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Subtitles for Casablanca CD2.

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Casablanca CD2

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Very well, Laszlo, we won't mince words.
Youíre an escaped prisoner of the Reich.
So far you have been fortunate in eluding us.
You have reached Casablanca.
It is my duty to see that you stay in Casablanca.
Whether or not you will succeed is problematic.
Not at all. Renault's signature is necessary on every visa.
Captain, is it possible Herr Laszlo will receive a visa?
Iím afraid not.
My regrets, sir.
Well, perhaps I shall like it in Casablanca.
And Mademoiselle?
You needn't be concerned about me.
Is that all you wish to tell us?
Don't be in such a hurry . You have all the time in the world.
You may be in Casablanca indefinitely .
Or you may leave for Lisbon tomorrow. On one condition.
And that is?
You know the leader of the underground movement in Paris, Prague...
...Brussels, Amsterdam...
...Oslo, Belgrade, Athens...
Even Berlin.
Yes, even Berlin.
If you will furnish me with their names and whereabouts...'ll have your visa in the morning.
And the honour of having served the Third Reich.
I was in a German concentration camp for a year.
That's honour enough for a lifetime.
You will give us the names?
If I didn't give them to you in a concentration camp...
...where you had more persuasive methods at your disposal...
...I certainly won't give them to you now.
And what if you track down these men and kill them?
What if you murdered all of us?
From every corner of Europe hundreds, thousands would rise to take our places.
Even Nazis can't kill that fast.
You have a reputation for eloquence which I can now understand.
But you are mistaken.
You said enemies of the Reich can be replaced.
But there is one exception.
No one could take your place in the event anything unfortunate...
...should occur to you while you were trying to escape.
You won't dare interfere with me here.
This is still unoccupied France.
Any violation of neutrality would reflect on Captain Renault.
In so far as it is in my power.
By the way, last night you evinced an interest in Ugarte.
I believe you have a message for him?
Nothing important. But may I speak to him now?
You would find the conversation a trifle one-sided.
SeŮor Ugarte is dead.
Iím making the report now.
We haven't quite decided whether he committed suicide, or...
...died trying to escape.
Are you quite finished with us?
For the time being.
Good day .
Undoubtedly, their next step will be to the black market.
Excuse me, Captain.
Another visa problem has come up.
Show her in.
Sorry, we wouldn't be able to handle the police.
This is a job for Ferrari.
It can be most helpful to know Ferrari.
He practically has a monopoly on the black market here.
You will find him at the Blue Parrot.
Don't be too downhearted.
Perhaps you can come to terms with Captain Renault.
Hello, Ferrari.
Good morning, Rick.
I see the bus is in. I'll take my shipment with me.
No hurry, I'll have it sent over. Have a drink with me.
I never drink in the morning.
And every time you send my shipment over, it's always a little bit short.
Carrying charges, my boy .
Here, sit down.
There is something I want to talk over with you, anyhow.
The news about Ugarte upsets me very much.
Youíre a fat hypocrite. You don't feel any sorrier for Ugarte than I do.
Of course not. What upsets me is the fact that Ugarte is dead...
...and no one knows where those letters of transit are.
Practically no one.
If I had those letters, I could make a fortune.
So could l, and Iím a poor businessman.
I have a proposition for whoever has those letters.
I'll handle the entire transaction.
Get rid of the letters, take all the risk for a small percentage.
And the carrying charges?
Naturally there would be a few incidental expenses.
That's the proposition I have for whoever has those letters.
I'll tell him when he comes in.
I'll put my cards on the table. I think you know where they are.
Youíre in good company . Renault and Strasser probably think so too.
That's why I came over here. To give them a chance to ransack my place.
Rick, don't be a fool. Take me into your confidence. You need a partner.
Excuse me, I'll be getting back.
-Morning. -Ferrari is the fat gent at the table.
You won't find a treasure like this in all Morocco.
Only 700 francs.
Youíre being cheated.
It doesn't matter, thank you.
For friends of Rick's we have a small discount.
Did I say 700 francs? You can have it for 200.
Iím sorry I was in no condition to receive you when you called last night.
It doesn't matter.
Special friends of Rick's get a special discount.
100 francs.
Your story had me a little confused. Or maybe it was the bourbon.
I have some tablecloths, some napkins...
Thank you. Iím really not interested.
Did you come back to tell me why you ran out on me at the railway station?
Well, you can tell me now. Iím reasonably sober.
I don't think I will, Rick.
Why not? I got stuck with the ticket. I think Iím entitled to know.
Last night I saw what has happened to you.
The Rick I knew in Paris, I could tell him, he'd understand.
But the one who looked at me with such hatred...
I'll be leaving Casablanca soon and we'll never see each other again.
We knew very little about each other when we were in love in Paris.
If we leave it that way, maybe we'll remember those days and not Casablanca.
Not last night.
Did you run out on me because you knew what it would be like?
Hiding from the police, running away all the time?
You can believe that if you want to.
Well, Iím not running away anymore. Iím settled now.
Above a saloon, it's true, but...
...walk up a flight...
...I'll be expecting you.
All the same, someday you'll lie to Laszlo.
You'll be there.
No, Rick.
No. You see, Victor Laszlo is my husband.
And was... even when I knew you in Paris.
I was just telling Mr. Laszlo that unfortunately Iím not able to help him.
You see, my dear, word has got around.
As leader of all illegal activities, Iím an influential and respected man.
But it would not be worth my life to do anything for Mr. Laszlo.
You, however, are a different matter.
Ferrari thinks it might just be possible to get an exit visa for you.
You mean for me to go on alone?
And only alone.
I'll stay here and keep trying. Iím sure in a little while...
Might as well be frank.
It would take a miracle to get you out. The Germans have outlawed miracles.
We are only interested in two visas.
Please, Lisa, don't be hasty .
You two will want to discuss this.
Excuse me. I'll be at the bar.
No, Lisa. I won't let you stay here.
You must get to America. Believe me, somehow I will get out and join you.
But, Victor, if the situation were different...
...if I had to stay and there were only one visa...
...would you take it?
Yes, I would.
Yes, I see.
When I had trouble getting out of Lille...
...why didn't you leave me there?
When I was sick in Marseilles for two weeks and you were in danger...
...why didn't you leave me then?
I meant to. Something always held me up.
I love you very much, Lisa.
Your secret will be safe with me.
Ferrari is waiting for our answer.
We've decided.
For the present we will look for two visas. Thank you very much.
Good luck, but be careful.
-You know Youíre being shadowed? -Of course. It becomes an instinct.
I observe that you in one respect are a very fortunate man.
I am moved to make a suggestion. Why, I do not know.
Because it cannot possibly profit me.
But have you heard of Ugarte and the letters of transit?
Yes, something.
Those letters were not found on Ugarte when they arrested him.
You know where they are?
Not for sure, Monsieur.
But my guess is that Ugarte left those letters with Mr. Rick.
He is a difficult customer, that Rick. One never knows what he'll do or why .
But it is worth a chance.
Thank you very much. Good day .
Goodbye, and thank you for your coffee.
I shall miss it when we leave.
It was gracious of you to share it with me.
-Here's to you, sir. -Good luck.
-I'd better be going. -Check, please.
I have to warn you, sir.
This is a dangerous place full of vultures.
-Vultures everywhere. Thank you. -Goodbye.
It has been a pleasure to meet you.
You are getting to be your best customer.
Well, drinking. Iím very pleased with you.
Now Youíre beginning to live like a Frenchman.
That's some going-over your men gave my place this afternoon.
We barely got cleaned up in time to open.
I told Strasser he wouldn't find the letters.
But I told my men to be very destructive.
You know how that impresses Germans.
Rick, have you got those letters of transit?
Louis, are you Pro-Vichy or Free French?
Serves me right for asking a direct question. Subject is closed.
It looks like Youíre a little late.
So Yvonne's gone over to the enemy .
Who knows. She may constitute an entire second front.
I think it's time for me to flatter Strasser a little. I'll see you later.
French 75.
Put up a row of them.
Starting here and ending here.
We will begin with two.
Vous Ítes une franÁaise, vous, d'aller avec les boches comme Áa?
-Qu'en vous mÍlez-vous? -Je me mÍle pour ceux qui vont Ítre.
-«a va passer. -«a, c'est qui?
Une minute.
What did you say? Would you kindly repeat it?
What I said is none of your business.
I'll make it my business.
I don't like disturbances in my place, so either lay off politics or get out.
You see, Captain?
The situation is not as under control as you believe.
Major, we are trying to cooperate with your government.
But we cannot regulate the feelings of our people.
Are you certain which side Youíre on?
I have no conviction, if that's what you mean.
I blow with the wind...
...and the prevailing wind happens to be from Vichy .
And if it should change?
Surely the Reich doesn't admit that possibility?
We are concerned about more than Casablanca.
We know that every French province in Africa is honeycombed with traitors.
Waiting for their chance. Waiting perhaps...
...for a leader.
A leader? Like Laszlo?
I have been thinking.
It is too dangerous to let him go, it may be too dangerous to let him stay .
I see what you mean.
Ich bin schon hier, Herr Leuchtag.
Ich habe den feinsten Cognac gebracht. Den trinken sonst nur die Angestellten.
-Thank you, Carl. -FŁr Frau Leuchtag.
-Thank you, Carl. -FŁr Herr Leuchtag.
Sit down. Have a brandy with us.
To celebrate our leaving for America tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
I thought you would ask me, so I brought the good brandy ...
...and the dress glass.
At last the day's came!
We are speaking nothing but English now.
So we should feel at home when we get to America.
A very nice idea.
To America!
To America!
What watch?
10 watch.
Such much?
You will get along beautifully in America.
How is lady luck treating you?
Oh, too bad.
You'll find him over there.
Could I speak to you a moment, please?
How'd you get in here? Youíre under age.
-I came with Captain Renault. -I should have known.
My husband is with me too.
He is? Captain Renault's getting broad-minded. Sit down.
Have a drink?
No, of course not. Mind if I do?
Mr. Rick...
...what kind of a man is Captain Renault?
Like any other man, only more so.
No, I mean... he trustworthy? Is his word...
Just a minute. Who told you to ask me that?
He did.
I thought so. Where's your husband?
At the roulette table, trying to win enough for our exit visas.
Oh, of course he's losing.
How long have you been married?
8 weeks.
We come from Bulgaria.
Things are very bad there.
The devil has the people by the throat.
So, Jan and l, we...
...we do not want our children to grow up in such a country .
So you decided to go to America.
But we haven't much money, and...
...travelling is so expensive and difficult.
It was more than we thought to get here.
And then Captain Renault sees us...
...and he is so kind, he wants to help us.
Yes, I'll bet.
He tells me he can give us an exit visa.
But we have no money .
-Does he know that? -Yes.
And he's still willing to give you a visa?
And you want to know...
Will he keep his word?
He always has.
You are a man.
If someone loved you very much... that your happiness was the only thing she wanted in the world...
...and she did a bad thing to make certain of it...
...could you forgive her?
Nobody ever loved me that much.
And he never knew, and the girl kept this bad thing locked in her heart...
...that would be all right, wouldn't it?
-You want my advice? -Yes, please.
Go back to Bulgaria.
But if you knew what it means to us to leave Europe, to get to America.
Oh, but if Jan should find out.
He is such a boy .
In many ways I am so much older than he is.
Yes, well, everybody in Casablanca has problems.
Yours may work out. You'll excuse me.
-Good evening. -Good evening.
You see? Here we are again.
I'll take that as a great compliment to Sam.
I suppose he means to you Paris of happier days.
He does.
Could we have a table close to him?
And far away from Strasser as possible.
The geography may be a little difficult to arrange.
This way, please.
I'll have Sam play "As Time Goes By ." I believe that's your favourite tune.
Thank you.
Two cognacs, please.
Marquons les jeux, mesdames et messieurs...
...les jeux sont faits. La partie continue.
Do you wish to place another bet, sir?
I guess not.
Have you tried 22?
I said 22.
Leave it there.
Cash it in and don't come back.
Are you sure this place is honest?
Honest? As honest as the day is long.
How are we doing tonight?
A couple of thousand less than I thought there would be.
Rien ne va plus.
He's just a lucky guy .
Mr. Rick, may I get you a cup of coffee?
No thanks, Carl.
-Captain Renault, may l... -Oh, not here, please.
Come to my office in the morning. We'll do everything businesslike.
-We'll be there at 6. -I'll be there at 10.
Iím happy for both of you.
Still, it's very strange that you won.
Well, maybe not so strange.
-I'll see you in the morning. -Thank you, Captain Renault.
Boss, you've done a beautiful thing.
Go away, you crazy Russian.
As I suspected. Youíre a rank sentimentalist.
Why do you interfere with my little romances?
Put it down as a gesture to love.
Well, I'll forgive you this time.
But I'll be in tomorrow night with a breathtaking blonde.
And it'll make me very happy if she loses.
Mr. Blaine, I wonder if I could talk to you?
Go ahead.
Isn't there some other place?
It's rather confidential, what I have to say .
In my office.
You must know it's very important I get out of Casablanca.
It's my privilege to be one of the leaders of a great movement.
You know what I've been doing.
You know what it means to the work, to the lives of thousands of people...
...that I am free to reach America and continue my work.
Iím not interested in politics.
The problems of the world are not in my department.
Iím a saloonkeeper.
My friends in the underground tell me that you have quite a record.
You ran guns to Ethiopia.
You fought against the Fascists in Spain.
What of it?
Isn't it strange you always seem to be fighting with the underdog?
Yes, I found that a very expensive hobby .
But then I never was much of a businessman.
Are you enough of a businessman to appreciate an offer of 100,000 francs?
I appreciate it, but I don't accept it.
I'll raise it to 200,000.
My friend, you could make it a million francs or 3.
My answer would still be the same.
There must be some reason why you won't let me have them.
There is.
I suggest that you ask your wife.
-I beg your pardon? -I said, ask your wife.
-My wife? -Yes.
Play " La Marseillaise"! Play it!
See? If Laszlo's presence in a cafť can inspire this demonstration...
...what more will his presence in Casablanca bring on?
I advise this place be shut up at once.
-Everybody's having a good time. -Yes, much too good a time.
The place is to be closed.
-But I have no excuse to close it. -Find one.
-Santť, Monsieur. -Santť.
Everybody is to leave immediately .
This cafť is closed until further notice.
Clear the room at once.
How can you close me up? On what grounds?
Iím shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.
-Your winnings, sir. -Thank you.
Everybody out at once.
After this disturbance it is not safe for Laszlo to stay in Casablanca.
This morning it wasn't safe for him to leave Casablanca.
That is also true. Except to return to Occupied France.
-Occupied France? -Under safe conduct from me.
Of what value is that?
You may recall what German guarantees have been worth in the past.
There are only two other alternatives for him.
The French authorities may find a reason to put him in concentration camp here.
The other alternative?
Perhaps you have already observed that in Casablanca human life is cheap.
Good night.
-What happened with Rick? -We'll discuss it later.
Our faithful friend is still there.
Victor, please don't go to the underground meeting tonight.
I must.
Besides, it isn't often that a man gets to display heroics before his wife.
Don't joke. After Major Strasser's warning tonight, Iím frightened.
To tell you the truth, Iím frightened too.
Shall I remain here in a hotel room, hiding?
Or carry on the best I can?
Whatever I'd say, you would carry on.
Victor, why don't you tell me about Rick? What did you find out?
Apparently he has the letters.
But no intention of selling them.
One would think if sentiment wouldn't persuade him, money would.
Did he give you any reason?
He suggested I ask you.
Ask me?
Yes, he said, "Ask your wife."
I don't know why he said that.
Well, our friend outside will think we've retired by now.
I'll be going in a few minutes.
When I was in the concentration camp...
...were you lonely in Paris?
Yes, Victor, I was.
I know how it is to be lonely .
Is there anything you wish to tell me?
No, Victor, there isn't.
I love you very much, my dear.
Yes, I know.
Victor, whatever I do, will you believe that l...
You don't have to say it.
I'll believe.
Good night, dear.
Good night.
Yes, dear?
Be careful.
Of course, I'll be careful.
Well, you are in pretty good shape.
How long can I afford to stay closed?
Two weeks, maybe three.
Maybe I won't have to. A bribe has worked before.
In the meantime everybody stays on salary .
Thank you, Herr Rick.
Sashay will be happy to hear it.
I owe him money .
You finish locking up, will you, Carl?
-Then I am going to the meeting of... -Don't tell me where Youíre going.
I won't.
Good night.
Good night, Mr. Rick.
How did you get in?
The stairs from the street.
I told you this morning you'd come around, but this is a little early .
Won't you sit down?
-Richard, I had to see you. -" Richard!" Weíre back in Paris.
Your unexpected visit isn't connected by chance with the letters of transit?
It seems that with those letters I'll never be lonely .
You can ask any price, but I must have those letters.
I went all through that with your husband. It's no deal.
I know how you feel about me, but Iím asking you... put your feelings aside for something more important.
Do I have to hear again what a great man your husband is...
...what an important cause he's fighting for?
It was your cause too.
In your own way you were fighting for the same thing.
Iím not fighting for anything anymore except myself.
Iím the only cause Iím interested in.
We loved each other once.
If those days meant anything at all to you...
I wouldn't bring up Paris if I were you. It's poor salesmanship.
Please listen. If you knew what really happened. If you only knew the truth.
I wouldn't believe you no matter what you told me.
You'd say anything now to get what you want.
You want to feel sorry for yourself, don't you?
With so much at stake all you can think of is your feelings.
One woman has hurt you, and you take revenge on the rest of world.
Youíre a coward and a weakling.
No. Oh, Richard. Iím sorry .
Iím sorry, but you... are our last hope.
If you don't help us, Victor Laszlo will die in Casablanca.
What of it?
Iím going to die in Casablanca. It's a good spot for it.
Now, if you'll...
All right.
I tried to reason with you.
I tried everything. Now I want those letters.
Get them for me.
I don't have to. I got them right here.
Put them on the table.
For the last time, put them on the table.
If Laszlo and the cause mean so much to you, you won't stop at anything.
All right, I'll make it easier for you.
Go ahead and shoot. You'll be doing me a favour.
I tried to stay away .
I thought I would never see you again.
That you were out of my life.
The day you left Paris...
...if you knew what I went through.
If you knew how much I loved you.
How much I still love you.
And then?
It wasn't long after we were married that Victor went back to Czechoslovakia.
They needed him in Prague. But the Gestapo were waiting for him.
Just 2 lines in the paper:
"Victor Laszlo apprehended. Sent to concentration camp."
I was frantic. For months I tried to get word.
Then it came.
He was dead. Shot trying to escape.
I was lonely . I had nothing, not even hope.
Then I met you.
Why weren't you honest with me? Why did you keep your marriage a secret?
It wasn't my secret, Richard. Victor wanted it that way .
Not even our closest friends knew about our marriage.
That was his way of protecting me. I knew so much about his work.
If the Gestapo found out I was his wife it would be dangerous for me and...
...for those working with us.
And when did you first find out he was alive?
Just before you and I were to leave Paris together.
A friend came and told me that Victor was alive.
They were hiding him in a freight car in the outskirts of Paris.
He was sick. He needed me.
I wanted to tell you, but I didn't dare.
I knew you wouldn't have left Paris, and the Gestapo would have caught you.
Well... you know the rest.
Well, it's still a story without an ending.
What about now?
I don't know.
I know that I'll never have the strength to leave you again.
And Laszlo?
You'll help him now, Richard, won't you?
You'll see that he gets out.
Then he'll have his work. All that he's been living for.
All except one.
He won't have you.
I can't fight it anymore.
I ran away from you once. I can't do it again.
Oh, I don't know what's right any longer.
You have to think for both of us.
For all of us.
All right.
I will.
Here's looking at you, kid.
I wish I didn't love you so much.
-I think we lost them. -Yes.
Iím afraid they caught some of the others.
Come inside.
Come, Mr. Laszlo, I will help you.
Carl, what happened?
The police break up our meeting, Rick.
We escaped at the last moment.
-Come up here a minute. -Yes, I come.
I want you to turn out the rear entrance light. It might attract the police.
But Sashay always puts out that light.
Tonight he forgot.
Yes, I come. I will do it.
I want you to take Miss Lund home.
It's nothing, just a little cut. We had to get through a window.
This might come in handy .
Thank you.
Had a close one?
Yes, rather.
Don't you sometimes wonder if it's worth all this?
I mean, what Youíre fighting for.
We might as well question why we breathe.
If we stop breathing, we'll die.
If we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die.
What of it? Then it'll be out of its misery .
You know how you sound, Mr. Blaine?
Like a man trying to convince himself of something he doesn't believe.
Each of us has a destiny .
For good, or for evil.
I get the point.
I wonder if you do.
I wonder if you know that Youíre trying to escape from yourself.
And that you'll never succeed.
You seem to know all about my destiny .
I know a good deal more about you than you suspect.
I know, for instance, that Youíre in love with a woman.
It's perhaps a strange circumstance...
...that we both should be in love with the same woman.
The first evening I came into this cafť...
...I knew there was something between you and Lisa.
Since no one is to blame...
...I demand no explanation.
I ask only one thing: You won't give me the letters of transit...
...all right.
But I want my wife to be safe.
I ask you as a favour... use the letters to take her away from Casablanca.
You love her that much?
Apparently you think of me only as the leader of a cause.
I am also a human being.
Yes, I love her that much.
-Mr. Laszlo? -Yes?
You'll come with us. We have a warrant for your arrest.
On what charge?
Captain Renault will discuss that with you later.
It seems that destiny has taken a hand.
You have no proof and you know it. This isn't Germany or Occupied France.
All you can do is fine him a few thousand francs and give him 30 days.
You might as well let him go now.
I'd advise you not to be too interested in what happens to Laszlo.
If you were to help him escape...
What makes you think I'd stick my neck out for Laszlo?
Because, one, you bet 10,000 francs he'd escape.
Two, you've got the letters of transit. Now, don't bother to deny it.
And you might do it simply because you don't like Strasser's looks.
As a matter off act, I don't like them either.
Theyíre all excellent reasons.
Don't count too much on my friendship, Ricky .
In this matter Iím powerless.
Besides, I might lose 10,000 francs.
Youíre not very subtle, but you are effective. I get the point.
Yes, I have the letters.
But I intend using them myself.
Iím leaving Casablanca on tonight's plane. The last plane.
And Iím taking a friend with me. One you'll appreciate.
-What friend? -Lisa Lund.
That ought to put your mind to rest about my helping Laszlo escape.
The last man I want to see in America.
You didn't come here to tell me this.
You have the letters of transit.
You can fill in your names and leave anytime you please.
Why are you still interested in what happens to Laszlo?
Iím not. But I am interested in what happens to Lisa and me.
We have a legal right to go, it's true, but people have been held here... spite of their legal rights.
What makes you think we want to hold you?
Lisa is Laszlo's wife.
She probably knows things Strasser would like to know.
Louis, I'll make a deal with you.
If instead of this petty charge you have against him... could get something big...
...something that would chuck him in a concentration camp for years...
...that would be a feather in your cap, wouldn't it?
It certainly would. Germany, eh, Vichy, would be very grateful.
Then, release him.
You be at my place a half-hour before the plane leaves.
I'll have Laszlo come there to pick up the letters of transit...
...and that'll give you grounds to make the arrest.
You get him and we get away .
To the Germans, that last will be just a minor annoyance.
There's still something about this business I don't understand.
Miss Lund is beautiful, yes...
...but you were never interested in any woman.
She isn't just any woman.
I see.
How do I know you'll keep your end of the bargain?
I'll make the arrangements right now with Laszlo in the visitor's pen.
I'll miss you. Youíre the only one in Casablanca with less scruples than I.
Oh, thanks.
Go ahead, Ricky .
Call off your watchdogs when you let him go. I don't want them around.
Iím taking no chances, not even with you.
Should we draw up papers, or is a handshake good enough?
Certainly not good enough. But since Iím in a hurry, it'll have to do.
To get out of Casablanca and to America. Youíre a lucky man.
By the way, my agreement with Sam is he always gets 25 percent of the profits.
I happen to know he gets 10 percent. But he's worth 25.
Abdul, Carl and Sashay stay with the place or I don't sell.
Of course they stay . Rick's wouldn't be Rick's without them.
So long.
And don't forget you owe Rick's 100 carton of American cigarettes.
I shall remember to pay it to myself.
-Youíre late. -I was informed as Laszlo was leaving...
...the hotel, so Iím on time.
-I thought I said no watchdogs. -He won't be followed here.
You know this place will never be the same without you.
I know what you mean.
I've spoken to Ferrari. You'll still win at roulette.
Is everything ready?
I have the letters here.
Tell me, when we searched the place, where were they?
Sam's piano.
Serves me right for not being musical.
Here they are.
You better wait in my office.
Victor thinks Iím leaving with him. Haven't you told him?
-No, not yet. -But is everything all right?
Everything is quite all right.
We'll tell him at the airport. The less time to think, the easier.
Please trust me.
Yes, I will.
-I don't know how to thank you. -Save it, we still have a lot to do.
-I brought the money . -I Keep it, you'll need it in America.
-But we made a deal... -Never mind that.
You won't have any trouble in Lisbon, will you?
No. That's all arranged.
Good, I've got the letters made out in blank...
...all you have to do is fill in the signatures.
Victor Laszlo, Youíre under arrest.
On the charge of accessory to the murder of the couriers...
...from whom these letters were stolen.
Youíre surprised at my friend Ricky? The explanation is simple.
Love, it seems, has triumphed over virtue.
Not so fast, Louis. Nobody is going to be arrested. Not for a while yet.
-Have you taken leave of your senses? -I have. Sit down.
I wouldn't like to shoot you, but I will if you take one more step.
Under the circumstances, I will sit down.
-Keep your hands on the table. -I suppose you know what Youíre doing...
...but I wonder if you realize what this means?
I do. We've got plenty of time to discuss that later.
Call off your watchdogs, you said.
Call the airport and let me hear you tell them.
And remember, this gun is pointed right at your heart.
That is my least vulnerable spot.
Is that the airport?
This is Captain Renault speaking.
There'll be 2 letters of transit for the Lisbon plane.
There's to be no trouble about them.
My car, quickly!
This is Major Strasser.
Have a squad of police meet me at the airport at once.
At once, do you hear?
Hello, radio tower?
Lisbon plane taking off in ten minutes, east runway .
Visibility one and one half miles.
Light ground fog.
Depth of fog approximately 500.
Ceiling unlimited. Thank you.
Louis, have your man go with Laszlo and take care of his luggage.
Certainly, Rick, anything you say .
Find Mr. Laszlo's luggage and put it on the plane.
This way, please.
If you don't mind, fill in the names. That'll make it even more official.
You think of everything, don't you?
And the names are Mr. and Mrs. Victor Laszlo.
...why my name, Richard?
Because Youíre getting on that plane.
But I don't understand, what about you?
Iím staying here with him until the plane gets safely away .
No, Richard. What has happened to you? Last night you said...
Last night we said a great many things.
You said I was to do the thinking for both of us.
I've done a lot of it since then. It all adds up to one thing:
Your getting on that plane with Victor where you belong.
Now you've got to listen to me.
Do you have any idea what you'd have to look forward to here?
Chances are we'd both wind up in a concentration camp. True, Louis?
Iím afraid Major Strasser would insist.
Youíre saying this only to make me go.
Iím saying it because it's true.
Inside we both know you belong with Victor.
Youíre part of his work, the thing that keeps him going.
If that plane leaves the ground and Youíre not with him, you'll regret it.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. And for the rest of your life.
But what about us?
We'll always have Paris.
We didn't have. We'd lost it until you came to Casablanca.
We got it back last night.
When I said I would never leave you.
And you never will.
But I have a job too.
And where Iím going, you can't follow. What I've got to do... can't be any part of.
Lisa, Iím no good at being noble.
But it doesn't take much to see that the problems of 3 little people...
...don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.
Someday you'll understand that.
Here's looking at you, kid.
Everything is in order.
All except one thing.
There's something you should know before you leave.
I don't ask you to explain anything.
It may make a difference to you later on.
You said you knew about Lisa and me.
But you didn't know she was at my place last night when you were.
She came for the letters of transit. Right, Lisa?
She tried everything to get them, and nothing worked.
She did her best to convince me she was still in love with me.
But that was all over long ago.
For your sake she pretended it wasn't, and I let her pretend.
I understand.
Here it is.
I appreciate it.
Welcome back to the fight.
This time I know our side will win.
Are you ready, Lisa?
Yes, Iím ready .
Goodbye, Rick.
God bless you.
You better hurry . You'll miss that plane.
Well, I was right. You are a sentimentalist.
Stay where you are.
I don't know what Youíre talking about.
What you did for Laszlo.
And that fairy tale you invented to send Lisa away with him.
I know a little about women. She went.
But she knew you were lying.
Anyway, thanks for helping me out.
I suppose you know this isn't going to be pleasant for either of us.
Especially for you.
I'll have to arrest you.
As soon as the plane goes, Louis.
What was the meaning of that phone call?
Victor Laszlo is on that plane.
Why do you stand here? Why don't you stop him?
Ask Mr. Rick.
Get away from that phone.
I would advise you not to interfere.
I was willing to shoot Renault. I'll shoot you.
Put that phone down!
Get me the radio tower.
Put it down!
Major Strasser has been shot.
Round up the usual suspects.
Allez. Cette voiture. Vous allez lŗ.
Well, Youíre not only a sentimentalist, but you've become a patriot.
Maybe. It seemed like a good time to start.
Perhaps Youíre right.
It might be a good idea for you to disappear from Casablanca for a while.
There's a Free French garrison over at Brazzaville.
I could arrange passage.
My letter of transit?
I could use a trip.
But it doesn't change our bet. You still owe me 10,000 francs.
That 10,000 francs should pay our expenses.
"Our" expenses?
...I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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