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Subtitles for Blow 2001 CD1.

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Blow 2001 CD1

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That's a nice boy.
Go get him, Dulli.
Get in.
- We good? - Oh, yeah.
Are we good? Yeah, we're good. We're beautiful. We're perfect.
This is grade-A. 100% pure Colombian cocaine, ladies and gentlemen.
Disco shit. Pure as the driven snow.
My name is George Jung...
federal inmate number 19225004.
I was born in New England...
Massachusetts, actually, in a town called Weymouth.
That's me.
And that's my best friend, Tuna.
My dad ran a plumbing and heating company.
He hard three trucks, ten employees and did big jobs.
- He was my hero. - Did you do it?
- I didn't fall once. - Attaboy. See you tonight, okay?
- Can I please come to work with you? - Fred. Let's go. Say goodbye.
Clam it. I'll talk to my boy as long as I want to. Ya got a problem with that?
You really want to some?
What the heck? All right.
- All right, get your boots. - Thanks, Dad. Thanks.
Bill, what's your problem? Guess who's on clean up today. And buyin' lunch.
Money! M-O-N-E-Y! That's your job, not mine!
Dad worked hard, but didn't earn enough to please Mom.
Why do you think I married you?
She'd thought she'd married above her class.
He'd promised her the moon, but didn't deliver.
The true was, business got slow and we were broke.
Don't touch me! Look at your hands.
Please, not in front of the boy.
The boy, the boy! What about me, Fred?
- Where are you going? - Go home, George!
Mom, where are you going?!
No matter how often my mother left...
no matter how many times she embarrassed him...
he always took her back.
He loved her.
God, he loved her.
Come here.
Are you okay?
- Yeah. - Are you all right?
Hi, George. I'm home.
Come on, give me a hug.
Come on, Georgie.
Come to Mommy.
Come give your mother a hug.
For ten years...
my father worked his ass off 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.
He didn't care. As long as we were happy.
Okay, well, what do I have to do?
But in the end, he didn't make enough.
Slowly but surely, we lost everything. We were bankrupt.
Let's get ice cream.
I don't care about ice cream right now. What're we going to do?
It'll be all right, George. It'll work out. It always does.
I'll find another job.
Look, this is how it goes. Sometimes you're flush, sometimes you're bust.
When you're up, it's never as good it seems.
When you're down, you never think you'll be up again. But life goes on.
Remember that. Money isn't real, George.
It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.
Yeah, tell that to Mom.
Yeah. That's going to be a tricky one.
- Hey, Dad. - What?
Will I be poor? I don't ever want to be poor.
Then you won't.
I decided right then and there I wasn't going to live like that.
I needed to get as far away as possible.
I moved to California in the summer of 1968 with the Tuna.
We had 300 dollars and a black TR-3.
Sure was nothing like this back home. It was paradise.
We got a small apartment on the beach.
It wasn't much, but it had its perks.
You need some help?
California was like nothing I'd ever seen before.
Hey, where's the beer?
People were independent, full of new ideas.
They used words like "right on", "groovy", "solid".
The women were beautiful.
And they all seemed to share the same occupation.
I'm a stewardess.
I'm a stewardess.
On the airplane.
And everyone was getting stoned.
Oh, my God.
- I figured it out. - Figured out what?
About what we were going to do for money, as we don't want to get jobs.
Chek this out.
- Tuna, this is crap. - We're selling it.
We'll make up lids to sell on the beach.
If we move all that we got, like a hundred bucks.
And if we don't, well, we can smoke it.
You got ripped off, pal.
It's not a bad idea, man. I got the baggies.
If you want to score some dope, I got the guy.
The guy was Derek Foreal, a Manhattan Beach legend.
He owned 3 restaurants, 2 nightclubs, Laundromats.
But more importantly, he owned the 1% male hairsalon in southern California.
So this is the new man, huh? He's cute.
- George. - Tuna.
Hello, Tuna.
"Enchanté", George.
Barbie, he is yummy. he looks just like a Ken doll.
Ken and Barbie. Oh, my god, it is so perfect.
Girls, give me about 5 minutes. I want to talk alone to the boys.
Have fun.
All right, everybody, shoo. Come on.
Chop, chop. Give us a few minutes.
Go blond, Ron. Very nice, Heather.
What can I do for you guys?
We'd like to buy some pot.
I know what you want.
- But first, are you cops? - No.
If you are, you've to tell me. If not, it's entrapment.
We're not. We're from Massachusetts.
Does he look like a cop?
Actually, no.
It's a good thing you're friends of Barbie's.
Because if you weren't...
I would never talk to you.
What the fuck is that?
It's your pot.
That's more than we had in mind.
I don't nickel-and-dime. You want it or not?
We'll take it.
Tuna and I became the kings of Manhattan Beach.
If you bought grass, you bought it from us.
I was making way more money than I could at a real job.
I built a reputation for myself.
People even started calling me Boston George.
It was perfect.
This is it for me.
- What is it? - Everything.
You, California, the beach.
This spot right here.
Finally feel like I belong somewhere.
I fell right.
You're happy.
Yeah, I am.
Are you?
Look what the cat dragged in.
Holy shit, Dulli.
What the fuck are you doing out here?
I was walking down the beach. I was minding my business, right?
Who do I see? This fucking guy.
- I didn't know you were living here. - What are you doing out here.
On vacation, man.
I'm on my way back to school.
This calls for a joint. You do the honors?
- No, man. I'm too fucked up. - That's nice weed, huh?
Fuck, yeah.
I've never seen anything like this. I'm fucking wasted.
Right on.
I'm fucking stoned.
I'm fucking stoned.
I'm really stoned.
I'm fucking stoned, man. I'm really...
Man, I wish there was stuff like this back at home.
Fuck, yeah. Ya know how much money ya can make with this stuff back East?
- No shit, Kev? - That's right.
When there's stuff to move, it's too easy not to.
Know how many colleges are within a sixty-mile radius?
- U. Mass, Amherst, B.U. - Smith, Hampshire.
Right? And Holyoke.
100 thousand rich kids with their parents' money.
There's never anything. Nothing good, anyways.
I'm spending 400 bucks on shit.
The way I figure it, Barbara flies back East twice a week.
Two bags per flight. 25 pounds in each bag.
That's a 100 pounds a week.
It's a lot of weight, but you can't get pot like this back home.
- I'm telling you, Derek, it'll sell. - I don't know.
The best pot...
you can charge 500 a pound.
Come on. No one's going to pay that.
It's already been negotiated. The money's there waiting.
- Goodness. - "Goodness" is right.
I want you to be my partner on this thing. Fifty-fifty.
If you do the math, that's over 30 grand a week profit.
Fifteen thousand dollars a week for you.
In your pocket, free and clear.
- And just deal with you. - Barbara and me. No one else.
It's going to work, Derek.
I don't know. East Coast, airplanes. I'm paranoid.
- It seems really risky. - Derek, she's a stewardess.
They don't check her bags.
How've you been? More. I need more.
I need more. I need more.
What should I do? I can only carry 2 bags. I can't fly back here everyday.
I know, but I got a feeding frenzy on my hands. You tell George.
We're missin' out on some serious cash. Tell George. He'll think of somethin'.
- I will. - Good.
20, 40...
60, 80, 9.
20, 40, 60, 80, a thousand. A 128 thousand dollars.
I'm getting a boner just looking at her.
You believe it, George?
What's the matter? Something wrong?
Yeah. Cheer up. Half of this is ours. We're fucking rich.
- It's not enough. - What the fuck are you talkin' about?
The setup is wrong. We do the legwork and we're still paying retail.
- We're getting fucking middled. - So?
So we need to get to the source.
- Source? What about Derek? - He's getting middled too.
And Derek's our partner. What's good for him is good for us.
So we need a source. Where do we start?
Either one of you guys speak Spanish?
Tuna! Get the fucker in here! Go on and play.
Viva la Mexico!
"Salud". Cheers.
"Como", marijuana?
Smoking? Smoke them?
Do you have some pot?
"Donde esta" pot?
Do you know where we can get pot?
"El" weed.
Do you know where we can find some marijuana?
Take a little off the top. You know?
Pot, man. Marijuana?
So you got anything?
- I haven't asked yet. - What?
I didn't ask yet. Go ahead.
I'll be back.
Ramon says you're looking for some mota.
Yeah, I am.
For instance, something like this, eh?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, that'll do it.
I'll take it.
You're funny. Really. How much will you be needing?
All of it.
I'll come back in a week with a plane.
Maybe we're going too fast. You take a little, and then come back.
Yeah, but I don't need a little. I need a lot.
Hang on a minute. Listen.
Tell you what, "amigo".
What about I come back and I bring you, say...
fifty thousand dollars.
That alleviate some of your concerns?
"Amigo", you bring me 50 thousand and I have no more concerns.
I can't believe we're stealing a plane.
- Don't be such a pussy. - We're not stealin'. We're borrowin' it.
Be cool. Got company here.
Come on, let's go. Tuna. Let's go.
Good luck. I'll see you in the desert.
You're sure you know what you're doing?
Relax. I've flown with my old man a million times.
It's not the taking off part you worry about, it's the landing.
Good to see you. You're a man of your word.
You know the 50 thousand I promised you?
I couldn't get it.
So I brought you 75 instead.
Merry Christmas, Derek.
It's beautiful.
You're a genius, George. Merry Christmas.
This would make a fabulous Christmas card. Get my camera, Sven.
Did you see the bedroom?
I love it. It's so pretty.
- Did you see it? - Yeah, I saw it.
- Oh, my God. - What do you think?
- Are you kidding? - You want it?
We'll take it.
It was a great time in our lives.
The seven ofus were like a family.
We worked hard, we played hard, didn't have a care in the world.
It was perfect.
I can't get over the size of that ring. I just love it.
Fred, tell me you don't love that ring.
I'm happy George found somebody he cares for.
Yes, of course. But I'm talking about the ring. It's something else.
George has exquisite taste.
What is it? It's got to be at least two carats.
It's definitely two carats. Treasure it.
You might want to get that insured.
Hard to imagine being able to afford a ring like that on a construction salary.
Shut up, Fred. Shut your big fat mouth.
You don't buy it at once. It's layaway.
- Layaway, shmayaway. - Yes, layaway.
Something you wouldn't know anything about.
You, you big old tightwad.
He still has his Communion money.
- Don't listen to her. - George, tell your father--
You tell your father about layaway.
The boy's happy. don't be a killjoy.
- I'm not a killjoy. - Oh, Jesus. Babe.
- Put your head back. - My, Barbara.
- I'm so sorry. - Take my napkin.
- Is she all right? - I'll be okay.
- I'll get you ice. We need ice here. - She's all right. You want to go?
Yeah, let's go.
- You haven't had your entrée. - No, it's okay. It's better.
I'll leave the tip.
Hope you feel better. Lovely to meet you.
Give your mother a call in the morning.
What a lovely girl. Is that all hundreds?
- You sure you're all right? - I'm fine.
Would you be bummed if I didn't go to Chicago with you?
No, not ifyou don't want.
Listen, I got to apologize about my parents.
They weren't that bad. They were kind of cute.
I'm not sure about that.
I want you to promise me something.
Promise me we'll never be like that.
I don't want to wind up like them.
We're going to wind up like us.
- I love you. - Get in the car.
Hurry before they come out.
George Jung, you stand accused of possession...
of 660 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute.
How do you plead?
Your Honor, I'd like to say a few words.
You'll have to stand up to address this court.
All right. Fine. Well...
in all honesty...
I don't feel that what I've done is a crime.
It's illogical and irresponsible for you to sentence me to prison.
Because what did I really do?
I crossed an imaginary line with a bunch of plants.
"You say I'm an outlaw, you say I'm a thief
But where's the Christmas dinner for the people on relief?"
"You say you're looking for someone who's never weak but always strong
To gather flowers constantly whether you were right or wrong
But it ain't me, babe
No, it ain't me, babe, it ain't me you're looking for, babe."
You follow?
Gosh, you know. your concepts are really interesting, Mr. Jung.
Thank you.
Unfortunately, the line you crossed was real...
and the plants you brought were illegal...
so your bail is $ 20,000.
Next case, Your Honor.
Hey, babe.
What are you doing here?
You didn't have to come out here.
And miss all the fun? Not a chance.
So, what's the verdict?
The lawyer says he can...
plead it down to 5 years.
I'll serve two.
Two years.
Two years.
George, I can't wait that long.
Are you kidding me? You won't wait for me? The fuck is that?
I don't have two years.
Losing Barbara to cancer change everything.
The old gang broke up.
Tuna stayed in Mexico. God only knows what happened to him.
Point is, we all lost touch.
I'd skipped bail in Chicago to take care of Barbara...
and was now a fugitive on the run.
It'd been almost a year since I'd seen my parents.
And believe it or not I actually missed them.
Hi, Ma.
Surprised to see me?
Take off your boots.
- You're tan. - Mexico.
Yeah, I hear about it.
I want you to know I'm...
I'm deeply sorry about your girlfriend.
Yeah, Barbara. Nice girl.
Thank you.
Have you been getting the money I sent you?
What, you mean the drug money?
Yeah, I got it.
Oh, God.
What are you doing? What are you doing?
It's okay, Mom.
It's okay, Mom.
I thought I heard something. How are you?
- How are you? - Good.
Son, come on in. How are you? Come on. You look good.
May the wind always be at your back...
and the sun upon your face.
And may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.
- Cheers, Georgie. - Cheers, Pop.
Are you all right?
- Just low. You know? - You really loved her.
Yeah, Dad.
I really did.
Are you mad at me?
- Yeah, you are. - No.
- I can tell by the way you look. - I'm not mad, George.
I just don't understand what you're doing.
I don't understand your choices. The goddamn cops are looking for you.
I know.
I'm great at what I do, Dad.
I mean, I'm really great at what I do.
Let me tell you something, George.
You'd have been great at anything. Anything.
Fuck! Damn.
Fuck them, fuck them, fuck!
I had no choice.
- Don't look at me like that. - Let's go.
- What was I supposed to do? - Jesus Christ.
- He's in our house! - Shut up.
Was I supposed to be an accomplice?
You don't think people know you're a drug dealer?
Everyone knows you're a drug dealer! It's no secret.
How do you think that reflects on me?
Every time I go out, I'm humiliated.
So you go to jail. It's for your own good!
You need to straighten your life out!
What are you looking at, Mrs. Gracie? Your son's no prize.
All right, stop.
Open up cell number 3!
Prisoner's in.
Close cell number 3.
Hello. My name's Diego Delgado. How do you do?
- Hey, George. - What?
If you don't mind me asking why are you in this place?
I don't want to talk about it.
Oh, come on, George.
If we are to be friends, we must trust each other.
- I don't like a lot of conversation. - Me, too.
Too much Blah-blah-blah. You know.
But we are roommates. And we must talk to each other.
I'm arrested for stealing cars.
For the grand-theft auto.
What do you got down there, Diego?
Nothing. Just a little project.
What kind of little project.
Never mind. Not for you to worry.
Come on.
Thought you said we're supposed to tell each other everything.
You have your intrigues, I have mine.
Today is a happy day for me, George.
In 9 months from today, I'll be in Medellin, sipping champagne.
In 9 months, I'm free.
I'm happy for you.
- How much time do you have? - Oh, let's see.
26 months.
26 months? For murder?
I must meet your lawyer.
I got to get out of here, Diego.
Only 2 ways I know to leave here early.
One... is to escape.
Okay, what's the other?
- I guess me ought to open our books. - Man, fuck you.
We ain't opening shit.
You just the warden's little bitch.
Doing that shit to get some time cut off.
Why not?
I want to get out of this shithole as quickly as possible.
But for me to walk early, some of you got to graduate.
You should forget it. You're hopeless.
Fuck you.
See you in the shower.
The rest of ya might get diplomas and jobs when ya get back on the outside.
Shit, I'm in this bitch for life.
Motherfucker, I'm a criminal. Ain't nobody giving me no job.
Let's learn some criminal shit too.
Tell you what. I'll make you a deal.
Half the time I teach you about George Washington...
the other half, I'll teach you how to smuggle drugs.
You don't know dick about smuggling no drugs.
Oh, no?
I was arrested in Chicago with 660 pounds of grass.
I think that qualifies me.
How'd you get 660 pounds of weed?
Flew in from Mexico on a single-engine Cessna.
So we got a deal or what?
I listened to what you say to the class today about the smuggling.
Never believed you were a murderer.
I knew you were a "magico".
I'm tired, Diego. Go to bed.
Do you know, in my country, I'm a "magico"?
A man with a dream. A man on the rise.
To take nothing and make it something.
Do you have a dream, George?
I would if I could get some fucking sleep.
You have a dream.
And maybe you will accomplish it.
But yet you failed. Why?
- Because I got caught. - No.
You failed...
because you had the wrong dream.
What do you know about cocaine?
First of all, what type of planes do you have?
They're 4-passenger, single-engine Cessnas.
4 passengers. So that means how...
How many kilos can we fit in these planes?
I don't know. Probably...
Danbury wasn't a prison. It was a crime school.
I went in with a bachelor of marijuana...
came out with a doctorate of cocaine.
And after sixteen months...
I was, once again, a free man.
Well, not altogether free.
The conditions of my parole. To live at my parents' house and find a job.
Diego Delgado, please.
Boston George. Todayis the day. Are you out?
- Yeah, I'm out. - Congratulations. I've been waiting.
- How we doing? - Fine.
Everything's perfect here. It's all set up.
Do we need a plane? How does this work?
Slow down. You need to come down here. Everybody meets everybody.
We do one for good faith, then we talk about airplanes, okay?
I can't go anyway, Diego.
- It's nice and cold. - All right, Pop. One minute.
I'm on parole. I can't leave the state.
George, you'll be back before they know you're gone.
I just got released 5 minutes ago.
Are we going to do this or not?
My friend. How are you?
- Fine. - Good to see you.
Okay, 15 kilos it is then, okay?
We receive 100 thousand dollars upon delivery.
Not so fast. I would like to go over the details.
What details?
I put the coke in the false bottoms, and take it through customs.
That's it.
Tell me about the suitcases.
Will there be clothes in the suitcase?
In the suitcase.
Well, yeah.
- Let's try it. Why not? - Whose clothes? Your clothes?
What the fuck is going on here?
You pulled me down here to talk about clothes?
I demand to know everything.
I don't trust 600,000 dollars of coca to someone I don't know.
15 fucking kilos. I piss 15 kilos.
Gentlemen, please.
There's no need to be impolite, okay?
George, Cesar is just being thorough. And that's all, okay?
Okay, very well.
But remember, Mr. Jung, I will be with you the whole way...
and I will be watching.
When you're carrying drugs across the border...
the idea is to remain calm.
The way I do it is to think of something pleasant.
A fun party, a moment of triumph, sexual encounter.
I actually project myself to that place.
A little transcendental meditation, if you will.
The trick is to imagine every little detail.
Anythin' to keep your mind off the fact you're goin' to jail for a long time...
if they find the 15 kilos of blow in your suitcases.
Passport, please.
- Nice flight? - It was pretty good. Thanks.
- On vacations? - Yes.
On vacation for only one day.
My brother's wedding. It was a nice ceremony and everything. It was good.
Open your bag, please.
- Whose clothes are these? - Mine.
And these?
Old habits, you know. Hard to break.
Close it up.
The trial period was over.
It was time to start moving some serious weight.
Commercial flights couldn't cut it any.
What we needed was a pilot.
I'll fly down on a Friday, refuel in the Bahamas and then on to Medellin.
Please continue.
We make the pickup, refuel once more in the Bahamas...
and then fly back on Sunday with the mom-and-pop traffic.
Why are you speaking?
You. Your responsibility is over. You're not a pilot, not a distributor.
You simply introduced us to Mr. Stevens. That is all.
You make a generous percentage. You're lucky to get that.
I see.
How much?
"Padrino" will pay ten thousand per kilo for everyone. You, you and you.
3 million. That is all. There is no negotiation.
I want two.
Come on, a million each had such a nice ring to it.
No way.
I'm doing all the work, I'm taking all the risk and it's my plane.
You guys don't do shit. You just collect your money.
Are you good with this?
Do you have pictures ofyour kids?
- What? - I need to see them.
I'll need their names and their schools.
With millions of dollars of coca on the line, no children, no deal.
Don't forget the pictures.
George, come here! I need to talk to you! George!
Yeah, yeah. What?
- Come here. What's the matter? - Nothing.
I mean, aside from the fact that we're moving 300 fucking kilos...
and we're making dog shit, nothing.
A million dollars for our first run is not bad.
It's fucking chump change.
May as well hauling suitcases across the border.
You know, George, this is a very small part of business. Very small.
Which reminds me, I need a favor from you.
The favor was to pick up 50 kilos of cocaine.
Fifty. That's a hundred and ten pounds.
Not exactly a small favor. Not like bumming a cigarette, for example.
But what the hell?
I had nothin' better to do. It's not like I was on parole or anythin'.
How you doing? I'm George, friend of Diego's.
Where's Diego?
I don't know. He sent me. I'm George.
Well, that explains everything.
Open your mouth, George.
Get fucked.
Open your fucking mouth.
Now, you listen to me. You hearing me, huh?
I've been holding fifty keys for Diego for three weeks.
Tell him I don't appreciate it.
You tell him I want my money by Friday. Can you do that?
I think so.
I think so.
Hello. May I speak to George, please?
George, you have a phone call.
Thank you.
Hello? This George?
- Hey, how are you? - How are you?
- I'm fine. - Where are you?
Bad news, George. I'm in Colombia.
I sure would like to see you. And so would some of your old friends.
George, it's a little bit hard to get away right now.
I'm afraid you're on your own. I'm in jail.
What I'm doing here is measuring the purity.
Pure coke, it melts away at about...
a hundred and eighty-five, hundred and ninety degrees.
Cutting agents, they melt away at about a hundred.
And quality product, well, that's...
melting at around a hundred and forty.
Hundred and thirty. Good.
A hundred and forty. Yes.
A hundred and fifty.
Fuck me running! A hundred and sixty?
Jesus Christ, a hundred and seventy!
Hundred and eighty. A hundred and....
A hundred and eighty-seven.
Where did you get this stuff?
Well, do you mind if I do a line?
Yeah, go ahead.
Fuck it. Let's all do one.
What did I tell you?
It's great, but what am I supposed to do with all this?
- Sell it. - I don't see you in two years...
and you show up with a hundred and ten pounds of blow?
Just fucking sell it, Derek.
All right, but it's going to take me a year.
I can't feel my face.
I mean, I can touch it, but I can't feel it inside.
Thirty-six hours. Thirty-six hours.
I don't believe we got rid of it in 36 hours.
You underestimated the market, Derek.
Right on. It'll take longer to count it than it did to sell it.
Greetings, Mr. George.
Here you go. One-point-three-five million.
Any place you'd like to count?
On the plane.
What fucking plane?
What the fuck is going on?
- Good to see you. - I thought you were in jail.
Pablo used his influence.
Watch what you say, okay?
Everybody hears everything.
Well, let's just say this isn't America.
Life is cheap here. No offense, but you know what I'm saying.
All right, I'll keep my mouth shut.
Who's this person in California, the connection?
- It's a friend. - Who?
A fucking friend. I'm not telling you.
- Who? - A friend! I ain't telling you no more.
Okay, we'll talk about it later.
Look, that's Pablo.
- Oh, shit. - Oh, shit.
"El Padrino" was Señor Pablo Escobar.
And for those of you living on the moon for the last twenty years...
he was it.
The boss of it all. "El Mágico".
He will see you now.
- Okay, let's go. - Not you.
- What? - Never mind. You go.
- Yeah, you go. - No, wait.
- You go, George. - Momento.
I'm not going over there. You got to do all the talking.
He says Señor Escobar only wants to see you. Not me. You go.
- This way, please. - Yeah, right.
Take it easy. It'll be fine.
All right, fuck it.
you're the man? Who takes fifty kilos...
and make them disappear in one day.
Actually, it was three days.
"EI Magico". Greetings, Mr. George.
Welcome to Colombia.
Oh, this man.
He was full of courage.
He would have run, fled the country, gone to the "policía".
But then his wife, his children, his parents, his friends....
Many people would die.
thank you for inviting me to your beautiful country.
Beautiful, yes. But, poor.
Coffee, bananas, these are our main export along with mota.
We've been overrun by the fucking "comunistas", but that is another story.
Our business here today is cocaine, yes?
"Si". Yes, it is.
I need to find an "Americano" who I can trust.
One with honor...
You need an "Americano" with balls, Señor Escobar.
Yes. And balls, Mr. George.
Well, look. I can do several things for you.
I can transport the cocaine from here to the U.S., starting with California.
I got pilots and planes standing by.
Good, good.
But I need more details. What is the cost?
I'd have to talk to Diego...
but let's just say roughly ten thousand per kilo.
How much can you transport?
Again, that I would have to discuss with my partner...
but three hundred kilos....
So that's three million dollars.
This I understand. But please, "tu" remove.
This complications with Diego.
The stolen cars, the "cárcel".
This causes me much inconvenience.
The fifty kilos could have been a big problem.
I don't like problems.
With all due respect, "El Padroni"...
Diego is my partner.
So I won't negotiate without him.
I won't do business without him.
- You sure? - I'm sure.
Let's us speak no more of this business.
We have many other things to talk about.
I've made a decision.
We going into business together. Right away.
Cocaine exploded upon the American culture like an atomic bomb.
It started in Hollywood and moved East.
Everyone was doing it. I mean, everyone.
We invented the marketplace.
In fact, if you snorted cocaine in late seventies or early eighties...
Three million. I counted it twice.
Two-point-five. Two-point-five, I'm sure.
I'm calling it three.
Then we're half a million off?
- Fuck it. I'm not counting it again. - Weigh it.
Sixty pounds is three million. Fifty is two-point-five.
I don't give a shit. It's close enough.
Where do I put it?
Try the back bedroom.
No room.
Try the closet.
We'll need a bigger boat.
The Colombians recommended Noriega's bank in Panama City.
It was that or launderit in the States for a 60% surcharge.
What? Keep only 40% of my money? No, thanks.
- Congratulations, gentlemen. - Even Pablo kept his money there.
- I love it. - Who'd fuck with us?
I'm sorry?
I give you thirty million dollars and you give me this little book.
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