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Bugs Life A

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No, no, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.
I'm lost! Where's the line?
It just went away. What do I do? What do I do?
-Help! -We'll be stuck here forever!
Do not panic. Do not panic!
We are trained professionals. Now, stay calm.
We are going around the leaf.
A-Around the leaf? I-I don't think we can do that.
Oh, nonsense. This is nothing compared to the twig of '93.
That's it. That's it. Good!
You're doing great! There you go. There you go!
Watch my eyes. Don't look away.
-And here's the line again. -Thank you. Thank you, Mr Soil.
Good job, everybody!
Oh, my. There's quite a gap, Mr Soil.
-Shouldn't we tell the queen? -I don't think we need to involve the queen in this.
She's got enough on her plate already, training her daughter.
Oh, yes. Princess Atta, the poor dear.
Oh, wind's died down. They'll be here soon.
-Just be confident, dear. You'll be fine. -There's a gap.
There's a gap in the line. What are we gonna do?
It's okay, Your Highness. Gaps happen. We just lost a few inches, that's all.
Oh. Right.
Your Highness, I can't count when you hover like that.
Oh, of course. I'm sorry. Go ahead.
Guys, go shade someone else for a while.
Okay, Atta. Now what do we do?
Uh--Oh! Don't tell me. I know it. I know it. What is it?
-We relax. -Right.
Oh, it'll be fine. It's the same, year after year.
They come, they eat, they leave. That's our lot in life.
It's not a lot, but it's our life.
Isn't that right, Aphie? Oh, you're such a cute little aphid.
-Ditch Dot! -Yeah, yeah!
Hey, come back here!
-Dot! -Yes, Mother.
What did I tell you about trying to fly?
Not until my wings grow in.
-Right. -But, Mom--
Dot, you're a young queen ant, and your wings are too little to be--
I was talking to Mother. You're not the queen yet, Atta.
Now, Dot, be nice to your sister.
It's not my fault she's so stressed out.
I know, I know.
-I'm always acting like the sky is falling. -Look out!
-Atta! -Princess Atta! Princess Atta! -Princess Atta!
-Oh! -Hey!
-Stop that! -What do you think you're doing?
-You could have killed somebody over here. -I'm sorry!
-I'm sorry! -Oh, it's Flik. -Oh--
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!
Please forgive me. I'm sorry!
-Princess Atta! -Flik, what are you doing?
Oh! Oh, this! This is my new idea for harvesting grain.
No more picking individual kernels. You can just cut down the entire stalk!
-Flik, we don't have time for this. -Exactly! We never have time to collect food for ourselves.
Because we spend all summer harvesting for the offering.
-But my invention will speed up production. -Oh, another invention?
-Yeah, and I've got something for you too. -Flik!
Since you're gonna be queen, you could use this to oversee production.
-Dr Flora, if I may. -This is all very nice, but-- -What?
-Just an ordinary blade of grass and a bead of dew, right? -Flik, please.
Wrong! It is, in fact, a telescope.
-It's very clever, Flik, but-- -Hello, Princess! My, aren't you looking lovely this morning!
Not, of course, that you would need a telescope to see that.
All right, listen! The princess doesn't have time for this!
You wanna help us fill this thing? Then get rid of that machine...
get back in line and pick grain like everybody else!
-Like everybody else! -Please, Flik. Just go.
I'm sorry, I-I was-- I was really just trying--
trying to help.
Harvester. Why, we harvested the same way ever since I was a pupa.
Where were we?
-The food pile, Your Highness. -Oh, yes, yes.
Hey, Flik! Flik! Wait up!
-Oh. Hello, Princess. -You can call me Dot. Here, you forgot this.
Thanks. You can keep it. I can make another one.
-I like your inventions. -Really? Well, you're the first.
-I'm beginning to think nothing I do works. -This works.
Great. One success.
-I'm never gonna make a difference. -Me, neither.
I'm a royal ant, and I can't even fly yet. I'm too little.
-Oh, being little's not such a bad thing. -Yes, it is.
-No, it's not. -Is too!
-Is not. -Is too. -Is not. -Is too.
-Is not. Is not. Is not. Oh! -Is too. Is too. Is too.
A seed. I need-- I need a seed. Ahh--
Ah, here, here.
Pretend--pretend that that's a seed.
-It's a rock. -Oh, I know it's a rock. I know.
But let's just pretend for a minute that it's a seed, all right? We'll just use our imaginations.
Now--Now, do you see our tree?
Everything that made that giant tree...
is already contained inside this tiny little seed.
All it needs is some time, a little bit of sunshine and rain, and...
This rock will be a tree?
Seed to tree. You've gotta work with me, all right? Okay.
You might not feel like you can do much now...
but that's just because, well, you're not a tree yet.
You just have to give yourself some time. You're still a seed.
-But it's a rock. -I know it's a rock!
Don't ya think I know a rock when I see a rock? I've spent a lot of time around rocks!
You're weird, but I like you.
They're here.
They're here!
Mom! Where are you?
-They're coming! -Run!
-Dot! Dot! -Mom! -Single file!
-Mom! -Thank heavens!
-Food to the offering stone. -Okay, everyone, single file.
Food to the offering stone and into the anthill. Now let's go!
Go, go, go, go!
Come on. Keep movin', keep movin'! Good.
Okay. That's everyone.
Hey! Hey, wait for me!
Get the food to the offering stone, then into the anthill.
No! No, no, no, no, no! Oh, oh!
Oh, no.
Princess Atta! Princess Atta!
Princess Atta!
They come, they eat, they leave. They come, they eat, they leave.
Excuse me, pardon me. Pardon me, excuse me. Coming through. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Sorry, sorry. Coming through. Princess Atta, there's something I need to tell you.
-Not now, Flik. -But, Your Highness, it's about the offering!
-Hey, what's goin' on? -Yeah, where's the food?
-What did you do? -It was an accident?
Where's the food? Huh?
So, where is it?
Where's my food?
-I-I-Isn't it up there? -What?
-The food was in a leaf sitting on top-- -Excuse me.
Are you sure it's not up there?
-Are you saying I'm stupid? -No.
Do I look stupid to you?
Let's just think about the logic, shall we? Let's just think about it for a second.
If it was up there, would I be coming down here...
to your level, looking for it?
-Uh, I-- -Why am I even talking to you?
You're not the queen. You don't smell like the queen.
Sh-She's learning to take over for me, Hopper.
Oh, I see. Under new management. So it's your fault.
No, it wasn't me. It was--
Uh-uh-uh. First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.
-But-But I-- -It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, Princess...
one of those circle-of-life kind of things.
Now, let me tell you how things are supposed to work.
The sun grows the food. The ants pick the food.
-The grasshoppers eat the food-- -And the birds eat the grasshoppers.
Hey, like the one that nearly ate you, you remember? You remember?
-Oh, you should've seen it. -Molt.
This blue jay--He has him halfway down his throat, okay? And Hopper-- Hopper's kickin' and screamin', okay?
And I'm scared, okay? I'm not goin' anywhere near, okay?
Aw, come on. It's a great story. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
I swear, if I hadn't promised Mother on her deathbed...
that I wouldn't kill you, I would kill you.
-And believe me, no one appreciates that more than I do. -Shut up!
I don't want to hear another word out of you while we're on this island.
Do you understand me?
-I said, do you understand me? -Well, how can I answer? You said I couldn't say another word.
Remember Ma!
Hey, I'm a compassionate insect.
There's still a few months till the rains come...
so you can all just try again.
But, Hopper, since it's almost the rainy season...
we need this time to gather food for ourselves.
Listen, if you don't keep your end of the bargain, then I can't guarantee your safety.
And there are insects out there that will take advantage of you.
Someone could get hurt.
What's the matter? You scared of grasshoppers?
-Dot! -You don't like Thumper?
Leave her alone!
You want her? Go ahead. Take her.
No? Then get back in line.
It seems to me that you ants are forgetting your place.
So let's double the order of food.
-Huh? -No! But-But-But--
We'll be back at the end of the season...
when the last leaf falls.
You ants have a nice summer. Let's ride!
Flik, what do you have to say for yourself?
Sorry. I--I'm sorry for the way I am.
I didn't mean for things to go so wrong.
I especially didn't want to make you look bad, Princess.
-Well, Flik, ya did. -I was just trying to help.
Then help us--don't help us.
-Help? Help? Help? -Flik, you are sentenced to one month digging in the tunnels.
Excuse me, Your Highness. Need I remind you of Flik's tunnel-within-a-tunnel project?
-Helpers to help us. That could-- That's it! That's--We could-- -It took the whole engineering department...
two days to dig him out.
-Send him to Health and Ant Services. -Heavens, no!
We could leave the island. The river bed's dry right now. We'd just walk right across the river bed.
We could go get helpers. We could! We could leave. Sure. We could go find helpers to help us.
-It's perfect! -Perfect? What's so perfect?
Your Highness, don't you see? We could send someone to get help!
Leave the island?
Now, why didn't I think of that? Oh! Because it's suicide!
-She's right! We never leave the island. -Never leave!
There's snakes and birds and bigger bugs out there!
Exactly! Bigger bugs!
We could find bigger bugs to come here and fight...
and forever rid us of Hopper and his gang!
-Ludicrous! -Who would do a crazy thing like that?
I'll volunteer. I'd be very happy to volunteer.
You got a lot of spunk, kid, but no one's gonna help a bunch of ants.
At least we could try. Oh, I-I could-- I could travel to the city! I could search there!
If you went, you'd be on that silly search for weeks.
-Royal huddle. -Great idea, Princess. It's perfect.
-Exactly. -Wait a minute.
-What did we just decide here? -To let Flik leave.
While we keep harvesting to meet Hopper's demands.
-You see, with Flik gone, he can't-- -He can't mess anything up!
Flik, after much deliberation, we have decided to grant you your request.
-Really? -Really? -Uh, really.
Oh, thank you, Princess. Thank you so much for this chance.
-I-I-I won't let you down, I promise, I promise, I promise. -Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. No, forget it. Forget it.
-Oh, but I should probably help repair the damage before I go, don't you think? -No! No, no! Just go.
-Just go. -Just leave!
Don't worry! The colony is in good hands!
Bye, now.
All right.
Hey, fellas. Beautiful mornin', huh?
-My dad says he gives you 1 hour before you come back to the island crying. -Does he, now?
-My dad doesn't think that. -He doesn't, huh?
-Naw, he's bettin' you're gonna die. -Oh.
-Yeah, he says if the heat doesn't get ya, the birds will. -Well, I think he's gonna make it.
-Nobody asked you, Your Royal Shortness. -Yeah, Dot. What do you know?
Hey, hey, hey. Ease up, all right? Come on.
She's entitled to her opinion too.
So go, already.
-Hey! -The city's that way.
-I know. -You're supposed to look for bugs, not dandelions.
You leave him alone. He knows what he's doing.
That's right.
Here I go. For the colony, and for oppressed ants everywhere!
-Wow! -Hey!
-Hey, hey, hey! -Bye, Flik!
Wow. Ohh!
Good luck, Flik!
Bye! Whoa-oh!
I'm okay!
-Your dad's right. He's gonna die. -You just watch.
He's gonna get the bestest, roughest bugs you've ever seen!
Get back! Get back! Get back, you horrible beast!
I have no fear!
-Ooh! -Oh, my goodness.
Oh, no!
-Oh, I'm so sorry, Dim. An owie? -Owie! Owie, owie.
Please show Rosie the owie. All right, Dim. It's okay.
I have been in outhouses that didn't stink that bad.
This is ridiculous. What a disappointment!
-Oh, no! -You! Come here! I want my money back!
Uh, no refunds after the first two minutes.
Popcorn! Stale popcorn!
We're losin' the audience! You clowns get out there now!
-I hate performing on an empty stomach! -Do your act, Heimlich.
-Then you can eat. -P.T., what's the point?
-Not now, Slim. -What's the point of going out there? They'll only laugh at me.
-That's because you're a clown! -No, it's because I'm a prop!
You always cast me as the broom, the pole, the stick, a splinter.
You're a walking stick. It's funny!
-Now go! -You parasite.
Spring's in the air.
And I'm a flower with nothing interesting to say. A bee!
I am a cute little bumblebee!
Here I come!
Slow down, you flowers!
Candy corn! Here. Here. Let me help you to finish it.
Hey, cutie! Wanna pollinate with a real bug?
Ooh, come to Papa, yeah!
So, bein' a ladybug automatically makes me a girl, is that it, fly boy? Huh?
-She's a guy! -Francis, leave them alone.
-They are poo-poo heads! -Not again.
Judging by your breath, you must have been buzzin' around a dung heap all day.
Come on, Francis. You're making the maggots cry.
All right, we're dyin' out there. Gypsy, quick! You and Manny--
He's in a trance.
-Well, get him out of it! You and your husband are up now. -Manny, we're on.
Oh? Yet again it is up to me to rescue the performance.
Gypsy, come.
-The stage is the other way, dear. -Yes, of course.
Anytime, pal! I'm gonna pick the hairs out of your head one by one!
-Take your best shot! -You name the place!
-Oh, yeah? -Yeah, 'cause when you get there, you are dead!
-Francis, let me handle this. That's no way to speak to a lady. -I heard that, you twig.
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present Manto the Magnificent...
and his lovely assistant, Gypsy!
From the most mysterious regions of uncharted Asia...
I give you the Chinese Cabinet...
of Metamorphosis!
Rosie, whole troupe. On stage! Finale! Now!
-O-Okay, I just need a little time to-- -Now!
Coming. Coming. Tuck, Roll, let's get moving, guys. We're up next.
Don't you understand? We are up!
-Hey! -Hey! They don't understand me.
I summon the voice of Confucius--
Get off the stage, you old hack!
I demand to know who said that!
How dare you!
Manny? Manny!
I only got 24 hours to live, and I ain't gonna waste it here.
Come on.
I've just about had it with these losers!
Flaming death!
I hold in my hand the match--
the match that decides whether two bugs live or die this very evening.
In a moment, I will light this trail of matches...
leading to a sheet of flypaper dowsed in lighter fluid!
Aimed directly at the flypaper are Tuck and Roll...
the pill bug cannonballs!
The cannon will be triggered by Dim, trained to jump at the sound of this bell...
set to go off in 15 seconds.
Our pill bugs' only hope of survival is...
our mistress of the high wire, Rosie!
Secured to a web line of exact length...
Rosie will plummet down to these two posts...
spinning a web of safety in less than 15 seconds!
Not good enough, you say? Well, what if they were all...
Ladies and gentlemen, may I suggest that those of you...
with weak constitutions leave the arena...
for this act is so dangerous...
that if the slightest thing should go wrong--
-No! -Go? Okay, through the tunnel--
-Okay, that's done! -Whoa!
-P.T.! -Oh, no!
-We need some water! -Water, water, water, water, water!
Get me outta here!
-It's the web. I'm sorry. It's-- -You're all fired.
-We got the water! -Here we come, P.T.! -We'll save you.
Whoa! Burn 'im again!
No, Harry, no! Don't look at the light!
I can't help it! It's so beautiful!
Try not to look like a country bug.
Blend--blend in.
Hey, buggy!
What do you expect? The guy's a tick.
Wow! The city!
Whoa-whoa-whoa! Hey! Whoa-whoa-whoa!
Making all stops to the septic tank, including standing water...
empty bean can and dead rat.
-Watch your stingers. All aboard! -Whoa! -Hey, watch it.
-Hey! -Get out of the way! -Oh, sorry.
-Watch where you're goin'! -I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I didn't mean--
Oh, sorry!
Oh. I'm really, really sorry.
That was an-an-an ac-ac-accident.
-Hey, let go of me! -I'll show ya who's tough!
-And stay out! -Tough bugs!
-I knew an old lady who swallowed a fly-- -Wow!
-Move it! -Whoa!
Hey, waiter! I'm in my soup!
I've been workin' out. Feel my wing.
Yo! Two Black Flags over here!
-All right. -Hair of the dog you bit.
Hey, who ordered the poo-poo platter?
Here ya go, slick. Enjoy.
Hey, I said no salt!
-Buzz off! -Oh, pardon me, sir. I-I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment.
I represent a colony of-of ants,
and I'm looking--I'm looking for tough bugs, you know, mean bugs, the sort of bugs--
Fired by a flea-- how humiliating!
Let's face it: We stink.
-You fired! -You fired! -You fired!
-Oh, will you shut up? -Hey! -You fired!
Someday I will be a beautiful butterfly...
and then everything will be better.
I can't believe the troupe is breaking up. We've always been together.
-Farewell, my friends. -To the audience we'll never have.
Francis! Your boyfriends from the circus are here!
There she is.
-Hello there, girlie bug. -Shoo, fly. Don't bother me.
Say, why don't you tell our pal, Thud...
-what you said to us at the circus. -Yeah.
Somethin' about buzzin' around a dung heap?
Uh, excuse me. Hi. I represent an ant colony, and we're--
Hey, bartender! Bloody Mary, O-positive.
Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home
Not so tough now, are you?
All right, clown. Get up and fight like a girl.
-Get ready to do the Robin Hood act. -I want to be Little John!
-What part can I play? -You see, I'm looking for tough, warrior bugs.
Stand back, ye flies! We are the greatest warriors in all bugdom!
-Warrior bugs! -My sword!
Swish, swish. Clang, clang.
-Little John? -What ho, Robin?
Justice is my sword and truth shall be my quiver!
Wait, wait! No, no! I want to watch this!
Thrust, parry, lunge!
Me thinketh it's not working!
Back to Sherwood Forest!
What's going on in there?
Help! Help! Get me out!
-Oh, ow-ow-ow-ow. -You're perfect!
Oh, great ones! I have been scouting for bugs with your exact talents!
-A talent scout. -My colony's in trouble.
Grasshoppers are coming! We've been forced to prepare all this food.
-Dinner theater! -Food?
Please! Will you help us?
Where are they?
-We'll take the job! -Really? -Yes, yes, yes!
You can explain the details on the way.
-Okay, come on, everyone. Break a leg! -Whoa, you're vicious!
Hold on, Mr Ant.
Amazing! This is too good to be true!
So, you see, it was my fault that Hopper's coming back.
But then, Princess Atta-- boy, is she one in a million--
she let me go out and find you.
And after seeing you fight off those flies--
Boy, are those grasshoppers in for a big surprise!
-Dr Flora! -Oh, dear. Not another one.
-This is insane. -Insane.
There's just not enough food left on the island!
No way we can make double quota before Hopper comes.
Well, we have to try, Thorny. We don't have any choice.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, look who's playing lookout again--little Speck!
-The name is Dot. -Well, Spot, you still lookin' for Flik?
Forget it, Dot. That loser's never coming back.
Flik! He did it! He did it!
What? Quit shoving!
This is it! This is Ant lsland!
Flik! Over here! Flik! Flik!
-Hey! -He did it! He did it! He did it! Yea!
-He did it! -Cool!
At the rate these leaves are dropping, we're gonna need a miracle.
That's right! We need a miracle!
Run for your lives!
Once again, our reputation precedes us.
Hey, everybody! Hey! I'm back!
Hey, guys! Hey-ey! Look-look-look who's here with me!
Flik! Flik! Flik! You're back! I knew you could do it!
-Flik? -It's Flik! -What?
-Yeah. -No, it's not Flik.
-Flik has returned! -He's back?
And he's accompanied by savage insects!
What? How? He wasn't supposed to actually find someone!
Oh, look at this. Look at this. This is great. Look.
-Oh, my ticker! -So, what are you supposed to be?
He's a stick, stupid. You hit bugs with him.
-Well, that's an oversimplification. -That's right, kids. Like this!
No! Put me down! Ow!
-Hey! -My, you just pop right open there, don't ya?
-Ooh! Wow! -Uh-oh. Kids, he's kinda ticklish.
Let's come on out. Careful.
Well, my boy, you came through.
Aphie and I are very impressed.
Princess Atta! Hey! Hey, guys, this is Princess Atta! She's the one that sent me to find you!
-Atta, Atta! Did you see that really big bug over there? -He looks absolutely ferocious!
-They're our ticket out of this mess! -They came just in time! -That's right!
So, Princess Atta, what-- what do you think?
No-no-no-no, wait! This was not supposed to happen.
Mayday, Mayday. We're losin' the job.
We don't fight grasshoppers.
-We don't, but they will. -Bingo!
We gotta sweeten the deal.
Your Majesty, ladies and gentlemen...
boys and girls of all ages...
our troupe here guarantees a performance like no other!
Why, when your grasshopper friends get here, we are gonna...
knock them dead!
Boy, these folks are sure hard up for entertainment.
Come on, come on. Hurry!
Honey, relax. You should be proud of yourself.
Your instincts on that boy were right on the money.
And to make our official welcome complete--Mr Soil?
-Yes, Your Highness? -He's our resident thespian.
Last year he played the lead in Picnic.
The children--and myself-- have quickly put together...
a little presentation in honour of our guests.
Dot, Reed, Daisy, Grub?
Oh, aren't they adorable! Ooh, they're cute!
The South Tunnel Elementary School second grade class...
would like to present you with this, a mural we have drawn...
of you bugs helping us fight the grasshoppers away.
Oh, look at the beautiful colors of the blood.
We drew one of you dying because our teacher said it would be more dramatic.
I tell you a tale of heroes so bold...
who vanquished our grasshopper enemies of old.
Look, the last leaf has fallen.
We are the grasshoppers! Where's our food?
Who will come to save us poor ants?
We are the warriors, here to defend you!
I die! Die! Die!
Hail, the bugs!
Thank you, thank you! Oh, thank you!
-Hey, hey, hey! -I say we go.
-Okay, honey. You're up. -Oh. Um--
-Oh, oh, I-I-- -We're all very, very grateful to have...
-Here, here. -the warriors--
First of all, I'd like to thank the warriors for helping us in our fight...
against the grasshoppers.
Secondly, I would like to thank Flik...
-for his forthright thinking-- -Thank you, Your Highness.
Oh, sure, I'd like to take credit for all of this, but, well, that wouldn't be right.
Because it was you, Princess Atta. You believed in me,
-and you sent me on my quest. -You tell that ant that we need to talk to him right now.
-Okay, okay, okay. -Now, I know that I've made mistakes in the past. -Go!
-And I--And I hope that this will make up-- -Flik!
Not right now, Rosie. I-I'm making a speech.
Now, I truly believe that these bugs are the answer to our--
No, there's no circus around here. So, I--
Your Highness, the warriors have called for a secret meeting to plan for a circus--
uh, circumventing the oncoming hordes so they can trapeze--trap them with ease!
-Shouldn't I come too? -No!
Sorry, no, no, you see, it's classified in the D.M.Z. Gotta go A.S.A.P. You know, strictly B.Y.O.B. Bye!
Sorry. Sorry I have to take the warriors away so early...
but you know, uh, they have a-- they have a lot to get done, with the battle looming and all.
So, uh, please, everyone enjoy the party.
Thanks again. Bye. Bye-bye.
Okay, just--just-- just get in there. Go!
Go, go, go!
Circus bugs? How can you be circus bugs?
-What? -Oh-- -Hey, hey, hey.
You said nothin' about killin' grasshoppers, pal. You lied to us!
Are you kidding? Do you know what this is?
This, my friends, is false advertising.
How dare you! You, sir, are the charlatan in this scenario--
touting your wares as a talent scout...
preying upon the hungry souls of hapless artistes.
Good day to you, sir.
Wait! No, no! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! You can't go.
You have got to help me. Give me some time. I'll come up with a plan.
-Just go tell them the truth! -They can't--They can't know the truth. The truth, you see, is bad.
I will be branded with this mistake for the rest of my life. My children's children will walk down the street...
and people will point and say, "Look! There goes the spawn of Flik, the loser!"
Oh--oh, oh, you know, all right, fine. Yeah, okay. Just go.
But if you could just do me a little favour before you leave.
Um, if you could squish me, that would be great, because, uh...
when they find out, I'm as good as dead.
I really do think I should be part of this meeting. Flik!
Princess Atta! What a nice surprise.
Just what exactly is going on? I would like to speak with the so-called "warriors."
You can't! I mean, they are in the middle of a top secret meeting right now...
and they really should not be disturbed now.
Right, guys?
Could you ex--pl--Could you excuse-- Uh, could you excuse me, please?
-Wait! Wait, wait, wait! Please, don't go! -I'm not going anywhere.
What is going on? Flik?
Flik! Ooh, I knew it!
Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Please! Don't go!
-No! -Quick, he's losin' it! -No, no, no, no!
-You can't go! I'm desperate! -Really? I couldn't tell.
Hmm. Come on, wings.
Mother, Flik is up to something.
-No! No! -Okay, Flik, time to put ya down now.
-Get him off me! He's cutting off the circulation to my foot. -No, no!
-No, no, no, no! -Let go!
-Oh, please! Please! Don't go! -Put the stick down. Flik, I mean it, now.
-Drop the stick. Drop it. -Run!
Boy, he runs fast for a little guy.
Tweet-tweet! Tweet-tweet!
Tweet-tweet! Tweet-tweet! Tweet-tweet!
This way.
There they are.
-A bird! -Flik!
-Look! -Dot!
-Dot! -My baby!
Huh? I gotcha! I gotcha!
I gotcha, I gotcha!
-I can't see! -Somebody do something!
-Are they all right? -Can anyone see? Are they alive?
-I can't see! -What is happening?
-Dot? -Good heavens, they're in trouble!
-Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis-- -Oh, you guys, I've got an idea!
Here! I've got it!
Please, ma'am, wake up! Wake up!
-Help! Help! -Yoo-hoo!
Mr Early Bird! How about a nice, tasty worm on a stick?
I'm going to snap. I'm going to snap.
Nice and juicy, succulent--
Let's go!
-There they are! -Flik! Help!
-Flik! -It's going to be okay, Dot.
Bye-bye, birdie!
Help! I'm stuck! Pull me down!
-The caterpillar's using himself as live bait! -How brave!
Suck it in, man!
Ow. My leg!
The bird! The bird! Look out for the bird!
Up-a, up-a, up-a, up-a, up-a!
What is that?
That, my friends, is the sound of applause!
Applause--I'm in heaven!
Our Blueberry troop salutes you bugs for rescuing our smallest member, Princess Dot.
And as a tribute to Miss Francis, we've changed our bandannas!
We voted you our honorary den mother!
What? Great.
All right, girls. Let's move your little keisters outta here now.
The patient needs her rest, you know. Come on.
Oh, excuse me, Flik. Can I talk to you just for a second?
-Huh? Oh, sure. -Oww!
Again, uh, thank you all, very, very much.
-Oh, stop it. -You're too kind. -Thank you.
-You don't think I've offended the warriors, do you? -You? No.
Oh, good. Because, you see...
when you first brought them here, I thought you'd hired a bunch of clowns.
Ya did?
Don't tell 'em I said that. Boy, that's all I'd need, another royal blunder like that.
-Princess, you're doin' a great job. -Thanks. You're sweet.
You're wrong but sweet.
-I know what everyone really thinks. -I don't follow you.
Everyone--the whole colony. Nobody really believes I can do this job.
It's like they're all watching me...
-just, just-- -Waiting for you to screw up.
-Flik, I owe you an apology. -For what?
Well, I haven't been that nice to you, and I'm sorry.
If there's any way I can make it up to you--Hey! I know!
How would you like to be the queen's official aide to the warrior bugs?
-Me? -Oh, sure. You've got a great rapport going with them...
especially after that rescue-- it was very brave.
-Really? Naw, naw-- -Well, not every bug would face a bird.
-I mean, even Hopper's afraid of 'em. -Yeah, well, I guess maybe I have--
-Say that again? -I said, even Hopper's afraid of birds.
Thank you.
-Hopper's afraid of birds! -And I don't blame 'im!
Oh, oh, oh, this is perfect.
We can get rid of Hopper, and no one has to know that I messed up.
You just keep pretending you're warriors.
Whoa, Flik, honey. We are not about to fight grasshoppers, okay?
You'll be gone before the grasshoppers ever arrive. It'll be easy. Here's what we do.
Not another word. I don't know what you're concocting in that little ant brain of yours...
but we'll have no part of it.
Excuse me? Could we get the warriors' autographs?
-Oh, wow! Great! -So, you fellas catch the action today?
Oh! The bird went-- and it just missed you!
-Oh, aren't you sweet? -And the way you pretended to be stuck in that huge crack!
-Oh, that's just all part of the plan. -Yeah, yeah.
And then you dive-bombed into the bush!
-There you go, my boy. -Wow! Thanks!
That's Major Manny, young cadet.
-I outrank everyone here. Remember that. -Yes, sir!
-Dismissed! -Wow!
-When I grow up, I'm gonna be a praying mantis! -I'm gonna be a stick bug!
Oh, they're all so cool, I can't pick!
Delightful lads. You were saying, Flik?
All right. We are going to build a bird--
a bird that we can operate from the inside, which would then be hoisted above our anthill--
Hoisted above the anthill and hidden high in the tree.
Then, right when Hopper and his gang are below...
we'll launch the bird and scare off the grasshoppers.
Now it's going to take--
Everyone's involvement to make this plan a reality.
I know it's not our tradition to do things differently...
but if our ancestors were able to build this anthill...
we can certainly rally together to build this bird!
-Perfect! -Okay, hit your marks!
-Whoa! -Whee-hee!
-Hi, Flik. -Oh.
-Do you mind passing the sugar crumbs? -Yeah, sure. -Thank you.
-I love what you did with your antenna. -Oh, thank you.
Oh, look. She's a natural mother.
All right, that's it! Out! Out! Everybody out!
Okay, now you're gonna cry, right? You're gonna cry. See if I care. Go ahead and cry. Go ahead.
Please, don't cry. Please. Huh?
-Ta-da! -Yea, Francis! Yea!
Okay, lower, lower--
-You got it. And that's it! -Whoa!
Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up!
Rabbit through the hole, chicken in the barn, two by two by, there's the yarn.
-Done! -Ruben Kincaid!
-Hey! -Good job, guys! Nice work!
Up, down. Up, down. Up, down.
-Hmm. -Hmm.
-Read 'em and weep. -Huh?
Whoo-whee! Ya-hoo!
-Flik, watch out! -Whoa!
Look! I'm a beautiful butterfly!
There ya go. Good job, fellas. Keep up the good work.
You're fired!
Whoo-hoo! Look at me! I'm barefootin'! Whoo-hoo!
Yo, bugito, dos granitos, pronto!
You gotta try this, man!
We have more than enough food.
We go all the way back there and it starts to rain, we might as well be suckin' bug spray.
Ooh, don't even say that! You know somethin'?
You're makin' a lot of sense. I mean, why take the risk?
-You should tell Hopper. -Good idea.
But, you know, it's really not our place.
I mean, you're his brother. That makes you, like, uh...
the vice president of the gang.
Wow! It kinda does, doesn't it?
Okay, I'll tell 'im. Boy, I should talk to you guys more often.
-What if Hopper doesn't like it? -Then at least the genius will get smacked and not us.
Vice President Molt.
Ooh, yeah, that's good. Oh, that's good.
-Ooh, a little lower. Ahh, lower, lower. -Hey ya, Hop.
-Go away. -That's fine. Then I won't tell ya my idea.
-Good! -Okay, okay. I'll tell ya anyway.
You see, I've been thinkin', okay, which is somethin' that I do, you know, bein' vice president and all.
And this is a thought. And it was mine. Why go back to Ant lsland at all? I mean, you don't even like grain.
-What? -You're right. I didn't think it was such a good idea myself.
Actually, it wasn't even my idea. It was Axle and Loco's!
They talked fancy to me. I got confused!
Guys, order another round...
because we're stayin' here!
-Yeah! -Yeah!
What was I thinking? Going back to Ant lsland.
I mean, we just got here, and we have more than enough food to get us through the winter.
Right? Why go back?
But there was that ant that stood up to me.
-Yeah, but we can forget about him! -Yeah, it was just one ant.
One ant!
Yeah, you're right! It's just one ant!
-Yeah, boss. They're puny! -Hmm, puny.
Say, let's pretend this grain is a puny little ant.
-Did that hurt? -Nope.
-Well, how 'bout this one? -Are you kiddin'?
Well, how 'bout this?
You let one ant stand up to us...
then they all might stand up.
Those puny little ants outnumber us 100 to one.
And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life!
It's not about food. It's about keeping those ants in line.
That's why we're going back!
Does anybody else wanna stay?
He's quite the motivational speaker, isn't he?
Let's ride!
-To the bird! -The bird!
-Hey! -Whoo-hoo!
-Hey! -Whoo!
Get down, roly boys!
-How low can you go? Sing it now. -How low can you go
Do it, Princess. How low can you go
And that's how my 12th husband died.
So, now I'm a widow. I mean, I've always been a black widow...
but now I'm a black widow widow.
-Thorny! Any sign of those fiends? -Let me check.
No, not yet. But we'll be ready for 'em.
Blueberries, dismissed!
And, uh, quit beatin' the boys up.
Those little raisins do grow on ya.
Hey, how you guys doin'? Some party, huh?
Is that grain dip fresh or what? Okay.
I've told everyone you'll be stationed deep in the command bunker.
Party quiets down, I sneak you out the back way and then you're outta here forever.
Dim don't wanna go.
Well, if Dim stays he's gonna need me here. He's not fully trained.
I mean, house-trained.
I, uh, I kinda promised the Blueberries I'd teach 'em canasta.
It seems we've been booked for an extended engagement.
Will you look at this colony? Will you just look at this colony?
I don't even recognize it.
I feel 70 again!
Work that ab, baby!
And I have you bugs to thank for it. So--thank you!
And, uh, thank you for findin' 'em, Flik.
-Me? -Oops. -Oh, ooh--uh, uh, I'll get it.
I mean, if you don't mind, I'll just, I'll just--
It's all tangled up.
-There. -Ow!
I think I'll go check on the bird.
-Bird's this way. -Yeah, the bird's that way.
Jiminy H. Cricket!
They're back! Get ready, everybody!
Get to your posts!
Battle stations, everyone. This is not a drill!
Come on, everyone. You know your jobs! Let's go, go, go, go!
Look out!
Whoa, whoa, whoa there. Steady, girls. That's it.
-It's P.T. -P.T.?
Greetings and salutations! Ooh-boppa-doo and how do you do?
I am the great P.T. Flea!
I'm in need of your assis-- Oh, let's just cut to the chase.
Look, I've been goin' from anthill to anthill.
I'm lookin' for a bunch of circus performers. Have you seen 'em?
-Wait a second. Ain't that Staff Sergeant Slim? -Nope! No, no, no.
-I'm sorry, no, but, uh, no one has seen anyone like that around here. -Be quiet!
-No one has ever seen anyone like that around here. -Hey!
So, you'll probably-- you'll probably want to get goin'.
I guess you got a lot of other anthills to check into, so, bye!
Ah, guys, I've been lookin' all over for ya! Flaming Death is a huge hit!
-P.T.! Sh-- -I'm serious! Word of mouth got around. -P.T.! No!
The next day, there was a line of flies outside the tent went on forever!
-It must have been a foot long! -P.T., no!
So, I figured it out. You guys burn me twice a night, I take a day off to heal.
And then we do it all over again!
We'll be the top circus act in the business!
-You mean, you're not warriors? -Are you kiddin'?
These guys are the lousiest circus bugs you've ever seen.
And they're gonna make me rich!
You mean to tell me that our entire defensive strategy...
was concocted by clowns?
Hey, hey, hey, hey. We really thought Flik's idea was gonna work.
-Oops. -Tell me this isn't true.
-No, you don't--You don't-- -This couldn't have happened at a more inopportune time!
The last leaf is about to fall!
We haven't collected any food for the grasshoppers!
If Hopper finds out what we almost did--
Hopper is not going to find out.
We're going to hide all this and pretend it never happened.
You bugs were never here. So I suggest you all leave.
But the bird! The-The-The bird will work.
I never thought I'd see the day when an ant would put himself...
-before the rest of his colony. -What?
-The point is, Flik, you lied to us. -No, no, no! I-I just--
You lied, Flik. You lied to her.
You lied to the colony! You lied to me!
And like an idiot, I believed you.
But I-I was just afraid that...
if you knew I'd gotten circus bugs--
-I just wanted to make a difference. -I want you to leave, Flik.
And this time, don't come back.
Tough crowd. Yee-haw!
That's it? But there's got to be more food on the island!
If we give up any more, we'll starve.
Hopper won't accept this!
Mother, it's not enough. What do we do?
I-I don't know.
You little termites!
I give you a second chance, and this is all I get?
But, Hopper, we ran out of time!
Have you been playing all summer? You think this is a game?
-No, no, please! -Well, guess what!
You just lost.
Not one ant sleeps until we get every scrap of food...
on this island!
Just do what he says. You don't want to make him mad. Believe me!
No, no, no. You're staying with me, Your Highness.
Where do you think you're going? Get over there!
Quick! To the clubhouse.
-Shut up a minute, will ya? -I think I heard something over here.
-Have you checked over there? -No, not yet.
Well then, get over there and check it out!
Wait a minute.
Hey, I think I found something.
-Cool. Hey, how do I look? -Like an idiot.
I don't know, maybe it'll keep me dry in the rain.
You moron, we'll be out of here before it rains.
Didn't you hear Hopper? After the ants pick all the food...
he's gonna squish the queen to remind 'em who's boss.
Then she's dead. They cry--boo-hoo. We go home. End of story.
Oh! Cool. I love our job.
Stay here. I'm gonna get help.
Come on, wings, fly. Fly!
Yeah! Whoa-oh!
I'm gonna be rich, rich, rich I'm gonna be rich, rich, rich
I'm gonna be the richest flea in the land
The streets'll be paved with golden retrievers
I'm rich, rich, rich That's who I am
-Poor fellow. -Hey, maybe we can cheer him up a bit.
Don't worry, Flik. The circus life isn't so bad.
-Yes, you can be part of our act. -Here! Like this.
Slapstick! Get it?
I-I'm a walking stick. Oh, never mind.
-Flik! -Dot?
Flik, wait! Wait!
Dot, you're flying! What are you doing here?
You have to go back.
Hopper moved into the anthill, and his gang's eating everything!
-Oh! -Oh, no! -Good heavens!
And I heard a grasshopper say that when they're finished...
Hopper's gonna squish my mom!
-Oh, not the queen! -We gotta do something! -How?
-Come on, you guys, think! -I know. The bird.
-Yes, of course. -The bird! That's brilliant.
The bird won't work.
-What are you talking about? It was your idea. -But you said that everything--
Forget everything I ever told you. All right, Dot?
Let's face it. The colony is right. I just make things worse.
That bird is a guaranteed failure. Just like me.
You listen to me, my boy. I've made a living out of being a failure.
And you, sir, are not a failure!
-Oh, but Flik, you've done so many good things. -Oh, yeah?
Okay, show me one thing I've done right.
-Us. -Yeah. -Yeah, yeah.
Dim is right, my boy. You have rekindled...
the long-dormant embers of purpose in our lives.
And if it wasn't for you, Francis would have never gotten in touch with his feminine side.
Oh yeah? Well--Hmm. You know what? He's right.
Lieutenant Gypsy reporting for duty.
-Kid, say the word and we'll follow you into battle. -We believe in you, my boy.
Flik, please?
Pretend it's a seed, okay?
Thanks, Dot.
-Hey, what's with the rock? -Must be an ant thing.
-All right, let's do it. -That's the Flik we know and love.
-We're on! -So, what do we do first?
Bugs will pay big bucks to see
A bonfire that is starring me
-P.T., look. Money! -Where? Where?
All right. Get movin'! Get goin'. Move your abdomens, now!
They're rounding everyone up.
-Hey! Turn your butt off. -Hey, guys! Get me out of this thing, will ya?
I promise to start thinkin' about payin' ya.
Hey! Wait, wait! Okay, I'll pay ya! I'll pay ya!
Oh, no! They've finished collecting the food. We've got to get the queen now.
Once she's safe, we move on Gypsy's signal.
Someone's coming!
Hello, kids! Ready to make some grasshoppers cry?
It's payback time, Blueberry-style.
-Blueberries rock! -Yea! -All right!
Ladies and gentlebugs! Larvae of all stages!
Rub your legs together for the world's greatest bug circus!
Wait a minute!
-I think I'm going to wet myself. -Steady.
-What's going on here? -Well, uh--
Uh, yes.
We were invited by Princess Atta...
as a surprise for your arrival.
Squish 'em.
-Now that's funny. -That is funny.
I guess we could use a little entertainment.
Looks like you did something right for once, Princess.
-On with the show! -Hi-ya!
The circus, the circus I love the circus
Ba-ba all gone! Baby wants pie!
Pie? He asked for it. Should I give it to him?
Yeah! Give 'im pie! Give 'im pie!
-Yeah! -Thank you, gentlemen. Always an intellectual treat.
Say, how many roaches does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Can't tell. As soon as the light goes on, they scatter!
-Almost there. -From the most mysterious regions of uncharted Asia...
-I give you the Chinese Cabinet... -Come on, girls. Quick. Quick.
of Metamorphosis!
Utilizing psychic vibrations...
-I shall select the perfect volunteer. -Pick me!
Ooh, no! Come on. I'm askin' ya with my brain.
-Aha! Why, Your Majesty! -Me?
No, no. Thumper, down. Let her go.
Maybe he'll saw her in half.
As you ascend the dung beetle to the unknown...
put your trust in the mysteries that are beyond mere mortal comprehension.
Ooh, this is gonna be good!
-Blueberries ready? -Ready.
I call upon the ancient Szechwan spirits...
to inhabit the body of our volunteer!
No, no. Just stay in there, Your Majesty.
Wow. Manny's gettin' good.
-Not now. -If it rains, that bird'll get ripped to shreds!
And now, insectus...
Ooh, pretty!
Thank you, thank you.
-Thank you. -That's the signal. That's the signal!
This is it, girls. Get ready to roll.
-Huh? It's stuck! -That was amazing!
I have no--How did they do that? I have no idea where she went.
-Thank you. Thank you, thank you. -More! More! More!
-More! More! More! -Wait!
-Where is she? -Well, now, uh, actually--
I am sorry. A magician never reveals his secrets.
That's very true, Hoppy. I mean, where would the mystery be if we all knew how it was--
-Shutting up. -You can do it!
-You've got to make it work! -Hey!
I said, where is she?
Hold on!
Bird! It's a bird!
Let's get out of here! Go!
Don't-Don't let it get me! Don't let it get me!
Help me!
Up, down, up, down. And turn!
My eye! Help me!
Mmm, boysenberry.
Huh? Aah, no, no, no, no, no!
Oh, the pain!
There goes my magic act!
-Flaming Death! -No! P.T.!
A direct hit!
Flik! Flik! Help us!
Okay! Everyone out! Hurry!
Where's Dot? Has anyone seen Dot?
Whose idea was this? Huh?
Was it yours, Princess?
Just get behind me, girls. It'll be okay.
Leave her alone, Hopper.
The bird was my idea. I'm the one you want.
Where do you get the gall to do this to me?
You were--You were gonna squish the queen.
-It's true. -I hate it when someone gives away the ending.
You piece of dirt! No, I'm wrong.
You're lower than dirt. You're an ant!
Let this be a lesson to all you ants.
Ideas are very dangerous things.
You are mindless, soil-shoving losers...
put on this earth to serve us!
You're wrong, Hopper.
Ants are not meant to serve grasshoppers!
I've seen these ants do great things.
And year after year, they somehow manage...
to pick food for themselves and you.
So-So who is the weaker species?
Ants don't serve grasshoppers.
It's you who need us.
We're a lot stronger than you say we are.
And you know it, don't you?
Well, Princess!
Um, Hopper? Um, I-I hate to interrupt, but, um--
You ants stay back!
-Oh, this was such a bad idea! -You see, Hopper...
nature has a certain order.
The ants pick the food, the ants keep the food...
and the grasshoppers leave!
-I'm so proud of you, Flik! -Charge-a!
Where are you going? They're just ants!
No! Bad grasshopper! Bad grasshopper! Go home!
-Yeah! -Come back here, you cowards!
-Don't leave! -To the cannon! -To the cannon!
Happy landings, Hopper!
-Flik! -Quick! After them!
-Slim! -Francis! Francis! Francis, I'm stuck! -Where are ya?
-I'm over here! -Where? -Here!
I'm the only stick with eyeballs!
-Help! Help! Help! -Get him!
-Go that way! -But the anthill's over-- -I've got an idea!
-Flik! -Come on!
Come on! We've gotta hide!
No matter what happens, stay down!
Flik, no! What are you doing?
-Hopper! -You think it's over?
No, no, no. No, I-I can explain.
-All your little stunt did was buy them time! -No, please!
-Please, Hopper! -I'll get more grasshoppers and be back next season...
but you won't!
Well, what's this? Another one of your little bird tricks?
-Yup. -Are there a bunch of little girls in this one, too?
Hello, girls!
No! No! No, no, no, no!
No! No!
Oh, no!
Oh, no! No, no, no!
Come on, boys!
Hey, Princess Dot! Wait up!
I finally get a second to relax, and I gotta get out of my chair.
-Come on! You can rub lotion on me later, shade boy. -Yeah, hubba-hubba.
-Oh, thank you! -Thank you. -Oh, you're too kind.
-It was the least we could do. -All in a day's work. -Any time.
I'm so sorry, kids. I wish you could come along, too.
I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry.
Hey, let's go. We got a schedule to keep. Come on. Let's go.
-Hey! -Hey, Tiny! Let's get this show packed up!
We got paying customers hatching!
Yes, Mr Flea. Yes, sir. Of course, sir. Right away, sir.
And, um, I just wanted to thank you for giving me a chance...
because it's an honour to work with creative giants such as yourself.
-Shutting up. -You sure you can't come on tour with us?
Sorry. My place is here.
-Good answer. -Oh, well. Your loss. One minute, insects!
I wanna thank all of you for giving us back...
our hope, our dignity and our lives.
And to you, Princess Atta. You have given us so much.
Please accept this gift from us bugs...
to you ants.
-For you! -Oh! It's a rock.
-What's with the rock? -Must be a circus thing.
Well, Flik, you really goofed up.
-Thanks. -Yeah, you too.
All right. Now it's gettin' mushy. We're outta here! Hy-aah!
-Whoa! -See ya next season!
-See ya, Flik! -Bye! We miss you already!
-You fired! -You fired! -We forgot Heimlich!
I'm finished! Finally, I'm a beautiful butterfly!
Mein wings! Oh, they're beautiful!
Heimlich! The wagon's taking off! You better start flying!
But I am flying! And from way up here, you all look like little ants!
Auf Wiedersehen!
Present stalks!
Harvester, salute!
Was a bug, little bug
Hardly there
How he felt, what he dreamed
Who would care
-Without any evidence -His flaws were many, ooh
-He was full of confidence -Some people haven't any
-Didn't have much common sense -It's highly overrated
He just knew that he'd come through
It's the time of your life
So live it well
It's the time of your life
So live it well
We may only go round one time
As far as I can tell
It's the time of your life
So live it well
We may only go round this one time
-As far as I can tell -He could be wrong about that
-It's the time of your life -Time, life
-It's the time of your life -Time, life
It's the time of your life
So live it well
-Speed! -Marker. -And--action!
Are you saying I'm stupid?
-No. -Do I look stupid to you?
I'm sorry.
Are you saying I'm stupid? Oh!
I'm sorry. I got it. No, no, no. Just do it again. I'm fine.
-Are you saying I'm stupid? -Yes!
This is the fifteenth take.
I cannot work like this.
-I will be in my trailer. -I need a break.
-Marker. -Whoa, Flik, honey.
We are not about to-- Is someone hammering?
Can we hold the work, please? People!
Am--Am I in this shot? You can--You can see me, right?
To infinity and beyond!
I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.
Really, can y-- can you blame me?
-Okay. Okay, let's go for real now. -Okay, cut! -Sorry.
Why go back to Ant lsland at all?
-I mean, you don't even like grain. -What?
You're right. I didn't think it was such a good idea myself.
-Actually, it wasn't even my idea. -Watch it!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Is the camera broke?
Oh, oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Did I ruin the take?
And, uh, thank you for findin' 'em, Flik.
-Me? Oh, uh, uh-- -Ow, ow, ow! -Oh, no.
-This really hurts. Can we cut? -Oh, I'm sorry. -Ow!
So, is there a Mrs Ant...
you have to tunnel home to?
Ooh, I'm sorry. I thought he was real.
Oh, dear. Put that thing in my car.
-Marker. -Flik, after much deliberation--
Ohh, I g-- Oh, my eye!
Oh, no, seriously, I got berry juice in my eye!
It stings! Stop acting!
I'm serious! Oh, stop the camera!
Uh-oh. Towel! I need a towel over here!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. C-Can we cut?
It's just that I-I don't think I'm comin' across.
Hmm. Oh, I know, I know. I could lather up a bunch of spit.
Ooh, ooh. That's good. I got it, J.L. All right. One more for me.
-Speed. -Marker.
-Action! -Spinning a web of safety...
in less than 50--
It's the time of your life
So live it well
It's the time of your life
So live it well
We may only go round one time
As far as I can tell
It's the time of your life
So live it well
Like us all he started small
Then he grew
When the time came he knew
What to do
-He knew in order to succeed -They'd have to work together
-He turned a rock into a seed -And they were changed forever
Then they had the strength they'd need
-To get through stormy weather -Do or die, you gotta try
It's the time of your life
So live it well
It's the time of your life
So live it well
You may only go round one time
-As far as I can tell -He may be wrong about that
It's the time of your life
So live it well
Isn't it a bit surprising
How our fortunes ebb and flow
And only to the enterprising
Does the magic fortune cookie go
Believe me It's the time of your life
So live it well
It's the time of your life
So live it well
We may only go round one time
As far as I can tell
It's the time of your life
It's the time of your life
It's the time of your life
So live it well
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