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Subtitles for Caramuru A Invencao Do Brasil.

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Caramuru A Invencao Do Brasil

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{y:i}January 1st, 1500.
{y:i}Ayoung man from Portugal looks|{y:i}into the first night of a new era.
{y:i}The North Star,|{y:i}guide of all sailors...
{y:i}makes a 25 degree angle|{y:i}with the horizon.
{y:i}Orion's belt nearly sinks|{y:i}into the Atlantic.
{y:i}He doesn't know it yet,|{y:i}but the stars have reserved for him...
{y:i}a most uncommon fate.
{y:i}In this same instant, 7 thousand|{y:i}kilometers from there,
{y:i}across the Atlantic, in a place|{y:i}called Pindorama,
{y:i}is the constellation|{y:i}of the Southern Cross,
{y:i}which, out there|{y:i}is called Pauí-Pódole.
{y:i}An Indian girl looks into this|{y:i}other sky. She knows the stars...
{y:i}are the souls|{y:i}of dead Indian heroes.
{y:i}What she doesn't know is that|{y:i}she will herself become a hero...
{y:i}and thus, a star in the sky.
{y:i}He is called Diogo,|{y:i}a Latin name which means,
{y:i}''Polite or Educated Person''.
{y:i}She is called Paraguacu,|{y:i}which means ''Great Sea''in Tupi.
{y:i}She is a princess,|{y:i}but he will take her for a savage.
{y:i}He will be exiled only to become|{y:i}the king of Brazil.
{y:i}Their story will become legend.
Diogo Álvares?
Pardon me, your Excellency.|Diego Álavres, at your service.
Da Vinci, Botticcelli...|You imitate the Italians well.
They are the absolute masters.
-And you paint as well?|-I'm an amateur.
I traffic slaves.|My business is in Africa.
Also an interesting|occupation, sir...
Vasco de Ataíde,|Knight of the Royal Family.
I came to Lisbon to meet my wife.
It was this portrait that you made of|her that brought me to your house.
The Countess of Sintra.|You liked the painting?
Very much. I fell in love with her.|I was quick to ask her hand...
in marriage and her family,|quick to accept.
It was with this painting that|I won the ''Most Promising...
Portuguese Painter'' award.
Shame... such promise|will not come to be.
Today, when I met the countess|for the first time,
I discovered she was|the ugliest woman in Lisbon!
Art cannot limit itself to a simple|copy of life, Mr. Vasco.
It is her duty to make life|a ''little'' more beautiful.
A little?
The least I expected|was for her to have both ears!
Why? Does she need glasses?
You need glasses for seeing|such a goddess behind...
that freak of nature.
Do as I did, sir,|use your imagination.
I'll need more than imagination|to spend my life...
by that aberration!
Well then, my painting can...|could help with such a task.
You will burn all these|paintings...
and abandon the profession|of portraits forever!
Mr. Vasco! You cannot deprive|humanity of my art!
If you'd rather,|I can deprive it of the artist.
Don Jaime?
-Who said that?|-Who said what?
-Don Jaime.|-I did, and I was about to ask,
are you Don Jaime?
-Do I look like Jaime?|-No. I've never seen him.
Then why do you think|I'm Don Jaime, hum?
Pardon me. One of the guards said|Don Jaime would be...
at the Cartography room.
There are others in the Cartography|room! Look over there! Three people!
-This is true.|-Which of them was it?
-Which of them what?|-Which of them said I'd be here?
-The short one or the cross-eyed one?|-The cross-eyed one, actually.
I thought so...|and... how did he describe me?
He said you would be here|in the cartography room and...
in the cartography room.
He said nothing about my...|appearance?
-Not that I remember.|-Are you certain?
Certainly, Don Jaime.
I haven't told you|if I am Don Jaime yet.
-I'm sorry. Are you Don Jaime?|-Ahem... I am. What do you want?
A job, as a painter.
Do you have any references?
-Excellent. You are hired.|-I am? When do I begin?
You haven't yet?|Ah! You think you can just sit here...
when there is so much to do?
Keep it up and you'll be fired!
But what should I do?
-Do you have a coin?|-I do.
What were we talking about?
I was hoping you'd tell me|what to do.
Ah, yes. Come with me.
-And then you asked me for a coin.|-Yes, I remember that.
Maybe you've seen|the painting I showed you before...
it was burned.
A portrait of the Countess of Sintra.|With it, I won, from the Royal...
Academy, The ''Most Promising|Portuguese Painter'' award.
Excellent portrait.
Uh! Even more if you take into|account the creature...
that served as your model.
It was good of you to take off|her mustache.
Thank you, Don... An artist|struggles are rarely appreciated.
This map will be used on the next|expedition to India, led by...
Pedro Álvares Cabral, along the rout|discovered by Vasco da Gama.
The King himself ordered it|and I would like you...
to make some illustrations so that|it better suits the eye.
I won't let you down. I will make|Neptune, God of the Oceans,
bursting from the water and signaling|to Apollo, who in that instant...
tinges the sky in his chariot of fire.
No, no... Ahem, makes some whales|here and there and that's enough.
As for my payment, Don Jaime...
Ah, the profit of the artist|is eternal glory!
Art is long and life is brief.
-I haven't eaten for two days.|-Ah! Tell me about it!
I can't paint dead things anymore,|I ate all of the pears...
and apples in the studio!|And they were made of wax!
I have bills to pay. The landlord|has kicked me out and...
I am on the streets.
Ah! I've also had terrible|nightmares; I roll and fall out of...
bed every night since I discovered|that the earth is round.
But the earth is round?
-Who said that?|-You did.
Liar! I never said the earth|was round!
The cross-eyed guard at the|entrance told you that, no?
No sir.
Here, take this coin|as an advance, eh...?
But don't ask for anything else!
Let's see these whales!
Ah! Whales. Great Blue Whales,|maybe some sea monsters...
Captain Vasco de Ataíde!
Thought you'd end your days hunting|slaves in Africa?
-What brings you to Lisbon?|-I came to marry.
Congratulations. Who's the bride?
-The Countess of Sintra.|-My condolences.
That is why I have called you.
Vasco! Don't say you've brought|me from Paris...
just to ask my hand in|marriage again?
That's not it.
I must flee from my unsightly|bride to be.
I've decided to go off to sea|and disappear for a few months.
That is the fate of men with ugly|wives. Always coming home late...
from work.
To make up for it,|they tend to get rich.
Getting rich is exactly|what this is about.
My favorite subject.
The king has organized a great|expedition to establish commerce...
to the Indies. It so happens that|I was replaced from command...
by Pedro Álvares Cabral.
I was left to command|only one of the ships.
Poor Vasco! Careful that your wife|does not board the ship with you.
Of course, they do say hunchbacks|also get lucky.
Women are not allowed on|conquest expeditions.
Thank God!
For a moment I thought you were|going to invite me to come along.
I want a copy of the|expedition map.
And you're going to get it for me.
I will follow Vasco da Gama's secret|rout: I will go down the scolding...
coast of Africa, pass the Cape of|Storms, cross the Pacific...
and arrive in India before Cabral.
This is worth more gold than you|can imagine.
There is no more gold than|I can imagine.
Where is the map?
Would you tell me|what this is over here?
A mermaid, your Excellency.|A mythological figure.
A woman with the tail of a fish,|or a fish with the bust of a woman,
if you like.
And could you tell me|what she's doing here?
She combs her hair as she|bewitches the sailors...
with her song,|drowning them in the sea.
Well, that's exactly what will|happen if they use this map.
Your ''mythological figure''|is covering a coral reef on the coast...
of Africa and all vessels|will inevitably shipwreck against her.
l had to elongate|the mermaid's tail so that it...
represented two thirds|of the total image.
You are telling me that you would|risk destroying the greatest...
expedition to ever cross|the Atlantic...
just to avoid|a short-tailed mermaid?
lt would be disproportionate,|your Excellency.
Disproportionate is the size of|your skull in relation to...
your shriveled brain.
Illustrate the maps,|don't change them!
Fix it!|Immediately!
They speak of the rebirth of|the Arts but the space for artists...
gets more and more restricted.
Diogo Álvares?
I came to make|myself available to your genius.
There must be some mistake, I...
I saw the portrait you made|of the Countess of Sintra.
A true miracle of the imagination!
I almost didn't recognize|her with hair!
If you could create beauty|out of that horror...
what won't you do|if I serve as your model?
My lady, improving upon what|is ugly is an artist's duty,
but beauty such as yours|is produced by god alone.
Unfortunately, beauty fades.|Don't deny me the privilege...
of being immortalized by you.
I am the one who will become|famous for the portrait...
of Isabelle d'Avezac,|Marquise of Sévigny.
I will take you to the pinnacle|of glory, and I am willing...
to make sacrifices.
I will pose for you entirely|in the nude.
Ah, Miss Isabelle!|I will not let you down.
You'll be the incarnation of Venus,|Greek goddess of beauty.
She rises, entirely naked,|from a seashell.
Zephyr, the Western Wind,|blows through your hair.
And a nymph extents a to you|a veil of flowers to cover...
your magnificent nudity.
The work must reflect today's|great theme.
-The discoveries!|-Exactly!
The woman's body, uncovered.|And the Earth's is uncovered also,
revealed by the great expeditions!
And both, the Earth and my body,|revealed to men...
by an artist's genius.
Ah! lt will be my masterpiece.|A painting for the Kings Gallery.
No! One painting is not enough!|A work of this magnitude...
cannot collect dust between...|landscapes and madonnas.
May your work be immortalized|in Pedro Álvares's map!
Perfect! A Venus of discovery|to illustrate the very map!
I'll go and fetch it.
Then you can discover|''my'' continents.
My God, curse it all,|but this will not be possible!
-Why not?|-The maps are secret.
I cannot disclose them.
And I am supposed to show|you my greatest secret...
whilst you guard yours?
King's orders, Marquise.|What am I to do?
Maybe you better draw|a vase of flowers.
I can make a map right here,|unlike the original.
It will be a false map.
For imitations, you do not need|a real woman.
Ask the Countess of Sintra|to undress and be your model.
Or maybe dried codfish,|it's the same.
Wait!|I'll get the map.
Even if it kills me, I must have|a glimpse at the true face of beauty.
I'll show you the face|and everything else.
lt's a shame you can't expose|this masterpiece!
There is no point. The map would be|confiscated and I'd go to prison.
Future generations will recognize|your talent, as will I...
Done. I've finished the part of your|body that will represent Europe.
Now, if the lady will permit,|it is time...
to draw the north of Africa,
where the brave will first take port.|Through uncharted seas.
I will give your lap the heat|of African sands.
I can feel the desert winds!
Miss Isabelle, we must go farther-|south, about the Cape of Bojador.
Never before revealed...
Fifteen expeditions tried to|go around it and failed.
Yours will succeed.
{y:i}Accusation against Diogo Álvares!|{y:i}Artisan employed in the Royal...
{y:i}Cartography Chamber...
I've passed the Cape Verde...|the glory of the great explorers...
pale to mine...
But you haven't reached|the Castle of the Mine...
The Castle of the Mine...|located on the curve of Africa,
where the wind blows hotter...
and the white dunes lay|shifting shadows.
{y:i}''The fore-mentioned Diogo Álvares|{y:i}committed a crime against the Crown...
{y:i}when he stole the map from|{y:i}the cartography chamber and hid it...
{y:i}in his home, where he can|{y:i}still be found. Goat Street,
{y:i}number nine. ''
I'm already in Diogo Cão,|always farther south...
-through uncharted seas.|-Almost to Cape Lobo!
{y:i}''I sign in good faith, Isabelle|{y:i}d'Avezac, Marquise of Sévigny.
{y:i}Lisbon, year of our Lord, 1500. ''
The Cape of Good Hope approaches.
The greatest of all endeavors.
Bartolomeu Dias!
I can hear the beating of my heart.
-Open in name of the King!|-We've been caught!
Calm down! Deep down we work|for the glory of Portugal.
I'll take care of it.
-Don Jaime!|-Maybe I am. Where is the map?
I am working on it.|The lady serving as my model...
can attest to that.|Marquise? She's gone!
-You don't say? And the map?|-Also gone!
Ah! Witchcraft, maybe.|So that the same does not happen...
to you, we will provide a more|secure location.
{y:i}''Diogo Álvares's confession:|{y:i}devout Christian,
{y:i}on the seventh of March,|{y:i}year of our Lord, 1500,
{y:i}Said he took a map from the Royal|{y:i}Chamber of Cartography,
{y:i}only to illustrate it|{y:i}with the figure of a woman...
{y:i}who, also intent on serving|{y:i}elevated artistic ideals,
{y:i}undressed before him.
{y:i}He intended to return the map|{y:i}and had no other relations...
{y:i}with the woman.|{y:i}Because he really...
{y:i}was an innocent young man|{y:i}and other bogus excuses,
{y:i}he will be exiled forever to Africa...
{y:i}by way of the next expedition|{y:i}destined to the Indies. ''
Our daring navigator!|How are the preparations...
for the voyage?
From bad to worse.|I will command the ship of exiles.
Relax, my dear. With me, as usual,|your luck will change.
-Did you acquire the map?|-Vasco, what would you do without me?
Now that I have the map,|you are of no further use to me.
Enjoy, but I warn you:|with this map you will reach...
the Indies two months|after Cabral.
Give it back to Cabral and he will|take a fine tour of the Atlantic...
before he reaches the Indies.
Follow the original map|and you get there first.
And where is the map|with the true rout?
In safe keeping.|You will receive it onboard,
where it will be too late|to betray me.
I don't want anyone else involved.
No one will know the map|is for you.
When all are onboard|I'll point out who has it...
and you take the map|in name of the King.
As for the false map?
Return it to the cartography chamber.
Say you bought it from a French spy,|and ask for nothing in return.
Cabral's failure will be your reward.
-Miss Isabelle!|-I heard you'd been exiled.
And where were you?
I fled with the map the second|I saw the guards.
Hide it! Destroy it!|It will be your death sentence.
Destroy this masterpiece?|Never!
I brought it so that you can take|my portrait.
I'll finish it right here,|in prison.
Do you need to see the part|that's missing?
No! There's no need. I have it|forever in my memory.
-Wait for me, Isabelle!|-Until the end of Time!
I will return!
-Diogo Álvares!|-Isabelle!
Not even an endless ocean|can separate our love!
Not a thousand oceans!
-Keep our secret!|-To my chest!
Mr. Vasco!
How romantic!|A rose, a lady and a farewell!
Take this scent in carefully.
There are no roses|where you are going.
Take a good look at her...|it is the last time.
Say goodbye to Portugal
I didn't know you took to traveling.
I was equally surprised to find you|in command of this ship.
The world is small, my friend,|and round!
Even sailing in opposite directions,|we come to meet again.
I didn't know you were also|interested in Geography.
I kept this map only because of|the etching I made to illustrate it.
But I had forbidden you to make|portraits.
I was taken by the moment|and had forgotten your orders.
A shame for you. As for me,|it will be a pleasure taking you...
to Hell!
Excuse me.|Is this place taken?
-No, make yourself at home.|-Thank you.
Don't you want to sit at the end?|Enjoy the view?
No. I prefer the corridor.|Closer to the bathroom.
-Is this the 1st. time you're exiled?|-First time.
I can tell. Look, the bathroom|here's the sea.
You take this bucket, do what you|have to and chuck it into the sea,
bucket and everything.
-Practical, no?|-I suppose so.
At first you might be embarrassed|to use the bucket,
but as soon as the sea is calm|you'll go.
One time, at Cape Verde,|it was calm for 15 days.
There was only rotting meat to eat.|150 men eating...
rotten meat, 15 days floating|in the same place,
over a hundred degrees.
It was impressive how much|everyone bonded.
Why were you exiled?
I took a map from the Royal|Cartography Chamber.
-Why?|-To draw a woman.
Strange reason for being exiled.
-Why were you exiled?|-I looked a door from the outside.
-That's a crime?|-Article 45, paragraph 5:
''No one may close any door|from the outside...
without the owner's permission.''
Why did you lock someone's|door from the outside?
To be exiled, of coarse!
Two years to India.|I still haven't been there.
I've been all around the world,|for free, just by getting myself exiled.
-I love this cookie. Want one?|-Hum! Thank you.
They taste kind of like roaches.
Animal protein. Roaches|have iron and potassium.
It's good for the eyes.|Shame this trip is so short.
Well, I'd give anything to get out|of here fast as possible.
-Oh, that's easy.|-How?
-Just dress as a woman.|-How's that going to help?
Women can't be on this ship.|They're abandoned on the first stop,
at the Canary lslands.|From there you go back.
That's how I met the Falconers.
Seems like a good idea.|If I had a dress...
Do you like the red with laces|or the yellow with puffy sleeves?
-Red with laces is fine.|-Pretty! Goes with your hair.
Dress up and I'll call the captain.
Captain! Woman onboard, Captain!|Woman onboard!
-A woman! Where?|-Here, Captain!
-You sure?|-Sure, Captain!
Who else would be in|a red dress with laces...
I say, yellow with|puffy sleeves, Captain?
-Who brought this woman?|-I did, Captain.
Don't you know that it's forbidden?
I know, Captain. lt's in the rules:|article twelve, paragraph three.
-You'll have your sentence doubled!|-Very just, Captain.
And you, come with me.|You'll be left on the first port!
I accept my punishment.
Thank you, Captain,|but I don't drink.
We've been fifteen days at sea.
Measure the size of my loneliness.
Cold water is good|to appease the desires.
If there were water.
-I haven't bathed in fifteen days.|-I can tell.
-What were you looking to find here?|-Something new, excitement, pleasure...
-You've found it!|-Control yourself, captain!
You have a wife!
A sea monster is more attractive.
And when do you intend to disembark?
Ah! I hope you will forgive|the roughness with which...
you are being treated.
Don't worry,|I know you tend to your duties.
But first, I must make|certain that I am not...
-committing any injustice.|-How so?
I must make certain|that you are really a woman.
Control yourself, Captain!|Can't you recognize a woman?
Of course I can!|The voluptuous shapes,
the generosity of the meat...|You fill all the requirements,
but I need definitive proof.
I can sing something romantic,|or sow perhaps...
It would be quicker if you undressed.
-Ah! My lady!|-But I'm a proper lady!
Forgive me.|I am not being a gentleman.
You are obviously a woman.
They never wish to undress|in front of me.
The painter of this map|had more luck.
That one does not count.
She's shown herself|to half of Lisbon.
You dare defame the image of purity?|Scoundrel!
What! Not only are you a liar|and a thief, but also a transvestite!
-And quite to your liking.|-You'll die for the offense.
Death will not be worse|than living in that infested,
cramped and fetid basement!
You're right.|Take him to the bilge!
-So?|-I almost lost what was left...
of my honor.|The captain wanted me as a wife!
-You didn't accept?|-This hellish place is better!
Don't worry.|The trip is about to get much better.
Do you see the fog?
After the wind comes the tempest,|which is the best part.
-What's good about a tempest?|-Everything!
The waves, the darkness, the danger!
-But the best part is the lightning!|-You like lightning?
Sure. Thanks to them you can see|the monsters!
You! Come here!
-Want me to wear a dress?|-Next time use the one with laces!
I should have killed you before|you had the chance to fill this map...
with nonsense!
What is this?
Looks like a drumstick,|Captain.
ln the map, imbecile!|These blue stains covering...
the rout.|Are they clouds or islands?
Neither, Captain.
They are the bursts from the great|blue whale that follows...
Vasco da Gama's vessel...
Bursts from a whale? And how shall|bursts from a whale help me?
I want to know how to get to|the Indies.
Are you sure they're not rocks?
Absolutely, Captain. Rest easy|and forward ahead.
Come to think of it,|maybe they're rocks.
I'll kill you!|You miserable...!
My first shipwreck!
-Captain!|-At your service.
If you kill me, you row alone.
I see you're not a complete imbecile.
I'll kill you when we reach the|nearest island,
which shouldn't be far off.
Move! Start rowing!|Always to the west!
Land! Land!|Land ahoy!
And by the look of it, beautiful!
-We are saved, Mr. Vasco.|-Thanks to you, Diogo!
And to you, sir, for sparing my life.
-You made it worthwhile.|-Thank God, we're even.
And now, if you'll allow,|I'll have to owe you.
Excellency, alive,|I may still serve you!
Dying would be the best way.
Bastard! Come back!
Jailed, exiled and shipwrecked.|What else could happen?
Mr. Vasco!|I thought you were dead!
I've been waiting to take you with me.
Holy God, Mary mother of Christ!
Just as these words are right|divine providence...
ought to hold your hand.
Amen.|Thank you my Jesus.
That's enough!
-You came?|-I did.
It hasn't rained much this year,|has it?
-I don't know. lt hasn't?|-It hasn't.
Tucuruí is furious with Teca, no?
-I don't know, is he?|-He is.
Your face is the color|of the soles of my feet, no?
I don't know, is it?
Do you know what the parrot|told the Portuguese?
-I don't know, what?|-Ya don't know how to answer anythin'!
-You know how to ask, don't you?|-Sure I do!
There you go. You can answer.|What about asking?
-Sure I know!|-You answered again!
-Do you know how to ask?|-Sure! I just said so.
Then stop answering|and ask something.
-A question?|-Yes, now make another.
-Another?|-Yes, now another.
You don't have anything|more interesting to ask?
I do.
Ah! Then make the damned question!
-Where am I?|-You?
You're standing on it...|how can I see?
Ah! Make another question.
-How to you speak my tongue?|-Tongue?
Yes, but now it's your turn to answer.
You speak my tongue?
Ah! That bird over there.|It's called Sabiápiranga,
cousin of the Sabiápoca, Sabiaúna|and the Sabiágonga.
There's more than twenty...
kinds of Sabiá here.
Um, a piece of the mango got stuck.
Here's a thread from my sleeve.
If you'll allow.
-Macaw.|-No! Vulture! They're bad luck.
Well, they look like macaws.|Two birds, two syllables a piece.
It's very easy. Macaws have colored|down and vultures have black down.
Black down?|I think you mean feathers.
But didn't you say that ''down''|was ''feathers''?
Yes, but only baby feathers.|It's also a feeling. One can feel down.
But grown birds have feathers.|It's very easy.
Ah, strange tongues, yours!|Is everything like that?
Just on word can mean|a bunch of things?
Sometimes it's the opposite.
There is an infinite number|of words to describe love, for example.
Is love a plant or an animal?|Show me where it is!
It's here... here...
And here.
And what does it do in a person?
Love is an invisible fire|that burns,
it's a wound that hurts...|but can't be felt,
It's a pleasure that's|covered in pain,
the kind of pain|that drives one crazy.
I know what it is. We call it xodó,|crush, passion...
desire, wishing well, it's missing|something and nothing at all.
It's here...|And here.
Seems like we're talking|about the same thing.
Well, better than talking is doing|without saying anything at all.
-Have you ever done it like this?|-Never!
-How did you do it?|-I didn't.
-They don't do it there?|-Of coarse they do!
I just never did it before.|This was my first time.
The first... the second...the third...
And the next thousand will be with you.
Ah! Then we've got a ways to go.
-Do you like it?|-It's great!
I want to bejust like in the painting!
Don't do that!|Sin makes us keep our clothes on.
So why do you paint me naked?
Well, because... You're an Indian.|Indians are painted naked.
-Isn't that forbidden?|-No! Not in this case.
It's an artistic nude, an incarnation|of beauty. There is no sin.
Since when is macaw a fruit?|Macaw's a bird.
Is it true that in Portugal you never|see a woman without her clothes?
Not even the husband.|They wear so many layers...
of cloth that you never see more|than the hands and face.
And to keep it on, you tie it?
With strings, like the ones|on my pants.
-Take them off so I can see.|-Lady!
Shamelessness tempts|the sixth commandment.
It's an artistic nude.
You're my sister in law.|The sin is even greater.
Don't be silly!|We're not related.
You're mistaken. The law is clear|in book five, article 17:
sleeping with the sister in law|is punishable by a ten year...
exile overseas.
Here you are and here you'll stay...
Doesn't look like they'll fit you now,|anyway!
You won't need to unloosen it now!
-What are you doing?|-Let me show you.
-This is serious, Ms. Moema.|-No it's not. We'rejust playing.
-It's dangerous!|-It feels good.
-It's not in line.|-Bent is better.
-What if she gets here?|-Who, my dear?
Paraguacu, this is not|what you think it is.
What is it, then?
No! Your sister brought me a macaw|to eat and asked me about...
women's clothes and I took off|my pants to satisfy...
her curiosity and this desire|awoke without my wanting it.
I don't want her,|just you, I swear!
This is what I get?
-What can I do so you'll forgive me?|-Sleep with her!
Come here, sweetheart.
May temptation serve|as the pedestal of my triumph!
-Sis, did you treat him badly?|-No, Sis. I caressed him good.
He wanted it a lot, he did.
Then you didn't do it like|I said he liked?
I did everything|you taught me, Sis.
-You blew on the back of his neck?|-Hot and sweet.
-Tickled his parts?|-Continuously and creatively.
Did you melt and slide down|his body?
Soft as porridge.
What's wrong then, creature?|What do I have that she doesn't?
But I didn't lay with her|because of you.
You either spend tonight with Moema|or don't look for me ever again!
Come here, sweet thing, and let's|play until we can't play anymore.
If not because you want to,|then for my sister,
who I want to be as happy|as I am, if not more.
Make believe it's her and I'll make|believe it's you. You'll like it.
Ha! Didn't I tell you?
-Um... Moema?|-No, Paraguacu.
-Paraguacu?|-No, Moema.
-Um! Moema?|-No way! ltaparica!
Excellency! Pleasure|Diego Álvarez at your service!
I can see you're happier|than a rooster...
in the hen-house.
Your daughters are generous to|a fault, and have received me...
with open arms...
-Not just the arms.|-Ah... Excellency...
Small places, my boy,|don't hold space for secrets.
But I'm here to put|an end to all this.
-You are?|-Well then!
-Why, Dad?|-Who do you think I am...
to support a grown man|his whole life like this?
Laying around with my daughters|on a hammock eating porridge,
eating porridge, eating...|No way!
Of course not. I've only the best|intentions with your daughters...
and I intend to make it official.
But which one gets to keep me?
Each one can have a little.
How I wish, your Highness,|that I could split in two.
Not just in two, my boy,|but in many more parts than that.
You've fattened up nice already.
You'll become flesh or our flesh.
That's quite an honor, Excellency.
It's settled, then: tomorrow we'll|make a big party.
Personally, I'd make a small|ceremony for the close of kin.
No, no. I'll put corn, bananas,|cassava, aluá drinks.
Everyone will eat|and drink real well.
You are my son-in-law and I'll make|sure everything is perfect...
so we can devour you|according to custom.
Devour?... Does ''devour''|in your tongue mean to ''marry''?
-Alive?|-No! First we cook you real nice.
-Did I do something wrong?|-No, no. We think you're very brave.
Eating you will make us much stronger.
That's what you think.|I'm a coward!
I'll contaminate your tribe!
Your warriors will turn to cowards.|Don't say I didn't warn you.
Don't be scared.|You'll never die because you'll be...
alive in all of us.
I'd rather be alive inside myself.
They'll kill you if you refuse|to be eaten.
Why didn't you tell me before?|This changes everything!
I've chosen a nice little mouthful|for myself.
Why don't we make|an installment plan?
Tomorrow you take a little bit|of my leg, for example.
It would be symbolic.
The ritual takes place and you make|an excellent investment.
You could have me in mouthfuls|for many years,
for the greater glory of the|Tupinambá nation and myself!
No can do. Dad already promised|everyone a piece.
Ah! You talk too much!|Let's undress already.
Come here, my tasty meal...|Come here, my little piece of sin...
-What's wrong, love? Not in the mood?|-Got tired of us, did you?
No, no. Just worried for no reason.
{y:i}''Curupaco! Diogo, Diogo!|{y:i}Diogo, Diogo! Curupaco!''
There goes our food!|No way!
Holy God, Mary, mother of Christ!
Just as these words are right|divine providence...
ought to lend a hand!
What kind of thing is that,|that kills vultures?
I thought it was a macaw?
Caramuru! Caramuru! Caramuru!
Caramuru! Caramuru! Caramuru!|Caramuru! Caramuru! Caramuru!
So, my boy, did you prepare|another one of those things...
so we can go to war?
Unfortunately, the gods|have not been favorable.
But I have a project,|to raise the glory of the Tupinambás.
Massacre our enemies|while they sleep, is it?
No: commerce.|We will sell food to the whites...
who come on boats.
Ah! You expect us to starve?|No way!
We'll just have to hunt|and harvest more.
That's too much work.
-We will trade it for merchandise!|-What more do I need?
-So you can be rich.|-What's that worth to me?
The rich don't need to work.
What do the rich do?
Nothing. They lay around|in hammocks.
I already live on a hammock.|It's good!!
Are you going to pace around|the beach all afternoon? Bizarre!
I'm keeping an eye out for ships.
That's a waste of time, dear.|What do you want ships for?
To make commerce.|I miss the things from my land.
This is your land now!
And we're crazy about you,|Caramuru, our benefactor,
now chief of the Tupinambás!
Some chief I am! Walking around|half-naked, eating roots...
and sleeping on a hammock.
In my land the chiefs are called|kings and they live in houses...
like these, great castles,|full of soft linen and precious stones.
-And don't they ever die?|-Sure they die.
Then why do they need all that?
In case something comes up,|something... unforeseen, maybe...
If something shows up, like...|a ship! A ship!
I've spotted, on the horizon,|a large canoe...
where the white man travels|over the water, crossing the great sea.
Looks like a ship.
Exactly, Excellency,|a ship approaches our beach!
But what kind: schooner,|frigate or galleon?
I couldn't tell you.
Latin sails, low gauge,|21 paces in length:
that's a French caravel!
-You know your stuff!|-Many years at the beach, my boy.
Let me deal with them.|They'll try to conquer us and fail!
We have dignity, intelligence|and above all, courage!
Mr. Vasco! Forgive this innocent,|who begs for his life!
I'm the one who should apologize|to the famous Caramuru,
sovereign of these lands.
You are famous in all of Europe.
I am but an exile,|your Excellency.
Not to the kind of France,|who I now represent.
And in his name,|I come to offer commerce...
to the chief of the Tupinambás.|Together, we will make much money.
I am still the chief of the Tupinambás.
Redwood is worth a fortune in Europe.
There's lot's of that here!
I need people who are willing to work!
Not many of those around here.|You better talk to...
my son-in-law about work.|He's the new Chief.
My proposal is extremely|advantageous!
I'll have exclusive sales rights|and get to keep the profits.
-What about us?|-You don't.
-Fair enough.|-More than fair.
In return, you get to work.
-And what do I get for working?|-And what do I get for not working?
The country wins,|it grows and createsjobs,
raising the circulation|of merchandise.
And you don't need|to pay me a thing...
It's too good! He works,|you profit and I do nothing.
That's alright by me...
The land is beautiful! There's no|tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes,
none of that!
There's a great view...
and more than five thousand|miles of beaches for the children.
And the location?
Half-way to the Indies,|forests, minerals.
Plenty of parking space.
They say there's even|that snow thing to the south.
Look, I can make a real|friendly price for you,
real friendly: a mirror!|But it has to be a really good mirror.
As many as you like.
They even have this little stone,|here... see?
-This is gold?|-Sun stones!
At five moons distance,|where the sun hides behind...
the sparkling mountain.
The ground is covered|with sun-stones!
Our forefathers say they are|like the fallen stars.
I'll buy it! I'll buy everything!|And do you have any of these?
Leave it with me|and I'll get you some.
Bracelets! Bracelets!|One for three, three for ten.
Almost out!
Also, Indian medicine,|miracle cure from the forest.
Brings strength to the husband|and happiness to the wife!
Made from the rarest seed|and the deepest root.
Good to put on your face.|Good to put on your back.
Get your Indian medicine!
-Hum! What's this?|-Isn't that face paint?
-What's all this face paint for?|-Aren't I going to the beach?
-What for?|-To get the boat?
-Get the boat for what?|-To get on the ship?
-Get on the ship for what?|-To have sex with the Frenchman?
-Excuse me?|-Tupinambá hospitality, sweetheart.
A chief should lend his wife|to the visitors.
Oh, no! I wouldn't make you do|something you didn't want to.
-But I want to...|-But I don't!
-Is there more paint?|-There is, but you can't have any!
I'm supposed to go like this?
-To the beach?|-Shouldn't I?
-To get the boat?|-Shouldn't I?
-To get to the ship?|-Shouldn't I?
-To have sex with the Frenchman?|-Shouldn't I?
No! You shouldn't! No one here is|going to have sex with any Frenchman!
No more sex with the French!
You're all obsessed with spoiling|the foreigners!
-You're like an Indian!|-What about Tupinambá hospitality?
No more!
Now come here. Let's go.
I don't think so...
-Then you come here...|-I won't...
-Are you on strike?|-Total!
You're on strike?
Don't be so uptight, man.
Your wives have to tend|to the stranger.
That's why you're the chief!
-In my land, that's called a cuckold.|-Tupinambá Hospitality, my boy.
Ah! I can't hold out any more, Sis...
One day he'll have to give in so we|can give it to the Frenchman.
Yeah, but I'm on fire!
I can't stand it anymore!
They've held out for over|twenty days already! It's cruel!
I can see you're getting|pretty nervous...
l just take cold baths.|I've begged them, I've threatened them,
but who can force them?
With them, it's nothing done,|and nothing is done without them.
When the wife asks you for something|you say yes, right away,
so that it looks like you're the boss.|That way, they act like they obey.
Anything, just not sex|with that Frenchman!
Think of it as lending them.
I'd rather die!
How's that help! lf he doesn't get any,|you don't get any!
Ah! lt's like giving pearls to swine.
Cold water helps to shoo away desires...
Go bathe in the river, Moema!
Ah... I did! Diogo was there|and the strike almost ended.
-Good idea, Sis!|-End the strike?
Almost!|Go and turn him on real good.
Be gentle and then pull away...|Leave him boiling, on fire!
But nothing more!|Leave the rest to me...
-It's hot, isn't it?|-Too hot!
-Let's go to the river.|-I can't...
-Just a bath, to cool off...|-Just a bath...
-It's cold... isn't it?|-Well then...
-Give me a hug.|-Hug you where?
-Just a hug... to warm up...|-Just a hug, then...
-Feels almost too nice, no?|-And...moving along...
-Let's go to the hammock...|-What can I do...
-Just lie down... to relax...|-Ah... just to relax...
Ah... It's getting hot, isn't it?
-Ah... a little ticklish, too...|-Ah... let's fool around...
-I can't...|-A little, Love, we won't finish...
Only if...
You let us meet with the Frenchman!
But don't you understand|that I do this because I like you...
both so much?
If you like us both so much,|why can't we like...
anotherjust a little?
Because... because you have to|like just me.
Ah! We'll like just you, later...
-Blow on your neck...|-Caress you all over...
Tickle your parts...
Soft as porridge...
Forget it! No more liking|the both of you.
From now on, and forever,|I'll like just one.
And that one will not like anyone|else but me.
Which one?
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo.|Catch a tiger by the toe...
If he hollers let him go...
I can't choose.
We don't choose who|we're going to love.
Love chooses us.
And he chose that I should like|you both.
And if one can like both,
then both can like two also.
-How beautiful!|-How lovely!
-Let's go?|-Let's go.
To love is to want|to be imprisoned.
lt is to serve the one who|wins the winner.
It's being loyal to the one|who kills us.
Love is a curse!
Ah, the tropics! There are no sins,|south of the Equator!
I thought you'd be enjoying|the hospitality of the Tupinambá.
My objective is precisely|the opposite to offer you...
French Hospitality.
I came to invite you back|to France with me.
Not interested.
The King of France has plans|for the New World...
and wishes to discuss|them with you!
-Our land is not for sale.|-It has to do with commerce!
We want exclusive rights|over the riches of this land.
And why should we hand|them to you?
I have an argument that may|convince you.
Have dinner with me and|you'll see.
But you haven't had a single sip!
I mean the glass.|I miss such things.
Crystal, porcelain, silverware...
Tablecloth, table, chair, plate.
Ah! Napkins!|I love napkins!
Taste the wine.
God only made water,|but man made wine.
-The cheese, the wine, the bread...|-And Francejoined all three.
Why not leave with me?
My ties to this land are strong.
And shapely.
But beauty...|is in Europe as well.
Once I met her.
Besides, with a French woman,|you can marry for real.
We swore loyalty 'till death|do us part.
But remember; matrimony impedes,|at least in theory,
''Tupinambá Hospitality.''
Ah, my love, how could|I betray her?
''Diogo, wherever you are,|you are forgiven.''
Isabelle d'Avezac, Marquise of|Sévigny, anxiously awaits you.
-She said this to you?|-She said this to all.
Your marriage will be|sponsored by the King.
It will mark a new era|of relations between France...
and the New World!
''Plaisir d'amour...''
Weren't you going to spend|the night in the ship?
-The sway of the hammock is better...|-You are better...
Doesn't seem like it. For twenty|days you don't look for me.
The French took a long time|getting here!
And so far from their homes,|poor things!
Not even rivers to refresh themselves!
''Tupinambá Hospitality'', I know.
There's a lot of people|on that ship!
Yeah, and they liked us so much!
Their women must not know|how to caress very well.
-Blow on the back of the neck...|-Tickle the parts...
Look... I might have to go on a trip.
A trip where, my care?
I'll go back home|and get some things I need.
What more do you need?|There is everything here.
I need clothes.
If you're cold, we can warm you,|sweetheart.
I'm used to wearing clothes!
Well get unused to it.
-I'll get medicines.|-Are you sick?
No, but I might get sick,|and so might you.
There are more cures|here then there.
-I also need silverware.|-What is silverware?
Things to eat without getting|the hands dirty.
Can we go with you?
Nice! We get to know your land|and nobody misses anyone else.
No, it's dangerous! Something could|happen during the trip.
-What could happen?|-An accident.
Many ships never make the crossing!
Well then! lt's not worth risking|your life to keep your hands...
from getting dirty with food.
-He's not coming back!|-I am. I want to come back!
Then why don't you|take us with you?
-I can't!|-Why?
-Because I can't!|-That's not an answer!
-You're not coming back.|-I am.
You are what?
I can only take one!|That's the problem!
Because is an answer?
There it's like that. Everyone can|only have one. lt's the law.
''Any married man who is received by|another woman...
or marries another woman|must be put to death.''
And... what's receive?
Receive is what we do,|the three of us, daily.
There, one person can only play|with one person.
And they kill someone|who plays with two?
-Kill, yes.|-And eat?
Certainly not!|Cannibalism is a form of violence!
Murder is a form of violence.|Not to eat's a waste.
-What if we play in secret?|-No can do.
-They don't havejungle there?|-I can't. lt's not my fault.
The French would not allow it.|Just one can come.
Take Paraguacu.|She's older.
You go, Moema. You've played less.|I'll get by.
Get by nothing! You're old,|almost twenty!
And you don't know|how to do it right, Moema?
Go so that you can learn.
-I know more than you do!|-I can't take any of you.
-I can't.|-Why not?
Because no!|And ''because no'' is an answer!
I didn't even say I would go.|I said maybe.
-And maybe is when?|-Maybe may be never.
I won't risk dying at sea just to|keep my hands clean.
When it gets dirty I'll clean it.|What's the problem?
It's so good to eat|with your hands...
-Yes. Better stay.|-Yes, better. Let's go to sleep.
-Come to the hammock, come.|-You go. I'm not tired.
-No, you go. I'll sleep over there.|-Both come. It's a large hammock.
{y:i}Curupaco! Curupaco!
{y:i}Caramuru! Caramuru!
I thought the sea was large,|but it's even bigger...
This way you'll know how far|I came to meet you.
And I'll do it all again,|just to be with you!
Paraguacu, I think it would be|prudent to put on some clothes.
You look like you've never|seen me like this!
They are the problem!|You are the only woman on board.
Ah! They've seen me too!
Paraguacu, we're going to Europe!|You can't walk like that anymore!
Didn't you walk your way|in our land?
Yes, but my way|is the right way.
-Why?|-Because shame is normal.
Since when?
Since always! Since we were|expelled from paradise.
-We, who?|-All of us!
And it looks like you|also wanted to leave it.
Welcome to civilization!
-What animal is this?|-A castle.
l know.|You made them out of sand.
But why is the ground|all folded over?
-It's a stairway.|-What does it do?
Nothing! One climbs it from|one place to another.
Try it.
Don't be scared!
And how do I go back down?
The same way you came up.
I want to show you other things.
Let me walk a little more.|I really like stairways!
-Will you give me a stairway?|-Come!
-What is this?|-A door!
-What's it for?|-To open and close the house.
With a key. Look here.
Hum!... And if you loose the key?
-Well, then you have to make another.|-Another door?
-Another key.|-And why close the door?
So that only the person who lives|in the house and has the key...
-can get in.|-And who lives here?
Us, for some time,|as guests of the king!
Maria, daughter of King José,|lived in this palace.
She married her uncle, Pedro.|She was very young...
and appreciated music.
All of the great composers|have played in this room.
But she was a very sad queen.|She suffered from great melancholy!
Her angst ridden cries|frightened the guests!
Maria went completely insane|with the death of her son.
-And what killed him?|-Chickenpox...
-How do you know this?|-It's in the books.
-What is a book?|-This is a book.
-It tells stories.|-I can't hear a thing.
''You've stolen my heart,|my sister, my wife!
You've stolen my heart|with a single glance,
A single spin of your necklace.
Your love is better|than wine.
Your perfume is finer|than all others.
Your lips are sweeter|than honey, wife of mine!
There's milk and honey|on your tongue.''
That's so pretty!|Was that you or the book?
It was the book,|but I agree with it.
They say it was written|by a king... Solomon.
You need a key to open?
No, you just need to read|to go into a book.
This one tells a love story.
Can you put our story|in a book as well?
-Certainly I can.|-It will fit?
Everything fits in a book,|if you write it.
I'll teach you. Come,|there's much more to show you.
-What else is there?|-Windows, walls! There is a tower!
-How do you climb up a tower?|-Use the stairway!
-Yay! Let's go to the tower!|-Later. First, let's go outside.
-And what's outside?|-Many things.
This is a fountain. The water comes|from under the earth.
No need to go to the river.
-Are there fish?|-No. No fish.
-Can you bathe in it?|-Wouldn't be comfortable.
-Can we fool around in the fountain?|-It wouldn't be appropriate!
-I like rivers better.|-There are two rivers here.
-There are?|-Ah! There certainly are!
-Let's go!|-We can't!
-Why not?|-It's dirty.
-The river is dirty?|-Here it is.
-Dirty with what?|-With dirty things! With garbage!
-And this garbage goes where?|-It goes to the sea,
along with the river.
And the sea goes everywhere.
I know that.|I just didn't know garbage.
Look. What I liked the most|were ladders and books.
-Let's gojump on the stairs?|-I can't. I have a meeting!
And what should I do?|I can't read or go in the river!
Go buy some clothes,|we are in Paris,
land of fashion!|What more could you want?
How can I sit at a table|with a Marquise?
Don't chew with your mouth open.
Remember to empty|and dry mouth before drinking.
Cut the bread, don't break it.
Don't blow on the food for any reason.
I better not eat at all.|Isabelle will think...
-I've become a total savage.|-Calm down, Diogo! She loves you!
Besides, what is exotic|is fashionable in Europe.
-I'll be too anxious to eat.|-In that case, drink.
Love makes one thirsty at first.|Afterwards, it opens the appetite.
She arrives.
Slowly. Walking fast|is for the lackeys.
Not so slow! Such pace belongs|to old women.
-Isabelle! I feared you wouldn't come.|-This time, forever!
Leave your baggage|on the first floor.
Not an endless ocean|could separate our love!
-You've waited for me?|-Until the end of time, and you?
Well... so much has happened.
-I was very lonely.|-Me too.
-I almost died.|-Me too.
-I was almost eaten.|-Me too!
But let's forget the past,|my love!
-What is this?|-Paraguacu? You come in good time.
Who is this?
Isabelle... this is Paraguacu.|Paraguacu, Isabelle.
There is no reason for tension.
The tupinambá don't know jealousy.
Paraguacu! Help!
-What happened?|-A diplomatic incident.
This woman is a savage!
That woman is too skinny!
Look, you'll have to get used to|Isabelle, she will be our guest.
-French Hospitality?|-It's not what you think.
And what am I thinking?
You think that Isabelle and I...|that we were kissing.
What's that?
A kiss? A kiss is something|you do here,
-like this, lip to lip.|-Ah! What's it for?
Nothing. It's just something|you do to someone you like.
Then you love her?
We know each other a long time.|We are to be married.
-And do you like me?|-Yes, very much!
But you've never kissed me.
-Do you want me to kiss you?|-Yes...
Well, then...|If you'll allow...
-So?|-So what?
-Did you like it?|-So, so.
It would be better with tongue.
-You can use the tongue!|-You can? Then come here.
-That was better, no?|-Much better.
-Can I bite?|-No! Don't bite.
Can you write so that everybody knows|that you've kissed me well a lot of times?
-I certainly can.|-Can we kiss on the stairs?
-I think so.|-Then come!
Let's run to the top|and go down kissing!
Sounds good.
You sure I can't bite?|Oh... I really want to...
Better not.
-Marry me also...|-I can't.
Here, you can only marry one.
But if you'd like, we could be lovers.
-What's a lover?|-It's kind of like a wife.
-But you don't need to cook.|-I like cooking!
-You can cook in secret.|-And the French woman will allow it?
-Cooking?|-No, me to be your lover?
I doubt it! Lovers are forbidden!|But many people have them.
Why?|With Moema, wasn't it like that?
Ah! With Moema it's different.|She's my sister.
-Anyway, you can do that there.|-Not here. Isabelle can't know.
-What if she doesn't want to marry?|-But she loves me!
And I'm crazy for you!
We swore eternal love.|She waited for me all this time...
-and I also like her.|-And me?
Very much!|Even more, after the kiss!
How is ''kiss'' written?
-Like this, look.|-Make a really big kiss!
Great and small,|both are written the same.
-How many kisses fit in a book?|-Many. As many as you like.
I'm going to write it so many times|that it crowds our story with kisses.
In order to say that they are many,|all you need to do...
is add an ''s'' to the end of the word.
Hum... Teach me again...
-Ki...|-No! For real!
-Not even a nibble?|-Well... a nibble.
Tell the king the price has gone up!
Nobody told me he was|married to a cannibal.
-She's the Chief's daughter.|-Didn't you say he was the chief?.
Yes, but if he comes back without her,|I think he's at lunch.
And why was she brought here?
She swam to the boat.|What could I do?
Kill her! But you can leave|that to me!
Meanwhile you need to secure|your marriage.
We get rid of her later,|sell her to the circus, whatever.
And how should I walk into the church|with this nutcase chewing on me?
Without the marriage, you get nothing.|You're a professional.
This can't be the first jealous|woman you've had to face.
The first one bites.
-''This'' How do I write it?|-T-h-i-s.
-Not this; this here.|-Fin-ger.
No, no... the thing I'm pointing at.
-B-o-o-k.|-No, what's in the book...
It's a macaw. Macaw!
This is not a macaw.|Macaws are much bigger!
-It is a small macaw.|-Macaws don't come in this shape!
Only if they do here,|because they don't over there!
It's just how you write it: ma-caw!
I'm going to write it really small!|Ma-caw!
A ma-caw that doesn't ex-ist.
''Your majesty, King Francisco I,|invites to the marriage...
of Diogo Álvares Correia,|Sovereign of the Tupinambás,
and Isabelle d'Avezac,|Marquise of Sévigny,
sealing the agreement between|France and the land of parrots.''
Sounds good.
How about ''Supreme|Sovereign of the Tupinambás''?
-Sovereign is already a bit much.|-It's too modest.
Modesty is the framework of glory.
Sovereign is enough.
How does one marry here?
In a Church. The priest blesses us|and we write our names in a book,
so that everyone knows|we are married.
You can be the maid of honor!
What does she do?
The maid of honor gets to write|her name in the book too.
Can I write next to maid of honor|that I'm also the lover?
-Better not.|-Uh, I'd rather be the wife.
I already explained that you|cannot be the wife!
I have to marry a French woman.
I'll ask the French woman|to be the maid of honor!
Be right back.
I learned that I'm not allowed to bite.
That's good!
-Do you like cooking?|-Not much.
So, for the love of what do you|want to marry him?
Well, I waited for him a long time,|we swore eternal love...
that kind of thing... you know.|Look, I'm sure you had great...
expectations, you swam up to|the ship and everything.
I understand the moon, the heat,|both of you naked in that...
desert island,|I know how that is.
Not just the two of us.|There were lots of people at the beach.
I know how that is too.
But you have to understand|that this marriage is very important...
to me... to Diogo...|to the King of France...
-Have you ever bitten him?|-Me? Not that I remember, have you?
Just nibbled...
Sun-stone! Ah!|We have lots of that there.
But they don't have that little face|painted on them.
This is gold!|Where does it come from?
Five moons away,|the sun hides behind...
the sparkling mountain.|The ground is covered with sun-stones.
Our ancestors taught us|that they are fallen stars.
I can take you there.
-Does Vasco know about this gold?|-No.
If you like I can show him!
No! Better not.|Don't tell anyone about the gold.
You don't know what people|will do for gold.
-Yes I do!|-What do you want?
To marry Diogo and write a book.
And I?
You can be the maid|of honor and lover.
Me? A lover? Never!
Better to be a lover with gold|than a wife without gold.
l admit I hadn't seen things|quite from that perspective.
Stop biting me,|I'll keep the gold,
I can be his lover whenever|I want and I don't need to marry...
-that banana?|-Ah, I like banana!
Sounds good!
-I'll teach you to be a lover.|-I'll teach you to be a wife.
Why such an awful amount of cloth!
To take off!|The red is very popular these days!
That's why everyone wants redwood.
The sleeves have changed.|They used to bejust,
now they're loose, like this.
I'm going to show you something|that every Tupinambá lover must have.
-What's this?|-Don't put your finger there!
It's lizard poison.|If you put it on your finger...
it gets hard and swollen, huge!!
-And what's that for?|-It's not for the finger!
Are you dressed?
We are dressed the opposite.
To me it looks like you are|the opposite of dressed!
Maybe one of you could tell me|what's going on?
I'm teaching her to be a lady.
And I'm teaching her|everything you like.
-I will be your Tupinambá lover.|-And I, your French wife.
-Does Vasco know about this?|-Nor should he. He wouldn't understand.
Neither do I.
Paraguacu showed me|that nothing can separate you.
You marry this very day.
-We marry? Who?|-You and me!
I'll be the maid of honor.
She can write on the book|and tomorrow we go home.
-We do? Who?|-The three of us.
Don't you think this Tupinambá|outfit is perfect on me?
Certainly it fits. You aren't going|to fight with her anymore, are you?
I like her... Want to see?
Oh, I think kissing is even better|than stairways!
That's it!|Then you go down the isle.
Slowly! You can't run.
Why not? I ran up the stairways|easily enough?
Anyway, the priest will then|ask you to get on your knees.
Isabelle! But I'm already|on my knees?
Then the priest says a bunch|of stuff and finally he'll ask,
-Catarina do Brasil... That's you!|-Me?!!
Yes. It's your Christian name.
Too long!
We'll see...The priest is coming.|Go outside.
This goes with the dresses!|Put it in the same trunk as the hats.
Careful with that!|Those are my lotions!
The King was not at all happy|with your betrayal, Isabelle!
You are no longer a marquise.
I assure you, Vasco, soon enough|he'll dub me a duchess.
I have orders to imprison you.
I'll be covered in jewels|when the king finds out...
that I discovered where there is|a lot of gold.
I bet it's ''five moons distance,|where the sun...
hides behind|the sparkling mountain''.
You already knew?
Please! Don't tell me you fell for|the old Indian tales of Eldorado?
You liar!|Where's the gold you promised?
What's happening?|What gold?
She really likes gold.
Why do you think|I was going with you, you banana?
-Who's a banana?|-I love banana!
-Of course! Every monkey does!|-Who is a monkey?
She is a cow!
My God! How could I have been|so dumb?
How did you know I was leaving?
Let us say it was|a vengeful wife.
Traitor! My dresses!|My lotions!
Romance, adventure, surprises!
I'll start from the beginning.|Then I'll go to the end and I'll stop.
Well, I'll follow you.
Uh, how is virgin?
Virgin?... Well, a virgin is a woman,|a lady that... that doesn't know love,
who is pure, and has never been|with a man before.
I know that.|But is it with a ''g'' or a ''j''?
With a ''g''.
Can I write red macaw|with black ink?
You can.
-Do you think I'm beautiful?|-I do.
-Very beautiful, or sort of?.|-Very beautiful!
Ah! That's good. I had already|written ''ve''. ''Very beautiful''.
-And these?|-Very beautiful.
I know that,|but what are they called.
Well... there are|many possibilities... bosom...
-There are two. Should I write bosoms?|-No, no. Write... distinctions.
-Yes! Distinctions!|-Strange name for tits!
{y:i}Deep in the virgin forest,|{y:i}the sky went ablaze...
{y:i}with red macaws.
{y:i}Afterwards there was a silence|{y:i}so great...
{y:i}that something waited|{y:i}to happen.
{y:i}I had no idea|{y:i}I'd run into Diogo,
{y:i}but I was all done up...|{y:i}l painted my face...
{y:i}and distinctions with the seed|{y:i}of urucum.
{y:i}I was very beautiful! That evening|{y:i}we played until we couldn't anymore.
{y:i}And we found out that paradise|{y:i}existed. Being that it was right...
{y:i}there where we were...
{y:i}But Diogo's destiny|{y:i}was to become the hero of our people.
{y:i}Suddenly, the most haunting|{y:i}news spread through thejungle!
{y:i}Caramuru, the son o Thunder, came|{y:i}down from the heavens to become...
{y:i}''King of the Tupinambás!''|{y:i}He was king, and I was his queen...
{y:i}and together we discovered|{y:i}the lands beyond the sea...
{y:i}We kissed... We married...
{y:i}and we wrote our name|{y:i}in the book!
{y:i}Now the ship sets sail,|{y:i}again to cross the sea...
{y:i}as I sail through a new book.
{y:i}With these successions|{y:i}that you have just heard.
{y:i}Finally, the ship and the book|{y:i}bring us back to the shores...
{y:i}where this story began.
-You came?|-I came. Look what I brought you!
It didn't rain much this year,|did it?
I don't know, did it?|It rained a lot, there!
It's different there than it is here?
Very! Want to see something|I learned?
-You can't bite!|-Oh! That's a kiss...
-I've known this for some time!|-Since when?
Well, it rained very little,|but there were lots of ships.
French, Spanish, Italian.
I learned so much!|I'll teach you later.
There were lots of cashews|this year, no?
Yes?|It was full of cherries where I was.
I know how to kiss, want to see?
Now I'm the wife!|Moema, you take Isabelle's place!
-Who is Isabelle?|-A cow.
What's a cow?
An animal that gives milk|and is good to eat.
Like people?
Yes, but when a woman is a cow anyone|who tries to eat her breaks his teeth.
I don't want to be a cow!
You won't be a cow!|You will be a lover!
What's a lover?
A wife who cooks in hiding.
The moon will be full tonight, no?
It will? lt was waning there...
What is Moema dressed as, hmm?
Women there use these clothes|when they get married.
And before they take them off so the|husband can see how they are, right?
-Not before or after.|-No way!
-Lovers also take them off, no?|-Lovers take them off all the time!
Lovers have it better!
Better than everything are books!|Want to see?
The drawings are so pretty,|but these scribbles kind of ruin it.
That's the good part, Moema!|I'll read it to you.
{y:i}''What our father|{y:i}and his warriors really liked...
{y:i}were French clothes.
{y:i}And when they went to war,|{y:i}that's all they wore.
{y:i}It made them braver still!
{y:i}The painting Diogo made|{y:i}of Moema went to Europe!
{y:i}It got famous|{y:i}and the beach filled with people...
{y:i}wanting to marry her.
{y:i}But Moema never wanted to be|{y:i}a wife, just a lover.
{y:i}Diogo taught me how to love,|{y:i}and I taught him how to want...
{y:i}And we were happy now...|{y:i}which is better than forever... ''
-Is it ready?|-Almost.
-How does it finish?|-We kiss... and the end.
-That's original!|-I just need to write it.
-Wait! It's not our story?|-Yes it is.
Well we have to kiss first...|Then you write it.
{y:i}The story of Caramuru and Paraguacu|{y:i}is based on a true story,
{y:i}and also some other stories,|{y:i}some real, some invented.
{y:i}It's true that they|{y:i}were married in France.
{y:i}lt's true that they|{y:i}lived in Brazil.
{y:i}And it's true that they|{y:i}lived a legend.
-How do I write end?|-With ''e''.
No!... With ''d''...|No!.. with ''d'' at the end!
Isn't it?|Look at the ''d'' here at the end!
No! It's ''e'' in the beginning|and ''d'' at the end! At the end of end.
-Ah... better erase and do it over...|-Yes, better.
-Can I have another kiss?|-Certainly.
{y:i}Caramuru reigned among|{y:i}the Tupinambás for another 50 years.
{y:i}Thanks to him, the Portuguese|{y:i}founded Salvador,
{y:i}the first capital of Brazil.
-Now it's done!|-No!
-No? You said it was like this!|-But it was right!
Ah, I'll do it again!|I'm enjoying the end.
-You're not?|-Loving it!
-Let's do the end again?|-From the beginning...
{y:i}Diogo and Paraguacu were happy|{y:i}and had many children.
{y:i}But this, they don't know yet.
{y:i}Their story is just beginning...
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