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Blood Crime

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Unit 77, hostage situation at 314 Elm Street. Shots fired.
Detectives Pruitt and Biggs are trying a side entrance.
-Ready? -Yeah.
-Clear? -Clear.
So, what do you think?
l think with all that noise we lost the element of surprise.
-Not exactly stealth, are we? -l'm talking about you.
l can hear those corduroys rustling two blocks away.
-Close the door, sir. -You never heard of slacks?
Screw you. l got my first collar wearing these pants.
Freeze! Drop the weapon!
Drop the weapon!
-Pru, what are you doing? -Look at her hands, Roy.
They weren't tied together.
The guy's the hostage.
You shot my wife!
-All right, ma'am. And then? -My husband, he called 91 1 .
Then they take him hostage.
ln six months you'll be back with a badge.
Except in Mayberry you'll be hiding in speed traps and chasing cats from trees.
What? You got some sudden yearning for boredom?
Life, Roy.
-l got a yearning for life. -Can't you feel that feeling?
-You're not gonna be in the heat of it all. -l'm gonna start a family.
You were born to be a detective, Pru. lt's in your blood.
l don't want it anymore.
Last chance!
You were born to be a detective, Pru.
Do you want to talk about what happened?
Sometimes it's better if I don't tell you everything.
l know it must be hard for you to leave.
l love that we're leaving here.
l love that we're never coming back.
Now, why is there sleeping bags in the trunk of my car?
Well, you know, sometimes it's better if l just don't tell you everything.
-l forgot how far it was. -Are you tired?
-A little. -We'll stop soon, get a drink.
You wanna get me drunk, have your way with me.
That's the current plan.
Wait, one minute. No, less.
-lt's a lot further than that. -Wait. Wait. No, wait.
That's beautiful, but that's not where we're moving.
That's correct, but it is where we're staying tonight...
...under the stars and the moonlit sky.
l heard a realtor talk about it. Apparently it's beautiful...
...and incredibly romantic.
-You mean sleep outside? -Well, yeah.
We've been cooped up in ''box land'' for a month.
Come on, honey. Please.
You're giving me that look. You're giving me that look.
-Yes! -All right.
-How are you holding up? -l'm tired.
-Nothing room service wouldn't cure. -Forget it. We're camping.
-Suddenly l could use a drink. -Well, welcome to the Morningstar.
l'm just gonna go to the little girls' room.
-What can l get you? -Two shots of Cuervo and a Coke back.
-That wild thing must belong to you. -Excuse me?
That's your '66 Mustang out there, ain't it?
-Dual exhaust, wide-ass tires. -lt's a 1 967 Fastback.
lt's worth some real dough.
lt's a lot of engine for just one man.
-You two passing through? -We came up the Coast Highway.
My wife says it's twice as long, but it's twice as pretty.
Well, Helensville's pretty quiet, like most places around here.
-Where you guys staying? -We are camping out.
We've got some pretty scenery. lt's God's country.
ls there another place we can grab a bite?
Only place open will be the Stop-n-Shop. lt's two miles down the road.
-Thanks. -Thank you.
She says, ''l can't do a guy who has 'Winona Forever' tattooed on his chest.''
Hurt like a bitch scraping part off. Now she won't call me.
-Man, you're stupid. What's it say now? -''Wino Forever.''
You guys catch a load of that city man's ride?
Yeah. l saw his ride.
Twice as long and twice as pretty.
-You never camped out as a kid? -No.
-You must have wanted to. -Not really.
-Just like that, ''No.'' -Let me think about it. No.
Cub Scouts have campouts. You were a Scout.
That's only because l thought chicks would dig the uniform.
You're unbelievable.
l got it.
You were right. lt's amazing.
Yeah. What would you ever do without me?
l will never be without you.
lf they blindfolded me, and put you somewhere on the planet...
...l'd find you.
Really? You that good a detective?
What if you couldn't find me?
Well, then l'd spend the rest of my life telling everybody about you.
Thank you, darling.
-Feels a little light again, Bobby. -l wouldn't know.
That's what the lndian gave me, okay?
-Let's have a drink. -l've gotta go take care of some things.
l think l worked up an appetite.
l think we both did.
There's that little convenience store down the street.
Cheetos and chili dogs. l'll go.
No. You stay here. You wanted the view. Enjoy.
Honey, come on. You've been driving all day.
Wait a sec. You think l drive too slow.
l think if you drive any slower, you'd be going backwards.
Good. Good one.
ln case you see a bear or something.
lf l do, you might want to help the bear.
Be right back. l love you.
Love you too. l'll love you even more when you bring me food.
-Cheetos and chili dogs. -Chips, candy, salsa.
Be right back.
-Not from around here, are you? -Why do you say that?
License plates. But l would have known anyhow by the way you move.
-How do l move? -Like a man in a real big hurry.
-l'm sorry. l'll pay for it. -That's okay.
Get off me!
Jess! Jessica!
Oh, my God. Jess.
Jess, l'm here.
-l'm sorry. -Help me.
Never there when you need 'em.
l was about ready to give up on you. Then l noticed the truck was still here.
-l gotta get home. -What's the problem?
l don't have a problem.
Maybe l could take care of it.
-Don't l always take care of it, Bobby? -You can't.
-Don't worry. l'll handle it. -Worry? l'm not worried.
-See, money can always be replaced. -Listen, Jonah, l just gotta go, okay?
Okay, Bobby. l'm not stopping you.
Son of a bitch! Get out of the car!
-Calm down. -Get out!
-Calm down! -Why? Why?!
lt's him! lt's him!
Oh, no.
Look at her. Take a look at her.
-See what you did? See what you did? -This ain't right.
Stop. l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
Please don't shoot me.
Get up. Get up!
Get up. Get up there!
Help! l need help!
-Get a doctor! -Emergency in the lobby.
-l'm Dr. Leeds. Nurse! -This is my wife, Jessica.
-Tell me what happened. -She was attacked. l don't know.
Baby, baby.
Calm down. Get me an EKG, start a drip. l'm gonna need 1 0 milligrams of Valium.
Jessica? Can you hear me? lt's okay now.
That's him! That's him!
Nurses only.
Okay, back away and get me that Valium.
-We need to look after her. Wait here. -Jess, l'll be right here.
We're gonna take care of everything. You're gonna be fine.
Excuse me. l need to use a phone.
-You can use this one. -No, it's private. ls there one outside?
Just around the corner.
-Helensville County Sheriff. -l need a sheriff, please.
He's out on a personal matter. Can you tell me what it's about?
No. When will he be back?
Can't say. Would you like to leave a message?
Dr. Leeds? How is she?
She's got a nasty concussion. We're doing a rape kit.
l'm sorry, l have to ask you this.
When was the last time you had sexual relations with your wife?
lt was about an hour before.
There's no sign she was actually raped.
She's lost some blood, but you already know that.
-Can l see her? -There's no treatment other than time.
Right now she needs to rest.
Any excitement at all could send her back into shock.
These are skin scrapings from under her nails.
-l'm sending them to a lab in Seattle. -l was a detective in Seattle.
lf you put my name on it, l'll call ahead and speed things up.
Okay. Yeah, that would be helpful. Thank you.
One more thing....
-That orderly--? -Has been here all night.
-That orderly--? -Has been here all night.
Your wife is in delayed shock.
-l better phone the sheriff. -He's here.
Down in the basement, level one.
Where are you going? This is off-limits.
-l need to talk to the sheriff. -Sheriff's busy.
-Go un-busy him. lt's an emergency. -Yeah, what?
-l know who you are, detective. -How?
Your wife's admitting form. What can l do for you?
-Can we talk? -No. We just talked.
Please excuse me. l have another matter.
All due respect, sir, but my wife was just attacked in your jurisdiction.
l wasn't some flatfoot guarding a Dairy Queen.
l worked Homicide six years in metro.
So l know you didn't just say you have another matter.
Homicide. So what? What's your point?
l want in on this investigation.
Look, my wife was practically beaten to death.
Come on. This will only take a second.
-Thanks for doing this, Ed. -lt's not a problem, Morgan.
He's okay.
What have you got for me so far?
lt wasn't a fair fight. His hands are pretty clean, mostly defensive wounds.
From the lividity, l'd say he's been dead about two hours.
Eye socket's fractured.
Rectangular lacerations with jagged markings are imprinted on the cheekbone.
But not from, say, somebody's ring.
See here? lt looks to me like he's been pistol--
Hey, not now.
See here? Like, from underneath the grip of an automatic.
lt's gotta be 9 millimeter.
Or Beretta maybe, or it could be a Glock.
-Cause? -Cerebral hematoma.
The back of his skull is cracked.
Would you all give me a moment, please.
My God.
Something wrong, detective?
What? Aside from my wife being attacked?
For a second back there, l thought maybe you'd seen him someplace before.
-Listen, you can tell the sheriff. -You tell me on the way.
Your wife shouldn't be disturbed till morning. l'll have you back by then.
-l think l'm gonna stay here. -l need to talk to you.
-You're from Seattle? -Yeah.
-How'd you hear about the campsite? -My wife heard it from a realtor.
We got the directions at a bar called the Morningstar.
So someone could have heard you talking about going up there?
Well, we weren't whispering.
And then you left her alone.
l went to the store.
-l left my gun. -What kind of a gun?
.38, service-issue revolver.
-You only carried the one? -Yeah.
The thing is, detective...
...we found this.
One shot fired.
You found it at the campsite?
No, we found it at the murder scene.
Which means to me, the same man committed both crimes.
He could have taken it from the campsite where he attacked your wife...
...and then lost it when he....
That is my son in there.
Someone ran him off the road and then murdered him.
l'm sorry about your son.
Thank you.
-Sheriff? -Morgan.
My name. Morgan.
You think these crimes are connected?
Two assaults, same night. A few miles apart.
lt's a good bet, no?
This wasn't the weapon my son was pistol-whipped with.
So do you have any leads?
l have ideas.
-Sheriff? -Yeah. Go ahead, Dave.
Checked suspects with his priors: assault and battery, rape.
-You were right. We got a name. -l'm listening.
It's that bookie, John Drexel. Remember him, Mac?
-Read me his resume. -Gambling conviction, time in Lompoc.
Two double-A 's and a double-L this year alone. Bobby was into him for a bundle.
-l settled that debt personally. -Bobby must have went back.
-Where is he? -His brother says he's over at J.B. 's.
-Did you get that, detective? -Two aggravated assaults...
...another for lewd and lascivious.
Who is he?
He's a creep.
-Where you going? -Wait in the car.
l said, wait in the car.
-What did you do? -l didn't do nothing.
Come here.
Wanna tell me? Tell me what you did.
Wanna tell me?
-McKenna! -Suspect resisted. Suspect died.
-You want to tell me? Tell me. -That's it. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Enough. Enough.
Whatever you think he did, you need evidence to prove it.
-Where's the bathroom? -Down the hall.
-l need to get back. Be with my wife. -Why don't you let her rest?
l'll get you back there in a couple hours.
-You look like you could use some rest. -l'm not tired.
Couch is yours if you change your mind. l'm making coffee.
lf you want something harder, it's in the cabinet.
-l'll take some coffee. -All right.
-Take that shirt off. -What?
-Take the shirt off. -Why?
lt's wet, full of blood. l'll throw it in the machine.
That was Bobby about 1 0 years ago.
So were you and your son close?
No, not of late, anyway.
Truth is we weren't even speaking.
Damn shame of that is that earlier tonight he left me a message...
...on the answering machine.
That was...
...the first time l heard his voice in a long time.
What did he say on the message?
Not much, really.
He sounded like he was in some kind of fix and he needed to talk.
Probably about money. l just was out in the field.
So, what did he do around here?
Worked for this Jonah Ganz. He owned that bar you were in earlier tonight...
...along with some other interests.
He's got his greedy little fingers in a bunch of pies.
l have yet to be able to break one of them.
Why would he work for a guy like that?
Paid well.
Drexel's got an alibi, airtight.
You got something you want to say to me?
No, sir.
l can't imagine what you're going through. Whoever did this to my wife...
...l want justice too.
Okay, then you help me get this son of a bitch.
l'll help you any way l can.
And when you catch him? What do you intend on doing?
Not miss.
You're not serious.
This ain't the city. Only God is watching.
We're police officers. We take an oath to uphold the law.
We don't have to agree with it. We just have to abide by it.
So if l gave you a chance to get even...
...with the guy that attacked your wife, you wouldn't take it?
-l don't know what l'd do. -The hell you don't.
This is Detective Pruitt. He's going to be assisting us.
Show him the same respect you do me. All right?
Let's go back to work. Let's go.
Not one stone unturned, okay? Not one damn stone.
Can l have one of those?
Help yourself.
You probably came down this road last night...
...on the way to the hospital.
-You happen to see anything? -l'd have told you.
Remember, we're looking for any sign of a 9 mm.
-You'll be here if l need you? -Yeah.
...she may be the only real witness we have.
lf she's up to it, see what she remembers.
So she can relive this whole nightmare in some damn trial?
There won't be any trial.
Bobby struck down the power line...
...probably causing an outage in the area.
So let's start by getting the time frame.
-Have we ruled out robbery? -That's been bugging me, Mac.
Perp stole a .38 from that campsite, but took nothing from Bobby.
-Wallet and watch were still on him. -With Bobby, it was personal.
What about this? Why pistol-whip with a .9 when he'd lifted Pruitt's .38?
l'm stuck on that too.
We got two sets of prints from the gun, not three. They belong to the Pruitts.
Where'd you get Pruitt's?
They're on computer file. His wife's are from personal items.
Maybe our man wiped his own prints off.
And left the other two intact? No, he definitely dropped...
...that .38 by accident at the struggle.
We got to get some prints.
Where do we start?
Where do we start?
Why'd someone want him dead so bad they beat him to death?
Man has a gun on you, you'd do whatever he says...
...even let him knock you around.
Look. lt's the middle of the night, middle of nowhere, no witnesses.
lf he wanted to kill him, he'd shoot him.
-Why take the time to beat him? -That's my point.
l mean, there's lots of motives...
...but this guy's....
This guy's was rage.
Make a list of the people that are least likely to mourn Bobby's passing.
And he also left me a message at about 1 0:00.
Find out where that came from.
-What about this Detective Pruitt? -What about him?
-We should check him out some more. -Save it.
He's a cop. He's going through the same thing l am.
Dr. Cody to the pharmacy. Dr. Cody to the pharmacy, please.
Dr. Graham and Dr. Stephen to ICU. Dr. Graham and Dr. Stephen to ICU.
lt's an emergency.
Come on.
-Thanks, man. Sorry about that. -Sure.
-Detective bureau. Biggs. -Roy, it's Pru.
Retired country man. Don't tell me. The boredom's got to you already.
Listen, partner, I need a favor. And I need it really quick.
Dr. Leeds?
You need to check with lab processing. There's an evidence bag coming to you.
-My name's on it. -Evidence? Why would your name be--?
I'm helping out a sheriff with a sexual assault case.
Roy, the envelope has a blood swatch and some skin scrapings.
Can you cross the samples and see if they're from the same guy?
Sure I can. Danny, is everything okay? How's Jess?
I'll fill you in later. And don't tell anyone else.
-Don't talk to anyone else. -I'm on it.
l'll call back.
Car. lt's a killer.
-Why was your picture in his wallet? -l was his girl for a while.
-Didn't last long. -Why not?
He hardly ever touched me. l broke it off.
-Was he angry about that? -Him? Angry? He stole my car.
Did you turn him in?
No, his daddy found out and brought it back.
Whole thing was sort of funny at first...
...and after that, l hated him.
Why's that?
He beat the living crap out of me.
He beat the living crap out of me.
lt's him. lt's him!
-Morgan, l need to talk to you. -Not now.
There's something l need to tell you.
-l wanna show you something. -What is it?
lt's another shot. Come on.
Get something this time?
Yeah. He was at the bar with some other men.
He was with Bobby. He and Bobby work for Ganz.
Anyway, his name's Jay Redmond Sawyer.
You don't remember talking to anybody besides the barmaid?
There was a lot of people at the bar.
And you don't remember seeing my son there?
l can't be sure.
Well, maybe your wife will remember him.
What? Forgot to pee?
You'll need more evidence to link him to either crime.
He's a registered sex offender. He was with Bobby.
Someone saw him with a handgun. What's the matter with you?
Come on, detective. You ride with me.
-You must think you're pretty smart. -What's that supposed to mean?
l guess you'd have to be, passing your detective exam so young and all.
The job wasn't what you think. Sometimes you're lucky to get home.
That's the thing about luck. lt often runs out when you least expect it to.
Think l could ever be a hotshot detective like you, Mr. Pruitt?
l don't really know.
Yeah, you must be one smart cop.
l guess all those merit citations cancel out those justifiable homicides.
You checking up on me?
Have l done something to offend you, Deputy Forrest? May l call you David?
No, you may not. You listen to me, detective.
We don't need outsiders telling us how to do our job.
We know how to do our job.
Morgan asked me to help with this case directly or indirectly.
l don't care what he told you.
l know you're involved in all this, directly or indirectly.
Guard the entrance. The only other way out's that back alley.
lf you have to shoot, don't miss.
-Yes, sir. Mac, can l have a word? -Yeah, just a sec.
You might need this. l took the liberty of having Tustin reload it for you.
Go upstairs, look around. Don't do anything. Just wait for me.
But l might remind you-- No calls.
The young man has been paying off his casino markers with your money.
Such men who find themselves in debt sometimes panic...
...maybe threaten to make our arrangement together public.
-And that, Mr. Ganz, can never happen. -Yes.
A new man will be making the pickups, starting this weekend.
l don't like being here. Don't make me come back.
l said, no more calls.
I'm sorry, sir. It's the police. A Detective Pruitt.
-Get a number. -He's not calling, sir. He's here.
Can l help you?
l'm here to question one of your employees.
l assume you have a warrant.
Red Sawyer's an ex-convict. We don't need a warrant.
Can you find Red Sawyer and ask him to come up here?
McKenna. l'm truly very sorry.
Almost had a heart attack when l heard about Bobby.
You need a heart for that.
This is hardly the time to allow bad blood to boil between us.
Bobby was an important man in my business. l'd given him a promotion.
-He was like a son to me. -He was my son.
We both have the same interests here, sheriff.
To right a terrible wrong.
Mr. Pruitt, isn't it?
Try one of my Montecristos. Cubans. Just got them yesterday.
Had a hell of a time getting them here, but worth the trouble.
No, thanks.
Well, yes. They are illegal. You're not here to arrest me, are you?
Cut the crap.
McKenna, why don't you just get off me?
l loved Bobby.
You stay out of my face.
Boss, what's up?
We've got you on a parole violation.
Come down to the station with us. We need a chat.
Stop it!
Call an ambulance.
Wanna tell me what you were doing back there?
You tried to kill him. You almost killed me.
-Don't impede my investigation. -This is your own personal manhunt.
Listen, son. You got enough problems. You want another one right now?
The thing is, Forrest was shot with a 9 mm. You tell me...
...why this guy would run if he wasn't guilty. Why?
-Where's Red now? -They're sewing him up.
He's guarded. He'll spend the night here.
-Look, l wanna interrogate him. -So do l.
You can't beat the truth out of him.
-ls that right? -You want the truth?
-You know exactly what l want. -Yeah. You made that pretty clear.
Tomorrow, first thing, we'll go by the crime scene...
...find the evidence we need to clean this up. l want you there.
-You got a place to stay tonight? -l'll be right here.
-She making any progress? -No. She's still pretty out of it.
When she's more alert, l'd like to show her Red's mug shot.
-Doc says that's too risky. -This is not a request.
She's got to be questioned.
Don't you mean interviewed? She's a victim, not a suspect.
You listen. Your wife was attacked.
That's a damn tragedy...
...but she is still alive.
Doc, we're leaving in the morning.
Sheriff McKenna says she's a material witness in two felony crimes.
Now, l had to sedate her again.
l think he aims on hearing what she has to say.
There's something else.
We couldn't save the baby.
No, that's a mistake. She's not pregnant.
Actually, she was. About five weeks.
l'm sorry.
-Jess. l'm here. Jess. -l'm sorry.
No. l'm sorry. l'm so sorry. l shouldn't have left you.
Everything's gonna be okay.
-Morning. Morning. -We'll leave in the morning.
Dog. Dog.
Knife. Morning.
-Morning. -Jess, who did this to you?
-What happened to that machine? -lt's on its way to the junkyard.
Skin scrapings and blood from that shirt are the same type, B negative.
But that don't mean squat. They'll have to wait for the DNA.
They did find something odd in that blood on the guy's T-shirt.
-What is it? -It's full of anabolic steroids.
One major side effect, no lead in his pencil. Know what l mean?
Guy like that probably wouldn't try to rape anybody.
-Danny, you still there ? -Yeah. l'm still here.
Your sheriff pal sent a blood sample to be matched a couple of hours ago.
Name on it was Redmond Sawyer.
-This McKenna was asking questions. -What did he want to know?
Spoke to the cap about your service record.
You want to tell me what's going on?
l don't want to get you in the middle of it.
l'll call you back.
-Sheriff? -What?
We got a bullet casing.
-lt's a 9 millimeter. -Can l see that?
lf that matches Red's gun, l'd say that's all l need.
You have the ability to check that out here?
Do we have the ability? Yes, we damn sure do. Yes we do.
Come on, let's put an end to this.
So, Smitty...
So, Smitty...
-...Red's guilty, right? -Yes, sir. He shot David, sir.
-l mean, my kid. -lf he did, not with the gun he had.
Ed compared the grip of his Beretta with the marks on Bobby.
-They don't match. -What about the bullet casing?
The case you brought in wasn't fired from Red's gun.
Wait for the blood to match.
-Sir? -Yeah.
Bobby's truck caused a power outage on the highway.
-The lights went out about 1 1 . -1 1 ?
Right. Wayne's got those impressions.
He's getting a size and type for the suspect's tire.
-He says he's close. -Well, where is he?
Outside, dropping off Red's pickup.
-Weren't those impressions smudged? -We got a pretty good one.
ls that Forrest's desk?
Yeah. He wanted me to find some evidence bag and get it to McKenna.
Excuse me.
You looking for something?
-These were the first photos taken? -Yeah.
-Who was on the scene first? -l was.
Look. ln all these photos, the doors to the trailer are open.
Yeah, that's right. They were open when l got there. So?
ls there a way they can be unlocked from the inside?
-No. Not unless they were busted open. -Were they? Did you examine the bolt?
What's this got to do with it?
l locked and latched the doors before l had it towed.
l didn't see any evidence to suggest that bolt had been broken.
Cerebral hematoma. The blow that killed him was to the back of the head.
Someone went back there and surprised him.
Maybe so.
-You expect me to talk? -l expect you to die.
Morgan. Morgan! Get off him. Get off!
-You see that? He tried to end me. -Help me out or l'll wake him up...
-...and find a bigger pillow. -l didn't kill anyone.
-You saw Bobby leave the bar. -He left for an hour.
-He came back. -He went for my wife.
Your wife? Bobby? Hell, no.
l got proof.
He went to steal your damn car.
-How'd he get up there? -l don't know.
What'd Bobby do for Ganz?
He was making Jonah's pickups from the casino.
-Kickbacks. -But Bobby was skimming off the top.
How'd you find that out?
And you were making Bobby pay to keep quiet.
-How could you know that? -You just told me.
Well, so what? l knew Jonah would find out sooner or later.
He couldn't have Bobby telling his dad about the poison on the reservation.
He figured he might blackmail him if he didn't back off about the money.
-But Bobby never would have talked. -He left a message at his dad's.
-What did he say? -l don't know.
-He was gonna leave town, but.... -Somebody killed him.
Yeah. l heard it was you.
He came back to the Morningstar alone. He said your car wasn't there.
He seemed messed up, scared.
Who has a dog and carries a knife?
A lot of guys around here carry knives.
He was alone the first time. What about the second time?
The last l saw him he was with Jonah.
Go bug him. lt's Friday. He'll be at the fight club on Ninth.
One more thing. Where'd Bobby stash the money? Don't say the bank.
Find Bobby's truck. There's a panel under the driver's seat.
He kept it in a gym bag in there.
l don't get it. lt's the wrong gun, wrong blood.
lt's all right. You just need to sleep it off.
What? The liquor or the chokehold you put on me?
Sorry about that.
-Your dad alive? -Yeah.
-ls he a cop? -Yeah.
Whatever l couldn't do...
...or l didn't do for my son when he was alive...
...l gotta make it up to him now. You understand that, don't you?
l understand that.
Good night.
It's Bobby. I tried you earlier, but.... Listen, I gotta tell you something.
It's bad.
I'm trying to stop it.
Look, I can't talk right now. I'll try you later on, okay?
Dad? I'm sorry.
We're closing up.
Come back tomorrow.
Detective Pruitt. l'm looking for the hospital washing machine.
Because l work in the None of Your Damn Business Division.
-They're over there. -Turn those lights back on.
l can't. They're on a timer.
For God's sake, Billy. lf you don't throw a jab, he'll do that every time!
Tough sport, boxing.
So they say, detective.
You ever throw on the gloves for competition?
-Back in the day. You? -No, no, no. l prefer the corner.
That's where you really control the fighters.
You got another one of those?
Glad to see someone who can appreciate the finer things.
Billy, if you're not gonna trade jabs...
...then get out of the damn ring!
Bobby enjoy the finer things?
Bobby's taste in tobacco ran closer to Camels than Cubans.
Something he learned from his father.
So he never smoked one?
-l would say not. -Well, l found one in Bobby's rig.
lt was a Montecristo. One of yours?
Attaboy, Billy. Go after him. Go after him.
Bobby was using one of my company trucks. l could have left that there.
l considered that. But you said these Cubans came the day Bobby was killed.
-You did say that, right? -Meaning?
lf you just got them, how could they be in Bobby's rig before that night?
ls this going somewhere, detective?
Yeah, it is. And so are you.
Mr. Ganz. Mr. Ganz, l did it.
Deputy, l want to press full charges against this man.
-Harassment, police brutality, assault. -Shut up.
-You're out of your province. -Called a citizen's arrest.
You picked a pretty prominent citizen. What's the charge?
-Murder. -And who did he supposedly kill?
Bobby McKenna.
l see. And how do you know that?
His prints will match those on a cigar band l found in Bobby's truck.
He isn't even a police officer.
How can you trust any evidence he may have planted in my truck?
Sorry. lf Mr. Pruitt has something to say about this, McKenna will listen.
l found this in a panel underneath the seat of Bobby's truck.
Ganz killed Bobby for stealing. Tell McKenna.
Maybe you better tell him. What is this?
The nail in his coffin.
l don't understand why we're in a hurry.
That would take too long to explain.
Sometimes it's better if you don't have to tell me everything?
You're just gonna have to trust me.
-Are you okay? -Yeah.
All right.
-Ready? -Yeah.
Where are you going?
We're leaving. Thank you for your concern.
-He what? -Brought Ganz in late last night.
Claimed he killed Bobby over some money Bobby was stealing.
A lot of cash. His lawyer drops by like clockwork.
Where did Pruitt come up with this?
That cigar band was in Bobby's truck. Claims Ganz's prints are on it.
l checked. There is a thumbprint.
Mean anything to you?
Yeah. lt's Cuban. Ganz just got them.
You searched that truck. How did you miss all this cash?
He claimed it was in a panel under the seat.
-Look, Mac, something else. -What?
After Pruitt left, Wayne came by here. Had these with him.
Claims the impressions we found...
...match the Whitestone tires on Pruitt's car. Exact same tire type.
l talked to David.
He found a section of Whitestone tire at the murder scene.
l looked through his desk and couldn't find it.
Morgan, you said yourself he had a blowout recently.
-Pruitt could have taken evidence. -What are you saying?
Wayne also brought over a 9 mm automatic. A Glock.
He found it in a washing machine at the junkyard.
Those machines were just taken there. Pruitt's prints are on the 9.
l called his captain. All metro detectives are issued a .38.
-Yes, l know that. -Well, his primary was a 9 Glock.
The shell casing was fired from the 9 Wayne brought.
All right.
Call the hospital. Get somebody to his wife's room.
-Doc Leeds said he took her and left. -Why not tell me that tomorrow?
Danny, can you slow down?
Jess... were attacked. You pointed a man out and said he was the one.
He wasn't. Now that man's dead.
l didn't do it.
The best thing for us to do is get out of here.
Danny, he had tattoos.
He had tattoos.
The dog and the knife?
You were describing those tattoos.
There was another man.
He just stood there and he watched it happen.
l understand now.
You know who did this?
-Yeah. l know who did this. -You can't just let him go free.
This is your career, McKenna. You think about that.
lf what Pruitt says holds water, it's your life. You think about that.
Got a fresh eyeball.
He's turned on 21 South toward thejunkyard.
He's picking up his gun. Everyone stay clear. l'll handle this on my own.
He's picking up his gun. Everyone stay clear. l'll handle this on my own.
Danny. Danny!
-Danny, no! No! -Drop it.
Drop the weapon.
-No. -Don't test me, boy.
-He attacked my wife. -Kill him!
-Start making some sense. -lt's okay, Jess.
-Tell me. -lt's him.
-Are you absolutely sure? -Yes.
All right.
We promised to help each other.
l'll go first.
Next case.
-l didn't kill your son. -You're a liar.
He went to steal my car. When the car wasn't there, Wayne changed the plan.
l didn't kill your son.
Look, Morgan.
l found this varsity pin from his jacket.
He left it there. That's why he left you the message.
He had to tell someone.
Dad? I'm sorry.
I was on that road looking for a hospital...
...and we almost collided.
Jess thought he was the guy. l jumped him and put him in the locked trailer.
When your deputies arrived, the doors were open. You've seen the photos.
Look, l left your son alone. He was alive.
lt was Ganz. He was in front of the cab the whole time.
He went back there and he finished him.
That's why the cigar band was in there.
You lied to me.
You gotta believe me.
You gotta believe me, Morgan.
lt was Ganz. Bobby had things on him that would bury him forever.
Look at him.
He knows.
He's not going anywhere.
lt was Pruitt!
Damn you, McKenna.
Ask his wife. Go on, ask her. She was there. She saw everything!
How the hell would you know that?
Your boy was a thief, McKenna.
Turn around.
The both of you turn around. Turn around.
What are you gonna do? Shoot me? A dozen people know you brought me here.
Yeah. You're right.
l can't shoot you.
l'm sorry. lf there's anything l can do....
l feel a little better. How about yourself?
Withholding evidence, impeding on a criminal investigation...
...aggravated assault. l'll clean that all up.
Why don't you take your beautiful wife and get the hell out of here?
lf you ever come back, come by and talk to me.
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