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Subtitles for Captain Pantoja And The Special Services 2000 CD2.

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Captain Pantoja And The Special Services 2000 CD2

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-One, Pechuga. -Two, Sandra. -Three, Iris.
-Four, Lalita. -Five, Vanesa. -Six, Colombiana.
-Seven, Coca -Eight, Salomé.
-Nine, Pichuza. -Ten, Peludita.
-Entire and complete, Mr. Pantoja. -Working day plan?
Three convoys. Two 48-hours-long and another one coming back tonight.
I did the draw with the sticks, don Panta.
The first convoy of 3 girls to Puerto América camp by Morona river.
This pal is commanding it. Coca, Peludita and Sandra come with me.
Rioalto is feeding Dalila so we can depart...
-... immediately. -Don't let Chupito drive.
-She's always screwing up, don Panta. -20 soles fine...
... to Peludita for talking without permision.
-What else do we have? -Convoys 2 and 3 leave at "El Eva".
In number two: Lalita, Vanesa and La colombiana.
I lead the harness Bolognetti at Masane river.
The way back journey planned for thrusday noon, Mr. Pantoja.
Good. Start boarding. And be good...
... like it should be, and remember...
-Work... -Ennobles and dignifies.
-And now to work. -Excuse me, don Panta.
Is there a problem?
No. None at all.
It's just that I got a little stone in my shoe.
Aren't you coming this time, don Panta?
-No, I've got things to do here. -What a shame.
I had thought we could repeat the quality control test.
Wouldn't you like to spend the night with me?
We got top results from this test and they allowed us to collect valuable...
information and first hand. I thank you for carrying out the test
... but it think it's neither necessary nor convenient to repeat it.
Is there a problem, don Panta? We're five minutes late.
No, none at all, Chuchupe.
This should never happen again. Your lack of discretion sets me in a difficult and
... akward situation with the rest of the personnell, which capacity, besides, can...
disminish because they'll spend the time doing comments that will take their mind off their business.
If that's what worries you, we can go to a hotel...
... or to another place where nobody can see us.
Pocha, I've told you not to call me when I'm at work unless...
What? I'm coming right away.
Here are the results of the analysis.
-Are you sure, Dr.? -Yes, Mr. Pantoja. Your wife is pregnant.
I didn't want to tell you anything until being complety possitive.
Finally a Pantita! Finally!
I'm going to be a father!
You're very pensive today, don Panta.
What are you still doing here?
I was the last one taking a shower. They left without me.
It's weird to see you without your machine.
-I thought you never stopped working. -"El Dalila" comes back at 7.
-That means you really are working. -Mhm.
A cigarette?
No, thanks.
Since the day of the test we haven't been completely alone, have we?
Are you nervous?
What do you want, Olga?
Nothing special, don Panta.
-I thought you and me... -You and me... nothing!
I thought it was clear enough since the beginning.
-Because of work... -Can't you think of anything else...
-... besides work? -No. And even less when I talk to you.
-And now excuse me, I'm going to work. -No, you stay.
I'm the one who's leaving.
But you know what? It can be that you as a boss and as a lover...
... are just excellent, but as a person you are unbearable.
I'm not your lover, Miss.
But don't you wish to be, don Panta.
Today we've allowed ourselves to stop on the way...
... to celebrate the perk number 20 thousand...
... and it's lucky Pechuga's turn.
Woo! Woo!
20 thousand perks for two classes and soldiers...
in our border units...
... that all constitutes a humble success to our service.
Prove that the escort service has fully made use...
... of its operative potential, as it comes off...
from the descomposition of the total 20 thousand in its constituend humans.
Our goal for what's left of this year...
... is to reach 200 thousand perks,...
... an ambitious figure, but not impossible,...
... if the personnel keeps it up as it has up to now...
... mantaining its high output average and...
... with the backups we've planned to hire soon.
Long live our service!
The boat! Look!
Let don Panta cut the tart! Let don Panta cut the tart!
Oh, beautiful!
Want to dance, don Panta?
Come on!
Are you ok, don Pantita?
I'm not very used to this kind of reunions.
I think I've drunk too much. I'm a bit tipsy.
Easy. Just close your eyes. Like this.
Everybody changes dancing partners!
-You didn't want to dance with me, Olga. -Why didn't you ask me to?
All this time you've treated me as if I was invisible.
Everything's so complicated, Olga.
I don't understand what's so complicated.
A man likes or not a woman.
And you've demonstrated you don't like me.
I like you.
I like you very much.
And the truth is I haven't been able to stop thinking about you ever since...
Eversince we slept together.
... if I could...
Of course you can.
It's just a matter of wanting to.
But not here.
I mean it for you.
I think we are making a scene.
I like you. I like you very much.
-So this is the famous colombian? -What?
They all got the hots for her. Look how many stand in her row.
Hey, hey, hey! Where do you think you're going, you fatso?
-Don't you like this saddle anymore? -Yes, I like it, Pechuga, but...
... I think this one time I'm riding another mare.
Private, go immediately back to your row.
My record of service allows me to fuck the escort I want,...
... and I've decided to try the colombian to see if she's as good as they say she is, Sr.
You go in this moment back to Pechuga's row!
-Miss Colombiana already has enough users. -Each escort can...
... have a maximum of 20 perks. That's stated in the regulations, Sr.
And with me it'd be...
19 users, Sr.
-Where do you think you're going private?! -I'm number 20, Sr.
My record of service allows me this choice. -Sres.
... don't you realize that the escort has an overload of work?
When your turn comes, she'll be so tired that her performance...
... won't even be 25% as good as her regular performance.
-I recommend you to go back to your row. -No.
I don't get tired that easily, don Panta.
Quite the opposite. Every soldier leaves me more... ardent.
I assure you, the last ones in my row will be looked after just as the first ones.
If you don't believe me, stand on my line.
10 perks is what the regulations order. You don't have...
... any obligation to look after more soldiers. Only 10.
I'm sorry, Olga.
I'm just going crazy. No... I don't know what's wrong with me.
Your flirting with the troop, I just can't stand it. It makes my blood boil!
It makes me want to imprison all those soldiers that look at you as if...
-I don't know, as if you were an escort... -An escort?
That's what I am.
But it's not your duty to flirt with them. It's not stated in the regulations.
I just do it to attrack them, Don Panta.
It's not only a matter of having good looks. You have to...
You have to know how to sell yourself and show it to the client with...
... smiles and those things so that he comes to my row.
I don't want to you to do that! There's no need on doing that.
The system is organized in such a way that you all have 10 perks guaranteed...
-... for the basic payment. -Well, but our profit
... is in the special perks.
If I just set for serving you well, my profit reduces by the half.
What I can accept is to be relieved from my job.
I don't ask you to retire because there is a work contract
that you've signed and you have to keep. Besides, the service estimates
... don't suppose that your performance can be so high .
Is it so hard to understand?
Look, I can explain it to you in another way. My
... it's not supposed that any esc...
We consider it an abusive privilege that the escort service...
... is for your exclusive use. We demand that citizens...
... of age and with a record of service have the right to use this service.
And the same low fares soldiers have.
But this service only exists in your perverted minds, Sres.
How does it occur to you to go to court for such nonsense?
We've seen it with our own eyes, Sr.
Your boats come full of women.
We also want women, Sr. Not only soldiers have necessities.
I haven't got any information of what you're telling me.
I think you're drinking way too much "chuchuaye" my friends, uh?
-But General! -Do you think I'm stupid, mayor Paiva?
-No, General. -If the press knew about this stupid petition...
... your mayoralty wouldn't last long, Mr. Paiva Rumbuí.
And now, out of my face, damn it. What are you waiting for?!
Damn it, out of here!
What's going on?
Mhm? Do you regret it now?
I feel like a piece of crap doing this to my wife.
I know.
I had never cheated on her. They only did it once every two weeks,...
...saturdays at 10 pm. I already know it by heart, Panta.
You've told me a thousand times.
Come on, don't exaggerate nobody is watching.
Its never unecessary to be extra careful. You never know.
-Anyone could say you're ashamed to be seen with me. -You would have to
... be nuts to feel ashamed to be seen with a woman like you.
There is a party on friday at "La Colcha Verde".
On that very same day I have a day off. I want to go.
-You could go with Sandra. She's algo got the day off. -No.
I want to go with you.
I refuse. You know it's impossible.
I've told you a thousand times they can't see us together.
You can't deny that some of the girls are as good as it gets.
You've said it, girls, only snotted little brats.
No real female that's worth the shame.
Show me a real woman. One that leaves you breathless.
-... that gives you the goose bumps just by looking at her and that... -That one!
That woman is a big female.
Gotcha, Pantaleón Pantoja! You're an idiot!
Come here. You've got to work.
What are you doing?
I'm covering up the "social events" part from the local newspaper, Mr. Pantoja.
I think we've got enough, haven't we, Mario?
Mr. Sinche is here to see you, don Panta. He says he's got a present for you.
Very good, Mr. Láudano, what do you want?
I can take care of them, because I suppose you wouldn't want...
... your wife to see it.
It's natural, I understand, and that's what friends are for.
You know we are no friends, Mr. Láudano.
You're wrong, Mr. Pantoja.
If I wasn't your friend your business would be ruined.
I'm not talking about those pictures and the negatives I have.
I'm talking about something bigger, Sr.
I'm talking about Pantiland.
Don't take me wrong, Mr. Pantoja.
You know I'm talking about the prosperous clandestine business...'ve patiently put together.
I don't know what you're talking about.
After meticulous research,...
...I've got proves that can make you go under...
...and even ruin you.
If I said all I know...
-And why don't you do it? -Because I'm progressive, Mr. Pantoja.
I'm a 21st century man, too advanced for my times.
But the whole city makes pressure on me.
And I think my silence deserves a little reward.
You are here to blackmail me.
To help you, man. For some dollars,...
I'm willing to defend the escort service...
...and the brains of the team. They'll make such a fuzz about you, Mr. Pantoja. What do you say?
You don't have to answer right away. You first sleep on it,...
...ask your wife, your lover. Don't get nervous, man. Calm down.
Caiguas, Rioalto.
What's going on? Arrest them, Pantoja. Let go of me, damn it!
Throw them into the river. Nobody blackmails me. And if you ever come back,... do them. -Don't suicide, don't be stupid!
I'm a superman in Iquitos! I don't know how to swim!
You'll regreat for this, Pantoja!
There is nothing strong enough in Iquitos...
... that Sinchi's voice can't tear down!
You've asked for it! This is war! War!
At 16.00 sharp...
...on the clock hanging from the wall in our studio,...
...Radio Amazonas brings to you proudly...
...our dear listeners,...
...the most famous program from our station:...
..."Sinchi's voice".
I promised to unmask this individual with no principles...
...who runs this den of inquity and...
...perdition ,the so called "escort service",...
...more commonly known as "Pantiland".
"El Sinchi"...
...keeps his promises, my dear listeners.
We've been doing research,...
...auscultated, verified everything.
And now we're in the position to reveal the identity...
...of this sort of...
...sub-human being.
In a short time, he's made possible to raise right at the doors of our city,...
...that source of moral devatio that has to be kicked out of Iquitos and...
...out of the Amazonia together with his caravan of sluts in auction.
Pantaleón Pantoja...
...that's the name of this dark character.
Pantaleón Pantoja, come...
...from hell and supported by powerful and invisible interests... fill with embarrasment your names, ladies and gentlemen.
Yes... Yes, my General.
No. No, I haven't heard anything.
Hello? Hello?
Damn it!
Because, indeed, it's true that Pantaleón Pantoja...
...has a wife and has been leading a double life...
...sank, in one side, in a foul swamp...
...of his affair with Olga Arellano,...
...the colombian, as remembered as beautiful and popular eastern prostitute.
In the other hand, pretending to have a decent and respectful life...
...and that deep ignorance hole his wife was sank in,... whom through this station we offer...
...all our moral support. And we remind her...
...that's it's better to live enlighted by truth...
...than in the darkness of ignorance.
What does the army have to do with Pantiland?
Does Pantaleon have the consent of authorities... introduce prostitutes in the barracks?
Are General Scavino, father Beltrán, the mayor, the prefect,...
...aware of this lust traffic and just turn a blind eye?
We, Loreto's people, will keep investigating...
...with the bravery, love and truth characteristic of us.
You've heard "Sinchi's...
Devastating, master. Devastating!
-Pocha, let me explain you. -There's nothing to explain.
-It's all clear. Out of my way! -Pochita,... can't leave like that. -Let me go! -Think of the little cadet.
-You are my wife and... -Forget about me and the little cadet.
-You are a liar, hypocrit! -It's all fault of that damned work of yours.
Pocha. Pocha, you know how I am.
Remember when I got in charge of this regiment's ranch...
...that I got very hungry, that I put on 11 kilos, I learnt how to cook.
Or when I was responsible for the garrison's uniforms. Remember?
Remember that I got into, fashion? That I even designed...
new battle pants myself? That the General thought I was gay?
That's me. Work takes up on me, it transforms me, I can't help it.
Then keep your whores, your colombian...
-...and all that crap! -Pochita... -Don't touch me!
You disgust me!
Leave me alone!
And I've also been unfaithful... word and by thought to my superior for punishing me.
-I know it's a big mistake... -3 Holy Fathers y 10 Ave María.
Hello? His Excellency...
No, not me, but...
No, His Excellency.
Yes, His Excellency.
Pocha? Please, listen to me. Let me speak.
I've quitted, Pochita.
I've asked the General. to relieve me from my charge.
-And what did he say? -Nothing. But I'm confident he'll let me go.
Secret mission, Intelligence service. You're a liar, Pantaleón Pantoja!
Don't you ever call me until you're completely out of this...
...disgusting world you've got yourself into! Idiot!
Pocha... Pochita...?
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
How are you?
What's going to happen now?
Hello, Yes?
Good morning, Pantoja. General Collazos speaking.
Good morning, my General.
-I read your application for relocation carefully. -Yes, my General.
I'm surprised by your less competitive attitude.
You were selected because of your good qualities...
...not only in the administrative but in the patriotic field.
Remember our glorious ancestors. Mollesi, Darte, Cáceres.
Do you thinik they thought of giving up right away?
No, sir. The militar who's got the service feeling in the blood...
...turns stronger at difficult times.
You're a soldier, you can't give up, Pantoja.
And the way you're serving your country in these moments is making...
-...the service work. Do you understand? -Good morning.
As you wish, my general.
He even authorized to enroll the 10 escorts that I had requested... backups. -See how everyone is against you?
You should be glad, captain.
And whit this recognition nobody will be able to stop you.
40 escorts.
Not bad, captain.
I have plenty of enemies, Bacacorzo. And my wife doesn't want to know about me.
Your wife will understand, give her some time. And don't worry about Beltrán.
You're fucked. From commandant chaplain you came to be...
...the humble parish priest of Iquitos' cementery.
With your persistence and patience you'll get rid of all of your enemies.
I'm only worried about the queer of Sinchi.
-If I were you... -General Collazos ordered me... do him. -Excellent.
I have a pair of assitants that will leave him mute forerver.
They really know how to beat up, Capt'n. Without leaving any traces.
No, Bacacorzo, it's not about that. It's something worse.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!
One, two, three, four...
...five, six, seven, eight!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!
Dear Pantaleón, how are you?
Just a moment, Mr. Láudano.
Nice sight. Congratulations.
-Beg your pardon? -They told me you wanted to talk to me, Mr. Pantoja.
Wise choise. People of our rank can't hurt or confront each other.
-It's a waste of time. -I didn't bring you here to chat, Mr. Láudano.
I wanted to give you this.
Please open it and tell me if it's enough.
Mr. Pantoja, are you trying to bribe me?
You threw me into the river because I was trying to blackmail you...
...and now you want to pay me to advertise your brothel?
Not to advertise it. I don't want you to ever mention...
-...the escort service. -To tell you the truth, I don't know, Mr. Pantoja.
"Pantiland" is one of the most important events...
...of the end of the millenium in Iquitos and in the rest of the world.
I wouldn't be surprised if CNN or the Time ask for a cronique.
-That'd give me a rating... -Every first day of the month...'ll receive the same amount of money.
We're understanding each other now, dear friend Pantoja.
But I'm not taking any more of your time, illustrious friend.
Next month if...
If you want, for free,... could do a special report... refute some data...
...that I once said about you...
-...and that surely... -See you next month.
Don't you want to eat, capt'n?
I'm not hungry.
You have to eat. You've been putting off a lot of weight eversince your wife left.
Yeah, I've been told so before.
Is there a response to my last report?
Seen what's been happening to civilians in rivers, waiting...
...for the service's convoys, I propose we create a system...
...of extraordinary regular rotation.
This system will keep the civilians from forseeing out arrival,...
...which will eliminate their presence and the difficulties they represent.
In order for it to work out, 100 escorts are necessary...
...and 5 ships, to be permanently navigating... amazonian rivers. -100 escorts?
-5 ships? -That's nothing, Tiger.
Listen to this.
I beg you study the possibility of giving a risk bonus... all those escorts who depart with the convoy, given that... accomplishing their mission, they risk their lives. Likewise,...
...attached to the project, find pages 25 and 26,...
...a social benefits plan including health insurance,...
...compensation for long term services, and simmilar...
...all workers have rights according to the law.
This is not funny. This Pantoja affair is starting to worry me.
And now the army has to stop buying weapons in order to hire whores...
...and pay for their social security.
You're authorized to carry out your new plan,... well as you're not authorized to hire new escorts.
I don't understand, everything was perfectly explained.
Do you know what your sin is? Having made the service the mos efficient...
...organ in the army. That can scare anyone.
It's a long wat to go. Deman overlaps the offer.
Maybe it's convenient not to do more request by now.
Let some time pass by. Take a break.
This is an emergency, tenent. I'll prepare a more convincing report.
I got the polls, and 172 requests signed by the subofficials...
...asking to be allowed to use the escort service.
95% of the officers , claims to have escorts.
And 55% of the higher rank officers.
In order to be able to give this service, the regular prestations plan,...
...under the minimum limit of sexual vitality, demands...
...4 boats and 271 escorts.
-Sounds reasonable, but... -Would we have to create a special sector?.
Exclusive escorts for officials, brought from Lima or even from abroad.
Do you like what OS stands for?
Officer Sector. Sounds good, doesn't it?
-Captain... -Or Officially Exclusive Service.
You're working too much. If you keep it going like that you'll get sick,...
...smoking like a chinese and not eating. No job deserves...
...the sacrifice you're doing.
A couple of days ago all you thought was quiting, and now you're almost dying for the service.
It's my sense of responsibility. I quited and they made me keep working.
And now I'll do, no matter what, because of my odd habit of doing everything right.
Because... Because it's the only way I know.
If everyone thought the way you do, this country would be the American Switzerland.
I got a 4x4. Let's go for a ride, you'll calm down.
Thanks for the invitation... but I have a lot of work to do.
I'm handing my new project in on monday.
You left almos all of your clothes, huh?
Or you left too soon, or you think of going back.
What do you think?
I don't know.
I would have never thought about buying anything like that.
Is that how decent women sleep?
Looks like a nun's nightie.
Or you like them more like that?
-What's up with you now? -Don't you know?
-Don't you realize? -Just because I'm allowing you not to work tomorrow?
It's not only because tomorrow. I don't want to work.
I want to be with you.
They just rejected my project. The service is in such an emergency.
I have to finish this report to convince my bosses,...
...and all you do is problems because you don't want to work.
All I'm saying is the boss's wife receives special treatment. Always.
But for me, it's all disadvantages.
You treat me as if I were one of your whores.
Is that why you are with me? Because I'm the boss?
What do you think?
I rather don't know.
Fire me, Panta.
Let's this all end for once and all.
Is that what you want?
Good morning, ladies and gentelmen...
...listening this program sent out of Iquitos...
...reaching the most hidden places... our jungle.
Today I want to talk about don Pantaleón Pantoja.
-Shut him up. -No, leave it, I want to hear.
It's normal to correct one's mistakes, and I'm telling you,...
...with my hand on my heart,...
...that I misjudged you, don Panta.
Letters never stop coming...
...from soldiers and sargents in our borders...
...en cuarteles y guarniciones inhóspitas.
And they say: "Mister Sinchi,...
...why do you insult don Pantaleón?
We're coming. Be aware.
...nobody's ever done that.
We're all human, Mr. Sinchi. We all have necessities.
And thanks to don Panta we serve our country better".
All that sincerity made me reflect.
And by exposing Pantaleón Pantoja, I didn't take the soldiers into account.
I didn't take into account don Pantaleón's mission... satisfy...
...the most intimate necessities our Peru's heroes.
Attention, Horcones post. Escort service approaching.
It'll be 10 minutes by boat. I repeat. Escort service...
Horcones, we've been robbed! Pirates, I believe!
Waiting for confirmation! Horcones post, waiting for confirmation, heck!
Eva is trying to establish communication! S.O.S.! S.O.S!
Don Panta, that lovely nickname that's made him famous... our wild jungle,... an enemy of fame and recognition.
Open your legs, damn it!
Dear friends, I have in my hands...
...a report from the National Police.
Do you know how many rapes take place monthly?
It's worth mentioning, that eversince don Panta introduced this program...
...the escort service.
Zero. Just as you've heard.
Pucha! The militants!
They're all gay!
Don't leave me! Fuckers!
Our Amazona is in peace.
Our mothers, sisters and girlfriends...
...can now go on the street...
We Loreto people can be proud of living in a place,...
..the only place in the whole world,...
...where sexual crimes have been abolished.
Excitement carries me away.
And all it's left to say,... the name of the whole Amazona and my self,...
...thank you, don Panta. Thank you,...
...and your sacrified escort.
Could you leave for a moment please?
After being kept vigil over night...
...the precious body of Olga Arellano, a.k.a. Colombiana,...
...has arrived to its final destiny, my friends.
This is your friend Sinchi.
We're now in the cementery...
...where a lot of people have gathered.
Approaches her coffin...
...accompanied by a troop...
Rest! Weapons!
I am resurection and life.
Whoever believes in me, even when he's dead, will live.
And whoever believes in me won't die eternally.
Receive, Lord, this sinful woman, forgive her offenses...
...and allow her, Lord, to rest in peace.
-Let's pray to the Lord. -We beg you, Lord.
Olga Arellano!
We've put on our glorious uniform from the Peruvian army... bring you to your last resting place.
It's our duty to claim besides everyone's eyes,...
...with a plane sense of responsibility,...
...that you fell as every soldier does when serving his country.
You're a martyr.
A victim of all those who didn't know you were consagrated to our soldiers.
Loved Olga Arellano,...
...the soldiers,...
...your soldiers from the whole Amazona,...
...whom you served,...
...cry for you.
Your coworkers are also crying.
In their name...
...I let you know that your sacrifice was not in vain,...
...and that your blood will be the engine to keep working... the mission the army entrusted us.
and in my name...
...allow me to thank you...
...for your affection and understanding,...
...for those intimate lessons...
...I'll never forget.
Olga Arellano,... in peace.
Attention battalion!
Good morning, my general.
I beg you read this letter.
And after reading it, do the honours.
In this letter I declare myself responsible for what happened at the cementery.
And how do you justify yourself, Pantoja?
Thanks to you everybody is speaking about the escort service.
They were before, Sr. Long time before Horcones,... was of the public domain.
In order to appear dressed as an official... honour a whore as if it was...
a soldier. Olga Arellano died serving her country.
Don't be cinical, Pantoja.
I know that whore was your lover.
You would have done the same if it had been another escort.
I did so because the army has to honour their labour.
Which labourr, Pantoja? Do the soldiers?
Do you really think the army has to thank those sluts?
It's a hard job. A rather risky one.
After Olga Arellano's death, all the others wanted to leave the service.
And I understood we had to rise their spirits.
Inject them some energy.
And that's why I did the memorial. So that they'd feel supported... this institution and kept working.
You should have let her go.
Because, happily, the escort service was cancelled, Pantoja.
I know I deserve a punishment...
...for proceeding without your permission, but...
...cancelling the service?
I don't understand, it's never been this good.
The soldiers' health reports...
...0% of rape crimes prove it.
Forget about the service. Gone, dead.
That's the good part of the murdering of that whore.
well, you have to close the service today,... the personnel and leave Iquitos first thing tomorrow morning.
Leave the army, Mr. Pantoja. Leave the army and stay with us.
We have some capital to invest.
We could even ask the bank for a loan, if you wish.
And with you being good at this, we'd turn millionaire right away.
I organized the service following orders. As a business,...
...I'm not interested. You create a company.
We don't want to set a leathal bachelor pad.
We want a escort service company. Big, modern and efficient.
And you'd be our boss.
I need to have a boss. If I didn't have one,...
...I wouldn't know what to do. I'm made to obey orders.
The militia is my life. And I want to dye serving the army.
That's something you have to understand.
What's wrong, Chuchupe? I've told you not to cry.
Sorry, don Panta, but I can't help it.
it's the best job I've ever had.
Why did they close the service?
Soldiers used to get so happy just by seeing us.
This year's objectives are being accomplished.
But that's the army. Bosses know better...
...and they consider it wise to shut down the service.
Change that face, Chuchupe.
Don Pantita, we want you to keep a good memory of us all.
To the best boss in the world.
Thank you.
I will never forget you.
Sorry to bother you again, but... Isn't there a confusion?
-I was booked for 6. Are you sure I have to wait? -Very sure.
The general is being interviewed but he'll be right with you.
Look, look, it started. The general is speaking.
Miss, the army has never organized nor sponsored...
...such a company.
-How about the service? -Of course, Miss.
-Explicitly. -but we've all seen...
...captain Pantoja honouring a whore.
Moreover, Pantoja himself has pointed out...
...that assasins should be processed in a military court.
Miss, that's nonsense.
The State ordered meticupous research...
...which will be taken to extreme consequences if necessary.
So I assure whoever is responsible for this will get what he deserves.
Well, thanks, general. Carry on!
You've turned famous. Could you give me your autograph?
-Do you know who just left? -The reporter, my general.
I listened to your declarations in the lobby's TV.
I won't ask you to explain.
I read your letter, I saw you saying that pathetic speech...
Anyways, you went nuts. Do you want me to tell you the truth?
There is not punishment severe enough for what you did.
-Not even executing you would pay for what you did.
-I'll take all charges. -Given that this is a serious thing,...
...we've thought about sending you to the discipline council.
Which means you'll be expelled.
But considering your record, we propose a way out...
...a honourable way out.
Quit today. Full period.
I refuse to quit, Sir.
Your carreer is over. You commited suicide.
Quit. Get yourself a job.
Your talent is admirable.
Work on the street, you'll earn more anyways.
Are you crying, Pantoja? What's wrong?
Behave like a man, heck!
Sorry. I beg you forgive me, my general.
But I can only be a militar.
It's my life.
And if you make me go...
Do you want to be captain forever?
The event in Iquitos will stay in your record.
I'll try to make it up to you, Sr.
Are you sure you don't want to quit?
We'll make your life impossible. You know how this is.
I know, but I'm willing to take any risk.
My responsibilities kept me from answering before.
My woman, my 3 month old daughter, she's so pretty...
...and the responsibilities of my mission,...
...are what distract me.
-Besides from being far away... -...far away...
...I always remember you with love and respect.
Say hi to doña Leonor and Chupito,... Pechuga and the rest of the escorts,...
...I will never forget you.
...Pantaleón Pantoja, captain of the Peruvian army.
Start again, will you? She's so pretty.
My dear tenent:...
...I'm writing at 4.200 m above the see level and minus 4 degrees.
General Collazos kept his promise of sending me to...
...loneliest and furthest post.
My mission is to keep the territorial integrity...
...and teaching people to write and read.
The 1973 census registred 1.784.281 illiterate people,...
...and this region has the highest illeteracy level in the country:...
...36,9%. That means, 658.399 illiterate people.
I... love...
...I love my... Peru.
According to empiric research, the individual's lerning process...
...of 15 or older, and with an IQ no lower than 80,...
...would take between 6 to 9 months with two hours daily.
See you tomorrow.
Very good, every day better.
To respond to this demand, I made 8 groups of 15 people,...
...which means teaching 120 people.
It's an optimistic scennario, in 6 years I could teach the entire region.
I keep on serving with determination and honesty...
...our glorious institution.
-Are you done with the last group? -No, I'm still wating for the 6 ó clock one.
But the absences level is quite high.
And this variable can spoil my expectations.
I will have to implement a home visits program.
If there's no work, you make it up.
-Don't you want to eat? Let's go home. -I'm coming right away.
-You turned into a human chimeney after being in the jungle. -It's because of the cold weather , Pocha.
-Because of the cold weather. -Well, I'll wait for you at home. Don't be too late.
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