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Buddy: Hey, Jim, ready for your Christmas present?
We're now the biggest little ad agency on the west coast.
Jim: We got it back?
Buddy: Yeah. I pitched, they caught, we closed.
We got the Infinity Airlines account for the next 2 years.
They love us.
Jim: This is great, Buddy.
I thought he was gonna give me a corsage.
I thought he was gonna kiss me right there.
Jim: Did he sign?
Yeah. I got the signed contract in front of me.
I'm looking at it. You want a quote?
He said, "I can't see why we would ever leave."
Jim: Buddy, this is great. You did it!
Yeah, no problem. I'm on the 6:00 flight.
I think I'm flying free for life.
Jim: Hey, Buddy, you really came through on this one.
What can I tell you?
Jim: That's some Christmas present.
No problem, man. All right.
I'll see you in a bit. Bye.
Buddy: Is it supposed to snow like this all night?
P. A: Thank you for your patience
this snowy holiday season.
If you have not met...
Buddy: Shit.
O'Hare is hell with runways and a couple ofTCBY's.
Yeah. Does it show?
I think I flew out with you on Tuesday.
Ron Wachter.
Yeah. Buddy Amaral. Good to see you.
I don't know. I've seen worse.
I think we'll get out of here.
Hey, Buddy. You made it out.
Janice. I was gonna call you.
Yeah. I was gonna hold my breath.
Nice talking to you.
So, did we like your dog and pony show?
Well, what can I say, you know?
Love at fırst sight.
Lucky us. So, you on the 6:00?
Yes, I am.
Just about to push it back.
- No. - Mm-hmm.
God damn it.
Well, time for a drink?
Yeah, that's why they called me in on my day off.
Drinks with the freight.
So, next time, yeah? I'll call you.
[Loud Chatter]
Whoa. Sorry.
Sorry, it's this bag. I don't know where I am.
It's all right, man.
You got your whole Let's Go: Europe thing
happening there. I understand.
Eurail pass, yogurt, get stoned,
see the Anne Frank House.
Sit down. Join us. Have a drink.
- This is Mimi. - Hi.
We've known each other for, what, 5 minutes?
I think she's bored with me already.
Greg: Well, thanks. Sure, why not?
The line at the snack bar is like an hour.
Oh, God.
Let me guess... English teacher.
Let me guess... agent.
[Laughs] Advertising.
It's like agenting without the heart.
Am I that much of a cliché?
Hey, don't look at me.
I'm just sitting here eating nuts.
And I'm not a teacher. I'm a writer.
Buddy: A writer? That's what I started out at.
Couldn't make a living.
I write for TV.
TV? So that "I'm so much better than you" look
I saw on your face when I said advertising,
I must have imagined it.
Maybe on his face you imagined it.
Greg: I got nothing against advertising.
It pays me, I guess.
That's right, it does. What do you do again?
I told you. I'm with the National Organ Center.
I'm in development.
Gotta love that.
She's in organ development.
Buddy: Can't... [Laughs]
She has this whole great speech on here
that David Crosby gives, actually,
about transplants and stuff.
It's pretty compelling.
I write plays, too.
That's what I was doing in Chicago.
A play of mine opened.
What TV shows?
It was no big deal. A little theater.
I'm here again next week. I love plays.
No, it closed. It closed.
Um, it was a limited...
It's called Lilacs in the Dooryard.
Buddy: I wonder why we have plays anymore.
Hello? We got movies. Check a movie out.
Buddy: Know what I mean?
Hmm, not in here.
What's a dooryard?
It's from a Whitman poem.
"When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomed."
Well, yeah...
What is a dooryard?
Oh, look. They just put sandwiches out.
Oh, great. OK.
Oh, man. Another line.
I think I'm actually going to check on my flight.
Want me to check yours? Where you headed?
L.A.? Me, too.
OK, I'll be back in a minute.
Buddy: Thanks a lot.
Greg: All right. And thanks.
You don't know what a dooryard is.
This is what it is. You have no idea.
Buddy: This Greg guy better stick to writing TV.
Did you read this review?
Boy, they don't like something, they don't keep it a secret.
Mimi: Here he comes.
Hey, we thought we'd lost you.
So, you're still on for 10:00.
They say it's gonna take off.
Nothing for Dallas yet.
Yeah, it'll be tomorrow at the earliest.
Bet the airport hotels are swamped.
Take this hotel voucher. Room's guaranteed.
I'll stick around and see if something opens up.
You took a bump?
2 coach tickets anywhere in the U.S. or Mexico
plus 200 bucks.
I did this show down in Mexico,
and I promised my kids I'd take them.
200 and coach?
I should have haggled?
He's pulling your leg. You did great.
Tell my wife that. Abby.
Just gave her the good news.
Turns out I was supposed to work the Christmas tree lot
with Scott tomorrow. I forgot.
Father-son Cub Scout thing.
You have any pictures?
Yeah, sure.
Oh, she's pretty.
Greg: Isn't she?
Our neighbor Donna and Abby.
They went to the mall and did these glamor photo things.
Mimi: How old are your boys?
Scott's 7 and Joey's 4.
Oh, he's so cute.
Buddy: Say hello!
Jesus, you're not taping over the Crosby speech?
Relax. I fast-forwarded. Crosby's fıne. He's there.
Here you go. Say something for the transplant kids.
Well, save a life and become a donor.
Do what David Crosby said. What did David say?
"Sorry I drank. Thanks for the liver."
We... We are here, for one thing,
to celebrate the opening and the closing...
Oh, no, please.
of the new play, When Lilacs Something Dooryard.
And we're here with the author...
Greg. Janello.
And I want to say
that the critic for the Chicago Weekly Times
is an idiot and an asshole...
You read the review?
who wouldn't know a good play
if it punched him in the face.
And, Abby, please, forgive him.
Yeah, please.
He did it for you.
I did. I love you.
Ah, that's me.
I'm gonna go to the men's room.
So, it was great meeting you guys,
thanks for, you know, nuts.
You, too, man.
Nice meeting you.
Greg: Good luck getting wherever you're going.
You, too. Good night.
See you.
Well, if you ever get to Dallas.
Hey, Greg. Greg!
Go sell a Christmas tree for me.
Go ahead, take it.
I want the layover, if you know what I mean.
You know, Mimi, organ development,
video camera, think about it.
Greg: This is incredibly generous.
It's a comp. It's free. Take it. It's fıne.
Oh. Oops.
Hello, sir.
I really appreciate it.
Look, man, you're doing me a favor.
You're saving my marriage. You have no idea.
Take care of yourself.
Thanks a lot. See you.
It was great meeting you.
Your ticket?
You know what? You just took it.
Still have that hotel voucher?
Don't you just love air travel?
Stewardess: Can I get you something else, sir?
Something to drink?
What? Sorry.
Stewardess: Can I get you something to drink?
Some coffee, soda, water?
No, thanks. I'm fıne.
[Turns TV On]
What time is it?
Something happened.
Reporter: ... of flight 82 have gathered
to await bulletins from Infinity Airlines.
Now, once again, if you are just tuning in,
about an hour and 8 minutes after takeoff,
Infınity flight 82,
the last flight to take off from O'Hare before it closed,
disappeared from radar screens over Kansas.
This has not been officially confirmed by Infinity,
but we're hearing reports from Marysville, Kansas,
that a crash site indeed has been found.
[Telephone Rings]
Mom, what is it? Is something wrong?
Chicago. No, he's coming back tomorrow. What...
Oh, Jesus. They said Infınity?
No, no, no. He's not taking that.
I spoke to him.
Mother, stop it.
Will you put Les on the phone, please?
Just put...
What's the flight number?
Oh, thank God. No, he's not on that flight.
He's coming back tomorrow. He hasn't even left yet.
Tell her...
What is she saying?
Because he probably doesn't know.
He's in an airport hotel or something.
Listen, I'll call you as soon as I know anything.
I just don't want to tie up the phone right now.
[Turns TV On]
Reporter: Aviation sources tell us
that in an air disaster of this magnitude,
those aboard the plane...
208 passengers and 8 crew members...
would be unlikely to survive.
Witnesses near the scene,
some 75 miles northwest of Topeka,
report seeing a huge fireball
seconds after impact.
We are looking now at pictures of the field...
Hey, Janice.
Oh, God, Buddy!
I knew 3 girls on the crew, and the co-pilot was my friend.
We got a problem, OK? The roster's not right.
Oh, Jesus.
You got to get into the system.
Can you do that?
Who was he?
J-A-N-E-L-L-O. Greg Janello.
Was he on that flight?
[Sighs] Thank you.
OK. So, flight 31, that's leaving when?
OK. Thank you. Thank you.
OK. See? Now you can relax.
I just wish he would call me.
Donna: Well, he's asleep.
You don't get news reports when you're sleeping.
Come on, drink this.
Then I'm gonna go home,
and if you need me, I'm just across the street.
Don't you have anything better than this to eat?
I'm so hungry. I want something bad.
Joey: Mama?
Hey, what are you doing up?
Can I watch TV?
No, silly-billy. You can't watch TV.
Now, come on. Let Aunt Donna tuck you right back in.
I'll take care of him.
Ohh, my big boy.
What time is it in Chicago?
Donna: It's 9:00.
Jesus Christ, Donna, where the hell is he?
I don't know.
Scott: Hey.
There's someone at the door.
Mrs. Janello?
Are you from the airline?
Yes. I'm Kevin Walters,
and this is Ellen Seitz.
Ma'am, the reason that we're...
No. He's taking a later flight.
When's the last time you spoke to him?
Um, well, last night at about 8:00.
8:00. That's 10 p.m., Chicago.
We have conflicting manifests.
One of them, we can't tell yet if it's accurate or not,
one of them lists your husband on flight 82.
No. I know he got... he got bumped.
He's on a later flight.
We have a crisis center at LAX.
That's where the fırst news will be.
OK. Just a minute.
OK, OK. We're gonna go together,
and Jack is gonna watch the children.
do not cry.
Please do not cry.
I'm not crying.
[Airplane Engines Revving]
Stewardess: Ladies and gentlemen,
we are making our final approach into Los Angeles.
Are you all right?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fıne.
So this flight was OK?
Ha. Well, it landed.
You know, that's good. Maybe I...
Yeah. How you been?
Those poor people. It's terrible.
Mrs. Janello...
[Indistinct Speech]
Ohh! Oh, no! Don't touch me!
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
[Shouting Indistinctly]
Want a drink?
Uh, no, thanks.
Infınity's already called.
They want us to help out with damage control,
TV spots, print, you know.
TV: Weather conditions there
improved somewhat this afternoon,
allowing for the removal of several sections
of the downed plane...
Jim: So you might want to go easy on the drinking.
I don't want you hungover.
Jim: So, first thing tomorrow, OK?
[Children Playing]
[Telephone Rings]
Man: Got it, thanks.
Dionne: Yeah, take down the blue ones.
Hey, Dionne, where's Jim?
Dionne: No, they're all in a meeting.
Conference room.
Hey, what is this?
What happened to 6 months
trying to create a consistent,
you know, brand image in the public eye?
Who OK'd... What is this? This is dog shit.
Buddy, come on, it's just giving families numbers to call, OK?
It's not like tomorrow's ad.
Hey, weren't you supposed to be on that flight?
No, I, uh, stayed over another night.
What do you mean, tomorrow's ad?
That's Todd Exner.
Damage control. Infınity.
Please, people, um...
We don't have a lot of time today.
I'll be brief.
I want to thank you all for your ideas,
but, uh, I'm gonna recommend to the board
that we go with the concept thatJosh and Sharon
have been working on.
That's Karen, actually.
It's based on a wire photo out of Chicago.
I'm gonna need someone
Exner: to lockdown the rights on this, pronto.
[Scoffs] Is that a joke?
You got to be kidding me. You're not gonna run
this sentimental, self-serving crap.
Excuse me?
Who cares how Infınity Airlines feel?
Who gives a shit? They crashed the plane.
Buddy: So what? Right? Happens all the time.
They'll do an investigation.
The FAA in 10 months will say it was a hydraulic line
or a fuel line or a rudder or something, right?
Buddy: I mean, shit happens.
Happens to TWA, happens to Delta,
happens to United.
Why are we gonna take responsibility for bad luck?
I don't think we want to hide our heads in the sand.
Plus, you don't originate campaigns.
OK, Karen? Neither do you, Josh.
We all do, together.
Jim: Buddy,
this is not about running the ball around you.
OK, let's get on this, all right?
Exner: I want to fax a copy to the board by noon.
USA Today, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times.
OK, come on. Let's go.
[Somber Music Playing]
Announcer: She was the little girl
who won prizes for her art in grade school.
Swam on her high school team.
Married her college sweetheart
and started a family.
While the people of Infinity mourn the loss of Carol Wilson,
flight attendant,
the people of Clayton, Missouri,
mourn the girl they grew up with.
Karen On Answering Machine: Hey, Buddy,
I can cover you for, like, 5 months of staff meetings,
but not 6, OK?
Will you... call me, please?
Announcer: Carol, who told friends,
"When you fall down, get up and try again. "
Who said, "When it's dark outside,
it's up to us to look for the light""
Boy, kind of makes you wish
you crashed more often, doesn't it?
Announcer: There are 216 stories
of our friends and family on flight 82.
This one is Carol's.
Presenter: And this year's winner
for the best national campaign is...
Tang-Weller... client: Infinity Air,
the "We Remember"series.
Sit down.
Jim, what are you doing?
Sit down.
No, Jim, it's my account.
It's my account.
Can't you control this idiot?
Next year. Ha. Next year.
[Imitates Somber Commercial Music]
This is, uh, this is terrifıc, thank you.
Buddy: Thank you for this award. It's great.
Um, boy, it's so heavy.
That's what you're supposed to say, right?
That and, uh, "Oh, this is what it looks like up close."
It's, uh... But thank you. This is great.
It's good to see all of you.
It really is.
'Cause I've been, uh...
I haven't been around much this year, and, uh...
you know...
You see, I was supposed to be on that flight.
It's ironic, 'cause I could have been one of those people
who believed so much in Infınity Airlines
that they were glad to die just so it could show
how well it handled it, really.
Isn't that what we're saying?
" Hey, we crashed, but we're hurting,
and we're humble, and, uh,
we're ready to sell some tickets."
All right. Thank you! Thank you very much.
Um, thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you very much.
Shame about the dead people.
It's an ill wind, but it blew us right onto the map!
Jim: Please, come on.
It's fıne, Jim. I'm fıne.
All right, get off of me.
No more, no more.
Jim: Aah!
[Audience Gasps]
So, is there a party after?
Jim: Now that you're done with rehab,
what's next, uh, meetings, counseling?
Buddy: No, I'm good, I'm fine.
I just want to get back to work.
You know what? You should take your time.
I mean, we're in good shape.
How could you be in good shape? I've been gone for 90 days.
Hey, hey, you've been gone for a year
since the crash, but who's counting?
You look good, though. A bit, um... [Chuckles]
Think it'll take?
- Yeah. - Hmm?
Feelin' good?
[Car Alarm Chirps]
[Airplane Flying]
Jim: Here, 2 floors. 24,000 square feet.
Employee and client parking,
and within one block we have 2 banks,
a Kinko's, and a couple dozen Starbucks.
What's the rent?
No, no, no. We buy.
Already got a deal with the owner.
He wants to get out of the landlord business.
Old guy, not very savvy.
He'll do it for 1.8 and without a broker.
Wow. Sounds great.
When do I, uh, when do I get to see it?
That is assuming, you know, you want my input?
Jim: Look, it's gonna be great, Buddy.
You're gonna love it.
Don't fıght it because you were out of the loop.
I... I know, man. Jim, come on.
It's great. It's fıne. It's gonna be great.
- Oh. - OK?
Just... Just excuse me for a second.
Sure you want to do that?
Whoop. Ha.
Wrong drink. This is mine. It's apple juice.
Seth: Hey.
Uh, you don't want to stare at me like that
in the men's room. It's sexual harassment.
Are you kidding?
I'm not gay.
No, but I am. And you are my boss.
At least, offıcially, so...
Since when?
Since about a week after they shipped you to Palm Springs.
You had some sort of a breakdown during an awards ceremony?
Or that... that's what I heard.
It wasn't a breakdown, OK? It was an episode.
What do you do here exactly?
Uh, P.A. Offıce floater.
I work with the computers mostly.
Would that have been your fırst drink
since they released you?
[Shuts Off Faucet]
Boy, you got some nerve, kid.
I'm a drunk, too.
6 years sober. A.A. and N.A.
And we hired you?
I had to sign a "no-episode" clause,
but yeah. [Laughs]
Look, if you want some help with your re-entry,
I'd be happy to oblige. Just don't screw up.
There's a lot of really nice people working here,
and why should they pay for your shit?
'Cause I own 20% of the company.
And in case you were picking pimples
when they covered this in your rehab,
alcoholism is a disease.
Yeah. Yeah. You can catch it from open bottles.
You're not gonna make me feel guilty
for something I had no control of.
Oh, you're that type. Cool.
When was the last time anything was your fault?
I don't believe this guy.
Did they do A.A. up where they dried you out?
You know, the whole 12 steps, all that jazz?
Yeah, yeah, they tried, but I don't believe in God.
He'll be crushed when he fınds out.
You're not gonna last a week sober.
[Door Opens]
Fuck you.
Seth: Welcome back, boss.
[Door Closes]
Hey, P.S., you're fıred.
[Line Rings]
[Fax Modem Beeping And Static]
[Dog Barking]
[Door Closes]
Beth Orton: §Livin'in the middle of the ocean §
§ With no future, no past §
§And everything that's good right now, well §
§I don't wish for it to last §
§I'll step through brilliant shades §
§Every color you bring §
§ 'Cause this time, this time, this time §
§Is fine just as it is §
§And today §
§Is whatever I want it to mean §
§ Today §
§Is whatever I want it to mean §
§ Ooh, hey, hey, yay, yay, yay, yay §
§ Yeah, yeah §
[Dog Barking]
Abby: Ah, just a minute.
OK, come on. Get in here.
Come on. [Kisses] Come on, come on.
[Door Closes]
- Hi. Hello. - Hi.
I'm sorry, I just had to...
uh, put the dog in the bathroom.
I'm... I'm AbbyJanello, Vinegrove Realty.
Buddy Amaral, just driving by, saw your sign.
You know what?
Actually, the dog's not supposed to be here,
but, um, my friend who was supposed to watch him...
he can't be left alone...
she has a doctor's appointment.
[Dog Bumps, Barks]
Everything's fıne,
and then involuntary urination.
Well, I hope the doctor doesn't keep her waiting.
No, the dog.
Oh, right. You're kidding.
That's very funny.
This is a wonderful property.
It's Buddy, right? Are you interested?
You want to check it out?
It'll just take a minute.
Sure. Sure.
Um... [Coughs] Sorry.
The last, uh, person I showed this to smoked.
[News Playing On Radio]
Oh, God, well...
there's been a lot of interest in this property.
Ooh. Um...
Turn down the news.
[Sighs] That's better, right?
[Dog Barking]
Um, OK, well, here is the setup.
[Dog Banging Door]
And there's my card.
Um, that beeper number's actually...
I'm... I'm actually between beeper numbers at the moment,
so, you know, just ignore that. Um...
Maybe you should let him out.
So, um, what line of business are you in?
What's his name?
The dog, what's his name?
[Dog Barking, Banging]
Abby: You know what? He doesn't like people,
and he's not trained,
'cause I've only had him a year.
[Whistles] Hey, Fred, it's OK.
Hey, Fred, Fred, come here.
That's it, Fred. See? I'm great with dogs.
Fred! Rottweilers are great.
I had one when I was a kid.
Fred, good boy. Here you go. See?
[Dog's Barking Decreases]
You know what? Actually, do you mind coming back?
Oh, my God, my boss is coming right now,
and, uh, I think it would be better
if you came at, like, noon.
I'm sorry. Is something wrong?
I didn't say it was a rottweiler, OK?
[Dog Barking]
I saw you...
I saw you with the dog outside.
That was half an hour ago.
You said you were just... you were just passing by.
I was. I was passing by half an hour ago,
I went to a meeting, and I came here.
I swear to God, if you say one more word,
I'm... I'm gonna open this door.
All right. Whoa, all right. Hold on.
All right. You don't understand.
Everything's fıne, OK? Easy, easy, Fred. Fred!
Abby: Get out!
Fred! No, Fred!
Abby: Buddy! Stop it!
Buddy! Buddy, stop it!
I'm just lying here. I'm not doing anything!
- Not you, the dog! Buddy! - Buddy: Dog?
Abby: Come on, Buddy!
Ow! My leg!
Abby: Come on.
Come on. All right.
Buddy: You told me the dog's name was Fred?
Abby: Sorry.
God damn it.
My God!
I probably pissed him off calling him Fred.
What was I supposed to do, you know?
You can't go around telling a client
that they've got a dog's name.
You all right?
Tch. No, I'm not. Look at this.
The jacket, the pants.
I didn't see a license on the dog.
Does the dog have a license?
Oh, my God, please. You don't understand.
I cannot lose this job, OK?
If you cause trouble, I... I...
Please, you've got to let me take care of it.
Abby: I got him about a year ago for my boys.
They like him. It's just, ahh...
It's a lot of work, and... I don't know.
I think they think of him as a consolation prize
for their father.
He, um...
divorced me last year.
Well, we... we divorced each other.
I didn't do it to bribe them, I swear.
I just thought that, you know,
it would be a good distraction.
[Sighs] It worked better on Joey, because he's only 5.
Yeah. I was almost married once myself.
A couple of years ago.
Really? What happened?
Oh, I don't know.
Some couples are lucky, some aren't.
Yeah. We weren't so lucky.
Greg used to, uh...
write for this TV show call The Midnighter.
Did... Do you ever watch that? It's syndicated.
He wrote some episodes.
I mean... I mean, he still, you know, writes episodes
'cause he's on staff.
Only took 2 puffs of your last one.
That's 'cause I don't really smoke. [Coughs]
Yeah. Well, last year,
I started chewing the gum, you know?
Because my friend Donna, she was trying to quit smoking,
and she found that the gum was soothing to the nerves,
so I started chewing it, then I got hooked on the gum,
and then I got TMJ from the chewing,
so this I just do to get me off the gum.
I'm 10 days off the gum.
Sounds like a good plan.
Next week, you'll be on heroin.
Woman: Hey, mister. Hey, mister, it's ready.
See? An hour or less.
Look at that.
Um, listen, when you... when you get the bill,
you know, for having the pants rewoven,
I want you to send it to me.
There's my number. I'm serious, please.
Please. Not a discussion.
Thank you.
Come on, babe.
Well, it was nice to meet you, Buddy.
You, uh, you weren't really interested
in seeing any property, were you?
Copies. The sign's still up there.
Then you launched into your whole spiel,
and the dog, and I...
OK, OK. I know, I'm... I'm sorry.
It was nice to meet you.
Yeah, you, too.
- Take care. - Bye-bye.
[Dog Choking]
Ohh, for God's sake.
What the hell did you eat?
TV: The thing about heroes...
Buddy: Yeah, Judy. Tell Karen that the color
on the GMC animatic
is way, way too hot.
And before we test,
I want to go non-announced on the V.O.
You know, get the guy
who did Southwest for us last summer.
You... Listen to this.
TV: In the tradition of the great GMC truck...
OK? Not that.
Come on, guys.
[Clicks OffTV]
Get it together.
Abby: Hey, Scott, I said lights out.
I mean it.
[Telephone Rings]
Buddy: Uh, hello, uh, is this AbbyJanello?
Uh, yes. This is... This is her... she.
Uh, this is Buddy Amaral.
You know, the guy from the strip mall.
Mm-hmm. Of course.
Um, did... did you get an estimate on the pants?
No. Don't worry about the suit.
It's business, right? Listen...
my fırm, Tang-Weller, we're, uh, we're relocating here.
We're trying to get out of this building,
Buddy: and our current realtors aren't quite cutting it,
and I thought, you know, maybe you could help us out.
Uh, you know what? I don't, uh...
Buddy: We got about 7,000 square feet here.
We need about 3 or 4 times as much.
To buy, not to lease.
Somewhere under 2.
Buddy: Can you do that?
Million. 2 million.
Buddy: Yeah. What do you think?
You know, why me? You know?
I honestly don't have the experience.
'Cause you're hungry.
You'll try harder, you know?
I'm hungry because I suck.
Abby: OK? You know what?
Let me put you in touch with Norma,
because she's really the one that handles...
You know, I would rather that, uh, you did it.
And could you come by the offıce around 10:00 on Monday?
And it'd be great if you had 2 or 3 properties
to show us right then, you know, in the same area.
Venice, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey.
And there's one property in particular
that I'd like you to show us on Abbott Kinney.
Buddy: 18385...
Uh, hold on one sec.
18385 Abbott Kinney.
The seller is primed.
In fact, he doesn't even have a broker, so...
Who knows? Maybe you can book a double commission.
[Sighs] I can give it a shot, you know, but, uh...
Buddy: Great. I'll call you at your office tomorrow
and fax over the specifics...
what we're looking for, that kind of thing.
You OKwith this?
Uh, yes. Yeah, sure. It's fıne.
Thank you.
Great. All right. Good night.
[Sighs] He wants to give me some business.
I'll bet.
Dionne: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
Well, when do you need it by?
Hi. I'm AbbyJanello.
I'm here to see Buddy Amaral.
I'm early. Should I just sit down?
Oh, sorry.
OK, well, it's on its way.
Excuse me.
Oh, hi.
Gee, I hope you're not getting too optimistic.
You're unpacking already?
Oh, no. There...
Uh, there... there was a problem
with this, uh, the matte job.
I don't think they were acid-free,
which is key for matting.
You should always make sure that your mattes are acid-free,
otherwise, you'll, uh... you'll...
Have acid.
I read through the materials that you faxed over
about your setup and your business here,
and, uh... oh, I... I don't know much about advertising,
if you don't count Bewitched.
Well, we got our share of twitching noses here,
but with our drug-intervention program,
that's on the decline.
Oh, that's very funny.
Did you fınd any properties?
Yeah, I, uh... I have 3 besides the one that you mentioned.
The owner gave you the listing?
Yeah, but I had to promise him that I'd get a higher price
to make up for the commission.
Um, there is an offer for 1.8, but it... it seems fıshy.
Yeah, look, you know what?
When you bring it up toJim,
just say you found it.
Who's Jim?
Jim's my partner. Partner and boss, sort of.
Remember Larry Tate?
He doesn't always like my ideas.
Uh, I think if you said it was yours...
Oh, I don't know.
I don't know if I'm so comfortable with that.
Jim: Ah. You must be...
AbbyJanello, Vinegrove Realty.
You must be Larry.
Jim. I'm pleased to meet you.
Ah. Well, hey, any friend of Buddy's.
Um, so, you two guys met at Palm Springs?
No. No, I...
Well, should we get going?
- Is your car outside? - Uh, yeah.
Listen, I've got the meeting with the attorney at 1:00,
so we should probably take 2 cars.
OK. Um, I'll drive us, if that's OKwith you.
Uh, sure. Great. I just have papers in the car I should...
Or we can just meet you right out front?
Don't mention Palm Springs.
It's supposed to be anonymous.
Oh, right, oh, right.
And... And you made a Larry Tate crack
before I came in.
Half an hour maybe.
She's got one more space to show me,
so I should be there before...
Oh, shit.
No. Not this building.
[Beep] Ohh.
[Alarm Chirps]
Can I speak with you?
I do have other...
This is the building.
Oh, you think so?
No, no, this is the building,
the one I want. The photos?
Oh. I gave her the specs.
I guess there's only so much inventory on the market.
I'm gonna kill him. I mean, we had a deal,
and now he goes and gets himself a broker.
Look, we can't let her show us this.
We got to get out of here before the broker shows up.
Abby, when's the seller's broker showing up?
Um, I'm... I'm the seller's broker.
It's my listing.
Abby: Look, I understand your disappointment,
but the seller was bound to get some advice.
No one would let him do a deal of that size
without a broker or a lawyer or someone.
Thank you.
And how did he happen to, uh, fınd you?
Um, I approached him.
Look, he's gonna list it 2.1, and that's still under market.
He was gonna sell it to me for 1.8.
Well, say you go in at 1.9. What were you putting down?
We were thinking of 30% of 1.8 at a fıxed 81/2.
You'd be tying up a lot of cash for a commercial property.
I mean, I say you go in at 20, 25 at the most
and free up some of that cash.
30% of 1.8 is what? 540K.
I say you go in at 20%, 1.9...
That's 380K.
Meaning we fınance 1-5-20 at 73/4,
and I can source that cheaper for you.
Abby: That's, um...
10,880 a month. That's a $ 1,200 difference.
You can pass that on easy.
I don't know.
Are you, uh... waiting for me
to offer to kick in some commission?
Well, this is an easy deal for you.
It's not like you had to knock around
for 6 months to fınd it.
OK. One point.
That's a check for 20k at escrow.
But that's it, you know, because...
he can get 2.1 if he waits even 2 months, but...
you know, whatever you want to do, so...
Well, thank you for your time.
All right, all right.
Bring it by my offıce, and, uh...
I'll sign it.
Thank you. Yes, I will.
How long you been doing this?
Oh, my God.
I don't even know where the words came from.
I did feel terrible about lying, though.
Buddy: Oh, you didn't lie.
You just didn't tell the whole truth.
Yeah, well, like I tell my kids,
that's called lying.
My God. [Gasps]
Norma is gonna die.
This is so out of my league.
I always got the feeling that she gave me the job
out of pity.
You know, my divorce and...
Well, maybe this will get you off strip mall patrol.
God, wouldn't that be great?
Um, so, why did he think that we, uh, met in Palm Springs?
Is he mixing me up with a girlfriend or something?
Mmm. I don't know.
I might have told him you were a friend of a friend.
Jim doesn't like realtors.
I'm the salesman, you know? He doesn't like salesmen.
I like salesmen.
Greg had a thing against salesmen, too.
He wouldn't let Scott sell chocolate bars for the school,
'cause he didn't want his kids selling anything.
Abby: I mean, he still doesn't.
And now I am. It's funny.
OK, so, um, do you just want me to write this up here, or...
Yeah, that's fıne.
Um, thank you. I owe you.
Don't worry about it.
Buddy: Take care.
Yup, thanks.
Well, we're gonna have trouble
from legal on 8.
You know what? Forget it.
Ship it. Let them tell us.
There you go.
What are you doing here?
Uh... [Sighs]
Well, I was just in the area, I guess.
Wow. It looks like the move's on track.
Yeah. Yeah. It's, uh... this weekend.
You need Jim?
Um, no, I just, uh... [Laughs]
Um... I just wanted to...
What? [Laughs]
I wanted to thank you.
I, uh...
Well, I got 2 tickets for the Dodgers.
I know you like them because I saw your coffee mug.
They're for Friday.
I thought we could, you know, go, or...
if you want, or... or you could just have them.
Both, if you're... if you're... if you're seeing...
if you have a friend who likes them.
Well, that's really nice. I... I, um, thank you.
Oh, shit. Friday.
I have a... a... business dinner.
These clients are coming down from San Francisco.
No, that's been moved to Monday, remember?
- Is it? - Mm-hmm.
And it's a lunch.
Well, great. The Dodgers.
Excuse me, I think this is my seat.
Oh, hi.
Um, somebody... I think that's back there.
Someone's sitting here.
I'm sorry.
Dido: §I didn't hear you leave §
§I wonder how am I still here §
§And I don't want to move a thing §
§It might change my memory §
§ Oh, I am what I am §
§I'll do what I want §
§But I §
§ Can't hide §
- Hey. - Hi.
§And I won't go §
How you doin'?
I'm good, but I feel bad.
I think I told you to come way too early.
No, this is great.
§I can't breathe §
§ Until you're resting here with me §
§And I won't leave §
§And I can't hide §
Oh, come on, come on, come on.
Beat it out, beat it out, beat it out.
He's out now.
§ Until you're resting here with me §
Still here, huh?
That was rude of me, I think.
I should have taken longer.
§ Oh, I am what I am §
§I'll do what I want §
§But I §
§ Can't hide §
§And I won't go §
§I won't sleep §
§And I can't breathe §
§ Until you're resting here with me §
§And I won't leave §
§And I can't hide §
§I cannot be §
§ Until you're resting here with me §
Buddy: You know, I don't think I've ever bought a woman
a grilled-cheese sandwich before.
[Abby Laughs]
Well, that's what my boys always order,
and after a while, you know,
you kind of get hooked on them.
There's probably some kind of gum for that, too, right?
§I'll do what I want §
You want to sit for a while?
Yeah, sure.
Is this your car?
This is Greg's, my, ahem, my ex.
Mine's in the shop, so...
Sittin' in cars at the diner.
I never did that, did you?
No. No diners.
I had a baby in a car. Joey.
I mean, not actually in the car.
We made it to the E.R., but...
Not this car.
Ha ha ha.
It was a Datsun, remember those?
I had it in school.
I was...
Well, Greg was driving,
and I just knew I was gonna have this baby,
and he would not pull over.
So I got it in my mind that, you know,
I didn't want to have the baby in the front seat.
You know, like it wasn't safe.
So I tried to climb in the back seat.
And I broke his nose with my foot.
I had this contraction and pow,
I just got him right there.
And he could not drive, I mean, the blood was pouring.
So I had to drive the rest of the way to the hospital,
screaming and crying and driving.
And he had a beautiful nose.
I mean, you know, a good face, handsome, but...
a beautiful nose.
That's all I could think about the whole time I was delivering.
Oh, I ruined his nose.
And later, you know...
He didn't even know he did this, but...
when we'd have a fıght,
you know, he'd kind of touch his nose like...
You know, like Danny Kaye
in White Christmas with the arm.
Like, "You owe me, pal."
Oh, God, it used to make me so mad.
I don't know how women get so brave.
That's all.
You think that's brave? I was so scared.
God, I'm always so scared.
It's not brave if you're not scared.
You have a good face, too.
[Laughs Nervously] Well...
um, thank you.
Thanks for the tickets.
No problem.
Good night.
Good night.
[Starts Engine]
Good night.
What do you think?
It's fıne.
You get a window,
I get to work for a guy who gets a window.
What are you doing in here already?
It's not even 8:00.
I'm early.
How'd the date go with the realtor?
It was fıne, I guess.
Fine, huh?
I thought she was nice. What happened?
What is this, Gay Confıdant Day?
Want me to hang on while you go get a blow-dryer?
Hey, I don't give a shit.
I'm just making conversation.
Well, it went fıne, you know.
I'm not interested, so, uh...
if she calls, just, uh, tell her I'm out,
or tell her I'm busy and take a message
and tell her I'll get back to her, OK?
And if she calls back?
Just keep taking messages. She'll get the point.
You know, that's what I love about working for you.
It's a total freedom from hero-worship.
It's very refreshing.
Buddy: Look, you're the client.
That's not what I'm saying.
I'm just saying it's not in sync
with your ram positioning.
It's Jim on 3. Urgent.
OK. Can I call you right back?
All right, thanks. Bye.
What's up, Jim?
Abby: No, it's Abby.
It's... It's AbbyJanello. H-Hi.
Hey. I just... I thought you were somebody else.
Buddy: Um...
How are you? I, uh...
I had a really good time the other night.
Um, listen, I'm just across the street,
and I've got all these extra sets of keys
for the doors and everything,
and I thought maybe I could, um...
you know, buy you and Jim a drink
to celebrate moving in.
Jim's in a meeting.
Uh, and I... I don't drink.
Buddy: Uh...
Um, uh, OK. I can just, uh, mail them.
How about 10 minutes?
OK. Great.
Buddy: I'll see you there.
You know what, Seth? That's not funny.
OK? You don't know what you're messing with.
I ordered you a club soda.
I hope that's OK.
Yeah. That's fıne.
[Clears Throat]
You know, my husband didn't drink, either.
Not even champagne at our wedding.
I used to drink. I just don't anymore.
Yeah. 6 months.
Oh. Well, that's great.
I had an uncle who was in A.A.,
and he was, like, a really bad drunk.
So was I.
I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that.
The drinking wasn't the worst part.
It was the thinking I was such hot stuff.
I've always been one of those people.
Born salesman. A closer. People person.
But I wasn't, not by a long shot.
It's like how everybody thinks
that they have a good sense of humor
or good taste.
Or they're a good driver.
I'd be driving along,
and I'd, uh, happen to look up in the rearview mirror.
And there'd be all these...
bloody people and crashed cars in the street,
and I'd think, "Jesus,
there's a lot of bad drivers in this neighborhood."
That was me with people.
I'd like to, uh... [Sighs]
I'd like to tell you that I've wised up...
but I don't know.
I get it.
You're bad with relationships.
And as a person who's standing
in the road ahead of you, thanks.
I'll be, uh...
getting on the sidewalk now.
No. You know, it's OK. I...
I took a shot, you know?
I think I misread stuff, and...
I'm sorry.
I'm just really grateful to you
for throwing me the sale and everything.
Abby, wait a second, all right?
I am not divorced, Buddy.
My husband died
a little over a year ago,
and I am sorry that I wasn't honest with you about it,
but you know what?
It's too soon for me,
and it is way too soon for my boys,
so just leave me alone.
I'm sorry.
Everybody's sorry.
And nobody's to blame, except, you know,
sometimes I think exactly the opposite is true.
God. Do you have a cigarette?
No. Abby, I...
I'm sorry that I lied to you,
but I liked thinking of me and Greg as divorced.
Everybody's divorced.
It feels like a decision we made
instead of fate or bad luck
or chance...
Plane crash.
Come on, please. Let's just go back inside
and start over, OK?
Don't be nice to me.
Everybody is nice to widows.
You were the fırst person in over a year
Abby: who was nice to me who didn't know.
I was wrong in there.
I just didn't want you to think
I was this great guy.
I wanted to tell you before you found out for yourself.
I got scared.
What is it that you want, Buddy?
Your company.
The pleasure of your company.
I want your input on video rentals.
I stand there for hours, and I can't pick anything out.
I want someone to say good night to,
a last call of the day.
I don't have a last call of the day.
Do you?
Don't feel sorry for me.
I'm happy.
I'm widow happy.
I'm widow-with-2-kids happy.
If you grade on a curve, I'm happy.
I don't feel sorry for you.
Oh, OK.
Oh, well.
OK, then nothing with knives, snakes,
or women that have to go undercover as hookers.
The videos.
Donna: Don't worry. I don't think he's bored, do you?
Abby: Honey, it's a cookout.
Of course he's bored. Aren't you?
Donna: So, how far's he gone?
Nowhere. You know, he's nice.
It's no big deal.
It's just that, um...
you know when you go to a table,
and a guy does that, like, halfway thing,
like he's going to stand up?
He does that. I love when guys do that.
[Boy Yells]
[People Chattering]
Scott: Mom...
can I be excused?
Yes, you may be excused.
Wait, wait, wait. CD-Rom, not AOL, OK?
Abby: It costs money.
Buddy: Hey, do you have Where's Waldo?
I'm 8, OK?
Scott: Come on, Joey.
Abby: It's OK. You can take that in.
Just don't put the drink on the desk.
I knew I shouldn't have brought up Waldo.
Well, he is 8.
Abby: I mean...
Woman: Hey, here, let me help you.
Abby: Oh, no, no, no. I'm going to do it later.
[Music Playing On TV]
[Turns Off]
Man: And you're ready for takeoff.
Buddy: Hey, Scott.
What are you doing?
Man: We're losing altitude.
Man: Pull up, pull up!
Yeah? Is it hard?
I'm done. You can play.
Man: And you're ready for takeoff.
We're losing altitude.
Pull up, pull up!
Abby: Sorry.
He's still very angry.
Thanks. It's OK.
He's angry at me.
He's angry at Greg. He's angry atJoey.
And he's scared to fly.
You know, I was thinking of maybe taking them
on a little flying trip somewhere close,
Abby: so that if they can't make it,
I can rent a car and drive back.
Sounds good.
Could work.
That's a nice computer.
Yeah. Ahem.
Greg got it to celebrate his play.
He had this play on in Chicago.
Abby: That's why he was there.
"Lilacs in the Dooryard. "
Not the title I voted for.
I mean, who knows what a dooryard is anyway?
Abby: Weird.
He wasn't even supposed to be on that flight.
Abby: Even the paperwork was all wrong, you know?
Which really made me crazy,
because it got me thinking...
like, if I was, you know,
getting the boys ready to put them on the bus,
and Donna would say, "Oh, I'm going down there.
You know, I'll just take them."
And I would think...
"Well, which one's supposed to crash?"
You know? I mean, do I send them with Donna,
or do I put them on the bus?
Which one is doomed?
Abby: Or is the whole thing going to happen tomorrow?
It's crazy.
Do you have a good lawyer?
Buddy: For your case against the airline?
Uh, I don't really know.
I think so. You know, I'm just sort of
in with the group of other families.
I have his card right there,
Abby: if you want to see it.
Abby: I've got a meeting with him on Thursday.
Ahem. Well...
What I can do, if you like,
is have our lawyers call around
and ask some questions about him.
For free.
Oh, I see. You're after my money now, is that it?
Yeah. Well, not just the money...
what the money can buy.
Buddy: Hey, Scott.
Uh, thank you very much.
Yeah, thanks. Thanks for coming by.
It's great to see you.
I'll let myself out, OK?
Abby: Mm-hmm. Ahem.
Buddy: See you, pal.
[Both Laugh]
[Doorbell Buzzes]
[Doorbell Buzzes]
Buddy: OK, coming.
- Hi. - Hi.
I'm sorry. I just...
I didn't know where to go, and Donna has the kids.
That's fıne. I'm glad I was here when you called.
Come on in.
Do you want some dinner or a drink or...
Buddy: Here. Sit down.
I settled.
I saw my lawyer today, and I settled.
It's not OK.
It's like saying, you know, I'm fıne.
I'm over it.
That's what everybody wants me to feel anyway...
even Donna,
who's been so good.
Or my mother.
"It's only a plane crash, sweetie.
You got to bounce."
That was her take on it.
So that's what I've been doing...
bouncing. It's just like crashing,
except you get to do it over and over again.
Yeah. I know what you mean.
Buddy: I mean, I can imagine
how that might feel.
It's the way they talk about him...
like he's this saint.
And I don't even recognize
who they're talking about anymore.
It's not that he wasn't a really good man, you know?
He was. He was a really good man...
but he wasn't perfect.
He was a little tight with money, for one thing.
I want to blame him...
or to be angry at him or whatever, because...
when I don't...
he gets really far away.
And I did love him, you know?
I really did love him.
Buddy: You sure you don't want me to drive you home?
At least follow you?
No. I'm fıne.
Listen, I know what you're thinking.
I'm this widow, and I've got these 2 kids,
and I'm probably not ready.
At least, that's what I think to myself
half the time.
You're off the hook, OK?
You don't have to say another word.
Can I see you this weekend?
No. This weekend is our little test trip
down to Palm Springs.
Oh, right.
We had to drive to the funeral,
because Scott wouldn't get on the plane.
And I really don't want my kids
to spend the rest of their lives
afraid to fly.
But Monday, maybe.
Or I could come with you guys.
Uh... I wouldn't mention Waldo.
I did promise them the water park.
What, they're afraid of water now, too?
Come on. It'll be fun.
It's... It's a big plane, right?
I think so.
Because those would be better for the kids.
Abby: The captain let you go up there
and everything.
Scott: Whatever.
That was all right, huh, guys?
There was a few bumps, but I was, you know...
Abby: Sir, do we need to discuss
a little attitude adjustment
before we get to the water park?
Buddy: Come on.
Abby: What do you think?
Man: § Though you may not drive §
§A great big Cadillac §
Here, let me test this out for you,
because I'm worried that maybe it's not...
§ You may not have §
Yeah. It's good.
Buddy: I don't know. What do you think?
Can you handle it?
- Hey! - Got it!
You got it. Very nice.
Forget it. We don't want to go
on this dumb ride anyway.
We want snow cones down at the bottom.
Buddy: Abby? Abby? Abby?
§Just be thankful §
Can you teach me how to dive, Mom?
[Buddy And Scott Yelling]
Buddy: Aah! I'm scared! I'm scared!
§ Though you may not drive §
§A Cadillac §
Scott: That was fun. That was a good one.
[Singing Indistinctly]
[Child Laughs]
Scott: Hey, Mom!
Mom, Mom, Mom, look!
All right, let me go now.
§ You may not have §
§A Colorado home §
§Just be thankful §
§Drivin'to the bank, sunroof top §
§Diggin'the scene with gasoline §
§For what you've got §
§ Ooh ooh ooh §
Abby: Hey, boys.
You ready?
Yep. Where is it, Scott?
Oh. Right down here.
I want to do it.
OK. Close your eyes and pick one.
What is this?
Oh, come on, just do it. We'll tell you later.
Joey: Ha ha!
You can open your eyes now.
Joey: OK, now read it.
We couldn't decide on a name,
so it's up to you.
Uh, Darth.
Yes! That was mine. That was mine.
It was my second choice, OK?
The boys don't think you should have
the same name as the dog.
That's good, because that's a good name for him...
Darth... because the dog's black,
and he kind of looks like Vader.
No. That's your new name.
Hey, seat belts, please.
Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?
You tell me.
There's just something that I wanted to tell you
which is sort of hard to say,
Buddy: so I wanted to just tell you now
that I was going to tell you, so that...
tomorrow you'd hold me to it.
You know, it's probably nothing.
It's not a... you know...
Buddy: It's just something I want to tell you.
Then tell me now.
No, I'll tell you tomorrow. It's, you know...
I mean...
You just got to make me tell you.
Oh, great. Well, this'll be a fun 24 hours.
It's nothing. Relax. It's fıne.
You know.
All right. Well, whatever it is,
thank you for today.
It's the least I could do.
Can I help you?
Are you... Are you Mrs. Janello?
Abby: Yes.
Now that I'm here, I wish I'd just mailed this.
Hi. I'm Mimi Prager.
Would you like to come in?
Mimi: And I hadn't looked at it since then,
but I... I was looking up this speech I'd given,
and there it was.
I remembered the review for his play
was in the Chicago papers,
so I checked their archives, and...
You probably don't even want to see it.
You know, I just... I thought
since I had this business trip...
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
He seemed like a very nice man.
Woman: Oh! Uncultured creatures!
Hey, Joey, Scott.
Hi, Mr. Amaral.
What's going on? Shh.
Where's your mom?
She's in the bathroom.
She's been in since Rosie.
Boy. Who was on Rosie?
I don't know.
You all right?
Abby: I'll be out in a minute.
[TV On]
Joey: Give me that!
Buddy: Guys. Hey, Scott.
Hey. Hey, stop, Joey, Scott.
Joey, Scott, your mom's trying to relax, OK?
Relax. Watch TV.
Buddy: What do you want to watch?
Scott: I want to watch my video.
Buddy: All right, great.
Scott. Scott.
Scott, stop it.
Scott, don't hit your brother, OK?
He bit me.
Well, he's younger than you.
Joey, apologize, all right? Say you're sorry.
Can you do that? Can you do that for me?
Say you're sorry.
That's Dad.
Buddy: ... to celebrate
the opening and the closing, sadly,
of the new play Lilacs Something on your Dooryard.
That's you.
Greg: Greg...
- Buddy: Greg. - Janello.
Buddy: And I would like to say, for one thing,
the critic for the Chicago...
- [Turns OffTV] - Joey: Hey, That's my dad.
I want to see that.
Scott: You knew him?
When was that taken?
Abby: go to your room until I call you.
But that was dad.
Who gave this to you?
Mimi Prager.
Abby: Remember her?
Buddy: Abby, I said I was going to tell you something.
Remember I said I had something to tell you?
That's what I was going to tell you.
That's a lie.
Another lie.
He took my place,
and I felt responsible,
and I wanted to make sure you were OK...
you and your kids.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Some goddamn angel come to make sure
the victims are alive and well?
You lied to me.
I never expected to fall in love with you.
Oh, my God. You're a liar.
No. You know that's true.
I want you
out of this house.
I don't want to see you again.
I don't want you to call.
I don't want to hear your voice
on my machine.
Look, you have to let me explain.
You son of a bitch.
You lied to me. Get out.
Scott: What's wrong, Mom?
[Abby Sighs]
Abby: Do you want me to say what you did
in front of them?
Because I will do almost anything
to get you out of here.
You better go, Mr. Amaral.
Yeah, I think so, too, Scott.
I think you're right.
I'm going to go.
I'll call you.
Abby: come out here.
I want you to say good-bye to them.
I don't want another guy
Abby: just disappearing from their lives.
Abby, please.
Mr. Amaral won't be coming around anymore.
You can leave,
or you can say good-bye and leave.
I got to go away for a while.
Because I...
I kept a secret from your mom.
You're not supposed to tell a secret.
Well, then it wasn't a secret.
It was just...
I just didn't want to tell her.
Didn't you say you're sorry?
I am sorry.
Scott: Don't worry about it, Joey.
Come on.
Come on.
OK. You have to let me call you.
Get out...
before I tell them who you are.
[Door Opens]
[Door Closes]
[Dial Tone]
[Buddy Dials Telephone]
[Line Rings]
Joey On Machine: Hi, you've called theJanello house.
You can leave a... Please leave us a message.
Thanks. Bye.
Hey, Scott.
Uh, she's not home,
and even if she was...
She doesn't want to see me.
You know, Scott, I'd understand it
if you were pretty mad at me, too.
It's OK.
All right, pal. I'll see you.
Did he say anything about Christmas trees?
Scott: My dad.
He was supposed to sell Christmas trees
with me the next day,
and maybe that was why he got back on the plane
and he did and it crashed, so...
I was just wondering
if he said anything about that.
Nah. He didn't mention that to me.
He just said, you know, he...
he said he just wanted to get home.
Everybody at the airport kind of wants to get home,
that's all.
Yeah, because he didn't need
to sell those trees with me.
I didn't even want to.
Everyone has fake ones anyway.
Yeah, no, he just... he said he wanted to get home to work.
I remember him saying something about work,
but nothing about trees. I'm sure of that.
Do you think I should tell my mom?
maybe she thinks it's because she yelled at him
over the tree thing.
You know, Scott, I don't think
your mom will believe me.
But you believe me, right?
That's good.
Donna: Could you help me with these?
Donna, he should've told me.
Of course. Lying like that is terrible.
It's like telling people you're divorced when you're not
or that you found a property for your biggest client
on you're own without help.
Look, he just wanted to see if you guys were OK.
Yes, but then he should've left us alone.
Yeah. I keep forgetting.
Who bought who the Dodger tickets?
Look, guys screw up.
That's what they do.
It's in their manual
right after " Love your grill,"
" Leave socks on floor."
But if you can't forgive him,
you can't.
It's not that I can't forgive him.
Do you know how I spent the night after he left?
Trying to fıgure out
if I was glad that he didn't get on that plane.
If I say I'm glad he's alive,
I'm glad he found me that day,
or if I lie, and I say I'm not,
either way, it feels like
I'm doing something wrong to someone I...
To both of them... to him and Greg.
Being with him is like making a choice.
You don't have that choice, Abby.
You have other choices.
It just can't be him, that's all.
Donna: OK, then, fine,
but whether it's Buddy
or someone else a year from now,
whoever you choose will be there
because Greg isn't.
That's just how it is.
Hey, Jim.
Seth said you wanted to see me.
How's it going, Frank? What's up?
Buddy: Are we being sued or something?
Infınity Airlines, according to its marketing V.P.,
is deciding today whether our services
will be required in the future.
What? Why?
they've received some information
that you coerced an Infınity employee
to illegally board a passenger
Frank: under your name onto flight 82.
Yeah. I mean, we dealt with this a year ago
after the crash.
It was a computer problem or something.
They have a correct version of the roster
in their system.
Yes, they do.
Uh, you know a Janice Guerrero?
Frank: She was fired 6 weeks after the accident
for altering the roster...
removing your name, in fact,
and adding the name of a Greg...
What does this have to do
with our situation with Infınity?
The suit is being brought against Infınity
by the victims' families.
Jim: They want to prove
that the airline didn't follow procedures...
even technicalities...
So Infinity wants to make sure
that if you get called to testify
that you'll tell the court what you told us today...
that you did not persuade this gate attendant
Jim: to board someone else.
Is this woman going to testify?
Frank: Maybe...
but she's not the most credible witness.
She's a bitter ex-employee,
ax to grind.
Infınity's position
is that the roster screwup
is a harmless computer glitch.
It's no big deal.
They just want to know if you have a problem with that.
[People Chattering]
Mr. Amaral?
Reporter: Thank you forjoining us.
It is day 7 of the civil trial against...
Second Reporter: And believe me,
tensions which have been running high
since this trial began
are likely to reach their peak today.
The plaintiffs in this case
are the survivors of 3 passengers...
2 of whom, ironically, were seated
just across the aisle from each other
in seats 18...
And here comes today's principal witness.
Her testimony about the flagrant disregard
for safety procedures was extremely damaging.
We're going to move over
and just see if we can get a word with her.
Uh, Miss Guerrero?
[Reporters Shouting Questions]
Reporter: Miss Guerrero, we're live here.
Do you feel that your testimony was...
Quick question.
Miss Guerrero.
[Reporters Asking Questions]
[Knock On Door]
[Door Opens]
Hey, I'm going to go get the kids.
You want to come along? We'll grab some dinner.
No, no. I'm OK.
I'm fıne. Thanks.
Donna: OK. I'll be back.
[Door Closes]
[Unmutes TV]
Mandel: Mr. Amaral.
Buddy: Yes.
Mandel: You were scheduled
to be a passenger on flight 82,
were you not?
Buddy: Yes, that's right.
In fact, when the plane went down,
your name was on the fırst list
of passengers, was it not?
That is correct.
But, instead, a Mr. Greg Janello
was in your seat, isn't that correct?
I believe so, yes.
You believe so?
Yes. He was in my seat.
Do you know how Mr. Janello
happened to be on that plane
occupying your seat?
No. I don't know.
Excuse me?
I'm... I'm... I'm just very confused
about a lot of things that happened that night.
Well, you're not confused
about having just taken an oath
to tell the truth, are you?
Defense Lawyer: Objection, Your Honor.
Mandel: I'll rephrase, Your Honor.
Mr. Amaral,
did you have a conversation that night
with Mr. Janello?
Mr. Mandel, I had a lot of conversations
Buddy: with a lot of people.
You know, everything was delayed,
and I... I...
I don't remember every...
This is Mr. Janello.
Did you have a conversation with this man?
Yes, I did.
Mandel: And did you offer
to switch boarding passes with him?
No, I did not.
Mandel: No?
I just gave him mine.
I didn't take his.
Mandel: And when Miss Guerrero
recognized you at the gate?
Yeah, I talked her into it.
By telling her if they didn't board you
Mandel: or someone claiming to be you,
they'd have to wait while they took your luggage
out of the hold.
Basically, yeah.
Are you aware that airlines
Mandel: have to deplane the luggage
of passengers who don't make the flight
as an antiterrorism measure?
Yes. It's so that somebody
doesn't check a bomb
and then not get on the plane.
Mandel: Mm-hmm.
So this employee of Infinity
Mandel: disregarded a safety measure
due to her desire to make the schedule.
Objection. Argumentative.
Judge: Sustained.
You know, she was just trying to do me a favor.
It wasn't...
Mandel: No one's blaming you, Mr. Amaral.
It wasn't yourjob to make sure
the airline followed their own safety procedures,
now, was it?
He was scared.
Mandel: Excuse me?
I didn't remember that until now.
Not scared,
just nervous.
Buddy: Not a good flier.
He told me he used to be braver
when he was like me...
by himself, no family.
people in his wallet.
He had a wife now
and 2 kids.
2 boys.
Buddy: And he knew that...
if something happened to him,
if he didn't come home,
that wasn't something
that anybody could make up for.
If... lf you tried, I mean.
Only somebody who...
Only somebody who didn't understand anything
would try.
[Buddy Sighs]
Buddy: But I didn't know that then.
I just thought...
It's a ticket. It's free.
Take it.
You'll be fıne.
And he did.
And he died.
And that's what I got to carry.
Buddy: I'd just like to say that I'm sorry.
Judge: You're excused, Mr. Amaral.
Am I?
Newscaster: Infinity Airlines today
settled the last of the lawsuits
that have gone to trial as a result
of the 1999 crash in Kansas
in which the 216 people aboard flight 82
Iost their lives.
Hey, Seth.
Seth: Hey.
Word is you pretty much single-handedly
sank Infınity.
I noticed a chill on the way in.
Yeah? Well, bundle up.
UncleJim wants to see you.
Could you do me a favor and type this up for me, please?
Seth: I thought Jim's speech was nice.
Buddy: Yeah, but everyone else. Whoo!
Seth: I know. I don't think I've ever been
to a farewell party where the theme was relief.
Well, I like to leave a place
happier than when I found it.
They were happy, all right.
I was dodging cartwheels all afternoon.
So, are you going to fınd a new job,
or are you going to go out on your own?
I stole you plenty of offıce supplies.
Yeah. I don't know.
I'm kind of all sold out, you know what I mean?
I told Jim you can handle the transition.
He said he was going to move you
into account traffıc.
He came up with that all on his own?
Means you get your own assistant.
Is this you asking me for the job?
You want to catch an A.A. meeting tonight?
Uh, there's the one...
I... I need to get back to work
and take down the "Good Riddance" banners.
Seth: We love the new building...
lots of space.
Even more after today.
I resigned...
about 3 minutes before Jim was going to fıre me.
You're moving.
I can't afford this place anymore.
How are the boys?
They're good.
Scott told me that you came to see him,
and he told me what you said.
it wasn't Scott's fault.
Or yours.
Or even mine,
which is something that I thought
for a really long time.
And you really helped me see that,
and I wanted to tell you, so...
Can you just stay for, like, a few more minutes?
You know what Greg said
that last night he called?
That he had met some really nice people
in the bar.
And I think he was right.
Abby, wait.
Should I sell this place right away or...
lease it out until the market peaks?
I'm hoping you could help me handle that.
Why me? I mean...
I really don't have the experience.
Yes, you do.
Can we try?
I know you're scared, Abby.
I am, too.
It's not brave if you're not scared.
You'd better not be waiting for me
to kick in any commission.
Come on. I'll show you how it looks
from the beach, OK?
Leigh Nash: §Been running from these feelings §
§For so long §
§ Telling my heart I didn't need you §
§Pretending I was better off alone §
§But I know that it's just a lie §
§So afraid to take a chance again §
§So afraid of what I'd feel inside §
§But I need to be next to you §
§Need to be next to you §
§ Oh, I §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to share every breath with you §
§Share every breath with you §
§ Oh, I §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to know I can see §
§ Your smile each morning §
§Look into your eyes each night §
§For the rest of my life §
§Here with you, near with you §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to be next to you §
§Need to be §
§Next to you §
§Right here with you §
§Is right where I belong §
§I'll lose my mind if I can't see you §
§ Without you, there is nothing in this life §
§ That would make life worth living for §
§I can't bear the thought of you not there §
§I can't find what I feel anymore §
§ 'Cause I need to be next to you §
§Need to be next to you §
§ Oh, I §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to share every breath with you §
§Share every breath with you §
§ Oh, I §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to know I can see §
§ Your smile each morning §
§Look into your eyes each night §
§For the rest of my life §
§Here with you, near with you §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to be next to you §
§I need to have your heart next to mine §
§Mine §
§For all time §
§Hold you for all of my life §
§I need to be next to you §
§I need to be next to you §
§Need to be next to you §
§ Oh, I §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to share every breath with you §
§Share every breath with you §
§ Oh, I §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to know I can see §
§ Your smile each morning §
§Look into your eyes each night §
§For the rest of my life §
§Here with you, near with you §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to be next to you §
§ Oh, I §
§ Oh, I need to be §
§Need to be next to you §
§Share every breath with you §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to feel you §
§In my arms, baby §
§In my arms, baby §
§ Oh, I §
§I need to be next to you §
§ Oh, I §
§ Oh, I §
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