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Subtitles for Cartouche.

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:02:29.60,00:02:32.32 Stop, thief! Stop, thief! 00:03:07.04,00:03:08.04 Thirsty, eh? 00:03:12.32,00:03:14.84 Oh, you and the girls! Hurry -- let's go! 00:03:14.96,00:03:16.04 I'll come back. 00:03:26.44,00:03:28.20 Back there! Make room! 00:03:35.20,00:03:36.20 Monkeys! 00:03:40.04,00:03:41.72 - Am I late?[br]- A little. 00:03:41.80,00:03:42.80 Well, here I am. 00:03:52.36,00:03:53.72 Please, Madame. 00:03:58.16,00:04:00.72 Away, away from there... 00:04:15.72,00:04:17.24 He wanted to help me. 00:04:17.68,00:04:18.64 That swine? 00:04:20.56,00:04:21.84 Make him bow. 00:04:25.20,00:04:26.24 Lower! 00:04:38.04,00:04:40.12 - One day I'll...[br]- Look -- It's hers. 00:04:41.28,00:04:42.96 - Bravo![br]- Who is she? 00:04:43.40,00:04:45.68 Madame de Ferrussac,[br]the wife of the head of Police. 00:04:45.76,00:04:46.84 They're starting. 00:04:47.52,00:04:48.96 Not without him. 00:04:57.04,00:04:59.72 Here comes the culprit. 00:05:01.40,00:05:02.60 He looks so young. 00:05:37.16,00:05:38.64 I'll never get used to it. 00:05:39.64,00:05:41.48 You'd be the only one. 00:05:54.80,00:05:55.80 What has he done? 00:05:56.32,00:05:58.16 He stole two apples. 00:06:20.20,00:06:22.64 Spare him nothing. 00:06:39.48,00:06:42.12 Take a good look.[br]Our turn tomorrow! 00:06:42.56,00:06:44.20 Tomorrow? 00:06:44.72,00:06:45.72 Don't worry. 00:07:11.20,00:07:12.20 Let's go. 00:07:18.88,00:07:20.24 All for Malichot? 00:07:20.44,00:07:23.76 His share...[br]and watch out if you don't... 00:07:28.96,00:07:30.88 You're not scared of Malichot? 00:07:31.48,00:07:33.40 He's our leader -- and don't forget it. 00:07:33.64,00:07:34.80 You're hurting me. 00:07:35.60,00:07:39.44 Good evening, Dominique.[br]Good evening, Louison. 00:07:51.76,00:07:53.44 Good evening, sparrow brain. 00:08:00.64,00:08:01.44 Malichot in? 00:08:01.52,00:08:03.48 He's coming down now. 00:08:10.48,00:08:11.44 Clumsy! 00:08:21.16,00:08:22.56 Get a sniff of the perfume! 00:08:22.60,00:08:23.84 Smells like a pig sty... 00:08:23.92,00:08:25.36 And this is a good day! 00:08:25.48,00:08:27.08 Had a good day, eh? 00:08:27.16,00:08:28.40 Yes, handsome. 00:08:28.84,00:08:30.40 Some get all the luck, eh! 00:08:30.64,00:08:32.68 Trust Dominique to get his way. 00:08:32.76,00:08:33.76 Thanks, sweetie. 00:08:34.92,00:08:35.92 How about Malichot? 00:08:36.00,00:08:36.92 Here I am! 00:08:46.48,00:08:47.48 So am l. 00:08:54.00,00:08:55.36 Feeling proud? 00:08:55.44,00:08:58.16 I've got every reason to be. 00:09:03.84,00:09:04.60 That's all? 00:09:06.20,00:09:07.20 I forgot. 00:09:09.48,00:09:10.44 Amusing... 00:09:18.52,00:09:19.52 For you. 00:09:20.84,00:09:21.84 That's all? 00:09:22.36,00:09:23.12 Excuse me. 00:09:37.20,00:09:38.40 Next. 00:09:48.92,00:09:50.08 Crafty. 00:09:50.24,00:09:51.48 Look me in the face. 00:09:53.52,00:09:54.48 Search him. 00:10:00.80,00:10:02.24 Not sharing any more? 00:10:03.68,00:10:04.68 All right! 00:10:11.52,00:10:12.64 He's new. 00:10:14.40,00:10:18.12 That'll teach the young[br]and remind the old -- 00:10:18.20,00:10:19.08 What? 00:10:20.60,00:10:22.28 Don't be a fool, Dominique. 00:10:23.08,00:10:24.44 You're not straight. 00:10:24.92,00:10:26.44 Maybe you want to teach me... 00:10:26.60,00:10:30.60 ...who spent ten years in the galleys... 00:10:31.48,00:10:33.08 to treat dogs! 00:10:34.00,00:10:35.08 You accept that? 00:10:36.08,00:10:37.28 No one makes a move? 00:10:37.72,00:10:42.16 Not a word?[br]So you're dogs? Just dogs? 00:10:42.48,00:10:43.56 See? 00:10:43.96,00:10:47.60 Don't upset yourself.[br]I'm about to give you a lesson. 00:10:52.88,00:10:53.64 Missed. 00:10:53.76,00:10:55.64 There's one too many around here. 00:10:57.24,00:10:57.96 Who? 00:10:58.08,00:10:59.28 Better be careful. 00:10:59.64,00:11:02.76 They obey me from one end[br]of Paris to the other. 00:11:03.36,00:11:05.96 You'd be met by men on every street. 00:11:06.84,00:11:08.40 If I got rid of you... 00:11:09.32,00:11:12.36 wouldn't... 00:11:14.52,00:11:16.08 Forget it, Dominique. 00:11:16.36,00:11:18.16 Don't be a fool, we work together. 00:11:20.16,00:11:21.84 You're not going to... 00:11:22.20,00:11:24.12 What? Stomp on you? 00:11:24.48,00:11:26.48 I might slip, like on dirt. 00:11:30.68,00:11:32.00 Get him! 00:11:46.16,00:11:50.64 Get him -- alive if possible! 00:11:50.76,00:11:51.84 He won't go far. 00:12:07.20,00:12:08.68 You beat Malichot. 00:12:08.76,00:12:09.76 We must vanish. 00:12:27.12,00:12:27.84 On your left! 00:12:28.24,00:12:30.20 On your right! There you are! 00:12:46.16,00:12:48.12 - It's bad...[br]- What happened? 00:12:48.40,00:12:49.32 Malichot... 00:12:52.20,00:12:56.60 We collected all the girls[br]and all the food... 00:12:57.04,00:12:58.00 Come with me. 00:12:58.64,00:13:01.00 Lie low till he forgets you. 00:13:01.84,00:13:05.28 No time to be bored. 00:13:05.36,00:13:06.56 Customer for you. 00:13:07.08,00:13:08.56 Welcome! It's my round. 00:13:08.68,00:13:10.80 So they feed you in the army? 00:13:10.92,00:13:12.68 That's what I said. 00:13:12.76,00:13:16.76 Food, money and girls, war and glory. 00:13:16.92,00:13:21.32 Don't forget the best part --[br]eight pounds when you sign on. 00:13:21.44,00:13:23.76 I don't mind being cut up if I'm fed. 00:13:24.12,00:13:26.96 When I'm fed, I can throw an ox. 00:13:31.68,00:13:34.12 - Done. How much?[br]- The start of fortune! 00:13:36.52,00:13:38.28 - Sign where?[br]- Name? 00:13:39.76,00:13:40.76 Cartouche. 00:13:41.60,00:13:43.80 You have chosen glory! 00:13:46.32,00:13:47.12 And you? 00:13:48.60,00:13:49.96 - Mole.[br]- What's that? 00:13:50.48,00:13:52.08 - Mole.[br]- Sign. 00:13:52.16,00:13:54.80 My name's Gentle, but I can't write. 00:13:55.32,00:13:58.16 Never mind. Make a cross. 00:14:40.04,00:14:41.84 Retreat! 00:14:51.88,00:14:53.48 Food for thought. 00:14:53.56,00:14:54.52 Indeed. 00:15:15.32,00:15:16.32 You were saying? 00:15:16.88,00:15:18.24 She was ltalian... 00:15:18.48,00:15:22.08 ...with freckles on the tip of her nose. 00:15:22.36,00:15:23.84 - What for?[br]- Look out! 00:15:32.16,00:15:33.12 Whose is it? 00:15:34.60,00:15:36.28 One of ours. 00:15:36.68,00:15:38.76 No, it's not ours. 00:15:39.72,00:15:40.84 Better return it. 00:15:46.60,00:15:48.64 This one's ours. 00:15:48.76,00:15:51.24 I tell you, this is food for thought. 00:16:00.44,00:16:01.76 Bloody sharks! 00:16:06.56,00:16:07.52 That's that. 00:16:15.72,00:16:16.72 All in order, Sir. 00:16:17.80,00:16:18.76 At last... 00:16:25.36,00:16:26.96 Well fought... 00:16:28.52,00:16:29.64 We're winning! 00:16:30.16,00:16:31.16 Any left? 00:16:31.32,00:16:32.80 Trust me, Adelaide. 00:16:33.08,00:16:34.24 Over already? 00:16:34.36,00:16:36.12 Everything comes to an end. 00:16:49.00,00:16:50.64 They are heroes! 00:16:50.84,00:16:52.40 I knew it. I always do. 00:16:52.60,00:16:54.00 I chose well. 00:16:54.68,00:16:56.48 Men, I'm proud of you. 00:17:03.32,00:17:04.92 The Marshal's coming! 00:17:13.12,00:17:14.48 My men, Sir. 00:17:14.60,00:17:17.52 I want the Marshal[br]to express his appreciation. 00:17:17.64,00:17:19.88 This is a great day, my friends. 00:17:20.00,00:17:20.96 Follow me. 00:17:21.64,00:17:23.64 Sergeant, I congratulate you. 00:17:23.96,00:17:25.96 A matter of judgment, Sir. 00:17:32.08,00:17:33.36 Ladies, wait up there. 00:17:33.68,00:17:36.48 Gentlemen, we must celebrate this. 00:17:37.88,00:17:39.88 Heroes are modest. 00:17:43.56,00:17:44.56 Well...I'm glad... 00:17:45.72,00:17:49.96 Very glad to be...very glad... 00:17:50.08,00:17:51.32 be here. 00:17:51.56,00:17:53.16 A victory, Sir. 00:17:53.24,00:17:55.28 Always in my way! 00:17:55.56,00:17:56.44 A victory! 00:17:56.56,00:17:58.24 I didn't hear what you said. 00:17:58.36,00:18:00.00 You must be starving. 00:18:00.08,00:18:02.68 Dying from hunger,[br]or anything else... 00:18:05.08,00:18:07.48 Death doesn't frighten a soldier. 00:18:12.44,00:18:14.72 Long live the Marshal! 00:18:16.08,00:18:19.48 They are delightful, delightful! 00:18:19.56,00:18:21.40 We have matters to discuss. 00:18:21.76,00:18:24.56 private. 00:18:24.80,00:18:27.80 We must conclude. 00:18:27.92,00:18:30.84 I lost 1 00 men today.[br]I hope to do better tomorrow. 00:18:31.00,00:18:31.76 Excellent. 00:18:42.20,00:18:44.12 What is the question, exactly? 00:18:49.56,00:18:53.76 The King demands a Victory... 00:18:54.56,00:18:56.32 ...a great Victory. 00:18:56.72,00:18:58.48 This is where it shall be. 00:18:59.40,00:19:01.96 No, excuse me, here. 00:19:03.88,00:19:06.72 No, no. Better here. 00:19:07.44,00:19:09.12 The Royal Languedocs here. 00:19:09.24,00:19:11.12 Here, the Royal Aquitaines... 00:19:11.28,00:19:16.08 ...and I see you, personally, here. 00:19:16.92,00:19:17.80 But it's a massacre! 00:19:17.92,00:19:22.32 I see you understand.[br]I intend on being lavish. 00:19:27.24,00:19:28.56 Well, what do you say? 00:19:31.16,00:19:33.44 You may be dead tomorrow.[br]Courage! 00:19:34.56,00:19:38.32 How about the pay, Sir? 00:19:39.04,00:19:43.24 The pay?[br]I've got it in my coach. 00:19:43.48,00:19:45.84 Hand it out after the battle. 00:19:46.00,00:19:48.32 Makes things easier... 00:19:49.00,00:19:50.48 ...and more economical! 00:19:52.04,00:19:53.04 I'm used to it. 00:19:57.36,00:19:58.76 What? Gunshot? 00:19:58.88,00:20:01.32 Nothing, Sir -- some deserter. 00:20:01.52,00:20:05.56 Get them to unload the safe.[br]I'm leaving. 00:20:05.64,00:20:08.68 Don't you intend[br]to celebrate your victory? 00:20:08.80,00:20:09.76 Alas! 00:20:10.20,00:20:11.16 Ear trouble? 00:20:11.40,00:20:13.04 Gunshot makes them ache. 00:20:13.20,00:20:14.52 Refreshment! 00:20:15.68,00:20:18.52 The three heroes of the day, Sir. 00:20:18.64,00:20:22.00 Their gallant conduct carried the day! 00:20:22.12,00:20:24.00 Put them on the front line tomorrow. 00:20:26.44,00:20:29.12 The pay chest[br]from the Marshal's coach! 00:20:29.20,00:20:30.92 I'll send my men.[br]On the double! 00:20:31.56,00:20:34.20 Do you always serve[br]such excellent champagne? 00:20:34.72,00:20:36.76 You never get tired! 00:20:37.28,00:20:38.28 My dear child! 00:20:38.40,00:20:40.20 My dear children! 00:20:43.12,00:20:44.12 You understood? 00:20:44.28,00:20:46.00 We shall be dead tomorrow. 00:20:46.12,00:20:48.36 I've got a better idea. 00:20:48.48,00:20:50.88 - Do we quit?[br]- Not empty-handed. 00:20:51.04,00:20:53.04 That pay...but how? 00:20:53.20,00:20:55.88 The way it came here.[br]Watch the Sergeant. 00:20:56.92,00:20:58.56 Marshal's orders. Dismissed. 00:20:59.32,00:21:00.32 You, come here. 00:21:02.24,00:21:03.40 You go on watch. 00:21:03.76,00:21:05.08 I'll take the watch. 00:21:12.04,00:21:13.04 Keep a look-out. 00:21:31.72,00:21:33.76 What a pretty little face. 00:21:37.56,00:21:38.96 You!!! 00:21:40.44,00:21:42.12 Bravo, Sir. 00:21:44.80,00:21:46.48 Fill the chest up with stones. 00:21:52.76,00:21:54.08 - Okay?[br]- And you? 00:21:54.20,00:21:55.04 Okay. 00:22:15.00,00:22:16.32 You bad girls! 00:22:16.40,00:22:18.64 Long live the Marshal! 00:22:18.76,00:22:21.36 I must leave now... 00:22:21.84,00:22:25.64 Call the Marshal's coach. 00:22:27.64,00:22:28.92 Hurry up, hurry up! 00:22:29.68,00:22:32.32 Pull the wheel! Pull! 00:22:35.08,00:22:35.72 Put it back!! 00:22:38.48,00:22:41.16 Push. It's got to hold for a league. 00:22:46.24,00:22:47.52 Pushing makes you laugh? 00:22:56.52,00:22:58.04 I'd like to say... 00:22:58.20,00:22:59.92 They'll be the death of you. 00:23:00.00,00:23:02.20 A soldier's life has its perils. 00:23:05.36,00:23:07.36 God speed, Marshal. 00:23:17.04,00:23:18.52 Bring the chest to my room. 00:23:34.04,00:23:34.76 Let's go... 00:23:35.04,00:23:36.44 I shall miss being here. 00:23:36.52,00:23:37.52 Hurry up. 00:24:22.28,00:24:23.28 Not long now. 00:24:29.04,00:24:34.96 I'm very glad, very glad indeed...[br]to be here. 00:24:35.04,00:24:37.80 But you're not, Sir.[br]The wheel came off. 00:24:40.44,00:24:45.44 The darling... It's just as well.[br]I'll take advantage of that. 00:24:45.76,00:24:47.20 Gather up the horses! 00:24:47.80,00:24:48.96 Five men here. 00:24:51.48,00:24:54.48 Heave ho! 00:24:55.72,00:24:56.68 Now! 00:25:10.24,00:25:11.16 Anything wrong? 00:25:11.92,00:25:12.92 Do you need help? 00:25:13.04,00:25:14.48 I can't understand what happened. 00:25:14.60,00:25:15.60 Let's help. 00:25:19.32,00:25:22.32 I see what it is.[br]Leave it to me. 00:25:32.96,00:25:36.16 Over there, all of you do-nothings! 00:25:39.84,00:25:40.84 Get hold of this. Watch out! 00:25:43.20,00:25:44.16 You too. 00:25:49.68,00:25:50.68 Higher... 00:25:51.88,00:25:55.40 A bit lower... Look out... Lower. 00:25:56.44,00:25:58.72 A little higher. Excuse me, lower... 00:26:00.52,00:26:02.36 Excuse me. A bit higher. 00:26:03.36,00:26:04.36 Just a bit higher. There. 00:26:10.00,00:26:11.28 That's it. 00:26:13.68,00:26:14.60 Thanks. 00:26:14.88,00:26:15.88 Ready to mount. 00:26:18.40,00:26:20.56 Waiting for orders, Sir. 00:26:27.16,00:26:28.64 The evening air's quite chilly. 00:26:29.84,00:26:31.48 What a gallant lot... 00:26:34.56,00:26:35.56 Off we go! 00:26:35.92,00:26:36.88 At my command... 00:26:37.56,00:26:38.56 Ready to mount... 00:26:42.48,00:26:43.20 On your saddles! 00:27:12.28,00:27:13.76 It's an ambush! Help! 00:27:13.92,00:27:16.04 Here we are, Marshal! 00:27:18.04,00:27:22.16 Here's your cushion, Sir. 00:27:23.40,00:27:24.36 What happened? 00:27:50.32,00:27:51.96 This way, come here. 00:27:56.32,00:27:58.56 Everyone strip![br]Hand over your clothes. 00:27:58.80,00:27:59.64 We'll pay. 00:28:00.24,00:28:02.48 Go on, hurry up! 00:28:12.24,00:28:15.68 Three cheers for the army! 00:28:21.68,00:28:23.60 I've always been a nature lover. 00:28:24.84,00:28:26.20 Sunshine! 00:28:29.36,00:28:31.68 The coach... 00:28:32.16,00:28:34.68 The enemy...where am l? 00:28:34.96,00:28:39.40 I am here, Sir. Fear nothing. 00:28:43.52,00:28:44.52 Stones...! 00:28:46.44,00:28:47.56 A coach gone! 00:28:48.36,00:28:50.96 The laughing stock of the court![br]I demand an explanation! 00:28:51.08,00:28:52.04 I think -- 00:28:52.16,00:28:54.56 Silence. Where's the gold? 00:28:54.68,00:28:55.68 It was there. 00:28:55.80,00:28:59.32 Silence.[br]Where's the recruiting sergeant? 00:28:59.44,00:29:02.04 We found him. Here he is. 00:29:02.40,00:29:06.44 Who were they?[br]What were their names? 00:29:06.72,00:29:10.40 I congratulate you on your recruits! 00:29:10.80,00:29:14.52 You've got two days[br]to find the gold. Take three men. 00:29:14.92,00:29:18.40 It's as good as found, Sir.[br]I swear, you can rely on me. 00:29:20.24,00:29:21.24 Sorry, Sir. 00:29:24.76,00:29:25.72 Follow me. 00:29:35.28,00:29:36.20 Inn-keeper... 00:29:37.76,00:29:38.68 I could eat an ox! 00:29:38.76,00:29:41.52 I'll buy the barrels the roast, the lot... 00:29:41.64,00:29:43.20 Put it on that table. 00:29:43.32,00:29:44.64 Show them to the barn. 00:29:45.32,00:29:46.32 I said, the barn. 00:29:50.92,00:29:53.76 Gentlemen, you shall have game. 00:29:54.72,00:29:55.88 I'm paying. 00:29:56.24,00:29:57.56 Plenty of garlic! 00:29:59.36,00:30:02.12 You're sorry now, you little wretch. 00:30:02.52,00:30:04.00 It's the onion, you fathead. 00:30:04.32,00:30:05.68 Who taught you to talk? 00:30:05.80,00:30:08.16 I did. Eat, so I can go on crying. 00:30:09.44,00:30:11.60 I can't blow my nose.[br]You stole my handkerchief. 00:30:11.96,00:30:14.80 Stole![br]Calling us thieves? 00:30:14.88,00:30:15.88 We're family men! 00:30:16.00,00:30:18.00 What's a family? 00:30:18.12,00:30:20.80 I've got no family.[br]I did have a silk handkerchief. 00:30:21.28,00:30:22.56 You stole it. 00:30:23.52,00:30:24.96 It looked better on me. 00:30:38.32,00:30:39.80 What do we drink? 00:30:40.40,00:30:41.60 Chateauneuf... 00:30:41.72,00:30:42.72 ...du Pape... 00:30:43.16,00:30:45.00 They smell bad. 00:30:46.28,00:30:47.32 Who smells bad? 00:30:49.68,00:30:50.92 I said who? 00:30:51.08,00:30:52.48 Both fat and ugly. 00:30:52.60,00:30:53.48 Me? 00:30:53.60,00:30:54.48 Who is he? 00:30:54.88,00:30:56.08 How much for both girls? 00:30:56.20,00:30:58.48 These two are beginning to annoy me. 00:31:02.00,00:31:03.00 Fetch the other. 00:31:03.12,00:31:04.28 By all means. 00:31:06.52,00:31:07.68 Over there. 00:31:14.52,00:31:16.68 Do your duty. 00:31:23.36,00:31:24.84 - Lost something?[br]- Missed the step. 00:31:25.20,00:31:26.52 So where were you going? 00:31:28.20,00:31:29.88 This way then... 00:31:38.80,00:31:39.80 What a day! 00:31:42.04,00:31:44.48 Drinks for the ladies. 00:31:46.48,00:31:47.40 Your story? 00:31:47.60,00:31:51.56 My name is Venus. I'm nineteen...[br]No parents, but lots of lovers. 00:31:51.88,00:31:54.00 They say I can't talk, but I can dance. 00:31:54.12,00:31:56.20 I steal...and I live. 00:31:56.36,00:31:57.08 And you? 00:32:00.08,00:32:01.72 Need me? 00:32:02.40,00:32:03.88 Who needs a monk? 00:32:04.12,00:32:05.28 The robe's nothing... 00:32:05.72,00:32:07.72 If you don't like it, I can change it. 00:32:07.80,00:32:09.68 I like a change. 00:32:09.92,00:32:10.88 Jack of all trades... 00:32:11.32,00:32:13.48 Poulterer, sailor, violinist... 00:32:13.56,00:32:15.56 I've even been a nun once. 00:32:16.52,00:32:18.92 We don't want your life story.[br]Eat! 00:32:19.40,00:32:22.36 Capucine... 00:32:23.64,00:32:25.48 You got caught for a handkerchief? 00:32:26.04,00:32:27.12 Just a kerchief? 00:32:27.76,00:32:30.32 It was silk, and so beautiful. 00:32:31.32,00:32:32.92 I've got ideas for you. 00:32:43.44,00:32:46.16 This time I've caught you![br]En grade! 00:32:46.28,00:32:48.92 Sergeant, it's us! 00:32:52.12,00:32:56.04 That's enough for today.[br]We'll stop at the next inn. 00:33:48.16,00:33:50.16 Can you cook? 00:33:50.52,00:33:52.56 Yes. And walk on my hands... 00:33:52.76,00:33:54.12 ...and dance on a tight-rope... 00:33:54.56,00:33:55.60 the violin... 00:33:56.20,00:33:57.16 ...train goats... 00:33:57.36,00:33:58.40 ...and sew hems. 00:33:59.52,00:34:01.00 Should I keep you? 00:34:12.04,00:34:13.00 Keep a secret? 00:34:13.52,00:34:14.52 Of course. 00:34:15.52,00:34:16.48 Come with me. 00:34:16.80,00:34:18.28 What can you do? 00:34:19.84,00:34:20.56 Me? 00:34:27.04,00:34:28.24 Venus is sleepy... 00:34:28.64,00:34:30.88 Capucine, you keep watch. 00:34:33.48,00:34:34.64 My little thief... 00:34:46.40,00:34:47.40 What is it? 00:34:48.32,00:34:49.68 State property. 00:34:54.92,00:34:56.08 Promise me... 00:34:56.80,00:34:57.96 Anything you like. 00:34:58.84,00:35:00.92 I want to sleep on straw always. 00:35:02.08,00:35:02.80 Promised. 00:35:12.24,00:35:13.16 What's wrong? 00:35:21.92,00:35:22.84 What is it? 00:35:24.08,00:35:25.04 Those bags, quick. 00:35:25.36,00:35:26.36 The bags! 00:35:27.28,00:35:28.88 Put the gold in that coach and go! 00:35:28.96,00:35:31.60 - Where?[br]- La Courtille... 00:35:32.04,00:35:34.80 Ask for Louison, my brother,[br]and wait for me. 00:35:34.96,00:35:37.24 - And you?[br]- I'll meet you there. Watch out! 00:35:52.28,00:35:53.24 Inn-keeper! 00:35:54.08,00:35:55.08 Anybody there? 00:35:56.20,00:35:57.20 Nobody about? 00:35:57.96,00:35:59.88 Alone, girls? 00:35:59.96,00:36:00.96 Yes, sergeant. 00:36:02.96,00:36:04.64 What's that noise? 00:36:08.56,00:36:09.52 Where's the girl? 00:36:10.00,00:36:11.04 The scoundrels! 00:36:11.16,00:36:12.12 Who was it? 00:36:12.48,00:36:13.92 What happened? 00:36:14.04,00:36:15.48 - The thief![br]- The slut! 00:36:15.56,00:36:17.44 Three peasants. Three rogues... 00:36:17.56,00:36:18.40 With gold... 00:36:18.48,00:36:19.60 Gold? Where? 00:36:19.72,00:36:20.64 On the table. 00:36:23.16,00:36:25.20 My goodness! It's them! 00:36:25.48,00:36:26.16 My sword. 00:36:27.00,00:36:28.56 Sorry, they're mine! 00:36:28.68,00:36:29.64 You realize who I am? 00:36:29.76,00:36:31.40 Quiet -- or you're a dead man. 00:36:31.56,00:36:32.56 How dare you! 00:36:34.52,00:36:35.52 Excuse me. 00:36:35.92,00:36:37.00 Go ahead, Father. 00:36:44.84,00:36:46.32 Sergeant. 00:36:46.60,00:36:47.76 Can you see now? 00:36:47.88,00:36:49.96 Good of you to come. 00:36:51.28,00:36:52.48 Where's the third one? 00:36:52.84,00:36:54.84 Hands up, everybody! 00:36:55.20,00:37:00.36 Dominique. It's the Sergeant...[br]Recognize him? 00:37:02.72,00:37:03.68 Idiots... 00:37:05.20,00:37:06.04 The gold? 00:37:06.20,00:37:07.68 The gold? In the cart. 00:37:08.20,00:37:08.88 What gold? 00:37:08.96,00:37:11.28 You know it very well... 00:37:11.36,00:37:12.36 In the barn. 00:37:12.56,00:37:14.84 In the hay. 00:37:15.00,00:37:18.00 Barn...cart...hay...[br]I get it. Hold them. 00:37:21.56,00:37:23.88 A barn, a cart... 00:37:24.12,00:37:25.40 A cart and some hay! 00:37:28.68,00:37:32.80 A cart...hay... Scoundrels! 00:37:38.72,00:37:39.76 Tell me, Beautiful. 00:37:40.56,00:37:41.64 You are beautiful! 00:37:44.92,00:37:48.08 Has Beautiful seen anything? 00:37:48.92,00:37:52.20 Seen what, Mr. Officer? 00:37:52.48,00:37:55.12 Three robbers, three bandits... 00:37:55.40,00:37:56.76 Bandits! 00:37:56.84,00:37:59.24 Fear nothing. I am here. 00:38:00.84,00:38:01.92 Are you alone? 00:38:03.08,00:38:04.92 You should be ashamed... 00:38:05.48,00:38:06.68 Excuse me, father... 00:38:06.92,00:38:08.92 He did nothing --[br]There are bandits. 00:38:09.00,00:38:09.64 Bandits! 00:38:09.72,00:38:12.20 - Don't leave me...[br]- I shan't, child. 00:38:12.32,00:38:14.92 Fear nothing...Bandits... 00:38:15.20,00:38:17.68 There's no longer[br]any law and order... 00:38:21.32,00:38:24.60 Fear nothing, I've got them! 00:38:25.08,00:38:26.56 There, perfect. 00:38:53.16,00:38:55.80 Feeling sleepy?[br]This'll wake you up! 00:39:08.32,00:39:11.68 We'll kill you[br]for such impertinence. 00:39:17.32,00:39:18.72 If you insist... 00:39:36.04,00:39:37.36 Look out, behind... 00:39:39.20,00:39:40.52 I could do with a drink. 00:39:53.36,00:39:54.52 This way, please. 00:40:33.08,00:40:34.40 Like peaches, Fatty. 00:40:40.20,00:40:41.24 Better be careful. 00:40:42.20,00:40:43.24 Little wretch... 00:40:43.92,00:40:46.92 This one has a knot...[br]I'll get a smaller one. 00:40:47.12,00:40:49.12 can't! 00:40:49.28,00:40:50.24 You'll see! 00:41:11.32,00:41:13.56 I was so worried! 00:41:13.68,00:41:15.76 Poor little fellow. 00:41:19.20,00:41:21.44 Be warned. I'm gentle but efficient. 00:41:22.28,00:41:24.28 Shove the lot in the cellar. 00:41:29.12,00:41:32.68 Just those three.[br]The others this way. 00:41:36.96,00:41:38.80 I shall complain. This will go far. 00:41:41.16,00:41:41.96 We are colleagues. 00:41:42.08,00:41:43.56 Silence! To bed! 00:41:44.72,00:41:46.48 I'm half dead. You keep guard. 00:41:46.88,00:41:48.88 One hour in turn, until morning. 00:41:50.44,00:41:51.64 Sergeant... 00:41:51.84,00:41:52.88 A fine fellow! 00:41:56.16,00:41:57.40 Pathetic! 00:41:58.76,00:41:59.76 Useless! 00:42:57.88,00:42:59.20 What a night! 00:43:00.04,00:43:02.64 A night like no other. 00:43:02.80,00:43:04.80 Slept it off, have you? 00:43:04.96,00:43:05.64 What? 00:43:05.76,00:43:06.72 Let's get out. 00:43:06.84,00:43:07.72 Out of where? 00:43:08.16,00:43:10.56 Don't you see? Rats in traps. 00:43:10.68,00:43:11.56 True. 00:43:11.68,00:43:13.28 All because of the girls. 00:43:13.56,00:43:15.44 How do we get out? 00:43:15.92,00:43:17.88 Through the door. Listen. 00:43:23.24,00:43:24.16 What is it? 00:43:24.60,00:43:27.44 We've thought. Call the Sergeant. 00:43:44.64,00:43:46.04 - They want to talk.[br]- Who? 00:43:46.12,00:43:47.12 The rough necks. 00:43:48.60,00:43:49.60 I knew it! 00:43:49.76,00:43:52.40 I'll make them talk -- and sing! 00:45:02.16,00:45:04.36 Dominique is back! 00:45:05.52,00:45:07.68 Is that why you bother me? 00:45:07.80,00:45:09.12 Important news, eh? 00:45:09.52,00:45:12.04 I keep to my word! Stomp on him. 00:45:12.56,00:45:13.88 Wipe him out! 00:45:29.04,00:45:32.72 So, that's that. I marry you. 00:45:33.76,00:45:35.56 - Thought it over?[br]- Yes. 00:45:38.72,00:45:39.72 I've thought! 00:45:40.20,00:45:42.04 Such passion... 00:45:45.56,00:45:49.72 Wants to leave[br]her little husband already? 00:45:50.04,00:45:52.40 You can kill me.[br]Dominique gets his gold. 00:45:52.48,00:45:56.28 But it's your gold, my beauty.[br]It's all here, and all yours. 00:45:56.72,00:45:57.84 It's Dominique's. 00:45:58.80,00:45:59.96 Poor Dominique. 00:46:00.84,00:46:02.64 You'll wait a long time. 00:46:03.08,00:46:04.08 That's a lie! 00:46:06.92,00:46:09.76 Before he returns,[br]you'll have grandchildren. 00:46:10.16,00:46:12.56 Maybe even great grandchildren... 00:46:13.00,00:46:13.96 You dirty dog... 00:46:16.80,00:46:17.92 Swine! 00:46:19.44,00:46:21.60 Almost a menagerie! 00:46:23.40,00:46:26.40 Go on. You've got five minutes. 00:46:27.00,00:46:29.32 Five minutes, or else Louison... 00:46:32.04,00:46:33.12 Louison... 00:46:41.80,00:46:42.92 Here's Dominique. 00:46:43.60,00:46:44.76 I'm Cartouche. 00:46:45.36,00:46:47.36 You're mad coming here. 00:46:47.44,00:46:49.40 Do you think[br]Malichot's forgotten you? 00:46:49.60,00:46:53.80 Go ahead. Let him know.[br]I won't stay, so hurry up. 00:46:55.64,00:46:56.60 What's new? 00:46:57.04,00:46:59.04 Seen Louison? 00:46:59.28,00:47:00.44 Not for some time. 00:47:00.64,00:47:02.48 Did a girl called Venus ask for me? 00:47:02.92,00:47:05.20 - Some time ago?[br]- No. This morning... 00:47:05.64,00:47:06.80 I was hoping... 00:47:06.92,00:47:07.92 I heard nothing. 00:47:08.40,00:47:10.96 There you have it. 00:47:11.56,00:47:12.80 That's what happens. 00:47:13.96,00:47:15.64 Thought she'd wait for you, eh? 00:47:15.80,00:47:16.72 Certain. 00:47:16.80,00:47:19.60 Your winning ways! Poor man. 00:47:20.32,00:47:23.64 A woman...and a thief as well. 00:47:23.84,00:47:26.48 Say nothing against the ladies. 00:47:35.12,00:47:36.00 Where's Venus? 00:47:36.08,00:47:37.08 She's charming. 00:47:38.28,00:47:39.16 Where is she? 00:47:40.16,00:47:41.16 Let him talk. 00:47:41.60,00:47:43.40 She came by this morning. 00:47:43.52,00:47:45.88 Asked for Louison.[br]Then they disappeared. 00:47:46.00,00:47:47.48 I get it! Follow me! 00:47:51.24,00:47:52.64 Keep an eye on them. 00:47:58.76,00:48:01.00 Where is she? Where's Louison? 00:48:01.20,00:48:02.84 I did nothing. 00:48:03.00,00:48:03.88 The cart? 00:48:04.00,00:48:04.88 I did nothing... 00:48:05.32,00:48:06.84 Found anything in the cart? 00:48:07.24,00:48:08.60 Do you hear? 00:48:09.08,00:48:12.36 Was there nothing in the cart? 00:48:12.88,00:48:13.84 And? 00:48:14.20,00:48:16.20 I had to tell someone. 00:48:16.32,00:48:17.28 Who to? 00:48:18.36,00:48:19.28 Malichot. 00:48:19.36,00:48:20.36 Malichot! 00:48:21.40,00:48:24.40 Louison, and Venus, and the gold...[br]All to Malichot! 00:48:26.40,00:48:27.56 To Malichot! 00:48:30.40,00:48:32.12 All hell is going to break loose. 00:48:32.56,00:48:33.44 Pity... 00:48:33.96,00:48:35.40 The Mole! 00:48:50.92,00:48:52.44 Who is Malichot? 00:48:52.56,00:48:53.48 You'll meet him. 00:48:56.04,00:48:57.12 I'll never be yours. 00:49:06.04,00:49:09.92 You're crying? It's pretty to see. 00:49:10.12,00:49:11.48 You can tear my eyes out... 00:49:11.60,00:49:14.48 You'll be mine all the same. 00:49:15.76,00:49:16.76 No, mine! 00:49:18.12,00:49:21.60 Get down and don't move. 00:49:22.12,00:49:23.08 Excuse me a minute. 00:49:23.28,00:49:24.28 Set Louison free. 00:49:24.36,00:49:28.00 You, come here.[br]You thought I was avoiding you. 00:49:28.12,00:49:31.44 I was doing all I could to see you again. 00:49:35.96,00:49:36.96 Old Malichot! 00:49:37.12,00:49:38.96 Not as bad as he seemed. 00:49:50.96,00:49:52.12 Look at him... 00:49:55.08,00:49:56.08 Touch him... 00:49:57.20,00:49:58.20 Well, go on... 00:50:02.24,00:50:03.08 Frightened, are you? 00:50:05.64,00:50:07.40 Or frightened of me? 00:50:11.80,00:50:13.00 You must choose. 00:50:15.84,00:50:17.00 Him or me? 00:50:23.84,00:50:26.48 How about the others? No others? 00:50:28.96,00:50:31.44 Pity I've got my men.[br]I admire courage. 00:50:31.68,00:50:33.64 I say, long live Dominique... 00:50:33.76,00:50:37.40 Yesterday the swine,[br]today Dominique... 00:50:37.60,00:50:38.56 Who tomorrow? 00:50:38.68,00:50:40.36 Long live Dominique! 00:50:46.84,00:50:47.52 Stop! 00:50:51.64,00:50:52.84 I hate bloodshed. 00:50:53.04,00:50:54.52 Wash him. He stinks. 00:50:55.04,00:50:57.04 Make him stay at home, my home... 00:50:57.72,00:50:59.44 ...until he can stand on his feet. 00:51:07.72,00:51:10.32 Now where's my gold? 00:51:15.04,00:51:16.04 I love you. 00:51:16.68,00:51:17.60 Naturally. 00:51:29.40,00:51:30.80 To the fairest first! 00:51:32.92,00:51:34.00 Now you two. 00:51:39.12,00:51:40.20 You take the rest. 00:51:40.40,00:51:41.76 Long live Dominique! 00:51:42.08,00:51:43.40 His name is Cartouche. 00:51:43.56,00:51:45.16 Long live Cartouche! 00:51:45.28,00:51:46.56 Long live Cartouche! 00:51:46.68,00:51:48.56 Long live Cartouche! 00:51:48.68,00:51:49.68 You lead us. 00:51:50.24,00:51:51.20 You want me to? 00:51:51.32,00:51:52.08 Yes. 00:51:52.20,00:51:53.36 You shall have me. 00:51:54.64,00:51:55.84 Follow me blindly. 00:51:56.04,00:51:56.72 Yes. 00:51:56.84,00:51:58.28 No need to say yes. I said it. 00:51:59.20,00:52:01.48 Let bygones be bygones.[br]My laws are... 00:52:02.08,00:52:04.60 No bloodshed.[br]Aim at the powerful. 00:52:05.40,00:52:08.64 Why should only they[br]have feathers and laces... 00:52:09.04,00:52:12.60 ...and go hunting[br]in coaches and trappings? 00:52:12.72,00:52:13.68 What about us? 00:52:14.20,00:52:16.32 Let us have feathers and laces... 00:52:16.60,00:52:18.76 ...hunting, coaches and trappings! 00:52:18.92,00:52:22.24 Long live Cartouche! 00:52:23.44,00:52:26.60 Keep accounts,[br]and give everyone a fair deal. 00:52:26.84,00:52:31.92 Long live Cartouche! 00:52:33.44,00:52:34.08 I have spoken. 00:53:45.04,00:53:47.52 "C" and again more "C's"... 00:53:47.64,00:53:50.68 I think it must be the same hand. 00:53:51.36,00:53:52.36 You think so! 00:53:53.16,00:53:55.64 Within a week, 40 horses stolen... 00:53:55.76,00:53:57.76 ...20 coaches burnt,[br]2 churches looted... 00:53:57.88,00:54:01.28 ...the salt barn emptied,[br]the Langeals home pillaged! 00:54:01.40,00:54:02.56 Thefts in many towns... 00:54:03.12,00:54:06.04 Everywhere the same signature...[br]a "C"... 00:54:06.84,00:54:08.48 ...which you say is written[br]by the same hand! 00:54:08.64,00:54:10.20 I am certain of it, sir. 00:54:11.24,00:54:12.12 Whose? 00:54:12.68,00:54:13.80 I don't know. 00:54:13.96,00:54:14.96 We don't know. 00:54:15.88,00:54:18.88 The Court is complaining.[br]He must be arrested. 00:54:19.92,00:54:21.12 How, Sir? 00:54:21.32,00:54:22.32 Your men... 00:54:22.44,00:54:23.44 They are afraid. 00:54:23.92,00:54:24.88 At ten to one... 00:54:25.16,00:54:26.00 None left. 00:54:26.12,00:54:26.84 Pay! 00:54:27.16,00:54:29.60 What with? I get nothing. 00:54:29.76,00:54:30.72 Be careful. 00:54:30.92,00:54:34.36 Those bandits are capable[br]of robbing the King's own treasury. 00:55:11.20,00:55:12.20 Which do you choose? 00:55:12.96,00:55:13.80 Left. 00:55:26.04,00:55:28.32 That's what I call organization! 00:55:51.68,00:55:52.60 Who are you? 00:55:53.72,00:55:55.68 Cartouche, with a capital "C"... 00:55:59.32,00:56:00.32 That's that. 00:56:13.52,00:56:18.36 What does Cartouche look like? 00:56:18.56,00:56:19.56 He's ugly. 00:56:20.60,00:56:21.24 What else? 00:56:21.36,00:56:24.36 He's popular,[br]the rabble worships him. 00:56:24.76,00:56:25.84 The rabble... 00:56:26.04,00:56:28.24 The disease is spreading[br]and he's gaining more sympathizers. 00:56:28.32,00:56:30.36 He bribes them... 00:56:33.32,00:56:35.20 Then, we must bribe to capture him. 00:56:35.80,00:56:37.96 Put a price on his head. 00:57:02.08,00:57:04.24 Look! These boots fit me. 00:57:04.40,00:57:06.72 I should have gotten[br]the address of that customer. 00:57:08.08,00:57:09.72 I can even wiggle my toes. 00:57:17.40,00:57:19.76 What did we buy today?[br]I mean, whom? 00:57:19.96,00:57:22.60 A magistrate, and two lieutenants. 00:57:22.76,00:57:24.00 The Arsenal Commissary? 00:57:24.16,00:57:26.12 There are some you can't bribe. 00:57:26.24,00:57:28.80 You're mistaken. Put the price up. 00:57:29.04,00:57:31.12 He's young -[br]he can be of use for a long time. 00:57:31.28,00:57:33.60 I've already given Capucine[br]1,000 pounds. 00:57:33.88,00:57:34.84 For the poor. 00:57:37.36,00:57:38.60 See how it works? 00:57:38.72,00:57:43.24 When your luck's in, it's easy.[br]Show off, and ask no questions. 00:57:43.36,00:57:45.72 Everyone gives you flowers. 00:57:46.08,00:57:50.36 Until the day you get hay-fever,[br]and sneeze. 00:57:51.72,00:57:54.60 Your fingers must flutter,[br]and your wrist keeps supple. 00:57:54.72,00:57:56.48 The arms don't move. 00:57:56.96,00:57:57.96 Listen. 00:58:08.80,00:58:09.80 What is it for? 00:58:10.84,00:58:11.96 Loving. 00:58:12.28,00:58:13.96 He can do anything well. 00:58:14.36,00:58:15.48 That's true. 00:58:18.64,00:58:22.60 If my father had been a Cardinal,[br]I would play the harpsichord, too. 00:58:22.92,00:58:24.28 Was your father a Cardinal? 00:58:28.20,00:58:29.48 Mole, I envy you. 00:58:30.96,00:58:32.64 What for? 00:58:32.76,00:58:35.48 Well, you talk well... 00:58:35.60,00:58:38.00 like an ltalian...[br]drink without slobbering... 00:58:38.48,00:58:40.44 That's what I call education... 00:58:40.88,00:58:44.76 I envy you, Mole face...[br]Good health! 00:58:47.52,00:58:49.32 Come and see how pretty it is. 00:59:06.64,00:59:07.80 What else? 00:59:09.68,00:59:10.68 Nothing. 00:59:10.84,00:59:13.28 I can give you everything.[br]Anything you wish! 00:59:13.72,00:59:14.72 It's true. 00:59:15.92,00:59:17.44 It's no longer amusing. 00:59:20.32,00:59:22.72 Enjoy life, Dominique... 00:59:23.92,00:59:25.16 It wards off death. 00:59:30.96,00:59:32.92 A carpet would look well there. 00:59:34.36,00:59:35.72 And another chandelier? 00:59:37.44,00:59:39.20 Two sconces here? 00:59:39.72,00:59:43.56 Indian shawls...a lantern, and... 00:59:45.16,00:59:48.24 ...a painter, painting my portrait. 00:59:49.88,00:59:50.68 A painter! 00:59:50.80,00:59:52.48 Sure there is nothing missing? 00:59:54.16,00:59:55.76 Yes, there is. You. 00:59:56.08,00:59:59.24 You leave at dawn, return at dawn...[br]I never see you. 01:00:04.76,01:00:07.60 I forgot... I'd like a talking bird. 01:00:08.24,01:00:09.24 Gentle! 01:00:09.92,01:00:10.92 Did you hear? 01:00:11.04,01:00:12.00 My ears are large! 01:00:12.12,01:00:14.24 A real bird...not stuffed. 01:00:14.36,01:00:15.28 We'll buy it. 01:00:15.40,01:00:17.44 Are you mad? In broad daylight? 01:00:17.88,01:00:19.60 I wish to show myself. 01:00:19.76,01:00:22.24 Venus shall have her bird. 01:00:29.28,01:00:30.60 He's lovely. 01:00:31.96,01:00:32.92 Where's he from? 01:00:33.16,01:00:34.80 Golconde, Madame. 01:00:35.24,01:00:36.00 Where's that? 01:00:36.08,01:00:37.08 Away to the South. 01:00:38.20,01:00:39.84 That is far too much! 01:00:39.96,01:00:40.84 Complaining? 01:00:40.96,01:00:42.80 Thank you, my lord. 01:00:43.80,01:00:45.96 Thank you, my lord.[br]Thank you, my lord. 01:00:47.80,01:00:48.68 Do you hear him? 01:00:49.28,01:00:50.28 I paid enough. 01:00:52.36,01:00:54.64 Say thank you, Dominique. 01:01:05.88,01:01:06.96 I'll come one day... 01:01:07.36,01:01:08.52 You always say that. 01:01:09.44,01:01:11.32 Leave it be. See you soon. 01:01:14.00,01:01:14.64 Who was that? 01:01:17.60,01:01:19.28 What else do you want? 01:01:19.44,01:01:20.76 To see you more faithful. 01:01:20.92,01:01:22.44 It's very difficult, but I do try. 01:01:23.04,01:01:24.00 I do try... 01:01:43.36,01:01:44.68 In the name of the King... 01:01:46.52,01:01:47.68 Get them to be silent. 01:01:51.04,01:01:52.20 In the King's name... 01:01:54.20,01:01:56.84 A reward of 1,000 pounds[br]is offered... 01:01:56.96,01:01:58.80 ...for the capture of Cartouche. 01:02:01.32,01:02:02.56 Medium height... 01:02:04.80,01:02:05.80 ...dark hair... 01:02:07.12,01:02:08.00 ...crooked nose... 01:02:09.24,01:02:10.24 Crooked nose? 01:02:13.56,01:02:15.36 How much for Cartouche? 01:02:15.84,01:02:17.28 A thousand pounds. 01:02:27.80,01:02:28.68 Here they are. 01:02:31.32,01:02:32.40 You can have him! 01:02:41.84,01:02:43.24 Coming to get me? 01:03:08.60,01:03:10.76 If you are Cartouche,[br]let me kiss you. 01:03:10.96,01:03:12.64 You avenge us, the poor. 01:03:14.52,01:03:16.16 Vengeance, that's all they talk about... 01:03:16.28,01:03:18.12 ...and they wonder[br]why they remain poor! 01:03:30.44,01:03:33.76 Cartouche is right...[br]Kill the rich! 01:03:35.96,01:03:37.96 How about my livelihood? 01:03:38.80,01:03:39.80 Leave them alone. 01:03:42.56,01:03:43.68 Stop. 01:03:46.48,01:03:48.72 Excuse them, Madame.[br]Nobody's fault. 01:03:48.84,01:03:49.96 No, no. Don't thank me. 01:03:50.08,01:03:51.04 Who is that? 01:03:51.16,01:03:52.52 I've already had the pleasure, Sir. 01:03:52.64,01:03:53.36 Who is he? 01:03:53.48,01:03:55.36 Come on, bow! 01:03:55.52,01:03:56.52 Another word, and... 01:03:56.88,01:03:57.88 What shall we do with him? 01:03:58.00,01:03:59.64 Kill him! 01:03:59.80,01:04:01.16 Silence! 01:04:01.68,01:04:02.60 Silence. 01:04:03.48,01:04:04.80 Bow to your Master. 01:04:10.88,01:04:11.88 Stop it. 01:04:12.00,01:04:13.00 I beg of you... 01:04:13.08,01:04:14.44 You let her beg for mercy? 01:04:14.52,01:04:16.52 - But...[br]- No "buts." You're free. 01:04:17.92,01:04:21.04 He owes you his life -[br]a woman's finest present. 01:04:24.16,01:04:25.60 Give way, there. 01:04:25.84,01:04:27.32 That woman is a saint. 01:04:28.00,01:04:31.68 I'll sleep with her tonight -[br]I wish to know all about her. 01:04:53.12,01:04:54.52 I am ashamed. 01:04:55.04,01:04:56.20 Why did you bow? 01:04:56.88,01:04:58.72 Life is worth the drop of a hat. 01:04:58.88,01:05:00.72 You either bow, or are bowed to. 01:05:01.16,01:05:02.96 Don't be surprised at what happens. 01:05:03.52,01:05:05.04 What would you have done? 01:05:06.88,01:05:08.48 I would not have given in. 01:05:24.56,01:05:25.48 To the Chatelet. 01:05:54.04,01:05:56.52 Madame, now we'd like a story. 01:06:03.72,01:06:04.92 Long live Cartouche. 01:06:06.44,01:06:08.44 Let's drink, Dominique. 01:06:23.12,01:06:26.52 Why do they say[br]only the honest are happy? 01:06:26.88,01:06:28.04 It does happen. 01:06:28.12,01:06:28.96 What about us, then? 01:06:30.08,01:06:31.36 We must be honest. 01:06:36.36,01:06:39.36 Pardon me, Venus,[br]this is for men only... 01:06:46.32,01:06:48.80 - Her name?[br]- lsabelle... 01:06:50.48,01:06:52.80 She runs a school...for girls... 01:06:53.00,01:06:56.96 Youth, beauty, elegance... 01:06:57.04,01:06:57.80 And her? 01:06:57.88,01:07:00.24 A stone's throw away... 01:07:00.80,01:07:01.68 But lsabelle? 01:07:01.80,01:07:05.72 About thirty of them...[br] 01:07:05.92,01:07:06.68 I'm going. 01:07:07.08,01:07:07.80 Alone? 01:07:08.40,01:07:09.52 Fall in! 01:07:09.92,01:07:11.24 Take the handsome ones. 01:07:11.88,01:07:13.32 You, you, you... 01:07:13.40,01:07:14.08 Say "ha"... 01:07:15.16,01:07:16.20 You smell. Out. 01:07:16.36,01:07:17.52 I need you. 01:07:17.64,01:07:18.48 Where to? 01:07:18.60,01:07:19.92 To answer a maiden's prayer. 01:07:20.00,01:07:21.40 Gentle, put your fork down. 01:07:21.48,01:07:22.72 Louison, you stay here. 01:07:39.96,01:07:40.88 Good day, Sister. 01:07:40.96,01:07:41.88 Come in, Father. 01:07:50.68,01:07:52.28 Not before I signal. 01:08:08.28,01:08:09.36 Fear not. 01:08:10.24,01:08:11.12 A man! 01:08:11.92,01:08:13.08 They've never seen one? 01:08:14.92,01:08:16.00 I'm not alone. 01:08:24.88,01:08:27.24 Take your choice, ladies. 01:08:27.76,01:08:28.72 All handsome! 01:08:30.32,01:08:31.32 Which do you want? 01:08:31.84,01:08:32.92 Who wants this one? 01:08:34.36,01:08:35.24 And this one? 01:08:36.84,01:08:37.76 You monster! 01:08:38.28,01:08:39.60 Go to your rooms. 01:08:40.32,01:08:41.44 I had the same idea. 01:08:41.92,01:08:44.28 You there, which will you have? 01:08:45.28,01:08:47.00 Has Madame scared you? 01:08:49.28,01:08:50.68 Take the one who picked you. 01:08:51.04,01:08:52.16 He's strong. 01:08:52.28,01:08:53.16 That's enough. 01:08:53.28,01:08:54.84 Leave them, I choose you. 01:08:54.96,01:08:56.36 Please...for their sakes. 01:08:56.44,01:08:57.88 It's good for them. 01:08:58.00,01:08:59.12 They'll hurt them. 01:08:59.20,01:09:00.96 No real harm. Come. 01:09:04.80,01:09:06.28 They smell of lemons. 01:09:07.92,01:09:08.60 Go. 01:09:09.04,01:09:10.16 I'd cut a sorry figure. 01:09:10.52,01:09:11.72 I beg of you, go. 01:09:11.84,01:09:12.80 In exchange? 01:09:13.92,01:09:14.84 A kiss? 01:09:16.48,01:09:17.84 Your hand to kiss? 01:09:31.48,01:09:32.52 Keep away. 01:09:33.28,01:09:34.20 Wait outside. 01:09:34.24,01:09:35.24 Leaving? 01:09:35.48,01:09:36.48 Immediately. 01:09:37.72,01:09:40.48 The girls will regret it. 01:09:42.24,01:09:45.64 Flowers wilt, without air. 01:10:07.52,01:10:09.92 I've got to have her. 01:10:10.04,01:10:11.04 You had her. 01:10:11.20,01:10:13.64 She'd have fallen for me...[br]Her eyes -- 01:10:13.72,01:10:15.20 Two eyes, like everybody. 01:10:15.80,01:10:17.24 - I'm disappointed.[br]- What happened? 01:10:17.32,01:10:18.32 He chose us. 01:10:18.80,01:10:20.40 - You first![br]- Him first! 01:10:20.48,01:10:23.88 For pleasure, danger, or work,[br]I'm always first. 01:10:27.00,01:10:28.76 What's Venus going to say? 01:10:29.36,01:10:31.84 A nice crowd![br]With only one thing on your mind... 01:10:31.96,01:10:32.68 You pigs! 01:10:33.28,01:10:34.28 That's what you are! 01:10:35.16,01:10:37.56 Calm down, Venus,[br]nothing happened. 01:10:37.72,01:10:39.20 Nothing at all. 01:10:39.32,01:10:40.12 Nothing. 01:10:43.04,01:10:44.40 You reek of women. 01:10:44.56,01:10:46.72 Something could've happened,[br]but he wouldn't. 01:10:46.84,01:10:48.36 Can't think why... 01:10:49.04,01:10:52.72 Dominique, what's come over you? 01:10:53.08,01:10:55.48 This morning, you saved that louse. 01:10:55.56,01:10:56.88 With that huge ring! 01:10:57.04,01:10:58.56 Now it's his wife... 01:10:59.40,01:11:01.56 A "show-off" covered with jewels. 01:11:03.40,01:11:04.40 So you like her. 01:11:05.00,01:11:06.40 No, Venus, no. 01:11:06.52,01:11:09.08 Hands off.[br]I'm not just for anyone. 01:11:09.56,01:11:10.92 Lucky man. 01:11:12.36,01:11:13.32 My little Venus. 01:11:15.56,01:11:16.76 My little jealous one. 01:11:18.44,01:11:19.32 More words... 01:11:19.84,01:11:20.80 Words words... 01:11:21.44,01:11:22.92 I wasn't spoken to like that. 01:11:23.44,01:11:24.44 You see... 01:11:25.08,01:11:26.24 A question of time... 01:11:26.60,01:11:28.60 That's enough talk... 01:11:29.04,01:11:31.60 What do we go for, tonight? 01:11:32.20,01:11:35.00 The cattle enclosure,[br]or the Opera safe? 01:11:37.12,01:11:38.08 I don't care. 01:11:39.52,01:11:40.68 I want you to care. 01:11:43.44,01:11:44.92 This evening's for Venus. 01:11:48.28,01:11:49.60 We'll go to the country. 01:11:51.20,01:11:52.16 Alone? 01:11:52.96,01:11:53.96 That's right. 01:11:57.96,01:11:59.96 Wonder if he knows his own mind? 01:12:08.72,01:12:09.68 What are you up to? 01:12:11.32,01:12:12.64 Heads or tails? 01:12:13.16,01:12:14.12 The world's fate? 01:12:14.60,01:12:18.12 Everything always[br]depends on money. 01:12:18.60,01:12:21.32 Yes or No. Black or white.[br]Heads or Tails. 01:12:26.12,01:12:28.52 Malichot's doing a lot of thinking... 01:12:33.48,01:12:37.00 To think that Cartouche[br]attacked my wife! 01:12:37.32,01:12:40.68 The wife of a Lieutenant General! 01:12:40.84,01:12:41.92 You mean he dared? 01:12:42.28,01:12:43.00 My wife... 01:12:45.00,01:12:47.76 And none of you knew about it. 01:12:49.48,01:12:50.48 Magnificent. 01:12:51.48,01:12:55.48 The time has come to stop dreaming[br]and see reality. Make people talk! 01:12:55.96,01:12:57.60 Do you have to be taught?[br]Excuse me. 01:13:00.96,01:13:02.48 Your Excellency... 01:13:02.64,01:13:03.40 And this? 01:13:05.00,01:13:06.60 I had to get him myself. 01:13:06.68,01:13:08.68 I came of my own free will. 01:13:09.04,01:13:10.04 It's Malichot... 01:13:10.16,01:13:13.16 Yes, it's Malichot.[br]Cartouche took his place. 01:13:13.36,01:13:14.36 Why? 01:13:14.76,01:13:19.60 I'm very fond of you and my father[br]was fond of your father, but... 01:13:20.36,01:13:22.36 ...please tell these gentlemen... 01:13:22.56,01:13:25.04 Cartouche has gone[br]to the country, alone. 01:13:25.88,01:13:28.72 More than alone, with a woman. 01:13:30.20,01:13:33.40 With fifteen men, I can capture him. 01:13:33.88,01:13:35.84 I'm going, I'm gone, I'm there... 01:13:36.40,01:13:37.88 And the gang? 01:13:38.36,01:13:39.68 The gang's mine. 01:13:41.40,01:13:46.08 I am a man of honor.[br]I shall keep to our pact. 01:13:46.40,01:13:47.60 The meeting place? 01:13:47.72,01:13:48.72 My place. 01:13:48.84,01:13:50.16 I'm not afraid of them. 01:13:50.40,01:13:54.92 And Malichot never caused us[br]any serious trouble. 01:13:55.40,01:13:57.76 - I want Cartouche![br]- You'll have him! 01:14:15.64,01:14:18.44 When you are very rich,[br]even richer than now... 01:14:18.64,01:14:20.20 ...hay will be the same price. 01:14:20.84,01:14:23.04 What more do you need[br]to be happy? 01:14:23.92,01:14:24.84 Dreaming? 01:14:24.96,01:14:25.84 Of you. 01:14:29.28,01:14:30.20 That woman. 01:14:30.60,01:14:32.72 I'm not enough for you? 01:14:33.04,01:14:34.16 I wonder... 01:14:35.96,01:14:37.96 Why do we have to think[br]about other women... 01:14:38.44,01:14:39.96 be faithful to one? 01:14:40.12,01:14:42.40 If I got hold of that[br]Ferrusac woman -- 01:14:44.48,01:14:45.44 Same here! 01:14:49.88,01:14:51.12 I'd caught a fish... 01:14:55.20,01:14:57.92 Watch your rod, Venus.[br]Always kissing. 01:14:59.24,01:15:00.28 I'm hungry. 01:15:01.56,01:15:04.52 How about an omelet,[br]made the way you like it? 01:15:11.44,01:15:12.96 You said we'd do a tour. 01:15:13.08,01:15:14.00 Tomorrow. 01:15:14.96,01:15:18.48 Meanwhile,[br]we've missed the mail-coach. 01:15:19.48,01:15:23.80 A mail-coach full of fat clergymen[br]covered with rings. 01:15:23.88,01:15:26.08 Don't make fun of religion. 01:15:26.16,01:15:28.16 She's right -[br]you must have principles. 01:15:28.28,01:15:29.24 I have. 01:15:29.84,01:15:30.84 Well, show them. 01:15:31.28,01:15:32.28 They're yours. 01:15:34.12,01:15:35.52 Live fast and well. 01:15:37.52,01:15:39.28 I don't want to work all day. 01:15:40.52,01:15:43.00 What would be the use of living? 01:15:43.36,01:15:45.96 No so fast. Maybe they are right. 01:15:48.72,01:15:49.72 Listen... 01:15:56.04,01:15:57.68 You can do what you like in life... 01:15:58.52,01:16:00.20 ...except pass judgment. 01:16:01.20,01:16:02.20 That's a sin. 01:16:04.60,01:16:05.60 Listen. 01:16:07.12,01:16:08.08 I heard. 01:16:08.28,01:16:10.60 It's only the frogs in the bulrushes. 01:16:30.56,01:16:32.48 Somebody's there. 01:16:36.56,01:16:40.72 I'll take the horses and cross the river.[br]We meet on the other side. 01:16:40.80,01:16:42.56 No. I'll go. You two run. 01:16:47.00,01:16:47.92 He's all right. 01:16:51.76,01:16:53.56 - He's up there![br]- Go for him! 01:17:29.60,01:17:32.40 If Louison gets hurt,[br]I'll roast them alive. 01:17:33.96,01:17:37.04 Venus, you shall give me a son. 01:17:37.12,01:17:38.28 Not just now. 01:17:39.44,01:17:40.56 I'll call him Louison. 01:17:50.36,01:17:51.96 Look after Venus. 01:18:05.92,01:18:09.40 He's making for the hideout.[br]Never mind. I give it all to you. 01:18:09.52,01:18:12.32 The hide-out, the gang...[br]We must get there before him. 01:18:16.32,01:18:17.52 I'm not hungry. 01:18:18.00,01:18:19.00 Impossible! 01:18:19.16,01:18:23.36 Where's Malichot?[br]He's up to no good, I can scent it. 01:18:23.52,01:18:24.40 Scent it? 01:18:25.00,01:18:28.40 Seen my nose? I use it! 01:18:29.68,01:18:31.24 Something stinks. 01:18:31.64,01:18:33.28 You're exaggerating. 01:18:33.68,01:18:36.36 I worry about Dominique, see? 01:18:36.52,01:18:37.68 That's friendship. 01:18:38.08,01:18:41.48 Same here, but I show it less. 01:18:45.28,01:18:46.84 You think he's been pinched? 01:18:47.52,01:18:49.92 Not pinched. Tracked. 01:18:53.72,01:18:58.04 The sort of night I love, pitch black. 01:19:21.24,01:19:22.56 Not a sound... 01:19:23.92,01:19:25.24 Surround the house. 01:19:46.60,01:19:48.68 Each man for himself.[br]We're surrounded. 01:19:48.80,01:19:50.76 Run. Take the tunnel. 01:19:51.60,01:19:52.88 Take only the weapons. 01:19:58.04,01:19:59.60 Where are the Mole and Gentle? 01:20:03.48,01:20:05.44 The weapons only! Hurry up! 01:20:06.60,01:20:07.76 To the tunnel! 01:20:19.48,01:20:20.44 Close the trap-doors. 01:20:23.48,01:20:24.20 Too late... 01:20:28.96,01:20:29.80 The chimney... 01:20:29.92,01:20:30.68 I'll delay them. 01:20:31.44,01:20:32.44 No time to argue. 01:20:45.04,01:20:46.20 I've eaten too much. 01:21:40.68,01:21:41.92 We've got him. 01:21:42.20,01:21:43.20 Cartouche! 01:21:43.72,01:21:44.72 Not yet! 01:21:45.00,01:21:45.88 I'll explain... 01:21:46.00,01:21:47.84 Quiet. In a moment. 01:21:47.96,01:21:49.28 I can't talk... 01:21:56.56,01:21:57.84 Where's Cartouche? 01:21:58.20,01:21:59.68 With your wife. 01:22:00.88,01:22:01.88 Let him have it. 01:22:15.76,01:22:16.72 The others? 01:22:18.92,01:22:21.24 With your wife,[br]along with Cartouche! 01:22:21.72,01:22:23.40 She's a whore. 01:22:26.92,01:22:27.92 Pour... 01:22:43.08,01:22:45.88 Dominique Cartouche, get to safety... 01:23:15.72,01:23:16.72 Be clearer... 01:23:16.96,01:23:20.56 That's all very well,[br]but it won't save Gentle. 01:23:20.68,01:23:21.80 Gently does it... 01:23:21.92,01:23:23.48 Come 01:23:23.56,01:23:26.48 It's Ferrussac. It's Ferrussac. 01:23:26.68,01:23:28.04 You don't say! 01:23:28.56,01:23:30.20 Mole, get pen and paper... 01:23:30.28,01:23:32.68 As you're so friendly, offer him this... 01:23:32.80,01:23:34.44 Take this letter to Ferrussac. 01:23:34.92,01:23:35.92 Write this: 01:23:37.16,01:23:39.08 "l am availing myself, Sir..." 01:23:39.48,01:23:40.48 Pour! 01:23:40.80,01:23:43.00 "l am availing myself, Sir..." 01:23:43.64,01:23:47.36 "...of your servant Malichot,[br]bearer of this message... 01:23:47.52,01:23:50.40 " offer you my terms." 01:23:50.52,01:23:51.96 Send that carrion back?! 01:23:52.08,01:23:56.32 "ln exchange for the freedom[br]of my friend, I offer you... 01:23:56.44,01:23:59.32 "...three stewards, of wine,[br]corn and salt..." 01:23:59.40,01:24:00.40 Not so fast! 01:24:00.48,01:24:03.80 "...4 magistrates, 1 2 sergeants...[br]Otherwise..." 01:24:04.12,01:24:04.76 Otherwise? 01:24:09.04,01:24:10.00 Stop! 01:24:12.72,01:24:13.76 Nothing. 01:24:15.76,01:24:16.48 What did he say? 01:24:16.72,01:24:17.72 I can't make it out. 01:24:20.88,01:24:23.28 My Lord... My good master... 01:24:23.36,01:24:25.04 Here comes the half-wit... 01:24:25.56,01:24:28.48 Do I pay you to crawl?[br]Look what you got us... 01:24:29.68,01:24:30.96 A brute who won't talk. 01:24:31.36,01:24:33.36 I've got news... 01:24:34.00,01:24:34.88 Is that so? 01:24:36.56,01:24:37.32 Look. 01:24:46.96,01:24:48.20 Give him some more. 01:24:49.40,01:24:51.04 Good news... 01:24:52.92,01:24:53.88 Did you read this? 01:24:54.52,01:24:57.08 Cartouche read it aloud. 01:24:58.92,01:25:00.92 And you know the names? 01:25:01.08,01:25:05.56 Some of them...Bamont... 01:25:05.72,01:25:08.48 ...Monsieur d'Outreville,[br]Monsieur de... 01:25:08.60,01:25:09.56 Stop! 01:25:13.92,01:25:15.16 You'll get your reward. 01:25:15.24,01:25:16.00 Thank you. 01:25:16.08,01:25:16.80 Stop. 01:25:24.20,01:25:25.80 What's the matter? 01:25:26.76,01:25:31.60 Monsieur de Ferrusac![br]Monsieur le Comte, Excellency! 01:25:31.96,01:25:32.84 Help! 01:26:19.84,01:26:22.64 By order of the King,[br]the High Executioner... 01:26:22.76,01:26:26.28 ...will perform his duties[br]on one Gentle. 01:26:27.08,01:26:28.48 Who's he? 01:26:34.84,01:26:37.40 They say he's a fine looking man. 01:26:37.52,01:26:40.00 If they hanged my man,[br]I'd burn a candle for St. Anthony. 01:26:40.12,01:26:43.16 Cheer up.[br]They don't hang just anybody. 01:26:45.52,01:26:47.16 Down with Cartouche! 01:27:04.36,01:27:05.36 Well, lsabelle? 01:27:05.52,01:27:08.68 Praying, my dear.[br]I've married a saint. 01:27:09.24,01:27:10.24 Long live Cartouche! 01:27:19.32,01:27:20.64 He's Cartouche's lieutenant. 01:27:31.72,01:27:33.72 Calm down! 01:27:46.44,01:27:49.36 Won't be long now, my beauties. 01:28:06.28,01:28:07.04 Bravo, little one! 01:28:34.60,01:28:36.44 Thank you, all of you... 01:28:45.32,01:28:46.28 What next? 01:29:12.00,01:29:14.16 He's up in the sky now... 01:29:15.44,01:29:17.36 They're in league with the devil... 01:29:17.44,01:29:18.44 No, Pierrette. 01:29:19.64,01:29:23.00 You were the first to call[br]for their punishment, before... 01:29:24.12,01:29:25.08 Before what? 01:29:25.56,01:29:26.80 I know what I mean... 01:29:27.72,01:29:29.12 Bandits... 01:29:31.52,01:29:34.16 Maybe sent by Heaven[br]to chastise us. 01:29:35.20,01:29:37.84 If we had to rely on Heaven[br]to rid us of them... 01:29:38.12,01:29:39.72 Blasphemy! 01:29:40.24,01:29:41.40 Leave me... 01:30:02.20,01:30:03.52 Fear nothing, Madame. 01:30:04.32,01:30:05.56 I've not come to take... 01:30:06.28,01:30:07.16 ...but to give. 01:30:08.56,01:30:10.40 Don't ring. My men would come. 01:30:10.88,01:30:14.12 Ask for anything you wish for...[br]I am all yours. 01:30:14.44,01:30:16.80 This town is mine,[br]you can have it... 01:30:17.04,01:30:20.32 ...with its trees,[br]its churches and avenues. 01:30:20.48,01:30:24.20 Tonight the bell-ringers[br]await my orders. 01:30:24.92,01:30:25.92 Your orders! 01:30:52.44,01:30:54.60 Do you expect me to thank you? 01:30:55.44,01:30:57.08 You may. I'd love it. 01:30:57.68,01:30:59.08 It's only the beginning. 01:30:59.28,01:31:01.84 The Grand Turk's Ambassador... 01:31:01.92,01:31:04.92 ...bringing diamonds to the king... 01:31:05.04,01:31:06.92 They made me dream of you. 01:31:07.64,01:31:09.56 The king will never have them... 01:31:09.84,01:31:11.28 ...but you will. 01:31:11.84,01:31:12.84 How? 01:31:14.28,01:31:16.60 A are a criminal! 01:31:17.60,01:31:19.72 To give you[br]what comes to my hands... 01:31:20.24,01:31:21.64 ...everything that's beautiful... 01:31:22.96,01:31:24.96 You haunt me all the time... 01:31:25.88,01:31:27.68 I'm convinced you know it. 01:31:30.28,01:31:32.28 How right I was to come here! 01:31:33.48,01:31:35.00 To think that I hesitated. 01:31:35.80,01:31:37.12 You hesitated? 01:31:38.48,01:31:39.48 Not long. 01:31:51.84,01:31:53.00 All the same, eh? 01:31:53.12,01:31:57.04 Hesitations and vapors,[br]fear and trembling... 01:32:00.12,01:32:01.32 Forgive me... 01:32:02.16,01:32:04.48 But I know what I want... 01:32:05.52,01:32:07.32 ...and how to obtain it. 01:32:07.68,01:32:09.84 You are strong...with a pistol! 01:32:10.44,01:32:11.60 It frightens you? 01:32:13.12,01:32:14.08 You can have it. 01:32:15.84,01:32:16.84 I'd like to kill you! 01:32:17.04,01:32:17.84 Go ahead. 01:32:20.20,01:32:20.92 Shoot! 01:32:22.00,01:32:22.76 Shoot! 01:32:23.08,01:32:24.56 No. Are you mad? 01:32:24.92,01:32:26.12 Try daring for once. 01:32:28.64,01:32:30.52 She dared! Marvelous! 01:32:32.36,01:32:33.24 What have you done? 01:32:33.36,01:32:35.68 How could you think it was loaded? 01:32:35.88,01:32:37.52 I respect life. 01:32:37.88,01:32:40.68 The wretch... Coward, coward... 01:32:43.12,01:32:45.40 I never thought[br]I'd make a criminal of you. 01:32:48.20,01:32:49.60 Now we've got a bond. 01:32:51.56,01:32:55.72 Now rest. The king himself[br]shall celebrate our engagement. 01:32:56.80,01:32:58.60 I'll give you diamonds... 01:33:40.00,01:33:42.72 The Ambassador[br]of the Grand Turk! 01:33:50.76,01:33:51.76 Let's welcome him! 01:34:07.64,01:34:15.96 May their aging leader[br]govern his son's youthful years. 01:34:16.08,01:34:17.88 Bringing the people... 01:34:18.00,01:34:21.96 ...happiness brought about[br]by the state harmony. 01:34:23.44,01:34:24.44 Shall I stop? 01:34:27.16,01:34:29.48 You were not listening. 01:34:30.52,01:34:31.72 Of course I was. 01:34:34.00,01:34:35.32 Son of Saturn... 01:35:01.96,01:35:02.64 You saw? 01:35:05.52,01:35:06.92 Yes, my dear, I did. 01:35:07.00,01:35:08.04 Scandalous. 01:35:08.48,01:35:10.48 The remains of the Grand Turk...[br]In my courtyard... 01:35:11.48,01:35:12.96 It's a provocation... 01:35:13.68,01:35:15.68 He's stronger than you are. 01:35:15.80,01:35:17.00 It seems to amuse you... 01:35:17.52,01:35:18.80 I think it does. 01:35:18.88,01:35:22.36 Why is he after me? 01:35:22.48,01:35:24.48 I'd say it was me he was after. 01:35:27.20,01:35:28.36 What's this nonsense? 01:35:28.72,01:35:32.28 Nonsense?[br]He came to my very room. 01:35:33.60,01:35:35.32 Madame is very upset. 01:35:35.40,01:35:36.40 Upset! 01:35:36.52,01:35:37.88 I nearly killed him. 01:35:38.04,01:35:38.72 Killed him? 01:35:40.00,01:35:42.20 Don't be silly, you annoy me. 01:35:42.68,01:35:44.00 And you never said a word? 01:35:46.40,01:35:48.36 What if I said I liked him? 01:35:49.36,01:35:50.28 What? 01:35:50.84,01:35:51.56 Nothing. 01:36:02.24,01:36:03.56 I can understand Madame. 01:36:03.68,01:36:07.40 That man can fascinate women. 01:36:10.84,01:36:12.52 Has he fascinated my wife? 01:36:14.24,01:36:15.72 There may be a chance. 01:36:44.36,01:36:45.76 What's come over you? 01:36:45.84,01:36:47.16 The loot's at Ferrussac's. 01:36:47.28,01:36:48.28 Dominique, answer. 01:36:49.08,01:36:51.36 Living with diamonds,[br]underground... 01:36:51.44,01:36:53.12 The gang's complaining... 01:36:53.44,01:36:55.60 Don't you care[br]for raiding any more? 01:36:56.40,01:36:57.44 You let us down. 01:36:59.60,01:37:01.20 He's in love. 01:37:02.32,01:37:03.44 Give me the diamonds. 01:37:03.80,01:37:05.28 Anything but those. 01:37:05.48,01:37:06.24 Why? 01:37:06.52,01:37:08.36 You'll understand[br]when you're a man. 01:37:08.48,01:37:11.92 So it's a woman you're after, now?[br]Eh, Dominique? 01:37:12.08,01:37:13.08 Answer us. 01:37:13.36,01:37:14.36 It's my business. 01:37:21.12,01:37:22.60 You'll end up alone. 01:37:22.84,01:37:24.20 We'll leave you. 01:37:24.88,01:37:28.20 Dust to dust, as the saying goes. 01:37:30.96,01:37:31.96 I have discovered... 01:37:33.12,01:37:34.04 Follow me. 01:38:17.52,01:38:18.52 What do you want? 01:38:18.72,01:38:21.88 You. And your soul. I'm in love. 01:38:24.12,01:38:24.84 Oh God... 01:38:25.88,01:38:28.64 And the devil.[br]It's all the same thing. 01:38:30.76,01:38:33.76 I was never taught how to pray... 01:38:33.88,01:38:37.88 If I want a thing, I take it.[br]If I give, I want my gift accepted. 01:38:38.36,01:38:39.88 I don't want those diamonds. 01:38:41.16,01:38:43.28 What do you want? My life? 01:38:43.80,01:38:45.56 If you want my life, take it. 01:38:46.56,01:38:48.04 I can't give more. 01:38:48.68,01:38:49.72 It's no use to me. 01:38:50.72,01:38:55.00 That's a lie.[br]I have all that you lack. 01:38:57.08,01:38:58.72 And an army to observe us. 01:39:02.00,01:39:05.40 Tonight, I shall be alone[br]on the road to Monval. 01:39:05.76,01:39:08.60 After the crossroads, near the mill. 01:39:09.00,01:39:09.88 I shall wait... 01:39:13.08,01:39:16.76 You can come there, or betray me. 01:39:17.08,01:39:18.08 You are mad. 01:39:18.60,01:39:19.60 See you later. 01:39:23.52,01:39:24.52 I shall not come. 01:39:38.52,01:39:41.16 You're too ambitious.[br]That woman's not your sort. 01:39:41.28,01:39:42.88 Not at all... 01:39:42.96,01:39:44.44 He knows what suits him. 01:39:45.04,01:39:47.44 No one does, with women. 01:39:48.12,01:39:49.44 Except with experience. 01:39:49.56,01:39:50.88 You'll find out, son. 01:39:52.60,01:39:54.52 We'll guard... 01:39:54.96,01:39:55.68 ...just in case. 01:39:55.88,01:39:57.20 No. I must be alone. 01:39:58.24,01:39:59.72 What do we tell Venus? 01:40:00.56,01:40:01.56 I love her. 01:40:02.72,01:40:04.32 Then why lsabelle? 01:40:05.08,01:40:07.84 Once you start...[br]you've got to go on. 01:40:09.76,01:40:10.92 Look after Louison. 01:40:12.20,01:40:14.28 Be tough, lad. I'm backing you. 01:41:25.36,01:41:29.72 Do you think he'd risk going alone? 01:41:30.52,01:41:31.64 Who, Madame? 01:41:31.72,01:41:34.84 You know who.[br]He's waiting for me. 01:41:35.28,01:41:36.24 What do you care? 01:41:36.92,01:41:38.24 Suppose I went... 01:41:39.92,01:41:41.72 Your guests are waiting. 01:42:03.48,01:42:04.48 Gently. 01:42:19.40,01:42:20.40 You idiots! 01:42:28.52,01:42:29.44 Let's go! 01:43:04.64,01:43:08.56 Good news, my friends.[br]Cartouche has been caught. 01:43:10.72,01:43:12.24 He is in prison by now. 01:43:17.56,01:43:19.44 last. 01:43:19.96,01:43:22.12 Good evening.[br]Do you know the news? 01:43:22.24,01:43:24.00 Cartouche is caught.[br]They'll hang him. 01:43:24.12,01:43:25.96 The sooner the better. 01:43:26.76,01:43:27.72 Cartouche arrested? 01:43:27.80,01:43:30.24 Thanks to you. He was alone. 01:43:30.52,01:43:33.16 Who told you? 01:43:33.28,01:43:36.24 Cartouche amused me. 01:43:37.24,01:43:38.52 Dance, my friends. 01:43:44.92,01:43:45.92 Let us dance. 01:43:46.92,01:43:48.24 Let me take my leave. 01:43:48.52,01:43:49.48 If you please... 01:43:50.88,01:43:51.92 If you please... 01:44:07.80,01:44:10.00 Dance, lsabelle, dance... 01:44:10.84,01:44:12.40 If it pleases you... 01:44:18.16,01:44:19.60 What's the matter? 01:44:22.20,01:44:25.04 My husband wishes me to dance. 01:45:08.52,01:45:09.40 Too late. 01:45:09.60,01:45:10.60 Why too late? 01:45:10.88,01:45:13.16 There's a whole army. 01:45:13.28,01:45:15.88 - What do we do?[br]- Die, or go? 01:45:16.04,01:45:17.00 I'm leaving. 01:45:18.36,01:45:23.28 We have enough to live on[br]for centuries. 01:45:24.08,01:45:26.28 Do we lose the lot for a woman? 01:45:26.88,01:45:28.16 Follow me. 01:45:28.32,01:45:30.28 No, I'm leaving. Follow me. 01:45:30.56,01:45:31.48 Gentle! 01:45:31.80,01:45:33.32 I can't stand your fat... 01:45:33.76,01:45:34.64 ...your beard... 01:45:34.96,01:45:35.92 ...your stink... 01:45:36.56,01:45:37.72 ...your girlish ways... 01:45:38.96,01:45:40.56 Cartouche is a man. 01:45:40.80,01:45:42.92 That's why he dropped you. 01:45:43.16,01:45:44.12 It was his right. 01:45:44.24,01:45:45.96 He got pinched for a woman. 01:45:46.12,01:45:47.72 You are here to obey. 01:45:47.84,01:45:51.84 The rest concerns me alone.[br]I'm his wife. You'll see. 01:45:52.48,01:45:54.44 Do as I tell you. Ready? 01:45:55.40,01:45:57.28 To obey you? Yes. 01:46:21.32,01:46:22.04 Let's go. 01:46:22.64,01:46:24.20 Leave this to me. 01:46:27.84,01:46:28.80 Venus... 01:46:47.44,01:46:48.52 What's that girl up to? 01:46:55.56,01:46:56.88 Who is that poor man? 01:46:57.40,01:46:58.64 May I give him a drink? 01:47:20.32,01:47:21.32 Take this, and aim. 01:47:59.04,01:48:00.08 Run, Venus, run! 01:48:51.32,01:48:54.56 Get her - at all cost. 01:49:01.24,01:49:02.16 Venus... 01:49:53.64,01:49:55.84 Escape, Dominique... 01:52:02.68,01:52:04.68 She will have time enough[br]to wear them. 01:54:43.52,01:54:45.84 The nights are getting chilly. 01:54:47.88,01:54:48.84 What now? 01:54:51.60,01:54:53.88 - I'll make them dance.[br]- And after? 01:54:55.36,01:54:56.68 The end's clear. 01:54:58.12,01:54:59.68 The hangman's rope. 01:55:01.00,01:55:03.52 The sooner the better!
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City Of God 2003 CD1
City Of God 2003 CD2
City Of The Living Dead 1980
City of Lost Children The CD1
City of Lost Children The CD2
City of No Limits The (Antonio Hernandez 2002)
City on fire 1987
Civil Brand 2003
Clan Des Siciliens Le - Henri Verneuil 1969
Clash of the Titans CD1
Clash of the Titans CD2
Class Trip 1998
Classic The (Korean) CD1
Classic The (Korean) CD2
Clearing The
Cleo De 5 7
Cleopatra 1963 CD1
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Cleopatra 1963 CD3
Cleopatra 1999 CD1
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Cliffhanger (Collectors Edition)
Cliffhanger CD1
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Clockers CD1
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Clockwork Orange A
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (The Collectors Edition)
Closet The
Club Dread
Coast Guard 2002 CD1
Coast Guard 2002 CD2
Cobra Verde CD1
Cobra Verde CD2
Coca-Cola Kid The 1985
Cock - A Broken Leghorn (1959)
Cock - The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Cockleshell Heroes The
Cold Comfort Farm 1995
Cold Mountain 2003 CD1
Cold Mountain 2003 CD2
Cold Mountain CD1
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Cold Mountain CD3
Collateral 2004
Collateral Damage
Collector The
Colour Of The Truth
Coma (1978)
Comandante (Oliver Stone 2003)
Come And See CD1
Come And See CD2
Commitments The
Como Agua Para Chocolate
Company Man
Company Of Wolves The CD1
Company Of Wolves The CD2
Company The CD1
Company The CD2
Con Air
Conan The Barbabian (uncut)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Confessions of Sorority Girls
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Connie and Carla
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Conspiracy Theory 1997
Control 2004
Conversation The CD1
Conversation The CD2
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover The 1989
Cookies Fortune 1999
Cookout The
Cool Hand Luke 1967
Cool World
Cooler The
Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Crew The
Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
Crimson Tide
Criss Cross
Cristina Quer Casar
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Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow The
Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
Cruel Intentions 3
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Cube Zero
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