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Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
The assistant warden wants this one|out of the block early.
Wants to get it over with fast.
Okay. Let's do it.
Hey, wake up. It's time.
Wake up. Let's go. It's time.
This is it.
- What wing?|- Maximum wing, Block 9.
Standard release?
Parole, three out of five.|Good behaviour.
Give me a minute.
One Timex digital watch, broken.
One unused prophylactic.
One soiled.
Boots, black.|Belt, black.
One black suit jacket.
One pair black suit pants.
One hat.
One pair sunglasses.
Twenty-three dollars|and seven cents.
Sign here.
- What's this?|- What?
This car.
This stupid car.
Where's the Cadillac?
The Caddy.|Where's the Caddy?
The what?
The Cadillac we used to have.|The Bluesmobile.
I traded it.
- You traded the Bluesmobile for this?|- No, for a microphone.
A microphone?
Okay, I can see that.
- What the hell is this?|- This was a bargain.
I picked it up at the Mount Prospect|City Police Auction last spring.
It's an old Mount Prospect police car.|They were practically giving them away.
Well, thank you, pal.
The day I get out of prison...
my own brother picks me up|in a police car.
You don't like it?
No, I don't like it.
Car's got a lot of pick-up.
It's got a cop motor,|a 440-cubic-inch plant.
It's got cop tyres,|cop suspension, cop shocks.
A model made|before catalytic converters...
so it'll run good on regular gas.
What do you say?|Is it the new Bluesmobile, or what?
Fix the cigarette lighter.
What are we doing here?
You promised you'd visit|the Penguin the day you got out.
Yeah. So I lied to her.
You can't lie to a nun.
We gotta go in|and visit the Penguin.
No fucking way.
Who is it?
Jake and Elwood.
Come in.
Hello, boys.
Nice to see you.
Please, have a seat.
No, boys.
Come over here in front of me.
I want to see your faces.
The county took a tax assessment|of this property last month.
They want $5,000.
Won't the church pay?
They would if they were|interested in keeping the place.
But they aren't.
The archbishop wants to sell this|building to the Board of Education.
What will happen to you?
I'll be sent to the missions...
Africa, Latin America...
- Korea.|- Forget it!
Five grand? No problem. We'll have it|for you in the morning. Let's go.
I will not take|your filthy, stolen money!
Well, then.|I guess you're really up shit creek.
I beg your pardon.|What did you say?
I offered to help you.
You refused to take our money.
Then I said,|"I guess you're really up shit creek."
- Christ, Jake, take it easy, man.|- Elwood!
- Ow! Shit!|- Jesus Christ!
- Shit!|- Jesus!
- Shit! Goddam it!|- Son of a bitch!
You fat penguin!
Fuck this!
You are|such a disappointing pair.
I prayed so hard for you.
It saddens and hurts me...
that the two young men|whom I raised...
to believe|in the Ten Commandments...
have returned to me|as two thieves...
with filthy mouths|and bad attitudes.
Get out!
And don't come back...
until you've|redeemed yourselves.
Boys, you gotta learn|not to talk to nuns that way.
- You look fine!|- Good to see you!
Buy you boys a drink?
Boys, things are bad.
They gonna sell this place|to the Board of Education...
and I'll be out on the street.
That money's got to be in the Cook|County Assessor's Office within 11 days.
They wouldn't turn you out,|would they?
Shit. What's one more old nigger|to the Board of Education?
Curtis, you and the Penguin|are the only family we got.
You're the only one|that was ever good to us...
singing Elmore James tunes and|blowing the harp for us down here.
Well, the sister was right. You boys|could use a little churching up.
Slide on down|to the Triple Rock...
and catch Reverend Cleophus.
You boys listen|to what he's got to say.
I don't want to listen|to no jive-ass preacher...
talking to me|about heaven and hell.
You get wise.|You get to church!
All I'm saying is,|we got to figure out...
some way|to get that money honestly.
That could be a problem.
Like the Penguin says.
We got to move toward redemption.|We got to go to church.
"We got to move toward redemption.|We got to go to church."
Come on.
And now, this week's sermon...
is from our beloved,|the Reverend Cleophus James!
And now, people...
And now, people...
When I woke up this morning,|I heard a disturbing sound.
I said,|when I woke up this morning...
I heard a disturbing sound!
What I heard|was the jingle-jangle...
of a thousand lost souls!
I'm talking about the souls|of mortal men and women...
departed from this life!
Wait a minute!
Those lost, anguished souls|roaming unseen over the earth...
seeking a divine light...
they'll not find|because it's too late!
Too late! Yeah! Too late|for them to ever see again...
the light they once chose|not to follow! All right!
Don't be lost|when the time comes!
For the day of the Lord cometh...
as a thief in the night!
Say amen!
{y:i}- Let us all|{y:i}-All go back
{y:i}- To the old|{y:i}- Old landmark
{y:i}As we stay|{y:i}in the service of the Lord
{y:i}- Let us preach|{y:i}- Preach the word
{y:i}- Got to preach|{y:i}- Preach the word all the way
{y:i}Do it, know it, feel it
Jake, are you all right?
The band.
Do you see the light?
What light?
Have you seen the light?
Yes!|Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ!
I have seen the light!
The band!
- Praise God!|- And God bless the United States!
{y:i}Stay in the service|{y:i}of the Lord
{y:i}Yea, Lord
We'll put the band back together,|we do a few gigs...
we get some bread.|Bang... five thousand bucks!
Well, getting the band|back together might not be that easy.
- What are you talking about?|- They split.
They all took straight jobs.
Yeah? So you know|where they are.
You said you were|keeping in touch with them.
I got a couple of leads,|a few phone numbers.
But, I mean, how many of them|visited or even wrote you?
They're not the kind of guys|who write letters.
You were outside.|I was inside.
You were supposed to keep|in touch with the band.
I kept asking you|if we were gonna play again.
What was I gonna do,|take away your only hope?
Take away the very thing|that kept you going in there?
I took the liberty|of bullshitting you. Okay?
- You lied to me.|- It wasn't lies. It was just bullshit.
- Shit.|- What?
- Rollers.|- No.
- What? What did I do?|- You failed to stop at a red signal.
The light was yellow, sir.
May I see your license, please?
Goddam it!
I haven't been pulled over|in six months.
I bet those cops|have got SCMODS.
State County Municipal Offender|Data System.
Elwood, we show your license|currently under suspension.
Step out of the car, please.
First you trade the Cadillac|for a microphone.
Then you lie to me|about the band.
Now you're gonna put me|right back in the joint!
They're not gonna catch us.|We're on a mission from God.
We are in high-speed pursuit|northbound on Courtland Avenue.
Black-and-white 1974 Dodge sedan|with Illinois plates.
Request assistance.
We'll be all right if we can|just get back on the expressway.
This don't look|like no expressway to me!
Don't yell at me.
What do you want me to do,|motor head?
Try not to be so negative|all the time.
Why don't you offer|some constructive criticism?
You got us into this parking lot, pal.|Now you get us out!
You want out|of this parking lot?
- Will there be anything else?|- Do you have Miss Piggy?
- There's pants and burgers.|- Yeah, lots of space in this mall.
Disco pants and haircuts.
Baby clothes.
This place has got everything.
New Oldsmobiles|are in early this year.
Pier 1 Imports.
Oh, shit!
They broke my watch!
I'm gonna catch that sucker...
if it's the last thing|I ever do.
Nice place, huh?
Hey, Sam.
Hey, Lloyd.
- Anybody call for me on the phone?|- No. No calls.
Some guy left his card.|Cop. Said he'd be back.
This here's my brother, Jake.|He just got out of the joint.
He's gonna be staying with me|for a few weeks.
Yeah. Okay.
Did you get me|my Cheez Whiz, boy?
Well, it ain't much,|but it's home.
- How often does the train go by?|- So often you won't even notice it.
What are you doing?
Making dinner.|Want some?
Tomorrow we got to get|the band back together.
I'm gonna quit work|in the morning, first thing.
And how are you going|to get to work...
Mr Lead Foot, Mr Hot-Rodder,|Mr Motor Head?
Those cops took your license away.
They got your name,|your address.
No, they don't got my address.|I falsified my renewal.
I put down 1060 West Addison.
That's Wrigley Field.
I gotta hit the sack.
Hey, you sleaze! My bed!
This, gentlemen, is the elegant|abode of one Elwood Blues.
Thanks, Mr Mercer.
- I kinda like the Wrigley Field bit.|- Yeah, real cute.
Hi, Sam.
Hi. Has my friend arrived yet?|He failed to report in yesterday.
I don't want trouble.
Tell us where they are,|and there'll be no trouble.
Stand back.
It's almost 9:00.|We've gotta go to work.
Hello, Elwood. Sit down.|What's on your mind?
I gotta quit.
Why is that, Elwood?
I'm going to become a priest.
I'll call payroll and have them get|your severance pay ready.
- Good luck.|- God bless you, sir.
Thank you.
- What's this?|- This is the last known address...
of Bones Malone|and Blue Lou Marini.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
- Mrs Toronto?|- Tarantino.
Ma'am, do you have a Thomas Malone|or Louis Marini living here?
Not any more.|They moved out a long time ago.
I don't take in boarders any more.
- May we come in, ma'am?|- Please.
Did they leave a forwarding address?|A phone number?
Did they live quietly?|What were their personal habits?
They were good boys...
but they made|a lot of racket at night.
Are you the police?
No, ma'am.|We're musicians.
Mr Man!
- Yes, ma'am?|- They left this card. Maybe it'll help.
Thank you. You're marvellous.
Thank you. I'm Murph,|and these are the Magic Tones.
Steve "The Colonel" Cropper,|Donald "Duck" Dunn...
Willie "Too Big" Hall|and Tom "Bones" Malone.
We'll be back with the Magic Tones|for the Armada Room's...
two-hour disco swing party|after this short break.
Till then, don't you go changing.
So you're out. You're free.|You're rehabilitated.
What's next? What's happening?|What you gonna do?
You got the money you owe us,|mother-fucker?
Let's get something|straight here.
The reason he got locked in the slam|in the first place...
was for sticking up a gas station|to cover you guys.
You're kidding.
He pulled that job to pay|for the band's room-service tab...
from that Kiwanis gig|in Coal City.
- You did?|- That's right.
So I don't want to hear|any more of this small-change shit.
We're putting the band|back together.
Who here at this table|can honestly say...
that they played any finer|or felt any better than they did...
when they were|with the Blues Brothers?
You were the backbone...
the nerve centre|of a great rhythm-and-blues band.
You can make that live,|breathe and jump again.
Murph and the Magic Tones?
Look at you in those|candy-ass monkey suits.
And I thought|I had it bad in Joliet.
At least we got|a change in clothes.
You're wearing the same shit|from three years ago.
Jake ain't lying, though.
We had a band powerful enough|to turn goat piss into gasoline.
We'll never get that fat sound again|without more horns.
We'll never get Mr Fabulous.
- Where is he?|- Forget it.
Mr Fabulous is the top maitre d'|at the Chez Paul.
He's pullin' down|six bills a week.
- Matt Murphy got married.|- Where is Matt "Guitar" Murphy?
He opened a restaurant with his old lady|on Maxwell Street...
and he took Blue Lou with him.
You'll never get Matt and Mr Fabulous|out of them high-paying gigs.
Oh, yeah?
Well, me and the Lord...
we got an understanding.
We're on a mission from God.
Mainly French cuisine.
No, sir. Mayor Daley no longer|dines here. He's dead, sir.
Private dining rooms|are available.
Oh, no. It was supposed to be|five years.
Didn't you get five years?|No, sir, not you.
And your name, sir?
Rizzolo, for eight at 11:30.|Thank you.
Mr Fabulous,|how marvellous it is to see you.
- You're looking younger than ever.|- Wait. You guys can't come in here.
Nonsense, my dear fellow.
My brother and I|have come to dine...
to celebrate my early release|from the service of the state.
Wait. Let's talk outside.
- Let's have a cup of coffee outside.|- Why, heavens, no.
We seek a full meal and all|the compliments of the house.
Come, Elwood.
Let us adjourn ourselves|to the nearest table...
and overlook this establishment's|board of fare.
Good evening. Chez Paul.|Wait! Hey!
Sir, do you mind calling back|in about five minutes, please?
We'll have a table|in a few moments.
Excuse me.
Give us a bottle|of your finest champagne...
five shrimp cocktails|and some bread for my brother.
We have a Dom Pérignon '71|at $120.
That'll be fine, pal.
Seriously, the food here is really|expensive. The soup is fucking $10!
Let's go outside.|I'll buy you a cup of coffee.
We're putting the band|back together.
- Forget it. No way.|- We're on a mission from God.
Hold it. Hold it.|What's this?
Waiter? Sir?
Please, waiter?
Yes, sir? How are your salads?
The salads are fine.
It's just that we'd like|to move to another table...
away from those two gentlemen.
Why? Have they been|disturbing you?
No. It's just that...
Well, frankly,|they're offensive-smelling.
I mean, they smell bad.
Excuse me. I'll see if I can locate|another table for you.
Thank you.
Wrong glass, sir.
How much for the little girl?
- The women? How much for the women?|- What?
I want to buy your women.
Your little girl. Your daughters.|Sell them to me.
- Sell me your children.|- Maitre d'!
Cut it out. The owners are gonna|ask me to call the cops.
- You wouldn't do that to me, would you?|- He just got outta Joliet.
He's on parole. You can't|call the cops on him, man.
- We're putting the band back together.|- I said no.
Absolutely not!
How much for your wife?
We're putting the band back together.|We need you, man. We need your horn.
I really can't.
We got everybody except|Matt "Guitar" Murphy and Blue Lou.
- We're getting them next.|- No way.
If you say no, Elwood and I|will come here for breakfast...
lunch and dinner|every day of the week.
Okay. I'll play.|You got me.
White men!
White women!
The swastika is calling you!
The sacred and ancient symbol|of your race...
since the beginning of time.
The Jew is using the black...
as muscle against you.
And you are left there, helpless.
- Fuck you!|- What are you gonna do about it, whity?
- Just sit there?|- Go back where you came from!
Of course not!
- Son of a bitch!|- You are going to join...
with us...
the members of...
the American Socialist|White People's Party:
an organization of decent...
law-abiding white folk...
just like you.
Go to hell, bastards!
Go to hell!
I pledge allegiance to Adolf Hitler...
the immortal leader of our race.
To the order for which he stands.
One great cause.
Sacred and invincible.
Hey, what's going on?
Those bums won their court case|so they're marching today.
- What bums?|- The fucking Nazi party.
Illinois Nazis.
I hate Illinois Nazis.
Heil Hitler!
- Gruppenfuehrer!|- Yes, sir!
Get that car's license plate number.
We're gonna kill|that son of a bitch.
{y:i}Come on home, babe
{y:i}Oh, come on home, woman
{y:i}Oh, come on home, pretty baby
{y:i}I love you
{y:i}When she walk that walk
{y:i}And talk that talk
{y:i}And whisper in my ear
{y:i}Tell me that she love me
{y:i}I love that talk
{y:i}That baby talk
{y:i}When she talk like that
{y:i}I can't take it like that
{y:i}Come on home to me, baby
{y:i}Walk your walk|{y:i}Talk your talk
{y:i}Talk your talk, baby
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
That was "Boom, Boom",|a song that I wrote back in the '50s.
- No, you didn't.|- It was a hit.
- No, you didn't.|- Yes, I did.
I wrote "Boom, Boom"!|I wrote "Boom, Boom"!
- Can I help you, boys?|- You got any white bread?
I'll have some|toasted white bread, please.
You want butter or jam|on that toast, honey?
No, ma'am. Dry.
- Got any fried chicken?|- Best damn chicken in the state.
Bring me four fried chickens|and a Coke.
You want chicken wings|or chicken legs?
Four fried chickens and a Coke.
And some dry white toast, please.
You all want anything to drink|with that?
- No, ma'am.|- A Coke.
Be up in a minute.
We got two honkies out there|dressed like Hasidic diamond merchants.
- Say what?|- They look like they're from the CIA.
- What they wanna eat?|- The tall one wants white-bread toast.
- Dry. With nothing on it.|- Elwood!
And the other one wants|four whole fried chickens and a Coke.
And Jake! Shit!|The Blues Brothers!
- Hi, Jake!|- Matt! How you doing?
- How was Joliet?|- Oh, it's bad.
On Thursday night|they serve a wicked pepper steak.
Can't be as bad as the cabbage rolls|at the Terre Haute Federal Pen.
Or that oatmeal|at the Cook County slammer.
- They're all pretty bad.|- Matt...
Me and Elwood...
we're putting the band back together.
We need you and Blue Lou.
Don't talk that way around here.|My old lady...
- She'll kill me.|- Ma'am, you gotta understand.
This is a lot bigger than any domestic|problems you might be experiencing.
Matt, what the hell|is he talking about?
- Don't get riled, sugar.|- Don't you "sugar" me!
Now, you not going|back on the road no more.
And you ain't playing|any more two-bit, sleazy dives.
You're living with me now...
and you're not gonna go sliding around|with your white hoodlum friends.
But, babes! This is Jake and Elwood!|The Blues Brothers!
The Blues Brothers! Shit!
They still owe you money, fool!
Would it make you feel better|if you knew...
that what we're asking Matt to do|is a holy thing?
You see,|we're on a mission from God.
Don't you blaspheme in here!
Now, this is my man,|my restaurant...
and you two are gonna|walk right out that door...
without your dry, white toast...
without your four fried chickens...
and without Matt "Guitar" Murphy!
Now you listen to me!|I love you.
But I'm the man|and you're the woman.
And I'll make the decisions|concerning my life!
You better think about|what you saying.
You better think about|the consequences of your actions.
Shut up, woman!
{y:i}You better think
{y:i}Think about what you're|{y:i}trying to do to me
{y:i}Yeah, think
{y:i}Let your mind go|{y:i}Let yourself be free
{y:i}Let's go back
{y:i}Let's go way on back when
{y:i}I didn't even know you, you couldn't|{y:i}have been too much more than ten
{y:i}I ain't no psychiatrist|{y:i}I ain't no doctor with degree
{y:i}It don't take too much high IQ|{y:i}to see what you're doing to me
{y:i}You better think
{y:i}Think about what you're trying|{y:i}to do to me
{y:i}Let your mind go|{y:i}Let yourself be free
{y:i}Yeah, freedom right now
{y:i}Hey, think about it
{y:i}You, think about it
{y:i}There ain't nothing you could ask|{y:i}I could answer you, but I won't
{y:i}But I was gonna change that, I'm not|{y:i}if you keep doing things I don't
{y:i}Think about what you're trying|{y:i}to do to me
{y:i}Damn it
{y:i}Let your mind go|{y:i}Let yourself be free
{y:i}People walking around every day|{y:i}playing games and taking scores
{y:i}Tryin'to make people lose their mind|{y:i}Now, be careful you don't lose yours
{y:i}You need me
{y:i}And I need you
{y:i}Without each other|{y:i}there ain't nothing either can do
{y:i}- Yeah, think about it, baby|{y:i}- What you trying to do to me
{y:i}To the bone|{y:i}Think about it right now
{y:i}Oh, freedom
{y:i}You, think about it
{y:i}There ain't nothing you could ask|{y:i}I can answer you, but I won't
{y:i}But I was gonna change my mind|{y:i}if you keep doing things I don't
{y:i}You need me
{y:i}And I need you
{y:i}Without each other|{y:i}there ain't nothing either can do
{y:i}- Think about it, baby|{y:i}- What you're trying to do to me
{y:i}To the bone, man
{y:i}Think about it, baby
{y:i}- Yeah, right on|{y:i}- To the bone
{y:i}- For deepening|{y:i}- To the bone, for deeps
{y:i}Right now
{y:i}Think about it, yeah, yeah
{y:i}To the bone|{y:i}For deepening
{y:i}Think about it
{y:i}To the bone
{y:i}Don't give me the Blues Brothers
{y:i}You had better
{y:i}Stop and think about it
Let's boogie.
Well, go ahead, damn it!
Pardon me...
but we do have a strict policy|concerning handling the instruments:
An employee|of Ray's Music Exchange...
must be present.
Now, may I help you?
Ray, it's me. Joliet Jake.
I once rented some column speakers|from you...
for my band... The Blues Brothers.
Hey, Ray. It's me. Murph,|of Murph and the Magic Tones.
Remember me?|I bought three Fender amps.
- Oh, we sell a lot of amplifiers.|- Not like these. They were beautiful.
- Upholstered with thick, red shag.|- Right!
I remember now.|I'll buy them all back for 350 apiece.
Three fifty?
I paid 800 each|not six months ago.
You know... depreciation, man.
Ray, we're here to buy stuff.
We need pianos, amps, mikes...|the works.
Go on! Get!
Breaks my heart:|a boy that young going bad.
Tell me a little|about this electric piano.
You have a good eye, my man.
That's the best|in the city of Chicago.
- How much?|- Two thousand bucks and it's yours.
You can take it home with you.|I'll throw in the black keys for free.
Two thousand|for this chunk of shit?
Come on, Ray!
Really, Ray. It's used.|There's no action left in this keyboard.
Excuse me.
I don't think there's anything wrong|with the action on this piano.
{y:i}Well, I heard about the fella|{y:i}you've been dancing with
{y:i}All over the neighbourhood
{y:i}So why didn't you ask me, baby
{y:i}Didn't you think I could
{y:i}Well, I know that the bugaloo|{y:i}is out of sight
{y:i}But the shing-a-ling's|{y:i}the thing tonight
{y:i}But if that was you and me|{y:i}out there, baby
{y:i}I would have shown you|{y:i}how to do it right
{y:i}Do it right
{y:i}Shake it, shake it, baby
{y:i}Here we go loop-de-loop
{y:i}Shake it out, baby
{y:i}Here we go loop-de-lai
{y:i}Bend over|{y:i}Let me see you shake your tail feather
{y:i}Come on|{y:i}Let me see you shake your tail feather
{y:i}Come on|{y:i}Come on, baby
{y:i}All right
{y:i}Do the twist
{y:i}Do the fly
{y:i}Do the swim
{y:i}And do the bird
{y:i}Do the duck
{y:i}Do the monkey
{y:i}And what about the frug
{y:i}Do the mashed potato
{y:i}What about the bugaloo
{y:i}Oh, the Bony Maronie
{y:i}Come on, let's do the twist
{y:i}Shake it, shake it, baby
Okay, man.
We'll take these axes.
Naturally. And as usual,|I gotta take an IOU.
You guys go inside.|Get yourselves a bite.
I've got to make a phone call.
Does this phone call|concern our first gig?
Have I ever lied to you?
What are we gonna do, man?|We don't got no gig.
How much money you got?
- I got a quarter.|- That's enough for a phone call.
Come on.
- What are you doing?|- You said we were gonna make a call.
I said I was gonna make a call.
Who are you gonna call, Jake?
Do you remember Maury Sline?
Sline? Booking agent?|What about him?
He got us some good showcases|in the old days.
He got us the Morgan Park.|He got us the Ticktock.
I got him laid.|He owes me.
Give it a shot.
There's got to be at least|seven dollars' worth of change here.
- What did you find out?|- Okay.
I called a friend|at the Motor Vehicle Department.
That license plate is like a rash|all over the computer.
The car belongs|to a known traffic menace.
- What's his name?|- His name is Elwood Blues.
He's got a record a mile long.|And he's a Catholic.
- Did you get his address?|- Of course.
1060 West Addison.
Let's go.
Anybody with that kind of record|is gonna make a mistake.
I want all party members|in the tristate district...
to monitor the city, county|and state police on their CBs.
Mr Blues is gonna fuck up.
And when he does...
he better pray the police get to him|before we do.
We been in this car for three hours now.|Where is this place?
I told you it'd take|a little while to get there.
- What's the name of the place?|- The name of the place is...
Bob's Country Bunker.
- Here we are.|- Bob's Country Bunker?
The sign says, "Tonight only,|the Good Ole Boys".
Blues Brothers! It should read,|"Tonight only...
the Blues Brothers'|triumphant return."
Must be some kind of mistake.
You guys unload the stuff.
Elwood, come with me.
What can I get you boys?
You thirsty, hungry|or just driving through?
Maybe you'd like a beer|or something a little harder?
We happen to make|the state's best pepper steak.
No, thank you, ma'am.
We may be sucking back|a few beers later on.
We'll be here all night.|You see, we're the band.
You are?|Gee, that's nice!
Hey, Bob, this is the band!
All right!
What kind of music|do you usually have here?
We got both kinds.|We got country and western.
Jake, are you sure this is the place?
Yeah, sure. This is the place.
- Hi! You the Good Ole Boys?|- That's us!
The rest of the band's|in the parking lot getting our stuff.
Well, I'm sure glad|to have you boys here.
I'm Bob and this here is my place.
Well, it's a beautiful place, Bob!
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