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Bless The Child

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- Did you see it, darlin '? - Excuse me?
- Did you see it, darlin '? - Excuse me?
Star of Yacov, what they be callin' the Christmas star.
Ain't been seen since Bethlehem. And now it's here.
- That's nice. - Oh, yes. Very nice.
It's a good sign for all good people.
Means someone special come from God.
What do you think about that?
I don't know. I'm not sure I believe in that kind of thing.
Oh, that don't matter. It's there if you believe or not believe.
It don't care.

Merry Christmas.
I don't have any change.
If you need a place to stay, there's a shelter right down on Nassau.
- Jenna? - Say hello to your Aunt Maggie.
I don't even know where to start, Jenna.
It's been two years.
- And a baby. What's his name?
- Her name is Cody. - Cody.
She's eight-- Oh, no.
She's nine days old.
- Can I pick her up? - She doesn't like to be held,
but do what you want.
She's soaking wet. Are you breast feeding?
- Who's the father? - Beats me.
- Beats you? - It means I don't know.
It could have been a couple of guys. I didn't get a name and a number.
- Do you have any diapers or formula? - In the bag.
You gave birth on drugs?
Are you insane?
- Answer me!
What do you want me to say? That I'm not perfect, like you?
- I'm not. - I didn't say I was perfect.
But if I had a daughter, I wouldn't let her be born a drug addict.
She's not strung out, okay?
I took her to the clinic and they said it was something else.
- What something else? - I don't know.
You have a child. If you don't give a damn about yourself,
at least you have to care about her!
- Why? - Because you're her mother!
What's wrong, Mags?
Are you a little pissed that maybe there is one thing...
I can do better than you after all?
- What are you talking about? - You know. "Mommy hood."
Maybe if you could have carried a kid,
that piece-of-shit husband of yours wouldn't have run out on you.
What was it, two miscarriages, three?

Why do you do this, Jenna?
I'm the only family you've got left.
I am the one that is in trouble here, okay?
I came to you for a little help and all you can do is give me shit!
I made a mistake coming here. I'm leaving.
No, Jenna.
Don't run away again.
I'm so scared, Mags.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna help you,
but first you have to get off the drugs.

Hi, you.
Where are you going?
To take a bath.
That's what you always say, right? "A hot bath will cure anything."
Why don't we change your socks?

Jenna! Jenna!

Okay, okay.

Okay. It's okay.

You're apsychiatric nurse, Maggie.
You know the diagnosis as well as I do--
the arching back, the repetitive behavior and the attention deficit.
I used to think it was autism too,
but I'm not so sure anymore.
It's as if she's listening to something we can't hear or see.
It's a difficult diagnosis to accept. I know that.
But there are a wide range of degrees of autism.
Cody may well be one of the lucky ones.
Reading, writing, language skills.
She may even be able to express basic emotions.
She does. I know she's a little withdrawn,
but she smiles and hugs me and kisses me just like any little girl.
There's a special-needs school in Brooklyn-- pre through six.
They've had great results with kids like Cody.
It's Catholic. I don't know whether that's any problem for you.
No. I was brought up a Catholic.
Just so it's not too religious.
And later, if her condition gets more severe--
I welcome you with open arms.
- It gets better every time. - I've sponsored your appointment,
because I feel you are the most able statesman in all Freedonia.
[Man] That covers a lot of ground. You cover a lot of ground yourself.
Leave in a taxi. If you can't get a taxi, you can leave in a huff.
If that's too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff.
You haven't stopped talking since I came here.
You must have been vaccinated with aphonograph needle.

What is it?
Cody! Cody!
Cody, Cody.
It's okay, baby girl. It's okay, baby girl.
It's all right. It's okay.
Just relax. Take a big, deep breath.
- Is she okay? - Yes. She does this sometimes.
Look, I gotta get going. I've gotta be up early tomorrow.
-All right. -I got a pretty busy week this week,
but I'll-- I'll call you... soon.
That would be nice.
Don't leave in a huff.
Leave in a minute and a huff.
Now where is that mouse?
Right here?
Is that him?
I want you to get some sleep, okay?
Good night, sweetheart.
Time to work on the picture board, Cody.
Cody. Cody.
- Don't you want to work? - Please, Sister, after you.
Well, thank you, but we're not working on our manners today.
Maybe we should.
No work. Sister Rosa go work. Good-bye.
Cody, your aunt is here for you.

- Martin Casillas? - Yeah?
Martin, you remember me. I'm a friend of your father's.
You were at my house last year.
- You're six, aren't you? - Yeah.
- Good. You like dogs? - Sure.
Well, I found a puppy and I bet he needs someone to take care of him.
Oh, you're probably too young to have a puppy.
- No, I could take care of a dog. - Yeah?
Excellent. Well, he's right over here in my van.
- Wow. Can I have him? - Maybe.
We're looking for a very special little boy, Martin.
If you're the one, you can have the puppy.
- But first you have to pass a test. - Like what?
The boy that we're looking for can do things that nobody else can do,
sort of like magic tricks.
- Do you know any tricks, Martin? - I don't know.
Well, maybe we can help you find out.
Bet you that puppy's hungry. Voila! Here.
Why don't you see if he'll take that from you. Go on.
What's the matter? It's only garbage, honey. Come on.

Hey. Hey!
It's just little mice,
like Mickey Mouse.
It's no big deal.
The body of six-year-old Tania Riley,
the fourth victim in a series of kidnap murders,
was discovered last night near a residential area in Queens.
A statewide search is now in progress for the killer.
Police have yet to name a suspect...
and have opened a 24-hour hot line for any information...
regarding this or any of the other murders.
Hey. Hey, hey.
Let's put the dolly in the car.
Hi, Maria. I'm really late. I've gotta run to work.
Okay. It's bedtime, mi angelito.
On. For Teddy.
Oh, okay. But just for Teddy.
Your mommy's very pretty, yes?
Did you pray for her?
Oh, Cody.
You know this. I tell you this.
You pray to the baby Jesus for your mommy,
and one day she will come back to you.
Not coming, Mommy. Not come.
I'm sorry, corazon.
I'm sorry, corazon.
You pray. You see.
Who knows, okay?
Buenasnoches, mi angelito.
Buenas noches, mi angelito.

Again, our guest today, Eric Stark.
You probably remember him as Little Luke, the child star of Family Days.
Today he's here to talk about his work as founder of The NewDawn,
one of the fastest-growing self-help organizations in America.
Honey, you have five minutes.
- Then you have to go get dressed. - addict by 15.
There were even rumors at onepoint that you had died from an overdose.

But now you're helping these runaway kids.
You're helping the abused kids. You're getting them off the streets.
You're getting them off drugs and into your rehab centers.
What's your secret?
These kids are tortured with morality.
They feel terribly guilty and they want to forget.
So what we try to do at New Dawn...
is teach these kids to look inside themselves--

That's your guy.
- I'm looking for Detective Bugatti. - Yeah, that's me.
- Agent Travis? - How you doing?
Welcome to Brooklyn. I'll get you up to speed on all this stuff later.
But... maybe it would be a good idea...
if you try to keep a low profile out here today.
- Why is that? - Well, some of the guys,
they're wound up pretty tight about this case.
They should be.
This is the fifth child and from what I heard,
you still don't have any suspects.
That's true, but some of the detectives,
they get a little territorial when the bureau steps in.
That would include you?
Hey, I don't give a fuck if we gotta call in...
the French Foreign Legion if that's what it takes to stop this guy.
- Mind if I take a look at the body? - Yeah, no, go ahead.
- Hi, Cody. - Hi.
Those are very pretty. Who are they?

Must be that poor bird. It flew into a window and broke its neck.
They're all quite curious about death.
Do you think they understand death?
You'd be surprised. I blame The Lion King.
Sister Rosa, would you mind?
Cody fixed the bird! Cody fixed the bird!
Maybe he was just knocked out when he hit the window.
No, he was dead.
[ All ] Cody fixed the bird! Cody fixed the bird!
- I'm tired, Mim. - Okay, sweetie. We'll go home.
[Woman] Thanks for staying.
- Sure. - Must be a full moon tonight.
Helen got cut by a paranoid "schiz" with a razor blade.
- And there's a biter in four. - Terrific.
And a recovering O.D. in three seeing snow lights.
If you'll take the histories.
- No problem. - Thanks.
- Cheri Post? - Who are you?
I'm Maggie. Wanna tell me what's wrong?
What do you think is wrong? I'm sketching, you know, coming down.
Wanna lie down for me?
- Your name is O'Connor? - Mm-hmm.
I don't care about your tracks. I want to help you.
I just need a blood sample.
Some friends shot me up.
Wanted me to end up in the morgue instead of here.
Why would they do that?
They don't like people quitting their club.
Nice club.
Just relax.
You're really nice for a nurse.
Okay. Put some pressure on that.
You kind of look like her.
Who? Make it good. I need a boost.
My sister. You know my sister?
No, a friend of mine, Janet.
No, no, no. You said Jenna.
- Where is she? - I don't--
I haven't seen her in six years. I've looked for her everywhere.
She has a little girl she hasn't even seen.
I know she has a little girl.
She's special. You know that, don't you? That's why they want her.
Please tell me where my sister is.
Forget about your sister, okay? They've already got her.
Don't let them get the little girl.
Maggie, I need you in four.
- Doctor-- - Right now!
Stay here.
Task force hot line. Can I help you?
Please, ma'am, slow down.
What makes you think that your landlord is the killer?

Crawford, I hate to break it to you,
but that weed's been dead for at least two weeks.
Excuse me.
- What is that? - It's a lily.
- Really. - Yeah, it just needs a little sun,
and you get sun through both windows.
I hope you don't mind. My daughter gave it to me.
No, it's okay.
Don't let Crawford bug you.
He's a little soft around the edges, but he's a good cop.
Oh, leave that there. It's all right.
A little ambiance.
Can I ask you a personal question?
Depends on the question.
There's a rumor goin' around that before you were in the bureau,
that you were some kind of priest or something.
I was a seminary student. I didn't make it as far as the priesthood.
Still, that is some kind of makeover. What happened?
Found another way to fight him.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Fight who?
Gentlemen, ladies.
Listen up, please.
Most of you have met Special Agent John Travis.
For those who haven't, he's on loan to us...
from the FBI Behavioral Sciences Division at Quantico.
Agent Travis's area of expertise is ritual homicide...
and occult-related crime.
He was instrumental in breaking the Santeria case last summer.
No offense, but didn't that case just end in an acquittal?

That's right.
The problem with prosecuting occult crime...
is the judicial concept of reasonable doubt.
The motives can be so bizarre, so far beyond reason,
that they're hard for a jury to accept.
That means we have to work twice as hard to get a conviction.
But our perp could just be some run-of-the-mill psycho...
who gets his stuff off the back of a comic book.
I don't think so.
Whoever did this has a background in classic occult mysticism.
This symbol was used in ceremonial sacrifice...
as far back as 16th century Europe.
The tines on the trident point left,
signifying the left-hand path of Satanists.
It was a sign of a sect of Luciferians...
who took the fallen angel mythology literally.
Then you think the perp's got motives...
- besides thrill kills? - Yes.
The crimes were meant to be against God, not men.
But all I can give you right now is a time frame.
All of the victims' bodies also had these symbols...
branded on them-- Pascua Negra.
The translation would be "Black Easter."
Whatever our man is up to will happen on Easter eve.
That's only about a week away. Maybe this is almost over.
Or maybe in our perp's mind that's when it really begins.
No, last night.
I had just taken a blood sample when she ran off.
How could her paperwork disappear?
I just need her name. Allright, thanks.



It's okay. It's okay.
- Bad dream. - Yeah, me too.
Me too.
You try to go to sleep, okay?
Buenas noches, mi angelito.
I think I'll take Cody shopping today. It's so beautiful outside.
Okay. I'll just finish this and go home.
Maria, are you missing your rosary?
No. Why?
Because I found it under Cody's pillow last night.
Oh, she asked me for it.
It makes her feel better.
-I have an extra one if you want it. -No, thank you.
I'll bring it for you just in case.
Cody, you ready to go shopping with your Mim?
- Is that Maria's church? - Yes. Can we go?
Okay, let's go.
I'm going to say a little prayer, like Maria does, okay?

She's sad, Mim. So sad.
She's crying for us.
It's okay. It's okay.
- Nice limo you got there. - You won the lottery?
- Miss O'Connor? - Yes.
Hello, Mags.
Hi, Cody. Do you have a kiss for Mommy, hmm? Come here.
I'm Eric Stark, Maggie,
Jenna's husband.
We just got back from Barbados last week.
Part honeymoon, part healing process for Jenna.
And no more bad habits--
- except for spending Eric's money. - Mm-hmm.
He saved my life.
- Are you a doctor? - He's Eric Stark, Maggie.
The New Dawn, the foundation, the seminars.
Did you meet Jenna through your work, Mr. Stark?
Eric, please. Yeah, we met at one of my outreach centers.
- When was it, only last month? - [Jenna Giggling]
- Isn't that amazing? - Crazy.
So this is all happening very quickly.
Oh, yeah. Idon't waste time anymore.
I wasted half my life on drugs. That was enough.
No more. No more presents.
There's still something wrong with her, isn't there?
-I was hoped she would outgrow this. -She's fine.
Just a little different. And she certainly isn't deaf.
You know, I'm a little bit in a state of shock here.
You must know, Eric, that I haven't seen my sister...
since the first week Cody was born.
Well, I'm here now, and I'm healthy.
And everything's going to be fine, isn't it, sweetie?
We'll get you well.
- Do you have a kiss for Mommy, hmm? - No.
She has to get used to you. That will take time.
Like round-the-clock time, huh?
- Cody? - Well, that's why we're here.
You're gonna come live with Eric and me, Cody.
- We're gonna take you home. - Darling?
Why don't you have Dahnia come up from the limo?
- Maybe Cody would like to meet her. - We have a wonderful nanny.
Cody, go in my room and watch cartoons, okay, sweetie?
Hi. Could you send Dahnia up now?
Jenna, I don't think you understand.
- Cody's very special. - You just said she was fine.
Yes, but she probably has a form of autism.
- I want the right people to see her. - She's with the right people.
It's taken a lot of work to bring her to this point.
A change could undo everything.
Mags, Eric and I talked about this. She's my daughter.
And it's sort of like--
It's not really up to you.
Who do you think raised her when you left her like a piece of luggage?
Who paid for her doctors and her schools and her test?
That gives me some say what happens to her.
Of course it does, Maggie.
We're grateful that you took care of Cody when Jenna wasn't able to,
but now she is.
And I have the money to give her...
the kind of special care and schooling she needs.
Now that you're here, I want you both to be in her life.
She's made so much progress, but what she needs right now...
are rules and stability and familiar faces.
are rules and stability and familiar faces.
Then the sooner she gets familiar with us, the better.
Ah, Dahnia.
This is Dahnia, Mags. She's wonderful with children.
Hello, Miss O'Connor. May I see the child?
- No, you can't. - As you wish.
Maggie, really there's no reason to beso defensive.
We want you to be part of the family and visit Cody regularly.
This is crazy. It's too soon. I have to talk to Cody.
- No. There's nothing to talk about. - Jenna, please.
Well, I think this visit is over.
Jenna, why don't you wait in the car?
Maggie, I want you to think this through carefully.
Jenna and l, we only want what's best for Cody.
You don't know her yet. She doesn't know you. This will take time.
I'm afraid you don't have that luxury.
You're gonna have to decide right now, today,
how you're going to deal with this.
And I promise you, you do not want this in some court's hands...
for your own good-- and for Cody's.
Good-bye, Maggie.


- He grabbed her out of my bedroom! - Calm down.
No, I won't calm down. I won't leave here until somebody helps me.
Excuse me, miss. How old is your child?
Six years old.
- It's her niece actually. - Can I take a look at that?
Anyway, the kid's not really missing. It's a custody dispute.
We should probably give it to Social Services.
Eric Stark is involved in this? Have you talked to this guy?
- No. - I tried. His number is unlisted...
and the foundation just gave me the runaround.
- Want me to find a number on him? - Yeah, thanks.
I'd like to talk to Miss O'Connor for a few minutes.
Please, come this way.
I'll be honest with you, Miss O'Connor,
Stark's organization has been under investigation before.
For what?
Harboring runaways.
There were allegations of tax fraud...
and money laundering, but nothing that would stick.
Please, sit down.
See, Stark is well protected politically...
and he keeps a pack of high-priced lawyers in attack mode year round.
Are you saying you're scared of him?
All I'm saying is that he'll bury you...
if you come after him without grounds.
Are those the serial murders?
I'm advising a task force here that's handling that investigation.
But you don't think this has anything to do with--
No, but I do think...
that what my charmless colleague told you before is probably true.
Right now the best thing for you to do...
is try to establish some form of legal custody.
- You need a lawyer, not a cop. - So that's it? "Get a lawyer"?
That's all the help you have to offer me?
No, you have my word. I will follow up on Stark.
It'll be my pleasure. I think his whole outfit stinks.
But I want you to promise me if you reach him first--
I would just feel better if you give me a call...
before you even talk to this guy.
That will be my first priority, Agent, making you feel better.
Miss O'Connor. Miss O'Connor.
The only thing I can get on Stark is the number for his lawyer.
No, thanks.
I want to follow up on this one.
- Yeah, right. - What's that supposed to mean?
Come on. The one lead you're gonna follow up on...
is attached to a piece of tail like that?
No wonder this priest thing didn't work out.
This may be the best lead we've got.
Take a look, Frank. December 16, 1993.
The same birthday as every kid on that board.
May I help you?
I really don't know much about your program and--
Would you like a tour?
Our main focus has been our national youth crusade, but our programs...
for adults have been gaining more and more popularity.
Our self-realization seminars only require a $400 donation.
What I'm really interested in is speaking with Eric Stark.
His schedule doesn't allow for personal interviews,
but I'll take you to our computer lounge...
and you can e-mail him directly.
Before I found New Dawn, I didn't have any respect for myself.
I didn't think I mattered to anybody.
And Eric helped me learn to will what I do...
and to stop letting others judge me.
Eric helps you tap into this power.
I mean, he changed my whole life.

Maggie, this is Cheri Post. I got your number from the hospital.
I know where the kid is.
Meet me at the diner at Stanton and Essex at midnight.
Do me a favor. Bring some cash, okay?
This is all you brought? I can't get out of the city on this.
Cheri, where is she?
Literally? Of course not.
Well, Eric does-- and so do the sick fucks that are in with him.
So would you if you'd seen what I've seen.
- Like what? - Eric's got this religion,
only it's more like the opposite of religion.
I thought it was all bullshit at first, but I've seen it work.
They can predict the future,
even make things happen to people, bad things.
What does this have to do with Cody?
About a year ago, they all started acting a lot weirder than usual.
They started hunting down kids--
six-year-old kids, boys, girls.
But they all had to be born on this certain date.
They'd take each kid and put them through this test,
and if they failed, they'd kill them.
"The slaughter of the innocents," they called it.
Only Cody isn't like the other ones.
She's the one they've been looking for all along.
So instead of killing her, Eric's gonna try to change her--
to make her just like him.
See? So he can use her power.
She's just a little girl.
She's more than that, at least she's gonna be.
Gonna be what?
I don't know. A saint, a prophet.
She's gonna lead people to God, Maggie-- a lot of people--
only Eric won't let that happen.
If he can't turn her, he'll kill her.
Cheri, where is she?
Do you promise to get her out of there?
- Yes. - You're gonna need this.

Hello. Hello?


Come in. Crazy people like an audience.
Is that a self-diagnosis?
No, just a popular theory.
I had a half a dozen transit cops here this morning.
They think the concussion makes me a less-than-credible witness.
They're having a hard time believing you because they didn't find a body.
- You lied to me. - Excuse me?
You think what's happened to Cody is connected with the murders.
How many children are dead?
Five, that we know of.
"Slaughter of the innocents." Does that ring a bell?
- Where did you hear that? - From the girl they killed.
- What did she mean? - Well, it's from the Bible.
When the three wise men told King Herod...
that the star over Bethlehem...
was the sign that the Son of God had been born,
Herod sent his soldiers to kill all of the children...
that were born on that date.
But then an angel appeared before Mary and Joseph...
and warned them to escape.
And what date are our innocents born on?
- December 16, '93. - You son of a bitch.
- It's different with Cody. - You should have told me!
It's different with Cody. We know who took her.
And you haven't done anything about it.
Have you even found where he's keeping her?
Maggie, his organization owns...
dozens of different properties all around the country.
He lives like a textbook paranoid. He keeps moving all the time.
You could put out a warrant.
Come on, Maggie. You don't think I want this guy?
I do. But if I make a move without grounds, it'll blow the whole case.
And there won't be a second chance here--
not for you, not for Cody.
That's a composite that we got of the killer...
from two very strong eyewitnesses.
- Do you recognize him? - No.
- But Eric could still be involved. - Yeah, it's possible.
How many children have been killed since Cody disappeared?
I'm going to help you, Maggie.
I'm gonna make a request to have an officer outside the door...
- for the next couple of days, okay? - Okay.
There is one other thing.
The hospital said that they found this on you.
Those kids tried to kill me last night. I wish I had used it.
Well, you didn't get that from me.
Lord, I could use a little help here.

Oh, sorry. You all alone in here?
- Yeah. - Look, if I'm disturbing you--
No, that's okay. I'm done for tonight.
Oh, man.
- I don't know how you do this. - What?
This kind of work. Day after day.
It's gotta wear down a man's spirit.
The worst thing is knowing that he's still out there.
And we're running out of time.
You'll catch him.
- I got a good feeling about this. - You do, huh?
You're wrong about one thing though.
What's that?
You're not working alone tonight.
A good man is never alone in this world.
I'm sorry. Can't you tell me who she is?

Hey, how about watching my car?

Jenna, it's Maggie.

Maggie, if Eric finds you here--
Do you have any idea who this man is?
- Maggie, I'm begging you. - Cody. Cody.
Cody, hi. Hi!
- Cody miss Mim. - I missed you. Are you all right?
Cody go to dentist tomorrow.
Tell 'em don't make Cody go to dentist.
No. How would you like to get up right now and leave?
- What do you think you're doing? - I'm taking Cody.
- And I want you to come with us. - No. No, Maggie.
No. Maggie, I've watched him with her. He's very gentle.
What a surprise. You should've called.
Unfortunately, it's almost time for Cody's nap.
Come here, Cody.
Sit down, Maggie.
It's allright, Jenna. It's okay.
Actually, uh,
- I'm a little tired myself. - No! Stay.
We'll have drinks. Stuart!
I think Maggie'd like a drink.
Oh-- Unless you have to run.
No. I'll stay.
I don't care for a drink.
I've been trying to reach you for the last couple of days,
and I really don't understand why--
There are certain forces in this country, Maggie,
that don't want me empowering the younger generation.
I have to protect my privacy and my family any way I can.
Well, the reason I dropped by is, um,
they're having an Easter egg hunt at Cody's old school.
And I thought it would be really fun if we went.
- Why don't you run get your coat? - Actually, Maggie,
things have changed since last time we spoke.
Originally, we'd hoped some kind of visitation might be worked out,
but your attitude has made that impossible.
I knew you wouldn't give her up...
without getting something in return.
- You have nothing I want. - How about my silence?
- Go on. - I'm no fool, Eric.
I didn't imagine what happened to Cheri.
- I know she's dead. - No one's saying you're a fool.
It's just obvious you're not well.
So, I'm scared. You've accomplished that.
But I'm not likely to make a deal and break it the way she did, am I?
You let me take Cody and Jenna and leave right now,
and that's it-- it's over.
You can go on with your mission or your religion...
or whatever it is, and you'll never hear from us again.
Maggie, I'm not leaving. There's nothing bad going on here.
We are taking very good care of Cody.
Eric gives her everything she needs.
- He married you to get to her. - You are jealous.
You are jealous because I finally have a family and you don't!
Maggie, this is exactly why I didn't want you here.
Dahnia, take Cody upstairs!
I've never fired a gun before,
but I'll bet at this range I'm dead on.
Are you really gonna shoot me, Maggie?
Right here, in front of Cody?
Close your eyes, sweetheart.
Go ahead and fire, Maggie.
Feel that hate.
Feel it? Feels good, doesn 't it?
Something that feels that good...
can't be wrong.

Oh, my God.
Thou... shalt... not... kill.
Especially without bullets.
I know. You're confused, aren't you?
Concussions are tricky, huh?
They can mess with your perceptions.
Police start saying you're seeing things.
Maybe you are.
- Oh. - Here.
- Oh. - Here.
I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.
You know what?
On second thought,
I think I will take your silence after all.


You've got to get out. Take my hand.

- Agent Travis. - It's Maggie.
What the hell happened to you? We thought you were dead.
We've got witnesses that saw your car go into the river.
-Someone helped me. No one saw that? -I guess not.
And lucky for you. If the cops found you at the scene,
you'd be in a cell right now.
There'd be a warrant out for hit-and-run...
- if they knew you were alive. - It was Stark and his people.
- I went there to get Cody. - You what?
- How did you manage-- - They drugged me.
I don't know how, but I woke up right before the crash.
You do believe me, don't you?
Maggie, I want you to turn yourself in to me.
At least you'll be safe until we can build a case against Stark.
You gotta trust me right now. Trust me.
- You want me to be safe? - Yes, I do.
Then don't tell anybody I'm alive.
Maggie, don't-don't--
Come on.
You're not like ordinary children, Cody.
Do you know that?
On the night you were born...
a star appeared in the sky...
pointed right down at you.
A star that hadn't been seen in 2,000 years.
Like baby Jesus?
You're such a smart girl.
- Do you love God, Cody? - Yes.
Well, maybe that's just 'cause you think you're supposed to.
I'm gonna teach you something tonight.
Something I think you're smart enough to understand.
No. no. No, no. Shoo. Uh-uh. Sh--
- Look at this man.
- He should be in an institution. - No, no. No, no.
Shoo. Uh-uh. Go away!
But God abandoned him, didn't He?
Left him here to suffer.
- Death... would be a kinder fate. - Shoo-shoo!
- Even a cruel death.
Through the power of the one I serve,
I can give him the strength to end his pain.

If God loves his children so much, maybe he'll stop this.
Redeem him... somehow.
Or maybe...
Or maybe...
the release I've offered him...
is his only true salvation.
He has forgotten you.
Th-- Thank you.

She will be ours.
Dear God,
if You really are there, please help me.
Please help me and Cody.
I know what's happening to you.
There's a man who can help us.
Please, we don't have much time.


Mommy's busy right now, sweetheart.
Why don't we go have a... little talk.
Just you and me.
Think it's time for another lesson.
I assure you, Father Grissom understands what you're up against.
He was a Jesuit priest, a scholar who was censured by the Vatican.
The Devil's greatest achievement...
is that people don't believe he exists.
Nowadays the concept of evil is politically incorrect.
Then how could someone actually recruit people to worship the Devil?
Only a secret inner circle practice traditional Satanism.
But Eric Stark and other groups like his...
are spreading a powerful message--
God does not really exist.
Therefore, we can all make up our own rules.
Come with me. I've got something to show you.
These visions that you've seen...
have all been seen by others throughout the centuries.
Accounts of demonic attack are common...
in all cultures and religions.
There, you see?
There's a spiritual battle going on in this world.
We're all part of it every day of our lives.
From what Sister Rosa has told me,
I believe that Cody will be an important part of this battle.
I have seen the glory of God in her, Maggie. I know you have too.
What will Eric do with her?
"All these things will I give thee,
if thou wilt fall down and worship me."
Satan's temptation of Christ.
He'll try to turn her to his side, Maggie.
- If he can't, he'll destroy her. - What do I do?
Get her back whatever way you can.
- I-I can't go back to Eric's place. - Does she never leave?
They're taking her to the dentist tomorrow.
Then, that's our chance! John will go with you.
I've helped families get their kids out of New Dawn before.
We won't make a move unless we're sure she won't be hurt.
These are directions to our convent in Vermont.
I'll be waiting for you.
- I don't know if I can do this. - Yes, you can, Maggie.
There is hope. You must believe that.
Not just for Cody.
All of us are chosen by God,
and all of us can stand against the darkness in His light.
I never brought any of the other children up here, Cody.
Just you.
- You know why? - No.
'Cause I'm your father now, Cody.
You never had a father before, did you?
Pretty, isn't it?
All this,
as far as the eye can see,
is just a small part of what can be yours, Cody,
if you're a good daughter...
and you do what I say.
and you do what I say.
But you have to choose...
This only works if it comes from your heart.
What does God offer that compares?
Does He even exist?
Maybe God's just a nice idea--
like the Easter bunny.
He's not real...
is He?
I know how you can tell.

In the Bible, my lord says,
"If thou be the child of God, cast thee down from hence."
"For He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee...
and in their hands they shall bear thee up."
Jump, Cody.
If you believe in God, jump.
If not, you come to me.
What do you believe in, Cody? My hand?
Huh? It's here. You can see it.
Satan rules it, and it will protect you always.
Or His hand? ls it there?
Huh? Or isn't it?
Will He catch you or not?
If you believe, Cody,
After you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, darling.
Come on.
Let's get you back inside.
Bugatti, homicide.
- Agent Travis. - Travis-- I heard of you.
None of your voodoo stuff here. Just some bum got torched.
Hey, Frank. How are you doing?

It's a Druid rune spell.
Straight out of the 16th century.
Think we know how it started.
How long will it take your forensics lab to get prints off of that?
Mm, call in a favor, a couple of hours, maybe.
We're out of time on this, Frank. It's Easter eve.
We have Stark's prints on file from a drug bust in '82. If they match--
If they match, I'll get you a warrant...
on this Devil-lovin' bastard before lunch.
Hold it. There they are.
No, it's fine. Sure.
Yeah, tomorrow at 5:00, okay?
Yeah. No, I'm sure we can fit you in.
Okay? Have a good afternoon. Bye.
- Yes? - Thank you.

- Mim! - We're just about done.
Tell Eric I'll have the new dental records ready by tonight.
Thank you, Doctor. That's a relief.
Wait a minute!
Maggie, I was getting worried.


Stop that woman!

Run, Cody! Run!
After you.
Thank you.

Eric Stark, this is the police!
We have a warrant to search the premises!

Where we going, Mim?
Vermont, to see Sister Rosa. She has some friends there.
- Kids? Like at school? - We'll see.
Looks like he blew town.
We've gotta strip this place down to the floorboards...
until we find a lead on him.
The little girl's only got a few hours left.
- You got anything? - Not yet.
We have access, but his files are encrypted.
We need anything on property that he owns, places he might be staying.
Just a whole lot of nothing.
Not even dust.
Paint's fresh.
Does your forensics team have an A.L.S.?
- Yeah, they got all those toys. - We're gonna need it.

- Oh, thank you. - Buenos dias.
- Hi. - You're sick.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Out of the mouths of babes, huh?
- Go!

- What the hell are you doing? - Officer, you don't understand.
- Give me your keys, now! - They're trying to kill us.
License and registration.

We've got to get out of here!
Run! Run, baby, run!
Go! Go!

Looks like your boy's got serious money stashed in the Caymans.
The I.R.S. might be able to make a case.
What about property?
He owns some kind of country estate north of the city.
- I need an address on that. - Workin' on it.
- Okay. - We're all set.
Lights, please.
Try over here.
Oh, my God.
Think your guys can pull DNA off of that?
Yes, sir.
Need to run a match against the kids.
Yeah. Yeah. Lights, please.
- [Cell Phone Ringing] - How long is it gonna take you...
- to get those crates analyzed? - Hello.
Agent Travis, it's Maggie. They've got Cody.
- Where are you? - I'm at a diner on Route 17...
- about 30 miles south of Albany - Do not move.
Don't talk to anyone. I'll be there as soon as I can, okay?
- Okay. - Agent Travis?
Got a location on that estate. It's just off 87--
Let me guess. Just outside of Albany.
It'll take a couple of hours to get there. I'll call the State Troopers.
I'll catch a lift from Air Support, and I'll meet you there.
- I'm gonna need local backup. - You got it.

- Maggie! Are you all right? - Yes.
Stark's on the move.
Our best guess is that he took Cody...
to an old estate he owns just north of here.
We're gonna get her back, though. I promise you that.
- You Travis? - Yeah, that's right.
The place is about a half an hour away from here.
Local police have already done some reconnaissance.
- How's it look? - The entrance is guarded.
Oh, that's no good.
The element of surprise is the key thing. They might hurt the girl.
Well, there used to be a dirt road about two miles up the interstate.
It's probably overgrown. Could get us on the grounds.
All right, we'll rendezvous there. No flashers. No sirens.
No one goes in that property until my command!
Ah! The prodigal daughter returns!
Just in time for her last supper.
It's Eastereve, sweetheart.
You only have a few hours left.
Tonight you can be reborn through my lord,
or die for yours.
You're alone, Cody.
And through me...
Now, this is the last time I'm going to ask you.
Join us, Cody.
Join us...
if you want to live.
Cody, do what he says.
Is that it?
Is that all you can do?
Dahnia, I don't think Cody's hungry.
Why don't you prepare the Light of the World for her big night.
- Has she called? - Still nothing.
Mother Superior is ready to lock up for the night.
They should've been here hours ago.
What do you want me to do?
Tell everyone to meet me in the chapel.
These people are under attack, Sister.
They need our prayers.
That must be it.
I want you to stay in the car.
I need to be there for Cody.
I'm serious, Maggie.
Where's that backup?
They were right behind us.
They've got to be right back there somewhere.
You wait for them at the turn off. We'll stay here.
You look so beautiful, little one.

Tonight is a very special night.
you must make your mommy and new daddy...

Thanks for waiting.
Lights are on upstairs.
Let me check.

Come on! She's getting away!


You bastard!
It's customary for guests to kneel.


For the girl Cody, the innocent,
that she may one day stand against the dragon,
-we pray to the Lord. -Lord, hear our prayer.
For Maggie O'Connor, that she will have faith in you, Lord,
-grant her strength. -Lord, hear our prayer.
Send your angels to protect them, Father.

Send your angels to stand against the forces of darkness...
that would do them harm.
- We pray to the Lord. - Lord, hear our prayer.
This is it, Cody.
I know you like angels, don't you?
Well, Satan was an angel too--
the most beautiful angel of them all.
So beautiful...
that God gave him dominion over the earth.
All you have to do...
is cry out to him.
Ask him for mercy.
Callhis name.
Say his name!

Choose, Cody.
Choose Satan as your god, or your beloved Mim dies.
- No! - Don't, Cody. Don't.
Close your eyes. We're faraway from here.
We're together.
- We'll always be together. - What's your choice?
What's your choice, Cody?
Say it!
Police! Open up!

Kill the girl! Shoot her!



I deliver you unto... him.

Are you hurt?
Keep your head down!
Come on, Maggie!
Was anybody else in there?

So, are you going back to work at the hospital?
- If they'll have me. - How's Jenna doin' in rehab?
Fine, so far.
She asked me to adopt Cody.
No one will ever take her away from me again.
Come on. We're gonna be late for the church bells.
We're right on time.
You ready? Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three,
two, one.

Are you all right?
It's all right now.
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