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Subtitles for Carmen (1984) CD2.

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Carmen (1984) CD2

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Do us the kindness to stop here.
We appreciate those who have skill and courage.
I will gladly return your toast
For you are soldiers
And soldiers are like toreros
Their pleasure is in the fight
The arena is full It's a holiday
There's not a seat to be had
The crowd is wild
It raises a thunderous cheer
They shout and stamp their feet
As the frenzied tension mounts
This is a day for bravery
A day for courage
Come, en garde
Toreador, en garde
Don't forget that while you fight
Two dark eyes are watching you
And love awaits you, toreador
Love awaits you
Suddenly, silence
What is going on
The time has come
The bull comes raging into sight
It charges, then it strikes
A horse is down A picador hurt
Bravo, toro shouts the crowd
The bull backs off but strikes again
Trying to shed its banderillas
It runs about in a fury
Spattering the ring with blood
Attendants scatter
Leaping barriers
Now all is up to you
Come then
En garde
What's your name? Knowing it would bring me Ick.
Carmen, or Carmencita if you like.
Well, Carmencita...
if I told you I loved you, what would you say?
I'd say you must not love me.
Then I'll wait and hope.
Wait if you wish. Hope is sweet.
Officers, I asked you to leave.
Very well, we'll go.
- I'II come back. - It'll do you no good.
I will anyway.
Why rush to get rid of them?
Some friends want to see you.
We're back from Gibraltar.
The goods are ready.
You're coming with us.
Why? To help you carry bundles?
We don't treat ladies like that.
We have other work for you.
We have a job in mind
Is it a good one
It's a beauty but we need you
- Us
For we admit humbly
And respectfully
That for trickery and thievery
You need a woman's help
Without them, we fail
Without us you fail
Don't you agree
We certainly do
Then you'll come
When you like
Right away
Just a moment
Leave if you wish
But without me
I won't go
Carmen, love, you must
You wouldn't have the heart
To leave us in the lurch
Tell us why, Carmen
I will tell you
It's because right now
I'm in love
What did she say
She's in love
Carmen, stop joking
In love
Madly in love
This comes as a surprise
Because in the past
You always found a way
To make duty march in step
With love
Friends, I would like
To go with you tonight
But this time
I must put love first
And duty second
Tonight, love before duty
- Is that your last word - Absolutely
Carmen, think again
you must come
Because, as you well know
As I well know
For trickery and thievery
You need a woman's help
Without them we fail
In love? That's no reason.
I'm in love, but I do my duty.
I've never seen you like this. Who are you waiting for?
A soldier who helped me.
The one who went to jail?
He'll be scared. I bet he won't come.
Don't bet. You'd lose.
Halt, who goes there An Alcala soldier
Where are you going Alcala soldier
Here he comes
Talk him into coming with us.
He'll refuse. He's too big a fool.
Now clear out.
Affairs of honor Affairs of the heart
For us nothing else counts
We're Alcala soldiers
- You, at last. - I just got out of jail.
You could have escaped sooner.
I sent you a file.
Angry because you went to jail?
l"d do it all over again.
Because you love me?
Your lieutenant was here with other officers.
They asked s to dance for them.
Did you dance?
Yes, and your lieutenant didn't take his eyes off me.
- Are you jealous? ...Yes, I am.
Then l"II dance just for you.
I'll dance in your honor
And you'll see, my lord
How pleasing I can be
When I dance alone
Sit there, Don JosÚ
And I'll begin
Wait a moment
I think I hear
Yes, those are our bugles
Can't you hear them
Good Try as I did
It's hard to dance without music
Hurrah for music that drops from the skies
You don't understand
That's roll call
I must return to barracks for roll call
To barracks
For roll call
What a fool I've been
I tried so hard
I worked so hard to amuse my lord
I sang, I danced
God forgive me I almost fell in love
The bugle's blowing
He's going, he's gone He ran like a rabbit
Take your hat
Your saber and your pouch
Run along, my boy
Go back to your barracks
It's wrong of you
To make fun of me
It hurts me to go
For never had a woman
Before I met you
No, never
Had a woman before you
So stirred
My heart
It hurts him to go
For never had a woman
Before he met me
No, never
Had a woman before me
So stirred
His heart
My God, it's roll call
I'll be late
He panics
Off he runs
That's what he calls
You don't believe I love you
Of course not
Then listen to me
I don't want to
Listen to me
you'll be late
I insist, Carmen
You will listen
The flower you threw at me
I kept with me in prison
Though it was withered and dry
It still retained
Its sweet perfume
And for hours on end
When I closed my eyes
That fragrance
Made my head spin
And in the darkness
I could see you
I cursed you
And hated you
I asked myself
Why did fate
Put her in my path
But these black thoughts left me
And I felt, deep inside
A single desire
To see you again, Carmen
You had only to appear
Only to glance at me
To capture my very soul
O my Carmen
To make me belong to you
I love you
No, you don't love me
you don't love me
For if you did
Up there
you'd follow me
Up there in the mountains
Up there, you'd follow me
You'd take me on your horse
And ride like the wind
You'd carry me off behind you
Up there in the mountains
If you loved me
You'd follow me
If you loved me
You'd be at no one's beck and call No officer to obey
No bugle call to tell a lover he must go
The open sky, the roving life the world your home
No law but your own
And most of all the glory of
My God
I won't listen
Betray my flag
Shame and infamy
- That I cannot do ...Then go
Carmen, please
...I don't love you ...Listen
Go I hate you
Good... bye
Very well, good-bye
Good... bye forever
Get out
Who's that
Be quiet
I'll let myself in
Here I come
Shame on you, Carmen
What a choice
It's silly
To take the soldier
When you could have his officer
Oh yes, you will
No, I won't
Damn you
This means a fight
You jealous fool
Gallant officer
Love's played a trick
A dirty trick on you
Your visit's badly timed
Which leaves us little choice
We don't want to be turned in
So we must keep you here a while
My dear sir
We'll leave here now
Come with us
For a little stroll
Do you agree
Answer, friend
I find your argument
Is a hard one to resist
But watch out
Later on, watch out
War is war
Meanwhile, officer
Be quiet, and make no trouble
Are you with us now
I have no choice
That was unkind
But I'm sure you'll change your mind
When you taste
The roving life and the world is yours
And you have no law but your own
Most of all you'll know the glory of
Listen, friend
Fortune lies ahead
But go carefully
Watch your every step
We'll stop here.
JosÚ, stand guard over there.
Paco, over there.
We'll see if the way is clear.
Carmen, let's make peace.
You don't love me.
I love you less than before.
In time I won't love you at all.
I don't like being told what to do.
I want to be free and do as I please.
Don't talk of leaving me, or...
What'll you do? Kill me?
Right That's it
Three cards here
Four cards there
Now, little cards
Tell us about the future
Tell us what's in store
Tell us who will betray us
Tell us who will love us
Speak, cards Speak
I see a fiery young lover
Who's madly in love with me
Mine's very rich and very old
But he wants to marry me
I climb on his horse
He carries me off to the mountains
Mine takes me to his castle
And treats me like a queen
I have love nothing but love
It grows wilder every day
I have gold and diamonds
Mine becomes a famous chief
Who commands a hundred men
And mine
Can it be true Yes, he dies
I'm a widow
And his heiress
Tell us more, little cards
Tell us about the future
Let me try
Diamonds, spades
There's no mistake First me
Then him
For both of us
To avoid the bitter truth
You can shuffle all you want
It's no use
The cards are honest
They never lie
In the book of fate
If you're marked for luck
Shuffle and cut without fear
Every card you pick
And turn face up
Will forecast happiness
But if you must die
If that terrible word
Is written as your fate
Try as you will
The pitiless card
Will say
Over and over
Carmen, Mercedes, come here!
I was right to scout.
We saw three customs men guarding the pass.
- Know them? - Yes.
Eusebio, Perez and BartolomÚ.
Don't worry.
We'll take care of them.
This is no time for jealousy.
Stay on guard. Vent your anger on anyone you see.
Don't come! They've gone, but they'll be back.
But I want to be seen.
l"m looking for one of them. I'm not afraid.
Then I'll leave.
I'll be where you met me.
You really want to stay?
May the saints protect you.
I say that nothing frightens me
I say I can take care of myself
But though I pretend to be brave
In my heart I'm scared to death
Alone in this wild place
All alone I'm so afraid
But I'm wrong to be so fearful
You will give me courage
You will protect me
O Lord
I want a close look at that woman
Whose cursed wiles
The man I loved
She's dangerous
She's beautiful
But I mustn't be afraid
No I mustn't be afraid
I'll speak right up to her
Lord, you will protect me
You almost blew my head off.
Who are you?
Easy there!
I'm Escamillo
The torero from Granada
- That's me - I know your name
My friend you had a close call
I know it
But I'm wildly in love
And I'd be a poor lover
Not to risk my life for my love
- Is the one you love here - Indeed she is
She's a gypsy
Her name
Her former lover
Was a soldier who deserted for her
They adored each other but it's over now, I think
Carmen's loves don't last long
Yet you love her
I do
I love her insanely
But to carry off our gypsy girls
One has to pay a price
Then I'll pay it
It's settled with knives to the death
It's all quite clear
The deserter
The soldier she loves
Or loved once must be you
Yes, it's me
Now I know where I stand
I know how you Navarrese fight
Your style won't help you here
Don't say I didn't warn you
You're at my mercy
But after all
My business is killing bulls
Not piercing men's hearts
Strike or die
This is no game
At least take a breath
En garde
En garde and beware
If you can't parry the thrust you die
My heart is glad
That it is you
Who saved my life
As for you, soldier
I'll have my revenge
We'll renew the duel
On whatever day you choose
To fight again
No more quarreling We must leave
And as for you, my friend
Good night
Allow me, before we part
To invite you all to the bullfight in Seville
I expect to shine that day
Whoever loves me will be there
Calm down, my friend
I had my say
And so
Beware, Carmen I've suffered enough
Let's go We must leave
Someone's trying to hide
A woman
A pleasant surprise
You fool
What are you doing here
I've come to take you home
To that far... off cottage
Where, in constant prayer
A mother your mother
Weeps sadly for her son
She weeps and calls to you
She weeps her arms outstretched
Take pity on her
JosÚ, come with me
Go with her
You weren't made for this work
You're telling me to go with her
Yes you'd better go
You want me to go
So you'll be free to chase after your new lover
No, I won't
Even if it costs me my life
No, Carmen I won't go
The chain that binds us
Will bind us to the end
Let go of me
I'm doomed
JosÚ, beware
I've got you
Damned girl
I'll make you obey
The fate
That binds us together
Even if it costs me my life
No, I won't leave
One more word
It'll be the last
Alas, JosÚ
Your mother is dying
And your mother
Doesn't want to die
Without forgiving you
My mother Dying
Yes, Don JosÚ
Let's go
you've got your way
I'm going
But we'll meet again
Toreador, en garde
Don't forget while you're fighting
That two dark eyes are watching you
And love awaits you
Love awaits you
For a pittance
Fans to cool you
Refreshing oranges
Programs, wine water, cigarettes
Oranges, quickly
Here comes the procession
Here come the toreros
Here they come into the square
Here comes the marshal
As they come in
Let us hail all the brave men
Long live courage
Look at those proud banderilleros
See the sparkle
Of their suits of light
Here are the picadors
How splendid they are
With their sharp lances
They'll jab the bull's flanks
The matador
Here comes the matador the swordsman
The one who ends the fight
Who appears at the climax
And stabs the bull to death
Long live Escamillo
If you love me, Carmen
You'll soon be
Proud of me
I love you, Escamillo
May I die
If I've ever loved
Anyone as much as you
A word of advice
Don't stay here
Why not
- He's here - Who is
Him Don JosÚ
He's hiding in the crowd
I see him
Be careful
He doesn't frighten me
I'll wait and talk to him
Believe me
- Be careful - I'm not afraid
- It's you - It's me
I was warned you were nearby
And were coming
I was even told to fear for my life
But I'm brave
And didn't want to run away
I'm not threatening you
I'm imploring you
I'm begging you
Let's forget, Carmen
Let's forget what happened
Let's the two of us
Begin a new life
Far from here
In another land
Impossible Carmen has never lied
Her heart will not be swayed
Between her and you
It's finished
Carmen, there's still time
O my Carmen
Let me save you
For I adore you
I know the time has come
I know you are going to kill me
But whether I live or die
I won't give in to you
Then you no longer love me
No, I don't love you anymore
But I still love you
I adore you
All this is useless
All these wasted words
Carmen, I love and adore you
If I must, to please you
I'll remain an outlaw anything you want
Anything, you hear
Just don't leave me
O my Carmen
Remember how it used to be
We loved each other once
Don't leave me, Carmen
Carmen will never yield
She was born free She'll die free
- Where are you going - Let me go
They're cheering your new lover
Let me go
you'll not get by me
You'll come with me
No, I won't
You're going to him Then you love him
I love him
And even in the face of death
I'll say I love him
I've lost my very soul
So that you
Could run to my rival
And laugh at me in his arms
No, you won't go
you'll come with me
No, never
I'm weary of threatening you
All right
Then stab me or let me go
For the last time, demon
Will you come with me
This ring
That you once gave me
Take it
Then die
My beloved Carmen
You can arrest me
I killed her
My beloved Carmen
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