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Subtitles for Cassandra Crossing CD1.

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Cassandra Crossing CD1

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Now, wait, fellas, the Emergency Room is on the other side
De I'autre...
No, man, no!
Thank God you're here
Yes, sir? Yes, he just arrived
It's for you
He'll be right with you
Sir? Yes, sir, I'm on the scene, sir
I realise that
Now, don't worry, I'll handle it
Can I speak to the doctor in charge please?
I'm Dr Stradner MacKenzie here
Oh! It's crucial you tell us...
everything you know about this disease
Mr MacKenzie we're quite at a loss as to...
Do you know who this man is? His name? His nationality?
We've guessed, Swedish or Norwegian
Guessed? Then you haven't questioned him?
As to what? How he is feeling?
Try him, Stack
Listen again, fella
Var ar er van?
Vi maste finna honom
Han har samma sjukdom som ni
Var ar er van?
Vi maste finna honom?
Han har samma sjukdom som ni?
Doctor, shouldn't you be doing something in there?
Mr MacKenzie
What can you tell me about the bacteria?
I thought you'd already disanosed the case
As a highly contagious pneumonic plague
If that's true, and I suspect it is
there is no known antidote
And if, as I also suspect the American Government was secretly
housing this bacterial strain inside the International Health Organization itself
in direct contravention to U.N. Resolution 816
Which strictly forbids the development of bacterial agents
We were trying to find a method of destroying this one
I find it odd that you should pick...
a foreign country in which to experiment
Listen, Doctor, if some half-mad terrorist group hadn't tried to...
blow up this building in the name of peace
we wouldn't be in this mess
You're not in any mess, Mr MacKenzie
Consider yourself lucky no one else was exposed
No one else is carrying the disease
walking the streets infecting half of Europe
Then you'd have your mess
instead of this momentary, patriotic embarassment
Try him again, Stack
Vad heten er van?
Vi kan hjalpa honom
Vart tog han vagen?
Hallo, Herman
First class or second this morning?
Well, it seems like a sort of Second Class day today, Jean
Good trip, Herman
Stand clear, Pardon
Vad heten er van?
Vi kan hjalpa honom
Vart tog han vagen?
Get staff Headquarters in Munich and fill them in
We'll work out of your office here in Geneva
I want this man's personal effects
brought up and analyzed
Then I want the top Law Enforcement
Officer in this city and Canton
And the District Head of Interpol
but only then, understand?
We can't take the chance of starting a panic
That's right, Doctor, he had a friend
Come on, baby, get a drink Come on, take a drink
Come on, lago, it's a long trip Get some water, come on!
Oh, the hell with it!
I'll have the body taken to the autopsy lab
No, Doctor
The crime was committed on the grounds of the US diplomatic mission
legally American soil
The fate of that man's body falls under our jurisdiction
Burn him
Open the goddam doors!
Thank you
I'm always late
Oh, not at all
You need a watch to go on that lovely wrist
Don't tell me
black olives and a large Wild Turkey on the Rocks for Number 11
Ah, yes, madame
Thank you
It's open
On the bed will be fine
Me or the tray?
Well, I'd heard you'd gotten a new job Congratulations
I find travel so broadening, don't you?
You run into most unexpected people
I suppose I should be flattered by your effort to see me
Oh, it wasn't so hard
The celebrated Dr Chamberlain leaves
Geneva to accept his Strasbourg Prize
The same Dr Chamberlain...
who wets his pants watching planes fly in a movie
You had to be on this train
You've gained a few pounds, Jonathan
Must be all the fat of the land you're living on
You're not doing too badly yourself
I noticed your latest book made the best seller list
Each new divorce from you seems to give special inspiration
That's why you're here
You want inspiration
Well, daring, I'd love to oblige
But I'm afraid I can't offer you a third divorce...
without going through a third marriage
And my business manager would never allow it
I never asked for alimony
You didn't have to, you kept all the rings
It was your fault for throwing yours at me
Anyway, it doesn't matter
I've already finished another book
Oh, I'd love to read it
when I've time
Don't worry, you will
Look, Jenni, say what you've come...
to say and leave me alone, will you?
I didn't come to say anything
Then why did you come?
I don't really know
Just to take a look perhaps?
Well, it is rather cold in here for me to drop my pants
Don't be crude It doesn't fit in your new image
Oh, it's not a new image, Jennifer
It's just me
You're the one who's keeping up the image
You used to like that image
Just go, Jennifer, will you?
Let us stop this parry, thrust & lunging Just go
Thank you for coming, doctor
Won't you sit down
I know you're not exactly thrilled to be here, Doctor
Frankly, I'm not happy about it, either
But there's no time for recriminations
I need your help
Now let me brief you on the situation
There's a good chance that our man get on the Transcontinental Express...
which left just a little while ago
heading back to Stockholm
Now, we've tried contacting the train so far with no success
But if he is on that train
then what I'll need from you is your best medical advice
So we'll know how to play it
There would seem to be only one way to play it, General
Stop the train, remove the patient and isolate him immediately
Well, that would seem to make a lot of sense but...
suppose he's walking up and down the aisles, talking to other passengers...
moving among them, eating with them
There's a thousand people on that train Doctor
Just how many isolation rooms do you have?
Excuse me, Doctor
We've covered the airports, nothing
Here are the local hospital reports
Zero, Colonel
It sure as hell looks like he's on that train, doesn't it?
Where's your vector control?
It's on monitor, sir
Assuming they're running on schedule
they should be just about there, sir
Half way to Basel
Will you lift me up, please
Katerina, leave the gentleman alone
Why don't you read one of your nice comic books?
Okay, sweets?
Here are the reports you asked for, sir
Any news from the train?
Ah, still no reply, Colonel
Are you sure, Colonel
there's no possible way of simply stopping the train?
And removing the patient?
Doctor, read that
Get me Traffic Control at Basel
The truth is, Doctor, that now no civilized country in Europe...
will let us unload that train on their territory
including Swiss
So much for neutrality
I can't really blame them
After all, it's not their disease, is it?
What's holding up Basel?
It's open
An armbone, seven letters beginning with H?
I'm being perfectly serious
So am I
Humerus - H U M E R U S
Oh, that's right
Finished already?
Half-way through
Bet you can't wait to see how it turns out
It borders on being... slanderous
Famous doctor sues ex-wife over unauthorized biography
Vicious court battle to come
That should drive up sales
Well, you won't need my help for that
It's a basic scientific principle
Hot air rises
How about the part where you save me
from drowning in Central Park Lake
At least, it's accurate
I forgot to mention I only fell in three feet of water
You were shorter then
Did you really not like it, Jonathan?
I tried not to let my prejudice come through
It's an accurate portrait of a young
idealistic, hardworking doctor
who, after years of poverty and dependance on his wife's...
suddenly makes an important medical discovery
He becomes rich, lazy, callous
kicks his wife out
without as much as a thank you
And then proceeds to become a weak shallow monster
No, I wouldn't say that any of your prejudice sneaked through
You did read it all the way through
It's not such a bad book, is it, Jonathan?
And there is a lot of love in it as well
It's a good book, Jenni
Only I wish that you hadn't thought of that character as me
You don't realize how glorious you used to be
Maybe you just plain forgot
Maybe I did
Why, Dr Hippocrates, is this your new bedside manner?
For once in your life, shut up
It won't work, you know I'm still going to publish it
Upset because I saw through your little game?
That's the trouble with you and I, Jenni
We have played so many games...
that neither one of us knows what's real anymore
Jonathan, I was just trying to...
Sh, don't
You might really mean it And then I'd never know for sure
Shit, I did it again
Light me, baby
Haven't you finished that damn thing yet?
Come on, we're gonna be late for lunch
Go & see about lago, would you, baby?
It must be so draughty in that miserable baggage car
I told you he's fine At least, he's eating
Then after, we'll have lunch
Now look, I don't see any reason to check on him every hour
For God's sake, he's only a dog
I mean, what's that make me?
Perhaps the Conductor would be kind enough...
I'm not a piece of luggage that's checked through all the way
Don't be so dramatic, darling
I'm hungry now and I want to eat
Come here Now, damn it
Come here, you're such a beautiful baby
I don't mean to make you angry
You love it?
I love you, baby, you!
Oh, excuse me, Madame Dressler
Don't be silly Thank goodness you knocked
Now, why don't you make yourself nice and comfortable
What about lago?
Never mind lago
You all right?
I'm a doctor Are you sure you're all right?
Wild Turkey on the Rocks, please
Uh, Herman Kaplan
How do you do? Jonathan Chamberlain
And some black olives
I could not help but notice you do not wear a watch
I have a particularly fine one in my possession which is for sale
On the contrary, Mr Kaplan I've got a very fine watch
I hope you will not take offence
I hope you will not take my watch
Dr Chamberlain, your table's ready now
Okay See you inside
We strongly suspect our man is on that train, sir
In which case, we can take them past Basel, Nuremburg
and on into Poland
I know, sir I know it's a Warsaw Pact country
But I think we can handle it
Besides it's the nearest available choice
Then there's the additional problem of housing 1000 people in quarantine
There is a way of putting it, sir
by keeping alive the sense of urgency without really levelling with them
Well, mind you it's just a contingency plan
The railroad line hasn't been used for years
But the Polish Government says it's been checked regularly
We can bring them into Janov on the other side of the Carpathians...
through the Jablunkov Pass...
over the Kasundruv Presed Bridge what they call The Cassandra Crossing
Potatoes, Sister, or rice? Rice, please
For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly thankful
Don't you say grace?
You said enough for all of us, sweets
I must confess, Dr Chamberlain your name is so famous and yet...
I'm ashamed, I really don't know why
I wouldn't want to bore you with all the...
Then don't God forbid we should both bore her
You were saying, Doctor?
Well, that I've developed a process...
where defective brain cells can be rejuvenated in retarded children
Oh, you see, darling
Thanks to the good doctor there's hope for you yet
Hey, Conductor When do we get to Basel?
I'm the Radio Operator
Okay, Radio Operator So when do we get to Basel?
In half an hour
See? We do have time That's great
Tell me...
Madame Hugo Dressler Goddamnit!
Hugo Dressler?
Wife of the German arms billionaire
He'll raise a hell of a stink
Interpol reports a heroin peddler...
on the train they've been tracking half way across Europe
I wish they'd track down that goddamn Radio Operator
Where the hell's that chopper I ordered?
Give me Central Air Control
Oh, my God! Jonathan Chamberlain is aboard
Is that good news?
It could be... a brilliant neuro-surgeon
The chopper's airborne, sir
Have them stand by
Tell them to hang on there We'll get right back to them
Well, Major, doctor, at least we've got every option wired
Whirlwind 297 to Control
Turning now on heading 210
One whole entire half-hour to Basel
Oh, boy, we might as well have started as the train was rolling into the station
Just lay off, will you?
I guess I'll wash up
lago will be so grateful Doctor, do you mind?
I wasn't quite finished
Maybe this will be some compensation Madame Dressler
Thank you very much
I have to speak to you
I knew it, Doctor, you've been hiding someone from us
This is my ex-wife Madame Dressler
Hallo Hallo
R.J. Navarro, how do you do, madame?
Jonathan, now
It will have to wait, darling, after all it's going to be quite a long trip
You bet it is, but not to where you think
Oh, another one of our hunches?
My wife is a great believer in hunches
You see, once upon a time, she'd a hunch that I was the right man for her
We've been divorced twice since...
and still I can't get rid of her
We're not headed for Basel
And the police are preventing anyone else from getting on this train
Excuse me, Dr Chamberlain radio-telephone, it's urgent
Will you excuse me?
Order some more champagne
I'll be right back
I wonder what's going on
Oh, don't be alarmed, darling It's a simple love spat, so crude
That's got to be it
Whirlwind 297 to Control
We've established visual contact
If this really turns out to be something then you can really belt me
Oh, you bet I will
Hey, Conductor, there's a pervert around here who tried to...
Oh, gracious! I don't think I like First Class so far
Pardon, pardon, pardon
Le Docteur Chamberlain est arrive
Dr Chamberlain Yes
This is Col. Steven MacKenzie
US Army Intelligence attached to the International Health Organization
What can I do for you, Colonel?
Now, listen carefully, Doctor
There's a plague carrier on that train
I repeat, a plague carrier
Pneumonic plague
Dr Chamberlain, this is Dr Stradner
The patient would have contracted the disease at Geneva
I'll handle it, Dr Stradner
The man is in his late twenties medium height, Swedish
He's sort of bloated, discoloured
sweaty, if he's not a corpse by now
Oh, my God!
Have you seen him? Yes, yes!
Colonel, your man is on board the train
He is alive
At least, he was an hour ago
Alive?! Well, then, find him Find him, Doctor!
But it's impossible! His friend died more than...
Find him, Dr Chamberlain, find him
Search the kitchen area
Hey, do you have a match? I don't smoke
Hallo Have we solved the mystery yet?
At least she should have given you some applause
Conductor, the passkey
Quick! Quick! Give me the pass key
Do you mind? I beg your pardon
First a sweating, puffing pervert
And now...
What sweaty pervert?
Jennifer! Yes?
The baggage car!
The only possible place
Conductor, follow me
Will du kopa en klocka?
What? Do you speak Swedish?
Will du kopa en klocka?
Great! Come on, follow me
Look, I want you to find out where he's been and who he's contacted
Find out anything, do you understand? Anything!
Are you sure it isn't measles, eh?
Just find out anything!
You'll be all right
Du kommer at bli bra?
Vi maste veta naganting?
MacKenzie! We've got him! He's still conscious
Fine, Doctor, now hear this
We've got a helicopter hovering above the train
I want you to get the man off
Stop the train!
No, Doctor, keep it moving
Do you want a thousand potentially infected passengers...
getting off and walking about whenever they feel like it?
Put them through to the helicopter pilot
On the move, sir?
Can't you slow it down?
We'll try, sir
Have you found out anything?
Might as well be talking to the dog
What is it?
Is it catching?
If you haven't caught it by now you never will
Quick, come on, quick Quick, quick, we've got to hurry
Come on! Get the rope and tie his feet
Here, hold him
There's a tunnel coming up in about 12 miles, sir
After that no chance They'll be in the mountains
Come and hold me!
So we can both fall out?
You hold me!
Good girl, okay
Conductor, get the dog
Jesus Christ, look out, the trees! Reel in!
I lost it!
Okay, get him up I'm trying to
My God, the tunnel!
Hurry, for God's sake!
Okay, lift him up!
Reel in! Reel in!
He's in a coma
MacKenzie, he's gone into a coma
I need some answers
Mortality rate, antiserum
Dr Stradner
There is no antiserum, Doctor
The bacteria seems to spread by aerogenic droplet transmission
I estimate it has an infection rate of some 60%
The first symtoms are those of...
a common cold, sinus irritation a sore throat
That's it? That's all you know?
That's all, Doctor
I don't have to tell you what we're up against
What you're up against!?
I may be the only doctor...
for a thousand potential plague victims...
if I haven't already caught it myself
That's exactly why it's important to contain the disease now
And why you'll all be heading for an isolation facility in Poland
where you'll get the very best...
And in the meantime
what do you intend I fight it with, Colonel?
Now, I want medical supplies
doctors, nurses, drugs...
All right, Doctor, you'll get them
The entire train will be completely sealed at Nuremburg
You'll get your medical team there
And after you've sealed the train Colonel, what then?
Drop it in the ocean? And hope it doesn't leak?
For God's sake, Doctor, let's not panic
I'm sure you can handle it
Don't patronize me, MacKenzie
I'm not, Chamberlain, I'm not
I'm going to give the passengers a cover story
Something designed, hopefully to avoid panic
Well, you give them whatever cover story you like
But make sure I get the medical team and the medical supplies I need
Chamberlain sounds a bit panicky
Could be trouble
He's all we've got
If it's the disease that worries you
you couldn't have made a finer choice
What's your name, Conductor?
Max, Doctor
Max, as far as I know
that man's contacts were made in the First Class
I want you to station yourself at the end of the dining car...
and make sure that nobody goes through either way
Perhaps we can prevent the disease from spreading into Second Class
I'll do it, sir
Here, sweets Thank you
Say, if your name is Haley
why do you have a J on your handkerchief?
Why, for Baby Jesus, sweets I thought surely you'd know that
She's such a sweet girl
Sir, what'll we do with that dog, sir?
Bring it back
Bring it back!
All right, Major
Thank you
Bring it in
You could wash for a week
It will not make the slightest bit of difference
What would you prescribe, doctor?
Stop breathing
That is how the disease is transmitted
Christ! Are we all going to die?
60%, she said
1000 people on the train, so, 600
How do you get into the four hundred?
Natural immunity, fate, God, I don't know
They don't know
Absolutely terrified
Ladies and gentlemen
This is the railway authority in Geneva
I'm afraid we've encountered a problem that's going to mean...
an alternation in the train's schedule
The French railways have just notified us of a bomb threat
A terrorist organization has placed several bombs...
on main railway lines, railroad bridges
and stations throughout France
These claims are being investigated at this very moment
However for greater safety of the passengers
we have decided to re-route your train
The regular stops at Basel and Paris will now not be made
We are very sorry for this inconvenience
We hope you'll understand our caution
which is entirely for your safety
There is, of course, no danger
I repeat, no danger of anything happening to the train itself
We'll keep you informed just...
as soon as we have any further news
Thank you
Mummy and daddy are going to be very cross about this
Just imagine, the wife of one of the
world's greatest arms manufacturers
being blown to bits by an anarchist's bomb
Hugo would be furious
He'll swear it was all done just to irritate him
Don't look so cross, baby
You'are still my brave mountain climber
You don't mind if I have a little fun...
with you in public now and then, do you?
Don't worry, sweetheart
If they blow up the train you can die with a clear conscience
This always happens in Europe for crissake!
I'm going to sue I'm going to sue the bloody company
Would you like a sandwich, madame? No, thank you, I don't want one!
Do you know who I am? I don't care who you are
Hey, you speak English, don't you? Of course, I do
Then, look, look I gotta get off this train in Paris
I have some very urgent business there You understand?
But what can I do, sir? You heard the announcement
You'll think of something
No, that's impossible, sir
Look, you cannot force anybody to stay on this train!
I suggest, sir, that you go back to your compartment
Well, I suggest you go to hell!
Now, gentlemen, better one day late
in Paris than 20 years early in heaven
I think the Father has a point, monsieur
And since we're not stopping in Paris
I have a beautiful Cartier watch
Naturally, of course
Get me the M.P. Headquarters at Nuremberg
Let's see if we can seal the goddamn thing
You know what?
I don't fly
I haven't smoked a cigarette for over a year
I am watching my diet
But the point is, for what?
I don't know
I'm sorry, Jonathan, truly I am
Sorry, for what?
About the book
I was thinking
If anything should happen to us that book would be your epitaph
And it's not quite true
And not quite false either
Like our relationship
Almost, not quite, could have been
Should have been
Hey! How about a smoke? Huh?
Oh, God, I'd love it
Oh, God, I missed it
And flying?
That, too
That, too
You've got a new ring
It's fake
But this is still real
This sample was taken from the dog
Notice, it's reproducing much more rapidly
It seems to have mutated
I don't know, yet
You've been winning for over an hour now
I've been cheating for over an hour now
I know, but how do you do it?
Where are we going, Max?
Poland? I can't go back to Poland
I know, Herman
It's going to be difficult on this train for everybody from now on
A lot of people are gonna get very sick
You and I are old friends, Herman
I'll be looking to you to help me out
This is no good, you need help
Watch, watch, watch
You look tired, here, let me
Here's the map, Doctor
It was just the Conductor with our planned route into Poland
He said that some people are beginning to complain of chills & fever
Here we go?
Here we go
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Cooley High
Cop Land
Corbeau Le
Corky Romano
Couch Trip The 1988
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD1
Counterfeit Traitor The 1962 CD2
Countess Dracula (1970)
Country of my Skull
Cousin Bette
Cover Girl (Charles Vidor+1944)
Cowboy (Delmer Daves 1958)
Coyote - Dont Give Up the Sheep (1953)
Coyote - Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Coyote Ugly
Craddle 2 The Grave
Cranes Are Flying The (1957)
Cravan vs Cravan
Crazy Beautiful
Crazy People 1990
Crazy in Alabama
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Crew The
Cries And Whispers (Bergman Ingmar)
Crime Scene Investigation 3x01 - Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Crime Scene Investigation 3x02 - The Accused Is Entitled
Crime Scene Investigation 3x03 - Let The Seller Beware
Crime Scene Investigation 3x04 - A Little Murder
Crime Scene Investigation 3x05 - Abra Cadaver
Crime Scene Investigation 3x06 - The Execution Of Catherine Willows
Crime Scene Investigation 3x07 - Fight Night
Crime Scene Investigation 3x08 - Snuff
Crime Scene Investigation 3x09 - Blood Lust
Crime Scene Investigation 3x10 - High And Low
Crime Scene Investigation 3x11 - Recipe For Murder
Crime of Padre Amaro The
Criminal Lovers (1999)
Crimson Pirate The
Crimson Rivers 2 - Angels Of The Apocalypse
Crimson Rivers 2 Angels of the Apocalypse
Crimson Tide
Criss Cross
Cristina Quer Casar
Critters 2 The Main Course 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Cronos 1993
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crow The
Crow The - City Of Angels 1996
Cruel Intentions 3
Crumb (1994)
Cube2 Hypercube 2002
Cube Zero
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD1
Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa) CD2
Curse The
Custer of the west
Cut Runs Deep The 1998
Cutthroat Island (1995)