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Subtitles for Casino (1995) CD2.

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Casino (1995) CD2

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A Gaming Control Board investigation...
of Tangiers executive Sam Rothstein`s application...
for a gaming license is underway.
Rothstein, who heads the Tangiers Casino operation and is a boyhood friend...
of Las Vegas mob boss Nicky Santoro...
could lose his ability to work in the casino--
[ Muted ]
- [ Phone Rings ] - Hello?
- I gotta meet Clean Face. What about the Chez Paris? - You can`t.
- You gotta make a reservation. It`s all booked up. - No, no.
It`s impossible. You gotta make a reservation.
It`s very difficuIt to get in.
I`ll use the service entrance. I`ll see you at 9:00.
All right.
The battle between State gaming officials and Tangiers Casino boss...
Sam "Ace" Rothstein is heating up.
Tonight, an up-to-the-minute look at Ace Rothstein`s attempt to get state licensing...
despite law enforcement allegations of Rothstein`s organized crime connections.
Will Sam Rothstein`s friendship with alleged organized crime figure Nicky Santoro...
keep Rothstein from running the Tangiers Casino?
And can the integrity of state gaming laws be jeopardized by a boyhood friendship?
- Why don`t you take it easy on that stuff? Huh? - [ Newscaster Continues ]
Come on. Let me help you down.
We`re talking about some stuff.
At 6:00: Will a boyhood friendship unseat Rothstein as the Tangiers Casino boss?
Exclusive on the KBBO special news report.
- Go down. Just... go downst- - [ Newscaster Continues ]
You can`t let this concern you, Ace. Don`t worry.
It`s just a political witch hunt.
Do you want something to drink?
- Charlie, a refill? - Yeah, great.
No. Hey, Mr. Clark. I`ve been tryin` to reach you.
- You`re tougher to get than the president. - Well, I`ve been busy.
Yeah? At least you could return my phone calls, though.
Listen, Nicky, we talked about this.
And I explained to you that you might have to take some kind of loss.
I think I want my money back.
[ Laughing ] What are you gonna do, strong-arm me?
- [ Laughing ] - You know, I think you`ve gotten the wrong impression about me.
I think, in all fairness...
I should explain to you exactly what it is that I do.
Tomorrow morning I`ll get up nice and early, take a walk to the bank...
and walk in and see, and, uh, if you don`t have my money for me...
I`ll crack your fuckin` head wide open in front of everybody.
And just about the time that I`m comin` out of jail...
hopefully you`ll be comin` out of your coma.
And guess what? I`ll split your fuckin` head open again.
`Cause I`m fuckin` stupid. I don`t give a fuck about jail.
That`s my business. That`s what I do.
We know what you do. You fuck people out of money and get away with it.
- You can`t talk to me like that. - Hey, you fat lrish prick! You put my money to sleep!
- Get my money, or I`ll put your brain to sleep. - Sam!
Never mind Sam. This is personal.
I`ll be there in the morning. You can try me, Fatso. You fuckin` try me.
You think he got the point?
What`re you doin`? He`s a square guy, for chrissakes. He`s gonna run to the F.B.I.
That prick`s been dodgin` me for three weeks. You`re tryin` to tell me what to do.
I`m not tryin` to tell you what to do. You`re outta line. Where`s your head?
Where`s my head? Where`s your fuckin` balls?
I`m tryin` to put somethin` big together here. You know what I`m talkin` about.
If you`re actin` like this now, can I depend on you?
A lot of things gonna change. If you wanna be there with me, you`re gonna have to go my way.
Listen, Nick, understand my situation. I`m responsible for thousands of people.
I got a hundred million a year goin` through the place.
It`s all over if I don`t get that license.
If it goes bad for me, it`s bad for a lot of people.
Forget about your fuckin` license. I plant my own flag, you ain`t gonna need a license.
You know, I don`t know what it is, Sammy, but the more I talk to you...
the more I feel like you just don`t want to go along with me.
- No, I don`t want to come along with you. - All right, fine.
I don`t want to be involved in anything you`re talking about, okay?
I want to run a square joint. I just want my license.
I want everything quiet. That`s it!
Quiet like this? "I`m the boss"? That`s quiet?
That`s taken out of context. I had no control over that.
- Ronnie and Billy will tell you exactly what happened. - Back home that looks bad.
Looks bad? Every time you`re on television, I get mentioned. That looks bad.
- What the fuck happened to you? - What happened to me?
- What happened to you? You lost control. - I lost control?
Look at you, you`re fuckin` walkin` around like John Barrymore.
A pink robe and a fuckin` cigarette holder? I lost control?
I don`t wanna bring this up, but you been treatin` people with disrespect, even your wife.
My wife? What does she have to do with this?
She was upset about a lot of things, especially that whole fuckin` Lester Diamond incident.
You`re the shoulder to cry on? Did you her tell about your little role in that situation?
No, that`s not the fuckin` point.
- The point is, she`s upset, and you`ve got a problem. - I would appreciate it...
if you stay out of my personal life.
- You wouldn`t like it if I did it to you. - She came to talk to me.
What was I supposed to do? Throw her out?
- Stay away from her. It`s none of your business. - It`s none of my business?
A week ago it was. Now it`s none of my business. When you need me, you need me.
The way you need me to vouch for you as a citizen.
I`m gonna have to straighten out what you did with this guy.
This guy is gonna run to the F.B.I. now.
Your head`s bigger than your casino.
[ Ace Narrating ] I knew what he wanted. Nicky wanted to take over.
He wanted to go after Gaggi, the skim, everything and everybody.
Plus, he had stopped asking permission from back home for every little thing.
[ Gunshot ]
A casino boss and his wife were killed. The bulls questioned Nicky.
A dealer from the Sirocco. They questioned Nicky.
A bunch of stool pigeons wound up in the trunks of their cars. They questioned Nicky.
A lawyer.
- [ Explosions ] - They questioned Nicky.
When some guys that didn`t pay their shylocks began disappearing...
Nicky`s name was in every one of those newspapers.
Nicky was questioned in two dozen murders, but they always had to let him go.
There were never any witnesses.
[ Nicky Narrating ] The coppers blamed me for everything that went wrong.
Watch yourself. You`re gonna get runned over, there.
If a guy fuckin` tripped over a banana peel, they`d bring me in for it.
Come on, be nice, huh?
And the bosses were no better. They complained because things don`t run smooth.
In my line of work, things don`t run so smooth. I`m sorry.
I`m dealin` with degenerate animals out here.
But the bosses, what do they give a fuck?
They`re sittin` on their asses drinkin` anisette.
I`m the guy in the trenches.
Fuckin` bosses think it`s a fuckin` free lunch out here.
Frankie, they found a guy`s head in the desert.
You know about that?
- Yeah, I heard. Yeah. - Yeah.
Everybody`s talkin`. They`re makin` a big deal out of it. It`s in all the papers.
What are you gonna do?
And I mean, that`s no good. You gotta tell him to take care of things a little better.
I`ll tell him, Remo.
[ Nicky Narrating ] Fuckin` bosses; they`re smokin` their Di Nobilis...
and they`re eatin` trippa and fuckin` suffritte, you know, fried pigs` guts.
If I want to talk private, I gotta go to a bus stop.
- What do they care long as I keep sendin` money back? - They`re complainin`.
Let `em complain. I`m the one who`s here. I do all the work.
- Somebody don`t like it, fuck `em. - It`s up to you.
They want a fuckin` war? I`m ready.
All I gotta do is take care of five of those guys. The rest will fall into place.
Peekaboo, you fucks, you.
I see you, you motherfuckers.
[ Ace Narrating ] Nicky was not only bringing heat on himself but on me too.
The F.B.I. watched every move he made, but he didn`t care. He just didn`t care.
[ Nicky Narrating ] If they`re gonna watch me, I`m gonna watch `em right back.
I spent a few bucks. Top dollar. Who gives a shit?
I got the latest anti-buggin` equipment from the same places that sell to the fuckin` C.I.A.
I had special police frequency radios, F.B.I. de-scramblers, cameras that see in the dark.
And because of that, the miserable sons of bitches never caught me doin` anything.
[ Ace Narrating ] I got my job on the line, and this guy`s havin` the time of his life.
He has every cop in the state watchin` him, and he`s out playin` golf.
And at the worst possible time for me.
I had my license hearing coming up, and I didn`t want to leave anything to chance.
I mean, if I can`t work in Vegas, where am I gonna go?
You`ve been very open with us. I mean, your books and papers.
That`s gonna mean something when you go before the commission.
- All I ask is a fair hearing. - This kind of honesty will guarantee that fair hearing.
- All right, well, we`ll move on to-- - [ Airplane Engine Sputtering ]
- [ Engine Sputtering ] - I wanted to hear something about Kansas City.
What the fuck is this?
[ Engine Sputtering ]
Where`s this guy gonna land, the fairway?
They`re fuckin` agents, Frankie. Look at this.
[ Ace Narrating ] The Feds were watching Nicky play golf for so long...
they ran out of gas.
Just what I needed, right in front of the Control Board.
A hundred dollars, whoever hits the plane.
And as if things weren`t bad enough, in comes Piscano, the Kansas City underboss.
He ran that little grocery store in Kansas City where they bought the suitcases.
Fightin` over those suitcases again. You know what that means, right?
I gotta take another trip to Vegas, and it`s gonna cost me another couple grand.
[ Ace Narrating ] He ran it with his brother-in-law...
but mostly what he did was complain about his trips to Vegas.
You gotta lay down the law, otherwise they`re gonna make a fool out of you.
I write it all down. Every fuckin` nickel goes down. Receipts--
- Hey, oh, wha-- What`s the matter with you? - Everything`s here.
- Since when do you talk like that? - I`m sorry.
Nance gives me trouble, I`ll tell him I`ll take the eyes out of his frickin` head.
- Again. - I said, "frickin` head."
- That`s enough. - I`m sorry.
[ Ace Narrating ] What happens next? You can`t believe it.
Who would believe that the F.B.I. had a wire in the place...
lookin` for some information about some old homicide...
about some guy who was whacked-out God knows when over God knows what.
What`s to prevent him with the suitcases that he could take what he wants?
Fuckin` Nance takes back two suitcases from the Tangiers. What about three or four?
We`ve got nobody in the room to watch. That`s the law.
We can`t even go into the count room to watch our money. You believe this bullshit?
Sure, he`s got his people in there. They could all be in on it together, those fucks.
I`ll find out. If it`s Green, I`ll bury that bastard.
I never trusted him. They trust that scumbag. I don`t.
- I`ll hit the two of them with a fuckin` shovel. - Take it easy.
Ma, I`m sorry. They`re beatin` me left and right.
- Ma, I`m sorry. I`m all upset. - I know, but that`s enough.
You know what they`re doin`. I can`t take this no more. Back and forth.
- Take it easy. You`ll get a heart attack like that. - I know. I`m too upset.
[ Ace Narrating ] And the damn thing is, they hear all this stuff...
about Las Vegas and the casinos and suitcases...
and that`s it.
[ Piscano Shouting ]
Everything`s comin` outta my pocket. I gotta pay.
[ Ace Narrating ] Would you believe that such a thing could happen?
[ Piscano ] I`m in this to make money, not to lose money.
[ Ace Narrating ] Every F.B.I. man across the country had their ears open now.
[ Piscano ] If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself.
[ Ace Narrating ] I mean, Piscano, this guy basically sunk the whole world.
[ Piscano`s Mother ] There are some that are good and some that are bad.
Mr. Chairman, members of the commission...
Mr. Rothstein is pleased to be here today.
[ Ace Narrating ] When the day finally came, I was ready.
I feIt so confident that all I had to do was present my case.
We have documents, one of which is a report by retired F.B.I. agents...
which completely absolves Mr. Rothstein from any wrongdoing.
- Counselor, before you continue-- - I want to have this marked--
This commission is prepared to act on a motion denying the Rothstein application.
- Denying? - Do I hear a motion seconded?
Mr. Chairman, I second the motion.
Do I have a vote on the motion?
- Aye. - Aye. Aye.
The ayes have it. This hearing is adjourned.
- You have to be kidding. - Adjourned? What do you mean, "Adjourned"?
Senator, you promised me a hearing. You didn`t even look at the F.B.I. reports.
When you were my guest at the Tangiers Hotel, did you not promise me a fair hearing?
- I was never your guest. - You were never my guest? I never comped you?
- I don`t comp you at least three times a month? - I`d like to answer that.
Mr. Rothstein is being very typical to this point. He`s lying.
The only time I was at the Tangiers was with Barney Greenstein.
- Was I at that dinner? Tell me, was I at that dinner? - You were wandering.
- Was I at that dinner? Was I? - You were wandering.
- You were... in the-- You were in the building. - I was in the building?
You know I was at that dinner, and you swore to me I would have a fair hearing. Did you not?
Did you not? Well, tell me I was at least at the dinner. Allow me that much.
- Give me that much at least! - Yes, you were.
Thanks for not calling me a liar, you son of a bitch. You son of a--
A routine licensing hearing turned into bedlam yesterday...
when the flamboyant Tangiers Casino executive, Sam "Ace" Rothstein...
- What are you runnin` for, Bob? - accused the state`s top gaming officials of corruption.
You promised me when you were getting comped at my hotel.
You were asking me for copies of your bill so you could put `em on your expense account.
In a wild outburst that followed his gaming license denial...
- Bullshit! Bullshit! - Rothstein followed several...
stunned commissioners into the hallway where he continued his harangue...
until his own lawyers and friends urged him to leave.
You have a past. I have a past. My past is no worse than yours.
But you guys think you have the right to pass judgment!
[ Newscaster ] Long suspected of running the Tangiers without a license...
yesterday`s hearing was to determine whether someone with Rothstein`s history...
was qualified to officially hold a top gaming post.
[ Ace ] Fuckin` hypocrites!
- What the hell`s he gonna do now? - I don`t know.
What`s he doin`? He knows all those guys he yelled at are friends of ours.
What`s the matter with him, making all this mess?
Maybe he could run things with another job title. What are we gonna do?
However he runs things, it`s gotta be quiet. Let him hide upstairs in the office.
Say he`s a janitor. I don`t give a shit.
But, please, whatever job he takes, make sure it`s something quiet.
[ R. Strauss, "Also Sprach Zarathustra" ]
[ Woman Announcer ] Ladies and gentlemen...
the Tangiers Hotel proudly presents the all-new...
Sam Rothstein show, Aces High.
[ Disco ]
Tonight, taped live from the all-new Sports Book...
we present the premiere showing of Aces High...
with the Sasha Semenoff Orchestra...
and the Sam Rothstein Dancers!
Mr. Rothstein is a professional gambler and the best football handicapper in America;
a man who will take you inside the real Las Vegas as no one has ever done before.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the new entertainment director of the Tangiers Hotel Casino...
- Mr. Sam Rothstein. - [ Applause ]
Welcome to the Sam Rothstein Show. We`re very happy to have you here this evening.
The young lady to my left is Trudy, who is...
a lead new dancer in our fabulous show from Paris.
- [ Applauding ] - Our first guest this evening...
is Frankie Avalon.
- Keep an eye on him. - [ Avalon ] I`ve got a large family.
- How many kids do you have? - I`m very proud to say that we have eight children.
- [ Applauding ] - [ Avalon ] No, no, please. Please.
- That`s amazing. - There`s nothing to it. It was my pleasure.
- Ace, don`t do it. - [ Rimsky-Korsakov, "Flight Of The Bumblebee" ]
Oh, no, no. Oh, no.
Oh, Jesus.
He`s juggling!
[ Ace ] Let`s not take Commissioner Pat Webb too seriously.
I recently challenged him to a debate on this program, and he declined.
What are you worried about, Pat? You don`t have to send me any questions.
You can ask me anything you want.
[ Stone ] What the hell is he doin` on television, anyway?
He`s on all night, screamin` about how he`s gonna take his lawsuit to the Supreme Court.
He really must be crazy. He`s gonna go to Washington with this?
He`s out of his fuckin` mind.
It`s a pity we have such hypocrisy. Some people do what they want.
Other people have to pay through the nose. Such is life.
Andy, go see him. Tell him maybe it`s time he should quit.
[ Ace ] First of all, what they did was totally unconstitutional.
We`re on the list to be heard before the Supreme Court of the United States.
These guys don`t give a fuck about the Supreme Court. They want you to walk away.
Walk away? Andy, you can`t be serious. How can I walk away? Don`t you see what`s at stake?
The old man said maybe your friend should give in.
When the old man says "maybe," that`s like a papal bull.
Not only should you quit, you should run.
Every time they mention my name in the papers, they mention Nicky too.
How the fuck does that help?
The heat he brought down is murder.
The police department was cooperative. He pissed `em off. Nobody can make a move anymore.
- What are you proposing? - I don`t know. He doesn`t listen to me.
Maybe he should get lost for awhile. Would that be so bad?
- They ain`t sendin` Nicky nowhere. - If he took a break...
it would give everybody time to maneuver.
I would forget about the maneuver. I would just get out.
[ Sighs ]
I can`t do that.
[ Ace Narrating ] As soon as Andy got home, Nicky heard about our talk.
Next morning, bright and early, I get the call.
Great. You know, I`ve got to do some shopping. You want to go?
[ Ace Narrating ] Getting a call from Nicky wasn`t easy.
Even the codes didn`t work. So we figured out another act.
If a phone`s tapped, the Feds can only listen in on the stuff involving crimes.
So on routine calls, they have to click off after a few minutes.
[ Ginger ] Yeah, I got a sprained fuckin` elbow.
- Yeah. - Meet me at 3:00.
- At Caesar`s? - 100 yards down the road.
- Why? - Don`t ask questions. Just be there.
Suzy Cream Cheese has the exact same outfit.
[ Laughs ] I saw something.
Something very cute.
[ F.B.I. Agent ] Okay, he`s out. It`s the ant. Brown unit.
And he`s with the bogey. I think it`s Frankie.
[ Ace Narrating ] Nicky started out before me...
because it wasn`t that easy for him to get around.
Nicky couldn`t even go for a ride without changing cars...
at least six times before he could shake all his tails.
Because of the planes, he had to use underground garages.
- [ Tires Squealing ] - [ Slams Door ]
- [ Slams Door ] - [ Slams Door ]
[ Ace Narrating ] Meeting in the middle of the desert always made me nervous.
It`s a scary place.
I knew about the holes in the desert, of course.
And everywhere I looked, there could have been a hole.
Normally, my prospects of comin` back alive...
from a meetin` with Nicky were 99 out of 100.
But this time, when I heard him say a couple of hundred yards down the road...
I gave myself 50-50.
Where the fuck you get off talkin` to people behind my back, goin` over my head?
- What people? - What people? What`d you think, I wasn`t gonna find out?
I don`t even know what you`re talkin` about.
You said I`m bringin` heat on you? I gotta listen to people because of your shit?
You`re orderin` me out? You better get your own fuckin` army, pal!
I didn`t order you or anybody. I told Andy Stone that you had heat, and that was a problem.
- You want me to get out of my own fuckin` town? - Yeah.
Let the bullshit blow over so I can run the casino.
Anything goes wrong with the casino, it`s my ass. It`s not yours. It`s my ass.
I don`t know whether you know you have your fuckin` casino because I made that possible!
I`m what counts out here. Not your fuckin` country clubs or your fuckin` TV shows!
And what the fuck are you doin` on TV anyhow?
I get calls from home every day. They think you went batshit!
I`m only on TV because I gotta be able to hang around the casino. You understand.
You could have had the food-and-beverage job without goin` on television!
You wanted to go on TV.
Yeah, I wanted to go on TV. That way I have a forum. I can fight back.
They know they can`t fuck around with me like they could if I was an unknown. That`s right.
You`re makin` a spectacle of yourself.
Me? I wouldn`t even be in this situation if it wasn`t for you.
Every time I meet somebody, the question is: Do I know you?
- Sure, now you wanna blame your fuckin` license on me. - No, Nicky.
When you asked me if you could come out here...
what did I tell you? Do you remember?
- Back up a fuckin` minute here. - Do you remember what I told you?
I asked you? When the fuck did I ever ask you if I could come out here?
Get this through your head, you Jew motherfucker, you!
You only exist out here because of me! That`s the only reason!
Without me, you personally--
Every fuckin` wise guy still around will take a piece of your fuckin` Jew ass!
Then where you gonna go? You`re fuckin` warned.
Don`t go over my head again, you motherfucker, you!
[ Door Slams, Tires Squeal ]
Crack that whip
- Give the past the slip - Well, we got company.
Step on a crack
- [ Murmuring ] - Break your mama`s back
When a problem comes along you must whip it
Before the preacher talks too long
- You must whip it - Did you see that?
Dumb Jew motherfucker. Grew up together, and he`s actin` like he don`t know me.
I know we`re supposed to avoid each other, but there`s ways to do things.
Fuck him.
- To Abraham Lincoln. - [ Murmuring Agreement ]
- Don`t let it bother you. - Does it look like it`s botherin` me?
Why do I give a fuck?
That prick. He won`t even look over. What`s his fuckin` problem?
- Fuckin` Jews stick together, don`t they? - They`re havin` a good time.
- So are we. - Whip it good
- [ Rings ] - Yeah?
- Sam, we got a problem. - What is it?
The little guy. Nobody told him he was eighty-sixed from the joint.
We turned our heads and made out we didn`t know who he was.
He`s over at the 21 table with his nose wide open.
He took money out of his own kick. His nose is open for about 10,000.
- Now he`s really pissed. - Oh, no.
- He wants a 50,000 marker. - Just give him ten.
That`s it. I`ll be right down.
- He`s gonna come up with 10,000, the way you want it. - No, 50,000. I said 50!
Go get it. I don`t give a fuck where you get it. Fuckers. They take but don`t give back.
I ain`t got a home I got a phone
How the fuck can you grin? How the fuck can you grin?
You know how much I`m stuck? You give a fuck? Do you?
Give yourself a hand, right across your fuckin` mouth.
Look at this beaut they put in now.
Sherbert send you to rob me now?
Been fuckin` knockin` everybody`s dick all night? Been beating the customers?
Huh, jag-off? Hit me.
Take this stiff and pound it up your fuckin` ass.
Hit me again.
Take this one and stick it up your sister`s ass. Hit me again.
That`s it. Keep lookin` at him. If you had any heart at all, you`d be stealin` for a livin`.
Hit me again! What the fuck you keep lookin` at him for?
You fuckin`-- Look at this, 20 fuckin` paints in a row. Hit me again.
You should pay as fast as you collect, you know.
- You gotta get outta here. - Tell this Jew motherfucker to pay that marker off.
I`m here to help you. You`re gonna bury us both.
- Just give me the money. Give me the fuckin` money. - I`m gonna okay you ten.
Then you gotta get out before the cops are all over you.
Ten and that`s it.
What are you starin` at, you bald-headed Jew prick?
- Come on, come on. Let`s get outta here. - Sue me, you Jew fuck!
Get outta here? I got a marker comin`. Deal.
[ Man ] Everything`s changed now. You`re talking about a divorce.
You`re asking for alimony payments and child support, and now custody.
I just want what any divorced woman would get.
She`s only sober about two hours a day.
It`s usually from 11:00 in the morning `til 1:00 in the afternoon.
If I gave her her money and her jewels, she`s gonna piss it all away in a year.
Where would you be then? Comin` right back to me...
- or findin` some other excuse to come-- - We had a deal.
Remember that?
He said if it didn`t work out between us, I could get my things, and I could leave.
Look in my eyes.
Look-Look in my eyes. You know me.
Do you see anything that makes you think I would ever let...
someone in your condition take my child away from me?
Do you?
You know that won`t happen.
[ Ace Narrating ] And after all this time...
and as hard as I tried, as much as I wanted...
I could never reach her.
I could never make her love me.
I always feIt she should have gone for all that money...
being somebody for the first time in her life...
a home, a kid.
That`s not what happened. It didn`t work out that way.
- Everything all right? - [ Ace Continues ] I mean, what could we do?
After a while, we`d just take breathers from each other. Little separations.
At that time, I remember Ginger took Amy to Beverly Hills.
She was gonna spend a week shopping.
- Yes, Mr. Rothstein. - Operator, the Beverly Hotel in Beverly Hills, please.
- [ Operator ] Beverly Hotel. - [ Ace ] Mrs. Sam Rothstein, please.
Mr. and Mrs. Rothstein have checked out already.
Mr. and Mrs. Rothstein?
Hey, little Dale Evans.
- Yes, they both checked out. - Thank you.
[ Hangs Up Receiver ]
[ Phone Ringing ]
Hello. Yeah.
My wife is with an old friend of hers in L.A.
Some lowlife. A guy named Lester Diamond.
My daughter is with them, and I think they`re gonna try and kidnap her.
- ls there anybody you can send? - We`ll take care of it.
[ Doorbell Rings ]
We got a number and an address.
- Hello. ls this Lester? - Hello.
Who`s calling?
This is Sam Rothstein. I want to talk to Ginger. Put her on the phone.
She`s not here, Sam.
Listen to me very carefully. I want to talk to Ginger.
I want my kid back. I want her put on a plane immediately.
- I know she`s there. Don`t fuck around. - Sam, I wouldn`t.
- [ Lester Snaps Fingers ] - You shouldn`t do this.
- [ Snapping Fingers ] - [ Ace ] You understand? Put her on the fuckin` phone.
Sam, I don`t know where she is.
[ Lester Stammering ] So... listen-- Can I call you back?
- 702-472-1862. - Mm-hmm. 1862.
- Okay, I`ll call you right back. - Right away.
- Right back. - You got it.
Schmuck. All right, I just bought us a few minutes.
You want to get back at this prick? Hmm?
- Okay, you got what? Two million in that box? - [ Snorts ]
Hey, you got a minute? He`s got two million in the box, am I right?
You let him keep your jewels.
We take the cash and the only other thing he cares about. Huh? Her majesty.
We go to Europe. You dye your hair.
I don`t want to go to Europe. I want to go to see "The Elephant Man."
We`re going to Europe. Let the aduIts talk. You dye your hair.
You get plastic surgery like we talked about.
You`re the mother. How much you think he`ll pay to get this kid back?
- I don`t want to go to Europe. - Shut your mouth. You know where she gets this?
- You shut up. - [ Diamond ] You want me to come over there?
I`ll smack your face. Don`t give me your shit!
This has always been a dream, but now we`re going.
- Lester, he called you here. He called you right here. - That`s who was on the phone.
- I just talked to him. - So he knows where you are.
That means he`s sending some guys over here, probably right now.
It means he`s sitting by the phone, like a dumbbell...
- waiting for me to call him back. - He`s sitting by the phone just waiting for you to call.
What do you think we`re gonna do? He`s probably got guys outside the fuckin` house!
- This is fuckin` bullshit! This is bullshit! - Get your bag! Let`s go!
- Oh, what bullshit? What? You want to talk it over now? - Okay, you done yakkin`?
- Go, go! Get in the car! - Go, go, go.
Just relax. Nobody`s killing anybody.
- [ Ginger Babbling ] I think he`s gonna kill me. - Just relax.
Call me back here in exactly an hour on this phone. I`ll see what I can do.
I`m gonna call you back in an hour at this number...
- and you`re gonna be there, right? - I`ll be here.
Listen, don`t do anything else crazy, okay? You all right? Okay.
- Just knock it off. You two knock it off. - She started it.
- She started the whole thing. I`m just standing here. - Get in the car.
You`re not gonna drive. Don`t even think you`re gonna drive. I`m gonna drive.
- I`m not gonna drive with some crazy woman. - You`re driving me nuts!
Get on the passenger side! And I`m sending this kid to Bolivia in a box!
Can we--
[ Starts Car, Stereo Blaring ]
You can go your own way
[ Volume Decreases ] Go your own way
Tell me why
- Everything turned around - Ginger called me.
- [ Continues ] - Yeah.
- I just told you she called me. - What`d she want?
She was afraid to call you.
- She`s with that cocksucker. They got Amy. - That`s why I`m here.
She wants to come back, but she`s afraid you`re gonna whack her out.
- They`re gonna kidnap my kid. What do you want? - I know.
Why didn`t you come to me? I mean, this is family. It ain`t business.
You make calls back home. It makes us look bad out here. You know what I mean?
Back and forth, this one and that one.
In the meantime, she`s gone anyway.
- Am I right? - [ Sighs ]
What am I going to do with this woman?
- Driving me fuckin` crazy. - I think if you, uh...
assure her that she`s gonna be all right, she`ll come back.
Driving me fuckin` crazy.
Once you get her here, you think about it.
Wait `til you get the kid back. She wants to come back.
That`s the main thing here.
You want your kid, don`t you? Huh?
- [ Rings ] - [ Ace ] Hello.
Hi, it`s me. Just who you wanted to talk to, right?
Listen, I`m not gonna ask you where you are.
Just, please, put Amy on a plane, any plane, to get her here right away.
- That`s all I`m asking. - Do you--
I mean, I don`t think she should go by herself.
[ Sighs ] What do you mean?
[ Crying ] What I mean is--
Do you think if I came back--
Do you think you could forgive me?
[ Sighs ] I gotta tell you, I don`t know.
I understand that.
I know I fucked up.
- What about the money? Where`s the box? - I gotta tell ya...
I made some mistakes, and I spent some money.
- What`s it under? - Pretty serious.
- How serious? - [ Sniffling ] It`s under 25.
- It`s under 25,000? - Yeah.
- The rest of the two million is still there? - Yeah, I got the rest.
Okay, no big deal. That`s okay.
He got his 25.
That I`ll live with. Any more, I couldn`t.
All right, all right. Where are you? I`ll send a plane for you right away.
Hi, Sam.
So what`d you do with it?
With what?
With the money.
He needed some clothes.
25,000 for clothes?
He wanted a watch too.
- 25,000 for clothes and a watch? - Mm-hmm.
- Good evening, signora. This way. - Geno.
[ Ace Narrating ] The good part was I had Amy back.
So we went home, had the housekeeper stay over, put the kid to bed.
I calmed myself down, and we went to dinner.
I tried to keep things nice and civil...
but, hey, 25,000 for three suits?
That doesn`t make much sense.
First of all, he`s not gonna wear thousand-dollar suits.
Let`s say he did, which he won`t.
How you gonna get fitted for 25 suits in three days?
- I`m confessin` - I mean, how could you get fitted that fast?
I can`t get fitted that fast, and I pay twice as much.
- I bought him a watch too. - Yeah.
But even if you bought him a really nice watch, one that he thought was nice--
He doesn`t know what the fuck a good watch is.
- Say you go five, ten, twelve grand... - Yeah.
at the most, which is impossible, for him.
Plus, at the most, three suits, 1,000 apiece. That still leaves what?
- Around 10,000? - Would you knock it off, Sam?
- I`m just trying to figure it out. - There`s nothing to figure out.
I`m home. We`re working it out.
I`ve been told before, "We`re working it out."
You think that you`re home...
after what you just put me through with Amy, is a favor to me?
So, counting the watch, let`s say another 4,000...
for expenses over the weekend...
of which you must have had a good time.
I know he did. That`s for sure.
I know that fuckin` piece of shit had a good fuckin` time.
On my money.
You might as well have fucked him, which you probably did anyway.
You`re lookin` at me a certain way.
You`re teary-eyed, huh?
You`re upset. You`re a good actress, you know that?
Good fuckin` actress.
You can fuckin` get that pity out of people.
I`m not a john. You understand?
You always thought I was, but I`m not. And I`m not a sucker.
That fuckin` pimp cocksucker.
He`s lucky I didn`t kill him last time.
Lucky he`s fuckin` livin`. If you would have stayed with Amy...
and you would have ran away, he would have been fuckin` dead.
Both of you. Dead. Dead.
Dreamin` dreams of you Little babe
[ Ginger Whispering ] No, it isn`t right. It isn`t fair.
[ Whispering Continues ]
He doesn`t come home at night. What is the big fuckin` deal?
I go-- Listen, I just can`t fuckin` take it.
Why should I fuckin` take it? That wasn`t the deal.
He acts like I`m the only one around here with a fuckin` past.
He`ll never let me live it down.
Well, yes, I have tried. Of course I`ve tried.
What the fuck do you think I came back here for?
No, I`m not. I want to have him killed.
Yes, I want him killed. I`ve fuckin` had it.
So are you with me on this?
You want to get rid of me? Here I am.
Go ahead. Get rid of me.
- Hello. - [ Gasping ] Yes, I do!
I fuckin` hate you! I can`t take it anymore!
- Yes, I want to kill you! I hate your fuckin` guts! - You hate my guts?
- I`m sick of being with you! - I want you to come with me now!
- Come with me now. Come with me now. - [ Gasping ]
- [ Screams ] - I want you out. I want you out of here.
- [ Continues Screaming ] - I want you out of here! I want you out of here!
Take your fuckin` bag and get out of here!
I`ll go, but I want my money right now!
- You`ll get your money! Don`t worry. - The arrangement is over.
- No kidding! - And I still get my money.
I need some cash right now! You can`t just put me in the street!
You haven`t been straight with me ever since I met you!
You never even loved me in the first place!
I need eyes in the back of my head with you, you fuckin` bitch!
How could I love you? You treat me like I`m your fucking dog!
- You`re lower than a dog! - [ Ginger ] Fuck you!
Here! Here! ls this enough money?
Will it last you two fuckin` days? Take it!
- Greedy bitch. Take the fuckin` money. - I`m going to the bank...
- and I`m getting my jewelry too! - It opens at 9:00 a.m.
Don`t send your guys down there to stop me! I mean it!
I guarantee you, I will not stop you.
You`re not getting rid of me with one fucking suitcase!
Come back tomorrow and get the rest. Just get out of here. Fine!
- I`m taking Amy. - You`re not taking Amy.
I am. I`m waking her up right now.
You`re stoned. You`re a junkie. Get out of here.
- I am not! She`s my daughter too! - Get out of here!
Send my lawyers a letter, god-fuckin`-damn you!
You`re not getting away with this! You`re not gonna cheat me out of my end!
[ Revs Engine ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
[ Car Approaching ]
[ Car Door Closes ]
[ Door Opens, Closes ]
[ Ace Narrating ] The funny thing was, after all that, I didn`t want her to go.
She was the mother of my kid. I loved her.
And later, I realized I didn`t want to give her the money...
because if I did, I knew I`d never see her again.
- Oh. Have a good day at school, okay? - Okay.
Okay, angel.
[ Clears Throat ]
From now on, I have to know where you and Amy are at all times.
Here`s a beeper.
I want you to keep it on you.
It`s very light.
So I can call you whenever I have to.
[ Nicky ] What are you supposed to do? What do you want to do?
You want to stay the way you are? You can`t do that.
Listen, two people don`t get along, at some point you gotta call it.
It`s none of my business, but I think that`s what you gotta do.
You`re right. I know.
- I was just-- - What? What?
- Nothing. - What were you gonna say?
- I don`t-- - Tell me what you were gonna say.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I was thinking maybe you know somebody at the bank...
who could help me get my jewelry out?
There`s a lot of money in there.
I`d be willing to take care of anybody who helped me out.
- Let me think about that. - Okay.
Let me see who I got. Gotta get somebody I can trust, you know?
- You know he`s never gonna give me my jewelry. - Hmm.
He holds that key so tight, he`s probably got it stuck up his ass.
[ Laughing ] You`re right. That`s Sammy.
And he`s probably got it there too.
[ Laughs ]
He`s so fuckin` lucky. I could have buried him.
I could have gone to Europe and taken the baby.
- Then he`d have tracked me down, and he`d have killed me. - No, he wouldn`t.
- I would have. - [ Laughs ]
- He`d have been right too. Seriously. - Come on.
- You don`t take a guy`s kid and then take off. - I didn`t.
I mean, I did, but then I did exactly what you told me to do, and I came back.
- You did. You`re right. You did. I like that. - Exactly what you said.
- That`s what I like about you. You did the right thing. - I did what you told me.
- Yes, you did. - Because you always tell me the right thing to do.
And now that it`s all over
He really fucked himself up out here, didn`t he?
- He sure did. - Everything went to his head.
- [ Sighs ] Changed. - Changed.
- He did. He ain`t the same person. - No, he`s not.
- He really thinks who the fuck he is. - Exactly.
He hates me.
[ Crying ] He hates my fuckin` guts.
Come on, come on. You`re a toughie. You can take this.
- Don`t cry. - I`m not as tough as you think I am.
Yes, you are.
I`m not, and he scares the shit out of me.
- I never know what he`s gonna do. - Come on.
- Don`t be scared. - I need some help. I do.
I need some help.
You gotta help me.
I need a new sponsor, Nicky.
I do. I need a new sponsor.
- ls that what you want? - Yeah.
- A sponsor? - Yeah.
Okay. Don`t worry about it.
Nobody will fuck with you anymore.
- I`ll take care of you. Yes, I will. - Take care of me.
- It`s what you want, isn`t it? - Thank you. Yeah.
- Yeah. Uh-huh. - It`s what you want?
Yes, it came from your pen, dear, but not from your heart
- [ Camera Shutter Clicking ] - The third king The joke of the deck
You ended your letter enclosed "Please sign my check"
- That`s Ace`s wife. - Why, you fool
- You poor, sad, worthless foolish fool - Fantastic.
If you think that money can pay for the hard years I`ve suffered
`Til things broke your way
- This is great for the boss. - I`m answering your last letter that says we must part
I`m tearing up the pieces the way you tore up my heart
I smile when you kiss me and I thrill at your touch
My only sin was I loved you much too much
Win a little
- [ Car Approaching ] - Lose a little
[ Car Door Slams, Front Door Slams ]
- Hi. - Hi.
- You didn`t answer your beeper. - I threw it away.
You threw it away?
I tried to do this thing. I know that you want me to, but it`s just--
I`m driving down the freeway and the fuckin` thing`s beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!
I`m in a restaurant, it`s embarrassing.
I don`t want to do it anymore. Where`s Amy?
- I put her to bed. - Oh.
I got your cigarettes.
Oscar wants you to call him.
- So who`d you go to lunch with? - Jennifer.
- Where`d you go? - To the Riviera.
What`d you have?
- I had a salad. - What did Jennifer have?
She had the same.
I want you to call Jennifer...
and I want you to tell her to tell you what you had for lunch.
I`m gonna listen in on the other line.
- Why do you want to do that? - You know why.
- Just do it. - Fine.
I just need to get the bowl for my thing.
[ Line Rings ]
[ Hangs Up ] The line`s busy.
There`s nobody there.
[ Dialing ]
[ Line Ringing ]
- Hello. - Hello, Jennifer. It`s Sam.
All right. I didn`t have lunch with Jennifer.
- [ Hangs Up Receiver ] - Okay.
Who were you with?
I was with somebody.
I know you were with somebody. Who was it?
I just hope it`s not someone who I think it might be.
[ Sighs ] I just hope it`s not that.
[ Ace Narrating ] I knew she fucked around.
She did what she did, and I did what I had to do...
but, Jesus, Nicky was the worst thing she could have done.
What if he won`t stop?
[ Ace Narrating ] It could get us both killed.
I can back him off.
[ Ace Narrating ] She was very convincing when she wanted to be.
And this is how she backed him off.
[ Panting ]
Hey, Ginger.
Don`t forget, if you`re challenged...
if he asks anything, deny everything.
You understand? I don`t want him bringing beefs back home.
That could really cause a serious problem.
Got to be careful. He`s not dumb, you know?
You hear what I`m saying, right?
I know. You don`t have to tell me that.
What? Do you think I`m stupid?
Do I think you`re stupid? No.
I think you`re beautiful. But I gotta go.
[ Ace Narrating ] By this time, Nicky had things so fucked up on the streets...
that every time Marino went back home, the packages got smaller and smaller.
It got to the point, when he walked into the place...
he didn`t know whether he was going to be kissed or killed.
[ Gaggi ] Frankie, I want to ask you something.
It`s private.
But I want you to tell me the truth.
Of course, Remo.
I want you to tell me the truth, mind you.
I always tell you the truth, Remo.
Frankie... the little guy...
he wouldn`t be fucking the Jew`s wife, would he?
Because if he is, it`s a problem.
[ Frankie Narrating ] What could I say?
I knew if I gave the wrong answer...
Nicky, Ginger, Ace, all of them could have wound up gettin` killed.
Because there`s one thing about these old-timers.
They don`t like any fucking around with the other guys` wives.
It`s bad for business.
So I lied, even though I knew that by lying to Gaggi...
I could wind up gettin` killed too.
- No, I ain`t seen anything like that. - Are you sure?
I`m positive.
Remo, things are very fucked up down there.
I know. That`s why I`m asking.
- You see, my main concern is Nicky. - Mm-hmm.
I want to know if he`s doing all right, if he`s okay.
- He`s good. He`s fine. - I`m asking you to keep an eye on Nicky.
- Do it for me. - No problem.
I wouldn`t want to be jeopardizing anything for our friends. Understand?
- I understand. - Okay.
Frankie, you`re a good boy.
Thanks, Remo.
[ Ace Narrating ] By now, Nicky and his crew had already hit rock bottom.
Vegas really got to him.
The booze, the coke, the broads.
I mean, he got sloppy.
He just wasn`t the same Nicky anymore.
- You must have drank too much. - Go fuck yourself.
[ Ace Continues ] One night he had to beIt a guy three times...
before the guy finally went down.
In the old days, Nicky would have decked him with one shot.
You add this into the mix--
Maybe just Vegas got to all of us.
His crew followed him right over the edge.
They were all tuned up half the time on coke.
They started doing stupid things. The worst was Blue.
- Hey, what do you guys want? - Police! Stay in the car!
[ Ace Narrating ] He never knew when to keep his mouth shut.
- [ Police ] Drop the gun! - Fuck you!
[ Ace Continues ] The cops shot Blue...
- because they thought his hero sandwich was a gun. - [ Gunshots ]
- They could have been right, but who knows? - Jesus Christ!
What gun? He`s got a fuckin` hero sandwich here.
- What do you want? It`s pitch black. - Pitch black!
- It`s tinfoil. It looked like a gun! - You fuckin` moron!
- I`ll be fillin` out paperwork for the next two months! - What are we gonna do?
- I`m sorry! - You jerk-off!
[ Ace Narrating ] To get even, Nicky`s crew got stoned one night...
and they started shooting up the cops` houses.
It got to the point where they couldn`t talk in the Gold Rush anymore...
because the Feds put a wire in the wall.
Even when they talked outside, they had to cover their mouths...
- Shit, he`s covering up again. - because the Feds brought in lip readers.
Nicky found out from a teller who owed him money.
He asked me again about you and the Jew`s wife.
Walk, walk, walk. What`d you say?
He asked me again about you and the Jew`s wife.
Yeah? What`d you tell him?
I told him I didn`t know nothin`.
Jiggs and Tony Gorilla said if you did anything, you`re fucked up.
You think he`s going home making a beef behind my back?
Nah, you would have heard something.
- What`s to stop him? - I know, I know.
I don`t trust him anymore, but they`d never okay anything.
Yeah, but they keep asking about it.
Sure they`re asking. They earn with the prick.
I got a funny feeling he`s gonna start a fuckin` war or something.
I`m not sure yet, but you know what I want you to do?
Who`s this guy? Who`s this guy?
That ain`t nobody.
You know what I want you to do?
Get a couple of guys to dig a hole in the desert, then let them show you where it`s at.
- Angelo and Buster. - Yeah, but I`m not sure yet.
- They`ll do it. - When I`m ready, I`ll say the word.
- Go see the Jew, and you make it disappear. - Yeah.
Just let me know. But you got to be ready.
You know what I`m talkin` about?
Did I say to do anything yet?
I said I`m not sure. I`ll let you know. I want to think about it.
Where are these pricks at? Dominick said they`re in the motel?
There or in the fuckin` bank. I don`t know. All over the joint.
- Hey, hey, hey That`s what I say - [ Line Ringing ]
I can`t get no
- Satisfaction - [ Continues Ringing ]
I can`t get me no
- I can`t get no - [ Phone Rings ]
- And I try and I try And I try, try, try, try - [ Ringing Continues ]
I can`t get no I can`t get me no
- When I`m watchin` my TV - Be right back. I`ll be right back.
- And a man comes on to tell me - Rudy.
Any calls for me, just give them to Mr. Sherbert. I`ll be right back.
- Sure, Mr. Rothstein. - I`m going home for a few seconds.
Same cigarettes as me
- I can`t get no No, no, no - [ Dialing ]
Hey, hey, hey
- That`s what I say - He`s on his way home.
- Oh... okay. - And I`m doing this And I`m trying that
And I`m trying to make some dough
Baby, baby, baby baby, baby, baby
- Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby baby, baby, baby, baby - Hello?
- Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby baby, baby, baby, baby - Hello? Ginger?
- [ Amy ] Help, Daddy! - Amy!
- Amy, open the door! - I can`t! I`m tied!
[ Screaming ]
- Dad! - What happened?
- Who did this to you? - Mommy.
I`m gonna get a knife and cut you loose, honey.
- No, please, please! - Okay, Papa will be right back.
- When did this happen, honey? - I don`t know.
What time did your mother do this? When did she leave?
I don`t know.
- [ Sighs ] - [ Moaning ]
[ Phone Ringing ]
- Hello? - Sammy.
- Yeah. Who`s this? Nick? - Me.
- Yeah. You okay? - No, I`m not okay.
- How`d you know I was here? - I just wanted to talk to you.
Ginger`s missing. She tied Amy up and locked her in her room.
I gotta find her. I don`t know where she is.
Well, listen, Ginger`s here at the Leaning Tower with me.
She`s there with you? She`s there with you?
- Yeah, she`s here. - I`ll be right over. [ Slams Down Receiver ]
Uh, all right. [ Hangs Up Receiver ]
- Comin` over. - Great. - [ Sighs ]
Ace, listen, don`t make a scene, all right?
- I want to just talk to that lrish bitch. - She didn`t know who to turn to.
She didn`t know where to turn. She`s trying to save your marriage.
- Nicky, I want to talk to that fuckin` bitch. - Hey.
Be fuckin` nice. Calm.
Be nice. Don`t fuck up in here.
I`ll throw off my sorrow
- Hi, Sam. - [ Whispering ] Are you out of your fucking mind?
You tie up our kid and lock the fucking door? Are you out of your mind?
That`s our child. Are you out of your fuckin` mind?
It was just for a little while, Sam. The baby-sitter wasn`t there.
I ought to fuckin` have you committed. You fuckin` do that again, I`ll--
- I was just gonna be out for a little while. - I should have--
- She was asleep. I was gonna be right back... - Listen.
- before she even woke up. - Listen, you fuckin` cunt. Listen to me.
- Fuck you. I was gonna be back... - Let me tell you something.
- before she woke up. - Listen to me. Listen carefully.
You ever touch her again, you ever do anything like that again...
I`ll fuckin` kill ya, pure and simple.
You hear me? Pure and fuckin` simple.
- Why don`t you just let me go, Sam? - I`ll fuckin` kill you.
- You fuckin` whore. - I`ll sign anything you want me to sign.
I just want the key to my jewelry, and I want you to let me go.
- You want your jewelry? - I want you to let me go.
And let you disgrace me, you fuckin` pig?
Let you disgrace me? Get up and be a mother.
Get in the car and go to the house right now.
Get up and get in the-- Get-- Get up. Get up!
- Get up. Get up. - I wouldn`t do that if I were you.
- I wouldn`t do that-- - Get up!
- I wouldn`t do that-- - Get the fuck-- Are you threatening me?
I`ll fuckin` kill you in this place. Get up and go home.
- I`m going! I`m going! - You--
- Now you need approval from him to go home? - So what?
So who fuckin` blew you in the parking lot before you came in?
- Huh? - You make me sick, you fuckin`--
- Once a fuckin` hooker, always a hooker. - Oh, fuck you!
- Fuck you, Sam Rothstein! Fuck you! - I can`t get no satisfaction
I can`t get me no satisfaction
I can`t get no satisfaction
- I can`t get me no satisfaction - Yeah, Billy Sherbert, please.
- Who`s this? - Billy, listen, I`ll explain later.
- You got a gun at home? Bring it over right away. - Yeah.
- Take it easy. I`ll do it. - Okay.
No-no-no-no-no satisfaction
- No-no-no-no, I can`t get me no satisfaction - Leave it where it is!
I can`t get no satisfaction
Where is he? Goddamn it, I want that Jew bastard killed!
Calm down. Shh. Hide her car in the back.
There`s no reason to hide my car! He already knows!
What did I tell you? Supposin` he goes back home and makes a fuckin` beef?
- I gotta know exactly what you said. Tell me what you said. - Me? I said nothing.
I said, "No, no, no." Everything he said, I just kept saying no.
I told you this was fuckin` dangerous.
I said, "Ginger, this is a dangerous situation. Be very careful."
If it`s so fucking dangerous, then why don`t you kill him?
I`m not gonna kill him. Shut the fuck up.
- Have him killed, and get it over with! - Don`t be such a smart-ass!
I know the guy 35 years, I`m gonna fuckin` whack him for you?
- I knew this. I knew it. - What about my money?
How the fuck am I gonna get your money now?
You think he`s gonna give you fuckin` money? Are you out of your mind?
- Look what you did to this fuckin` guy? - What?
If you would have just kept your fuckin` mouth shut.
What the fuck is the use! I should`ve never got involved-- [ Screams ]
- Hey! Hey! You motherfucker, you! - [ Screaming ]
Ow! You fuck! You fucker! Get out! Get the fuck out!
- Get out! Get the fuck out! - [ Crying, Screaming ]
- No! No! - Get down there! Take it easy!
I should never have gotten involved with this fucking nut!
You`ll fuckin` kill her. Take it easy.
- Get her out of here. Get her out of here. - [ Crying ]
- [ Continues Crying ] - Let`s go. Let`s go.
[ Sobbing ]
I don`t need you! I`ll get my own fucking money!
- [ Nicky ] All right. - I`m going to the F.B.I.! I`m not scared anymore!
- All right. Be careful. - You`ve fucked with me for the last time!
- [ Car Engine Starts, Revs ] - Okay. Yeah.
- [ Tires Squeal ] - Be careful. Come on. Get inside.
- Can you believe that? - Look at this motherfucker.
- Whew. - [ Sighs ]
I fucked up, Frankie. I fucked up good this time.
I should never have started with this fuckin` broad.
Take it easy. What could you do?
I mean, she threw herself at you, right?
I`m in a bad fuckin` spot here. You know that?
A bad fuckin` spot. [ Sighs ]
[ Door Closes ]
[ Ace Narrating ] I`d already left the kid with neighbors...
and I had about a million in cash and jewels...
that I gave to Sherbert to lock up in the hotel.
Put it in the hotel safe, then I want you to come right back.
[ Car Approaching ]
[ Tires Squealing ]
[ Car Stops, Backs Up ]
- She`s alone. Take the gun and go into Amy`s-- - [ Ginger Yelling ]
- Wait there for me. - [ Ginger Screaming ] Get out here and talk to me!
You fuckin` ignore me, you motherfucker!
I mean it! Come down here right now!
Get down here and talk to me, goddamn it!
Fuck you! Goddamn you, come out here!
I`m going to drive your fucking car through the living room!
You fucking coward! You motherfucker!
- Come out here and talk to me, you fucker! - Will you stop it?
- You`re drunk. You`re on drugs. - [ Ginger ] I am not!
- You`re going to be sorry if you don`t stop it. - Don`t you threaten me!
[ Panting ] You are not threatening me anymore!
You fuck! You fuck! I`m sick of you!
I am fucking Nicky Santoro! I am! He`s my new sponsor!
- [ Siren Blares ] - How about that, you fuckhead!
What are you looking at? Fuck off!
Hey. Go back inside! This is none of your business!
I don`t have to take your shit all the time anymore!
I`m going to the F.B.I.! I will go to the police!
- I am not protecting you anymore, you fuck! - Mrs. Rothstein-- Shh.
- [ Ginger ] He won`t let me inside! - [ Shutter Clicking Quickly ]
Mr. Rothstein, I`m sorry. We`ve been getting some complaints about the noise.
- I`m trying to get in my house. He won`t let me in. - I understand.
I won`t let her in. I`m sorry, Randy, I`m not gonna let her in.
- I`m not gonna let her in the way she`s behaving. - Not gonna let me in?
- Who knows what you`re gonna do in there. - What am I gonna do?
I`ve been in the same clothes for two days!
- I want to get a few of my things! Big deal! - Okay.
How about if we just let her in the house to get a few things?
- This is half her house anyway. - I`m afraid to let her in the house.
- [ Ginger ] You aren`t afraid, you fucker! - I`m afraid she`ll destroy stuff.
- Let me in the house! [ Kicking Plants ] - Hey, hey, hey!
- Fucker! Fucker! - [ Officers ] Hold on! Hey! Please!
[ Ginger ] You ought to be afraid, the way you fuckin` treat me!
- [ Officers ] It`ll make it easier-- - If we let her get her things...
- we`ll be out of your hair. - If she calms down, I will let her in the house--
- [ Ginger ] I am calm! - If she calms down...
I will let her in the house for five minutes...
if you gentlemen will escort her out if she happens to not want to leave.
- Can I go in? Can I go in? - That`s not a problem.
- Jeff, would you go in with her? - Yes. Yes. Fine! Fuck you!
[ Shutter Clicking Quickly ]
You wouldn`t believe how mean he`s been to me. He`s locked up most of my important stuff.
All my papers and things-- I have to get them. So don`t let him come up here.
I know they`re in here in the desk-- Fuck.
Just pay attention. He could come up here at any time.
Are you watching for him?
Got `em.
I don`t want her in there more than a few more minutes.
No, it`ll just be a couple-- We got other things to do too.
I`ll hurry her up.
- How`s everything else besides this? - Fine. Fine.
- How`s your family? - Not bad. In fact, my wife`s pregnant again.
- Oh, good. Congratulations. - Thanks. Yeah.
We`re kind of happy about that.
I just have to get this one more thing and then we can go.
[ Softly ] Shit! Fuck!
Shit! God!
Oh, that pisses me off! Don`t worry about it.
[ Footsteps Approaching ] And it would be great...
if you guys could just follow me out of here...
because he`s been threatening me!
Take care. Thank you.
[ Crying ] I can`t believe this.
I just need to pick up a little cash inside. Could you come with me?
[ Shutter Clicking Quickly ]
- Charlie, you`ve got to stop her. You`ve got to stop her. - I`m sorry, Sam.
- What can I do? - She`s a fuckin` junkie. She`s out of her fucking mind!
She has the keys. It`s still in both your names.
- Oh! - There`s nothing I can do. I`d like to help...
- but I can`t. - Legally, she can`t take that stuff.
Legally, she can`t take that stuff. Half of everything is mine. Ace, listen to me.
- There`s nothing I can do. - Half-- I`m coming down.
[ Softly ] Shit! Goddamn it!
Um, I`m gonna need a bag. If you could just ask the guy for the big bag.
- Go get a bag, man. - Here, here.
- Lady, I can`t take it. - No, you can, you can. You`ve been so nice to me.
- Yes, just hold the top open. All right? And I can-- - [ Shutter Clicks ]
- [ Car Approaching, Metal Scraping ] - [ Gasps ]
Oh, God, it`s him. You have to stop him.
He said he was gonna kill me. You should just stop him.
Mr. Roth-- Mr. Roth-- Mr. Rothstein, wait a minute.
- Hold on a second. Hey. - [ Engine Starts ]
- [ Ace ] She`s driving away. - [ Officers ] There`s nothing we can do.
- There`s nothing we can do. - Look, look, look.
You can`t stop her for speeding? Look what she`s doing.
- There`s nothing we can do. She had the keys. - She`s on the account.
- Let`s pull her over at that Citgo station. - Okay. Let`s do it.
[ Siren Wailing ]
- We`re placing you under arrest for-- - For what?
- We`re placing you under arrest for aiding and abetting-- - For what?
- We`re placing you under arrest for aiding and abetting-- - But I`m just trying to leave.
[ Ace Narrating ] After all the threats and all the bullshit...
it turned out Ginger didn`t tell them anything.
- But, by then, the Feds didn`t need her anyway. - But it was mine.
- They had all the pieces they needed. - But I didn`t do anything.
- Everybody began to tumble, one after the other, like dominoes. - F.B.I.! We have a warrant!
Between Piscano complaining on the wire...
between Nicky, Ginger, me and my license--
- Paradise. We managed to really fuck it all up. - [ Doorbell Rings ]
- Mom. - Yeah, someone`s at the fuckin` door now.
F.B.I. We have a federal search warrant.
[ Nicky Narrating ] I got wind of the pinches coming down, so I took off.
Who needs to hang around for that bullshit?
- My name is Mark Casper. Special Agent F.B.I. - Yeah?
- Can I make a fuckin` phone call? - Hey, hold it a minute.
You can make a phone call, but you don`t have to talk to us like that.
[ Agent ] Everybody, out of the room. Over to the alarm.
- [ Nicky Narrating ] They got almost everybody else. - [ Agent ] This area is seized!
- Get the master account list. - I want all those papers seized regardless of what they are.
[ Men Chattering ]
Put every box on the table.
Ah, yes. Here we are. Little craps figures. [ Chuckling ]
[ Ace Narrating ] Green? Don`t even ask.
- $30,000 of yours. - No, he didn`t. That`s why it wasn`t valid.
I was being extorted. I`m willing to tell you whatever you want to know.
- I`ve got nothing to hide here. - [ Nicky Narrating ] Now for the best.
I couldn`t believe this shit. Piscano`s expense reports took the cake.
- Oh, this is good. Bingo. - He might as well have given them a fuckin` blueprint.
Everybody`s names, addresses, dates, everything.
Look at this. Thank you so much, Mr. Piscano. How considerate of you.
- Those are my mother`s books. - You`re under arrest.
- [ Nicky Narrating ] What a fuckin` balloon-head. - What are you guys doing?
- Take it easy. - [ Groans ] Wait!
- Wait a minute! He`s sick! Oh, God! - Move back.
- I think it`s his heart! Oh, God! ls he breathing? - C.P.R. now!
[ Ace Narrating ] Poor Artie. He got so upset, he had a heart attack...
and dropped dead right in front of his wife.
- Calm down! - Artie! No, I won`t calm down!
- He`s my husband! Artie! Artie! - We can`t help him if--
[ Ace Narrating ] And at the end of the day...
they finally came to see me with the pictures.
Why protect a friend who betrayed you like that?
[ Ace Narrating ] But I didn`t want to look at them.
I didn`t want to look at the guys who brought them either.
[ "House of the Rising Sun" ]
Your Honor, as you can see, my clients are elderly and infirm.
Any incarceration could pose a serious heaIth risk.
[ Nicky Narrating ] When the bosses were arrested, some of them were so old...
they needed doctors at their arraignment.
[ Lawyer ] Pre-trial Services recommends that bail remain as presently set.
- We`re going to take a recess. - [ Nicky Narrating ] When it looked like they could get...
25 years to life in prison just for skimmin` a casino...
sick or no fuckin` sick, you knew people were going to get clipped.
So, the day of the arraignment, they had this meeting right in the back of the courthouse.
See, when something like this happens, you know how things are gonna work out.
It`s always better with no witnesses. So what about Andy?
He won`t talk. Stone is a good kid.
Stand-up guy just like his old man.
That`s the way I see it.
I agree. He`s solid. He`s a fuckin` Marine.
He`s okay. He always was. Remo, what do you think?
Look... why take a chance?
At least, that`s the way I feel about it.
Call Artie. Tell him, I don`t care what...
- he`s got to be in my office Thursday morning before 11:00. - It`s done.
It`s terribly important. I gotta have a conversation with that guy--
[ Firing Gun ]
[ Nicky Narrating ] As much as they liked him, I mean, he wasn`t one of us.
He wasn`t Italian. As far as they knew, he could have talked.
Otherwise, Stoney might still be alive.
The first one to skip was John Nance.
He found a nice, warm, secluded place in Costa Rica.
- He thought nobody would find him there. - [ Gunshots ]
[ Breaks Glass ]
[ Gunshots, Furniture Crashing ]
[ Nicky Narrating ] But then his kid got nabbed by the Feds for drugs.
So, naturally, the bosses were afraid he`d come out of hiding...
just to save his kid and give them all up.
Where you goin`, jag-off?
[ Nicky Narrating ] But, anyway, they all had to follow.
- Everybody went down. - [ Groans ]
Fuck you.
[ Nicky Narrating ] Before you knew it...
anybody who knew anything wound up gettin` whacked.
- [ Fires Gun ] - [ Groaning ]
[ Woman ] Oh, no! No! No!
[ "House Of The Rising Sun" Continues ]
[ Ace Narrating ] After Ginger took off, she wasn`t much help to anybody.
She found some pimps, lowlifes, druggies and bikers in L.A.
In a few months, they went through all the money and all the jewels.
[ Groaning ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Ace Narrating ] After they found her body...
I had a private doctor do another autopsy.
He said they gave her a hot dose.
In the end, all she had left was 3,600 in mint condition coins.
No matter what the Feds or the papers might have said about my car bombing...
it was amateur night, you could tell.
Whoever it was, they put the dynamite under the passenger side.
But what they didn`t know, what nobody outside the factory knew...
was that that model car was made with a metal plate under the driver`s seat.
It`s the only thing that saved my life.
The bombing was never authorized, but I suspect I know who lit the fuse.
- [ Man ] Hey, Nicky. - [ Ace Narrating ] And so did the powers that be.
- How are you? - How you doin`?
[ Nicky Narrating ] It took months for everything to calm down.
But, finally, my guys got out on bail...
and the bosses wanted me to send my brother Dominick out to Vegas.
Always the dollars. Always the fuckin` dollars.
I mean, it was still way too hot for me to even go near Vegas.
So I set up a meeting with the guys way out in the sticks.
I didn`t want my brother to get fucked around. I mean, what`s right is right.
- They don`t give a fuck about-- - [ Groans ]
Holy fuckin`!
What the fuck--
Come on, motherfucker!
- [ Yelling ] - Tough guys! You and your fuckin` brother!
- [ Nicky Gagging ] - You fuckin` scumbags! No more!
- Frankie! - No more! You see? Watch!
[ Men Shouting ]
- Frankie! Frankie! You piece of shit! - Fuck you, you motherfucker!
[ Nicky ] Fuckin` punk, motherfucker! Piece of shit!
[ Men Shouting ]
No, no, no, no!
Take this motherfucker out!
- [ Men Continue Clubbing ] - [ Dominick Moaning ]
Frankie, leave the kid alone. He`s still breathing.
He`s still breathing. Leave him alone. Frankie.
[ Frankie Continues Clubbing ] All right. Strip him.
[ Nicky Crying ] No balls. You got no fuckin` balls.
Ah, Dominick. Ah, Dom.
[ Crying ]
[ Nicky ] Dominick. Dominick.
[ Sobbing ] Dominick.
Oh, Dominick.
[ Frankie ] Come on, come on.
- Bury them? - Bury them.
- [ Gasping ] - [ Ace Narrating ] The word was out.
The bosses had enough of Nicky. They had enough.
How much were they gonna take? So they made an example of him and his brother.
- [ Gasping ] - They buried them while they were still breathing.
Mister, you all right? Watch out!
- Mister, you all right? - Yeah.
[ Ace Narrating ] They had other ideas for me.
[ Sirens Blaring, Firemen Chattering ]
[ Chatter Continues ]
[ Fireman ] We need some help over here!
- [ Groans ] - You sure are lucky, mister.
[ Choir Singing ]
[ Choir Continues ]
[ Ace Narrating ] The town will never be the same.
After the Tangiers, the big corporations took it all over.
Today it looks like Disneyland.
[ Choir Continues ]
[ Ace Narrating ] And while the kids play cardboard pirates...
Mommy and Daddy drop the house payments and Junior`s college money...
on the poker slots.
In the old days, dealers knew your name, what you drank, what you played.
Today, it`s like checkin` into an airport.
And if you order room service, you`re lucky if you get it by Thursday.
Today it`s all gone. You got a whale show up with four million in a suitcase...
and some 25-year-old hotel school kid is gonna want his social security number.
After the Teamsters got knocked out of the box...
the corporations tore down practically every one of the old casinos.
And where did the money come from to rebuild the Pyramids?
Junk bonds.
Still not sure?
- [ Bell Ringing ] - Probable. Maybe questionable.
Let me know as soon as you can find out.
[ Ace Narrating ] But in the end, I wound up right back where I started.
I could still pick winners...
and I could still make money for all kinds of people back home.
And why mess up a good thing?
And that`s that.
[ Man ] Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely nights
Dreaming of a song
The melody haunts my memory
And I am once again with you
When our love was new
And each kiss an inspiration
Ah, but that was long ago
And now my consolation
ls in the stardust of a song
Beside a garden wall
When stars were bright
And you were in my arms
The nightingale told his fairy tale
Of paradise
Where roses grew
Though I dream in vain
In my heart
It will remain
My stardust melody
The memory
Of love`s refrain
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