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Body The

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Okay, log that.
By Dannisis, Guatemala
What evidence convinced you...
...the Givaíat Ha Mivtar body was crucified?
Well, if youíre looking for a dead giveaway...
...líd really have to say... was the block of wood and nail in the foot that did it.
The Romans were crucifying bodies for around 400 years.
So why only one set of remains?
Only the lower rungs of society were crucified...
...and then their remains were burned. Or fed to the dogs.
Doctor, I need a cigarette.
Then weíd better go outside.
Thank you.
So itís unlikely to find a crucified man... a rich manís tomb? -Highly unlikely.
Not to mention potentially catastrophic.
The only recorded crucified body... a rich manís tomb...
...was that of rabbi Yesu Ben Yosef...
...known to all of us, if not by his Hebrew name...
...then surely by his Greek one.
Jesus, son of Joseph.
Sharon! Sharon!
-Yeah? -They are here.
Who are these people?
Dr. Golban? Moshe Cohen, Deputy Attache to Jerusalem.
-For your protection. -Yeah, right.
May we have a look?
-No. -No?
I canít have amateurs trampling through the dig.
What about a professional?
A priest has no place on an excavation, am I clear?
Dr. Golban...
...Pierre Lavelle.
Dr. Lavelle, I am sorry.
I had no idea you were a priest.
Iím an archeologist.
After you, doctor.
All I wanted to do was dig a basement.
They want to put up flats in 3 months, we must be quick.
Weíre keeping a low profile in security.
Disturbing the dead can get you killed here.
Good morning.
Father Gutierrez.
Your Eminence.
Not many of our priests are ex-combat soldiers.
El Salvador was a long ago, Your Eminence.
Military lntelligence.
A polite oxymoron.
You will investigate a problem in Jerusalem...
...which requires the range of your abilities.
Dr. Sharon Golban.
Israeli archeologist. She opened the tomb in Jerusalem.
Those are photos of what she found.
This is a Pontius Pilate.
So líve been told.
Excuse me, Your Eminence, but...
-...this is a joke. -A dangerous one.
Which is why you will investigate.
Yeah, but who would believe this?
It reads like tabloid journalism...
...not a serious archeological report.
Dr. Golban is a serious archeologist.
So is Father Lavelle.
A Dominican in Jerusalem.
Lectures at their university.
What is his opinion?
There are many tests to be conducted.
But he has seen the tomb.
And the body.
So he thinks... is possible, right?
Your Eminence, I have no qualifications...
...for something like this.
That is not true.
You have told us why... your own words.
ííl believe Jesus Christ is God...
íí...because I have spoken to Him...
íí my prayers...
íí...and have known He was God since I was a boyíí.
ííHe has always been my best friend...
íí...but I havenít always been His.
ííln Him...
íí...l have peaceíí.
You were called because of your...
...military and investigative experience.
You were chosen because of what you wrote.
The solution is to stop rumors and lies at their inception.
If not, a Vatican denial would be interpreted... covering up the truth.
We must stop this before it poisons.
We are counting on you to protect the Church.
Protect the faith.
Theyíre synonymous. Protect the Church, protect the faith.
Your Eminence, what if the body we find-?
There is no what if, Father.
This is not the body of Christ.
I understand.
Matt Gutierrez?
Thatís you?
Thatís me.
Sharon Golban, right?
-Is this your bag? -Yes.
-Iíll carry it. -Short trip, huh?
Before you get us killed...
...thereís something líd better clear up.
Iím not an archeologist.
Look at the road.
Yeah, lím looking at the road.
You have a doctorate, donít you?
Roman History.
Anything relevant? Anything useful?
Well, Theology.
So what are you, a priest?
Yes, lím a priest who is about to give himself Last Rites.
Youíre a priest, not an archeologist...
...sent by the Vatican... investigate a dig...
...that will fuck up Church forever...
...and I should believe you have no agenda?
I have no expectations of you...
...other than keeping your eyes on the road.
-Please. -Yeah, I have been ordered... obey your command.
Ordered? By whom?
Deputy Attache to Jerusalem, Moshe Cohen.
You should get along well.
Hey, what are you doing?
Know this: I am not gonna lie for you.
Why would I ask you to lie?
My archeological facts...
...will conflict with your religious beliefs.
What are you trying to do, get us killed?
I thought that was yourjob.
Listen, lím sorry I came down on you so hard.
No, youíre not.
Thatís okay.
I would like some sympathy...
...for scaring me with your driving.
All lsraelis drive like this.
Then Palestinians should give you fast cars...
...and wait for the inevitable.
Iíll pick you up at six.
Time to unpack your bags?
You must be Patchís nephew.
Nobody, I mean nobody gets an advance like this.
Not even for the Second Coming.
This arrived for you about an hour ago from Tel Aviv.
Looks important.
Youíre here for the Pope.
Actually, lím the Popeís nephew.
Is it Jerusalem?
May I see my room now, please?
Popeís nephew, eh? Saint Peterís suite.
This way.
-Whatís your name, Father? -Winstead.
Is Father Lavelle in his room?
Yes. Up the stairs across the bridge.
Ignoring warnings of Israeli intervention...
...the Palestinian National Authority will declare...
...East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.
Raising thoughts of biblical Armageddon...
...fundamentalists predict the destruction ofholy shrines...
...if the viia Dolorosa comes under Palestinian rule.
John Jays reporting live from Jerusalem.
I donít have any money.
I donít want your money.
Just drive.
Father Lavelle?
Father, lím Matt Gutierrez.
Oh, so you are the chosen one.
Yes. The chosen one.
Does that disturb you in some way?
In the hierarchy of my pain...
...thatís hardly a novitiate.
I have a few questions, if you donít mind.
All right.
Letís look in here.
Father, when you entered the tomb... believed in the Resurrection.
When you left, you did not.
What was it, the minutes, half an hour?
-How long were you there? -No, no, it was not that...
...l didnít believed, it was that I realized... was possible that...
...l didnít believe.
The oxidation on the wrists and the legs.
A crucifixion in a rich manís tomb.
I know, but Romans gave out crucifixions... parking tickets.
Yeah, but never rich people.
Only criminals or political enemies.
ííA rich man from Arimathea named Joseph...
íí...took the body of Jesus...
íí...and laid it in his own new tomb hewn out of the rock...
íí...and rolled a stone against the entranceíí.
That is a rich manís tomb.
But I understand no firm date has been established...
...for the body or the tomb. Correct?
You forget the coin she found.
It was a Pilatus!
Isnít it possible that the body is that of a Christian...
...l mean, a follower of Christ, and not Christ?
Yes. Then it wouldíve been buried...
...with a Christian symbol to illustrate the fact.
If not in the open, then hidden in the ossuary...
...or at the bottom of the jar...
...three concentric circles or... antique cross...
...or a fish.
So it was Dr. Golban who asked you to come to the tomb?
No, no, it was Moshe Cohen...
...from the Prime Ministerís office.
Did he call others?
Did he call Armenians? Orthodox? Protestants?
Why did call you, Father?
Should I doubt them because theyíre Jews?
I understand that youíre in great pain.
You have to let me carry this.
This is mine. The Holy Father gave it to me.
I donít like it but I have to take it.
Why the questions? Who said, who did what?
Donít you realize what it means...
...if itís He in that tomb?
The unrisen Christ?
The end of Christianity.
That someone like you, Father, could believe that... exactly why the Church wants to know...
...who said what, and why.
Come on, believe me.
We want to know every speck of dust in that tomb.
We donít wanna lose one soul because of this.
I mean not one!
And if we have lost you-
We donít wanna lose you, Father.
What will you do, Jesuit...
...if you discover that it is Christ in that tomb?
A man... all of us?
I will turn to God for the answer.
I think itís enough for today.
Iím sorry I interrupted you.
One more thing.
For security reasons...
...l think it would be better... move you where you can work in private.
All right.
Do you know who I am?
Yes. Youíre Abu Yosef.
Letís have some tea and talk.
Mr. Hamid...
...tell me about the excavation behind your store.
I was digging a basement...
...when they found an ancient tile floor.
And now... just waiting to dig a basement.
All that over a floor?
I head Dr. Golban, the archeologist...
..say the tiles were from the 12th century.
Why is Shin Beth interested?
Secret Police is interested in my hardware store?
And the Vatican State.
The Vatican?
You will find out more.
Iím just a simple shopkeeper.
And I was a simple teacher.
If itís important to you.
To you, too.
To the fate of Jerusalem.
Nothing must prevent us making it our capital.
-Do you think my-? -Anything that brings...
...lsraelis and Rome together worries me.
Thatís why I need you to be my eyes and ears.
Watch everything. Who is going in, whoís coming out...
...what they bring in, what they take out.
You must contact me immediately.
They were told weíre protecting a body...
...from religious extremists.
Do you want them to stay? ltís your call.
Let them go.
Now we have our first major archeological decision.
Who goes first, Church or infidel?
Take one.
Right here is where we found the Pilatus coin.
The coin. Is it a convenient way of dating a tomb?
Yes, but not the only one.
Now, notice something?
Well, itís empty.
ííThey peered into the tomb...
íí...and it was empty.íí
Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, Yes.
-So? -Thatís until you get... the clay wall.
Why do you think the wall was put up?
To hide something...
...much more valuable...
...than a coin.
What are the orange marks?
Thatís oxidized iron?
I think they used smaller spikes than usual...
...because although iron rusts... usually survives as long as bone in these conditions.
Youíll notice here...
...that these bones arenít broken.
Now the Romans usually...
...break the bones of the legs to speed death.
ííThese things came to pass so that the Scripture be fulfilled.
ííNot a bone brokeníí, or something like that.
Exactly like that...
...and you know it.
From this you determined...
...those were the bones of Jesus Christ?
I didnít say that.
What I said was...
...the discovery at this point conforms to the Gospels.
I knew this wouldnít work.
Well, itíll work if you, if we stop playing games with each other.
Mr. Hamid, you have a visitor.
You didnít think to call your friends in Gaza.
I was going to but-
In the name of Allah, lím a Palestinian.
If that tomb causes the Vatican to sign with lsrael...
...Catholic nations will follow.
And that, my friend, will deprive us from our birthright.
Listen, l-
I swear you will hear from me very soon. Very soon.
I want all correspondence with the Jesuit courier in code.
If you insist, but it wonít do any good.
Any hacker with experience and a modem could crack it.
Such as?
Arabs, lsraelis...
...CNN, MTV...
Itís like one big party line.
Whoís the biggest party guest?
We heard the PFJ were listening but why I donít know.
The FPJ?
Popular Front of Jerusalem.
Some ex-intifadas out of Gaza... by some bloke called Abu Yusef.
Postcards to God.
Do you want to send Him a note...
...telling Him you arrived safely?
Or for luck?
Maybe later, if I really need it.
Letís go.
Peace at any price is not peace.
Itís a sacrilege.
Mr. Cohen-
Moshe, please.
Why did you ask Father Lavelle... look at the body? -An obvious choice.
Heís an expert in the field...
...heís a Catholic priest, and he was here.
You knew that would involve the Vatican...
...though there were other choices.
I thought the Church might appreciate it.
You look a gift horse in the mouth.
No, Mr. Cohen...
...l didnít come here just to look.
You are the most formidable Christian sect.
To have lsrael involved in something... potentially dangerous to the Christian faith...
...could have serious repercussions for us.
So... any other agendas I should be aware of?
Quite frankly our only agenda...
...was to dump this problem in the Vaticanís lap.
Weíve done that, so now...
...lím just here to assist.
All right.
Dr. Golbanís preliminary report...
...the one I saw in Rome...
...has it been published?
No. Probably later this week.
Stop it.
Stop the publication.
And if you arenít authorized to stop it... tell me who does.
I have the authority, Father.
I have the authority for that.
And much more.
Iím sure you do.
Hey. Morning.
Hi, I brought you one of these.
Wasnít sure if caffeineís a sin.
As long as there is no more than 3 lumps lím safe.
I hope you donít mind, but...
...l thought it best to postpone publishing...
...your report in the archeological journals.
You did what?
I saw Moshe Cohen this morning, and he agreed that...
You met with Cohen without me and decided to censor it?
Yes. I suggested it. Yeah.
Could you forget your ego?
You think I filed those reports for those who flock... read the Archeological Review?
What if I decided to stop you from saying mass?
I stop you?
Listen to me. Making your speculations public...
...and thatís all you have... not gonna help the investigation.
My saying mass harms no one.
-Maybe it does. -Really?
Maybe it threatens me like...
...this archeological find is threatening your religion.
I am not threatened.
Iím just concerned about knee-jerk reactions.
You should be, too.
Itís your reaction. Itís the Vatican...
...meddling in places where religion has no place.
This is more about religion than anything else. You know it.
Especially here in Jerusalem.
Youíre suggesting we throw science, religion, politics...
...into a mess. A mess of unpredictable consequences.
I donít like to work like that.
ííBullshitíí is the language of the New Church?
The coffeeís great.
You enjoying the show?
Your subtle style of Jesuitical debate is impressive.
Have fun.
Youíre taking this personally.
Bloody right I am.
All right, I shouldíve called you.
I apologize for that.
I apologize for delaying the publication.
All you had to do was ask.
Would you have agreed?
Weíll never know, will we?
Weíre taking a break.
Theyíre inside.
What is next?
I have to dust off every single one of these bones...
...polyvinyl them, and then we can move them.
All right.
Thereís a body in the tomb.
Old bones.
A Catholic priest from America.
No, not the same one that was here before.
I will, as soon as I know something knew.
What are you looking for?
A spear mark?
Would I find it?
But the pathologist would be more accurate.
Christ was run through with a spear, wasnít he?
You said something about...
...other sources of dating besides the coin.
Yes, we may find seeds in the clay wall.
And we can compare the style of the oil lamp...
...with other contemporary examples.
Will you hold this for me?
You okay?
Matt, can you get that box for me, please?
Yeah, sure.
What does this say?
Thatís random lettering. They practiced their handwriting...
...before they transferred it to parchment.
Could this jar have been used for anointing?
Yes, but we wonít know until the analysis on the residue...
...comes back from the lab.
According to the Gospels, the two Marys...
...never finished preparing Christís body for burial.
Thatís why they came back the next morning.
But of course you know that.
Yeah, I know that.
But the jar is kiln-fired... we can use it for thermoluminescent dating.
All we have to do is find other piece from 32 A.D...
...and then we match the glow curves.
So, how can we do that?
We find a piece that says: ííDear Pontius Pilate...
íí is some cleansing oil for washing dirty hands.íí
Youíre getting funnier and funnier.
Itís not a joke.
One call from Moshe Cohen to the National Museum...
...and itís done.
Why wonít they leave me alone?
They took the jar.
I know who they are...
...and Cohen can help us get it back.
-Are you okay? -Yeah.
-Are you hurt? -Itís just a scratch.
Why did they attack us?
The Orthodox attack any archeological dig...
...where they think bodies have been found.
-Whatís going on? -They wonít speak to a woman.
Do they speak English or Spanish... I can communicate? -No, we wait for Cohen.
-Are you okay, Father? -Yeah.
We know the group.
Theyíre troublemakers, followers of the Reb Nechtal.
Will they give it back?
Who knows.
Excuse me, excuse me, sir.
Those men over there...
...they were supposed to be guarding the tomb.
You two, back to the dig.
Wait here.
-Matt, youíre bleeding. -I am fine.
We can go inside. Will you wear this, please?
Ask him if Sharon could be admitted... our scientific authority.
Are you serious?
Like a heart attack.
He says the law is the law.
They wonít return the jar because...
...we disturbed the dead.
And according to the Talmud...
...the dead are sacred.
Tell him...
...the Talmud... not an absolute instrument...
...but a subjective one...
...that needs man.
That is what they teach.
The Talmud needs man... much as man needs the Talmud.
Tell him.
These men live by the Talmud. You donít understand.
Say it.
Wait, wait, wait!
What did he say?
He says, the rabbi is right.
Which rabbi?
Reb Nechtal will return the jar.
But the bones must remain in the tomb...
...until we can confirm whether or not the deceased man...
...was a gentile.
Tell him that he has my word.
Matt, why canít we do something about that shoulder?
Itís all right.
Taking the jar is one thing.
But as far as removing the body is concerned....
...these guys would rather eat pork than disturb the dead.
Can we go now, so you donít bleed on the floor... contaminate my dig?
Whereís the lamp?
Petty thieving. These are the conditions I have to work in.
Every link is relevant.
There was lettering in the jar... maybe there is some on the lamp, too.
You can try and buy it back on the Via Dolorosa.
You know what I just realized?
Someone besides you, me and Lavelle saw the body.
I know.
Iím gonna take you inside...
No. Iíll just take a taxi.
Come on, let me look at your shoulder.
-Am I gonna get chicken soup? -If youíre lucky.
Mrs. Kahn, lím sorry weíre so late.
Thatís all right.
Have my children giving you the run-around?
My children wore me out long before yours.
-And who are you? -Iím Matt Gutierrez, maíam.
Gutierrez. Sephardic.
Sephardic Jesuit. Mattís a priest from America.
You donít look like a priest.
I know that.
He knows that.
Now I understand those Jews for Jesus.
Good night. Thanks, Mrs. Kahn.
See you tomorrow.
-Good night. -Nice meeting you.
-Same here. -Bye.
Matt, make yourself at home. Go into the living room.
All right. Yeah.
Mrs. Kahnís a professional matchmaker.
Did she ask you for ID?
No. She was satisfied when I showed her my cross.
I understand they work on vampires too.
My husband Yaron.
He was killed in Lebanon.
Iím sorry.
You know, they can take care of this at the monastery.
So you keep saying. Now go and sit down.
Youíre stubborn.
So, was he a professional soldier?
No, he was a poet. We met at university.
He taught a pretentious course:
ííPushkin to Perestroikaíí.
Iím sorry. It must be hard to talk about that.
I found an amazing London pathologist to study our body.
Dr. Jonas Sproul.
I understand that...
...only from the bones they can determine what a person did...
...what ethnic group or how old he was...
I thought you didnít know anything about archeology.
If it wasnít for the Discovery Channel, I wouldnít.
Those letters on the jar... you have a hard copy of them?
Can I have one, please?
What are you plotting?
Come on. Humor me, okay?
If lím going to treat your shoulder, I need to see skin.
Come on, think of me as your sister.
I donít see you as a nun.
Matt, lím a confirmed widow.
What happened to your back?
EI Salvador.
They were tough on priests, huh?
Tougher on enemy soldiers.
I was with Military lntelligence.
Military lntelligence had to fight?
No. They donít have to fight.
Just like poets.
You have blood in your hair.
Whoís there?
Go back to bed. Come on.
Matt, lím sorry. I should...
You know, I should go too. I should go too.
-Iím sorry. -Thank you anyway.
Are you okay?
Well, I missed the chicken soup...
...but some other time.
Bye-bye little one.
-Say good night, Dorene. -Bye-bye.
Bye, Dorene.
Hi, Father Gutierrez, please.
-Iíll get him for you. -Thanks.
-Father Gutierrez. -Yes?
Dr. Golbanís here.
Coming right down.
Iím sorry. I forgot youíre a priest.
Iím sorry.
Be right back.
Itís the piece from the museum.
Dated 32 A.D., the year Christ was crucified.
So Moshe came through.
How do we know this piece has an exact date?
It was a tributaryjar, a Caiaphas piece.
And the lettering on it refers to the earthquake of 32 A.D.
Could the jar have been kept for 20 years and then used?
It would be sacrilegious to use an old jar in an offering.
Hereís the hard copy on the lettering on the oil jar.
...nothing they donít need to know, okay?
Itís a lovely piece.
Iíve only seen one like it in the National Museum.
You say itís authenticated?
All right, lím going.
Name of the dig, please?
Itís Dr. Golbanís. I donít know if I should.
I have to identify the job with some name, any name.
I donít know. Call it...
...Massada. Yeah.
Do you want to look at the spectrograph?
I would. Iíd rather talk to Hamid about the lamp.
I donít think heís involved. Heís a good man.
I know but I have a hunch he might know something about it.
Okay. Iíll pick you up afterwards.
Iím sorry. I wish I could help you.
But as soon as you and Dr. Golban ran out...
...l thought it would be safer if I closed the shop.
Why safer?
Iím a Palestinian, Sr. Gutierrez.
With a shop near an Orthodox neighborhood...
...where they stone people for driving on the Sabbath.
Let alone disturbing their dead.
-Iím sorry. -Itís okay.
-Iím sorry. -No problem.
-Itís okay. Itís all right. -Iím very sorry.
Listen. There is no reason to be afraid of me, Mr. Hamid.
No one can punish you for something you know nothing of.
Keep moving.
Theyíve arrived.
The chemical analysis of the oil indicates... was used for anointing.
The carbon 14 dating?
The year 1, plus or minus 80.
Same as the seeds in the clay wall.
Hereís a list of the things líll need.
All right, according to our measurements...
...this man was five foot five...
...which is a good five inches shorter.
Five inches shorter than what?
The image of Christ in the Holy Shroud in Turin.
Youíre joking, right?
What did you say?
I said youíre joking, right?
I am not.
Congratulations, Father.
You came to prove something, youíve proved it.
Pax vobiscum, sursum corda. whatever.
Hey, hey.
Wait a second.
Sharon, please, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Can we discuss this? Whatís on your mind?
Go back to Rome, Father. I donít have time.
This is not fair. I came here for the truth, like you.
The Turin Shroud is a proven fake.
So your supposition is ridiculous.
Not even your Church will take a position.
The image cannot be that of Christ.
It could. It could be.
Thatís enough for the investigation.
-Read the Gospels, Father. -Believe me, I have.
Read them as a scientist, not as a believer.
Iím not a scientist. I am a priest.
I cannot fight your faith, Matt.
If you behave like a mystic, go back to the Middle Ages.
I cannot do this with you!
-Are you all right? -Yes.
Come here.
My God, the tomb!
No, no, no!
No, no, not here! Not here!
Donít shoot him!
No, in the name of God, donít shoot him!
Donít shoot him!
Thank you. Thank you.
-Good morning, Father. -Good morning.
Any news?
You all right?
I have been better.
About yesterday, nobodyís taking credit for anything.
Like the soccer player shagging the movie star...
...and not telling anyone.
Which means?
Thereís more to it than meets the eye.
Like this.
Take a look.
Some sort of code?
I donít know. Youíre the expert.
This is a very nice outfit.
Thank you, Father.
I am impressed.
When the Vatican recognizes an undivided Jerusalem... the capital of lsrael...
...the bones willbe released.
The poison spreads.
-Does the Prime Minister know? -No.
But if he did, heíd pin a medal on me.
Arenít you sticking your neck out?
A faint heart never won a battle.
Or a seat in the cabinet.
Even if it destroys a religion?
Come on. Donít be an idiot, Avi.
This is not the end...
...of Christianity or Catholic Church.
-How can you know that? -Look...
...religion is not based on a rational system of proofs.
It survives because of human need.
We prove Christ has not risen...
...the believers will not believe us.
Some may fall away, but your know what?
I think Christianityís gonna survive.
What do you think?
I donít think Cohen is bluffing.
No. The body. Do you really believe itís He in that tomb?
I donít concern myself with that very much.
My concerns are for the Church and the problems.
Excuse me.
I donít understand why itís a disaster for the Church...
...if these are the bones of Christ.
Isnít it enough that he was an exceptional man...
...who founded an exceptional way of life...
...thatís good, compassionate and understanding?
The power of his message is love. Youíre right with that.
But at the same time, salvation, the Resurrection.
Heís God.
Heís not only God for me.
Heís God for millions of people.
You know, when I left the army...
...l swore líd never again do a job...
...that could harm people.
So I chose an archeologist. Thatís a pretty safe bet.
Now all of a sudden...
...lím being blamed for destroying a world religion.
If you take away his Resurrection... kill the God Jesus.
And with Him, the dream of millions of people...
...who believe Heís all they have.
Are you manipulating me, Matt?
Are you trying to make me feel?
I wouldnít call that manipulation. No.
I donít want to feel responsible.
Itís not my fault.
What about the truth?
Christ said: ííThe truth will set you free.íí
The truth will set you free, Matt.
You ask me to see your truth.
To think like a scientist.
Now I ask you... experience my truth.
To think with your heart.
Can you do that for me?
No, I canít.
You donít know my truth.
And lím afraid of it.
All we can do is offer it up to a higher power...
...and pray that in time all will be revealed.
Did you get that in a fortune cookie?
No, itís a proverb.
ííln time, all thatís hidden will be revealed.íí
The Bible. Itís a big book but itís a cracking read.
Excuse me, Father. Mr. Hamid is waiting for you at the gate.
And he says itís very important.
Out there.
I will...
Letís go. Where?
At the gate.
I cannot believe you found it.
Jerusalem is small.
For every lamp a thief, for every thief a buyer.
You expect me to believe you, a known terrorist?
I donít expect you to believe me.
But I do expect you to believe your ears.
When the Vatican recognizes an undivided Jerusalem... the capital oflsrael...
...the bones willbe released.
Thatís immaterial.
On the contrary.
If Cohen succeeds in this blackmail...
...there will be a blood bath.
Yeah, with you at the spigot.
I didnít invite you here to exchange insults.
I fact, you didnít invite me here.
You lured me here under false pretenses.
I brought you here to provide us both a way out.
Remove the body from the tomb...
...and líll help you get it to your embassy in Syria.
So that you can blackmail the Vatican... Moshe Cohen, right?
Mr. Yusef...
...l believe God has no place in politics.
Mine, yours...
Thatís what I believe in.
Then the blood will be in your hands.
Not on mine.
Even you donít believe that.
I believe this is yours.
So youíve got a special body that you want me to examine.
500 B.C., is that correct?
What makes you think itís special?
Oh, there was a terrorist attack.
What makes the body interesting... that it was crucified.
Did the Babylonians crucify? I think not, Sharon.
2500 years is a long way down, isnít it?
Now, I prefer to examine bodies in a lab.
The darkness of a tomb breeds flights of imagination.
So... shall we have a look at your fellow?
Hey, hey...
...what are you so nervous about?
I told him the body was 500 B.C.
I lied for you, Matt.
Now, this is unusual.
Minor indentations from the coronal suture...
...along the frontal.
The skin was pierced with something...
...right to the skull, pointed objects of some kind.
But not metal. You see, thereís no oxidation.
All the way along the supraorbital notch.
Our fellow was obviously...
...male, yes. And...
...certainly crucified.
Yes, but lím not sure about this date, 500 B.C.
It appears Roman.
-Why? -If you see this mark here...
...on the ribs...
...looks like they finished him off with a round spear.
Build up of right forearm.
A mason, a carpenter.
Just like Christ.
Shall we continue this outside?
Father, we have to talk.
Yes, fine, good.
I have found something.
Daniel 7 and 8, about the coming of the Antichrist... the seventieth week. -No, no...
-...please... -Which of course... not a week, but years.
Hundreds of years! Thousands!
And exactly correlates...
...with Nostradamus and the Revelations.
Dr. Sproul said to me that the body had...
Exactly. The body.
Mark 18, verse 21.
íílf any man shall say unto you, here, lo is Christ...
íí...or lo He is there...
-íí...believe him not.íí -Please, Father-
Daniel predicted that the false prophet...
...would be found as a man like you or l.
But he was wrong. It is the body.
Dr. Sproul found scratches...
...on the rib from the legionnaireís spear.
-Irrelevant. -Irrelevant?
He knew his age, that he was a carpenter.
Youíre not listening. It doesnít matter what he said.
He has no authority in matters of the faith.
But I thought you were a scientist, dammit!
I am. In the service of God.
Then put God aside and let me talk to the scientist.
Please, tell me! Give me something we can use.
Something we can hold onto.
But I already have. Mark 13, verse 21.
The body in the tomb is the false prophet.
You accept him and you summon the Antichrist.
What about the crown of thorns, Father?
Crown of thorns?
The one that pierced the forehead of a carpenter... his mid-thirties.
With unbroken legs...
...oxidation marks in the wrists and feet...
...and a wound to the heart. What do we do about that?
Yes, yes. I see your point.
...give me a few moments alone.
Of course.
Iím sorry. Of course.
Matt, what are you doing here?
What happened?
Iíve been looking for you.
Father Lavelle is dead.
He killed himself.
And he did that after I told him...
...about Dr. Sproulís findings.
Iím sorry.
I canít do Godís work anymore.
When I was fourteen years old... .
...l had a rifle hanging on my shoulder.
No hopes, no future, no nothing.
There was this man...
...this priest...
...called Manuel Herrero.
He was one of those...
...liberation priests...
...revolutionaries of God.
In some way he was a father to me.
One day...
...l was standing in the middle of the church...
...and he said:
ííYou would be a great Soldier of Christ.íí
And I believed him.
It became my ambition.
My country was in the middle of a war...
...he was working for the guerrillas and...
...he convinced me that...
...the best way I could help our cause...
...was working undercover...
...for Military lntelligence.
On the fourteenth of June, 1981...
...l made a terrible mistake.
My most reliable source...
...gave me information I absolutely believed... be true.
I passed it to...
...Father Manuel...
...and I sent him to his death.
These two deaths are unrelated.
And neither of them was your fault.
They were my family. They are my family.
Thatís all I have.
If that... if that is the body of Jesus Christ...
...l sent Father Lavelle to oblivion, to nothingness.
I need to know if that body there... Him.
Could you get that?
Galit, from the lab.
Wait, wait, wait, could you repeat that?
Are you sure?
No doubt?
Thank you.
God bless you. Bye.
What did she say?
Itís not Him.
Itís not Christ.
70 C.E.
Something about a perfect glow.
I gotta go. I gotta go.
I have to write a report and fax it to Rome.
-Okay, letís go. -Wait, wait.
Iím sorry.
-Iím sorry. Iím such an idiot. -I donít understand.
This was your big discovery and-
-I donít know what to say. -No.
Iím happy, youíre happy...
...and lím not gonna burn in hell, so letís go.
Jacket, keys.
-Yourjacket! -Oh, yes. Yes.
All the cross-checks and duplications are there...
...though it was quite straightforward.
I donít follow how you managed to establish a precise date...
...based solely on the glow curves.
We didnít. We still have to match it to a known date.
The how did you get 70 C.E...
...from a piece thatís 32 C.E.?
You didnít say 32 C.E.
-I didnít say anything. -Yes, you did.
-No. -You did, you said Massada.
-No. -You did!
I only said Massada as a name for a file.
I didnít give you the date.
I didnít!
All right. Was the date of the matching piece 32 C.E.?
Then your date is 32 C.E.
Itís a perfect match.
Father, a message from Cardinal Pesciís office.
Hello, Father? ltís urgent.
-Can you read it to me? -Itís for your eyes only.
Whatís it say? And donít pretend to open the envelope.
I know you did it already.
I may have caught a peek. It goes something along like...
...Cardinal Pesci and Moshe have spoken.
They concur that itís time to bring your friend to Rome.
I booked you a flight for tomorrow.
-Shall I tell Dr. Golban? -No.
Iíll do it myself.
Father, sorry I couldnít crack that code of yours.
Itís all right.
Itís not important anymore. Thanks.
Hello, Abu Yusef?
They said the body was Christ.
He said Christ?
If thatís what they think, Rome will do anything to get it back.
We must act immediately.
-Stop, stop. -Whatís wrong?
I forgot to say goodbye to the Easter Bunny.
Donít tell me. The Red Queen...
...has invited you to her birthday party, right?
Not exactly. You were right, it was a prayer.
-The bloody code. -We have a plane to catch.
-Excuse me. How is that? -I ran a program... search for key words like...
...íípleaseíí, ííFatheríí, ííGodíí and ííAmeníí.
-And they all came out? -No, two and three-quarters.
ííPleaseíí and ííFatheríí, then 3 letters from the word ííGodíí.
Which means our man is a Jew.
A Jew will not write out the full word of God...
...on anything that might be destroyed.
-Could even be a follower. -In the wall.
What is this about?
There is a prayer in the tomb. What letterís missing?
-Fav. -The dig is over.
Now hold on, hold on.
Take a look.
-Bingo! -Itís the oil lamp from the dig.
Itís got to be in the tomb. I have to find Sharon.
Excuse me, Dr. Golban?
-Hamid. Is everything all right? -I donít know.
Mr. Gutierrez took a pick from the store...
...and disappeared into the tomb.
He seemed very disturbed. I thought youíd want to know.
Yes. Yes, letís go.
The van is over here.
No, itís okay, Hamid. Iíll take my car.
Whatís going on?
Hamid, why didnít you just call me?
Hamid, whatís going on?
We mean you no harm.
But unless you do what I say, the children will be executed.
They want whatís in the tomb.
Can you hear me?
Message for Father Gutierrez.
Dr. Golban...
...l canít hear you. Talk slower. Youíre breaking up.
Theyíve taken the children.
Itís only a body.
Theyíre only bones.
Father, Dr. Golban just called!
Sheís freaking out. Her kids were kidnapped.
-What? -She said it was bones-
-Give me your car keys. -Just bones.
Call Moshe Cohen and tell him what Sharon said.
-Whatís happening? -Call him!
The body is missing. Yes.
The red car, the red car! Follow the red car!
Why do you stare like that?
They would have killed my family.
And my familyís disposable because weíre lsraeli?
Of course not.
But itís of no consequence, as no one will be killed.
So you say.
I swear it.
On my life.
Everything will be fine now. You will see.
This is Abu Yusef.
Where are my children?
So you are the one who started all the trouble.
Now you have what you want.
Sheíll have the car to take the children.
You gave me your word. The children will be released.
Inside. Run inside! Children, run inside!
You canít kill the children.
I swore on my life! I wonít have it!
What the hell have you done?
He has the bones. He went that way.
-Where? -Up the stairs.
Look after them!
-I may hit the priest. -If Yusef leaves, heís in Syria!
Give it up.
As you said:
ííGod has no place in politics.íí
Not mine.
Not yours.
The Cardinal wants this incident buried.
To have lsrael involved in something... potentially dangerous to the Christian faith...
...could have serious repercussions for us.
This is not the body of Christ.
When the Vatican recognizes an undivided Jerusalem... the capital oflsrael, the bones willbe released.
God has no place in politics.
Christ said: "The truth will set you free."
The truth will set you free, Matt.
Whatís this doing in the house?
Well, it belongs to my friend Matt.
But itís a cross.
Matt is a Christian and he wears a cross... you wear your daddyís Mogen David.
But thereís this man on the cross.
Who do you think that might be?
I donít know.
What would you say if I told you...
...that that was their God?
They can see their God. Wow, theyíre lucky.
Do you think it matters...
...that we canít see our God?
Donít be sad, Mommy.
Daddy can see God.
Do you think he can?
I think he can too.
Weíre pleased that youíre recuperating so well.
Is there anything we can do for you?
Yes, Your Eminence.
Iíd like you to listen to me.
Of course, Father, of course.
Your Eminence, when I was chosen for Jerusalem...
...l asked you why.
Why me?
Why not an archeologist?
Someone more...
...qualified for the task.
When you told me it was because of my faith...
...l believed you.
Because for me...
...your word was as good as...
But now, Your Eminence, now...
...l know the truth.
You needed a puppet to do your bidding.
ííThe body is not Christíí, you said.
And that is exactly what I went to prove.
Whether it was true, or not.
No matter how many innocent lives it cost in the process.
I know you donít believe this, Father.
But in time you will come to see it was not Him... that tomb.
Of course. I already know that.
I thought I had lost my faith in Christ.
In God.
My savior.
But I hadnít.
I have lost my faith in serving men... you and Moshe Cohen, who use God... justify their material agendas.
That is why I now choose... serve God in my own personal way.
As a priest you are sworn to silence.
Remember, Sharon, you said the truth would set me free?
Well, it has.
The Church has made me a priest...
...but it was our ordeal together...
...that has made me a man of God.
Maybe for the first time.
Wherever I go I willkeep you in myheart.
And also in myprayers.
God keep you and bless you.
By Dannisis, Guatemala
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Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
Bugs Life A
Bullet Ballet
Bullet in the Head
Bulletproof Monk 2003
Bullets Over Broadway
Bully (Unrated Theatrical Edition)
Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
Burnt Money
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition
Butchers Wife The