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Subtitles for Bob Le Flambeur 1955.

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Bob Le Flambeur 1955

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Here, as you'll hear it in Montmartre,
is the strange tale of...
The story begins in those moments Between night and day,
by the dawn's early light.
Montmartre is both heaven...
...and hell.
The signs are about to go out.
People pass one another, Forever strangers.
Working people like this cleaning lady, who's very late,
and idlers, like this young girl,
who has bloomed early for her age.
But let's get to Bob. Bob the gambler.
An old young man, Legend of a recent past.
Going to Carpeaux's?
Taxi, sir?
Sorry, Mr. Bob, I didn't recognize you.
A real hood's face.
Want a ride on my bike?
'Morning, Mr. Bob.
Thanks, Mr. Bob.
'Night, Pops.
- How you doing? - Okay.
Get in.
Hello, gentlemen.
You cops never sleep.
What if I'm seen with you?
- Where to? - Carpeaux's.
- To gamble. - No,just to say hello.
Drive to Carpeaux's.
Not all the way. Mustn't ruin my reputation.
Here, something to read.
Three of a kind.
One chip.
Ante up.
Is this Bob one of your informers?
Him? If he heard you say that... No, he's an old pal.
Ever heard of the Triumph case?
True, it was before your time.
The night the Stick took a shot at me. Bob knocked his hand aside.
Why'd he do it? Maybe because I was unarmed.
Or to save the Stick from getting the max as a cop-killer.
I never really knew.
But that day Bob and I became pals.
- Isn't he a hood? - Sure, but age has wised him up.
Didn't he rob the Rimbaud Bank 20 years ago?
Yep. But he did time for it. That quieted him down.
Quit now, Roger. I'm on a roll.
- So I see, Bob. - Why call me Bob?
You do everything like Bob.
Kids always want to be like someone.
Beat it, honey. You got a date.
- Date? - Run along!
See you around.
Always the gentleman!
Never after sunrise.
You dropped another bundle.
Couldn't you have turned in after the crap game?
- How much? - Two hundred clams.
That calls for a drink.
Not for me. I'm turning in. I'm beat.
A pastis, Yvonne.
He stands pat.
I think he's bluffing. I lay out my three aces.
He had a full house. - Shit!
You can say that again!
- Not coming in? - I see my girl at noon.
- The one I just saw? - No, another one.
You're over worked. Okay, beat it.
See you tonight for drinks?
""Don't clean the house today. Let me sleep.
I got in very late.''
""Not to wak you, left londry in kichen.
You hav fresh cofe on stove. Celeste.''
You gotta help me. I need cash to skip town.
I tried to phone you. - Come in.
How much? - A hundred clams.
I beat up too hard on Lydia. She's in the hospital.
She may fink on me. I already did a stretch for pimping.
- Beat it! - What?
Beat it, you hear?
But, Bob--
I like to help guys in big trouble, but not your kind.
What's got into you?
I don't like pimps.
I thought you'd reformed, went to work in the rag trade.
And you've got the nerve to put the bite on me?
Beat it!
Your phone's been reported Out of order, sir.
Your routine needs work.
I told you, use a hankie on the mouthpiece.
What's up? - Our rendezvous.
On my way!
It's late.
Time you went home to Mama.
Mr. Bob's coming. That's all you care about.
See you tomorrow? - I'll phone you.
The way my luck's going, I'd even lose at hopscotch.
Excuse me.
Looking to replace Lydia?
- I don't need a guardian. - No, just a good spanking.
Don't you know sidewalk Romeos are dangerous?
You protect widows and orphans?
One more crack like that and I will span kyou.
Dare you!
You're out late for your age.
Night school.
Leave that.
Set her up at our table.
C'mon, kid.
- What's your name? - Anne.
Paulo... Anne.
My dream girl! If she just says yes, her fortune's made.
Don't start! The kid's hungry.
Yvonne, hear that? The kid's hungry.
I'm a handsome guy, no?
You finished?
How can you stare with those eyes?
I thought dolls stacked like you all had sugar daddies.
Well, I just found one.
Why're you hanging around Montmartre?
Don't you have a job?
I did. But not anymore.
- Why not? - The boss wasn't my masculine ideal.
I'm her ideal!
What do you live on?
You always sleep alone?
Almost always.
Don't hang out in Montmartre, kid.
You'll end up a pavement princess.
Should a girl like you be out till 5:00 a.m.?
I saw you in Pigalle with a Yank, eating fries.
I like fries.
What attracts you to this neighborhood?
That's easy enough. The lights. The big cars.
The music in the nightclubs.
The bubbly! Right?
1 0:00 p.m.! I got a date.
See you again? - Why not?
See you later.
- Your pal's nice. - A nice little guy.
The check!
How much? - Eighty.
What do we do now?
Time you went beddy-bye.
At your place?
- Got any money? - Plenty. Three hundred francs.
Get a hotel room. 'Night, kid.
- Goodnight, Bob. - 'Night, Yvonne.
You, wait outside!
So there you are!
Have a seat.
Now talk. - I've nothing to say.
Then I'll bust you for procuring.
Know what a repeat offender's good for? You're a dead duck.
But I'm working. I sell threads.
- To a certain Lydia? - She's a girlfriend, Lieutenant!
You got a funny way with girlfriends.
I was in a bad mood.
Well, your moods are over.
Look at my tax form.
You can see I'm a working man.
You can't nail me as a pimp.
""Anyone who admits to living with a prostitute is a procurer.''
That's the new law, buddy!
Unless I...
- Unless..? - I fix things.
- Please, Lieutenant! - Not so fast!
Lucky man. Lydia won't file a complaint.
She gets out of the hospital tomorrow.
So I'll let you go... on one condition.
Anything, Lieutenant!
Give me a lead. A good one!
But I don't know anything. I swear it.
Apart from two or three pimps I know.
They're not my department. I want something big.
Tough luck, then.
Don't do that!
I've got nothing now, but I'll find something. I swear.
- Promise? - I swear, Lieutenant!
You're free to go.
Don't forget about me.
Or else...
- Well? - They admitted they were wrong.
Great. I won't have to send you packages now.
Red wins. I hide, you seek.
This one.
For once, I could've won.
I did this before you did.
Look at this place!
What a dump!
It's enough to give you the blues. Let's split!
We can't all have a duplex. I'm no artist.
And how!
You out of sorts?
Me? Are you finished laughing?
I didn't say anything! You nuts?
Not yet, but if this keeps up...
I get it, it's the kid. She dumped you?
Is she the kind to dump anybody?
Let's go! I'll buy us a bottle.
- I'll pay for the second! - Flip you for both.
Say, my luck's coming back!
- My car ready? - Right there, Mr. Bob.
- Gas, oil, the works? - All ready, Mr. Bob.
Pigalle, please?
Get in.
What's with the suitcase? Selling shoelaces?
No. I'm moving.
The hotel owner has a dumb rule: She wants to be paid.
People you owe money to always have dumb rules.
And the hundred I gave you?
I paid my hotel bill so I could get my things.
All your worldly goods in there?
Where'll you go tonight?
Someplace or other.
- Want to come to my place? - Sure.
Then rest easy. You've got a home.
Number's easy: 36, like the quai.
- Quai? - ...des Orfevres. Police HQ
Make yourself at home.
- Your family must be rich. - I can't complain.
- What're you in? - Ministry of Agriculture.
Equine preservation. Kidding aside, I love horses.
I've given them everything: my time, my money, my life.
Does it pay well?
Enough to end up at the soup kitchen.
Not likely.
Never say die.
- You that fixed on gambling? - What makes you say that?
This is just for fun.
Do you win?
You can sleep here. I'll take the room upstairs.
Put your things in the drawers.
Then we'll go for a ride.
- You like riding in cars? - Sure.
Especially in a jalopy.
This is where I was born. It wasn't such a lousy dump back then.
And then I left to conquer the world.
I was 14 when I split on my old lady.
Did you go far?
You bet. As far as the city limits.
- And your father? - My name's Montagne, like my mom.
She was unlucky with you both.
I came back 10 years later. It was early morning.
I almost fell over an old woman, scrubbing the floor.
I'd always seen her on all fours.
That's how I recognized her.
I ran for it, without a word.
I started sending her money orders.
One day they came back.
Her scrubbing days were over.
Was he really the first to copy American hoods?
Actually, it was the Yanks who copied the Bonnot Gang.
Bob was the first to use front-wheel drive.
This was before the war. No loaded guns. No casualties.
And then one day-- - The Rimbaud bank job?
Nabbed red-handed with your dad. You know the story.
- Not staying? - Can't. I got work to do.
Hiding things!
I thought she ditched you the other night.
Hi, beautiful! So, are you head over heels?
- I have a spare. - Not coming home?
Never before 6:00 a.m.
See her home. I'll be at Carpeaux's.
I thought--
You thought wrong.
I hear you're planning a job with Marc?
A rag-trade con. We'll get rich.
Rich in experience behind bars. Stay out of it!
Stay out, I said!
Marc's no good. Want to go solo, warn me first.
- Not even a ""good night''? - 'Night!
- Want a drink? - If you like.
Hello, Mr. Bob. Up already?
It happens. Leave that here and come back tomorrow.
- But the cleaning! - Do as I say!
Prince of Orange. Number eight.
What're you betting?
- What I have left. Seven hundred clams. - Are you nuts? What if you lose?
You ever see me lose?
Risking your last cent!
Fortune favors the bold. ""Be bold! Be bold!'' said...
Where's your pal Paulo?
Back in Paris playing a filly.
- A prize-winner? - No, but hot to trot.
Prince of Orange. Name rings a bell, no?
I knew an Orange Freddy who came in first at Buenos Aires.
Let's hope mine does the same.
Know what? We'll try the Deauville Casino.
- Oh, no! - I'm on a roll. I can't stop now.
You shouldn't.
You said that for Prince of Orange. Leave it to me.
- Roger... - What're you doing here?
As you can see... croupier.
How'd you land that?
Oh, contacts. Wiped my police record clean. How about you?
- The usual. Looking for action. - Not here, I hope.
No way. Too many cops and not enough loose cash.
No, I'm with Bob. - The High Roller?
He's in the back room taking a lesson.
Lessons cost here and the students never win.
It's the professor who rakes it in.
Listen, the night of the last Grand Prix,
there were 800 million in the safe at 5:00 a.m.!
Get your things together and move in with me.
And Bob?
What about Bob?
Don't you see he left us alone on purpose?
But I thought...
You thought what?
You sorry
What're you staring at? Yeah, I'm cleaned out. Big deal!
I feel sorry for you. You're such a sucker.
- What? - You heard me. Aren't you ashamed?
True, I've screwed up all my life.
At least as a kid, I had an excuse.
You're no kid now.
You called hearts, without the 34... I had two jacks.
I had 50 in that suit.
You could've led with the ace!
Aren't you sick of cards for one day? Even here.
You're nuts!
Isn't it a great game, no-trumps?
You'll be peddling papers soon.
If I do, it'll be the racing form.
Go ahead, laugh.
What'll you do with the 200 you have left?
- Play 'em at Carpeaux's. - You'll be broke by morning.
I was born with an ace in my palm.
The casino director's happy.
He needed cash to pay his taxes. I gave him a hand.
Did he tip his hat to you as you left?
- He owes me that much! - You're right.
Know how much he had in his safe the night of the last Grand Prix?
Hey, a riddle! I never tried betting on that.
Don't. You'd lose. 800 million francs!
And you wanna play for peanuts in a place like that!
How much did you say?
800 million?
Hey, talk to me.
Care to order, gentlemen?
Who told you that?
-Jean de Lisieu, a croupier. - The ex-pimp?
The same, but his new wife has clipped his wings.
Dames need their revenge, too.
You sure he wasn't pulling your chain?
Why would he? I wasn't fishing for information.
800 million.
800 goddamn million.
The job of a lifetime!
Whaddya mean?
- What if we heist it? - Heist what? Deauville?
The safe with 800 million.
You're nuts. Nobody ever--
Thought of it. But I did.
It can be done if it's planned right.
You in? - Are you serious?
Do I look like I'm kidding? So, you in or not?
Lemme think it over. It's not like playing checkers.
You just throw it at me!
Just answer, yes or no.
800 million. You know the obstacles?
The people all around, the cops, cracking the safe.
So it's no.
It's yes.
Banco. We'll start on it tomorrow.
Tonight, I'm turning in. - No Carpeaux's?
No more action. Not till we pull off the job.
Congrats. I'll hold you to that.
I have your key.
That young lady-- - Fine, Mrs. Regnier, thanks.
I thought about it all night.
It'll be tough.
But it can be done.
First we need to find a backer to stake us.
Remember McKimmie?
The Scot? You still see him?
No, but we stay in phone contact.
I barely knew him.
I heard he'd retired.
Did he? - Quite a while back.
He has a spread in the sticks.
Loves nature. I can't blame him.
He spent half his life inside.
Even a park fence gives him claustrophobia.
- Would he join us? - He's waiting to hear about it.
You phoned him already!
What else?
Great. So you're rarin' to go.
I always go for broke.
I drew a floor plan Of the casino from memory.
But it's too vague.
We need to have the exact floor plan. But how?
I thought of a way to get it. It won't be pretty, but--
Nothing's pretty except the safe!
- What about Paulo? - He'll be in.
He's gotta earn a living.
- Take a hand, Bob? - No, thanks.
Am I intruding?
Why would you be?
Let's go.
We're talking business.
I told you to stay out of my way.
Let me tell you something else.
Leave the kid outta your dumb cons.
What's with you?
And another thing!
Weren't you on the lam on account of Lydia?
I worked something out.
You manage pretty well.
What's he want you to put up?
Five hundred clams to pay the first bills. It reassures the suppliers.
I'll bet!
I won't warn you again. Got it?
Come on!
- Where we going? - To the seashore.
A third-class hotel, greasy-spoon food.
- I bought you a runabout. - I wanted a big car.
Sit down.
You know Suzanne, my wife?
We need to talk.
Excuse me, ma'am, but...
I get the message.
It's been ages. I last saw you before the war.
How're you doing? - Fine.
What's up? - We need you.
Can you get us a floor plan of the casino?
- What? - That's right!
Plus the number and make of the safe.
What for?
- We're doing an installation. - For a new burglar alarm.
Come off it. What'll you do with the plan?
- Frame it. - Don't ask. Is it yes or no?
I can't do it.
I'd lose my job.
You'll lose it if you don't help us.
Why? I got a good record.
Especially for being a pimp once.
This is blackmail.
There's no proof.
No? What about the Vice Squad files?
- You wouldn't! - Wouldn't we?
So, choose: the floor plan and 500 for you,
or else...
So I'd be paid?
It's been ages, old man. Glad to see you.
You don't know Bob?
I thought the face looked familiar...
but it's been so long.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
My friend has an idea.
But it'll require backing.
All my money's tied up in my club.
We have to grease a palm. That's 500.
For the rest we'll need a lot more.
To recap: You have to hire, train and provide for some boys.
You plan to slip that croupier 500 for the information.
You'll need two cars. How much are we talking about?
We were thinking... eight million all in.
And how much do I get back?
I dunno... 10.
You must be joking! I want 50% of the take.
But we're the ones taking all the risks.
I'm no philanthropist. Take it or leave it.
So, you in?
Sure, but why pack a rod if we don't use it?
I know you. You're the trigger-happy type.
Got that, Luigi? You stick 'em up,
but you don't shoot.
Don't you worry. I'll take a popgun along.
Pablo around?
Still need pesetas for a club back home?
You got some for me?
And the recruitment continued as a waltz played.
Yvonne looked on With a tender but anxious gaze.
- What's that? - Nothing. Go to bed!
It's nothing. It's for an errand.
I have to take this plan to Paris. An architect needs it.
And you're worked up over that?
This it?
What about the safe?
The safe is a Fichet.
Manufactured in 1923.
It has four separate locks.
Each has a different combination.
The safe is set on a hydraulic lift
which drops into a reinforced concrete block when shut.
This is tougher than we thought.
Let me have that.
And me?
Thank you.
You can earn more
if the lift stalls on the ground floor about 5:00 a.m.
- It's possible. - Do it and you'll cash in.
- I trust you. - You can.
Shall we go?
What's this?
- For your birthday. - You remembered?
That's surprising.
- Where'd you get it? - In Paris.
Thanks, but that's not what I asked for.
How'd you pay for it?
Like it?
- Where'd you get the money? - A deal.
What kind?
Four locks, four combinations,
a hydraulic lift.
It's no piece of cake.
So you've made it. Music, champagne, nightclubs!
- I don't have change. - Keep it. Thanks.
Nice bit of goods! She's a real go-getter.
The future Mrs. Paulo, maybe. C'mon.
- I gotta watch the place. - They want to be alone.
- What d'you want? - I'll wait for you.
Better not. I'll be a while.
I've known plenty of girls. But never one like you.
It's as if you didn't care about anything.
- You think so? - Don't kid me.
Don't I love you?
No one's forcing you to.
How can I prove it?
By doing big things.
Such as?
Giving me the moon.
I'll do better than that.
What if I rob the Deauville Casino safe on Grand Prix day?
Just for you.
How much is in the safe?
Is that all you can say?
That's all.
Leave me alone. I'm sleepy.
We've all gone to the limit at one time,
but that was for small, unplanned jobs.
This time it's different.
You've heard of pilots being briefed before dangerous missions.
We'll do likewise. We operate like a commando unit.
And you? Bucking for a medal?
I'll be upstairs pretending to play the tables
to make sure everything's okay.
If it's not, I'll give you a signal
and we'll delay the job.
if you don't see me by 5:00 a.m. sharp, that means we're on.
Now, then,
Little Louis and Bill stroll in.
One to the left, one to the right, so as to flank the desk.
Come with me. You'll get a better picture.
Bill, over here.
Little Louis, over there.
Bring the security guys here at gunpoint
while Paulo takes care of the doorman.
Luigi, Pablo and Joe, come with me.
Now it's your play.
Here's the armor-plated vault.
And this is our baby.
- Armor-plated, too? - No, made of wood.
You cover Roger while he opens it, then get the money out.
We have six minutes, maximum.
Joe's here, in case of a hitch.
I'm here, up the stairs. I signal Dede to intercept anyone going down.
Got it?
You got a brain like a pea! How'd you get through school?
I never got near one!
I figured. Follow me!
I'll show you the roadblocks and hideouts.
- What about the phone? - Cut off. Come on!
Here's how Bob pictured the heist.
But Roger has already Improved his system.
Any trouble getting the locks?
No, an ex-employee of the manufacturer.
Will it take long?
We need to get acquainted first.
- Seven minutes. Much too long! - Locks are like pretty dames.
To know 'em, you gotta work on 'em.
Four minutes, 20 seconds.
I'll get it down to two minutes by tomorrow.
He drank too much!
Say when.
Bob, I want to--
I know it's not my business but--
Instead of risking your neck, if you need money--
- Why do you say that? - I wasn't born yesterday.
I see what you're up to.
Those men coming here to see you, the phone calls and all.
You're cracked.
You once lent me the dough to open this bar.
If I can return the favor--
You're nuts. Where'd you come up with all that?
If the job screws up and you get arrested,
you'd never last inside. You're no kid anymore.
Care to dance?
Excuse me.
No more flowers. You got promoted quick.
You're heading for a higher rank.
Let's not squabble. I hardly see you as it is.
Paulo never stops talking about you.
Poor thing. He'll end up believing what he says.
If I ever need somewhere to sleep again, can I come to your place?
Not while Paulo's still keen on you.
I gotta go.
See you around.
You can go back to your steamroller.
Buy me some champagne.
Come on, sugar-pie.
Have fun!
Hey, beautiful!
It's lethal in here. Who's the corpse?
I dropped in for a nightcap.
I expected a crowd but this...
A change of scenery?
Why not?
I'll go change.
A doll like you doesn't belong in a club.
On the street, maybe?
- You'd earn plenty. - For you?
For us both.
You're sure not like Paulo.
You talk about putting me to work.
But he wants to cover me in gold.
With what? He's broke.
A guy with 100 million? You call that broke!
Him? He can't even afford a car.
He'd buy me ten if I wanted.
I never saw an operator like him!
With what?
What he'll take in Deauville.
He told me he's going to rob the casino safe. Just like that.
What're you saying?
The truth.
Well, the truth according to Paulo.
I'm thirsty.
I'll get you some water.
What if Paulo's story's true?
Who knows?
It might interest someone.
- Nice of you to drop by. - I have to talk to you.
- Sit down. - No, thanks.
I want to show you what a good girl I am.
I told Marc... - Told him what, little gabby?
What Paulo told me about the Deauville safe.
I thought he was just sounding off.
The stupid jerk!
And you repeated it? - To Marc.
But I didn't believe it.
Last night.
What'd he say?
Nothing. He seemed delighted.
When did you leave him?
Five minutes ago.
Where was he going? Do you know?
He mentioned Carpeaux's.
Move it!
Let the kid have my key.
- Marc here? - The cops took him in.
- Where? -Just outside. It was Ledru's men.
You think my offer'll stand forever?
I'm still waiting for a tip-off.
I'm onto something, but I need time to check it out.
So as not to mislead you.
Sure! While you fly the coop. I don't buy it.
Just gimme a few hours.
I think Bob Montagne's involved.
Bob Montagne? Are you crazy?
Just a few hours, Lieutenant.
Five hundred francs for that!
- But... - Plus 500 more.
The risk's worth more than that.
I'll go see this Roger guy myself. Or even this Bob.
If they want the lift to stall, it's going to cost 'em. And how!
We're going to demand five million.
You're crazy!
- Hell, we'll demand ten. - They'll never buy it!
We'll see! We're going to Paris.
I have to be at work at 11:00 tonight.
We'll be back in time.
Never keep a secret from me again.
Hey, guys!
So, are we still on?
No, it's all off.
What's up? Why the freeze?
- Because a jerk squawked... - To a woman.
What's that to me?
You're the jerk.
Act tough in the sack, not here.
I told you, never spill to a dame.
Anne told me everything. - Is that all? I don't see what...
She told Marc about the job.
He could go to the cops.
Why'd she tell him?
If only you'd kept your trap shut!
What you said in the sack, she repeated...
In the sack!
You mean she...?
Where're you going, you fool?
- Mr. Roger, please? - He's not here.
- And Mr. Bob? - Not here either.
- Where are they? - Try Yvonne's. Rue de Douai.
- Is Roger here? - Or Bob?
They just left.
- Telephone? - Over there.
Trace this call!
What do we do?
Nothing. And you won't touch the lift.
- If I don't, the whole thing fails. - So?
The main thing is to get the gang arrested
without them knowing who did it.
This way, they won't mention you.
We'll phone from a cafe.
Montmartre 88-88.
The chief, please. It's urgent.
He's out. This is Inspector Verdier. Any message?
No. When will he be back?
Try in an hour.
Is what I hear true?
What do you hear?
That you're back in harness?
Hey, fat foot, is that why you invited me to dinner?
To keep you from doing anything stupid.
What're you up to lately?
I'll answer through my lawyer.
How's the gambling going?
Never been so lucky.
The department hears otherwise.
The mob isn't what it used to be. They're all swine.
They say you're cleaned out. I hope you're not planning--
You preaching to me?
I just want to chat.
Your chat's like a third-degree.
Don't worry about me.
I've been legit for 20 years.
Stay that way.
I will.
I wonder.
Gotta go. We have a murder on our hands.
Anybody I know?
Somebody named Marc.
Did you hear about Marc?
A certain Yvonne left this, saying you'd understand.
Hold on. For you, boss!
Go ahead.
What was that?
Bob the High Roller?
None other.
Who is this? A friend?
Tell the boys to stick around and have the three cars ready.
We going far?
- To Deauville. - Right, Boss.
Now Bob is about to play his final hand
and Fate will have its way.
Know where I can find Bob?
I have to talk to him.
I'm his friend. If you know something, tell me.
Is it that bad?
If he phones, tell him not to do anything.
Tell him I was here and tell him one word...
Know where I can find Robert Montagne?
With him, you never know.
Who's asking?
A friend.
Is everything ready: the men, the cars?
Yes, boss.
Get me the Deauville casino.
- What about our friend Bob? - I think it's true.
Operator, police priority. Get me the Deauville casino.
Hold the line. Deauville.
Is this the casino?
Mr. Andre, please.
This is Lieutenant Ledru, Paris Police. I'll wait.
Who'd you say? Lieutenant Ledru?
Where? In Paris?
How do I know you're a policeman?
It's very confidential.
Give me your phone number.
I'll call you back.
MON88-88. It's urgent.
I'll call you right back.
What's on your mind: minks or Cadillacs?
Don't worry. Our security system is one of a kind.
No problem, Lieutenant.
Well, Boss?
The anonymous caller was right.
Did you know the safe's on a lift?
Which sinks into a concrete case?
Neither did I. But the caller knew.
Mr. Andre just confirmed it.
The tip-off seems true.
If Bob's involved, what'll you do?
Let's go.
1:30a.m. Bob enters the casino.
First, Bob has to check With Jean the croupier
to see if everything's all right.
And then Bob began to play, Forgetting his promise to Roger.
2:10. The roulette room is closed. Chemin de fer continues.
For the staff.
2:45. Bob enters the private rooms.
For the staff.
The hours pass. Bob's winning streak continues.
Robert Montagne, ""Bob the High Roller, ''
just as nature made him.
Isn't this a job for the Surete?
Lady Luck, his old mistress, Made him forget why he was there.
Change this!
Cash it in, fast!
5:00a.m. sharp.
Madame, get inside, please!
You too, sir!
I've known for years it was two-headed.
I've known for years that you knew.
So did Paulo.
So, asshole.
Happy now?
You won.
More than you know.
Make sure no cop swipes any of that.
Criminal intent and attempt will get you five years.
But with a good lawyer,
you could knock it down to three.
With an even better lawyer
and no criminal intent, you could get an acquittal.
And with a really top lawyer,
I might sue for damages.
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