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Blair Witch Project The

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Subtitles: English (ENG)
Subtitles by Vicol Patrick
In October of 1994,|three student filmmakers...
...disappeared in the woods near|Burkittsville, Maryland,...
...while shooting a documentary.
A year later|their footage was found.
- It's already recording...|- Okay.
This is my home...
- You look blurry. I'll zoom out.|- Okay.
Good morning.
- Got it ?|- Okay, I got it.
This is my home,...
...which I am leaving for the weekend... investigate the Blair Witch.
Essential reading: "How to Stay|Alive in the Woods",...
...'cause you never know what's|gonna happen.
And this is an important book...
...because it has the article about what|happened at Coffin Rock.
It looks pretty old...
It's totally old.|And this is my field notebook.
It's Mr. Punctuality.
How are you this morning ?
So I got the CP up.
That's what we're shooting on.
No one knows I took it,|but I got it.
Come into the house. Come on.
I can see you.
We're not gonna bump into shit,|I'm going backwards now.
We mustn't fuck up the cameras.
So where's Mikey ?
- We have to go get him.|- Okay.
At 8:30.
We're already behind schedule, but|it's important to have juice.
That's cool.
I guess you're Mike !
Wait. Stop.
Don't we get to meet your Mama ?
See you later, Mom !
How are you, Mike ?
I'm tired but I'm fine.
I'm real excited about this.|Thank you for the opportunity.
I'm very glad. Thanks for|getting the equipment together.
We've got enough|battery power to...
..fuel a small country for a month.
We've got rice, fruit punch...
Oatmeal Raisin, baby.
The ultimate campfood.
Feel how soft.
- Marshmallows...|- Hey, you weasel. Out of my cart !
Do you believe in ghosts ?
Ever heard of the Blair Witch ?
Sounds familiar.|My sister went to Blair High School.
The woods around Halloween|are creepy.
- Can you tell me a little more ?|- I don't wanna go cheesy.
I want to present|this straightforward.
The legend is unsettling.
Wanna get the...
...ceremonial first slate ?
The first slate for our|first shot.
Should we get our fingers open|and bleed on it ?
A little blood-letting ?
No, we'll save that for later.
Kiss the slate.
It's the first slate.
Marked by my lipstick.
Mikey, kiss it, good luck.
- There we go.|- Oh, he licked it. Bless him.
Don't eat it. We're gonna need it.
This is Burkittsville,|formerly Blair.
A small quiet Maryland town.
Like a small, quiet town anywhere.
Some 20 families laid roots here|over 200 years ago.
Many remain, either on this hill...
...or in the town below.
An unusually high number of|children are buried here...
...most of whom passed|in the 1 940's.
Yet no one here recalls anything|unusual about this time,...
...not to us, anyway.
Yet legend tells|A different story,...
...whose evidence is all around us.
Etched in stone.
We have shot the first scene,|the cemetery scene.
The opening is shot.
We're doing a documentary|about the Blair Witch.
- Have you heard of the Witch ?|- That's an old, old story.
As I remember,...
...Mr. Parr was an old hermit,...
...and he lived up on a mountain.|He'd been there,...
...for a long, long, time.
- You heard of the Blair Witch ?|- Several times.
What was the first incident ?
I've heard stories about it|from people and neighbors,
I also saw a documentary on the|television...
...about her and legends|of Maryland,... grandmother told us the story|to make us go to bed early.
They say if you stay up after dark|or walk around the house...
...the Blair witch will get you.
In the fall or winter of 1 940,...
...some young kids|started disappearing.
Nobody knew...
...why they were disappearing.
- A kind of an omen, isn't it ?|- The creepiest story about her...
...was that two men out hunting...
...camped near the cabin|she's supposed to haunt...
No. No.
...and they just disappeared|forever.
I'm just telling a scary story,|but it's not true.
It's not true.
One day, old Mr. Parr|came into the market...
...and said "I'm finally finished".
And what did he mean by that ?
Nobody knew at first...
But the police finally...
went up the mountain...
...and found the bodies of seven|kids in his house.
He would take the kids down|to the basement in twos...
...and he'd make one|face the corner...
...and he'd kill the other one...
...then he'd kill the one in|the corner too.
Those were the seven kids|that were missing
They brought the kids out of|the woods one at a time... was terrible, it upset|the whole community.
He said he couldn't take|the eyes watching him...
...that's why he made them|face the corner like that.
All my life I've believed... witches and ghosts and|that kind of stuff
Do you believe there are some|in this area ?
Oh, definitely.
- Do you believe in witchcraft ?|- No.
- Are you religious ?|- Yep.
Creepy stuff, but I think|something's happening with her.
And do you think she could|still be up there now ?
- I don't go up there.|- You don't ?
I believe enough not to go.
They say the woods are haunted|and stuff like that.
What ? How are they haunted ?
Well there's not many people|who say that it's haunted...
...but there was this old woman,|Mary Brown, who...
Mary Brown ?
Yeah, and she was kind of crazy.
How was she seen by the community ?
There's the American flag,|it's Mary's house.
I'm gonna bring her out.
You look for the best light, okay ?
This is Mary's gate.
I'm not even sure how to open it.
And something interesting|happened to you once...
You met the Blair witch ?
That is really...
...kind of a scary story.
To make ends meet... Dad and I
...used to fish at Tappy's Creek.
In Burkittsville.
I was laying on the leaves...
...watching my pole, and|looking at the sky...
...and suddenly I felt|something near me... eerie feeling...
...It was a woman...
...only on her|arms and hands...
...and everything...
...she had hair...
...dark, almost black hair... a horse... a fur, horse fur.
Then on her arm...
...she had a shawl...
And she scared you,|or threatened you ?
She didn't say anything,|she just stared...
...and then she opened her shawl...
What was under there ?
She had hair on her|body like a horse.
Hairy from head to toe ?
Yeah. And her legs...
- How about her face ?|- You could see she was a female.
She was just strange looking.
Thank God she's|not in the film business.
She thinks she is.|She also says she's a ballerina.
Get out.
And she says she's a historian...
I heard that.
...and that she's a scientist|at the Department of Energy.
I fucked up on Mary|with the depth of field.
You measured it in meters ?|We're not in Europe.
The fucking lens|has meters on it.
It also has our system.
Nah, it has meters. Look.
But it's an American camera.
All those are meters.
What about the brown ones ?
They're feet.
The brown ones are on there, right ?
Yeah, but the white|ones are obvious.
- Didn't you use this camera before ?|- Yeah. Once before.
How was today, guys ?
I learned a lot, man.
About Mary Brown ?
No, I learned a lot about...
1 6 mill ?
...about shooting, just|shooting documentaries.
- We kicked some ass today.|- Cheers.
Very good day.
Excellent day.
Very good first day.
Let's do an equipment check,|after I call my mom.
- I got a bag of Utz and a beer.|- We don't need that on film.
So I guess you're covered then.
Could you run it a little|to check it's okay ?
I just want to check it's loaded|properly so we can shoot...
Okay, that's good, that's good.
That's good, thank you.
Let's relax, because we've got|a long day tomorrow.
Today's been easy.
We're gonna have to do a lot|of hiking, carry a lot of weight.
We're preparing.
Shut up, smartass.|Pour me a shot, please.
- I'm freaking out.|- You can't, you're the director.
I fucking have to do this now,|okay ? Do we have any weed ?
Here I go.
Drink ! Drink !
I hate fucking scotch.
There's my friend Josh.
How are you ?
I'm hurtin'.
I'm not ready for that thing yet.
I know you don't like it.
Hello. Welcome to day two.
The trail is along here.
It should be pretty obvious.
You guys heard of|the Blair witch ?
I heard the myth. I don't|really believe much in it.
The myth ?
That's all I think it is.
What'd you say, sir ?
- I said damn fool kids never learn.|- Shut up.
Damn fool kids never learn ?
That's what I said.
Why do you say that ?
First of all, can I|have your permission... use your image on a|video documentary ?
I don't care about that, but...
You have to say yes or no, sir,
- Watch it.|- I'm sorry.
Yeah, sure, okay.
Some girl, in the late 1 800's...
...Robin Weaver, I|believe her name was,...
...supposedly wandered|off into the woods.
No "supposedly" about it.|She wandered off !
- Okay, wandered off.|- And got lost.
She got lost.
Wasn't no "supposedly".
Three days later...
...she appears back on her|grandmother's porch.
And everybody's mystified.
- She was babbling something...|- Her story.
Babbling something about... old woman whose feet|never touched the ground.
I saw.. just by that|tree up the creek...
...about a hundred yards,
I saw a white misty thing.|Can't tell you what it was.
Like grey vapor rising|out of the trees.
Right out of the water.
Right out of the water ?
Up the side of the trees,|Then it disappeared.
You're full of it.
I'm not. And I wasn't|drinking that day, either.
Sure you weren't.
How is that related to the|story of Coffin Rock ?
It all ties in to the|story of Coffin Rock.
How's that ?
Anybody round here...
...knows that the old woman has|haunted this area for years.
That's bullshit.
These woods are thick.
You excited ?
You got it.
I hope he's not shooting a|whole shitload of stock.
I could help, but I'd|rather record.
Packs on, we're ready to go.
We gotta go up to the shack ?
My God, this is a very heavy pack.
Off to Coffin Rock.
I know exactly where we are now.
Mikey, give me the video camera.
I wanna get her going across, man.
I see a dirty behind.
Good jump.
Thank you.
There it is. See ?
That's Coffin Rock.
"They went into the woods|ready to find death...
...but what they found|was inhumane... the site called Coffin Rock.
...up on the rock, the torture...
...suffered by these five|brave men was obvious...
...they were tied up, one man's|hands tied to the next man's feet...
...forming a solid|human structure...
...blood indicated that|it had happened...
...while they were|alive and resisting...
...their intestines had been|crudely torn out...
...and on each of their faces there|was indecipherable writing...
...cut into their flesh|with precision...
...the men, shocked by|what had happened...
...went to find the sheriff...
...without sketching the writing|or touching the bodies...
...they returned to see|vultures at the rock.
But the bodies had been|removed by persons unknown...
...the stench of death|was still thick...
...but the bodies had been|taken in a matter of hours..."
That happened here|at Coffin Rock.
Let's rush, because I want|to camp, and it's 4:52.
It's late. We're gonna be|losing light soon.
But I can use the shot|without me in it...
...because I recorded sound|while reading the whole thing,... I'm sure I can edit|it together somehow.
It's starting to rain.
Did you rent this thing ?
Yeah. I don't have a|tent for three people.
Just wondering...
I don't usually travel with two men.
It is pouring with rain.|Can't even light a fire.
Show us what the stick is for.
Look. We've got our|very own leaning post.
If it smells of farts|too much in the night...
Okay, so I can't have a|cigarette in the tent,...
...but he can fart as|much as he wants ?
No, I never gave Mike|a fart allowance.
You heard noises last night ?
- I did.|- Problem is, I sleep like a log.
There were two separate noises...
...coming from two|areas over here... of them could|have been an owl...
...but the other was a cackling.
No way.
It was a cackling, man.
If I heard a cackling,|I would've shit myself.
Where did we start yesterday ?
Off the map.
I knew where we were going.|There was some confusion, but today..
Wait,...say that again.
I said I knew where|we were going.
Wait,...was that a|full of shit statement ?
No, it wasn't.
- So that wasn't bullshit ?|- I knew where we were going.
You got us lost, man.
For a very short period of time.
Just don't get us lost today.
Yeah, seriously.
No. These places are|very well documented.
You happy with the documentary ?
Yes, I am.
I'm very pleasantly surprised|by our little Mikey.
"Our Little Mikey ?"
Our Little Mikey...
...a very spirited young man.
What do you think about the|witch ? You think she exists ?
I don't know.
Heather, I really hope|you find us a trail.
There's a trail up on|this hill. Don't worry.
We like shortcuts, don't we ?
We like level shortcuts.
Not mountain shortcuts.
It's the first time we've|seen Mike's chest.
It's really hard to film on video.
He has really sporadic hair|patterns on his chest.
Like symbols.
It's like blank...hairy..
You should see my ass.
Look, here's fucking Uruguay.
- And there's Paraguay.|- Yeah.
I think I see Bolivia.
What killed this|mouse ? Witchcraft ?
How 'bout God ?
Is that the Blair Witch ?
No. I think it's Heather,|taking a piss.
You know, I|really have to go.
Ohhh...go !
We're near the cemetery|trail. It should only be...
- What ?|- Says who ?
Says me, of course.
We should be there|in about ninety minutes.
You guys cool with that ?
What ?
Ninety minutes ?
- If you know where we're going.|- Sure.
Josh wants to look at the map now.
Though I know|where we're going.
If you'd known where|we were, we wouldn't be...
We're in the middle|of the fucking woods.
- How could you possibly know ?|- Because some is offtrail.
What, somebody told you|there's a cemetery back there ?
If we're lost, admit that, because...
...I know we're not lost.
You knew that yesterday, too,|and twice again today.
Bullshit ! We have|not been lost today.
Not once.
Okay, this is where we were.
You said that it was|two miles away.
Then it's two hours away,|three hours away...
- Okay, just chill !|- Maybe it's four hours away.
- You agreed to do this project.|- I agreed to a scouted-out project.
- Not to wander round the woods.|- I told you that...
...getting to the locations|wasn't gonna be easy.
Mike, Mike...Okay, guys !
Please, you're being a smart-ass.
We're looking at the map...
...we'll find this the best we can.
This is where we were. We're|going more or less this way.
Okay, what do you say ? Where|do you think we're going ?
To tell you the truth...
...this is Greek|to me. It's useless.
So I'm putting my trust in you...
...that you know where it is.
Though I gotta tell you,|I don't fully trust you...
...and I...
What ?
I don't know why you tape|every conversation, man.
Well, we're making a documentary.
Not about us getting lost,|it's about a witch !
I have a camera.
We'll all look back on this|and laugh, believe me.
Baby steps, man, baby steps.
Just breathe and don't look down.|No, you gotta look down.
Are you gonna have to crawl ?
I'm gonna crawl.
Think how cool the fucking|cemetery is gonna be.
Think of the joy of being|in a really good film.
Okay, shut the fuck up.
Okay, I'm quiet.
Shit. How am I gonna do this ?
Okay...Mikey ?
Dude, don't come across|with the DAT on your belly.
No way, man.
There's no chance.
How do we get it|across ?
It's really fucking hard.
How we gonna get|it across ?
The moss this morning was easy.|This stuff's slippery as shit.
Well, how do we get|the DAT across ?
I don't know. Let|me put my pack down...
I'll just go back and forth, man.
Can you do it that way ?
It's the only thing I can do.
Okay, we'll do it like that.
Oh, Christ !
Oh, what'd you drop ?
Nothing.|The tree just broke.
Oh, fuck.
We're very, very close now.
You guys excited ?
What's this ?
What's this ? Dude, guys.
Remember what Mary|Brown said the other day ?
What story from the|Bible was she telling us ?
Fuck, I wasn't listening, I|thought she was crazy.
It was Esau, something about a|pile of rocks.
She was talking|about her rocks, man.
Well, what about|the rocks ?
Anybody remember ?
To live your life.
Looks like an Indian|burial ground, man.
I don't know if this counts,|three...
Years ago witches|were roasted...
...just like my Vienna sausage.
Flames are licking you|like the Devil, Josh.
Sit back and hear a tale,|a tale of a fateful trip...
...that started on|this desert isle...
...aboard this tiny ship...
Yeah, but this ship|has a good captain...
...not a beer-guzzling|guy in a blue shirt.
He wasn't beer-guzzling.
They had no beer on|the island, man.
If they had beer, they'd|have had big-ass orgies.
You're like the Captain,|and Mike's your Gilligan.
- No offense.|- That's all right.
It was a compliment...
...Gilligan was a funny guy...
...the Captain was fat, though.
Well okay, let's call|it a thin Captain.
It's not Captain...
It's the Skipper.
No more Captain.
Here we are back at|the rock again...
...the cemetery deal.
I just wanna be careful|not to get in the shot.
It certainly is odd.
Please tell me you didn't|just knock that over.
I didn't just knock that over.
That's not very nice.|Let me put it back.
You can't be too careful.
What'd you think ?
It was the same, only darker.
Yeah, pretty much.
All right. Bag it up.
Hello ?
Shit, no light.
We were sleeping.
Do you want this ?
Put it by the tent door.
Hello ?
Hello !
It's all around us.|Fucking weird.
Michael, aren't you|coming down ?
I ain't going down there.
Why not ?
- Because I don't hear shit.|- You're fucking scared.
Because I don't|hear anything !
You cannot deny hearing it.
Get your ass out ! Come on !
This rain fucking blows, man.
I know. It's raining heavily.
Thanks mom for giving me|rain gear for my birthday.
God bless her.
What do you think it|was last night ?
Personally ?
Someone fucking|with your head.
But nobody knows|we're here.
Yeah, ever see|"Deliverance" ?
Well, whatever it was,|I just wanted to...
You were freaking out.|You bugged me out.
I was. I woke up suddenly|and shit's going down...
...and all I can think is|"I want it all...
I want it on sound,|I want it on sixteen.
If we see anything,|I want it on sixteen."
Sounded to me like a lot|of people running around...
...maybe they were locals|or whatever.
I don't know what|the hell they wanted.
We're deep in the woods, and|if people want to mess with us...
...then there's something|wrong with them...
...and I'm not gonna|get into that.
And if it wasn't people ?
Well, I'm not gonna|get into that, either !
Fuck, man..'s been a very long day...
...a very wet, very long day.
Nobody's speaking to me|right now.
Dude, I don't remember|any of this.
What ?
I don't remember any|of this coming from the car.
We have to go a different|route to get back...
...because we went|around in a curve.
Two more hours max, guys.
If we came by a short cut, why|are we going back a different way ?
Because we have to go round...
It was the most direct way to|hit our two locations.
And this is the quickest|way back to the car.
Seriously ?
Yes. Seriously.
- You know exactly what's going on ?|- Yes. Let's just keep going.
All right.
Five minutes and we|do a map check.
All right.
We just did a map check,|and we're still on track.
That's not what I said.
We're all right. Come on,|just keep going.
Well the compass says...
...we go straight ahead,|that way.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
We've been in the middle|of nowhere for two days.
Just like the car.
Look at this shit, man !|This is nothing.
Let's just keep|going, all right ?
I think we should camp.
Get the fuck out of here !
Why ? 'Cause you don't know|where we are ?
No, because we're still|A little way from the car...
...and it's gonna be dark soon.
- Look, I'm not sure...|- We don't camp. Stop the camera...
...and get us home.
Turn the camera off and give|me the fucking map.
Turn it off and get us home.
No, I'm filming. I want|to mark this occasion.
Give me the map.
The map is in my|pocket. Wait a second.
God damn !
If we keep our heads|together, we'll be just fine.
Fucking bullshit !
Mike, chill.
Just relax, Mike.
Don't fucking tell|me to relax !
Let's just sit down,|and check the map...
Yes. Let's do that, please.
Are you happy ?
I'm not happy, no.
But the car isn't far. But we|can't find it in the dark.
Are you absolutely sure ?
Yes. I'm so sorry. We can still|get the DAT back tomorrow.
We have to...
We will get the|DAT back on time.
And the camera.
We'll get it all|back tomorrow.
I start work tomorrow at nine.
I know.
It's fine. Let's go to sleep.
Let's just fucking camp, okay ?
I wanna tape it from|inside the tent.
Whatever it is, it sounds the|same as last night.
Where's my boots ? Fuck, it's cold...
Hello ?
Shit, it's fucking freezing...
What ?
I hear it.
I don't hear shit.
You hear that ?
Hello ?
I think it's just a deer.
- Could be deer, I guess.|- It's just a deer.
I don't think so, man.
Sounds just like last night.|It's all around us.
It's gotta be just a deer.
It was a deer, man.
It wasn't like last night.
You say something ?
Yes ! Fucking listen ! Let's|get it on quiet...
Okay, it's on.
Jesus Christ ! What the|fuck was that ?
It's not scared by our yelling.
Sounds like footsteps.
I know ! It's a fucking person !
I don't see shit on video.|We'll just use DAT, right ?
But I'm staying out.
You stay out here with me.
I am. I am.
What time is it ? Anywhere|near morning ?
Let me see...
Tell me it's five|O'clock or something.
Fuck !
Bullshit. This is|fucking crazy.
I'm sorry, Mike. We should|be home already.
This has got nothing to do...
...with what we're here for.
This is just it's bullshit.
Woke up this morning,|two seconds ago...
...and there are piles of|rocks outside our tent.
There are three, actually.
Are you positive those|weren't there last night ?
I am fucking positive|they weren't here !
How could we have|just camped...
...between three piles of rocks|just by coincidence ?
You don't think this is strange ?
It is fucking weird, but|I really don't care...
...because all I want to do|is get to the goddam car.
Whatever it is,|man, right now...
...we have to get back to the car.
They obviously don't want us|Here, so let's get out.
We have to get the DAT back.
- That's what I mean.|- Okay, let's go.
Let's pack our shit up|and just walk.
Can we just walk ?
Yes, we're out of here.
Okay, cool.
But we're leaving just|when it's all happening.
Put the fucking camera down.|Let's pack up the tent.
- Let's get out of the woods.|- Okay, hang on.
Come on !
No, I'm not scared !|I'm just tired and hungry...
I'm just fucking done, man.
All right.
Did you take it ?
No, I didn't take the fucking map.
I'm not playing head games.
You're the one playing|head games.
But I'm not.
I don't have it. We have to go.|I'm serious, I don't have it.
Are you fucking serious ?
Fucking serious. I don't have it.
Heather, that is not so cool, man.
I know it's not cool !
It's the fucking least|responsible thing... could have done, man.
I know that.
You really don't have it ?
One of you must have the map.
No, I don't have the map.|We gave it back to you...
...after map check yesterday.
I always keep it in the|same place...
...and if it's not there,|one of you must have it.
I did not get the goddam map|out of your fucking pants, man.
Well, I don't have it !
Look, why would I take it ?
I just wanna get out|of here, man.
Me too.
Let's go !
No, you wanna stay and|film rocks, look around...
Let's go ! wanna film this and that...|Which way ?
That way.
We're in the|middle of the woods !
We can walk any way !
This way ! Because we've|been going this way all day.
We're going this way !|We gotta find something !
I gave you back the map !
I gave you the map.
I gave you back the map !
- Let's just go.|- We can move as fast as we want...
...but there's no point if we have|no idea where we're going.
We're following the creek.|Mike seems happy with that.
Would you guys stop it ?
We are fucked, we are done...
...we are dead, we are fucked.
I'm staying here. When you|find someone...
...tell them I'm under the|tree with the vine.
All blame aside...
...this is really fucked up.
I know.
We really need to work together.
- I realize that.|- Exactly. Exactly.
So we accept the fact that my|camera's not gonna be back...
...or your DAT.
No blame from now|on about that shit.
Look, seriously...
...this area's not that fucking big.
Exactly. It's very hard to get|lost in America these days...
...and even harder to stay lost.
What ?
Well, we're doin' a pretty good|job of being lost.
If you're not home today,|and I'm not home today...
...people are gonna notice...
...My girlfriend's definitely|gonna notice...
...and she'll notice that|I haven't called.
...that I didn't get back and|I didn't call... if by tonight we|haven't found shit...
...someone's gonna be looking for us.
Oh, no !
Not down here, go another way...
...I just got my whole shit wet.
Shit. Well, let's try it this way.
No, not this way...
...better try the other way.
- If we didn't have these packs...|- I don't mean to laugh...
Your feet are wet !
Is Michael laughing ?
Shut up and cross the stream.
He's laughing...
...that's the first time|you've laughed in days.
I'm happy you|find it amusing...
...that I'll be uncomfortable|for the rest of the day.
Dude, uncomfort does not even...
Can we keep going, please ?
No, we're gonna chill out !
- Didn't you want to get to the car ?|- Oh boy ! !
Okay, come on...let's get up here.
Oh shit.
You weren't lying to me about|the map, were you ?
'Cause to me it seems like you're|having a little too much fun.
- Oh, Heather..|- We're going a little stir crazy.
Heather ! If you make me|yell at this point...
...don't make me|yell at you, man.
Seriously, if you got the map, I|just wanna know you have it !
That would make me happy,|just to know you have it.
If I knew that, and I could see|it, I'd feel much better.
We're just trying to|be cool with you.
So I get laughed at 'cause|my shoes got wet.
It's fucking hilarious.
All our shoes are wet...
...we were laughing|at the situation.
We're fucking hungry|and fucking tired...
-...what the hell else can we do ?|- You know what ?
I'm sorry, it's fucked up...
...but I kicked that map into the|creek yesterday.
It was useless and I kicked it|into the creek !
I fucking hope he's kidding.
Mike ?
I really fucking hope he's kidding.
Mike, are you fucking kidding ?
I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry.
You're kidding me. You have|gotta be fucking kidding me !
- You think it's a game ?|- Get off me !
What the fuck ?|Are you out of your mind ?
No, I'm not. That map|wasn't doing shit !
Not for you, but I knew what|the fuck the map said ! !
I'm sorry !
You're a fucking asshole !
I'm sorry.
You're a fucking asshole !
That map was useless !
If we get hurt or die here,|it's your fucking fault !
You understand ?
How could you be|such an asshole ?
- What were you thinking ?|- You are fucking me up here !
I am not ! That map|was useless !
It was useless to you !
I didn't bring you out|here for this, man.
Sorry about the map, man.|What can I say ?
- The map wasn't doing shit.|- Just don't say sorry.
It wasn't worth|shit to you.
I knew exactly where|we were !
Listen ! Yesterday I asked you what|fucking river we were on...
Shut up or else.
Turn the fucking camera off !
Give me the compass... have betrayed us...
...way fucking beyond.|Give me the compass.
So have you for not getting|us out of the woods.
Yeah, thanks.
Can I have the fucking compass ?
No. I bought the compass.|If you wanted one... should've|bought your own.
You and he both fucked us up.
Why can't you admit that... fucked up from the start.|- Let's just walk south.
Because I haven't !
Why are we stopped ?
Why are we stopped ?
Just don't.
I'm just asking|Why we stopped.
Weren't we going south ?
We all seemed very|Happy with that.
Why don't we carry on like that ?
What ?
There's all sorts of|Stuff down here !
What kind of stuff ?
Voodoo shit !
What ?
- Hanging all over the place !|- No way...
It's all over.
Holy shit...
Come up quick ! I need the CP !
There's all sorts|Here, man !
This is fucking crazy shit.
Please, I gotta film this !
Take the fucking camera.
What the fuck is this ?
I have no idea.
Jesus Christ, that's fucking creepy.
This is no redneck.|No redneck is this creative.
Can we go now ?
Yeah, please.
Okay, I got everything on video.
Oh, Jesus Christ, I didn't|Even see these !
Okay, Heather, you got|Enough, man. Let's go.
- That's enough ! Stop taping !|- That's enough !
- Okay, we're going right now.|- Let's go !
Okay, we're out of here.|I'm leaving.
Come on, turn it off !
Help !
Please help us !
We won't get out of here like that.
Fuck !
Fuck !
I think I can say|that we're now lost.
I don't know what to do.
We should all get|Inside the tent.
All right.
Let's not light a fire tonight.
Yeah, that's my thinking.
- That's a good idea.|- We didn't light one the first night.
And nothing happened.
We light fires, and they know.|No one was following us.
We should turn that light off, too.
All right.
Seriously, anything|could attract them.
Let's just go to sleep.
Oh God.
Put this out.
Jesus Christ, little kids. Oh, God !
I'm gonna put my jeans on.
Take the video camera.|No, the DAT.
I'm gonna get this on video.
Oh, dear God, dear God !
Go, fucking go !
Oh God !
Oh God !
Hurry up !
I'm coming ! My boots aren't laced !
Oh my God, what the fuck is that ?
What the fuck is that ?
Oh, shit !
Mike, where are you, man ?
Turn the lights off...
...turn that light off.|turn it off, Josh.
All lights off,|all lights off.
I'm soaking.
That's okay.
What was that ?
What the fuck is going on ?
You hear that baby screaming ?
Shut the fuck up. There's|no fucking baby.
- Yes there was.|- There was no fucking baby.
I haven't heard anything|since we ran away...
Oh my God, it's cold.
We should be quiet, okay ?
I don't hear anything anymore.|Let's go back.
How long have we been here ?
I don't know, man, an hour...?
The sun's up. We're okay now.
Let's just get back,|pack up, and go.
What the fuck, man ?
Where's my pack ?
Right there. Where's mine ?
What the fuck, man ?
Why're they fucking|with us like this ?
They just opened it up.
They spilled all my water !
Looks like slime, man.
It's just water, man.
It is slime. What the fuck is it ?
Let's get out of here.
- Heather, turn that thing off !|- Let's go.
I'm not interested|anymore ! Let's go !
I know.
So turn it off.
Relax. Have we got everything here ?
- Like I give a shit.|- Whose bag was opened ?
It was mine !
Why you ?
Are you not scared enough yet ?
But why you ?
Put it down. This is not funny.
Am I laughing at all ?
No, but you're still doing|your documentary thing, man !
Still your fucking documentary !
- Don't touch it !|- Then turn the goddam thing off !
If you bite me again,|I'll throw you in river.
- Don't touch my camera.|- Turn it off !
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it, okay ?
You all right ?
Yeah. I wanna go home...
...but I wanna get|what we can.
What the fuck.. ?
Is this possible ?
All right.
Here I go.
I hate crossing streams on logs.
If I never cross another stream...
...on a log, I'll die happy.
I see why you like the|video camera so much.
You do ?
It's not quite reality.
Reality says we gotta move.
But it's a totally filtered|reality, man.
As if everything's|not quite the way it is.
Just leave him alone awhile
We need to go.
Leave him for five minutes.
Leave him alone. Five minutes.
Come on, he's lost it.
I know, but we've all|nearly lost it.
I know, but we got|to look after each other.
And we're not looking after him...
...if we film him|while he's crying.
I know.
I know you know.
Let's try and keep our wits.
But we have to go.
Sure. Believe me, I know.
It's hard to stay calm.
- We need to get out.|- I know.
You're not telling me|anything new,
Just let him calm down.
Anybody got a cigarette ?
No, man.
No, there's none left.
Nobody has any cigarettes ?
We're out.
Why the fuck...
...was this blue jelly|shit on my shit ?
Let's go.
Let's go.
If we keep going south,|we'll get out.
I don't wanna camp|another fucking night.
Josh, none of us do.
I know you don't.
Whoever it is, is gonna come|back, and that's a fact.
It's not a fact.
It came three nights running,|and it's worse every night.
Just what I need to|hear right now.
I'm just trying to|rationally say that...
...with our walking speed,|they might just go on forever..
Not possible in this country.
Why not ?
Because we've destroyed most|of our woods in America.
- Let's just keep going.|- America, America...
...God shed your grace on thee...
...Once so proudly we hailed... twilight's last gleaming...
That's the tree we crossed.
That tree is down. Same one.
Oh God !
Oh no...
You got to be kidding,|this is a joke !
It's not funny !
Mike, please stop...|please stop...
Oh no !
No, Mike, it's not the same log !
- Same log !|- Look, it's not !
Yes it is ! Open your eyes !
It's not the same log...
It's the same log.
Fuck you, God ! !
It's the same log.
Okay, it's okay.
Where do you wanna camp ?
Going south didn't work.|Tomorrow we go east.
I don't know what to say, Josh.
How the fuck did we wind|up in the same place ?
We walked south|all fucking day !
I don't know how we|ended up here !
Do you expect me to do,|or say something ?
What do you wanna do ?
Josh ?
I wanna make movies, Heather.
Isn't that why we came ?
Let's make some movies.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Let's not fight, please ?
...I can't take it.|I can't fight.
We're screwed, and that's it.|Please stop fighting.
I'll do the first watch.
I got first watch.
It's not the time or place, guys.
We have things to prepare for.
Okay, here's your motivation...'re lost, you're angry and|no one's here to help you...
...there's a fucking witch who|keeps leaving shit around... one can help you...
...she left little trinkets, and|you fucking took one...
...she's chasing us. And|no one can help you !
We walked fifteen hours today...
...and we ended up in the same place !
There's no one to help you !|That's your motivation !
Please stop.
Josh, quit it. She's had enough.
You got her back. Good one.
No, she's still making movies !
- Please stop.|- Still making movies.
It's all I have left, okay ?|Just please stop.
Please stop yelling at me.
I'm fucking tired of|crying all day.
We gotta think like human beings.|We got things to do.
We've gotta do shifts.|We got lots to do.
You gonna write us a|happy ending, Heather ?
Come on, turn it off.
You're getting like she was.
I don't know how you can|sew at this point, man,
Well, I'm cold.
- I know.|- I hear you.
The smallest comforts|we can get are good.
Doesn't it seem absurd,|though, at this point ?
Yes, it does.
Lots of things seem absurd.
Like sleeping where we were|last night is freaking...
It's just fucking me up, period.
Really fucking me up, man.
- I'm sorry, man.|- Me too. It's all right.
I'm sorry, Heather.
It's all right.
Who wants a cheeseburger ?
I do, I do...
I got a cheeseburger in my pocket.
Do you ? Can I have a|light to cut this ?
Know what I'd fucking love ?
What ?
Mashed potatoes.
Me too.
My mom's mashed potatoes.
You'll have them again very soon.
Mashed potatoes|and a piece of ass.
Josh ?
Fuck, we never go out of earshot !
Come on, calm down.
How can I ?
He's probably at the river.
If he was there,|he could hear me.
Wait for him to respond.
Remember what he said yesterday ?
What ?
About the shit on his bag.
Let's go. We've gotta find|him. Come on.
If we can't even find the car,|how are we gonna find Josh ?
Come on.
No, I'm fine.
Come on, come on, relax.
All right, let's take|Down the tent...
...and when he's back, we'll go.
I'm losing my mind, Mike.
Josh hasn't come back.
Heather ?
I'm here, Mike.
I don't know if Josh ran off.
All his shit's here.
I've got the camera...
...I don't know how I'm|gonna hike with the camera.
Sure you wanna take it ?
We have to take the camera.
How do you feel about east ?
How do you feel ?
Well, south didn't work.
Which witch was worse, the one|from the east or from the south ?
The witch of the|west was the bad one.
Let's go east.
What the hell is that ?
Josh ?
We'll have to put up the tent.
I'd like a meatball.
Just one meatball ?
And a big glass of red wine.
Yeah, I would like a whole|fucking bottle of Bordeaux.
And a pack of smokes.
That'd be good.|and a long, hot bath.
And a big pumpkin pie.
A pumpkin pie with ice cream ?
Warm with milky ice cream ?
Yeah, sounds good.
What do you like|to do on a Sunday ?
I used to like to drive to the|woods and go hiking.
But I think that might change now.
I think you could scratch that.
Should we open the door ?
Is it a trick ?
Josh !
Josh !
Where's it coming from ?
Josh, where are you ?|Tell me where you are !
Oh my God, no.
Do you think that's them again ?
Is it over here ?
No, it's over here.
We'll look for him.
I don't know if it's really him.
I don't even know where to look.
Tell me where you are, Josh !
Mike ?
- What ?|- Please don't fall asleep.
I can't fall asleep.
Whatever it is, it|knows Josh has gone.
If that was Josh, he would've|said where he was.
Whatever it was, it|sounded like Josh.
See ?
I just want to show you|that Mike's here.
There. He's sleeping.
Oh, shit.
What the hell is that ?
- Mike.|- What ?
There's something out here.
I'm gonna move it|from in front of the tent.
- Get rid of it.|- Okay.
I'm taking it away|from the tent.
I'm just throwing it.
We'll just keep walking, okay.
I found some cigarettes|at the bottom of my pack... if we're smoking,|we're still alive.
It's all full of blood.
Shit, shit, shit !
Oh my God !
Okay, see...?
Yeah ?
What are you doing ?
Just washing my hands !
What ?
Just washing my hands !
I'm fine.
I'm gonna put my gloves on.
You all right ?
I'm okay, I'm okay.
You need help ?
No, I don't need any help.
I'm okay.
What happened ?
Nothing. I'm just very|hungry and very tired...
...and very scared, and I just|wanna go home, okay ?
But I'm fine, and we're okay.
Ow ! My hair's caught.
Thank you, thank you.
Okay, okay.
Two thousand one|hundred thirty games... more season and|Cal Ripken is king !
And I won't see it...
...because I'll be in the woods.
Tell me you're not|eating a dry leaf.
I just want to apologize... Mike's mom...
...and Josh's mom...
...and my mom...
...and I'm sorry to everyone...
...I was very na´ve.
I am so, so, sorry...
...for everything that's happened...
...because in spite of|what Mike says now... was my fault...
...because it was my project...
...and I insisted...
...insisted on everything.
I insisted we weren't lost...
...I insisted we keep going...
...I insisted we walk south.
Everything had|to be my way.
And this is how we've ended up.
And it's all because of me|that we're here now...
...hungry and cold...
...and hunted.
I love you, mom...
...I am so sorry.
...what was that ?
I'm scared to close my eyes...
...and scared to open them.
Oh God...
...we're gonna die here.
- You got it ?|- You ready ?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You ready ?
Here, take this light.
That can't be him.
Holy shit, it's a house.
- Watch your step.|- Holy shit, Holy shit...
Josh ?
Mike. Mike.
Come on.
Mike, where the fuck are you ?
Come on, I'm in the house !
Mike, don't go in there, please !
Mike, please !|Mike, where are you ?
I'm right here !
Where is he ?
Mike, please don't.
Is he in here ?
Oh, Jesus.
Where is he ?
Are you gonna go upstairs ?
I hear him. I hear him.
I hear you. Josh !
I'm going upstairs.
Oh, God, oh.
Hear that ?
Where is he ?
Where are you ?
Come on !
I'm getting downstairs.
Come on, I hear him, downstairs !
Mike !
Come on !
Mike !
Josh !
Wait !
Josh, is that you down there ? {111330}{}Subtitles by Vicol Patrick
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Blade Runner Directors Cut
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Blast From The Past 1999
Blast from the Past
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Blind Spot Hitlers Secretary (2002)
Blind date
Blob The 1988
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Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD2
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Bob Le Flambeur 1955
Bob Marley Story - Rebel Music
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
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Body The
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Bola El
Bone Collector The
Bonnie and Clyde
Book of Fate The
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Born Romantic
Boucher Le
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Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
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