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Blue thunder

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Murphy. Where the hell's Murphy?
Hey, Jafo!
-Go find Murphy. -Yes, sir.
Sir, Lieutenant Kress wants you on the pad.
Lose something?
No. You're wanted on the pad.
Mind if I ask what you're doing?
I don't mind at all.
Murph, feeling any pressure?
Yeah, about 1 5 pounds per square inch at sea level.
Where's Montoya?
Don't you check the duty board? He's on days.
I forgot.
You're flying with that new guy, Lymangood.
-The what? -Me. Lymangood.
Captain Maloney and Officer Reiss, report to Operations.
If it was me, I'd ground him.
He'll be all right.
Personally, I wouldn't fly with him for a bull that pissed Jack Daniels.
Is that right?
-All set? -Yeah. Yes, sir.
You sure now?
Airship-12 rolling out at 1959 hours.
No, make that 2000 hours. Murphy and Lymangood.
Where the hell's Montoya?
They say he put in for days after that wingding that Murphy threw.
No shit. Let me call Departure.
L.A. Departure Control Air-1 2 out at...
... 22000. VFR 5000 will be coming to you 1. 25.
Traffic advisory.
Lymangood. Lymangood...
...what brings you to Air Support?
Oh, I don't know.
I just put in for observer. I kind of liked the idea of it.
No guns. No kicking in doors. You know, just quiet.
Oh, yeah.
All these people! What do you suppose they're all doing down there?
According to the latest statistics, 1 ,000,775,000 of them...
...are getting it on.
That many, huh?
The rest are waiting for Laverne and Shirley.
Well, let's see what we can see here.
I got a black guy in a beanie.
Looks like he's selling dope out of a van.
-Is that a red beanie? -Yeah, that's him.
This is primo, man. You want it?
He's ours. Undercover Buy Program.
Right, right.
-You were at the briefing? -Yes, sir. Guess I just forgot.
You're gonna fit right in.
Air-12, we have a 21 1 in progress... Burbank and Vineland.
Male Negro, orange shirt and cowboy hat.
He's armed and has a hostage.
Well, call it in.
Air-1 2 to Central. Proceeding to the 21 1 at Burbank and Vineland.
Let's get out of here, man!
You dumb idiot!
Your guy's heading for the junkyard.
Orange shirt and a cowboy hat, huh? Whatever happened to inconspicuous?
Hit him! Hit him with the light.
I got him.
-Jesus Christ! -Welcome to Air Support.
-Call an ambulance. -Right.
Look at that guy.
Ground units! A man with a gun is behind that dumpster.
No, the other way!
We're going down. We gotta dust him.
Hit the ground, son. Hit it!
Code 4. They got it knocked.
Sir, what was the business with the watch?
Back in the Ready Room, with the watch?
Sort of a test.
If you think you're going over the edge... lose your sense of time.
With your eyes shut, you can't tell 25 seconds from 5.
I get it, sir. Yes, sir.
Stop calling me "sir." You sound like David Copperfield.
Yes, sir. I mean, okay, sir.
Check that ride at 1 0:00.
-Which one? -Underneath the tree.
How do you see that shit?
See it?
-It's got no plates on it. -Well, call it in.
Abandoned vehicle.
Air-1 2 to Central. Reporting an abandoned vehicle. It's a--
Come on, what kind of car?
It's a light tan Chevy.
It's got no front plates. It's got no plates at all.
It's near the top of the hill on Linden Road.
Very good.
Oh, thanks.
What time have you got? You got about 1 0:30?
Been talking to Montoya, haven't you?
Well, he did mention something about Encino.
I suppose you deserve full initiation.
You might as well have your picture taken.
Montoya thinks she's some kind of movie actress.
Just my damn luck if they had her working overtime tonight.
Those bastards.
Slave drivers. That's what they are.
They don't care how hard they work you, as long--
Oh, my God! There she is.
She's fantastic! Do you think she knows we're out here?
All she has to do is look out the window.
1 0:30, right on the dot!
If there's one quality that I admire in a person, it's punctuality.
And flexibility.
If a person says that they're gonna be at a certain place--
Oh, God!
How does she do that? How does she do that?
Beats the hell out of me.
Don't push on the pedals!
Would you look at her tan?
It's so even!
Oh, my God!
What do you want?
Get the briefcase!
I think she doesn't know.
Somebody does.
All units in the vicinity handle a rape in progress. 8792 Linden Road.
Damn it to hell. I knew it!
Identify and handle, code 3.
Come on, let's go, man!
Around the back.
Hold it! Freeze!
He's bought it. Get on the other guy.
No, let them go! Please, let them go!
-Over there. -I got him.
Sir, you okay? Sir?
Get an ambulance.
Air-1 2 requesting an ambulance at 3920 Linden Road.
-How's the woman? -She looks bad.
Oh, hell! It's gone.
The Chevy. The junker. The Chevy.
It's gone.
For God's sake!
Air-1 2, wind 1 50 degrees at 22, clear to land.
Air-1 4, 1 1 50 degrees at 1 2, clear for takeoff.
The old man wants to see both of you. Right now!
-I like your haircut. -I like yours too.
You know, one of the really fun things about this job... reading the complaints of the public.
For example, tonight here we have a fella...
...that didn't appreciate us disturbing his sleep.
I just hope I'm not called on by the chief to explain...
...why two of my people were hovering over Encino at 1 0:30...
...while Commissioner McNeely was getting beaten... her own front yard in fashionable Brentwood.
McNeely? That's her?
Of the mayor's Task Force on Urban Violence.
A touch of irony, if you like that sort of thing.
-How is she? -She was shot, Frank.
She's in lntensive Care. Shot by one of the rapists.
One of the rapists?
Assault. Attempted rape. That's what they're calling it.
There wasn't any rape.
Case is closed. There's two bodies in the morgue.
That abandoned car we called in? The Chevy. That was a stakeout.
No stakeout. A make-out. Kids who couldn't afford a motel.
Kids go to Mulholland. That's not the pattern.
Forget patterns, Frank. And get the hell off my desk.
Get off!
All right.
It doesn't bother you that car has no plates?
That it wasn't there when we came back?
That rapists don't travel in pairs?
What bothers me is, some son of a bitch may ask what you were doing...
...five miles out of your patrol area!
When I talk to you, I'll look at you.
It was my fault. I talked Murphy into taking us there.
You're supposed to be stupid, son. Don't abuse the privilege.
You think I haven't heard about that silly twit out in Encino?
I had 20 years in this outfit when you were sitting in front of the TV...
...watching Bugs Bunny, gnawing on your Fudgsicle.
Remember, Officer Murphy, there are people who don't like police officers.
They do not like the idea of helicopters flying over their homes...
...peeking in their windows.
You know what they'll do? They'll burn you..., your idiotic friend here, and my whole damn division.
I don't want my division burnt!
So here's the way it's coming down!
-You're grounded. Both of you! -Grounded?
I gotta figure out where to hide you until this crap blows over.
Get out of here, Lymangood.
I mean, dismissed.
Stick around, Frank.
The review board wants to have you up for psychiatric re-evaluation.
Come on!
What do you expect after your wig-out last month?
But there's a bright side to this. And a moral.
Morals are good for you. I love morals.
And the moral of this story is: lf you are walking on eggs, don't hop.
That's it.
Don't hop!
Hello. Listen, it's me.
I don't know whether a post card from Laguna means we're speaking again...
...but call me when you get in, okay?
Even if you're not speaking, call me. Please? Okay, huh?
Hello. I'm back.
Is there no getting rid of this chick?
The reason I'm pressing is that I've got a really big favour I need.
I'm desperate! Desperate!
No matter what time it is, call me.
Please. Bye.
For chrissake, Murphy!
You wanna get yourself killed?
You bozo! How many burglars come in the front door with a key?
-You scared the shit out of me. -I'm sorry.
Came to make friends.
Here's your key.
Well, I guess that makes that official.
Where's my blender? I need it.
At 3:00 a.m.?
You have this problem. You don't return phone calls.
In the kitchen.
Hold him for me.
This kid must be deaf.
-You coming? -Where?
The Shocks' anniversary party. You remember.
Annie's been open for a year now. We're gonna have guacamole...
...and margaritas...
...and chili rellenos--
Fat chance, huh?
That must've been some leave you had in Laguna.
What did you do? Spend all your time on the pistol range?
Here it is!
What's this?
This is beautiful. Really!
-Could I please borrow this--? -No.
I'll wash it.
It already belongs to you. I bought it for your birthday.
-Really? -I thought I gave you that damn thing.
Never mind. This is beautiful. I love it!
Frank, I miss you.
I don't eat. I don't seem to sleep.
Maybe you ought to trade me in on a surfer.
Well, I tried that once, but it didn't work.
Come to think of it, neither did he.
Good night, Murphy.
Good night, you little faker.
Watch your legs.
We gotta get serious.
Now, I know you have a lot of problems right now...
...and I'd really like to help you.
"You can run, but you can't hide."
-Joe Louis. That's very good. -That's what I mean!
Frank, I'm gonna have to get tough on you. Are you ready for that?
I'm ready.
Five, four, three, two, one....
Cue Mario, take one.
The top story is still the assault and attempted rape of Diana McNeely...
... of the mayor's Task Force on Urban Violence.
McNeely's still on the critical list.
We spoke to Chief Jensen about the latest news.
We have nothing on the two assailants.
They were without identification...
...probably Latin American and almost certainly illegal aliens.
Our fingerprint teams are going over their car...
... which was stolen from a Santa Monica parking lot.
It is unclear what impact this incident will have...
... on the minority community, and the increasing racial tensions that--
We've just received word...
... that Alf Hewitt is standing by St. Joseph's for a live report.
Commissioner Diana McNeely died at 8:47 a.m...
... from a gunshot wound which penetrated her neck...
...and lodged beneath the third cervical vertebrae.
She never regained consciousness...
...and if she had lived, would've been paralysed.
This is Alf Hewitt, from St. Joseph's Hospital.
I've been trying to reach you. Why don't you answer your beeper?
I just want to tell you that next time I'm suspended, so's my fucking beeper!
-Feel better? -Yeah, a little.
Get down here. We just came up with a mince pie under each arm.
You're back on flying status.
You're assigned a special detail.
This is Mr. Icelan. Mr. Fletcher of Washington.
This is Frank Murphy.
We're glad we found you. We're due at the weapons testing range at--
-What do they call that place? -Pinkville.
Everything I'm about to tell you is highly classified.
Don't discuss it with anybody. We're testing a new helicopter prototype.
We've got our own pilot...
...but your city's been chosen as the testing area...
...and your mayor is anxious that his people participate.
Ours is not to reason why...
...ours is but to submit to the vagaries of local politicians.
Smoke? Frank, is it?
No. Yes.
No: smoke. Yes: Frank.
I understand you flew in Nam, Frank.
That's right.
-Two tours, was it? -One and a half.
Why the foreshortened tour?
You know what they say about a second chest wound.
It's nature's way of telling you it's time to go home.
Tell us about this special detail.
A lot of people are looking forward to the Olympics out here.
For a few short weeks, the attention of the world will be on this town.
Every nutcase and terrorist...
...and crazy with a pipe bomb and a cause is drooling about it.
That's what this detail's all about.
The potential for catastrophe.
We don't want any Munich massacres out here.
Are you talking about crowd control from the air?
Give that man a cigar.
That's been tried. It didn't work out so hot.
-Where was that? -Vietnam.
We added a few new wrinkles.
-Such as? -You'll see, Frank. You'll see.
This thing has antiterrorist capabilities. You saying it's armed?
That I am. That it is.
That sounds like it now.
It's illegal to arm police helicopters.
That would depend on the circumstances, wouldn't it?
A lot of people ain't gonna like this.
What do you call this, an "airbuster"?
The Special. But somebody hung a nickname on it.
-What? -Somebody hung a nickname on it.
Blue Thunder.
Gentlemen, take your seats. Here she comes.
She don't look normal...
...she don't fly normal, because she ain't normal.
This whole ship is heavily armoured...
...with Nordoc NATO armour one inch thick.
This ship is equipped with a forward mounted 20 mm electric cannon.
Its six barrels are capable...
...of firing 4000 rounds of ammunition per minute.
And that, gentlemen, is one hell of a shit storm in anybody's language.
Now, let's take a look...
...and watch the lady strut her stuff.
The red dummies are terrorists, white are civilians. Innocent bystanders.
The object is for our pilot to knock out...
...the red dummies and the black cars.
He shouldn't touch any of the others.
In a riot situation, we just want to get the bad guys...
...and protect the innocents.
Oh, my God!
That kind of firepower would be used in our worst-case scenario... armed insurrection.
It's comforting to know you got it on tap.
Gentlemen, your attention.
Notice the selectivity of the firing.
This is not a strafing run where you tear up a whole street.
This little lady picks her targets carefully. Now you watch.
Look at that. All the red dummies are blown to hell.
And a few white ones.
One civilian dead for every 1 0 terrorists. An acceptable ratio.
Unless you're one of the civilians.
All right. Last pass, gentlemen. Anybody wanna bet on the school bus?
We haven't told our pilot about the bus.
Let's see if he can pick up on what's wrong with it.
Damn it! Bloody gun!
Now, if you come down below, we'll take a closer look...
...and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.
Terrific shooting, colonel. It was beautiful.
Beautiful, was it?
Goddamn it! I had another stoppage.
I nearly killed you on that second pass.
If it happens again, I'll have their balls.
There's somebody I want you to meet.
Well, what do you know!
Friend of yours?
An old war buddy. The bastard tried to have me court-martialled once.
Sorry I brought it up.
Look who it isn't.
Colonel, this is Captain Braddock of Astro Division.
And Frank Murphy. He'll do the actual testing over the city.
Finally made colonel?
If you're nice, nice things happen to you.
I'll try to remember that.
Step this way for any questions.
How did we draw him?
He and his observer were assigned to us.
-I didn't realize you were acquainted. -Only too well, I'm afraid.
I'd have had him up on charges if he hadn't caught some shrapnel.
He's totally unsuitable for our purpose.
I'll call Mr. Holmes tonight.
Don't bother him. I think we can handle it.
--30 million candlepower night sun with an infrared filter.
Over here is your TV camera, with 1 00-to-1 zoom lens.
-We could've used this in Nam. -We could've used something.
Do you think you can fly it?
You flew it, didn't you?
I'll check you out myself.
Be on the pad, 1 2 sharp.
Twelve sharp.
Catch you later.
Stand back from there.
Irritating little cocksucker, isn't he?
-Tequila breath! -My man in the sky.
-How do you like day shifts? -My bride's happier. But me?
-What's happening? -I gotta go take a flight check.
What do you make of this?
What it is?
I found it where Diana McNeely was killed.
I think it's about that urban violence stuff.
Can you translate it?
I gotta log in, but I'll get back to you later.
Keep it under your hat.
Right under the hat. Look at this!
I gotta get dressed. I'll see you in a second.
Thanks for the hat.
-How's it going? -What's this "JAFO" shit?
Look up.
Look down. Look left. Look right.
-Don't worry. -What's JAFO?
You know what Montoya told me?
He told me you looped one of those things. A helicopter.
He's putting me on, right?
No, he wasn't.
You actually looped a chopper?
-That's right. -When?
When I was young and stupid.
You're telling me it was a complete 360? Right over the top?
A full loop.
I thought that was impossible.
It is. It's aerodynamically impossible.
Anyone who tells you any different is a damn liar.
Now, you take the Ranger and I'll be in my bird.
We'll have a little game. Follow my leader.
Follow my leader.
Catch you later.
Catch you later.
Murphy, this is Cochrane.
Join formation with me, echelon right. And keep it tight.
Roger that, colonel.
Wanna show me that loop, Murphy?
I thought so. Okay, slide over to my left.
Come on, keep it tight.
Any closer, we start eating blades.
We're following his leader.
Now push it over and pick up speed.
Follow me through a high-speed climbing turn.
Level out at 500 feet.
All right, Mr. Murphy. You take the lead.
Roger that.
Damn! Damn it! Shit!
We got a runaway!
Jeez! What was that?
Grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye. We're going down.
Mayday! Mayday!
We're going down.
Willowbrook and Alameda. Request ambulance, fire.
Shut the fuel off. Shut the fuel off!
Head's up!
Jesus! Where'd that bus come from?
Steady. We're gonna make a house call.
Central, this is Blue Thunder.
It seems that we have a ship down, somewhere in the Watts area.
Are you all right?
-Are you all right? -Yeah.
Get the hell off me!
I hope you broke your fucking neck!
You could've killed half of my crew!
You knocked down the whole damn shack! Get the hell out of here!
-Listen, Dick. Thanks a lot. -Be careful.
-Take care. -See you.
Rather a near thing today. I heard your turbine failed.
Or was it your flying?
Back off, asshole.
What's that I hear? Threats?
Well, what a change. We are acting brave nowadays.
Are you threatening me, Murphy?
No, I'm telling you. Back off.
Catch you later.
-Can I see your watch? -Sure.
You know where it is, don't you?
Are you losing weight?
Getting older too. I think you have to turn up here.
Getting enough sleep?
Are we having two different conversations or I am going nuts?
The train ride. The train ride. I'll find it.
-If you don't run out of gas first. -What?
When that needle points to empty, it means you're out of gas.
That's broken. We got plenty.
Mommy! You missed the train ride.
Hang on.
-Are you crazy? -This a one-way street!
I won't tell if you won't tell!
I'll tell you one thing, it's hard to read.
-Yeah, I know. -It's part of a letter.
It says something about strangers in the barrio making trouble.
I don't know. Something like that. Here's a word...
...that isn't in Spanish: "Thor."
-Thor? -Mean anything?
Strangers in the barrio making trouble.
I don't know.
Maybe I've been in this too long, but I think something bad's coming down.
Most of the official family of Los Angeles, led by the mayor...
...and the City Council, gathered with family members...
...and members of the black community at McNeely's funeral...
... who was tragically murdered several days ago.
Food's up!
McNeely, who chaired the Commission on Urban Violence...
... was an outspoken critic of police department policies.
The chief was in evidence as were many of his aides.
As temperatures stay high and tempers continue to fray...
... fires continue in the Watts area...
... the City of lndustry, Pacoima and East Los Angeles.
You want ketchup on your sandwich?
Now where did he go?
Frank, did you say you wanted--?
Frank, are you okay?
Is this something kinky?
Goddamn your black lrish heart...
....Frances McNeil Murphy, if you've left!
These are your television monitors. You have three.
The one in the centre ties into all your computer banks.
The switches:
Night vision.
Infrared filter. Target system.
Whisper mode so you can travel silent.
Audio, which controls your outside mikes which are here.
What's the sensitivity?
You can hear a mouse fart at 2000 feet.
Now, gentlemen. This is your Harrison fire control helmet.
This baby is the heart of your system.
Let's take a look and see how she works.
Watch this.
It superimposes the gun cues on the real world.
Wherever you look, the guns follow.
You can zero in on any target you want...
...just by putting the green tracer line on your target.
You wanna give it a shot?
What's that, 3l4-inch video?
You know something about it?
-That was my rate in the Navy. -What ship?
-Midway. -No shit. I was on the Forrestal.
It's a hell of a setup. Let me show you.
It goes in a locked memory bank here in the belly.
Each reel is code-numbered.
This little bug erases the tape on a signal from Central Command.
The tape's gotta be inside the case to erase.
It only erases in the case? That's great.
Adjust for your eye until the red dot rides on your tracer line.
Then press the cannon button and zap! Where you look is where you hit.
Sunshine! Just blew your gizzard away.
What's all this shit I hear about you threatening Cochrane?
Thank you, sergeant.
In the police garage. After your crack-up.
Feeling a little hostility?
I told him to back off, that's all.
That's all? Well, it's enough.
They don't care if you kill yourself. They got $5 million in this aircraft.
They don't want to see it totalled.
Some kind of bullshit.
If you want my opinion...
...l think the feds are after your ass. Better watch it.
Okay, thanks.
Matusek? How do you control the oscillation of the quartz?
It's the difference between the output of the generator signals. See?
Hey, Jafo. This isn't any night school.
We got a test flight to make out there.
-Good night. -Good night, kid. Take it easy.
-Big Brother, on or off? -What's Big Brother?
The cabin mike. It records everything we say.
I think we can lose that.
I got the fuse right here.
Get your hat off those circuit breakers.
Tell me what JAFO is. I'm putting the fuse here.
You'll find out. Just be patient.
Night vision. Checked, okay.
Target systems checked, okay.
Let's see what's on HBO tonight.
Blue Thunder requests permission for takeoff.
Blue Thunder, Tower unable to issue departure clearance at this time.
This isn't a very good idea. He hasn't even got clearance.
It's just an orientation flight.
Holmes is arriving tonight. Let him take care of it.
-What do you want? -Clear him.
Blue Thunder, Tower. Wind 330 degrees at 1 5.
Clear for takeoff.
Let's hope he knows what he's doing.
How does she fly?
It's nose-heavier than the ayatollah.
-You're crazy. This stuff's great. -Great, huh?
Let's see what this turkey's got.
Let's go!
Orbit right. Orbit right.
You gotta hear this.
I wondered if you know where a guy could get something good to eat.
It depends on what a guy's hungry for. Know what I mean?
I'm going to video.
A little sushi would be nice.
-Sushi? -Remember the last time we did this?
Try the zoom.
Zoom, right.
Are we talking about American money?
We certainly are.
Come on, lady. You know--
Look at this. Hot Chihuahua!
Honey, that's a little steep.
I want it! I want it!
Let's lose this asshole. He's breaking my heart.
Come on. We gotta go to work.
I dig this police work.
Yeah. You're breathing heavy.
All right, here goes the whisper mode.
Whisper mode.
That's a check.
Hey, that's smooth!
Forest Lawn.
Check this place here at 3:30.
Is that a state cycle in the driveway?
-That's highway patrol. -Can you make the license?
Can you bring it around?
That's 221 Bravo 6.
I know that cycle. Jack Moran. Double Dork.
Double Dork?
Try that thermograph.
Thermograph. Cutting in thermograph.
Coming in.
The motor looks hot.
It hasn't been there too long.
-Want me to see if the owner's home? -Sure. Can we do it?
That guy, Matusek, he cleared me this morning.
It'll do everything but cook your breakfast.
Let's see, the house is right here.
-She's there! -How does the computer know?
They clear it with their security patrol...
...and then they zap it right to us.
Let the good times roll!
Not yet. Not yet.
I'm not ready!
Stupid putz!
Sounds like Double Dork is missing a step or two.
-We recorded all this? -It's all on tape.
Locked in the memory in the belly.
I think old Double Dork's entitled to a quickie. Don't you?
Can you erase that tape?
The memory bank's locked, but I can get in.
Hears through walls, fires 4000 rounds a minute...
...and peeks down dresses at 1 000 feet. Jesus Christ!
This terminal here is hooked into every data bank that there is.
1 2 of these and you could run the country.
Watch this. I feed it my name, right?
They got your whole life in here.
Hit mine.
File under repair?
Did you break your file? That's weird.
Special Base to Blue Thunder.
Blue Thunder.
-It's a wrap tonight. Come on home. -10-4.
I'd better get going.
You'd better go too, Mr. Fletcher.
I'll come along there when he's in.
Blue Thunder, wind 270 degrees at 12.
Blue Thunder to base, final approach.
Altimeter, two-niner-niner-five. Cleared to land.
Does Cochrane drive a grey Corvette?
Yeah. Why?
Check 9:00. He's in some kind of hurry.
Listen. Check Cochrane out.
On the computer?
I'm gonna tag along.
Blue Thunder, this is Tower.
Do you copy? ls there a problem?
That's Cochrane, F.E., U.S. Army.
F.E. What's F.E. stand for?
" Fuck Everybody."
We're almost there.
This is Tower. Do you copy?
Base, you're coming in garbled. Can't read you.
I got Washington.
Go for it.
Cannot read you, Special Base. Still garbled.
Blue Thunder, come in. Do you read me?
Breaking up, Special Base. Can't read you. Still garbled.
Here it comes.
"Sole survivor"? ls he kidding?
" Project Thor." Wait. Find out what that is.
Request information:
Thor Project.
I got it. Here it comes.
"Tactical Helicopter Offensive Response."
Offensive Response?
What does that mean?
Washington's jerking us around. They've got bigger plans for this.
Blue Thunder, you will acknowledge.
Oh, shit!
Blue Thunder to Special Base--
Oh, shit!
He's going in there.
Where are we?
-Federal Building. -Really?
Wanna see what's going on?
Certainly. Here goes the whisper mode.
You get anything?
I just had a good shot of some guys emptying trash.
Can't use it.
Goddamn it to hell! What's going on out there?
I'm holding you responsible for that man's behaviour.
Dr. Haycock strongly recommended he be grounded.
For your information, Mr. Icelan...
...there are no paranoid schizophrenics on duty here.
He checks his sanity with his wristwatch!
What do you check yours with? A dipstick?
I don't have to take crap from you.
He's finished as of now.
If there's a scratch on that aircraft, so are you.
Try the thermograph.
I told you it was cool.
Lovely, lovely!
-Park here. -I'll bring it around.
I got something!
-It locked! -Yeah. Hold it, hold it.
I still fail to understand.
The Astro Division is autonomous. The man was assigned to us.
-McNeely complicated it. -Fletcher!
I can't say you people have covered yourselves with glory so far.
If she hadn't started shouting, we wouldn't have had to rough her up.
Rough her up?
Is that a euphemism for "assassination"?
She had street informants, and she'd made the connection...
...between our project and the trouble in the streets.
She was going public, on the record.
Who are these other guys?
-They can't hear me. -Shut up anyway!
-This pilot-- -Murphy. Frank Murphy.
Is that under control? I don't want attention.
Blue Thunder might be seen as a threat.
-Drop the hammer on him. -What do you think?
I think, Mr. Holmes, that I should take him out.
You mean kill him?
As soon as possible.
Jesus Christ, Frank!
The boy loves me! You got this on tape?
Every word of it.
Give him all the help he needs.
This conversation never happened.
If it gets back to me, I'll deny it.
Oh, shit!
We're in deep shit! Let's get the hell out!
Tower, we have 330 degrees and 15.
Altimeter still 3000. Clear to land?
1012 traffic, 1:00 two miles north-eastbound.
It's a Cessna 182 to 5000 VFR.
Blue Thunder down at 2130.
Captain wants to see you in the office right away.
-I'll get the tape's keycard. -Be careful.
Yes, sir. I will.
Well, sir, he's-- He's not that--
Very well, sir.
I will.
All right, sir. I will.
Yes, thank you.
-Did you have a nice flight? -I enjoyed it.
I hope so. It's your last for a while.
-Now listen, Jack-- -No, you listen.
That's how it is from now on:
Captain: talk. Cop: listen.
If I don't have an ass when I get out of this chair...'s because the old man chewed it off.
You're beautiful when you're angry, but let's talk privately.
We don't have any secrets from Mr. Icelan.
You're off the program. You and your buddy Lymangood.
I'll be lucky if I'm not in Pacoima tomorrow...
...driving a black-and-white.
Captain Braddock speaking.
Yes, sir. He's here, colonel.
Guys, don't forget to check under the hood.
Just gonna get my cuff links.
Who are you conning with that phony radio shit?
For chrissakes, that went out 3 days after Marconi invented it!
Captain Braddock speaking.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. It's taken care of.
Who unlocked the memory bank?
That tall numb-nuts cop.
-Lymangood? -You got it.
Get his gun!
Take it easy.
Pay attention. Pay attention!
-We don't wanna hurt you. -We want the tape.
Let's be reasonable.
You'll give us what we want sooner or later.
And I think you'd rather it be sooner.
Because first, we're gonna break your fingers...
...then your arm, then maybe your knees.
Now, I know you don't believe me... I'm gonna show you.
Now, can it be sooner?
The tape.
It's in your car?
Check the car.
You wanna tell us where it is?
You wanna write it down? Thattaboy!
All units, detain and hold for questioning...
... Officer Frank Murphy...
...regarding the death of Officer Lymangood.
Possibly driving a black '79 Trans Am...
... California license, 909 King-Edward-Boy.
I want to get a confirmation on that.
This is Air-1 2 to Central.
Can we get a confirmation on that dispatch?
Black '79 Trans Am. California license 909 King-Edward-Boy.
Frank Murphy. Detain and hold for questioning...
... in connection with the death of Officer Richard Lymangood.
So far, so good.
Check out Big Brother's tape in Blue Thunder to learn more.
I just heard about Lymangood. I'm really sorry.
Call me if you want to talk.
-Here's your tea, colonel. -Thank you.
Why don't we just blank the tape?
That's what it's designed for, right?
They tell me Lymangood changed the code numbers.
To go through every possible combination would take forever.
The trouble is, we don't have forever.
Hey, boss. How's it going?
Listen, I got the tape...
...but it's not safe to take it home.
So I'm gonna-- There's this drive-in that I go to... Riverside and Victory, on the corner.
There's a dumpster in the back, behind the concession stand.
And I'm pretty sure they don't empty it until Monday.
So that's where I'm gonna stash the tape, okay?
This is getting kind of fun, huh? Cops and robbers, for real!
Good luck if you decide to accept this mission.
This is Lymangood.
I forgot to tell you. I found out what "JAFO" is:
"Just Another Fucking Observer. "
You're not supposed to be in there. Get the fuck out!
You talking to me, asshole?
This is Special Base. Come in.
Los Angeles mobile.
Mobile, listen. Get me KBLA-TV.
That number's in your directory.
Don't give me static. This is a police emergency.
Get me KBLA now!
Good afternoon, KBLA-TV.
I want to speak to Mario Machado or Alf Hewitt.
They're out in the field. Wanna leave a message?
Tell them Officer Frank Murphy is calling.
I'm sending them a package. Do you read me?
That's Frank Astro?
No, Frank Murphy. Astro Division...
...police emergency. Got it, sweetheart?
Yeah, I got it.
Mobile? Mobile?
-Los Angeles mobile. -Listen, I need another number.
Kate, it's Frank.
Where are you? I've been worried sick.
I'm okay. Do me a favour and pick up a package for me.
It's in a drive-in at the corner of Victory and Riverside.
It's near the concession stand, in a dumpster.
And then what?
Take it to KBLA-TV. To Mario Machado or Alf Hewitt.
-Don't stop for anything or anybody. -Got it.
-Thank you, baby. -Bye.
Where is he now?
Over the Hollywood and Ventura Freeway interchange.
Get the mayor's office on the phone.
We're gonna get the Air Force, and now!
He called Channel 8 first. The second call was to his girlfriend.
Forget about the police. Get our own cars to her place and that TV station!
The bastard wants to go public!
-We'll stop that. -We'd better!
Come on, move out!
Move, move!
-Damn it, I can't see nothing! -There she goes!
Air-7 to Special One.
Air-7 to Special One.
Amigo! Buenos días!
No shit, pendejo!
Set that thing down, man.
We got two choppers full of SWAT guys.
It's getting real cozy up here.
Return to base or we're gonna open fire.
Come on, will you, Murphy?
All right, knock him down.
Okay, amigo, how's your auto-rotation technique?
Son of a bitch!
Damn it! Hang on!
Sorry about that, my friend.
Not again!
All right, chaps. How'd you like to follow my leader?
-Pull up now! -Pull up!
Okay, lady! Pull over!
Is there a problem, officer?
A den mother in a Vega, right?
Now play it very cool. I need your license and your registration.
-I think I left them-- -Get out of the car.
Channel 8 is bringing you live coverage of a helicopter hijacking.
Stay inside your homes. There's a sniper over Los Angeles.
We've already lost one police car and two helicopters.
Well, what now, gentlemen?
I don't plan on losing more helicopters.
May I introduce Colonel Coe of the Air Force?
A couple of F-1 6s are standing by at March Field.
-F-1 6s? -We can take him out now.
-All you've got to do is say the word. -The F-1 6 is armed with rockets.
The potential destruction of innocent life is unimaginable.
The F-1 6 is armed with heat-seeking missiles.
We can surgically remove him. Like a tumour.
We're not talking about a tumour.
You gotta make a right there!
You're really riding with the angels.
Thattagirl. Good work!
Ray lcelan at Astro says they've scrambled two F-1 6s out of March.
-What about the tape? -No sign of it.
But he called KBLA. Fletcher's there to intercept.
I'll take care of you one at a time.
We'll have more help down here. Just be calm.
Sir! Sir! I've got to give this tape to Mr. Machado or Abe Hewitt.
-They're very busy right now. -Yes, but this is from Frank Murphy.
There's a crazy man in a helicopter. I'll tell somebody you're here.
The most dangerous thing is a man afraid for his job.
I'm Dick Fisher. I'll get that to Mario if you'd like.
I have to give this to Mr. Mocher or--
I'm his producer. I'd be delighted to bring it up to him.
I don't think so.
Can't we erase it? lsn't that what the bug's for?
We don't know the code number.
Then erase them all.
-Why don't you give it to me--? -Frank said to give it to Mr. Hewitt--
I'm Alf Hewitt. You're the lady with the tape from Frank Murphy?
Your producer said that Mr.--
Who? I never saw this guy before in my life. Come on, let's go.
Not so fast. That's government property.
-Get your hands off me! -Stop him!
Get this bastard off me!
Son of a bitch! I'll blow your head off!
Go, go, go! I got the tape!
March Control, this is Little Brother One.
We have your target bearing 121 at 13 miles.
Request clearance to engage. Over.
Roger, Little Brother. This is March Control.
Affirmative. Engage and destroy.
I repeat: Engage and destroy.
There he is. He's all yours, cookie.
Holy shit!
Well, I'll be damned.
One of your missiles just took out a barbeque shack down in Little Tokyo.
-Francis, isn't that Ray's district? -Yes, it is.
You have his number?
Call him, or they'll call him and he'll call us....
I'm on my way!
There he is, right there!
Everybody, this is an emergency!
-All right, clear the area. -Clear the area!
Well, what do you know!
He froze.
Okay, he's all mine now, Cookie.
Oh, my God!
I'm hit, cookie! I'm hit!
He blew my damn wing off!
Mayday! Mayday!
This is Little Brother One. I'm ejecting!
We just lost an F-1 6 and the top of the Arco Tower. Now what?
That's it. Call it off.
May I remind you there is a crazy man up there with six 20 mm cannons?
I said to call it off.
Request permission for takeoff.
Colonel, hold your position. Operation cancelled.
Repeat: Hold your position. Do not take off.
Thank you!
Back to base.
Rough her up? ls that a euphemism for "assassination"?
She had street informants, and she'd connected our project to the trouble--
Lollie, you ought to hear this stuff.
They sound like cops and feds.
They're stirring up the barrio to prove what that chopper can do.
Tell Mario to go easy on that "mad-sniper" stuff.
That cop may be the hottest ticket since Horatius at the bridge.
All right, let's try this.
All right, where are you?
Damn it!
All right, Murphy. It's about time you put your money where your mouth is.
Come on, you tub of shit!
That's impossible!
Catch you later.
And now it's your turn.
The $5 million prototype was destroyed when Officer Murphy, out of gas...
...set the helicopter down on the tracks in front of a freight train.
That was the end of the helicopter, but not of this story.
On the strength of a tape that Murphy delivered to this reporter...
... the mayor's reopened the investigation of McNeely's death...
... which might also be connected with the death of Officer Lymangood.
Half a dozen local police officers...
...and several officials of the State and Justice departments...
...have been detained for questioning.
Coming up, weather...
...and a preview of a bullet train soon to be seen in the Southland.
Subtitles by GELULA & CO., INC.
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Bully (Unrated Theatrical Edition)
Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
Burnt Money
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition
Butchers Wife The