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Blade Of Fury

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Producer: Lo Wei
Scenario: Yip Wing-cho
Starring Yang Fan, Cynthia Khan,|Rosamund Kwan and Ti Lung
Director and action-director: Sammo Hung
In 1895, following their defeat in the Chino-Japanese war,
The Qing dynasty conceded Taiwan to Japan|and pulled their troops out of the territory.
An army of volunteers formed itself in Taiwan.
It would form a bitter resistance against the enemy...
The Black Pavilion.
The Power.
The resistance.
Protecting the land.
Dying for the fatherland.
Do you regret it?
Never.|Give us your orders, Wong.
Let us never finish this coupe|de vin,
Lets never stop singing this chant.
With a sword in your hands,|it is difficult to rest.
The enemies are plenty.
Two tents are not enlightened.
It must be the arms-manufacture.
The most enlightened one is the Q.G.
Tai Shek and I|will attack from the west.
The others, from the north.
We will strike at two points.
The mines!
We are there to kill,|not to save ourselves! Let's go!
Name of a dog!
Man Tin.
Leave me alone, Wong!
We fight together.
As long as you live, the Black Pavilion will survive.
Extinguish the fire!
Let us never finish this coupe|de vin,
Lets never stop singing this chant.
Kill them!
The more land, the more ransacking.
Nowhere to go in this vast world...
Look...|"The town seems peaceful."
"Listen to the melody of the hoses galloping."
An other sublime misunderstanding?
Master Kang|has written you personally,
begging you to help him with his reforms.
You don't listen to half of what is being said to you,
and you talk to much.
But you're never bored when you're with me.
That's true, but you talk to much.
Good sirs,|what do you wish?
To have diner, to sleep, to have breakfast and then to have lunch.
Cao Kan.|Will you excuse us?
He just answered your question.
This way, young master.
- Take a seat.|- I will take care of them.
Are you returning to the capital?
You are very observant.
Not at all. Your wise way is very clear.
You are an officer of the highest rank.
Not yet.|You are going too fast.
Once we are in Peking,|he will become a high magistrate.
Serve yourselves with our best dishes.
A filled mouth is a silent mouth.
What do you want?
A portion of salted ox|and white wine.
No wine, just water.
Young Master!
Add 5 brioches|to get a man quiet.
Let's remain careful.|Let's talk and drink little.
This is not a safe region.
I understand.
Everything okay?
Everything Okay! Thank you.
In Peking, I will offer you
your favorite delicacy,|sweetened crab.
You mean, your favorite.
I love everything that you love.
Return to your chambers,
close the doors and shut up.
I will tear out the eyes of any opponents.
Lets go upstairs.
Tie up the camels.
And everybody out of their slums! Faster!
Hurry up!
Young Master,|these people must be bandits.
I could settle his account with their leader?
They indeed look suspicious.
But that doesn't make them criminals.
You really think that?
We must act immediately.
I don't agree.
Let's not rush into things.|Calm down.
A call for Justice is trembling in my body.
My blood is boiling like lava.
It's Lan Tem-diu's gang.|They are the law here.
With whom would you start?
With the most aggressive.
Excuse me.
Is there an other route to the Lok Yang valley?
No, you must pass through this village. It's the only way.
- Who are they?|- Excellence,
These villagers of Chuen flee the plague.
Many others will follow.
The troupes are coming closer.
The target is there.
Let's be prepared.
Who is that moron who's still working? Go look.
They're coming!
Laat vallen! Get ready.
Look, young master.
Prepare yourself to help them out.
Only the refugees!
Capture Yuan Shikai!
Protect the refugees.
Save them.
Fear not.
This way.
- Save yourselves!|- Thank you.
- Run!|- Son!
My darling!
Don't cry. Have no fear.
My darling! Thank you!
Calm down.
Follow me.
So far so good. Let's split up now.
Since I started,|I might as well continue.
Where did they go?
Disappeared?|Let the battle commence!
Watch out for innocent people.
What are you doing?
I'm saving human lives.
Yuan Shikai.
Call me Excellence.
The Black Pavilion?
Thank you for your help.
Could this be him?
Thank you for your help.
No problem.
I thank you for your assistance.
I am To An, captain of the Green |Section of the Royal Army.
My name is Tan Sitong.
Excuse me.
Your pseudonym would perhaps not be Chong Fei?
Yes. Who are you?
I am called Yuan Shikai.
I have met M. Kang in Peking.
You are a friend of M. Kang.
Friend is a big word.|The Emperor holds him in high regard.
He is the personal adviser|of the Emperor.
I am but a humble officer
unworthy of the friendship of M Kang.
You are too modest.
That tattoo, is it not the symbol of the Black Pavilion?
Sir, here is the forging mill.
Why do you refuse to place that tattoo?
Mind your on business!
Cao Kan.
Enchanted, my good friend.
Enchanted, M. Cao Kan.
It is indeed the symbol of the Black Pavilion.
I would like to buy a sabre.
- What type?|- A big sabre of 69 kg.
Thick, but very sharp and solid.
- Your name?|- Tan Shikai.
Tan Shikai?
What do you hope to do with such a sabre?
I wouldn't be able to carry it!
Could I visit the store?
Let's start with the toilets.
- Are they made of iron?|- You will see.
I am Yuan Shikai,|commander of the Green Section.
Thank you very much for your help.
The sabre M. Tan wanted,|is you.
Only the knives are useful.
The big sabre of general Liu
could not save his life.
Times have changed.
Even if you can't make a miracle happen,
you can always try.
A man from the country-side only needs fresh air,
and nothing else.
Come see for yourself,
The furnace is cold.|It is impossible to forge a weapon.
Then my hand will replace the wood to rekindle its flame.
M. Tan, it's useless to insist.
M. Tan, it's useless to insist.
A sabre less or more,
what's the difference in this immense country?
M. Yuan, a little flame can burn down an entire forest.
The fire hidden in my heart
has since long faded.
- Young Master...|- I'm fine.
Why can a flame burn down an entire forest?
Fame awaits you at the capital.
I worry only about the people,|I don't care about the rest.
Well spoken. In a troubled and|difficult time,
men of valor are rare.
I feel ridiculous.
Why do you say that?
You are an excellent commander.
Your career is promising.
The political world|is a true jungle.
Succeeding is even harder.
All is a question of will.|If you want,
I'll recommend you to M. Kang.
Do you want it?
I'd be afraid to tarnish|his reputation.
Absolutely not.
Who blocks the road?
Wong Wu.
Cho Chung-sang, his disciple.
Are you lost?
Shut up, Cao Kan.
The road is long.|Should I accompany you?
With M. Yuan and you,
the road will seem shorter.
Wait for me!
Not so fast!
Gate of the capital
After you,
What is the meaning of this gate?
It's a monument.
One day, the story of our exploits will be written upon it.
What do you think, M. Wong?
It's a funeral-stone.
Lots of men are buried here with their ideals.
That's true.
Not the one nor the other.|It's a sign of happiness.
What pretty words!
Let's enter, M. Yuan.
let us enter.
We have a radiant future.
Who tripped me?
Excuse me! It's dark!
Martial Arts School
Martial Arts School
Will is the faith of man.
- Congratulations.|- Thank you.
Without M. Kang's help,
this school would not exist.
He has great hopes for this school.
Reformists are often unhappy men.
M. Kang's road is a hard one.
Whatever the test, we will overcome it
if our friend support us.
I wish you a lot of success,
fame and fortune.
It's a martial arts school,|not a casino.
It's all the same.|It brings happiness.
I'm going to take a bath.
Here. A present from Sitong and me.
"Mountains and rivers,|enchant man."
Give us a demonstration.
Accept it, Wong.
I understand why the army of |general Liu was so famous.
His men were strong.
M. Yuan...
Pardon my late arrival.
How is the new army doing?
You're here early!
You look good.
Not really. I'm exhausted by the|positioning of this army.
Shikai is a great officer.
It took him only 8 months to rally it.
You have an unimaginable future.
I'm lucky to serve under commander Yuan.
I would also have loved to train under him.
- stop.|- Are you well?
Why the delay?
I had lost track of time,|talking with M. Kang.
I will excuse myself by |drinking 3 cups of wine
Please excuse me.
The man of which you talk...
Excuse me.
Wu, Shikai,|I'm sorry I'm late.
It could happen to everybody.
Lets sit.
Where have you been these last 6 months?
- Cao Kan.|- Yes.
Young Master.
This book, entitled "Humanism",|is my ideal
and also that of China.
A reconstruction after a destruction.
China has caught an incurable disease.
No ordinary medicine can save her.
China has a urgent need for reform.
M. Kang has informed me that the Emperor|read my book and loved it.
The Emperor is ready to talk to us
about the application of new decrees.
Will they be promulgated?
It's a project in progress.
I hope it will be a success.
I consider you a brother.
And I am delighted the country |will benefit from your efforts.
But we must think before we act.
I agree. However, every minute counts.
We must act or China will plunge into chaos.
Let us celebrate the movement of reform!
Who's there?
I was listening to music when|it suddenly stopped,
I worried about you.
I precipitated...
Sorry for the disturbance.
Thank you for your solicitude.
I cut myself on a cord.
It's rare to find a friend who |appreciates my music.
If it does not bore you,
stay for another melody.
I don't wish to embarrass you.
A truce of sorts, accept it.
At your orders.
Sit down.
Every day is a new beginning.
Why keep bad memories in your heart?
How could I ever forget the love
for my parents?
You're the ideal daughter.
I would like to know the source|of your anger.
How did you guess it
It's because of...
your music.
What is your name?
I'm Wong Wu.
Our meeting here
is perhaps an omen that my parents
have forgiven me my absence at their funerals.
I could not be there.
How many things really evolve|as we want them to?
You seem sad.
Nowadays, any sensible man is filled
with sadness.
Thank you.
My heart is sad, but it still beats.
This rain drives our sadness out,
but does not weaken our determination.
Let me encourage you.
Give it to me.
Take care of yourself in this perilous world.
Thank you.
I am Ngo Pai, "The Magic Hand".|Who are you?
Wong Wu.
I remember you.
The martial arts tournament.
Prince Yee is a man with influence.
He has his mind set on kung-fu.
He has engaged great masters|to teach this art.
To of the Peking Masters are |directly under his orders.
This tournament is an opportunity|to become famous.
Prince Yee is a conservative.
He has told|empress Dowager Ci Xi
our reforms were aggressive|and disturbing the order.
We are often together.|That might displease him.
Prince Yee never lacks respect
towards the master and |the officers. On top of that,
this competition does not concern|the political circle.
Why wouldn't you greet your fellow-members|during the tournament?
I'd love to meet the masters|of Peking.
I need to see them soon.
It will soon rain.|Take this umbrella.
It isn't worth it.
Is it even an umbrella?
- Thanks.|- Be seated.
Hey, You came without me!
You were not at home the day before yesterday.|What are you hiding from me?
I have become acquainted with two girls.
They are gorgeous.
One of them is smaller than me.
Are you ready?
I'm ready.
That's one of the four masters|of Peking.
He is also the kung fu adviser|of Prince Yee.
Does he take part in the competition?
His son takes part.
He's here to encourage him.
And you?
A man like me? Competing?
If you want you can measure |yourself with me.
Everything at its time.
He won't stop looking at you.
Who is he?
His name is Kenja, he's an expert.
He is also our guest of honor.
Todays winner will represent Prince Yee
to defy this Japanese master.
Our dynasty conquered the kingdom |by force.
Therefore I have a high opinion|of the practice of kung fu.
We must encourage this art|to strengthen our men.
The greatest masters are|united here today.
Seize the opportunity to show us
your skill.
Show them that our dynasty|offers the best.
Let the tournament begin!
Our martial art is|truly fabulous!
This tournament opens my eyes|to the beauty of this art.
We other soldiers can |not enrich ourselves
with the works of war.
It is necessary to cultivate us|and destroy our ignorance.
That's a point of considerable|extraordinary, my Prince.
Thank you.
Young Po will win the tournament.
His father is here to encourage him,
He will be the winner.
Very good...
Very good...
Who'll be next?
I would like to measure myself |with him...
Give me a chance.
Who's next
I beg you.
What do you want?
He's beaten.
It's useless to kill him.
It's you I'm going to kill!
Who is this man?
Wong Wu, master of a kung-fu school.
They say that obscure schools|hide great masters.
You flatter me.
You have beat him with|a mere three strokes.
Does this mean my boxing|is inferior to yours?
I intervened to save him.|Not to offend you.
Don't apologize.
Some would wrongly understand
your intrusion in my sons fight.
But I don't agree.
The winner remains the winner.
Since you are already there,
Why not seize
the opportunity to measure yourself with me?
Master Po has not fought|in three years.
Finally, the moment has come.
M. Po, This battle is madness.|Do you insist on continuing?
In a competition,|one must win.
The reason why, is not important.
Let the battle begin.
Go ahead.
What do you think, master Ngo?
Hard to say.
What a show!
Thank you for your demonstration.
I'm impressed.
- Good.|- Father!
Allow me to retire, my Prince.
Sorry for the disturbance.
Excuse me.|I'm obliged to leave you.
Master Ngo,|who is the real winner?
The victor claims to have lost,
and the loser claims to have won the title.
Choose whoever you wish.
I prefer me to be victorious.
What are you doing?
I assemble the garde.
I didn't do anything wrong!
Then what are you doing|here at 3 o'clock?
You threw me to the ground.
Don't do something bad!
You? Is it M. Po who sent you?
I want to join your school.
A loyal student only has one master.
I want to change my loyalty.
M. Po's boing is very famous.
How serve a master who's|only concerned with his son?
It's the direction you have chosen.
Well, I want to change it.
Go to bed.
Master Wong?
Open up.
I'm coming!
What do you want?
What do you want? Master!
What do you want?
We wish to be your students.
You have no more reasons to refuse me.
What do you think of this sword?
It's magnificent.|But it has never served.
Thank you for the compliment.
I hope you will choose |the right side.
Help me if I'm misguided.
I fear that you will not|take a bad direction.
Let me entrust my career to |you, my Prince.
Are you sincere?
You reassure me.
I feared a harmful influence from |the reformist side on you.
M. Kang and M. Tan|are only acquaintances.
What do you know about Wong Wu?
He's part of the army,|under the command of Liu.
He could be a precious ally.
And otherwise?
A grave danger.
What do you suggest?
His school has become extremely popular.
It would be a good idea to recruit him.
I've heard that Tan Sitong
and yourself have offered him a sword.
That was only a joke.
Well, amuse us.
I offer this.
Thank you very much.
If used with skill,|it will be powerful.
If not it could wound.
Learn me how to use it.
You can count on me.
The military has an essential|role in any country.
The soldiers' hearts must be pure.
Their loyalty makes up |the strength of an army.
And the military power makes|up the power of the nation.
A soldier should be obedient.|Why then do people say a general
should be able to refuse |an order of the Emperor?
Conducting War is an art.
A strategy must be flexible.
In a conflict, anything can happen.
The Emperor is not at the heart of the battle.
An officer is more suited to judge the situation.
A decision which doesn't take into account
the latest developments would be catastrophic.
Conducting war is not a personal matter.
It affects the destiny of a nation.
There is no place for personal sentiments.
I do not agree.
Do you want to discuss theory?
Well played!|You saw through my roll immediately.
However I must continue.
In a battle, it is necessary to seize |your chance when it comes.
One has to adopt to the situation when needed.
Never hesitate.
A missed opportunity may prove fatal.
A state is a complex institution governed by laws.
All reforms must conform to these laws,
and should be introduced progressively.
A brave man shouldn't fear change.
A direct man is a sincere an trustworthy man.
A diplomat avoids loses and useless troubles.
He's thus a profiteer and a good for nothing.
A real parasite!
What an accusation!
The political climate is changing.|Pay attention to what you're saying.
And what about freedom of expression?
The other civil servants will|react badly to these remarks.
You are not part of this.
Don't forget your meeting with the Prince.
Don't worry.
- Goodbye.|- See you later.
Why does he want to see you?
To meet the Japanese.
Does he want to recruit you?
Don't worry, that doesn't interest him.
The reason I have invited the both of you,
I would like to open a |sino-japonese martial arts school.
I'm afraid I can't help you.
My own school already takes up|a considerable amount of my time.
No problem.
Why don't you integrate it|in this international school?
The Prince's idea is...
I'm flattered.
But I have never worked with the Japanese.
M. Wong, our country needs the help of Japan.
More cultural exchanges would be|profitable for China.
Politics don't concern me.
Do you accept working for me?
I am not the man
you need.
M. Wong.
I'm needed somewhere.|I must go there.
Forget this ever took place.
The Prince sends someone else to the |sino-japonese contest.
He doesn't need you.
The Prince asks two things of you:
Do not defy this Japanese,
and don't say it's his decision.
The message is clear.
Don't embarrass me.
A sabre is betrayed by the energy it releases.
An enemy is betrayed by the energy he releases.|Understood?
Why do you withdraw?
It's a government order.
Do you always follow their orders,
and never your own?
Get away from eachother.
All right.
My sword is the best.
Stay where you are.
Don't move.
You manage yourself well.
You promised me!
Sometimes, a man must make a choice.
- You embarrass me.|- Excellence,
should I arrest them all?
One moment.
I am the sole culprit.|It is not a grave matter.
It is true. The Prince does not like disobedient young men.
But his anger will fade, he will let you go.|Trust me.
Stay here. I'll go search M. Tan.
I will try to calm down the Prince.|Wait for me here this evening.
Thank you for your help.
Sit down. Detach it.
Do not be upset with him.
I understand his position.
He has no choice.
Thank you for your understanding.|Rest well.
Don't go any further.
At your knees. I bring an imperial decree.
Warn the Prince immediately.
They dare to threaten me?
They want Wu. Very well. I will give|them his corpse.
Summon Yuan Shikai.
- What do you want?|- Seek Wu.
Have you got an order?
A verbal one.
Come back with a written order.|Then, you can take him along.
Please retire yourself, madam.
You dare...
Thank you.
Why do you thank me?
It doesn't matter. The important|thing is to save M. Wong.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of him.
They mock you and the imperial decree.
They don't lack audacity!
Must we still wait?
Let us wait no longer.
Cao Kan!
I have opened the door to let you enter.
Show me the way!
Push yourselves.
- Sitong.|- Shikai.
Why are you angry?
How is Wu?
He is their guest. He is very well.
Come here, Sitong.
Have you come to kill him?
The Emperor orders to release Wu.
The Emperor is far away, and he's not|the man retaining Wu.
His life rests in the hands of the Prince|and we must try to calm him.
Then he will release Wu.|But if you force his hand,
he will become furious and execute him.|Indirectly you will be responsible for his death.
Would he dare?
You are there to launch reforms.|Why create so much tension?
Lets be clear about this.|I don't want to create any tension.
But conservatives like him
oppose all reforms.
You exaggerate. We all work for the same Emperor.
Lets try to reach an agreement.
It's useless.
Excellence, M. Tan.
A man's life is at stake.
Show me the way, please.
This way.
- Open up.|- We need an order from the Prince.
I have one here from the Emperor.
We obey the Prince.
Very well.
Who dares to oppose an order |of the Emperor himself?
Tan Sitong!
For who do you take yourself?
I have an imperial order to give to you.
Why have you waited so long?|I have already had this man executed.
You dared?
It was the will of the heavens.|You arrived too late.
Do you want to kill me?
You dared...
I'm here.
I'm safe and healthy.|Thanks for helping me.
It was a misunderstanding.
Let's leave.
The day of your defeat approaches.
You can be persuasive.
What's happened?
I don't know.
The Magic Hand?
Who is this?
He works for the Prince.
The conservatives are counter-attacking.
We must react.
We don't have any military support.
To gain victory, one needs to take risks.
You mean...
Yuan Shikai commands a troop,|17 000 men strong, close to Peking.
We are friends. He'll help us|if we explain the situation.
If he refuses?
To put the Emperor in power,|we must dethrone the empress.
The stakes are very high.|Yuan Shikai will be tempted.
If he chooses to support the empress Dowager...
I'll pass for a moron, and he a traitor.
At the very worst, we'll sacrifice|ourselves for an ideal.
The Heavens will have mercy on us.
What's the secret?
Mobilize your army.
The New Army?
To protect the Emperor.
That's San Kai's task.
It's not my duty.
Empress Dowager must be forced |to concede power.
The reform will not take place,|unless the Emperor is on the throne.
The reform is essential to the country
and to us.
Even if she abdicates,
the magistrates and officers will oppose it.
And if a civil war breaks out,|it will be our fault.
I am at the service of the people.|They will understand my intentions.
We must take this chance.
It will be a success or a failure.
There is no in-between.
After the success of this revolution,
You will become high commander of the military.
The Emperor is conscious of your value.
Thank you.
Your decision is made?
And yours?
There is no future in a China without|a future.
Very well.
Let us fight together for a better future|for China.
Shikai, you've just written a page of history.
It must be a grand victory.
Explain your plan to the Emperor with firmness.
M. Kang has arranged everything.
My master has been arrested and accused of treason.
Where is M. Kang?
He was warned,
he fled by boat.
You must find a solution to save my master!
Kang Youwei
Success or failure is hanging on a thread.
Why would we be the losers?
That's why you guard the prison on your own.
An ordinary guard wouldn't be able to|resist such an attack.
This man is innocent.
That is what they all say.
Chinese prisons are filled with|righteous men.
I am a guard, not a historian.
You don't know how to separate good from bad.
Only the winner will decide.
Who's the winner?
What a talent! I, Yu Mansan,|who has guarded the imperial prison,
for 10 years, am glad to have |measured myself with such an expert.
You have won.
Are you Yu, one of the four masters of Peking?
It doesn't matter!|Those kind of titles are ridiculous!
I knew you would come.
Let us leave.
I can escape from the prison |but not from the world.
Tomorrow a better future awaits us.
Let the others wait for it.
My duty is to sacrifice myself |for the revolution,
and to encourage you with my own blood.
"Armed with the sword,"
"I laugh at the sky."
"The experienced man leaves"
"a name."
You're right.
A great political movement knows|success or failure.
Your defeat
was due to bad luck.
One day, China will follow the road you suggested.
Will China follow...|the road I suggested?
I'd like to sleep.
It's been so long since I slept well...
Sitong, Iím going there.
I have to ask you a favor.
Everything you want.
Lend me a sword.
A sword?
Is that him, Tan Sitong?
Young master!
You've got a beautiful smile.
Why waste it crying?
Starting tomorrow,
more laughter,
and less tears.
I promise I won't cry anymore...
Remember, Cao Kan, the future is yours.
You must live.
I went to buy
your favorite delicacy...
I bought some especially for you|at Liu...
Young master...
I came to bid you farewell.
What an honor to die by the hand of the captain
of the Black Pavilion.
What would you like to hear?
I've already heard the most exquisite|of melodies.
Will you always remember it?
It is engraved in my heart.
But I fear that after this evening,|everything will evaporate like a dream.
Even if the dream disappears,|the memory will not be erased.
The men seek hope.
They find only memories.
You'll stay in my memory forever.
I want you as music-companion forever.
Te voila en fin.
Tan was a true patriot,
but he was born in the wrong period.
No. He had confidence in the wrong person.
Did he suffer?
He died instantly.
You are an excellent sword fighter.
You will appreciate it by yourself.
Are you afraid?
Every soldier is ready to sacrifice his life.
Does that give you the right|to scorn the life of others?
You are the losers of this war.
For your victory could result in many dead.
A duel between us is inevitable.
You should not have come.
So I am not welcome.
The way ahead is still long.|Why not...
Only one of us will follow it.
Regain self-control.
Don't force me to kill you.
You neither. Leave, please.
Yuan Shikai must disappear.
kill me first!
- Wu.|- Master.
What are you doing here?|This doesn't concern you.
I've come to fight at your side.
I have just finished one |last task for my master.
And you?
I want to stay with you all.
Sitong, let me show you
what we are capable of.
Save yourself, while you still can!
His highness saw right.
What clairvoyance!
Nobody will escape him.
You deserve nothing but death!
Well, then we are not alone in our faith.
Don't call me that anymore, traitor!
Siu Chuen.
Stop or I will react accordingly.
Please, don't hold back!
Very well!
Siu Chuen!
I can't fight at your side,
nor can I serve you loyally.|Take care of yourself, master...
Siu Chuen!
Save yourself!
I refuse.
If one of us lives, our school will survive.
You must go!
- Siu Chuen!|- Brother!
Don't touch it!
"Sword in hand,|I laugh at the heavens."
"A developed man leaves a name."
Sitong, I come to keep you company.
Wong Wu
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