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Subtitles for Cantando Dietro I Paraventi.

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Cantando Dietro I Paraventi

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Stop there ! Where are you going, you gallows-bird ? Don't move !
One more step, and l'll crush you like a bug.
You think tormenting me is funny, don't you ?
You take advantage of my bad back.
Where to, sir ?
Along with murder,
piracy is one of mankind's oldest practices.
Piracy has always exerted fascination.
These ocean daredevils were truly special men.
And in this specialness lies the secret of theirfascination.
Like the Arabs and the Phoenicians, the Chinese practiced piracy
even before history was written.
And to the waters ofthe Four Seas pirates came from all over the world.
They tell heroic tales about famous pirates.
But few know about the legendary lady pirates
whose flamboyant adventures are still remembered today.
From the lurid taverns ofthe Yellow Sea,
from the slums and brothels of lndochina,
all the way to the Heavenly Chambers of lmperial Voluptuousness.
Good evening.
Please come, women very pretty.
Excuse me, Reverend. Where is the cosmology conference ?
Right here.
- Come, follow me. - But l'm in the wrong place!
The taste foradventure and pleasure
filled the young lives ofthese ardent, insatiable females.
And their exploitas pirates were so daring,
they made some think
their stories were simply the fruit of people's imagination.
One ofthese buccaneers was the magnificent Mary Read.
Her crews nostalgically sang her praises:
''Cunning tiger, daring gazelle,
hard as a tortoise shell.''
She was beautiful, was Mary Read.
The beautiful Mary hauled up anchor, held the wheel.
She was beautiful, was Mary Read !
Her calloused hands were covered with pitch and tar.
Hands meant for caresses once smooth as velvet.
She was beautiful, was Mary Read.
But the mostadmired, the most lovely, the most irresistible
of all lady pirates was the gentle Cai Wen Li.
Favourite ofthe most daring pirate commander of all.
He was the legendary, melancholy, aristocratic Admiral Ching.
lt's common belief that when sweet Cai Wen Li played,
he could grasp the feelings of her lute.
Cunning as a fox, sensual as a serpent.
May l ? Good evening.
Good evening.
Solitude isn't the best company.
A good elixir gives the spirit wings.
Considering the target's size
we can say it's a good shot !
Take aim !
Light the fuses !
Like cockroaches from the cracks in walls,
these insatiable marauders crawl outwherever bays and reefs
favour their cowardly ambushes.
Depraved, deadly men attack our villages with ruthless ferocity.
Depleting the resources ofthe coastal population.
These sea robbers show no mercy to the weak.
They snatch bread from the poor.
They have no respect for the widow's grief.
They turn a deaf ear to the orphan's wailing.
Filthy creatures with no hygienic standards.
They kidnap attractive young girls
to sell as objects of pleasure on the markets of Macao.
lt was during the year 1797, when the Anonymous Shareholders,
always looking for lucrative investments,
gathered to secretlyfinance pirate activities.
These lawless activities insured huge profits.
They unanimously voted to entrust Admiral Ching
with the sword of Supreme Command.
Theirword is song,
from uncaged birds they learn to converse.
The coastal inhabitants implore the Divine Emperor
to end the scourge of piracy.
To prey on the rich is an offence.
To take from the poor is a crime.
To put an end to pirate raids
here is the government's decree:
All the coastal population,
men and women of all ages !
Supreme Commander Kwo-Lang, head of government,
orders the evacuation of all villages
and other inhabited places.
Abandon houses and barns. Destroy boats.
Burn all fishing equipment.
The population must move permanently inland.
Forgetting, for all the years to come, their villages,
the lands oftheir fathers.
The moon peeps appears in every puddle.
But there is only one real moon.
On the dump shrubs, evening dew glimmers,
lovelorn crickets chirr.
Who left me so much sadness ?
You'll be 100 and l'll be 99.
Our hair will be white and l won't have changed.
Don't you change, either.
No, l won't have changed.
Forever l won't have changed.
Honourable shareholders, it is my duty to inform you that
with its imperial seal, the government has ordered
the destruction of 800 villages
to rob us of our future income.
Admiral Ching, it's clearly written here: huge expenses, no profit.
The river of our earnings has dried up.
All we have left is a bed of stones.
Gentlemen, as the flow of water fertilizes the earth,
so the flow of money cannot be stopped.
Because its purpose is to fertilize more money.
And money, like water, always finds a way to continue its flow.
But for the moment, no loot, no pay.
l'll convey your new orders to the crew.
On the banks of the Three Seas not a single dog barks,
nor hen clucks.
A good government knows how
to convert the hostile into allies.
lmperial skiff to portside !
l am the official emissary, sent by the imperial government
to represent the Supreme Emperor, Sovereign of All the Orient.
l am Captain ofthe Royal Marine of Andorra, momentarily not in service.
Honourable Madam, the supreme council of government
has unanimously voted to appoint Admiral Ching
Master of the Royal Corsairs.
ln exchange for his oath of obedience to the Divine Emperor.
The admiral's obligations in this post
should be considered a pure formality.
Por favor, Mr. Emissary.
An advantageous offer, an easy way out.
When the way is too easy, beware ofthe dagger.
Good. Very good.
The events you are watching really happened.
And through this representation, you will learn their consequences.
The theatre, Senhores,
holds up a mirror for you to observe
men's behaviour and the value of things.
Or better: our lives.
Afteryour body crosses the gate of Hades,
your mouth will be cut open so you'll tell the truth.
He who mistreated children shall be boiled,
and his little victims will tearout his heart.
Merchants who cheated with their scales
will have their heads cut off and weighed.
Doctors who, for profit,
prescribed useless or harmful medicine
will be sawed in two to satisfy their ambiguity.
He who mistreated animals will be roasted until completely consumed.
We're like waves blown by a raging tempest.
We fight and plunder without hesitation.
And yet, we are no more than vapours in the air,
twigs snapped by the wind's fury.
Offended honour is not washed by words
or with soap.
l shall wear this armour, l shall take up his sword !
Thus those who sail these seas, spying us from afar,
will think they see the noble figure of Admiral Ching,
still on his watch and leading his formidable pirate bands !
Without corrupt generals
or greedy shareholders !
Long live the widow Ching !
Long live the new admiral !
Can a woman's arm bear the weight of a sword ?
The arm's strength lies in the mind that moves it.
New route: southeast !
Hoist the mainsail !
Bowsprit mast.
Four to starboard.
The fox flag became the emblem of the new admiral,
the widow Ching.
Herother ships were entrusted to her late husband's lieutenants.
The veteran Bear Jaw,
the mildest man to ever sink a ship or cut off a head.
And the cunning Opo-tae, alias Stone Bird.
Each flew his own flag.
So began days of unforgettable adventure.
The widow Ching's fame was equal to the fiercest pirates'
who sailed the Three Seas of China,
Chen-ChiLing and bloody Chin-Yih,
and the most respected ofthem all, Prince Koxinga.
Off the bowsprit !
Ship to windward !
- Pull in the helm ! -All hands to their stations !
Helm to starboard !
- Merchant ship on the bow-go ! Load the guns ! - Balls and powder !
Wait ! lt's flying the Dragon's colours.
The ship is under government protection.
Cannons on the bow ! Ready forthe warning shot !
The whole government will come after us !
- Fire the warning shot. - lt's an insult to the generals' pride.
lt's what they deserve, Captain.
Everyone is who he is. We are who we are.
Everyone must do what they must.
Do you disapprove, Captain ?
Do l owe an answer to the lady, or the pirate ?
That woman has cancelled heaven's law.
Preventing her crimes is your business.
Never in the course of centuries,
have even the most wicked, rebellious men
dared to commit such a sacrilege !
No man has ever profaned the lmperial Colours.
- Hey, onboard, where are you ? - There's nota living soul.
lt must be a ghostship !
Boarding hooks ! Heave ho !
lt is highly prohibited
to loot objects for personal use.
Gentlemen of the crew are reminded
that according to the Senhora Commander's new rules
the word loot is vulgar and unworthy of our honestwork.
From now on, itwill be called
''transhipped goods''. All goods will be registered.
Each crew member shall receive for himself two parts outof ten.
The rest will be considered common property.
No one aboard my ships shall abuse the female prisoners
for their own satisfaction. Anyone found, atany time,
using violence on an honest woman
will be hung from the yard-arm and left to the offence ofthe sea,
until he repents.
And anyone wishing to use a female
must have permission from the ship's purser.
-A bad habit, Captain. - Do you disapprove, Admiral ?
To whom do l owe an answer, the gentleman or the rogue ?
For a woman, she has the balls of a real man.
Archers and crossbowmen.
- Footsoldiers and knights. - Harquebusiers and gunpowder men.
- Gunners, buglers and flag-bearers. - How fine they look !
Widow Ching's pirates attack our merchant ships !
- Merchandise and women to thieves ! - The lmperial Colours
no longer protect us. - Pirates don't care about lmperial Colours !
lt's the end oftrading !
No more earnings, no more taxes !
No more taxes, no more arms !
Your Majesty, no trading, no earnings.
No earnings, no taxes.
lf you have two pennies, spend one on bread.
With the other buy hyacinths for your soul.
On the 18th day of the eighth month, as the rainy season approaches,
having attacked and plundered every sort of merchant vassel,
the widow Ching in now making herway
undisturbed up the mouths ofthe Si-kiang river
to procure food reserves.
Raiding even the poorest river villages.
The terrified population is seeking refuge in the swamps
pushing into vegetation infested by poisonous frogs
and deadly snakes.
The new Emperor Kia-King, now on the throne of All the Orient,
entrusts Supreme Admiral Kwo-Lang
with punishing the widow Ching for her misdeeds.
The Emperor warns Admiral Kwo-Lang that he is in charge of punishment,
Alarm ! lmperial vessels to portside ! Warships inside a league.
Men to their guns !
- Ready to fire ! -To combat positions !
Arm the prow !
Maximum range !
Fire !
- Reload the guns ! - lncrease fire !
Side cannons !
You wear the clothes of a valiantadmiral.
lf you are a real soldier you know the laws of war.
Today, l losta battle,
not my honour.
Everyone saw that what happened here
took place without me raising my sword.
Yet l will be blamed
for killing Admiral Kwo-Lang.
Dishonour and shame !
An offence to the memory ofthe late sovereign emperor.
The remaining ships
return shamed with defeat.
Supreme Admiral Kwo-Lang
has cleansed his dishonour with honourable death.
The young Emperor Kia-King, Son of Heaven and Lightof the Orient,
entrusts the Sword of Supreme Command
to cousin Thing-Kvei, imperial prince.
We bow to the will ofthe Divine Emperor
and confidently place the destiny of the government
in the worthier hands ofPrince Thing-Kvei, Lord ofWar.
ln the clash of war,
supremacy belongs to the forces in the field.
But in the clash offorces,
supremacy belongs to the mind.
The new war junk which will bear the young emperor
is being armed with firepower
ten times superior to any previously known weapon.
Batten the hatches !
Test of cannons !
Untie that line !
Turn sternward and lower sail.
Lowersail !
- Untie the lines ! - Lower sail !
We'll anchor here for a few days.
Crew members are obliged to remain on board.
Haul down the mainsail !
Landing is prohibited
until the coasts are explored by daylight. God be with us.
How often
have l seen sea monsters floating in the waves !
And the most terrible of them all is the sea pig.
lt follows ships for days on end until...
until one stormy night it rises from the water
to beg for food ! lf a sailorthrows it some bread,
it disappears into the sea.
But if it goes on following you
then you have to scream and beat a stick on the side ofthe ship
to scare it away !
Otherwise the monster will bite the ship
and sink it !
The moon appears in every puddle.
But there is only one real moon.
On the dump shrubs evening dew glimmers.
Lovelorn crickets chirr.
Who left me so much sadness ?
You'll be 100 and l'll be 99.
Our hair will be white and l won't have changed.
Don't you change, either.
No, l won't have changed.
Forever l won't have changed.
Wake up ! Alarm !
- Load the guns ! - Powder and fuses ready !
Forgive the intrusion and my unusual garb,
but the gravity of the situation obliged me to inform you
thatas of now we must consider ourselves surrounded.
The imperial fleet is heading straight at us.
We're broadside, completely exposed.
Our position allows for no defence.
-Order the men to turn head-on. - ifl may, Admiral,
it's totally useless. They're readyto fire.
Virgem Maria !
There are so many, the sea's not big enough !
They've blocked ourescape.
Such a massive fleetcan only escort the lmperial Vessel !
The Emperor's ship ?
No one before you has ever been so privileged.
lt's the first time the Son of Heaven is present ata sea battle.
lt has never happened before !
Haul down these rags !
Look ! They're lowering their sails !
They're taking position.
What's going on ? They're opening the hold ?
- Heaven help us ! -What an infernal contraption !
lt's monstrous ! l've never seen anything like it !
The unexpected difficulty of the situation
obliges me to remind the gentlemen ofthe crew
that whoever loses a joint in battle
shall receive400 piasters indemnity,
for an eye, right or left, 500,
and in the case of an entire limb, 800.
- How much ? -800.
Furthermore, we must be ready for battle
at any time.
Gentlemen, this may be our last battle.
ln case of defeat no one will be spared.
Each of you has practiced our profession with skill and courage,
and almost all of you with loyalty.
Very shortly, in government chambers and public assemblies
they'll exalt over our demise,
accusing us of infamies.
lt's true we've practiced theft and crime,
bur we've never hid the fact we're robbers and murderers.
But we fight in battle, everyday risking our lives.
Like honest outlaws.
While others, so-called respectable citizens,
honoured and revered, steal and extort
protected by rules and privileges they make themselves.
We need not marvel at such wickedness
under the guise offalse legality.
Heaven help us !
lfHeaven listened to the prayers of dogs, itwould rain bones !
Gentlemen ofthe crew, we are solemnly gathered together
to judge the evil misdeeds of a poor dog !
A human wreck, guilty of piracy on the high seas !
And now, you gang ofthieves,
all rise for His Excellency the lmperial Judge !
Be seated. Your Honour: this criminal's list of crimes
is longerthan the imperial court's expense report.
A scoundrel who has survived tempests,
always reaching land safe and sound, even when his ship was lost.
lt means he wasn't born to drown !
lt means we aren't fools !
Bravo ! Well said !
- Shame on you ! An insult to the court. - Shut up, you sewer rat,
or you'll hang like a wretch from the yard-arm
and be left to dry into a scarecrow !
Silence !
He challenged divine law and government's gallows
and never stopped pillaging ships
and abducting women.
Butthe worse crime this gallows-bird committed
is to have drunk only a few drops of cider.
Since the world began no teetotaller
has been a reputable person.
l, too, would have spoken better
was our stock of rum not depleted.
Sentinel !
-Who goes there ? - Betrayal !
Commander Opo-tae has deserted ! He went over to the government.
His whole crew swam to the imperial ships !
They lefttheir ships last night.
They received three parts of pork and wine.
Opo-tae even got a state pension !
All hands on deck and double the guard !
Every attempt to desert will be punished by death.
Fire ! Wake up ! Hurry !
-Get up, wake up everyone ! -Something is burning !
-There's smoke behind the mainsail ! - The Emperor's junk is on fire !
-What's burning ? -On the admiral's deck !
We're saved !
- ls there fire, Captain ? - Maybe the hold is on fire.
But l see no flames. Black smoke, it's pitch !
Funny, there's no one on deck. No sign of panic.
What is it, then ?
They're manoeuvring !
lt's a smokestack.
Are these old eyes deceiving me ?
They're advancing without oars or sails !
That monster has a machine in its belly.
lt's some modern devilry !
lt's a warning from heaven !
- They're coming from down there ! - From the imperial ships !
What's this writing ?
lt's an ancient custom, sending writings on these messengers'wings.
What does it mean ?
lt's in the language of the Shang dynasty,
the earliest writing.
-Can you read them ? - lt's written:
''Punishment and Forgiveness.''
At the beginning, when the phial ofthe hour-glass
is still full,
the sand seems to fall
very slowly.
And you think time will never pass.
But when the sand has almost run out
the hours race by faster and faster.
And the days... fly by.
You were the favourite handmaid of mandarin Tao-Qian
when my husband sank your ship.
Remember ?
By now, l've erased all my memories forever.
You listened to him talk, you read his books.
Now everything lies at the bottom ofthe sea.
But do you know what is meant
by ''punishmentand forgiveness'' ?
More than 1000 years ago, General Liu-Theng
rebelled against lmperial Prince Hans-Hsin.
So the prince ordered his troops to make giant kites
and fly them to fall on the enemy.
Every kite had fragments of a message
painted on its wings.
And what was the message ?
The general refused to say.
At dawn he attacked the imperial army.
He and his rebel soldiers
found no escape.
- lt's mine ! l made ita house ! - Orders ofthe widow Ching !
-She wants all the kites. - She's bad !
Here: the fragments and the message are now complete.
''The lmperial Dragon, Sovereign of the Wind and Rain,
asks the butterfly Hu-Die to fold her wings, like flower petals closing.''
-Afairy tale ? -The ancient fable
ofthe Dragon and the beautiful butterfly Hu-Die
who escaped from the Celestial Garden.
''The Divine Sovereign is Supreme Judge of punishmentand forgiveness.''
- Here's the phrase. - ''The dragon awaits the return ofHu-Die
to the flowers of the Celestial Garden.''
The music went on and on, accompanying the setting sun.
While, on the opposite horizon,
the lady of the night was already making her entrance.
The sweet melody wafted on night breezes
continuing until the firmament's last light went out in the sky.
Then everybody understood
that the final moment was at hand.
lf you accept a kind gesture,
you must put down your sword.
May l have the honour and the privilege
of paying my respects to the Senhora ?
You've always been beautiful,
but now you are even more so.
You already knew how this story would end.
l knewthe story, but not your heart.
Why do you fight ?
Forgiveness is mightier than the law.
From thatday on, writes the poet, the ships found tranquillity.
The Four Seas and countless rivers were safe once more.
And so it was that men, finally at peace,
could sell their swords and buy oxen to plough the fields.
While women's voices regaled the day
singing behind screens.
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