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Subtitles for Cactus Flower CD2.

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Cactus Flower CD2

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Here's your chance to play a return engagement.
No actress quits after one performance.
So, I lose a husband and gain a lover? At least I don't feel abandoned.
Good. We have to find someone to play the part of your boyfriend.
What about Señor Sanchez? He keeps sniffing around me.
Your brother-in-law, the dirty Monopoly player?
Doctor, you want me to furnish my own props?
- You find me one. - That won't be easy.
I mean, we have to find someone I know I can trust.
Am I late?
- Actually, Harvey, you're just in time. - Not him!
What's going on here? Boy, does she hate me.
You're wrong about that.
Harvey, would you like to have your girl's teeth fixed for free?
- I thought you'd never show up. - You mean, you hoped.
Right this way, Mr. Greenfield.
- Why did you choose this place? - It's the new in spot.
- I never heard of it. - Nobody has. That's why it's popular.
Well, what'll you have to drink?
- Let's go all out and have champagne. - Very good, Madame.
- Where are they? - They'll be here.
You know, you look different when you're dressed up.
In the office, you look like a large Band-Aid.
I couldn't care less what you think of me.
I'm your lover, remember? That's the reason you're getting a divorce.
So, let's act a little crazy about me, shall we?
Your hand.
- What about it? - It's on my knee.
Sorry, I thought it was mine.
- Shall we dance? - I'd rather walk on hot coals.
This is going to be a smashing evening.
I didn't know they made champagne in Idaho.
- Drink. It'll make me look better to you. - There isn't that much wine in the world.
- To our love affair. - God forbid.
There they are.
- Quick. - Quick what?
And act natural, romantic. Flirt with me.
You want me to act natural and flirt with you at the same time?
You really are a louse.
A scotch and water and a scotch and soda, please.
- Julian, don't look now, but it's your wife. - My wife? Nonsense.
No, I'm sure that's her over there with that man.
That's my wife, all right. And with her boyfriend.
- What do you know about that? - This is embarrassing.
- Well, you insisted on seeing him. - But now I feel like a spy. Let's go.
Well, as long as we're here, how do you know that's her boyfriend?
Well, who else could it be? Besides, look at them.
They act very affectionate.
Yes, they do.
I thought she only played Monopoly.
Go easy on that stuff. I'm not sure I can pay for it.
Don't worry. Dr. Winston gave me money for the check.
Thank you.
I don't think they've noticed us. We'd better push it. Let's dance.
- But when I asked... - Shut up and dance.
She dances, too.
Everything about your wife seems to surprise you.
It's been so long since we've really communicated.
Come on, I want to look at them closer.
- Your hand! - I'm only human.
- Oh, sorry. - Hello, Julian.
- Talk about coincidence. - Good evening.
- I want you to meet my... - Hi, honey.
I'm Harvey Greenfield, the boyfriend.
- Harvey, this is my husband. - Good to meet you, old man.
- I've heard a lot about you. - Join us for a drink?
No. Well, I...
We are civilized people, unless you two prefer to be alone.
Hell, no! I mean, we are civilized people.
Look, why don't you come to our table? This party's on me.
- What do you think of him? - Ask me later.
It's strange to see you in a nightclub. I didn't know you were such a swinger.
- You never really knew me, my dear. - Can we have some more glasses, please?
Julian thinks of me as a homebody...
...because of all the years I was trapped by the children.
Of course.
By the way, Mr. Greenfield, how do you like children?
That's the kind of joke made by a man who is trying to hide his feelings.
- Deep down, I know you love children. - Deep down.
Deep down. Yes, especially yours. I'm nuts about them.
Mr. Greenfield, what kind of work do you do?
- I don't work, honey, I'm an actor. - Pour the wine.
An actor? Isn't that a very insecure profession?
Only financially.
That's quite a girl you've got there, Julian.
I hear it's going to happen soon between you two.
As soon as we can.
- I hardly think it's the moment to... - Come on, Toni.
We have nothing to hide from these people.
It's all in the family. Stephanie and I have nothing to hide.
- Let's change the subject. - Look at her blushing. Isn't she cute?
She acts cold in public. But when we're alone together, oh, boy.
I forgot you knew her as well as I do. She's absolutely...
- Let's have another drink. - The party's dying.
There you are, Harvey. I'm sorry I'm late, honey. Hello, everybody.
- Won't you sit down? - No, she doesn't want to.
- We have to talk now. It's business. - Did we have a date, or didn't we?
Excuse us. She's the daughter of my TV sponsor.
Silly debutante. I'll be right back.
What are you doing?
Quiet, or you'll be stuck with your old teeth.
Would you excuse me, please? I'll go and powder my nose.
- Do you want me to go with you? - No, dear. I'm all right.
- Well, Julian. - What's wrong?
- He's a bum. - I wouldn't say that.
But earlier I saw her slip some money to him under the table.
- That doesn't mean anything. - Did you get a load of that girl?
I wasn't paying much attention.
When she bent over it looked like she had her knees up inside her dress.
I could give a dozen explanations, but you might as well know the real one.
- I'm a member of the CIA. - The CIA?
- I thought you were a television actor. - That's my cover.
So, if you see me with another girl, pretend not to know me...
...or it could put my life in danger.
I wouldn't want to do that.
It doesn't matter what we think of him. It's my wife who loves him.
Loves him? Didn't you see how humiliated she was?
- What do you want me to do about it? - We have got to save her from that man.
The man probably had a little too much to drink.
You keep defending him. I'm angry you were so chummy with him.
Julian, my respect for you is going down every minute.
- Is the party still going on? - Not for you, Mr. Greenfield.
- I don't like how you treated my wife. - A joke's a joke.
And the way you behaved toward my girl. I want you to leave quietly...
...and never see my wife again. Or my children.
Wait a minute, buster.
If I hear you've been bothering Stephanie, I'll knock all your teeth out.
- You'll have to put them back in again. - Get out!
I guess that'll take care of him.
You know, Julian, I've never seen you being so physical before.
- You were beautiful. - It was nothing.
Why don't we go over to your place where we can be alone?
I'd like that.
I am a little tired, so I think I'll go home. If you'll excuse me.
You're going home alone? Without an escort?
I'm used to that. Thank you. Good night.
Wait. Julian can drop me off and then drive you home.
- No, I couldn't do that. - He'd be glad to. Won't you, dear?
It's all settled.
Thank you. It's been so long since Julian and I have gone home together.
You're a great little fixer.
I'll dump her and then come to your place.
No, Julian, not tonight. Stay with her.
- What am I going to do with her? - You're gonna be very nice.
- Now, wait a minute... - Very nice, to please me.
Doctor, I know how anxious you are to dump me and get back to Toni, so you...
- I'm not going back there. - You're not going back?
Toni thought you looked humiliated and told me to stay with you.
Stay with me?
Let's get our stories straight.
Are we supposed to have spent the night together?
No. I've thought it over and I've decided to tell the truth.
I'll buy a present and tell the truth, then she and I can get married.
- Then everything is fine. - No, it isn't.
When she finds out that I lied, she'll do something desperate.
It's your fault. You tried to louse me up. Harvey was trying his best back there.
- You didn't have to act so humiliated. - I was humiliated.
You have this hang-up about men that destroys any possible relationship.
- That's what makes you hate Harvey. - No one needs a reason to hate him.
You de-feminize yourself. I've noticed it around the office and me.
I was hired as a nurse-receptionist, not a geisha girl.
You're afraid. Afraid of emotion, afraid of intimacy, afraid to live.
If living is the way you carry on, then you're right.
I'm telling you this for your own good.
Funny, whenever people hurt your feelings, they're always doing it for your own good.
Turn right at the next corner.
- Hi, Igor. - Hi. You got Aïda with Callas?
Sure. You know, I haven't heard your typewriter lately.
I'm too depressed to work. I wish Mother had taken the pill.
- What's your problem, a girl? - No, I've outgrown that stuff.
Sex is for teenagers. Seem to need something else.
- I don't know what. - I know exactly how you feel.
- Can I read your play sometime? - Yeah, it'd be nice if somebody did.
I'd like that.
- Want me to put it in a sack? - No, I'll listen to it here.
Do you always stand up there like that?
Nobody around here looks. Most of our customers are classical.
- What are you doing here? - My lunch hour. I brought a present.
A present? It isn't even my birthday or anything.
Open it.
Let's go in the back.
- Gee, I wonder what could be in here. - Guess.
- Black leather slacks. - Can't you think bigger than that?
What could be bigger than black leather slacks? Okay, I give up.
A mink stole!
A mink stole!
And a card, too.
"Your next appointment is on..."
"As ever, Julian." How sweet.
Aren't you going to try it on?
A mink stole.
Okay, what are you trying to tell me?
Why do you think I'm trying to tell you something?
You're not stingy, but you're not the last of the big-time spenders, either.
As a matter of fact, there was something that I wanted to tell you.
- It's about me and my... - Your wife?
- I get the message. - You do?
Last night, you and she... For old times' sake.
That's absurd.
Don't apologize. After all, it was I who told you to be nice to her.
Of course, it was up to you to decide how nice.
Look, Toni, it's nothing like that.
You see, the fact is, Stephanie is...
- Yes? - Miss Simmons.
Would you step in here for a moment, please?
Yes, Mr. Shirley.
May I ask what's going on here?
This gentleman is looking for a stereo to match the colour of his wife's mink.
When I think how many nuts are running around loose in this town... Carry on.
Now, go ahead. You were saying, Stephanie is...
Yes, you see, Stephanie is...
Come on, let's have it. You know me. I can forgive anything but a lie.
Forget it.
Let me try to help. You have a problem with Stephanie, right?
- Let's see, she drinks? - No.
- She's a kleptomaniac? - No.
She takes acid?
There's only one other thing I know a man would really be ashamed to talk about.
Stephanie is no nymphomaniac.
I guessed it. That's what you came here to tell me?
- Give me all the details. - What can I tell you?
Except my wife is a slave to her desires.
That's a very sweet way of describing a nympho.
You can imagine what my life has been like.
You've got to take the children from her immediately.
Why? It's not catching.
You've got to fight her for custody.
Come to think of it, the children don't look much like you.
The whole thing is too painful to talk about.
You poor darling. When I think of that awful woman.
What am I saying? She's not awful. She's marvellous. I admire her courage.
Now that the whole ugly story is out, we'll never mention her name again.
You know what I was doing when you arrived?
Sending a present to Stephanie. She likes Horowitz. What's her address?
Just send it to the office. Miss Dickinson will forward it.
- Hi. - What do you mean by that? See you later.
This time I was dressed.
What have you got there?
It's mink. From Julian.
- My Aunt Bertha has one just like it. - I know. I wanted black leather slacks.
Poor Julian. He thought this would please me.
It's a throwback to the days when a hunter would give his wife the dead animal skins.
Wonder how many minks Julian has killed?
That's very unkind, Igor.
When I think of all the women who would do anything for this...
...and I don't really want it.
This is my chance to do a good deed.
I was going to send his wife records. I'll send this mink instead.
What's wrong? She'll love it.
Mrs. Winston will never accept a mink stole from you.
Where's that card?
"As ever, Julian."
That should do it. Anyway, it's just sort of a care package.
Toni, you're a kook. But a nice kook.
Señor Sanchez, you're ten minutes early.
Imagine, Arturo Sanchez being early for the dentist.
- It is a new man, no? - Certainly is.
Today I hurried.
- Do you know why? - El Bravo rides again.
The cowardly fear of the dentist is completely overcome by the desire... see the lovely Miss Dickinson. - I'll tell Dr. Winston you're here.
Wait. Do not call him yet. Have you ever been to a diplomatic ball?
- Me? It's a little out of my line. - Tonight there will be such a function.
It'll be boring, unless you accompany me.
- But your wife? - Must we take my wife everywhere?
She's spending a week at a fat farm.
Thank you, but I don't have the kind of clothes...
I can buy you anything. In a Swiss bank, I have $20 million.
It's nice of you, but I'm afraid not.
I must warn you, the men in my family are persistent.
Two hundred years after Columbus...
...we persisted in thinking that the world was flat.
Package for Mrs. Winston.
- Yes, I'll take it. - I didn't know Dr. Winston was married.
It's always a shock when it happens to someone you know.
We're low on acrylic cement. I wish you'd reorder it.
Yes, Doctor. I already did yesterday.
The firing squad. No, blindfold, huh?
Doctor, this package just arrived for Mrs. Winston.
Yes, that's a present for you.
- For me? From whom? - One of your fans.
"As ever, Julian."
For me.
From Julian.
Miss Dickinson, the patient's x-rays, please.
Yes, Doctor.
I'm so overwhelmed.
That present... I don't know how to thank you.
- And that lovely card, "As ever, Julian." - What?
Yes, of course.
I wanted to get you something I thought you'd like.
You've put up with a lot from me lately.
I never dreamed I... I never expected anything like this.
It's all right, if you like Horowitz.
Horowitz? Must be the name of the furrier.
- These are Harvey Greenfield's x-rays. - I'm so sorry, Doctor.
What is it, Doctor?
Is there something wrong with my x-ray? You know how nervous I am.
Hello, Anna. I want you to run over to Lucille's Dress Shop.
There's an evening dress there. I want you to buy it for me.
I need it tonight. I'm going to a ball.
Doctor, you can tell me the truth. It is an abscess?
The nerve is dead?
All my teeth have to go? But, Doctor, talk to me, please.
Is she your dearest friend?
Do you realise how much I paid for that mink?
You're never going to stop nagging me about it.
You're beginning to sound just like a husband.
A square husband.
- You said you wanted to read my play. - Thanks, Igor.
- What are you doing for dinner tonight? - It depends. What have you got?
We're going out for dinner. You want to come with us?
I'm sure Igor would be very bored.
Not if you're paying. I'll put on a tie.
Why? Are you having your beads re-strung?
I thought we were going to have a quiet little dinner?
- Igor's very depressed. - There's a lot of that going around.
- Why'd we come back here? - We won't bump into Dr. Winston.
Why don't you want to bump into Dr. Winston?
Let me put it to you this way: Shut up.
Hello. How are you?
- Sore as hell, that's how I am. - I don't blame you, Harvey, but...
You treated me like dirt and you were Mr. Clean.
I'm having a rough time.
As long as I was lying to her, everything was fine.
The minute I decided to do the right thing and marry her, I've had troubles.
You wouldn't believe the complications. It's like waltzing in wet cement.
I haven't even been able to spend one night alone with her.
I'd better get back, Harvey, before she sees us together.
If you work for the CIA, how come you hang around with dentists?
He's installing a miniature radio transmitter in my wisdom tooth.
What were you doing talking to that awful man?
I was getting Ionesome for the sound of a human voice.
- Can I have a glass of beer? - Not yours.
Why did we have to come here tonight?
After last time, it's the one place we're sure not to run into your wife.
This is very interesting. What made you suggest this?
It's the one place we're sure not to run into my boss.
Thank you, Arturo. The ball was marvellous.
No. You were marvellous. What shall we drink?
Let's have some of that crazy Idaho champagne.
Look at that!
I can hardly believe that's Stephanie.
It is. I recognise the mink.
That gown is absolute poetry. Everybody at the ball was staring at it.
It's a copy of a copy.
A girl like you should have nothing but originals.
In a Swiss bank, I have $20 million...
Didn't take her long to find somebody else.
- Let me in on this? Who is that woman? - Julian's wife.
Not bad, Julian.
- As a matter of fact, she's very attractive. - Thank you.
- I didn't know you went for the older ones. - Look who's talking.
- There's Dr. Winston. - Where?
Oh, dear! It seems I can't get away from that man.
Would you like to leave?
Let's ignore him. My evenings are my own.
- What about weekends? - They belong to my nephews.
- Oh, I see. - El Bravo, you're not giving up, are you?
Of course not.
Did I tell you the time I played polo with a broken leg?
No, tell me about it.
Isn't that the woman from the other night?
Yeah, I believe you're right.
- Who is she? - That's the dentist's wife.
- Who's with the dentist? - That's his fiancée.
- He has a wife and a fiancée? - It's better than having two wives.
- Who's the man with Mrs. Winston? - New boyfriend.
Who's the guy with Dr. Winston and his girl?
- That must be her boyfriend. - I think the whole thing is shocking.
Shall we?
- Look at them dancing. - You're not jealous, are you?
She shouldn't leave her mink lying around like that...
...someone may take it.
- It's her mink now. - Come on, let's dance.
Here we are again.
- Good evening, Doctor. - Good evening, patient.
You're certainly blossoming out.
You once compared me to my cactus plant.
Every so often that prickly little thing puts out a flower that some people think...
Miss Dickinson, I strongly disapprove of you making dates with patients.
Really? Then how come you fixed me up with Harvey?
Look at them acting so damn polite. They're all rotten.
What do you want them to do, kick each other?
Rotten, rotten.
No, Julian, like this.
That looks like fun. Let us try it.
That's it, Stephanie.
I've got it, huh?
- Hi, Sergeant. - Hi, Harv.
Boy, you're terrific.
They've lost me. You go dance with her.
Cheer up. One of these days the fox trot may come back.
- Introduce us. - Mrs. Winston, this is Igor Sullivan.
- That's not his real name, of course. - Of course.
- What is that? - The Uptight.
- And what is this? - The Booga-Ioo.
What's that?
- A new step. - What's it called?
The Dentist.
- Are you sulking again? - I got bored dancing with Señor Sanchez.
Well, thank you, Igor.
I should have brought my wife.
You must feel as if you were dancing with your mother.
- Quiet, I'm enjoying this. - So am I.
Then relax. Let's not get neurotic about age.
- You're a very sexy lady. - An old sexy lady.
Let's run away and live on your social security.
I must say, that Igor of yours is a pretty vulgar dancer.
What do you mean, Igor? She's plastering herself against him.
When I think of all I've done for her.
Did you see that? He just kissed her on the neck.
- She sure likes a lot of action. - Yes, she does, doesn't she?
Right now she's surrounded by: Her husband...
...her ex-boyfriend, her current boyfriend, and maybe her future boyfriend.
If somebody doesn't stop that guy...
...he'll make love to her in the middle of the floor.
Wait, Igor! Our song!
Come on. Let's get out of here.
Maybe I shouldn't leave her alone when she's like this.
Leave her alone?
That's some talk for a man who's planning a divorce.
Make sure that gets home all right.
- Rotten, rotten, rotten. - Rotten, rotten.
Everything you told me about your wife was true.
- She's not a lady. She's a barracuda. - I don't care to discuss it anymore.
Some poor schnook is getting his car towed away.
Hey, wait a minute, that's my car! Come back here!
- Good morning, Doctor. - That's how you're coming to work?
- I didn't have time to go home. - Where were you all night?
It's all a blur. A beautiful, blurry blur.
When you left the club you were doing fairly well, blurry-wise.
It didn't really get started until after you left.
- I'm sure that must have helped. - Everybody got to know everybody and...
...about 3:00 we were invited to this bash.
- "Bash"? - A party.
In this pad, on Waverly Place.
Did you ever have a gin and tonic made with tequila?
- No, thank you. Tequila and tonic? - No.
You substitute the tequila. No, you substitute the tonic for the tequila.
The tequila for the tonic?
- Yes, they call it... - Gin and tequila?
- Yes. They call it the Mexican Measles. - Missile.
They tell me it prevents malaria.
You know what I've done? Created a monster.
No, Dr. Frankenstein, this was not creation of yours, this is me.
Me, experiencing new things that I've never done before.
Having a hell of a good time.
- You were there all night fighting malaria? - No, we went to the beach.
We wanted fresh air, so we drove out to Coney Island.
It's lovely at dawn. Nobody around.
We sat there and watched the sun come up.
- On the beach in your new mink stole? - A little sand won't hurt it.
I had to lie on something.
Wait. You said you were sitting. Were you sitting or lying?
A little of this and a little of that. You should have come with us.
There wouldn't have been room for all of us on the mink.
Anyway, I'm sure you prefer to be with Toni.
- I forgot all about her. - What's the matter?
I left her standing outside the discotheque. I hope she had sense enough to go home.
It's just not practical to keep one in the city.
- A girl? - No, a car.
I didn't wake you, did I?
I wanted to make sure you got home all right.
No, I didn't get it.
I went to the police station. They told me to try a garage on the East Side.
When I got there they told me to try the West Side.
When I got there, it was closed. I couldn't find a cab so I had to walk home.
I should have listened to my mother and become an M.D.
They let you park anywhere.
Yeah, okay. You go back to bed. I'll see you tonight. Right.
- Did she get home? - Yes, more than I can say for you.
- My cactus. It's blooming! - Never mind that.
What about your night of debauchery with Señor Sanchez?
Why who said anything about him? We lost him early in the evening.
- "We"? Who's "we"? - Igor and I.
You mean, you spent the night with that hippie?
You're wrong about Igor. He's sensitive and sincere and very poetic.
- "Poetic"? I saw him kiss you on the neck. - He's friendly.
There's no such thing as a friendly kiss on the neck.
It's grotesque, a woman your age throwing yourself at a kid.
What about that father-and-daughter thing of yours?
- That looks ridiculous. - It's different with a man.
A man with a younger woman looks appropriate.
- When it's the other way around... - You go to your church and I'll go to mine.
It wasn't easy for me to do what I did.
- When I felt shaky, I thought about you. - It was obvious.
Thinking about all of those terrible things you said to me.
I was determined to make up for the time I'd lost.
And I intend to keep on doing it.
And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take an Alka-Seltzer.
I don't mind saying I'm disappointed in you, Miss Dickinson.
Doctor, you're the one who said I was discouraging men.
Stifling my femininity.
For the first time, an attractive young man pays attention to me, you go to pieces.
If I didn't know you so well, I'd almost swear you're jealous.
Jealous? Of you? Come now, Miss Dickinson.
I think it's very bad taste when, under my eyes and those of my fiancée... wife puts on an immoral exhibition with someone young enough to be her son.
All right, look, so you had a little fling last night.
Nobody's knocking it. After all, there was no harm done.
Why don't you come out and ask me if I went to bed with him?
- Did you go to bed with him? - It's none of your business.
What happened out there on my mink stole?
I mean, the beach? I want to know.
- By what right? - A husband's right.
Let me remind you that you're still my wife!
No more! I want a divorce!
- After all the years of misery, I've had. - Years of misery?
All those mornings when I came in and found hairpins on the couch...
...lipstick on the mouthwash glasses.
You've been spying on me? You want to play rough.
I'll tell the world about your drunkenness, your wild parties.
Your orgies on the beach!
You want a divorce? It's I who wants a divorce.
I'll call the registry and have them send another nurse.
Give this to your child-concubine.
Stephanie, you walk out now, don't come back!
Don't worry, you won't see me again. That goes for the children, too!
How late were you two out?
I thought you came here to talk about my play?
I'll wait till they make it into a movie.
I have a right to know what went on. She's my fiancé's wife.
I'd rather not discuss the lady.
I happen to know this particular lady swings with anybody.
- Then I guess I'm not anybody. - You mean, nothing?
She didn't want to, huh?
- Maybe I didn't want to. - I doubt that.
I saw the way you kissed her neck like Dracula.
All we did was dance a lot, drink a lot, talk a lot.
- About what? - About my work, about myself.
It isn't often I find a woman I enjoy talking to.
- Are you implying you can't talk to me? - Come to think of it, I can't.
You're always talking and it's always about your troubles with that tooth jockey.
Julian is a fine man and much too good for his wife.
- You ought to know what I know. - I know what I know. She's a dame.
She's good-Iooking, smart, warm, very appealing.
- You did want to! - For God's sake, Toni, act your age.
Or rather, don't act your age.
- Dracula, it's for you. - I want to talk to you.
- Hi. How's your head today? - Which one?
- Igor, do you mind if I talk to... - Of course not.
- Wait, I live here. - You can wait in my place.
- And I used to worry about you. - That's what caused all the trouble.
You and Igor, that child.
I don't want to talk about Igor. I want to talk about Julian and me.
All right. Are you keeping him?
Or can you spare him? I want to know.
There is something else. I'm going straight to the point.
I have no patience when people shilly-shally about these things.
Julian and I...
Oh, my God, it isn't as easy as I thought.
I think I can guess. You're pregnant.
Pregnant? Whatever gave you that idea?
The night Julian took you home. Why not? You're still Mrs. Winston.
I am not Mrs. Winston.
I'm Miss Dickinson.
Miss Dickinson?
But you...
The old maid.
That's ridiculous.
That's what I think. Well, I hate to be the one...
Now, let's not get excited.
- You're Miss Dickinson, Julian's nurse. - Right.
Well, then, who's Mrs. Winston?
But there is no Mrs. Winston. Julian isn't married.
Never has been.
This is a trick, isn't it?
You're trying to confuse me, so I'll do something.
You'll get to keep him for yourself, along with Harvey, Igor...
...and that South American. He lied to me.
I'm sorry, Toni. I know this is a shock for anyone.
Even greater for someone with your youth and idealism, but...
That dirty son of a bitch!
Well, that's one way of looking at it. Toni, wait!
- Toni, Julian loves you. - Why did he lie?
- He isn't bad. Just a little weak. - A weak man, but a strong liar.
When I think of all those thousands of details...
...he told me about his married life, his children.
- Why don't... Could I... - What are we playing, Odd Man Out?
Damn it, I've been swindled!
Toni, Julian is marrying you. A lot of girls would leap at such a swindle.
I know you're expecting Julian and I don't want to run into him.
How come you decided to unmess this mess?
Let's say, Miss Dickinson's a very conscientious nurse...
...and likes to tidy up before she goes.
Sooner or later, Julian will break down and tell you the truth on his own.
Please help him. Accept him.
A man who lies cannot love.
That sounds like something out of a fortune cookie.
Dirty, married bachelor.
What did you want?
- What's this all about? - Never mind. Kiss me again.
Okay, but after this one, I want a complete explanation.
- Is that Julian? - What if it is?
I don't know what your game is, but you're not going to use me.
I'm getting out of here.
- How? He's right outside. - Easy.
I thought you'd never answer. What were you doing?
- Getting rid of my lover. - Come on. Please. Not tonight.
Tonight I need all your help and understanding.
What do you mean?
Well, I have something to tell you and it's tough.
You've come to tell me the truth.
Don't worry, darling. If you've come to tell me the truth...
You are going to tell me the truth?
Go ahead, sweetheart. I promise everything will be all right.
Thanks, my love. You're just marvellous.
This isn't going to be easy. Here it is.
My wife, Stephanie, has changed her mind about the divorce.
Try to remain calm, dear. It was a blow to me, too.
Oh, you poor man.
Now, let's see if I can get this straight.
Your wife suddenly refuses to give you a divorce?
- Hard to believe, isn't it? - Very.
- When did she tell you this? - This morning.
I fought like a tiger. I pleaded with her.
I offered her the house, money, the car, more money.
She and her lawyer say, "No."
You can divorce her. You have grounds, all those lovers.
I can't because of the children and she knows it.
So, she's got us over a barrel. I'm absolutely sick about it.
Well, what happens to me now?
We'll go right on seeing each other as before.
We'll manage to snatch a few scraps of happiness from life.
- It's a compromise, I know... - Dear, if that's the way it has to be...
Baby, how wonderfully well you're taking it.
You'll see, we'll be even happier than before.
It's not such a bad arrangement. And it is fair.
You'll still have your wife, and me, I'll still have you and Igor.
But you said you were just friends.
You were lying to me?
I'm ashamed to admit it. I know you hate the thought of a lie.
Come on, Toni. You're just putting me on, aren't you?
What's that for?
That's our signal that the coast is clear and he can come over.
If I thought for one moment that you and he...
You realise if he walks through that door, it's all finished between us?
I realise that.
You called me?
What are you doing coming through the window?
Can't expect me to come through the hall like that.
- Julian, don't feel too bad. - I'll be fine, Toni.
You broke up my home.
You took me from my wife. You alienated me from my children.
But, thank God, I still have one thing left: my integrity.
Now, would you mind letting me in on this?
Why don't you have dinner with me tonight?
- Okay. I'll put some clothes on. - Don't go to all that trouble just for me.
I thought you quit.
I came to pick up my cactus.
What are you doing in the office on a Saturday?
Last night I had twelve Mexican Missiles. This is where I splashed down.
- Is everything all right with you and Toni? - Things are straightened out.
I might add, without your help and interference.
I'm so happy for you.
Well, I'm not very happy for me. Toni and I have split up.
I went to see her and I told her that you wouldn't agree to a divorce.
- Very clever. - What's so funny?
Nothing, except that I went and told her that we weren't married.
- Why'd you do that? - I thought I'd fix things.
At least somebody would get what he wanted.
You just can't stop making chicken and egg sandwiches.
Why did you have to go there and lie?
Because it was the only way I could get out of marrying her.
- Don't you want to marry her? - No.
It's always been a mistake, and when I caught her with Igor, I knew it.
But she thinks Igor is a child.
I saw him come through the window with a diaper on.
He made me feel like an idiot. I got out as fast as I could.
I understand why you went out and got drunk.
You don't understand. You see, when I left there, I was angry.
Furious! Homicidal!
- So you killed a quart of tequila? - Please, stop interrupting.
I was sore as hell at Toni, and then suddenly it was like magic.
My anger disappeared and I suddenly felt a delicious sense of relief.
I said to myself, "Julian, thank God, at last you're out of it.
"You can go home to your wife."
I bounced down the stairs, singing, and I suddenly remembered I had no wife.
When I got home, there'd be nobody.
When I got back to the office, you wouldn't be here either.
So then you hung one on. It's marvellous, Doc.
That's very nice, Doctor.
- Stephanie. - Doctor.
I think I'm going to kiss you.
When will you know for sure?
- I plan to do this often. - I'll make a note to remind you.
It's funny, I feel as if you've always been my wife.
- We don't have to bother getting married. - Well, just as a matter of form.
Dr. Winston's office.
No, he isn't in on Saturdays. Can I take a message?
Just a minute.
It's a young lady.
She's a stewardess with Australian Airlines.
She's free this evening.
Tell her I've been grounded.
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