... a vampire's coffin.
Perhaps the modern vampire doesn't require a coffin.
They are rather elusive, you know.
What's happening, everybody? What's goin' on?
- Hey, Skillet. - How you doin'?
- How you doin', doc? - What's happenin'?
My darling, we really must be leaving now.
Tina, I wish you'd stay with us.
I'm sorry, but I'd rather go with Mamuwalde.
Let me buy that old cape from you, brother.
You know, he is a strange dude.
Ran off of me like he did Nancy the other night.
Anybody seen Nancy?
No. She didn't bring my birthday pictures back, either.
Haven't seen her since the other night.
Look here, brother.
When you do see her,
tell Nancy that big Skillet
has got something really groovy for her.
He's with Tina!
How could you be so blasé? What were you trying to prove?
They mean nothing to me.
No one matters but you.
Hold me. Just hold me.
Come with me tonight.
No, Mamuwalde! Please don't hurt him!
Gordon, are you all right?
Hold it, mister!
You met him. Who is he?
God only knows. He calls himself "Mamuwalde."
- Where does he hang out? - Hang out?
In a coffin around here somewhere.
- Hi, babe. - Hi.
- How is Tina? - I don't know.
I tried to get her to lie down, but...
Tina, you should still be resting.
I will. What happened?
- We heard shots. - He killed a cop.
- He killed him? - He killed him, and he got away.
You should rest.
What do we do now?
Now we wait.
The only thing for sure is that he has to return to his coffin...
before daylight.
- Danny, take a look at that fag. - Yeah, I'm lookin'.
- Isn't that the one? - Sure looks like the one.
How can you tell? They all look alike.
Hello? Just a minute. Jack?
Tell them to keep a bead on them but hold back.
They found Bobby. He's picked up a friend.
- Oh, my God. - Keep Tina here no matter what.
We'll leave some men to watch the place.
Let's go. That guy with him is in trouble.
- Keep this with you. - Okay.
The subject is heading east on 5th.
Get a grid over that area. Maybe we can figure out where they're going.
They're gone, lieutenant. We lost them in an alley.
Don't... repeat, don't... follow on foot.
We'll take over from here.
Right, lieutenant.
Name every building in that sector.
Go through it street by street.
We've pinpointed that sector.
Buildings are as follows...
Jacob Iron Foundry...
This will never work.
We got no choice. We gotta keep going.
Alameda and 3rd...
Direct Wholesale Clothing,
Torrés Cement,
Andrew Brothers Warehouse,
- Municipal... - That's it! The warehouse.
That's where it started, where they found McCoy and Schaffer.
Barnes, where the hell have you been? Come on!
What the hell is that?
Watch it!
Watch it!
It won't do any good! It's too late!
Get ready to throw these things.
Peters, throw it! Throw it!
Good evening, gentlemen.
I say, were you looking for me?
I should have told you this evening that I decided to move my coffin,
but, then, it was you who gave me the idea.
Is that what you got planned for Tina?
You know nothing of that!
Tina's life means more to me than my own.
Does it?
I could dispense with you now, doctor,
but... I have a rather urgent appointment elsewhere.
My God.
You've got no choice!
Whether you want to face it or not,
that man... if you can give him that...
has killed innocent people.
I know.
Just like that..."I know"?
This isn't some nut from a Halloween party!
That man is the real thing.
What do you want me to do about it?
- You gotta help us. - I can't.
What do you mean, "I can't"?
Anybody could be next... Gordon or me.
Is that what you want?
We have to stop him.
It's the only decision possible.
Say you're with us.
Look, I gotta cut out and help Peters.
If he comes for you tonight, we're ready.
These streets will be packed with police.
There's no other way, Tina, okay?
Okay, the whole block is sealed off.
You people will have to get off the streets.
Go to your homes.
Please go to your homes.
These streets need to be kept clear.
We must have your cooperation.
Please clear the street.
Go to your homes.
There's nothing happening here, nothing to get excited about.
Now, please go to your homes.
Please cooperate by clearing the streets.
If we don't get your cooperation,
we'll have to declare a curfew.
Now, please leave the streets and return...
Tell me where.
Please clear the streets and return to your homes.
Please cooperate by leaving the streets
and returning to your homes.
Please cooperate with the police officers.
A bat!
A giant bat!
It's him.
Gordon, she's gone.
Attention, all units, this is Lieutenant Peters.
All units, Lieutenant Peters. Do not apprehend the girl.
Just survey and watch for suspect.
This is Unit 603.
We are proceeding east on Florence.
No sign of subject.
Isn't that her?
Drive on by.
Unit 3, Baker 92.
It looks like her. She's entering Underground Chemical Plant #2
at 6th and Church.
Let's go.
What is it? What's going on?
You two take that side.
Come on.
- Where is he? - Down there, sir.
If you find him, don't try to take him.
Back off and yell for me or Dr. Thomas.
- Keep your eyes open for his coffin. - Let's go.
Help me... please.
Don't die, Tina.
My Luva.
I cannot lose you again.
Forgive me. Now this is the only way.
You will be with me... always.
Dr. Thomas!
You and your dear friends are dead.
Not one man shall escape my vengeance!
Not one man shall leave here alive!
Search out every shadow, every corner...
This will be your inglorious tomb!
Your tomb!
We got him! He's up here. Quick!
Over here!
Stay here. Stay with her.
- Grab her! - Let me go!
- Get her out of here! - Let me go! Stop!
Let me go!
Don't! She's my sister! Don't!
No, please!
Where the hell is Mamuwalde?
I'm here, gentlemen.
Move away from her.
My lovely, lovely Tina.
What is left for this cursed creature?
His only reason for living has been taken away.
There's no need for that.
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