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Cage The

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movie info: XVID 640x352 25.0 fps 697.8 MB|Klatka.2003.LiMiTED.DVDRip.XviD-AFO
Presented by:|a film by Sylwester Latkowski
{y:i}Can you see anyone|{y:i}in the bushes there?
{y:i}533... just encourage them|{y:i}to march towards us.
Legia's an old whore...|...Legia FC must be beaten.
Let the horses pass.
Sure, we're all a bit afraid...
We're standing face to face with one|another and we are slightly anxious.
But it's not fear or chickening.|There's too much adrenaline for that...'s just that-at the back of your|mind-you try to be careful.
How do you feel after the fight?
It depends.|Sometimes you feel all right...
...other times you feel bad-it's when|they kick you too hard in the head.
But it's ok when you're just bruised|and still have all teeth...'ll have your skull x-rayed,
take a deep breath|and feel fine again.
It's worse when some problems|come out of this.
Health problems, I mean.
- Where are we now?|- Neptune's square.
This is where we hang out.
Just come here and you're bound|to meet somebody.
We come here when we don't have|anything to do.
Sometimes, we're here|in the evenings.
But we're not doing any harm...
...then the police come and start|accusing us of everything.
{y:i}Move out. Fuck!
They tell us we assault or rob people.|Later, they send some summons... our friends that they've|beaten someone.
Bullshit, we are just|standing there.
Beat him like a dog!
I'm fed up with the police 'cause|they're not doing what they should be.
We went to Arka vs. Lechia game.
They dragged us out of the line|and insulted us...
...treating us like hooligans.
When we were escorted,|the policemen were...
...making remarks:
"They aren't real hooligans,|they don't even wrangle...
...but Lechia will show them".|So, why should we like police?
{y:i}Lechia's fans have broken the gate. |{y:i}They're entering the field.
{y:i}The fans are over the fence. |{y:i}They are on the field now.
{y:i}At the moment. Everything is|{y:i}under control...
{y:i}there's order on the field.
{y:i}Now they're throwing boards|{y:i}and stones at the policemen.
{y:i}Several people were badly beaten.
{y:i}A man has been stabbed|{y:i}with a knife...
{y:i}... and died on the spot.
{y:i}It was too late for an ambulance|{y:i}to come.
{y:i}... forever...
{y:i}... with you...
People perceive us as bandits.
They think we aim|at innocent citizens.
They are wrong.|We are not like this.
Hooligans are ordinary people...|...just normal, young guys.
We don't stand out of the|crowd too much.
The only difference is we have
shorter hair and wear|blouses with hoods...
...with a "hooligan" sign on them.
{y:i}Beat him!
{y:i}... then hard fucking until morning...
{y:i}... then beer. Vodka and waste|{y:i}the motherfucker...
{y:i}Get on the top of him!
First such event was organized|in Warsaw.
And there was one in Szczecin,|too.
I think it will develop in the future.|It's quite a popular sport abroad.
Here, we are still in the stone age.
What districts do they come from?
All sorts of. But mainly from these|large house-of-blocks-areas...
From poor families, I think.
Probably eighty per cent of their|parents are alcoholics...
...and kids try to do something|by themselves.
Usually, they stay of out schools.
Eventually, either they succeed|or follow their parents' path.
What district are you from?
Downtown. It's a more of a peaceful|area, I think.
You can allow the ones|who have tickets.
Get up! It's not that bad!
Get your head out!
I've got six men at the entrance,|they're without shields or truncheons.
- I'm not drunk. Let me in, please.|- Let him in, man.
I'll be polite. I'm not drunk.
{y:i}They are trying to disassemble|{y:i}a steel barrier...
{y:i}- Where is it? |{y:i}- At the gate where they broke it.
{y:i}- Apart from that. It's quiet. |{y:i}- Continue to monitor it. Ok?
{y:i}That's one idiot.
{y:i}You have to be careful not to|{y:i}poke yourself with these bars.
{y:i}He's going to make himself a bat.
{y:i}Watch the other yellow gate there.
{y:i}They are tampering with it. Too.
- You go last.|- They'll waste me there, man...
Don't worry. The police are everywhere.|You'll be safe.
Am I a dog or what?! I've got|my ticket. I am from Gdynia!
You were one of those illegal|fighters in Poland...
Yeah, that's what I used|to do in the past.
But these were fair fights,|with rules.
We were not allowed to attack|eyes, bite...
...kick the opponent in testicles|or hit the back of his head.
We had no gloves but it wasn't|very different to what we have today.
Were you making more money|on fighting or working?
Don't be silly...
What do you mean?
Sure I had decent money|from the fights.
But it's nothing to be proud of.
Weren't you afraid then?
You are always a bit afraid.|Cause you don't know your opponent...
...or you are afraid of being discredited|in front of you girlfriend and so on...
There are many situations|you would worry about.
{y:i}Legia's an old bitch!
It's the TV that tells people|we are killers,
fighting each other to death.
I don't know if they mention|weapons or not...
But it has a huge impact on how|people perceive this sport.
They are not telling the truth and|that's why fighting looses its value.
There's a whole myth|of a cage, you know.
For some, it's still an|underground sport.
They associate the cage|with fighting dogs.
But you can fight in a boxing|ring using the same rules.
People are shocked|just to see the cage.
They watched too many films with|Van Damme
where two guys go inside...
...and after the fight one of them|is carried in a plastic bag.
I don't think anything like|that has ever happened.
To me, this is complete bullshit.
This would be another "corner"|where these boys hang out.
Recently, some new kids|have appeared.
There's always someone|standing here.
You can easily see what's going|on at the main street
and inside the district.
This is a classic police-taxiing.
...Just a sign of control.
They come and go all the time,|checking us.
Even when we meet to play rugby.
They take down our data, " 'cause it's|too loud" or too many people standing.
But we gather just to talk or play.|We can't afford sitting in pubs.
I think it's better to stand here|than go stealing or wreaking havoc.
But they will always come,|regardless of what we do.
What does it mean to be|a hooligan?
It's being a football fan|of your favourite club...
...and-above all-going to brawls.
I didn't expect Robert to go|with us today...
Stop the camera,|please.
We are trying not to fight at stadiums.|We moved out of the field...
...because we didn't want|to ruin the show anymore.
But people can't understand that.
Well, we make brawls 'cause|we like fighting.
These pills give you a kick|like speed, man.
Why there's such a cult|of physical force in these areas?
Because it helps you.
People look at you differently|when you're strong.
...If a guy proves capable|in several situations,
it becomes easier for him to live.
The cult of force has|always existed.
Stronger people have always|had more to say than the weaker.
And I'm not only talking|"physical strength".
It's been within us since|the beginning...
And it will stay like that forever|- Whether we like it or not.
{y:i}Take a picture of the objects|{y:i}they are throwing.
{y:i}The fans cover their faces|{y:i}with scarves.
{y:i}They are throwing wooden objects.
{y:i}It's fairly quiet now. |{y:i}They're afraid of the police.
{y:i}- Ok. Get back on you position then. |{y:i}- But we are still filming...
{y:i}Now they started|{y:i}throwing stones...
No one joins us out of the blue...
It's not enough to put on
a hooligan t-shirt|and be good at fighting.
In a melee of 20 or 30 people|on each side,
20 guys are a fixed group.
If there's more than 20 guys needed,|there's a possibility
we take somebody with us.
We have 21 men...
...I'll go tell them we are here.|Then, we'll do a normal warm-up...
But if any of you have any problems|with knuckles or legs
he'll take care of that.
When did you begin|training martial arts?
I was in 7th grade.|But it was only Karate then...
Later came boxing, judo|and kickboxing and others.
And from these several disciplines,|I created my own style.
We wipe these motherfuckers|out of this planet. Right away...
...Wham-bam... and they're dead!|Then we cover one another.
...I'll tell you about that later.
Slightly worn, isn't it?
Most of the guys are training|various martial arts.
To be honest, to become|a hooligan you'll need
something more than just guts.
You need to know how to fight.|It's important.
Everyone wants to cope|with his life somehow.
If you work out at the gym...
...or train martial arts|it gives you a sense of security.
Because this grey reality|is not so beautiful...
not as they show you on TV.
Every style of fighting|requires training.
Guys who train only for brawls...|...are using different techniques.
They learn how work as a team.
They prefer to fight in an|upright position.
You'd hardly see any fighting...
...on the ground, because it easier|to get kicked in the head.
Hooligans choose styles that are|suitable for brawls or street-fighting.
Kick him in the head,|but just for a starter.
Don't jump on him...
...or better don't kick at all.|Grab him and hit straight in the face.
Remember-use you elbows.
No jumping on anybody.|That's a rule.
If anyone falls down-watch his back.|If you see anyone on the ground... him to fight of the guy.|But don't kick in the head.
Jump on him, three fast blows|and the motherfucker is out.
Do you teach anyone?
Yeah. I show them some tricks
but not to attack|accidental people.
You know why I do this?
My boxing coach used|to be a gymnastics teacher... a primary school.
He told me he was showing|some basics to his pupils.
Remember, keep your head|low and...
And use your elbows, fuck!
Keep shields on the other side.
Why do young people|train martial arts?
Some want to impress their friends,|others just need competition...
...or they want to learn how to fight|in order to defend themselves.
They do it for many reasons.
To be honest, I haven't|thought much about it.
They are in every section.
Each boxing, kickboxing|or judo section has a few...
...guys that fight in these brawls.
Some work out in a gym,|others train fighting...
...Anyway, the times when the fan|was associated
with a liquor bottle, are over.
Nowadays, football fans|are sportsmen.
They don't drink or do anything|to degrade
...their capabilities.|Otherwise, it would be pathetic.
A group of bums against|a group of fit men...
...can have only one result.|30 seconds and it's all over.
They struggled to even get here.|Only 21 of them came.
They are fucking sissies.|We've got to waste them right out!
I don't do it just because someone|made me do it. I really like it.
Probably most of my friends|would tell you the same.
Some do it to just show off and attract|someone's attention, that's for sure.
But me - I simply enjoy fighting.|That's what I am training for.
Brawls are just a break for me.
What do my parents think?|...I'm sure they aren't happy.
Actually, there's nothing|good in being a hooligan.
Mom knows what I do|and what it's all about.
...Once she saw a tape by accident.|It was a year after a brawl.
She watched the tape|and finally understood...
...what had happened to me before.
She remembered how bad|I had looked then.
She noticed a date on the screen|and simply associated facts.
She was crying when I came home.
"How could you do this to me?|Why did you lie to me?"...and so on.
My father had a different attitude|because he is a man.
I'm not sure they ever|got used to it.
Every time I go somewhere,
my mother tells me to be careful.
I try not to talk about it to her.
...If I go out, I just say we go to|a match and stuff...
But I don't tell her about the brawls.
Do you love your parents,|your mother?
Yeah. I do.
- Why do you fight? What for?|- For pleasure. It's very relaxing.
You know, some like Mc Donald,
others watch porn movies|and feel pleasure.
I take pleasure from putting|on boxing gloves
or fighting on the ground.
This is my own pleasure.|And a break from reality.
It's an extreme form of a fight sport.|Similarly, you can ski for recreation...
...or jump on a parachute when|skiing in high mountains.
Every discipline has it.
Generally, people look for something|more challenging or choose simple things.
I do enjoy it.
It's not that I take pleasure|from kicking someone's ass...
It turns me on.|And it's a way to relieve stress.
You work several hours a day...|...and you can let off some steam.
You sweat, give yourself|a physical strain...
...and, instead of being mean to|you family, you start feeling better.
Yet, some guys become|permanently disabled...
I'm not going to talk about|in front of the camera, Sylwester.
Let's just say that a few guys|were injured at one time or another.
But you can experience|the same on the street.
You can be beaten by some freak...|...with a bottle or a bat.
It's just an example, you know.
But this may happen.
You don't regard yourself a bandit,|as people think hooligans...
Why should we show it publicly?|We're not doing it for anyone...
...But you make films|and take pictures...
Yeah, but we do it only|for us-just to have a keepsake.
You take these pictures, right?
I can't afford a decent equipment
but I'm trying to make|it look professional.
Maybe in a few years we'll show it|to our kids or something.
Either it will be normal then,
or they'll be shocked to see|what we used to do.
When sixty people are fighting,|it's pretty hard to see everyone.
But the camera catches everything.
And we had cases when|guys proved weak.
Someone was kicking their friend|on the ground
and they were turning|their back...
Anyway, it would be nice to|watch it someday.
Just to see who we were.
It's not about fear or shame.
We simply don't want|people to watch it.
It won't change anything-even|when they see what it looks like.
Either way, they won't accept it.
It's brutal, full of coarse language,
there's blood-like in a real fight.
You beat as hard as you can.
And people are not going|to like it-that's for sure.
Still, I think, many people|understand that.
It's just a popular opinion|they don't.
It's even convenient for them.
We don't fight at stadiums anymore...
...where older people come with|their families.
Now there's different...|...atmosphere than it used to be.
And I think a smart person|would appreciate...
...the fact that we fight|outside stadiums.
And it is better, because people...
...are no longer forced to be|a part of this.
We are not a bunch of freaks that|enjoy beating one another for fun.
We train to be able to test ourselves,|in a cage or against other people.
There are just a few of us.|People think we are some weirdos.
Look at what young guys do|in this country.
They are junkies or bums.
Now, compare that to what we do.
I'm not sure which is better.
Why did you write:|"You'll never be alone"?
Different things happen in life,|you know.
And if one of us runs into problems...|...we are able to help him.
In my life as a hooligan it means|that when I'm with my friends
at brawls or matches...
...on the street, railway station,|whatever...
and some guys provoke us.
We are outnumbered.|And "you'll never be alone"
means we will stay together.
Until the end. Regardless of the|consequences.
And no one ever drops out.
In my everyday life|it means friendship
having a real friend,|who is beside me... all times.
And, generally speaking,|we help each other.
On a daily basis,|I train and attend school.
What kind of school?
I'm in the third year of|Tourism College.
After that I'll try to make my M.A.
There's not much work here.
We usually work during|a holiday season...
...when more discos are open.
We go to the peninsula|and work there.
It's better to go to school|if you have no work.
But sometimes you have to pay.
It's ok for those who can afford it.
But if you have no work or school|to go to... you're in deep shit.
I graduated two schools and that|changed my attitude towards life.
What kind of school was it?
Pedagogy of reclamation... It's for|people you mentioned earlier.
I work for a company and I train.|This eats the whole day.
I'd like to spend some more time|with my family
because I love them.
You tend to loose important things|when you haven't got time.
- Do your school colleagues know?|...Yeah, they do.
- How about professors?|- No, they don't know, I think.
What do you wear at school?
Just causal clothes-jeans, t-shirts...|I don't stand out of the crowd.
Sometimes I come with|a black eye and they know.
They think I went to a match...
...or a training. Other times,|they read something
in a newspaper|and don't have to...
...ask any questions.|They already know.
But, generally,|they show interest.
They ask me to tell them|how it went or something.
They are juts curious 'cause|it's totally unknown for them.
Aren't you afraid that your mom
will have to pick you up from|a mortuary?
Now, when we are speaking,|I'm aware this may happen someday.
I know it's a huge risk|and you're taking chances
because you can loose your health.
But when the phone rings,|these thoughts are gone.
You only think of fighting.
It stays somewhere at the back of|your mind, but you don't think about it.
What will be, will be.
Sure, it's just a stage in our lives.|We won't be going to brawls forever.
Younger guys will come after us|and do the same things.
We will stay football fans|and hooligans forever.
But we won't be that active.
Written & directed by:
English translation by|Tomasz Perczy˝ski
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