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Subtitles for Captain Pantoja And The Special Services 2000 CD1.

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Captain Pantoja And The Special Services 2000 CD1

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Pantaleon and the special service
Are you sure this is the man we are looking for?
Intelligence investigated his professional and private life.
He got into the Chorrillos military school with the best grade.
He chose the service corps.
Best grades in math, economy and administration.
That's why during his whole carrier he got to raise the flag every final day of the year.
Since he graduated, 8 years ago, nobody has equalled his grades.
He prefers sports and study to parties, but he has a social life.
After three years of going out, he married Alfonsina Reaño.
She is a decent girl, serious and a good wife that takes care of her house
We have confirmed that Cpt. Pantoja is no womanizer.
Not one escapade in 5 years of marriage. He doesn't drink nor party
Sounds as if you were talking about a saint, not a soldier.
Listen to what cpt. Montes wrote about him.
"Born organizer, mathematical sense of order, executive capacity..."
"He leaves fond memories in Chiclayo and I request for him to be comissioned for one more year..."
" to this station, as he conducted the regiment with inspired efficiency."
This captain is our man, López.
- Panta, breakfast is ready. - Coming!
-Pocha, Did you sew my galon? - Yes, my lieutenant!
- Did I hear wrong or you said lieutenant? - Excuse me, my captain.
Util I get used to it, you'll be my little lieutenant, darling.
How beautiful this is!
Where do you think they'll send us this time? I hope they leave us in Lima. And you?
I don't care. As long as there is a quarter is good enough for me.
You and your vocation. You are married first to the army and then to me.
Where would you like to be? Other than Lima, of course.
Chiclayo again. Or Tacna or Piura
And the mountains? Or the jungle? It's a possibility.
I hate the mountains. The jungle... Iquitos could be.
It has to be a city, not a camping ground or some garrison because...
you have to start thinking about the little cadet.
- I can start dreaming about ordering him, or? - Now?
May be... Or at night It doesn't matter that it's not saturday.
I'm 5 minutes late. And it takes me about 30 to get to the ministry
that is, if there is no traffic. - Ok.
Let's have breakfast my captain.
Good morning ma'am, I am Cpt. Pantoja. I have an appointment with Gral. Collazos.
He is waiting for you, together with colonel López.
- Congratulations on the new spaghetti. - Thank you my colonel.
- And by the brilliant way you got it. - Thank you colonel.
I was informed about your promotion. You got the first place by unanimous decision of the jury.
- Congratulation Cpt. - Thank you my general.
Sit down. Sit down.
- A cigarrette? - No thanks.
You see my general neither a smoker nor a drunk nor a man of the ladies.
An officer without vices. We already have somebody to represent
our army in paradise, together with San Martín and St. Rose of Lima.
Let's not exagerate. I must have some vices you don't know about.
We know everything about you.
You would flip if you knew how much we have investigated you.
Well, let's take the bull by the horns, then.
This matter requires absolute discretion!
I am talking about the mission we will entrust you.
And it's the following, Pantoja:
From some time now the troop in the jungle has been
- ... rioutous, excited. - When we were informed about the problem...
... we thought they were isolated cases, manageable.
caused by the climate or the food in the area.
But it wasn't so. Things have gone from bad to worse.
Gral. Scavino and father Beltrán, who has been busting my balls...
... asking us to do something, have taken some measures.
But up to now, neither punishments nor lessons have solved the problem
That's why we have decided to take more...radical measures
and it's here where you come to work!
I am a bit confused. The truth is that...
You'll be in charge of something very important.
Gral. scavino will give you all the details as soon as you reach your destination.
You are leaving next monday, Pantoja. I hope you like the jungle.
You have all my confidence and support for this dificult and delicate mission.
I wish you the best of lucks, Pantoja.
And remember, the reputation of this institution is in your hands.
Well, the thing started to work.
But this is useless!
You'll identify these bandits, ladies.
- Stop crying. - Do we have to go out in front of these soldiers?
They'll form outside, you peek through the window and tell when you recognize the one.
Take a good look, ladies, take a good look. Chose.
Which one do you prefer as father of your children?
Gral. Collazos, my general.
Hello? Tiger, How is it going?
OK, OK. I'm going to receive this cpt.
but I warn you, I wash my hands from this whole business!
- These strategists at Lima! - Do they still have this special service in mind?
May god have mercy!
Something doesn't smell right. What does the reputation of the army...
... have to do with climate, food and health of the troop.
- I don't get it. - Darling, stop thinking about it.
- As soon as you talk to Scavino you'll know. - Maybe something happened in the jungle.
- I'll check the internet. - Just a little bit, my captain.
Now you mission is to take your wife to the movies...
... and to buy her sommer clothes so that she doesn't fry in the jungle.
- It's an order. - Whatever you say my general.
Afterwards I'll let you get under my sheets as a price...
and I'll allow you to caress me at discretion!
Pochita, you are wrinkling my uniform, honey.
As the guide of the Amazon region,,,
I feel obliged to speak in defence of all the women of the region.
I am not an antipatriotic, no!
But my love for the army doesn't prevent me from saying the truth:
This wave of rapes that plagues our region,...
terrorizing and dishonoring our beautiful women,...
has a culprit.
The rapists are soldiers of our army.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our own soldiers.
It's painful to admit...
... but I have undeniable proof.
What is happening with our army?
I ask myself: What do the authorities have to say about this?
What does Gral. Scavino have to say...
and what does father Betrán, the army chaplain, have to say?
They should be lock in a prison for life...
for abusive and perverts but the mercy of our lord is infinite...
and he opens them a door for their repent and salvation.
Soldiers, Do you swear by God and fatherland...
to take these womes as wives, to honor them...
... and be faithful until death do you part?
Yes, I swear!
Don't worry ma'am, after a couple of days the mosquitoes don't bite anymore.
- They won't even look at you. - Thanks.
Don't stop eating "cecina" with "tacacho", it's very soft.
Uf! It's so hot!
I can't stand these clothes anymore.
You have to get used to this, baby. This is the coolest season of the year.
I hope that in the army compounds they have air contioned. If not, I die!
It's the first thing I am gonna ask Scavino. And if not...
I'll get one installed for you.
Uf! You are all wet. Really wet.
Us human beings sweat when we're hot.
- I'm going to get dry. - No! It doesn't bother me at all. On the contrary.
- Ok, now we have to unpack. - Wait, wait, there's no hurry.
- Panta! What are you doing !? - Take it all off.
- I don't know you anymore! - Take it all off.
You! Always so serious. Wait, I take it off.
Remember you have a meeting with Scavino
You'll fall asleep. You always fall asleep after...
- I want you to know that I disagree with the service you've come to organize.
I don't know what my mission is going to be. Gral. Collazos told me you would inform me.
In a few words: The troop is fucking the "cholas".
Officers don't know what to do anymore with all the lawsuits for violations.
He have asked doctors, sociologists, sexologists.
And after much bla bla bla, we came to the simple truth.
Any soldier that comes to the jungle becomes a ... dick head
- I still don't get it. I am not an expert , but I can't see how... - Just a second.
Cpt. Pantaleón Pantoja (Peruvian Army) is entrusted with...
the mission of organizing, implementing and managing
a special services of hostesses for garrisons, border posts...
and similars", with the duty of fulfilling the natural needs of
Etc, etc,etc...
- Excuse me Gral. What do you mean with these...
- ... hostesses? Do you mean...? - Whores.
Yes, whores.
Gral. Collazos and his Lima strategists...
... had the great idea of giving women to the troops.
moving the from one camp to the next and letting the soldiers fornicate
And you, a Captain of the Peruvian Army,...
will serve as the macquereau, a pimp...
or however those individuals that commerce with sex are called.
Excuse me, my general.
But I don't think I'm capable of carring out this mission.
- I beg you to reconsider... - It's already too late for that. It's an order.
- And orders are to be fulfilled. - I'll try to do the best I can.
- I don't want you to come close to the headquarters, nor any other dependency in Iquitos.
You are excused of attending any official act,...
... parades, tedeums, etc.
- And I forbid you to use the uniform. You'll dress as a civilian.
Do I even have to come to work as a civilian?
Your work will be very, very far away from the headquarters.
What logist and material support can I count on?
Lieutenant Bacacorzo has been designated for that.
He'll be the link between you and your superiors.
Any other question, Captain?
We won't live in the military compounds nor will you mingle with the wives of the officers.
- Why? - I'm sorry, chola.
We'll pretend we are civilians, I'll be a trader that's starting a new business
What kind of job did they give you? Why do we have to hide like this?
- I'm talking to you. - I'm listening, Pantaleón Pantoja.
Can you explain what all this is about?
You promissed we would never lie to eachother. You promissed.
Why don't you want to tell me?
The thing is that I'm going to work... in intelligence.
The intelligence service?
Well, then I get all the mistery. What do you have to find out?
- I can't say anything, those are my orders. - Pantita, tell me.
What do you have to spy? Is there going to be a war with Brazil or Ecuador?
Does it have to do with the Rio protocol?
You have no idea, lieutenant, what it means to have to hide from my wife...
... this thing of the mission.
I had never before lied or hidden anything from her. Never.
Many officer would give anything to be in your shoes.
Not me. They up screwed me with this job.
How am I supposed to organize this service if I had never had contact with prostitutes?
- I don't even know where to begin. - From the beginning captain.
Go to a cathouse, to see how are things. I recommend you Doña Leonor.
A.K.A "La Chuchupe"
She wants to give up her business and her girls will be out of job.
I would love to go with you, but my instructions are very specific.
- Hi honey. - Good evening.
- Do you want to dance? - No.
I'm sorrry... I don't dance.
You like to go to the point, don't you?
Me too.
- First get a token by the cashier. - No, you don't understand.
I'm not here to satisfy my instincts.
I come to talk business with the owner, Mrs. Leonor.
Could you tell her that I want to speak to her?
But one thing doesn't prevent the other.
Listen. When you're finished talking...
... look for me.
I love serious guys like you.
Good evening ma'am. My name is Pantaleón Pantoja.
Welcome to "Casa Chuchupe".
Here we treat good everybody...
... except those dickheads, the soldiers, that want to fuck for free.
Tell me, what can I do for you sir?
I would like to talk about business with you, but in private
Does it mean you are kicking me out?
- Would you like something to drink? - A bier and two glasses.
The first round is on the house Or would you prefer something stronger?
No thank you. I don't drink.
Look, I am an entrepreneur...
... and I have come to live here, in Iquitos,...
... with the idea of investing in some business.
I heard that you want to close yours...
... and I was thinking ... - To set up a whorehouse?
I'll give you some advice. You look like a decent guy and I like you.
Don't get into this, it's a bad thing. If you want money set up a dinner.
Strange. I had been told that here...
there is a lot of demand, because of the heat and everything.
Yes, but between soldiers and politicians that get the service and don't pay...
the bribes you have to give and the rent that is higher every month,...
...I'm loosing money. The best is to cut from the root...
and keep the few savings I still have left for my retirement.
The only thing I regret are my girls. I like some of them a lot.
They are good girls, healthy, hard working.
Perhaps we can reach a good agreement for both of us.
If you are interested.
Your knowledge, your experience, that's all very valuable for my plans.
If you close your place I would like to hire you.
- You and some of your girls. - I'm interested.
Take hookers to the military posts in the jungle.
I would have never thought about something like that, it's a wonderful idea.
But don't dream Mr. Pantoja. They'll never let us into the bases.
I already have the permission to go in.
And don't call them hookers, nor whores, please.
The appropriate name is "hostesses"
You have permission to go into the barracks?
Don't tell me you are a military man!
Of course not.
I want you to think very well about what we talked.
In a couple of days I'll come with a work proposal.
- First... - I can tell you now. I'll do it! You were sent by heaven.
- Sorry, the colombian wants to speak to you.
The colombian? I thought she was out of Iquitos... What does she want?
- Should I tell her to wait? - No, let me talk to her now.
If she is looking for a job, she came to the wrong place
- Would you wait a minute, Don Panta? - Sure, go ahead.
- Is she really colombian? - Nobody knows. She says so.
She was working outside. Probably came back because she got into trouble.
- She's very atractive. -Yes, one of the best things you can see around here.
But I wouldn't recommend her to you. She is marked, cursed.
Two men already died for her. A bad thing sir.
Well, it was about time.
- It's more the 11. - Pochita, my head is killing me.
How would it NOT hurt you? And do you know what?
I'm glad you feel so bad.
You came here in broad day light falling stupid! Don't you remember?
Can you lower your voice a bit?
I had never felt so bad. Come to cuddle me.
You are going to explain me what all this is about Pantaleón. Right Now.
- Where were you last night? - It's a thing of this damned job
- It's part of the mission, you know I hate these things
- You were with women, weren't you!? - No!
Men only get drunk until dawn if they are with women.
- I am sure you have been! - That never, Pochita, no!
Don't cry, you make me feel like a criminal and I am not!
I never had nor will have eyes for another woman, you know it.
Then tell me where you were last night.
" The undersigning, Cpt. Peruvian Army, Services, Pantaleón Pantoja,...
... responsibe of organizing a special service...
for garrisons and frontier posts of the Amazon region
... respectfully writes, greets and informs:...
That he took posesion of the location on the shores of the Itaya river,...
... designated by the V region as headquartes and logistic center.
That the two soldiers sent to the service are already under his command,...
Soldiers Sinforoso Caiguas and Palomino Rioalto,
which were chosen correctly by the authorities...
by their good behaviour, docility,...
and aparent indiference to the opposite sex,...
because, otherwise, the kind or work and the idiosincrasy of this place...
could give way to temptations and problems for the service.
That the first week, the undersigning concentrated his time and effort...
in the cleaning and ordering of the location.
That a week to clean could be considered excesive...
... but the ground was in unsuitable conditions for use...
... and, if you allow the expresion, disgusting:...
As the army had it abandonned, this deposit...
was used for heterogeneous and ilegal practices.
The undersigning had to equip Sinforoso Caiguas and Palomino Rioalto
... with the necessary equipment (attached are receipts Nr. 1, 2 & 3),...
so that they, working diligently, would burn the trash,...
... mop the floors and walls, and desinfect everything with creoline.
We have proceeded to whitewash and paint the walls....
and to clean the external terrain...
and the small dock, that had severe damage, was repaired.
After all that, I have the honor to inform, that in 7 days
... imposing, in any case, with work sessions of 10 and 12 hours,...
... and neglecting his wife, that without his help had to deal with...
... looking for and setting up a house,...
... the undersigning managed to turn the pigpen he received into an inhabitable place,...
simple but ordered, clean and even pleasant,..
... as corresponds to any dependency of our army, even if clandestine,
... as is the one at hand."
- Hi, What a miracle, you so early! - Let me introduce you to Alicia...
the neighbour that helped me to clean this pigpen. Alicita...
... mi husband, so you see I am not a widow.
Nice to meet you, and thanks for everything. Excuse me, I'm in a hurry.
Well, Pochita, I go. Let's leave the movies for tomorrow.
No, he'll go out again in a while.
- I'll come for you, for the 8'movie, ok? - Yes.
What do you think? This will be my new attire.
Horrible. I prefer you with your uniform, Panta.
- Are you going out? - I'd prefer a thousand times to stay here with you...
... and order the little cadet. Although, if you want, we can do it now...
- A quicky, don't you want? - I don't want and I can't
I am also going out, I'm going to the movies with Alicia.
I'm getting jelous of your friend. You are all the time together.
You disapear every night. It's you secret job's fault
It's as difficult for you as it is for me. We have to be pacient darling.
Stop that. Don't change, stay like this.
I like you more everyday.
Panta, I don't know you anymore.
And with those clothes... I feel as if I was cheating on you with another man.
The voice of "Sinchi".
Good afternoon dear listeners.
Continuing with our moralizing campaign...
...and defending the physical and moral integrity of our women...
... your server, Sinchi,...
... invites you to join our crusade ...
... and finally demand to the authorities an answer,...
... clear and strong ...
...about the abuses commited... unsocial elements of the army.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen,...
... we demand exemplary punishments for the rapists...
Good afternoon.
You are 7 minutes late. If you were a member of the service...
... I'd fine you with 20 soles. - I'd pay delighted cpt.
I'd give half of my salary away to be able to work with the service.
I don't recommend it, you'd have to work 14 hours per day,...
... including holydays. And even so we wouldn't be able to satisfy the demand.
The results of the polls in the barracks are alarming.
Look at that captain.
The best body in the Amazon
Don't tell me you don't know "the colombian".
Evidently you are getting to know you ground very fast.
I saw her one night at Chuchupe's.
Wouldn't you like to have her under your command?
That monument would make us famous.
Later, maybe. Chuchupe and Chupito are the one recruting....
... I don't mess with that.
Well, here are the results of the survey.
It's alarming.
Potential number of users of the service: 8726?
Number of dispensations...
Monthly dispensation (average wished per user): 12
Which means that to cope with demand,..
we would have to ensure a monthy average of 104 thousand...
712 dispensations. - 104 000?
You're going to need a battalion of hookers.
- I mean, hostesses. - With a mean of 20 daily dispensations...
for a hostess of great quality and output,...
... working full time and without delays, we would need
2271 prostitutes!?
This guy is crazy, nuts.
He wants to turn our army into the biggest brothel of the world.
Please, calm down, father. Let me continue.
221 hostesses. Naturally imposible at the moment.
That's why I propose to start with a convoy of 5 hostesses...
.. that could carry out 4800 simple dispensations per month,...
in weeks of 6 days, working full time and no delays.
I ask for permission to recruit Leonor Curilincha, a.k.a Chuchupe,...
... european woman with huge experience in the matter,...
and who would act as chief of staff and responsible for enrolling...
... and guarding the female element.
This is too much! An insult to our uniform!
We should put this guy in jail!
The undesigning requests authorization to carry out a pilot test
... and asks for the permission from the command to enroll..
... the first 5 hostesses, that would earn a salary of...
A salary taken from our institution!
Gral. Collazos willl never allow it!
Caiguas, Rioalto and you will go to the post to talk to the users ...
and prepare the locations for the dispensations.
- Locations, dispensations? - You have to get used to the new language.
Users, are the clients, locations are the beds,...
... dispensations are the fucks and hostesses are the girls.
Isn't it true, Don Panta?
- And the candidates? - Tomorrow, I called 10 girls, you can choose those 5.
They are all first quality and trustworthy.
Chuchupe, chupito.
I heard you closed your place. What a pitty.
A great loss for the bohemian night life of our city.
What are you going to do now? Are you thinking about a new business?
- Yes, something like that. - Allow me to introduce myself.
Germán Láudano Rosales, at your service.
I see you are a foreigner. From the capital?
- Pantaleón Pantoja, good afternoon. - Welcome to this beautiful land...
... where we worship friendship and beauty.
Have you been long around here?
The friend is a journalist. He has a radio show: The voice of Sinchi.
Yes, my wife listen to it all the time.
I hope she likes it. What brings you here my friend?
Big hunt?
I am a happily married man. I came to set up a business.
Well, good luck.
I wish you lots of luck in your "businesses".
It has been a pleasure. Until the next occasion.
I don't like this guy. He makes too many questions.
He a professional busybody. Don't worry, he's like that with everybody.
-Problems? - No, excuse my distraction, the thing is...
Do you know that guy? He's from Lima, Pantaleón Pantoja.
- Not at all. Why? - Don't know, forget about it.
Weird character. What is he doing with Chuchupe?
With the objective of collecting information for the special service,...
the undersigning carried out and investigation with some products...
that have, following the local lore, aphrodisiac properties.
The undersigning decided to investigate personally during 4 days,...
... how can these products affect...
the problem that caused and has maintained the special service.
That the consumption of some of these products had the effect...
of an increaseof the sexual appetite and seminal impulses of the undersigning,...
... to the point where the bad touchings and the virile act...
... took hold of his mind,...
... with detriment of his power of concentration, general nervous system, ...
and efectivity at the job. In consequence...
... he was forced to request and obtain from his wife...
... an average of 3 intimate encounters per day,...
... with her consequent annoyance and surprise,...
... as she is not used to this rythm of requirements. For all the expressed above,...
... the undersigning requests that instructions be given out...
... prohibit the use of such products...
in the frontier posts, garrisons and similar.
The undersigning also informs that he enrolled...
the first group of hostesses,...
a very difficult job as he is still under the effects...
of long term aphrodisiacs.
Thanks cutie. Tell the next one.
And? What did you think?
It's more difficul than what I thought.
You have to like one more than the rest.
- May I? - Come in darling.
- Here I am, Don Panta. - Good morning.
- Your name please. - "Pechuga" (Breast).
Luisa Cánepa, single and with no serious relation.
Very well lady. Show me what you've got.
Accepted... Accepted!
Cpt. they are coming.
The undersigning, Cpt. Pantaleón Pantoja,...
salutes and informs as follows:...
That the ship lent by the fluvial forces...
... arrived to our center in Itaya river.
The ship was brought by subofficer Rodríguez Saravia,
... who understood the secret character of the mission.
The pilot test in Horcones...
will be carried out in only 6 days form now.
Doña Chuchupe, if you please.
The rules are the rules.
Gentlemen, the future of the service depends on the succes of this operation.
The girls are ready. Do you want to see them?
Yes, let them in.
Caiguas and Rioalto designed the clothes of the hostesses.
This one is with straps, sir. What do you think?
- And with a zipper, for a quick skining. - What do you think?
Lalita could have the clothes a bit tighter,...
to mark her thingies. - It fits like a glove.
The thing is that Lalita has a streamed body, just fiber, no grease.
Start getting fat, then. You know how the troops like them, big as a house!
Chupito, from today on, doble food rations.
Coming back to the uniforms, do you like them or not?
They are very pretty.
But is everything going to be green and red? Even the cards for the fucks...
... I mean, dispensations, are made in those colors.
Those are the colors of the special service.
Green for the exuberant beauty of the region.
And red for the manly fire our service will help to placate.
I propose that we paint our finger and toe nails in green.
- Look how pretty! - And the underwear, also red and green?
- Do you want to see? - It's not necessary, Pechuga.
Congratulations, you've done a great job, you can go now
Mr. Rodriguez.
We won't tolerate any kind of disrespect.
If you are not able of controlling your lower instincts and carry the mission...
... according to the norms, I'll have you removed from the service.
- Is that clear? - Yes sir, clear.
Don't worry, Don Panta. I know Chuchupe..
She has the locations and everything else ready for our arrival.
- Everything is going to be fine. - This is our hour of truth, Chupito.
Very well ladies.
We're about to get there.
Whenever you want, Don Panta. We are ready for the...hand-to-hand.
- How do I look? - You all look fine.
There in Horcones,...
20 brave soldiers wait for you. They sacrifice...
day after day for their fatherland, giving away all the conforts...
and basic needs one is used to.
Some of them have months without looking at a woman.
This is only a pilot test but we'll carry it out with patriotism
... and lots of commitment and sacrifice. I assure you...
... that the special service will grow through the whole region of the Amazon
bringing joy and consolation to our hardworking soldiers.
Let's do three hurrays.
For the special service...
... and for our glorious armed forces.
Hip, hip, ra! Hip, hip, ra!
We are there, Don Panta. Get ready for the landing.
Go ahead, ladies, show these soldiers what you are capable of!
- Let's go, damn, squeeze them until they beg for mercy!
Come on, Sandra, hurry up, hurry up.
Iris, Iris.
At 16:05 our hostesses occupied their...
posts. Lalita and Pechuga stayed at the groceries deposit.
Iris at the nursery, Sandra in the radio station...
and Vanesa in the dinning room.
Back! Back, back, back!
I don't need to remind you that is you job to show these ladies...
that the soldiers that serve our fatherland, also know how to behave like men!
They are all yours,sir.
The instructions are the following!
1. Each user can stay a maximum of 20 minutes...
That's the longest time according to the rules.
2. The users have the right to one dispensation, normal and simple,
which means that soldiers must leave the location as soon...
as the dispensation is over. It is strictly forbiden...
... under punishment of expulsion, request sexual perversions like...
manual or oral masturbation, sodomy...
... the so called black kiss...
and other extravagances not worth mentioning.
Finally, the users that wait,...
... must keep absolute silence and order...
so as to not disturb the fellows in action.
- Understood!? - Understood!
- Give the order to start. - First row, go ahead!
- 4 minutes, 46 seconds. - Next!
Hey! Hey!
6 minutes 11 seconds.
So far no one has reached the maximum.
These marks are only a general indicator.
Due to the isolation of the posts, the users have virile impatience...
kept during a long time. - Some have been here for months.
You see? That's why they are so abnormaly fast.
This one has the record. 2 minutes 22 seconds.
- What do you think? - Whe are going to have to consider the prolonged
... abstinence variable in our future calculations. Yes.
A success. A complete success. Everything worked...
with the greatest order and in the times assigned.
Besides, Pantoja managed to save 18%...
of the amount we gave for the test.
The commander, Santana, sent a very complimentary report...
... congratulating the special service.
He wants it to start working as soon as posible.
Enough, López. Everything is clear. Well, write then,
Let it be know to the chief commander of the V region, Gral. Roque de Scavino,
that the special service
is authorized to carry out the mission for which it was created.
10 000? 10 000 weekly?
You are mad!
No my Gral. it's a scientific statistic. Look at these graphs.
It's a very careful calculation...
and actually conservative. Look, the 10000 weekly dispensations...
... correspond to the primary psycobiological needs.
If we were to completely satisfy the needs of the soldiers...
the amount would be 53200 weekly dispensations.
Who put this aberration into your head?
Who told you you can only be satisfied as a man fornicating!
The best sexologists, biologists and psycologists, father.
I've told you to call me major, damn! - Excuse me major.
You'll allow me to show you some material...
... with excerpts from the austrian Freud,...
Virgil Stekem, whose nationality was not...
... in the consulted enciclopedia, the popular magazine
"Selections", and Dr. C.A. Seguí, our countryman.
Nevertheless, if you prefer to see the book directly, I have some...
of them in the small library of the center. - There I wanted to get!
I have been informed that you distribute pornography to the soldiers.
I know it well. In Borja, you helper, this dwarf...
gave away that filth.
" Two nights of pleasure", "Life, passion and death of Maria the Tarantula",...
" Julia and the horse", "Sit here, I'll go in there",...
"Superass". - Yes, sir.
It was an idea from my helper that I decided to try.
And as a result we accelerated the erection of the soldiers.
And thus we where able to save time. Now we do it regularly.
So it wasn't once, nor the idea of this satanic dwarf!
The special service gives pornography to the soldiers.
We just lend the magazines. We have no budget to give them away.
But I assure you, Gral. that the result has been positive.
The soldiers that reads while waiting...
finishes betwen 2 and 3 minutes before one that doesn't read.
These saving have allowed us to reach the 500 weekly dispensations
with only 5 hostesses. - I'll have to listen to everything before I die! God!
Allow me to leave Gral.
I understand you father.
- Finish you report at once! - The situation of the service is dramatic.
we a lot of effort we have reached the 500 dispensations
But we are over-requested. They call us by phone, radio...
Pantoja, I am going to complain to the command of the V region!
You are discriminating us! The garrison of Santiago river...
receives a convoy each week and us only once per month.
Do you think 2 hostesses can serve 130 soldiers and 18 officers?
What the fuck is going on! My people has been since 3 weeks...
waiting for the convoy! The days go by!
We need to grow.
I am waiting for the authorization of Gral. Collazos...
to increase the unit to 10 hostesses.
Collazos has informed me about your request and he ordered me... make you come to listen personally to your report.
- But you know very well that... - I know what you think about me, Gral.
... but... Do you have an answer?
The army wants us to continue with our service.
- Do you mean we can count on more girls? - Only 5 for now.
Tomorrow I want you to bring 10 girls to choose 5.
Actually 4, because I already have thought of one.
The colombian.
I respect whatever you say, but I don't think it 's a good idea.
- That woman is very difficult. - And dangerous.
I have thought very well about it. I am ready to run the risk.
The gains she could bring to the service justify the decision.
In any case, if she fits into the system, fine, if not, we take her off.
We don't lose anything.
You are shameless!- They are low lifes, I know. But what can I do?
- You even accept it as something normal! - How can I deny it if you saw me?
- This has to do with my job. My mission... - I am sick and tired of that mission!
Just let me know that you have gone with that wh...
Calm down, darling. I swear nothing is going to happen.
- That woman... - I could have thought anything,...
... but that you, always so decent, serious, hard working...
would go with that parrot and that horrible dwarf...
That you would become a...!
The only thing I can promise is to be seen as little as I can around them
I am very sorry but that is part of my job.
The letters are too little for my taste.
Why don't you paint the background yellow, like the Eva
Don Panta likes it that way, like the uniforms of the girls.
Did you see? He loved it! And what do you think about the name?
I don't know I would have preferd Geraldine.
- it's more poetic. - Geraldine?
Hey, look. There they are. The new girls.
Assorted, Don P., a show of bone and meat. You can eat at your pleasure!
I asked you for 10, you brought 20. I can't be the whole day examining.
The voice spread out and women came like flies!
From all neighbourhoods. They even came from San Juan de Munich!
- It's not my fault, Don Panta. - Well, let's get those 5.
Didn't the colombian come?
She must be in the toilet, sir. There she is Don Juan.
Make them form in a line and send them in with their cards.
Let's start with the colombian. - Aha.
Hurry up! We don't have all day.
Fast! Everybody forms a line! There you go!
Did you finish filling out your cards?
- Good morning. - Good morning.
So this is the famous "Pantiland".
I couldn't imagine how it would be like.
- The famous what? - "Pantiland" That's how everybody calls this place.
- Funny name, isn't it? - If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you to...
... refer to this place as the logistic center. No Pantiland.
- Did Chupito explained you why I made you come? - Yes.
She told me you would inform me...
about the pay and the obligations.
Yes, it would be 3 weekly convoys and a minimum of 10 dispensations per convoy.
A convoy is a trip to the barracks? - Genau.
So... the dispensations must be...
You'll get 50%...
of what the soldiers pay.
The rest is invested in maintenance. It's all explained here.
Now If you don't mind, and maybe it's not necesary in your case,...
... I have to follow the rules.
- Here? -Yes. - Could you take your dress of, please.
What a pitty, I have my "visit", but if you don't mind...
What is wrong? Would you prefer to do it somewhere else?
It's just a physical exam.
You have a hot imagination, lady.
Ah. I was thinking where everything was going to be...
if there isn't even a carpet. Or?
And? Do you like me?
I'm a bit skinny, but in one week I gain back my weight
- You are very fine. - So, You like me?
You are approved, you can get dressed.
- When do you want me to start working? - Tomorrow, report ...
...a t 8:00 in the Clothing Department to get your uniform.
- Clothing department? - Ground floor, Chupito will show you.
Could you help me with the zipper, please?
It's stuck.
What are you doing? Leave me!
- What is going on? - I have to tell you two things.
You can't use first names. You have to refer to me as Mr. Pantoja...
as the rest of the hostesses. Second,...
never again have this type of behavior with me.
Ok, but your pants were swollen up, Don Panta.
I didn't want to offend you, I just wanted to do you a favor.
Forgive me.
Do you forgive me?
Ok, never do it again.
And now, please leave, I have other things to do.
Yes, sir.
See you tomorrow.
- Do you still have a lot to do? - No, this is the last one.
Pechuga, 1 528 dispensations, first trimester.
Panta, Does you work have anything to do with food provisions?
- Pochita, please...
This are secret documents. You know I can't tell you.
But you are working so much lately, darling.
You are out the whole day and you bring your work to bed.
Things are moving faster than we espected. I'll be ready in a minute.
I have to send this report to Lima before I leave on mission.
This months you have been more than 10 times away from Iquitos. - 12 times
Hey! Look there.
We want women!!
We are also machos, damn!
You want them all for you! We also want them!
They are just the natives. But they found out we were coming.
I don't like this Chuchupe. If it becomes public...
... the kind of service we give, it would be the end.
Don't worry, Don Panta. Nobody is going to find out.
"The voice of Sinchi"
Program produced and directed by your friend,...
Don German Laucha Dorsales, "El Sinchi".
Good evening, dear listeners.
I beg you to send your children away from the radio...
... because,
I will have to talk crude facts...
and call things by their name.
PROSTITUTION! My dear listeners.
An ingenious system of carnal traffic...
... through the sacred rivers of our Amazon.
A movile and motorized whorehouse, called "Pantiland",...
... is hiddenly sending ...
... its sinful and inmoral services to the quarters of our fatherland.
We have been informed by many letters and telephone calls.
- Hello?
-Yes, father, I am listening. We talk later.
... they have seen many times this group of shameless mermaids...
...navigating through the main rivers in the area...
in direction to the garrisons and posts of the Amazon.
And I ask: Who is behind this industry of sin...
... that flourishes under the very eye and pacience of the authorities?
Nothing will stop our cruzade for the progress...
... moral, culture and peruvian patriotism of the Amazon.
The moment has arrived when whe have to unmask the world
And just like the apostle with the dragon,...
...cut its head by one stroke!
We still don't know who presides...
this industrial complex of hustlers of "Pantiland".
But your faithful servant sets himself to investigate...
and reveal the identities of the responsible...
Fall who may!
- How did I do, Paquito? - And earthquake, master, an earthquake!
Gral. Scavino is really pissed off because of those declarations...
of Sinchi in the radio. You can imagine how is Father Beltrán.
He has all the reason to be worried.
People are starting to talk about the service.
As long as we grow it will be more and more difficult to keep the secret...
of this mission. And now this... journalist that...
meanaces with investigating. This guy wants a bite of the cake, Cpt.
If he bothers too much, just give him a bit of money and matter solved.
Pay him? No, I don't deal with blackmailers.
I've never done it and never will.
Good morning.
What are you doing here so early. The appointment was at 9.
Excuse me, Don Panta, but...
... I needed to talk a minute with you.
- Please. - What is it about?
I ask you not to smoke here.
Well, tell me. Any problem?
- It's about you, Don Panta. - About me?
I think you have something against me and I don't know why.
- What do you mean? - That you won't see me nor talk to me.
I would even say that my presence bothers you.
You are mistaken.
I treat you in the same way I treat the rest of the hostesses.
Can I be honest with you, Don Panta?
- I think you treat me that way to make me fall in love with you. - What!?
I remind you I am a married man.
Just as most of the guys I sleep with, Don Panta.
- Being married is no reason for a man to... - Well, for me is a reason...
... more than enough and it should be for you too. - You see?
You see how I was right?
I just talk to you and you start to boil.
But you know what? I like that.
The thing is that I am like the crabs.
I like to go against the current, so...
... if you trash me around I am going to fall in love with you. - I don't recomend it.
" To mix work with pleasure, is the worst measure"
That is something very difficult to do in our profession, Don Panta.
You know very well what I'm talking about.
Do you feel anything when you see us in the sun?
That would be horrible.
I warn you, I am a decent man, not a moron.
Don't make a mistake.
I love it when you take out your agresive side.
You look cute.
Here, get dry.
I don't think you are a moron.
but I do think you are just holding back you desire.
I can't deny that you are a very... attractive woman.
And don't think I am indiferent to your charm, but...
it is not possible.
Not even once?
Not even a little bit curious?
If you order me... - I can't give you that type of orders. I would be...
... abusing my authority.
There wouldn't be anything wrong with that.
You have the right to check the goods you offer.
it would be something like... certifying quality.
Please, go away.
And I don't want you to mention this matter again.
The thing is that they've told you bad things about me...
... and you are afraid of me.
But I am not the way you think.
No, don't be unfair.
you know very well I would love to spend more time with you.
yes, to order the little cadet. Can't you think about something else?
- Don't you like to do things? - Let go, please!
Sorry, darling, but your neck!
I know what is waiting for me at home.
What is going on?
Oh God gratious. Don't look, you like to look.
- You are such a pervert! - Come on, walk.
Doing these things in public is too much, Panta.
Go ahead.
- Good morning. Did you call me? - Sit down.
I have called you to remind you the rules...
... and your obligation to respect it. Here is a copy.
Study it again and if you have questions, ask.
Are you angry with me? - You even dare to ask!?
After the vulgar show you offered in the street?
Now I get it. Yes.
It's about yesterday at the pier.
- Don't tell me you're jelous. - The rules clearly state that...
... a hostess is no whore. And last night you were...
... behaving like a comon prostitute. - The rules...
don't ban going out with a friend, Don Panta. - One doesn't behave...
... like that with a friend. So, for the good name of the service,...
... i would prefer that you don't see this subject any more. Thank you.
He's not a subject.
His name is Nicolás Lobatón. And he wants to marry me.
If that is what you want...
Think very well about it, please.
I have to remind you, that if you mary...
you'll have to go. We can't take married women here.
He's the one that wants to get married.
I just want a bit of affection... and protection.
I have that right, don't I?
I suppose so.
Excuse me. I think I've been unfair to you.
Don't worry, I am used to that.
You are a very strange person...
I don't understand you.
- You should do something else. - You too.
This work is not for you, Don Panta.
You don't even dare to taste your hostesses like any other would do.
Excuse me.
... wait. - Yes?
Do you still want to volunteer...
... to do a quality control?
Yes, of course.
I have to inform you that this test will only be done once.
It's strictly secret and laboral.
I don't want you to get confused, Miss Olga.
The only motivation for these controls...
Is to try the improve the service.
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