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Subtitles for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition.

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition

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[Film Projector Runs]
Good night, Pat.
Good night.
What happened to the old bank?|It was beautiful.
People kept robbing it.
That's a small price to pay|for beauty.
Hit me.
Give me credit,|Mr. Macon?
You know my rules, Tom.
Well, it looks like|you just about
cleaned everybody out,|fella.
You haven't lost a hand|since you got the deal.
What's the secret|of your success?
Letís just|you and me play.
Hit it.
Yeah, you're a hell of|a card player, fella.
I know, 'cause I'm|a hell of a card player,
and I can't even spot|how you're cheating.
The money stays,|and you go.
Well, we seem to be
a little short|on brotherly love
around here.
If you're with him,|you better get out of here.
We're on ourway.
I wasn't cheating.
Come on.
I wasn't cheating!
You can die.|You can both die.
You hear that?
If he invites us|to stay, then we'll go.
He's got to invite us|to stick around.
He'll draw on you.
You don't know|how fast he is.
I'm over the hill,|but it can happen to you.
Thatís just|what I want to hear.
Every day you get older.|That's a law.
What would you think about
maybe asking us|to stick around?
You don't have to mean it|or anything.
Just ask us to stick around.|I promise--
I can't help you,|Sundance.
I didn't know you were|the Sundance Kid
when I said|you were cheating.
I draw on you,|you'll kill me.
There's that|possibility.
You'd be killing yourself.
Why donít you just invite us|to stick around?
You can do it...
and easy.
Come on.
Come on.
Why donít you|stick around?
Thanks, but we|got to get going.
Hey, Kid.
Hey, Kid,|how good are you?
Like I been|telling you--
over the hill.
Boy, you know,
every time I see|Hole-In-The-Wall,
it's like seeing it|for the first time.
Every time, I ask myself|the same question--
how can I be so damn stupid|to keep coming back?
What's your idea|this time?
What's Bolivia?
Bolivia--that's|a country, stupid.
Central or|South America.
One or the other.
Let's go to Mexico|instead.
All they got in Mexico|is sweat.
There's too much|of that here.
Ifwe'd been in business|during the California gold rush,
where would we have gone?|California, right?
When I say Bolivia,|you just think California.
You wouldn't believe|what they're finding
in the ground down there.
Theyíre just|falling into it.
Silver mines,|gold mines, tin mines.
Payrolls so heavy we'd strain|ourselves stealing them.
You just keep thinking,|Butch.
That's what you're good at.
Boy, I got vision,
and the rest of the world|wears bifocals.
Hi, News.|What you doing?
Aw, howdy, Butch.|Uh, nothing.
Howdy, Sundance.
You sure are. You're|doing something. What?
Just fixing to rob|the Union Pacific Flyer, Butch,
like what we had in mind.
You fellas got everything|I told you all wrong.
Sure, we might|hit the Flyer,
but even if we do,|it won't be this run.
It'll be the next one,|the return.
Sundance and me,|we been checking the banks.
No banks.
The Flyer, Butch.
Fellas, bad as they are,|banks are better than trains.
They don't move.|They stay put.
You know|the money's in there.
When I left,|I gave orders.
New orders|been given.
I run things here,|Harvey.
Used to you did.
Me now.
This don't concern you.
You tell him|to stay out.
Well, he goes his own way,|like always.
What's the matter|with you guys?
When I came here,
you were nothing.|I formed you.
Who says?
Read them|a clipping, News.
Which one?
Any of them.
This one here's|from Salt Lake Herald.
ĒButch Cassidy's|Hole-In-The-Wall Gang...Ē
That's me!
You want Harvey|to do your planning?
Want him to do your|thinking for you?
You want him|to run things?
Shut up now, News.
Not till I get|to the good part.
ĒAlso known to have|participated in the holdup
are Flat Nose Curry|and News Carver.Ē
I just love to read my name|in the paper, Butch.
So we just forget|about Logan taking over,
O.K., Flat Nose?
You always said
that any one of us|could challenge you.
'Cause I figured|no one would do it.
Figured wrong, Butch.
You guys|can't want Logan!
At least|he's with us.
You been spending|a lot of time gone.
Well, that's because|everything's different now.
Guns or knives, Butch?
You got to plan more,|prepare more.
Guns or knives?
I don't want to shoot|with you, Harvey.
Anything you say, Butch.
Maybe there's a way|to make a prof it in this.
Bet on Logan.
I would,|but who'd bet on you?
when we're done|and he's dead,
you're welcome to stay.
I don't mean to be|a sore loser,
but when it's done,|if I'm dead, kill him.
Love to.
No, no. Not yet.
Not until me and Harvey
get the rules|straightened out.
Rules in a knife fight?
No rules.
If there ain't any rules,|let's get started.
Someone count|1 , 2, 3, go.
1 , 2, 3, go.
I was really rooting|for you, Butch.
Well, thank you,|Flat Nose.
That's what sustained me|in my time of trouble.
Hey, what's this|about the Flyer?
Harvey said we'd hit it
both this run|and the return.
Nobody's done that|to the Flyer before.
No matter how much|we got at first,
they'd figure|the return was safe
and load it up|with money.
Harvey thought of that?
Yes, sir, he did.
I'll tell you something,|fellas.
That's exactly what|we're going to do.
Stop it.
Up ahead there.
Bet that's old Butch|himself.
Hold it there.
Just thought I'd watch.
Bring the kids,|why donít you?
Stick your heads in.
Youíre just going to|get yourself blown up
you don't open|that door.
I can't do that.|I work for Mr. E.H. Harriman
of the Union Pacific|Railroad. He--
Shut up about|that E.H. Harriman stuff
and open up.
What's going on?
We got a patriot|in there.
That's young Woodcock.|He's awful dedicated.
Yes, sir.
You know who we are?
You're the Hole-In-The-Wall|Gang, Mr. Cassidy.
I understand that,
but Mr. E.H. Harriman|himself give me this job.
I got to do my best.
Your best don't include|getting yourself killed.
Dynamite's ready.
Mr. E.H. Harriman himself|had the confidence--
Open the door,|or that's it.
You think|E.H. Harriman
would get himself|killed for you,
I work|for Mr. E.H. Harriman
of the Union Pacific|Railroad,
and he entrusted me--
Hey, Woodcock.
Woodcock,|you all right?
Whatever Harriman's|paying you ain't enough.
There ain't what I'd call|a fortune in there, Butch.
Well,just so|we come out ahead.
That's the main thing.
The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang
The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang
just robbed the Flyer|right outside ofour town,
so that makes it|our responsibility
to get out there|and get after them.
You'll have to bring|your own horses.
How many of you|can bring your own guns?
How many of you will want me|to supply you with guns?
Well...come on now.
I think it's up to us|to do something, donít you?
What's the point?
They're probably|halfway
to Hole-In-The-Wall|already.
That's exactly|why we have got to hurry.
If we mount up|right now
and get out there|after them,
maybe we can head them off.
If we did that,|they'd kill us.
We don't want to let them|get away with this.
[Saloon Girls Singing]
Boy, I just eat this up|with a spoon.
All right, you se two,|I want you at my party.
What party?
I'm losing|my piano player.
He's going off|to fight the war.
What war?
The war|with the Spanish.
Remember|the Maine.
Who can forget it?
I'm giving him a send-off.|so come on.
~ Goodbye, Dolly~
~ I must leave you... ~~
When I was a kid,
I always thought|I would grow up
to be a hero.
It's too late now.
Why'd you say something|like that?
You didn't have to say|something like that.
You want me|to go alone
and fight|the Hole-In-The-Wall Gang?
That's fine with me.
If you want your kids|to know you let me,
that's fine with me,
but I don't think|that's what you want.
Is it?
Why don't we enlist,|go fight the Spanish?
You and me in the war.
We got a lot of things|going for us--
experience, maturity,|leadership.
I'll bet|we end up officers.
I'd be Major Parker.
Yeah.|That's my real name.
Robert Leroy Parker.
No fooling?
Mine's Longbaugh.
No fooling.
Long what?
Harry Longbaugh.
So you'd be|Major Longbaugh.
What do you say?
You just keep thinking,|Butch.
That's what you're good at.
But you're not frightened.
No, sir.
You have got respect for me,
and I have got|respect for you.
That's why you|and you and you
are riding with me.|Am I right?
Well, what do you say?
I say this.
I say, ladies|and gentlemen,
boys and girls,|friends and enemies,
meet the future!
The future what?
The future mode|of transportation
for this weary|Western world.
Now, I'm not going to make|a lot of extravagant claims.
Sure, it'll changeyour|whole life for the better,
but that's all.
What the hell do you think|you're doing?
You got the crowd together,
so I thought I'd do|a little selling.
I'm trying to raise|a posse here.
A short presentation.
The horse is dead.
This item sells itself.
Are you going to listen|to him or come with me?
Butch, Fanny says to|come into her party
right now.
No oats, no mess,|no kicks, no bites,
no running away,|no stepping on your foot.
Well, I think|I'll get saddled up
and go looking|for a woman.
Good hunting.
Shouldn't take more|than a couple of days.
I'm not picky...
as long as she's smart,
gentle, and...
tender and refined...
Keep going,|teacher lady.
It's O.K. Don't mind me.|Keep on going.
Let down your hair.
Shake your head.
Do you know|what I wish?
That once you'd get here|on time.
You are mine,|Etta Place.
You hear me?
All mine.
Your soft white flesh|is mine.
Meet the future.
Do you know|what you're doing?
~ Don't ever hit your mother|with a shovel ~
~ It leaves a dull impression|on her mind ~~
~ Raindrops|keep fallin' on my head ~
~ And just like the guy~
~ Whose feet are too big|for his bed ~
~ Nothin' seems to fit ~
~ Those raindrops|are fallin' on my head ~
~ They keep fallin' ~
~ So I just did me|some talkin' to the sun ~
~ And I said I didn't like|the way he got things done ~
~ Sleepin' on the job ~
~ Those raindrops|are fallin' on my head ~
~ They keep fallin' ~
~ But there's one thing ~
~ I know ~
~ The blues|they sent to meet me ~
~ Won't defeat me ~
~ It won't be long ~
~ Till happiness ~
~ Steps up to greet me ~
~ Raindrops|keep fallin' on my head ~
~ But that doesn't mean ~
~ My eyes will soon be|turnin' red ~
~ Cryin's not for me ~
~ 'Cause I'm never|gonna stop the rain ~
~ By complainin' ~
~ Because I'm free ~
~ Nothin's worryin' me ~
~ Raindrops|are fallin' on my head ~
~ But that doesn't mean ~
~ My eyes will soon be|turnin' red ~
~ Cryin's not for me ~
~'Cause I'm|never gonna stop the rain ~
~ By complainin' ~
~ Because I'm free ~
~ Nothin's worryin' me ~~
You've come to get him|for the Flyer?
Would you believe|I'm broke already?
Why is there never|any money, Butch?
I swear, Etta,|I don't know.
I've been working|like a dog all my life,
and I can't get|a penny ahead.
Sundance says it's because|you're a soft touch
and always taking|expensive vacations,
buying drinks|for everyone,
and you're|a rotten gambler.
That might have|something to do with it.
Do you ever wonder|if I'd met you first
we'd been the ones|to get involved?
We are involved, Etta.|Donít you know that?
You are riding|on my bicycle.
In some Arabian countries,
that's the same|as being married.
[Door Opens]
What are you doing?
Stealing your woman.
Take her.
Take her.
Well, you're|a romantic bastard.
I'll give you that.
O.K., open up|in there.
I work for|Mr. E.H. Harriman--
Hey, Woodcock!
You O.K.?
Uh, well, sort of.
Hey, that's wonderful.|Let's take a look at you.
Well, now, Butch,
you've got to have|more respect for me
than to think I'd fall|for a stunt like that.
You can't want to|get blown up again?
Uh, Butch, you know|if it were my money,
there's nobody I'd|rather have steal it
than you.
But I'm still|in the employ
of Mr. E.H. Harriman
of the Union Pacific|Railroad.
[Woman]|Start this train!
Get back inside,|lady.
I'm not afraid of you.
I'm not afraid|of anything.
I'm a grandmother|and a female,
and I've|got my rights.
We got no time|for this.
You can bull the others,|but not me.
I've fought whiskey,|and I've fought gambling--
We got no time|for this.
What are you doing?|Let go!
What are you|going to do to her?
Well,|leave her alone.
You're after|the money,
and the money's|in here.
Please! All I want
is for somebody to|start this train.
Somebody, please!
Open the door,|Woodcock,
or tell her|goodbye.
[Woman] Our Father,|who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
[Normal Voice]|Thy will be done,
on earth|as it is in heaven.
What am I going to tell|poor Mr. Harriman?
Woodcock, what'd|you have to go and do
something like that for?
Well, Butch, you blew|the last one so easy,
I just had to,|um, do something.
Give me that|and get some more,
a lot more!
Well, that|ought to do it.
Think you used enough|dynamite there, Butch?
Ha ha ha ha.
What the hell is that?
[Whistle Blows]
Whatever they're selling,|I don't want it.
Will you leave it?
Come on!
Hey, Butch!
They're very good!
[Butch]|Split up!
How many of'em|are following us?
All of'em.
All of'em?
What's the matter|with those guys?
I think we lost 'em.|Do you think we lost 'em?
Neither do I. Hyah!
[Door Opening and Closing]
Take our horses out|back. Feed 'em good.
Where's Sweetface?
Just inside.|Trouble?
Listen,|you dirty old man,
I know you're|a lying thief
and so do you,
but who'd know it|to look at you?
Get yourself|out front fast.
You seen us|ride through
not five minutes|ago.
Do this right,
I'll get you|an old dog to kick.
Here, room 9.|Top of the stairs.
Hey, you realize|you're driving me crazy
staring out|the window like that?
I swear, Sweetface|can handle it, easy.
He wouldn't dare|louse me up.
He's that scared of me.
Hey, kid, how can I|give Agnes
the concentration|she deserves
with you staring out|the window like that?
Butch, you're|really something,
you know that?
Could you be|a little more specific
about that, Agnes?
[Horses Approaching]
O.K., Sweetface,|give them a nice smile.
Come on.
That's a nice touch.
I swear, If he told me
I rode out of town|1 0 minutes ago,
I'd believe him.
And there they go.
No, no.
Don't ask me|to stay.
You're the only|real man I ever met.
You know that, Butch?
It's not just 'cause|of all that money
you got to spend|on people. It's you.
The way you're always
looking to see|am I happy or not?
A lot of|the other girls,
they--they|might want you
for when you|got lots of money
to spend on people.
Me, I--I|don't care about...
clothes and|money and jewels--
[Horses Approaching]
and furs,
and|things like that.
Lots of the other|girls do,
but I never did.
I always said,|ĒAgnes--Ē
Don't move.
Stand up.
Put your hands up.
Now turn around|and start--
Get our horses and|come on back here.
Get out of here!
Get out!
Go on!
Get out of here,|you fat-headed beast!
Come on!
You're the fat-headed beast.|Quit shouting!
Boy, somebody|sure trained 'em.
Which way?
Well,|it doesn't matter.
I don't know where|we've been,
and I've just|been there.
They can't follow us.|We're safe.
You really think so?
I will If you will.
[Butch] How long you figure|we've been watching?
Oh, a while.
How long befor eyou figure|they're not after us?
A while longer.
How come you're|so talkative?
Just naturally|blabby, I guess.
Ohh! I haven't done|so much riding
since I quit rustling.
That's a miserable|occupation.
Dusk to dawn,|no sleep, rotten food.
I see it.
Torches you think?
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe lanterns.
They're|following our path.
Dead on it.
I couldn't do that.|Could you do that?
How can they do that?
Who are those guys?
You sure|this'll work?
It'll work.
That's what you said|about Sweetface.
This'll work.
[Butch]|Once they divide up,
we take them,|no trouble, right?
Boy, for a gunman,
you're one hell|of a pessimist.
They ought to get
to where we split up|any time.
They're|just about there.
How many of them do you|think will come ourway?
Oh, I wish|we had rifles.
I mean,|they got rifles.
But we got surprise|on our side, right?
So far, they're|doing what we want.
You think we ought to|take them from up here?
Kid, look, you know this|work better than I do.
Is it best here,
or maybe down there,|closer to the trail?
Damn it!
They're not|going for it.
Who are those guys?
I don't know.
I don't know.
We got to do something|and shake them.
Whatever|you come up with
is fine with me,
but whatever it is,|it better be now!
What are you|doing here?
Easy, Ray. Easy.
What the hell do you mean,|take it easy?
You promised you'd never|come into my territory.
And we haven't.
Just because|we were friendly
doesn't give you|the right to break in.
What if we was|seen together?
I'm too old|to find another job.
At least have the decency|to draw your guns.
Listen, Butch is trying|to tell you something.
All right.|What do you want?
A couple of things.
We want to enlist, Ray.
In the army.|Right away.
Go fight the Spanish.
Oh, you're crazy.|You are crazy.
You are,|both of you, crazy!
They'd throw you in jail|for a thousand years each.
Come on, Sundance.|Start trussing my feet.
Here. You seen these|before. Come on!
I'm not taking|the chance
that someone|saw you coming in.
We're serious about this.
You are known outlaws.
We'd quit.
That's the point.|Is that on tight?
That's all right.
There's some hankies|in the drawer
you can use|to gag me.
I swear,|this'd work, Ray.
You trust us.|The government trusts you.
Anything you tell them|they gotta believe, right?
You've never done|a dishonest thing ever,
and you're pushing 60.|We'd quit.
They'd drop the charges|against us,
we'd fight till|the war is over.
They don't even have|to make us officers.
That's some proposition.
They forget|all about theyears
of thieving and robbing.
They take you|into the army,
which is what you want|in the first place.
There's something|out there
that scares you, huh?
But it's too late.
You should've let|yourself get killed
while you had|the chance.
You may be the biggest|thing to hit this area,
but you're still|two-bit outlaws.
I never met a soul more|affable than you, Butch,
or faster than the Kid.
But you're still|two-bit outlaws
on the dodge.
It's over!|Donít you get that?
Your times is over,
and you're gonna|die bloody,
and all you can do|is choose where.
I'm sorry,
I'm getting mean|in my old age.
Come on. Shut me up,|Sundance.
[Galloping in the Distance]
Ah, you're wasting|your time.
They can't track us|over rock.
Tell them that.
They're beginning|to get on my nerves.
Who are those guys?
You remember the time
you, me, and Etta|went to Denver
for a vacation?
I'm glad you|brought that up, Kid.
That's an important topic,|considering our situation.
The night we went|gambling, remember?
We had dinner|at the hotel.
Etta had roast beef,|and I had chicken.
If I can remember|what you had,
I'll die happy.
Look out there.
I got to talking to|some gambler that night.
He told us|about an Indian--
full-blooded Indian,
except he used|an English name,
Lord Baltimore?
That's right, and he|could track anybody
over anything|day or night.
The guy on the ground,|I think it's him.
No. Baltimore works|out of Oklahoma.
He's strictly|an Oklahoma man.
I don't know|where we are,
but it isn't Oklahoma.
Ah, it couldn't be him.
It couldn't be him.
I guess.
Whoever it is,
it sure the hell|is somebody.
Damn it!
Don't they get tired?|Don't they get hungry?
They've gotta be.
Why don't they|slow up?
They could even|go faster.
At least that'd|be a change.
They don't even|break formation.
Do something!
Who's the best|lawman?
Best? How?
You mean toughest|or easiest to bribe?
Joe LeFors.
Gotta be.
LeFors never leaves|Wyoming. Never.
You know that.
He always wears|a white skimmer.
That's how you tell|it's Joe LeFors,
'cause he wears|a white straw hat.
Look at that guy|out front.
Jesus, who are those guys?
Come on now.
Here you go, Kid.
Go on! Get out of here!|Go on!
What if they don't|follow the horse?
You're the brains,|Butch.
You'll think|of something.
[Horses Galloping]
Damn it!
The way I figure it,
we can either fight|or give.
If we give,|we go to jail.
I've been there already.
If we fight,
they can stay|where they are
and starve us out...
or go for position,|shoot us.
Might even get|a rock slide started.
What else can they do?
They could surrender to us,
but I wouldn't|count on that.
They're going for|position, all right.
Better get ready.
Kid, the next time|I say
let's go someplace|like Bolivia,
let's go someplace|like Bolivia.
Next time.
No. We'll jump.
Like hell we will.
No. It'll be O.K.
if the water's|deep enough
and we don't get|squished to death.
They'll never follow us.
How do you know?
Would you jump that|If you didn't have to?
I have to,|and I'm not gonna.
We got to.|Otherwise we're dead.
Come on.
Just one clear shot--|that's all I want.
I want to fight them!
They'll kill us.
You want to die?
Do you?
All right,|I'll jump first.
Then you jump first.
No, I said.
What's the matter?
I can't swim!
Why, you crazy?
The fall will|probably kill you.
Hang on to me.
You're drowning me!
I can't help it.|I can't swim.
You're choking me!
I can't swim!
I'm telling you,|ifI drown,
I swear to God|I'll kill you.
Never said I was|a great swimmer.
Oh! You're choking me!
Oh! I'm choking!
Let go of me.
I'm choking!
Let go ofmy throat.
The papers said|they had you.
Was it LeFors?|Did they say?
Joe LeFors?
I think so.
And their tracker?
Was it Lord Baltimore?
I think so.
The paper's inside.
You got enough|to feed us?
Donít you know I do?
They said you were dead.
Don't make a big thing|out of it.
No. Make a big thing|out of it.
It was Baltimore|and LeFors.
You know who else?
Jeff Carr,|George Hiatt...
T.T. Kelliher.
We lucked out getting away.
You know that?
Why would these guys|join up
and take after us, though?
Forget it.|Bunch like that
won't stay together|long.
They will...
if Mr. Harriman|has his way.
Mr. E.H. Harriman
of the Union Pacific|Railroad.
He resents the way you've|been picking on him,
so he's outfitted|a special train
and hired|special employees.
You've been avoiding them|for two days.
It's really|sort of flattering
If you want to think|about it that way.
A setup like that|costs more
than we ever took.
Apparently|he can afford it.
That crazy Harriman.
That's bad business.
How long|do you think
I'd stay|in operation
if every job|cost me money?
If he'd just pay me|what he's spending
to make me|stop robbing him,
I'd stop|robbing him.
You probably inherited|every penny you got!
Inherited guys,
what the hell|do they know?
You say they were|hired permanent?
No.Just till|they kill you.
That means they're still|after us, Butch,
and it's going to be|the same thing
all over again.
They'll show up here...
sooner or later.
[Butch and Sundance Talking]
Hey, Etta.
I'll get you|some more.
Butch and me have been|talking it all over.
Wherever the hell|Bolivia is,
that's where we're off to.
We'll go down there|and play it safe,
maybe keep our hand in|a little bit.
Butch speaks some Spanish.
I can wrestle|with a menu O.K.
And you speak it good.
And it'd be good cover|going with a woman.
No one expects it.
Then we could|travel safer.
What I'm saying is,
If you want to go,
I won't stop you,
but the minute|you start to whine
or make a nuisance,
I don't care|where we are,
I'm dumping you flat.
Don't sugarcoat it|like that, Kid.
Tell her straight.
I'm 26, and I'm single
and a schoolteacher,
and that's the|bottom of the pit.
And the only excitement|I've known
is here with me now.
So I'll go with you,
and I won't whine,
and I'll sew|your socks,
and I'll stitch you|when you're wounded,
and I'll do anything|you ask of me
except one thing.
I won't watch you die.
I'll miss that scene,
If you don't mind.
The future's all yours,
you lousy bicycles.
Well, you know,|it could be worse.
You get a lot more|for your money in Bolivia.
I checked on it.
What could they have here
that you could possibly|want to buy?
Jeez, all Bolivia|can't look like this.
How do you know?
This might be|the garden spot
of the whole country.
People may travel|hundreds of miles
just to get to this spot
where we're standing now.
This might be|the Atlantic City, NewJersey,
of all Bolivia|for all you know.
I know more|about Bolivia
than you know about|Atlantic City, New Jersey,
I can tell you that.
You do, huh?
I was born there.
I was born|in New Jersey...
brought up there, so...
I didn't know that.
The total tonnage|of what you don't know
is enough to shatter--
We're not|accomplishing
as much as we might.
Listen, your job|is to back me up,
because you'd starve|without me.
And you,|your job is to shut up.
He'll feel a lot better
after he's robbed|a couple of banks.
Ha ha ha ha!
Hell,|itís just a bank
like any other bank.
You got to|move in slowly,
check out|everything.
The thing|to remember--
Don't tell me|how to rob a bank.
I know how|to rob a bank.
A few dark clouds|appear on your horizon,
and you just go all|to pieces, donít you?
Buenos dias, senores.
-.Les puedoservir|enalgo?
Ordenenparaatenderlos|porfavor inmediatamente.
-.Quierenhacer|algun deposito?
-.Quierenabrir|una cuenta?
Bien, elcajero los|atienda inmediatamente.
This is a robbery.
Esto es un robo.
Esto es un robo.
This is supposed to be|a unison recitation.
Why do I have to|do any ofthis?
He's the one
who claimed he knew|the language.
Your line of work requires|a specialized vocabulary.
I got nervous. I forgot|the words. Shoot me.
You've had|worse ideas lately.
Raise|your hands.
Uh...las manos arriba.
Raise them.
All of you back|against the wall.
Todos ustedes, um...
Give me the money.
Give me the money.
Give me the money.
This is not|going to work,
and we're going to be|up all night
until you get this.
Now give me the money.
It's on the tip|of my tongue, Etta.
I swear it.
Butch, are you still|thinking in there?
What the hell else|is there to do?
Try this one.
Where is the safe?|Open it.
Donde es--
Uh, that's a hard one.
That's very good, Butch.
You're a good teacher,|Etta.
-Esto es un robo!
Manos, um...
-Manos arriba!
They got them up!|Skip down!
--Arriba!|- Skip on down!
Todos ustedesarrismense|alapared.
They're against|the wall already!
Donde es--
Oh, you're so damn smart,
you read it.
A goddamn crib sheet.
You almost blew it.
You sure didn't help much.
You can't do anything|without a crib sheet.
For God's sake,|don't drop the money!
I won't drop the money!
Voya traer|elcomisario.
Si, vamos.
Ay, nombre.
-.Evarista que?
doshombresacometen|yasaltan elbanco.
se fueronporla canada.
Sellevaronmipistola|ytodo eldinero.
A caballos!
Isn't that|a pretty sight?
Well, we're back in business,|boys and girls,
just like the old days.
[No Audio]
Let's stay here|and get him
and be done with it.
But what if|we lose?
We saw him|with two guys.
What If he's got 20?
You don't know for sure|it's LeFors.
I'm a hell ofa guesser.
He can't arrest you.|It's a foreign country.
He can't take you back.
He's not going to|take anybody back.
He's going to|wait for us
to pull|another job
and then|hunt us down.
Let's finish it now,|Butch,
one way|or the other.
He's got to wait for us
to pull another job.
Well, what if there isn't|another job?
He can't arrest us,
and he can't take us|out ofhere.
We'll drive him crazy.
We'll outlast|the bastard.
We'll go straight.
So you want jobs.
You're from the U.S. of A.,
and you are seeking|after employment.
Well, you couldn't|have picked
a more|out of the way place
in all of Bolivia,
I'll tell you that.
Ordinarily|you've got to wait
to work for|Percy Garrison,
but this ain't|ordinarily.
You mean there are jobs.
Yes, there are jobs.
There are lots|of jobs.
Donít you want to|know why?
Yeah, why?
Damn it.
Because I cannot|promise to pay you.
Donít you want to|know why?
O.K., why?
On account of|the payroll thieves,
fellow citizens.
You see,|every mine around
gets its payroll
from La Paz.
And every|mine around
gets its payroll|held up.
Some say it's the|Bolivian Bandits,
and some say
that it's the|bandidos yanquis.
Could I see that?
Fairly nice-looking|piece.
Can you hit|anything?
Hit that.
No, no, son.|No, son.
I just want to know,
can you shoot|your piece?
Damn it.
Can I move?
What the hell|you mean, move?
I'm better|when I move.
Well, considering|that I'm desperate
and youíre just what|I'm looking for,
on top of which
you stem|from the U.S. of A.,
we start|tomorrow morning.
You mean we got jobs.
Payroll guard.
Vamanos|a trabajar!
Hey, Chucho!
~ Oh, donít you remember~
~ Sweet Betsy from Pike ~
~ Crossed|the high mountains ~
~ With her lover Ike ~
~ Two yoke of oxen ~
~ And a big yalla dog ~
~ Tall Shanghai rooster~
~ And one spotted hog ~
~ Toodle-dang|hoodie di-do ~
~ Doodle-dang hoodie ay~
~ Toodle-dang|hoodie di-do ~
~ Doodle-dang hoodie ay~
~ Shanghai ran off~
~ And the cattle all died ~
~ Last piece of bacon... ~~
I think they're in|the trees up ahead.
In the bushes|on the left.
They're in the trees|up ahead.
You take the trees,
I'll take|the bushes.
Will you two beginners|cut it out?
Well, weíre just trying|to spot an ambush.
I've got morons|on my team.
Nobody is going to|rob us
going down the mountain.
We have got no money
going down the mountain.
When we have got|the money
on the way back,
then you can sweat.
Move it out!
Move it!
We hit this place|in June, didn't we?
Give me a hand|over here.
Who am I,|Smith or Jones?
About|a half hour more,
and we can start|to worry...
as soon as we get
to that pass|up there.
We'll be all right|till then.
They might|try something here.
No. Better cover|up there.
You got to relax,|you fellas.
You got to get used|to Bolivian ways.
You got to go easy.
Damn it!
Like I do.
Of course, you probably|think I'm crazy,
but I'm not.
I'm colorful.
That's what happens
when you live 1 0 years|alone in Bolivia.
You get colorful.
Where are they?
I can't see them.
Let's get|out ofhere.
[Speaking Spanish]
Tell them to leave|the money and go.
Dijen eldinoro...
Dinero...|and, uh...
y vayanese.
-.Que dejemos eldinero|ynos vayamos?
Tell them|we were hired
to take it back.|It's ourjob.
Tell them the money|isn't ours.
El dinero...
no esnuestro.
No, yano es de ustedes.
Ahora es denosotros.
We'll try|telling them again.
It's ourjob.|The money isn't ours.
El dinero|no esnuestro.
What do you think?
Not so good.
Can you take the two|on the right?
Kid, there's something|I think I ought to tell you.
I never shot|anybody before.
One hell ofa time|to tell me.
[Speaking Spanish]
Try for the two|on the right
dead center.
That way, If you|miss a little,
you'll still|hit something.
Well,|we've gone straight.
What'll we try now?
There are otherways of|going straight, you know.
There are otherways|ofgoing straight.
There's farming.
We could buy a place.
I don't know|how to farm.
What about a ranch,|then?
I don't know.
The last time|we tried ranching
was during|our rustling days.
Even then,
we weren't much good|at it.
It's hard.|Hours are brutal.
No, you got to be|a kid
to start a ranch.
I might go back|ahead of you.
You mean home?
I was thinking of it.
Whatever you want, Etta.
Maybe I'll go.
Etta's thinking of, uh,
maybe going home|ahead ofus.
Whatever she wants.
I'll go, then.
How much you got?
It's hardly worth it.|Alpoca mine.
I tell you, no more|jungle work for me.
You're getting|to be an old maid.
Keep your old maid|remarks to yourself.
I'll work in the city,|in the mountains,
but from now on|jungle work is out.
-.Bandidos yanquis?
Tell them to be quiet.
What's the word?
I tell you,
the jungle's a better|cover for payrolls.
Kid, I got a right|to my opinion,
and in my opinion,
there are snakes|in thejungle.
I don't work|around snakes.
What is this place?
I don't know.
San Vincente,|I think.
Si, Senor.
Pasen.|Juan, ven.
Llevatelos caballos.
I don't enjoy jungles.|I don't enjoy swamps.
I don't like snakes.
I don't much care|for night work.
Bitch, bitch, bitch.
hay unamula|de lasminas deAlpoca.
-.Lasminas deAlpoca?
Si, si. Alliestan.
Doshombres laacaban|de traer.
Estan comiendo en el|restaurante demipapa.
Elguisado|esta delicioso.
Para chuparse|los dedos.
Siquierenmas, es|la especialidadde la casa,
no tenganpena|ydiganmelo.
Yo estoyaqui|paraservirles.
Agradezcola visita de tan|distinguidos caballeros.
Muchas gracias.
Muchas gracias.
The specialty|of the house,
and it's|still moving.
Well, that settles it.
This place gets no more|of my business.
What do you think?|I bet itís just one guy.
[Five Gunshots]
Donít you get sick of|being right all the time?
That's all I got.
We're going to run out
unless we can get to that|mule and get some more.
I'll go.
This is no time for bravery.|I'll let you.
I'm the one|that has to go.
'Cause I could never|give you cover.
You can cover me.
You can see I'm right,|canít you?
You go.
Yeah, why am I always|so damn smart?
[Clicks Tongue]
Is--Is that what you call|giving cover?
Is that what|you call running?
IfI knew you were|going to stroll...
You never could shoot,
not from|the very beginning.
And you are all mouth.
Jefe, llega elejercito.
Mi capitan.
-.Donde estan?
-.Cuantos hombres son?
Dos hombres.
-.Dos hombres?
Mi capitan,|por favor--
Bandidos yanquis.
-.Bandidos yanquis, eh?
Si, micapitan.
Sargento Rico,
desmonten 20 hombres
y vayan con elteniente.
[Speaking Spanish]
I've got a great idea|where we should go next.
I don't want|to hear it.
You'll change your mind.
Shut up!
O.K., O.K.
Your ideas|got us here.
Forget it!
I never want to hear|another of your ideas.
All right.
I figured secretly|you wanted to know,
so I told you.
That's your great idea?
Oh, boy,|it's the latest in...
in a long line.
Australia's|no better than here.
Aw, that's all you know.
Name me one thing.
They speak English|in Australia.
They do?
That's right, smart guy.
So we wouldn't be|foreigners.
They got horses in Australia.
They got thousands of miles|we could hide out in.
And a good climate,|nice beaches.
You could learn to swim.
Swimming|isn't important.
What about the banks?
They're easy.
Easy, ripe,|and luscious.
The banks|or the women?
Well, once you've got one,|you've got the other.
It's a long way,|isn't it?
Aw! Everything's|got to be perfect with you.
I don't want|to get there
and find out|it stinks.
At least|think about it.
All right.
I'll think about it.
When we get outside...
and we get to the horses,
just remember one thing.
Hey, wait a minute.
You didn't see LeFors|out there, did you?
Oh, good.
For a moment there,
I thought we were|in trouble.
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Blood Wedding (1981)
Blood Work
Blood and Black Lace
Blow 2001 CD1
Blow 2001 CD2
Blow Dry 2001
Blown Away 1994 CD1
Blown Away 1994 CD2
Blue (Derek Jarman)
Blue Car
Blue Collar Comedy Tour The Movie
Blue Max The CD1
Blue Max The CD2
Blue Moon
Blue Planet The 1
Blue Planet The 2 - The Deep
Blue Planet The 3 - Open Ocean
Blue Planet The 4 - Frozen Seas
Blue Spring 2001
Blue Velvet
Blue juice 1995
Blue thunder
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD2
Blues Harp
Boat Trip - Feedback Overflow
Bob Le Flambeur 1955
Bob Marley Story - Rebel Music
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Body Double
Body Heat
Body The
Boiler Room
Bola El
Bone Collector The
Bonnie and Clyde
Book of Fate The
Book of Pooh The
Boondock Saints The
Boot Das 1981 CD1
Boot Das 1981 CD2
Born Romantic
Boucher Le
Bourne supremacy The-1CD
Boxcar Bertha
Boy Who Saw The Wind The
Boys and Girls
Boyz N the Hood
Branca de Neve
Bread and Roses
Breakfast Club The
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakin all the rules
Breaking Away
Bride with White Hair The
Bridge Man The CD1
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Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
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