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Subtitles for Carmen (1984) CD1.

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Carmen (1984) CD1

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"This film was shot on location in Spain...
in Ronda, Carmona and Seville, in the province of Andalusia."
"We gratefully thank Antonio Ordonez...
who placed the bullring in Ronda and its staff at our disposal...
as well as bulls from its ranch."'
On the square, people come
People go
How odd they seem
We pass the time
Joking, watching people
On the square, people come
People go
See that girl
Looking at us shyly
See how she turns
Let's help her
Looking for someone, pretty maid
Yes, a corporal
Here I am
My corporal's name is Don JosÚ
Do you know him
Yes, we do
Is he here
He's not in our company
Then he's not here
No, my dear
But he will be later
At the changing of the guard
But while we wait for him
Would you like
To come inside with us
With you
With us
No, but thank you
Don't be afraid
We promise you that we will show
All the respect
That's due to you
I'm sure you would
But I think it wiser
And more prudent
To come back
At the changing of the guard
You must stay
No, no
Good-bye, soldiers
She's gone
No great loss
Back to our pastime
Watching people go by
The new guard arrives and so do we
Blow the trumpet merrily
Heads high, we march
Like little soldiers
Left, right, keep in step
A pretty girl came looking for you. She said she'd be back.
- A pretty girl? - With a blue skirt and braids.
That must be Micaela.
She didn't give her name.
Yes, sir?
What's that big building?
The tobacco factory.
You're new here, or you would know.
Do women work there?
Yes, about 500.
They work half-naked...
especially the young ones.
So you all leer at them?
Not me. I don't like Andalusian girls.
You prefer blue skirts and braids.
You overheard Morales, sir?
That's how girls dress in Navarra. Reminds me of home.
- You're from Navarra? - Yes.
My name is JosÚ Lizzara Bengoa.
I left home to join the army.
That girl looks after my mother. Her name is Micaela.
The bell has rung
We've come to watch
The factory girls go home
We'll follow you
Whispering words of love
Words of love
Look at their saucy eyes
How bold they are
Everyone's idly smoking
Their cigarettes
Our eyes follow
The wisps of smoke
Rising skyward
In perfumed spirals
That go to your head
And fill your heart with joy
Tender words of lovers
Are like smoke
Their passions, their vows
Are like smoke
Don't be unkind
Hear our pleas
We adore you
We idolize you
But where is Carmencita
There she is
Carmen, we follow you
Hoping you will tell us
When you will love us
When will I love you
Who knows
Maybe never
Maybe tomorrow
But not today
That's certain
Love is a wild bird
That no one can tame
You'll call its name in vain
If it chooses not to hear
Nothing sways it Threat or plea
One man speaks The other's silent
If the silent one attracts me
Without a word he wins my love
Love is a gypsy child
Who never knew any law
If you spurn me then I'll love you
But if I love you then beware
The bird you thought was yours
Took wing
And flew away
When you want love it is nowhere near
And when you don't you find it here
It surrounds you
Holds you
Then leaves and comes again
You think you have it but it escapes
You think you're free of it but you're caught
Love is a gypsy child
Micaela, what are you doing here?
Your mother sent me.
Tell me about my mother
As her faithful messenger I bring you
This letter
A letter
A little money, too
To round out your pay
I hardly dare
Something else
Worth more than money
That for a devoted son
Will be priceless
Something else
What is it Tell me
Yes, I will
What she gave me
I'll give you
As your mother and I
Came out of church
She gave me a kiss
And said Go to the city
It's not far
Once you reach Seville
Look for my son, my JosÚ
My child
And tell him that his mother
Thinks of him night and day
That she misses him
That she forgives him and waits
All this, my dear
You will tell him from me
And the kiss that I now give you
you will give to him from me
A kiss from my mother
A kiss for her son
Here it is as I promised
I can see my mother now
yes, I can see my village too
Oh, memories of happy days
Memories of home
Beloved memories
They fill my heart
With strength and courage
Who knows to what demon
I would have fallen prey
Even from afar
My mother protects me
And the kiss she sent me
Has turned away the danger
And saved her son
What demon What danger
What does that mean
Let's talk of you, sweet messenger
When are you returning home
This very evening
Tomorrow I'll see your mother
When you do, tell her
That her son loves and reveres her
And is sorry for all he did
He wants his mother to be
Proud of him
All that I've told you
Please tell her for me
And this kiss I give you
Is for you
To give to her
Yes, I promise
A kiss from her son
I'll give to her
As I've promised to
I can see my mother now
Yes, I can see my village too
Oh, memories of happy days
Memories of home
"My son, I'm growing old. You should get married.
The girl you should choose is the bearer of this letter."
- I shouldn't be here. - And my answer?
I'll come for it before I leave.
"No girl is sweeter or loves you more."
Help Help
Help Can't you hear
Help Soldiers
It was Carmencita
No, she didn't do it
Yes, she did
She started it She hit first
Don't listen to them
Listen to us
Manuelita said for all to hear
That she would buy a donkey
Carmencita laughed and said
A donkey Why not a broomstick
Manuelita lashed back
A donkey to ride you to jail on
With a gag over your big mouth
And two guards whipping you
Then they began pulling each other's hair
Enough of this babbling
JosÚ, take two men
Go in and see what happened
It was Carmencita
No, it wasn't
Get these women out of my way
Don't listen to them
Carmencita started it
No, it was Manuelita
It's you.
Well, Corporal, now things are quieter.
What did you see in there?
...I saw her. - And?
She pretended to be working. But she'd cut the other girl.
I was provoked. It was self-defense.
And the wound?
Not serious, sir.
You heard?
Have you anything to say?
Go on. I'm listening.
Cut me, burn me I'll tell you nothing
I defy fire, steel and heaven itself
I didn"t ask for songs. I want an answer.
I shall keep my secret and keep it well
For I love another and would die for him
So that's how she wants to be!
Someone was slashed and she did it!
You're quick to strike!
Get some rope!
Here. Tie those pretty hands.
Too bad. She's a nice girl.
Even so, a spell in jail won't hurt you.
You can sing your gypsy songs there...
with the jailer as an audience.
l"ll go write the orders.
You'll escort her.
The rope's too tight. My wrists hurt.
I could loosen it.
Let me escape!
Don't talk nonsense.
You're from Navarra? So am I.
Yo look like a gypsy to me.
Think so?
I'm sure of it.
I am a gypsy.
But you'll still do as I wish.
I saw you hide that flower.
You can throw it away now.
It was on your heart long enough for the charm to work.
I forbid you to speak to me.
Very well, officer.
I won't speak to you.
By the ramparts of Seville
At Lilla Pastia 's tavern
I'll dance the seguidilla
And drink manzanilla
At my friend Lilla Pastia's
But it's a bore to be alone
Real pleasure must be shared
So I'll take the man I love
My lover
To hell with him
I threw him out yesterday
But my heart is easy to console
My heart is free as air
I have men by the dozen
But none appeals to me
So I am free to love
He who loves me
I will love
Who wants my heart may have it
Now's your chance
Eagerly, with my new lover
Near the ramparts of Seville
At Lilla Pastia 's tavern
I'll dance the seguidilla and drink manzanilla
I'll go to my friend Lilla Pastia's
Be quiet
I told you not to speak to me
I'm not
I'm singing to myself
And thinking
There's no law against thinking
I'm thinking of an officer
A certain officer
Who loves me
And whom l, perhaps
Could love
My officer isn't a captain
Or even a lieutenant
He's just a corporal
Good enough for a gypsy
And I'll make do with that
Carmen, my head is whirling
If I give in
Will you keep your promise
If I love you, Carmen
Will you love me
At Lilla Pastia's
We'll dance
A seguidilla
And drink manzanilla
Here are your orders
Go and keep your eye on her
On the way, I'll pull the rope
As hard as I can
Let yourself fall
The rest is up to me
Love is a gypsy child
Who never knew any law
If you spurn me then I'll love you
But if I love you then beware
The jangling strings
Of the zithers played
To the beat of this strange music
The gypsy girls arose
Hands drummed on tambourines
Strummed on wild guitars
And at this frantic pace was heard
The same old song
The same refrain
Copper and silver rings
Shone upon burnished skin
And glowing red and orange
Skirts billowed in the wind
Dance and song together bound
At first uncertain and shy
Grew lively, ever faster
Faster and faster to fever heat
The gypsy men played on and on
Their instruments took wing
And this dazzling swirl
Bewitched the gypsy girls
Moved by the rhythm of their song
The dancers spun in wild delight
Carried away by
A blinding whirlwind
Everybody out!
Go on. Some other time.
Pastia, bring us a drink!
Sorry, but it's time to close. I have to follow the rules.
The law has its eye on me...
Because smugglers meet here.
God knows what goes on here after hours.
Anyway, we're closing.
We still have time for the theater. Will you join us, girls?
- No, we're staying here. - What?
- Mercedes? - Impossible.
Carmen, I'm sure you won't refuse.
But I do.
Angry because I jailed you?
Me? Jailed?
We demoted the corporal who let you escape.
He just spent a month in jail.
He's out? Then all is well!
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