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Book of Pooh The

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Christopher, time for school.
Okay, Mom.
- Hum-diddle-dee-deenow - Who could that be now
Humming a melody
- Could it be who there - Maybe it's Pooh bear
Pooh? Well, that's me!
- He's Winnie the Pooh - Come and find me
- He's Winnie the Pooh - He's in the book
- He's Winnie the Pooh - You needn't remind me
Everyone knows he's Winnie the Pooh
- He's Winnie the Pooh -And all my friends here
- He's Winnie the Pooh - Come have a look
- He's Winnie the Pooh - The fun never ends here
Everyone knows he's
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
It was a lovely day, and Christopher Robin had just returned from school...
and he was ready to--
Uh-- Um, that's strange.
Christopher Robin? Are you there?
Oh, how embarrassing. I wonder where he could be.
Oh, Christopher Robin!
- Where could he be? - Well, he should be here by now.
School lets out at 3:00, as I rememberize it.
Uh, well, eveyone, I hate to disappoint you...
but I don't think Christopher Robin has arrived home yet.
Oh, bother. And I was really hoping he might read us a stoy.
Hey! I got an idea.
Maybe if we find Christopher Robin's little booky thing that he writes stuffdown in--
- ''Booky thing''? - I think Tigger means Christopher Robin's journal, Pooh.
Oh, yes, of course. His journal.
Oh, uh, but what is a journal, if I may ask?
Oh, well, a journal is a book...
in which you write daily entries about things that happen to you.
- You can also doodle in ajournal. - Got a lot of stuff here.
Or just write down your thoughts or feelings.
Yeah, that. And if I could just find it, we'll look up today.
And we'll be able to see what's happening to Christopher Robin right now.
What a wonderful idea, Tigger.
Um, well, Tigger, Pooh, you know, I'm not sure that's how a journal works.
Oh, yes. I-I'm not at all sure that's right either.
- Ah, okay, let me see. Oh, here it is. - Yes, well--
- My! - Oh, look at this. Oh, look. - Pooh, Tigger, look.
- That looks like me. - Well, I think it is you, Piglet.
It seems that Christopher Robin has marked his favorite stories...
about each one ofhis friends with bookmarks.
- Oh, that's us. - Oh, that's vey nice.
Oh, I can't wait to hear a stoy, Piglet. I do wish Christopher Robin would get here.
Well, uh, uh, Mr. Narrator, uh, doyou think Christopher Robin would mind...
if we read a few stories while we're waiting?
- Well, I don't think he would mind. - And I thinkwe should read the one about Pooh first...
seeing as he's the vey first one who wanted to hear a stoy.
All right, since Pooh was the first one who wanted to hear a stoy...
we'll read a stoy about Pooh.
Oh, my, yes. This is a good one.
One day in the Hundred Acre Wood...
Owl was reading a book about the great adventures ofhis Uncle Waldo.
''And so, as the sun set over the hill Uncle Waldo flew off...
ending yet another great adventure.''
Oh, my, that was a wonderful stoy, Owl.
- And a great adventure too. - Yes, it was. A great adventure.
It certainly would be wonderful to have an adventure ofmy own.
Well, Owl, how doyou find an adventure?
Oh, uh, well, um, let's see.
Mmm. I'd say there's at least one adventure over evey hill.
- Wow. How beautiful. - How beautiful.
I am vey determined, little Piglet, to find an adventure.
I guess it's time to go over that hill to look for one.
-Would you like to come with me, Piglet? -Over the hill? Oh, my.
That sounds so vey far away.
A-A-And for certain i-if you have to go over the hill...
you have to come back, which is even further.
I understand, friend Piglet...
so I will be sure to tell you all about my adventure when I return.
Oh, that would be wonderful, Pooh.
A-A-And whileyou're gone, Pooh, I'll make a ''welcome home, Pooh'' sign for you...
and I'll be right here when you come back.
Wonderful. Oh, it's so nice to have a good friend like you...
when you're an adventurer like myself.
So long, Piglet. I shall see you when I return.
So long, Pooh.
And so our brave friend Winnie the Pooh began walking toward the hill, looking for adventure.
Hello, Rabbit. I'm offon an adventure. Would you like to come?
Oh, uh, sory, Pooh bear, I'm too busy with my garden.
- Have fun. - Thank you, Rabbit. I will.
Tigger, would you like to go on an adventure?
No, thanks, buddy boy. I'm busy practicin' my most tiggerific bounces.
This time I'm goin' for quality instead of quantity.
I understand, Tigger.
I'll be sure to tell you about my adventure after I have it.
I look forward to hearin' about it, Pooh, old buddy boy.
I'll be seein' ya!
Well, it looks like this is a special adventure just for me.
It's time for adventure I'm off on an adventure
I know it's out there waiting for a Pooh
I'm ready and I'm willing for a trip that's thrilling
Though I'm not exactly sure what I should do
There are mountains calling and waters waterfalling
Now I just need to figure out the way
I'll run and hike andc limb 'cause it's the perfect time
For adventuring today
And oh, it's wonderful
This feeling as I'm marching forth
But oh, how botherful
To never know which way is south and which is north
The world is inviting It all seems so exciting
So tally-ho Or is it tally-hey
The streams and rivers flowing So I must be going
Adventuring Adventuring
So Pooh kept walking...
and walking and walking...
until he came to the vey hill he had seen...
outside Owl's house.
Oh, my! Look at that beautiful butterfly.
I wonder if this is the beginning of my adventure.
I certainly hope so.
Oh, little butterfly. I was won--
So Pooh chased the butterfly...
and it spun him around so vey much...
that he became vey confused.
Oh, bother.
Now, let me see. Which way did I come from?
And which way should I go to?
Well, this way looks vey adventurous.
So Pooh set off down the hill again.
It really was the way he came...
but our good friend Pooh didn't know that.
- Whee! - Well, look at that.
Why, that little bird over there reminds me ofmy friend Kessie.
I'll be sure to tell her about seeing a birdjust like her when I return.
- Well, you can hop, can'tyou? - And bounce? I don't know.
- Hello, guys. - Oh, Kessie, hello.
Look, over there.
The inhabitants of this strange and beautiful land.
How do you get so much height?
I think they look a little familiar.
Well, see, you bend your kneesies...
- and that's where you get the spring, see? - I see.
Oh, hello.
Excuse me, strangers.
My name is Pooh, and I'm a bear from over the hill, you see.
And I was just wondering, um...
what sort of adventures are you up to today?
The bear from over the hill? You don't say.
- Are you sure about that? - Don't you live here?
Yes. Aren't you Pooh bear?
Well, you must be thinking of another Pooh bear, I'm afraid.
You see, I've just walked a long, long way from the other side of the hill.
So I couldn't possibly be the Pooh you're thinking of.
Although he does sound like a nice enough fellow.
I understand your confusion completely.
You know, we have creatures like yourselves where I come from too.
In fact, my vey dear friends from the other side of the hill...
look vey much like you.
Really? There's a rabbit just like me on the other side of the hill?
What's he like? Does he have a garden?
Is it as beautiful as mine?
And there's another bluebird like me?
How high does she fly? I would love to meet her.
Pooh, how areyou doing?
Oh, Owl, this isn't our Pooh bear.
- Yeah. See, this is a new Pooh bear from over the hill there. - Oh, really?
Oh, my! So sory to assume.
It is vey nice to meet you. The resemblance is uncanny.
Mmm. Two Pooh bears.
Sounds pretty confusin'...
but one less name to remember, I guess.
- Nice to meet you. - And nice to meet all ofyou too.
You know, this is really an unusual adventure.
And what a wonderful time I'm having...
except for the rumbly in my tumbly.
Oh, yes, our friend Pooh bear from this side of the hill...
likes honey, too, in fact.
And I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you had a bit ofhis.
Really? That would be vey nice.
Come on. Let's go to his house.
Oh, Pooh, you're back! Welcome home!
Hold on there, Piglet. This here is a different Pooh.
Although he's looking more ''familiar-ibible'' all the time.
But that can't be. He looks just like my friend Pooh.
And I was waiting here for him to return home, and he has.
Ooh, this is vey strange indeed.
Well, what doyou have to say for yourself, Pooh? If that's your real name.
I'm confused. But then that doesn't take much.
Well, I am Pooh, your friend, Piglet.
But what are you doing over here?
I'm all the way on the other side of the hill.
You travel vey fast for such a vey small animal.
But-But you just left just a little while ago.
And-And I said I'd be waiting foryou here. I haven't gone anywhere.
But I believe I haven't finished my adventure.
Really? It's still going on? Well, how's it going?
Well, I don't know.
You see, first I walked and walked and walked.
And then I walked up this big hill.
Yeah, yeah? Go on! And then what? And then what?
- And then I saw this lovely butterfly. - Please go on!
And the butterfly flew 'round and 'round.
- Go on, go on. - And then it flew away.
So I followed it back down the other side ofthe hill.
Oh, go on!
And-- And then I met all ofyou.
And you all reminded me ofmyvey dearest friends and--
This is all making my brain hurt a bit.
My dear Pooh-- ifI may call you that--
it seems that perhaps you went back down the hill...
the same wayyou came up.
And you are in fact...
the Pooh bear that we all know and love.
- Kind ofthought he looked familiar. - Areyou sure?
Well, you certainly seem like the Pooh bear I know--
always going offon adventures, looking for honey and th-that sort ofthing.
Well, now thatyou mention it...
I did turn around a number oftimes.
I guess I was here all along.
- I'm soryyou didn't get to haveyour adventure, Pooh. - Oh, but I did, Piglet.
Becauseyou know, I got to meet all myvey best friends all over again.
Welcome home, Pooh!
Hmm. Pity about the other Rabbit.
I-- I would have liked to have met him.
And that is the stoy ofhow Pooh went on an adventure...
only to find that sometimes the best adventures...
are in your own backyard.
And where he also learned even our most familiar favorite friends and places...
can become new all over again.
- Ifyou can see them in a new way. - Exactly, Piglet.
Hello, hello? Come here, little journal-booksie-that-you-write-in thing.
Come out, come out, whereveryou are.
Uh, Tigger, I do believe--
Oh, dear, Tigger, you seem to be making an awful mess.
And it was so clean in here before.
What, this? Hoo-hoo! I am not making a mess.
I am doing a vey scientifical search.
It'sjust so much harder to find stuff when it's all put away, you know.
Now, let me see now. Let me see.
Well, Tigger, why don't I read another stoywhile we're waiting?
The one about Piglet looks interesting.
Ah, good idea there, Mr. Narrator. Please read away.
Yes, thankyou, Mr. Narrator. Please do.
I'd love to hear a stoy about me.
All right, now. Let's see. Piglet, Piglet.
Hmm. Oh, yes! I do thinkyou'll like this one.
One fine day, Piglet was strolling happily down a path.
Little did he suspect that excitement wasjust about the corner.
He means me. Hoo-hoo!
Don't thank me. That was my special good morning pounce, Piglet.
No time to chaise lounge around.
- I gotta go, little guy. - Where areyou going, Tigger?
I gotta hit the road, little bud-arooney. I'm hearing the call ofthe wild.
- Call ofthe wild? - Oh, yeah.
Once a year I go off on a long explore by myself...
just to sharpen myjungle instincts.
And I growl at the moon, run with the pack, you know, that kind ofstuff.
But, Tigger, who will bounce and pounce and-and...
and other tiggey things?
- I'll miss you. - Really? You will?
Holy Cleveland! I never thunk ofthat.
You're right. I couldn't possibibly leave the Hundred Acre Wood tiggerless.
- Wh-What do we do? - Well, I'll have to find a replaceyment. But who?
After all, I'm the only one.
What aboutyou, Piglet?
Could you be the new me, just for a while?
Me? Oh, yes, I'd love to beyou!
After all, tiggers are such large, bouncy animals.
And piglets are so small and un-bouncy.
Splendiferous! Then we'll start the R.T.T.P.--
that's rigorous tiggerous training program-- right away!
This is the first phase ofyour training, better known as ''bouncin'.''
Show me whatyou got, Piglet.
Uh-huh. Well, whatyou need is to get more air between you and the old ground.
Wait a minuet. I gotjust the thing.
There! Finished!
Well, all right.
Oh! I guess I forgot to tell you about the coming down part.
I like to call phase two ''talkin' the talk.''
We'll start with an easy one. Say ''ridikerous.''
-Ridiculous. -No, you're adding the wrong continents.
Hoo-hoo! Ridikerous with a ''rous'' on the end.
- You nut. - ''Ridikerous.''
Better. Ifyou get into troubibible...
just tell 'em you got ''Lary's gitis.''
Phase two is over. Now, on to phase C.
Pouncing is howyou greet people. It's fun, surprising...
and folksjust love it.
Well, I'm not so sure about that, Tigger.
You don't have to be. I am. Here, I'll showyou. Come up behind me.
Shout, ''Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo''! And pounce on me. Go ahead, go ahead.
Oh, boy! What a surprise.
Thanks. That pouncejust made mywhole day brighter.
Oh, y-you'rejust tying to be nice.
I don't make a vey good tigger, do I?
Aw, now what kind oftalk is that...
my little Pig-tigger-latini?
I guess I haven't told you the most, most importerant thing about being a tigger.
- Wh-What's that? - Your mental altitude.
Don'tyou mean mental attitude?
No, no, I mean altitude.
Ifyou wanna talk the talk andwalk the walk
Ifyou wannabounce thebounce andpounce thepounce
Letyour thinking fly way uphigh
You'llsoonsee why
'Cause there'sno doubt It'sallabout
Yougottahave a tiggerifiicmentalaltitude
But I don't even look like a tigger.
Ifyouhaven'tgotstripes Noneedtorunandhide
Youcanstillbeaguy who wearshisstripes inside
Andjustknowing thestripes are there willmakeyoudare
To tryandfiinda tiggerishkind
A bounce-eracious, tiggerifiicmentalaltitude
Well, I don't know.
It's confiidentiosity thatmakesapigletroar
Whatelse could whale-ify ameresardine
Sorevyour thinkin'engine up andwatchyourspiritssoar
- You'llsee the world willbeyour trampoline - Really?
Thenyou'll talk-erate the talk
Andwalkify the walk
Come on. Andbounce-ilate thebounce
Andpounce-itize thepounce
I think thatyou'll fiind you'llbealotlikeme
Ifdayandnight youkeep theright
- Mentalaltitude - Mentalaltitude
A bumptious, scrumptious, tiggerifiic
- Mentalaltitude - Mentalaltitude
Ajoyful-lumpious tigger-tastic, bounce-ish, pounce-ish, quite elastic
You have earned your stripes, young Tigglet.
Rise, SirTigger Replaceyment.
Go forth and pounce.
Okay, I gotta go. The call ofthe wild waits for no tigger.
Butyou are gonna do great. T.T.F.N.
T.T.F.N. Well, here goes nothing.
- Hello? Who's there? - It's me, Tigglet.
T-I double ''glet''.
Oh, dear. I hope I didn't harm you, Rabbit.
Ifso, I apologize most sincerely.
What areyou doing, Piglet?
Oh, well, you see, I'm the new replacement forTigger.
- But why? - Uh-- Oh!
Wh-Wh-What does that mean?
Tigger had to leave for a few days.
Um, Piglet, why don'tyoujust go back to being yourself?
Don't be ridikerous, old fury, bunny-type person with ears.
Oh, please, Piglet, just call me by my real name.
- All right? - Oh, all right. Sory, Rabbit.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the woods...
Tigger realized he had forgotten his toothbrush.
Fresh breath is vey importerant when you're prowlin' thejungle.
So he rushed back home to get it.
Oh, look. Piglet's hangin' out with old long ears.
Make me proud, little Tigglet.
So, you think I'm a bad replacement, Rabbit?
Oh, no, no, Piglet. No, no, you're doing a finejob.
In fact, ifyou'd like to know the truth...
I wish the real Tiggerwere a bit more smart and polite likeyou.
Do my ears deceive me?
Floppy ears thinks I'm a terrible tigger!
Oh, who would've thunk a piglet...
would be a betterTigger than a tigger.
Oh, it's all over for me.
I probablywouldn't even make a good Piglet.
Oh, hello, Tigger. What areyou doing back so soon?
Oh, I'm just stoppin' by to say hello so I could say good-bye, I'm afraid.
I'll be leaving the Hundred Acre Wood for good, little buddy.
Leave? Oh, but why?
Well, because that's what washed-up tiggers do best.
You're the new stripes in town, kid.
Enjoy the ride. Oh!
Oh, fuss. That's my favorite rake too.
Okay, up I go. One, two, three.
Oh, dear.
Help me! Help me!
- Oh. - Get Tigger!
Great idea.
- Hang on, Rabbit! - Help me!
Tigger, help! Rabbit is in trouble!
You have to bounce and save him.
Who needs a washed-up has-benjamin?
You do it, Piglet. You're the new Tigger on the block.
But-But I'm much too small to bounce high enough.
Hey, come on, Tigger.
Where's thatoldmentalaltitude
That veryhappy tiggery mentalaltitude
Thatjoyful-ifiic veryifiic, reallyifiic
Uh, you know what I mean.
Help! Help!
Don't loseyour grip, old long ears!
Tigger is on thejob!
Oh, dear. Oh, my. Thankyou, Tigger.
Aw, shucks. Twern't nothin'.
I must say, Tigger, even ifyou do pounce on me and ruin my garden...
being a tigger is indeed whatyou do best.
And I think I'll leave the bouncing and pouncing to the expert from now on.
It's good to be back, fellas, and front and forward and sideways.
And up and down, too, for that matter.
- Well, gotta run. T.T.F.N. - Oh, well.
Tiggers will be tiggers, I suppose.
Yes. Isn't it wonderful?
And that is the stoy ofthe day Piglet was a tigger for a day...
and found that evey one ofus is unique...
which means that we're each special in our own way.
We each have our own way oftalking, thinking--
And bouncin', 'cause I'm the only one, you know.
Yes, Tigger, it's true.
But we're each and evey one ofus the only one.
- Even me? - Yes, Piglet.
Hey, where haveyou guys been?
I've been flying around everywhere looking foryou.
We've been waiting for Christopher Robin...
and we're reading stories he's marked with bookmarks about each one ofus.
The first one was about me.
Really? Is there one about me?
Why, yes, there is, Kessie. It's right here.
- Mr. Narrator? - Atyour service.
A stoy about our little bluebird friend Kessie.
Ah, yes, here we go.
One fine day in the Hundred Acre Wood...
Kessie was flying about looking for--
well, uh, uh--
- What areyou looking for, Kessie? - Oh, hi.
I was looking around to see if any ofmy friends need any help.
- I'm a good helper. - Why, that's vey nice ofyou.
Thanks. Hey, doyou need any help today...
like with the stoy or something?
Why, thankyou, Kessie, but I think the stoy...
seems to be running smoothly so far.
Okay. I'm gonna go look for somebody else to help then, okay?
Good idea, Kessie.
And so offshe went to find someone to help.
- Hi, Pooh. What's up? - Up?
Well, it appears that we are up, Kessie.
But we must be vey quiet, or the bees will discover...
that I'm tying to get a smackeral ofhoney from their hive.
Shh, shh.
I don't know why, but it seems to upset them.
Oh, I didn't know that. Can I help, Pooh?
Hmm. I think I'd better do this on my own, Kessie.
It takes a lot ofhoney-getting know-how...
to know how to get honey from a hive.
- Thankyou anyway, though. - Okay.
Gee, Pooh doesn't need my help either.
Oh, well. Maybe Rabbit does.
Hi, Rabbit. What areyou doing?
Oh, I'm weeding my garden, dear.
Ooh, c-can I help, Rabbit? Please?
Well, uh, I don't know, Kessie.
In order to weed properly, you must have knowledge ofgardening.
- Oh. - You must be able to distinguish a weed from--
Kessie, no!
That isn't a weed, my dear.
That's the top ofa carrot.
You mustn't pull that out. Oh, goodness no.
I'm sory, Rabbit. I just wanted to help.
Oh, no, no, no. That's quite all right, dear.
Um, why don'tyoujust run along and enjoyyourself.
I can't help anybody.
How can I get to know stuff so I can help my friends?
I know. I'll find Owl.
He knows eveything.
Hello, Owl?
I don't want any. Thankyou.
It's me, Kessie!
Hello, Kessie. What can I do foryou?
I wanna know lots and lots ofstuff, Owl. In fact, I wanna know eveything.
Can you help me learn stuff?
But, my dear, knowledge is everywhere.
One must simply be out in the world and contemplate whatyou see around you.
Knowledge will come toyou eventually.
Really? You mean knowledge will just come to me?
- That's so easy. - Yes, my dear.
Now, run along. I have some important...
work to do.
Thanks, Owl.
And so, Kessie found a good spot...
and waited for knowledge to come to her.
And she waited...
and she waited...
- and she waited. - Okay, knowledge!
Where areyou, anyway?
Hello? I'm waiting.
I'm here.
Maybe I'm not doing it right.
Owl, it's me again-- Kessie.
Could I talk toyou for another minute, please?
Myword! Doesn't anyone around here know I'm nocturnal?
Yes, uh, Kessie?
It didn't work. I sat out there for a long time...
but I still don't know anything.
- What'd I do wrong? - Oh, but, Kessie, my dear...
you misunderstood me.
I meant that one must live and experience.
Then over time, bit by bit, knowledge comes toyou.
But I want to know now.
Tell me, Kessie. What is it thatyou want to know?
- I wannaknowitalllikeyoudo - I do?
Begrown upandtall like onmy tippytoes
-So Icanspreadmy wings - Be patient. You'll do that and a million other things.
But when, doyou suppose?
I wannaknoweverythingnow
See, I'm readytostandonmyown
Owl, IknowthatI'm little but teachme theriddle
I wannaknoweverythingnow
- Yeah, I wannaknoweverythingnow - Eveything now?
- FindouteverythingI'veneverknown - You've never known?
IknowIcan doit ifyou teachmehow
I wannaknoweverythingnow
Well, eveything is an awful lot.
- Oh, I wannaknoweverythingnow - Everythingnow
- Flyhigherthan I've everflown - You've everflown
Don'tjustkeepmeguessin' I'm ready foralesson
I'm eagerandhopin' My eyesare wide open
- I want toknow - You want toknow
You are the wisest one in the wood, Owl.
- Can'tyou help me? - The wisest?
Well, I don't know about that.
But I suppose I could put offmy...
important work until tomorrow.
Oh, thankyou.
I shall teach you eveything I know, Kessie.
Now, the best place to start is with books.
Let's see. Ah, yes.
Here we are. AllAboutBirds.
''Know thyself,'' as the wise man once said.
- There are all sorts of interesting tidbits in here. - Like what?
Well, er, uh, for instance, it says here that...
birds have remarkable eyesight...
and can see a great distance...
and have an amazing sense ofdirection.
Huh. I can do all that. That's interesting, I guess.
- Well, that's all for today. - That's all?
But that'sjust one little bit ofknowledge, Owl. I need to know lots more.
I thinkyou'll find a little knowledge goes a long way, Kessie.
Now, offyou go.
- Hello, Kessie! - Hi, you guys.
And where areyou offto?
Well, Owl's teaching me to be as wise as he is.
Oh, how exciting!
Yeah. Anyway, I just had my first lesson.
And Owl said I should take a walk through the wood.
Oh, a walk in the wood. Mind ifI tag along with you, Kessie?
- That'd be great. - Oh, yes.
I'd like to come too.
Me three! I feel like bouncin' a little after that taste-delicious lunch.
And so the friends walked...
until it was time to turn around and go home.
The question now facing them was...
which path was the path home.
- We're lost! - And it'll be d-d-dark soon.
I don't care for these woods when it gets dark.
Um, you know, because, um, it's, uh, bad for my bounce...
when I can't see where my feetsies are landin'.
- What are we going to do? - I wish I knew.
What we need is somebody with a good sense ofdirection.
Or somebodywho could somehow see vey far down these paths...
so that we could find out which one has home at the other end ofit.
Hey, wait a minute. I know what to do.
- I can help us. - But how, Kessie?
Well, I'll just fly up really high. I can see eveything from up there.
So I'll be able to look down the paths and see which is the way home.
This is the way home, guys!
- That's wonderful. - Thankyou, Kessie.
- We're home! - Yea!
Goodness! What's all the fuss about?
We got lost in the wood, and Kessie got us un-lost.
Oh, Owl, I could see for miles and miles...
so when I flew up high I could see the way home...
just like in your book, AllAboutBirds.
Good foryou, Kessie. As I said...
a little knowledge goes a long way.
- But I still have so much to learn. - Well...
what's wrong with knowing whatyou know now now...
and not knowing whatyou don't know now until later?
Oh, that's true, Pooh. Just take it one small step at a time...
and you'll be fine.
You sure will. And, uh, don't go growing up too fast there, Kessarini.
We kind oflikeyou howyou are right now.
- Really? Thanks, guys. - Ah, youth.
I remember my days at Oxford as ifit wereyesterday.
Cricket on the quadrangle, hooting from the turrets at dusk.
Did I ever tell you how I took a first in swooping?
Is that right? I would have thunk it was for talkin'.
And so ends the stoy ofthe day Kessie found...
that there are many, many things you learn in books.
But with Owl's help, she also found that wisdom doesn't come in a day.
That's for sure, but I'm learning a little bit more evey day.
Oh, that's wonderful, Kessie.
Christopher, is thatyou?
Oh-oh, Christopher Robin's mother!
- Yes, yes, yes! - Come over here!
Christopher, don'tyou have after school today?
Can you see me?
Shh, shh. Quiet, quiet, quiet.
Hmm. I could have sworn I heard talking up here.
Wow, this room is certainly a mess.
Oh, I'll have to talk to Christopher about it when he gets home. Hmm.
Oh, no! What have we done?
We, Tigger? I thinkyou're the one who--
Tut-tut, Piglet. This is no time for paw pointin'.
- We gotta do something. - I agree.
- We don't want Christopher Robin to get in trouble. - Hello.
- Uh, greetin's there, slap happy. - Hello, Rabbit. - Hi, Rabby.
Oh, myword! What's going on here?
Well, we were looking for Christopher Robin.
And I started looking for his journal thingamadoodle.
That's a bookwhereyou write down your thoughts, Rabbit.
And then we found the book with the stories marked.
Oh! Look at this bookmark with a picture ofme.
Well, this stoy looks fascinating.
I'm sureyou haven't read anything this good yet.
- Well, um-- - Well, read, read!
All right, all right.
A stoy for our floppy-eared friend.
Oh, yes. This is one ofmy favorites as well.
On one fine spring day in the Hundred Acre Wood...
Rabbit was doing what he did evey spring--
planting seeds for his garden.
Ah, yes. Hereyou go, little radish seed.
A nice, warm place to grow.
What was that? The wind?
Wind? Why, no. I'd say it's more ofa tigger-nado.
Tigger, my radish seeds!
Lookwhatyou've done. Oh!
That's it. I can't take this pouncing anymore.
Just-Just stay away from me, Tigger.
Hey, old long ears, whereyou going?
We werejust starting to have fun.
Hi, Tigger.
Oh, howyou doing there, Kessarini?
Say, you hang around old bunny boy a lot.
So, uh, why's he always so grumpy-ish?
Well, he isn't always grumpy.
- Um, why doyou ask? - Oh, nothing.
I just gave Rabbit a little good morning pounce...
and it seemed like he might have got mad at me.
It's probababibly nothin', though.
Well, um, Tigger...
Rabbit didn't happen to be doing his spring planting, did he?
Well, yeah, he sure was. You should have seen them little seedies go flying.
- What? - Well, it might have bothered him.
Hold on a minuet! You mean, old floppy ears...
thinks that I'm a bother?
Sometimes, Tigger.
Well, why didn't somebody tell me? I gotta do something about this.
I gotta go over there right now and make friends with Rabbit again.
You got any ideas how to do that?
Well, you could ty taking an interest in something Rabbit really likes...
like gardening, for instance.
You mean he actually likes hoein'...
and plantin' and whatever it is he does over there?
Hmm. You know, I thought that wasjust how he waited around for me to pounce him.
No. No, actually, gardening is his favorite thing.
Well, what doyou know? Thanks, Kessarini.
No problem, Tigger. Good luck. Seeyou later.
Hey, bunny boy. Hows about coming out here...
and teaching me all about seeds and franken-fertilizers...
and, uh, stuff.
Oh, no, Tigger. I knowyou.
This isjust some plot soyou can bounce me again.
Well, I'm not falling for it.
This guy, playin' hard to get.
I know how to get him.
Okay, then. I'll just learn all about gardenin' on my own.
Well, this looks like a good spot for a garden.
No, no, no, no, Tigger. Seeds can't grow in soil that's so rough and dy.
Huh. I guess gardening isn't what Tiggers do best.
So, uh, show me how, garden boy.
Eveybody knows thatyou are the bestest...
at makin' plants grow and-and stuff.
Well-- Well, I-I don't know.
- Oh, come on! - Well-- Oh, all right.
Butjust remember-- gardening should be fun.
Fun I can do.
Well, we're going to have to getyou seeds, tools and ofcourse a patch ofground.
Oh, here. This is perfect--
plenty ofsunlight, lots ofmoisture, dark, rich earth.
- Well, yeah, but-- - Now, you'll need a watering can. No, no, no, no.
- This one is too small and rusty. Take my good one. - All I wanna know is--
Oh, and I just bought a brand-new shovel you can use.
- It's in the-- - Rabbit, when do we start?
Well, firstyou must poke a hole in the soil.
Then you drop in a seed and cover it over.
A little water, and voila!
Soil, poke, drop and soak. Got it.
-Tigger, what doyou thinkyou're doing? -Plantin' a garden,just likeyou said.
- So now what, long ears? - Nowyou wait for the seeds to sprout.
Gotyou. So, how long?
What, two, three minutes? What?
Ty several weeks. Right now the seeds are dormant.
That means they're asleep.
And it takes them a while to wake up.
Asleep, huh? Oh. Well, this oughta wake 'em sooner.
Every vine upon the wall hadtosomehowlearn to crawl
Bystartingoutrealsmall withjustalittlebounce
You takeitniceandslow andsteadyasyougo
Andsoonyou're ready togrowinhugeamounts
Onyourmark, getset Nowyoubettergetgrowing
On thesoilyou'llsweat andthesunshineshowin'
There'sa time toreap anda time tosow
Butno time tosleep Getupandgetgrowin'
No time forsleeping Getupandgetgrowin'
Snap toit, little sprig
Chop-chop, little twig
Howyouever, evergonnagetbig withouta wiggleandabounce
Nowthe timeis ripe Soyoubettergetgrowin'
Yougotta earnyourstripes while thepollenisblowin'
There'sa time torake anda time tohoe
Littleseeds, awake andgetupandgetgrowin'
Littleseeds, awake andgetupandgetgrowin'
Ifyou try withallyourheart hey, youneverknow
Why, even friendships canstart togetgrowin'
Rabbit was so flattered by Tigger's interest in gardening...
he decided to help his striped friend in anyway he could.
He showed Tigger which weeds to pull.
He gladly gave Tigger anything he needed...
from his valuable garden supplies.
Afterwhich, however, he often found he had little left for himself.
But Rabbit didn't care.
- And Tigger, ofcourse, was vey happy. - Ah. Hmm.
After all, he and Rabbit were spending a lot oftime together.
Things seemed to be going well indeed.
That is until the time came for the gardens to sprout.
And Tigger's, not surprisingly, came up quite a bit faster than Rabbit's.
Hello, Tigger. Piglet and I thought it would be nice...
to see howyour new garden was coming.
Here, buddy. Myvegetabibles are already ripe.
Ty one.
- Mmm. - Oh, good.
Well, these are so big andjuicy looking.
Hey, Tigger. How goes the gardening?
Oh,just great.
Boy, is old floppy ears evey gonna be proud.
Here he comes now. Hey, Rabbit.
Ty one ofmy carroty carrots. I grew it special foryou.
Say, this is wonderful.
- My carrots aren't even close to being ready. - Yeah?
So, what's your point, bunny buddy ofmine?
Thatyou're pleased as Punch-and-Judy about my gardening ability?
- Is that it? - What? Oh, oh, yes, ofcourse, Tigger.
Congratulations. You're obviously a terrific gardener.
Maybe the best gardener in the whole Hundred Acre Wood.
Huh. I wonderwhat's wrong with bunny boy now?
I thought he'd be happywith me for once, but he's all droopy.
Hey, Rabbit, wait up!
- Um, listen. A-About the garden-- - Oh, what is it, Tigger?
Haven't I already told you how wonderful it is?
All right. You're obviously a better gardener than me, Tigger.
- Happy? - Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!
Ifyou'djust listen at me for a second.
Look, pal, you can have my part ofthe garden.
- You're the reason it's as good as it is anyway. - What?
Sure. You helped me pull weeds...
you gave me the best plot ofland, all your plant food...
and your gardening tools and you even told me what to do.
- But-- - Besides, I was only doin' it so's we could spend some quality time...
becomin' better friends.
- You what? - Well, yeah.
I must not have done a vey goodjob ofit, though.
You'rejust as grumpy at me as ever.
Oh, no, no, no, Tigger. Uh, you did a wonderful job.
I'm the one who messed this up.
I-- I guess I never thought you'd go to all this trouble...
just to make me feel good.
Oh, come on. You gotta be kiddin'.
Why doyou think I pounceyou more than anybody else?
Hmm, I never thought ofit that way.
But I'm really touched, Tigger. Thankyou.
You're welcome. Well, guess I'll seeyou around then.
Oh, Tigger, wait. I-I was, uh, wondering--
doyou thinkyou could show me that...
growing dance ofyours?
Oh, yeah, sure.
- You reallywanna see it? - Oh, definitely.
It seems like I have a lot ofthings I need to learn.
You sure do.
I mean, you know, in a good way ofcourse.
And so Tigger and Rabbit talked far into the afternoon.
They talked ofmany things-- offriendship and fertilizer.
Thus ends the stoy ofthe day Rabbit taught Tigger how to garden...
and Tigger taught Rabbit a little something about friendship as well.
What a great stoy. It's all about me.
But that was about me, Tigger.
Well, I don't know ifyou had something blocking up those floppy ears ofyours...
but it sure seemed to be about me to me.
Uh, Tigger, here, here.
I think I just found your stoy. Look.
Oh, yeah. You're right, bunny boy.
That does kind oflook like me.
- Oh, Mr. Narrator? - Uh, Mr. Narrator. - All right, all right.
Although, I do thinkwe should do something about this room soon.
- Me too. - Shh!
All right, on with our stoy.
Ah, yes. I remember this one well.
It was...
long past bedtime in the Hundred Acre Wood...
- and eveyone was fast asleep, - Bouncity bounce!
except forTigger.
- Tigger, isn't it pastyour bedtime? - Nah.
See, I realizated while I was getting ready for old beddy-bye...
that, you know, stuffwas probably happenin' while I was asleep.
Tiggers don't like missin', uh, stuffthat when you're sleepin'.
So, I decided to give up sleeping.
I see, Tigger.
Yeah, so, what doyou think we ought to do...
for the firstest thing ofthe--
Well, I guess he's not a nighty time guy like me.
I bet old Rabbit's up to something good!
That fussbottom probably never sleeps.
I'm coming! I'm coming!
This better be important.
I wasjust dreaming about a carrot as big as a house.
Oh, what could be more important than hangin' out...
with your old friend Tigger?
- T-I double-- - Tigger!
Doyou know what time it is?
Well, actuallowee, no. I'm not too good with them clocky thingamabobs.
But from the looks ofhow dark it is, I'd say it's, um, pretty late.
But what's that to us, right?
- Nighttime when's all the fun happens. - No.
Nighttime is bedtime.
Time to go to sleep.
So go to sleep, Tigger!
Good night!
Oh, I get it. A little napping before the real fun starts.
Well, I'm not sleepin', so I'll just sit here and watch whileyou sleep. Go ahead.
- But-- - Oh, don't wory, bunny buddy.
Your snorin' won't bother me. It's kind ofentertainin', actually.
Oh, all right. Just be quiet, Tigger, please.
I-- I need my beauty sleep.
You can say that again.
- Tigger! - Oh, sory some more.
Tigger, what areyou doing?
I'll never get to sleep with you staring at me.
Great! 'Cause I gotta tell you, you're kind ofa boring sleeper.
I can see I need some help with this.
Maybe Piglet can do something with you.
Yeah, Pigeleto is probably dancing the night away.
W-W-Who could be at my door so vey, vey late at night?
H-H-Heffalumps and woozles! Oh, no.
They like to come in through the window.
M-Maybe it's something polite and even more f-ferocious.
Hello, Piglet, old pal! Areyou home orwhat?
Oh, dear! It's eaten Tigger!
Come, Piglet. Open up.
And Rabbit too. Oh, my! Oh, dear!
I m-must do something.
One, t-two...
- Hello, Piglet. - Whatyou up to?
Oh, well, look at that. You see, Rabbit?
- I told you Piglet would be doing something neat. - Hmm. Y-Yes.
So, what areyou playin' there, little pinky-- spaceman, gladiators...
space gladiator man?
Oh, no. Actually, I-- I wasjust a little bit nervous.
But is eveything all right, Tigger?
What areyou doing so vey up so vey late at night?
Oh! No, Piggy. I'm giving up sleepin' forever is all.
I don't wanna miss anything you party guys are doing while I'm asleep.
Uh, uh, Piglet, please, you've gotta help me.
Don'tyou see? IfTigger gives up sleep, we all do.
None ofus will ever sleep again.
And I need sleep, Piglet, vey badly.
I'll ty to help, Rabbit, ifI can.
- So, fellas, what are we doing? The night's young. - No, it isn't.
I know. How about a nice, soothing bedtime stoy?
Oh, what a wonderful idea, Piglet.
Yeah, I know a great one. Gather 'round, buddy boys. Gather 'round.
This here tale is about to spin.
Andjust then the horribible monstrous toothbrush...
brushed eveyone in sight.
And then it brushed the buildings, and then the mountains.
And then it spit and rinsed in the ocean. And then doyou know what it did?
- No. - It got out the dental floss.
You know, that stoywas invigorizing.
What next? A game ofbounce the bunny?
Oh, boy. Who knewyou guys were having so much fun while I was sleepin'?
- Silly me. - Oh, dear.
We'll never get to sleep now.
We must find Pooh. He'll know what to do.
Perfect. Let's get Pooh boy in on this one.
Honey, honey, honey.
Oh, honey, honey, honey.
Hey, buddy bear, whatyou doing?
Sleeping. Or...
I was at least until a moment ago.
Well, not anymoreyou're not. Sleeping is for the birds!
That reminds me. We gotta go wake up Owl and Kessie.
You've got to help us, Pooh.
We've got to get him to sleep.
We tried a bedtime stoy, but itjust woke him up even more.
Not to mention us.
Honey, anyone?
It'sjust that a small smackeral always seems to relax me.
- That's it, Pooh bear! - I should eat more honey?
N-No, no. No, we have to make Tigger relax...
i-in a tiggerish sort ofway.
Uh, excuse me, uh, Tigger.
Could you stop bouncing for a minute?
Sure, Pigeleto.
So, fellas, what's next on the old agenda--
skydiving, tag, baking brownies, what?
Well, no, um, actually, w-we werejust wondering, Tigger...
is there anything that makes you, um, stop bouncing...
and relax, you know, uh,just for a second?
No. Bouncing's what tiggers do best.
You little nut.
Although, there was something.
- What? What? - Well...
it wasjust something my good old stripedy nursemaid used to do.
- Yes? - Oh, tell us, Tigger. Please?
- Well... - Yes?
she-- she always used to sing me a lullaby.
I can still hear her off-keyvoice as ifit was yesterday.
- She can't sing a note, you know. - Well...
perhaps we could sing you a lullaby, Tigger.
- Really, really, really, for reals? - Yes, yes, ofcourse we could.
What a wonderful idea. A tigger's lullaby.
Curl up withyourpillows andyourblanky
Closeyour eyes anddreamsosoftandhazy
Go tosleepbefore youmake us cranky
Doitsoon orelse we'llallgo crazy
Nightis falling in thestripeyskies
Thatmeansit's time to closeyourstripey eyes
Tigger, pleaselay down yourstripeyhead
Andrestyourstripes uponyourstripeybed
The trouble as weseeit, Tigger, is
Theseproblematichours thatyoukeep
Oh, youlike tobounce andboingandwhoopandwhiz
While everybodyelse wouldlike tosleep
Dream ofleafy vegetables inneatandtidyrows
Dream ofcrushing woozles withyourgreatbigstripeytoes
Dream ofeatinghoney anddrinkinghoneytoo
Dream a dreamyou're dreaming thatyoudream the wholenight through
- Whoo-hoo. - It's time tostop thenoise andstart thesilence
We really can'tabideanotherpeep
Sogaze upon theinside ofyour eyelids
Lay downyour Tiggerstripes
Andgo tosleep
Lie downandsleep
Please, Tigger, sleep
Justgo tosleep
I guess I am a little sleepy.
Ah, but, Pooh boy, I don't wanna be left out ofanything fun.
Oh, don't wory, Tigger. We're all sleeping when you're asleep.
And nothing happens. Oh,just a bit ofsnoring.
Oh, well, why didn'tyoujust say that in the beginning, Rabbit?
Well, um, uh, good night, I suppose.
Wh-Wh-Why didn't I? But I-I can't--
It's good to see Rabbit didn't have any trouble getting back to sleep.
Oh, yes, it is, Piglet.
Now, let's be off. We'd better get to sleep as well.
Oh, um, Mr. Narrator?
- Hmm? Huh? Huh? Oh. - Mr. Narrator?
- Hello, Pooh. - The stoy's over now.
And that is the stoy of, of, uh--
Pooh, what exactly happened tonight?
Oh, it's all right, Mr. Narrator. You can go back to sleep.
- Thankyou, Pooh. - Oh, you're quite welcome.
Oh, my. I seem to have slept through that one.
It'sjust that particular stoy always makes me so sleepy.
Ah, don't sweat it, Mr. Narrator-rooni, old chum.
I rememberwhat I learned.
I learned that there's nothing much happening at nighty-time...
soyou might as well get some sleep.
And we learned that for putting tiggers to sleep, a lullaby--
that's a bedtime song-- is always vey nice.
Oh, well, thankyou for remembering.
I think that was the front door. Eveybody, quick!
We've gotta c-c-clean up!
Uh, oh, watch out.
All right, we gotta clean up. You go over-- You go over--
Forgot about me, huh? It figures.
Oh, no, Eeyore, we didn't forget. Wejust weren't remembering.
But, Eeyore, Christopher Robin didn't forget aboutyou.
Look, there's a bookmark with you on it too!
Well, Mr. Narrator, ifit's not too much trouble.
But-But-But-But Christopher Robin is gonna be here any minute!
Just my luck. It is too much trouble.
All right, then, a stoy for Eeyore.
Ooh, let's see now.
Oh, yes, this one's quite surprising, as I remember.
It was a special day in the Hundred Acre Wood...
as eveyone was getting ready for a surprise party for Eeyore's birthday.
Whoa-Whoa, Mr. Narrator! Back up there, fella!
You need to reconsiderate whatyou're sayin'.
Uh, excuse me, Tigger?
He's saying, it's not Eeyore's birthday today.
Isn't it Eeyore's birthday? But I thought--
You see, it's not Eeyore's birthday. It's his tailiversay.
His tailiversay. What is a tailiversay?
I-I-It's kind oflike his tail's birthday.
In fact, it's the anniversay ofthe day Eeyore's tail got attached to him.
Or the day he got attached to his tail.
Soyou're having a surprise party for Eeyore's tailiversay. How exciting!
- Yes. - Yes, that's right.
And we have a lot to do to get ready.
So let's stop all this chattering and get started!
Now, first off, I want to make sure...
that eveyone knows how to keep the surprise in Eeyore's surprise party.
Now, with that in mind, I've made up the following list ofthings to remember.
Number one: Don't tell Eeyore that we're having a surprise party for him.
Uh, number two: Don't let it slip...
that we're planning a party for Eeyore to Eeyore himself.
Number three: Make sure Eeyore doesn't find out about the surprise party.
- Eveyone got it? - Um, okay. - Certainly.
- Yeah, I got it. - I think so. - What was number two again?
All right. Ifwe couldjust continue.
Owl and Kessie, you're in charge of Eeyore's gift.
- Splendid! - Uh, Pooh and Piglet...
you do the, uh, decorations.
And, Tigger-- Ohh, I'll probably regret this...
butyou and I will bake the cake.
- Nowyou're talking! - Splendid! - Wonderful!
- Let's go, Pooh. - And remember, don't tell Eeyore!
Meanwhile, Eeyore was in another part ofthe wood...
completely unaware ofwhat was going on.
Here I am, alone again.
And on my tailiversay too. Typical.
Well, tail, guess it'sjustyou and me.
Happy tailiversay.
Thanks for stickin' with me all theseyears.
Not much ofa talker, areya?
Sure is quiet.
Be nice to have someone to talk to besides my tail. No offense.
Well, guess I'll go see where eveybody is.
Gosh, this present sure looks pretty, Owl.
I can't wait to see Eeyore's face when we all jump out and yell, ''Surprise.''
Hello, Owl. Hello, Kessie.
Oh, dear! Eeyore! H-Hello.
Hello, Eeyore.
Somethin' the matter? You guys look a little funny.
The matter? Why, nothing.
We're fine as fine can be.
Yeah, fine.Just fine.
What can we do foryou, Eeyore?
Just thought I'd come by, have a chat.
- Ah-ha, a chat. - Ah, a chat.
Hmm, guess I can't really think ofanything to say.
- Well, then, it was nice to seeyou. - Yeah, nice.
Yep, okay. Guess I'll be on myway.
Oh, well, maybe somebody else'll feel like talkin'.
That was a close call. Eeyore almost saw our--
- Oh, dear. - Present.
Oh, dear!
Oh, I'm certainly glad we got to do the decorations.
- Aren'tyou, Piglet? - Yes.
You know, there's nothing I like better than blowing up a balloon.
- How aboutyou? - Oh, yes.
I-I have to agree with you about that, but...
uh, c-could you help me down?
Yes, ofcourse, Piglet.
Oh, no, Pooh! Eeyore's walking this way.
We've gotta do something, and f-f-fast.
I-Ifhe sees us here with all these decorations...
he's sure to figure out that we're throwing him a party.
Quite right, Piglet. Oh, goodness. I'm afraid my mind's a blank.
Oh, I've got an idea!
Oh, hello.
- Oh, hello. - Hello.
- Don't believe we've met. - Well, it's--
You see, we're, um--
- We are, uh-- - Balloonheads.
Pleased to meetyou. My name's Eeyore.
Say, looks like you're havin' a party.
Yes, we and other balloonhead friends, uh--
Are having a balloonhead, uh, party.
Well, guess it oughta be a good party ifeveyone who's coming is a balloon.
Y-Y-Yes, that's what we thought too.
Yep. Well, guess I'll go look for my other friends. Seeya.
- Good-bye. - Bye.
Oh, it worked. We saved the surprise, Piglet.
There'sjust one thing, Pooh.
Um, which one thing, Piglet?
Now all the balloons for Eeyore's party have strange faces on them.
Oh, yes. Bother.
Frosting's almost done!
Ooh, I sure hope Eeyore like this here cake-arooni.
Oh, I'm sure he will, Tigger.
And the best part is how surprised he'll be when he sees it.
Ifeveyone keeps quiet, ofcourse.
These lips are sealed, bunny boy.
Why, nothing could make me talk. See?
Well, you can be sure that I won't talk, either.
Ifthere's one thing I know, it's how to keep a surprise a surprise.
What surprise?
Eeyore! Hello.
Look, Tigger, look. It's-It's Eeyore.
Oh, we werejust t-talking aboutyou.
Nothing to do with the surprise, though. I mean, uh, not--
not about the fact that it's your tailiver-- I mean--
Hey, how about a little frosting, floppy toes?
- What's the cake for? - Cake? Cake?
Oh, the ca-- Oh, that cake. Well, see, it's, uh--
It's for dessert, naturally.
- Uh-huh, uh-huh, dessert. - What he's tying to say is...
wejust thought we'd have something special-like for dessert.
Something special.
Glad somebody's having somethin' special.
I wish somethin' special would happen to me.
But nothin' ever does. Guess nobody cares.
Ah, don't be so glum, old pal.
You know we all care aboutya lots and lots.
Ya do? I thought eveybody'd forgotten about me.
F-F-Forgotten aboutya? You gotta be kiddin'!
Why, Eeyore, old pal, don'tya understand what this is all about?
It's all foryour tailivers--
Doyou think the frosting is done, Tigger?
Seems a bit ch-chocolatey to me.
Mm-hmm, yeah, I think so.
Oh, boy, cake, decorations.
Ifya didn't know any better, you'd think there was some kind ofa party.
- Well, I, uh, I-I-- - It's, uh-- It's--
Ya know, you guys are gonna run out offrostin'...
ifya keep goin' like this.
Well, seeya later.
Oh, delicious.
Guess eveybody forgot about my tailiversay.
Oh, well.
Psst, Eeyore. I'm glad I found you. Would you come over here for a minute?
Sure thing, Piglet.
- Surprise! - Surprise!
- Happy tailiversay! - Happy tailiversay!
Haveahappy, happy, happy tailiversary
Happy tail, forevermayit wag
Haveahappy, happy, happy tailiversary
Keepitswinging Neverletitsag
Hail, ohail untoyoursplendid tail
Ithasa certain elegance no othertail canmatch
Andwhenitdoes falloff it'snot thathardtoreattach
Withahappy, happy, happy tailiversary
Andwe wishyoumany, manymore
Withahappy, happy, happy tailiversary
Evenifyoudon'texactlyknow whatitis for
Withahappy, happy, happy tailiversary
Happy, happy Keepitshinyandonyourhiney
Andnowit's fiinally the endofoursong
Whoo-hoo! So, wereya surprised, buddy? Wereya? Wereya?
Had no idea. You guys are good.
So all these decorations are for me?
Yes. We had to pretend to be balloonheads.
So that's why all the balloons have smiley faces on them, you see.
Best cheerful-lookin' decorations I've ever seen.
Uh, h-here's your present, Eeyore. I'm afraid it got a little crumpled.
Butyou came by, and we had to sit on it to hide it.
A new bow for my tail.
It's vey pretty. Thanks, guys.
And here's the cake. We ran out offrosting, unfortunately.
Yeah, on account ofit's easier to keep from blabbin' when your mouth is full.
Oh, that's okay.
Who needs frostin' when you've got such great friends?
Okay, eveybody. One more time.
Haveahappy, happy, happy tailiversary
Happy tail, forevermayit wag
Haveahappy, happy, happy tailiversary
Keepitswinging Neverletitsag
Withahappy, happy, happy tailiversary
Andwe wishyoumany, manymore
And that is the surprising tale ofthe day Eeyore's friends...
threw him a surprise party for his tailiversay.
It certainlywas a day to remember.
What a wonderful stoy.
And what a wonderful party.
I think it's vey clear what we all learned there.
When throwing a party, it's vey important...
to make a list ofthings to do.
Oh, yes, lists are quite helpful when you have things to remember.
Partywouldn't have been the same without it.
- Oh! - Oh, Christopher, you're home.
- Hi, Mom. - Watch out. Eveybody, uh, start picking up.
- Hury. We gotta clean up. - Oh, boy.
Christopher, didn'tyou clean upyour room this morning?
- I thought I did. - Let's go see.
Oh, man. Here we go. One ofthese.
- Here. Eveything. - One, two, three.
Kessie, take this package. That's right. My goodness!
Hey! Well, I thought-- That's strange.
- I guess I made a mistake. - That's okay, Mom.
You did clean up, and you did a greatjob too.
Well, you know, dinner's almost ready...
so why don'tyou come down in a few minutes, okay?
- Sure, Mom. - Okay.
All right, guys, what's been going on around here?
Oh, Christopher, thereyou are. We were quite worried aboutyou.
Oh, I had soccer practice after school today.
- Oh, yeah. - I do eveyweek.
Oh, well, thereya go.
I wasjust lookin' foryourjournal to tell us whereya might be.
Yes, because as you know, you write eveything you do down in yourjournal.
Wejust thought we could look up today...
and find out how eveything was going foryou.
How is it going, Christopher?
Oh, Pooh, you silly old bear. I have myjournal right here.
I couldn't write down what happens until it happens, could I?
I never thought ofthat.
Wh-What'll we do now, Christopher Robin?
Well, I'd marked all my favorite stories to read toyou before dinner.
- Hey, where are they? - Oh!
Christopher Robin, we already did that.
- Oh, really? Hmm. - Sory.
I just got a fantastical idea!
Christopher, why don'tyou read to us out ofyourjournal, hmm?
Ooh, yes! Tell us the stoy ofyour day.
What a great idea. Come on. Let's sit on the bed and read it.
Oh, boy. A stoy.
And so ends the stoy of, uh...
the day eveyone waited for Christopher Robin to return home...
and learned, uh, well--
That ajournal is somethin' ya write the stoy ofyour day in.
But not until afteryour day happens, ofcourse.
Oh-Oh, read, Christopher Robin.
- Yeah, read. - Stories are vey nice.
- Rightyou are, little Piglet. - Oh, vey true, Piglet.
Come on, Christopher, read to us.
Read, Christopher Robin.
- Yeah. - Okay, eveybody.
It all began with a nice breakfast oftoast with honey...
- and some orangejuice. - Oh, I like this stoy already.
- What? No marshmallows? - Then I got ready for school...
and after school I had soccer practice and--
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