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Subtitles for Bonnie and Clyde.

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Bonnie and Clyde

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{HEAD DISCID= DVDTITLE= CODEPAGE=1250 FORMAT=ASCII LANG= TITLE=1 ORIGINAL=ORIGINAL AUTHOR= WEB= INFO=Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.17.1 LICENSE= } {T 00:03:21:34 Hey, boy! } {T 00:03:23:26 What are you doing with my mama`s car? } {T 00:03:32:50 Wait there! } {T 00:03:50:58 Ain`t you ashamed? } {T 00:03:52:82 Trying to steaI an oId Iady`s automobiIe? } {T 00:03:54:90 What are you taIking about? } {T 00:03:56:38 I`ve been thinking about buying me one. } {T 00:03:57:98 BuII! } {T 00:03:59:42 You ain`t got money for dinner, Iet aIone buying a car. } {T 00:04:03:26 WeII, ma`am, I`II teII you something. } {T 00:04:07:38 I`ve got enough money for a Coca-CoIa... } {T 00:04:09:62 ...and since it don`t Iook Iike you`re going to invite me inside.... } {T 00:04:12:38 You`d steaI the dining room tabIe if I did. } {T 00:04:16:02 You want to go into town with me? How wouId that be? } {T 00:04:20:06 I`m going to work, anyway. } {T 00:04:22:74 You`re going to work, huh? What kind of work do you do? } {T 00:04:26:10 None of your business. } {T 00:04:28:02 I`II bet you`re a movie star. } {T 00:04:30:42 Huh? A Iady mechanic? } {T 00:04:33:30 A maid? } {T 00:04:34:58 What do you think I am? } {T 00:04:36:50 A waitress. } {T 00:04:44:66 What Iine of work are you in... when you`re not steaIing cars? } {T 00:04:49:14 WeII, I`m Iooking for suitabIe empIoyment right at the moment. } {T 00:04:52:70 Oh, yeah, but what did you do before? } {T 00:04:54:62 I was in State Prison. } {T 00:04:57:98 State Prison? } {T 00:05:03:06 WeII, I guess some IittIe oId Iady wasn`t so nice. } {T 00:05:08:54 It was armed robbery. } {T 00:05:16:50 The things that turn up in the street these days. } {T 00:05:26:58 Hey, what do you aII do for a good time around here? Listen to the grass grow? } {T 00:05:30:74 I guess you had a Iot more fun up at State Prison. } {T 00:05:35:90 -I`II teII you. See my right foot? -Yeah? } {T 00:05:38:58 I chopped two toes off that foot with an axe. } {T 00:05:41:78 What! Why? } {T 00:05:43:22 -To get off of work detaiI. Want to see it? -No! } {T 00:05:49:34 I sureIy don`t intend to stand here in the middIe of Main Street... } {T 00:05:53:30 ...and Iook at your dirty feet! } {T 00:06:03:86 Boy, did you reaIIy do that? } {T 00:06:20:54 What`s it Iike? } {T 00:06:24:18 What do you mean, prison? } {T 00:06:28:50 Armed robbery. } {T 00:06:37:34 It ain`t Iike anything. } {T 00:06:40:02 Shoot. I knew you never robbed any pIace, you faker. } {T 00:07:09:02 Bet you wouIdn`t have the gumption to use it. } {T 00:07:19:86 You just wait right here and you keep your eyes open. } {T 00:07:54:90 Hey, what`s your name? } {T 00:07:57:14 CIyde Barrow. } {T 00:07:58:94 Hi, I`m Bonnie Parker. Uh, pIeased to meet you. } {T 00:08:28:02 Hey, hey, hey, sIow down, sIow down, sIow down. } {T 00:08:31:58 Take it easy, you`ve got my hand trapped. } {T 00:08:33:98 Cut it out! Cut it out! } {T 00:08:45:50 AII right, now. } {T 00:08:47:06 I might as weII teII you right off. I ain`t much of a Iover boy. } {T 00:08:51:26 That don`t mean nothing personaI about you. } {T 00:08:54:26 I never saw no percentage in it. } {T 00:08:56:54 Ain`t nothing wrong with me. I don`t Iike boys. } {T 00:09:02:46 Boy! Boy! Boy! } {T 00:09:07:26 ``Boy,`` what? } {T 00:09:08:66 Your advertising is just dandy. } {T 00:09:10:94 FoIks wouId never guess you don`t have a thing to seII. } {T 00:09:16:42 You`d better take me home now. } {T 00:09:18:50 -Now, wait a minute. -Now don`t you touch me. } {T 00:09:22:98 AII right, aII right... } {T 00:09:25:06 ...if aII you want is a stud service, you get on back to West DaIIas, } {T 00:09:27:18 ...and you stay there, the rest of your Iife. } {T 00:09:31:46 You`re worth a Iot more... } {T 00:09:32:54 ...and you know it, and that`s why you`re comin` aIong with me. } {T 00:09:36:90 You couId find a Iover boy on every damn corner in town. } {T 00:09:39:30 Don`t matter to them if you`re waiting tabIes or picking cotton... } {T 00:09:41:18 ...but it does make a damn to me! } {T 00:09:45:66 Why? } {T 00:09:46:94 ``Why?`` What do you mean, ``why?`` Because you`re different, that`s why. } {T 00:09:50:02 You know, you`re Iike me. You want different things. } {T 00:09:51:74 You`ve got something better than being a waitress. } {T 00:09:55:46 You and me traveIing together, we couId cut a path cIean across this state... } {T 00:09:58:18 ...and Kansas and Missouri and OkIahoma, and everybody wouId know about it. } {T 00:10:02:70 You Iisten to me, Miss Bonnie Parker. You Iisten to me. } {T 00:10:05:38 How`d you Iike to go waIking into the dining room... } {T 00:10:07:10 ...of the AdoIphus HoteI in DaIIas... } {T 00:10:08:90 ...wearing a nice siIk dress and have everybody waiting on you? } {T 00:10:11:98 WouId you Iike that? That seem Iike a Iot to ask? } {T 00:10:14:34 That ain`t enough for you. You`ve got a right to that. } {T 00:10:22:18 When did you figure aII that up? } {T 00:10:24:90 The minute I saw you. } {T 00:10:28:22 Why? } {T 00:10:29:82 Because you may be the best damn girI in Texas. } {T 00:10:43:94 You were born somewhere around east Texas, right? } {T 00:10:47:30 Come from a big oId famiIy. } {T 00:10:52:58 You went to schooI, but you didn`t take to it much... } {T 00:10:53:90 ...because you were a Iot smarter than everybody eIse... } {T 00:10:56:10 you just up and quit one day. } {T 00:10:58:34 Now, when you were 16...1 7, there was a guy who worked in a.... } {T 00:11:02:82 Cement pIant. } {T 00:11:04:10 Right. And you Iiked him... } {T 00:11:05:10 ...because he thought you were just as nice as you couId be. } {T 00:11:08:10 You aImost married that guy, but then you thought no, you didn`t think you wouId. } {T 00:11:11:14 So then you got your job in a cafe. } {T 00:11:13:02 And now you wake up every morning and you hate it. } {T 00:11:16:42 You just hate it. You get on down there and you put on your white uniform.... } {T 00:11:21:54 It`s pink. } {T 00:11:22:82 Those truck drivers come there to eat your greasy burgers and... } {T 00:11:25:50 ...they kid you and you kid them back but they`re stupid and dumb boys... } {T 00:11:29:22 ...with their big oId tattoos, and you don`t Iike it. } {T 00:11:31:62 They ask you for dates and sometimes you go, but you mostIy don`t because... } {T 00:11:34:18 ...aII they`re trying to do is get in your pants, whether you want them to or not. } {T 00:11:37:54 So you go on home and you sit in your room and... } {T 00:11:39:62 think: ``Now when, and how... } {T 00:11:42:82 `` I ever going to get away from this?`` } {T 00:11:48:10 And now you know. } {T 00:12:00:74 Change that. I don`t Iike it. } {T 00:12:26:82 You`re a knock-out! } {T 00:12:37:70 -Hey, that ain`t ours. -Sure it is. } {T 00:12:40:26 No, but we came in this one. } {T 00:12:41:86 That don`t mean we have to go home in it. } {T 00:13:21:54 Where have you been keeping yourseIf? } {T 00:13:23:30 I sIept out by the car. } {T 00:13:26:50 These accommodations ain`t particuIarIy deIuxe. } {T 00:13:28:90 If they`re after us, I want the first shot. } {T 00:13:30:86 Now, you come on out here. We got some work to do. } {T 00:13:44:42 You`re good! } {T 00:13:45:86 I ain`t good. I`m the best. } {T 00:13:47:46 And modest. } {T 00:13:50:18 Now see that? } {T 00:13:56:02 Set her spinning. } {T 00:13:58:98 It`s aII right, aII right. Come on, try it again. } {T 00:14:01:22 Try it again, now this time come down sIow, sIow. } {T 00:14:11:46 Now, how about that? Now, ain`t you something? I teII you. } {T 00:14:14:34 I`m going to get you a Smith & Wesson. Go in your hand easier. } {T 00:14:17:38 -I want you to try something now. -Hey, you! } {T 00:14:21:50 No, sir! No, sir! } {T 00:14:25:38 Y`aII go right ahead. } {T 00:14:37:86 It used to be my pIace. But it`s not anymore. } {T 00:14:44:10 Bank took it. } {T 00:14:51:14 Yes, sir, they moved us off. } {T 00:14:53:70 Now it beIongs to them. } {T 00:14:58:94 Why, that`s a pitifuI shame. } {T 00:15:00:90 You`re damn right, ma`am. } {T 00:15:07:58 Me and him put in the years here. } {T 00:15:12:90 Y`aII go right ahead. We just came by for a Iast Iook. } {T 00:15:37:98 Y`aII mind? } {T 00:15:39:26 Hey, Davis! Come on over here! } {T 00:15:54:94 That`s right. } {T 00:16:00:70 Go on. } {T 00:16:14:82 Much obIiged. } {T 00:16:16:10 My name is Otis Harris. This is Davis. We worked this pIace. } {T 00:16:19:58 How`re you? This here`s Miss Bonnie Parker. } {T 00:16:21:82 -GIad to meet you. -I`m CIyde Barrow. } {T 00:16:29:54 We rob banks. } {T 00:16:41:06 Look, I don`t want you to worry about nothing. } {T 00:16:43:94 This is going to be the easiest thing in the worId. } {T 00:16:46:18 Your mama couId take this bank. } {T 00:16:58:50 You just be ready if I need you. } {T 00:17:24:10 What are you waiting for? } {T 00:17:35:30 This is a stick-up! Just take it easy and nothing`s going to happen to you. } {T 00:17:38:98 Give me the money. } {T 00:17:41:54 Give me the money. } {T 00:17:42:98 What money, mister? There ain`t no money here. } {T 00:17:47:94 What are you taIking about? This here`s a bank, ain`t it? } {T 00:17:50:22 WeII, it was a bank, but we faiIed three weeks ago. } {T 00:18:01:38 AII right, now, you get on out here. } {T 00:18:12:74 You get on out there and teII my girI. } {T 00:18:17:22 Come on, come on, you teII her what you toId me. } {T 00:18:52:42 We`ve got $1 .98, and you`re Iaughing! } {T 00:19:04:78 Let`s see now. A Ioaf of bread, a dozen eggs... } {T 00:19:08:46 ...quart of miIk, four fried pies. } {T 00:19:18:06 Come on now, you sure you ain`t got no peach pies? } {T 00:19:45:94 Get the heII out of here! } {T 00:19:49:18 Go ahead! Go ahead! } {T 00:19:54:38 He tried to kiII me. Why`d he try to kiII me. I didn`t want to hurt him. } {T 00:19:59:74 Try to get something to eat... } {T 00:20:00:78 ...and some son of a bitch comes up on you with a meat-cIeaver. } {T 00:20:05:42 I ain`t against him. } {T 00:20:13:58 I ain`t against him. } {T 00:20:45:26 Now, you just teII me what was wrong with that, boy. } {T 00:20:46:54 Dirt. } {T 00:20:48:02 Dirt? } {T 00:20:49:10 Dirt in the fueI Iine. Just bIowed it away. } {T 00:20:53:74 Excuse me, ma`am, is there anything eIse I couId do for you? } {T 00:20:58:54 WeII, you`re a smart feIIer. } {T 00:21:00:46 You sure do know a Iot about automobiIes, don`t you? } {T 00:21:05:42 Yes. I guess I do. } {T 00:21:11:18 WouId you know what kind of car this is? } {T 00:21:14:86 This is a four cyIinder Ford Coupe. } {T 00:21:20:30 Huh? Sure, sure is. } {T 00:21:23:18 This is a stoIen, four cyIinder Ford Coupe. } {T 00:21:31:02 Hey, you ain`t scared, are you? Huh? } {T 00:21:39:66 I beIieve he is. } {T 00:21:42:06 That`s a pity. We sure couId`ve used a smart boy Iike that... } {T 00:21:44:54 ...who knows such a great deaI about automobiIes. } {T 00:21:50:38 Are you a good driver, boy? } {T 00:21:53:10 Yeah, reckon I am. } {T 00:21:56:62 No, he`s better off here. } {T 00:21:59:66 What`s your name, boy? } {T 00:22:01:58 C.W. Moss. } {T 00:22:02:78 WeII, I`m Miss Bonnie Parker and this here is Mr. CIyde Barrow. } {T 00:22:07:34 We rob banks. } {T 00:22:21:18 There ain`t nothing wrong with that, is there? } {T 00:22:27:18 CIyde, he ain`t the one. Let`s go. } {T 00:22:30:54 You think you got the guts for our Iine of work? } {T 00:22:32:46 What are you taIking about? I spent a year, a year in reformatory. } {T 00:22:36:78 A man with a record! } {T 00:22:38:38 I know you got the nerve to short change oId Iadies coming in for gas. } {T 00:22:41:26 What I`m asking you is have you got what it takes to puII bank jobs with us? } {T 00:22:47:66 Sure, I do. I ain`t afraid, if that`s what you think. } {T 00:22:51:26 Prove it. } {T 00:23:20:86 You`re gonna be aII right. } {T 00:25:30:62 I`m afraid we`re overdrawn again. } {T 00:25:34:06 This is a stick-up! } {T 00:25:36:94 This here`s a stick-up! } {T 00:25:40:22 Leave it there. Leave it there. } {T 00:25:56:78 Come on, come on, everything. Get it up here. } {T 00:26:14:14 CIyde, where`s the car? } {T 00:26:26:70 What the heII you doing, parking the car? } {T 00:26:39:18 Stop that car! } {T 00:26:42:70 Up ahead, cut Ieft! Left! } {T 00:26:57:58 ''We're in the money, the sky is sunny } {T 00:27:01:26 ''Old man depression, you are through, you done us wrong } {T 00:27:05:26 ''We never see a headline, about a bread line, today } {T 00:27:08:78 ''And when we see the landlord, we can look that guy right in the eye } {T 00:27:13:10 ''Oh, we're in the money, come on, my honey'' } {T 00:27:15:82 You ain`t got a brain in your skuII. } {T 00:27:27:82 On account of you, I kiIIed a man. } {T 00:27:28:90 And now we`re aII going to be wanted for murder, and that`s you too, boy. } {T 00:27:43:02 Dumb head! Stupid! } {T 00:27:46:06 What were you thinking about? } {T 00:27:50:06 Do a dumb-ass thing Iike that again, boy, I`m going to kiII you. } {T 00:27:53:90 If you boys want to taIk, why don`t y`aII go outside? } {T 00:28:35:10 Honey, come on, I want to taIk to you for just a minute. Sit down. } {T 00:28:44:06 This afternoon we kiIIed a man and we were seen. } {T 00:28:47:26 Now, so far, nobody knows who you are... } {T 00:28:49:18 ...but they know who I am and they`II be after me and anybody who`s with me. } {T 00:28:52:38 And that`s murder. Now it`s going to get rough. } {T 00:28:55:26 I can`t get out, but right now you stiII can. } {T 00:28:57:02 I want you to say the word to me... } {T 00:28:58:46 ...and I`II put you on that bus back to your mama... } {T 00:29:01:02 ...because you mean a Iot to me, and I ain`t going to make you run with me. } {T 00:29:12:02 No! } {T 00:29:13:18 I ain`t a rich man. You couId get a rich man if you tried. } {T 00:29:16:06 I don`t want no rich man! } {T 00:29:25:02 You ain`t going to have a minute`s peace. } {T 00:29:27:42 You promise? } {T 00:32:03:58 Huh, at Ieast I`m not a Iiar. } {T 00:32:17:34 I toId you I wasn`t no Iover boy. } {T 00:32:47:90 Now, Iet me Iook at you boy. } {T 00:32:56:38 Oh boy, you can do better than that. } {T 00:33:02:46 Hey, hey, hey, how`s Mama? } {T 00:33:04:54 Oh, fine, fine. Sister, Sister sent her best to you. } {T 00:33:07:26 FiIIing out. Must be that prison food. } {T 00:33:09:18 No, no, no, it`s married Iife... } {T 00:33:11:74 ...and, you know what they say, it`s... } {T 00:33:14:14`s the face powder that gives a man interest, but... } {T 00:33:16:70 ...but it`s the baking powder that keeps him home. } {T 00:33:21:66 I want you to meet my wife, BIanche. } {T 00:33:23:90 This is my baby brother. } {T 00:33:25:34 How`re you doing? It`s reaIIy nice to know you. } {T 00:33:27:18 How do you do? } {T 00:33:40:22 I hear you`re taking reaI good care of the baby of the famiIy.... } {T 00:33:42:94 I`m just so gIad to meet you. Come on over here. } {T 00:33:44:98 I want you to meet my wife, BIanche. } {T 00:33:50:78 Hey, everybody, this is C.W. Moss. } {T 00:33:53:50 My brother, Buck, and his wife, BIanche. } {T 00:33:55:58 Howdy, everybody. Howdy, you aII. } {T 00:33:59:26 Howdy, Mrs. Barrow, or may I caII you BIanche? } {T 00:34:03:58 I sure am pIeased to meet you. } {T 00:34:05:18 How did you find us here in this neck of the woods? } {T 00:34:07:42 Boy, you sure picked a good day for it. } {T 00:34:10:30 Oh, is that a new ScreenIand Magazine? } {T 00:34:13:18 Any new pictures of Myrna Loy in there? } {T 00:34:15:18 She`s my favorite picture star. May I? } {T 00:34:18:46 Hey, Iet me get the Kodak here. We`II take some pictures. } {T 00:34:21:18 Put your pants on. We`re going to take some pictures. } {T 00:34:22:62 Come on BIanche, get out of there! } {T 00:34:24:86 I`m a mess. Been driving aII day, honey. } {T 00:34:33:50 Did you take my picture, Buck? I decIare I asked you not to take my picture. } {T 00:34:38:30 Hey, Buck, get one of this. } {T 00:34:41:50 Hey, Brother, I want to taIk to you Iater on. } {T 00:34:49:98 You got that? } {T 00:34:52:86 You take one of me and my missus, here, CIyde. } {T 00:34:56:70 HonestIy, I don`t want a picture taken. } {T 00:35:03:74 Be serious. Be serious. } {T 00:35:08:70 Hey, Iet me take one of Bonnie aIone. Come on, honey. } {T 00:35:22:30 Hey, honey, a IittIe smiIe. } {T 00:35:24:38 Don`t want to smiIe, eh? } {T 00:35:27:54 I want to have a chat with you. C.W., take the girIs` pictures. } {T 00:35:30:54 Why don`t you step in there with Bonnie? } {T 00:35:33:18 What did you think of her? } {T 00:35:37:34 She`s a peach. } {T 00:35:45:66 Now, now teII me true. } {T 00:35:49:18 Is she as good as she Iooks? } {T 00:35:53:82 She`s better. } {T 00:36:01:98 Hey, Iisten, it was, it was either you or him, wasn`t it? } {T 00:36:05:34 The guy that you kiIIed, you had to do it. Was either you or him. } {T 00:36:08:06 He put me on the spot. I had to. } {T 00:36:09:66 You had to do it, right? } {T 00:36:13:18 I know you did. Don`t say anything to BIanche about that. } {T 00:36:18:94 That time you broke out of jaiI, is it true she taIked you into going back? } {T 00:36:22:46 Yeah. You hear about that? Huh. } {T 00:36:26:94 WeII, I won`t say nothing to Bonnie about it. } {T 00:36:29:82 I appreciate that. } {T 00:36:41:66 We`re going to have ourseIves a time, boy! } {T 00:36:43:82 We sureIy are. } {T 00:36:51:42 What are we going to do? } {T 00:36:56:70 I figured we aII drive up to Missouri. } {T 00:37:00:38 They ain`t Iooking for me up there. } {T 00:37:01:50 We find a nice IittIe pIace to hoIe up in. We have us a reguIar vacation. } {T 00:37:09:66 No troubIe now. } {T 00:37:11:58 I ain`t Iooking to go back to no prison. } {T 00:37:13:18 I heard in prison that you had a IittIe troubIe there. } {T 00:37:15:06 You were cutting on your toes. } {T 00:37:17:82 You heard about that, eh? } {T 00:37:19:74 I did a IittIe toe cutting. That ain`t but haIf of it. } {T 00:37:22:46 I did it so I`d get off of work detaiI. } {T 00:37:23:50 You know, breaking those damn rocks with a sIedge hammer night and day. } {T 00:37:26:30 And you know what? The very next week I got paroIed. } {T 00:37:29:98 I waIked out of that God-forsaken jaiI on crutches. } {T 00:37:33:82 Ain`t Iife grand? } {T 00:37:44:54 Hey, you want to hear a story, about this boy, he owned a dairy farm.... } {T 00:37:48:70 And his oId ma, she was kind of sick, you know. } {T 00:37:50:94 And the doctor, he caIIed him over and said... } {T 00:37:54:14 ``...Listen, your ma, just Iying there, she`s just so sick and she`s weakIy... } {T 00:37:59:10 ``...I want you to try to persuade her to take a IittIe brandy, see. } {T 00:38:02:46 ``Just to pick her spirits up, you know.`` } {T 00:38:04:54 ``Ma`s a teetotaIer,`` he says, ``she wouIdn`t touch a drop.`` } {T 00:38:09:50 ``WeII, I`II teII you what you do.`` That`s the doc. } {T 00:38:12:06 ``Now, I teII you what you do... } {T 00:38:13:82 `` bring in a fresh quart of miIk every day... } {T 00:38:17:34 ``...and you put some brandy in it, see. And you try that.`` } {T 00:38:20:38 So he did, and he doctored it aII up with the brandy, fresh miIk... } {T 00:38:24:54 ...and gave it to his mama, and she drank a IittIe bit of it. } {T 00:38:28:38 So next day he brought it in again, and she drank a IittIe more, you know. } {T 00:38:32:98 And so then, it went on that way, the third day just a IittIe more... } {T 00:38:36:70 ...and the fourth day she took a IittIe bit more. } {T 00:38:39:74 And then finaIIy, a week Iater, he gave her the miIk... } {T 00:38:43:42 ...and she just drank it down, she swaIIowed the whoIe thing. } {T 00:38:46:78 And she caIIed him over and said... } {T 00:38:48:38 ``...Son, whatever you do, don`t seII that cow.`` } {T 00:39:05:02 AII right, you got the keys now, haven`t you? } {T 00:39:24:06 I gave him a month`s rent in advance. We`re aII set. Let`s get inside. } {T 00:39:31:74 Honey, Iamb, I`m taking you to our first home. } {T 00:39:34:30 ``Here comes the bride`` } {T 00:39:36:22 What do you think, honey? Huh? } {T 00:39:39:10 Just perfect. } {T 00:39:41:66 This is your first home. } {T 00:39:44:98 He gave me the grocery number. } {T 00:39:53:66 4-3-3-7, pIease. } {T 00:39:56:38 Hi there, Speedie`s Groceries? I want to order up a mess of groceries. } {T 00:40:00:06 And a Frigidaire, not an ice-box. } {T 00:40:08:06 Eight pounds of pork chops, four pounds of red beans. } {T 00:40:13:82 About eight bottIes of Dr. Pepper. } {T 00:40:27:90 You sure can pIay checkers. } {T 00:40:38:78 You need a haircut. You`re Iooking just Iike a hiIIbiIIy boy. } {T 00:40:41:98 You are just Iike an oId man. } {T 00:40:44:54 PIaying checkers aII the time, don`t pay any attention to your wife. } {T 00:40:47:58 Boy, you ain`t going to ever beat me, but you just keep trying, you hear? } {T 00:40:51:42 Oh, Daddy, you sure do need a haircut. } {T 00:40:55:74 Why, you Iook Iike a IittIe oId hiIIbiIIy, I do decIare. } {T 00:40:58:94 Oh, mercy me, don`t. } {T 00:41:01:98 Don`t taIk that way when she`s right there in the next room. } {T 00:41:05:02 There`s aIways somebody in the next room, in this room... } {T 00:41:07:10 ...or in every other kind of room. } {T 00:41:11:90 Don`t you ever just want to be aIone with me? } {T 00:41:14:30 WeII, I aIways feeI Iike we`re aIone. } {T 00:41:17:82 Do you, baby? } {T 00:41:19:42 I`m hungry. } {T 00:41:33:02 Groceries, ma`am. } {T 00:41:36:70 -How much? -Six doIIars and 43 cents. } {T 00:41:56:22 Let me heIp you, those bags are heavy. } {T 00:41:57:98 No thanks, I`II get them. } {T 00:42:00:06 Uh, just get the door. } {T 00:42:17:98 ``But few of them reaIIy are justified... } {T 00:42:20:70 ``...if you get right down to the point. } {T 00:42:23:74 ``You`ve heard of a woman`s gIory being spent on a downright cur.`` } {T 00:42:28:06 Did you write aII that yourseIf? } {T 00:42:29:82 Do you want to hear this or not? } {T 00:42:34:14 ``StiII you can`t aIways judge the story as true... } {T 00:42:37:98 ``...being toId by her. } {T 00:42:42:46 ``Now SaI was a gaI of rare beauty... } {T 00:42:45:34 ``...though her features were coarse and tough--`` } {T 00:42:47:90 I knew that oId gaI. } {T 00:42:49:18 She was cock-eyed and she had a hare Iip and no teeth. } {T 00:42:55:42 ``Now SaI was a gaI of rare beauty... } {T 00:42:57:66 ``...though her features were coarse and tough. } {T 00:43:00:70 ``She never once faItered from duty, to pIay on the up and up. } {T 00:43:06:30 ``SaI toId me this taIe on the evening... } {T 00:43:09:50 ``...before she was turned out free. } {T 00:43:12:22 ``And I`II do my best to reIate it, just as she toId it to me--`` } {T 00:43:16:06 Hey, hey! The Iaws are outside! They`re bIocking the driveway. } {T 00:43:34:46 -PIease get us out of here. -Shut up! } {T 00:43:38:78 They got us bIocked. We`ve got to get the car out. } {T 00:44:20:22 Where`s BIanche? Where`s BIanche? } {T 00:44:40:54 Damn it, you aImost got us kiIIed! } {T 00:44:43:42 What did I do wrong? I thought you`d be happy if I got shot! } {T 00:44:47:26 Yeah! Yeah, it wouId have saved us aII a Iot of troubIe! } {T 00:44:51:10 Buck, don`t Iet that woman taIk to me Iike that! } {T 00:44:52:86 You shouIdn`t have done that, BIanche. It was a dumb thing to do. } {T 00:44:56:98 Oh Buck, pIease, I didn`t marry you to see you get shot, honey. } {T 00:45:01:66 Let`s Ieave. Let`s get out of here and Ieave. } {T 00:45:03:66 TeII him to pIease stop the car and Iet us out. } {T 00:45:07:58 I kiIIed a guy. Now we`re in this. } {T 00:45:11:42 WiII you shut up! } {T 00:45:12:54 Just shut up your big mouth! } {T 00:45:14:30 At Ieast do that, just shut up! } {T 00:45:15:74 Cut it out, Bonnie! } {T 00:45:19:26 Stop the car. I want to taIk to you. } {T 00:45:37:66 Get, get rid of her. } {T 00:45:39:10 I can`t get, she`s Buck`s wife. } {T 00:45:40:70 Then, get rid of them both. } {T 00:45:41:98 Why? What`s the matter with you? } {T 00:45:43:42 She is what`s the matter with me. } {T 00:45:45:02 She, she`s nothing but a dumb, stupid, back-country hick. } {T 00:45:49:50 She ain`t got a brain in her head. } {T 00:45:51:26 What makes you any better? What makes you so damn speciaI? } {T 00:45:53:66 You were just a West DaIIas waitress. Spent your time picking up truck drivers. } {T 00:45:58:46 Oh, big CIyde Barrow! You`re just Iike your brother! } {T 00:46:02:30 Ignorant, uneducated, hiIIbiIIy! } {T 00:46:04:70 The onIy speciaI thing about you is your pecuIiar ideas about Iove-making... } {T 00:46:08:22 ...which is no Iove-making at aII. } {T 00:46:22:46 Oh, CIyde, pIease, I didn`t mean that. } {T 00:46:25:66 Listen, it, it was just aII, aII that shooting... } {T 00:46:29:50 ...and aII those guns. I got so scared. PIease, honey, I didn`t mean it. } {T 00:47:15:58 ``Law enforcement officers... } {T 00:47:17:34 ``...throughout the Southwest are frankIy amazed... } {T 00:47:20:38 `` the way in which the wiII-o`-the-wisp bandit, CIyde Barrow... } {T 00:47:23:42 ``...and his yeIIow-haired companion, Bonnie Parker... } {T 00:47:25:98 ``...continue to eIude their wouId-be captors! } {T 00:47:28:86 ``Since engaging in a poIice battIe, on the streets of JopIin, Missouri... } {T 00:47:33:98 ``...and sIaying three of their number. } {T 00:47:36:86 ``The Barrow Gang has been reported as far west as White City, New Mexico... } {T 00:47:40:86 ``...and as far north as Chicago. } {T 00:47:44:54 ``They have been credited with robbing... } {T 00:47:46:42 ``...the Mesquite Bank in the aforementioned White City... } {T 00:47:48:70 ``...and the J.J. Landry OiI Refinery in Arp, Texas. } {T 00:47:53:02 ``The Sanger City NationaI Bank in Sanger, Indiana. } {T 00:47:56:70 ``And the Lancaster Bank in Denton, Texas, on three different occasions. } {T 00:48:00:22 ``In addition to these robberies, the fast traveIing Barrows... } {T 00:48:02:14 ``...have been rumored to have had a hand... } {T 00:48:05:02 `` the robbing of two PiggIy WiggIy stores... } {T 00:48:08:06 `` Texas, and one A&P store in, in Missouri. } {T 00:48:12:86 ``Though Chief Percy Hammond, who first identified CIyde Barrow`s brother, Buck... } {T 00:48:17:02 `` a member of the gang....`` } {T 00:48:18:62 We ain`t going to see another toiIet for another thirty miIes. } {T 00:48:21:10 Why don`t you puII up over here? Over here. } {T 00:48:34:38 Hey, now, here`s something. } {T 00:48:37:02 ``Lone cop arrests two officers in hunt for Barrow. } {T 00:48:39:26 ``PoIice Officer Howard Anderson`s heart turned faster than his motorcycIe... } {T 00:48:42:78 ``...when he forced to the side of the road a roaring bIack V-8 sedan... } {T 00:48:46:14 `` which were three men and a bIonde- headed woman, yesterday afternoon. } {T 00:49:11:10 ``He was certain he`d caught CIyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker... } {T 00:49:12:62 ``...and maybe Buck Barrow... } {T 00:49:14:62 ``...and the third unidentified member of the gang. } {T 00:49:17:02 ``It took a Iot of teIephoning and expIaining to convince... } {T 00:49:20:86 ``...the motorcycIe cop that his captives were two highway patroImen... } {T 00:49:24:22 ``...and a bIonde-haired stenographer from the highway patroI.`` } {T 00:49:32:78 Sheriff! } {T 00:49:37:34 I`ve never seen such shooting! } {T 00:49:40:54 AII right, now you just get on right over to that car. } {T 00:49:47:74 WeII, now, Iook here. We`re in the custody of Captain Frank Hamer.... } {T 00:49:51:26 And, Frank here is a Texas Ranger. } {T 00:49:54:62 Say, peace-maker, I beIieve you got your spurs aII tangIed up there, haven`t you? } {T 00:49:58:78 You`re in Missouri, do you know that, friend? } {T 00:50:01:34 He`s Iost, this Texas Ranger. } {T 00:50:03:90 I don`t think he`s Iost. } {T 00:50:04:98 Those banks have been offering extra reward money for us... } {T 00:50:06:46 ...and I think Frank just figured on some easy pickings. } {T 00:50:10:62 You know, Texas Ranger, you ain`t hardIy doing your job. } {T 00:50:13:02 You ought to be home protecting the rights of poor foIk... } {T 00:50:14:78 ...not out chasing after us. } {T 00:50:22:30 Why do you want to take it so personaI for? } {T 00:50:24:38 WeII, aII right, we`ve got to discourage this bounty hunting for the Barrow Gang. } {T 00:50:31:26 What do you want to do with him then, huh? } {T 00:50:33:34 Shoot him? } {T 00:50:39:26 Hang him. } {T 00:50:40:70 Uh-uh. Take his picture. } {T 00:50:45:98 Listen, we take his picture... } {T 00:50:47:90 ...we send it to aII the newspapers. } {T 00:50:49:66 And then everybody`s going to see Captain Frank Hamer... } {T 00:50:51:74 ...of the Texas Rangers with the Barrow Gang... } {T 00:50:53:50 ...and aII of us just as friendIy as pie. } {T 00:50:56:70 Now you know, we are just about the friendIiest foIks you`d ever want to meet. } {T 00:51:01:34 Big oId Texas Ranger waves his gun at us... } {T 00:51:05:98 ...and we just weIcome him Iike he was one of our own. } {T 00:51:10:94 Hey, Buck, get the Kodak. } {T 00:51:20:02 Now see what came of your mischief, not doing your job? } {T 00:51:23:26 You know, down in DuncanviIIe Iast year... } {T 00:51:25:82 ...poor farmers kept you Iaws away from us with shotguns. } {T 00:51:29:34 You`re supposed to be protecting them from us... } {T 00:51:30:50 ...and they`re protecting us from you. } {T 00:51:32:54 That don`t make sense, do it? } {T 00:51:38:78 Get right in there! } {T 00:51:41:50 When his Texas Ranger friends see this, he`s going to wish he was dead. } {T 00:51:45:18 WeII, I`m mighty proud to have a Texas Ranger in the famiIy. } {T 00:51:50:94 How`s this? } {T 00:52:25:66 We`re going to put that picture in every paper in the country! } {T 00:52:38:30 We got you! You just stay there for a whiIe. } {T 00:52:46:62 We got you! } {T 00:53:05:34 Good afternoon. This is the Barrow Gang. } {T 00:53:08:86 Now if everybody wiII just take it easy, nobody wiII get hurt. } {T 00:53:24:22 Is that your money or the bank`s? } {T 00:53:25:82 Mine. } {T 00:53:27:10 AII right, you keep it then. } {T 00:53:33:18 Next time I`II aim a IittIe Iower. } {T 00:53:56:38 Take a good Iook, Pop. I`m Buck Barrow. } {T 00:54:01:82 We`re the Barrow boys. } {T 00:54:09:66 Happy birthday, hon. } {T 00:54:24:22 It was the Barrow Gang, CharIie. I think they`re headed for OkIahoma. } {T 00:54:49:34 Load this! } {T 00:55:09:34 There I was, staring square into the face of death. } {T 00:55:37:18 And aII I can say is they did right by me. } {T 00:55:41:34 And I`m bringing me a mess of fIowers to their funeraI. } {T 00:56:11:90 SIow down, we`re in OkIahoma now! } {T 00:56:17:02 Come on, Iet`s catch them, anyway. } {T 00:56:20:70 I`m not going to risk my Iife in OkIahoma. } {T 00:56:45:02 Ain`t much, is it? } {T 00:56:46:46 WeII, times are hard. } {T 00:56:49:46 WeII, Iet`s get down to it. } {T 00:57:05:94 I want my share. } {T 00:57:09:78 If Bonnie gets a share, I want a share, too. } {T 00:57:12:38 What are you taIking about? } {T 00:57:13:94 TeII CIyde I want my share. } {T 00:57:21:50 What about BIanche here? } {T 00:57:24:66 WeII, why not? } {T 00:57:29:18 WeII, why not! I earn my share same as everybody. } {T 00:57:32:34 I couId`ve got kiIIed same as everybody. } {T 00:57:34:26 And I`m wanted by the Iaw same as everybody. } {T 00:57:36:50 Besides, I couId have got snake-bit sIeeping in those woods every night. } {T 00:57:39:86 I`m a nervous wreck and that`s the truth... } {T 00:57:43:22 ...and I have to take sass from Miss Bonnie Parker aII the time. } {T 00:57:46:74 I deserve mine! } {T 00:57:47:90 HoId on, BIanche, hoId your horses, BIanche, you`re going to get your share. } {T 00:57:58:46 I married the preacher`s daughter and she thinks she`s stiII taking up the coIIection. } {T 00:58:07:58 Now, honey, don`t spend it aII in one pIace! } {T 00:58:16:50 Listen now. I guess I`m going to have to keep saying this... } {T 00:58:19:58 ...BIanche is married to Buck, and Buck is famiIy. } {T 00:58:22:10 My famiIy couId use some of that money. } {T 00:58:24:98 You know how those Iaws... } {T 00:58:26:18 ...have been hanging around your mama`s house. } {T 00:58:27:50 It`s too risky to go there now. } {T 00:58:28:98 But where can we go now? We rob the damn banks. What eIse do we do? } {T 00:58:32:30 WeII, what do you want to do? } {T 00:58:33:82 CIyde, there`s a hoIe in the pan. } {T 00:58:35:42 We`re Iosing oiI. We`ve got to swipe another car if we want to get anywhere. } {T 00:58:37:90 Come on and Iook. } {T 00:59:04:70 Say, isn`t that your car, Eugene? } {T 00:59:07:58 That`s my car! } {T 00:59:14:42 That`s my car! Hey! } {T 00:59:19:10 That`s my car! } {T 00:59:36:38 -They`re coming after us! -Come on, kick it in the pants. } {T 00:59:39:26 I`m going to tear them apart! Those punks! } {T 00:59:43:70 SteaIing a man`s car. } {T 00:59:46:58 Wait tiII I get my hands on those kids, VeIma. } {T 00:59:49:34 I`m going to tear them apart! } {T 00:59:52:98 What if they have guns, Eugene? } {T 00:59:57:30 Listen, we better get the poIice and Iet them handIe this. } {T 01:00:01:62 AII right, now, turn around. Turn around and Iet`s go back to town. } {T 01:00:04:22 Then we`II go get the sheriff. } {T 01:00:10:74 They stopped chasing us. Hey, they`re turning around there. } {T 01:00:15:86 Let`s take them. } {T 01:00:23:70 Oh, my Lord, they`re coming after us. } {T 01:00:27:06 Step on it, VeIma. } {T 01:00:34:26 What do you want to do that for, CIyde? } {T 01:00:36:38 Step on it, VeIma. Step on it, VeIma! } {T 01:01:00:86 Hey, hey, what are you doing in there? } {T 01:01:17:18 AII right, get on out of there. Come on, come on. } {T 01:01:21:14 You, you want to go for a IittIe ride in our new car? } {T 01:01:24:50 Oh, my, can we aII fit in there? } {T 01:01:33:18 There`s not room for me in there. } {T 01:01:47:74 What`s your names? } {T 01:01:51:06 -I`m Eugene Griz.... I`m Eugene Grizzard. -I`m VeIma Davis. } {T 01:01:57:14 WeII, we`re the Barrow Gang. } {T 01:02:03:54 Oh, now Iisten, now don`t be scared. It ain`t Iike you was the Iaw or anything. } {T 01:02:08:06 I mean, you`re just foIks, just Iike us. } {T 01:02:10:46 Yeah. Yeah, that`s the truth. } {T 01:02:14:90 I, uh, expect you`ve been reading about us. } {T 01:02:22:10 We have, too. } {T 01:02:24:50 WeII, now, you two must be in Iove, I bet, huh? } {T 01:02:33:30 Now, boy, when are you going to marry the girI? } {T 01:02:44:34 He gave her the miIk, and she drank a IittIe bit of it. } {T 01:02:46:94 The next day, he gave her some more and she drank some more tiII a week goes by. } {T 01:02:51:38 And he brings her the miIk and she drinks down every drop of it. } {T 01:02:54:74 And she Iooks at her son, caIIs him over and says... } {T 01:02:57:14 ``...Son, whatever you do, don`t seII that cow.`` } {T 01:03:16:22 I`m from Wisconsin originaIIy. Where the cheese comes from. } {T 01:03:21:18 Oh, oh, but he just Ioves Texas now. Don`t you, Eugene? } {T 01:03:24:70 ``Don`t seII that cow.`` } {T 01:03:28:54 How oId are you, honey? } {T 01:03:29:98 I`m thirty-three. } {T 01:03:48:70 Now, didn`t I order some French fries? } {T 01:03:51:74 Uh, yeah, you did. Here you are. } {T 01:03:57:50 Now take it easy on those French fries, VeIma. Ain`t that right, Eugene? } {T 01:04:00:86 Uh, this isn`t mine. } {T 01:04:03:10 I ordered mine weII done. Who`s got the other hamburger? } {T 01:04:08:70 Oh, is this supposed to be yours? } {T 01:04:14:30 It`s okay. Forget it. } {T 01:04:17:18 Hey, I`m sure having a good time. } {T 01:04:20:54 Aren`t you gIad we picked you up? } {T 01:04:21:98 You`re a grand host, Buck. } {T 01:04:24:22 Maybe y`aII ought to join up with us. } {T 01:04:29:82 Boy, they sure wouId be surprised to hear that back home. } {T 01:04:33:66 What wouId BiII and Martha say if they heard that? } {T 01:04:36:54 Lordy, they wouId have a fit! } {T 01:04:40:22 Hey, what do you do, anyhow? } {T 01:04:43:42 I`m an undertaker. } {T 01:04:49:66 Get them out of here. } {T 01:05:19:90 I don`t see her, CIyde. } {T 01:05:22:46 Bonnie, where are you? } {T 01:05:35:90 Where do you think she couId`ve went? } {T 01:05:37:38 I don`t know. I just don`t know. } {T 01:05:46:46 There! } {T 01:06:02:46 Leave me aIone! } {T 01:06:04:22 Where are you going? } {T 01:06:05:82 Get away! } {T 01:06:12:86 Oh, I want to see my mama. } {T 01:06:15:58 I want to see my mama. } {T 01:06:17:34 PIease, honey, don`t ever Ieave me without saying nothing. } {T 01:06:29:50 CIyde, Iisten, to me. CIyde, pIease. } {T 01:06:33:02 Now, Iisten. I mean it. } {T 01:06:35:10 I`ve been thinking about my mama... } {T 01:06:38:30 ...and she`s getting so oId, and I want to see her. } {T 01:06:43:10 You`II see her. } {T 01:07:16:70 WouId you Iook at him? } {T 01:07:20:54 He just don`t remember me. } {T 01:07:24:22 He`II get used to me, won`t he? } {T 01:07:26:94 We`ve been cutting and pasting everything we couId find about you. } {T 01:07:29:98 Hey, CIyde, there`s the shot I took of you. } {T 01:07:32:54 Came out reaI fine, didn`t it? } {T 01:08:08:06 ``Horsey, get your taiI up Why don`t you make it rise`` } {T 01:08:12:70 Oh, Lord, we thank you for the safety of our Ioved ones. } {T 01:08:16:38 And the food we are about to receive. Amen. } {T 01:08:32:86 -Bye-bye. Y`aII be carefuI. -We`re going to miss you. } {T 01:08:39:26 Where you aII headed to from here, CIyde? } {T 01:08:41:66 At this point we ain`t heading to nowhere. We`re just running from. } {T 01:08:57:66 Mama, why don`t you stay a IittIe Ionger. } {T 01:09:02:78 Listen, I want you to have this. } {T 01:09:14:14 Listen, make mama stay a whiIe yet, huh? } {T 01:09:16:38 You know, CIyde, I read about you aII in the papers... } {T 01:09:20:54 ...and I just get scared. } {T 01:09:24:22 Now, Mrs. Parker, don`t you beIieve what you read in aII those newspapers. } {T 01:09:27:90 That`s the Iaws taIking there. } {T 01:09:29:50 They want us to Iook big so they`re going to Iook big when they catch us. } {T 01:09:32:54 And they ain`t going to catch us. } {T 01:09:34:14 Because I`m even better at running than I am at robbing banks. } {T 01:09:36:70 Shoot, if we did haIf that stuff they say we did in those papers... } {T 01:09:39:10 ...we`d be miIIionaires by now, wouIdn`t we? } {T 01:09:42:46 I ain`t going to risk my IittIe girI here just to make money... } {T 01:09:45:02 ...uncertain as times are. } {T 01:09:47:26 Why, I knew of a job.... } {T 01:09:49:66 You remember the time. Why, I couId have... } {T 01:09:51:26 ...we couId have got two thousand doIIars just as easy as pie. } {T 01:09:54:30 And I, I puIIed up outside there and I saw them Iaws... } {T 01:09:58:30 ...and I said to myseIf, I said, ``Bonnie couId get hurt here.`` } {T 01:10:01:98 So we just drove right on and I Iet that money Iay. } {T 01:10:05:02 Maybe you know the way with her, then. } {T 01:10:06:94 I`m just an oId woman and I don`t know nothing. } {T 01:10:10:14 But Mrs. Parker, this here is the way we know best how to make money. } {T 01:10:13:66 We`II quit aII this as soon as hard times are over. } {T 01:10:15:58 I can teII you that. } {T 01:10:17:66 Just the other night, me and Bonnie were taIking... } {T 01:10:20:06 ...and, we were taIking about the time we were going to settIe down and get a home. } {T 01:10:25:02 She says to me, she says, ``You know, I couIdn`t bear... } {T 01:10:29:50 `` Iive more than three miIes from my precious mother.`` } {T 01:10:33:18 Now, how do you Iike that, Mother Parker? } {T 01:10:35:42 I don`t beIieve I wouId. } {T 01:10:40:86 You try to Iive three miIes from me and you won`t Iive Iong, honey. } {T 01:10:45:98 You best keep running, CIyde Barrow. } {T 01:10:49:02 And you know it. } {T 01:10:54:78 Bye, baby. } {T 01:11:20:78 Look, who is this here? Is this your girIfriend? } {T 01:11:24:86 ``L-o-v-e.`` } {T 01:11:26:94 WeII, whose idea was it to get bIuebirds? } {T 01:11:29:18 Bonnie`s. Bonnie picked it out. } {T 01:11:32:86 Day after we robbed the armory. } {T 01:11:37:02 I want you to touch something here. Ah.... } {T 01:11:39:58 Now, I want you just to touch it right there. } {T 01:11:48:70 Why don`t you aII go into your own cabin... } {T 01:11:51:74 ...if you want to pIay with C.W.? Huh? } {T 01:11:54:14 What`s the matter with you now, besides your nasty disposition? } {T 01:11:59:58 Wait now. HoId on! } {T 01:12:03:42 I saw a chicken pIace a few miIes back. Who aII wants to get some food? } {T 01:12:07:06 I certainIy do. I`m sick to death of sitting around here. } {T 01:12:09:50 Why, you can`t even drive the car, honey. } {T 01:12:12:54 Just get us five chicken dinners. } {T 01:12:17:66 Hey, get some dessert there, too. Some peach ice cream or something, wiII you? } {T 01:12:45:50 Oh, baby, I`ve got the bIues so bad. } {T 01:12:59:26 WeII, is it what your mama said? } {T 01:13:05:18 What mama? } {T 01:13:09:98 She`s just an oId woman now. } {T 01:13:13:82 I don`t have no mama. } {T 01:13:18:78 No famiIy either. } {T 01:13:23:74 I`m your famiIy. } {T 01:13:40:54 You know, when we started out... } {T 01:13:43:10 ...I thought we were reaIIy going somewhere. } {T 01:13:48:54 But this is it. } {T 01:13:52:86 We`re just going, huh? } {T 01:13:57:66 I Iove you. } {T 01:14:12:70 You sure are smoking a Iot IateIy. } {T 01:14:14:62 So what? } {T 01:14:23:74 Why don`t you go back to your pa`s house? } {T 01:14:28:22 If I onIy couId. } {T 01:14:30:62 If I couId onIy just do that one thing. } {T 01:14:35:58 There`s no teIIing how aII this happened. } {T 01:14:38:94 I was a preacher`s daughter. } {T 01:14:42:94 What church was your pa affiIiated with? } {T 01:14:45:18 Baptist. } {T 01:14:54:14 He thought the worId of Buck, my daddy did. } {T 01:14:57:34 Even though Buck was serving time in jaiI. } {T 01:15:02:30 He forgave him because he paid his debt to society. } {T 01:15:07:90 We were DiscipIes of Christ. } {T 01:15:20:54 Hey, I have no money. Give me some, wiII you? } {T 01:15:42:94 Get me Sheriff Smoot on the phone. } {T 01:15:46:94 ''I love to spend } {T 01:15:50:30 ''Each Sunday with you } {T 01:15:53:02 ''As friend to friend } {T 01:15:56:06 ''I'm sorry it's through'' } {T 01:16:01:18 Mmm, that`s more Iike it. } {T 01:16:03:26 Look how much better it fits since I took it up. } {T 01:16:14:30 The men are on the other side. } {T 01:17:29:34 HoId it, hoId it! } {T 01:17:30:82 Get out! } {T 01:18:40:86 Give me a gun, pIease! Somebody, give me a gun. I don`t have a gun. } {T 01:18:48:22 Be quiet! PIease, be quiet! We`re trying to get out. } {T 01:19:16:06 It didn`t happen, Daddy, it didn`t happen. I know it. } {T 01:19:21:02 BIanche, stop that! } {T 01:19:41:34 I`d rather go to jaiI than go on Iike this. } {T 01:19:46:30 He ain`t got a chance. HaIf his head`s bIown off. } {T 01:19:52:38 Dear Lord, it`s happened. PIease heIp us. } {T 01:19:56:70 And Buck wiII never do anything wrong again in his Iife. } {T 01:20:03:42 My eyes. } {T 01:20:06:30 I think I`m bIind! } {T 01:20:08:54 My eyes! } {T 01:20:10:94 The Iight hurts so bad! } {T 01:20:20:38 TeII CIyde to get us to a doctor. } {T 01:20:22:78 Bonnie! We`re dying! } {T 01:20:25:18 Buck can`t be moved, now, hon. } {T 01:20:34:78 I beIieve I Iost my shoes, CIyde. } {T 01:20:38:30 I think the dog got them. } {T 01:21:14:46 Surrender! } {T 01:21:16:06 In the car! Come on! } {T 01:21:20:54 Keep Iow! } {T 01:21:46:62 Cross-fire! Keep Iow! Cross-fire! } {T 01:22:06:62 CharIie, don`t shoot! The kids are in the cross-fire! } {T 01:22:09:82 I`II go get the car. I`II get the car. } {T 01:22:12:70 Hey, Buck, this way. } {T 01:22:16:38 They`re heading for the other car! Shoot it! Knock the heII out of it! } {T 01:22:42:14 HoId your fire! } {T 01:22:44:38 Daddy, don`t die! } {T 01:22:49:34 Get away. Get away and Ieave him aIone. He`s dying. Can`t you see he`s dying? } {T 01:22:53:18 Let me go! Daddy! } {T 01:22:54:94 You`ve kiIIed him! He`s dying! God, can`t you see he`s dying? } {T 01:23:54:14 Maybe.... } {T 01:25:36:38 Can you aII spare us some drinking water? } {T 01:25:40:06 Who are you, boy? } {T 01:25:41:50 My name is Moss. } {T 01:26:19:74 That`s CIyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. } {T 01:26:21:82 What happened to them? } {T 01:26:27:10 Are they fainting? } {T 01:26:47:90 Is that reaIIy Bonnie Parker? } {T 01:27:20:70 Daddy, Daddy! } {T 01:27:24:22 -Who`s there? -C.W. } {T 01:27:28:38 Oh, it`s good to see you, boy. Oh, boy, it`s good to see you. } {T 01:27:31:42 What`s that on your chest, there? } {T 01:27:33:02 Tattoo, Daddy. Come on. } {T 01:27:36:38 You`ve got to heIp them. } {T 01:27:39:90 HeIp me get them in. } {T 01:27:42:62 What happened to them? Are you in troubIe, son? } {T 01:27:49:58 HeIp me get `em in. } {T 01:28:00:70 How come you marked yourseIf aII up with that tattoo? } {T 01:28:04:22 What the heII made you do a damn fooI thing Iike that? } {T 01:28:10:30 Just open the door. } {T 01:28:21:66 I came here to question BIanche Barrow. } {T 01:28:24:22 So you`re the Frank Hamer? } {T 01:28:29:02 I figure to have my picture taken with those two... } {T 01:28:31:90 ...just one more time. } {T 01:28:34:30 It says here: ``CIyde fIed his dying brother.`` } {T 01:28:37:18 Where? What do they mean fIed? } {T 01:28:38:94 How couId I Ieave my brother to die, when he was aIready dead when I Ieft him? } {T 01:28:43:26 FIed! } {T 01:28:45:82 Newspapers! } {T 01:28:47:90 WhiIe we`re aII Iying around here near dead... } {T 01:28:49:86 ...they had us hoIding up the Grand Prairie NationaI Bank. } {T 01:28:52:54 Guess they hung that one on us just for Iuck. } {T 01:28:55:74 As soon as we get weII, we`re going to hoId up that bank. We`re going to take it! } {T 01:29:12:06 They don`t know nothing, do they, honey? } {T 01:29:15:42 How come they aIways referring to me, the newspapers as... } {T 01:29:17:66 ...``unidentified suspect``? } {T 01:29:21:34 You just be gIad that`s aII you are. } {T 01:29:23:10 Long as they don`t know your Iast name. } {T 01:29:24:86 That`s right, boy. Mr. Barrow`s Iooking out for your interests. } {T 01:29:31:42 Hey, Pa. } {T 01:29:33:18 How`s it feeI to have a coupIe of big deaIs stay in your house? } {T 01:29:36:54 Ain`t that something for me? That`s something for me, ain`t it? } {T 01:29:38:46 You`ve been mighty nice to us. } {T 01:29:40:86 I want you to Iet us pay you, say, forty doIIars for your hospitaIity. } {T 01:29:48:54 I`m just happy to have you foIks here as company. } {T 01:29:51:10 Anybody`s a friend of my boy, you know I.... } {T 01:29:53:18 Come on, Iet`s go have some supper. I`m starving. Come on. } {T 01:29:57:34 You`re aII weIcome here. You know that. } {T 01:30:01:02 And you just make yourseIf right at home and stay as Iong as you want to. } {T 01:30:13:34 You Iook Iike trash, aII marked up Iike that. } {T 01:30:17:34 Cheap trash! } {T 01:30:20:86 Bonnie says it Iooks good. } {T 01:30:23:90 What does Bonnie know? She ain`t nothing but cheap trash herseIf. } {T 01:30:26:94 Look what they do to you. You don`t ever get your name in the paper. } {T 01:30:29:98 You just get them pictures printed on your skin by Bonnie and CIyde. } {T 01:30:32:86 Shoot, they ain`t nothing but a coupIe of kids. } {T 01:30:37:50 I`m so gIad your ma ain`t aIive to see this here thing... } {T 01:30:43:10 ...aII jeIIied up Iike that! } {T 01:30:46:62 I don`t see what`s so bad about it. } {T 01:30:51:26 You wouIdn`t! } {T 01:30:57:50 The word is out that Bonnie and CIyde are hoIed up just out of town. } {T 01:31:01:34 And they`re fixing to bust in here and take BIanche out. } {T 01:31:05:62 AII two of them? } {T 01:31:30:30 Who is it? } {T 01:31:41:34 I guess it`s been kind of rough on you, hasn`t it? } {T 01:31:48:22 Being the daughter of a preacher, Iike you are. } {T 01:32:02:30 I imagine oId Buck wasn`t a bad sort, was he? } {T 01:32:06:46 No, he wasn`t. } {T 01:32:09:34 I reckon... } {T 01:32:11:90 ...CIyde just sort of... } {T 01:32:14:78 ...Ied him astray, didn`t he? } {T 01:32:26:30 That`s a shame, BIanche. } {T 01:32:32:70 Yes, ma`am. } {T 01:32:36:14 That`s a shame. } {T 01:32:37:66 That he Ied your Buck astray. } {T 01:32:40:86 CIyde, his own brother...Bonnie... } {T 01:32:46:30 ...and that IittIe feIIer. } {T 01:32:49:34 The one that was with you when you took that Texas Ranger in Missouri. } {T 01:32:56:22 He was with you aII aIong, wasn`t he? } {T 01:33:03:86 C.W. } {T 01:33:05:82 That`s right. } {T 01:33:13:82 I don`t recoIIect his Iast name. } {T 01:33:18:74 Moss. C.W. Moss. } {T 01:33:22:46 He was there that day we met them. } {T 01:33:24:38 I didn`t want to go. I didn`t want to. } {T 01:33:28:38 And Buck said we were just going on a visit... } {T 01:33:32:22 ...and we wouIdn`t do no steaIing or robbing. } {T 01:33:37:02 And we went up to JopIin, and aII of a sudden... } {T 01:33:40:70 ...aII of a sudden, they aII just started shooting. } {T 01:33:53:82 What`re you writing? } {T 01:33:55:90 I`m writing a poem about us. } {T 01:33:59:58 Let me hear it. } {T 01:34:03:42 Just Iet me finish this Iine. } {T 01:34:09:50 It`s caIIed ``The Story of Bonnie and CIyde.`` } {T 01:34:12:38 ``You`ve heard the story of Jesse James, of how he Iived and died. } {T 01:34:16:86 ``If you`re stiII in need of something to read... } {T 01:34:19:74 ```s the story of Bonnie and CIyde.`` } {T 01:34:22:78 You think if I sent that into the newspaper, they`d print it? } {T 01:34:27:58 I`m going to do it. } {T 01:34:29:98 ``Now Bonnie and CIyde are the Barrow Gang. } {T 01:34:32:70 ``I`m sure you aII have read how they rob and steaI... } {T 01:34:36:22 ``...and those who squeaI are usuaIIy found dying or dead. } {T 01:34:40:06 ``They caII them coId-hearted kiIIers. } {T 01:34:43:90 ``They say they are heartIess and mean. } {T 01:34:46:46 ``But I say this with pride, that I once knew CIyde... } {T 01:34:50:46 ``...when he was honest and upright and cIean. } {T 01:34:53:50 ``But the Iaws fooIed around, kept taking him down... } {T 01:34:56:70 ``...and Iocking him up in a ceII. } {T 01:34:58:94 ``TiII he said to me, `I`II never be free, so I`II meet a few of them in HeII.` } {T 01:35:03:90 ``If a poIiceman is kiIIed in DaIIas, and they have no cIue to guide. } {T 01:35:08:86 ``If they can`t find a fiend, they just wipe their sIate cIean... } {T 01:35:12:38 ``...and hang it on Bonnie and CIyde. } {T 01:35:15:10 ``If they try to act Iike citizens... } {T 01:35:17:66 ``...and rent them a nice IittIe fIat... } {T 01:35:20:38 ``...about the third night, they`re invited to fight... } {T 01:35:23:74 `` a sub-gun`s rat-a-tat-tat. } {T 01:35:26:46 ``Someday they`II go down together. } {T 01:35:28:70 ``They`II bury them side by side. } {T 01:35:30:78 ``To few it wiII be grief... } {T 01:35:32:54 `` the Iaw a reIief... } {T 01:35:34:14 ``...but it`s death for Bonnie and CIyde.`` } {T 01:35:41:66 You know what you`ve done there? You toId my story. } {T 01:35:45:82 You toId my whoIe story right there. } {T 01:35:50:30 One time I toId you I was gonna make you somebody. } {T 01:35:52:62 That`s what you`ve done for me. } {T 01:35:54:62 You made me somebody they`re going to remember. } {T 01:37:30:46 Hey, eh, how do you feeI? } {T 01:37:32:70 I mean, do you feeI the way you`re supposed to feeI... } {T 01:37:34:54 ...when you`re, when you`re, after you`re.... } {T 01:37:35:90 Yeah, just.... } {T 01:37:38:30 WeII, that`s, that`s good, isn`t it? } {T 01:37:42:46 Look, I, I figure that it`s a good idea to ask... } {T 01:37:45:98 ...because how eIse are you going to know if it.... } {T 01:37:49:82 You did just perfect. } {T 01:37:55:10 I did, didn`t I? } {T 01:37:59:26 I mean I reaIIy did. } {T 01:38:02:30 I never figured on that. } {T 01:38:07:26 CIyde, why do you want to marry me? } {T 01:38:13:34 To make an honest woman out of you. } {T 01:38:20:06 What wouId you do... } {T 01:38:22:30 ...what wouId you do if some miracIe happened... } {T 01:38:28:06 ...and we couId waIk out of here tomorrow morning... } {T 01:38:31:74 ...and start aII over again. CIean. } {T 01:38:35:42 With no record and nobody after us? } {T 01:38:51:10 I guess I`d do it aII different. } {T 01:38:56:54 First off... } {T 01:38:59:10 ...I wouIdn`t Iive in the same state where we puII our jobs. } {T 01:39:01:98 We`d Iive in a, in another state and stay cIean there. } {T 01:39:05:34 And then when we wanted to take a bank, we`d go into the other state. } {T 01:39:32:06 Boy, did they expect you to go downtown with them tomorrow? } {T 01:39:34:70 Who? } {T 01:39:36:22 Bonnie and CIyde, that`s who. Bonnie and CIyde. } {T 01:39:37:98 Sure. I aIways go with them. } {T 01:39:45:18 Yeah, you better. You better go. } {T 01:39:49:82 But when they go to get in their car to come on home... } {T 01:39:52:70 ...don`t you get back in there with them. } {T 01:39:54:14 Why, Daddy? } {T 01:39:55:26 You Iisten to your pa for once, can`t you do that? } {T 01:39:57:50 I`m your pa. I`m your kin. Not that there CIyde Barrow. } {T 01:40:01:66 What do you want me to teII them, ``I can`t get back in the car with you``? } {T 01:40:04:54 You teII them nothing, you hear? } {T 01:40:09:66 I made a deaI and got you off with a coupIe of years. } {T 01:40:13:50 You just be sure that you`re off the streets in that town... } {T 01:40:16:54 ...when they go to get in their car. } {T 01:40:18:94 You think Iaws is going to catch Bonnie and CIyde in town? } {T 01:40:21:66 CIyde`s got a sense. } {T 01:40:23:26 Don`t you know that, Daddy? } {T 01:40:25:50 Nobody catches CIyde. Never. } {T 01:40:31:74 Never! } {T 01:41:02:62 What happened to C.W.? } {T 01:41:04:22 He`s over there in the hardware store, getting some Iight buIbs for his daddy. } {T 01:41:15:74 You going to wear them Iike that? } {T 01:41:17:50 Drive with one eye cIosed. } {T 01:41:20:86 Want some ice cream? } {T 01:41:22:78 Look here. Isn`t that just the prettiest thing you ever saw? } {T 01:41:25:82 Look, you can see every fingernaiI of her hand. Look. } {T 01:41:29:18 That`s the prettiest thing. Hey, where is that boy? } {T 01:41:32:22 Listen, I`II go get him, okay? } {T 01:42:05:50 GIadys Jean! } {T 01:42:07:26 Time to go home now. } {T 01:42:43:74 Get back there in about twenty minutes and we`II pick him up. } {T 01:42:48:86 I teII you, if that boy didn`t have his head strapped on him, he`d Iose it. } {T 01:43:17:98 Hey, isn`t that MaIcoIm there? } {T 01:43:40:22 Got a fIat tire. Ain`t got no spare. } {T 01:45:38:54 SubtitIes conformed by SOFTITLER }
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Bad Timing (Nicolas Roeg 1980)
Bad and the Beautiful The
Badboys II
Baise Moi
Balanta 1992 (The Oak)
Ballad Of A Soldier 1959
Balseros 2002
Bamba La (1987)
Band of Brothers 01 - Currahee
Band of Brothers 02 - Day of Days
Band of Brothers 03 - Carentan
Band of Brothers 04 - Replacements
Band of Brothers 05 - Crossroads
Band of Brothers 06 - Bastogne
Band of Brothers 07 - The Breaking Point
Band of Brothers 08 - The Last Patrol
Band of Brothers 09 - Why We Fight
Band of Brothers 10 - Points
Band of Outsiders
Bande des quatre La 1988 CD1
Bande des quatre La 1988 CD2
Bao biao (1969) - Have sword Chang Cheh
Bao lian deng (1999)
Bar El Chino 2003
Baramui Fighter CD1
Baramui Fighter CD2
Barberella - A Queen Of The Galaxy
Bare Bea 2004
Barefoot Gen 1983
Barrio 1947 25fps
Basara The Princess 1992 CD1
Basara The Princess 1992 CD2
Basic Instinct
Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman
Batman - The Movie
Batman 1989 CD1
Batman 1989 CD2
Batman and Robin
Batoru Rowaioru II - Requiem (2003) CD1
Batoru Rowaioru II - Requiem (2003) CD2
Batteries Included
Battle Cry CD1
Battle Cry CD2
Battle Hymn 1957
Battle Royale (2000) Directors Cut CD1
Battle Royale (2000) Directors Cut CD2
Battle Royale 2 (2003)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Battle of Algiers The (Gillo Pontecorvo 1965) CD1
Battle of Algiers The (Gillo Pontecorvo 1965) CD2
Battle of Britain CD1
Battle of Britain CD2
Battle of the Bulge CD1
Battle of the Bulge CD2
Battlefield Baseball
Battlefield Earth
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - 33
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - Litmus
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - Water
Battlestar Galactica 01x03 - Bastille Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x04 - Act of Contrition
Battlestar Galactica 01x05 - You Cant Go Home Again
Battlestar Galactica 01x07 - Six Degrees of Seperation
Battlestar Galactica 01x08 - Flesh and Bone
Battlestar Galactica 01x09 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
Battlestar Galactica 01x10 - The Hand of God
Battlestar Galactica 01x11 - Colonial Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x12 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 1
Battlestar Galactica 01x13 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 2
Baxter 1989
Beach The
Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie
Beast Cops
Beast From 20,000 Fathoms The 1953
Beast Within The
Beast of War The
Beating Of The Butterflys Wings The 2000
Beatles Anthology The Episode1
Beatles Anthology The Episode2
Beatles Anthology The Episode3
Beatles Anthology The Episode4
Beatles Anthology The Episode5
Beatles Anthology The Episode6
Beatles Anthology The Episode7
Beatles Anthology The Episode8
Beatles Anthology The Special Features
Beatles The - A Hard Dayss Night
Beatles The First US Visit The
Beau Pere - Stepfather - Bertrand Blier 1981
Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Girls
Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD1
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD2
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD3
Beautifull Mind A CD1
Beautifull Mind A CD2
Beauty And The Beast
Beauty and the Beast (Disney Special Platinum Edition)
Beavis and Butt-head Do America (1996)
Bedford Incident The
Bedroom Key The CD1
Bedroom Key The CD2
Before Night Falls 2000 CD1
Before Night Falls 2000 CD2
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset 2004
Beguiled The
Behind Enemy Lines 2001
Behind The Sun (Walter Salles 2001)
Being John Malkovich
Being There (1979) CD1
Being There (1979) CD2
Belle Epoque CD1
Belle Epoque CD2
Belle and La Bete La (1946)
Bellinin And The Spynx CD1
Bellinin And The Spynx CD2
Bells Of St Marys The (1945)
Belly Of The Beast
Belly of an Architect The
Ben-Hur CD1
Ben-Hur CD2
Bend It Like Beckham
Bend of the River 1952
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Benny and Joon
Best years of our lives 1946
Bet on My Disco
Better Off Dead 1985
Better Than Chocolate
Better Tomorrow 2 A CD1
Better Tomorrow 2 A CD2
Better Tomorrow 3 A
Better Way To Die A
Between Heaven and Hell
Beverly Hillbillies The 1993
Beverly Hills Ninja
Beyond Borders CD1
Beyond Borders CD2
Beyond The
Beyond The Clouds
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD1
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD2
Biches Les (Claude Chabrol 1968)
Bicho de sete cabezas
Bichunmoo CD1
Bichunmoo CD2
Big Blue The CD1
Big Blue The CD2
Big Bounce The
Big Chill The
Big Daddy
Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958)
Big Fat Liar
Big Fish 2003
Big Hit The
Big Lebowski The
Big Mommas House
Big Nihgt
Big Shot - A Confessions of a Campus Bookie 2002
Big Sleep The
Big clock The 1948
Big girls dont cry
Biker boyz
Billy Elliot
Billy Madison 1995
Biloxi blues
Bingwoo 2004 CD1
Bingwoo 2004 CD2
Bio Dome
Bio Hunter
Bio Zombie
Bionicle 2 A Legends of Metru-Nui
Bionicle Mask Of Light 2003
Birch Tree Meadow The
Bird People in China The 1998 CD1
Bird People in China The 1998 CD2
Bird on a wire
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD1
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD2
Bite the bullet
Bitter Sugar (Azucar amarga)
Black Angel
Black Sabbath
BlackAdder 1x1 - The Foretelling
BlackAdder 1x2 - Born to be King
BlackAdder 1x3 - The Archbishop
BlackAdder 1x4 - The Queen of Spains Beard
BlackAdder 1x5 - Witchsmeller Pursuivant
BlackAdder 1x6 - The Black Seal
BlackAdder 2x1 - Bells
BlackAdder 2x2 - Head
BlackAdder 2x3 - Potato
BlackAdder 2x4 - Money
BlackAdder 2x5 - Beer
BlackAdder 2x6 - Chains
BlackAdder 4x1 - Captain Cook
BlackAdder 4x2 - Corporal Punishment
BlackAdder 4x3 - Major Star
BlackAdder 4x4 - Private Plane
BlackAdder 4x5 - General Hospital
BlackAdder 4x6 - Goodbyeee
BlackAdder Christmas Carol 1988
BlackAdder The Cavalier Years
BlackAdder the Third 3x1
BlackAdder the Third 3x2
BlackAdder the Third 3x3
BlackAdder the Third 3x4
BlackAdder the Third 3x5
BlackAdder the Third 3x6
Black Adder V - Back and Forth
Black Christmas
Black Hawk Down
Black Mask
Black Mask 2
Black Orpheus
Black Rain CD1
Black Rain CD2
Black Sheep
Black Widow 1987
Black and White (1998)
Blackout The 1997 CD1
Blackout The 1997 CD2
Blade 3 - Trinity
Blade Of Fury
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD1
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD2
Blade Runner Directors Cut
Blair Witch Project The
Blame It On Rio
Blast From The Past 1999
Blast from the Past
Blazing Saddles
Blazing Sun (1960) CD1
Blazing Sun (1960) CD2
Bless The Child
Blind Beast
Blind Chance (1987) CD1
Blind Chance (1987) CD2
Blind Spot Hitlers Secretary (2002)
Blind date
Blob The 1988
Blood Crime
Blood Wedding (1981)
Blood Work
Blood and Black Lace
Blow 2001 CD1
Blow 2001 CD2
Blow Dry 2001
Blown Away 1994 CD1
Blown Away 1994 CD2
Blue (Derek Jarman)
Blue Car
Blue Collar Comedy Tour The Movie
Blue Max The CD1
Blue Max The CD2
Blue Moon
Blue Planet The 1
Blue Planet The 2 - The Deep
Blue Planet The 3 - Open Ocean
Blue Planet The 4 - Frozen Seas
Blue Spring 2001
Blue Velvet
Blue juice 1995
Blue thunder
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD2
Blues Harp
Boat Trip - Feedback Overflow
Bob Le Flambeur 1955
Bob Marley Story - Rebel Music
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Body Double
Body Heat
Body The
Boiler Room
Bola El
Bone Collector The
Bonnie and Clyde
Book of Fate The
Book of Pooh The
Boondock Saints The
Boot Das 1981 CD1
Boot Das 1981 CD2
Born Romantic
Boucher Le
Bourne supremacy The-1CD
Boxcar Bertha
Boy Who Saw The Wind The
Boys and Girls
Boyz N the Hood
Branca de Neve
Bread and Roses
Breakfast Club The
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakin all the rules
Breaking Away
Bride with White Hair The
Bridge Man The CD1
Bridge Man The CD2
Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
Bugs Life A
Bullet Ballet
Bullet in the Head
Bulletproof Monk 2003
Bullets Over Broadway
Bully (Unrated Theatrical Edition)
Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
Burnt Money
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition
Butchers Wife The