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Subtitles for Carne trmula.

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Carne trmula

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A State of Emergency...
...has been declared...
...throughout the country.
The Articles affecting...
...freedom of speech,...
...freedom of residence,
...freedom of association...
...and Habeas Corpus...
...have been suspended.
Move your ass!
Minority actions,|systematically carried out... order to disturb|public order in Spain...
...have been occurring|in recent months...
...and are obviously...
...part of an international plot.
The defense of peace|and progress in Spain...
...and of the rights|of Spaniards,... desired by|all sectors of society,...
...obliges the Government|to take urgent measures...
...whichwill put an end|to these outbreaks.
Therefore, invokingthe powers|set out by Law,... particular|those contained... the following articles:...
Doa Centro, what's up?
You get backto work,|I'll see to it.
Don't shout, you'llwake up|the neighborhood.
I feel awful!
-Like my guts are scrambled.|-Don't exaggerate.
Youweren't exaggerating,|far from it.
Get up, love, you're in labor.|We have to getyou dressed.
Isabelita, you really|put one over on me.
When you came to this house,|youweren't exactly alone.
Be careful,|come on, that's it.
Wait, I have to close the door!
Take it slowly.
Going into labor tonight!|You might have warned me.
-How was I to know?|-Well, if you didn't...
-But I can't count.|-lgnorance, what a terrible thing!
Stop! Stop!
Come on, lean here.
Centro, for God's sake!
Stop! Stop, dammit!
Fucking hell!
Now, don't worry.
Come on, love,|hurry, hurry.
Are you crazy, or what?|I could have killedyou!
These high heelswill kill me.
You can't get on. I'm going|backto the depot now.
My friend's in labor.
What do youwant me to do?
I toldyou not to get on.
Sit down there, love.
Don't do this.|Please, get off.
You don't have to adopt the baby!|Just get us to a hospital!
But I'm off duty.|Don'tyou understand?
Ma'am, it isn't my bus.
Take it easy, hang on!|Close your legs! Breathe!
Fuck, 30,000 drivers in Madrid|and it happens to me.
Now, don't cry!
If idiots like us didn't decide|to give birth occasionally,...
...the worldwould be empty,|or full of old people.
See, the cologne|cools you down.
-lt's falling.|-Press your legs together.
I mean the angel.
It looks like|it's goingto jump.
As if the poor thing|wantedto kill itself.
I've wet myself.
No, it isn't that, love.|You've broken your waters.
Stop, please! My friend's|broken her waters!
I'll parkwhere we won't|be in the way!
Putyour legs up here.
That's it, nowthe other one.
Take it easy.
Don't worry, I'mwith you.
Let's go for it.
Come on, that's it.
Push, push, push!
Keep going!
That's good!
Very good! Keep going!
Push, push, push!
Driver! Come and help me!
Keep going!
That's it! There it is!
It's a boy!
And he's real rowdy, eh?
Just what we need!
First of all,|we have to tie the cord.
Have you got anything|to tie the umbilical cord?
I know, your shoelaces.|Give them to me.
You did really well.
Does he have everything?
Everything?|This kid's got it all.
Your other shoelace.
And now we have to cut the cord.
Have you got scissors?|Anythingto cut with?
-No, no.|-God, you've got nothing!
I know!|I'll cut it with my teeth.
This doesn't hurt.
Give me a cloth for the baby.
-Poor little thing.|-Here, take this.
My baby!
There he is now!|There's your baby!
My baby!
Aren'tyou beautiful!
Now where do we go?
To the hospital, she's in no|shape to come home with me.
Hold him tight, you're very weak.|Don't drop him.
You mustn't fall asleep.
Careful, we're moving.
You can't go to sleep.|Look at howbeautiful he is.
The pains have started again!
That's the placenta.
Give me the baby.
You have to push again.
You have to get it all out.
Come on, love. Push.
Hurry up,|thiswoman's bleeding!
We're on our way!
Rest for a while.
You couldn't wait, couldyou?
Youwere in a big hurry to get|to Madrid, and here you are.
-What are you goingto call him?|-Victor.
Look, Victor.
In the heart of Madrid,...
...defyingthe harshweather,...
...a youngwoman has given birth...
...inside a City bus.
The news of this|unexpected birth...
...has been greetedwith delight.
The Mayor presentedthe baby|with his first layette...
...and named him honorary citizen.
The Director of the City|Transport Company...
...was not to be outdone,...
...and, accompanied by|the Chief Councillor...
...andtheir respective wives,...
...presentedthe mother and son...
...with lifetime passes...
...which entitle them to free use...
...of the bus service.
With such enviable prospects,...
...we can assure the impatient|young man...
...a "life onwheels".
Down in the Coto Doana|they've killed,...
...they've killed my dog.
A deer among|the green rockrose...
...he was following.
Throughout all of Andalusia...'ll never find another dog|like my dog.
Dogs! That's howthey treat us|andthat'swhat we are.
Look at the lambs|we have to protect.
He was so happy|when he returned,...
...he took such care...
...bringing my flockbackto me.
He was the key to my farm,...
...andthe guardian|of my flocks.
There wasn't a wolf|that would come near...
...the lambs on the riverbank.
He was the bravest of the brave...
Look at them.
Stealing, scheming,...
...betraying and corrupting|each other.
There'll never be another dog|like my dog.
We're the guardians|of a sickflock.
Here, have a drink|to celebrate it.
No, thanks, you drink enough|for both of us.
It's me.
What are you doing?
Watering plants.
Are you angry?
Not angry, bruised.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry I left like I did.
Forgive me?
Sancho, I don't like|discussingthis on the phone.
Well, we'lltalklater, all right?
I'll be home as soon as I can.
So long, my darling.
My wife's cheating on me.
Clara's sleepingwith someone.
Come on, Sancho,|don't talkrubbish.
I don't know what to do.
Try drinking less.
Non-drinkers think|not drinking solves it all.
I really don't think|alcohol helps you.
If I don't drink,|I'll kill her.
Quit talking shit!
It's the only way|a womanwon't cheat.
Of course, I could kill him.
But I don't know who he is.
Could it be one of them?
To thinkthat any of those creeps|could go screwmy wife...
...while I'mworking.
Just the thought makes me sick.
No, my father isn't here.|You can come around.
Learn to wait?
I don't give a fuck|what Lou Reed says!
If you aren't here in 15 minutes,|I'll callthe Pirate.
Yeah, she sells shit,|but at least it's something.
Bring me some candy bars too.|It'll save me going down.
Yes, who's that?
Victor who?
The guy from last Saturday.
What guy?
The one you screwed|in the toilets, remember?
I was very high.
We arrangedto meet tonight.
I'm about to go out.
With a friend.|Call another day.
A friend?|Butyou arrangedto meet me!
I toldyou, I forgot!
But I've broughtyou a pizza.|You saidyou likedthem.
This guy's dumb!
It's stillwarm.
Then you eat it!
I've changed my mind.|Don't call me again.
Next stop's Eduardo Dato.
We've done a full circuit|of Madrid.
I know.
Aren'tyou getting out?
No, I'm going on.
Where to?
I don't know. Nowhere.
Nowhere? This isn't a hotel.|You must be going somewhere.
I'm not. So what?
Goingto stay here all night?
I'll get out...
It better be soon.|Andwatch it.
So she hadto go out.|Liar!
Howlong ago did he leave?
Tell me the truth,|or I'll go somewhere else.
There he is!
About fuckingtime!|Come up!
Wait in the sitting room.
But don't touch anything.
What are you doing here?
-You let me in.|-Me?
I thoughtyouwere somebody else.
Well, it's me.
Andwe made a date a week ago.
Who do youthink|you are, anyway?
Youwere expecting|a dealer, right?
What's it to you, asshole?|Get out!
Watch it, eh?
I wasn't rude to you.
I'll go when I get|an explanation.
Fuck, don't take it that way.
ljust wantedto talk|for a while.
I metyou a week ago.
We had a really great fuck.
It was my first time.
You know what that is?
And it's the first time|I've stolen in a pizzeria.
I did it to be with you.
Get out.
Can'tyou see I'm pointing|a gun atyou?
Get out of here!
Just because you came between|my legs the other night...
...youthinkyou can sneakin here|demanding explanations?
What is this, you shit?
Don't insult me!
Areally great fuck? Jerk-off,|you didn't even stickit in!
You've got a lot to learn!
Shut up!
At that moment, I was sure that|it was I who killedthe woman.
And I assure youthat this morbid|thought gave me a certain pleasure.
A woman has reported...
...hearingwhat may be a shot|in her building.
N 18, Eduardo Dato St.
The caller lives|on the secondfloor.
That's near here.
-Night K to H 50.|-Go ahead, Night K.
We heardyour message.|We're on Eduardo Dato Bridge.
We'll checkit out.
Very well. The caller|didn't seem too sure.
When you've finished,|call in your report.
We'll do that.
Still here?
I wasn't goingto leave you|here unconscious.
Who do youtake me for?
It really hurts!
You cut my head.
Get out, or I'll callthe cops.
Oh, God, I need a fix!
Someone called downstairs.|I saidyouweren't in.
He was pissed off. He had|some candy bars for you.
Are you crazy?
Youwant me to hityou again?
There's N 18.
-Who is it?|-Police, we got a call.
Yes, that was me.
My friend here says I'm crazy|but I swear I heard a shot.
-lt was the TV.|-lt wasn't the TV!
Can you let us in, lady?
The lady of the house|is away at present.
-We're the domestic staff.|-Just open the fucking door!
There's an armed lunatic in there|about to rape your neighbor!
-That's allyouthink of.|-See, it's Elena!
Give me the radio.
Lay off!
I'll go first, you cover me.
But, Sancho,...
...we need backup.|This is a rathole!
Youwant to wait tillthat girl|is raped and killed?
Of course I don't,|but this isn't the way.
Scared shitless isn't either.
I'm scared because I haven't|drunktwo bottles of whiskey...
...and no one's screwing|my wife!
What was that?|Never mention Clara again!
Cool it, Sancho! Shit!
There's the door.
Now what do we do?|How do we get in?
Give me the radio,|we'll call a squad car.
-We have to get in.|-And how do we do that?
We knock.
Don't take the gun.
It's my father's.
There's your fucking gun.
Police, open up!
Open up!
Don't move, or I'll shoot!
Take it easy!|Let the girl go!
Why are you here?|I haven't done anything!
Tellthem it's a mistake.
-lt's your mistake, asshole.|-Sancho!
I haven't done anything!
That cut on her face?
What cut?
I'm sorry, did I hurtyou?|It must have happened now!
Let her go,|or I'll rip your balls off!
-Sancho, don't provoke him!|-Don'tyou provoke me!
What's your name?
Victor... Plaza.
I knowthere's an explanation|for allthis.
Put down the gun.
Let me have the girl,...
...then you can explain it all.
All right, but tell him|to stop aiming at my balls.
Let her go, or I'll bounce them|off the wall!
Give me your gun!
What are you doing?
You've flipped.
You're aiming at a superior!
I'm aiming at a lunatic|and a drunk.
Give me your gun.
Victor, here's the deal.|My partner will give me his gun.
Then you put down yours.
Let me have...|What's your name?
Pleasedto meetyou.
All right?
Yeah, well...
All right. Sancho, give|me your fucking gun!
Let me go!
Victor, take it easy, all right?
We made a deal.|Nowit's your turn.
-Yeah, but what'll happen to me?|-Nothing at all.
Put down the gun.
Put it down, please.
That's the way.|Miss...
Put down the gun.
Drop the gun!
Sancho, drop the gun!
Sancho, please!|Fuckit!
What are you doing?|Get out of here!
Go! Get out!
At the Barcelona '92|Paralympics,...
...Spain haswon a medal|inwheelchair basketball.
The Spanish team|beatArgentina 56-52.
The ball is passedto no. 5,|David de Paz,...
...undoubtedly the best in the game.
De Paz holds out against the|Argentinian defense and shoots.
In the stands, a special spectator|celebrates the decisive shot.
It's Elena Benedetti, hiswife.
David de Paz, an ex-policeman|paralyzed by a bullet...
...has had an excellent tournament...
What I want... for youto suffer...
...the way I suffer.
And I'll learn to pray... make it happen.
What I want... for youto feel... useless... an empty whiskey glass... someone's hands.
And I want the heart|in your breast... feel as if it belonged|to someone else,...
...and it hurt.
I wish you death...
...wherever you are.
And I'll learn to pray... make it happen.
Dear Son,|I've got cancer.
I won't last|untilyou get out of jail.
I'm leavingyouthe house,|if it isn't demolishedfirst,...
...and my savings, if this|disease doesn't eat them up.
I know I wasn't a good mother.
Whatever I had,|I sharedwith you,...
...but all I got from the street|was misery.
I'm sendingthe photo|andthe news clipping....
Mother,...'ll be gladto know|I'm not on drugs.
Nor have I contactedAIDS.
I study a lot.
I spendthe day goingto classes|on education, metalwork,...
...handicrafts,|and even theology.
That way I reduce my sentence,|and learn aswell.
A Bulgarian inmate|is teaching me Bulgarian.
I'm readingthe Bible too.
Right now, I'm into Genesis.
You'llthink I'm cracked,...
...but if I don't want to go mad|I must keep my mind busy,...
...not think.
Hello, mother.
I got out two days ago.
I've been cleaningthe house|since then.
It was a mess!
I went to the banktoday.
For my inheritance.
150,000 pesetas.
On my way here,...
...I was tryingto work out...
...howmany tricks|you hadto turn... save 150,000 pesetas.
At the very least,...
I get the same amount|without ever havingfucked.
It isn't fair.
However you look at it,|it isn't fair!
-I'm sorry, Elena.|-Thankyou.
Ma'am, I'm a friend of David.
Elena, mi dispiace molto.|Ti sono molto vicino.
Mi dispiace molto.
Ti sono molto vicino.
-ljust want to say I'm sorry.|-Si...
Chi ?
I workwith Elena|at El Fontanar.
Ma'am, my deepest sympathy.
-You need more?|-No, that's enough.
-Chief...|-What is it?
May I take some flowers|for my mother's grave?
Take allyouwant. I don't think|Mr. Benedetti will mind.
-Thanks a lot.|-You're welcome.
We're just about finished.
-You need any more?|-Just a bit.
"El Fontanar|Children's Shelter"
"Be brave, Elena. We love you|and needyou. From all of us."
Is this the funeral|for Mr. Benedetti?
This is the grave,|but the family left ages ago.
I've beenwandering around here|like azombie.
It was really dull. Andthey|allwent off in a terrible hurry.
-I was disappointed.|-Are you a friend of the family?
Of Elena, really.|All I knowabout her father... that he was an ltalian|diplomat, and he had a gun.
Actually, I know David best.
Youthinkthey're happy?
The dead?
I wonder that too.
No, I meant David and Elena.
I don't know! Askthem!
Do you knowher?
-Or rather, didyou knowher?|-Notvery well.
She was my mother.
I left my car at one|of the cemetery gates.
If you help me find it,|I'll give you a lift.
It's a deal.
Honestly, I've got absolutely|no sense of direction.
I'd get lost|in my own backyard.
Can you remember|the model and color?
Come on, I'm not that loopy!
My God,|this looks like Sarajevo!
-lt's goingto be expropriated.|-When?
I don't know. They're going|to build a big avenue.
"The Prince of Asturias".
Can I offer you a drink?
To be honest, a drink|would help warm me up.
The furniture's coming...
-Maybe we should leave it...|-But I can buy you a drink.
-Look, 150,000 pesetas.|-No, another day...
Listen, I didn't steal it.|This is an inheritance.
-An inheritance, get it?|-What's the matter?
My name's Clara. And don't get|angry, we'll meet another day.
All right, I'm sorry.
My name's Victor.
'Bye, Victor.|See you again.
Ti sono molto vicino.
What didyou say?
Cool, dude...
Even cooler.
Up you go.
I saw Victor Plaza|at the funeral.
Are you sure?
I didn't see him.
You hadyour backto him.
Youwere goingto the car|with Sancho.
Fucking son of a bitch!
Did he say anything?
He sympathizedwith me.
He's a psychopath.
How did he know|about the funeral?
I don't know.
Maybe he followedyou.
We have to tellthe police.
No, David, don't do anything.
I'm not goingto let that madman|follow you around.
We can't report him for expressing|his sympathy to me in public.
People think charity is giving away|the worst things you have.
And it isn't that.
Sure, we get lots of worn out|tee-shirts,...
...but what about anoraks?
We'll have to hit Elena|for money again.
You knowthis is illegal entry?
I don't give a fuck.
Why were you in the cemetery|the other day, spying on my wife?
I wasn't spying on anyone.
My mother died|while I was inside.
ljust happenedto be near|your fuckingfuneral.
You always happen to be|where you shouldn't.
I'm not as lucky as you.
You alwayswin,|even in the worst moments.
If you go near my wife again,...
...l'll crackyour skull.
What a goal!
What a fucking goal!
Look, look, look!
Didyou see that dribble?
Caminero's a knock-out!
You're fucking great!
Well, Victor.
I've warnedyou.
Help me,|I've broughtyou something.
We put it like this.|See how good it looks?
-Nowit's a sofa.|-Great.
And it opens into a bed.
Thanks a lot.
-Here, readthis.|-A Bible.
Yes, it's my Bible.
-What's this?|-Read it.
Go on, read it.
Tonsillectomy in childhood.
-No toxic addictions.|-Not one.
-Hemoglobin. Hemato... What?|-Hematocrits.
Anti-HIV, negative.
So, I'm real healthy.
Yes, you are.
I didn't tellyou before...
I've just got out of jail.
-Hot, isn't it?|-Nice...
What is that?
Bulgarian. It means...
...lf youwant,|we can open the futon.
Stop looking.
I've never seen anything|like it.
Me neither.
Come here.
Here I go.
How was it?
-I didn't even notice.|-I don't have much experience.
-Why don'tyouteach me?|-You can't teach that.
You can teach anything.|And I learn fast.
I want to become|"The Best Lover in the World".
Tell me the things|you like to do,...
...whatyouthink about|when you masturbate.
I've got time to learn.
Look, Victor, youtreated me|like a hen's ass.
Christ, what a putdown!
First of all, don't dive at|my pussy so fast.
I mustn't dive at it.
Not to eat it,...
...or stickit in.
You have to prepare it first.
And don't worry, it'lltellyou|when it's ready.
How will it tell me?
-lt'lltellyou. You'll notice.|-I hope so.
That's the first lesson.|Making love involves two people.
Great! Andthe second?
-Hi, Clemen, howare things?|-Amess.
I hadto send Josep home|before he gave us allthe flu.
-Howare the kids?|-Fine, a volunteer turned up.
-Does he have references?|-He knows a lot about boilers.
-Has he fixed ours?|-He has.
-Great! But who is he?|-Well, he studied Education.
He's promisedto stay the whole|year. I took a real shine to him.
I can see that!
When he sawthat I was so busy,|he offeredto help with the kids.
Andthey're having a ball.|They're just crazy about him!
Mr. Wolf! Come over here!
Victor, this is Elena.
She's the big boss.
Miguel!|You're obsessedwith legs.
Let go!
Pleasedto meetyou.
-What are you doing, Victor?|-Me? I'm helping.
By following me|like a psychopath?
I'm not followingyou.
Since you got out,|I see you everywhere.
I'm sorry, but we live|in the same city.
-I don't thinkyou can stay.|-Why not?
Clemen saidthat... teaching diploma|was acceptable.
Your diploma! When did|you study teaching?
In jail, by correspondence.
Didyoutell Clemen|thatyouwere in jail?
What's up?
I can't stay because|I've been in jail?
It was your fault.
What is this?
An NGO or a ministry?
This is a shelter for 12 children|who have suffered enough.
I don't want our problems|to affect them.
"Youwill be damned|in the town,...
...and in the country.
Damnedwill be the fruit of your|body, the produce of your soil.
Youwill be damned coming in...
...and going out."
Chapter 28.
Moseswas thinking of me|when he wrote it.
Lesson number 11.|What's it to be today?
Whatever youwant.
No, no, no,|not whatever I want.
Lesson number 11.
The greatest pleasure for a woman|in love is pleasing her man.
Clara, don't fall in love|with me.
You should have|warned me before.
What are you doing here?
I live here.
I marriedyou long before|you gotAlzheimer's.
Where were you?
I was at a class all morning.
Dance class?
Yeah, dance class.|What are you cooking?
Bull's tail in brandy.
Are we celebrating something?
Our 12th anniversary.|I tookthe afternoon off.
God, I'd completely forgotten!
I'm sorry.
I can see that.
Go inside, I'll see to this.
Willyoufix me a drink?
You lie down like a guy|to watch TV.
I never knewthat|only men lay on the sofa.
So now you know.
I'm tired.
Well, you've been busting|your ass dancing.
You quit seven years ago.|Why start again now?
Maybe I'll go backto dancing.
I needto be busy.
Then take care of us.
Sancho, why don't we separate?
Why don't we separate?
As long as I love you,|you're not leaving me!
One day, I'll stop|being afraid of you.
And I feelthat day|isn't too far off.
I have to get back|to the kitchen.
And never hit me again!
It hurts me more than you.
Allthe more reason!
You stay here.
I'll set the table.
Forgive me.
Even though you may not|believe it,... God is my witness,...
...thiswill be our last meeting.
Youwill understand...
...that even if you pretend... be in terrible pain,...'re not goingto die.
But abandon now...
...that illusion.
To no one in the world....
...shall I give my heart.
Return my love so I may kill it.
Return the tenderness I showed.
You don't deserve to keep it.
You mean nothingto me now.
Give me backmy mother's rosary.
Everything else you may keep.
Your things I'll sendyou|any evening.
For you are not|to see me anymore.
I'd do anythingfor the kids,|butyou owe me two months.
The Council is slow|in paying us.
That ltalianwoman's loaded.|She can fork out.
Really, Rosa.
Clemen, we're going|to the dentist.
If he mentions the bill,|get him to call me.
400,000 pesetas...
-ls my wife here?|-Shall I get her?
No, it's all right, thanks.
Come on,|just give me two days.
Well, go and buy them|this afternoon.
Thanks, Elena.
Hello, David.
You look awful.|Are you alright?
I saw Victor come in here.
He works as a volunteer.
Please, don't make a scene.
How couldyou accept him?
I didn't. I came in one day|and he was here.
I don't understand.
This isn't the army.
I can't countermandthe others|without giving a reason.
AndVictor's a goodworker.
What can I do?
-Victor, can'tyou see I'm busy?|-Excuse me.
-I'd like a word before you go.|-Yes, I'd like that too.
Wouldyou mind|leaving us alone?
Yes, I'd mind a lot!
Don't worry, my love.|Nothingwill happen.
This is the last place|where you should have met.
Victor, let's talk clearly.
That womanwho's just gone out|is my wife.
I'm crazy about her.
I'd do anythingto defend her,|because she's all I have.
And like all cripples,|I've got a filthy temper.
I'm sure you love your wife|and have a filthy temper.
But it's not my business.
Come on!
It is a bit, I think.
Before I metyou, I looked up|at the sun, the stars, the moon.
Since I metyou,|I have to look down.
I have to look at dog shit|so I don't stain my hands,... curbs so I don't|crackmy skull!
You condemned me to look down!
I didn't condemn you|to anything!
I don't give a shit|if youfired by accident!
It wasn't an accident!
-You mean you did it on purpose?|-lt wasn't me who shotyou!
It was Sancho!|Clara told me.
How could he have shot me?|You hadthe gun.
Get off!
Victor, get off!|Let me go, please!
Victor, please!
I didn't want to press the trigger!|I didn't want to shootyou!
-Take the gun!|-What are you doing?
Putyour finger on the trigger,|but don't press it.
I pressedthe trigger,...
...but Sancho pressed my finger.
He did it because|youwere screwing hiswife.
Clara wantedto leave him|for you.
He knewthat.
That'swhy he shotyou.
I spoke to|"Messengers of Peace"
They have a house|for childrenwithAIDS.
I'm seeingthem tomorrow.
If they accept me,|I'll leave El Fontanar.
I've already toldthe others.
How can you leave?
Thisway, Victor will have|no excuse to see me.
I thoughtyou'd be pleased.
No, and I don't like|you being a martyr.
How can the others letyou leave?|You set up that house.
I'm not abandoningthem,|I'll still help financially.
What about the kids?|Your kids.
I don't know|how I'll leave them.
But I can't think about myself.
Come here, Elena.
Come on, we'll smoke a joint|and relax a bit, all right?
We've both had...
...a tough day.
Come on.
-You lookpretty relaxedto me.|-I've already smoked one.
What didyou andVictor|talk about?
-Didn't he tellyou?|-No.
I didn't askhim.
I'm askingyou.
So what didyoutalk about?
About the shooting.
Victor says it wasn't him.
But he hadthe gun.|I don't understand.
There are things|I never toldyou.
They happened before I metyou.
I was very close to Sancho.
And also to Clara.
Specially to Clara.
Let it out,|insult me if youwant.
Do whatever youwant,|but say something.
Say something!
Go to sleep, Aitor.
Be careful, you'll catch cold.
I needed some air.
Davidtold me|about the shooting.
I can imagine how|you must have hated me,... you still hate me.
How could I hate you?
Do I looklike I hate you now?
Until recently all I wantedwas|to get revenge on youtwo.
I even had a plan.
-Aplan of revenge?|-Yes.
Aridiculous plan.
Of allthat happened|that night,...
...what hurt me most was|thatyou called me jerk-off...
...and said I couldn't fuck.
I swore I'd make you|eat those words some day.
Worst of all, it was true.
So I decidedthat|when I got out of jail...
...l'd become|the world's best lover.
My planwas to spend|a whole night with you.
Duringthat night,|I'dfuckyou non-stop,...
...until I splityou in two.
I'd give you more pleasure|than you'd ever dreamed of.
And naturally,|youwouldfallfor me.
But I'd dump you,...
...and I'd never go backto you,|not even if you begged me.
That was my revenge.
That was my plan.
Good-bye, Victor.
Don't go so quickly.
I'm leaving in a few days.
I suppose we won't meet again.
In order to forget Elena,...
...I got a job, and started|readingthe Bible again,... I did in jail.
On the first day,...
...God createdthe night|so that lovers couldn't sleep.
He createdwater so that it would|drip constantly from market roofs.
And he createdfish,|not to fillthe seaswith them,...
...but so that I could|unloadthem before dawn,...
...and, in that way,|not think about Elena...
...and not go insane.
What a fright, baby!|Give me a kiss.
Give me a kiss!
Squeeze me, come on.
-Where were youthese two weeks?|-ln Portugal.
-You smell different.|-lt's fish. What were you doing?
-Tourism, and a cure.|-Tourism.
Didn'tyou get my card?
I couldn't tellyou before.
Sancho suspects something,... he's reforming|to try to win me back.
We evenwent to a clinic.
-The bastard's stopped drinking.|-Andyou?
I'm drinking even more,|can'tyou see?
I'm goingto shower.
No, nothing, I'm tired.
I'mworking at the market now,|aswell as at the Shelter.
Unloading crates.
-Why are youworking so hard?|-What do you mean, why?
I can't leech off youforever.
Why not?
The things you say...
We must stop meeting.
Don't tell me that.
I don't want anythingfrom you.
Just to see you occasionally.
We both have to sort out|our lives,...
...we must do it separately.
But why?
I'm not askingyouto love me!
I love you enough|for both of us.
Clara, do you notice|an odd smell?
Clara, I smell something odd.
Christ, the frying pan!
Are you crazy?
What's up with you?
Christ! Shit!
Fucking hell!
-I thoughtyouweren't coming.|-I'd a problem at home.
They're asleep,|it's all been done.
Great, thanks a lot.
Go see your girl.|And happy birthday!
Kiss her for me.
I didn't know youwere here.
I came to get my things|from the office.
Don't go. If anyone has to go|it's me.
Be quiet.
Promise thatyouwon't|lookfor me,...
...andwe won't meet again.
Promise me.
Yes, I promise.
We are an impossible dream...
...seekingthe night... forget in its shadows...
...the world and all else.
We, in our daydream,...
...painful and beloved,...
...two leaves that the wind...
...brought together inAutumn.
We are two beings in one...
...who, loving each other, die... keep the secret...
...of their love.
But what will life matter...
...whenwe are separated?
We are two teardrops... a song.
But what will life matter...
Dawn's breaking.
We are two teardrops... a song.
Nothing more...
...are we,...
...nothing more.
-David...|-Yes, did I wake you?
I didn't expectyou so soon.
I came back on my own|from Seville, in a taxi.
I didn't wait for the team.
Go to sleep,|you must be exhausted.
No, I'm not tired.
What's up? Not in the mood?
It isn't that.
It hurts.
It hurts?
How come?
I was fucking all night.
What are you doing?
I'm leaving.
To go where?
Far away.
Clara, don't start.
Give me an alka-seltzer,|my head's exploding.
Let me past.
Why not forget last night?
Take it easy, Clara.
Give me the keys|and let me go.
We deserve another chance.
We've hadtoo many.
Get out of the way.
I can change.
I proved it last week, didn't I?
-Fuck, forgive me!|-I forgive you.
Who was it?
Knowingthat won't help you.
You doing it hasn't helped me.
It was Victor.
Bastard! I knewit!
It was my fault.
It won't happen again.
Why should I believe you?
I never lie, David.
That's true.
Yes, you're offensively honest.
What willyou do now?
Stay with you,|if you don't throwme out.
Didn'tyou enjoy it?
I didn't say that.
Thenwhy the fuck stay with me?
You need me more than he does.
Right, I'll keep exploiting|your guilt complex.
David, open the door!
What are you doing?
So long.
Please, open the door!
-Where are you going?|-Training.
Are you sure?
Of course I'm sure.
Who are youworried about,|me or him?
The three of us.
Who did he speakto?
Clara, is thatyou?
Clara, answer me.
Wherever you hide,|I swear I'llfindyou.
This time you've had|a serious row.
No, not at all.
We were doing really well.
I'd stopped drinking.
But she flipped out,...
...and belted me|with her beauty case.
Is that a bullet wound?
Yes, but she didn't mean|to hit me. It's just a scratch.
If you'd hadyour backto her,|you could've ended up like me.
I wouldn't mind ending up|in a wheelchair...
...if I could get Clara back.
You stupid bastard.
-You got any coke?|-Coke?
No, why do youwant it?
I don't want to cry.
Cocaine dries up your tears.|It cools you down.
Let me help you.
Come on, let me help you.
Give me that.
Thanks, David.
What didyouwant to tell me?
Clara sentyou, right?
Clara hasn't seen me in ages.
But I've seen her.
You love Crispies.|Why won'tyou eat them?
Andwhat's up with you? You're|big enough to feedyourself.
Oh, he didn't like that at all!
-Hello, Clemen, this is Elena.|-Hi, Elena. What's up?
Is Victor there?
No, he isn't.
Where is he?
Listen, Elena.
You saidyou didn't want|to see him.
It's important.
You saidthat if he asked|for your address...
...we weren't to give it,|and now...
Now I'm askingfor his.|What is it?
Really, I can't believe this.
Don't thinkthat|because youfund us... have the right|to boss us around.
Don't torture me.|I've tortured myself enough.
Don't get like that.
Victor lives in La Ventilla,|in one of the pre-fabs.
Not only did she fix up|his house,...
...he's been screwing her|since he got out of jail!
Where does he live?
My boy!
Dear Victor,...
...l'd like youto keep this note|amongthe pages of your Bible,...
...alongwith the things|you most love.
When you readthis, I will|be dead, or running away.
You mustn't feel responsible,|or pity me.
When I came to your door, I knew|I'd end up like this neighborhood,...
...expropriated and destroyed.
But I have no regrets,|nor do I blame you, my love.
Before I metyou, I was already|condemnedto disappear.
I'm leavingyour key|and some money.
I couldn't get any more because|I'm running away from Sancho.
Get out of Madrid.
I know you have more reason|than ever to stay now,...
...but Elena will|understandtoo.
Keep away from Sancho.
It would be pointless|to confront him.
People like you and me|weren't born to kill.
We may hurt others,...
...I would even say we have|a special gift for that,...
...but we don't killthem.
There he is.
I'm sure it's him.
I knowthe way|he hammers on doors.
Good-bye, Victor.
Where's Victor?
He's gone, he doesn't|live here anymore.
Where does he live?
I don't know.
What are we goingto do now?
Shoot each other?
Tell me another way to settle it.
That depends on you.
This sums up my life.
Dragging myself along|to be near you.
I should have ripped|your balls off that night.
What's keepingyou?
Will I have to shoot|for you again?
You stole six years of my life.
You stole much more from me.
Clara didn't belongto you.
Your life didn't belongto you.
No one ever owns|his youth,...
...or the women he loves.
It can't be!
What are you doing here?
Elena, I'm in Miami.
I'm spendingthe holiday here|with some friends.
It's my first Christmas|in the sun,...
...andthe first in six years|withoutyou.
Although it hurts me|to admit it,...
...I understandyou|more than ever.
I understandyour lack|of joy,....
...why I so rarely|saw you laugh.
Don't feel guilty about|anything, I'm to blame...
...for what happened|in Eduardo Dato.,...
...andfor the massacre|in La Ventilla.
Look on this declaration of guilt... a declaration of love,...
...and as my Christmas gift.
Is it time?
Come on!
-Hurry.|-Whichway do I go?
-The fastest way!|-Where's that?
-Through the center.|-No, we'll never make it.
Everyone'swatchingthe big|soccer game. We'll make it.
Come on, breathe.
Hang on, my love.
Andyou, don't be so impatient.
Come on, love,|do the seal.
Come on, Josep, the seal!
The contractions!
Don't be so impatient.|Hang on.
I'lltry to convince him.
I know exactly how youfeel.
26 years ago, I was in the same|situation, about to be born.
Butyou're much luckier|than I was.
It's so different now.
Look at the sidewalk,|full of people.
When I was born, there wasn't|a soul on the street.
People were shut up|at home, scared shitless.
Fortunately for you, son,... Spain, we stopped|being scared a longtime ago.
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