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Subtitles for Blue Max The CD1.

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Blue Max The CD1

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[Explosions In Distance]
[Incoming Shells Whistling]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire]
- Up! Up! - Push!
- Come on! - Push!
[Man] Move out of the way! Clear the way!
- [Shouting, Indistinct] - [Neighing]
[Man] Move! Move!
That was a full bottle, Herr Leutnant.
[Brakes Squeal]
[Droning In Distance]
[Klaxon Blaring]
[Blaring Continues]
[Loud Droning]
- You've just met Willi von Klugermann! - Yes!
- I see you've heard of him! - Oh! Yes, I have!
- [Man] Look at him! - You must be the new...
- He's tearing the wings off that plane! - Let him celebrate, Ziegel!
He shoots them down! Your job is to keep him up there!
You must be the new replacement... Stachel!
Bruno Stachel, Herr Oberleutnant.
- Are you the adjutant? - I fly a desk now!
Anti-aircraft fire!
Still, it could've got me higher up, couldn't it?
- Yes! - [Chuckling]
Wait here! I'll tell the C! O! You've arrived!
And if I were you, I'd button up that jacket!
Ziegel! How soon can you have us ready again?
Depends on how many of the others have been hit, Herr Hauptmann.
I wasn't the only one!
I can't keep these barges flying forever! I'm a mechanic, not a magician!
No, you are a magician, whether you like it or not!
- Only 11 back, Herr Hauptmann. - Yes! Mueller went down!
- He didn't last long! - [Airplane Approaching Quickly]
Fabian, how did we come to lose him?
I gave him the usual instructions!!!
But he wouldn't stay with me!
Too, uh!!! Too keen!
- By the way, Scholte's replacement's here! - [Boot Heels Click]
Leutnant Bruno Stachel reporting from 104 Training School.
Your commanding officer... Hauptmann Heidemann.
Ah, yes! Stachel! Come inside!
[Men Chattering, Laughing]
Herr Hauptmann.
- Stachel! - Yes, sir!
- [Boot Heels Click] - Two years in the infantry!
- Any rank? - Corporal, Herr Hauptmann.
What made you transfer to the Air Corps?
To fly, Herr Hauptmann.
Are you a good flyer?
I am!!! Comfortable in the air!
"Comfortable!" Are you?
- Interesting! - [Man] Willi!
- [Excited Chatter] - Willi!
[Men Laughing]
Very pretty flying!
I wish you would stop it! You'll live longer!
[Chattering, Laughing Continue]
Sorry about that!
I see you are from Wiesbaden!
I've done some hunting around there!
- Who are your people? - Herr Hauptmann?
I want to know something of your background!
What does your father do?
He works in a small hotel, Herr Hauptmann.
- Five bedrooms! - [Scoffing Sighs]
Corporal, see the new officer's bags are taken up to the mess!
- Herr Hauptmann. - Come into my office, Stachel!
Close the door, please!
I'm sorry if it bothers you about what your father does!
It doesn't bother me, Herr Hauptmann.
Then why are you so touchy about it?
Well, you're an officer now! Your social problems are no concern of ours!
Take a look at the map, Stachel!
Our operating area is between Arras and Saint-Quentin!
The British also operate the area, as you'll find out!
Uh, what did you train on?
The usual machine, Herr Hauptmann... an out-of-date Pfalz!
- That's what you'll fly here! - But, at flying school, they told us...
"Flying school!" [Laughing]
At flying school, they'll tell you anything!
Up-to-date machines go to experienced pilots!
Those are in short supply!
It's a cruel world, Stachel, huh?
Yes, Herr Hauptmann.
Welcome to the squadron! The truck will take you to the mess with the others!
[Boot Heels Click]
And, Stachel!
Let's hope you get to like us!
Of course, he could've been lying about the five bedrooms!
[Chuckling] His father was probably only a waiter!
- Just another snob, in fact. - [Chattering]
Willi, there's something I haven't told you!
I have an uncle in the hotel business!
I admit he's a baron and the hotel has 500 bedrooms!!!
But you do see the position it places me in!
[All Laughing]
[Laughing Continues]
[All Chattering, Laughing]
[All Laughing]
¶ There was a town in Poland ¶
[All] ¶ And there a girl we found ¶
- ¶ Lovely was she ¶ - Want a cigarette?
- Thank you! - ¶ She was the haughtiest maid ¶
¶ That ever we beheld ¶
¶ But do not kiss me please, she said ¶
¶ I never kiss ¶
- You've got 18, haven't you? - ¶¶ [Humming]
Squadron rule number one, Stachel...
gentlemen never parade their military achievements!
¶ She was the loveliest maid that ever we beheld ¶
Any rule against saying how long it took you?
- ¶¶[Continue Singing] - I would say that was covered by the same rule!!!
Wouldn't you?
No, I wouldn't! How many rules are there?
I don't know! None of them have been written down!
¶She was the haughtiest maid that ever we beheld ¶
¶But do not kiss me, please, she said ¶
¶ I never kiss ¶ [All Laughing]
¶ She was the haughtiest maid that ever we beheld ¶
- ¶ But do not kiss me, please, she said ¶ - [Horn Honks]
¶ I never kiss ¶¶
¶¶ [Humming]
- [Laughing] - Oh!
[Laughing, Chattering Continue]
Seems you're next to me in Scholte's old room!
- That's, uh, number 11! - Scholte?
Oh, your predecessor! He, uh... He didn't last long, unfortunately!
- Unhappy young man! - Yes! He forgot to keep looking over his shoulder!
It's worth remembering! They come fast, out of the sun!
[Imitating Zooming Noise, Knife Cutting]
- Thank you! - [Chuckling]
[Men Chattering, Laughing]
Willi, what do you think of him?
Gonna have a drink?
- Ah! - [Chattering]
Oh! They haven't removed poor Scholte's card!
Very tactless of them!
I just thought you should know we, uh, don't dress for dinner here!
Von Richthofen, I see!
Your hero?
He's done it all!
Two more kills, and you'll have one of those!
Hmm! A pretty medal, the Blue Max!
It's the only one worth having! People respect it!
The medal or the man?
[Door Opens, Closes]
[Birds Chirping]
The usual routine, Fabian!
You know what they are like the first time in combat!
- Of course! - Keep your eye on him!
Here! Isn't it nice to hear the birds again, Herr Hauptmann?
- [Birds Chirping] - Listen to that!
They won't be here long!
When our offensive starts... [Spits]
- Good luck, Fabian! - Herr Hauptmann.
What is it?
Stachel! Fly on Fabian's left!!!
And a little behind him!
- And watch for his signals! - Yes, Herr Hauptmann.
And relax! Get the balloon and come straight back!
- You'll find balloons burn beautifully! - [Loud Rap]
[Engine Starts In Distance]
Switches on!
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire Continues]
[Artillery Fire]
[Artillery Fire Continues]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire]
Is that army observation? Adjutant, Squadron 11 here.
One of our pilots claims an SE5 shot down in sector five!
- Yes! - Can you confirm, please?
Yes, about, uh, 0700 hours!
- Perhaps Fabian made a forced landing! - I don't know!
Yes? Sector five, on our side of the line!
You did? Fine!
Go on! Uh...
In midair?
- Did yours explode? - No!
Yes, we do have a pilot missing!
- That will be him, I'm afraid! - Ask him!
Thanks! Good-bye!
- But... - Only Fabian! He never got out!
- No SE5! - But somebody must have seen my SE5 go down!
Not necessarily! [Sighs]
It often happens!
No confirmation, no claim!
- That's a squadron rule! - But I saw it! It was a kill!
Then you have the deep satisfaction of knowing you have served the fatherland!
It went down here... our side of the line!
Why couldn't the army look for it?
They have other things to do!
Somebody must have seen it!
Fabian might have seen it!
[Men Chattering]
- Corporal Rupp! - Herr Leutnant.
We're going to search sector five! Get your motorcycle!
- But, Herr Leutnant... - Be at the mess in five minutes!
- Herr Leutnant. - [Thunder Rumbles]
[Thunder Continues]
[Starts Engine]
Back to the mess, Herr Leutnant?
No! I'm going to search that wood over there!
- You already have, Herr Leutnant. - What?
You searched that wood an hour ago!
Well, we're going to search it again!
What's the matter, Rupp? Too close to the guns for you?
[Engine Revs]
[People Chattering, Laughing]
- Thank you, Corporal! - It's been a pleasure, Herr Leutnant.
[Boot Heels Click]
You have finished your wild goose chase, I hope!
- Yes, Herr Hauptmann. - Found nothing, huh?
If every pilot were to go careering around France!!!
Looking for unconfirmed aircraft!!!
There'd be no air force left!
And Corporal Rupp has more important things to do!
- Do you understand? - Yes, Herr Hauptmann.
Unconfirmed by army means unconfirmed, and that's final!
Good night, Stachel!
- ¶¶[Piano] - [Chattering, Laughing]
Come and join us!
- Ah! - [Laughing]
I'll get the next one, Willi!
- Brandy, please! - Champagne, Herr Leutnant.
Willi got his 20th kill today!
- He's being awarded the Blue Max! - Uh-huh!
I see you've had a hard day!
No one's ever done that before about an unconfirmed kill!
Quite novel! You must be in a hurry!
To your Blue Max!
- Blue Max! - Willi!
- [Men Chattering] - [Billiard Balls Clacking]
I don't suppose you've ever had an unconfirmed kill!
Oh, but I have! I've had, uh, three!
Then you've shot down 23!
- Twenty! - [Laughing]
By the way, Stachel!!!
There's an impression around that!!!
You care more about your unconfirmed kill!!!
Than you do about Fabian's death!
[All Quiet]
Perhaps it's force of habit!
In the trenches, we couldn't even bury the dead!
There were too many of them!
I've never had the time!!!
To discuss them over a glass of champagne!
[Chuckling] Well, never mind, Stachel!
To your unconfirmed victory!
Next time, you must have witnesses!
- Witnesses! - Witnesses!
- Good evening, gentlemen! - [Man] Good evening.
Pairings for next week's sorties!
- Let's have them, please! - I'll fly with Becker!
- [Man] Heller and Braun! - [Second Man] I'll fly with Lindorf!
[Third Man] Von Klinger and I will do the ground strafe!
Good! Who'll fly with Stachel?
I'll fly with Stachel!
[Machine-gun Fire]
He's... He's bringing her in!
[Klaxon Blaring]
[Men Shouting, Indistinct]
This one is dead, Herr Leutnant.
- Easy, easy! - [Man] Bring a stretcher! Quick! Quick!
- Get over there! - Quickly!
What happened, Stachel?
The observer, he was going to open fire!
Then we are to assume he was either very brave!!!
Or very foolish!
It's a cruel world, Herr Hauptmann. You said so yourself!
[Man Shouting, Indistinct]
I've read your report, Willi! What really happened?
As I said, Otto, the observer made a move for his gun!!!
So Stachel shot him down!
You wish to stand by a comrade!
- I appreciate that! - What I reported is what I saw!
We are German officers! We'll fight this war with chivalry!
- You know that as well as I do! - Of course!
The observer was blinded! Did you know that?
No! It could have happened when Stachel opened fire over the airfield!
- But did it? - I don't know!
You know how Stachel behaved when his first claim was disallowed!
If he shot down a helpless enemy in cold blood!!!
It's something I won't tolerate in my squadron!
All right, I agree! There is some measure of doubt!
But I have no reason to change my report!
All right, Willi!
The incident is closed, officially anyway!
Is everyone here?
All except Leutnant Stachel, Herr Hauptmann.
Someone inform him this is a parade!
He is ordered to attend!
We're about to honor your dead!
So I see!
Well, aren't you coming?
It's an order!
Because our commanding officer has made it one!
He believes in chivalry, Stachel.
To kill a man!!!
Then make a ritual out of saluting him?
That's hypocrisy!
- They kill me!!! - [Glass Clinks, Drink Pours]
I don't want anyone to salute!
- [Glass Slams] - They probably won't!
All right!
Let's get it over with, shall we?
Thank you!
You know, there's something of the cobra in you!
I'll have to watch you!
Leutnant von Klugermann!
Parade, stand at!!! Ease!
I assume you've talked to the other pilots about this, Holbach!
Yes, Herr General. I'm making a thorough inquiry into the whole incident!
When the opportunity arises, point the man out to me!
Yes, Herr General.
- Ah, Otto! - [Boot Heels Click]
The squadron's drawn up, Herr General.
We were discussing the pilot who brought this in!
Air headquarters is quite excited about it!
What's the man's name again?
- Leutnant Stachel, Herr General. - Mm-hmm!
Is he a good flyer?
Yes! Yes, he is!
Glad to hear it! We mustn't keep my nephew waiting any longer!
Not to mention my wife!
¶¶ [Continues]
[Man] Parade, front!
Left... turn!
Sorry to have been so long! Were you bored?
With all these men around?
Look beautiful for them, Kaeti!
Look at Willi!
Doesn't he look splendid?
The Blue Max will go so well with his eyes!
He is rather vain!
He'll probably wear it in bed the first few days!
Oh, how uncomfortable for the girl!
- [Man] Parade... attention! - Excuse me, Herr General.
- Yes? - The second one on the left!!!
Front row... that's Stachel!
- Ah! - ¶¶[Concludes]
"To Leutnant Wilhem von Klugermann!!!
"For bravery of the highest order!!!
"In action against the enemies of the German Empire...
"and for exceptional services to the fatherland...
"in that he has destroyed single-handed 20 enemy aircraft...
"the order Pour Le Mérite!
"By imperial decree...
Wilhem, Emperor!"
I'm afraid it's rather a small medal, Willi!!!
But it's the highest Germany can give!
Thank you!!! Uncle!
[Boot Heels Click]
- ¶¶[Orchestra] - [Laughing]
- ¶¶[Orchestra] - [Laughing]
[Loud Chatter]
- ¶¶[Men Singing] - [Cork Pops]
This pilot of yours... Stachel!
Humble origin, risen from the ranks, et cetera, et cetera!
Two years' front-line service, hmm?
Yes, that's right!
To deliver the final blow over your own airfield... on the doorstep, so to speak!
- It was splendid, wasn't it? - "Splendid"?
Otto, if this young man lives long enough!!!
He could be very useful to our propaganda department!
The common people of our country are war-weary, restive!
They need to be provided with a hero of their own!
Von Richthofen, Willi, are of our class!
That fellow Stachel is common as dirt! He's one of them!
- You understand? - Yes, I understand!
But I don't agree with killing helpless men!
Otto, this is 1918! Things have changed!
Unrestricted submarine warfare! Bombing of civilians!
Poison gas! Ask your wife... she's a nurse!
Ask Elfi about the mustard gas casualties!
So you approve of this kind of ruthlessness!
- We fight to win, Otto! - Yes, of course!
Excuse me, Herr General.
[Holbach] Herr General!
May I present Leutnant Stachel!
[Boot Heels Click]
I saw the plane which you brought in!
Very!!! Interesting exploit!
It proves that our young men still have vitality!!!
Courage and the will to win at all costs!
Yes, Herr General. Thank you!
I'm sure we'll hear a lot more of you!
[Boot Heels Click]
[Loud Chatter, Laughing]
Kaeti, you haven't met our Leutnant Stachel!
May I introduce the Countess von Klugermann!
[Boot Heels Click]
My aunt!!! By marriage!
You appear to have caught my uncle's interest!
Interest from high places is always welcome!
May I get you a drink, Countess?
All right! Champagne!
Pink champagne! [Laughing]
- Pink champagne? - Yes!
Yes, Countess!
[No Audible Dialogue]
- May I have two glasses of pink champagne, please? - [Loud Chattering]
[Louder] May I have two glasses of pink champagne, please?
- ¶¶[Waltz] - Well, I say...
My glass, hmm?
- ¶¶[Men Vocalizing To Music] - [Laughing]
¶La-la-la la-la-la ¶
¶La-la-la la-la ¶
¶ La-la-la la-la-la ¶
- ¶La-la-la la-la-la ¶ - [Laughing]
¶ Yam-pah-pah yam-pah-pah ¶
That champagne is getting warm, Stachel!
¶¶[Vocalizing Continues]
Not yet!
¶La-la-la-la la-la-la la-la-la-la ¶¶
Silence, please! Silence!
- Please, silence! - ¶¶[Stops]
In a few hours!!!
The horizon will be lit up by the flashes of 7,000 guns!
Our guns!
[All Cheering]
[Cheering Subsides]
They will herald the greatest offensive in history!
Our defeat of Russia has released a million men...
for the Western Front!
I need hardly tell you!!!
That if we destroy the British and French armies...
before the Americans can intervene effectively!!!
We shall have won the war!
- [All Cheering] - God be with us! God be with us!
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Light Footsteps]
[Door Opens]
[Hushed] Oh! Willi, darling!
- [Door Closes] - Mm-hmm!
I'm sorry I'm late!
[Chuckling] I'm sorry!
Well, I'm not!
If you're looking for your nephew, he's next door!
Yes! I realize that now!
[Clears Throat] As long as you're here!!!
Perhaps I can get you that drink!
Yes, do!
I'm afraid I'm out of champagne!
- Then whatever you have! - Schnapps!
Mmm! Horrible!!!
But quite stimulating!
So that's you... Cobra!
- "Cobra"? - Yes! That's what Willi calls you!
Has he been talking about me to you?
I asked!
He says you're quite, uh, deadly!!!
In sort of a quiet way!
[Chuckles] He's a romantic!
- And you're not! - No!
Tonight is a!!! Family affair!
- Are you shocked? - No!
- You see, my husband is a very civilized man!!! - Mmm!
And we are great friends!
It must be nice to have an understanding friend!
Oh, yes, it is!
Willi must be getting impatient!
Shall I announce you?
Please do!
Thank you!
- [Faint Knocking] - [Door Opens, Closes]
[Countess Laughing]
[Artillery Fire In Distance]
[Artillery Fire In Distance]
[Artillery Fire Continues]
[Machine-gun Fire]
- [Gunfire, Explosions] - [Shouting, Indistinct]
[Man] Fire!
[All Shouting, Indistinct]
[Man] Fire!
- [Machine-gun Fire] - Come on, lads! This is it!
[Man] Follow me!
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Incoming Shells Whistling]
[Man] Here they come again!
[All Shouting, Indistinct]
[Man] Come on, boys! Come on now!
[Whistle Blows]
[Airplanes Droning]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire Continues]
[Machine-gun Fire]
The oil pressure's still too low!
That's all you'll get out of her!
She wasn't made yesterday!
Oh, is that what it is?
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Machine-gun Fire]
[Engine Stalling]
[Airplane Droning]
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Explosions In Distance]
- [Groans] - You'll feel better in a few days, Herr Leutnant.
- We've taken Bapaume! - Bapaume!
[Groans] It means we're closer to Paris!
Thank you!
Herr Leutnant, I'm here to take you back to the squadron!
In there, Herr Leutnant.
What are we celebrating?
Your survival, of course, and your tenth victory!
You're moving up fast, Stachel!
Too fast?
[Artillery Fire Continues]
Does it hurt?
Then I'd better open the bottle!
Tell me, uh...
never having suffered it personally...
what does it feel like to be!!! Shot down?
- I'd rather you found that out for yourself! - [Chuckles]
¶¶ [Humming]
You know, l... I was quite pleased at first...
when you were posted missing, I mean!
Thank you!
Oh, it was just that, uh, all of a sudden!!!
The war seemed a bit more!!! Peaceful!
And then... this is the odd thing... I had a sense of loss!
- I'm touched! - No, no! Uh, seriously!
I suppose I've had everything in my life too easy!
I'm inclined to be lazy!
I have to have a challenge! I need someone around me who is, uh!!!
Hard to beat!!!
And you fulfill that role!
- How's the countess? - The countess?
- Mmm! - Oh!
Your aunt by marriage!
- Is she well? - I think so!
I should have thought you'd have known!
Oh, yes! She told me about coming into your room that night!
I knew you'd have to bring it up sooner or later!
The countess!
- [Smacks Lips] - There's a fascinating subject!
I believe you have aspirations in that direction, Stachel!
You should forget them!
I'll try!
But if the impossible happens!!!
I'll buy you a bottle of champagne!
Will you?
It's vintage 1903!
You'll find it!!! Hard to get!
1903? I'll remember that!
[Gears Shifting]
[Brakes Squeal]
Thanks for the champagne!
That's the damn fool that almost got me killed today!
I believe he's a friend of mine!
Why don't you take it up with him?
I hope it'll be a longer visit next time!
Yes, of course! Stachel!
May I introduce!!!
The Baron von Richthofen!
It is an honor, Herr Rittmeister.
And I'm very grateful! Hmm!
1903 again!
- [All Chuckling] - You'll never change, Willi!
I'd like to have some of Willi's champagne with you!!!
But I must get back to my squadron!
I'm glad to see you haven't had to pay!!!
Too high a price for my life!
I only lost an old Pfalz, Herr Rittmeister.
Perhaps now I'll get a better plane!
Oh, yes, you will!
My squadron is going to be equipped with the new monoplane!!!
Berlin's been promising so long!
I don't understand, Herr Rittmeister.
The baron wants you to join his squadron, Stachel!
I have no objection!
Well, what do you think?
I am!!! Very flattered by your offer, Herr Rittmeister.
Thank you!
But I'd prefer to prove myself here!
Oh, I see!
Well, I admire loyalty!
You're lucky to have this fellow, Otto!
[Man] Switches on!
[Engine Starts]
[No Audible Dialogue]
Thank you!
Bring me that report from Von Richthofen again!
Yes, Herr General.
You're not shoeing a horse!
Get out!
Herr General.
I want him brought to Berlin immediately!
- Yes, Herr General. - There is some difficulty?
[Chuckling] I don't know what you have in mind!!!
But with the offensive at its height!!!
There'd have to be some legitimate excuse!!!
To order him from the front.
- He's wounded, isn't he? - Yes, Herr General.
Hmm! A mentionable wound?
In the arm!
Good! The people like soldiers to be shot in the right places!
Order Stachel to Berlin for special hospital treatment!
I want you to ensure that all our newspapers give full prominence!!!
To this!!! Gallant episode!
Photographs! Everything!
Yes, Herr General.
I think I can get the field marshal to see things my way!!!
With luck!
[Wind Rushing]
- [Man] Stop! - [Wind Machine Shuts Down]
So what you're telling me behind your jargon!!!
Is that this machine is unstable!
Exactly! Herr Field Marshal!!!
We require at least three more months to perfect the design!
By then, the war may well be lost!
Well, Franz, what more have you to say to the experts?
With your permission, Herr Field Marshal!!!
I would like to produce an expert of my own!
[Man] Stachel!
We would like the benefit of your experience, Stachel.
You'll have read in this morning's papers about Von Richthofen!
- This is the pilot concerned... Leutnant Bruno Stachel! - [Boot Heels Click]
This way!
[Stachel] The new monoplane!
Is it as fast as we've heard?
What about its maneuverability?
Only one wing... will it take the stress?
It will out-turn any Allied plane present in the air!
It could even turn the tide of the air war!
Then we must have it!
What would your reaction be if I told you that these gentlemen believe!!!
That there will be risks for you pilots if we hurry it into production now?
Well, we're used to risks, Herr General.
One more wouldn't make any difference!
- Hmm! - Leutnant Stachel!
- [Boot Heels Click] - Tell me!
Do you think that your opinion would be shared by your comrades?
I am certain of it, Herr Field Marshal!
- Let me see it again! - [Wind Machine Starts]
[Car Horn Honking]
[Car Horn Honking]
[Man Groaning] Nurse!
[Man] Nurse! Nurse, come quickly.
Come along, Herr Leutnant.
Frau Heidemann, Leutnant Stachel!
- [Boot Heels Click] - Yes! I remember you!
- I'm due back in a few minutes! - It won't take long!
The jacket, please, Herr Leutnant. And your shirt!
Frau Heidemann! Those flowers, please!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Sit down, Herr Leutnant.
Excuse me, please!
Mm-hmm! Excellent!
[Footsteps Leaving]
I saw how busy you were outside!
- Yes! - I'm sorry!
[Holbach] Come along, gentlemen.
Along here!
Now, Frau Heidemann, if you please!!!
It is just this one pose, hmm?
What are you going to put under the picture?
- "Squadron commander's wife nurses wounded hero"? - Yes!
Oh, very good!
[Holbach] Now move a little closer.
Thank you! Now!!! Hold still!
- The playacting is over? - Yes, Herr General.
We have finished!
Elfi, my dear!
How good of you to have found time to come and help us!
It was an order, Herr General, wasn't it?
Of course!
It was a very important piece of playacting!
I see!
Well, Stachel, by morning, you'll be quite famous!
How do you feel about that?
- Lucky, Herr General. - Hmm.
- Tomorrow, you will be making your way back to your squadron! - [Boot Heels Click]
And tonight, my wife would like you to dine with her!
That's!!! Very kind of her, Herr General.
Not at all! She likes heroes!
[Door Closes]
¶¶[Piano, Softly]
¶¶[Piano, Softly]
You don't convince me for one moment, Colonel!
Herr Leutnant, may I ask you, please, do you envy the birds?
It may surprise you, General, to know!!!
Is that what makes men want to fly...
- jealousy of the birds? - That I'm a serious student of military strategy!
No, Baroness, I am not really surprised!
Jealousy of the birds! I've never heard it put better!
[All Chattering]
[Woman] Herr Leutnant, about the birds.
- Good night! - Good night!
Good night! A most successful party!
[Woman] Absolutely wonderful!
- Bless you, Kaeti! - Good night!
¶¶[Drum Beating]
What's that?
It sounds like a drum, Countess!
¶¶[Drumming Continues]
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